Johnny returns with 14 wiki users to compete for an amazing prize, Shh. Its a secret. 14 will come, many will fall but only 1 will rise to victory! Wiki Battle: The Return!


  • Please do not quit or be inactive, it will ruin the fun for the rest of us.
  • Do not edit the elimination table never!
  • Do not change other users' votes.
  • There will be 2 twists in this game, so don't be so surprized.
  • If you are going to miss a challenge please let me know ahead of time.
  • Miss 3 challenges and you will be automatically eliminated.
  • There will be a waiting list.


Please include what you'd like to be called and a link to your user page.

Ex: Johnny

Users (Closed)

  1. Orange
  2. Guess who is back, yup Ifraid, like to be called Ifraid obviously.
  3. LinsdayxJustin
  4. User:Franky494 (Would like to be called Pin)
  5. Survivor321
  6. Markery
  7. MRace2010
  8. Ashgraham2
  9. Hollywood
  10. Dig Down Deep And Break The Streak! (talk) 06:01, January 20, 2013 (UTC)
  11. Liamliamliam (talk) (Would like to be called Harris)
  12. BlazeHead 51 (would like to be called Derek)
  13. Gwenny98
  14. Juantheawsome
  15. Phyneo
  16. Stars&Straps20

Waiting List

If any contestant quits or is auto-eliminated the one at the top of the list will take their place.

Elimination Table

Only Johnny and Zanna edits

Users 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Hollywood WIN WIN WIN Mike SAFE Ash Lily Stars Derek Pin WIN WINNER
Race Juan Ifraid Mark WIN SAFE N/A Lily Stars WIN Orange WIN Runner-Up
Orange WIN WIN WIN Mike SAFE N/A Lily WIN Derek Pin WIN 3rd
Harris Juan Ifraid Mark WIN SAFE N/A Lily WIN Derek Pin N/A Hollywood
Pin Juan Ifraid N/A WIN SAFE Ash Lily WIN N/A Orange Race
Derek Juan Ifraid Mark WIN SAFE N/A Lily Stars Orange Race
Stars SAFE WIN WIN Race Hollywood
Phyneo SAFE Ash N/A QUIT Hollywood
Lily WIN WIN* WIN Mike SAFE N/A N/A Hollywood
Gwenny WIN WIN* WIN* N/A* N/A
Survivor WIN WIN* WIN N/A* N/A
Mark N/A* N/A* N/A*
Ifraid Juan N/A*
Juan N/A
  • Episode 5 was the start of the merge. (Teams disbanded)
  • Gwenny and Survivor were auto eliminated for not being active and were replaced by Stars and Phyneo.
  • Green means that person won the individual challenge or was on the winning team.
  • White means that person was safe from elimination on the losing team.
  • Orange means that person was almost eliminated.
  • Red means that person was eliminated.
  • Purple means that person quit.

Day 1

Ifraid: hello worl- wait why am I saying the same line I used first last season?

Pin: I have a win token, 2 actually

TJ: I'm excited to be here again. Hope I win this time!

Ash: I'm in it to win it!

Johnny: Zanna? ZANNA!

MR: So yeah, i'm back there....that's fine. Ohai *conf* New contestants from previous times :D. It's goin to be fun again.

Harris: YAY, it is great to be back!

Pin: Don't tell me Woody is here or that Stupid Blocky (CONF: PLEASE NO BLOCKY, PLEASE NO WOODY, PLEASE)

Gwenny: Hey guys !

MR: So, spots are filled?

Harris: It seems that way!

Mike: Hey guys 

Blaze: hey everyone.

Hollywood: Yep, it's me! :D

LxJ: hi everyone :)

Pin: Anyone seen Teardrop

MR: Yoylecake! and no (can we start?)

Pin: Seen Coiny

Johnny: I will now state the teams. Pin, Harris, Derek, Mark, Race, Ifraid, and Juan are on the Corazones Tribe and Survivor, Lily, Gwenny, Ash, Mike, Hollywood, and Orange are on the Cruzados Tribe.

