Episode One: TD Wiki Auditions

Selena Gomez: Hi I'm the best singer. I, I love my condom like a love song baby and welcome to Wikia Idol! We will have 7 destinations! Sucks, TDRPW, WC, TD Wiki, Survivor Castaways, Big Brother Houseguests, and Sock City! For the first episode we are heading to....TD WIKI! Let's meet our first contestant. Fire Eater!

Fire Eater: *waiting and faces camera* Oh, hi! I was just busy ranting about All Stars!

Producer: You're up!

Fire Eater: Okay! *walks in audition room and sees the three judges*

Jeff Probst: You have to dig deep!

Julie Chen: On BIIG BROTHER!

Beth: IKR! First contestant of the day!

Jeff Probst: What are you gonna be singing for us?

Fire Eater: Circle Of Life.

Beth: Ok go!

Julie Chen: Expect the unexpected!

Fire Eater: *singing African voices at beginning*

Jeff Probst: I should mix that with the Palau theme song to make an all new theme song!

Fire Eater: ITS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE! Ok I'm done.

Julie Chen: I say yes.

Beth: No.

Jeff Probst: Yes. You're through to Hollywood Week.

Fire Eater: Yay! *grabs golden ticket and runs out excited*

Selena Gomez: Fire Eater isn't the only person excited about making it through.

(Montage begins)

Money: I made it to Hollywood! *runs around, cheering, and accidentally bumps into camera man and breaks camera*

Darules: *on phone* Wanda! I made it through!

CoGreen: Take that bitches. Oops no cussing! Don't ban me!

Selena Gomez: Up next is hardworking mom, N3!

N3: *being interviewed* I have been working hard on the TD wiki so that there's no chaos and everything goes well. But now it's my dream to be a singer.

N3: *walks in audition room* Hi.

Jeff Probst: ew a woman

N3: *bans Jeff*

N3: *unbans*

Jeff Probst: I say no.

N3: I didn't sing yet.

Beth: No.

Julie Chen: No. Bye.

N3: *cries*

Selena Gomez: It's heartbreak for N3. Up next is Survivorpanda.

Survivorpanda: I love Chipotle. *walks in audition room* do any of you have a. Chipotle or B. Courtney Yates

Jeff: Sing.

Survivorpanda: *sings*I didn't get no Chipotle cause of y'all. Y'all ain't got no Chipotle cause of me.

Jeff: Yes.

Julie Chen: Yes.

Beth: Yes!

Survivorpanda: Yay!

Selena Gomez: Up next is MacArthurRR. Hi who are you.

MacArthurRR: *walks in audition room and sings opera*

All: Yes.

MacArthurRR: Yes!!

Selena Gomez: For some, it's heartbreak.

Stryzzar: crying

CD-TDA: Me too.

Selena Gomez: Up next; DipDap

DipDap: Hi.

Beth: u look like Derpy

DipDap: No.

Beth: ok.

Julie Chen: Go sing!

DipDap: On the 12th days of Christmas my true love gave to me 12-

All: Yes.

DipDap: slay

Selena Gomez: Up next is BatmanTDI.

Bat: I have a twin.

Beth: me too. Her name is Staci

Bat: Cool.

Jeff Probst: That's a good survivor story.

Julie Chen: Sing.

Bat: *sings Shake It Off*

All: Yes.

Julie: By a vote of 3-0, Bat, you have been spared.

Bat: ok

Selena Gomez: More make it through.

PhoenixDragonSamurai: LOL I MADE IT

Mughees: Yay.

OMGitsGARRETT: I want penis but I made it through so yay. I heard Hollywood penis is hottest.

Selena Gomez: Up next is BarBar and FK; who are auditioning together as survivor fans.

(They walk in)

FK: I like Russell.

Bar: I like Spencer.

Jeff Probst: You both made it through.

Selena Gomez: We have one person left; Ryan.

Ryan: *sings*

All: Yes.

Ryan: HAHA >:)


II: *sobbing* I can't do this.

Shorty: wht I cn sng!

Beth: No you fucking can't you ugly elephant

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