The hit reality show is back in Russia. Now, seventeen new Wikia Users will be competiting in three teams to win the ultimate prize, one million dollars. With your old host Klozvag and one ultimate dream, these seventeen contestants will go from sanity to chaos. Halfway in the season, the merge will happen. Who will win? Who will lose. You have to stay tuned to Wikia Users and the Big Bang. (Hosted by Fanny) Signups are open.


Merge: Big Bang

  1. "Somebody", the Guy Who's Parent Are Soooooooooo Not Creative - MTDM (WINNER!, 0 Total Votes, 1 Jury Vote)


  1. Dustin, the Mean Guy - TDAFan99 (Automatic Out Day One, 0 Total Votes)
  2. Gohan, the Fighting American - Sonictksb (Eliminated Day Two, 3 Total Votes)
  3. Lubert, the Rock - Reddude (Eliminated Day Three, 4 Total Votes)
  4. Lexi, the Bossy Girl - GreenMagic01 (Eliminated Day Four, 2 Total Votes)
  5. Fred, the Crazy Kid - Ben109 (Eliminated Day Five, 3 Total Votes)
  6. Jarred, the Serious Twin - Jarred888 (Eliminated Day Six, 3 Total Votes)
  7. Jacob, the Smart One - Spacebuddies123 (Eliminated Day Six, 2 Total Votes)
  8. Brittany, the Normal Chick - Tcf09 (Eliminated Day Seven, 3 Total Votes)
  9. Alejandro, the Arch Villain - Drama786 (Eliminated Day Eight, 2 Total Votes)
  10. "Tyrant", the Self Explanatory - KoopaKidJr. (Eliminated Day Nine, 4 Total Votes)
  11. Zombie Zeke, the Ezekiel Zombie Clone - Darkdonpatch (Debuted Day Nine, Eliminated Day Nine, 4 Total Votes)
  12. Nicholas, the Nerd - Tdafan123 (Eliminated Day Ten, 6 Total Votes)
  13. Maya, the Latin Surfer - Fanfiction2010 (Quit Due To Injury Day Eleven, 2 Total Votes)
  14. Sorrel, the Crazy Girl - Sorreltail18 (Eliminated Day Eleven, 3 Total Votes)
  15. Tyker, the Party Guy - Vick0971 (Eliminated Day Twelve, 4 Total Votes)
  16. Destiny, the Quiet Strategist - Mrdamion (Eliminated Day Thirteen, 4 Total Votes, 0 Jury Votes)
  17. Gohan, the Fighting American - Sonictksb (Eliminated Day Thirteen, 4 Total Votes, 1 Jury Vote)
  18. Helvetica, the Soft Antagonist - Webly (Eliminated Day Fourteen, 0 Total Votes, 2 Jury Votes)

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
"Somebody" IN WIN WIN WIN WIN Jacob (NV) Alejandro "Tyrant"/Destiny Nicholas Sorrel Tyker Passed WINNER
Helvetica IN WIN WIN WIN WIN (NV) WIN WIN Destiny/Gohan Nicholas (NV) Tyker Passed RUNNER UP
Gohan IN Lubert Returns In Episode 9 "Tyrant"/Zeke Nicholas Sorrel (NV) Eliminated
Destiny IN WIN WIN WIN WIN Jacob Britanny (NV) (NV) Nicholas (NV) Tyker Eliminated
Tyker IN WIN WIN WIN WIN Brittany (NV) Alejandro Destiny/Zeke Nicholas Sorrel Tyker Gohan
Sorrel IN WIN WIN WIN WIN Jarred WIN WIN (NV) (NV) (NV) ???
Maya IN WIN WIN WIN WIN Jarred WIN WIN "Tyrant"/Zeke Nicholas Quit Helvetica
Nicholas IN Gohan Fred Lexi Fred Maya WIN WIN (NV) (NV) ???
Zombie Zeke Debuts In Episode 9 "Tyrant"/Zeke "Somebody"
"Tyrant" IN WIN WIN WIN WIN Jarred WIN WIN (NV) Helvetica
Alejandro IN WIN WIN WIN WIN Brittany (NV) Destiny
Brittany IN (NV) Lubert Lexi Nicholas (NV) (NV)
Fred IN Gohan Lubert (NV) (NV)
Lexi IN Gohan Lubert (NV)
Lubert IN (NV) Fred
Dustin OUT

Day One

Klozvag: Welcome Russia!

Ship: *lands and sixteen contestants walk out*

Maya: Hey! *is holding surfboard*

Lubert:*is still cuz he's a rock*

Jarred: Russia isn't this that place with atomic bombs and big war ships. (conf) Ha my compettion is weak and simple.

Gohan: *Teleports to Russia* Hi guys, I'm Gohan, I can't wait to fight!

Tyker: yeah!!! lets party!!!!

Jarred: How about no!

Jacob: Did you know 2+2=5. Cause if you add a blah blah blah.

Jarred: Hate to burst your own little world, bt two plus two equals four not five.

Maya: Hey Helvetica!

Helvetica: Hi Maya! Say do you want to start an alliance? It's a good time!

Jacob: Oh yea, your right Jarred. Wnna have an alliance?

Jarred: No! *pulls him in the confessional* (conf) Yes., but I'm the leader I have a way with people.

Maya: Sure!

Helvetica: (CONF) I can't believe I already have an alliance but it will definitely pay off in the long run

Jacob: HEY EVERYBODY!!!! JARRED IS IN AN ALLIANCE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jarred: No I'm not (conf) The big mouth ended my term with him maybe later this season. Now who can I get to help me that tyker fellow seems like a depreate ally.

Jared: *pulls Tyker into the confessional.* (conf with Tyker) Don't tell anyone but you and me would be a great team join me and we can go further in this compotition! I can get more to join but not at this moment later one we'll need more help.

Jacob: Yes you were, you lied to me, I'm soooooooooo not in an alliance with you anymore!

Lubert:*Maya trips over him*


Lubert:*sits there*

Jarred: Hope that works out for you. (conf) Idiot!

Jacob: I THINK LUBERTS DEAD!!!!! HE CAN'T TALK!!!!!! *dials 911*

Random guy: hes not dead thats a rock idiot.

Tyker: no Jarred i dont want to be in a alliance with you

Jacob: STUPID ROCK!!! *throws Lubert in the lake*

Alejandro(CONF):I'm gonna get those people who voted my brother off!I might not.I might will.You'll NEVER know the truth.

Jacob: I THINK I KILLED LEWBERT!!!! *dives in and saves him*

Destiny: Hey...*starts messing with hands nervously.*


Destiny:*flinches at his HELLO!!!!!!!* Nice to m-meet you.


Jarred: For one It's not called being a traitor when the person your with causes you to loose a filling every five seconds seriously could you be anymore loud and I thought you were smart as if! (conf) Idiot! Call me a traitor even if I am *smirks* That low life idiots probally can't even spell his name!

Jacob: You really think that of me? *starts crying*

Jared: Yes now go whine to your rock! *smirks (conf) I just told it how it is.

Jacob: *runs to Lubert* He said I'm stupid! (CONF.) I need to see a doctor. I think something is wrong with me brain.

Jared:(conf) *rolls ong floor laughing and feet sticking up in the air* HE TALKED TO A ROCK PRECIOUS!

Gohan: (CONF) Man, everyone seems very nice, but quite boring.

Gohan: *Is Shooting down planes* I hate Russians, expect Olaf. So i'm just gonna shoot down planes till the game starts.

Jared:*rolleyes* (conf) Can't wait for a warhead to crush him.

Gohan: *Warhead crushes him but he kicks it to Jared* I heard what you said in the Confessonal, and you're going down

Jarred: Yeah yeah Yeah I'm not even in there XD.

Jacob: *at doctors* HEY TIM!!!! (XD) I GOT SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim: Whatever. LEAVE!!!

Jacob: *runs to Lubert* Your still my friend, right?

Jacob: This is all Jarred's fault! HE IS A TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Copper: Someones emotional.

Tyker: Jacob and Gohan do you want to be in a alliance

Jacob: Can Lubert be in it? He is my best friend. And YES I'M EMOTIONAL!

