Who is the best of the best? We'll find out! Many will fail trying, few will make themselves known, but only one will win with all the glory that comes with the title of the Best.


Race's Logo

How This Works

There is a 3 day cycle to the game. Day 1 will be a day to chat and make alliances and such. Day 2 is when the challenges will take place. Day 3 is when the elmination will take place. The voting will take place through my Talk page or PMing me through wiki chat. Everyone absent for 3 Cycles will be eliminated and replaced by a perviously eliminated contestant or a debutee.


  • No double editing
  • No changing votes
  • No quitting
  • No asking to return to the game
  • No goddplay
  • No editing elimination table



  1. IfraidGryphLW160BSF
  2. OrangeBirdMaster2
  3. TotalDramaFan90
  4. Thefinnlink
  5. MRace2010
  6. TDFan16
  7. Ashgraham2
  8. Liamliamliam (talk) 14:55, December 1, 2012 (UTC)
  9. GTGenAK
  10. Owen Lover

Elimination Table

Users Day 3 Day 6 Day 9 Day 12 Day 15 Day 18 Day 21 Day 24 Day 25
Orange GT Ash Finn N/A Russel TJ Ifraid N/A WINNER
Race GT Ash Finn N/A Russel N/A Ifraid Liam RUNNER-UP
Liam GT Ash Micheal N/A Russel TJ Ifraid N/A
Ifraid GT Ash Finn N/A Russel TJ N/A
TJ GT Ash Ifraid N/A Russel Ifraid
Russel N/A N/A N/A N/A Ifraid
Micheal N/A N/A N/A N/A
Finn Liam Ash N/A
Ash N/A N/A

Day 1

Ifraid: hello world

Johnny: Hello I am the host!

TJ: Excited to be here!

Ifraid: Ok?

Johnny: We'll wait until the other 4 remaining contestants arrive to begin.

Ifraid: boring.

Ash: Hi?

Ifraid: Isn't 8 enough?

Johnny: Fine since you can't wait if no one else arrives before 12/3/12 3:30 PM EST we'll start.

Liam: Hi Guys

Race: Hi there :D

Finn: AWW MAN just a bunch of guys I want a babe!!!!


Day 2

MR: Yoylecake!

Ifraid: umm ok?

Johnny: Day 2! Today's challenge will begin at 3:15 PM EST

TJ: Okay.

Ifraid: finally!

Johnny: For the challenge you must (5 lines) climb one of 3 ladders and then solve a riddle to win.

MR: *climbs ladder 1* [1]

TJ: *Climbs Ladder* (1)

MR: *climbs ladder 1* [2]

TJ: *Climbs Ladder 2* (2)

OL: SOURCREAM! *Climbs Ladder* (1)

Finn: *Drinks stamina poition* LETS GO [1]

TJ: *Climbs ladder 2* (3)

GT: *climb ladder* [2]

TJ: *Climbs ladder 2* (4)

Ifraid: *climbs ladder 1*

Ifraid: *climbs ladder 1*

TJ: *climbs ladder and finishes* (5) So, what's my riddle?

Ifraid: *climbs ladder*

Finn: just keep climbing just keep climbing [2]

Ifraid: *climbs ladder*

Finn: *climbs* [3]

Ifraid: *finishes climbing* did not (you didn't count it right you need 2 more lines*

OL: *Climbs* (2)

Johnny: Here is your message:


Solve it and you win, only if you have climb up here

Finn: *climbs* [4]

MR: *climbs ladder 1* [3] (duh, that sleeptime)

Ifraid: I got a word what another one movies.

Johnny: If you were trying to solve the message you were wrong!

Finn: *climbs* YAY i am at the top

Ifraid: it's wasn't my answer I was just saying it.

Ash: OH WE'RE STARTING?!?! *climbs ladder [1]

MR: *climbs ladder 1* [4]

Ifraid: ok I got other words to set and the, but what about the g? This is not my answer.