Pin: Who's the captain, Can I be the captain

Johnny: You don't need team captains.

Day 2

Johnny: Hello, the challenge for today is to race from here to the beach. (5 lines) The team with most members on the beach in 12 hours wins. Ready Go!

LxJ: okay ! *Runs to the beach* (1)

Pin: *Runs* I wanna have a win token (1)

LxJ: *Runs* (2)

Pin: *Runs* (2)

LxJ: *Runs* (3)

Pin: *Runs* (3)

Ash: *Runs* (1)

Pin: *Sees finish*

Orange: *runs* (1)

Hollywood: *runs* (1)

Pin: *6 steps away from finishing* (4)

LxJ: *Runs* (4)

Orange: *runs* 

Pin: *Finishes* Can I have a win token

LxJ: *Runs* finishh !! yeah !

Orange: *runs*

Hollywood: *runs*

Orange: *runs*

Hollywood: *runs*

Derek: (runs)

Orange: *runs* YES! 

Hollywood: *runs*

Gwenny: *runs*

Hollywood: *finishes*

Gwenny: *Runs*

Derek: (runs)

Race: (runs) (VERY SORRY. I hate my fever -_-)

Ash: *runs*

Race: *runs*

Johnny: Lily Pin, Orange, Hollywood so the Cruzados Tribe wins immunity! (Sorry I was so late I was busy)

Day 3

Johnny: Welcome to wiki council. Its not good that you're here, but that means your tribe messed up somewhere. Just Vote.

Pin: I Vote Juan (Do I have immunity as I was the only person who finished on this team)

Harris: Juan, (sorry for inactivity)

Race: Really? Aw cmon...well i'll vote Juan :|

Derek: sorry Juan, but i vote for you.

LxJ: sorry i vote Juan :(

Johnny: The tribe has spoke. Juan your time here is over. *Kicks Juan off the island, literally*

Juan:you will never cacth me runs away and hides in far away

Day 4

Race: Ok, we can still win next challenge :)

Hollywood: Come on team we can win again!

Day 5

Johnny: For today's challenge you must team up and create a team flag.

Race: Uh what?

Johnny: Make a team flag! (Drawing) The best one by my choice wins.

Hollywood: Will do!

Race: Let's hope we can win, and here's my entry

Franky: Done, it sucks but is done

Zanna: Done! :D

Johnny: I love all the flag but I prefer Zanna's. Though since I also love Race's he gets immunity too.

Day 6

Johnny: Corazones Vote! Race is safe though.

MR: I think i'll vote Ifraid? Sorry

Franky: Ifraid (Do I get immunity as I submitted a pic)

Derek: i'll vote for Ifraid, sorry mate.


Day 7

Zanna: Good job team!

Day 8

Johnny: Welcome for the challenge all you have to do is mention a country that is in europe. You can't say one ssomeone else said though. Tribe that has the mention the most countries wins.

Orange: Liechtenstein

Race: Italy *derp*

Lily: France

Race: Vatican City (IT'S A STATE)

Johnny: The Cruzados Tribe wins! Again.

Day 9

Johnny: Third time at wiki council, shame on you. Race gets immunity, though. Vote.

Liam: Mark

Race: Definitivaly Mark. He's not helping :(

Johnny: Mark is out.

Derek: late vote, i vote Mark.

Day 11

Johnny: This is a simple challenge its a word game, I'll give each team a letter to begin with and they have to find a word that starts with that letter and say it, then another teammate must find and say a word ending with the last letter of the previous word and so on. The team with more words in a 24-hour time period wins!

Corazones Word Game

Johnny: Your letter is ... O!

Pin: Orange

Derek: Electric.

Pin: Cake

Harris: Exit

Race: Tamburine

Harris: Elephant

Derek: Time.

Pin: Eagle

Race: Eerie

Harris: Easy

Race: Yellow

Harris: Welcome

Race: Elevator

Harris: Radio

Derek: Olive.

Harris: Enemy

Derek: Yellow.

