Chris McLean here and I'm taking 17 teens to an island somewhere in Canada! Each week, those 17 campers will have to compete in deadly, buy hilarious challenges created by me! There will also be fights, relationships, and dont forget about the drama! Who has what it takes to win? Find out on Totally Teen Island !

Sign Ups (Closed)


  1. Brendan- The Calculating One- Phyneo - Tied In First With Madilynn - 1st Place
  2. Matt-The Schemer- Mypalben18- Voted Off In Episode 14 - 4th Place
  3. Alex - The Goofy Boy - TaygenTeagan- Voted off in Episode 13 - 5th Place
  4. Luis - The Fun Dude - BlazeHead51- Voted off In Episode 11 - 8th Place
  5. Devon - The Laid Back Dude - Stars&Straps20 - Voted off In Episode 9 - 10th Place
  6. Waluigi - The Lanky Loser - BlazeHead51 - Voted Off In Episode 8 - 11th Place
  7. Travis - The Prisoner With a Heart - Omgdeadpeople - Eliminated in Episode 5 - 14th Place
  8. Jamie - The Teenage Heartthrob - Flamethrower12 - Eliminated In Episode 4 - 16th Place
  9. Scrappy-Doo - The Brave Nephew Of Scooby-Doo - Survivor321 - Voted Off In Episode 2 - 18th Place


  1. Madilynn - The Goody-Two-Shoes - TaygenTeagan - Tied In First With Brendan - 1st Place
  2. Chrissy- The Friendly Random Chick-Phyneo - Lost In Jury Vote - 3rd Place
  3. Kai- The Sarcastic Jock -Omgdeadpeople - Voted Off In Episode 12 - 6th Place
  4. Abyss - The Gothic Loner -BlaineleyRox222 - Voted Off In Episode 12 - 7th Place
  5. Lady Marmalade - The Old Voodoo Goddess -ZannaBanna - Voted Off In Episode 10 - 9th Place
  6. Cassie - The Model - Stars&Straps20 - Voted Off In Episode 7 - 12th Place
  7. Jazmyn - The Sassy Chick - Radio Reactive - Voted Off In Episode 6 - 13th Place
  8. Stephanie - The Power Player - Sunslicer2 - Eliminated In Episode 4 - 15th Place
  9. Katelyn - The Bubbly and Kind Girl - SinsMakePeople - Voted Off In Episode 3 - 17th Place
  10. Dina - The Rich Girl - Flamethrower12 - Voted Off In Episode 1 - 19th Place

Camp Rules

  1. After you are eliminated/voted out/quit, you CANNOT return. Ever. No execptions at all.
  2. If you miss up to 3 challenges, you will also be eliminated. Unless you have a reasonable enough excuse on why.
  3. Users must always be nice to eachother ALWAYS. But, like other camps, characters may act mean to one another.
  4. Also in this camp, no swearing what so ever. But crap is alright
  5. You can not godplay in this camp. It wont lead to your elimination, but please, no godplay around here.
  6. No Changing other users votes when voting just to keep yourself safe. That will lead to your elimination. Also, no changing other user's lines as well.
  7. If you find the Star of Wisdom, which is an immunity idol, you may either use it for yourself, or give it to another competitor.
  8. Also, attempt to be active and try your best to compete in most of the challenges. If you can't, leave a message on my talkpage and I will understand.
  9. And most of all, have a lot of fun!


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Stephanie and Madilynn

Madilynn and Chrissy

Brendan and Matt


Madilynn and Scrappy - Doo

Devon and Scrappy - Doo

Stephanie and Scrappy - Doo

Matt and Alex

Brendan and Alex/Madilynn (Twin)



Brendan and Chrissy

Chrissy and Madilynn

Brendan and Matt

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Finale
1st Brendan YES WIN Scrappy WIN WIN Travis WIN Waluigi Waluigi Devon Marmalade Luis Abyss/Kai Alex Matt Winner
1st Madilynn WIN LOW WIN WIN WIN Jazmyn WIN Devon Devon Marmalade Luis Abyss Alex Matt Winner
3rd Chrissy WIN Scrappy WIN WIN WIN Jazmyn WIN Waluigi Devon Marmalade Luis Kai/Madi Alex Matt Second
4th Matt Dina WIN Katelyn Stephanie WIN Jazmyn WIN Waluigi Devon WIN Luis Abyss/Kai Alex OUT
5th Alex Matt WIN Travis Cassie Travis WIN Cassie Devon Devon Marmalade Luis Abyss/Kai OUT
6th Kai WIN Scrappy WIN WIN Alex WIN Cassie Waluigi Devon Marmalade Luis Abyss/Madi
7th Abyss Debuts In Episode 10 Marmalade LOW OUT
8th Luis WIN Scrappy WIN WIN WIN Jazmyn WIN Devon Devon WIN OUT
9th Marmalade Debuts In Episode 8 Waluigi Devon Alex
10th Devon WIN Scrappy WIN WIN WIN Jazmyn WIN Waluigi Alex
11th Waluigi LOW WIN Matt Jamie Alex WIN Cassie Devon
12th Cassie NO Dina WIN Katelyn Stephanie Travis WIN Kai
14th Travis Dina WIN Katelyn Jamie Alex
15th Stephanie Matt WIN LOW OUT
16th Jamie LOW WIN LOW OUT
17th Katelyn LOW WIN OUT
18th ScrappyDoo WIN OUT
19th Dina OUT

Pre Chat

Chris: Welcome Everyone.

Devon: Hey Chris.

Brendan: Hey guys... I'm Brendan!

Katelyn: *Waves* Hi!

Scrappy: Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo!

Waluigi: i'm a Waluigi!, cohort of Wario!

Chris: Scrappy Doo?

Waluigi: Scrappy Who?

Brendan: OOH!!! A talking dog!

Jazmyn: I know, right?

Devon: Thats pretty creepy.

Waluigi: (CONF) talking dogs ey!?, NOW i've seen it all!

Katelyn: Creepy, awesome, exciting, and cool all at the same time.

Scrappy: Of course I can talk! Didn't you see my show?

Jazmyn: Nope. *Pops P*

Katelyn: I never seen or heard of it.

Brendan: Neither have I

Waluigi: well they've obviously heard of Super Ma...i mean, what is wrong with this bad weather huh? (smiles)

Alex: I don't think the weather is not too shabby.

Devon: Um, okay? (CONF) There are some weird people here.

Scrappy: I'm just a dog, TA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! PUPPY POWER!!!!!

Waluigi: and i'm just a regular human...with pointy ears..

Chris: Why isn't anybody else coming yet?! My hair is starting to get frizzy!

Brendan: Too scared to come I guess...

Madilynn: Psh, I would never be scared of anything.

Scrappy: They were too scared!

Madilynn: You should really put a sock in it, creepy puppy. You seem too annoying, sorry.

Scrappy: Annoying?! I'm the one who lives in a mansion and has billions! You're jealous! *puts up his fists* Put em up! TADADADAAAADADAAAAA!!!!!! PUPPPPYYYY POWER!!!!

Madilynn: *Paralyzes Scrappy* Puppy Power doesn't affect me.

Scrappy: *he manages to dodge and bites Madilynn in the leg*

Madilynn: Ow?

Alex: *Pushes Two Away* No fights this early!

Scrappy: Fine, fine!

Waluigi: and no ovvereacting!, your making my head hurt!

Kai:Oh my god I'm soo happy too be here *rolls eyes*

Travis:*glares at everyone* (he gets nicer in future episodes)

Brendan: Wait... if that puppy 'has billions'... then why is he on this show?

Kai: yeah and can someone tell me why there is a stupid dog on the show again please

Brendan: Exactly... besides... this show is called Totally Teen Island... not dog island!

Kai: Yeah it's teen island (CONF) my real name is Kyle soo I'll keep that a secret

Scrappy: Because I want more and more money!

Kai: Cool story bro tell it again *rolls eyes*

Brendan: Yeah... *in a sarcastic voice* I'm sure a celebrity like you will have no trouble getting the grand prize!

Scrappy: Pah! I'm doing this also to gain more acting titles!

Cassie: Hello! The beautifal Cassie has arrived!

Chrissy: Hello everyone! I;m Chrissy!

Kai:Ha *Barts in mouth alittle*

Travis: Hey ug...Wow hi Cassie

Scrappy: *drools in joy*

Travis: Hey Cassie *pushes scrappy out of the way*

Scrappy: *pushes Travis out of the way*

Travis:Stupid dog *pushes scrappy *

Brendan: I'm pretty sure thats animal cruelty...

Scrappy: I'll show you! *bites Tavis' hand*

Cassie: Aww what a cute dog!

Travis: Ow!

Scrappy: Thank you!

Stephanie: Hey, everyone, what's up?

Jamie: Hey guys, and ladies.

Matt: Hello All...

Travis: hello

Kai: hi welcome too h*ll

Scrappy: Hi! I'm Scrappy Doo!

Episode 1: A Day To Remember

Boy's Bedroom

Chris: (Via intercom) Campers, welcome to Totally Teen Island! You may unpack and get to know one another!

Scrappy: *unpacks his possesions*


Brendan: *unpacks*

Devon: *Looks around* This room is a little small huh?

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers, please meet me on the beach! We havd some talking to do!

Devon: Already? Oh alright. *Walks to the beach*

Brendan: *searches closet* It's gotta be in here!

Girl's Bedroom

Chris: (Via intercom) Campers, welcome to Totally Teen Island! You may unpack and get to know one another!

Cassie: Where can I put all of my 15 suitcases?!


Chrissy: *unpacks*

Cassie: Alright, I have to many bags to unpack. So im gonna get some lunch. See ya!

Stephanie: *drops down her stuff on a bottom bunk* I'll go with ya!

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers, please meet me at the beach! We have some talking to do!


Chris: *Waiting*

Cassie: That... Was a long walk.

Devon: You do realize it only took us 5 minutes to get here?

Cassie: Still! It was so hot outside though!

Chris: *Laughing* Typical models....

Cassie: Shut up Chris!

Chris: Yeeshh.

Kai:*walks* Ok I'm here

Travis:*walks* me too (I'll not be here when the challenge starts because I'm busy)

Madilynn: *Follows* Me three. (Same here. I'm busy.)

Alex: Me four!

Chris: It's time to talk about teams!

Cassie: What? I have to work with others? Crap.

Chrissy: Cool!

Alex: Awesome!

Madilynn: *Whispers To Alex* Cassie needs a chill pill.

Chris: Team time! Alright campers, when I call your name, stand to the right of me. Brendan, Chrissy, Devon, Jazmyn, Kai, Luis, ScrappyDoo, and Madilynn. You guys are the Eerie Islanders! And for the rest of you, stand to my left. Alex, Cassie, Dina, Jamie, Katelynn, Matt, Stephanie, Travis and Waluigi, you guys are the Timid Travelers!

Madilynn: *Wals To Right*

Alex: *Walks To Left*

Brendan: *walks to the right*

Chrissy: *walks to the right*

Matt: *walks to the left*

Chris: Also, we must talk about the Star Of Wisdom!

Cassie: The wutta what?

Kai:*walks too right*

Travis: *walks too left*

Alex: You mean Star Wars?

Madilynn: I don't want to be a nerd..

Chris: No, the Star of Wisdom is an immunity idol! If you find it, you may use it to save your own butt when needed! But be careful, there are a lot of prototypes! (Look on the talkpage to see where it can be found.)


Madilynn: We have to find it. Not call dibs on it, Alex.

Brendan: *nods* (CONF) If there is anyone who is finding star... its me!!

Madilynn: (CONF) I have second thoughts about the Star...

Brendan: Well if thats all... I'm heading back to the cabin! *goes to boyz cabin*

Alex: Wait for me! *Follows Brendan*

Madilynn: Adios amigos!


Chef: *Making Lunch which is stale soup*

Stephanie: *arrives and goes up to Chef* Could I have some?

Chef: What? You actually want this? Ok then. *Hands Stephanie the stale soup*

Cassie: *Gets soup* Eww, what is this? This isnt lunch! Where's the veggie burgers, or salads?!

Chef: No complaining!

Stephanie: *begins to slowly eat the soup* It's better than what he served a few seasons ago...

Cassie: Yeah. But im still not eating that.

Chef: Oh yes you will! Hands Cassie another bowl of soup*

Cassie: Fine! *Sits down and eats the soup* Eww, *Barfs*

Stephanie: *begins gagging* Is that a hairball in there?

Chef: Could be... I made it from scratch. *Scratches his back and smiles evily*

Cassie: Gross!

Madilynn: Creepy and disturbing....

Chris: Campers, please meet me at the beach. We have some talking to do!

Cassie: What?! Fine. *Walks to the beach*

Scrappy: *goes to the water and jumps in* YAHOOO!!!! *he swims around*

Brendan: *looking around*

Chef: You?! What are you doing here?!

Brendan: well... I hadn't stop by here ealier... and I'm just getting intoduced with the place! That and looking for... a certain thing...

Brendan: Come on... the star of wisdom has got to be in here!

Challenge 1:

Chris: Challenge time suckers! For your guy's first challenge, we really need a new confessional. So, your challenge for today is none other than is to build a new one from scratch! a truck of supplies has been parked by the cafeteria. Whichever team has the best confessional wins and the other team must vote someone off.

Truck Of Supplies

Devon: What do we use to build it?

Brendan: I don't know... I guess whatever comes to mind... *grabs some wood*

Chrissy: Hey guys, I found some paint ... and a paint brush! Wait... I got an idea we could use with these... *takes the paint and paintbrush*

Madilynn: *Grabs Tools* Guess this is helpful.

Brendan: *grabs a saw*

Cassie: Models dont work!

Madilynn: *Punches Cassie's Shoulder Playfully* Come on, Cassie! Put those beautiful french tips to hard work! You'll be the bets of the best if you do!

Cassie: Whatevs.....

Madilynn: That's the spirit! At least...

Matt: Well... think of it this way Cassie... if we lose... then we will pick someone who didn't help... and can you guess who that would be? *grabs some hammers*

Brendan: *to team* So... uh... what should we make?

Devon: *Grabs a drill* How do I use this?

Madilynn: Here, give me it. *Gets Drill* *Starts Drilling On Pieces Of Wood*

Devon: Oh, ok.

Madilynn: So far, so good. *Keeps Drilling*

Stephane: *gathers nails*

Alex: *Grabs Rest Of Pieces Of Wood*

Stephanie: Ready to get started Matt and Madi?

Matt: Ready Steph!

Chrissy: I think we should make a tent confesional!

Madilynn: Do we have a tarp, nails, and rope? We could make a tent confessional with that.

Brendan: thanks for the tip! *looks for a tarp*

Chrissy: *found a rope*

Madilynn: *Drops Drill And Finds Hammer and Nails* Okay, we just need a tarp.

Devon: Hmmm.

Stephanie: *begins to search* Someone stop Brendan!

Brendan: *hearss Stephanie* Yep.. deadly threat right here... *rolls eyes and contiues to look*

Madilynn: Stephanie, some of your temamates aren't very active.

Brendan: YES found a tarp *runs out* So guys where should we start setting up?

Madilynn: Okay, someone hold the tarp, someone hold the nails on the corner ends of the tarp, and I'll hammer it down.

Devon: I'll hold the tarp!

Stephanie: .... Who is on my team? (I have no one xD I thought Madi and Matt were on my team lol)

Brendan: I got the nails *holds the nails in the corner*

Madilynn:*Holds Hammer And Hits Nails Down*

Cassie: Im on your team Steph.

Matt: *to stephanie* Hey you keep looking for items... I'll try to slow them down! *grabs a match from the supplies*&nbsp

Stephanie: *finds a tarp* Okay, who has the hammer?

Matt: (CONF) I'm not going to let those losers win this early... see I have a plan... and it will work

Brendan: We good with the nails?

Stephanie: Someone get me a hammer!

Madilynn: Yeah. Find something big to hold the tent. *Throws Hammer In Front Of Stephanie's Feet*

Stephanie: Oh I'm good. *smiles* I'm not on your team. *begins to lay out the tent and nails* Matt, Cassie, help!

Madilynn: *Mumbles While Searching* Copycat.

Brendan: That's gonna win it for sure...

Matt: *lights a branch on fire* Time to take out that tent!!! *picks the burning branch up and throws it on oppsing team's tent* opps... heh

Chrissy: *sees nrach* NO!!! The tent's on fire!

