One day, a fan of Alejandro looked back at old Total Drama Authors, and, wanting to make a camp, settled on the idea of a writing camp. He set out with a bucket full of ideas and is currently crossing his fingers that this succeeds. Who will win, and who wont? :o Find out ......when the finale ends, I guess. :P


First ten to sign up are in it to win it. 8D

1. Josie :D

2. Sunsummer (My placing was ten! I can compete where I left off!)

3.MRODD. ;)

4. Rex

5. Zoom. ;) :3

6. Derek ;)

7. Heather rocks (HR)

8. Johnny I'm Shadow the hedgehog The Ultimate Life Form 23:17, October 4, 2011 (UTC)

9. Syle the Hedgehog

10. 124oeo (Call me Sterling)

Elimination Table

Tribal Phase Jury Phase


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Eliminated None Sterling Nduke HR Dual Dual Trial Flame ;( Derek MrE, Josie Not Zac
Place Writer Stats
10th/4th Max Debut LOW OUT Return WIN OUT
8th Flamethrower Debut SAFE SAFE OUT
12th Webly Debut SAFE LOW OUT
13th Teddy Debut OUT
17th Nduke Debut OUT
18th Sterling SAFE OUT


Alfie:*waits* :P Oh, look, our first competitor! :D

Josie: :D HI!!!!!! First to arrive :D yay!!!!!!!!! :P

Alfie:Now we play the waiting game.......

Sun: Second!


Derek: sixth....

Alfie:Hosts are busy people <~< :P Four more to go :3

Zoey: Heeey. :P

Alfie:Hello, new peoples. :3 *will make the table soon* :P

Johnny: *plays the song of storms on an ocarina* {C}|}

Rex: Alfie, if you want i'll do the elim table for you :3

Alfie:Thanks, Rex, but I got it working. :P Editing an existing one is easy, making it from scratch is still a task. :P One more peep to start. :D

Syle: Hallo! Bonjour! Konichiwa! Hola! Hello!

Sterlling: Signups Are Closed!

Johnny: Gomichiwa

Chat 1#

Alfie:Chat here if you want. :P Three people done already. I'm impressed. :3

Rex: I want to get to the stories ^_^ cuase I suck at speechs but good at stories (just check out my intros in my latest camps, go stories ^_^)

Alfie:It's why I made this non-elim.I want to see a little bit of how people write, their grammer,spelling, and all that. The stories will make it interesting. I have some funky ideas. :D

Rex: let me guess the teams will have roughly equal amounts of good writers and bad?

Alfie:....Curse you.<~< xD Yes, that's the plan. isn't fair, and I thought a starter challenge could show how hard everyone'll have to work to win. :3

Mrodd:... That was supposed to be a speech? x.x Oh well. I aint re-writing xD

Johnny: Well this might take a while

Alfie:Mrodd, it's alright as long as I get the info I need.And I think I did. <3

Mrodd: <3 Forever and Always

Syle: Meow. *Dances*

Alfie: Tomorrow is the big day. :P

HR: No it's not! :@

Rex: It's in 5 hours :3

Challenge 1#-Just A Taste Test

Alfie: The first challenge is rather simple. Just to see how you ten will do when compared. The challenge is just to write about what you plan to accomplish in this camp. Write as much or as little as you want, your choice. Teams will be decided by this chalenge. This is just me getting a feel at howI should stack up teams. Idon't wanna make you wait a whole week for teams,and this is a short challenge, soI'll leave it up till.....Friday? :P Sounds about right. Everyone has their own section to avoid confusion.:3 If everyone finishes before Friday,I'll judge then. :3

Josie's Entry

Well let's see, where to begin? I am an old user on the wiki and has only returned to writing a short time ago. This will definately test my writing skills and my abilities to be like I used to be here. My plan for this competition is very simple. My plan or what some may call goal is to improve my creativity and writing abilities and sharpen my skills. Due to my inactiveness for so long this will be a good reason for me to re- sharpen and improve my strengths as well as build up my weaknesses. There are so many people who have various goals that they wish to complete, and for the writers here this is probably one of those goals. Although many wish to win this competition, my goal is to just proceed as far as I can and maybe even gain or learn something from this. Winning would be great but the experience is whats important. The people, the talent, the stories, and the effort put into them is an important thing to have. My goal is to simply meet new people, and learn from this experience. But most of all, to have fun doing something that I love to do which would be writing. Then, by any chance my efforts happen to pay off that would be something else nice to take from this competition. I will put all efforts towards my writing in hopes that my efforts will pay off and i will do fairly well in this competition.

