WU:TLU is the sequel to the universal hit; Wikia Users and the Quest to Epicness! The Final Three of the first season were tricked into going with fifteen other people on a quest to find the trapped contestants on Hasche. While a few light years away from Hasche, the craft freezes, leaving the group left for dead! Until, Duke, a recently outlawed Haschian, discovers them and decides to help them save the others, and return to russia. This is a roleplay camp, and you cannot be the same character you were as last season (if you were in, and this excludes the final three). Only one character; sign-ups are CLOSED. Your character doesn't have to be russian, either!


Duke - The Outlawed Haschian - Reddude

Olaf - The Friendly Russian - Codaa5



  1. Webly- The Trustworthy Nice Player (at first was disquised as his BFF, Lizzie)- Webly (Winner!)


  1. Goku - Sonik's Ramdom Brother - Sonictksb
    Olaf - The Friendly Russian - Codaa5
    Kenny- The Peppy Nice Guy - Kenzen11
    Ray-Zack's even badder older brother-Shadow II
  2. Trixie - The Actress Rich Girl - Dakotacoons
  3. Jenny - the nice battler - kevvy
  4. Reddy - The Excited Red lover.- Reddude (was alvin in disguise at the beginning) (makin it twenty so i can have fun XD)
  5. Katie-The Cutie(The Sad One)-TDALindsayfan1
  6. Archie - The Energetic Athlete - Turnertang
  7. Zackary - The Evil Strategist - Fanny
  8. Clive-The Stereotypical Emo-Dark
  9. Devon- Christian's sister's friend's really nice brother- TDAFan99
    Olaf - The Friendly Russian - Codaa5
    Reddy - The Excited Red lover.- Reddude (was alvin in disguise at the beginning) (makin it twenty so i can have fun XD)
    Trixie - The Actress Rich Girl - Dakotacoons
  10. Zach- The Weird Romantic - Mrodd ( Reddy gave me permission <3) (Killed by Zackary)
  11. Ariel - The Nice Guy - MTDM
  12. "Holes"- The wannabe strategist- Usitgz
  13. James- The Goofball-Tdafan123, Joe - The Demon (Was Sly in disguise) - Koops, Star- The outgoing protagonist- Tcf09
  14. Ritchie-The dealer-Ben109(Buy a watch any watch ;) XD ), Zackary - The Evil Strategist - Fanny, Jackie- The Horse Tamer - Chimmy

Episode One, "What the hell? This isn't Russia!"

Space craft: *is flying through air and suddenly stops*


Duke: pulls space ship onto a moon* Yo humans. What are you doin' here? Im duke. :P

Clive: *is the only one who didn't gasp,since he has his head down while moping*

Olaf: What the hell? This isn't Russia!

James: Hi!

Zach: Uhhh Hey?

Olaf: I am Olaf, i'm sure none of you know me. *cough*'

Alvin: dudes, shut up. Duke whatever, we're trying to find the stupid peasants stuick on some plasnet, uh, hasche?

Clive: Your the Russian who won the a show with the host named Klozvag, you made an allaince with people on your team, and you didn't bring anyone of them back with you.

Olaf: I brought Katie.

James: So... when do we start?

Duyke: to,morrow :D

Clive:.....I know I'm gonna be out 1st, so why bother?

Confessional; Ariel: Erm... I'm gonna ask Olaf if he wants to be my friend. :)

Ariel: Hey Olaf!

Olaf: Hi... uhm... what's your name?

Ariel: I'm Ariel, a new guy... And I just wanted to know... Do... You.... Want..... To...... Be....... My........ Friend........?

Olaf: Sure! I love friends! =)

Ariel: Yay! :D

Confessional; Ariel: I made a friend! :D That was fast! :D

Clive: *stumbles to Olaf* um...hello?

Olaf: Hi.

Clive: I'm heading towards my quarters,I'm your roommate, I'll see you at are room hands him the keys whie he walks to his room*

(Dark:We DO have a space ship with stuff XD)

Olaf: *takes the keys* Cool!

"Holes": Hello, nobs! (Conf.) No one stands a chance against me!

Clive: *in his room with nothing unpacked*

(MTDM: The challenge is tommorow!?!? I can't make it. :'( I'm getting eliminated. :'()

Olaf: *enters his room, puts down his luggage and unpacks*

Lizzie: Hey guys, I'm!

"Holes": *unpacks*

Clive: *still doesn't have his stuff unpacked* I don't need to unpack since I'm going 1st

Lizzie: Olaf, nice to meet you! I heard you won last season I voted for...I mean I wanted to vote you to win and you did.

Zach: *Walks to his room* Finally I can relax * Falls onto bed* Refreshing!

Devon: Hey I'm Devon nice to meet all of you

Zackary: Hmm. I'm stuck in a place of losers.

Zach: I guess it can't hurt to take a nap.... * Shuts his eyes*

Devon: *Serious* This is going to be fun :)

Clive: *has his arms on his eyes sobbing a little*

Trixie: I'm afraid... My team hates me!

Zach: Now that the challenge is done.... * Jumps on his bed* Yeah!

Trixie: (CONF) Clive, you better watch out. No one votes me off and gets away with it! You are dead! Prepare to be voted off next.

Challenge One, "That wasn't sleeping potions, it was mad potion....You're screwed,"

Duke: Your challenge is to try and faint one of these things! *reveals four godzillapors behind him* u may remember these, but this time, you have to tyake it out without making contact with it. GO!

Clive: *makes one watch Barney*

TDR's Godzillapor: No!!!!!!!!!!!

Alvin: *sits on a rock* My team can do this with out me. ^_^

Clive: *comes out of nowhere and puts Hannah Montana, a cute puppy dieing and the new pokemon one all at the same time for there Godzillapor* Now you'll see!


Clive: you'll just make it mad

TF's Godzillapor: *charges after zackary* rawr!!!!

Zach:*grabs the rock from underneath Alvin* Thanks :D * Throws the rock at the Godzillapor* Conf: What? I never touched it... The rock did!

Clive: But Alvin did.... *points to Alvin slomping on the Godzillapor*

Duke: Team whatever hasa no chance at winning *points to loser bleachers* sit

Zach:Sorry Team

Zackary: What the heck? *runs* *throws a sleeping potion at the Godzillapors* *fall asleep* Yeah team!

Clive: That wasn't sleeping potions, it was mad potion....Your screwed

Duke: also zero epicness! team duke rocks and team failure are left!

Zach: Go uh... Clive!

Zackary: Crap *runs* *runs again to Bed, Bath, and Beyond* I NEED TO GO TO THE BEYOND! Clive: *looks over at his Godzillapor who has fallen asleep* does that count as fainting?

Duke; Wait........both of them are asleep so we have no winner! anbyway, all teams will vote!

Vote, "Boohoo! Get over yourself."

Duke Rocks

Clive: *votes Trixie* Popluarity doesn't get you far, and even if your rich, the foremost player can help us out in the end

Devon: *votes Olaf* You already won and left Christian sorry

Trixie: *Votes Olaf* Too bad... You won already.

Ariel: Okay, okay. I have no idea who to vote for... But since 2 others voted Olaf... *votes Olaf* Bye. :[

Duke:you voted out your strongest members, dudes. :/

Trixie: Oh well!

Clive:.......*is moping back to his room and locks it from the rest of his team*

Trixie: Aww, looks like Clive is sad... (CONF) Boohoo! Get over yourself.

Clive: (conf.) I'm not sad Olaf is gone, but now, I know Trixie is going to get me, and she looks EXACTLY LIKE MY GIRLFRIEND WHO CHEATED ON ME!

Devon: *goes to bedroom*

Trixie: (CONF) So Clive knows I'm his ex? Hmm... That's 'cause I am! It was easy, sign up under a false name, and vote him off. Serves him right for breaking up with me!

Clive:(conf.)Here's how the story goes,my girlfriend and me weren't that much of a great couple,back then I was cheeery and not depressed, and she was,well her. Then 2 days later tons of bad stuff happened.Both my dog and cat died.I saw her kiss another man, and I was diagndosed with a skin disease!After all of that,I broke up with her,she kissed another man,and I saw,she looked devastated,but,love is just a disaster waiting to steal your heart and your soul.

Trixie: (CONF) Wait, I made him depressed??? Oh well! He's still going down.


Zackary: Ray, you're competiting with the title of badboy. Good-bye,

Ray:Katie BYE BYE!!!

(Tcf09: great i missed a challenge... sorry i was busyD:)

Star: Sorry Ray... your to evil for me to handle...:(

Katie: Ray...(Sorry I wasn't here for the challenge)

Katie: *to Star* Alliance?

(Usitgz: I am grounded, sorry I couldn't do the challenge)

"Holes":'s a strategy.

"Holes": *to Katie and Star* Hey, want an alliance, me and you two?

(Zero) Epicness

Alvin:*votes kenny* I need you outta this game as fast as possible.....

Jackie:, I guess I vote with Alvin. ._.

Duke:since no ones voting, kennys out


Zach: I vote.... Goku. You did nothing this challenge, atleast I tried. Again I really am Sorry team, if you guys could pleas enot vote for me, I will do my best from her on out!

Lizzie: Sorry Goku! Bye BYE!

Duke:gokus out

Day Two, "You deserve it, b*tch."

  • group meets duke with a repaired ship*

"Holes": You have a ship? Cool!

Trixie: Finally! I can get out of this dump!

Clive: *is kicking the ground* It only has room for 5 people......

Trixie: (CONF) They'd better pick me over that weirdo Clive. Wait, that means that five people will be competing in next season! *Walks over to Devon* Hey, me and Ariel are in an alliance to vote of Clive, do you want to join?

Clive:*is silent with a knife around his neck*


Clive: *stops in what he is doing* Shut up you cheater

Trixie: How did I cheat?!??!?!?!? (CONF) OH, HE IS DEAD!!!

Clive: 1 year ago, remember? I lost my dog in a car accident and my cat died, only 2 hours apart, then I saw you, kissing another person, then I ran to my house angry, I then found a doctor and my mom sitting in my house, he said I had a skin disorder that made me pale, I broke up with you cause I was depressed and you cheated on me, it wasn't that easy to figure out,Only thing you did was change your name it isn't that hard.

Trixie: Ok, THAT WAS MY BROTHER! And I was practicing for our date that night. I wouldn't cheat on you! That's just wrong.

Clive: *eyes go wide and jaw drops* wait, what?

Trixie: Duh! I'm not that mean! Plus, I didn't even kiss him, I just was practicing a pickup line for you. *runs away to CONF and cries* (CONF) YEAH RIGHT! THAT WASN'T MY BROTHER! Okay, so I did cheat on him. Just a little, though...

Clive:....That wasn't her brother, she doesn't have a brother, I went to her house tons of times, and she didn't have a brother.

Trixie: Wait, did I say brother? I didn't mean brother, I meant... Cousin! Yeah, my cousin who you've never seen before.

Clive:.....If I'd never seen him before, then who did I see kissing with you?

(Dark: Welcome back to the Clive and Trixie show, featuring Duke *stalely laughs*)

Zach: Wow..... Relationship issues.... KISS KISS KISS!

Clive: I doubt that -_-

Zackary: *to Holes and Katie* You guys want an alliance?

Trixie: I'll kiss him if he kisses me! (CONF) And then use him...

Clive: Like I will kiss a cheater, I'm gonna go prepare for the next challenge.

Trixie: Have fun! (CONF) Because you're going next.

Zach: Trixie, I think you are being a tad harsh on him! I don't think he hates you, but you really are making him hate you!

Trixie: I'm not trying to make him hate me, he just strongly dislikes me! But you, you are HOT! Do you wanna go out sometime?

Zach:*Tries to ignore the last part* He doesn't dislike you! Trust me, I can tell. But the way you treat... If you keep it up he will! CONF: I must get them back together, they look so cute together :D

Trixie: Ugh, fine. Clive, I really like you, and I always have. There, I said it.

Zach: Uhhh Trixie Clive went to go practice remember?

Trixie: Oh. Oopsie! (CONF) Changing my target to Devon.

Lizzie: (CONF) I have a big confession to make... *pulls off costume* it's Webly! I snuck into this season pretending to be my BFF Lizzie. She lent me some clothes of hers and put it into a decent costume. I was thinking I should've deserved to be in the Final 3, last season. Now, I have another chance! *puts on costume*

Lizzie: *walks up to Zach* We have to make an alliance! No one on our team is like participating. You in?

Zackary: (CONF) I need an alliance so I can take down some very important members in my team. First off, I'm voting off Star. Then I'll go with "Holes". Katie made it far last season, so she knows the ropes.

Zackary: When's our stupid challenge?

Zach:*Whispering* Yeah sure! I think we could be great friends too * Smiles*


Lizzie: Great!

Zach: So.... Lizzie want to go on a walk?

Trixie: (CONF) So he picks that EWW Lizzie instead of me? He is dead to me too.

Lizzie: Umm..I guess

Lizzie: (CONF) I have a bad feeling about this...

Zach:*Walking* So, how's your life back home?

Lizzie: Oh, I haven't been home in a while. I mean 2 seasons of this. Did I say this? I mean umm... another show. It's not like I've been in or heard of another Wikia Users season because I haven't. This is all new to me!

Zach: Uh, you ok Lizzie?