Brendan: Crap... someone get some water! Pronto!

Devon: *Gets water* here!

Madilynn: *Steals Water And Pours On Tent* Matt, you're lucky you're alive.

Matt: I know... sorry that that flame fell on your tent... gotta go bye *goes to help Steph*

Brendan: Jerk...

Madilynn: *Looks AT Tent* Wait! *Gets Branch And Holds The Now Black Tent* I think we're finished...or it sucks/

Chrissy: Wait a sec guys *holds out her paint can* we could use this to cover the blackness!

Devon: Are you sure it'll look good painted?

Chrissy: well... my orignal idea was to kiss up to Chris by painting Chris on the tent... but painting it should help make it look better... i think...

Madilynn: Maybe painting Chris on the tent might make us win...

Chris: Campers, 20 more minutes!

Madilynn: Hmm. *Gets Paint Can And Paints Chris On The Tent Swiftly*

{C}Brendan: *looks at painting* Not bad Madi!

Madilynn: *Finishes* Thanks.

Matt: *looks through supplies* what to do... gotta think of a plan... * sees pile of wood* hmm that could work!

Brendan: We got this in the bag! They barely have even started!

Madilynn: I actually feel sorry for that bad?

Matt: *takes pile of wood and some rope to nearby tree and starts tying the rope around the wood* Gotta start making a tree house

Brendan: Ehh... I don't feel bad...sepecially since they tried to sabotage us! Madilynn: I forgive Matt...and I really have to thank Chrissy for saving our butts with her ideas.

Matt: *starts tying the sides together*

Chrissy: Aww thanks Madi... but it was a group effort!

Madilynn: Especially when we had to set it up. It went smooth as silk!

Matt: *runs over and "borrows" the paint and starts to paint the side of the mishapen "treehouse"

Brendan: *sees treehouse* Now that's funny!! Haha

Madliynn: *Throws Rocks At Treehouse* For messing up our tent.

Brendan: SO... let's just say that in the event that they win... who would we vote out... my vote would go for that dog!

Madilynn: Brendan, you read my mind.

Brendan: Wow... weird... Madilynn: I emant I want to vote that creepy and annoying dog out.

Matt: *sighs* not my best work... but it will have to do...

Chrissy: Ya I agree get that little poooch outta here

Chris: Only 5 more minutes!

Matt: *finds a chair* Might as well put it in the house *puts chair in house*

Brendan: I'm gonna head to the cafeteria for a sec... to look around...

Chris: Challenge is over! Now please present to me both of the confessionals!

Chrissy: we present you Chris... our tent confessional! Complete privacy with a Chris Painting on the side!

Madilynn: Hope you like it!

Chris: Ooh, Chris likey. Next team?

Matt: well... *scratches head* are confessional is that misshapen treehouse over there. *points to it*

Chris: What? Oh, mm, mm, hahahahahaha! It looks so horrible! Hahaha!

Madilynn: I think it's okay.

Matt: but isn't that what you like... torturing the contestants?

Brendan: What I miss?

Chris: Why yes. But, I also like the Chris painting on the confessional so, the Eriee Islanders win! Timid Travelers, vote someone out!

Devon: Wohoo we won!!!

Brendan: Yes!

Scrappy: Wohooo!!!!

Devon: *Glares at Scrappy*

Scrappy: *growls at Devon*

Devon: At least I participated in the challenge! Puppy!

Scrappy: That's it! I'll show you who's boss!! *he bites Devon's left leg very hard and blood starts dripping out*

Devon: My leg!!! *Medic takes him away*

Scrappy: That'll teach you to mess with me!

Madilynn: Scrappy, you didn't even do any work, so don't be biting anybody's leg now.

Elimination Ceremony 1: Timid Travelers

Chris: Timid Travelers, vote!

Matt: (CONF) My vote goes for Dina... she hasn't done anything!

Cassie: (CONF) I let my team do all the work and we lost! I vote for Dina. Stupid rich girl.

Travis:(CONF) Dina and i promise too do the challenge next time

Stephanie: (CONF) Although he helped, and he seems nice, he lit the other team's tent on fire. This vote isn't meant to get him out, but to be a warning. That was just uncalled for, Matt. Good luck.

Alex: (CONF) I did part of the work, and putting Madi's team on fire, that's cold. I'll vote for Matt.

Chris: Alright, the votes have been counted. When I call your name and you receive a soda bottle that means you are,safe. So, the soda bottles go to, Travis, Alex, Stephanie, Waluigi, Katelyn, Cassie, and Jamie. And we're down to Dina and Matt. The last soda bottle goes to....... Matt. Sorry Dina your outta here. But on Totally Teen Island, the only way to get outta here is, a ride in the Lifeboat Of Shame! *Puts Dina in the lifeboat of shame,*

Alex: I never knew her. *Wipes Tears*

Episode 2: Feeding Time!

Boy's Bedroom

Devon: *Comes back from Medic* I hate thay Scrappy Doo!

Alex: He's really annoying...and creepy...

Travis: that makes three of us (i wouldnt be at the challenge i have school and it ends at 5:00pm)

Devon: You got that right.

Travis; *Thinks about Cassie* im soo bored.. ( i want him too have a crush on someone he is like duncan but if he likes somebody he is nice)

Jamie: *yawns* Too bad Dina's gone.

Waluigi: (still in bed and facing the wall) who cares!?, none of us i assume.

Luis: she was a nice girl.

Travis: She never talks

Matt: (CONF) I have a new plan forming in my head... i wonder how I can use Scrappy to my advantage!

Brendan: *looks through the closet*

Brendan: Yes... *grabs the star he found and runs out* Hey chris... is this it?

Chris: Nope! Try again!

Girl's Bedroom

Kai: Hooray an other day on this crappy island *rolls eyes and does situps*

Cassie: *Paints her toenails*

Stephanie: And now it's seven girls against nine boys... *sighs*

Stephanie: (CONF) I'm worried about the girls losing to the guys so... (NON-CONF) *goes to the bathroom*


Brendan: *finds Chris* Hey dude... is this the real star of wisdom? *holds it out*

Chris: *Inspects it* Hmm, Sorry dude! You found a prototyoe! And Chef was right! If we made it glow, you guys would think it was the real one!

Brendan: CURSE YOU CHEF AND YOUR IDEAS!!! *runs off*

Stephanie: (CONF) I found a star thing in the girl's bathroom... I'm gonna check. (NON-CONF) Hey Chris, is this the star? I found it in the girl's bathroom...

Chris: Wow, you guys seriously want the Star of Wisdom! But no. That's another prototype. Now if you will excuse me, i'm about to get my swedish massage

Stephanie: ANOTHER prototype? How many are there?

Chris: Well, lets just say it took Chef a month to create them.


Brendan: *muttering to himself as he looks through the fridge* Come on... that stupid star has to be in here!

Brendan: *opens a closet* Aha! Chef's secert stash! *looks through it*

Chef: You again?! Get outta here!! My secret stash? ARRRGHHH!

Brendan: Yes Chef Hatchet Sir *sees something glowing* Hey could that be... *grabs it* Could this be the star? ...bye *runs out of the cafeteria*

Madilynn: Brendan sure wants the Star. I don't really want to rely on that.

Stephanie: *walks in and sits down next to Madilynn* Hey, Madi, I know we're on different teams, but would you like an alliance? The girls are down by two... we could help each other out.

Madilynn: First alliance.............I'm in.

Chrissy: *walks by them* Hey guys... what up?

Madilynn: Brendan is going crazy for the Star.

Chrissy: *to Madi*Cool... well I was thinking... Brendan is pretty trustworthy... how about we have an alliance us three You, me,and him! And if he shows signs of betrayal, then we can overcome him 2 to 1!

Madilynn: Sure.

Stephanie: *is a little suspicious, but decides to ignore the feeling* Chrissy, how would you like to join a girls' alliance?

Madilynn: (CONF) Do I really have to be in lots of alliances?

Scrappy: (CONF) I'm gonna win and these people know it!

Madilynn: *Stays Quiet*

Stephanie: *whispering to Madi* We could get the guys to get out Scrappy, and then take over.

Madilynn: *Whispers Back* Brendan wants Scrappy eliminated...

Stephanie: *whispers back* Good, so when Scrappy is gone, we just have to get out one more guy to have equal numbers. *smiles*

Scrappy: *overhears this* (CONF) I need a plan to save myself!

Madilynn: How about Matt?

Stephanie: Sure, after what he did... Why not? (And Scrappy wasn't even here, how could he hear that? :\)

(Fine, but Stephanie has something embarrassing happen to her soon)

Scrappy: *runs up to Stephnie and rips her pants off, showing her underwear and runs off*

Stephanie: Are you kidding me? *grabs the tablecloth and wraps it around her* You are dead!

Scrappy: *he rips off the tablecloth and her panties and she is half-naked* *runs off hiding*

Stephanie: *grabs a tablecloth from the other table and puts it on* .... Wow.

Scrappy: *hiding*

Madilynn: I'm so voting him off.

Stephanie: *looks at her* After everyone hears what happened, they will, too.

Madilynn: Only the girls will, the boys will either laugh or vote him off.

(Scrappy is gonna prank Stephanie again, so be ready)

Scrappy: *quickly slips farting pills in Steph's drink when she isn't looking and runs off*

Stephanie: Well if Brendan wants him off, that's three votes for him on your team, and you can just get the rest to bandwagon.

Maidlynn: *Sees Fart Pills* Steph, don't drink your cup.

(She doesn't listen and drinks it anyway.)

Stephanie: *pours out the cup* Scrappy? (My character, I'll do what I want ;D )

Scrappy: *trying to tunnel off the island*

Madilynn: Fart pills.

Stephanie: *groans* How sweet of him.

Madilynn: *In Sarcastic Voice* He's really dreamy.

Scrappy: *still digging underground*

Madilynn: ANyway, I think that mutt escaped.

Stephanie: That's good. I guess that means he quits, right?

Scrappy: *hiding underground* They'll never find me here!

Madilynn: The world may never know.

Scrappy: *sticks his head out of the dirt* Hello? Anyone here?

Madilynn: *Hears* He didn't quit.

Challenge 2:

Chris: Challenge time! Today's challenge, each team must take care of a little sweet koala.

Koala #1: *Snarls and hisses

Chris: Or at least I thought they were sweet. Anyways, each team will have a day to pamper a koala and whichever koala seems happier will win for the team there we're taken care on.

Koala 1: *Bites Madilynn*

Koala 2: *Bites Scrappy Doo*

Madilynn: Aww!!!! *Hugs Koala* I've been hurt more than this.

Koala 1: *Bites Madilynn's nose and snarls at her*

Madilynn: *Sticks Tongue Out*

Devon: Uh Madi, instead of fighting with it, we should be taking care of it so we could win again!

Madilynn: Okay, here. Take it.

Devon: *Carries It* Why hello little-

Koala 1: *Bites Devon's arm*

Devon: AHHHHH! MOMMY! *Runs Off*

Madilynn: SORRY!

Koala 2: *Stares at Madilynn*

Madilynn: Are you cute, or are you crazy like the first koala?

Cassie: I dont think it can understand you.

Madilynn: But It's a total try. *Picks Up Koala*

Travis: Hii koala wanna have a tummy rub *Picks up Koala*

Koala 1: *Chases Cassie*

Cassie: AHHHH!

Madilynn: *Kisses Koala's Forehead* You are so cute, aren't you? *To Team* Don't listen to me fi I talk to the koala.

Koala 2: *Smiles at Madi*

Madilynn: *Rubs Tummy* So cute!

Travis: Aww hello Koala *picks up koala and gives him a tummy rub* aww your soo cute

Alex: That koala better not be violent.

Koala 1: Bites Alex on the leg*

Alex: OW!

Chris: Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, they haven't eaton in 5 months so they're pretty hungry.

Alex: *Sees Random Fish* Here you go, koala!

Madilynn: How about the second koala?

Devon: *Looks Around* Where is everybody?

Brendan: *to his team's koala* Hey little guy... hows it going?

Matt: *to team* Ok guys... I know what koala's eat! We gotta find some eucalypt leaves!

Koala 2: Rubs his tummy showing Brendan he's hungry,*

Brendan: Don't worry little buddy! *goes and gets some leaves* Here you go! *gives leaves to Koala*

Koala 2: *Eats the leaves, goes crazy and runs away*

Chris: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys, after they get full, they start to get more energetic! You might wanna catch your koala, or else you guys are disqualified!.

Brendan: crap... *runs after the koala*

Koala 2: *Crawls up a tree*

Stephanie: *tries to help Alex with the first Koala* Want me to get some leaves?

Waluigi: I saved us the trouble! (hands Stephanie the leaves he collected)

Stephanie: Oh, thanks! *begins to feed the koala the leaves*

Koala 1: *Devours the leaves, gets jittery then runs away*

Cassie: Uh guys, or koala just ran away!

Brendan: *follows Koala up the tree*

Kai:*Climbs tree too get Koala*

Scrappy: *tries to grab the team Koaloa*

Luis: come on little fella!, come on down! (looks up at the koala)

Koala 2: *Pees on Brendan*

Stephanie: *runs after the Koala* Come back! Stop!

Koala 1: *Jumps onto Stephanie's face, clinging on to her,*

Stephanie: *groans but let's it hang* As long as you don't run away...

Travis:*Climbs after koala 2*

Alex: ....You sure you're okay with that?....

Kai:Oh no you don't Travis *climbs after Koala 2*

Stephanie: *turns awkwardly to talk to Alex* Yeah. Since the other team doesn't even have their koala, we'll win by default, I guess.

Alex: *Lightly Pats Koala*

Madilynn: *Gets Koala And Holds Tight* You really are a hyper one.

Koala 2: *Tries to wiggle out of Madi's arms*

Travis: Dont worry Stephanie I'll save you *takes Koala 1 off Stephanie's face* Ha! Hey koala bear looking cute *gives a koala a tummy rub*

Madilynn: No! *Holds Tightly*

Chris: Oh yeah don't forget, they'll need baths!

Madilynn: *Groans* Somebody, pelase help me!

Cassie: Ugh, fine I'll help. How do we take this thing a shower?

{C}Kai: No I'll just stand here..*scarcasm* *grabs koala from madi and tries rocks it too sleep* ok where's the bath

Scrappy: Come here fella! 8tries to grab him*

Cassie: Uh, I dont think a dog can carry a koala.

Kai: That's what she said.

Luis: we can always try right?

Scrappy: *tries to grab him*

Madilynn: Chris, where's the bath?

Chris: You can always use the water from the ocean

Stephanie: *grabs the koala from Travis and holds the Koala like a football* Let's go, little buddy. *sprints towards the water*

Madilynn: *Takes Koala And Runs To Water*

Madilynn: *Cleans Koala With Random Sponge*

Stephanie: *begins to wash koala with her shirt, and is only in her bra* Listen, Madi, it would be really nice if you threw the challenge and got Scrappy out. I mean, we are friends, right?

Madilynn: *Bites Lip And Slowly Cleans Koala* They'll vote ME out, though...any ideas on how to quit?

Stephanie: Hmmm... I honestly don't know. Thanks for at least trying, though. Guess I'll just have to beat you. *begins to scrub the koala fiercely*

Chrissy: Well Madi... I don't think anyone on the team would vote you out over Scrappy... besides... we all want him out! so... *throws mud at Koala*

Koala 2: *Runs away*

Chrissy: There now our koala is gone!

Chris: Alright guys the challenge is over! Now, let's see how you both did. *Inspects the Koala 1* Hmm, seems pampered, looks clean, *Sees a stomach bulge* And it definately looks full! Great job Timid Travelers! Now, let's see the 2nd koala- uh, Eriee Islanders, where,'s your koala?

Matt: There he is Chris! *points towards the cliff*

Chris: What the?!?! It's gonna die! Then will get lower ratings!

Brendan: I will save it! *runs toward the cliff!*

Chris: *Crosses his fingers

Brendan: *runs over and grabs the koala* GOT IT!!! *heads back to Chris*

Chris: Thank Goodness! *Inspects it* Hmm, well it's still dirty, it is full though and you guys didn't watch where it was going. So, the winners of this challenge are.... The Timid Travelers! Eerie Islanders, I'll be seeing you at the elimination ceremony tonight!

Elimination Ceremony 2: Eerie Islanders

Chris: Eerie Islanders, vote time!

Chrissy: (CONF) My vote goes for the puppy! Scrappy!