Tyker: yes

Jacob: Come on Lubert! *grabs Lubert* THIS ALLIANCE ROCKS!!!!!!!! LITTERALLY!!!!! *looks at Lubert*

Sorrel: *comes out of a bright yellow circle in the air* helloooooooo

Copper: OMG you gave me a heart attack.

Gohan: *To Tyker* I'm in if you let me eat this cookie

Tyker: ok (conf) 4 people in the alliance good

Helvetica: Nicolas, Sorrel, Lexi do you want an alliance with me and Maya? (CONF) Sure I know the teams haven't been picked yet but early relationships with non-teammates is some major points!

Nicholas: Sure! (CONF) *snort*

Helvetica: Great, Lexi, and Sorrel?

Brittany: Um... hello *goes and sits in random chair*

Fred: BRITTANY *hugs tightly*

Brittany: FRED!... can you let go a little... I can't breathe

Jacob: HEY LUBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WANNA GO SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fred: Sorry


Sorrel:/// hmm alliance

(conf.)Sorrel: when someone says alliance its another meaning, lets use these memberse

Sorrel: sure :)

Brittany: It's ok *hugs him again... lightly*

Fred: *kisses brittany on the forhead*

Maya: When's the challenge?

Challenge One

Klozvag: Welcome to your first challenge! It is.......a race through the town of Hasche, Russia. You must start here and end up where I am at the finish line which is about eight miles away from here. I know you all can't run that fast in one move. Your rewards will be here when you arrive to me. Go!!!!!!!!!

Maya: What about the teams?

Klozvag: The teams will be announced when your arrive.

Maya: *starts running*

Destiny: *Starts running.*

Lexi: *starts running rapidly*

Helvetica: *starts running fast*

Fred:*grabs brittany's hand and starts running* Lets Go.

Jacob: *grabs Lubert and starts running* I RUN FAST!!!!!!!!!!!! *catches up with everyone else*

Maya: *is slowing down, but is still running*

Lexi: *still running rapidly, is ahead of everyone*

Helvetica: *meets up with Lexi*

Gohan: *Starts running at the speed of light* Weeeeee, this is fun!

Nicholas:*is already tired* Oh man... Holy Darth Vader is Luke's father I'm tired.(XD)

Fred: *jumps over Lexi with brittany* HA HA *jumpos over ditch with brittany*

Klozvag: Gohan, you are the first member of Team Victory. Please stand under the flag that has a trophy on it.

Fred:*can see flag* Brittany theres the flag * runs anf trips and slides onto the finish line.*

Lexi: *finishes* Third, not bad!

Klozvag: Fred, Brittant, and Lexi. All on Team Victory. Four members. Two to go.

Lexi: C'mon Helvetica!

Nicholas:*crawling, isn't even halfway there*

Maya: *to Helvetica* I'm not going to be fast enough to be on the same team with you so just go at my pace.

Lubert: *is kicked by someone and starts rolling down the hill* (xD itll be sad if a rock wins)

Lexi: *chants for Helvetica and Maya*

Lubert: *rolls over finish line* (xD)

Nicholas:*wind blows him to the finish line* Yay! I w- so...tired...

Klozvag: Lubert and Nicholas are on Team Victory. Team Victory is all filled up!

Lubert:*rolls onto a rocket shoe and is blast forward* (whjat the heck is a rocket shoe doing here? xD)

Lexi: *is one inch away from finish line* I didn't finish yet!

Klozvag: Too bad. *pulls her over* You are officially on this team.

Nicholas:*catches Lubert* Cool! You're gonna be my new best friend. Now, I have to tell you everything about me. Like that I have exactly three moles on my back, and that I sleep with a Captin Kirk action figure to this day! (XD)

Sorrie: oh no *starts running fast*

Lubert: *does nothing in Nicholas's hand*

Lexi: (CONF) One other girl? Daw..........

Nicholas: Also, I have a GPS tracking device in the actor who played Darth Vader! He's my hero!

Lexi: *transforms Lubert into a giant rock*

Sorrie: *runs faster* theres must be away ahha, no thats cheating...

Lubert:*nicholas drops him back onto his rocket shoe and he blasts away*

Nicholas: See ya later, buddy! *snort*

Destiny:*Keeps on running.* (Conf: Why is there a rock on this stupid show?)

Sorrie: *almost near the finish lines and sprints then sees the rock zooming by* (conf. What the...?)

Klozvag: It looks like Sorrie will be the first person on Team Awesome!

Lubert:*zooms past finish line* xDDD)

Destiny: *Is half way there.*

Maya and Helvetica: *run past the finish line*

Klozvag: Sorrel, Maya, and Helvetica are on Team Awesome!

Sorrie: funnnnnnn

Gohan: (CONF) I will not lose, I killed this guy called Cell who was superstrong so I've got an advantage in fighting and speed.

Destiny: *3/4's there.*

Jarred: *passes* Yes!

Tyrant: *passes finish line on-screen* Damn!

Destiny: *passes finish line.*

Klozvag: Tyrant is on Team Awesome. Destiny, you're on Team Unison Buddies!

Maya: Come on guys!

Klozvag: Last one to pass the finish line is eliminated!

Maya: (CONF) Wow. Elimination on the first day.

Gohan: (CONF) Ohhh, unlucky guys who haven't finshed.

Helvetica: (CONF) I'm so glad I'm on the same team as Maya. I knew a early alliance would pay off.

"Somebody": *passes* Life sucks when you have a horrible name.

Klozvag: Somebody, you're on Team Unison Buddies.

Gohan: (CONF) Damn, I just realized, Tyker and Jacob arn't on mine and Lubert's team, that's our alliance on, unless we make it a cross team aliance.

Alejandro:*Runs Very Very Fast*

Klozvag: Alejandro, you're on Team Unison Buddies.

Gohan: *Flies to Jacob and Tyker* Cmon guys, you don't want to be eleliminated first. *Flies back to Team Victory* I just saw my brother and father so I dropped in to say hi to them.

Gohan: (CONF) I hope there not scared because I can fly.

Klozvag: Okay. I'm stopping the challenge. Jacob and Tyker are on Team Unison Buddies. Dustin, you're eliminated.

Helvetica: Bye Dusin! Never like knew you at all!

Klozvag: What'll happen next? Stay tuned!

Jacob: *finishes* YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day Two

Klozvag: Get ready for today's challenge. You'll need your strength.

Destiny: Alright.

Helvetica: Strength, why didn't you say so?

Sorrie: seriously, im like the weakest person here unless im lifting animals... wait... never mind

Gohan: (CONF) Looks like I'll win this one for Team Victory scince it's a challenge with lots of strength.

Gohan: Bring it on. What's the challenge.

Sorrie: *seen talking to squirrels* hey guys this is squirrely my new pet squirrel

Lubert: *has a small rat ontop of him*

Maya: *is talking with Helvetica and Sorrie* I think us three should all ally. If we ever lose we vote out Tyrant and Jarred.

Challenge Two

Klozvag: First of all. I'm going to give you all animals. Team Unison Buddies gets a cow. Team Awesome gets a Bloodhound. And Team Victory gets a Cardinal Bird.

Maya: What are we doing? Are we gonna train animals? :D :D :D

Klozvag: Maybe. Now first pick two members from your team.

Sorrel: oooh animals!

Gohan: Hiya mister Bird. *Team Victory looks at him strangly* What, all I was thaught was fighting. Anyway, we pick Fred and Lubert.

Jacob: PICK ME!!!!!!!!

Destiny: *talking with team.* I say we choose me, since I crossed the finish line first on this team, and Al, since he has big muscles.

Helvetica: I think I could go.

Jacob: OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maya: I'll go with Helvetica.

Klazvog: Okay. Fred and Lubert. Alejandro and Destiny. And Helvetica and Maya.

Maya: (CONF) I really think this challenge might be easy.

Klozavag: Okay. Those two members of your team will be working this big giant scale thingy-ma-bobber. One person will be one one side. The other person or rock on the other. Those two members will have to balance the rest of the team. You have to also balance eachother on top of eachother. The animal has to be on the bottom. For being in first yesterday, Team Victory has the hardest animal.

Gohan: I've got an idea, I'll sit on the bird and lift the rest of you up.

Klozvag: Nice try having a rock to support you and you might crush the bird!