Lizzie: Yeah, I'm fine.

Zach: K *Smiles* So do you have a boy back home?

Katie: *to "Holes"* Okay "Holes", us in the final three.

Katie: Wow, I'm the only person left from last season...*cries because of Olaf*

Lizzie: Well Zach, Not exactly!

Alvin: I want to switch teams! I want to have my own team!

Duke, fin, Alvin is now the only member of team Alvin

Zach: What do you mean?

Duke:We'll divide team zero epicness i guess....

Zach: Lizzie, maybe we should practice fighting or something.

Lizzie: OK?

Trixie: (CONF) Ok, that Zach, is a WHACKJOB. And Lizzie seems suspicious, I've seen her somewhere... And that Alvin, he is the HOTTEST one here!*walks to alvin* Hey, Alvin, do you wanna take a walk with me?

Lizzie: (CONF) Being a girl is weird if your disquised as a boy...

Alvin:Yo Lizzie, you fine lookin hottie ;)

Lizzie: Um...thanks! I've always been beautiful, I guess!

Trixie: HER?!?!?!?!?!??!?!???!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alvin:*puts his arm around lizzie* lets say we go out, you dig? ;)

Trixie: *cries* Why her??? I'm beautiful!!! Right?

Alvin:*to trixie* No, in fact, you look like you fell out of an airplane and were attacked by tigers. I hate your guts, stop complaining, and live your life! So, you stop asking questions while i admire my crush and myself. (sorry, alvins characters like that)

Clive:*walks back looking like a mess and walks inside his room*

Trixie: *runs into Clive's room* Help! *cries* That new guy Alvin is being so mean to me. Can you stand up to him? *Flirtaciously* Please???

Trixie: (CONF) I WANT ALVIN GONE *Wails*

Alvin Reddy:(conf) That trixie sucks! Ugh! Forget this impersonating Alvin s**t! 8tears off costume to reveal he is reddy* Bet you were wonderin why alvin was so nice to Lizzie XD. Truth is, I have a crush on her.

Trixie: (CONF) Oh! I get it now! He was Reddy!!! And that's why he liked Lizzie!!!

Trixie: *Walks over to reddy* Hi, I'm Trixie. Sorry for freaking out like that. I hope we can be great friends.

reddy:friends, no frenemies, no, enemies, no, die hard mortal combat m=nemisises; heck yes! (XD)

Trixie: So no friends???

Zach: Trixie, go get Clive! Im sure he likes you so now make him know you like him too!

Lizzie: Reddy or Alvin, I don't really want to go out with you because I'm in love with someone else.

Lizzie: (CONF) I'm not going to pull off my costume no matter what...

Trixie: Okay *walks to Clive* So I was saying earlier. I really like you, and I always have. There.

Zach:(CONF) BooYAH! * Fist pumps*

Clive: *wakes up* Hmmm, I guess I wore myself out

Trixie: So you didn't hear a thing I just said?!?!?!??!

Clive: *takes video recorder out and listens to the last thing said* So you do like me?fine were back together, now I'm going back to bed.

Trixie: (CONF) Okay, Clive is HOT, and he's mine. Now let's not make him depressed. *while he is sleeping, Trixie dyes his hair blonde and changes his wardrobe*

Reddy:Ok, i need a different team....

Duke:Join one....

Duke:and Olaf is the cohost! XD

Olaf: Finally Duke agreed. *rolls eyes*

Trixie: Okay Reddy, since youre on my team now, do you want to join an alliance with me and Ariel?

James: I'm in, Trixie, as long as we vote Devon off next.

Devon: Ok you guys I'm sorry I wasn't here today but i was busy

Reddy:I am not going to join an alliance with you. Im making my own alliance, right now! With no Olaf or YP to destroy it; james, clicve, devon, you guys in?

James: Hell yeah I'm in!

Clive: *walks out of his room*

Devon: Trixie do you need anymore alliance members

James: Don't join her, Devon, she's evil, she's like Heather, only taller and hotter.

Clive: My name is Clive,no clicve, but sure, since I'm not in any alliance

James: Are we voting Trixie out first, Red?

Red:yep. :)

James: Ok. (CONF) I can't stand villains! Especially Trixie.

Devon: Can i join your alliance]

Reddy:yes, devon :D

Archie: Anyone want to play football!

Star: *pulls katie and "holes" over to her* sure i'll be in an alliance with you guys...

Zackary: Wait, I'm allied with Holes and Katie. You're allied with Holes and Katie. WHAT?

Trixie: Clive, since we're dating again, you're gonna vote with me and Ariel. Right???

James:*lays back, waiting for challenge*

Trixie: Yeah, instead of worrying who to vote off, shouldn't we be worrying about the challenge???

Star: ...well they asked me to be in an alliance... so now im saying that im in...

James:*strums guitar*

"Holes": Let's all just agree we want Jenny out, right?

Devon: So are we voting Trixie than Clive

Archie: *Throws a football randomly* Oops\

Trixie: *hits her* Ow!

Ritchie: *eyes darting back in forth* (conf) Crap these Imboseles are going to be hard to deal with I hope you know that I came to this dang thing to win not be voted off and stuck with a bunch of idoits now who'll be dumb enough to help me

Ritchie: Yo Zach we need to stick togethor you and me against all these idoits Be in an allience and are sorry a***es are safe from elimantion what do you say me you team final two! (conf) Zach seeems like a perfect pawn to use in this giant game of chess and now it's a pawn and a king for the win and maybe now that I disapeared off the edge of the planet no one will care

Olaf: *pulls Devon aside* I want in your alliance, i'm not a contestant but I can give you tips and ideas. Since I am co-host, that is.

Devon: I accept

Olaf: *whispers* I say we get Trixie out.

Lizzie: *whispers to Zach* We are the final 2! But he can be in for the Final 3, so he'll have to join OUR alliance.

Ritchie: *whispers to lizzie* I'll join just let me handle it I'm expierienced in this kind of stuff I was raised on the streets and I am a er uh Dealer

Zach: Ok sure. CONF: Lizzie is like a sister, always lookign out for me :)

Devon: *whispers* good plan

Ritchie:Team! I hate to say this but we need to work togethor we all have special thing Zach his ability to go love crazy (conf) Like Kesha love must be is drug*static* Me for my street skillls and athletic fetures everyone here is special (conf) At being losers my sister Heather told me about this suff *static* Now who's with me! (Guys don;'t vote me I'm goi ng to be gone til friday until then PAECE)

Trixie: (CONF) Okay, here's my plan. Me, Ariel, and Clive are in an alliance. Reddy, James, and Devon are in an alliance. If we tie, and I am selected to leave by the CO-hosts, on of which is n with their alliance, and one is the leader of the alliance, I'll just sue the show for wrongful elimination.

Ariel: Hiiiiiiiii

Star: *to alliance* ya... i totally agree... but i think we should worry about the challenges more than voting someone off... if we do that we can all make it to the merge with our whole team still here... but if we loose then we vote her off...

Trixie: Ariel! I'm so afraid!!! The team is going to vote me off!!!

Olaf: You deserve it, b*tch.

Lizzie: (CONF) It's true, she hasn't said one nice thing to me the WHOLE game. Only calling me stupid because a guy is falling over me, which is really WEIRD!

Star: woa language... (conf) well i have to admit... she kinda deserved it though:(

Olaf: I apologize, but this cheating selfish ho deserves everything she gets.

Zach: I wonder when the next challenge is..

Star: ...ehhh... thats true

Olaf: Cause if you don't know, i'm the alleged "cousin". >:(

Challenge Two, "Foosball!"

Duke: Youre challenge is to........................ IDK come up with the best challenge! Im stalling cuz of frickin imcopetent UPS. :P

Zach: Uh... How about create a song and dance about how awesome Duke is!

Lizzie: I know do a movie explaining how awesome Duke is, best 2 movies win and rest eliminate someone or Zach's idea!

Katie: Maybe we should do a challenge based on the new movie: The Last Airbender.

Star: ...I agree with anything thats been said...

Devon: An olympic games holding a torch if they drop the torch they're the other team wins first team to the finish line wins immunity

"Holes": Dodgeball!

Star: Ya! dude thats like my game... well one of them:D (conf) I lovee sports... i'm very athletic so I can dish out anything they serve aha... ya i know pretty cheesy but i couldnt think of anything else... (XD)

Clive: I don't know, some movie about How Duke's life was, and his worst and best moments? (Dark: Cousin :P)

Star: ...Nah... his life was probably to boring to do a challenge on... sh** i just said that out loud... sorry Duke:)

Zackary: Well...our own challenge? I like dodgeball.

Archie: Foosball!

Trixie: How about creating a photo of our characters. Best photo wins immunity.

(reddude:This isn't art camp, but if it was, I'd so do that.)

Duke:Okay, I really like the movie challenghe idea, and also the foosball, so Team Whatever wins! And Lizzie and Archie are deciding the losers!

Zach: Yeah Lizzie And Archie!

Trixie: Oh no. Goodbye me. :(

Ariel: How 'bout no challenge!? :D I mean... Darn! D:

Zach: * To Webly and Archie* Not to butt in or anything But I think you should choose team Failure. They have the most people actually playing the game :./

Lizzie: I'm pretty sure Archie agrees with me when I say Team Failure. Only because they have the most players and I'm sure the other team also agrees. So Team Failure votes someone off just to be fair.

Duke:Um, Team duke rocks has the most players....

Lizzie: Really? I pick Team Duke Rocks, then. I guess I should've noticed that. Anyways, yeah!

Vote, "It's not over til the last votes cast!"

Reddy: Trixie!

Trixie: Reddy!

Ariel: *gulp* There's so many friends to choose from... But I have an alliance... and that ally told me to vote.................................... *votes Reddy* :(

Trixie: (CONF) Looks like I'm not leaving after all! :)

Reddy: it's not over til the last votes cast!

Reddy:Who would u rather keep? The snob, or the guy who knows how the games played. (No hard feelings, Dakotacoons, I'm just playing my role).

Duke:You know thwey cant change their votes.


James: Trixie

Devon: *votes Trixie* Don't break Clive's heart I thought that we could be allies but you're going around with everyone sorry I'll miss you (kind of akward)

James: Devon, thank you!

Duke:Trixie had three votes firsty, so she is out!

Trixie: WHAT!?!?!??! ME OUT?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I WILL RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day Three, "Where Do I fit in, in all this?"

James: So, we got rid of Trixie! BOOM!

"Holes"(Conf.): I wasn't expecting Trixie to go...

Clive: I couldn't vote, sorry guys......

Lizzie: Sorry I had to put your team for elimination, it was only the most fair decision.

James: It's cool, I'm glad we lost, cause that means no more Trixie!

Olaf: Yes! She is gone! *parties*

James: WOO!

Lizzie: I didn't like that girl anyways.

James: Nobody did.

Lizzie: (CONF) The main reason I'm happy that Trixie is eliminated is that she almost learned my secret.

Clive: *grabs a zipper from Lizzie and takes it off,revealing Webly*......What the? (Curiosity killed the cat :P)

Webly: OK! So I kinda snuck in the show and dressed up as my BFF. She was alright with it, but the producers wouldn't let me in for this season after coming so far to the Final 4/5/6 but I know I was going to be picked next so more like 4. I'm sorry to Zach, if you are dissapointed I'm not a girl because I could tell you had some kind of feelings for me.

Star: O.o (conf) ...that was akward...

Zach:*Sighs* Just don't talk to me... Ok?

Jackie: *puts arm around Webby* It's alright. :(

Archie: What's going on people?

Zackary: (CONF) Webly, a girl? This game is getting interesting. Next off is Star.

Olaf: I think my ears are still ringing from Trixie's elimination. x_X

Webly: (CONF) Next time I have to dres up as a person my own gender.

Webly: *runs to Zach* I'm sorry! I was going to tell you today but Clive just had to pull down a zipper. I'm super sorry, we can still be best friends and in an alliance untill the final 2.

Reddy:Webly, can I talk to you for a sec?

Webly: Sure

Reddy:So, I have Devon in an alliance, want to join? 9conf)No more Mister Nice guy this season ;)

Webly: Anything for another former contestant, which means yes. My main alliance is with Zach and Ritchie, although he's not in it as much as us. Anyways, sure even though we're on seperate teams it could help later. You do realize we're on different teams, right?

Reddy: Yep. But in order for me to stay in the game, you need to let my team win most of the time. Dont worry, Ill convince My team to make Team Failure lose ;)

Webly: It's a deal! *shakes Reddy's hand*

Reddy:(conf)Hook, line, and sinker! Im garunteed the merge now! haha!

Reddy:*to duke* so, is UPS here yet?

Clive: *bringws UPS Box and drops it on the team's table*

Duke:Ah yes, the machine! Everyone hope in!

  • everyone hops in, the machine teleports to a dark planet with little light*

duke:stay close....

Katie: Why?

Clive: Are we in virtual Reality? or is this The Horror planet Nesafear?

Webly: Are we in Pandora like those people were in that one movie?

  • Giant tentacle comes out of nowhere and takes Webly away*

Clive:....I guess so?

Ariel: ...............................HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Webly: *kills tentacle monster and runs back* I'm fine!

Star: (conf)...i have a feeling Zackary wants to vote me off... why does he hate me! he doesnt even know me... wow he has issues...

