Familiarizing Yourself with the Wiki

TDI Gwen and Trent

Getting to to know the wiki community is great way to meet new people and have a great time! Here are somethings you can do to get comfortable around our wiki!

Without a doubt, the most common place for users to meet is in the chatroom! Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone and don't be shy! We're a very open and kind wiki!

While you're on the wiki, it's great that you get to know the wiki's admins! Look below for a description of all the site admins, their skills, and who they are as a person!


OstianWendy (contact)
OstianWendy (Wendy) is one of the two bureaucrats on the wiki alongside Solar. Wendy is an amazing admin who uses his powers for good and is especially known for being very kind and generous to everyone.


XxSolarEclipsexX (contact)
XxSolarEclipsexX (Solar or Mabel) is one of the two bureaucrats on the wiki alongside Wendy. Solar is one of the veterans that have been around since TDI Camps. Solar is an admin is who has an amazing sense of humor, is well known for his humor, and being an excellent host in camps.


GalaxyRemixZ (contact)
GalaxyRemixZ (Jordan) is newest addition to the admin team. He is one of the two admins alongside Chasey. Jordan is an admin who really knows how to befriend people in an instant. He's great when you simply just want to talk to someone.


EmeraldPit (contact)
EmeraldPit (Chasey) is one of the two admins alongside Jordan. He's an admin who is good at CSS coding and creating templates. He is known for being very easy to talk and being very helpful to users in need.


Peppermint Princess (contact)
Peppermint Princess (Eve) makes up one half of the chat moderator team alongside Bulba. Eve is the most recent member to join the staff and she's really well known for being well liked amongst the community and monitoring the chat room.


The Flaming Sword of Fury (contact)
The Flaming Sword of Fury (Bulba) makes up one half of the chat moderator team alongside Eve. Bulba is known for always using her rights responsibly and making sure everything on the wiki is is great shape!

Getting Used to the Rules
Just like every other wiki, we have rules and regulations that must be followed at all times here on Wawanakwa Central. All the rules can be seen at this link. We're fairly generous on the rules here, but remember... all rules are to be followed at all times.

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