Its back. And some people are out for revenge.

Welcome to Wiki Battle: Revenge


  1. Electra (Voted Out Day 3)
  2. Chasey
  3. Jordan
  4. Surfer
  5. Amber
  6. BB (Voted Out Day 6)
  7. Ifraid


  1. Sign up as yourself
  2. If you are eliminated, you are gone.
  3. In line challenges no double editing until at least 10 mins pass
  4. Follow Wiki Rules
  5. Have fun! :)


For this season players seek revenger so be careful when you vote someone off because the eliminated player can cause serious damage.

An eliminated player will be able to pick 3 people. 1 of them will get a handicap in the next challenge the 2nd will get an extra vote at elimination. And the 3rd will lose one of their votes during elimination.

Choose Wisely.

Elimination Table

User 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12
Chasey Surfer Ifraid
Jordan BB N/A
Surfer Electra Ifraid*
Amber N/A BB
Ifraid BB BB
Electra Electra
BB Electra BB
  • This Person Got a Vote from the previously eliminated contestant

Days 1-3

John: Welcome to Wiki Battle: Revenge. You may chat here a bit before our first challenge.


John: Hey guys and welcome to your first challenge. This is a simple game of Solving Scrambled words. First to 3 points wins.

(#1:  eovd si elvo)

Ifraid: Dove is love?

John: Yes Point Ifriad.

(#2: gagedten # riyndieblce dhra)

Ifraid: I know the last part is hard, but that is it.

Ifraid: Uhh, wait, is it Tengaged # ridicenbley hard? I think I'm just making up words.

Close. (BTW imma speak in purple from now on)

Ifraid: Tengaged # Dieblyrenile Hard? Tengaged # somethinwhatevergishwhyamidoingthisnlgisblocked Hard? (The second one was a joke)


Ifraid: Tengaged # Diybelirence Hard?

That middle word still wrong.

Amber: Tengaged #Belrincleyide (??) Hard?

No. *Sighs* Ok Here is a hint. It's a damn disney movie!

electra: tengaged #incredibly hard

Ifraid: Tengaged # Incredibley hard? Elect forgot the second e.

electra: lurn hao two cspel

Ifraid: But there was an extra e :3 Unless you were talking about me being to lazy to add the ra in your name.

Ifraid gets the point. Cause thats how I made it. But I'll give Electra a point cause yeah its only fair.

(#3 tsle egt hsit roev hitw)

Ifraid: Let's get this over with?

Ifraid wins!

Elimination #1

Guys. Ifraid is safe. So time to vote! And remember the one you vote out tonight may come back and haunt you.

Surfer: Wow. Im really close with all of you, so this is tough... But I vote Electra. Sorry bae </3

Electra: I vote for me

Ifraid: I vote BB for being lazy.

Chase: I vote for Surfer, cause EVERYBODY getting a vote

Jordan: I vote 4 BB

BB: I vote for Electra

Electra. Its time to go.

Days 4-6

Chat (2)

Challenge (2)

Hey for today's challene you have to run in a maze. (5 lines)

Electra chose to give BB the handicap sou u need to run an extra part (7 lines instead of 5).

Amber: Ooohhh! *runs* (CONF) aw electra is gone :( (END CONF) (1)

Sirfer: *runs*

Amber: *runs* (2)

Surfer: *runs* (2)

Amber: *runs* (3)

Surfwr: *runs* (3)

Amber: *runs* (4)

Surfwr: No! *runs* (4)

Amber: *runs* Yayyyy! (5)

Surfwr: Congrats!

Amber: Thanksss *hugs Surfer*

Ifraid: Aaaaannnnddd the challenge started when I'm sleeping. Doh.

Amber Wins

Elimination (2)

Hey Guys! Time to vote!

Surfwr: (CONF) The person I know the least is Ifraid. *votes*

Amber: (CONF) Random voting for BB! Sorry.

Chase: (CONF: wtf wtf wtf wtf I didn't know there was a challenge :( But I'll vote Ifraid)

BB: (CONF: *Votes self*)

Ifraid: (CONF) I vote BB again for the same reason.

So anyways BB has 3 votes and Ifraid has 2. Electra gave 1 vote to Surfer and took 1 away from Chase not that it mattered much. BB is eliminated!

Days 6-9

Chat (3)

Amber: I feel kinda bad for BB but it's part of the game... so how's everyone??

Oh hey. Electra returns.

Surfer: how?

Cause I brouht him back.

Surfwr: why?

I can't let this season end so quickly also why not?

Electra: Hi

Amber: Uhh... okay.

Challenge (3)

Hey guys! Time for a challenge. This time it'll be different! You guys will play Deal or No Deal and take a screenshot and then post it here. Your score will be determined by what you get. And BB chose to give the handicap to Amber so no matter what your score is your final score will be that minus $10,000. You guys have like 12-24 hours to do this. (If possible please write your name ON THE PICTURE!)

Surfwr: I'm like 99% sure I won't be able to do this challenge, as I have an irish exchange over

I'm counting it in the original currency. Just do it!

Surge: No, I can't do it bc I don't have time...

You have like a full day. 24 hours. It takes maybe at most 5 minutes to play. Now if you can't thats another story.

Surfer: I literally can't but whatever

Ifraid: I literally can't do it either. I have to go somewhere for 2 days.

Since most people couldn't do it. No one wins.

Elimination (3)

Electra: Um, do we vote now?


Electra: I'm gonna vote for Ifraid

Amber: but I did the challenge? Ugh I vote Ifraid

Ifraid: Why me :( I vote for uhh Chase?

Surfer: Amber should be immune. I vote ifraid,.

Chase: I vote Ifraid <3

Well BB gave a vote to Amber and took one from Surfer.

Ifraid. I'm sorry to say this but your time has come.

And now its time for another elimination! Are these surprizes fun?

Chase: But there's only Jordan, Electra, Amber, and Surfer. They're my babies, I don't wanna vote for them. Gimme a moment to think 'bout this one :(

Amber: I have the same problem, this will be so difficult for me :( but I guess we have to vote for someone. I would love to talk with you all about it because I hate to hurt one of you ...

Chase: You guys can vote for me, I volunteer to be voted out :) *votes self*

Surfer: Chase you hero! *votes Chase*

Amber: Ahwwww :( *votes sadly for Chase*

Its been great having you here Chase.

Days 10-12

Hey Congratz on making it to the final 4 and the finale.

Jordan: Same, hi

Amber: Heyyy! :D

Surfer: Well that was fast.

So before anything you guys get an extra elimination!

Surfer: ily, but u haven't spoken until like 8 minutes ago *votes Jordan*

Jordan: ^^ actually dying, ur rite :0 *votes Surfer Self*

Amber: I'm so so so so so so sorry Jordan :(((((

Jordan it was fun but you are out.

So guys chat here real quick before your final challenge.

Amber: I feel bad about the eliminated users.

For your final challenge you guys have to make comments on this page and get 5 other ppl to reply to it. And Jordan was told to give one of you all a hanicap and its Surfer so u need to get 6. 1st to do so wins!

Amber: Who is excited for duo's?

Amber you just won Revenge.

Amber: Yay yay yay I wanna thank you all, I love you all <3333

Sirfer: Yay Amber! *hugs her*

electrie: kongrets 

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