Duke:*is heard screaming and struggling with something, them silence falls*

Reddy: Um, guys, we need to get out of here. Adios. *waljks off with a small flash light*

James:What's going on? *shrugs and follows Reddy*

Reddy:*finds a dagger sticking out of a tree* Cool. *heres James behind him* die! *charges at Jam,es, holds dagger of James' head til he realizes its James* oh, its you. why r u follwin me?

James: *shrugs* i don't know, got bored.

Webly: *runs to Reddy while pulling Zach with them* Wait! I'm not going alone!

Reddy:*pushes past James* Hey webly! Lets go for a walk... (conf) I have a dagger, i could do anyrthing. But i need webly in order to win. Ive got Devon and Webly doing my dirty work. Devon covers the votes, and webly covers me winning so devon doesnt have to do anything. We're taking team failure down.

Webly: Okay, Reddy.

Star: *walking in the woods and sees reddy and webly and silently follows* (conf) hmmm... what are those two up to...

Zach: Grrrr... Its Ok Webly... I guess CONF: Im not stupid, I can't let feelings get in the way of the game... right?

Reddy:So webz, Our first target is team failure. Until merge, that is. if i win we'll make them lose, and if you win you make them lose,. This is all for our benifit, so, yeah. Just dont betray me,. or you'll be dead meat. (conf) I'm not scared to use this dagger! *tosses it in the air and it cuts his foot* POh s***!

Zach: Where Do I fit in, in all this?

Star: *listening to Reddy silently in the woods* (conf) O.O so they're targeting our team! what have we done to them honestly... man i have to tell my team!

"Holes": *to Star and Katie* Zackery needs to go. (Conf.) hehehe

Star: I know for some reason he hates me... and I just overheard Reddy saying their going to try to take our team down... they said something like if they win their going to try to make us lose...he said their going to keep doing that until the merge

Webly: Zach, you are now in an alliance with me & Reddy. I promised Reddy I'd take him to the Final 3 with me and you. Each time we lose we target the failure team so our 2 teams always win so there isn't a big chance we can be eliminated. I feel bad targeting all the other team, are you in Zach?

Zach: Uh... Sure, I suppose

Clive: *grabs box and opens reviling 2 Gatling Guns*.....

Katie: Sure "Holes"!

Webly: Hey Zach! I know making friends on other teams is risky but I made a promise to you I'd try to take you to the Finals with me and I still will.

Reddy:(comnf)Webly just thinks im taking him to the finals. Eh, sorry, but at merge, Webly and zach are out of here!

Webly: (CONF) I'm not stupid and I know what I'm planning isn't gonna go what I'm expecting but I have to have connections.

Devon: Can we vote Clive then Ariel alliance

Confessional; Ariel: Why would Devon want me out... I thought I was his friend. (frowns) I'll ask him if he would like to be my friend...


Devon: It's oppisite day so no (which means yes) (XD)

Clive: Devon, I'M in your alliance -_-

Challenge Three, "Now does ANYBODY have a lemon?"

  • the contestants find a note about Duke*

You must go to the creeker's Cave, take a left at the fork, and take the luminous voyage to find the duke of courage

Reddy:How dumb is this? XD

Jackie: *looks for a glint of meta*

Clive: *sees the giant cave and walks to it shooting any monster in his way*

Reddy:*runs ahead of everyone and finds a fork un=tensil in the cave.* there's two ways; left of right. Luminous voyage......... *takes the darker left path*

Clive: *follows Reddy* Wait up, you probably need a weapon, instead of a fork -_-

Webly: *walks into cave* Obviously you don't need to look at the fork maybe the two paths connect and there is another way to choose that looks like a fork.

Reddy:dude, i have a dagger, i think 8i can- *three tentacles squeeze him and lift him into the air, causing him to drop the dagger and fork* Oh s**t this has got to be the most stupid f***ing challenge yet in this gosh damn game! *struggles to get free* help!

Jackie: *grabs dagger, climbs onto one tentacale* I'll save you! D:

Reddy:*is relatively annoyed* Hurry up i have a hot date tonight at seven. :|

Jackie: *expertley slices tentacle that is carrying Reddy, is grabbed by another*, someday we'll look back on this and laugh...if we make it to that day. ._.

Reddy:*slams into a clive, causing clive to drop one of his guns, he grabs a gun, and steadily shot the tentacles, freeing Jackie* Ok, maybe i picked the wrong way..... *gives Clive his gun back, poicks up the dagger and fork*

Jackie: Oh crap, please be OK.. T_T *pulls horse doll out of pocket*

Horse Doll: *intact*

Jackie: :D

Reddy: (conf)To tell the truth, I have no f***ing clue why I saved the enemy......

Jackie: *walks along path, sees a plastic spork*, close enough ._. *takes path to the left of spork*

Reddy:*goes back to the fork and takes the right passge**sees electrical lights* awkward.....

Jackie: ..wait...can I have a copy of the note? o.O

Clive: *with Duke of wisdom and Duke of emotion drinking tea*

Reddy:Um, there was only on, and i think the last person who had it accidentally lost it. O_0

Jackie: Well, that makes things easier. ._. *backtracks*

Devon: *goes to creeker's cave*

Reddy:*finds a walgreens in the middle of the passage* WTH?!

Jackie: *finds note* Aha! does ANYBODY have a lemon?

Reddy:*comes back with a bag from walgreens8 i bought lemon, herwe *hands lemon*

Clive: Hi Duke of Courage

Jackie: Now if I'm right...*squeezes lemon juice on page, attempting to reveal invisible ink*

  • everyone appears with duke*

Duke:Yo! Duke Rocks wins!

Reddy:*pulls Clivec aside* pick Failuyre to lose for the sake of our alliance, dude.

Clive: *looks at the cue cards* I choose the Failures to lose

Reddy;9conf0My plan has taken action! yes!

Zach: * Wakes up* I feel like I missed something

Vote, "Jenny, you haven't been helping us at all."

Duke:Vote you failures!

Zackary: Jenny, you haven't been helping us at all.

Duke:Jenny's out for no ones voting >.>

Day Four, "Canada is a country that likes maple syrup. Citiation needed?"

  • contestants appear in a spave ship traveling*

Reddy:*relaxes on a futon*

Zach: Sorry for not helping team , I was sleeping. I guess the Webly thing really got to me.

Zackary; So...Jenny's gone. Oh well

Clive:Now, I'm an emo with bright clothes and blond hair, great -_-

Zackary: (CONF) I hope today's challenge is trivia. I know tons of facts. Like about Canada. Canada is a country that likes maple syrup. Citiation needed? (xD)

reddy;You guys relax. Even I can when we're surrounded by sofas, futons, TVs, games, and food. *flips TV channel to TDI* :P

Zackary: *changes it to america's most wanted* Yeah

Zach: Hmmf I wonder what we will be doing today.

Reddy:Okay then. *goes over to another station to play guitar hero*

Zackary: *changes it to america's most wanted; the video game* Yeah,

Zackary: (CONF) I soon as I hit the merge, I'm gonna show my evil side and get rid of everyone. And that should be easy with this, *holds up immunity idol* My friend Spencer gave me it. It's so cool!

Clive: Immunity idols don't work in this game, but these color emeralds do

Zackary: You're spying on me in confessional?

Duke: I didnt say any form of immunity idols would be allowed! XD

Zackary: I just happened to be surfing chatango and this named Reddudee said they were so HA!

Duke:*takes Zackary's IM and Clives CE* No immunity idols XP (XD)

Zackary: *takes it back and ships it back to Spencer* Be free my little Immi!

Spencer: *at home* Huh? What's this?

Ariel: So... What's the challenge? :)

Zackary: TRIVIA!

Archie: Football!

"Holes": Dodgeball!

Webly: *pulls Zach* Let's go take a walk for a minute.

Zach: Uh, hi Webly.

Webly: I'm sorry for what's happenned. I'm also starting to think maybe you and I teaming up with Reddy isn't the best idea. Sure will make it to the merge but will we make it any further?

Zach: I was thinking the same thing, maybe we should try something different...

Reddy:8pulls Zach and jackie to privately chat* Guys, we need an alliance. Your team needs to lose next so you can take out Webly. What do ya say? After that itll be us making Team Failure lose.

Zach: Uhhh Sure! But.... I think if we do, do this, My team needs to win the next challenge and choose team failure THEN We can lose Webly

Reddy:....Fine ><;; (coinf) I need Webly out NOW! If i dont get that guy out soon he'll expose my alliance! SArgh!

Webly: Zach? I thought we were best friends. Were you guys planning this the whole time, I tursted both of you, Zach you are supposed to be with me! *runs away*

Zach: Good (CONF) See I am able to get things that I want! Well other then Chimmy...

Zach: Webly!

Reddy:*pulls out dagger* Oh how im tempted......

Webly: *seen crying in bed* Zach...betrayed *sniffles* *cries even more*

Reddy:*sits beside Webly* Hey. Zach was trying to get me to betray you. I want to let you know I would never, kay? (conf) Lies are the next best thing to fights. :P

Zach: ( Conf) keep to the plan, don't get emotinally attached!

Duke:Trixie is returning and Sly is debuting! That is all!

Zach: Webly IS right, Reddy lets get this plan on the move....

Trixie: I'M BACK!!! I told you you couldn't get rid of me that easily! Reddy and Webly, I like how you think. I've been watching and I want in on your alliance. What do you think?

TZach: Hey Trixie! I'm sad that they voted you out

Reddy:Sure! (conf) Now her, Im not afraid to decieve. So its me, Clive, Devon, Webly, and Trixie against the rest, eh?

Challenge Four, "He cant take all of us to the final two now can he?''

Duke: Season one trivia time!

Reddy:Im not doin this crap. *sits down*

Duke: Who was the contestant that was removed from the game, but came back the next day?

Zach: Olaf

Duke:One point for Team Whatever! Who was the first girl eliminated in the game? and did she get voted out or quit?

Webly: Avery, she quit.

Duke: Two points total for Team Whatever! First team to 3 points wins! How was this poor slob *points to reddy* eliminated? tell why he did what he did and for who.

Zach: Reddy took him self out of the game so his team wouldn't have to vote one of them off ( He vote no one deserved to go)

Sly: Reddy quit.

Trixie: More specifically, he dove off of the cliff to save Katie. And he quit due to being crippled.

Duke: Team Whatever wins! Webly, Zach, and Trixie decide who goes! (do u know how many times i tried to post this? x_X)

Trixie: *to Zach and Webly* Ok, I've been watching, and Reddy has lied to all of you. Do you think we should take out his team???

Zach: You took the word right out of me, this has been my plan for the longest time, we need to convince them to take reddy out

Trixie: (CONF) Take out Reddy? No problem. I can convince Clive and Ariel. But I need someone to convince Devon and James....

Trixie: *to Webly* Plus, he tried to get you out this challenge. Ask Zach, he was there!

James:(CONF) I will never vote out Reddy! Never! Trixie is mean and already rich! I hate her guts!

Trixie: (CONF) Who said this was about money??? I just wanna get home!

James:*walks to Clive* Look, dude, we need you on our side to get Trixie out, you in?

Zach: Ok Attention please! Reddy, has played almost every one of us. He has made deals with myself, Webly, Trixie, Devon and Ariel. He has tried to make more deals but failed. He cant take all of us to the final 2 now can he. So he lied! Vote him off!

Trixie: YEAH!


Vote, "Ariel! Why!? Vote Reddy!"

Duke: Vote Team Duke Rocks

Reddy: I'm very sorry Ariel, but I need the votes that I have, and you're the only one left. *Votes Ariel* :(

Ariel: I have no one to vote for... (votes Ariel) I have to do this... for the sake of my friends.

Trixie: Ariel! Why!? Vote Reddy!

Ariel: If you say so... (votes Reddy) :(

Devon: Trixie your not on this team

(reddy:Trixie, talk in another vote section that isnt for ur team and you'll be removed. sorry, but try to mess with the votes under the challenge heading. >.>)

Trixie: okay, sorry.

Duke: Reddy get outta here!

Reddy:*gasps* I will be back! Back at the final eight! I know I will! You cant get rid of me that-

Duke:*slams a fryiong pan into Reddy's head, knocking him out* Thank goodness for pans.

Day Five, "Charlie the unicorn is from April 30th 2006."

  • the ship lands on another moon*']

Ritchie: Duke, Want a watch? I got uh well I don't really know actully I think this here is wheat and thats tobacco and other stuff

Duke: ugh.

Ritchie:Duke, Want to buy a watch *shows his jacket with an assortment of "trinkents"* Five bucks

Trixie: ooooh! I'll buy one! If you'll be in an alliance with me.

Star: ill buy one *picks up a sky blue one* how much is this???

Clive:......(conf.) I was alsleep last challenge (Cousin is leaving)

Ritchie: Sure (conf.) We could be a great team meh keep her close then I'm trough

Star: *to clive* why are you so quiet??? (Oops... i missed it to... again... i had to graduate middle school... nothing importantXD)


Star: what you dont talk or something???

Zach: So yeah, Webly Ièm sorry it was my plan all along to let Reddy go, but I was afraid he might find out if I told some one else. I hope you can forgive me.