Sunsummer's Entry

Sun With Activity and Strategy

I believe I'll try to make it for this following reason: Being active.

During the summer of last year, I was on fire with being active, getting a thousand edits within a month. Yet in fall of last year, I was going down, yet keeping up some hundreds. Then, in winter, I managed to keep a camp alive, but the sequel died. Then, all spring I was inactive, but I returned in the summer (my dominant season). And now I'm here, and hopefully for a while.

Now I explained how I plan to be active, and I promise to win with integrity, or leave with understanding!

Mrodd's Entry

“And the winner is, MRODD.” Alfan shouted, breaking the stiff tension between me and my competitor. I almost screeched- Almost being the key word. Yes, I won, but that doesn't mean I need to rub it in all of their faces now does it?... But you know, it would be fun too...

“ I won! In your faces!” I screeched over the crowd, I told them all that I would win, but no one believed me. Though that may or less have been, because no one actually thought I would finish every entry... Guess I showed them? Through thick and thin, I did it. What none of them actually could, I managed to win.

I saw Teddy walking towards me, her sugary brown hair, gently dancing on top of her adorable face, “Hug?,” She asked, and I quickly answered, wrapping my arms around her. She smiled, then punched me, I let out a low yelp, to which she only giggled. “You should have let me win.”

“Awww, I'm sorry?” I whispered in her ear, as the line of people wanting to congratulate me got longer. Teddy gave me one last tight hug before walking away.

No! Teddy?” I screamed, waking up.

I sighed, why is it that all my happy moments are when I sleep? Am I not allowed to be happy when I'm awake? Is there some law that I just don't know about? “Mrodd? Would you PLEASE keep it down, some of us actually want to sleep.” Zoomer shouted, chucking his pillow at me.

Zoomsy,” I frowned, whipping it back at him. “You know how much I love pillow fights.” I laughed, as the room slowly began to fill with the white feathers of our once-comfy pillows.

Oh its on.” He laughed, tackling me off of my bed.

So yes, I honestly think I will win this camp, than again, I've said that about almost every single camp I join, so you never know... But most importantly, I think I will have a pillow fight with Zoomer, as you can't NOT have a pillow fight with him. So good luck to all.

<3 Mroddy

Rex's Entry

My goals? Well I hope that I can get better at writing. And I guess it wouldn't hurt to win, I guess... but I really want to have fun doing this, and try my best. I'll take whatever comes at me with enthusiasm and hope for the best :3. And I proberly should get better at speechs xD.

Zoom's Entry

In this season... There are many goals that I would like to acheive. But when you think about it, really, what are we trying to accomplish by participating in these virtual "camps" as we so like to call them? Are they a tangible thing? No. Do they give us any knowledge that we may use in our day-to-day lives? No, probably not. Are they educational in any way, and do they aid us in any way to become better, more functioning and responsible members of modern day soceity? No, definantly NOT. So, why do we really want to participate in these camps, and what do I want to acheive from being in this one?

From my point of view, living in a household of many very different children, and being the middle child, I have learned very well what the word, "victory" means. In my life, to win is everything. If my I am versing my brother in a game of soccer, and I actually manage to score a single goal before he does the same to me, I have won. If my sister starts a fight with me that I want no part of, yet I still manage to come out on top, I have won yet again. And if my younger siblings duo asks me to play some game with their toys with them that I really do not want to partake in, and somehow I managa to weasel out of it, I have won in some way, for a third time. But what is similar about all these situations in particular? Winning. And the happiness and pride that comes along with it. And so for that reason and that reason alone, I believe that the main drive for everyone on this Wikia to participate in countless art, roleplay, trivia, and writing camps is to simply win. To beat another and what oneself likes to do best. Other reasons may be to meet new people through their characters or on Chatango, or just to get into fights for no apparent reason while screwing other's gameplans who are actually trying to have fun in a camp, but I stick by my facts. That the main reason people join these camps, and continue to spend their free time on this Wikia, is to simply, win.