Pin: Wall

Harris: Lemonade

Race: Error

Harris: Reherse

Pin: Errand (Please stop doing words that end in E)

Johnny: You can stop cause you win!

Cruzados Word Game

Johnny: Your letter is ... R!

Orange: Raisens

Hollywood: Slushee

Lily: Evil

Orange: Letter

Ash: Random............

Lily: Monday

Johnny: The other tribe won.

Day 12

Johnny: Welcome to your first wiki council. Vote for the person you believe should go home.

Orange: Mike 

Hollywood: Mike

Lily: Mike

Ash: M to the I to the K to the E!!!! 

Johnny: Mike is eliminated.

Day 14

Johnny: Welcome to the merge! But before moving on lets have a simple challenge. All you have to do is enter a link to a song. The song I like the best wins immunity!

Franky: Rihanna-Diamonds (Sorry, Can't find the link)

Lily: Want U Back - Cher Lloyd

Johnny: Stars and Phyneo have taken Survivor's and Gwenny's Place

Hollywood: Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys

Stars: Hi guys! Oh here's my submission: [1]

Phy: Sup guys? Carnival of Rust

Orange: Scream & Shout

Liam: I havent got a link, but my song is Brand New Me by Alicia Keys

Derek: The City - Madeon

Johnny: *Cries* Stars My heart will go on is one of my favorite song cause its one really heart touching one. *cries* Stars wins!

Day 15

Johnny: Stars won immunity so vote.

Phy: I vote for Ash for not even doing the challenge

Franky: I change to Ash (I thought he had been eliminated)

Ash: I am getting eliminated so I vote myself (Truth: I was going to post but I had to get off the computer!) 

Johnny: I guess that means Ash is out.

Lily: aw....i'm sorry Ash :(

Hollywood: (late vote) I vote Ash...

Day 17

Johnny: Welcome to the next challenge! For this one all you got to do is vote for someone else to get immunity!

Phy: Okay...I vote for Orange.

Stars: Phyneo.

Harris: Stars

Hollywood: I don't know. I guess.....Stars?

Orange: Soooo I can't vote myself. I vote Phyneo

Derek: Stars i guess?

Pin: Stars

Day 18

Johnny: Everyone voted Stars to win but now its time to vote for a loser.

Pin: Lily didn't post so her

Race: Gah, didn't manage to do another challenge. Sorry for that, i hate times. Anyway I vote Lily too

Harris: Sorry, Lily

Derek: Lily, sorry.

Lily: aww.....donesn't matter...sorry guys....:( 

Hollywood: Sorry Lily

Johnny: *Cries* Sorry Lily it was fun having you here.

Lily: doesn't matter *Hugs Johnny* okay bye guys 

Day 20

Johnny: Phyneo quits and now for the challenge. Time for the compatability quiz person who matches the most awnser with mines wins.

  1. What is your favorite country?
  2. What is your favorite tv genre?
  3. If you could be a supernatrual monster what would you be?
  4. What is your favorite fruit?
  5. What is your favorite month?
  6. What is your favorite animal?
  7. What is your favorite mythlogical creature?



1, England, of course.

2. Comedy.

3. maybe a Ghost?

4. Apples.

5. October

6. a....hawk!

7. Bigfoot! XD


  1. Japan is fun
  2. Animated/Comedy
  3. Zombie! Brains!!
  4. Grapes
  5. September
  6. Panda's are funny :P
  7. Medusa, since thats the only one i know :D


  1. Austrailia
  2. Comedy/Mystery
  3. Slime Monster?
  4. Grape/Apple (especially with peanut butter :P)
  5. February (birthday month)
  6. Dog!
  7. Medusa?


