Surfer: Welcome to War of the Wikis, where TDBB and WC will battle it out to win fame and glory for their Wiki!


Wawanakwa Central:

  1. Anabel/Booty
  2. Wendy
  3. Samey/Maria
  4. Nemo
  5. TDY
  6. Mr. Chu
  7. Lucina
  8. Pary

Total Drama Big Brother:

  1. Don
  2. RJ
  3. Solar
  4. Tyler
  5. Milkshake
  6. Spirit
  7. Mirnish
  8. Chwiis


Coming soon!

Episode One:

Wawanakwa Central Tribe:

Total Drama Big Brother Tribe:

Immunity Challenge (STARTS TONIGHT AT 4 PM EST!)

Surfer: LOL @my lateness. Anywho, today's challenge is Battle Dig from HVV. Each round, I will name a number. The first person to run that amount of lines (if I say seven, you post *runs* seven times) gets a point for their tribe. First to three wins Immunity.

Round One

Surfer: The number is four! Wikians ready? Go!

Wendy: *runs* [1]

Spirit: *runs* 1 F**k you Wendy F**K YOU

Tyler: *runs* 1

Wendy: *runs* [2]

Tyler: *runs* 2

Wendy: *runs* [3]

TDY: *runs* [1]

Wendy: *runs* [4]

Surfer: Point WC! It's 1-0.

Round Two

Surfer: The number is six. Go!

TDY: *runs* [1]

Wendy: *runs* [1]

TDY: *runs* [2]

Mirnish: *runs* [1]

TDY: *runs* [3]

Mirnish: *runs* [2]

TDY: *runs* [4]

Mirnish: *runs* [3]

TDY: *runs* [5]

Mirnish: *runs* [4]

TDY: *runs* [6]

Mirnish: *runs* [5]

Surfer: WC is up 2-0!

Round Three

Surfer: The number is 2. Go!

TDY: *runs* [1]

Mirnish: *runs* [1]

Solar: *runs* [1]

TDY: *runs* [2]

Mirnish: *runs* [2]

Wendy: *runs* [1]

TDY: I think this is over...

Surfer: Literally same. WC you guys win Immunity and fire in the form of flint. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. TDBB, got nothing for you but a date with me at TRibal. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

Tribal Council 1: TDBB

Surfer: Go vote someone out! (PM me in chat or email me at

Milkshake: Oops I missed the challenge. Sorry baes. <3

Surfer: I'll go tally up the votes!

Surfer: (People who didn't vote self-voted) First vote...

Spirit. Second vote...


Third vote...

Milk. That's 1 vote Milk, one vote Spirit, one vote RJ. Fourth vote...

Chwiis. Fifth vote...

Mabel. Sixth vote...

Chwiis. That's two votes Chwiis, one vote Mabel, Spirit, and RJ. Seventh vote...

Mabel. We're tied, two votes Mabel, one vote Chwiis, one vote left. First person voted out of War of the Wikis...

Chwiis. Chwiis, the tribe has spoken.

Episode 2


WC Camp

Samey: Yes

Nemo: I thought we wouldn't make it, but we did! Smart people we are.

Mr. Chu: Hai. <3

TDY: I took 'us' a lot of work but 'we' did it.

Nemo: That's right.

Immunity Challenge 2

Tribal Council 2

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