Maya: Can we go?

Klozavag: GO!

Maya: Helvetica, take the other side and start balancing it. Sorrie, put the bloodhound on the table.

Destiny:*throws Jacob on the cow.*

Sorrie: *puts bloodhound on the table*

Gohan: *Puts Lubert and Fred on the sides of the table, puts the Bird on the table, picks up the 3 other Team Victory members and gets on the Bird* Sorry, but I defiy Gravity.

Lubert: *drops table because he's a rock. whole team falls down*

Maya: Sorrie, on the bloodhound!

Destiny: *while still balancing it, she puts another member of her team on the cow.*

Maya: Now Tyrant!

Lexi: *falls on arm* OW!

Tyrant: *gets on the dog*

Maya: Jarred, the last one. Jarred, get on the bloodhound!

Destiny:*throws Somebody on the cow, and everyone is on for team Onison.* We come in second.

Jarred: *flips onto dog*

Gohan: *Makes Lubert look like a human and makes him alive, puts the table on his new arms, get whole team and Bird back on the table* Now we win.

Lexi: *gets on bird* Let's do this!

Gohan: *Sits on Bird and lifts everyone up on his arms.* We're First or Second, right.

Sorrel: *is on the dog* i dont think this dog will handle all our weight...

Klozvag: Actually you guys lose. You were the last team to assemble.

Gohan: Wiat, you're talking to us arn't you.

Klozvag: Yes I am.

Team Victory Vote (2)

Klozvag: Vote!

Gohan: (CONF) Sorry Lubert, but I have to vote you off.

Lexi: *thinks*

Nicholas: Gohan.*votes*

Fred:Goah! That little show off

Lexi: I vote Gohan!

Gohan: Fine, I quit, but I was only trying to help.

Klozavag: Well, Gohan is out then. Goodbye!

Day Three

Klozvag: Today, it's just easy trivia for the challenge so don't be afraid.

Klozvag: (CONF) *laughs maniaclly*

Maya: Morning guys!

Tyker: morning everone

Destiny: Hey.

Sorrel; morningggggggg

Brittany: *yawns* Morni- *passes out*

Lubert: *has two bird sitting on him*

Helvetica: Hey Sorrel and Maya, come over here for a second. I was thinking and remember the alliance us and a few other people now on different teams made on season one. Well I was thinking we could have an alliance with just the three of us!

Sorrel: uhhh okay..

Jacob: I LIKE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorrel: omg i love cupcakes and muffins!

Maya: Sure, *trips on Lubert* Sorry, Lubert!

Challenge Three

Klozavag: Today is "basic" trivia like I said earlier. If one member of your team gets a question right, your team gets a point. First team to three points wins. They get to choose the other team that will be safe with them. So first question. True or false. Water snakes can be white?

Maya: Um....

Sorrel: uhm... lets see i dont think so...

Jacob: FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maya: I saw a white snake in the river once. Was it a water snake though. It was dead.

Tyker: False


Maya: I think it's true.

Klozavag: Team Awesome has one point. They CAN be white. Next question. Emus can be found in Egypt.

"Somebody" (conf): I think I should make an alliance soon... *grins evilly* (no conf) idk, false?

Sorrel: there found in false... emus are in austraillia

Klozvag: Somebody wins a point for his team. True or false a cavachon is a cross between a bichon and a king cavalier.

Sorrel: uhhh true?

Fred: True!


(conf)Sorrel: ooh look a dog book *holds up the book* wait a dog book!

Maya: I have a cavachon! It's true!

Klozavag: Sorrel wins a point for her team. One more point and they win. Next question. Why Do the Chinese adore the Bonsai tree so much?

Maya: Um idk. Do you have a question about surfing?

Klozvag: No....

Sorrel: Bonsai Trees are native to Japan, so False

"Somebody": SORREL'S GOOGLING IT UP! (jk sorrie)

Klozvag: Actually the correct answer is that bonsai trees are not in China but I'll accept. Team Awesome wins! Somebody, did you see a computer in her hands? I don't think so.

Sorrel: its all in the brain (conf.) wow i am that smart.... maybe paying attention in school is worth it

"Somebody": (I am antagonist) STOP CALLING ME THAT! I NEED A REAL NAME! (conf) I hate my parents. -.-

"Somebody": Hey sorrel, *gives $20 to sorrel* let me be in second, Kay? ;)

Klozvag: *takes Somebody's money* Team Victory automatically loses for not even answering a question. So, no bribing needed.

Maya: We won!

"Somebody": Then I want my money back! :-@

Klozvag: Fine *hands money back* Team Victory, go vote!

Fred: I awnsereed a question and I'm on Team victory (XD what am I puke)

(MTDM: XD, Ben, XD *looks at Ben* Maybe you are... XD/JK)

Sorrel: wait... can i have my 20 dollars... klozvag

(Ben: Whats that supposed to mean *rolls up sleeves)

Team Victory Vote (3)

Klozvag: Vote off one member! NOW!

Fred: Lubert

Lexi: Lubert must go.

Nicholas:*gasp* But...Lubert can't go...He's my best friend! *tears up a little* I vote for Fred.

Fred: Hey I was the only person to awnser a question for us!

Klozvag: Is Brittany going to vote?


Lubert: *winds blow him onto a peace of paper that saYS 'I vote for Fred'*

Klozvag: Not now, Jacob. Maybe later.

Brittany: Lubert...

Klozvag: Lubert, you've been eliminated. *throws Lubert into the ocean, Lubert sinks to the bottom, but then washes ashore*

Lubert: *Suddenly has a red scary face* *in deep voice* I shall return... *glares evilly*

Fred: *looks at lubert* thats kinda creepy! I thought he was just a rock

Day Four

Klozvag: Team Victory is definetly not Victorious. Today's challenge will be harder.

Maya: Morning guys! Helvetica, Sorrel. You should we vote off today if we lose??

Fred: *kissing Brittany* OH YEAH I made it all thanks to you!

Destiny: Hey everyone.

Jacob: (CONF. I wish Fred would've got eliminated, although what Lubert did was kinda scary...)

Brittany: *kisses back* I know, i'm awesome:) (conf) Well what was I suppose to do... keep that kid lubert in the game *shivers* hah no freakin' way... plus I saved Fred from getting elimated yay!

Fred: I wonder how are siblings are doing I'm glad I got to be in a season with you (conf) I'm glad me and brittany are back togethor I missed her so much. :)

Brittany: Oh i know... well I texted Tiffany yesterday... ya she broke her leg again:/

Sorrel: oh Maya I have a feeling we aren't voting of anyone (btw I mite not be here tomorrow)

(Spacebuddies: Me either, I have a party to go to, I have to get dunked in a dunk tank.......)

(sorrel:ooh funnnn)

(Spacebuddies123: My sister (TDWTSuperSimFan) doesn't have to get dunked... she is in charge of the water slide. Lucky....)

Nicholas:*sniffs* Now, my best friend is gone,,,

Fred: Dude your best friend was a rock!

Nicholas: He wasn't just a rock! He was my best friend.

Fred: A cold hard nonmoving nontalking best frtiend when did he ever say a word to you

Nicholas: You don't understand! He had such a way with words!


Maya: Can we all just forget about it? He was eliminated, let's move on. It was either him or you. *points to Nicholas* Who would you have rather have it be?

Fred: At least actully did the challenge

Nicholas: You guys are jerks.

Challenge Four

Klozvag: Today's challenge is this. You have to swim underwater and grab a key that has your team color on it. Once your team has three keys you have to race to the middle of Hasche and open your team chest. First team to do that, wins immunity and gets to choose the other team that will have immunity, too. GO!

Maya: Okay team! I'll go first!

Maya: *dives underwater and looks for a pink key*

Fred: Okay go Maya lets go maya

Destiny: *dives in the water*

Maya: *pops out of water with key* I'm not on your team. Tyrant, go find a key!

Nicholas:*dives in water, looks for key*

Tyrant: I get no respect! *looks for key*

Nicholas:*has key* Fred! Go!

Klozvag: Team Awesome and Team Victory almost tied in time.

Destiny: *finds 2 keys, and starts looking for 3rd.*

Klozvag: *takes Destiny's second key and throws it far away in the deep water* One key per person!