Devon: (CONF) That Scrappy has to go. He freaks me out.

Kai:(CONF) Scrappy

Luis: (CONF) sorry dude, but i vote for Scrappy.

Brendan: (CONF) Who to pick... who to pick indeed... Scrappy!!

Chris: Alright campers, the votes have been cast. When you receive a soda bottle that means you are safe. The soda bottles go to... Brendan, Luis, Devon, Kai, Chrissy, and Madilynn. We're down to Jazmyn, and ScrappyDoo. The last soda bottle goes to........ Jazmyn! Sorry ScrappyDoo you have been eliminated and the lifeboat of shame awaits! *Puts ScrappyDoo in the lifeboat of shame* See ya next time!

Brendan: *smirks* Later Dog!

Madilynn: The obvious vote was Scrappy. Who else?

Episode 3: An Epic Castle

Boy's Bedroom

Devon: Finally that Scrappy-Doo is gone!

Alex: *Sighs In Relief* That's good.

Travis: Yup....

Girl's Bedroom

Stephanie: Is anyone interested in a girls' alliance?

Cassie: No thanks. I like to work alone. You know, even though I don't really work. At all.

Kai: finally I can get some sleep And I don't have too here barking or screaming from the boys when they get bit by Scarppy



Challenge 3:

Chris: Challenge time campers! For today's challenge, you guys must create an epic sand castle! But be careful when you dig in the sand, because hidden under there are Sand Crabs, Scorpions, tarantulas, and mutant rats! The team with the best castle wins and the other team will lose yet another member. Good luck and don't try to get killed!

Timid Traveler's Castle Building

Jamie: *digs for sand*

Cassie: Do I seriously have to dig in this dirty sand?

Jamie: *starts building a side*

Travis:*Tries too get water for moat*

Matt: *gives Cassie a shovel* There... know you can help without getting dirty!

Cassie: *Grabs the shovel* Alright fine! *Starts to shovel the sand but gets stinged by a scorpion* Ow!

Alex: *Helps Jamie* You okay, Cassie?

Cassie: Yeah I g- My skin is blistering!.Oh,no....

Travis:*spits water in moat*

Alex: * To Cassie* Put some water on it, Cassie! *To Travis* That's just nasty.

Travis:*Grabs alex by his neck* yeah you don't tell me what too do Dork!

Cassie: Im gonna get some water. *Gets Water*

Alex: *Pushes Travis Back Hard* Less fights, more water.

Waluigi: i saved you the trouble Cassie. (hands her a cup of water)

Travis:Fine *Runs too the water*

Cassie: Thanks. *Puts water on her hand* Ow! It Burns.....

Alex: Just wait for it to heal or something.

Waluigi: here's some let's finish this dang castle! (starts to make the castle bigger)

Travis:*spits water in moat* There *Runs for more water*

Cassie: Ewww.

Travis: *Shrugs* I dont know where the buckets are *runs for more water*

Waluigi: go to the river!, there's a load of it there! (makes the castle more secure)

Alex: *Helps Waluigi*

Waluigi: Travis!!?, where's the water bud!? (puts a small flag on the top)

Travis:*spits lots of water in the moat* There the moat is filled

Waluigi: hey McLean!, we've finished!! (grins, showing yellow teeth)

Alex: (CONF) Waluigi is weirder than Scrappy.......Waluigi's better, though.

Chris: Hmmm, There isn't alot of decorating, but at least there are flags, and I like the moat- is that back wash? Eww, And I dont see my face. So im not impressed.

Waluigi: your face!?, what are you a narcissist??

Chris: Totally! I mean, how could you not love all of this? Oh, and the Eerie Islanders win!.Timid Ttavelers, I'll bee seeing you at the elimination ceremony!

Cassie: What? Noo!

Eerie Islander's Castle Building

Brendan: *starts digging for sand*

Chrissy: Every good sastle must have a moat! *starts making a moat*

Devon: Good idea Chrissy! I'll help Brendan and dig for sand. *Gathers Sand*

Brendan: Thanks man... *whispers to him* I say.. if we lose this challenge... we vote off Jasmyn... she hasn't been to much help lately!

Devon: *Whispers Back* Agreed. She isn't much of help.

Kai:*Searches for Shells* (The play is done soo I'm free)

Chrissy: *contiues working on the moat*

Brendan: *starts to move sand to inside of the moat*

Kai:*Gets shells* soo guys where do I put these

Devon: Hmm, you can put them on the sides of the castle if you want.

Kai: *Puts them too the sides* Ok what now

Devon: Hmm, *Sees a cloth wash up on shore* Hey, we can use those for flags!

Chrissy: Good idea! Ad the moat is finished, so we need some water! *runs off to find a bucket*

Devon: Cool! *Gathers a few sticks and cuts the cloth into triangles* What can we use to make the cloths stick to the sticks?

Madilynn: Tie it around then stick in somewhere near or on the castle?

Devon: Great Idea! *Ties cloth around stick then puts them on the sides of the castle*

Madilynn: Looks decorative...*Draws Chris In The Sand Castle's Sand Carefully And Perfectly* Maybe that can help us?

Devon: Hopefully The only person who Chris loves more than himself is.. Well Chris!

Madilynn: *Chuckles* Can't deny on that.

Luis: but it'll get us points amigos.

Devon: True....

Kai:*gets more shells*

Madilynn: *Puts More Sand In Sand Castle*

Devon: This is starting to look great!

Madilynn: We must win! It's a total team effort, plus it's really good.

Kai:*puts Sea shells around the castle*

Luis: (puts a flag on top of the castle)

Devon: Woo! We're almost done!

Madilynn: Hmm, what else?

Luis: i think we've covered everything amigo.

Chris: Great! The Timid Travelers will have 10 more minutes to complete their castle!

Madilynn: *Bites Lip* You think they would be finished in time,?

Devon: I dont think so. Many of them aren't active

Madilynn: I wonder what happens if both teams win...

Chris: Hmm, I like the decorations, very original, love the flags, and ooh, is that my face? I love it!.You guy's really know how to suck up to a host!

Luis: (CONF) i knew it would work!, that's gonna make our chances of winning much higher!

Madilynn: Well, you are actually a good host.

Chris: Well, yeah I know. Haha. You guys win!

Madilynn: Yay!

Elimination Ceremony 3: Timid Travelers

Chris: Wow, here again. Timid Travelers, vote!

Travis:(CONF) Kaitlynn she did not do anything

Waluigi:(CONF) i vote for Matt, all he did was give Cassie a shovel, and that's pretty lazy if you ask me.

Cassie: (CONF) Katelynn. She's not that active.

Alex: (CONF) This is a random pick.............Katelyn. Wait, no. Travis. Dude gotta control his emotions.

Matt: (CONF) My vote foes for Katelyn...

Chris: And the soda bottles go to.... Waluigi, Cassie, Alex, Stephanie, Jamie, and Travis. The last soda bottle goes to........ Matt! Katelyn, your time here.on Totally Teen Island has ended. Lifeboat of Shame time! *Puts Katelyn on the lifeboat of shame*

Alex: Okay, two contestants form our team are eliminated, and I don't even know them! That's cold!

Cassie: *To Alex* I really wouldn't worry about that.

Alex: *Confused* Why?

Cassie: Nevermind. *Leaves*

Episode 4: One Sucky Race

Boy's Bedroom

Devon: *Comes Back from the beach* Hello? Anyone in here?

Alex: I guess me.

Devon: I hope the challenge wont be too tough today.

Alex: Is your team going to use Chris' face again?

Devon: Well, only of we need to. Other than that, no.

Alex: Madilynn has some skills. Plus she looks pretty. *Blushes A Little*

Travis: Someone likes Madilynn and Alex sorry that i choked you last episode...

Alex: *Pushes Travis Playfully* I don't like her...she's just...cute?

Jamie: *sighs* I wish girls would actullaly go out with me.

Travis: Ok then...

Alex: Jamie, you have lots of girls, besides the girls here, wanting to go out with you.

Girl's Bedroom

Cassie: Thank Goodness I'm still here.

Madilynn: * Whispers*That's the problem...

Cassie: Excuse Me?

Madilynn: *Smiles* Nothing!

Kai:*is still sleeping*

Madilynn: *Pours Sticky Liquid Over Kai*.

Kai: Gah! what the H*ll Madilynn..i was sleeping... (is Hell ok?)

Madilynn: (I guess.) *Giggles* You know how I am.

Kai:*Death glares at Madilynn* Yup...

Madilynn: I got a good night's sleep, and I feel especially evil today!

Kai: OK *Sarcastic voice* Oh Lyk yes your lyk soo evil...*rolls eyed*

Madilynn: *Hugs Kai Tightly* I love you too!

Kai: Too Bad i cant say the same too you....

Madilynn: It's okay!

Kai: Wow you have Such a small mind for someone who has a big head...

Madilynn: *Puts Hands On Hips* I'm kidding. I'm smarter than I seem. It's just fun acting like that. Deal with it.


Devon: *Relaxing On A Hammock* This is the life.....

Brendan: *with a shovel; digging in the sand*


Challenge 4:

Chris: It's time for yet another dangerous yet hilarious challenge! Today's challnge, a race! There are three parts to this race The first part, you must walk over a balance beam over a piranha infested lake. For the 2nd part, you will have to crawl on mud with mutant rats attacking you! Haha, how fun! And the last part of the race, watch out for Chef while he blasts you all with real vomit and hair! The first team across with the most members before 10 minutes end win!

Cassie: Sounds, gross.

Brendan: LEt's go Team!!! *begins to walk on the balance beam*

Chrissy: ...I can't... I hate beams....

Matt: *walks on the beams* It's all right Chirssy... it's not that bad!

Clock: 9 Minutes

Chrissy: all right *walks on the beam*

Brendan: *halfway across the beam*

Devon: This seems scary. *Walks on the balance beam*

Brendan: Almost there! Keep up the good wok guys!

Chrissy: *walking but trips* AHH!!! *hanging on* Help!!!

Matt: Here *helps Chrissy up*

Clock: 8 Minutes

Chrissy: Ahh... thanks Matt *continues to walk*

Brendan: *reaches other side* YES!!!

Cassie: *Walks on the balance beam*

Devon: *Halfway* Almost there....

Chrissy: *halfway* Right behind you Devon!

Waluigi: (runs across the beam) wait up team!

Luis: (balances himself as he walks across the beam.)

Chrissy: Almost there!

Devon: *Finishes* Thank Goodness. *Runs over to the mud*

Waluigi: halfway!

Luis: same here!

Chrissy: *makes it* Hoorray!!

Clock: 7 Minutes

Matt: Almost there!

Waluigi: (finishes)

Luis: (finishes as well) i'm done amigos.

Matt: *finishs*

Devon: *Crawling on the mud* I dont see the mutant rats anywhere....

Waluigi: there's one on your leg...

Luis: (to himself) i just need to get this over with...(crawls)

Brendan: *crawls in the mud*

Chrissy: *crawls* eww... this is gross!!

Matt: *crawl in the mud* (CONF) This is the longest 10 minutes of my life... wow

Devon: *Sees the Mutant Rat* Oh no... *Rat attacks him* AHHH!

Brendan: *shoves the rat off of him* You all right?

Chrissy: *crawl faster* gotta get outta here

Cassie: *In The Middle of the balance beam* Im not going any farther!

Waluigi: don't worry about it kid, it won't kill you.

Luis: how can you be sure?

Waluigi: shut your trap pretty boy! (crawls faster)

Luis: (sarcastically) what a nice guy...(crawls)

Clock: 6 Minutes

Waluigi: (finishes) done!, now for the final part!

Luis: (finishes) i'm OK about the hair but vomit!?...this is gonna be bad...

Devon: *To Brendan* Yeah. Thanks. *Crawls*.

Kai:*Begins too walk on the balance beam* ( Im at the trailer park and my friends are here i still want too do part of the challenge)

Travis::*Begins too walk on the balance beam*

Brendan: welcome *continues*

Matt: *crawls*

Chef: I smell fresh human blood..... *Shoots at Luis and Waluigi*

Matt: *finishes*

Brendan: *finishes* YES

Chrissy* *runs by while Chef is distracted shooting Luis and Waluigi*

Luis: missed me bro! (runs)

Waluigi: catch me if you can big boy! (runs)

Chrissy: *runs*

Brendan: *starts running*

Devon: *Continues to crawl* I'm gonna be sick..... *Barfs*

Waluigi: halfway there!

Luis: i'll beat you there bro! (sprints)

Matt: *runs*

Brendan: *runs*

Chrissy: almost there

Chef: *Shoots Brendan*

Luis: (finishes) i'm done amigo!

Waluigi: (finishes) lucky jerk...

Devon: *Finishes* Off to Chef! *Runs

Brendan: NOO I'm hit! *trouble seeing, but runs*

Chrissy: *finihses*

Matt: *halfway there*

Clock: 5 Minutes

Devon: *Runs* Can't catch me Chef!

Chef: Wanna bet? *Shoots Devon*

Devon: Ahhhh! *Falls down*

Matt: Almost there

Brendan: *stumbles on his way*

Chrissy: *runs out to Brendan* Here let me guide you!

Brendan: OK... *led by her*

ChrissY: Were halfway threre

Chef: *Shoots Brendan and Chrissy*'

Matt: *finishes*

Devon: *Runs and tries to avoid Chef*

Brendan: NOT AGAIN!!!

Chrissy: Don't worry... were almost there... I think...

Clock: 4 Minutes

Chrissy: If we head straight... we should make it!

Brendan: All right...

Devon: *Halfway* This vomit tastes like... BLEH! Dx

(Blaze: I'm going to bed now so i won't be active for around two hours, sorry.. - Blaze)

Brendan: we almost there

Chrissy *crosses finish line with Brendan* We just did!

Matt: *To Waluigi* Hey dude... since it looks like we are going to lose with only 2-their soon to be 4... I suggest we vote out Stephanie! She could be a strong player and that could spell trouble for us in the future... so what do you think?

Devon: *Finishes* That... Was torture!.

Brendan: I know right...

Clock: 3 Minutes

Brendan: Chris... can I go clean up?

Chris: Uh... Sure.

Clock: 2 Mimutes

Cassie: *Falls off the balance beam* Ow ow ow!

Clock: *Goes off*

Chris: Times up! And the winners are..... The Eerie Islanders! Timid Travelers, time to vote someone out. Again.

Cassie: Aw crap.

Brendan: (CONF) All right... with Steph gone... there is only a few more strong players to get out... but who to target first...

Elimination Ceremony 4: Timid Travelers

Chris: Not to be mean but, you guys really suck at this. I mean 3 eliminations? Wow. Time to vote!

Alex: (CONF) vote myself out for not being active. Wait...I'm voting myself out...NO! I want to stay here. I pick Cassie as a random pick. Wait, no, ME! No, no....I'LL JUST PICK CASSIE...Man, I need a chill pill.

Matt: (CONF) MY vote goes for Stephanie! She hasn't helped in the last two challenges and can be a threat!

Cassie: (CONF) Hmm Steph.

Waluigi: (CONF) sorry Jamie, but you didn't do much.

Travis:(CONF) I Vote for Jamie just too be a jerk :D

Chris: Lets check the votes shall we? Hmm, 1 vote Stephanie, 1 vote Cassie, a 2nd vote for Stephanie, and 1 vote Jamie. And the last vote goes to.... Jamie! It's a tie! So, whoever says I first before 8 PM stays! The other camper goes home. But, if neither say I before then, Both will be going home!

Chris: Well, it's now 8 PM, and no one has said I yet so Jamie and Stephanie are both eliminated! See ya two later! *Puts Jamie and Stephanie in the lifeboat of shame*

Episode 5: Beware Of The Aliens.....

Boy's Bedroom

Devon: *Reading a book*

Brendan: *relaxs on his bed*

Alex: *Munches On Chips* That was a weird elimination last night.

Brendan: Ya... it did look weird...

Alex: Jamie didn't HELP at all in the last challenges. Cassie should've been eliminated instead of Stephanie.

Brendan: I don't think that would be very good... Stephanie was a strong player, compared to Cassie anyway. Were bound to reach the merge soon... so we get rid of the strong players and keep the beatable ones instead!

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers, please meet me at the beach! Thank you.

Girl's Bedroom

Cassie: (CONF) Great. Now that Stephanie is gone i'm the only girl left on my team Hmm, I should've thought last night's elimination through....

