WUatQtE is a camp of two teams of nine Wikia users are suddenly trapped in the medieval world of Hasche. They meet a local Haschian, Klozvag (Reddude), who offers them a way of the planet of humans with dangerous powers. He puts them in a competition, where they have to compete in challenges for supplies to get to the stone of epicness, a stone that will give one user the power to leave Hasche, with three of his friends. In the middle of the game, a merge will happen. Also, this is only a roleplay camp. Only eighteen contestants, sign-ups are CLOSED. You can only be yourself, meaning, one character.

Reasons You Can Be Eliminated For

  • Your team votes you out.
  • You cheated.
    • This includes using items you have not obtained yet, using your companions all the time, godplaying (winning a challenge in less than five lines) and using non-human abilities; you aren't Haschians!
  • You got into a physical fight.

The Food Rule

  • Foods only the host can give out: Steaks, Pizza, Cupcakes, Haschianburgers, and anything else that needs cooked.
    • If a contestant killed something, they can obtain steak by themselves.
  • Foods anyone can hand out/find: Any plants, packages of jelly beans, and anything you don't need cooked.



Klozvag - The Laid Back Haschian Host - Reddude

Recurring Cast (All Played by Reddude Unless Specified)

Zach - Mrodd

Jisterag - The Co-Host -Codaa5

Cupcakes - The Ugly Godzillapor

Godzillapors, Eaglemahets - The beasts

Chime Guy - The chime player

Koops - Koops


  1. Olaf- The tough, but friendly Russian- Codaa5 (WINNER)


  1. Nad-The Moocher-Nad331
  2. Kev - The nice, weird, smart guy - Kevvy9
  3. Zack-The badboy-Shadow II
  4. YoshiPerson- (Guess)
  5. Reddy - the Excited Red Lover - Reddude
  6. Sonik- The Sayin Warrior- Sonictksb
  7. Christian-The friendly hero-TDAFan99, Jim-The Comedian -Koops (There was a spot open :D)
  8. Olaf- The tough, but friendly Russian- Codaa5, Spencer - The Don't Mess With Me Guy - Fanny
  9. Avery- The insane, fun loving, depressed, nerdy, girl- Pinkpatra, YoshiPerson- (Guess)
  10. John- the nice guy- Usitgz, Shane -The Cheerful One - Goldenshane
  11. Brittany- The fun-loving girl thats just there- Tcf09:)
  12. Ben-The accidental prone goof-Ben109 DER, Dark-The anti-social goth- (Dark), Webly - The Trustful Hardworking Payer - Weblykinly
  13. Katie-The Cutie(My One Yr Old Sister's Name)-TDALindsayfan1
  14. Kenny-The Peppy Nice Guy-Kenzen

Episode One, "What are we doing here?"

  • Wikia Users fall to Hasche*

Klozvag: Woah, you guys are so outta place, dudes. Let me throw you into a traditional Haschian competition, one loaded with drama, ok? Too bad, if you dont agree, ill feed you to the Godzillapors. (XD)

Ben:Where in the crap am I?Who are you?What is this England?Godzillapillar?CHIA!GotMilk?!?(XD)

John: *shakes headin shame at Ben*

Ben:What?*gets hit in the head by a can* OW

Kev: *uses a rock to kill a bird and a mouse* I like that

Reddy:*wakes up8 oohhh, i dont feel so good. *rushes to bush and pukes*

Klozvag: Ah, the first breath of Haschian air. XD

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, Haschian air breathes YOU!

Klozvag: Soviet Russia? Weirdos! On this planet, we dont name lands. Its all Hasche. But, the ruby mines are great. XD

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, lands name you!

Kev: *throws rocks at birds and some hit people* Sorry

Ben:*gets up and gets hit* OW WHO DID THAT was it you *points to squirell

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, Birds throw rocks at YOU!

John: Is it the native langage to end every sentence in XD? XD.

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, XD Ends sentence with YOU!

Zack:Hello guys!

Shane: *sticks head out of a rabbit hole* Hi guys! I'm Shane, though all my friends call me Shane.

Kev: *see all of the birds throws rocks at him* *throws rocks at the birds*

Reddy: hi shane! :D

YP: Olaf, would you PLEASE can it on your Russia crap?! (Expects a "In Russia, cans can YOU!")

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, Can cans your russian crap!

John: In Democratic America. Soviet spys are executed! XD

.Ben:Uh I'm Ben I think UHHHHHHH wait what I'm Ben I think

YP: 0_0

Olaf: In Democratic America, George Bush makes a crappy leadership. But just about anywheres he would, meh.


Olaf: In Soviet Russia, _ _'s O!

Kev: In america, we kill Russains

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, we t-bag Americans!

Ben:On some dace floor short people are on fire so PWNED (XD)

Olaf: That is quite strange why your not on fire, midget.

Kev: In Russia, they tbag every american every russains

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, I spank your mother.

Shane: Hi Reddy! *rabbit jumps onto head* Hi Bubbles!

Bubbles: *eats a carrot, is on Shane's head*

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, Shane jumps on Bubbles head!


Kev: In america, I use everyone thing I got to kill your family

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, Ap Ap's Shadd.

John: In Democratic America, Obama rules the land, and there is no Soviet Russia.

Olaf: In Democratic America, we have sh*tty health care plans.

Ben:In UK we have fish and chips which are actully french fries! PWNED (XD)

Kev: In america, Obama kills every Soviet Russian

Olaf: *pulls Shane aside* We need a Russian alliance, me, you and Bubbles.

Zack:I'd be happy to join your alliance.

YP: In Soviet Russia, Moscow gets blown up by OUR atomic bombs. (PWNED)

Shane: But Bubbles isn't a contestant. But I accept.

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, Moscow blows up ATOMIC BOMBS!

Kev: In Russia, Everyone is naked and kill for being naked

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, you would be hanged for not saying Soviet, you douchebag!

Dark: *mumbles*

Olaf: You got something to say, emo?

Kev: In the USA, if you said america you would be dead by now

Ben:In UK are army sucks cause we run in straight lines and get shot

Olaf: But you just said America, you stupid American.

Dark:*grabs Olaf* I said, Soviet Union doesn't exist anymore, it's Russia!

Olaf: Why are you touching me emo boy? I don't feel that this is appropriate.

Kev: But you just said it and I can't die in russia

Dark: *throws Olaf* DIE!

YP: Is there any popcorn on this planet? I'm enjoying this fight!

Olaf: *doesn't even move an inch* Why you throw two-hundred pound man of steel? Not very smart idea.

Kev: *looks for a board and a big rock* *finds both* *runs to Olaf * *uses the big rock and a board to throw Olaf away*

Olaf: *sinks boat*

John: *pulls Olaf to the side* even though its been 20 years since Soviet Russia fell, I'll join your Rusian Alliance.

Olaf: With our alliance, WE CAN RE-UNITE SOVIET RUSSIA! URA!

Olaf: *huddles Reddy, Shane, Dark and John* Face it, we are the smartest in game. We must come together to win. Deal?

John: Deal!

Klozvag: *rides godzillapor* good job cupcakes! :DDDDD

Reddy: deal man! *hugs Olaf, notices the other staring, backs away, blushes* XD


Bubbles: *Is being a cute bunny*

Shane: *wipes eye* Bubbles is so inspirational, oh and, um, I agree Olaf.

Cupcakes: *smacks and scowls bubbles* >:(

YP: *sees Olaf's "Secret" alliance* I need a way to counter them, otherwise I might become a target for them... Anyone want to join an alliance with me?

Kenny:Hey Guys... I America, we have a VERY sh*tty president (Did i just go to far?)

Olaf: True that, my brother. *pulls Kenny aside* I have an alliance, want to join us?

Kenny:Yes... I am from Ireland... Huh.

Kev: *sees 3 bunnys and a puppy* *runs to them* *picks up the cutest bunny and the puppy* *points to the bunny* I will call you Angel *points to the puppy* You will be called Jess

(Kenzen:Can Kenny be on the Yellow team Red)

Sonik: *apearrs out of nowhere,*Hi guys i'm Sonik and this is my dog Will.

Bubbles: *growls at Will, Angel, and Jess*

Shane: Rabbits can growl?

Jess: *runs to Bubbles and attacks Bubbles*

Angel: *does the same thing as Jess*

Kev: Stop it!!

Olaf: In Soviet Russia, It stop you!

Kev: In Soviet Russia, you stops it!!

Olaf: (CONF) Little kids, they no understand jokes nowadays. I'm lonely Russian in lonely world.

Kev: *runs to Olaf and steals every thing he's got and throws them far away* Haha!!

Olaf: Congratulations little kid, you stole car tickets and death warrant. Hope your happy now.

Bubbles: *hops to Shane, Shane picks her up*

Shane: It's okay's okay.

Katie: Hi! I'm from USA but I my family is from England...

Katie: *finds a lasso and puts in bag* Cool...

Katie: *looks behind a rock and finds a fairy* Hi! Wanna travel with me?

Fairy: *nods*

Katie: What's your name?

Fairy: Jessica...

Katie: Kk! That's my sister's name!

Jessica: Cool!

John: why is everyone finding something, but me.

Jim: (falls from the sky and lands on a weasel) OWWW!!!

Kev: *runs to Jess and ANgel and picks them up, runs to Shane* I don't know what got into my pets

Jim: (with weasel on his head) What are we doing here? AND WILL YOU STOP BITING MY HEAD?!?!?!?!?!

Challenge One, "On three team, ONE, TWO, THREE, URA!"

Klozvag: Truly, only one can obtain the stone of epicness. It will be a dangerous battle, probably filled withy injuries, and eliminations. So, for our prep, you will have to knockout a godzillapor. (I will RP Gold Godzillapor and Crimson Godzillapor, you guys try to knock it out, which i will say when it does, and no godplaying!) This is practice for what is to come.

Reddy: Epic!

Gold Godzillapor: *bangs head against Reddy*

Olaf: *pushes against Gozillapor*

Gold Godzillapor: Rawr! *lashes tail at Olaf*

Olaf: *hops ontop of it* Yeehaw!

Gold Godzillapor: *vigorously tries to shakle Olaf off*

Reddy:*epically fails at attacking godzillapor*

Olaf: AHHHH!!!! *holds on for dear life*

Gold Godzillapor: *shakes Olaf off, and sets a foot on Olaf's chest* RAAWWRRR!!!!

Reddy:*is knocked out*

Olaf: *desperatly tries to roll out*

Avery: *HISSES AT GOZILLAPOR and lunges toward him*

Crimson: *attacks Avery*

Olaf: *wiggles the Godzillapors legs*

Gold: Ahhhhh!!!!! NMot that! *laughs uncontrollably* (XD)


Avery: I have an orange mind state you stupid Dino-whatevers! I BET YOU DON'T TAKE PYCHOLOGY, AND DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS! *ATTACKS CRIMSON*

Crimson: *knocks a tree over and almost crushes Avery*

Gold: *runs away from Olaf, but not far enough to have gold team win8 :P

Olaf: *follows, then hugs his leg* DIE YOU FOUL-MOUTHED BARNEY!

Olaf: (CONF) What? Barney is gold in Russia.

Avery: *Slaps Crimson and runs away* MUH HA!

Olaf: *climbs up to Godzillapor's arm*

Olaf: *finally reaches his arm-pit, unwillingly tickles it*

Gold: Ahahahahahahahaha!!!! Dont do that! 8rapidly runs around the challenge field*

Crimson: *glares at Avery*

Olaf: *steadily clings onto the Godzillapor, pinching him with his nails, still tickling him a bit*

Gold: Will you stop that! *stops running* Get off me! I have lawyers! (XD)

Crimson: *rolls eyes and shows fangs*

Olaf: *climbs to the Godzillapors nipples, twist them*

Tcf09: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *jumps and kicks Crimson in the jaw*

John: *tries to help Olaf out, but fails* Oh man.

Gold: *lashes tail at john, bites Olaf's hand*

Crimson: *attacks Tcf09*

Olaf: AHH! *falls, lands on the Godzillapors swinging tail, pulls on the hair*

Gold: I quit! 8smarls at the others, and walks into forest*

Klozvag: Okay, Crimson Dragons have to vote off guys suck at killing godzillapors, oh well. XD

Olaf: On three team, ONE, TWO, THREE, URA!

Klozvag: All of the Golden Retrievers get three steaks each, for food. The dragons will have to find there own. :P

John: URA! I still hurt from that Godzillapor, though.

Vote, "I have absolutley nothing against ANY of you."

Klozvag: Vote for who you think should have to be stranded on hasche, alone.

Brittany: Nad... i have nothing against you though dude... now im going to go find some food

Jim: Um........Nad.

Katie: Nad!

Christian: Nad

Klozvag: One more vote and Nad is outta here!

Avery: ....I have absolutley nothing against ANY of you. But, I have to say....Nad.

Klozvag: See ya Nad!

Episode Two, "Come to the light side, we have fresh meatloaf."

Klozvag: Hi.

Christian: The vote was random

Klozvag: Nad left! XD Chat for awhile , we are in Haschiam Forest

Shane: I win steak, and as said by the powerful Princess of Peaches, YAY!

Bubbles: *shakes tail, flops ears around while in Shane's arms*

Reddy: *whispers*Hey, shane. I heard Olaf only wanted you in his alliance so he can take bubbles! Want to join a seperate alliance with me and a few others? Olafs a threat to getting hiome.

Reddy: Yp, alliance?

YP: Sure, but if we are to overthrown the growing superpower of Olaf's alliance, we need to get more people. Also, we need to slowly weaken Olaf. So I want to be leader.

Shane: *to YP* Look, you wanna be leader? Sorry, you can't. Olaf's leader. The person who started the alliance is leader. That's just how it goes.

Reddy: I'm talking about you two and me, YP and Dhane. We'll share equal power in discisions; u in?

(Conf) Reddy: I'm not mean. I just Want that Olaf guy out before it's too late (XD)

Katie: *whispers to Jim, Avery, Brittany and Christian* Wanna be in an alliance?

Spencer: *watches everyone* *analyzes*

(Conf) Spencer: I think my team is....well.....sucky.

Spencer: *goes to Avery, Jim, Katie* You guys want an alliance? I could string us all to the final four.

(Conf) Klozvag: So, we have Olaf, Reddy, Katie, and Spencer trying to lead alliances....interesting. i wonder who will leave next (BTW, guys, when should the next challenge be?)

Jess: *runs Bubbles and trys to kill Bubbles but needs help*

Angel: *runs to Bubbles and helps Jess*

Kev: Wow Animals killing other animals

(CONF) YP: Geez, everyone is trying to play a "Heather". Olaf is the most threatening guy around, and I won't rest until he's down, then his alliance will topple. I can keep bouncing around the other alliances depending on which ones are more powerful. I have never strategized before. I will win.