Destiny: *comes back up.*

Tyrant: *finds key*

Maya: Okay, Sorrel, Jarred, Helvetica. Someone! We're in the lead!

Klozvag: I change the rule to two keys just becayse I forgot the add three keys. Woops.

Maya: Then let's go! *starts running with team to the middle of Hasche*

Destiny: Come on! I don't think we won a single challenge yet, we just got 2nd place!

Maya: Come on! *teams stops and see chest* The chest!

Jarred: I'll open it! *opens chest*

Maya: *picks up item* A toaster?

Klozvag: >_> Yes. And immunity!


Team Awesome: YES!

Jarred: Now we can make toast!

Helvetica, Sorrel, Tyrant, and Maya: >_>

Klozvag: What team do you choose to win immunity with you?

Maya: (CONF) Team Victory, HA HA HA

Maya: Team Victory.

Klozvag: Then Team Victory must vote!

Team Victory Vote (4)

Klozvag: Vote! Again >_> You guys stink at this

Nicholas: Lexi.

Klozvag: Any more votes?

Brittany: Lexi (Umm what time do you do the challenges because im on pacific time which means the challenge went on while i was asleep?)

Klozvag: Lexi, the tribe has spoken. (we do challenges randomly)

Day Five

Klozvag: Today's challenge is undecided.

Maya: Good morning. I need to wax my surfboard.

Destiny: Hey.

Maya: Morning Destiny!

Maya: (CONF) Three people have already been eliminated on Team Victory. Three people remain. This will be easy to get rid of them.

sorrel: hello *tree branches fall on sorrel tis, causing her to go uncounsious*

Brittany: (conf) ...I think theres something wrong with the name 'Team Victory'... i mean... the name obviously means the winning team which is actually pretty funny since were not winning at all *nerviously laughs* kind of like the team on TDWT that was the first team gone... shi- (conf over)

"Somebody": Haha! Team Victory is now Duo Victory! Or should I say... Duo of Losers? >:) Yo, Destiny, Jacob, could I speak with you two? Yes? No? IDC what you say. Want an alliance? Together I'll bring all of us to the finals. Sound good? >:) (conf) It's like taking candy from a baby. >:)

Challenge Five

Klozvag: Okay. Nicholas, "Somebody", and Sorrel have been locked in three different safes. They all have been given immunity idols too. First team to find out the combination to these safes and unlock their teammate win immunity. GO!

Maya: We'll save you Sorrel!

Nicholas:*plays harmonica horribly* Oh, I'm trapped in this safe...*coughes and swallows harmonica, tries to talk, but whistes instead*(XD)

Destiny: *tries 5-4-5.*

Klozvag: I'll give you a hint. The number of challenges we've competited in, the number of competitors minus one, and the number of times I've talked minus fifteen during this game.

Maya: 5, 16, I don't know!

Brittany: 5-12-36?

Destiny: *tries 5-12-35*

Klozvag: Congrats to Destiny! Her team wins immunity! Brittany was very close. Team Destiny, you get a package of Kapri Sun packages.

Maya: Aw,

Klozvag: So what team will be voting?

Destiny: Team Victory will vote.

Klozvag: Okay then

Maya: Oh yeah! Sorrel! Latin dolphin power! *breaks open safe*

Team Victory Vote (5)

Klozvag: What the heck?

Brittany: Nicholas (I think thats how its spelled...)

Nicholas:*uses idol* here ya go, and i vote for Fred.

Klozvag: All votes for Nicholas do not count. Fred, you have been eliminated.

(Ben: Great I take one little weekend off which everyone knows I'm not here on weekends I get voted out great! :@)

Day Six

Klozvag: Brittany will be joining Team Unison Buddies which the team name will now be changed to Team Dynamite. Nicholas will join Team Awesome.

Destiny: Alright

Sorrel: so whats today's challenge?

Klozvag: All in good time.

Maya: Well, can good time be now?

Klozvag: Actually, both teams are voting off a member tonight. So, vote.

Sorrel: hmmm

Team Dynamite Vote (6)

Klozvag: VOTE!

Destiny: Jacob


"Somebody": Jacob >.>

Tyker: Brittany

Klozvag: Brittany and Jacob are tied. Since there are more guys on Team Dynamite, Jacob is out.

Team Awesome Vote (6)

Klozvag: VOTE!

Maya: Jarred

Sorrel: Jarred....

Nicholas: Maya.

Tyrant: Jarred!

Jared: Maya! (conf) if I survive I might make an Alience wit Nickolas he might be useful (Guys I haven't been editing cause me and my brother Ben have to share the computer plus I leaveon weekends and I also have no idea when challenges come on so I have my reasons plus fanny has two charachters it's sort of unfair)

Klozvag: Jarred, you're out.


Day Seven

Klozvag: Talk and the challenge will be here before you know it.

Alejandro:I can't belive i made it this far.

Tyker: hi guys

Destiny: Hey

Sorrel: hello

Helvetica: Hey Sorrel and Maya! I'm glad we're still here!

Maya: Yeah!

Maya: (CONF) What did Jarred mean by I impersonated him? I'm confused. And he said I'm evil? I'm not evil. Swearsies!

Sorrie: high five sistas (conf.) MMy team will dominate the others... and if i win i already though what i could do with the money, get a jungle gym :D

Tyker:(CONF) Wow im still here but my alliance they all gone I need to make a new alliance.

Destiny: Hey.

Helvetica: (CONF) I think my plans are going great for this game which I'm DOMINATING at

Challenge Seven

Klozvag: Your challenge is to post a picture of yourself. First team to have the most pics at the end of the day wins immunity.

Klozvag: Currently, Team Awesome is winning.


Klozvag: Team Awesome wins. Team Dynamite, vote!

Team Dynamite Vote (7)

Klozvag: VOTE!

Destiny: Brittany

Klozvag: Brittany, the tribe has sadly spoken.

Day Eight

Klozvag: Today's challenge will be exciting. Not,

Maya: I hope one of these challenges has something to do with water.

Helvetica: I like water too! (CONF) I also like making it far in these junk games...

Sorrel: *doing yoga* okay okay my thearpist said todo yoga to calm me down

Helvetica: I wonder when the next challenge is...

Klozvag: NOW!

Challenge Eight

Klozvag: A Water challenge!

Maya: Oooh, yay!

Klozvag: Fishing! The team with the most fish at the end of the day wins.

Tyker: *using a fishing rod with 3 hooks* i love fishing!!

Helvetica: *fishes for fish* Come here little fishy I don't come here I'll kill you and if you come here I'll kill you. Either way someone is going to die AKA YOU!

Tyker: I got 3 little fishy

Maya: *pulls up line* Hmmm. Seaweed. *bobber goes down* A FISH! *reels it up* Yay! One fish!

Sorrel: I caught a fish with my hands

Tyker: I caught 2 fishy yay (Conf) my team sucks they not helping me

Maya: *pulls up line* Yes! Another fish! That's four for us? Three? The other team has three too!

"Somebody": I was born to fish! *pulls up line* Ugh, a boot. Hey, what's in the boot!? Fish! Two of 'em! >=D

Helvetica: Okay! Now I have one fish! *tries for another fish*

Maya: *reels in* A jellyfish? *gets zapped* Ow

Klozvag: Oooh, that's gotta suck

Maya: *is zapped* Ow

Sorrel: oooh look i caught a shark

(conf)Sorrel: *seen with an arm cast* okay... i never caught a shark... before

Klozvag: Due to injury and catching a shark which counts as like a zillion fish, the win goes to Team Awesome. Again. They just can't seem to lose!

(conf)Sorrel; (still with an arm cast) ahhhhh i won the challenge unexpectly, maybe i am important after all

Team Dynamite Vote (8)

Klozvag: Don't focus on the fact that one of you are getting the boot right before the merge. Tee hee!

"Somebody": Tyker and I were the only ones who participated; We deserve immunity. (G2G now: BBL)

Alejandro:I really don't wanna vote anybody off.Since i have to vote...............Destiny.

Tyker: Alejandro and Destiny dont participated i say Alejandro

"Sombody": Alejandro, the Lady GaGa wannabe (XDDDDDD). (Alejandro, that was so OoC. :|)

Klozvag: Don't call my name, don't call me name. Alejandro. I'm not your babe- I'M YOUR STINKING HOST! *pushes him over a bridge*

Day Nine

Klozvag: Final 8! You guys are the merge!