Madilynn: (CONF) I wasn't really active during the last challenge nor Alex, Jamie, Steph, and the usual ones. I feel so bad now...(I think Madi has tomboy-sweet girl-hyper/crazy moodswings)

Chrissy: So girls... How we all doing!

Madilynn: Kai hates me now...mission accomplished!

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers, please meet me at the beach! Thank you.



Chrissy: *arrives* What's up Chris?

Chris: Well, since one team is more inactive than the other, I decided hey, let's make new teams! That's right, it's new team time baby! Alex, Brendan, Cassie, Kai, Waluigi, and Travis, you guys are the Golden Geese! And Chrissy, Devon, Jazmyn, Luis, Madilynn, and Matt, you guys are the Speedy Sharks!

Brendan: wow! This was unexpected!

Kai: I know... (CONF) First Two people went and then New teams this is one hell of a game

Cassie: (CONF) New teams? Darn I already didn't like the team I was first on and now I have to deal with others? Well at least I'm not the only girl left.

Kai:(Too Cassie) Well..I Guess we're the only two girls on our team...

Cassie: Yeah.....


Challenge 5:

Chris: Today's challenge, is an alien hunt! Well, not exactly. See, I dressed Chef up in an alien costume and he will be lurking around the camp! To win the challenge, you must capture Chef and bring him to me! But be careful, because Chef will also be hunting you! Ready? Go!

Brendan: Al right new team! Let's hunt CHef! *runs off into the woods*

Chrissy: We got this in the bag! *looks for Chef*

Alex: *Runs Around Looking For Chef* CHEF!!! COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!!

Madilynn: *Looks For Chef*

Brendan: *looks in the woods* Maybe he is in the cave!

Alex: I'm coming with ya, Brendan! *Follows Brendan*


Chrissy: *to Madilynn* You wanna team up!

Madilynn: Sure.......Alex is kinda crazy and hyper....

Chef: *Captures Alex* Hehehe.

Alex: At least I won't do any work...LIKE A BOSS!

Devon: Hmm, where to look....

Madilynn: *Looks In Random Areas*

Cassie: *Just sits on a bench* Chef? Oh Chef?

*A rustle is heard*

Cassie: Chef?

Chef: *Captures Cassie*

Cassie: Craap!!!

Devon: *Goes in the Cave and sees Brendan* Oh hey old teammate. Wait, didn't Alex come with you?

Madilynn: *Bites Lip* Where are you, Chef?

Brendan: What? *turns around* I thought Alex was behind me!!!

Alex: *Groans* THIS IS BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madilynn: *Hears Alex* I think Alex was already captured..

Chrissy: well if he was capture over there... that must mean that Chef is over there. Let's go! *runs to that direction*

Chef: *Sneaks into cave*

Brendan: All right... Devon you stay here and guard the entrance... I will look futher into the cave!

Madilynn: *Follows Chrissy Slowly*

Devon: Alright. *Gaurds Entrance*

Chrissy: I think there is something over there! *points at some bushes*

Chef: *Sees Devon* Ooh, fresh meat..... *Captures Devon*

Devon: Aww man! There goes my chance of winning....

Brendan: *runs past Chef while he captured Devon*

Matt: *jumps out of the bushes* gotta ya Che... what... I thought you were Chef...

Chef: *Runs into the dark woods* They'll never find me in here......

Madilynn: *Runs Out Of Cave*

Brendan: (CONF) All right... now that chef is gone into hiding... only his "personal" weakness can draw him out! (End-Conf) *brendan is running toward The Kitchen!

Chef: *Waits for a victim*

Brendan: *begins looking through Chef's Secret stash* man... look at all this junk...

Madilynn: *Looks Around For Chef*

Chrissy: *walks in the woods* Chef... were are you

Chef: More fresh meat.... HIYA! *Captures Chrissy* Hehee, to easy......,

Chrissy: NOO!!

Brendan: *taks Chef's secret stash* and now for the plan... *heads of towards the beach*

Madilynn: *Walks In Woods* *Sees Chef* *Tiptoes Silently To The Back Of Chef*

Chef: What was that?

Waluigi: (climbs to the top of a tree out of Chef's sight)

Chef: Where are those darn kids?......

Kai:*Climbs up tree*

Travis:*Climbs up tree with Kai*

Brendan: *lays a net hidden beneath Chef's stuff* And now... *yells out loud* HEY CHEF!!! YOUR SECRET STASH IS MINE NOW!!! *hides in the bushes*

Kai:*waits for chef too walk under the tree that she's on soo she can tackle him and trap him in a headlock*

Madilynn: *Jumps On Chef's shoulders* AAH!!!!!

Chef: *Throws Madilynn off of his shoulders* I NEED MY SECRET STASH!!!!!

Madilynn: Somebody's a crybaby.. *Rubs Sore Head*

Kai:*jumps off tree and sees Chef and runs up too him trying too trap him in a headlock*

Chef: *Pushes Kai*

Waluigi: idiots....good thing i packed a Bob-Omb.....(lights fuse and throws the Bob-Omb at Chef)

Brendan: *waiting... watching the secret stash*

Kai:oh yeah Chef!*Runs and Pounces Chef*

Madilynn: DON'T KILL HIM!

Waluigi: yesh!

Madilynn: (CONF) If they get sued, it's not my fault.

Chef: *Pushes Kai and sees Brendan* RAAAGHHHH! *Jumps on Brendan

Waluigi: come on you stupid Bob-Omb!!, EXPLODE!! (the Bob-Omb explodes on Chef)

Madilynn: *Closes Eyes*

Brendan: Ahh... crap...

Waluigi: (covered in soot) wow....that is some firepower!

Luis: you crazy amigo!

Kai:*Runs and Tackles chef too make sure that he does not catch Brenden*

Brendan: *coughs* You crazy dude!!! Trying to kill me and CHef!! oh... thanks Kai! push Chef into his secret stash! *starts pushing chef toward his stash*

Chef: *Takes His Secret Stash* Give me that back!

Kai:No problem *Helps Brendan*

Brendan: Ha you fell for it Chef!!! *the net beneath the stash activates and launches at Chef!*

Chef: NOOOO!

Brendan: *grabs the net* Quick guys... help me drag him to Chris!

Kai:*Helps Brendan*

Travis:*Runs too help Brendan*

Brendan: *drags the net*

Kai:*Drags the net*

Travis:*Drags the net*

Matt: Hey teammates! How about I give you guys a hand *lifts Chef up and carries him*

Brendan: Wow... he is strong... who wouldve guessed?

Matt: *carring Chef* Almost there guys!

Brendan: *nearing Chris* Great teamma... wait a sec... are you on our team?

Matt: Nope *drops Chef at Chris's feet* The you go Chris!

Chris: The Gloden Geese win! And Chef, I'm very disapointed.

Chef: I know. *Cries*

Matt: *coughs* Ahem... Chris... I was the one to deliver Chef to you... and I am on the other team Maidlynn:.....

Chris: Oh wait, that's right! The Speedy Sharks actually win!

Elimination Ceremony 5: Golden Geese

Cassie: (CONF) I vote for.... Travis.

Kai:(CONF) my vote is probably going too be between atravis and Alex since Alex was the first person too be Catch from his yelling soo Alex

Travis:(CON) Alex for being the first person caught at the challenge

Brendan: (CONF) As much as I want to vote out a certain someone... My vote goes for Travis!

Waluigi: (CONF) sorry Alex, but you were the first one caught, witch means you were a waste!

Alex: (CONF) Can I vote myself??? I probably shouldn't....well...Travis, since he wasn't really active. Being the first one caught si better than not being active.

Chris: *Reads the votes* Well, this was an unexpected shock! We have a tie! 3 votes Alex, and 3 votes Travis! To settle who stays, I want Each Travis and Alex to write me a speech on why they should stay. Best speech wins!

Alex: Err, I would like to stay on thsi show because I really want to win the prize, no matter what it is. I know I was screaming the h*ll out of my lungs in the challenge, but at least I'm active. I was just hyper, that is all. I promise to keep my mouth shut whenever, or at least when I feel like it. Please let me stay on the show, please! Or I can be an intern...

Travis: Hello Chris Chef and Others I would like too stay on this show too win the Prize and I know I have not been that Active,But Hey! Atleast a try too...I know Alex was being more Active then me but he should not have Done that.I promise too inprove and be more Active,Even know Most people are more Active I feel I can do better.Soo I hope that you let me Stay on the Show. (I don't mind If I got the boot because sometimes being too Characters is Hard)

Chris: *Tears up* Those were beautiful. So, I cant choose! The first person to say; "Chris McLean is the best, handsomeest, smart, caring, funny, and thoughtful host in the whole whole whole whole world! Wins!

Alex:Chris McLean is the best, handsomeest, smart, caring, funny, and thoughtful host in the whole whole whole whole world!

Chris: And Alex stays! Travis, Lifeboat Of Shame time dude. *Puts Travis in the Lifeboat of Shame*

Brendan: Congrats Alex

Kai: (CONF) UhOh O_O

Episode 6: Into The Woods

Boy's Bedroom

Devon: *Hears Cassie's Bad Singing* Ouch.... My ears.......

Brendan: *struggles to sleep cause of Cassie* Argh!!! I just want to sleep!!!

Devon: Wait a minute.. I think Cassie stopped singing! *Hears her loud snoring* Aww man!

Brendan:(CONF) Man... I want some decent sleep... but its hard who to decide who to target on my team... Cassie for keeping us up at night or Waluigi for nearly killing me!!! But ya... someone is going down. *falls asleep*

Devon: Well, cant fall asleep anymore. I'm gonna go for a late night swim.

Alex: Adios. *Covers Face With Pillow*

Brendan: *looks to check that everyone else is asleep* Hey... Alex.. you still awake?

Alex: *Rubs Eyes* Kinda, what's up?

Brendan: You thinking what I'm thinking about who to eliminate... Cassie... I can't stand another night like this!

Alex: I'm in.

Girl's Bedroom

Kai:*Is sleeping* Z...Z...Z

Cassie: *Listening to music and singing* LA DA DA LA LA!

Kai:*Wakes up* *Death Glares at Cassie* Thanks for waking me up...

Cassie: *Continues To Sing* LA DA LA DA LAAAAA!

Kai:-_-(CONF) Girls these days.....I never had a friend who was a girl I mostly hang out with Guys...Sad Right...(NON CONF) Cassie its 2:03am (well where I live) Soo everyone would like too sleep...

Cassie: *Takes Off Her Earphones and yells* WHAT DID YOU SAY KAI?

Kai:I SAID *Falls off buckbed* OOf! FIRETRUCK! oh nothing...I don't feel like saying it but stop singing everyone is trying too sleep that's all...

Cassie: Oh ok. *Falls Asleep and snores really loud*

Kai:*Moans* I can't feel my stupid arm....(CONF) Even Know Madilynn pour Somthing on me the other day between her and Cassie ...Madi is not that bad. (NON CONF) *Tries too think about nothing*

Kai:*Tiptoes too the beach because of all the loud snoring*


Kai:*walks back in* Yea...I argee with madi for the first time...

Madilynn: *Throws Pillow At Cassie**



Devon: *Swims and shivers* Wow, the water is really cold at night.

Kai:*Finds a place too rest in the sand*

Devon: *Continues To Swim*

Kai:*wakes up and waits for the challenge*


Challenge 6:

Chris: Time for the challenge! For today's challenge, you guys will hike along the wood's path. Hidden somewhere beneath the woods is a mini statue of me. First team to bring me back the statue wins!

Alex: *Walks On Path* Why are there so many hunting challenges now?

Maidlynn: *Runs On Path*

Kai:*Runs on path* (I was about too sleep but there I'll do one line and the rest tommorrow now I'm really going too sleep)

Brendan: *runs on path*

Chrissy: *runs on the path*

Madilynn: *Looks Around*

Kai:*Looks Around*

Chrissy: Come on guys! *looks around*

Kai:*Looks around*

Cassie: *Looks around but falls in quicksand* Uh-oh, guys!

Kai:*keeps on looking and does not here Cassie*

Chris: (Via Intercom) Has anybody found the statue yet? I repeat, has anybody found the statue yet?

Kai:*Keeps on looking* (How many lines)

Madilynn: Where is the darn statue!?

Alex: This'll be hard...

Kai:Ugh! This is hard *Keeps looking*

Madilynn: Boy, I'll say. *Checks Everywhere*

Matt: *looks around*

Brendan: Where is that statue? *looks in the bushes*

Chrissy: *looks around*

Devon: *Looks Around* Hmmm....

Madilynn: So hard!!!!

Devon: *Climbs up a tree* Nope not in here. *Loses grip and falls* AHHHHH! Ow.

Madilynn: *Runs To Devon* You okay?

Devon: Yeah. Woah, that was a loooong fall.

Madilynn: Oh, okay. *Continues Looking Around*

Kai:*climbs a tree* Could it be :D! Nope it's just a rock...-_-

Madilynn: *Sees Small Wooden Thing* Hmm...* Runs To It*

Kai:*Leaps off tree and follows Madilynn too steal the wooden thing if it's the statue*

Madilynn: D*** it! It's just c***!

Kai:FUDGE! *Keeps on looking*

Madilynn: Geez! *Continues Looking* (CONF) I have never sweared in my life!

Kai: *Keeps on looking* Could it be....Oh it's just a f***in piece of wood ugh!

Cassie: *Halfway into quicksand* Uh, HELLO?! ANYONE?!

Kai:*Rolls eyes and runs too Cassie*

Cassie: *Sees Kai* Oh, you.

Kai: Yes Yes it's me I hate you and you hate me but you don't deserve to die soo *Breaks off a branch* Hang on while I pull you out

Cassie: Fine. *Holds On*

Kai:*Tries too pull Cassie out*

Cassie: *Gets on land* Thanks I guess.

Kai: Your welcome *Runs off the find the statue*

Cassie: *Looks Around* Where could that statue be?!

Kai:*looks around* It's been days...(how many lines too find the statue*

(About 3 more lines.)

Kai: *Looks for the statue* (Ok)

Madilynn: (I only have 9 lines) Where could it be???

Alex: I'

Kai:*Sees something Wooden and runs too it but stays Quite*

Devon: This is tough......

Kai:*Picks the wooden thing up and sees its the Statue* I need too run too Chris *Runs over too chris* (Those that count?)


Chris: Kai wins for her team! Nice! Speedy Sharks, vote someone out!

Devon: Man!

Elimination Ceremony 6: Speedy Sharks

Devon: (CONF) Jazmyn has to go.

Scrappy: *tunnels in* Chris! I demand you let me be the new co-host of your show!

Chris: Yeah, listen dog, this is my show. So you can be just an intern. *Gives Scrappy a uniform and shoves him back down the hole,*

Scrappy: Hey! I'm the best person for the job!!

Chrissy: What!!! (CONF) Great!!! Chris let Scrappy back!!! Next thing you know we will have a "dakota" moment!!! anyway... i vote for Jazmyn!! &nbsp

Luis: (CONF) Chris let that dog back!?...jeez...anyway i vote for Jazmyn...sorry.

Scrappy: *to Chris* I have an idea to shake up ratings!

Chris: If I like it, I'll keep it. If I dont, I'll decline it!

Madilynn: (CONF) Ughhhhh...I vote for Jazmyn. Sorry, you are not really active...

Scrappy: *whispers to Chris*

(It's a team swap)

Chris: We already had a team swap.... Now go clean up the leftover foods in the cafeteria!

Scrappy: Grrrr *walks off to go clean up*

Matt: (C)NF) If I could... I would vote for Scrappy to get out of here... but I can't... so I vote for Jazmyn!

Chris: Voting has ended! And the soda bottles go to everyone but... Jazmyn! Sorry! *Puts her in the lifeboat of shame* Will Scrappy be a good intern? Will Cassie be less annoying? And who will go home next? Find out next time on Totally Teen Island!

Episode 7: Know or Go!

Boy's Bedroom

Devon: Final 10! Wohoo!

Brendan: (CONF) Almost there... gotta keep at it!

Matt: *winces* Can someone shut her up???

Brendan: Wish we could...

Girl's Bedroom

Cassie: *Singing Loudly* CAUSE BABY YOU'RE A FIREWORK! (xD)

Kai: *Scarcam*Gee Cassie can you get like any louder...*rolls eyes*



Challenge 7:

Chris: Ready for the challenge? Good! But first, everyone needs to get on these pedestals!