YP: *Goes to Spencer's Alliance* I want to join, too, you're gonna need all the firepower you can get if you're going to destroy Olaf.

Reddy: *pulls aside YP* ok, you and me both agree we have to take Olaf down, right?

(CONF) YP: Bingo.

YP: Heck yeah!

Reddy; Great. And since he isnt the most weak minded, there's strength in numbers, which may have to come to a cross team alliance, if you know what i mean.

Reddy: Kev, do that again with your companions and you'll lose them, k?)

Kev: They did it not me

Jess: *points at Kev*

Angel: *Points at Kev*

Kev: What?!

Jess: *barks at kev*

Kev: What?!

YP: Okay, Red. Deal.

Red: epic! Ill get some pplz(Kev, use them to attack anything again, and they're outta here. Im not trying to be harsh, only fair.)

(reddude: When do you guys want the next challenge?)

YP: Great! Olaf's goin' down!

Kev: *runs to Jess* GO find an animal that I can kill that's not here ok\

Jess: *runs to find an animal for kev to kill*

(CONF) YP: This is going according to planned. Red and I think practically the same. And we will beat everyone to the win. Olaf is the first on my list. *Remembers people saying Olaf's the leader of everything* The king's about to get overthrown. It's like those kids in his alliance are brainwashed or something!

(CONF)Reddy: Me and YP are gonna take Olaf down! Maybe i should tell him im in his alliance as a spy ;)

reddy:*to YP* im in Olafs alliance as a spy (XD)

YP: *In confessional with Red* A guy on the inside is always nice. If we can figure out who Olaf is after next, then we can protect them

reddy:*in conf. with YP* Yes. Thpough, Olaf was the center of our win yestarday, maybe we need to get him arrogant, than eliminate him. what do you think?

Zack:That Olaf guy.....I shall join his alliance!

Reddy:*notices* oh **** *to YP* Olaf has people joining his alliance like he's the only one with an umbrella in a hailstorm! What do we do? :(

Sonik: Ugh! i'm starving * sees buffet*, mmm, brakki! *puts buffet in capsule*


Will the Dog (Sonik): *gives puppy dog eyes at klozvag* woof

Sonik: K then, * sees his 4 star Dragonball*, Will, give my ball back *Will barks and gives ball back* ALSO, MY BUFFET *runs off*

YP: (CONF) It's official, Olaf is the most dominant person in the game. We are going to have a hard time taking him down.

YP: Red, can you try to persuade people to leave Olaf and join us?

Red: I can try. *glares at shane and zack* pronto *walks to zack and shane* Come to the light side, we have fresh meatloaf. XD

Zack:O___O Really?

Reddy: Yes! Really! You get it after you have completed this game! you in?! :D

Zack:*Sighs* Fine!

(CONF)Reddy:*in with YP* This is waaaayyy too easy. XD

(CONF) YP: *In with Red* Good job there, next time, bribe them with storebought cookies. (Mmmm... cookies! XD)

(conf) Reddy: *with YP* Still, that was so funny. *low voice*zacks gonna be ticked when we dont have meatloaf XD.

Reddy: Hey shane! If you come to my and YP's alliance, I'll give you storebought cookies, a walmart gift card, and a penny! (XD)

YP: Plus you can hang out with cool, awesome, not-Russian leaders! (XD)

Reddy; and bubbles gets an unlimited supply of carrotts! XD (Wow, we're desperate XD)

YP: *Goes walking in forest, finds meatloaf tree XD* Wow, that was convenient!

Jim: (finds candy tree with Jimmy the Weasel) This is one weird game!

Reddy:*whispers*IKR Jim? Wanna join a cross team alliance with me, YP, and Zack?

Kenny:*charges out of cave with a wolf by his side holding a large packet of jellybeans*TONIGHT WE FEAST, also i named my wolf Sky. *pulls sword from belt*I found this in a tree

Jess: *finds a bear* *runs to Kev*

Kev: What did you find girl?

Jess: *runs to the bear*

Kev: *follows Jess*

Jess: *points to the bear*

Kev: Cool *kills the Bear with a Sword he brought from home* *runs back with killed bear*

Jess: *runs to kev*

Shane: *scoops up the hurt Bubbles* KEV! Seriously? I can't believe you.

Bubbles: *is being cradled in Shane's arms*

Shane: Conf: Kev will be out! That I can promise!

(Reddy:i warned you Kev....)

Eaglemahet: *swoops down and siezes Jess and Angel, flying off with them*

(reddy:if you godplay to have them back, Kev, your out.)

YP: *sees eaglemahet* (gasp!) LOOK!!! A BIRDIE!!!!! *makes a tiny smile while staring at the bird*

Reddy:its beautiful! What is that?

Klozvag: and Eaglemahet, really giant birds that breath fire.

Reddy: *is burned from a descending fire* ow (XD)


YP: *Takes cover from fire behind rock* LOOK OUT, ZACK!

Jim: (whispers to Reddy) I'm in!

Shane: Reddy, YP, I accept your offer. Me and Bubbles will join you, isn't that right Bubbles?

Bubbles: *yawns and sleeps in Shane's arms, Shane smiles softly at Bubbles*

Reddy: YP, it me, you, shane, zack, and Jim! We have some great players >:D

Zack:*Gets hit by meteor* I'm BLASTING OFF AGAIN*Gets blown into distant space*

YP: o.o I'll save him, but I am going to need a VERY long rope. (LOL XD)


Zack:*In space* AAAAAAAGH!!!!!

(reddy:tomorrow at sometime unless some ppl cant m,ake it)

Zack:*Gets abducted by aliens*

Klozvag: should the challenge be today?


Dark: It think there shouldn't be, cause Zach is gone

Kenny:Sky stay here*grabs first aid kit he brought with him*Bubbles Kenny here*walks to Shane holding Bubbles*Ok Hold Bubbles still.*patches Bubbles wounds*Bubbles will be fine....Irish Rules... Yeah

John: When, will the challenge start? I'm getting bored!

Shane: Thanks Kenny.

Bubbles: *smiles at Kenny*

Will (Sonik):*finds a carrot and gives it to Bubbles*

Sonik: Reddy are you having a alliance cause I wanna be in 1 too?

Katie: *to Spencer* Sorry but no...

Katie(Conf.): small alliance for me now...

Katie: Reddy...wanna have an alliance together. *flirts with Reddy*

(Katie: I say challenge tmrw)

Katie: *finds a piece of papyrus*

Katie(Conf.): I found this piece of papyrus and I'm writing down all alliances on it. *writes alliances down*

John: *searches for things* (Conf.) Why can't I find anything!?!?!?!

Sonik: dude, i found another buffet *eats it all up* mmm tasty

Reddy: Sonik, Katie, i accept. *to YP* We have you, me, Jim, Shane, Zack, Sonik, and Katie! We rock!

John: *overhears Reddy* I need to find a way to counter that.

Klozvag: *pulls aside John* alliance? Ill give you an advantage ;)

Sonik: what the, (see's boxing gloves) sweet.

John: Thanks, man. I mean its 3 to 7 and me, Olaf, and Ben are at a huge disadvantage right now!

YP: (CONF) Perfect. Me and Reddy are DOMINATING.

YP: (In confessional with Reddy) We now have a cross-team alliance with OVER 9000!!!!!! people. Take that Olaf! You're as good as done in this game. (XD)

red:*in conf with YP* Final two YP! :D

YP: Who should we boot first?

(reddy:everyone roleplaying user's my friend, XD)

Reddy:I say dark. he'll be hard to cooperate with if we ever encounter a challenge we need team work on.

YP: OK, but if we win, who should we tell our alliance members from the other team to vote off?

Red: Kev. No doubt, Kev. (Lets save Olaf for when his alliance is out, i.e. Ben and John)

Klozvag:*whispers to John* Here *hands John an imunity idol* it will save you from elimination.

Challenge Two, "...before being frozen by me with my freeze ray! "

Klozvag: Todays challenge is good old fashion game of haschian tag. You try to make it to the mountains peak before being frozen by me with my freeze ray! >:D

Reddy: Co-

Klozvag:*freezes Reddy* >:D *hops onto Cupcakes* >:D


Klozvag: *misses as he fires at Zack*

Zack:TEEE HEEEE!!!!!!*Keeps climbing*

Katie: Cool! *starts climbing

Katie: *is 1/8 to the top*

Katie: *throws rock at freeze ray but misses*

Katie's Rock: *hits Reddy*

Katie: Oops... *continues climbing*

Katie: *is 2/8 to the top*

Klozvag:*barely misses Katie's feet with his ray* Ugh!

Cupcakes:*charges for her*

zack:*Pushes Katie off mountain*

Klozvag: *ray backfires and he freezes cupcakes* crap. *runs on foot to katie, is five feet away and still miusses* XD

Zack:*Is almost there*

Klozvag: i think this thing is jank! *ray malfunctions and he is frozen*

intern:*picks Klozvag out of ice* *hands new ray*

Klozvag:*sneezes* thnx., *misses again at Zack*

Zack:*Makes it to the top*

Katie: *uses lasso and pulls*

Katie: *swings and stands on flat surface at 5/8* Don't mess with me Zack! *throws frozen snowball at Zack but misses*(Throw Fail XD)

Katie(Conf.): I have horrid aim!

Klozvag: Crimson team loses again......>_> XD

Vote, "Cool Klozvag!"

Klozvag: vote.

Klozvag: You know, *hands Katie immunity idol* for being the only one to compete (sorry ppl who didnt see challenge, voite)

Katie: I'm going to vote Kev simply because my alliance wants him gone!

(Katie: Can I use my idol another time)

(reddy;yes, whenever you feel the need)

Katie: Cool Klozvag!

Katie(Conf.): I feel, like, totally awesome!

Sonik: Kev.

Avery: Kev.

Klozvag:one more vote and kev is out!

Christian: Spencer

Klozvag: Um, ok....

Spencer: Kev,

Klozvag: see ya keV.

Episode Three, "Chyort! Them solvoches will pay!"

Olaf: (CONF) I've heard talk of eliminating me. Not smart choice, until merge. Then smart choice!

Dark: *is walking around* We are probably gonna do something with a gate today

Ben: can I have my chimes now? Oh wait is a chime a mexican food then

Klozvag: no, really? XD

Reddy:*to YP* i think, we should keep Olaf til merge. We could use the brawns.

Klozvag:also, i forgot to give Olaf his IM for the first challenge >_>

Dark:......*slaps face*

Ben:Yo Klozvag? can I keep this shiny peble it's pretty *holds up a little rock* and can I name it Joe

Olaf: (CONF) I love team, but they want me gone, no choice but to suck up like man.

Olaf: Ura! *takes IM*

Klozvag:sure, ben.

Ben:YAY START MONOTAUGE *monotauge and pkays song "Me and my rock want to rock skipping rocks sayin Gov all the time eating steak catching on fire and throwing rocks FA LA LA LA LA BAM EXPLOSION OF FRIENDSHIP* well that was fun Gov



Joe:Pretty much Gov.


Joe:Meh *faints*

Olaf: (CONF) I don't want team to dislike me. I want to do good and help. But if they don't want help. I no give it.

Olaf: *huddles Reddy, Shane, Dark and John* Okay, I have heard of secret alliance, I don't know who is in it except for YP. We need to get him out, but more important, win as a team. Our alliance has no leader, we are all one, united, together. I want you to remember that. Okay?

Ben:UK KICKS AMERICAS *horn honks* well now it does cause president Obama is a wierdy

Reddy (CONF): im torn. im friends with YP and Olaf, but YP hate olaf and vice versa! gah! D:

Dark: *grabs Olaf and Shane* Reddy and John are with YP, don't trust them

Olaf: What? But why? I thought we were all friends!

Dark: I know that, but don't get to close, I was spying on YP and Reddy last epi

Olaf: Chyort! Them solvoches will pay!

Dark:....What did you just say? In English?

Ben (conf):*is peeing in a toilet in CONF.* Wait your filming this AHHHHHHH *runs out with his pants down and trips* WELL THIS IS AWKWARD. GOV!

Olaf: I said dangit! Them devils will pay!

Dark: There gonna try to vote me off

Olaf: Well if Reddy and John are not in alliance, it is only me, you and Shane.

Dark: We need YP out, he's making a cross team alliance, he's a betrayer to both teams, we need to back track him and get the other from his team to make are own cross-alliance, and we can't trust Shane either

Olaf: *pulls Shane aside* I hear your in cross-alliance, I can't tell you what to do. But make your mind up right now, please? :|

Shane: Me and Bubbles are with you! Isn't that right Bubbles?

Bubbles: *nods head*

Olaf: I know I didn't do too good at first, with my jokes. But what I do wrong now? Why everyone hate me? I try to be nice, but am disliked anyways.

Dark: *takes off hood revealing crystal blue eyes and a pale face* we need to get John and Reddy to side with us


Dark: Ben, can you help us get YP out?

Ben:Yes Gov I'd love to help this smashing idea that YP fellow just doesn't apreaciate us foriegn folk then so yes Gov I'd cherich to have some UK in this shindig

Dark:.....Ugh, Why am I here, 1st I was a kid from Seattle, now I'm in outer space

Ben:Me too one moment I'm drinking tea on chatango and then poof I'm here in some place with Godzillapillers

Dark: *makes a sword out of rocks and metal and has 2 gallons of water* This will allow me to survive for a while

Olaf: Well, we wait for challenge I guess. Nothing else to do.

Olaf: *finds a Russian Livestock Guard Dog* How weird...

Ben:Can I win and leave already

Dark:......-_- We want to leave to

Ben:I know but I hate this I think a wild animal ate one of my steaks

Kenzen:*eats jellybeans*

John(Conf.): I got a feeling that we might just lose tonight.

Ben:*stares at kenzen's jellybeans*

Ben:(conf) I'm going to go nutz if I don't get some sugar.

YP: *In confessional with his entire alliance* So, we need to pick one person from each team to take out, who do you guys think would be a worthy choice for candidates?

reddy:*in conf with YP and Zack* its jusat us :( anyway, Olaf needs to go, and katie seems like a strong competitior. (sorry dudes XD)

YP: Keep Olaf. He can have his precious alliance, it may be a threat, but the guy is our strongest player. We could get into a lot of trouble with our team if we vote him out too early. I agree about Katie.