Maya: Yeah!

Klozvag: So today, you'll be voting off two people. Please welcome one of the returning people, Gohan!

Maya: Him?

Klozvag: Yes him. And now, someone who we wanted to have in this season, but had too many people, but now we can.....Zombie Zeke!

Zombie Zeke: *looks like a humanoid zombie* Hello,eh I am Zom-GRAH-bie Zeke,I have been test-Brains-ed to not eat you :D (XD)

Helvetica: Aw, really? The whatever Gohan is and a non-freakish zombie is our new/returning players. I was hoping the guy with the big wart would come back. He looked so funny!

Tyker: So we voting right now?

Tyker: I vote for Destiny and Nicholas

Helvetica: Were not voting right now nimrod!

Zombie Zeke: *is eating an empty peanut butter jar* yummy.....

Gohan: Don't blame me, I liked the hot tub at home better, then I get told i'm back, oh well.

Klozvag: Stop whining! Tonight, two people will go home. We will do a challenge first, but one random person will get immunity. I will roll the virtual dice. The person to get immunity is.....Helvetica. Now it's the challenge. Helvetica, you may sit out for this challenge, since you have immunity for today.

Challenge Nine

Klozvag: Your challenge is to write me a haiku of how awesome I am.

Maya: A Hai what?

Klozvag: Google it.

Helvetica: Well, I'll sit out because I can't think of one good thing about you besides whenever you crouch down I can see your underpants.

Klozvag: Well you know what you little whor-*cuts out*

"Somebody": Here's my haiku. €.€ -- It hurts me to say, / But Klozvag is awesome, dude. / There, I said it. Happy? -- (conf:) Klozdork, that haiku was untrue.

Gohan: It's not that good but here's mine. -- Klozvag is awesome. / Because he let me return / He is the best host. -- (Conf) There I said it, happy.

Tyker: Here's mine - Klozvag you so cool really / You a awesome dude man / Im your number one fan. - (Conf) *sarcastically* I really hope I did good

Sorrel: hmmm here-- Klozvag is a host/he likes to torture us/ he is a good host (conf.) he aint amazing, he aint cool, but he sure likes to torture us *looks down at arm cast*

Klozvag: I can see confessionals....Somebody. Tyker wins immunity for having the best and completely true haiku. So Helvetica and Tyker have immunity. Remember, two people will vote so each of you get to voted twice!

Big Bang Vote (9)

Klozvag: Vote twice!

Maya: I vote for "Tyrant" and Zombie Zeke. Both are creepy and useless.

Helvetica: Destiny and Gohan, both annoy meh!

Gohan: Tyrant and Zombie Zeke

Tyker: Destiny and Zombie Zeke

Zombie Zeke: GRAH! *Starts running off and disappears,while leaving a vote for himself and Tyrant* (Total win XD)

"Somebody": "Tyrant" and Destiny.

Klozvag: "Tyrant", you are eliminated. *kicks Tyrant off a cliff* And for Zombie Zeke........*kicks him off cliff too*

Maya: He's climbing back up!

Klozvag: Run before he comes back!

Day Ten

Klozvag: Is he following us?

Gohan: I'll go check *Runs off*

Zombie Zeke: RAH! (I JUST HAD TO OKAY!?!? XD)

Gohan: RUN!!! *Contestants and Klozvag run somewhere*

Helvetica: *walking with Sorrel, Maya, and Nicholas* I remember our alliance at the start and how far it's come but Destiny should be next.

Tyker: so whens the next challenges

Gohan: (CONF) I change my mind, i'm happy to be back in the show, I can get my revenge on Nicolas and her Aliance buddies.

Gohan: So what's the challenge then Eh?

Gohan: (CONF) *Watches TDR (Season 4) and sees Ezekiel kiss a Bear* O_O (XD)

Maya: What the heck Gohan?

Challenge Ten

Klozvag: Today's challenge is based around video games! I will pair two of you up to play a video game on the Wii. It could be anything. Ready?

Maya: Will we have a Wii Fit surfing challenge?

Klozvag: Shut up. Today's first pair is......Helvetica versus Gohan. And your guy's video game is........Wii Tennis! GO! Helvetica serves first.

Helvetica: (CONF) This sounds really really bad and it hurts my reputation but I secretly am a pro at Wii Tennis (srsly)

Helvetica: *serves the ball*

Klozvag: Since Gohan is refusing to hit the ball, I guess Helvetica goes to the semi-finals! Up next we have Maya versus "Somebody" and the video game is......Mario Kart Wii!

Maya: Sweet I rock at this!

Klozvag: You guys will be competiting in Rainbow Road!

Maya: I call Rosalina!

Klozvag: Three, two,one, go!

Maya: *accelerates into third place and gets three green shells* Woo hoo!

"Somebody": (I'm at my dad's work and won't be able to get on a lot! Why now!?) *accelerates into fourth, red shell, gets into third, then second*

Zombie Zeke: *appears again,but is seeming like the normal half* Uh huh well yeah... *spams thunders and blue shells at everything* >:D (X Needed to,case Ezekiel will never give up,so he won't either XD)

Maya: *gets hit by a blue shell* Hey! *sends a spiny shell* Wait, the spiny shell always hits the person in first place! AHHHHHHH. *kart flies off mountain*

Klozvag: "Somebody" wins. Up next we have Destiny versus Tyker in guitar hero 3: legends of rock! The song is Through The Fire And The Flames on expert! Heh heh heh

Maya: Wo. That's harsh

Zombie Zeke: *picks on Guitar and eats it,somehow getting perfects on all songs* Yummy :D *walks away,still interfering*

Tyker: *picks the guitar and starts playing it* * taps red * taps blue* taps red angin* (Conf) Destiny don't know nothing about me and guitar hero.

Gohan: Darn I missed my challenge, and I was awesome at Video Games as well

Klozvag: Tyker wins! Lastly, Sorrel and Nicholas! And your guy's video game is..............Dance Dance Revolution! We're playing Butterfly X Swing on Challenge! EEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Zombie Zeke: *breaks DDR* I HATE DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!(XD) *it blows up as soon as "Tyrant gets up,knockign him way back* ._.

Klozvag: >_>. Security!

Security Marge: Yes sir?

Klozvag: Take away the incompetent baboon.

Security Marge and Security Lisa: Right away,

Security Lisa: *throws Zombie Zeke off the cliff to the lava below*

Klozvag: Well go!

Tyker: thank you so much for doing that

Zombie Zeke: *rebuilds self/regenerates right in front of everyone* Sorry I have the ability to regenerate,so I won't die :D (XD)

Klozvag: Since you newbs aren't doing anything, Nicholas gets to go since Sorrel has an immunity idol. Okay. Helvetica and Tyker will be versing eachother in.....Crash Bandicoot! We've had the game edited for two players! And go....!

Tyker: I love Crash Bandicoot *starts playing* you better start playing Helvetica cause this boy is a the game pro

Tyker: lets just say i won this match

Klozvag: Sure. Somebody versus Nicholas in..................Mario and Sonic in the Olympic Games. You will be doing the trampoline challenge! Go.

Klozvag: Well I didn't know you guys would like to suck in these challenges! Nicholas is out just because I gave him a freebie last round.

Maya: (CONF) This challenge was taking too long. And this game is taking too long. I'd wish it'd just be over.

Klozvag: Tyker and "Somebody" are going for the final video's Pokemon: Battle Revolution! Tyker will be battling with a Happiny and "Somebody" will be battling with a Horsea. BATTLE!

Tyker: This challenge is taking too long. Happiny used Pound too get this over with

Klozvag: It looks likes Happiny wins the challenge for Tyker and Tyker wins immunity....again.

Big Bang Vote (10)

Klozvag: It's time to vote. You can vote for anyone except for Tyker, anyone else is fair game.

Maya: Hmmm.........should I do this?

(Wait, this camp was still alive? And Destiny wasn't eliminated? Huh)

Destiny: I vote for Nicholas.

Helvetica: I also vote for Nicholas!