Now, to get on to the main question that was stated in this weeks challenge description, "what I would like to accomplish during my time in this camp". Well, as clearly stated above, and what I belive is the main reason for others to partake in this camp, is to win. I'm going to be frank here, and tell the truth. I love winning! Who doesn't? Especially because I'm the middle child of five, and I'm usually left out and not payed attention to in the slightest. My second reason for joining this camp... Is to test my ability to write. I do know that I love to write, but am I actually good at it? To people enjoy my writing? Is it possible that others may actually look forward to reading something I have written? I hope that all these questions of mine will be answered in my time in this camp, and I hope I get the answers I am expecting, and possibly looking for.

In conclusion, I find that the main reason anyone joins these online camps is to simply win, and the joy that comes along with it. but in answering your actualy question, Alejandrofan3000, my motive in this camp is to win, or at least do my best, and to test my ability as a writer and a partaker in Total Drama Wikia Camps.

- Zoom. :3

Derek's Entry

I need to say one thing, yes, i'm a newbie, i joined in September, and i joined camps like Pictionary are Total Drama, but the thing is, i was eliminated in Pictionary for getting into a fight, witch is something i hate myself for, people say i'm a jerk, but i'm not pointing any fingers, i'm saying they MAKE me the way i am, i don't feel like i will win this but i could at least gain some support, my name is Derek (BlazeHead 51) and i really hope i can win Writing Camp. writing is not a hard task for me, but this could be on a whole other level! ^_^

HR's Entry

What I hope to accomplish in this camp? Well, I hope this camp improves my writing and also improves my grammer skills, as well as my spelling. Alfan can tell me how to improve all these things, so I really need to pay attention of what he is telling me. Last time I joined a writing competion, Total Drama Author, I failed the pre-challenge. That is why I decided to join this camp, to improve my writing. I really hope you help me with these problems, Alfan.

Johnny's Entry

I plan to actually do what they teach during Language arts wow I never thought school would come in handy anyway I plan to win fair and square and use strong vocab and good puncuation also use the most creative things I can come up with so I don't plan to cheat or sneak my why up to the top and if I get the boot because of being too good or bad I undersatnd it. I also don't believe that trickery or other forms of deception should be used to win.

Syle the Hedgehog's Entry

Hey,I'm Syle. I think I should win, because I'm great at grammar, I'm only bad when I'm in a hurry. I'm usally in a hurry when I need to do something,go somewhere,or have to go to bed. I really want to see how I can do, and my goal is to make it to the final 5. If I can't, I guess I made a mistake somewhere in the prosess. My vision of my team? One team: Me,Mrodd,Rex,Zoomie,and someone else. I hope I stay in for a while!


Sterling's Entry

A story of me stacking the teams. By : Sterling.

I want to stack the teams by random. I would use or list randomnizer to randomnize the teams. The first half in one team and the other half on another team. Me, Syle, Nduke and Alfie would be a good team to me. So yeah, I would stack teams by random. Plus I got a 100 in my English Test. So I need a lot of good memory, punctuation, and all stuff to be in handy to be able to win the camp, Plus I would be active every day.

- Sterling

Judging 1

Alfie:I am doing the judging now, as tomorrow, I will be busy, and Friday, I'll be busy.

I'm doing this in an easy for me to do format.

Josie-Truthful, well-thought out. Your reasons were fully explained. Your grammer wasn't perfect, but it doesn't affect the message much. 9.3/10

Sunsummer-Glad you'll be active. You seem determined to win, and I respect that. Good grammer and spelling. Kind of short, but it was a short challenge. 9.4/10

Mrodd-You explained what you plan on doing, you wrote a little piece you didn't need, but it was well-written and comedic, yet still had a dramatic tune. Great work. 9.8/10

Rex-You wanna have fun, but you also realize the daunting task. Short, but to the point. 7.8/10

Zoom-I'm amazed by how much you wrote. You did extremely well in grammer and spelling. You put out a highly detailed speech, and I was impressed at how much work you implied. 10/10

Derek-Your grammer and spelling need work, but you followed the small guideline. Nice work, and we'll see how far you go. 6.1/10

HR-That pre challenge was.....<~< You outlined what you wanted to accomplish, you kept it neat and with good grammer and spelling. 7.9

Johnny-I think you wanting to play fair is a good thing. Your grammer and spelling weren't perfect, but you followed the guideline. 5.6