Clive: Why should I talk, it's pointless,I'm only gonna make more people depressed or mad

Webly: Zach, my plan ws to vote off Reddy, too! I didn't trust him at all after everything that happened so it's still you and me in the Final 2!

Ritchie: *his bag is making noises* Not yet!

Star: Well you just talked to me and i'm not depressed or mad...

Clive: .....

Ritchie:Clive your pretty cool for a depressed dude hey how bout during the merge we can influence people to vote off trixie and fix you uipc with a new girl makybe from planet bikkini what do you say (conf) I like this dude see I can be nice *camera man laughs and ritchie throws a deck of cards at him*

Zach: Good idea Webly *Smiles8 ( We are on Chatango)

Zackary: (CONF) Okay, next on my list to go is Star. I figured I shouldda voted her out first and kept Jenny. Oh well. When's the stupid merge?

Reddy:*walks up to zach and ritchie* im tired so just turn me in or whatevs.

Trixie: (CONF) I have a feeling Zach and Webly are out to get me. And after I helped them get rid of Reddy!!!

(Reddy:When will people learn That i dont godplay in these camps? I swear thats the only reason i went XD)

Duke:*throiws a cupcake in Trixies hair* :P

Ritchie:*his bag is moving* SHUT UP RITCHIE! YOU'LL RUIN MY PL *closes mouth* Oh crap *a figure jumps out of his bag*

Aron! You knocked me out with a frying pan!

Aron:Oh crap No IU'm ritchie

???:No I'm ritchie and hears a little revenge for you

Aron: I will be Back you hear me back Ritchie:*hits aron wityh frying pan* and my coat *gets his coat back* and my money n*gets out his ten bucks from arons pocket* hey guys

Trixie: I'm confused. What just happened???

Richie:My bro just hit me with a pan I KO'd woke up he locked me in his bag and I jsut got revenge3

Zach: Uhhh.... Ok

Webly: (CONF) Ritchie is getting on my nerves. At least he does somethings unlike Archie.

Ritchie:So uh this is it

Reddy: *is still with group* Yeah, im not a contestant, but cuz there was no way u could leave me in pure space without me suing, im here.

Duke: Fine but shaddap and you have to cook@!

Reddy: ._.

Trixie: *to webly and zach* Who should we vote off if we lose, Ritchie or Archie? I say Ritchie, he's suspicious.

Trixie: *to Duke* When's the next challenge?

Zach: We boot who ever does less in the challenge, but hopefully we wont lose.

Clive: *shrugs*

Ritchie:tHIS TIME i'LL RULE leavre it to me team I got some tricks up my msleeves *evil laugh*

Reddy;*walks to Trixie zach and webly* hey, guys. I know i was a real jerk in the contest but now that im out and thus do not have to compete in challenges, i could tilt the challenges in your favor. what do ya say? :)

Zach: I dont know.... I mean this could be liek the chef-DJ thing.... And well yeah

Trixie: Sorry, but I'll decline as well.

Clive: *is apparently bored*

Reddy:Fine, but I can always help the others teams! *walks away with a devious grin*


Devon (CONF): Charlie the unicorn is from April 30th 2006 (4 years ago)

Ritchie:(conf) I've had a hard life and I might have a harder one if I loose see when I was a kid some dude took me to his car and I was forever taught the ways of a dealer criminal and pianist I had a good life I met with him till one day my mentor my new dad left me I was sent to live with a new family and I had fun but my crinimal personality and life followed me along with the police I tried to fit in but I turned cruel and suspicious now I cary my coat of tricks around like it's my lucky charm everything in this coat helped me survive

Challenge Five, "...They have to share the crystal idol!"

Duke:Today's challenge is for immunity. Since the little pesk, Reddy, is still with us, and to prevent me from throwing him off a cliff, he went hiding.. Your challenge is to find him. The person who finds him and brings him to be gets the crystal idol *holds up a crystal idol* which is used for immunity purposes and they get to decide which team loses! go!

Zach: *Starts looking by the cliff* Red come out come out where ever you are....

Reddy:*is FAR away from Zach and even farther from others*

Zach: Rocks.... I see rocks * Sighs* Reddy?! * Jumps off the cliff and begins looking around on the shore*

Devon: *runs looking for Reddy* Why do you keep bringing people back that's lame

Zach: I found you!!!! *Picks up a shell* I thought I lost you! Now.... time to find Reddy

reddy:*zach is near him* *throws a rock at Zach, causing him to fall* *swims away*


Ritchie:Yo little red dude YO where are you dude where are *hits wall* Ow not there *looks in a pond* YO RED GUY DUDE WHATEVER YA THERE *falls in*

Ritchie:*gets hit by a shoe in the water and falls in seaweed*Ow wait this shoe it's RED! *swims up and grabs zach's leg but is covered in seaweed and looks like a monster*

Zach: Awww!!!!!!! * Swims away kicking the "Monster"

Ritchie:NO BE COOL *gets kicked between the eyes*

Devon: *finds Reddy's secret house*

Reddy:*walks up to zach and ritchie* im tired so just turn me in or whatevs.

Zach: * Pulls Reddy to Duke* Here! go push him off a cliff or something!

Trixie: WE WIN!!!!! Do Team Failure.

Duke:Since zach and ritchie both technically got the loot, they have to share the crystal idol! haha! decide who leaves ya knobs.

Trixie: Failures!!!

Zach: * whispers with Ritchie* We have chose Team failure... * Tells Ritchie were the idol will be if needed*

Reddy: :P

Vote, "Duke! I dropped your box of childhood memories into the fire!"

Duke: Failuures vote!

Olaf: *pokes Duke* Duke! Duke! Hey Duke! I have a challenge idea!

Reddy: Duke! I dropped your box of childhood memories into the fire! Duke! I silt apple juice on your hungarian carpet! *more*



Duke: Randomly pickin' katie, just because you're the only one from season one.

Day Six, "I'm not even gonna say what's wrong with many of Ritchie's statements."

  • they are traveling again*



Trixie: *starts dancing with Reddy* Woohoo! This is fun!

Webly: This is boring and the dancing is making it less and less fun by the minute...

Webly: (CONF) Sorry if that statement was boring itself but it was also true!

Reddy:Fine, you want me to start a food fight? :|

Webly: *throws food at Reddy* I already did!

Reddy:*throws a whole catering table at Webly* >_< :P

Trixie: *Food lands on her* Aaahh! *Throws food at both Reddy and Webly*

Clive: *is walking very bored* Yawn, drama

Zach: *Sits on couch* Im bored!

Star: *sleeping next to tree*

Devon (CONF): I hate when people return when they get voted off but I kinda like it since you go farther

Ritchie:(conf) Yes! this is awesome me and zach are a good team and *scrathes back and pulls out seaweed* EWWWWWW K *walks out* Hey team :)

Trixie: Hi! (CONF) My team is awesome! Except Ritchie. I don't trust him. What was up with that whole thing with his brother?

Reddy:(conf) Ok, I helped Team whatever last challenge, so who will I help next? ;)

Ritchie:(conf) I know I'm suspicous but hey you'd be too if you dropped a bowling ball on your uncles foot and he dropped a barbell on his heafd *cries* He taugh t me everything I know! Now I'm stuck with my five brothersBen aron Fred and hammy

Ritchie:For anyone watching this I got a two for one sale on burritos this week call 555-5555 and get it

Trixie: Wow that's sad. I'm sorry I mistrusted you. I think me, you, and Zach would make a great team.

Ritchie:Thank you now if you exscuse me this kid has to pee

Trixie: (CONF) Gross...

Ritchie(conf) Snob :P

Jackie: you? o.o;;

Webly: Um...Trixie me and Zach are already in a alliance if you are trying to pull them into one but you do need an alliance.

Trixie: Does anyone else here think it's gross that Ritchie said he has to pee out loud? He called me a snob because I did.

Zackary: (CONF) It's so stupid that so many people are returning. And Duke shouldda picked Star instead of Katie.

Zacakry: *steals Star's suitcase* Aha, *takes something, and puts the suitcase back*

Zach: Mmmm Im going to take a nap... Wake me when we get there Webly

Ritchie:Stop talking about me I know I have a hand gernade in here *looks through his coat* No rocket launcher

Zach: *Snores faintly*

Ritchie:(conf) I'm gonna kill her

Trixie: OMG he's serious! DUKE HELP!!!!!

Duke: nah, that'd be good for ratings (XD)

Ritchie:*whispers to duke* so can I hide a bomb in her suitcase *puts detpack in trixies suit case*
Trixie: *To Zach and Webly, so Ritchie can't hear* OK, if we lose, I say we vote him off. He is crazy and is going to kill me! And what was up with his bag???

Ritchie:*takes a cloak from his bag and walks off into another room* Incomptant ignorrant she demon. I'm gonna suspicous her upside the head I have an idea *evily laughs*

Clive: **looks at bandage on his wrist*

Jackie: Er...I'm not even gonna say what's wrong with many of Ritchie's statements. :|

Zackary: I'm with you there.

Ritchie: (conf) WHY ARE PEOPLE MAD T ME FOR BEING LOCKED UP BY MY BROTHER IN A STUFFY OLD BAG HOW'S IT MY FAULT THAT MY BRO FOLLOWED ME AND KIDNAPPED ME THE PEEOLE HERE ARE JUST *swear*IN *swears* UH I HATE THIS PLACE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *looks at his madalion from his uncle and holds it and cries* I'm sorry I couldn't avenge you uncle *take off his madalion and throws it on the ground* YOU SAID IT WAS GOOD LUCK YOU SAID IT WULD HELP WHERS MY LUCK NOW WHERES MY LUCK NOW *cries* I wish you were here i wish that you'd be with me you said you'd watch me I'm going to die out here and YOUR NOT HERE TO INCOURAGE ME TO GO FORWARD WHERE WERE YOU OF THE TROUBLES OF MY LIFE WHEN I ALMOST GOT RANOVER WHEN I HAD SURGERY YOU WERE NEVER THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Challenge Six, "I do but we don't need it because Clive has the goldbar of coolness! ATTACK!"

Duke:before your challenge I am splitting team Failure up! Star, zackary, and "Holes" are joining team Duke Rocks, and Sly is joining Team Whatever. Yoiur challenge is to find the goldbar of coolness, so we can enter a new planet. Reddy:*yawns*

Zach*Wakes up to screaming*: Another search and find challenge.... * Starts walking to the beach*

Trixie: *to Zach* You go this way, and I'll go this way. *Starts searching* *sees gold* WHY IS THERE A BOMB IN MY BAG!?!?!?

Ritchie:*loosk at his uncles picture* Please help *cries* I miss you *sits on rock*

Uncle Ritchard: Nephew why are yoiu crying

Ritchie: Go away you stupid mirage *cries* can't you see I'm drwing in my own tears

Zackary: The goldbar of coolness? Is this it? Never mind, just a goldbar of lameness.

Zackary: (CONF) I have something of Star's that'll make her quit this game.

Zackary: Actually Duke, could I have Sly on my team instead of Holes?

Clive: *digs in the red X which holds the Goldbar of Coolness* Your kidding,right? *grabs it and hides it in coat and walks away to Duke*

Jackie: Hm...anybody have a metal detector? o.o;;

Webly: I do but we don't need it because Clive has the goldbar of coolness! ATTACK!

Zacakry: *runs ahead of Clive and takes bar* Sorry, but I'm going for the "gold".

Clive: *takes it back and knocks Zacakry out and hands it to Duke* There YOU go

Zackary: Oh, wait. Were we on the same team?

Zach: * Continues searching the beach*

Ariel: Ooooooooooooooooh! :D

Clive: Yes, and you were a moron enough to take it out of my hands even though I was giving it to him Ariel: Heeeey, wasn't Reddy eliminated, like, four weeks ago?

Zackary: Moron? Sorry, I thought we still had different teams.

Zackary: (CONF) I hope people vote him off in the future. He's a *cuts out*

Zach: Oo this is pretty and familiar * Picks ??? up*

Duke:TDR wins, Team Whatever goes to the elimination ceremony!

Ariel: Heeeey, wasn't Reddy eliminated, like, four weeks ago?

Vote, "Compared to you, even Reddy was normal."

Ritchie: Trixie (conf) I have a plan

Trixie: Ritchie (CONF) He's scary.

Webly: Archie, he hasn't been participating.

Zach: Ritchie, he has issues

Ritchie:Guys whats the point we're all going to die anyway

Zach: You are so depressing! I hoped you packed your bags!

Trixie: And don't put another bomb in mine.

Webly: Sorry that I'm not voting Ritchie but I think going with Archie is just the best decision right now but Ritchie has been a little freaky.

Ritchie:You think Duke would really help us please!

Ritchie:You think I'm freaky well my mentor died whats your reason

Zach: We are not wierd thank you. And its ok Webly :)

Trixie: Compared to you, even Reddy was normal.

Reddy:*underbreath*im gonna regret this later... *aloud* Everyone! I put Ritchie up to this. Trixie put me to it! So u can blame me, or trixie (conf) Now thats what i call blindside! aha! Wait, can they here if im lieing? cuz I am.

Jackie: didn't understand any of that. >_>

Trixie: What did I do?????? Exactly. Nothing!!! Reddy is crazy.

(Me Either Jackie. But don't post here if it isn't your team.)