  1. Uh, Italy, obviously :P
  2. Comedy
  3. I'd be a ghost, cause THEY'RE AWESOME
  4. Apple
  5. May, cause it's my birthday month
  6. Dogs...cause they're cute
  7. I say Medusa :P


  1. My favourite is probably Japan as that is where many good anime's are produced (Pokemon etc.) and I really love Pokemon
  2. I enjoy Mystery ones as Suspense really annoys me but I enjoy to see what happens
  3. I say a Ghost, I CAN POSSESS MY SISTER XD
  4. Strawberries when they're in season, Apples when they're out of season
  5. July, My Birthday 
  6. Cats, Well I own 4 cats, What else
  7. Probably Cereburus (3-Headed dog of the underworld) so I can eat Hades XD


  1. I like 
  2. Animated
  3. Werewolf
  4. Pears
  5. September, my B-Day month
  6. Blue-jay
  7. Medusa


Johnny: My Awnsers:

  1. Japan
  2. Anime/Animated
  3. Werewolf
  4. Strawberries
  5. June my B-month
  6. Wolf :P
  7. Dragon :P

Johnny: Stars 0/7, Derek 0/7, Harris 2/7, Hollywood 0/7, Race 0/7, Pin 2/7, Orange 2/7. The winners are Harris, Pin, and Orange!

Day 21

Johnny: Guys sorry but its time to vote someone off. The one eliminated join Lily as part of the Jury who will vote a winner at end

Hollywood: I vote Stars for not doing the challenge.

Derek: Stars, sorry.

Stars: Umm... Race.

Pin: Stars, Sorry 

Race: Stars, for what said Zanna

Johnny: Stars joins Lily as part of the Jury.

Franky: So ........................................... When is the next challenge

Day 23

Johnny: Your challenge is now, to swim across the water (5 lines), grab your flag (1 line), and swim back here. First to do so wins immunity. Go!

Derek: (swims) (1) (does it have to be a certain amount of lines to swim back?)

Harris: *Swims* (1)

Orange: *swims* [1]

Harris: *Swims* (2)

Race: *swims* (1)

Harris: *Swims* (3)

Hollywood: *swims* (1)

Race: *swims* (2)

Pin: *Swims* (1)

Race: *swims* (3)

Pin: *Swims* (2)

Race: *swims* (4)

Pin: *Swims* (3)

Harris: *Swims* (4)

Race: *gets at shore* (5)

Harris: *Gets to shore* (5)

Pin: *Swims* (4)

Johnny: Race and Harris have reached the island!

Hollywood: *swims* (2) Congrats! :D

Pin: *Reaches island*

Harris: *Grabs the flag*

Race: *flaggrab.exe*

Pin: *Grabs Flag* 

Race: *swims back* (1)

Johnny: Race, Harris, and Pin have their flags and are heading back!

Harris: *Swims back* (1)

Pin: *Swims Back* (1)

Harris: *Swims back* (2)

Orange: *swims* [2]

Pin: *Swims Back* (2)

Race: *swims back* (2)

Hollywood: *swims* (3)

Harris: *Swims back* (3)

Race: *swims*

Pin: *Swims back* (3) I see the finish, Well I think its the finish

Race: *swims back* (4)

Pin: *Swims Back* (4)

Race:*gets at shore* Yay, i'm safe :D

Pin: *Finishes* Aw! Second place

Hollywood: *swims* (4) Congrats!

Johnny: Race wins!

Day 24

Johnny: Its that time again who will you eliminate? Remember Race is safe.

Harris: Sorry, but i vote Derek since he did the least in the challenge.

Derek: can i just say that if i am eliminated i won't be greatly happy since i couldn't do the rest of the challenge JOHNNY, anyway i vote for Orange, sorry.

Orange: No problem Derek, but sorry, I vote you

Hollywood: I vote Derek, sorry.

Johnny: Wow um, raging? I thought we were all past that, well 99.99999% of us actually. Sorry but the challenge did last like a week, Derek you are eliminated.

Derek: (sighs) i give up...

Orange: Bye Derek!

Derek: see ya Orange.

Johnny: Sorry.

Final Day 25

Johnny: Welcome to the finale! Welcome final 5! Orange, Race, Pin, Hollywood, and Harris!

Orange: I am going for a second win!

Johnny: Thats if you survive the elimination! Surprize we'll eliminate someone else now!

Hollywood: Do we vote now?

Johnny: Yes.