MR: *gets there* Ok my riddle [5]

Johnny: Everyone has zis same riddle

GT: *climbs*

MR: "What is" is in the message?

Johnny: The Code is I E T G H W H A A O I M V N S E

MR: The code is

Johnny: Here is a hint, Caeser as in the emperor.

Ifraid: umm what is ceaser?

OL: *Climbs* (3)

MR: It's not Caesar? I still don't understand the riddle D:

OL: *Climbs* Almost...there... (4)

Johnny: Shameful, really shameful I expected more from all of you. The awnser was: I have won this game. So now no one is safe from the first elimination. See you there.

Day 3

Johnny: Welcome to the first elimination of zis little game. No one is safe so there is no where to hide.

MR: GT did the least, so i guess i'll vote him off

Ifraid: MR is right! GT has to go.


TJ: Yeah I vote out GT too.

Orange: I vote out GT (so sorry for being absent, I forgot about this camp)

Finn: I vote for Liam sorry but your are the dudiest dude and the least feminie and i need anyone close to a babe here

Liam: i vote GT ( sorry for being absent )

Johnny: Sorry GT you've been the first eliminated from Wiki Battle.

Day 4

Johnny: Just Chat.

Finn: Who should i make an allience with......

MR: First challenge and nether a vote :D

Day 5

Johnny: Today's challenge will be a compatability quiz I'll ask 10 questions and each of you awnser every question truthfuly. the most matches to me wins.

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What is your favorite TD season?
  3. What is your favorite country?
  4. Who is your favorite Admin on this wiki?
  5. What is your favorite school subject excluding lunch?
  6. What is your favorite fruit?
  7. What is your favorite movie genre?
  8. What was your favorite song of 2012?
  9. What is your favorite season?
  10. What is your favorite number from 1-10?

Ifraid: my fav color is red my fav TD season is the first idk my fav country my fav admin is idk too my fave school subject is art my fav fruit is apple idk my fav movie genre or song of 2012 my fav season is summer my fav number is six.


1. My fav colour is Red (almost everyone, but i prefer this)

2. My fav season is Total Drama World Tour

3. As you eat well here, i love Italy

4. Fyre :3

5. It's French. Our teacher is sympatic

6. Applez (im not Applejack,though)

7. Mostly comic genre

8. Believe it or not, but it's Call Me Maybe

9. Summer, because you stay at home from school :3

10. 7, the day of my birth


1. My fave colour is Orange

2. My fave season is TDROTI/TDWT (Sorry i love them both XD)

3. My fave country is Brazil

4. Berryleaf (He helped me start my first camp)

5. is Either P.E or Design/Tech

6. Strawberries

7. Horror all the way

8. It would have to be Va Va Voom (Nicki Minaj) / Not Giving In (Rudimental)

9. My fave season is Fall

10. 1 (its my birthday)


1. Green

2. I gotta say TDWT

3. The U.S.A

4. Fyrex

5. History For sure

6. Grapes

7. Mystery

8. Total Recall Me Baby (from MAD) Total Recall Me Baby

9. Winter

10. Lucky Number 7

Johnny: Interesting choices but there are still more to come.


  1. Teal.
  2. Total Drama World Tour.
  3. Canada. :3
  4. Fryexx.
  5. Language Arts.
  6. Apples.
  7. Horror.
  8. Katy Perry, Wide Awake.
  9. Winter.
  10. 8.

Johnny: Time for my awnsers!

  1. Black
  2. Total Drama World Tour
  3. Japan
  4. Mrodd/Fyrexx
  5. Social Studies
  6. Strawberry
  7. Comedy
  8. Call Me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepson
  9. Summer
  10. 6

Johnny: The winner is Race!!!

Day 6

Johnny: The second elimination, Race is safe.

TJ: I vote out ASH.

Ifraid: since ash doesn't do much, I vote him.

Orange: (once again I am sorry for being inactive) Ash

Finn: Hmm the worst prospect for an alliance is probably Ash he is never around i vote for him

Ash: I'M BACK!.......I came back from my holiday from Hong what did I miss.....uh.....who do I vote?

