The Battle of the Ages has had many failed recreations now its going back to the basics time for the Rebirth!

Who will be the Best of Them All?


  • Follow Wiki rules
  • Please if you will be absent for a day or two notify me ahead of time.
  • Dance if asked to.


(Please give a name you wanna be called by as well as your username; 6-14)

  • Surfer (Surferdude1219)
  • Yoshi (Total Drama Yoshi)
  • Samey (744442)
  • Wendy (OstianWendy)
  • Ryan (Xaypay)
  • Josh (Joshniceandshydude1999)

Elimination Table

Users 3 6

Day 1

John: Hello Everybody!!

Ryan: Hey, how's life going for mate? Anything great since the break?

John: PRetty lonely here.

Samey: Hola

Ryan: Hola, Samey! *screams loud* I did that for reasons you'll be explained to later in time...

Samey: Claro

Yoshi: What's up?

Josh: Hey guys

Samey: Hola Josh

Josh: Hey Samey. Apparently I don't understand most parts of Spanish

Samey: Exelente

Josh: Ummm thanks?

John: No worries Samey, I speak spanish. And I guess thats everyone so um, yeah!

Day 2

John: Hello. Welcome to your first immunity challenge. For this challenge you must bake a cake. Why Because its to celebrate the competition! Woohoo! So anyways first you got to Gather ingredients, then prepare ingrediants, bake it in the oven, and then serve it. First person with a baked cake wins immunity. Go! (1 line each)

Ryan: *Tries gathering ingredients* I got this in the bag, good luck everyone, hope the best (CONF: I wish everyone good luck because I never have won a challenge in my life.)

Josh: *gets ingredients*

Yoshi: *gathers ingredients*

Samey: *gathers ingredients*

Josh: *prepares ingredients*

Samey: *prepades ingredients*

Ryan: *perpares ingredients*

Josh: *bakes it in the oven* (CONF: One more step to go and I'll win this challenge. This one is in the bag.)

Samey: *bakes it in the oven*

Ryan: *bakes it in the oven*

Josh: *serves a baked cake*

Samey: *serves a baked cake*

Ryan: *serves a baked cake*

John: Josh wins. But i must say ryan and samey. Nice cakes.

Day 3

John: Elimination. Josh is safe.

Samey: Yo hice un pastel de fresas

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