Syle the Hedhehog-You want to do well, but your grammer was lacking in your entry. Nevertheless, I am glad you are so enthusiastic. 6.3

Sterling-You want to win. I respect that. Your grammer was up to par. 7.0

Alfie:No one got below a five because you all did the basic outline, and grammer is not totally important. Teams go like this. The top score goes on team A. Second to Team B. Third to team A. And so on. If you don't wanna work that out, I'll do it. :P

Team A: The Typing Mazdas

Zoom 10.0

Sunsummer 9.4

HR 7.9

Sterling 7.0


Team B: The Writing Mrodds

Mrodd 9.8

Josie 9.3

Rex 7.8

Syle 6.3


Chat 2

Alfie:Mrodds will be the hot pink team. Mazdas will be the orange team.

Mrodd: <3 We be hot pink cause we are HOT.

Rex: yay I'm on Mrodd's team ^_^

Alfie:I might post the challenge tonight. It's longer, so the standard week. Unless everyone finishes it early.

Rex: Your response was short to the point too :3

Alfie: Scroll down to characters, it should have all the info you guys need.

Rex: Darn, writing a story using characters you've never used or heard about before is hard -_-

Alfie:For some people, it comes easier. The challenges are varied, so one like this probably won't be made again. But remember to do your best and have fun with it. :D

Rex: Yeah, it is fun though :3 I just hope there's not anouther speech challange -_-

Alfie:Only if you make final two. :P Besides, did you want the first challenge to be ridiculously long? :P

HR: Yes ;)

Rex: Alfan you just dashed my hopes of winning v.v

Alfie: Hopefully, if you make it to the end, you'll be able to do a speech with ease. XD

Mrodd: Sorry team <3 I may or may not have forgotten to do an entry... So yeah, last minute again -_- I'll remember to do it next time, though. So DON'T WORRY <3

Rex: and also sorry, I cannot continue my story since I have no idea how the characters act...

Challenge 2-Let the Creativity Begin!

Alfie:There are ten people here before me. After this challenge, there will only be nine. The challenge is not too terribly long, unless you want to go the extra mile. Total Drama: Revenge of the Island has been pushed back until January 2012. So, the first challenge is to pick any of the thirteen characters, and write their intro into the fourth season. Pick them, describe how they arrive, and have them interact with the other twelve. Using their stereotype effectively, paving the way for future interactions with the other twelve, grammer and spelling, and creativity is what the judging will be on. This will be due next Friday, unless everyone finishes their story early. Just the intro, not the whole run. :P

Josie's Entry

The sky above was cloudy and the water below was violently splashing about. A young blonde haired girl stood by the edge of the railing, her green jacket zipped up and her hands in her pockets to protect her from the cold breezy air. She looked happily at the storm brewing in the water as her boat slowly approached Camp Wawanakwa. Pulling closer to the island she could see the skies becoming brighter and more cheerful. “Funny how nature works,” the girl said to herself while shrugging.

She grabbed her small bag and walked to the opposite end of the boat where she boarded the dock to see twelve other teens standing on the island exchanging courtesies to one another. She walked toward the others and was quickly stopped by Chris. “Welcome to the island Dawn,” Chris said mischievously while laughing a little.

Not noticing the evil laugh at the end of his welcoming, Dawn pulled Chris in for a hug that nearly knocked him into the water. Dropping her bag she flung her arms around Chris and thanked him. Chris squirmed and tried his best to escape her hug but there was no use. Dawn smiled at him and pulled away. Chris rolled his eyes and angrily stopped off to a comfy looking chair and took a seat. Not noticing her bag had fallen she goes to walk toward the island but shortly after remembers her bag. She runs back onto the dock and goes to pick it up, not noticing another person beside her. Before she could grab her bag a muscular hand scoops it up. She turns to see a tall, large, intimidating guy, looking at her with her bag in his hand. He smiles shyly and hands her the bag and goes to walk away. “Hey!” She calls out to the guy.

Caught off guard he gets frightened and turns to face her. “Y….. Yes?” The guy asked in a shaky voice.

Dawn runs toward him and grabs his hand. “Thanks for grabbing my bag for me. I almost forgot about it!” Dawn says sincerely.

The guy looked down at his feet which shuffled back and forth awkwardly as he stood there. “I’m B,” The guy said looking up from his feet.