Zach: Ok Duke just kick him out already! He has the most votes! ( Jackie is on our team)

Reddy:Ur saying u were lying, a minute ago u said i was sane. I dont think anyone could trust you now. 9sorry, im just being weird right now XD) (conf) Trixie's hot, but she irritates me so much!

Trixie: So who did Jackie vote for???

Ritchie:It's obvious who's going it's me but be fore that one word...

Trixie: Oh god...

Ritchie:IMMUNITY! ha ha suckers :) ;( ;) (conf) I warned em

Zach: Objection! Trixie will not leave! * Plays his new imunity idol found at the beach( for Trixie. Reddy said it was ok :)

Trixie: In that case, I vote for Archie.

Webly: See, I knew it would come down to this or maybe a bit similiar.

Duke: Archie's out! Fiunally!

Day Seven, "I think I got heat stroke,"

  • ship enters the golden planet, Heddarophi, Hasche's sister planet*

Duke: That gold bar helped with the toll road pay.

reddy: its hot here.... D:

Trixie: *Comes out in Bikini* Yay! I can get a tan!

Zackary: So...I need to find Star.

Zach: * Looks at Trixie* Hey

Clive: The Sun is 67,895,451 million miles away,this must be a planet like Venus then

Trixie: Hi? (CONF) Why was he looking at me like that?

Ritchie: anotheer place to die yipee

Trixie: (CONF) he's even more depressed than Clive!

Webly: *plays Beth on guitar* I wish I could love how that sounded but it's too HOT to love...or is it?

Reddy:*Passes out* (like anyone cares XD)

Trixie: OMG! Reddy! *gives him mouth to mouth* Are you okay?

Zach: Reddy!!!

Webly: (CONF) That was disturbing!


Webly: *hands him 5 gallons of water*

Webly: (CONF) He'll need it!

Reddy: Thanks.

Reddy:(conf)Trixie and me? Kissing?! Okay, that would look hot- *smacks self* Oh crap. Im in love with Trixie! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Clive: (conf.) And Reddy does the Katie again, This will turn out FAB-LOUS....*fake laughs*

Zackary: *phone rings to Calfornia Gurls* Um...that's my phone. I'll be right back

Devon (CONF): Reddy falling for Trixie

Trixie: (CONF) Eww! Reddy likes me? Gross! Plus, I'm dating Clive! But I can use this to my advantage...

Star: (conf) wow... they're an... um... interesting couple...

Zackary: Star, there's been something I've been wanting to tell you.

Trixie: (CONF) This is gonna be good.

Devon: Zarchary I know your going to say your in <3 (love) with Star

"Holes"(Conf.): Reddy, Reddy' Reddy. This is going to be good.

Star: Your in love with me?! awww thats cute... can't say i feel the same way though, sorry:) (conf) Wow... i'm smarter then that... it's probably just some strategy he's trying to use... not a very good one...

Devon: Hey Star Do you want to form an alliance

Star: ...I don't know... this isn't a trick right...

Devon: It isn't a trick i promise you (Conf) It isn't a trick

Star: Fine... i'm in, but i'm in an aliance with holes so hes going to have to be in it to...

Devon: Ok I think we can get another member though so we own the votes

Star: Ok... so whos in the alliance???

Devon: Hey James Do you want to join my new aliance with Star and Holes

Clive: I will join you, if you don't mind

Devon Sure (CONF) I feel my alliance can dominate and be the final 4 of the team

Ritchie:I think I got heat stroke *passes out*

Reddy:(conf)Duke cut out my last confessional beginning. I love trixie Gurbo, you know? the hottest pop star ijnn the universe? XD


Random rapper:SIMM squirels in my mouth S to the I to the the M to the M maybe you could be screaming lik,e him *points to ritchie* (XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

"Holes": Hey, Devon can I join?

Ritchie:*glaring at the rapper* Your here why

Rapper: Beats me juvie boy *goes away*

Ritchie:I've never been to juvie!

Ritchie:Team we have to trtust each other I know I'm wierd but I'm realted to Ben my brother aron is evil I came here and got ko'd and stuffed in a bag my favorite operson in the world is dead and it's my fault so we need to use team work understand TEAMWORK

Devon: Holes your in it plus we need to vote out Zackary

"Holes": I've wanted him gone since the beginning, so I'm ok!

Trixie: (CONF) It's good that the other team is the one making the alliances.

Webly: (CONF) Here I will list I think are threats in the game at this point Trixie, Zackary, and Devon. I can't vote out Trixie, though. She's too useful too leave. And I can't do anything about the other threats, since they are on the other team. I already know who I'm voting for if our team loses, anyways.

Trixie: (CONF) I'm pretty sure that the other team is voting out Zackary if they lose, and my team is voting out Sly if we lose? I sure hope so.

Ritchie(conf):I want to prove to my team that I can help *out of conf* Duke when's the challenge

"Holes": Yeah, and can it be dodgeball?

Ritchie:I agree I pwn at dodgeball (conf) Runs in the family! *cracks knuckels*

Webly: Or we could have a Dunk Tank challenge!!!

Zach: Or.... We could have a completly random challenge... like come up with the worst punishment for Reddy

Sly: I like that idea.

Sly: (CONF) I need to make some friends here, or else I'm a goner.

Devon: Hey Duke can we plz have a challenge

Devon: I know how about both teams vote someone out immediatly huh

Trixie: What???

Devon: Double elimination I meant

Webly: I feel that we should do that when we have the same amount of people but definitely when we are losing it is unfair. DUNK TANK FTW!

Challenge Seven:"Hey! You hit me in the head!"

Duke: Your challenge is an all out sand baloon fight! (NO GODPLAYING, u can only hit one person per line, dont make every throw, and your lines cant be all in one edit.) Last person standing whens immunity for their team! Go!


Zackary: *finds four balloons* These don't look like water balloons. Ew, they smell like urine!

Ritchie:*is a random bunny hole* HIA *nails Zackary in the head* *goes back in bunny-hole*

Trixie: *Hits Devon* Haha!

Trixie: Doesn't count! You're already out! *Throws one at "Holes" but misses*

Devon (CONF): I wonder what the other team thinks of her

Zackary: Hey! You hit me in the head! You're out! It's in the classic rules of water balloon war rules. Shoulders and below. So, you're out. I'm still in. SORRY!

Trixie: NOT ANYMORE! *hits Zackary in the crotch* Oops!

Trixie: Sorry Devon! (CONF) I really was sorry. When I was voted out, he said he'll miss me! He might actually be a great friend to me.

Zackary: I will get you...and your little alliance too! *faints*

Devon: Ok I forgive you and I'm sorry I just went a little crazy.

Trixie: I said oops! It was an accident! (CONF) I really hope they vote him off.

Trixie: *to Duke Rocks* While he's fainted, I think you should vote off Zackary. He is a HUGE threat.

Devon: That's the plan

Zackary: *wakes up in the infirmary* Huh? Where am I?

Devon: Your in the hospital tent

Trixie: *throws dodgeball at Ariel* Sorry for hitting you!

Zackary: Aw man, hey. Why do I have these burns on my arms *feels face* AND FACE?

Zach:*Gets up from hiding* I see... I see. I see James :D * Throws a balloon at James* Hey James!m *Blows Rasperries at him*

Trixie: You know, they say you can't hit a girl. But that rule doesn't apply if you're a girl. *hits Star* One to go!

Tricks: looks like it's just me and you "Holes". But not for long. *throws ball at "holes" and misses* Again? Ugh!

Zackary: *walks out of infirmary* *water balloon hits face* Hey, thanks. I can't feel the burns anymore!

Ritchie:*pops out of hole* BYE BYE HOLES *hits him in the side* AND NOW TO DESTROY *tree brach falls and hits his head* OH *swear* *goes back in hole*


"Holes": No, I have fallen! *falls over*

Zackary: *to holes* Dude, will you vote out Devon with me tonight after we lose?

Duke: Whatever wins!

Ritchie: Yes we did it Team what ever * High fives everyone on his team* WE FINALY WORKED TOGETHER!

Triixe: BYE ZACKARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!!!!!!!! (CONF) I warned him.

Trixie: Duke, I think they're done voting.

Vote:" Hopefully, my alliance will back me up."

Duke: vote!

Zackary: Devon, you're plotting against me. Hopefully, my alliance will back me up.

Devon: Zachary sorry *puts vote in bottle gives it to Duke*

"Holes": Zachary, see ya! *gives vote to Duke*

Clive: No one told me the challenge, I was stuck in my room waiting for someone to tell me the challenge was starting! Well anyways, I vote off- (It's Zackary)

Star: I vote Zackary... sorry dude *gives Duke the vote*

Duke:Zachary, youre out..........................................for now. :P

Day Eight:"It's good to know Ritchie is talking about something besides selling something but talking about a DSI is just as boring and as useless as selling overpriced items."

  • ship travel in space*


Ritchie:I'm so bored I spent the last five hours staring at the clock ooh look it's 10:00 am *starts looking in his coat* Yes My DSI *starts playing* Take that Bowser

Webly: (CONF) It's good to know Ritchie is talking about something besides selling something but talking about a DSI is just as boring and as useless as selling overpriced items.

Trixie: OMG, I love that game! With Mark and Lugio. Eat it, princess pear!

Duke: Itsa Merge time! aha! (YAY! XD) EVERY. TRAVELER. BY THEM. SELVES!

Webly: I was waiting for this!

Webly: (CONF) It's time to make friends with the other team.

Webly: Zach, we need to talk.

Trixie: Webly, Zach, Ariel is joining our alliance. I think Devon too.

Webly: I never confirmed any of this although Devon could be a good partner he also could be a good betrayer as he was allied with Reddy earlier in the game. I think it should be Devon or Star to join or better, both!

Trixie: Good idea. But who should we target?

Zach: Cool! I love merges, well sort of..... So what do you want to talk about Webly?

Webly: Well, I'm not sure about our alliance right now. I like that now we can have more people but I don't want to go overboard with people. I think 1-2 additions would be fine but who do you think should join us?

Devon: Trixie is it ok if my alliance joins yours

Zach: I agree Webly I dont know who to trust

"Holes"(Conf.): A merge...hmmm...very interesting.

Webly: First of all, I'm the leader of this alliance and second of all, how many peeps are u talking.

Devon: 4 members so 8 in all but final 8 for us Me Star Holes and Clive so I think from my team James has to get eliminated and yours the others

Trixie: James is dangerous and so is Clive. I say we take out Clive this week. He was #2 on he power rankings.

"Holes": Power Rankings? Where did you see those?


Trixie: ^ (CONF) If I ahd the chance, I would vote out Webly, but he is strong in my alliance.

(Usitgz: I knew that. But how would Trixie see them?)

"Holes"(Conf.): As long as I'm in an alliance I'm good to go.

(Dakota: I figured that she has a PDA, Courtney like. Courtney saw what LeShawna said, Trixie saw what Duke said etc...)

(Usitgz: OK)

Clive: *walks out of his room*

Ariel: Hey, hey...

Webly: Devon like the idea but why not only one of the newcomers not including you stay. The rest will be temporary for this challenge all you have to do is pick who.

Devon: So who do we want out

Webly: Maybe James, I'm not sure. But you didn't answer the question I first asked.

Devon: Plz can we protect the others for like 2 more eliminations so today and tommorrow

"Holes": Yeah, please, man!

Jackie: *sigh* I guess if the people want eliminations, we're gonna get eliminations...

Jackie: (CONF) *clutches horse doll and cries* T_T

Zach: Jackie, are you ok? * Gives Jackie a hug*

Jackie: Y-Yeah, I'm fine... >_>

Challenge Eight:"Does anybody have a fingerprint kit?"

Duke: Your challenge is am all out battle to the death! >:D *phone rings, answers, pputs up* *sigh* Our lawyers have informed us that we annot do that. this challenge will be solving how Reddy died.

Reddy; Im not dead!

Duke: No, but im gonna inflict damaga to the head! *hits reddy on the head with a brick, and KOs him* *plants clue* one of you guys "killed" him. :P

Jackie: :o *holds horse doll close* I don't wanna die...T_T

Jackie: OK, get a hold of yourself, Jackie... D: *slaps self across face, accidentally knocks horse out of hands* D: Apples! *runs for her doll*

Devon: I think Reddy died cuz you just gave him major brain damage

Zach: *Gives Jackie her Doll* Here, and Duke I dont think he is dead....

Jackie: Oh, thank you! :D *hugs Zach* ^_^

Devon: I know you killed him Duke

Zach: * Blushes* Uhh No problem

Devon (CONF): This is really akward

Jackie: *realizes she's hugging Zach, awkwardly lets go*

Zach:*Rubs his neck* Yeah, sorry. Any * Walks up to Reddy and checks for a pulse*

Jackie: *picks up brick* Does anybody have a fingerprint kit? :D

Reddy:*wakes up* u touched it so youd be the suspect. *"dies" again*

Devon: *passes out*

Zach: This challenge is wierd, I dont feel a pulse * Gasps* Ok so th eonly people here are Me, Jackie, Devon and Duke. So One of us had to of killed him.. * notices Devon out cold, Scratches Devon of the list*

Jackie: O__O ZOMBIE! *is dizzy, hits head on side of ship, passes out* X_X

Horse Doll: *falls out of Jackie's hands*

Webly: Yeah! *hands fingerprint kit to Jackie* It came with my Lizzie costume.