MR: FIRST CHALLENGE WON! Sorry Ash, you didn't so much (like Ifraid said) so sorry but i vote you off

Liam: i vote Ash since he wasn't active sorry

Johnny: Sayonara Ash.

Ash: Uh...............that's Japanese!

Day 7

MR: Can't believe it! I won a challenge!!!

Orange: Good job :)

TJ: Hopefully I win next challenge.


Ifraid: why do you keep saying sourcream are you taco 2.0?

Russel: *Annoyed* I'm just a huge Taco fan, or as how Taco would put it, FINLAND!

MR: U no like Lightbulb?

Orange: Russel, that quote of yours was also said by Patrick from Spongebob

Russel: Haven't you ever watch "The Tile Divide"...*Rolling eyes, talking simple, continuing to quote Taco* Salmonella

Day 8

MR: Yoylecake! (The challenge! You forgot it)

Russel: SOURCREAM! (OL: Are those pharenthesis a note or are you translating?)

MR: (Nope, that's notes) Can we start?

Orange: This literally will be my first challenge (Note: When does this friggin start)

Johnny: Sorry for zis delay the challenge is to bring me a food dish from anywhere person to make me the best wins.

Finn: *runs to OOO* TREE TRUNKS!!!! i need one of your pies.

MR: *goes to Italy*

Ifraid: *goes to the best bakery in the world*

Liam: I know *Goes to Japan and gets Sushi* This might work!

MR: *gets some roastbeef with fries and salad around it* That should be good

Micheal: *has a feast from most of the world, you name the food I have*

Ifraid: *comes back with the best food in the world and you name the food I have too*

Johnny: You pick my any dish you name it, i want to be surprized.

TJ: *goes to Oahu Hawaii* I know what to make! *Grabs hamburger patties, gravy, and rice*

Liam: Johnny here is some Sushi fresh from Japan!

MR: Nice, but are you sure he likes sushi? And, i've got a roastbeef with fries and salad :)

Russel: *Making pizza dough, to the tune of "Jingle Bells", singing* Sourcream, Sourcream, Sour-Sourcream! (Note: I am not putting sourcream in the pizza dough, I am just quoting Taco from Inanimate Insanity to the tune of Jingle Bells)

TJ: *Fries the hamburger patties* They smell so good!

Russel: *After rolling the fresh dough, making fresh sauce out of fresh tomatoes*

Johnny: I got Russel's Pizza, TJ's Hamburger, and Liam's Sushi

Orange: *gets unmetalic yoyleberries* *makes the yoylecake* Here!

MR: *gives the dish i made*

Ifraid: here is my food. *looks at it* oh it's a.... errrrr wait this is carrot cake :O (it's actually a flower cake and no not the one from BFDI episode 4)

Russel: I'm not done @Johnny

Johnny: Doesn't matter I hate Carrot Cake BTW, I stopped eating hamburgers a while ago, I like pizza but its not a i love dish, Race I stopped eating fries too I prefer Steak instead of roastbeef. Looks like Liam's Sushi wins the game for him.

Liam: Yay i won!

Day 9

Johnny: Liam is safe but everyone else isn't.

TJ: I have no idea who to vote out. So, I used and the user I vote out is Ifraid. Totally random.

Ifraid: in episode 1 I heard Finn call Liam the dudiest dude and that is just wrong so I vote him.

Liam: I vote Michael, he hasn't done anything as far as i know!

Race: Ifraid said Finn called Liam the dudiest dude....and that's quite non-senseish. I also don't know him very much , so i vote him off.

Orange: Well I vote Finn because he called Liam the dudiest dude, that sounds like he is calling him the Poopiest Dude! And thats mean.

Russel: *Singing "Sourcream Bells" Sourcream, Sourcream, Sour-Sourcream! (BTW, I made the full version, it's here)

Johnny: Finn is out.