“Nice to meet you B, I’m Dawn!” Dawn replied cheerfully.

B smiled at her and they started to walk toward the rest of the contestants. Finally setting foot on actual land was such a relief for Dawn until she saw the scenery. There were glowing rocks, mutated plants and a green misty fog lurking just above their heads. “Oh My! This is terrible!” Dawn gasped at the awful sight.

Feeling sad for the creatures and wild life that resides on the island Dawn began to sob. B looked at her and could see the pain in her eyes. “You really love nature don’t you?” B said with sadness in his tone of voice.

He placed a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. Dawn looked up at B with tears welling in her eyes. He patted her shoulder and gave an encouraging smile. She wiped away the tears and choked out an answer. “Yes………. I just………. Love animals’ and nature. It makes me so sad to see terrible sights like this.” She answered.

B looked at the teary blue eyed girl and frowned. Feeling bad, he started thinking of ways to make her feel better. “I know! What if you and I work to clean up the damaging chemicals while we are here? It wouldn’t hurt to try,” He offered.

Dawn’s head shot up and a smile crept up on her face. “That’s a great Idea! Maybe we can convince Chris to clean up the island too!” Dawn said optimistically.

Looking for Chris through the talking contestants, she spots him lounging on a chair with Chef at his side. She runs over to him and B follows behind her. Dawn approaches Chris who is relaxing and blocks his sun light. “Yes?” Chris says annoyed.

“We were wondering if maybe you could clean up the island a little. It would be good for the wild life and for all of the people here,” Dawn informed.

Chris nodded his head as if he heard what she had said. He got up out of his chair and grabbed a mega phone. He turned it on and began to speak. “AH!!!!!!” The contestants screamed in unison while covering their ears to block out the loud screeching noise.

“Woops sorry,” Chris said lowering the volume on the mega phone while snickering.

He walked over to a bench and climbed on it so everyone could see him. “First challenge starts in five minutes go to the cabins over there and settle in," Chris said. The group sets off running toward the cabins and head inside.

(The End :P )

Sunsummer's Entry

Cameron Arrives

Cameron waited as his boat slowly made it to the dock, everyone else already waiting.

Can't this thing go any faster? Cameron thought.

His boat finally managed to get there, and he was so impatient, that he jumped right out and forgot his bag.

"What took you so long?" asked Dakota, clearly annoyed by the wait.

"I'm sorry, just that some boat engineer clearly didn't get his Degree of-"

"You could have just packed quicker, and maybe we could start the contest sooner!" Dakota angrily said, shutting off Cameron.

"I had to be sure I had my bubble!" Cameron replied, tired of bickering.

Everyone stared at this wierd statement.

"My bubble?" Cameron said.

Everyone still seemed confused.

Cameron sighed. "My bubble is something that protects me from dangerous surrondings, like a shield."

"And I'm sure you wish you had it right now, Bubble Boy." Scott scoffed.

"I do have it. It should be right here!" Cameron said, but only then did he realize he left it on the long gone boat.

"I WANT MY BUBBLE! I WANT MY BUBBLE!" Cameron panicked.

Then he felt a push from none other than Brick, nearly tossing him off the dock into radioactive waters.

"GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF, SOLDIER!" Brick yelled, as if in the military.

Brick grinned, Jo, Scott, Dakota, and Lightning laughed, others felt sorry, and B stayed silent.

"Good news, I got your stuff!" Chris said.

"Great!" Cameron said, but then saw that it wasn't for the reasons he thought.

"These are Cameron's cute little baby pictures!" Chris showed the contestants with sadism.

Cameron blushed in humiliation.

"Oh! What's this?" Chris said, looking at his bubble.

"No!" Cameron worried.

"Yes!" Chris confirmed.

He continued to pop it.

I'm gonna have the worst time of my life now, aren't I? Cameron once again thought.

And he dreaded the days to come.

The End.

Mrodd's Entry

“What!,” The tanned teen shrieked, shoving the boat driver. “You can't be serious?,” She asked eyeing her pile of luggage. “I need ALL of this! I can't just take one... You can't do this to me!” She growled shoving her bags onto the boat.

“Ann-Maria. The boat will sink if you take all of that onto the island.” The driver spoke, trying to block Ann-Maria from getting onto the boat- Sadly, he wasn't expecting the force that is Ann-Maria on a mission, as she charged at the driver, sending him flying into the lake.