Devon: *Gets on the pedestal*

Cassie: *Gets on the pedestal* This looks pretty high.

Kai: *Gets on the pedestal*

Matt: *gets on pedistal*

Brendan: *gets on pedistal*

Chrissy: *gets on her pedistal*

Alex: *Gets On Pedestal*....I'm afraid of heights....

Madilynn: *Gets On Pedestal*

Chris: Great! Everyone is on. Now, time to explain your guys' challenge! Today's challenge is a classic trivia game. I will each ask you a question about this season of Totally Teen Island, or any other season of Total Drama. If you get the question right, you stay on the pedestal. But, if you get it wrong, bye bye! Chef will be pushing you off into a lake of piranhas. The last camper standing on their team and gets the last question right wins! But, if they dont get it right, there will be a double elimination!

Cassie: Wow.


Madilynn: This might be easy?

Alex: I won't be good in this....

Kai: I've paid a lot of attention but my biggest fear is Piranhas

Madilynn: I just hope there won't be a double elimination...

Kai: Me too...Im worried *looks down and sees a piranha and gulps*

Chris: This first question is for Kai. What episode did Heather, The Queen Bee, first become bald in Total Drama Island?

Kai: Easy I triple dog dare you!

Chris: Correct! Madilynn, this next question is for you. In episode 2 of Total Drama Revenge of The Island, what embarrassing fact was revealed about Brick?

Madilynn: He wet his pants on the first day of school?

Chrissy: Nice Answer!

Madilynn: Triva questions can be hard.

Chris: Actually, Brick peed his pants on the First and LAST day of school. Sorry! Chef!

Chef: Hehehe. *Pushes Madi off*

Kai:*Looks down*

Brendan: Wow... that sucks...

Kai: Chris what's the next Question for?

Chris: The Next question is for, Chrissy! Chrissy, who in Total Drama Action was voted out 3rd?

Chrissy: the person who was voted out 3rd was E-Scope!

Chris: Correct! Alex, this one is for you. Who is the first animal intern in Totally Teen Island?

Alex: Wait, what? Talking or non-talking?

Chris: Talking.

Alex: Scrappy?

Chris: Correct! Cassie, your turn! What is B from Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island's real name?

Cassie: Uh, um....

Alex: Easy peasy, lemon squeasy, nice and cheesy, living greasy!

Cassie: Beverly?

Chris: Correct! Luis your turn! What is Cody's birthday?

Brendan: What is the time limit for them to anser the question?

Luis: April 1st...April Fools Day!

Alex: My favorite holiday!

Chris: Correct! Brendan, who was the original host supposed to be which got revealed in TDWT? (The time limit is 5 hours.)

Brendan: Mildred or as we know her as Blainley!

Chris: >.> Yeah. Correct. I cant believe they would offer her the job first! Makes me mad....

Alex: She actually sucks.

Matt: *yawns* Can we get a move on with the challenge Chris?

Brendan: For once... I agree with Matt!

Chris: Alright, alright. Matt, your next. Who was in the band The Drama Brothers?

Waluigi: if he doesn't get this one i'll be suprised.

Matt: The Drama Brothers consists of Cody, Trent, Justin and Harold. During Cody time in TDWT, The Yeti replaced him in the band!

Alex: Good answer!

Chris: Correct Matt! Next question is for Devon! What is Zoey's hamster's name?

Devon: Oh uh, Ms. Puffy Cheeks?

Chris: Correct! Waluigi, your up next. What was the last place we visited in Total Drama World Tour?

Alex: When does the challenge end??

Chris: Relax Alex. This is only round 1. Round 2 will get harder which means more people will get out! Haha!

Waluigi: the last place visited in TDWT was Honolulu, Hawaii.

Chris: Correct! Onto round 2! Now, things will get harder. First up is, Chrissy! What is Harold's full name?

Chrissy: Oh this is easy... I was a fan of Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V!

Chris: Correct! Luis, your next! where was Justin, The Eye Candy, born?

Alex: He's not really active...

Chris: Well, it's been more than 5 hours so, see ya Luis!

Chef: Finally.... *Pushes Luis off* Hehehe.

Chris: Alright Alex, your next dude! Same question. Where was Justin, The Eye Candy born?

Alex: What do you mean where?

Brendan: I think he means what state Justin was born in!

Alex: This might make me be pushed off, but my answer is he was born in a test tube. I'm gonna be pushed off, I know it. Or maybe Cananda. I don't know. That's both my answers.

Waluigi: good answer bud.

Brendan: *yawns* Chris can you just tell Alex he got the answer wrong already!

Alex: Umm, excuse me for not knowing the correct answer. Can you be a bit nicer? My answer is Canada, and you don't have to make fun of it.

Chrissy: Settle down ALex... were all just tired about waiting for CHris to show up...

Alex: Fine. But Chris is totally old, so I understand about him not showing up.

Chris: Sorry Alex! The answer was.... Hawaii! Chef, please push Alex.

Chef: Don't mind if I do. *Pushes Alex*

Chris: Brendan, your up dude! Has Lindsay ever failed a grade before?

Brendan: It's Lindsay... of course she has!

Chris: Well, this challenge has gone on for too long so.. Whichever camper guesses this answer right wins. Has Eva ever been attracted to anybody ever?

Chrissy: She did have an attraction when she fell momentarily for Justin In Total Drama Drama Drama island!

Chris: Correct! Chrissy wins for the speedy sharks!

Chrissy: Yes!!!

Elimination Ceremony: Golden Geese

Chris: Golden Geese, please vote.

Kai: (CONF) I Vote for cassie im tired of her singing snoring and etc..... and she could be a threat......

Brendan" (CONF) My vote goes for Waluigi! The dude tried to blow me up! That and since there are so few of us... we gotta eliminate the threats... Cassie may be annoying... but she is not a threat!

Waluigi: (CONF) i'm no threat to these kids!, honestly!...anyway, i vote Cassie...and that kid Brendan needs to get it into his head that i didn't try to blow his head off!, if i wanted too i would have done it by now!

Alex: (CONF) Cassie or Waluigi...Cassie, it is! I'm tired, sick, and annoyed of her singing, snoring, her atitude, and everything about her! I just hate her.

Cassie: (CONF) I vote Kai. She is REALLY annoying!

Chris: Lets count the votes shall we? The first vote goes to.. Cassie. The next vote goes for.... Waluigi. Another for Cassie, one for kai, and, the last vote goes to..... Cassie! Sorry your outta here!

Cassie: What?! NOOOOO!

Chris: Quit your wining! *Ties her up in the lifeboat of shame* See ya next time on Totally Teen Island!

Cassie: *Yelling* Noooo!

Alex: Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waluigi: We get to sleep!!!, (CONF) good night sleep here i come!

Episode 8: Catch The Piranhas!

Boy's Bedroom

Devon: *Sleeping peacefully*

Alex: *Awake Eating Chips*

Brendan: (CONF) All right with Cassie gone... everyone will be looking for a new target... so I gotta plan ahead...

Brendan: *looks around the room*

Alex: Brendan?

Brendan: Ya what's up Alex??

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers, meet me at the beach!

Girl's Bedroom

Kai: Finally some Peace....

Madilynn: You got that right.

Kai: (CONF) Wow.. just only Three girls left Me Madilynn and Chrissy UhOh....

Chrissy: *to Kai and Madi* Ok girls... we are at a serious disadvantage! It's 3 of us against the guys! We gotta team up!

Madi: Who are the guys?

Chrissy: The rest of the guy competitors!

Madi: I meant who are the guys. Like their names? I only know Devon, Alex, and Waluigi.

Chrissy: Ya those are are top targets!

Madi: Alex is kinda weak.

Chrissy: That's true... then how about Luis?

Kai: He does not do much ...

Chrissy: True... Ok Waluigi and Devon are our top targets!

Madi: How about Brendan?

Chrissy: Him? I got him under my thumb! We could use him to get rid of our targets, then blindside him!

Madi: Blindside?

Kai: Nice But the Guys Still have the Majority like 5-4 soo we need one person too have the Majority but Who...

Madi: Who is the strongest girl here?

Chrissy: Blindside as in When we find no use for him, we three take him out. And how about Alex, he could be easily swayed to join us. I don't know who is the strongest girl...

Kai: Okay (CONF) Boys thinks that they can beat girls in everything but there wrong....*Does a Evil Smile*

Chrissy: SO heres to the Girl's alliance!

Madi:That will pulverize the boys...

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers, meet me at the beach!

Kai: Hehe yup *Walks too the beach*


Devon: Thanks alot Chris, you woke me up!

Chris:: Yeah, hehe I don't really care.

Kai: What is it Chris *Rolls eyes*

Chris: Congrats! Today is the merge! So, from here.on now, no more teams!

Madi: Yes!

Alex: Nooo! I will miss you guys that were on my teams. *Sniffles*

Kai: WooHoo!

Madi: May the best boy or girl win.

Waluigi: I'd drink to that, if i had a drink...

Kai: (Too Madi) Yup....

Alex: *In Effie Trinket's Voice* May the odds be ever in your favor!

Brendan: (CONF) Ahh the merge... and here is were the strong prove themselves and the weak get crushed!

Alex: (CONF) I might get crushed by know, since it's the merge.

Kai: (CONF) It's about time The merge the real bloodbath is about too start hopefully a girl wouldnt get the boot.

Madi: (CONF) This is it...the merge. Psh, at least I made it through.

Chris: Also, please welcome to the competition, Lady Marmalade!

Madi: Uh...

Alex: Can we eat her?

Waluigi: (in Solid Snake voice) mmmm...tasty!

Kai: It's not a Jar of Marmalade it's a Lady an middle aged one ( I saw Scooby doo soo I know who Lady Marmalade is :P)

Waluigi: i know...i know...

Alex: Okay, sicne when did old people, besides, Chef, Chris, and Waluigi, come here?

Chrissy: Nice to meet you Marmalade!

Waluigi: take that back Alex!, i'm only 24!

Luis: that's still old amigo..

Waluigi: shut up!

Kai: *Rolls eyes*


Challenge 8:

Chris: Time for the challenge! Today's challenge will include you all to fish for deadly piranhas. You will use these nets that Chef will give you all and you will retrieve a canoe. Once you are in the canoe, you will row to piranha island. Then you will fish all the piranhas you can. The first camper back here wins immunity. Go!'

Waluigi: (gets into canoe and starts rowing)

Luis: (gets into a canoe and starts rowing as well)

Devon: *Gets in canoe and rows* I hope I don't die on the way back.

Kai:*Gets in Canoe and Rows* Piranhas! really Chris you went too far this time!

Matt: *gets in canoe and rows*

Brendan: *gets into a canoe and starts rowing* Here we go...

Chrissy: * gets in canoe and starts rowing*

Devon: *Continues to row* Hmm, where is piranha Island?

Matt: *contiues to row* Somewhere over there I guess *points in the opposite direction*

Waluigi: (arrives at the island and fishes)

Luis: (also arrives and fishes)

Kai:*Rows some more*

Matt: *arrives and throw net into water*

Brendan: *rowing*

Chrissy: *rowing as fast as she can go*

Matt: Come on piranhas! Get in the net!

Kai:*Arrives and puts net into the water*

Devon: *Continues to row* So.... tired....

Brendan: *arrives and throws net in the water*

Chrissy: *stops next to Brendan* Hey... can you give us some assistance in voting out a threat?

Kai:*Mutters too self* I know this will kill me but...*Puts hand in the water*

Matt: *feels a tug* Aha!!! *starts pulling the net up*

Kai:*Feels that something is biting her hand* Gah! *Starts too take her hand out of the water*

Matt: *struggling* how many piranhas are there anyway???

Kai:*Is struggling to get her hand out of the water*

Brendan: *sighs* very well... I'll vote him out...

Kai: *Shakes Piranha off her head and puts the net in the water*

Matt: *pullz net up and takes out 4 piranhas* Good... (CONF) Well CChris never did give an exact ammount of ffish we needed... he just said who gets back first wins! (END-CONF) *heads back to camp*

Chrissy: (CONF) Allright We have 3 other people who will vote with me... I just gotta convince the girls to vote the bigger threat out!

Matt: *rowing back to the island*

Kai:*Pulls up net and gets 3 Piranhas* Hmmm (CONF) I'm going too catch many as I can

Chrissy: *pulls up to Kai, whispering* Hey.. I convinced Brendan... were gonna vote Waluigi out tonight!

Kai:*Whispers too Chrissy* Ok Great and I was about too vote for Waluigi too he creeps me out... *Puts net in the water*

Matt: *nearing island* Almost there... I can see Chris!!

Kai: *waits for more Piranhas too come in the net*

Brendan: *pricks finger and drops some blood into the water* Now the blood will attract them...

Matt: Almost There!!!

Brendan: *sees Piranhas sweeping into the net* Yes keep coming guys :)

Matt: *reaches shore* YES *gets out and drags net to Chris* Here dude... I'm first back with 4 piranhas!

Chris: Congrats Matt! You win immunity! But, since I'm feeling nice today, The second camper who arrives will also win immunity!

Brendan: *starts to row back*

Devon: *Throws net in water* Wow, I'm really behind. Meh. Whatever.

Chrissy: *rows up to Devon, whispers* Hey... we are going to vote out Waluigi, want to join?

Brendan: *continues to row*

Devon: Sure Thing. *Waits for the piranhas*

Brendan: *pulls up net* Ahh look at all the little guys... oh I am almost to shore!

Chrissy: Thanks!

Brendan: *reaches shore* Hey Chris! I left the little suckers in the canoe!

Chris: Very well then. *Makes sure Brendan has the piranhas* Your right! Congrats Brendan and Matt! guys win immunity!

Brendan: Yes!

Elimination Ceremony 8:

Chris: Time to vote guys! And remember, you CANNOT vote for either Brendan or Matt. And, since Lady Marmalade is just starting in the competition, she also can't be voted for.

Devon: (CONF) Well, I have to stay true to my promise. And vote out Waluigi. Sorry bud.

Brendan: (CONF) Hey your a threat nothing personal, Waluigi

Chrissy: (CONF) Waluigi!!! That who gets my lucky vote!

Kai: (CONF) Waluigi

Lady Marmalade: (CONF: Waluigi)

Waluigi: (CONF) Devon needs to go!

Luis: (CONF) as much as i hate siding with that purple dude, i'd say Devon is a pretty big threat, so i vote for him.

Alex: (CONF) I DIDN'T PARTICIPATE!!! Oh well, I'm not voting myself though. I want to vote a threat, and that is Devon.

Madi: (CONF) Devon sure is nice and all, but he can be a big threat. I should vote him, just to be safe from not being active.

Matt(CONF) Waluigi!!!

Chris: Alright campers, the votes have been cast. When you receive a soda bottle, you are safe. Soda bottles go to... Matt, Brendan, Lady Marmalade, Luis, Kai, Alex, Chrissy, and Madi. Which leads, Devon and Waluigi. The last soda bottles go to......... Devon! Sorry Waluigi. But hey, at least you made the merge!

Episode 9: Muddy Mud Mud

Boy's Bedroom

Brendan: (CONF) Today is a good day! Waluigi is gone and Obviously the girls are being a tight group right now since the guys outnumber them. This is the perfect time to start to turn them agianst each other!

Luis: hey Brendan, can you come over here for a minute amigo?

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers Waluigi is an intern now. I repeat, Waluigi is now an intern.

Luis: (CONF) (shakes head) crazy dude...crazy dude...

Brendan: Sure what is it friend?

Luis: listen amigo, now that Waluigi's kinda gone...who would you say is the next biggest threat?

Brendan: Well saying that we dudes outnumber the girls 5 to 4... there gonna try to convince one of us to join them to even the numbers... so I say we get rid of one of the girls... perhaps Kai?

Luis: Kai is a huge threat amigo, why don't we make a Guy's Alliance?

Girl's Bedroom

Kai: (CONF) Four Girls and 5 Guys Hmmm I know the Guys...The Guys are not that stupid they can even try too make the girls turn each other this part nobody is safe...

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers, Waluigi is now an intern. I repeat, Waluigi is now in an intern.

Kai: Woopy doo...An other intern thats great..(CONF) We already have Scarppy doo but...

Kai: Hello..Any Girls here...(CONF) My Ear is burning like crazy I know what that means...I need too Win the next challenge! (NON CONF) I Guess not.. *Walks out of Cabin*


Chrissy: *relaxing* ahh... this is the life!!