Brittany: *sits under a tree* ... *sees apple fall, grabs it and eats it*

YP: *Outside* I like british people. They're totally awesome with Big Ben, helping us out in wars, and they have awesome accents! (XD)

YP: (CONF) If these guys are trying to take me down, good luck. My alliance is as hard as a ROCK. We are using Olaf until the last challenge before the merge, then he's done for. Me and Reddy are goin' all the way, and NOTHING can stop me from doing so.

Ben:Uh uh host kozgav whatever I need sugar cause uh uh uh uh uh uh uh cause I go crazy if I don't and uh uh uh uh uh uh uh I need it or I'll just be really random and crazy and uh uh uh uh uh uh MUSCLEE SPAZM *muscle spazme hits someone* so can I huh uh uh wait what uh what huh huh wait what was I saing oh yeah need sugar

Klozvag: *hand ben sugar* (CONF) Its like babysitting a bunch of teens! Oh, wait, thats exactly what this is XD

Ben:YAY *runs to conf* (conf) When I win I'll leave the remaining people to rot with the godzillapillers and that kozgav guy (XD)

Dark: *whispers to Klozvag something* (conf.) I just asked him if there is a rule about something

YP: (CONF) Although, this Brit isn't the brightest star in the sky. I don't like him.

YP: *Secretly with his alliance* I think Ben should go, he's annoying, and VERY accidental prone. He might cause us to lose a challenge down the road.

Reddy; Um, IDK. The longer we keep him, the easier he will be to beat when we're far.

Dark: *is spying on Reddy and YP without them knowing*

YP: *Hears twig snap, turns around to see Dark spying on them* LOOK! IT'S DARK! HE'S BEEN SPYING ON US!!! STOP HIM!!!!!

Ben:*sneaks away* I'll show them who'll dominate *evily grins* There at eachothers throats and I'll win and let them ROT WITH KOZGAV AND GODZILLAPILLERS *evily laughs* Oooh ooh Living on a prayer takin a nap but secretly don't care OOH OOH LIVE WITH ME ON A PRAYER

  • Dark Doll falls*

Dark: *is far away talking to Olaf*(conf.) I just heard yelling, must have been that prank

YP: (CONF) *smirks* Dark and Ben are prime targets. Ben is trying to turn everyone on each other, little does he know he is setting himself up for ellimination. And Dark, well, he's creepy, and a spy. And if he is spying on my alliance than he's an enemy. All of this is tying back to Olaf. He says he's a "nice guy" and all of that, but I know it's all one big set up. Ben, Dark and Olaf, in THAT order.

John(Conf.): There are going to be some dark times in the future.

Dark: *randomly appears next to YP and shows him a picture that is a embarrassing picture of YP and shows everyone it* :D (conf.) I just wanted to do that, cause the Dark Doll also has a recorder in it :D

Ben:(conf):Little does YP Know that I knoiw he wants to get me out and he also deosn't know my true Power I might be mentaly unstable but I'm a nice guy and he also might not know this WHEN I'M OUT EVERY DAY OF HIS LIFE WILL BE COME MISREBABLE *dark side* I CAN MAKE HIM SUFFER ETERNAL PAIN AND LEAVE HIM TO ROT WITH MY MIGHT I'LL THROUGH OVER THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *normal side* Hold it togethor Ben deep breaths HE HO HEE HOO

Reddy (CONF): Everyone, in a cool sci fi metaphor, is holding their lazars up and about ready to vaporize the person on the other end. I for one, am horrible at didgeball, more so lazars. So, lets just hope im the one pointing the lazars XD

Olaf: *drags Dark, Ben, John and Shane aside* It's just us five. We must kick butt!

Dark: If we have 5 out of 9......We could take YP out.....

Olaf: True. But we must stay strong. Team is falling apart, we already make alliances when merge is not here. What is up with that?

Ben:I don't know mexican

Olaf: *facepalm*


YP: *Grabs giant stick and bashes the recorder, takes the picture* This isn't of me, idiot. It's of YOU!!!!

YP: (CONF) Epic Fail. I overheard Ben's last confessional, no, I wasn't spying, he was very loud. If he believes he can take me down while he's off the show, he's off his rocker. I mean, he's more insane than my son, Ethan. And THAT'S saying something. Ben needs to go, the end. Also, if I play hard and strong during the next challenge, I can save my but and kick the other teams'. That way I can save myself, and my alliance from falling apart.

YP: *With his alliance in a SUPER secret place that not even Dark knows about* Olaf is gathering his strength to elliminate me. We nee to take him out, fast. Red, try and convince people to not vote me off and take down Ben instead, Zack, I need you to figure out just HOW Olaf is going to elliminate me, and Shane... Help me in the next challenge, if we work hard together, we can win faster, and keep our team's streak going. I'll try and figure out how to get an idol in case we lose. *Goes to host*

YP: Klozvag, sir, is ther anything I can do for an immunity idol?

Olaf: Whatever, YP thinks he can outsmart me, using my brawns. His alliance is outmatched, this team is falling apart people. We are too worried about alliances and not teamwork. We must stick together, we must stay together, we must WORK TOGETHER! Whoever is with me, shout URA!


John: Combined we'll have two immunity idols, this will work even if we only have four in our group.

Klozvag: Impress me, YP XD.


Olaf: *strums guitar* In Russia, I learn a bit guitar myself.

Kenny:*rides in on horse with a burlap sack on his back*I bring...... Marshmallows

Challenge Three, "Will the Gate of Chimes open before I grow old?!?!?!"

Klozvag: We have reached the gate of chimes! Write a short song for the chime guy (which i will RP) to rate! Best song wins the challenge for the team!

Reddy:I cant participate, i suck at singing. :( (not really, but how fair would that be? XD)

Chime Guy: Olaf, YP, and Dark are the best SO FAR o, and no changing songs! XD

Ben:*takes out flintlock* NOT NOW FLINTLOCJ BUT SOON *evily grins*

Klozvag: Well, I have to say I'm closing the challenge (great songs!) The winner is...

...Spencer! I'm interested to see the retrievers vote too *hands spencer an immunity idol*

Ben:well I'll pack my stuff (conf) We all know whos going me or YP.YP might convince people for ME to go so I'll pak my stuff and see how this plays out.

Spencer: Really? Thanks. *twirls immunity idol* I got this helping my back

John's Song

John: (singing) Gate of Chimes, oh gate of chimes will thou open please. Gate of chimes, oh gate of chimes open before everyone flees! The Dragons are Crimson. The Retrievers are Gold. Will the Gate of Chimes open before I grow old?!?!?!

Olaf's Song

Olaf: *strums guitar medium-fast*

Oh Mr. Chime Guy, your are so very wise. (BOW-NOW)

So wise it will take a long time, until you meet your demise. (CHIKA-CHIKA-CHIKA)

Oh Mr. Chime Guy, with you the whole world shines. (Ow-Ow)

Shines so bright it leads people to be blind. (BOW-NOW)

Why you have to be so serious?


The stress in your life can be blown away.

Your life doesn't have to be, full of all the hate.

I'm sure you don't wanna be stuck with eighteen annoying teens.

But I bet you know what that means.

That i'm done, yeah. I ran out of rhymes...

Ben's song (WOO HOO)


YoshiPerson's Song

The gate stands tall and bold,''

The Chime man stands to the gate,

To guard the way he was told,

From a special glorious fate...

You see, when he was very young,

he boldly sounded a beautiful song,

That all the people of Hasche sung.

His voice was charming and the song was long.

The king summoned his guards,

The prophecy had been fulfilled,

The boy with the voice had arrived,

And said the Gate of Chimes would be revived...

End ever since the wonderful night,

The shining gate became a sight,

That all would come near and far,

To hear the Chime guy singing.

YP: Thank you! Thank you very much!

Kenny's Entry

Kenny:*grabs chime*Chime Guy....

Oh, you are the chime guy.

The epic Chime Guy.

The guy who plays the CHIMES.

*plays the chimes*

Chime, Chime, CHIME.

Chime, Chime, Chime.


The chimes you own are polished and bronzed.

The chimes you give are clean and shiny.


*takes out electric chimes* (rings) CHIME

(Bow-do-wop) Chime guy........

(la. la. la.) you tis' epic.

Kenny:That is all.

John(Conf.): My team is awesome at challenges!

Dark's song

Dark: Chime Guy....oh Chime GUY

Will you rock the WORLD?!

Will stop us from GOING!?


You will never stop are path, you will never stop are souls!

So If you try to stop us, we will keep coming back!

  • grabs random mic*











We will get though to you!

Joe the rocks song

Joe:Chime Chime Chime Chime Chime Chime Chiem chime chime chimeeeeeeee

Chime playing chimes with a piece of bread cause you know you don't want to be dead (DEAD!)

Shouting stuff that no one understands cause your from some wierd land BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM CHIME BAM CHIME CHIME CHIMEEEEEEE,


Dark: *accidentally crushes Joe with out realizing it*

Joe: I'm not even in this competition. XD

Joe the talking rock:I'm a rock dude oh another Joe.


Brittany's Song

Brittany: Chime guy, chime guy please let me by

I wish i could fly so i can get past the gate of... chimessssssss

Chime guy, OH Chime guy please don't let me cry

help me get by the gate of... chimesssssss

Chime guy, Mr. Chime guy I sigh

and i might cry because you wont help me get by

the... gate... of............................ chimesssssssssssssssss. *crying* so... beautiful...

Spencer's Song

Spencer: Dude, Hey Mr. Chime

I've been a waitin' out here still can't spare a dime

I know you're big and metallic too

But open up and I'll be true blue

Hey what?

Mr. Chime, here's a knockity knock

You better open up or you'll a meet a my sock

And say hey


Say hey


And lastly Mr. Chime, read it and weep

There's a little bit of pigeon poop on your sweet little cheep *points at clay bird*

So that's about it

NOW OPEN THE F****** *cuts out*

Katie's Song

  • Mr. Chime, Mr. Chime
  • How are you? How are you?
  • I am fine thank you! I am fine thank you!
  • Yes I am! Now let me through!

Vote, "...I think can I get back to you on that one?"

Kenny:I vote Zack.... Olaf good luck

Olaf: (CONF) I vote for Zack, because the alliance said so. *shrugs*

Dark: Zack

Red: Olaf.

Ben:Zach I think can I get back to you on that one? uhhhhhhhh wait

Shane: Zach.

YP: Ben.

YP: *in confessional with Red and Zach* Red, change your vote to Ben, Zack, vote for him as well, and we will at least tie the votes, and Zack won't lose, sounds OK?

Ben:(conf) Next challenge I got to majke things right with that kid If I'm still here. *gulps* YP if your listening I'm sorry and blame my dark side *dar side* HEY WHY ME *normal side facepalms* *good side* Hey stop fighting *dark side* Make us* *fighty side* OOH I'LL MAKE YOU. *crazy side* Penut butter yum *eats rock *facepalmy side* *facepalms* Normal side* UHHHH

Reddy: fine, ben. XD

Ben:*conf filled with Ben's sides* ITS GETTING CROWDED IN HERE *one other Ben pops up and normal side ben flies out and lands on reddy* OWWWWWWWWWWW

Ben:*ben's dark side flies and hits klozvag,Good side flies and falls on YP,and his Facepalmy side walks out casualy and facepalms.*

Klozvag:bye zack :/

Episode 4, "Then onward to SPARTA no wait."


Dark: *looks outside*

Ben:*falls out of his bed in his skull pajamas* Well uh I'm not wearing skull pajamas

  • the teams are seperated far apart, and Klozvag is no where to bew seen*

Reddy: Guys, wheres the other team and that one guy?

Olaf: I do not know. Still tired from last night, I had to play guitar! Had not played guitar in two years! Very stressful to strum.

Dark:....This is obviously the challenge, we are suppose to get back to the area, or we have to try to survive

Ben:Joe where are you Joe? OH MY GOD THEY TOOK JOE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the horror NO and anothe r thing wheres my tooth brush *takes step forever and screams to find joe under his foot* OW YOU MOTHER *godzillapiller drowns out Ben*

Reddy:but, without Klozvag, we're stuck! *five godzillapors surround team* um, oh f***

Olaf: Let's do this! *takes guitar and smashes ones foot*


Reddy:*wets himself* um, lets leave this to Olaf XD

Olaf: *bites its leg*

Ben:*takes out his flintlock* AIH AIH AIHHH *jumps on a godzillapiller8 Calm down one false move and ya friend gets hurt ands either way I keep him and now his name is greg the godzillapiller

Olaf: *punches it in gut* DIE YOU FOUL OGRE!

Dark: *grabs his sword and cuts the godzillapors heads off*........Ugh

Ben:*points to Greg the godzillapiller* SICK EM GREG *takes out flintlock and shoots a godzillapiller in the heart and sings Kung Fu fightin*

Reddy: *throws rock at one*

Dark: -_-, *slash the rest*

Olaf: *stomps on the downed Godzillapor* SURRENDER NOW! AND I'LL SPARE YOU!

downed godzillapor:*looks into olafs eyes* I surrender, i am yours, master. :|

Olaf: Oh, okay. *helps up* I call you Reznov.

Ben: *gets off greg* Go greg be free *cries* Go on

Greg: No mater I love you I'm forever yours.

Ben: Then onward for SPARTA no wait

Olaf: Reznov, ATTACK ONE OF THEM! *charges at one, hops on tail*

Ben: *gets off greg* Go greg be free *cries* Go on

Greg: No mater I love you I'm forever yours.

Ben: Then onward for SPARTA no wait


Greg:Yes master

Ben: LETS KILL EM *hops on gregs back and charges other godzillapillers*

Reznov: Okay, Olaf! *charges at other two, trips over his own two feet, and knocks into another godzillapor, causing the other one to fly off a conveniantly placed cliff* ow. XD

Olaf: *bites on tail* DIE!

Ben: *on gregs back* ONWARD MEN *shoots his flintlock bullets*

Olaf: *finally rips off the Godzillapors tail, a portion of it atleast*

(Brittany, your miles away)

Dark:.....What The fruitcake?

Olaf: *finally stomps on the last Godzillapor's head, KO'ing him*

Ben: *on gregs back* ONWARD MEN *shoots his flintlock bullets*

Dark:*is following Ben and Olaf*

Olaf: *turns around* Dark, you going to help or not?

Dark: *points to countless of headless Godzillapors heads*

Ben:Hey guys wheres the other team members?

Dark: They don't care

John: I'm here!


YP: *Wakes up* What'd I miss? (XD)

(Olaf,Ben,Dark,and John are going to the camp, the rest are staying there)

Olaf: Ura!

Kenny:*finds cave and sneaks in*Guys*whispers* Come on *begins to yodel to get rocks to cover the cave so they are safe*

Ben:*on greg* TO SPARTA FORWARD MEN *shoots his flintlock bullet*

John: So you guys really did kill some godzillapors?