“Next time, just listen to me.” She growled, brushing off the “germs” she may have picked up from the freak-driver. She sighed, walking over to the wheel, and started the engine, sending water all-over the driver. (Note, the driver may or may not have drowned.)

“No one can tell me what to do. Nope. Not any more. Vinny will regret having me kicked off the show. Wait until they see me here.” Ann-Maria giggles, not noticing the water slowly trickle into the boat.

“This isn't that hard. Just like driving my SUV on Jersey sh- Ooooh, but I crashed that.” Her eyes widened looking around the boat for anything that she could crash into, not noticing anything she relaxes. She glances down at her silver watch, in crested with “Real” diamonds.

“Would you look at the time?,” She grins, “Smoothie time!” She turns around expecting to see her pile of luggage, knowing well that her smoothing-making kit was in the zebra-striped case, was surprised to not see any luggage- In its place, water. Lots, and lots of water.

“Noooooooooooooo!” She screamed, falling to her knees, her tears and make-up running down her face. However, shortly after she came to a realization- She hadn't turned the boat off. She raced to the front of the boat, but she was too late, the boat rammed the dock, sending Ann-Maria flying on top of Cameron- Who was almost to weak to keep himself up, let alone some with such a... “Pear Figure” like Ann Maria. He let a screech out, but she didn't really notice.

She pulled herself up, tried to fix her hair, which was now covered in the mud she had fallen into, as well as all the twigs. She gave her Jersey-Shore smile, and spoke “Heeeeeeeeey.” Only to be met with the laughter of the other contestants.

“Meet Ann-Maria, everyone.” Chris laughed, falling to the ground.

Rex's Entry

"Could you slow down abit?" Asked Dawn as the boat speed towards the island. She had been waiting for weeks, mabye even months to see if she could be on the next season. The boat slowed down and stopped next to the pier.

Immediatly Dawn could see three others there, a girl with a flower in her hair, a guy who looked socially akward and anouther girl who looked ready to hurt somebody. As she stepped off the boat, it speed off, cuasing Dawn to fall over.

"That looked like it hurt" were the first words that the flower girl spoke to Dawn. She seemed friendly and instantly a bond formed between the two.

"It's okay, I'm fine," replied Dawn.

"Sure you don't need a doctor?" laughed the mean looking girl sarcastically.

Dawn just luaghed it off and went down to the bags to meditate. The next to arrive was a suspicious looking guy. He got of the boat and smiled at everyone then threw his bags into the bag pile, narrowly missing Dawn.

[TBC proberly. Gawsh I'm no good at not using characters I know xD]

Zoom's Entry

Derek's Entry

Scott gazed forward as the boat arrived into the island, Scott gave a sly grin, all he cared about was getting the price, none of those idiots would be able to compete with him, he would be the last one left standing, and he was 100% correct.

Scott walked out of the boat, and looked at his fellow campers.

Chris: Scott!, nice to meet you bro!

Scott completley ignored Chris's friendly greeting and marched over to the rest of the contestants.

Scott placed his bag near the others, actually, he placed it FAR FAR FAR away from the others.

Scott then looked at the chain around his neck. the face of Scott's mother was imprinted onto the necklace.

Scott: sorry mom, but this is me...

Scott then gazed at the others once more.

Scott: winning is my middle name...

HR's Entry

A boat arrived with a teenage girl meditating. She kept her eyes closed but was listening to all the noise around her. A man in his mid 40s introduced her, "Dawn! It's nice to see you've arrived!"

The girl, Dawn, opened one eye and stopped meditating. She jumped off the boat, flawlessly. She bowed to the man and looked around, "There's no one here."

"Yeah, you're the first one to arrive," the still unknown man said.

"I don't really know you're name," Dawn confessed.

Th man sighed, "I announced really loud before you came, couldn't you hear it?"

"No," Dawn dully said.

"Well," the strange continued. "My name's Chris, and don't forget it!"

"Alright I won't," Dawn promised.

"You're boring," Chris said as he impatiently waited for the other contestants to arrive.

"So are you," Dawn pointed out while Chris blinkled obviously offended.

"Oh, you think I'm boring?" Chris bitterly said.

"Yep," Dawn smirked.

"Will you think I'm boring if I do..." Chris got out a control and pressed a button. In the distance Dawn heard a roar and an explosion, "this?"