Matt: (CONF) Probaly should target him next...

Madi: *Watches Chrissy* Don't be Cassie now.

Chrissy: *notices Madi* Oh hey Madi!

Kai: *Walks too the beach*

Madi: I actually followed you for no reason...don't think of me as a stalker, please.

Kai: (CONF) Now its 5-4 The Guys will do anything..To stay...I need a plan....


Challenge 9:

Chris: Ready for the challenge campers? Good! Today's challenge will include 3 challenges that has to due with mud. But, the camper who wins each round gets immunity for tonights elimination. And gets to sit out each round. The first challenge is, to find a picture of me hidden somewhere in this whole pool of mud. The first camper that finds it wins immunity and gets to stay out next round. Go! (Guys it's still me TotalDramaFan90. Just changed my username to Stars&Straps20.)

Kai:*Jumps in mud and looks for Picture* (How much lines?)

(Up to 6 lines.)

Devon: *Gets in mud and looks for the picture* Ewww, mud!

Kai: *Looks for the Picture* Where could it be

Waluigi: (annoyed) Mr. McLean...what would you like me to do with the contestants?

Luis: (searches for picture)

Kai: *Looks for Picture*

Luis: (searches)

Kai: *Looks for Picture*

Lady Marmalade: *looks for picture*

Luis: where could it be.. (searches)

Kai: *Looks for picture and sees somthing* Could it be! *Reaches out for it*

Lady Marmalade: *looks*

Luis: (sees Kai and heads over to her)

Kai: *Grabs it and sees that it's the Picture* Chris I got it !

Luis: (annoyed) really?

Kai: Yup.. *Gets out of Pool and gives picture too chris* (He said Up Too 6 Lines)

Luis: fair enought K. (i'm gonna be inactive for a few hours now.. later - Blaze)

Chris: And Kai wins! So she is safe from elimination and gets to stay out next round!

Devon: *Sighs*

Kai: Yes! (CONF) Ha!

Chris: Time for the 2nd round! For the 2nd round, each of you will jump in the mud, get as dirty as you can, get out, and clean yourselves! The first camper to do so first wins!

Alex: *Cannonballs In Mud*

Madi: *Jumps In Mud* (Sorry, I didn't participate in the last round.)

Devon:*Jumps in*

Luis: (jumps in)

Alex: *Rolls Around Mud* Heehee!

Luis: (rolls around)

Waluigi: there like little pigs! hahahaaha!

Brendan: *jumps in mud*

Chrissy: *jumps in mud*

Matt: *jumps in*

Brendan: *rolls in mud*

Chrissy: *rolls in mud*

Matt: *throws mud on himself*

Brendan: *gets out of the mud*

Luis: (gets out and cleans himself)

Brendan: *cleans self*

Chrissy: *gets out of nud*

Luis: i'm clean Chris!, i've checked three times amigo!

Chris: Luis wins immunity also! Time for the last round! Come with me!

Brendan: *follows Chris*

Chrissy: *follows Chris*

Alex: *Follows Chris*

Madi: *follows Chris*

Matt: *follows Chris*

Brendan: Are we their yet?

Chris: Yes we are! For the third and final challenge, you guys will have to eat, mud covered roaches! First one to do so wins the final immunity! (Takes about 3 lines.)

Devon: Wow....

Alex: *Eats Mud Covered Roach* Better than what Chef gives us.

Brendan: * eats a roach* urgh... this sucks... *pukes*

CHrissy: *starts to eat a roach*

MattL *starts to eat a roach*

Brendan: *chews onroach* (CONF) See.. here is the thing... I have a weak stomach... (END-CONF) *Pukes and faints*

Matt: *continues to eat roaches* (CONF) I had worse things than roaches... bring it Chris!!!

Chrissy: *eats theroach, but spits it out* I can;t...

Alex: *Eats Mud Covered Roaches*

Madi: *Eats Lots Of Roaches* (CONF) I'm from Australia, and I ate worst foods than roaches. That's the best you can do, Chris?

Matt: *eats roaches* Is the the best you can do Chris? *eats more Roaches*

Brendan: *wakes up* ohh...

Matt: *eats roaches*

Chrissy: *waits* (so what... did this camp die or what?)

'Chris: Challenge over! (It was on a break for a while.) And... Matt wins! Time for the ceremony!.

Devon: Aww man.....

Elimination Ceremony 9:

Chris: Time to vote! Kai, Luis, and Matt are safe. Good luck!

Lady Marmalade: Devon

Kai: (CONF) Luis is safe... Soo I vote for Devon

Madi: (CONF) Devon...

Alex: (CONF) *Repeatedly Pukes* I...*Pukes**Pukes*...for...*Pukes*..Devon....*Pukes*

Luis: (CONF) sorry Devon...

Brendan: (CONF) Devon

Chrissy:(CONF) Devon

Matt:(CONF) Devon

Devon: (CONF) Alex sorry.

Chris: Alright campers the votes havr been cast. When I call your name, you are safe. Luis, Kai, Matt, Alex, Madi, Brendan Chrissy and Lady Maramalde. Which means Devon, lifeboat of shame time!

Devon: I had fun guys! See ya! *Gets in lifeboat*

Episode 10: Find His Theme!

Boy's Bedroom

Girl's Bedroom

Chris: (Via Intercom) Great news girls! You have a new member! Please welcome..... Abyss!

Abyss: Hi....

Kai: Welcome....(CONF) it feels like the final 9 is never ending hopefully this will be the final debuter but i dont mind



Chef: *Cleans gunk under tables* Urgh, Chris never pays me enough......

Challenge 10:

Chris: Challenge time suckerz! For today's challenge, you will actually have it easy. I want each of you to find my theme! Like a song. The contestant who finds the best theme for me wins immunity! Good luck!

Kai: Ok here your theme i know you dont care about us you dont care about the interns think of you and you only care about your self here is your theme

Luis: i got a great theme for you Chris! (i got a good one but i can't post the link, is that OK TJ?)

Madi: What gives you hell gives us hell. I'm serious.

Luis: i'm can't upload a link but the song's called I Come from Money by S-Preme, check it out Chris.

Chrissy: Hey CHris is all about the being in the Lifstyle of the rich and Famous

Brendan: Chris wants the great stuff in life but how can you get all that stuff unless your a Billionare?

Abyss: Cos he expresses himself in weird ways, like mocking teens and bossing Chef around....

Matt: We all know that the thing Chris loves the most is... himself and this song fits him!

Chris: First off, thank you all for competing and second, some of you hurt my feelings. *Wipes tears* But, it was such a hard choice so.... All of you who competed win! Which means Lady Marmalade, and Alex, one of you is going home!

Elimination Ceremony 10:

Chris: Time to vote! You can only vote for Alex and Lady Marmalade.

Lady Marmalade: Alex

Brendan: (CONF) Now obviously their is nly one strategic move... Bye Marmalade

Chrissy: *CONF) Now we may hve a girls alliance... but sleeping near that lady creeps me out... Marmalade!

Kai: (CONF) Hmmm since when does Chris have feelings *Smirks* Anyways I vote for Marmalade it's totally teen island not Totally old Island

Madi: (CONF) Lady Weirdalade has got to go!

Alex: (CONF) Of course, I don't want MYSELF out. Weirdo Marma is totally going.

Abyss: (CONF) Uh... Marmalade....

Lady Marmalade: You haven't seen the last of me! *disappears in a puff of smoke*

Chris: Well that was err... Weird. But anyways, Lady Marmalade is out! Which means, all of you get soda bottles! *Hands soda bottles to the final 8* What will the final 8 have in store for them? Will they,deal with a Fame Monger? Or a Fame MONSTER? *chuckles* stay tooned next episode,on Totally Teen Island!

Episode 11: Help The Dakotazoid

Boy's Bedroom

Girl's Bedroom

Kai:(CONF) Well its even four girls four boys I need too win my goal is too be in the top six and my hard goal is the finals



Challenge 11:

Chris: Time for the challenge! And there wasn't much chit chat sadly. But anyways time for the challenge! And we've brought back, the DakotaZoid!


Chris: Hurtful!

Kai: *Smirks* What do we do! Get too the Point!

Chris: Well, you all are gonna help the DakotaZoid. How are we gonna help her you ask? Well, we hidden a medicine that can help DakotaZoid become human again. Find it, give it to her, she becomes human, and you win immunity. Go!'

DakotaZoid: HUMAN AGAIN? DAKOTAZOID HAPPY! DAKOTAZOID HAPPY! *She jumps which causes the island to shake*

Kai:*Falls because the island shaked* OOF! *Runs too find the Medicine* (How much lines)

Brendan: *searches for the medicine*

Chrissy* searches for the medicince*

Kai: *Serches for Medicincs*

Brendan: *pulls Kai aside* Say... I just came up with proposal if you are interested?

Chrissy: *looks in some bushes* Where is that medicene?

Matt: *heads into the forest*

Alex: *Looks*

Madi: *Looks For Medicine*

Chrissy: * looks beneath the cabins*

Matt: *heads for the mine* (CONF) The mine is where Dakota first got mutated in the first place... so I bet the med. is there!

Alex: *Climbs Tree*

Madi: Hm...*Quietly Follows Matt, Looking For Medicine*

(Also, about 6 lines to find the medicine!)

Kai: *Too Brendon* What do you want *Keeps on looking for the Medicince*

Alex: *on top of tree* Where is that medicine?

Madi: *Searches*

Kai: *Searches*

Alex: *Sees Brown Thing* Maybe that's- OH NO IT'S POOP! *Looks For Medicine*

Madi: Hm, where is it!? *Looks*

Kai: Could it Be?..,*See's Medicine and runs too it*

Madi: *Sees Medicine* Huh? *Runs To It*

Alex: Ugh. *Climb Down*

Kai: Yo Dakota Chris I got the Medicine *Grabs it and shows too Chris*

Madi: Why is there another medicine? *Shows*

Kai: Nope I don't think so *Walks too Dakota and hands her the Medicine*

DakotaZoid: HUH, AHHHH! *Hugs Kai and picks her up* DAKOTA HAPPY! DAKOTA HAPPY*

Chris: Kai wins! Now give DakotaZoid her medicine before she breaks the island apart!

Kai: Yay! ehh.. *Gives Dakota her Medicine* Have it!

Chris: Wait, *gets medicine that Madi has* Here are Chef's pills! It helps him bring down his anger. Since you were able to find it, you win too!

Dakota: *Returns human* Oh, yay! I'm human! *takes mirror out* But i'm still bald! Noooooooooo! *Runs off island*

Kai: EH.. She can always get a wig.

Brendan: *pulls Kai away from the others* Nice job out there... anyway... my idea is for a... temporary alliance... Luis needs to go...and trust me... I can help you stay in the game... and trust me... i have a way...

Elimination Ceremony 11:

Chris: Time to vote! Do NOT vote for Kai or Madi though.

Kai:(CONF) Nice Twist :3 anyways Brendon what's too do somthing I don't know and I wanna know I vote for Luis he is a Threat.

Chrissy: (CONF) I have to vote for the a real threat... my vote goes for Luis!

Brendan: (CONF) Luis!

Matt: (CONF) I vote for Luis!

Madi: (CONF) *Shrugs* Chef ain't that bad, but I vote Luis. Dude, you're maybe a threat.


Chris: And with six votes, Luis is out! Sorry bud. *ties up Luis in Lifeboat of Shame* See ya next time!

Episode 12: Double The Trouble

Boy's Bedroom

Matt: *sleeping*

Alex: *Pours Goo Over Matt And Runs To Bed Quickly*

Matt: *wakes up and notices the goo* WHAT THE HE... *storms off*

Alex: *Giggles* (CONF) Too easy.

Matt: (CONF) When I find out who did that... THEY WILL PAY!!!

Alex: *Runs To Beach*

Girl's Bedroom

Kai: (CONF) Well..Well...I don't know who too Trust I kinda Trust Brendon but if the girls find out there going too Get mad at me Madi I don't know her that we'll Abyss she just came Chrissy she is nice Alex ehh....and Matt nah.. I'm going too the Beach! (Exits CONF and walks too the beach)

Kai:*Gets Changed into her Two Piece swimsuit* Now time too swim I need too get fit*

Chrissy: Oh hey Kai!

Kai: *Sees Chrissy* Oh hello Chrissy.

Chrissy: I see your off for a swim!

Kai: Yup...

Chrissy: Well have fun!

Kai: Ok thanks. *Runs too the beach too swim*


Brendan: (CONF) Well... were down to the final 7... and now would be the a good time to get an ally... I don't trust Matt or Alex... most of the girls are unpredictable... but perhaps Kai would be the best ally for now... but how to get her to trust me?

Brendan: *looking out at the waves*

Madi: *Arrives* Hey, Brendan.

Brendan: Hey Madi.

Madi: What's up?

Kai: *Arrives*

Brendan: *notices Kai* oh nothing.... well see ya... *heads off to the cafeteria* (CONF) I may find Kai trustworthy... but defintaly not Madi!

Kai: O_O (CONF) Brendan is Acting Werid :| I'm getting too the Bottom of it but First I need too relax..

Matt: *runs by and jumps in the ocean* thats better...*notices the girls* Hey!!! Did you guys see anyone doing any pranks?

Kai: No do I Look like a man too you I'm not from the Boy cabin I'm a girl soo I don't see anyone doing Pranks.

Madi: I pranked only Kai. maybe Alex or Brendan.

Matt: very well.... *heads to the cafeteria*

Kai: I'm soo seeing the fight *Follows Matt*

Alex: Hi Madi!

Madi: Hey. Wanna come with me to the cafteria?

Alex: Aww :( Okay. *Follows Madi*

Brendan: (CONF) So... a few important facts were learned today! Matt being pranked... and Alex/Madi... that's all I need to make my next plan!!! (END-CONF) *sits on the beach*

Alex; *Comes Back* Hi! :3

Brendan: Oh... hey... So you can trust me friend... was it you who pranked Matt? Cause it made him so volatile!

Alex: I swear to the bottom of my heart it was some intern. He looked like a pizza delivery guy. Even Madi believes me! (CONF) Which I'm happy.

Brendan: *smiling* Don't worry I beilive ya buddy... I maybe I can help clear the other's suspiscians... if you help vote off this one person...

Alex: Matt or Kai?

Brendan: those two? hah... no I was thinking.... Abyss! The final 6 should be people who worked hard to get their... not debuters

Alex: I agree. SHe isn't very social, plus she is weirder than Lady Weirdalade!

Madi: Hello, jello!

Kai: *Runs Really Fast into the Water and starts Swimming underwater*

Brendan: well... I'l; take my leave now... *winks at Alex and heads into the woods*

Kai:*Keeps on swimming under water* (CONF) I really need too win the next Challenge I'm a threat at challenges and they know it!

Alex: Weird....

Brendan: *walking in the woods* (CONF) Well... now to get the vital piece of information that will make or break this game!

Kai: *begins too swim up for Air*

Brendan: *hides in bushes as he looks at a hidden tent* And know... for the truth... *sneaks into the tent*

Brendan: *looks at the fotage of the hidden cameras off the boys's cabin* Ahh... here we go...

Chrissy: *arives on the beach*

(Alex changed the hidden camera's tape with music videos XD)

Kai: *Swims Under water*

Brendan: *after watching the fotage, leaves* (CONF) Well well well... it seems that the goofball... does not know how to properly remove evidince... replacing fotage with a music video? I doubt any intern would do it on purpose... if this is Alex's doing or not... Matt's gonna wanna now the details... *laughs*

Matt: *kicking sand* When I find that intern!!! HE is dead!!!

Alex: (CONF) Matt's gonna kill me. But it's worth it. :P One last prank on the island. ;D

Brendan: *arrives and sees Matt* Hey Matt... so hows your search going?

Madi: *Makes Sand Castle, Finds Star of Wisdom When Digging* Cool! (CONF) If the Star I found is real, I'm gonna save Alex' butt from elimination.

Brendan: *whispers* lets just say that I found your culprit! But you have to vote out Abyss to hear who it is!

Matt: *glares* Fine! And then you promist to be the snot out of who did it with me!

Brendan: deal..

Kai: (CONF) Hmmm I wonder what Is really is that Goop it's Goop -_- Drama over Goop *Smirks*

Brendan: *heads to Kai* Say Kai... I was wondering... if I may ask you something?

Kai: *Too Brendan* Sure what is it?