Olaf: I got three, I think.

John: I can't believe I missed that action. :(

Olaf: I got two, but tamed one. Meet Reznov. *points at a tamed Godzillapor*

Dark: Were back at camp guys

Ben: Greg don't growl at the man.

Greg:Hi I'm Greg the godzilalpiller my master tell me not eat you even if you look chewy *licks lips*


John: Hello Reznov...Greg.

Ben:*to John* Sorry he's young

Greg:I'm 38 years old.

Ben:SHUT UT and liar

Greg:Fine three and eight months.

John: Nice meeting you Greg, time to find my own godzillapor! *runs off into a random forest to find a godzillapor*

Kenny:Come on Mutant let go help John *Rides Hascien horse named Mutant into forest (Hascien horse has 8 legs, 2 heads, and 5 tails)*


Brittany: hello *hears echo* woa its... uhh... very quiet out here...

Katie: *looks at Brittany* *nods*

"It wasn't the challenge."

  • teams find Klozvag sitting on a rock*

Klozvag: hey, dudes.

Olaf: Where you been? We fend off Godzillapors alone and you sit on rock doing nothing! :@

Ben: *facepalms* You were right here the whole time sitting on a rock HOLD ME BACK *charges at klozvag bt his bants are held on by greg so he just gets a wedgie*

Olaf: Whatever, did we win or not?

Dark: It wasn't the challenge

Reddy: Um, hi!

Klozvag: Hello?! You guys arent ruining my spa day ive planned for months! And, the challenge is yet to come;)

  • various aliens surround the cast*

Reddy: O.O oh s***

Olaf: *hops at an alien* URA!!!

Klozvag: teams are no longer in play (i have a plan) *runs off again*

Dark: *chases after Klozvag*

Olaf: *tackles down the alien, punches his face in* DIE YOU FOUL OGRE!

Olaf: *hops from that one, pounces another, punches it rapidly* DIE!!!

Reddy: K-Vag always runs off *kicks alien* XD

Dark:....*looks at Klozag* He isn't worth it *runs and slashes aliens with his sword*

Kenzen:*rides Mutant after horse and flys by Dark* Woohoo*Klozvag is in sight*

Olaf: *stands up, groggy, but clotheslines an alien, curb-stomps his head off*

Dark:.....I'm not even chasing him....moron *slashes more alien's heads off*

Olaf: *picks up a zombie, rips him in half* Wow, these aliens are made of weak material. Just like Obama.

Dark: *kills more*

Olaf: *pokes an alien from behind, he turns around, Olaf sends his foot flying into his face*

Kenny:*jumps off horse onto Klozvag*

  • aliens are gone*

Klozvag:*returns* i was monitoring, and Olaf had the most kills. meaning, he is the only one safe from elimination, and gets to remake teams!

Dark: I killed like 8 aliens

Kenny:*returns*But i tackled you, that took guts right

Klozvag: what i say goes! XD (guys, sorry)

Vote, "Sir, i herd u liek mudkips."

Klozvag: everyone vote, but notr for olaf or someone who wants to play an IM.

Reddy: Ben, sorry dude, sticking with YP.

Kenny:YP i vote you

YP: I vote for Ben.

Ben: *soaked in alien blood* Y.. Y.... YP! *falls down and goes into uncouncious state*


Olaf: (CONF) YP, not plan, but it works, Reddy will be with us one way or another.

Dark: YP, did nothing to contribute, and he is voting off Ben, WHO DID SOMETHING, you sir, sicken me!

Reddy:(conf with YP) Things arent looking good :(

Ben:(conf) Oh man things are looking on the up side for me ;)

YP: (With Red) I need an immunity Idol, (Seriously, Red, I was at band in school, I would have made the challenge if I didn't, I didn't know it was so early in the afternoon. You need to plan better, and let some challenges last for a few days, OK? Otherwise some people won't make it, and they will be elliminated unfairly from schedule problems.)

(Red: I knew this would happen ><;;. IDK what to do... ill plan better for next challenges, two ppl will return, and since YP is kinda being unfairly eliminated, he will return if he is eliminated.)

(YP: :-D, Thanks, Man. From now on, everyone can tell when it would be a good time to have a challenge, and how long it would be. I just pop one up on my camp, and let it run until it freezes, then I move on with the vote, which grabs everyone's attention again, it's a cycle that I will make for you guys to use. It will be on my blog soon!)

Jim: Ben, get your rock and go!

(red: ok, ill try to fix this...)

Red: Ppl! YP is a great player! Sure, he didn't participate in the challenge, but that was because there never officially was one! And let's not forget how valuable he would be in an alliance! I encourage anyome who needs an alliance to stick with YP! (IDK if that helped. :( )

Olaf: Nah, he is betrayer and filthy solvoch. Never listen to them in Russia.

Dark:......You 2 are the only ones in the alliance.....-_-

Ben:Thats it I need time to think Leave me alone * Runs to his secret conf*(secret conf) I need time to think In here OK one thing why are people voting me I did nothing to the team but no I'm hated YP is a betrayer and is a son of a *static* He shouldn't stay! two why are we all figting I feel like my team is hating me when I'm a nice guy and three Red I know you and YP are friends but down where I live You vote me I vote you! Yp hates me I'm just trying to save myself!

(Red: YP, do you want to leave now and come back in four challenges? XD)

Katie: Loonie BEN!!!

Olaf: *gives his Immunity Idol to Ben* USE IT!

Kenny:*votes YP*

Ben:*takes Imunity Idol* Ok Klozvag look what I got and I hear by use the imunity Idol SUCKAS :P *victory dance* but not you Olaf or John or shane or dark reddy maybe a little but thank you

YP: I'm ruined!

YP: (CONF) I knew this would happen. After Zack was booted and the rest of my alliance was on the other team, I knew my alliance was vunerable. Olaf was stronger, and I applaud him for his great strategizing. He turned my plans against me. Next time he won't be so lucky. I know more people will vote against me. So there is no use in fighting for it. Although, Reddy will take over until I come back, and Olaf is vunerable because he used his idol on Ben. That was a very stupid move, and he will regret it down the road.

YP: I'll go. But I'll be back! You can count on that! And when I am, Olaf will be history! *leaves*

Ben:YP one thing I hopoe a godzillapilller eats you and by the way I HOPE YOUR CHEESY ALLIENCE LEAVES TO :P SIENYARA ARIBAGARTCHIE NICE TO MEET YOU

Olaf: Only history here is your forsaken presence.

YP: *Suddenly gets the urge to beat the pants off of Ben and Olaf, but fights it* See ya, Red, you were a great alliance member. *Says goodbye to the rest of his alliance, and goes to A Loser's Place*

Ben:*sticks tounge at YP* SEE YA LOSER AND GOOD RIDDENS. KEV NAD AND ZACH WOULD BE SO HAPPY TO SEE THAT YOU FAILED (YP, Do you really hate me and hat did I even do to you)

YP: SHUT UP, YOU STUPID @%^!$# MOTHER @%!#%@ SON OF A @%!#$% GO TO @$%!#@!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU LOSE SO BAD, YOUR FAMILY WILL BE PUT TO SHAME UNTIL THE END OF TIME! YEAH, I'M TALKIN' TO YOU, JERK! (Sorry, Ben, you are getting annoying, I think it was about time for one of your characters to get told XD)

Olaf: *steps up to YP* Sir, i herd u liek mudkips.

YP: I DU! I DU LIEK MUDKIPZ!!! *Makes stupid look on his face XD*

Olaf: How are we talking in the past? Weird to me.

Olaf's Team Picks

Klozvag:pick teams, olaf.

Olaf: I choose Reddy, Kenny, Dark, Avery, Spencer, and Christian.


Episode 5, "What, are you gay?"

  • they arrive at a village*

Klozvag: explore for some time XD.

Olaf: *eats a steak, investigates the trees*

Ben:I got to do something behind those trees and it's not investigating *is seen running to a tree and letting out a sigh of relief* Better

Reddy:(CONF)Im going to do something nasty, but im NOT a villian!(back out of conf) heuy, Olaf, mind if i join ur alliance? ;)

Olaf: I don't know if I trust you, fine, but i'm keeping you on watch. >_>

Ben: Greg! don't do that to the bush

Greg:Sorry can I at leats eat someone here?


Olaf: So, what we do now? YP is gone...

Dark: Win, eliminate the weaker links

Ben: Uh UK avengers (not my idea ok it was) sup glad o be on a team with you

Katie: Sorry I voted for you Ben. And cool, I am from the UK!

Katie: *does a backflip* I'm tired. Stupid village...

Katie(Conf.): Hopefully the challenge isn't hanging with villagers or even in this stupid villages. *yells* I HATE THIS VILLAGE!

(Katie: Can the challenge be like at 4 PM tmrw?)

Olaf: *checks out Katie*

Olaf: (CONF) Who knew some American girls could be so beautiful. =P

Ben:*to katie* Really wow I am to so where do you live in UK I live on ELIZABETHISAWESOME road 1352569856318789 5555555555555555555

Katie(Conf.): Olaf was checking me out...O.0...Interesting...♥;-)

Katie: *to Ben* I lived in London!

Olaf: (CONF) I know I should worry about challenges, but... ^_^

Dark:(conf.) Great, now Olaf is attracted with Katie, there goes are plan

Olaf: (CONF) Man, I wish she was on my team now... KLOZVLAG!

Dark: *looks at Olaf and then sees that he's staring at Katie*.....*snaps in front of Olaf*

Olaf: *snaps out of it* Huh? What?

Dark: Dude, your getting attracted to Katie, snap out of it

Klozvag:*pulls aside katie* wanna switch teams to be with olaf> XD

Olaf: I know I am, but she's so... =)

Dark:*takes off hoodie* Okay

Olaf: *sighs* But noone likes immigrants, they prefer stupid American jocks. >_>

Ben: Sweet me to hey maybe we're nieghbors no a Ben polar bear

Dark: Hey i'm a jock, and you don't see me crowded, I hate shallow people

Ben: Olaf? Why ya looking at Katie like that (conf) Believe me the chicks hot but i have tiffany and I don't want to do a Haily again *calls haily* she still won't awnser me! :@

Olaf: Cause, she is beautiful, my UK friend.

John: *comes into village on godzillapor* Hey, anything new happpen while I was gone? (Conf.) Okay, I got lost, and found my way into this village, but hey I got a godzillapor, I think I'll name him Bob

Kenny:*arrives at camp with 18 fish on a string* Tonight we eat =D.

Brittany: *sits around camp fire* i already made the fire to cook it:)

Dark:.....Your not apart of are team....

Katie: *to Klozvag* *nods* *smiles to Olaf*

Katie(Conf.): Truth is, I've never liked a boy as much as I like Olaf.

Reddy (CONF): Great! We have the challenge queen with the soviet russian. >:(

Olaf: *smiles at her, blushes a bit*

Olaf: (CONF) Hopefully this doesn't ruin alliance.

Sonik:*sees old woman's corpse* are you gay?

Corpse: What, are you gay

Sonik: Why you *burns Corpse and thorws it off a chiff

Olaf: *walks over to Katie* Hello, name is Olaf. You?

Olaf: (CONF) I knew her name, but we never formally introduced. Each and every day it feels like I am learning the American language better... =P

Brittany: *to Dark* i know im not on your team...

John:Wow, this village is really...boring. *falls asleep*

Dark: *accidentally steps on John's privates*...

John: *wakes up* Oww... what the heckle is your problem? Sick him Bob. *faints* *Bob starts chasing Dark*

Katie: *to Olaf* I'm Katie! I like swimming, track, playing guitar, animals and gymnastics. I take self defense lessons too.

Katie(Conf.): And I can unleash them at anytime!

Dark: *cuts Bob's head off* bye bye Bob......

Redy:*stares at katie*(conf)I think im in love...O.O

Olaf: Wow, beautiful and an excellent personality. I think i'm in love...

Katie: I think I'm in love...(Conf.) And I think Reddy likes me

Olaf: (CONF) Reddy likes Katie? Oh c'mon, Americans always ruin everything. I guess I gotta fight for her now. >:|

John: *wakes up* huh... wait, where's Bob! *sees Bob decapitaded with Dark standing next to him with his bloody sword* How could you! You monster! (Conf.) And to think that I was going to bring him back home if I won, well sorry Dark, but you'll probably not makr it home now.

Dark: How about I find you another one, will that make you feel better? *walks away to find a new one*

Reddy (CONF): in this game, you need to know who you are, and are not friends with. I'd say my list of enemies is high. I've noticed its not Olaf whos the real villian; its the people who force Olaf to take drastic measures. YP, if your watching this....wait, this is being prodcasted, right?

Klozvag:*from outside conf* yes, universally.

Reddy(conf) :kk! YP, i hope you take that into consideration when you return. And....*pulls out cruddy handdrawn pic of katie and drools over it* :P

(red:when should challenge be?)

(Codaa5: Right now. >:D)


(John: Right now! :D)

John: *yells to Dark* that would be cool, dude!

Dark: *gives John a new one* (conf.) I hope Olaf is okay,Love hurts, but I am not gonna interfer

Katie: *smiles to Olaf and Reddy* *starts to fall off a cliff* HELP! OLAF, REDDY! HELP!!!

Reddy:*jumps after her buy falls right past* ph s***!

Katie: *starts to let go of branch* AGH! OLAF!!!

Brittany: *sitting down watching like a tv show* save her reddy save her!!!! *wipes tears*

Olaf: *dives for Katie's hand, quickly grabs it and pulls her up*

John: Thanks, Dark, I'm going to name him...Bob II! (Conf.) Sometimes love hurts, and Reddy is a perfect example.

  • many painful sounds are heard*

30 minutes lkater...

Klozvag: *wheels reddy to his team with reddy in a full-body cast* He, um, is still "able" to compete XD.

Reddy:ow. (CONF)Not-to-self; never dive head first off a cliff to save the girl of your dreams.

Olaf: *stares at Reddy* o_o

Challenge Five, "This is a bit harsh don't you think? Is your girlfriend... German? "

Klozvag: My supermodel girl friend dumperd me last night, and this is her home-village. I wantr you to ransack it! tear it down! Make my ex cry! >:(

Reddy:*sighs*im so out.

Olaf: This is a bit harsh don't you think? Is your girlfriend... German?

Klozvag: Yes......*cries*

Olaf: THEN URA! *begins to tear up the village like Hurricane Katrina*

Kid:*looks at reddy in his chair* Mommy, can i ride the carrige?

mom:*falls asleep* whatever...

Kid:*hops on Reddy*

Reddy:hey1 Kid, get- *chair rolls down hill rapidly* AHHHH!!!!!!!!