Tyker: I vote for Nicholas too

Gohan: Nicholas Eh? (I guess Nicholas is out then)

Gohan: (CONF) Finals, here I come

"Somebody": Nicholas is gone...I vote him.

Maya: I'll save it for next week. Sure, I'll vote for Nicholas.

Klozvag: With six votes against you, Nicholas, you are out. *kicks him off a cliff*

Klozvag: Well, seven of you are left until the big bang. *ominous music plays*

Day Eleven

Klozvag: Today, we're heading straight to the challenge, because two of you need to get eliminated today, to make corporate happy. I'm adding a twist. We'll vote someone off as usual, but then another person must quit the game. And we all know you all don't want to quit. And if someone chooses not to quit the game, they get picked by me, and then I get to throw them into a shark pit. YAY!

Challenge Eleven

Klozvag: Today's challenge is to try and build wings out of wax and feathers. Then you must try to fly to the top of Hasche's tallest Skyscraper, Emonga which is 75,000 feet.The person who wins gets a guaranteed spot in the final five. And GO!

Maya: *starts building wings* *they fall apart* Dangit

Gohan: Damn, if only you would have to find something to fly with, i would have won this easily, scince I can fly. Oh well, the thing's you have to do to win *Starts building wings*

Helvetica: *buildng wings* Maya, keep them nice and stable.

Tyker: * building wings* final five here i come

Gohan: *Finishes Wings* Almost thourgh *Begins to fly*

Gohan: *Flys to Klozvag (With the wings falping)* Do I win. *Wings start to curmble but good enough to hold*

Tyker:*Finishes wings and begins to fly* *behind Gohan*

Gohan: Tyker, you wanna make an aliance, just so we can both make it to the final 5.

Klozvag: You have to fly to the top of Emonga, which I doubt will happen.

Maya: Yay wings! *starts to fly but faceplants into the cemente* Ugh

Klozvag: We'll take her to the infirmary. *Maya is wheeled out*

Gohan: *Is halfway to the Emonga*

Gohan: (CONF) Final 5, here comes Gohan.

Gohan: *Makes it to the top of the Emonga* YAY!!!

Klozvag: Congrats, Gohan. You get a free trip to the final- *receives a text message* Oh, due to injury, Maya has chosen to resign from the competition, so tonight we'll just have a normal elimination! Gohan has immunity!

Big Bang Vote (11)

Klozvag: Gohan is safe.

Maya: *is watching with the final six*

Gohan: Poor Maya, anyway I vote Sorrel because he hasn't done anything scince Week 9

Tyker: Sure Gohan I vote for Sorrel cause what he said

"Somebody": (OMG, Fanny, you really quit for yourself? I thought you were gonna make you win... JK! :P Thanks.) (Isn't Sorrel a girl, Gohan? O_o) (Sorrel disappeared...again.) Sorrel.

Klozvag: You could've even used your idol to defend you! Sorrel, the tribe has spoken. *kicks her down a cliff*

Maya: *muffled speaking*

Klozvag: Oh yeah.....*pushes Maya off cliff, while she's in wheelchair*


Klozvag: Well....Gohan, Helvetica, Tyker, "Somebody", and Destiny. You've all made it to the final five, congradulations.

Day Twelve

Klozvag: Congrats to the final five, two more days and the finale is here.

Helvetica: (CONF) NO! Why did Maya have to be eliminated? It's time to make a strategical move, it's time to have a new member to the alliance.

Helvetica: "Somebody" and Destiny can you come over here?

Destiny:*walks over.* Whats up?

Helvetica: Would you guys like to come to the final 3? Then come join my alliance

Destiny: Well, if we vote for the same person at the very worst it would be a tie... Alright.

"Somebody": HEY! If anyone's making an alliance here, it's me. I'll join if I'm captain.

Destiny: Alright, you can be captain, since with 3 people who ever we vote for has to be out. Alright with you Helvetica?

Helvetica: Sure. We can all just be co-captains and going next will be Tyker, k?

Zombie Zeke: *eating garbage,somehow still there*

Challenge Twelve

Klozvag: To make things interesting, three people will win immunity today, and two of them have already been decided. Helvetica and Gohan get automatic immunity. Destiny, Tyker, and "Somebody", all from the same team. You will all be striving for immunity. Your challenge today is a writing challenge. You must write your own version of the elimination for Greece's Pieces and the intern must not get eliminated. Try and add emotion especially to Gwen if Duncan is eliminated. This will be interesting and I can't wait. Remember, it's just the elimination ceremony and someone from Team CIRRRRH must be eliminated. (But It would be hilarious if Duncan got eliminated and Gwen hugged him and they were both pushed out the plane; but you can't do that. HA HA) So, you should start!

Destiny's Version

“Team I’m a sex god.” Chris said, to the team. “You have lost, and therefore one of you IS going to be eliminated. There’s Duncan, you cheated on his girl friend. Not cool dude.”

“I regret nothing.” Duncan said.

“There’s also Alejandro, who could have won if it weren’t for his self confidence. And, then there is Tyler, who ratted on Duncan. And, then there is Owen, who got two medals for his team… which is why, he gets this barf bag.” He tossed it to Owen as Gwen snuck in, watching from the shadows. “The next barf bag belongs to…

Tyler, come on up!” Tyler breathed a sigh of relief as he caught his barf bag. “The next person eliminated from Total Drama World Tour is…

Alejandro!” He passed Duncan his barf bag, as he and Gwen silently cheered.

“What?” Alejandro said, infuriated.

“We have 3 votes for you.” Chris said, as mad as Al, seeing as how Alejandro was ratings dynamite.

“Yeah!” Tyler said, happy. “That’s what you get for sabotaging Lindsay in France!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Al asked.

“Well, Duncan said you bribed the judges to like DJ’s more. Duncan grinned, and started laughing.

“That’s what you get for making Tyler spill the beans!” He said, still laughing at Al.

“Why all of the little… whatever, I refuse to leave this place!” He said stubbornly.

“Sorry, but we have to eliminate you.” He said. He pressed a button, and everyone’s seat except Al’s got seatbelts, and attached them selves automatically. Chris then sat down in one, and attached the seat belt as Chef turned the plane sideways. This caused Al to fly out the door, and Gwen with him. Duncan threw a rope at Gwen, but it was too late, as she was already out the door. Luckily Al managed to grab a parachute, and Gwen held on as he activated it. Most people would start crying over this, but instead Duncan got impossibly angry. He undid his seat belt and jumped at Chris, but the plane was still sideways, so he was about to fly out the door, but he held onto the sides of the door. He was about to pull himself back in when Owen’s seat belt broke, and he knocked them both out of the door. The plane finally turned right side up again.

“Well…” Chris said, surprised. “Tyler, you’re the only member left in I’m Really Really Really Hot!”

“Alright then…” Tyler said, as shocked as Chris. “Woohoo!” He said, after recovering.

"Somebody's" Version

Tyker's Version

At The Elimination Ceremony

Back in the plane, Sierra praises Cody for punching out Duncan, while Heather tries to console a crying Courtney. Gwen, not wanting to be around her team at the moment, first sits apart from them, then heads to the confessional. There, she realizes that Duncan will likely be eliminated on his team for two-timing Courtney. She then runs to watch the elimination competition from the side, worried about Duncan's fate.

Alejandro, Tyler and Duncan are at the low 3

The first beg goes to...... Tyler

and the last goes to no one .. said Chris

WANT!!... said Alejandro, Duncan & Gwen

Yes I saw you Alejandro when Duncan & Gwen's song you cant do that and

Duncan you had the most votes so goodbye said Chris

So Chris shoves Alejandro off the plane

And Duncan kiss Gwen and Courtney is so happy that Duncan is gone and mad that he kissing Gwen in

front of her.


Klozvag: Judging will be when everyone has submitted an entry.

Helvetica: Cool, I like automatic immunity! :D

(MTDM: O.O I haven't watched that in like a month! D: Please answer this, Fanny.)

"Somebody": *whistles next to Klozvag, drops 100 dollars* Hey! Klozvag! I think you dropped this... Make me win. K? *wink*

(Mrdaimion: Just look it up on Total Drama Wikia.)