Day 11

Johnny: For today's challenge just say "I here"

Liam: I here

Orange: I here

MR: I here

Ifraid: I here

TJ: I here

Russel: 3 things, 1, I here, 2, WHAT HAPPENED TO DAY 10, and 3, SOURCREAM!

Johnny: 2 things, 1 you 6 win and, 2 DON'T BREAK THE FOURTH WALL!!

Day 12

Johnny: Liam, Orange, Race, Ifraid, TJ, and Russle win so that means Micheal is out.

Day 13

TJ: Final 6! Yes!ù

MR: That's fine. Now it's gets harder :D

Liam: Who should go next?

Ifraid: Russel annoys me caus he keeps saying sourcream all the time so I think he should go.

TJ: *Nods*

Orange: *nods*

Russel: I just like Inanimate Insanity! That's not a reason I should be eliminated! I'll stop quoting Taco!

Day 14

Johnny: Hello contestants, from now on those eliminated will vote for who they want to win at the finale! Oh and let's start the challenge. You must run to grab the flag on the far side of camp (5 lines). Ready! Go!

Ifraid: *runs to flag*

MR: Wait, you mean that they now vote instead of us? Fine, i guess... *runs to flag*

Liam: *Runs to Flag*

MR: *runs to flag*

Ifraid: *runs to flag*

MR: *runs to flag*

Liam: *Runs to flag*

MR: Almost there! *Runs to flag*

Ifraid: *runs*

Liam: *Runs to flag*

MR: *gets flag* YAY!

Ifraid: *runs*

Liam: *Runs to flag*

Ifraid: *gets flag* yes

Liam: *Gets Flag* Am I too late?

MR: I don't know, but this challenge was so fast *still holds flag*

Liam: So we are the top 3 or you guys are the top 2. :(

Johnny: Race Wins

Ifraid: oh.

Day 15

Johnny: What I was saying yesterday, the users eliminated from now until the finale will form the jury which will be the people who vote for the winner. Race is safe vote!

MR: Oh now i understand. Duh....i guess i'll vote...*uses* Orange...sorry dude

Ifraid: russel he annoys me.

Liam: What would the world do without! *Uses the website* Russel... Sourcream, dude REALLY!?!

Russel: Ifraid, he started the voting on me for the last 2 eliminations, the only reason I'm not gone is because no one said I was

TJ: Russel.

Orange: Russel

Johnny: Adios Russel!

Russel: Fine! And you wanna know WHY I was quoting Taco all the time? The truth is: I heard the ghost of Taco! I was on a Tinychat one day, and all of a sudden, I heard Taco's voice saying "Sourcream!", like how she used to. So beware this, my enemies, and my friend, MR, the Ghost of Taco is not pleased! She will rain down and SEEK HER HORRIBLE VENGANCE! *Laughs like a maniac while security carries him away*

Ifraid: that was weird. I guess final 5

(OL: BTW Johnny, you need to fix the elimination table, you put that TJ voted for Orange and Race voted for me)

Day 16

TJ: Anybody seeing Texas Chainsaw 3D?

Ifraid: no but it sounds good judging by the name.

MR: I heard just about Six Flags Over Texas :|

Orange: Cool, its also cool that we are in the final 5. I expect to go next

Liam: (CONF): Final 5, this isn't real!

Day 17

Johnny: For today you guys must figure out the scrambled word first to do it to 3 words wins. #1 Epnteahl

Ifraid: planet E?

Johnny: No!

Liam: Teal Pen!?!

MR: Idk if this is a word...but ENPLATE

Johnny: WTF!?!?!?

Ifraid: so it ain't enplate or teal pen?

MR: Teen Pal

Johnny: No.

Ifraid: heat pen?

MR: YOU COPIED ME (almost). Duh...i say Hate Nap (WTF?!)

Johnny: No, No, NOO!!!!!!!

Ifraid: give us a hint

Liam: I think we are inverting new words here. Guessing Ten Heap

Johnny: Trunk.

Ifraid: elephant?

Liam: No L but close :D

Orange: Phenate?