Olaf: *TP's all the houses* >:D *sees Reddy going down the hill* =O

John:This challenge goes against my moral values I refuse to participate! *sits down*

Bob II: *starts destoying houses*

John: No, bad Bob II!

Reddy:*groans* I hate this competition....

Avery: O_O...I love destroying things. ^_^

Christian: *destroys village rapidly*

Avery: I'll destroy one thing at a time, calmly. *starts to punch tree, and a second goes by* Nevermind. *Begins to go crazy, destroying whatever she can get her hands on* ^_^

Bob II: *destroys a big mansion* Rawr!

John: No, stop it! *runs after Bob II*

Olaf: *lights one of the houses on fire* ^_^

Bob II: *eats the burning house* Now that's a spicy meatball!

Klozvag:um, I think that Avery has won the challenge!

Vote, "Im leavin, im too crippled to go on."

Klozvag: UK Avengers, vote.

Redy:Im leavin, im too crippled to go on. V_V

Klozvag: kk. XD

(red:sorry for that fail guys, XD)

Dark: That was awkward....

Reddy:Good bye my fellow users. *cries as the rest of the group walks away*


Klozvag:Welcome, people.

John: Woohoo!

Olaf: River of Hearts? This doesn't sound good.

Avery: It sounds....Different. I guess. Kind of. But it might be fun! Maybe not though.

Olaf: This games been hell so far, how can this one challenge possibly be "fun"?

Dark: It could have us winning

Avery: It COULD be fun. I didn't say it WOULD be fun. Remember your C's and W's, Olaf. I know they sound the same, but they aren't.

Olaf: *looks at Avery* Sassy, I like it. ;)

Dark:aren't you with Katie? and she's like my sister

Olaf: I'm not officially with Katie. *looks at Avery* =P

Dark: Only have 1


Klozvag: Just, try to stay safe til challenge. And DO NOT i repeat, DO NOT drink the water in the river. youve been warned...

Dark: *drinks from his supply of water* I don't know how you guys are living with out water

Olaf: I'm not a player, Dark. -_-

bird: *drinks rivers whatever, soons falls over, dead*


Darj: Hey there's only 3 girls in this camp, we don't need you hogging them all, water?

Olaf: *slides behind Avery* I'm not. ;)


Olaf: I can't like a girl? Wow, America SUCKS!

Dark: No, you can, but your hogging them, cause YOUR TAKING ALL THE GIRLS ON ARE TEAM!

Olaf: Take Katie or Brittany. *rolls eyes*

Avery: O_O

Dark: O_O

Olaf: (CONF) I need an IM, I hope my actions don't get me voted out, if I go, I can't hang wth... Avery... *drools*

Avery: I'm a boxer. I can snap your arm like a twig. Just keep that in mind.

Olaf: Feisty, I like that too. ;)

Dark: I'm a black belt so what?

Avery: Karate? Oh please. Boxing, Kickboxing, you NAME IT. I can do it. So there. And, Olaf...No comment.

Olaf: (CONF) What must I do to get her to like me? T_T

Dark: *appears behind and knocks out Avery with pressing behind her neck* Then you have weak pressure points

Avery: *Cries* YOU HIT ME! MONSTER! *hisses at Dark* XD *laughs and stands up* Okay, seriously, now....That really didn't hurt. I've been hit before. By a car. *shivers* That hospital ROCKED. I got to skateboard. IT WAS EPIC!

Dark: Your alot more tougher then the girls and some boys in my town

Olaf: Schmoozer. >_>

Katie: *smiles at Olaf*

Katie: You're going to need your bandages if you mess with me Olaf.

Katie: Avery doesn't like you! you!

Olaf: *gulps hugely*

Olaf: (CONF) I love Katie too, but... she loves Reddy as well. V_V

Olaf: I can't love a girl who loves another boy. :@

Avery: Wow, this is fun to watch! And Dark, I know, I'm tougher then most of the girls and the boys in my town. But they're weak.

Dark: Popcorn?

Olaf: So if you want Reddy, I want Avery! >:|

Dark: Olaf, It's one sided with Reddy loving Her

Olaf: It is?

Dark: Yes

Olaf: That explains so much. *walks up to Katie* Tell me now, right in my face, that you love me, and not Reddy.

Avery: The suspense! The drama! ^_^

Olaf: Cork it, boxer girl.

Dark: This epi should be called River of Lover....okay enough puns

Avery: ....Don't call me that, please. Just don't. It really makes me mad. I don't want to hurt anyone. ^_^

Olaf: *winks at Avery* ;)

Avery: Let me rephrase that. I don't WANT to hurt anybody. But I will.

Olaf: =P

Dark: Olaf.....popcorn?

Olaf: NO! >:|

Klozvag: As the winner of last challenge, the soviet russians get a new team member! introducing *pulls out a box* Webly! *tears open box to reveal webly* enjoy! :P

Webly: Hey, peeps!


Webly: *says hi to everyone* This seems nice!

Klozvag:Just wait. See what happened to reddy XD

Webly: It's OK on the way here I saw the film tapes for the episodes and I decided to watch the episodes so I know you guys and exactly who I want to be good friends with and others that avoid all possible things about them but I'm not saying any names!

Dark: Hey *gives Webly some water*

Webly: Thanks, just to let you know I trust you! ;)

Dark: I got it out of my water jug

John(Conf.): Wow, it seems that Olaf is a...pimp.

Bob II: *drinks water in river and dies*

John: Why do all my pets die!?!

Brittany: *walks over to John* hes in a better place now:( he had a good life...

Katie: (I just got back on srry) I love you and NOT Reddy...he liked me and he's just my friend. But, if you don't except that, here. *kisses Olaf*

Avery: ^_^ So adorable. (CONF) I just love happy endings. But she doesn't know if I like Olaf. I don't, but she doesn't need to go make up stuff like that. So, she needs to relax. Still, HAPPY ENDING! :D

(Katie: Are there actual hearts in there?)

Katie: *hugs Olaf and cries on his shoulder* I love one else!

Katie(Conf.): *tears are running down her face* I wish he would answer me!

Avery: ZOHMYGOSH! Katie, are you okay?

Avery(Conf): I didn't mean to ruin anything...Hope Katie isn't too mad at me. Nah, she'll understand. ^_^

Katie: Thanks Avery. You're like my BFFLAD! *hugs her and then hugs Olaf* PLEASE! ;-(

Avery: BFFLAD! ^_^ I wonder what is going to happen now...

Webly: *joins the conversation* Hey, Avery & Katie!

Avery: Hi Webly!

Webly: Hi guys! I'm just going around meeting a lot of people! So, whatcha doin?

Christian: Hi guys (It was an edit conflict lol)

Avery: Katie is trying to get Olaf to love her again, which he does, but he won't answer her question. I'm watching. And comforting Katie.

Webly: Isn't Olaf kinda mean, though?

Avery: No! I don't think so anyway. He's mean when he WANTS to be.

Webly: Oh, okay! That makes more sense!

Avery: ^_^ This is exciting. The suspense. The drama! I can't stop saying that. O_O

Webly: You sound like my best friend. It's kinda weird since I'm a boy, though! XD

Avery: *shrugs* Whenever people talk about me, they assume I am a boy. Then when they SEE me, they realize they were way off. I mean, can't a blonde girl like MMA? Seriously...Just because I like sports and the color black DOES NOT MEAN I'M A BOY. Sorry...I go off on people sometimes.

Webly: My best friend is a girl and I can tell your a girl too!

Christian: Is that a candy bar *picks it up*

Avery: That's good. I love music; Punk, Rock, Alternative, Even country! Not a big fan of pop, however. Its okay. ^_^

Webly: I like most types of music besides those oldies people who sing countries oh and not the biggest fan of rap but I do like Hip-Hop!

Avery: I like music like, Smashmouth, The Cranberries, Blink 182, ect....

Webly: Coolio! Do you know when the next challenge is goin to be?

Avery: Soon; I'm hoping.

Webly: They give us a lot of time to talk to each other!

(red:when should challenge be? T_T)

(Katie: Avery said soon a while ago and I say now!)

(Webly: Now!)

Challenge Six, "I know karate."

  • pink ninjas surround group*

Klozvag: Oh crap. Love ninjas. Get shot by their arrowsm, and you fall in love with a rock a=for a while. Fight 'em off! (XD)

Katie: *kicks two pink ninjas in the kiwis* O.0

Katie: *knees five more ninjas* Oops...not really!

ninja:*headlocks webly* grr....

Katie: I know karate. *chops six ninjas in half* EW! PINK BLOOD!

Avery: *slaps ninja* Heh. *ninja sneaks up behind* O_O *kicks backwards* Isn't it funny, how this is a fighting challenge, and the girls are the ones participating? And the boys say they're strong.... *Punches ninja* I love MMA. That means Mixed Martial Arts.

Katie:'re right!

Brittany: *kicks ninjas in face thousands of times* its beacause guys are weak... most guys...

Katie: Not Olaf. ;-)

Katie: Brittany, vote Sonik!

Avery: Yeah. ^_^ VOTE SONIK!

Vote, "Is anyone gonna vote soon?"

Klozvag: UK Avengers, vote. :/

Klozvag: Is anyone gonna vote soon? T_T

Klozvag: Im just eliminating sonik, sorry man. (Your not really being active in this camp, and I am assuming you are either busy in real life, or have lost interest, This should free you up some. It was either you, or Jim.)

Episode Seven, "Do you love me Olaf?"

  • the group is resting bye a mountain*

Klozvag: today, two of you will be eliminated, and sacrificed to the toga. One from each team, too. You guys jsut need to convince the tikis...

Avery: This sounds a little scary....(Conf) Okay, it sounds a lot scary. If that makes any sense.

John: Wait, whoever gets voted out gets...k...killed?!?!?! (Conf.) O_O

Webly: *pulls Avery and Katie aside* Do you guys want to be killed, I think we all know what we have to do!?

Avery: Run for our lives? Or- GET KLOZVAG? Spit it out! What?!?

John: Why do we need to convince the tikis?

Webly: Make an alliance! *says whispering*

Dark: Webly, we don't need more alliances, besides you ARE the newest and maybe weakest member though, noting personal

Olaf: (CONF) I figured it out, Katie is the only one for me, not Avery. I didn't answer her because I was speechless. I hope she still loves me...

Klozvag: Bye sacrifice, I mean have to be the tikis servants XD and YP is returning after this challenge (reddys no longer in, so he can hopefully redeem.)

Webly: Excuse me, Dark. If I'm weak why would they pick me to be in the game?

Katie: Do you love me Olaf? *starts to cry*

Katie: Oh dear lord tikis...please let me and three friends by. Please...*smiles and then makes unbearable puppy dog eyes*

John: Tikis, be cool, don't do drugs...wait, I mean please let a small group of five pass through your sheer epicness.

Klozvag: You guys have to sacrifice a member, dudes! Your team needs to decide however way, However, once you decide the candidates and work out who it is, there's no going bk

Kenny:We select Christian

Dark: Agreed

Katie: Yup!

Katie: *to Avery, Olaf, Dark and Webly* Alliance?

Webly: If everyone else is in...

Christian: I don't need this show if everyone hates me bye (quits)

John: I have to say Jim, because he hasn't done much, sorry.

Jim:*quits*(he told me on chatango)


tikis:*take Jim and Christian away*

Olaf: *hugs Katie* I do love you. *tears of joy*

Episode Eight, " I'd taste bad, anyways!"

  • final 11 are ontop of a cliff*

Klozvag:*pulls out another box* YP returns as promised. *chucks box,, it breaks, and YP appears* (last two eps went by quick XD)

Dark: Ugh, Gary Sue is back (XD)

John: *finds Candy on ground* Hey Christian you dropped ths, but I'll keep it for you, in case I see you again.

Jimmy the Weasel: *Walks up to John*

John: I'll keep him for you, Jim!

Kenny:(CONF)YP needs to leave along with Webly... I don't like returners or debuters.(END CONF) *whispers*Olaf we need to get Webly and YP out i need your help doing it

Klozvag (CONF): Many reason YP returned. One) SDorta unfairly eliminated Two)He brought the drama, for sure! Three) Fans are interested to see him and Olaf argue more.(CONF) Also! merger!

Olaf: *eyes YP* >:|

John(Conf.): That YP kid, just is plain rude, Klozvag shouldn't have brought him back, he won't last more than a day

Brittany: (conf) everyone hates that YP guy... wait who is he again???

Katie(Conf.): Am I, like, YP's only friend left?

Katie: *hugs Olaf* I love you. *kisses him*

Katie: *stops kissing Olaf* Okay team, we need to...

Jessica the Fairy: *whispers in Katie's ear* Katie: Merge? What're you talking about? Oh! No teams! Okay...

Katie: *to Olaf, YP, Webly and Avery* We need Ben gone.

Avery: Kay! ^_^ You're probably right.

Webly: Yeah...

Webly: (CONF) Spencer, needs to be voted off! But if Katie wants Ben, whatever.

YP: Hi, guys! How are you all doing? *waves at Olaf nicely with a friendly smile on his face*

YP: (CONF) Since my last strategy didn't work, I'll just be myself and be nice to pretty much everyone. Even Olaf!

YP: *finds a ferret* Hey, little guy! Wanna help me out?

Ferret: *squeaks*

YP: Aww... Thank you, cutie! I'll name you Cheeky! (Just so you all know, I used to have a ferret named Cheeky, but we had to give him away. I love ferrets!)

Dark: (conf.) Oh great,this is just great! Katie is trying to take Olaf into her alliance,, I just need Olaf to win!To get outta here!

Olaf: *to alliance* We don't want Ben out, he's helping us with the vote. I can see YP's lie through his teeth. He needs to go, again.

YP: (CONF) I am not lying, if you see me on other camps, Ethan and I are usually the nice, yet crazy guys! Let Olaf think what he wants to think, he's wrong.

YP: *To Olaf* Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I just want to start over! Honest! You can even use a lie detector! I want to be friends!

Olaf: *slaps YP into a lie detector* Are you lying about trying to be friends? >:|

YP: NO! I am NOT lying! *Lie detector beeps "true"* See?

Olaf: Oh, okay.

Olaf: (CONF) I still don't like him. >:(

Dark: Why are you using the lie detector that only says True but if it's red it's a lie? *points to red true*

YP: You're not fooling anybody, when it says red true, its true, there is also a red lie, as well, because I didn't have enough to buy a detector with a green true. *lie detector beeps true* I'll prove it to you, I have five hundred bucks in my pockets. *lie detector beeps lie* see? *turns out pockets, there is only a lollipop and three rotten steaks*

Dark: ....It's my lie dectector, and there are no lie detectors on this planet, so that is obviously a fake! (YP WE ARE ON ANOTHER PLANET!)