Orange: I vote Pin, I never see him

Hollywood: I vote Pin

Race: Revenge time against Orange. I vote you for obvious reasons. This haves to end (now he gets to be the antagonist? Nah, he's just mad at Orange for not winning :P)

David Orange: AW SERIOUSLY

Harris: I vote Pin

Pin: At least I've OFTEN participated *Glares at Hollywood* I vote Orange anyway

Johnny: So Pin is eliminated and now joins the jury! So before we can go the the jury votes we need to eliminate someone else. And to do so we'll have a challenge! Welcome to Wiki Battle Trivia Zone! In this challenge I'll ask questions to all of you. First 3 people to awnser 3 correctly are going to the jury vote. The other will be eliminated and join the jury. 

Johnny: Question #1 Before merging which team had 3 eliminations in a row?

Hollywood: *waves Pin goobye* Corazones Tribe!

Johnny: Hollywood gets a point! Question #2 What was the first challenge the Crazones Tribe won?

Hollywood: The word game thing during Week 4.

Johnny: Hollywood gets another point! Question #3 Who replaced Gwenny and Survivors in the competition?

Hollywood: Stars & Phyneo

Johnny: Hollywood will move on to the final 3! Question #4 What song won the challenge on the same day?

Orange: My Heart Will Go On?

Johnny: Orange gets a point! Question #5 Who was the first to join the jury?

Orange: Lily?

Johnny: Orange gets a point! Question #6 Who won the most challenges?

Orange: Hollywood and I

Race: I WAS GOING TO SAY IT (and didn't knew challenge was in)

Johnny: Orange goes to the finaleQuestion #7 Who was eliminated today?

Race: Remount for revenge. Pin!

Johnny: Point Race! Question #8 Who was the first to move on to the finale?

Race: Hollywood!

Johnny: Point Race! Question #9 In order from when they joined, who are the members of the jury?

Race: Lily, Stars, Derek and Pin! And if i'll make it here, Liam.

Johnny: Yes! Liam now joins the jury. And before we go to the jury vote I'd like the 3 finalists, Hollywood, Race, and Orange to express why they should win this season.

Hollywood: I think I should win because I helped my team win many challenges and worked hard to make it to the finale. I've enjoyed playing with all of you during this camp and it's been a fun experience. You all did very good and it was an honor to compete with you all. I never thought I'd make it this far but I'm glad you all let me stay this long. I respect whatever decision y'all decide to make. :D

Race: I didn't thought to get this far, i mean, last season i got 2nd, and i should've been eliminated just because of that. Anyhow I tried whenever i could've to help my team, and i think i even gave to it some victories. Also, i'm sadly the only left of it, but i can still win for my team :D. Everyone but the inactives, minus Phyneo cause he left (but now I think he's in). I enjoyed this season and it was nice too. Well, your turn Orange

Orange: Yeah I won last season, and I also didn't expect to get here. Anyway I am glad to be here, but don't expect to win at all. I would like to thank everyone but the inactives for getting my here. My tribe won the challenges so Hollywood and I have the most wins. Anyways vote for Hollywood, Race, or maybe me to win this excellent season!

Johnny: Well now its time for the jury to vote for a winner. BTW Phyneo has joined the jury now so yeah!

Phy: *votes for Hollywood*

Harris: Hollywood since Race and orange were top 2 last season...

Pin: Race because he was part of my 'tribe'and gave the best speech

Johnny: 2 points for Hollywood and 1 for Race.

Derek: i'll vote for Race.

Johnny: 2 points for Hollywood and 2 for Race.

Ifraid: Hollywood because Race and Orange were already at the final 2 last time.

LxJ: i vote Hollywood

Johnny: And Hollywood wins season 2! Congratz! Now join us for next season, Wiki Battle: Redemption Page!

Orange: Well getting the top 3 last and this season was awesome! Good job Hollywood!

Hollywood: Thank you everyone that voted for me! :D

Race: Yeah *sighs* STILL I GOT MY REVENGE ON ORANGE :D. Now we're friends again :P

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