Brendan: *first checks no one is listening* Well... as we know that we are both the only strong players left... how about we form a secret alliance... and trust me... I have a way to protect oursleves... or at least... once!

Kai: Ok...Sure...

Brendan: Cool... what I was thinking was getting rid of Abyss. What is your opinion?

Kai: She Should Go...Not that active...

Brendan: Cool! (CONF) That is 4 votes and majority... buh-bye Abyss! Why her? Cause she is easy target thats why!

Matt: (CONF) I want this challenge to start!!! I want the elimination to happen!!! SO I CAN FIND OUT WHO GOOPED ME!!!

Chrissy: (CONF) I hope the girls alliance is still going strong...

Kai: (CONF) Brendan And I are in a allience Only of I can show that Chrissy is Trustworthy Too Brendan and then he will see the point.

Brendan: *goes for a swim*

Kai: *Is bored* When is the challenge Chris..


Brendan: *sits at a table*

Matt: *kicks the door open* YOU PRANKED ME!!!

Brendan: *reamins calm* dude... we are in the fianl 7... what would I get by offending one of the few strong players?

Matt:... That is true... but I wish I knew who did it...

Brendan: -.-.... dude... it was probably Alex...

Alex: Whoa, whoa, whao, whoa! I was eating chips! I was awake, and I wished I told you before, but one of Chris' interns snuck up on you. I'm serious. I think Chris told him...

Kai:*Walks in*\

Madi: I think Alex is telling the truth.

Matt: Argh... stupid interns.... *runs off*

Brendan: *facepalms* (CONF) And I used to think he was smart!

Kai: Blaming it on the Smart people Alex that's really smart of you *Rolls eyes* (CONF) I don't think that Brendon would Pour Goo..

Alex: (CONF) *Laughs* Oh my gosh...*Laughs And Gets Idea* Oooh. *Takes Out Tape In Camcorder*

Madi: Are you telling the truth, Alex?

Alex: I swear! Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye! And let lightning strike me dead!

Madi: O.O

Brendan: (CONF) Great... now theirs tension between Madi and Alex... (ENDCONF) Well... i'm gonna make sure he dosent kill any innocent intern *leaves*

Alex: Anybody want chips?

Madi: *Drinks Random Mago SMoothie*

Kai: (CONF) It was soo Alex...He is a goofball that's what Goofballs do.

(I looked up goof. A goof is a stupid prankster. XD ~TT)

Alex: *Shrugs* I'm going back to the beach anyways.

Kai: (CONF) Sometimes It's Hard too be a loner but I'll enjoy it I'm going too swim *Walks back too Cabin and gets her swimsuit*

Madi: *Goes To Beach*

Challenge 12:

Chris: Time for once again, a challenge! For this challenge, you will be dealing with, yourselves!

Kai: That's it

Waluigi: ahem!, i'm still an intern McLe-...i mean, Mr.McLean...why don't i supervise the challenge?

Kai: Oh great..I forgot that your even here.

Chris: This wont be that easy Kai because... We made robotic doubles of yourselves! *Shows robotic doubles of everyone* For the challenge, you will need to destroy them because they are super wild. First person to achieve that wins! And Waluigi, you can supervise!

Robotic Kai: *Slaps Kai*

Robotic Brendan: *Punches Brendan*

Robotic Madi: *Hits Madi*

Brendan: *pushes Robo. Brendan off* Robots hate water... come get me stupid! *races off toward the lake*

Chrissy: *punches Robo. Chrissy* Oww... that hurt...

Madi: Nobody does that! *Kicks RoboMadi's Face*

Brendan: *continues to run toward the lake*

Chrissy: *grabs a branch and starts beating R.Chrissy with it* Take that! (how many lines does it take to destroy)

Matt: *starts dragging Robo Matt*

Kai: Oh no you didn't *Slaps Robokai*

Brendan: *grabs a bucket and heads toward the lake*

Kai: *Starts Choking Robokai*

Brendan: *dips bucket in lake and runs back to Robo B.)

Kai: *Kicks Robokai*

Brendan: *throws water at Robo Brendan, thus short-circuiting it* Hopefully that work... *kicks it*

Kai: *Spits at Robokai*

Brendan: *knocks Robo Brendan over* Take that... and my head is not that big! *kicks Robo B. in the robo Kiwis*

Kai: *Chokes robo Kai *

Brendan: *calls out* Hey Matt... maybe the Robo Matt gooped you?

Matt: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *picks Robo Matt up and throws it against the cabin* YOU!!!!! *rapidly punches it, denting it*

Kai: *Keeps on choking ROBO KAI TOO MAKE BREAK THE NEAK*

Matt: One last punch *punches Robo Matt so hard, that it went through its chest!

Kai: *Kicks RoboKai Really hard on the chest*

Matt: *reaches in the hole and starts ripping out Robo Matt's wires*

Brendan: (CONF) What I learned today... don't make Matt mad...

Kai: *smirks and punches RoboKai in the Heart*

Matt: *rips out the robot's heart* YAAAAA!!!!

Brendan: *punching Robo Brendan* Och... that;s gotta hurt....

Chrissy: *hitting her robo clone with a stick*


Kai: *Snaps robo Kais neck by choking * ( I got to go goodluck everyone)

Matt: *starts ripping Robo Matt's limbs off...

Brendan: (CONF) Alex... should not have done that... and now... its his death wish....

Matt: *picks what remains of Robo Matt up and throws it into the ocean!!! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHHH!!!

Brendan: *walks over to Alex* Dude.... what are you doing???

Matt: *watches as a shark eats the Robo Matt* Take that you prankster!!!

Brendan: Don't you realize that now that Matt thinks the on who pranked him is gone... Alex your safe from his wrath?

Matt: HAHA Robo Matt the prankster is destroyed!!!!

Alex: You should really watch where you're going! *Pats Brendan's Back and Continues To beat Up robo Alex*

MAdi: *Punches RoboMadi*

Brendan: Hmmm... *punches Robo Brendan*

Alex: SPINNING BIRD KICK! *Jumps And Karate Kicks RoboAlex*

Madi: *Kicks RoboMadi*

Matt: What do I do now Chris cause my robot is destroyed!

Brendan: *breaks open the robot and chucks rocks into it!*

Chris: Congrats Matt! You win! And all of you definitely need anger management classes.

Madi: Is this a real Star of Wisdom? *Shows* Is it?

Brendan: (CONF) And now the fun begins...

Madi: (CONF) I want to convince Kai to vote off Brendan. D: And Abyss is no help.

Chris: Actually, Someone has found that early on in the season. Sorry. But, i'm giving you all one more chance to win! *shows robo Chris* Defeat him and you win along with Matt!

Robo Chris: *Kicks Madi and slaps Brendna* Ha. Ha. Ha.

Brendan: You!!! *pushes Robo CHris! and grabs a stick and starts beating him with it*

Madi: *Pours Water On RoboChris and Kicks It in Kiwis*

Brendan: *bashes Robo CHris with a brick rapidly*

Matt: *drags Madi away from Robo Chris* (CONF) I owe Brendan a favor... just this once*

Brendan: *rapidly bashes Robo CHris all over his body*

Chrissy: *helps Brendan*

Madi: *Knocks Everybody WHo Drags her Away Outcold and And Hits RoboChris with Pan*

Brendan: *Begins smashing the brick into Robo Chris's chest and it breaks open* Yes *smashes the Robots heart*

Chrissy: I belive without a heart... the robot's destroyed...

Waluigi: quite harsh of you isn't it Brendan?

Brendan: *rolls a boulder that squishes the robot* Naw... now this is!

Madi: *Plants Bomb On Robot*

Chrissy: You do realise that Robo Chris is all ready destroyed right... I mean with its heart gone and crushed by a boulder...

Chris: And Brendan wins! Also, that was rude what you did with robo Chris! *cries* elimination ceremony later tonight! *Cries more and runs away*

Elimination Ceremony 12:

Chris: Campers, vote for anyone except Brendan and Matt!

Madi: (CONF) Abyss. o.O

Alex: (CONF) UGHHHHHHHHHHH. I'mma be voted out. I love you all. D: Abyssa just to be safe.

Brendan:(CONF) My vote goes for... Abyss

Chrissy:(CONF) Who should I vote for.... Kai... sorry...

Matt: (CONF) The person who gets my vote is Abyss

Chris: And with 4 votes, Abyss is outta here! But, surprise surprise! Double elimination! So, vote again!

Brendan: (CONF) Well... now that she is gone... My next vote goes for Kai!

Chrissy: (CONF) I tried to vote for Kai... so my vote goes for Madi...

Matt: (CONF) I'm voting for Kai! I don't trust that girl...

Alex: (CONF) Sorry, Kai...

Madi: (CONF) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, KAI! >.> (NON-CONF) *Pays Intern To Show Up At Matt*

Brendan: *notices the intern* (CONF) So the little prankster is trying to save himself... to bad for him cause once Matt hears what he thinks is the truth... well lets just say things are about to get really interesting... *laughs evilly* (NON-CONF) Ahh... Matt... I did promist to infrom you about your prankster... it is not that intern... nor was it the robot... it was Alex!

Matt:.................WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!! *grabs Alex by the shirt* You little liar!!!

Chris: Sorry Kai.... You're out! *Puts her on The Lifeboat Of Shame*

Episode 13: The Wild Final Five

Boy's Bedroom

Brendan: (CONF) The final five... ah... this should be a easy vicotory... I mean look at my competetion...

Matt: (CONF) *holding a giant doll that looks like Alex* Hi... I'm Alex and I'm a little lying prankster... *rips the dolls head off*

Alex: (CONF) *Appears Bruised And Bleeding* I have to stay up here locked up. D: (NON-CONF) *Puts Sign that says "Do Not Use"* ;(

Matt: *searching room* You cant hide from me Alex!!! Come out and face me!!!

Alex's Twin Brother (xD): Hello!

Matt: ...... ARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH *grabs "Alex" and throws him into the wall* Remember this.... win this challenge and theres more where that came from*

Girl's Bedroom

Chrissy: *to Madi* Madi... we really need to stick together cause were all that left of the girls!

Madi: I know! I don't want to vote you. D: I think we should wipe out the boys, especially Brendan, then you and me the top 2. :3

Chrissy: All right sounds like a plan... but theres only 2 of us and three of them... we need 1 more vote to get one of them out... Matts gonna want Alex out and Alex probably wants Matt out to stay alive... and I doubt Brendan would vote for himself...

Madi: We HAVE to vote Matt out. He really needs to control his temper, and I did NOT forget what he did to our tent. So Matt, Alex, then Brendan? ;P

Chrissy: All right... I say we gotta try to find out who has the star first... I dont have it... do you?

Madi: I have it. *Shows* I think it's real or something. ;P

Chrissy: Cool well... I;m gonna try to get Brendan to vote Matt of... see ya

Chrissy: *re-enters* Um... ya... Madi... how do I know that your not gonna backstab me in favor of Alex?


Brendan: *jogging* Gotta stay focused on the game!

Chrissy: Hey Brendan! We need to talk

Brendan: Ah... Chrissy... say no more.... I understand with your vastly superior intellect that you have some thing wonderful to say!

Chrissy: *flattered* wow... I mean um... well... Madi and I were... eondering if you could vote with us... get Matt out... and don't you try to vote us off cause Madi's got the star...*clamps hands to mouth*

Brendan: Ahh so Madi's got the star... but if she was a real friend... she would let you hold on to it! *leaves*

Chrissy: (CONF) Brendan does make a good point... how do i know that I can trust Madi and that she will keep me in the game...

Brendan:(CONF) ahh it feels great being the only contestant without tension... there Matt trying to kill Alex... then theres the girls who now... are gonna have some trust issues... >:)


Challenge 13:

Chris: Campers! Before are challenge, follow me into the woods! Come on! Lets go!

Brendan: *follows Chris*

Chrissy: *follows Chris*

Matt: *follows Chris* Alex had better show up!!!

Alex: *Hiding In Woods* (CONF) HASN'T HE HURT ME F****** ENOUGH!?!?!?!

Madi: *Follows Chris*

Brendan: *knocks Matt out with a stick* There... Alex you can come out!

Matt: *uncounscious*

Chrissy: *To Madi* Hey... um... just wondering... how do I know that you want me in the finals over Alex?

Madi: You're much, much mature than him, I don't want to be the only girl, and you are my closest friend here. I'd do anything to keep you in!

Alex: *Walks Out, Still Bruised And Bleeding* O.o How can he be knocked out by a STICK!?

Brendan: Its a BIG Stick... that and he was up all night trying to find you... anyway... bud... here is the thing... Matt only gonna target you until someone else ticks him off... so all you gotta do is frame someone and tada... no more Matt!

Chrissy: even using the star?


Madi: Of course! :D

Brendan: *shrugs* (CONF) Well the kid got his chance... ah well... back to plan A... getting Madi to waste her "precious star" (END-CONF) *walks over to Matt and and begins to use a marker to draw funny symbols on his face* There... talk yourself out of this Alex... *leaves*

Matt: *wakes up* Argh... my head... *heads over to a river and looks at reflection* AHHHHH!!! My face!!!.....ALEX!!! *runs of into the woods*

Alex: F*** YOU, BRENDAN! *RUNS AWAY FROM MATT* (Alex is smaller than Matt, so he's super fast. xD)

Brendan: Hold up Matt... you gotta save your strength for the competition!

Matt:.................maybe your right... how can I say sorry to Alex?

Brendan: Well... secretly Alex confided with me that Madi has the star! So she has to go!

Matt: *To Brendan* Alright we will vote her off!

Brendan: Excellent... (CONF) I don't know why I need Matt in the game... buts its definatly not because of his brains!

Chris: Now that we're in the woods, time to explain the next challenge. And it is simple. You all will have to find your way out of this confusing part of the woods. BUT we aren't gonna let you guys get off that easy. Stopping you from escaping, are mutated bears, mutated beavers, and welcome back... Fang! The first camper to touch my luxurious cabin wins immunity! GO!

Fang: *Stares at Madi and Brendan*

Beavers: *Bites Matt's arm*

Bears: *Growls at Chrissy and Alex*

Brendan: Seriously... Imean Seriously!!! *runs from Fang* (CONF) Luckly... from my discovery of the interns tent... I watched the videos showing the layout of the woods... and I know the quickest route to Chris's cabin!

Chrissy: Aww... he is so cute *scratches the bears ear* who is a good boy...yes you are!

Matt: OUCH!!! *kicks the beaver in the kiwis and it lets go of him* *runs off into the woods*

Alex: *Gets Random Knife* BACK AWAY, F***** B******! (Alex has grown stronger because of Brendan and Matt. xD)

Madi: *Sees Random Fish Pile* EAT THIS! *Throws Fish And gets Huge Pointy Twig*

Brendan: *runs deeper into the woods*

Chrissy: Alex! Leave my bear friend alone! *the bear growls at Alex before patting Chrissy on the back*

Matt: *runs in the woods but is lost* Where is everyone?

Brendan: *runs past the cave* Alright... now I head toward the west! *runs toward the west*

Matt: *really getting lost* Okay... someone... HELP!!!

Chrissy: *hoops on the bear* Allright fuzzy buddy! Lets go find that cabin!

Matt: *finds a trail* Yes! *follows it and begins to smell something* That smell... it must be Chef's Cooking!

Chrissy: *riding the bear* YEAH!!!

Brendan: *running toward the cabin* Yes I can see it! *the ground begins to shake* Wha? *he turns around and the bear tramples over him* Oww....

Matt: *running along the trail and sees the cabin* Yes!!!

Chrissy: *jumps off the bear and runs toward the cabin*

Matt: *running as fast as he can toward the cabin*

Brendan: *runs away from Fang and the Bear* (CONF) Stupid animals... *the side breaks down as Fang appears* AHHHHHHH!!!! *Brendan runs from the CONF*

Matt: *runs up to the cabin and touches it* YES!!!

Chrissy: *right behind Matt and touches it right after him* Crap... well.... nice job Matt!

Brendan: *walks up bruised from the animals* Congrats Matt... and I belive it is time for revenge if you know what I mean... >:)

Chrissy:....gotta tell Madi *runs off*

Chris: Congrats Matt! You win immunity!

Fang: *Stares at Brendan and has a fork and knife*

Waluigi: Haha!, Fang thinks Brendan is his dinner!, now he can suffer for getting me voted out!! (laughs)

Chrissy: (CONF) Great ... Brendan is the new "Scott" Hopefully Madi and Alex will vote him out with me!