Avery: ...I really have nothing to say. ^_^

Dark: I used to have a friend named Avery who is just like you (true story)

Avery: Seriously? That's cool. ^_^ (My name IS Avery...And I'm just being myself.)

YP: (CONF) Jeez, these guys don't give up. It IS my lie detector.

YP: That is my lie detector, and I brought it in my pocket, it's pretty small. *beeps true* It doesn't even have your name on it, Dark, it has mine! *shows everyone* see? I have nothing to hide!

Katie: *to YP* Are you sure, cause my boyfriend isn't.

Katie(Conf.): Yes, I stooped to that level!

Dark: Okay, you win, but we are still voting you off, mainly cause we hate you for no apparent reason!

Avery: YP, hm... How do I put this gently.... Oh yeah, why do you keep defending yourself if you have nothing to hide? It really makes no sense, it makes you seem more suspicious. I don't think you did anything, just saying, a tip for the future. ^_^

Avery: (CONF) I like how the game is going so far. I don't have any enemies, a BFFLAD, and friends. ^_^

YP: Why do you want to elliminate me? I tried a new strategy, it didn't work, so I want to start over and make friends! I only want to elliminate Ben, and join an alliance. I'm tired of being the hated guy.

Avery: Maybe he is trying to change? Maybe not.

YP: I am. I will be on Olaf's alliance. Please let me in! *begs Olaf*

Cheeky: *Looks very cute*

Avery: ...The drama! The suspense! What will happen next? (CONF) I'm hoping that something really funny or dramatic happens. That's what makes these things fun.

Cheeky: *Bites Ben XD*

Avery: *giggles* (CONF) Funny. Check. Dramatic, yet to be clarified. ^_^

Webly: Hey, Ben, i don't think Cheeky likes you one bit!

Avery: Good, Cheeky! Ferrets RULE! ^_^

John: *whispers to Olaf* Don't let YP in. (Conf.) I still don't trust YP.

Olaf: I'm not, he can scamper by himself.

Webly: I love ferrets!!!

Dark: *grabs ferret* My lizard needs something to eat

Webly: You know, Avery will be pissed once she finds out Cheeky is gone!

Dark: My lizard also eats humans -_-, It could eat you if I don't feed it, besides, there's a ferret hole next to us (I didn't say Cheeky the Ferret did I?)

Webly: As long as you don't take Cheeky I don't care about you taking any ferret.

Olaf: *takes the Ferret from Dark* Have respect for animals!

Webly: IKR!

Dark: *lizard comes out of box with black teeth and charges at Olaf and swallows ferret whole while Dark grabs it and puts it back in box* SEE!?!?!?!?

Webly: (CONF) I totally saw that coming but I didn't say it out loud.

Darj: (conf.) It also eats human, it hasn't eaten me cause it knows I give it food!

John(Conf.): Dark shouldn't have done that.

Olaf: Dark, teach your lizard manners. Animals deserve equal respect like us.

Webly: I 100% agree with Olaf. I also disagree that that tiny little vicious lizard could eat me. I'd taste bad, anyways!

Dark: WHAT HAVE YOU THINK I HAVE BEEN DOING FOR 13 YEARS?....Sorry Lizzie but I have to do this *lets Lizzie out of his box and let's it leave*

John(Conf.): I'm gonna call Dark, THE COMEBACK KID. He's like Bill Clinton, whenever he does something bad, he does something good to cover it up. It's a pretty smart stategery.

Brittany: (conf) it seems like everyone here has had an animal but me *a rabbit hops in the conf* woa... *looks up* i guess you really are real... THANKS SANTA!!!! XD

Dark: *is asleep without hoodie, which a wolf has*

Brittany: *Scruffers ll (rabbit) jumps on dark and starts scratching him up* scruffers bad boy!!! stop scratching him up!!!

Dark: *wakes up* DAH! *grabs bunny and knocks him out without hurting him* is this yours? *black shirt is almost gone*

Brittany: *stares* uhh ya he is... *takes scruffers* thanks sorry bye *runs to conf* (conf) what is my problem... i dont normally stare at guys like that *slaps head* idiot

Dark: *just stands there blushing* (conf.)........

Brittany: *walks back out still staring* can... um put a shirt on now... are you blushing???

Dark: *notices his shirt is teared up* Where's my hoodie!? *sees that a wolf has it and destroyed it*......dangit

Brittany: awww hard luck man:)

Dark: *throws shirt* No use for that anymore

Brittany: *stares again* (conf) ughhh whyyyyy is this happening to me:/

Dark: *sees that Brittany is staring at him and blushes* (conf.)..........If I come back and see any weird shippings, I am so gonna be mad! (XD)

Brittany: *realizes shes staring* uhhhhh... *looks at scruffers in her hand* ...i think you killed him...

dark: *looks above her shoulder and points to it* No, it's still alive, it's breathing, I pressed it's pressure point

Brittany: *sees scruffers staring angerly at dark* i dont think he likes you

Dark: Of course it doesn't, bad memories from a Zoo

Brittany: i dont think he came from a zoo... he looks to wild... *looks at dark again* are you sure you dont have another shirt or jacket or... something???

Dark: I didn't sign up for this, I was kidnap here, I was never suppose to BE here

Brittany: well if you didnt want to be here why didnt you get yoyself voted off already

Dark: Uhhhh *puts head down* Cause I started to like someone after epi 4

Brittany: who???

Dark: I say this, not Katie (conf.) *is serious* It's not Katie,Katie is with Olaf, besides I was never attracted to her, and I acutally like, you know what you figure it out

Brittany: well of course not... shes with olaf... tell me though... if your that embarresed then i promise i wont tell anyone

Dark: *mumbles something*

Brittany: im sorry what... i cant hear you when your mumbleing... what are you so afriad of???

Dark: *says that only him and Brittany* I like you *shuts up and walks away*

Brittany: *sits there in shock then smiles* (conf) awww i think thats so cute:) honestly.. i kinda like him to:) *blushes*

Cheeky: *Walks around,begins pouncing random bugs*

YP: When is the challenge?

Webly: Yeah!

(red:is around 5 o clock est time ok with everyone?)

(Webly: I can probably do it now or around 6)

(Red: Ok, since most ppl arent on right now itll be around 6, kk?)

(Webly: K)

Avery:(CONF) It's nice to know that no one likes you, and your ignored. If I didn't know that, I might try something pathetic. -_-

Olaf: (CONF) I'm happy for Dark and Brittany, even though Dark didn't agree with me and Katie at first. :|

YP: (CONF) I really think I might have a chance at staying for a longer period of time. My evil strategies didn't work (XD) so I'm going to play it out solo, be strong, and wait for some oppritunities appear. Here we go, guys, I'm back, and ready to go.

Avery: *meditates*

Dark: *is sewing something with 2 thin woods* Ah here's a good shirt *Shirt is made out of twigs and leafs but looks good together* heh thanks mom *puts it on* (con.) I hate being kidnapped here, but now think about it, it gave me a good friend, and maybe a girlfriend (any noticed, this is the longest talk ever and it's by the anti-social goth?)

Avery: (Yeah. XD) I wish I brought my MP3 or notebook or SOMETHING. Then I could sit in a corner and write depressing poetry, or listen to music. :P

Olaf: Don't be depressed, think happy thoughts! ^_^

Avery: That's kind of hard for me. -_-

Olaf: Impossible! Just be happy! *dances, falls over a pebble*

Avery: ^_^ That was funny. XD I'm happy again.

Olaf: *lifts up head* Told you it's impossible!

Avery: Yeah, I guess so. (CONF) Sometimes, you just have to agree with people.

Olaf: *gets up, spits out a tooth, smiles*

Avery: Are you okay...? (CONF) *Laughs really hard* THAT WAS HILARIOUS!

Olaf: Yes. ;)

Avery: ....(CONF) Katie is going to kill me....O_O

Olaf: (CONF) Wow, if Katie is a manipulator, I must be a womanipulator. ;)

Olaf: *whispers to Avery* Wanna go on a date later? =P

Avery: O_O

Olaf: We can keep this a secret, I prefer you over Katie anyways. ;)

Avery: (CONF) ....I HATE THIS! Why couldn't I just go jump off of a cliff? ^_^ Maybe I will.

Brittany: *hiding behind a bush and over hears olaf* O.o (conf) what the- O.o i thought olaf liked katie but now hes asking avery out... wow i feel sorry for katie...

John(Conf.): Love is in the air. I'm happy for my buddy THE COMEBACK KID, and Britanny. Yeah...about Olaf, he's digging his own um...grave.

Avery: *walks away* (CONF) What do I tell Katie? O_O

Challenge Eight, "I think I should get across because I have to kick my EX-BOYFRIEND and MY OLD BFFLAD a**es!"

Klozvag: The most challenging part of this game; the bridge of endurance! You have to give the bridge ONE reason on why you should be allowed to walk past its fury. Onethe two people who are not allowed by the bridge to cross (the bridge fell apart under them) will be on the chopping block. Then, the safe users will vote (just say a reason you should win XD) (CONF) spooooooooooooky. XD

Olaf: If you don't let me past the bridge... i'll shoot you with my PPSH-41.

Brittany: i think i should be able to pass because of my perseverance... if you dont let me pass ill keep trying until you let me...

Olaf: *puts arm around Avery* This bridge is one tough cookie to crack. ;)

YP: I want to move forward because I want to continue to my quest to perfection and pureness, and make new friends so I can become a better person.

YP: (CONF) Let's hope it works for me.

John: If you let me pass I will give you this candy bar and three steaks!

Klozvag: XD John!

Dark: I think you should let all of us pass cause your a have no soul.....

Katie: *yells* OLAF! AVERY!

Katie(Conf.): Olaf is going down!

Katie: *cries* I think I should get across because I have to kick my EX-BOYFRIEND and MY OLD BFFLAD a**es!

Brittany: *goes up to katie and pats her back* its ok... let it out XD

Webly: *walks to Avery* Not the best choice! Anyways at the bridge, you should let me cross because I'm more intelligent than you and the fact that you can't even have a brain is pretty pathetic.

Kenny:I think i should be able to cross because i care about this planet and i want to win this game*begins to walk on bridge*

Katie: Thanks Brittany! *starts to cross bridge*

everyone:*starts to cross, everyone but shane and spencerget across*(i just picked the ppl who havent chatted much here XD)

Klozvag:congrats to everyone who made it across! Spencer or Shane is eliminated. Vote! And, shane and spencer may not vote. :P

Vote, " I know I'm a flirt and all, but I don't flirt!"

Katie: Spenser! (Conf.) I wish Olaf was in the bottom 2...

Klozvag: much drama :D

Olaf: *keeps a distance from Katie* I think Spenser should go.

Olaf: (CONF) *sigh* I don't know what I did, but I think I just committed the biggest mistake of my life. I tried desperately to love Katie... but I just don't know what's going on. I did love her, but she is a manipulator. Who knows if she is cheating on 50 other guys right now? I sure do not know.

Olaf: *looks at Katie, gulps hugely*

Ben:*appears randomly* What the crap alll I remeber I was peeing on a tree got Koed gained a fortune lost it and then got it all back wow but thats a REAL LONG STORY so I vote spenser meh *shrugs shoulders*

Katie: I'm not sure about this relationship, Olaf. I know I'm a flirt and all, but I don't flirt! I only flirt with a guy to see if he's the right one for me. I ask him for a date and if I don't like him, I tell him he's not right. You're the one I've been looking for...the love of my life. I would've moved to Russia with you after this, but it looks like we aren't in a relationship anymore. I love you, but do you love me?

Olaf: *stares Katie dead in the eyes* Yes, Katie, I do love you. *smiles*

Kenny:I vote Spencer

Katie: Then lets stay together forever! *kisses Olaf on the lips* No more flirting for me!

Olaf: *kisses, hugs* We shall stay together. And no more flirting for me either. ;)

Brittany: Sprncer (conf) aww thats so cute... but im confused about this whole thing... whatever...

Dark: Spenser

Ben:*eating popcorn* AWW TRUE LOVE *blows his nose and chokes on his pocorn* OH SH*passes out before he finishes* HELP

Olaf: *stomps on Ben's chest once, the popcorn flys up*

Brittany: *looks over ben* he breathing???

Dark: Nope

Brittany: ...oh ok *goes and sits under a tree* XD

Klozvag: ok, spencer is voted out, and Olaf, I'm withdrawing you from the competition for stomping on Bens chest. >:| XD

Olaf: :o! NO!!!

Olaf: *hides the anger, kisses Katie on the cheek* I guess this is goodbye... =(

Olaf: *waves goodbye, leaves*

Episode Nine, "You mean Clozvag finally died? YAY!"

Klozvag:*walking with group* lets move it. :P

Brittany: *walking* where are we going???

Klozvag: to the stone of epicness, is our final destenation. But, With me being lazy, ill probably stop at gamestop and play mariokart while you guys fend for yourselves. >:P (XD)

Webly: I for one am glad Spencer is gone. He was totally holding up the game.

Dark: Wait, there's a GAMESTOP! Why is there a gamestop?

Webly: I thought you were joking! GameStop is where we should have are next challenge. I mean isn't everyone pretty good at video games.

Brittany: I love gamestop:) (honestlyXD)

Klozvag: *sighs* I have a few thousand extra passes, so sure. And, i say, humans stole gamestop from us T_T

  • group arrives and goes into gamestop*

Klozvag:*hands everyone a pass* go nuts XD.

John: Sweet! *goes nuts* (Conf.) I can't believe Olaf left, he was just helping Ben stop choking.

  • 5 seconds later the Game stop blows up*

Dark: *is watching it burn to the ground*

Klozvag: uh huh, we'lkl still have a challenge here :P

Dark:.....How about you kick off the person who talks the least?

Klozvag: I plan on doing that soon ;)

Brittany: *roasting marshmallows on gamestop*

Dark: Klozvag, doesn't your brother work here?

Webly: Klzvag has a brother? O_O

John: T_T Why? Why did gamestop blow up !?!?!

Brittany: we dont really know...

Ben:*wakes back up* OH MY GOD MY LIFE FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES *takes deep breath* Man my life sucks

Klozvag: You mean Clozvag finally died? YAY! :D

Brittany: what do you hate you brother or something???

Klozvag:Mommy always liked him better! *grabs ice cream, gives brittany a cocuh* i need therapy. >:(

Ben:Kozbag? I think you need to talk to your brother. Hug him and if he annoys you again feed him to a godzillpiller

Klozvag: I cant ;( Mommy would hate me. And, ive never come with in twenty meters of him after he blew up my toy truck! *flashback to him as a five year old*

Young Klozvag:*plays with train*

young Clozvag:*stomps on trian.