(Vick, you just need to rewrite the elimination ceremony, not the episode)

Gohan: (ONF) Yes, passage to the Final 3/4, thank you Klozvag. Also Tyker, win or I'm eleliminating you

Zombie Zeke:.....*has a British accent now* Let's see


Klozvag: Well it's pretty obvious that "Somebody" doesn't get immunity. Between Tyker and Destiny, Destiny had the better ending. So Destiny has immunity. The rest of you can all vote off a member. Although, remember that this eliminated contestant will have to be forced to root for someone to vote to the finals, fyi.

Big Bang Vote (12)

Klozvag: It's time to vote. Only one person can be voted for and you can only vote for Tyker and "Somebody".

Destiny: Sorry Tyker, but if I vote for someone else, I'm good as gone next elimination. Somebody also has an immunity idol, so you would be out with my vote against you or without. I vote for Tyker.

Helvetica: I also vote Tyker! It's all part of the plan brother.

Tyker: fine if yay wanna vote for me i vote for myself now you guys are gonna pay

"Somebody": (Fanny knows my reason of no entry) Tyker. He's gone.

Klozvag: Tyker, you've been eliminated. Keep in mind, that Gohan was the only one that didn't vote for you. So you might wanna put him in the finals.

Day Thirteen

Klozvag: Welcome to the jury vote of Wikia Users and the Big Bang! Today, the jury will vote for which two people they would like to put in the finals. The other two will be eliminated. Which people will go to the finals? Quiet antagonist Helvetica? Sweet Destiny? Returner Gohan? Or Arch Villain "Somebody"? Stay tuned!


Gohan: (CONF) I hope they vote me to go to the finals.

Helvetica: (CONF) I guess it's good my alliance members Sorrel, Nicholas, and Maya got out so they could vote for me. But, I still wish I had more support here.

Gohan: (CONF) It's a good thing Tyker, Lubert, Jacob, Jarred and Zeke are out cause they can vote for me (LOL forgot only Zeke and Tyker are in the jury)

Klozvag: Well, we should get the voting along. Welcome in our jury!

Maya: *is wheeled in* *has casts on* Mmmm.

Klozvag: So, the jury may now vote!

Jury Vote

Tyker: Thank you for making me remember that Klozvag I vote for Gohan

Maya: *mumbles* *tries to reach for pen* Ehhhh,

Tyrant: Helvetica

"Somebody": Vote for me, and i'll give you a... *fins a pack of chocolate bars on ground* chocolate bar!

Maya: *is still reaching for pen* Ehhhh,

Zombie Zeke: *has crossed eyes* I vote for.......................................................................................................................................................................SOMEBODY.

Tyker: *garbs pen and give it to Maya* here you remember to vote for Gohan

Zombie Zeke:*rips paper* YARH! *shoves 2 more votes for 2 random people* (XD)

Maya: *takes vote, falls out of her hands and falls down to the ground below* Ugh,. *reaches for pen* Aha! *falls to ground also* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. *wheels into tribal council* Vetca! Vetca!

Klozvag: I take that as a vote for Helvetica?

Maya: *looks relieve*

Zombie Zeke: *shoves 2 "somebody" votes in there* (XD)

Destiny: Tyker, you're voting for Gohan for not voting for you, when he told you he'd vote for you in the challenge.

  • Alejandro appears behind tree.Alejandro:I'm back......................

Zombie Zeke:*notices Alejandro,and attacks him,almost killing Alejandro* mmmm Mexican food....(XD)

Destiny:*shocks Zeke with a tazor* Eating people is wrong. Oh yes, and Alejandro, put me saving your life in consideration when voting.

Zombie Zeke: He can't vote,he's not a jury member!

Destiny: Damn it. Fine, Ezekiel, I'll give you a life time supply of candy if you change your vote to me.

Zombie Zeke: I don't like candy *shuns*

Destiny: Then I'll give you a life time supply of everything you do like.

Helvetica: Why should I make it to the final 2? I was loyal to my alliance members and I made my first friend! I mean look at the players you may vote for in the final 2. There's me, a smart person, Gohan, a stupid returner, Destiny, a girl that's been low a lot of times and Somebody who's been practically hiding the whole game. So, who do you think now?

Destiny: *turns to face Helvetica* You see? She just insulted her own alliance members right in front of us. It's on. *tackles Helvetica*

Gohan: Vote for me and I'll give you a plane with a Jacuzzi *Brings 2 planes to Nicholas and Sorrel out*

Destiny: I'll give you three life time supplies of EVERYTHING you like!

Maya: *is hit by Destiny tackling Helvetica* MMMMMMMMM! *is rolling out of tribal council* Meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Klozvag: This is interesting. Heh heh

Destiny:*stops Maya from rolling.* Change your vote to me or I'll make you keep rolling.

Maya: *only mumbles* Meh, um, iny meh. Meh. Ca. Meh meh AAAAHHHH. *keeps rolling after Destiny lets go*

Zombie Zeke: *glares at Klozvag with red eyes,and goes to his beast form,then digs his fingernails in his neck* (Oh dear god!)

Gohan: *Stops Maya from rolling* Vote for me and I'll give you a plane with a Jacuzzi *Throws Maya to Klozvag and goes to Zeke* Vote for me and I'll give you a plane suffted with Mexican food.

Zombie Zeke: *lets go of Klozvag and writes a poorly Gohan vote and gives it to Gohan*

Destiny: Zeke, vote for me and you'll get 500 planes filled with mexican food!

Gohan: Make it 10000 planes full of Mexican food.

Klozvag: *is laying on the ground, dying* Eeehhhh..........

Maya: *gasps*

Intern: Oh my god! Zeke killed him!

Maya: *wheels herself to around Klozvag* *starts talking normally* Guys! HE'S DYING! The only one who deserves to win this is Helvetica. The rest of you are bribing each other with stuff you'll never pay back. And the guy that got you here to your dreams, is now dying!

Destiny: *gives Zeke 10000 planes filled with mexican food* I knew these would come in handy some day. And:

  • starts treating Klozvag's wounds*

Intern: *calls in medic*

Medic: *checks pulse* There's not pulse.

Maya: What do we do without the host?

Destiny: There's only one thing left to do. *takes the prize money, and flies away in one of her mexican food filled planes.* So long, suckers!

Maya: She can't win! Someone has to stop her! See wheelchair? Yeah, not that fast.

Destiny: It's too late to stop me! *flies out of sight*

The Race For The Case

Maya: We're gonna need to fly after her. Board the plane everyone! Gohan, you're pilot. Fly!

Gohan: Fine but only if you're co pliot *Starts flying*

Destiny:*keeps on flying, dropping bombs behind her.*

Maya: (CONF) Who would've thought that Destiny would be the villain?

Maya: Sure,

Zombie Zeke: *runs off somewhere* (You will see >_> <_<)

Maya: *sits in co-pilot seat* BOMB!

Intern: *falls out the plane and bomb hits him*

Maya: Fail.

Destiny:*laughs like a maniac* The money is mine!

Gohan: No it isn't. Maya, take control of the plane *Jumps onto Destiny's plane*

Destiny:*tries to get Gohan off alot, so she doesn't notice the giant mountain she's about to crash into.* Damn. *jumps off the plane with a parachute, as the plane crashes into the mountain and explodes.* MY MONEY!



Maya: She got away!

Camera Person: But the money blew up! FLY THE PLANE!

Maya: Oh yeah, *swerves plane out of the way* We made it!

Destiny:... I take it me and Gohan are eliminated?

Gohan: *Is on Mountian with Money* Wanna bet.

(Mrdaimion: Sonic, the money blew up in the explosion.)

(Sonik:Well let's just say I got the money before the explosion)

(Fanny: Whatevs, but you parachuted off so you're alive and returning for All-Stars)

Maya: *plane crashes into the ground* So, then Helvetica and "Somebody". The final two?

Camera Person: Yes, and I'm your new host, Butch! Stay tuned next time when our final two battle it out*puts hand in pocket* This hundred dollar bill! *reaches in pocket again* And this Taco Bell gift certifacate. Stay tuned!

Destiny:*starts fighting Gohan over the money*

Gohan: *Kicks Destiny off the Mountian*

Destiny:*activates her parachute again, and blows up the money with a grenade.* If I can't have the money, you can't either.