Zach: Uhhh Ok... Since Jackie was holding the Evidence... * Puts gloves on* Time to check for finger prints...WAIT Jackies doll! *Picks the doll up and tucks it into Jackies arms*

Jackie: *feels something in her arms, eyes open tiredly*

Zach: Jackie! Aree you oK!

Duke: everyone loses. ._.

Vote:"Holes, our alliance does not need you!"


Trixie: Clive.

Zach: Holes, our alliance does not need you!

Devon: Sly

Webly: Clive

Sly: Clive

(Chimmy: I don't want to mess up again so royally...EVERYONE votes, right? :P)

Jackie: Holes. D:

Trixie: (CONF) Wow, I missed an entire challenge. Anyways, bye Clive!

Clive: *votes self off* good riddance *walks away*

Devon (CONF): Oh why did they vote off Clive hopefully the other allies and me survive

"Holes": Clive.

Devon: Hey anyone going to talk

duke: clives out.

Day Nine:"Ever since the merge youv'e been acting strange."

  • ship travels through blank space*

Devon: *gets out ipod plays bulletproof* This time maybe I'll be bulletproof

Webly: (CONF) Last elimination was harsh

Star: *gets out random phone and plays games*

Devon: Hey Duke theres a new TDWT on tonight are you going to watch it

Jackie: *sighs* :|

Zach: Hey Jackie, every thing alright? Ever since the merge youv'e been acting strange.

Webly: Yeah. I guess I've been thinking about alliance stuff so much I didn't notice. (NOT XD)

Ritchie:*playing DSI* DIE BLARICON (XD)

Devon (CONF): I need to talk about who is going to be eliminated

Ritchie: *looks at coat* (conf) WHAT THE **** my coat is off someone took my **** COAT MY UNCLE GAVE ME THAT RIGHT BEFORE I KILLED HIM *crys* He meant the world to me and now I have togo on with out him *looks at his scrawny body* shirtless *shivvers*

Webly: Well...this is useless. I'm playing with my shoe, what's wrong with me?

Ritchie:*mutters* everything *eyes dart back in forth** (conf) Everyone is staring at me *looks in bag* Element I haven't worn a shirt in a long time *puts it on* *looks at all his tricks and puts them in his pockets and laughs* Man this is good

Star: (conf) Ok... Webly is eating his shoe and Ritchie isn't wearing a shirt *shivers* ...yepp I think we've officially lost it...

Ritchie: DUKE THERES A THING CALLED HEAT (conf) cold cold oh so very very cold

Ritchie: *lieing on the ship* Need a blanket need a blanket need heat need fire need *shiivvers*

(Webly: I'm sick today so I might not be on much)

Trixie: (CONF) Okay, now Ritchie has GOT to go. He is just to weird for this.

Trixie: Ritchie, stop swearing. Webly, stop eating your shoe. Duke, when is the next challenge?

(Ben:Dakota you know Ritchie only cussed twice and now you hate him cause he lost his uncles coat he's lieing with no shirt on a a cold ship on a hard metal floor I mean seriously seriously He's sad and you hate him for it)

Ritchie: I only sweared twice thank you

Trixie: Yeah, but you said you killed your uncle, who you "loved" so much! That's weird.

Devon: Trixie who do we vote off

Devon: look what i found in the Total Drama files

Trixie: Devon, I'd say Ritchie


(Ben:Dakota he thinks he killed him he was actully just KO'd so pleaswe forgive him cause all the thing you hate him for are actully sad things tthat happened to him)

(Dakota: Ben, I have nothing against him, Trixie just doesn't like him.)

Trixie: Whatever. You're still weird.

Ritchie: (conf) I'm going to make everyone regret for messing with me I'm stepping up my game and I'm going to win shirtless.

Trixie: Eww. Please don't. (CONF) *shudders*

Ritchie:Makesme *shows off scrawny body* YEAH THATS RIGHT I'M ALLL SKIN AND BONES and fine *puts on an element shirt*

Webly: Alliance let's gather which means our new member Devon, Trixie, Zach, and one person from Devon's old alliance.

Devon: Star get over here

Webly: Okay, since everyone is here. I decided to discuss who we are going to eliminate, I was thinking maybe James but I need our opinion as the last elimination didn't go as smooth as everyone thought it would.

Devon: I think Sly is the one we should get out

Zach: James should go, he is a bigger threat then Sly.

Trixie: Yeah, but Ritchie has won immunity already. He is a huge threat. I'd say him or James.

Webly: If you guys are most leaning towards James, okay. Ritchie is not a threat at all! We can get him out any time we want.

Ritchie:*listening to everyone was kung fu fighting* HI YA *kicks* ho ya *flips* DEATH GRIP*headlocks dummy and throws it out of the ship*

Zach: I agree Ritchie is useless, and canèt win anything. But he can easily be used for an extra vote.

Webly: Exactly!

Ritchie: * Is showing tremendous athletic ability* Oh yeah here we go now *flips and kicks dummys head off* oops *dummy fleis and hits Zach and webly*

Zach: * Rolls eyes* Plus he has emotional issues... I think he should go first. James is good, but meh. Ritchie is too annouying and I doubt I will be sane if I have to spend much longer with him !

Ritchie: I CAN HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (conf) I hate theese people I'm gonna kill him I will show I am a threat I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA

Webly: James first, then Ritchie

Zach: Fine (Conf) I honestly wish I could remove Ritchie from this game, But he is not a threat, and I should not let emotions make my choices.

Ritchie: *changes clothes*(conf) Ok Got some Killer shades an I pod a backwards hat a Volcom shir and some tore up jeans and my new personnality I know who I am *out of confessional* Hi my name is what my name is who my name is *D.J. scratches record* The real Ritchie

Trixie: (CONF) What is wrong with him?!?!? He needs help.

Jackie: Erm....let's just say.... DDDD: Horsy died.

Ritchie: I'm so sad (conf) My Bro is coaching me through this now Ben is here to help right Ben I know

Devon (CONF): Wow Trixie

Ritchie:*takes deon away for a second* Devon I was thinking you and me could help each other you help convince youtr friends not to elimanate me and I'll help you with challenges (conf) *snickers*

Zach: But Jackie, I thought I put apples back in your arms?

Ritchie:Apples back in your What!

James: Is there gonna be a challenge soon? (CONF) Why do people think I'm a threat? Oh well, I need to win immunity.

Devon: Sure Ben hey Trixie can we save Ritchie

Ritchie:*smiles evily and disapears into the shadows and zeeke apears*

Zeke:You hiding too I'm trying to win TD:WT


Trixie: Sorry Devon, we can't. I don't trust him.

Ritchie: Guys I can help please let me help and I'll never intifere again I swear 9conf) *whispers so no one can here *raises fingers are crossed*

Jackie: No, you dunder head. ._. My REAL horse.

Webly: Sorry Trixie, I don't sound to be mean but when did you become the leader of our alliance. Even though you've been acting like that I'm not sure we can trust Ritchie either until he can prove his trust.

Ritchie:How bout If I help you in the challenge I have some things that might help us

Star: .....

Zach: NO! RITCHIE WILL NOT bbe joinig us, this is his last ditch effort to stay in the game. Webly can we please vote him out first. Please?

Webly: I don't know

Ritchie:No what YOU ALL ARE JERKS You hate me? you've been sending people a chance to stay in icey cold space for the rest of thier natural klives you sicken me imagine the family's in plane *storms off*

Zach: jacke! I completely forgot about you, Im so sorry! Can you forgive me? I promise I will buy you a new horse when we leave this place, honest.

Star: *At Ritchies outburst* O... k... who wants pie *holds up random pie*

Zach: * takes a slice* Thanks, Jackie do you want some? * offers her some of his pie*

Ritchie: Pie *flash back* YUm uncles rubar pie can I have some I just wish I could have my 8pphone rings* Wait WHAT MY UNCLE IS ALIVE YES YES YES

Trixie: Webly, I am not trying to be the leader of the alliance. Devon asked me, and I said no. Plus, I agree with zach, we should vote him off first. He is just trying to stay in the game.

Jackie: IF we ever get out of here, and I bet you don't even have the money to buy a horse...they're much more expensive than you think >_> *takes a slice of pie*

Ritchie:Trixie Zach Shut the H*** up I have been through a lot You ansd your Pitttiful Allience your going to betray them later you know ot you all can't win so why not break up now it's the merge all for one one for alljust give up the sharade you all aren't sfae you all can't win just give up

Trixie: (CONF) Oh, h*** no! He is gone now.


Ritchie: *pours gasoline and vasoline on conf* *grins and takes out the lightbulb* oh yeah

Devon: Ritchie I was trying to save you

Trixie: *exits confessional* What are you doing?!?!? *Pushes Ritchie in conf* Eat this! *Blocks door with wooden plank*

Webly: Well, I have no idea what's going to happen at the elimination!

Ritchie(conf):Ha Ha They think they can beat me! With my own trap no less *takes out hack saw* Yep that's right I do have some tricks losers! *evily grins* *falls back wards and gets out of Conf.*

Zach: I dont care how much they cost, I will buy you a horse * Smiles*

Trixie: *to alliance, so Ritchie can't hear* Okay, he has tried to kill me three times now. We NEED to vote him out.

Duke:Olaf and Reddy are annoying so they are returning!


Duke: And Zackary due to half of his votes being for Zachary, no Zackary! :P Welcome back you three.


duke:and its a day off today :P

Trixie: Welcome back! And would you like to vote with us to get rid of Ritchie?

Reddy:Sure (conf) Old serious Reddy is gone! *tries to prop feet on camera but epically fails and falls back* ****!

(Dakota: Duke, when are your next power rankings????)

(Reddy: At the final 8 :P)

Zach: Look, Im sorry Reddy. I only chose your team to lose because you were a huge threat. And Olaf.... Well I have never even talked to you o.0 So that Leaves Zackary, its nice to meet you * Offers hand for marriage Handshake

Webly: (CONF) This is bad! I hope Reddy doesn't hate me...wait I remembered we were in an alliance to the final 3.

Reddy:*crosses arms* *to webly* So I guess that there's not room for one more in your alliance? :(

Trixie: Sure! You can join, as long as you agree to vote out who we want to vote out.

Ritchie:*throws can at trixie*

Trixie: *gets hit* OW! *to Reddy* You're so strong and muscular, can you beat up Ritchie for me? PLEASE??? :(

Reddy: Im not beating up ritchie. Any damage from another competitor to ritchie the damager gets thrown out! D:

Ritchie:*takes out contract* SEE Proncess I'm untouchable *sticks tyounge out*

Trixie: *takes out contract* SEE Princess I'm untouchable TOO. *sticks tongue out* You're not the only one with money and power.

Ritchie:Let me see that *takes contract* this is all in order no copies made and wait whats this *tears contract to shreds then shoots it to smitherienes* THERE

Webly: Again, Trixie, Reddy was asking me and sure Reddy!

Trixie: As Chris Maclean said, "The great thing about lawyers is, they make LOTS of copies." They may say they never made copies, but they do. I'm not stupid.


Zach: Ritchie just shut up! All you do is whine and cry. You are not a baby! Start acting like this, If you are sooo depressed just leave. So just shut the **** up and dont get in our way!

Ritchie:ZACH YOUR NO BETTER THAN MRS. SNOB OVER HERE YOU WEBLY ALL OF YOU ARE TRAITORS YOU GOT STUCK WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT DO YOU DO YOU SEND THEM OUT INTO THE DARK ICEYNESS OF SPACENEVER TO RETURN NEVER TO SEE THERE FAMILY AAGAIN STOP THINKING FOR ONCE AND LOOK AROUND AT ALL OF THE PEOPLE NEVER TO MEET THERE FAMILY AGAIN FORGET IT you don't even care *single tear goes down* Want to know what I care but you guys don't (conf) I see nothing wrong with my lecture hthey deserved it they want to be cruel they can but I hope karma bites em so hard there great grand children will have wounds

Devon (CONF): Final 14 again

Jackie: Please, don't argue...and why would you want to get me a new horse? I could very easily save up for one myself.

Ritchie:Cause he loves you *gets hit in head with can8 X_X

Trixie: Ritchie, this is your lamest attempt at egtting us to quit yet. And Jackie, here's enough money for a new horse. $10,000.

Ritchie:It's true! Genious! *throwsd can at tricies head*

Jackie: No thanks...even if I wanted help, I was told never to accept money from strangers...after all, I've only known you for a short time.

Trixie: No, I insist. I think we'll be great friends... *dodges can* :P

Zackary: *flames explode* *Zackary walks out* Well. I'm back. And now you've brought out my evil instinct. One by one, you'll all go down. *flames cease by water*

Zackary: (CONF) Now that I've returned, I have to play this game correctly. Starting with winning today's immunity mission.

Ritchie:Ok where'd the flames come from I want flames too *takes out match* COme on *catches self on fire* AHHHHHHHHHHH *runs into Zachary's flames* AHHHHHHH

Random dude: Stop Drop and roll man


Pole:*catches on fire*

Zackary: See this is why no one likes you Ritchie, you idiot. *blows on the flames and then they go out*

Ritchie Thanks!

Trixie: THANK YOU ZACKARY!!! Hmm. I kinda like the way you think. I think we'll be great friends...