  • ends flashback*



Klozvag:*cries* i didnt know, gosh! Maybe Clozvag should take over, if im so horrible for you guys! He would just put yoiu guys through boot camp! ;(

Kenny:*cries with Klozvag*Its ok Klozvag, Its ok

Klozvag:Heck, he wouldnt even let Olaf return in episode 10 as schedul-*claps hand over mouth* you didnt hear rthat! right?


Klozvag: *sighs* ta ta ta! you didnt vote him out; i did. Besides, we planned it for a while now ;) dramatic!

Brittany: *to dark* dont yell please:) *to klozvag* just show your mother your better than him

Klozvag: Im taking a break, man. *teleports away*

Ryan Secrest: *appears in his place*..Right after this- Whoa1 where am I?! (XD)

Dark:.....I have no clue

Klozvag:*reappears* wrong celebrity! Imma torture you guys *he and ryan disappear, Justin Bieber takes their place*

Justin B.: Baby, baby, ooaaa!!!! (O.O)

Brittany: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *kicks his face*

Kenny:*slices Justins head off*AHHHHH

Klozvag:*reappears* hooray!!!! I just wanted to see him gone. :P imma back! :D

Brittany: *looks at arm... thats bleeding* ahhhh!!! dude you sliced my arm too...

Kenny:*patches her arm*Sorry

Dark:......Are you okay?.....wait why don't we disable the auto tune for Justin Bieber?

John: Yes, Beiber fever is cured!

Brittany: ya im good... aha i feel dizzy *passes out*

Dark: *grabs Brittany before she falls*

Brittany: *wakes up* santa???

Dark: he doesn't exis-

Santa Christ: I SURE DO

Darl: *looks at Santa Christ and faints*

Brittany: *looks at Santa Christ* can you leave

Santa Christ: *leaves* ho ho holy XD

Brittany: *goes over to Dark... kneels down* Darrrrrk... wake up *wakes hand in his face* oh please dont be dead...

Dark: I just fainted, can you please let me sleep?

Brittany: ok ok *walks away* (conf) crankyyyyy...

Ben:*rollseyes*(conf) *sticks tounge out* TEE HEE

Katie: *cries* *remembers Olaf is coming back soon* YEAH!

Katie: I'm so glad Beaver is gone...I'm not saying his actual name! It's gross!

Katie: *hugs Avery and Brittany*

Klozvag: This is uneventful! So, Olaf will return now >:P

Olaf: *dust flys, and Olaf appears in a bathtub* This is ni-Woah! What the hell?

Webly: don't worry, Olaf! The game didn't change much without you.

Olaf: I would appreciate some clothes. >:|

Dark: You don't get any

Olaf: *stands up* Wanna get me some now? >_>

Webly: Fine. I have a pair of some in case something bad happenned to any of my shirts/shorts/underwear/socks. But can keep them, after this. I guess I did bring these clothes for a reason!

Olaf: *grabs them, puts them on* Thanks. *gets out of tub and hugtackles Katie* =)

Ben:OLAF Nice to see you bnuddy but one thing GET YOUR DANG TUB OFF ME! :@ *is under the bathtub* :( OW IT HURTS

Olaf: *picks up tub, throws it, it just misses Klozvag*

Webly: (CONF) I wonder when the challenge will be...hopefully a Mario Kart race. I LOVE MARIO KART!

Ben:(conf) AWWWWWWWWWWW I got water on me it looks like I peed myself I'm asha,ed LEAVE ME BE STUPID CAMERA MAN *camera shows where he it looks like he peed* STOP AHHHH *breathes fire and kills camera man* DIE *shoots camera man with flintlock* VOILENCE FTW!

Brittany: *sees conf on fire becuase of ben* ...i wonder whats happening in there... O.o

Ben:*walks out of conf and hides camera man* I WASN"T BURYING ANYTHING *throws shovel and hits some guy in the head* I mean uh.... PACE *runs for it*

John: Olaf, dude your back!

Katie: *smiles* *gets up* Yeah! You're back!!!

Webly: (CONF) And they just found that out...

Olaf: I was enjoying nice bath, but back here with buds. And girlfriend *winks at Katie* is much better. *hugs Katie, kisses her*

Ben:(conf) Crap! I forgot to text Tif *Pulls out his phone*

Brittany: *hears ben in conf and goes to talk to him* your still with my sister??? she hasnt drove you crazy yet?!?!

Ben:Nope Hows you and CF goin

Brittany: uhhhhhh... (conf) shoot i totally forgot i was dating him... we havnt talked in so long i didnt even think we were going out anymore... aww man i like Dark but i like CF too ugh i dont know who to choose... but i probably will never get with Dark anyway... ugh this is so hard:(


Brittany: uhhh hi...

Dark: I have officially lost it

Brittany: why (conf) *slaps head* maybe i shouldnt have asked that...

Dark:.........are you kidding me?

Brittany: im sorry:( i even forgot he was my boyfriend because we havent talked in ages... he hasnt called or texted in forever so i dont even think were together anymore...


Brittany: what???

Dark: You've only haven't talked in 9 days

Brittany: i didnt even know he was in this camp... *turns to Dark* ...your still mad at me huh...

Dark: I was never mad at you

Kenny:I am so confused

Brittany: same here *to dark* i thought you were mad... you seemed like it

Ben:Brittany! I have good news CF had his phone confiscated and just got it back I'm talking to him right now! Webly: (CONF) Well, at least I'm not in the middle of this. SPeaking of relationships, I like someone here.

Dark:....wait isn't CF Crazy Fred?

Challenge Nine, "We could of ran from wild German dogs, or hiked or something.'""

Klozvag:Todays challenge is a day off! Also, two will leave, because i just found im a challenge short XD.

Webly: So, no challenge?

Olaf: URA!

Klozvag: no challenbge. *runs of to tanning salon*(XD)

YP: Uh-oh.

YP: (CONF) GREAT. Just GREAT. I might get voted off JUST because people don't like me. SMOOTH, Klozvag, REAL SMOOTH.

YP: PUH-Lease don't vote me off! Why do you guys even want me out???

Katie: You're going

(Katie: BTW, Avery is leaving the wiki for a while as announced on her fanfic blog!)

Klozvag: Avery's out.

(red:she said on chatango she wouldn't have time for the camp, sorriez.)

John: No challenge! Woohoo!

Brittany: (conf) no challenge... wow thats... um... different

Olaf: You ran out of ideas? We could of ran from wild German dogs, or hiked or something.

Webly: Can't we just get on with the elimination?

Klozvag: whatever. :P

Vote, "YP"

Klozvag: Vote i guess.

Olaf: YP


KlolzvagL: barely anyones votiung. so, YP's out. :/

John: YP

Episode Ten, " Um, we're playing the "Final 9 stay put while klozvag goes to cry to his mommy" game."

  • group wonders up cliff*

Klozvag: We're that close to the stone? That aint right...

John: What stone? :o

Klozvag:*checks map* this thing is wrong! *crumbles it up and tosses it8 of epicness, i think. Hmmmm

Olaf: What are we doing?

  • lightning nearly strikes the group*

Klozvag: Um, we're playing the "Final 9 stay put while klozvag goes to cry to his mommy" game. *runs off*

  • it begins to rain*

Olaf: Oh great. *pulls out umbrella and huddles Katie* :|

John: I love the rain! *stands in rain*

Katie: *thunder strikes and she cuddles into Olaf's chest* I hate the rain! *looks at Olaf and whispers in his ear* You would look cute if you were wearing a bathing suit! I mean, you already are cute!

Olaf: *gives umbrella to Katie, comes back shivering in his orange bathing suit, takes back umbrella* =P

Olaf: You would look good in a bikini. ;)

Katie: *changes into bikini in a cave* I'm freezeing! *goes into cave again* *puts on her regular clothes and runs back under umbrella* :•)

Olaf: It was good while it lasted. =)

Kenny:*grabs water proof blanket and lays up aganst Mutant with his Wolf*

Webly: (CONF) I'm sad Avery's gone. She was my best friend here. But I know some other people are nice, right?

Webly: I hate rain!

John: Wait, where did Jimmy go? *looks around* D: Oh no! Jimmy! *runs off to find Jimmy*

Klozvag:(CONMF)No ones going for the stone? idiots...

Batman:*randomly appears* Guys, we must rush for the stone! *rushes for stone, puts a hand on it, and it endulged in a bright light*

Klozvag: Not what I planned.........Batman is my new cohost! The challenge is to KO batman! >:D

Olaf: *punches Batman in the face* URA!

Webly: *kicks Batman in the groin*

Webly: (CONF) Poor co-host!

John: *returns with Jimmy sees people beating up Batman* What the heckle is going on here? (Conf.) I hate violence.

Brittany: *kicks batman in the jaw and kiwis and punches is face and slaps him* (conf) i love this challenge... it helps me get rid of a lot of the stress ive been having:)

Batman:*falls to the ground in agony*

Klozvag: Everyone who participated is safe! Everyone who participated gets to go to the final seven! Olaf, Webly, and Brittany have a better shot at winning! Two ppl will be gone tonight! Everyone; vote.

Kenny:I participated in the waiting...... XD

Vote, "I vote John..... Shane."

Webly: Shane, if you can vote for one. If you can vote for 2 people then Dark.

John: Shane, hmm...I'll wait for my second.

Brittany: Shane and ummm... i have to think for my second one to...

Kenny:I vote John..... Shane

Katie: I vote Shane...and John!

Dark:.....Shane, and.....hmmm John (Sorry, My mom made me go to a water park most of the day, and when I got back the challenge was over, but unlike YP I'm cool with going out)

Klozvag: Shane and John are out, i believe

John: Farewell, I will see you guys later. I couldn't bring myself to vote for any of you guys because all of you were my friends, just to tell all of you. (conf.) I hope I see them again. I knew that if I was not going to vote for a second I would leave. :( (I couldn't be here, I had a baseball tournament. :'()

Day Eleven, "It was a stupid sexist co-host."

Olaf: *wakes up, gets dressed and walks outside, rubbing eyes* mmm... *yawns* Morning everyone! :P

Webly: (CONF) Excited I'm still in!!!

Jisterag: Hello folks! I am your new permanent co-host! Todays challenge is too write a poem about how girls SUCK!

Olaf: O_O

Katie: Um...what did you say? The first girl eliminated was Avery two epis ago!

Webly: (CONF) C'mon, right when we're doing great with everything they give us a sexist host.

Klozvag: Jisterag! *oblinerates him* :P

Brittany: *comes outside* what was that... i woke up and heard some guy say "...write a poem about how girls suck!"...

Webly: It was a stupid sexist co-host.

Brittany: oh... *puts fist up* where is he... i'll give him something to say about girls

(Tcf09: im going on a washington d.c. trip which means im not going to be able to come on for a week so im going to have to quit:( unless someone can play me until i come back... or get eliminated)

(TDALF1: I can play Brittany!)


(Tcf09: thankyou so much:D)

Dark He died

Ben:*wakes up* HELLO WORLD I LIKE ENCHILADAs. SO what's up buds (Red everyone my computer isn't working OK I'm using my friends so don't vote me were trying to fix it)

Challenge Eleven, "Oh thats it!"

Klozvag:Make each other mad for my amusement, Go....

Kenny:*grabs Katie and begins to make out with her in front on Olaf*(In Mind)I am so Dead

John: *returns for a second, and gives Olaf his immunity idol then leaves*

Webly: *throws Katie and Kenny into a nearby lake while their making out*

Ben:*Takes out flintlock* Kiss this! *shoots ground* OK *kicks YP* That was fun *YP glares* Oh CRAP SEE YA *locks self in Conf * I'm going to die oh so very very die

Dark:.......*looks at tons of fireworks and grabs them* ALLA A BEASTA! *throws the fireworkds at everyone and they all blow up* ahhh, that was fun

Webly: *watches firework miss him and laughs and pushes Dark into the water*

Dark:....*smiles and grabs Webly's ankle and puts him into the water*

Webly: *pushes Dark back and the confessional down where Ben is* How much does Ben weigh?

Brittany: *blows up kenny john ben webly dark and katie* XD sorry guys (heehee i finally got on on my phone and tomorrow ill get back... just thought id say that XD)

Katie: *headlocks Kenny and throws into lake* How do you like them apples? Huh? *makes fun of Brittany's clothes and punches Brittany in the face* *kicks Dark in the coconuts* How'd ya like that! (Srry guys) *whispers in Olaf's ear* Sorry. *uses Klozvag as a bat* *swings at Olaf and he gets knocked into the lake* *Headlocks Ben and John* *Throws Ben, John and Webly in the pirahna-infested lake* (Srry!)

Brittany: oh thats it! *kicks katie in the face and guts then pushes her in the lake*

Dark: *falls unconscious*

Klozvag:Katie Wins..............*rubs head wear he hit Olaf and hands Katie a bag with a potato WRAPPED IN TINFOIL*

Vote of Togas, "Vote you lackys."

Klozvag:*watches as everyone walks in in togas*Vote you lackys

Webly: Definitely hardest vote yet, 100%. But I have to say Ben as he doesn't contribute as much as the others and I.

Ben:(Webly my computers been having problems) Oh god hard vote *head hurts* oh yeah 91 webly (XD)

(Webly: Sorry Ben but please don't vote me off for that reason. It's a hard choice and if I vote off Brittany they'll be mad because she was gone)

Webly: Maybe Ben was the wrong decision or maybe Brittany is the right but what will I do? (XD)

Katie: *smiles* I vote (John isnt a competitor anymore XD) Brittany!

Webly: I change my vote to Brittany. It's not Ben's time.

(Tcf09: wait a second... its not my fault i had to leave for a week... plus i come on a lot its just this week i could barley come on espically on my phone)

(TDALF1: I know, but Brittany hurt Katie so hurt+vote=happiness 4 Katie!)

Brittany: (conf) well i guess i did go a little to crazy in that challenge... i just have a really bad temper... well i guess i have to do something i really dont want to do (conf over) *whispers to saelf* well here i go *stands up* i quit... i know im going to get out anyway and i rather save myself the humility *turns to everyone* sorry about everything i did in the last challenge... i get angry very easily and when that happens i just start going crazy aha... well by everyone, i guess

Day Twelve, "Today, the six of you will be widdled down to two!"

Klozvag: Today, the six of you will be widdled down to two! That's right, im ending this soon! So, challenge will be later, i guess talk of your experiences for now.