Johnny: It was supposed to be elephant. #2 unvse

Orange: Venus

MR: Orange got it, i guess.

Johnny: #3 lirves

MR: Silver

Orange: I guess MR got it

Ifraid: yeah

Johnny: #4 ncyt ana

Liam: ????

MR: Tan Ancy?

Johnny: its 2 words firest is 4 letters and second is 3

Ifraid: so hard. We need another hint.

Orange: Cyan Tan

Johnny: NO!

Orange: Atleast give us another hint!

Johnny: Meme

Orange: Nyan Cat!

Johnny: #5 hrxsotrsea

TJ: Xroshearts?

Johnny: #6 brebcca lkeac

Ifraid: Rebecca black?

TJ: I was about to say that.

MR: Uh, slept. Can we continue?

Johnny: #7 osamc otlaa rmawkt sildp kian

Ifraid: we need a hint.

Johnny: Its a thing all of us have in common.

Ifraid: We are all wikia users.

Johnny: Its 5 words the number of letters of the scrabbled words tell how many letters the words have.

Ifraid: 100% hard better hint?

Johnny: Its a name and eveyone who joined this camp has it in common.

Ifraid: wait. We are all males. We are wikia users. We all have an a or I in out full names. Wow we have a lot in common but what is the answer? One last hint and make it less confusing than last time.

Johnny: The words are name of place WE ALL have in common.

Ifraid: we are all North Americans?

Johnny: Actually some people are from the UK and Oceana.

Ifraid: just tell me some words unscrambles maybe 1 and maybe I could get it and may win immunity.

Johnny: Let's just skip this.

Day 18

Johnny: No one is safe. Vote.

Ifraid: TJ did the least so I vote for him.

TJ: Ifraid? I don't know who else to vote sorry.

Orange: I guess I vote.............. TJ

Liam: TJ

Johnny: TJ, its time to go.

Day 19

Orange: We made it this far! I wonder who goes next?

MR: Can't believe it :D. I am in final 4 :D

Ifraid: (CONF) Orange is next to go.

Orange: (CONF) I heard Ifraid saying I was next to go. I was walking by and heard it in the CONF, so its not my fault! (END CONF)

Liam: (CONF): Wow, Final 4. How did i get this far.

Day 20

Johnny: So I finally won Featured Camper so your challenge is to tell me why you like me! I pick the best.

Ifraid: well the reason why is I've known you from the very start of my wiki entry. Ever since I thought you were a cool guy. So when this camp was made I decided to join, then you told me to support you for featured camper, so I thought "hmm he is a good person maybe I should support him" and I did. That's why.

Johnny: Um? Next!

Ifraid: they are probably inactive.

Orange: I am not inactive. Anyways, the reason I like you is because you are nice to me and really fun. You are really flawless and just.... AWESOME!

Johnny: We have a winner! Orange!

Day 21

Johnny: So the 4 become 3

Ifraid: I've known Liam the least so get him out.

MR: Sorry Ifraid, but i think in this time you got competitive, so i vote you :(

Orange: I vote Ifraid, gladly

Ifraid: (CONF) I wanna kill whoever rigged the CONF. Russell must have done it. And I'm changing my vote to mr. When did I get competitive? I'm losing competitioness.

Orange: I can't wait until Ifraid is gone! He is my enemy

Ifraid: why? What did I do? Mess you up?

Orange: You said I had to go! Atleast I won this challenge :3

Ifraid: I never said you had to. I was planning who should go depending who wins immunity.

Johnny: I'm afraid Ifraid is out.

Ifraid: but first :3 *puts russel locked in a locker and randomly disappears*

Day 22

MR: Yay, Final 3!

Johnny: Enjoy it while you can cause we have our final challenge soon and the finale episode.