Gohan: *Jumps back on Plane* Darn, I thought I was gonna win. (Do I get a spot in All Stars)

(Fanny: Yes)

(Sonik: Woo Hoo)

Destiny:(CONF) For the people who are surprised about what I did, you should have saw this coming. My stereo-type was the 'quiet' strategist for a reason. Anyway, even though I was eliminated, I'm glad I brought Gohan down with me, his niceness nausiates me.

Gohan: (In CONF with Destiny) *Stabs Destiny in head with Sword* SHUT UP YOU F****R!!! There, I avenge my elelimination, plus he won't take me out in All Stars

Destiny:(CONF)*wasn't killed, and now has a bandage over her head* It's not like I planned your elimination, it was your fault you jumped on my plane.

Gohan: (CONF) So it is my fault we both got eleliminated, if it was somebody, I would have been in the final 2, S**t. Well at least we both are in All Stars, wanna be freinds.

Destiny:(CONF) Alright, since that will help us both bget farther in All Stars

Day Fourteen

Butch: Welcome our Final Two. Today's the finale. One of you will be taking home the prize. Can you believe it?

Helvetica: Yes, I knew I'd make it this far but I thought it'd b with Maya but now it's easier competition!

Butch: Well, I don't know. Today's finale challenge will be a little bit different.

Alejandro:I'm rooting for Helvetica.

Butch: Why is Alejandro here? The other contestants weren't invited. Go away

Helvetica: I invited all the eliminated contestants to watch the last day! And, thank you Alejandro!

Maya: Thanks Helvetica! *wheels in*

Helvetica: I've also invited the ambulance in case Maya like gets accidentally in the middle of a fight like last time.

Maya: *sarcastically* What fight? Oh yeah, that one where I was falling down stairs in a wheel chair, noticed that our old host was dead, and steered the plane from hitting a mountain? Yeah, no prob.

Destiny:*walks in with tha banage on her head, because of Gohan*

Helvetica: (CONF) I'm glad I'm not eliminated! All of them seem to be getting hurt lately!

Gohan: *Crawls in and everyone see's his Tail and Broken Leg* I broke my leg when I fell off the Plane

Destiny:*raises an eyebrow at Gohan* You're hurt? The end of the world must be coming soon.

Gohan: That's because I landed on a spike.

Destiny: Ouch.

Gohan: Oh and about the Tail, it's because i'm not an Amarician, i'm a Sayain born on another planet (Hashse)

Tyker: well "Somebody" is doing nothing at all go Helvetica

Alejandro:Besides, i'll never forgive the people that voted me.Not even Somebody.So i vote Helvetica.

Helvetica: Thanks! *realizes that he would've been the first one eliminated from merge anyways*

Gohan: *Wraps his Tail around Destiny's neck* That's for losing the Money! *Strangles Destiny to Death*

Destiny:*cuts off Gohan's tail.*

Gohan: *Pulls out real Tail* You think I would lose my Tail that easily. *Looks at Full Moon and transforms into a Oozaru (Great Ape)*

Great Ape Gohan: *Starts Stomping on Destiny*

Butch: HEY! Before we kill anyone, let's get this finale challenge on the way. The finale challenge is basically this. Write a recap of everything you've done this season. Anything you've done. Then, once that has been said, tell me why you deserve to win. This will be interesting because we have two antagonists. I will judge the winner based on your paragraphs.

Helvetica's Reason

Helvetica: On the first day of this season, I very quickly made an alliance with Sorrel, Maya, and Nicholas. I was then put on Sorrel and Maya’s team and we had an alliance for the whole time on the team and only losing once. We did everything together at that time and when someone targeted us they’d go. At the merge, Nicholas joined my alliance again which I thought we then would have the game in our hands but we didn’t. After the merge, a downfall came and Nicholas was eliminated, then Sorrel and Maya. I was all alone, I had to think fast so I teamed up with Destiny and “Somebody” in a later alliance and now here I am. I’ve also done very well at a lot of the challenges that have come my way. With a few automatic immunities along the way I made it to the final 2, my ultimate goal. And here I am now, hoping that I will be crowned the winner.

Why do I deserve to win? There are many reasons. I’ve dominated in this game voting out every potential threat and saving my butt and my alliance mate butts whenever I could. Although, I’m more on the evil side, I NEVER EVER betrayed my alliance members. Sure, they may not have always agreed with me but I was always trusting. I also had a knack for the challenges that came my way. My final reason is for the first time in my life I’ve had some real fun and made an ACTUAL FRIEND! *wipes a tear*

That’s pretty much it so yep!

"Somebody's" Reason

Day One: I joined the competition, and passed the finish line, hating my so-called "name".
Day Two: (MTDM: I couldn't come on Wikia/Forgot about this.)
Day Three: I was the only one on my team that answered a question.
Day Four: (MTDM: I couldn't come on Wikia/Forgot about this.)
Day Five: I tried to make an alliance with Destiny and Jacob, though they didn't answer. I also won an Immunity Idol for being locked in a safe.
Day Six: I voted Jacob for not answering my question.
Day Seven: (MTDM: I couldn't come on Wikia/Forgot about this.)
Day Eight: I caught a boot on my line, and found two fish in it. I also defended Tyker and I by asking for immunity, due to being the only ones on her team to participate. I then voted Alejandro.
Day Nine: I wrote an...amazing...haiku about how...awesome...Klozvag is. I voted for Tyrant, and Destiny, due to not participating in the challenge.
Day Ten: (MTDM: I was at my father's work.) I was against Maya in Mario Kart Wii, and won, thanks to Zombie Zeke. (MTDM: I'm pretty sure I was at the library now.) I was then against Nicholas in Mario and Sonic in the Olympic Games, and won, due to neither of us participating, and Klozvag giving him a freebie last round. Then I was against Tyker in Pokemon: Battle Revolution, and I had a Hoarsea, and lost. I voted Nicholas because he got a freebie.
Day Eleven: (MTDM: I couldn't come on Wikia/Forgot about this.) I voted for Sorrel, because she disappeared.
Day Twelve: I joined Helvetica's alliance. (MTDM: I did the challenge, just accidentely deleted it.) I voted for Tyker due to the alliance.
Day Thirteen: I bribed people to vote for me with chocolate...and Zombie Zeke voted for me! (MTDM: I couldn't come on Wikia/Forgot about this.)
Day Fourteen: I made it to the final two, writing this.

Why do I deserve to win? Oh, where do I start!? Helvetica's been cheating her way through the game! Alliances, free immunity, etc. etc. I tried to make one alliance, but it didn't work. Plus, if I win the money, I'll buy an actual name. So, pick Helvetica or me, just do the right choice! (MTDM: No offense Webly. LOL. Plus, Webly won last season! Aww... Plus, this could be my first win of a camp ever! Minus Reddy's fail art camp, that only had 2 contestants, Jessica and I, an I won due to being the only one with a pic!)

And The Winner Is....

GA Gohan: *Is chewing on Destiny's Legs*

Helvetica: Get on with it!

Destiny:*is limping away from Gohan.*

GA Gohan: *Eats Destiny*

Butch: Well this is interesting. Who really sucked up in their reasons? Well truthfully, none of you did. You just said bad things about the other finalist. But, my decision is clear. The winner is....................................................

Maya: ....

Lexi: *steals the money and runs away xD* (YAY! xP)

Butch: *shoots Lexi with paralys gun* Ha ha. Okay. Somebody, Helvetica. You've both fought hard and now it's time to decide the winner. Based on your reasons I have these things to say.

Helvetica, automatic immunites practically saved your butt.

"Somebody", you may not have done a lot but you are worthy of the title.

Which is why I give the win to "Somebody"! Congratulations!

(MTDM: I-I won!? Thanks ya Fanny! :D)

"Somebody": Ha! Take that Helvetica! Thanks Butch, I guess.

Helvetica: Anyways, thanks for letting me play the game!

Butch: And are you guys reading for the big bang?

Lexi: Big....? Bang....?

Gohan: *Gulp* Uh oh! *Barfs out All of Destiny but his Legs* (Destiny's not dead, just legless)

Butch: *pulls a party popper* Yay!

Maya: That was lame

Butch: Join us next time on the next season of Wikia Users, Wikia Users: Divided We Fall!

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