Dark: *wakes up with an ice pack on head*...So who was voted out?(He fell unconscious)

Katie: Brittany left. (Conf.) Wow, one week and I'll be in the final two. I've had a great experience. I have a boyfriend! Never thought I'd say that. Well, I guess if I get eliminated, I'll choose someone to root for!

(Katie: Can I use my immunity idol today?)

(Reddy:surey, i guess, but not until challenge)

Olaf: *is in fetal posistion* T_T

Ben: *looking at the sky at a butterfly that is eaten by a huge bird* Gulp

Challenge Twelve, "C'mon give me a reason to pick you."

Klozvag: Today, your challenge will be to convince the Zach (Mrodd), Koops (Koops), and your past teammate, John (Usitgz) to nominate you for the final three, and be put into a poll, where the viewers will decide who goes! haha!

John: C'mon give me a reason to pick you.

Olaf: Wow, this will be hard, John, you know I wanted to bring you with me to the final 3. Koops and Zach, I will honestly come out and say I didn't like you guys. You sided with YP, which gave me a reason. I know I should of just been mad at YP, because personally you guys didn't do anything hurtful towards me. I apologize for anything i've done in the past, and I hope you all forgive me.

Zach: I have decided to..... Ask one question, As I can not be certain on who is the most deserving to go to final 3.... So as you all should know I was on IRC...2! AFter that experience I learnt that being strategetic 24/7 only screws you over. So, who do y'all think was playing the strings the most?

Koops: Tell me why you should be the final three.

John: I pick Olaf! (XD)

Klozvag: No changing, you three. Olaf is through to the final three! ;)

Olaf: URA!

Olaf: (CONF) I will return to Mother Russia a hero! I will return to it's embrace loved and cheered! Winning or not, they will be proud! Maybe then I can pay for my mothers house rent, and I can buy a heater, the winters are harsh.

John: URA!

Olaf: *unwillingly walks up to Katie, holding caution while trying to protect his damaged spot from yesterday* Katie, I think things would be best if we... took a break... *runs away*

Ben: I think I should be in the final three cause uh well I'm nice and everyonme knows if I go in those woods I won't last an hour I have the great privlege to be with you and I'll try to bring you guys back Olaf if I win I'lll take you but back I'm nice and haven't done anything wrong in fact I nearly broke every bone in MY body ironic huh well your choice is ya choice blah blah blah and now here come smy easier speech . *starts* Glad be with you peoples make life great see ya next season BOOM!

Dark: I think I should join the final 3, cause I barely made any enemies,I've voted most of the time,I tried my best in challenges,I want to go home, andyeah that's it, even though I'm probably aren't going to get it anyways

Katie: Take a break? I'm sorry about yesterday by the way! *kisses Olaf*

Katie: Why I should be in the final three? I think I should make it to the final three because I am very friendly. I made friends on this show and I made enemies. You guys aren't my enemies though. I also will give a quarter of my money, if I win, to the one who chose me, half the money to charity and the rest for me and Olaf to share. I just want to let you know, if you don't choose me, I'm cool with that! Thanks!

(Katie: Can I sign-up on season two's page as Jessica and then delete it if I make it to the final three! And can I use my idol to make it to the finals)

Dark:I don't care if I make it to the final 3,I just need Olaf to win, and if I don't get screwed over,I can go back to Seattle

Webly: I need to be in the Final 3 to prove I'm good at something. People have always teased me over the years because I hang out with girls and some that I'm not sexist. I want to prove to everyone that was mean to me. I'm strong, smart, and friendly. This must be a hard decision because I like you guys so much. I'll spend the money on charity and save it up to college. Just please pick me. But if I don't it's okay. THANKS!

Klozvag:to add for drama, Katie is usaing her idol and is filling Koops' choice (sorry koops, but Mrodd didnt even participate in this competition XD)

Klozvag:Olaf and katie are through to the final 3! And zach, i thinkl webly pulled strings the most with him debutting and really shaking things up. :P

Dark: I hope I'm not in the nest season!

(reddy: if you dont want to be, someone else will take the spot :P)

(Dark: Wait wait,I accidently put parethesis, Dark the character was :D)

Webly: To answer Zach's question. I think I pulled some of the most strings because some people wanted me out the day I debuted and I barely made it here. Some people thought I was useless but I won individual immunity more than some people here.

Kenny:Zach, I am nice to you

Klozvag:quickish, plz. Or ill just pick :|

(Koops: And I was just about to pick! :( )

(red:pick! koops instead of zach, cuz i wanna get dis over wit')

Koops: I pick Kenny!

Klozvag: Kay! Ben Dark and Webly; adios!

Olaf: (CONF) I still love Katie, but i'm kinda scared of her now... T_T

Olaf: Katie, what I ment is, that i'm horribly scared of you. And i'm afraid you might kill me. =\

Ben:*Walks into woods followed by sickening screams* AHHHHHHHHHH S*** AHHH GET OFF ME YOU SON OF A B**** THATS MY D*** LEG AHHHHHHHHHH

John: *hears something in the woods* What was that? It sounded like a dying raccoon.

Klozvag: The poll has ended! Olaf had three votes, Kenny had five, and katie had six!

Katie: *fights with security* I'll never leave! You hear! *gets thrown into the vehicle that takes people away and yells* I HATE YOU! Not you Olaf!

Katie(Conf.): Last confessional...I think Kenny played a good game. He didn't return after being eliminated like Olaf. Olaf does deserve to win though, he was eliminated unfairly! Well, good-bye Klozvag! You suck! You...*gets cut off and comercial plays*

Day Thirteen, "While the other fifteen are stuck and left to rot and die."

Olaf: *is up bright and early, playing guitar* Baby I miss you... I wanna kiss you... I want you here with me, I miss you baby.

Klozvag: lets bring in our losers; Nad, Kev, Zack, Reddy, Sonik, Christian, Jim, Spencer, Avery, YP, John, Shane, brittanny, Ben, dark, webly, and katie! (you may all talk)

Reddy: Kenny and Olaf are here? woot!

Olaf: Hey Reddy. I don't expect your support, I was a jerk to you, bro.

Reddy: *bearhugs olaf* dude, its all over. Im not judgin you guys, i just wanna see someone get severley injured :P

Brittany: *sarcastically* whoop-de-do

Olaf: What exactly IS the challenge? Russian reality shows normally have jury. =\

Ben:*walks in on crutches and Glares at every one* I hate this I'll never see tiffany again *phone rings* HOW DO WE GET BARS HERE Uh i hate Hati or whatever this place is it's not even logical how are we not sure that were not all in a nightmare

Reddy:i cant wait to go home! Wait. Kenny or Olaf has to pick me. *whispers to Olaf* Ill get you more support if you take me home.

Olaf: *whispers* Katie is going with me for sure, I guess you can too. Then I have to pick one more person

Christian: Can I makE a speech

Ben:These bleacher are un confterble *crutch hits him and he falls on red and olaf knoicked out*

Katie: Last, Girl, Standing! Third!!!

Olaf: Katie... are you excited or mad?

Dark: Klozvag!!!!!!!! You broke are agreement! (There was an agreement that he wold return home after his elimination)

Brittany: *to klozvag* ...dude you better run he looks like hes about to rip your head off...

Katie: Mad...but I choose Olaf to win. Good luck. *hugs him*

Spencer: Hmm. My support is hard to give out. Both of you guys voted for me right when the merge starts. Since I had no idea, I flipped a coin. It landed on Olaf.

Christian: Kenny you're a dirty backstabber, a caniver, and a rude annoyance I want you to say I deserve to win more than you

Webly: Olaf is definitely getting my support. Kenny said he hated me during the competition and wanted me out because he hated debuters. Olaf was always nice to me and I let him take my clothes when he had none. We were close friends so GO OLAF! Sorry Kenny but I'm not supporting someone who wanted me out and I never really got to catch up with.

Christian: I'm am voting for Olaf Go Olaf

Dark: *has Klozvag in a headlock and is overpowering him easily*

(Kenny: Reddy, Can you hold off on stuff till i get back home on Monday. Thanks if you will)

Ben:*is obviously angry* I don't see the point he can only pick three people to come everyone else will probally die in a week on this lousy Deathtrap planet and everyone leaving will get stuck in frozen space so whats the point. *sarcasticaally* Woo Go Olaf woo! (Notice how I look on the bright side :P XD)

Brittany: everyone calm down!!! Dark stop beating klozvag up... Christian if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all... and Ben... go sit in a corner until your done being crazy...!!!

John: Hey Guys!

(conf) Ben: Better get writing mom should find out in a few light years about how I got sruck on this planet and broke my leg and now I'm stuck with these *says loud enough for everyone to hear* WHACK JOBS

Brittany: *Hears ben and yells back* TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!!!! (conf) wow ive been losing my temper a lot lately... maybe i should calm down:/...

Ben: (conf) I'm still in hear you know and I know I'm one it should be usefull to get a LIFE also *gets punched* OW OW OW OW (I'm turning into Noah XD)

Brittany: *walks over to conf and opens door* excuse me but i DO have a life... and at least i don't sit around all day texting a loser (conf) ...did i just call my sister a loser???O.o

Ben:(conf) Yes you did and whats wrong with you *cries* Manie *points*

Dark: *walks away from a bruised,beaten up Klozvag*

Ben:(conf) Now can you skoot over this is very cramp

John: *sees Klozvag*Um...Wow?

Brittany: (conf) i cant theres a wall... you know what im just gonna get out *gets out and sees klozvag* ...umm dark what did you kill him?!

Klozvag:*pops up behind brittanny* nope, that was my clone. i made it last night; right on time ^_^

Brittany: do i know your not the clone and thats really you on the floor

John: She has a point.

Olaf: Do I make a speech?

Ben: How do we knoes were all not clone sand I just stole the real ben

Real ben:*Locked in conf*

Ben: *evily laghs*

Christian: *runs to a diffrent conf* Ok this is getting crazy *grabs out bandana* *puts it on his head like head band* I'm ready *breaks the conf door open open* ok let's party before the winner is selected *grabs out puffy thing that pops out and makes noise*

Ben: Thats seriously gross dude

Real Ben:* Break out* Get him! Imposter! Let me kill you! :@

Christian: I wasn't in your conf so we already know who's going to win just reveal

Brittany: guys are idiots

Dark: Isn't everybody?

RB:*throws Ben off cliff&* ALL is done

Ben: Now who are you calling an idoit Or would you like me to call you sister and tell her that you called her a loser

Zack:*On cell phone* Yeah Ray, sign up for season 2 and GET OLAF OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Ben:You seriously have no life dude *on phone* WELL MAKE ONE

Zack:*Is being chased by RCMP* I have really got to re-examine my life!


RCMP:*Poofs away*



Christian (CONF): Brittany thinks being mean is cool well I'll show her

Christian: Brittany stop calling people idiots because if you do your an idiot yourself

Ben: Christian shut up and stop complaining don't you have a mommy to cry to (conf) Uh sometimes I want to lock that kid in this conf and then push it off a cliff

Brittany: ...ya i know im an idiot... stop trying to make a point...

Christian: You know Ben your in love with her i said it now stop being a *censored* and you think your so popular Conf: Sometimes he drives me crazy

Ben: I don't love her I love ehr sister so shes supposed to get along with me

Christian: Why do you hate me I thought we were friends on Total Drama Survivor are we still friends or not

Brittany: maybe he hates you because youve gotten so rude

John: Go Olaf!

Ben:Exactly! Plus me no gameplay but you worship it so yeah again siding with my ood ol pal brittany right *Leans back to put his arm around her but falls* OW!

Brittany: *stares at ben on ground* umm... are you ok???

Ben:*rubbing his head* why are there three of you *shakes* Yeah I'm fine wheres that litttle turd

Christian: I mean I want us to be friends or at least add me in but I need to tell you I'm sorry if I have done wrong to anyone and I want to ask you if we can be friends again Brittany and Ben please forgive me plus Ben I owe you this *passes Ben his check for $50,000 dollars*


Brittany: *looks at check*...this looks fake

Christian: I promise it's not my uncle Chris McClean owed it to him from Total Drama Survivor Borneo I owe you this check for $4,000 *hands Brittany the check* for 5th place

Ben:Thank you *money egts stolen by mugger and greg kills him and takes sit back* THANK YOU!

Brittany: know what... its starting to look pretty real to me (XD) thankyou! *hugs christian*

Ben: I'm going to miss tiffany tomorrow is are anniversary! *cries* what am I going to tell her and what are you going to tell Fred when he finds out we aren't coming home *cries*

Brittany: uhh... we kinda broke up... we both agreed we want to see other people... at least you and tiffany are still going strong... she texted me and said she really misses you or something like that...

Ben: Oh yeah he sent me a text I miss tiffany I just ish I could see her one more time *video camera falls from teh sky and hits him in the head * OMG it's from tiffany *turns on the video*

Video- Tiffany: hey ben:) i miss you sooooo much i cant beleive its almost our anniversary and were not even going to be together:( awww well i hope i see you sometime soon... love you *blows kiss*

Video over

Brittany: wow... thats so tiffany... i cant believe im saying this but i miss her...

Ben: Me too (conf) Only two people or something can go home with Olaf and I want to be one of them

Brittany: yea... well im going shopping:D *gets private jet and goes shopping with tiffany* XD

Ben:WAIT SHE HERE *jumps on the back of plane* I hate shopping but tiffany is here yay

Christian: Your welcome you guys and miss my sister Christin and my 2 brothers Dustin and Trevor we are really close and my friend Jimmy and my sisters friend Courtney

Brittany *in plane that crashes back to WUatQtE*

Tiffany: woa what happened... aww well im leaving by brittany and ben *hugs them than leaves on another jet*


Klozvag: Okay, the votes are so close but OLAF wins! And as a consalation, kenny6 also gets to go home with olaf, so oilaf can only pick two people.

Olaf: I pick Katie. *winks at her* and someone who i've been mean too, for no apparent reason. YP, your comin' with me. :)

Klozvag: It was 9 olaf, 8 kenny XD. Well, as Olaf, katie, kenny, and YP head home, we end this wikia user season, see ya next time.

Dark:...Your leaving us here,with no chance of survival!? YOU SUCK!

Klozvag: While the other fifteen are stuck and left to rot and die. :P

Dark: Hell no! no no no no no! *kicks Klozvag and grabs a random telporter* You broke the contract,now I'm breaking yours puts telporter on Klozvag and telports him somewhere else in space*

John: Why don't we use the teleporter to go back to Earth?

Christian: I'm a pilot *calls for his plane and it comes* everybody get in and leave this Haschian arena of death (Kinda random) (XD)


(And no more chat XD)


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