Duke:no challenge vote.

Vote:"Webly, might I add, I am SO sorry for acting like that."


Reddy:IM SO VOTING FOR RITCHIE! *secretly votes for trixie and hands vote to duke*

Webly: (CONF) This is hard James, Trixie, or Ritchie.

Trixie: Ritchie. Webly, might I add, I am SO sorry for acting like that. I know you're the leader and I won't do it again.

Ritchie: Hum lets see I vote Olf! *secretly votes Trixie*

James:*votes for Trixie* You suck!

Reddy:(conf) Should I tell trixie to pack her bags rtight now> nah.

Webly: *tears up* James *secretly votes Trixie instead* (I'm sorry I want to have a good chance of winning and you are a tough competitor no hard feelings, right?)

Trixie: (CONF) Sorry, but I'm not going again. *stuffs ballot box with votes for Ritchie aka Harold in TDI*

(reddy:you cant stuff the ballot box. No one else has done that this entire series >_>)

(Dakota: I know, that's why I'm doing it now. It's interesting.)

(Ben:Dakota seriously I mean seriuously Stop this is cheating godplaying now un stiff the ballot -_-)

(Tdafan: Please stop Dakota. It's seriously annoying)

(Dakota: It's not godplaying if they did it on TDI.)

(Tdafan: Well we don't allow it here.)

(Ben:Yes now stop!)

(reddy:enough guys. Im gonna have to intervene.)

Duke:Since we have like a million votes for ritchie and three for trixie, and I know we dont have a million and 3 comntestants, no one will leave, but three will leave tomorrow for me having untrustworthy contestants.

James: You're lucky, Trixie.

Trixie: (CONF) I need to win immunity tomorrow.

(Dakota: Reddy, I made a logo for the camp, do you want me to add it?)


Ritchie:well that was dramatic

Day Ten:"I think I'll be safe for atleast three more days. When you're cocky it usually means you're right. Well, atleast that's what Richard Hatch says."

Duke:*angrily drives the ship* :@

James:*sits back, relaxes* (CONF) I think I'll be safe for atleast three more days. When you're cocky it usually means you're right. Well, atleast that's what Richard Hatch says.

Webly: (CONF) Wow! Triple elimination!

Trixie: (CONF) That James is TOO cocky. I mean, I'm cocky, but not THAT cocky. Well, if I don't win immunity this week, I'm out.

James: Look, I want all of us to be friends, so, let's not backstab anyone, ok? Let's all be honest. :) *waits for people to beat him up XD*

Trixie: It's a triple elimination day, so can it be a triple immunity challenge too?

Zackary: Why do you care? You wouldn't win anyways. You didn't deserve to return.


James: What? Zackary didn't return.

Trixie: Yeah he did... (CONF) Okay, so if everything goes right, James, Ritchie, and Zackary will go. So I need immunity.

Ritchie:Welp I know who to vote and I know not to tell

James; My mind has been kinda screwed up lately...

Webly: This is harsh! *walks to Jackie* Hey, I'm just trying to escape the elimination stuff and talk to a sane person!

Duke:Zackary returned becuz half his votes were for Zachary. :P and who said today was for immunity?

(Dakota: Will the challenge be tomorrow?)

James:*sits back, falls off chair* I gotta stop sitting back, and get my head in the freaking game.

Zach: Webly we need to talk. Now

Webly: Okay

Zach: * Walks away after talkign to Webly* Hmmm I need to get her a gift... * Goes to the kitchen*

Webly: Jackie a gift? Do you like her? That's such a good couple!

Challenge:"Didn't see that coming but YAY"

Duke:*presses a button that sends a;ll the contestants out into space* dont worry, i put antisuffication pills in your breakfast. Anywa* y, today's challenge reward is getting to eliminate one of the three people who will be going! The challenge is to battle aliens! (please say exactly how many you kill, and u cant kill more than 3 at a time; no godplaying like winning in one edit either.) *a billion aliens go out into space* Go!

Reddy:*kicks one in the facxe* die!

Webly: *kicks one and kills it* Oww!

Zach: Weee this is fun *Hugs an alien to death* Wooops.

Reddy:*kills the alien he kicked, and slams it into another one, killing it (i killed two)*

Webly: *kills another alien and punched another one*

Ritchie: *takes pout egg beater* I'm gonna treat you like I treat my eggs scrambled *egg beats an alien*

Zach: Hug attack!!! * Runs to an alien and gives him a huge hug* Die Already!!!! * Kicks the alien's head off* Woops...

Webly: *the alien he punched died* YES! *punches another one*

Reddy:*kills another alien*(red:once we hit 20 killed aliensa we stop. :P)

Webly: *punches another alien and it dies* My arm is starting to hit time to bring in the other one!

Ritchie: *throws a bowling ball at aliens head* strikeeeeeeeee!

Ritchie:*throws a spork at an aliens heart*

Webly: *uses other arm and kills another one* Eww! Alien BLOOD!

reddy:*goes into the split kick and kills two aliens* >:D

Zach: * Group hug! * Hugs 2 aliens and then bangs there heads Killing them* Double ooops!

Ritchie: Suck silver! *takes out a gun and shoots three aliens* (This is why being a dealer come sin handy)

duke:challenge over ritchie wins? O_0

Webly: Wow!

Ritchie:Didn't see that coming but YAY (XDDDD)

James: Nice job, Ritchie.

Ritchie: I Pick Olaf! He won last sason huge threat no way will he win again

Zach: Gratz * Mumbles*

Vote:"Im extremly sorry but Im worried you might screw this up."

James: Trixie and Zach, sorry to Zach, not sorry to Trixie.

Ritchie:Trixie and Reddy sorry red not sorry to little miss princess demon

Zach: Devon, Im extremly sorry but Im worried you might screw this up. And Reddy, Sorry but I have a feeling you wanted me out.

Webly: Trixie and Devon. Trixie everyone wants you off deal with it! Devon, you want meh out later in the game and why would I help someone who wants me out.

Reddy:Trixie and Devon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devon: Reddy and Zach sorry dudes I need to keep Trixie though

James:*glares at Devon*

Devon: sorry

Devon: you guys I'm sorry ok so I thought i could win but i quit this im leaving you hosers

James: I change my votes to Devon and Trixie.

Devon: Im quitting *cries*

Duke:Ok. One more person to leave.

James: See ya around Devon.

Trixie: I vote for Reddy twice.

James: You can't do that!

Duke:This is taking forever, so Trixie and Reddy are both eliminated, but you guys have to stay with us since id get sued if otherwise.

Reddy:what happened to olaf and devon and all thoiase other ppl?

  • theyre all capture by aliens*

Duke:nothing.... end vote

Day Eleven:"So, Duke, will you provide me some pants? These leaves are kinda itchy..."

James:*wakes up* GOod morning final ten! Now, there's always been somethign I've wanted to do...*removes clothes and streaks* FINAL TEN! WAHOO!

Zach: *wakes up and sees James* This is just a dream.... * Goes to kitchen to finish his cake*

James:*continues to streak*

Ritchie: AHHHHHH *goes back ti sleep*

Webly: I did not need to see that. (CONF) this game is getting good

James:*puts shirt and underwear on* Wait, where's my pants? AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Zach: *Hums* Now put in the oven for 30 minutes....

James:*hides in shame*

Zach: * Opens the oven* James... The oven is not a hiding place! Now if you need pants go look in my room I should have an extra pair.

James: Thank god you opened it, it was hot in there.*gets some pants on* They're too big! *pants fall to ankles*

Zach: *Puts Cake in the oven*

Duke: Stay back y’all.

James:*makes pants from leaves* OMG! It's people!

Zach: * Waits for the cake to be done*

Webly: Avery!!!! I mean really!

James: It's John! He and Olaf were my favorites last season!

Ritchie: Is that Ben I thought theese people disapeared it said so on the news

James: So, Duke, will you provide me some pants? These leaves are kinda itchy...

Ritchie:Thats because that posion ivy it's all in ths book

Duke:*pulls some pants off a tree* here.

reddy:hey, i left those he- nvm. :|

James:*puts pants on* So, what's the challenge, Dukeyme boy?

Zackary: Hey! It's Spencer!
Zackary: (CONF) My next target is Zach or James. He streaks. Ew,

Zach: * Hears a ding* Oo My cake is done!

Jackie: How do I always miss the challenges? D:

Webly: I don't know (CONF) This game is harder and harder! I wonder who will be kicked off next.

Zach: Jackie! Come I want to show you what I made * Smiles*

Webly: (CONF) I'm trying to get my head off the game and notice more and one thing I've noticed is that Zach is totally crushin' over Jackie

Jackie: *walks over to Zach* Yeah? :)

Sly: Let me see if I could another su-I mean player to align with.

Zackary: (CONF) I feel like I should get allied with someone. Maybe Sly or Jackie. No one seems to hate Jackie, so that might help. And if she says no, I find some way to get her eliminated.

Zach: *Shows Jackie the vanilla cake with strawberry icing*

Zackary: Shut up, I'm trying to talk to her. *throws cake at Webly* So Jackie, I was wondering. If you could possibly be allied with me?

Zach: * Blinks Then walks away* (CONF) *Blinks*

Zackary: *pushes Zach off a bridge* You don't need him. See, the competition is less. Now, about that alliance.

Zach:Im ok * Weakly smiles then passes out on his face*

Zackary: Ha ha, *goes to Jackie* I'm about to make him quit to competition. *puts Zach in a box* SAY, YOU'LL QUIT THE COMPETITION.

Zach: * Is still passed out*

Zackary: Oh, you're not talking. Eh? Well, I'll see you in the challenge. MWHAAHAAA! *tries to disappear in a puff of smoke* *is still there* *jackie laughs* Well, you just can't make a good wizard of oz exit these days.

Zach: * wakes and notices he is in a cage* HELP!

Zackary: Quit the competition, or meet your doom!


Zach:*Pauses* Either way.... I wont be able to see Jackie.... So I will meet my Doom, maybe I will see her longer * Smiles*

Zackary: Aw dad. Please? Please dad?

Zackary: (CONF) So Duke's my adoptive father. So what? This just means I get a free ride to the final five.

Zackary: I don't care what you say! *throws the cage off the bridge, into the rapids below* Try surviving that. With a lock that only I know where the key is.

Zach: Jackie! I lo-*Water enter his throat*

Webly: Jackie what Zach is trying to say is that he LOVES you. Zach does and it's been pretty obvious and I'm not sure if this was in there but he wants to go on a date with you.
James: Awwww, love.

Star: *Finds random key somewhere* Hey guys look I found the key! *throws key in water so Zach can get out* (conf) He can't die without telling Jackie he loves her... I just hate sad endings... so I'm going to make it happy:) HOORAY FOR HAPPY ENDINGS!!!

Sly: Oh boy.

Zackary: One, you threw it a rock. Two, you'd never find the key. It's in a secret place. I'll give you a hint. It's in a toy. Ha ha, you'll never find it.

Zackary: Nuh uh, cuz the key's with me right here. In the Mr. Potato Head. Oh crap *star has shifty eyes*

Zackary: BE FREE! *throws potato head off the bridge*

Zackary: Oh well. Poor Zach, nothing can save him now. Btw, I planned on letting him out. I guess that can't happen now.

(Tcf09: please stop talking for me)

Zackary: And Star, I'm really sorry to have to make you see this. I'll put you out of your misery. *pushes her off bridge and blindly throws a knife down.* *heres blood curdling screams* Okay, creepy. Oh well,

Knife: *is thrown at Zackary*

Zackary: Wow, Star? Did I miss? Crap, And now you're about to finish me off. Well, you can't come in the boy's bathroom! BYE!

Sly: *hiding in boy's bathroom, shoots Zackary in the head* Sucker!

Zackary: Wow, a dart gun? How menacing. *gives Sly a swirly in the urinal* HA HA! *disappears in ceiling*

Sly: Wrong gun! *shoots ceiling with AK-47*

Zackary: Oh god. You barely hit me, man. You gotta be more careful with that, *escapes in a puff of smoke* YES! *is in some dark place* Huh?

Joe: Surprise! *chokes Zackary in the dark*

Star: *climbs back up cliff takes knife and stabs Zackary in the foot* ...I'm to nice to actually kill you:/ *goes to dry off*

Zackary: *is getting choked* *kicks Sly in the gut* *Sly flies back* *runs off* *runs into Sly who now has a knife*

Zackary: Okay, I'm sorry for murdering Zach. Please don't kill me. My wife will be devastated. What will my little Emmalina think? And my Bobby? Please don't kill me.

Zackary: Ow my foot.

Police: There they are! Zackary Larson, Sly Montgomery, and Star Turner. They're the murders!

Zackary: Huh? I can't go to jail. You can't arrest me. *all three of them are thrown in car* *car drives away* MY MILLION!

Sly: My last name isn't Montgomery!

Police: Like we care.

Sly: Like you should care, because I'm not really Sly!

Zackary: What?

Police: What?

Star: *crying* But i didn't even kill anyone... and my last name is Carson! Police: Stabbin is still a crime.

Zackary: Stab this! *stabs both officers* Come on guys! *officers are dead*

Zackary: (CONF) What? Like who would find out?