Brendan: umm... easy there Fang... you know if you eat me... you get really really sick... so how about we get this voting going!

Madi: *Gives Fang Fish, Which Makes Fang Thinks She Is A Friend, And Brendan Dinner* NOW, you can eat the a*****. *Looks At Brendan And Smiles* You really think I didn't hear what you said?

Alex: GO FANG! *Gives Fang More Fish*

Brendan:And yet your chicken enough... that you have to hide behind Chris's pet... and you can't face me yourself... we will see who is triumphant at the end of this elimination! *Brendan kicks over a crate, revealing fish, distracting Fang as he leaves!"

Matt: Hey Chris... can we get on with the voting?

Alex: *Gets Gun*.....

Madi: *Picks Up Random Bow And Arrow And Shoots Brendan's Back* I actuall wish Scrappy-Doo was here...TO KILL YOU, YOU MOTHERF*******. (CONF) It's 3 against 2. I know Chrissy will vote him. Alex and me.

Chrissy: *screams* What the!!! Madi How could you!!!

Brendan:Ohh... the pain... why Madi why... (C)NF) Haha... luckly for me... since were nearin the end and Im stuck with these psychos... I have been wearin protection *takes shirt off revealing he is wearing metal* Now Chrissy gonna be scared... you just dug your own grave Madi! >:)

(I don't understand Brendan. At all.)

Madi: -.-' Bad acting, Brendan. Very bad acting. (CONF) *Watching Contestants' Confessionals Through Tape*

(Hello Antagonist... there not suppose to make sense!!)

Brendan: *points at Chrissy*

Chrissy: Why Madi? Why... I know he is a jek... but no one deserves to be shot with an arrow... You are so gone!

(Uh, when I try to edit the elim ceremony, my computer freezes so, can someone put,: Chris: Vote anyone except Matt! Thanks.) -Stars

sayasElimination Ceremony 13:

Chris: Vote anyone but Matt.

Brendan:(CONF) My vote goes for... Alex!!

Chrissy: (CONF) You shouldn't have done that Madi! I'm gonna hurt you like you hurt Brendan! I vote for Alex!

Matt(CONF) Revenge time!!! Bye-bye Alex!!!


Madi: (CONF) Uhm, and I'm hurt from Alex being eliminated. And when did I actually care about him? Nice knowing you, Alex.

Alex: (CONF) *Gets Knife* Bad thoughts lead to bad actions....

Chris: And with 4 votes... Alex your out... sorry bud! *throws Alex on the Lifeboat of Shame* And then there were 4! Who will take the plunge? Find out next time!

Episode 14: Once Upon A Time

Boy's Bedroom

Brendan: (CONF) Well... here we are in the final 4... well I just wanted too say thanks to everyone who got me here! And wish me luck!

Girl's Bedroom


Madi: *Clothes Wrinkled, Frizzy Hair, With A Bow And Arrow* HAHA!


Challenge 14:

Chris: Final 4 it's challenge time! And all you have to do, is write me a fantasy story. Best one wins immunity and a free spot in the finale!

Chris: Challenge is over! And the winners are....... Brendan and Madi! Even though Brendan's was just a prologue, it was still good. That means they both get free spots in the finale. Time to vote!

Brendan's Entry (This is the prologue of one of my own original stories... entitled)

The Prophecy Chapter 1

In the "time before" there were four brothers living in a world where little hope exixsted. Because of their status within the clan, they were often called upon to search for answers to life's questions. These quests sent them to different parts of the world, but no matter where they went...darkness engulfed them.
The brothers were intelligent and warrior-like in stature. Each was wise beyond his twenty-some years, but they had distinctly different personalities. The eldest was the smartest of the four and possibly the most appreciative. The second-born possessed a neutral personality. He rarely took sides. Being the third son, the next was of minimal sanity. His thoughts and reasoning skills were usually awkward, but he was by far the most observant. Finally, the fourth son was the most cunning of the brothers and clearly the greediest. His ability to manipulate the thoughts and actions of others for his own benefit was beyond human possibility.
Because the brothers believed three minds (and one partial) were better equipped than the single approach, they commonly traveled together. Returning from one unsuccessful quest, the brothers stumbled upon an uninhabited castle hidden within the walls of a mountain range. The decision to explore the castle was unanimous. The outside was in no way unique, plain grey stone walls were covered with creeping vines…obviously no one had maintained the castle in years.

Upon entering, however, the brothers discovered something altogether different. The sparkle reflecting off the marble floors and columns blinded them like and early morning sunrise. The windows that appeared dark and mysterious from the outside were filled with light and beautiful colors. The bedchambers on the upper level were decorated with luxurious fabrics and pillows of various textures. There was a comfortable, peaceful feeling throughout.

The center attraction on the main floor was a throne room. Plush red carpeting and velvet draperies gave this room the aura of magnificence. Against the far wall stood a floor-to-ceiling walnut bookcase. The third brother noticed a panel near the center which was ajar. He moved without thinking toward the bookcase and tugged violently at the panel until it gave way.

There before the brothers was a cavernous decent which led to the story below. The only light was that which escaped from the throne room above. Feeling their way down the gloomy staircase, the brothers eagerly anticipated what lie ahead. The smell of earth assaulted their nostrils. Uneasiness began to overtake them. Upon reaching their destination, they searched the walls and located small oil-filled lamps which they presently lit. The light was too limiting for the brothers to read the wicked prophesy inscribed on a crumbling wall.

Standing prominently before them was a single golden tomb. A cold unnatural voice hissed through the thick tomb walls, “Visitors, because you are the first to enter this area for centuries, I am willing to grant you each a most desired wish. But, mind you, I will need something in return.”

Recognizing little risk in have a wish granted, the brothers individually began to determine what it was they most wanted. As the others watched in anticipation, the eldest brother was the first to address the offer presented by the voice, “I wish for a new form of light source.” Instantly, a gap, aligned in each level of the castle appeared and the eldest brother found himself staring at a night sky filled with radiant stars.

Having witnessed what his older brother had just experienced, the second brother eagerly brought forth his wish, “I want a force that will allow us to walk freely on the earth without being pulled toward the sky.” Gravity was granted.

The third, less sane brother requested a name for the bewildering feelings that had invaded his mind since birth. The voice immediately defined each of the man’s feelings as an emotion. Now he fully understood when he was happy, discouraged, or angry.

Finally, it was the last brother’s turn to appeal to the voice. He knew exactly what he would wish for. He wanted two things—“Give me, first, many new types of natural substances which will those things which surround us resources. Secondly, I want…rebirth.” After giving these final requests some consideration, the voice (clearing its throat)—granted the first and elements were brought into existence. The second demand would have to wait until just the right moment.

“Now,” explained the voice in a slow and methodical pace, “what you will give me in return is this…” unexpectedly, the ominous golden tomb divided itself into four smaller chambers leaving the original a dull black version of itself. Each of the golden tombs became a vacuum, sucking up one brother at a time so rapidly that none had time to react. The brothers were thrown into dark, musty pits of despair. The voice continued to explain, “Here is where you will all spend eternity as a sacrifice for your world.”

Dazed and confused, it took some time for the fourth brother to realize that his second wish would be his only hope for escape. Even if he must spend the rest of his life as darkness…he refused to be imprisoned.

Matt's Entry

Chrissy's Entry

Madi's Entry

The 100th Hunger Games (Just a prolouge)As I wake up, I noticed the other side of the bed was cold. I reached out my arm, seeking Ash' warmth, but my fingers touched the rough canvas of the bed. She must have had bad dreams and climbed in with our mother. Of course, she did. Today was reaping day.'I propped myself up in one elbow. Sunlight shone enough in the bedroom, enough to show Ashby and my mother. They were snugged together, Ash cocooned in my mother's arms, their cheeks pressed together. I made my way into the kitchen, and made breakfast. I eventually woke them up by the delicious scent. "Seems like you two are hungry." I smiled, already knowing it may be my last meal, or worst, Ashby's. After, I stripped my twelve-year-old sister's rag clothes and helped her in a sponge bath. "You ready, Ash?" I asked when I dried her off. There was a blue, stainless, long dress waiting for her on the bed. Ashby took a deep breath and cracked a smile that I loved. "Ready as ever, Shay." I pulled on my reaping clothes after another sponge bath. Even there was no clocks, I knew there was only 10 more minutes until the reaping.'The reaping is apart of The Hunger Games, mostly the beginning. The purpose of The Hunger Games is to kill every tribute from each district until there is only one person standing. It was established when the Dark Days, the rebellious group tried to defeat the main power of Panem, the Capitol. But the Capitol was too strong and destory the group and District 13. The reaping is to pick two random names, a boy and a girl from each district.'My family, or just me, my sister and my mother, live in District 12, in the house on the edge of the "Seam," District 12's nickname. It's the poorest district out of all and the most less-populated. I usually have a bow and arrows to kill game for my family, since I unexpectedly took the head of the family after my father died in a coal mine explosion when I was twelve, and Ash was six. Now I'm 16. I decided to hunt game. I flattened out my belly and crawled under the not-so-often eletricfied fence to keep the animals away. Three wild dogs approached me, thinking I'm food. I shot them clean in the eyeballs. I killed nine more dogs, and return to my house. it was time for the reaping and we were prepared. Three soldiers led us into the crowd of sad children. I had my name in there for at least 40 times with the help of tessarae. Ash has her name once'"Welcome to the reaping of The 100th Hunger Games," The announcer, Althea Duncain's voice boomed through the microphone. There was a container holding many small slips of paper, each read the names of children. "And may the odds be ever in your favor!" Gee, II can't wait, I thought. Althea announced a few names, soldiers taking them to a train, and finally came to District 12. "And the girl tribute of District 12 is..." She picked out a slip of paper. I crossed my fingers, which was hard since I was holding hands with Ash. Althea read the paper. "Ashby Javine!" There was silence except the footsteps of soldiers, and my cries. "Please let her go! Please! Ash!" Two soldiers held me back. "Moving on," Althea said, annoyed by me. For my sister, I loved her more than anything else. I took a deep breath and shrieked the sentence that changed my life. "I volunteer under Ashby Javine's place as a tribute!" Althea smiled greatly while the crowd had even more sadder faces. They didn't know me much, but they knew I hunted and sold game. I was kind but quiet. "We have a volunteer! In 24 years!" More soldiers took me to the train. Some children and my friends hugged me along with Ashby. As they were finally held back, I took a final glance at my home before boarding the train.

Elimination Ceremony 14:

Chris: Time to vote campers! Brendan and Madi are both safe.

Brendan: Matt

Chrissy: Matt

Madi: >:D Matt has got to go. >:D

Chris: With 3 votes..... Matt is out! *ties him up in the lifeboat of shame*

Episode 15: Battle Of The Campers

The wiki for Totally Teen Island has been created! You could earn adminship!

Boy's Bedroom

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers, go ahead and tell me how you liked this season!

Matt(Intercom): Personally.... I Should still be in game! Anyway... I belive Brendan deserves it! I mean he had to work to get this far! And Chrissy just sort-of flowed by and Madi turned all psycho! I mean shoting him with an arrow! Thats rought... so ya when the votes come Brendan gonna probably get mine!

Girl's Bedroom

Chris: (Via Intercom) Campers, go ahead and tell me how you liked this season!

Madi: (Intercom) All I wanna say suck, Chris.

Chris: (Via Intercom) Hurtful!

Madi: (Intercom) And when did I care?



Jury Vote

Chris: Alright campers, time to vote for the winner! And this is how it will go. The campers that made the merge will go in the confessional, and vote for the camper they want to win. The camper in the end with the most votes wins Totally Teen Island!

Devon: (CONF) Well.... This person worked really hard to get here.... And I truly think they deserve to win. So I vote for Brendan to win.

Alex: (CONF) I want either Madi for assisting me or Chrissy because she's at elast nice. But I mostly want Madi to win.

Matt:(CONF) Hey I said who I wanted to win in via intercom... but I'll say it again... Brendan gets my vote!

Abyss: ....Madilynn.

Madi: It's Madi...>_>

Lady Marmalade: *appears in a puff of smoke* (CONF: I don't think any of these teenagers should win but I have to say Bendan.)

Waluigi: (CONF) Brendan was the main reason i was eliminated!, so i want Chrissy to win!

Luis: (CONF) if anyone deserves's Madi. i want her to win.

Brendan; Oh by the way Chris.... what do you want me to do with this? *holds the real Star of Wisdom!!!*

Chris: I will take that. *Gets Star of Wisdom From Brendan* Sorry. It's invalid in the finale. Time to count votes! Third place goes to...

Chrissy! Congrats! Now, the winner, of Totally Teen Island is......

Both Brendan and Madi! That's right! There was a tie between Brendan and Madi! So they both win the one million dollars! Congratulations! How nice am I?

Madi: *Sitting Down Watching Next Season* Why wasn't I in that season? D: Oh and yeah, you're nice and stuff.

Brendan: A TIE!!! I worked that hard for a tie!!! I mean... *struggles to say some words* Thanks.....Chris... and congrats........Madi! (Ah well congrats TT and thanks to all who voted for me!)

Madi: *Comes* Congrats, Brendan! :D *Hugs Brendan* (Too many personality changes.....xD And thanks all who voted meh!)

Chrissy: Congrats you guys! *hugs both of them*

Brendan: *uncomfortable* guys can let go go now!

Final Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Well, here we all are for one last time, now, let's bring out Brendan and Madi's check!

Chef: *Brings out Brendan and Madi's check*

Cassie: Congrats. Even though I'm supposed to win.

Devon: Congratulations!

Brendan: Ah thank you Chef! *takes his check* Thank You!

Madi: Yay! *Takes Check* Oh, and Brendan, sorry about my twin sister.

Chris: Well, we aren't actually seeing eachother for the last time because, we are going to meet again for the Totally Teen Island Reunion Special!

Cassie: WHAT?!

Devon: Darn.

Madi: I would love to see everybody except Cassie.

Alex:Same here.

Cassie: Pshh. Whatevs.

Chris: Well, see you audience at home on the Totally Teen Island Reunion Special!

Totally Teen Island Reunion Special

Cheryl: Hello everyone I'm Cheryl McLean Chris McLean's sister. And I am here with the Totally Teen Island cast! Say hello everyone!

Devon: *Waves* Hello!

Cassie: *Poses* Hi!

Madi: *Punches Cassie Outcold* Hmph. I hate her.

Alex: *To Cheryl* We're not babies or dogs! But you are DEFINITELY hot...

Madi: *Slaps Alex* Shut up.

Alex: Fine, "Mother." >_>

Abyss: Hi....

Cheryl: Now, to start off the show, lets ask the cast some questions! So Madi, tell me, what makes you so cranky? Ms. Cranky Pants?

Devon: Wha, what did she just say?

Abyss: .......Madi? Cranky?.......Nah.

Madi: *Comes* That's not Madi. I am. :3 My good ol' twin takes care of some stuff.

Madi (Twin): Shut up. >.> *Leaves*

Madi: She's just cranky Brendan won too, that's all.

Alex:I'm offically creeped out. O.O


Cheryl: Well, okay then. Now Abyss, how did you feel about only having an appearance for 3 episodes? If I were you I'd be really sad, sad, sad.

Devon: *Whispers to Alex* She is definitely like Chris. So annoying.

Abyss: Uh..........Annoyed a little....yeah.

Cheryl: I would be too. Now, question for Scrappy-Doo! Hewwo little puppy! Who's a cute puppy? You are! You are! Oh, I mean, how does it feel to be the only animal to be competing on Totally Teen Island?

Alex: *Whispers To Devon* If you mean Madi, she is one of the winners of this season. Part of her work is done from her twin. If you mean Cheryl, she is better.

Cheryl: *Sees Scrappy-Doo is asleep* Aw. Little puppy's asleep. Well then, cast, tell me, what were your opinions on the other campers?

Madi: I think everyone is fine here, that's all.

Alex: Hmmm...I offend nobody, but...Abyss, Waluigi, and Lady Marmalade are creepy, Brendan, Matt, and Cassie suck, and the rest of you are awesome. Thank you. :)

Madi: >.> Okay, then..

Lady Marmalade: *appears in a puff of smoke* I missed you guys *Hugs everyone*

Waluigi: (arrives from a warp pipe) i never thought i'd see you losers again, but whatever...(sits down)

Elimination Ceremony 14:


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