MR: *conf*Oh finalmente! Sono stanco di parlare inglese tutte le volte! Bè, diciamo che non mi capisce nessuno, ma non mi interessa. Sono riuscito ad arrivare fin qui e sono felice. E poi...credo di essere l'unico italiano del campo e di tutta wikia, ma non credo che mi aiuti. E stata una bellissima esperienza, anche se ho mancato certe volte, ma l'importante e che sono qui. Arancia e Liam sono degli ottimi concorrenti, e speriamo di vincere. Non sono avido. La finale a 3 mi basta. Pace! *end conf* (You won't understand anything can i edit Elimination Table? I saw some errors)

Day 23

Johnny: For this challenge you must create a logo for this!

MR: So,yeah, good luck everyone (plus i noticed that in day 11 the order of the I here is similar to the order of elimination [russel posted last and got 6th place, TJ posted 2nd last and got 5th place]

Johnny: Nice one Race.

Orange: I have mine. It has the host and the contestants.

Johnny: Great Work Orange

MR: :O Marvelous

(can i have this weekend to make it? :P - Triple Liam)

Johnny: Liam we'll wait until you make your logo.

Liam: *Finishes* Done...

Orange: I can't even read Liam's logo! Plus it is to hardcore.

Johnny: My fave logo and winner of today's challenge with a 50:50 chance at winning this camp is... Race! Now Race has a choice to make.

Day 24

Johnny: Race you must now pick who to take with you to the final 2.

MR: Oh really i do? Omg, first, thanks for both you giving me a good experience. Second, i can't believe i won. Third....well...i don't really know who to pick. They're both good and they're both my friends....well...lemme consider. Liam and Orange are both good friends, but I wouldn't go with Liam since i know him the least, but also without Orange, since he managed to be good in challenges. Also, i think he won a camp someday, and being a winner at least once is good for me. Well...i think....i'll pick...
















Orange, sorry Liam, but i considered your work...i found it awesome still, but for me the text was Vki Bttle, which was impossible to understand. Still, 3rd place is good.

Johnny: Sorry Liam you're out.

Day 25 (Finale)

Johnny: Let's bring in the Jury TJ, Russel, Ifraid, and Liam. Hello First the final 2 will say why they deserve to win.

MR: Ok, first, sorry everyone if i was mean in any way. I didn't want to. Second, i really loved this camp and all of you...well almost everyone. I don't know GT and Finn seems inactive. However, i like the guys in general. Ash was one of my friends, and sadly i had to vote him off. The reason is that i didn't even know that he was Ashgraham. Micheal is one of my friends which is also working to a project that johnny is making. And now...yeah. I don't know why everyone wanted Russel off so bad. I loved how he acted as Taco and that made me consider him a good person. TJ is a great camp maker, but he managed to play whenever he could've. Ifraid is not my friend, but i think without him this camp won't be so good. He haves that makes the camp/chat/challenges special...and Liam is a friend who made a good camp (TD Castaway). I'm sad that you were eliminated. Some deserved and some didn't. I won't really care if i don't win the camp, but i had a nice journey :)

Ash: *Sneaks in* YEAH GO RACE!!!

Orange: Ok, I want to start saying that if I was mean to ANY of you in any way, I say sorry. Then it goes to all of you. Liam should be here right now. And I am questioning why Russel was eliminated. Can't a guy quote Taco? Next is Ifraid. I'm not sure if you are my friend or enemy but you are a great dude. Next it's TJ. You have created awesome camps and I am sorry if I have been inactive on the camp. Finally its MRace, he is my fellow finalist and is AWESOME. I don't care if I lose because I have won atleast one camp before.

Liam: Go Orange... (Conf): i am rooting for Orange, MR eliminated me!

Johnny: Finally now the jury made out of Russel, TJ, Ifraid, and Liam will vote for who they want to win.

Liam: ORANGE!!!

TJ: I vote Orange too. Sorry Race it was a really hard choice.

Russel: *In a British Accent, similar to Taco* I vote for MR, MR was the only one not to vote for me when I got eliminated, and I SWEAR, THE GHOST OF TACO WILL ATTACK SOON!

Johnny: Orange Wins!

(OL: BTW, are we doing a Taco Ghost thing?)

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