Zackary, Star, and Sly: *pushes police car off cliff and it tumbles towards ocean*

Zackary: Back to win that million! *all cheer*

Sly: I'm not really Sly! (Damn edit conflicts!)

Zackary: Well who are you?

Sly: I'm really...*takes off Sly disguise*...JOE!!!

Zackary: Oh my god. Star, run!

Joe: We're in a car, stupids!

Zackary: Um, we just pushed it off a cliff.

Joe: In that case...Let's go back there and show them whose boss!

"Holes": O_O

Star: *back at the camp* I'm going to take a nap...

Zackary: I can never unsee that. When's the challenge over?

Challenge:"Zach died!"

Duke:Zach died! *gasps are collected* Anyway. Your challenge is to... *a bunch of godzillapors appear* i love these things! However, u wont be killing these. You'll be saving the thriteen losers from them! First, you will save Nad! If you kill a godzillapor, you;'re out. the person to bring nad to me wins a point! person with most points at the end will recieve invincibility!

Jackie: TT___TT *mauls a godzillapor in anger*

"Holes": Zack will probably throw them to the godzillapors! >:( *picks up Nad and starts carrying him to Duke*

Jackie: *sighs, jumps on godzillapor, rides to losers*

James:*pantses "Holes", takes Nad and runs to Duke*

James:*slides on ground, and hands Nad to Duke* There ya go!*slides into a wall* Ow!

Duke:Point for james. Get kev now!

James:*runs to Kev, grabs him, dodges a few godzillapors, rushes towards Duke*

"Holes": *pushes James down and brings Kev to Duke* :P (conf.) Revenge is a dish best served painfully!

James: Dang it!

Jackie: :P

James:(CONF) "Holes" can be a jerk sometimes, but I don't hold it against him.

Duke:Just bring me the rest! (you can only care one at a time!)

James:*brings Christian to Duke, runs to get someone else*

Duke:*erases the past to where no ones arrested* (are you guys crazy? XD jk)

James:*carries Jim to duke* (CONF) I am pwning the challenge!*jumps up, hits head on CONF ceiling* Ouch!

James:*sees John, carries him, slips, and John flies in the air*

Webly: How'd Zach die? *he starts crying* WHY? WHY? *starts to make resurrection machine*

James:*catches John, hands him to Duke*

"Holes": Good job James! *picks up Ben and brings him to Duke*

James:*brings Brittany to Duke* Thanks "Holes". (CONF) "Holes" maybe isn't as bad as I think he is.

James:*drops Dark next to Duke* There ya go. One more and i win!

Jackie: *dives for Kenny, drags him to Duke* V_V

"Holes": *picks up Avery and brings her to Dulke* (Conf.) James isn't a bad guy, I think we could make a rockin' allliance, though.

James:*slides on floor, has Spencer and gives him to Duke* WOO! Immunity is mine baby!*hits wall* I need to learn how to brake...

Zackary: I'm so confuzzled. Oh well, because this immunity idol will save me from tonight's elimination.

Duke:nope, thats fake. (you dont have an immunity idsol dude)

James:(CONF) Well, I kinda needed that immunity win, but I think I'll be good for a while anyway.

Duke:James wins and is immune, and also gets... *tosses James an immunity idol* immunity idol!

Vote:"I vote Ariel for no reason at all."


James: Ariel.

Zackary: Ariel

Joe: I vote Ariel for no reason at all.

Ariel: Bye. D:

Day Twelve:"Holy crap! We're left on our own!"

  • ship flies, but loses control and crashes on the moon*

duke: ow

Reddy:you think? :(

Zackary: Aw, the final eight. Seven losers to go. *leans back of an universal tranporter* *is tranporter to an island* Am I back on Earth? *is tranported back to the ship* Aw,

James: Final eight! WOOT!

Jackie: *sits and cries* T_T

Webly: *comforts Jackie* It's okay! Zach loved you and he would want you to go far with me!

Joe: Why am I stuck with you clowns?

Duke:*flies ship, but the back part comes right off, causing James, Ritchie, Zackary, and Star to be stranded on the moon, while Webly, Joe, "holes" and Jackie are able to stay on the ship, and Reddy and Trixie are teleported to Earth somehow...

James: Holy crap! We're left on our own!

Reddy:*poofs onto the moon* where am I? D:

Jackie: I know...but right now wherever he is he's probably grieving...over me...why can't I join him there? T_T

Zackary: I can do that for you. *shifty eyes* Oh yeah, I was supposed to fall off* *jumps on moon* I can't be stranded here. Not with a bunch of losers! *quickly* No offense

Joe: Why can't you just shut up? I'm trying to read!

Webly: Believe me, if you die Jackie....(you won't be able to be in allstars xD) Zach would be sad.

Joe: I'll show you "all-stars!"

James:I'm kinda scared... I wish my guitar fell out too.*guitar falls, hits him on the head, causing him to faint*

Webly: This is weird!

  • ship poofs back on moon*

duke: FAIL at my attempt to make the campers scared ._.

James:Ship!*hugs ship, cries* I thought I'd die!

Duke:anyway, out of boredom and cuz i want to, *tosses webly and zackary both an immunity idol* Now James, Zackary, and Webly all have idols. Today, the 8 of you will become 6!

Webly: Oh that's a double elimination!

Zackary: Yes! Immunity!!

Jackie: But if I die, I'll be able to be with him again...wouldn't that be worth it? V_V

Joe: SHUT UP!!!

Webly: No...I'm working on a resurrection machine. After the show I'm planning to take his body and use it to ressurect him and you guys can be together without dying.Reddy:*brings zach's body back to the place* I took a suvenior XD. He's not dead.

duke: he cant return.

zach: :(

(red;sdorry zach, its too late, but you can still cheer uon jackie and talk here)

James:*relaxes, watches everyone else do the challenge*

Zach:*smiles* You can do it Jackie, I beleive in you

Jackie: Aw crap, now I'm hallucinating! Accept it, Jackie! He's gone forever, and you're the only one that gives a sh**! *pounds fists on ground and cries*

Zackary: Yup, you got that right. No one else cares. Now get over it before I kill you.

James:*stands up* Say that again and I whoop your butt!

Zackary: Get it over before I....kill....her.

Jackie: Go on, kill me. I'm not afraid.

Zach:*sighs* Jackie its me!!!!!!!!! * Walks up to her and kisses her* See!?

Jackie: O___O...*breaks down crying, rests head on Zach's shoulder* T_T

Ritchie:(conf) CRap Zach's gone me and him were in an allience now what all tjheese people wanna kill me I mean come on how will I survive now oh well time to make friends

Ritchie:Is it just me or is a ghost flirting with Jackie.Ok thats it were going crazy somebody hand me my suicide knife (XDD)

James:*wakes up* Is the challenge over yet?

Webly: It hasn't started!


Duke: Now, for the actual challenge! People with an immunity can either play their idol and auto win this challenge and be safe at elimination, or participate and save their idol for later in the competition! Your challenge, is to try and fix this ship! which i made seven other copies of! XD

Ritchie:*doing einie mienie minie Moe* HERE *takes out wrench*

Webly: *starts working on first half* 999 bottles of pop on the wall, 999 bottles of pop, take one down, pass it around, 998 bottles of pop on the wall

Joe: *starts fixing ship* This is easy. *hits his thumb with a hammer* OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Webly: *finishes part one of the first half* All this labor is getting me hungry!

James:*hands Duke immunity idol*

Webly: Awww! I was working hard.

Duke:Ok, vote ppl.


Webly: "HOLES"! You haven't put ANY effort in the game

Joe: Holes is what he's full of!

James: I am so voting off "Holes"! *votes for Star secretly*

Ritchies:*gas wrench sruck to his arm* Curse you crazy gle oh yeah what the hey Holes you haven't been here in a while

Star: Holes... sorry:( (If your voting for me because i'm not being very active right now it's because i'm on vacation and i don't have much time to get on because i'm so busy... so i really don't have a choice)

Jackie: Holes? I guess... :|

Zackary: I guess, since my vote would mean nothing now, "Holes"

Duke:bye holes.

Day 13

  • ship is traveling again*

duke: webly and Zackary; you have a good shot at teh final 6

Ritchie:What about me :D (XD)

Webly: Really? I'm kind of surprised I made it this far. Zach and I were supposed to be the final 2. I took him as far as I can go and it proves I'm trustworthy as long as they are to me.

Joe: Yeah, poser boy is definitely going to make it.

Ritchie: What about me huh where what huh what about me Huh could I get far please what tell me what *gets hit by Conf door* Ouch *falls backwards and is KO'd*

Zackary: (CONF) I know I'm going to make the final six. All it took was killing or drowning Zach. Now, people might be afraid of me. And if not, this *has immunity idol* saves me.

Zackary: Joe, Webly. You guys want to be in my alliance?

Webly: I don't know. Since we're all strategists that might not be the best idea. But I'm still considering as I only have one ally.

Ritchie:(conf) As far as I'm concirned people will keep me I'm not a threat but I ot skill my devices helped me win a challenge Zachary and webly are big threats even candietes for the final six and I plan to get them to go I'll take out Zachary first the dude killed Zach so I have a motive and second the dude gets angry

Zackary: Sweet, thanks. I was thinking of taking either Ritchie or Star out. Your pick.

Star: *grabs Zakary by his shirt* Why the h*ll do you want me out?! (conf) Great there goes my temper:/

Zackary: *sarcastically* Why I don't know. You wanna ally with me too? We can all take down Ritchie and make it to the final four.

Star: Hmmm... I don't know... how do I know you won't just vote me off after Ritchie... because you use to hate me

Zackary: I promise, I'm past all of that stuff. Please?

Webly: (CONF) Me and Ritchie were allied but now he wants me out? I'm kind of confused but if he wants to go, I'm fine.

Star: ...Fine

Joe: I'm in.

(Koops: I will be leaving for a week, so I'll be inactive in camps until I get back.)

Challenge 13

Duke: Yeah, my girlfriend broke up with me last nifght. So I just want you people to like, try an cheer me up about it. two ppl are leaving this episode. >:( (issues....)

Zackary: Our bloody challenge is to cheer you up? WTF?

Webly: Duke I bet you're hotter than your ex-girlfriend. Think of her ugly, is she really the girl for you?

Zackary: Here's Selena Gomez. She's single. Are you happy?

Webly: (CONF) It's not actually Selena Gomez, it's a statue. For all those weird people who are addicted to Selena Gomez out there.

Duke: *groans* ;(((((((((((((((((((

Webly: Think about all the hot people you see on the magazines and then remember they are way hotter than your ex.


Duke: you guys suck. Zackary and Webly automatically use their idols, making them in the final 4, because 3 are going. Past playter katie is eliminating three.

Webly: Yayz! I'm the final four. I was going to use mine anyways!

Katie: *smiles* Hey guys! I'm eliminating Star, James and Joe! My sister doesn't like you Joe! Star is the highest ranking person in my alliance and James...well he shot me down!

Duke: bye!

Day 14

Duke: we're heading through a huge astroid belt! Hold on tight final 4. try not to die. My death rates with passengers have been huge lately...

Webly: (CONF) I'm so excited I made this far! TAKE THAT LAST SEASON!

Ritchie: Astroid Belt death rates O god (conf) *in fetal Position* WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (out of conf) I made it this far yes!

Zackary: (CONF) Final four, this should be easy. Ritchie's so annoying he'll never win. Jackie has the best chance of winning, but I think me and Webly could rule her out.

Zackary: So....WO! *astroids bump into ship*

Duke: weclome to the finale campers! *radio fails out, electricity goes out, the ship stops, and duke disappears*

Webly: Is this another one of those murderer challenge where someone returns? They did that in the IRC Camps and I almost pooped my pants and I repeat almost! (CONF) Maybe I shouldn't of said that out loud

Ritchie: Ewwwwwwww K *backs away from Webly* wait a minute! if dukes not driving the ship whos...?

Webly: I was getting there....

Ritchie:*eyes darting at Webly and Zachary* (conf) I need one to get out Webly is stratigeitical whatever! and Zachary is Evil cunning and intellegent. Jackie and me are the odd ones out

Webly: (CONF) I feel bad for Jackie. She's really depressed about Zach. If only he was back, I tried my hardest to make me and him get that far. (I really did XD. If it weren't for me Reddy or Devon might still be in)

Ritchie:(conf) *sneers* I need to see if one of them will turn against the other.

Ritchie: *takes webly somewhere where they are alone* Okay Zachary is powerful we need to get him out you in (OMG Webz I relized this if it weren't for me Archie would've last longerish)

  • plane is being blasted by lazers, the ship breaks in half with ritchie and webly together in one half, and zackary and jackie on the other.*

Ritchie: *flies out screaming* WHAT KIND OF CRUEL SCIENCE IS THIS

Webly: *Looks at feet* The kind of science which makes your shoe grow out of your foot. Wait, did I say that right?

Ritchie: *shrugs* (XD)

Zackary: Okay, I'm really getting sick of being stranded with losers! Well, I guess Jackie is more of an annoyance.

duke:*appears betwewen the halfs* you are here in the finale. You must all come here and tell me why you deserve to win in PM. (IK all of you have chatango.; webly since u dont have an account you message me anyway xD). the two i think deserve to win the most will be put forth to the final challenge! (message me on my talk here when you're coming)

Duke: by popular viewer demand, Webly has won!


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