Dawn waited for a moment and nodded her head, "Once again, yep." She closed her eyes and started meditating.

Chris kicked a tree, clearly ticked off. Dawn ignored the noises Chris tried to make to distract her because he was still angry at her.

"Dawn!" Chris yelled.

"Yes," Dawn opened one eye.

"L-look at this!" Chris showed off a mutant beaver, he was smiling like a mad man.

"What am I suppose be looking at?" Dawn stood up.

"A-a woolly beaver!" Chris bellowed.


Johnny's Entry

Dakota walked on the dock toward where Chris was standing. "Welcome to the island Dakota,"Exclaimed Chris.

"I don't care where the place is I just want to win!"Said Dakota.

"Okay then," Chris said in a shocked voice.

Suddenly Cameron arrives."And Here is Cameron" Chris yelled.

Cameron said "Its great to be..." when he got pushed into the water by Dakota.

"Enough about him let's talk about me!" Dakota managed to say.

"Well she's crazy about being famous," Peeped Cameron.

"I'm not crazy for fame,"Said Dakota then she turns to the camara and says"and guys I'm available."

"Correction she has a hunger for fame like lions have a hunger for meat." Explained Cameron.

"No one cares you geek" Screamed Dakota in anger.

Then Cameron said "I'll win ti by using my smarts."

Syle the Hedgehog's Entry

Dawn and Ann Maria arrive.

"Welcome to Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! Here are our first 2 contestants, Dawn and Ann Maria!" Chris shouted with an excited expression.

"Ann Maria choked me up with her spray on tan." Dawn said, coughing.

"I wanted to look good. Maybe you should use it, your white as a ghost." Ann Maria said, shrugging. Dawn rolls her eyes,and hops of the boat. Ann Maria follows. Jo arrives, and jumps of the boat. She walks past the group. "What's up with her?" Dawn whispered to Chris. Chris shruged and Staci arrived. She had a Twinkie in one hand and Chocolate bar in the other. Dawn helped her off the boat, as Ann Maria sprayed her tan spray on Jo. Jo almost came up and punched Ann Maria in the face as Scott,Brick and Lightning arrived. They all climbed off the boat. "Hey guys! I'm Lightning!"

(To Be Continued)

Sterling's Entry

"Welcome to Total Drama Revenge of the Island! 13 new campers will compete back in the island, And one will win a lot of cash and prizes, TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!" Chris Mcclain says with excitement.

(Sam and B arrives)

"Hey everyone! I brought video games!" Sam said with excitement.

"Hey, Sam!" B says.

(All the contestants arrive)

"Ok, everyone, now Dakota, Dawn, Sam, B, Mike and Staci are in Team 1, while Scott, Brick, Cameron, Lightning, Anne Maria, Zoey and Jo are in Team 2." Chris is explained the teams. "Ok, Name your teams.

"The Screaming Sporties!" Team 2 said.

"The Killer Kit Kats!" Team 1 said.

(The story will stop here, I will continue more.)

Week 2 Judging

Alfan:Judging the Mazdas first.

Zoom-No story, no judging. Was looking forward to your story. 0/10

Sunsummer-You used Cameron very effectively. His stereotype mateched, the dialogue was funny, and we learned a lot about how Cameron might act towards the others and the show. 9.3/10

HR-What you did write was very intriguing, but you sadly didn't finish it. You were grounded, so it's not all your fault, and you had good grammer and spelling. 5/10

Derek-You described Scott's antagonistic side and want to win well. You didn't put much description about how he would interact with the other characters. You weren't perfect with grammer. 4.1/10

Sterling-...Who did you pick? Short, unfinished. Not sure who you even picked. 1.2/10

Alfan:And now the Mrodds.

Mrodd-You described much of Ann Maria without even bringing in the other characters. It was detailed, descriptive, and a good read. 9.5/10

Josie-I loved the way you portayed Dawn and B. Excellent grammer, well put together. I look forward to how you fare in the future. 10/10

Rex-Not the best grammer, and you never finished. You spell well, and I know you can probably do other challenges better. 3.3/10

Johnny-....If Dakota ends up like that, I know who I want out first xD She did follow her stereotype. Work on grammer a little more and it would have been much better. 5.2/10

Syle-You should have spaced it better, and you didn't finish. Not the best grammer. 1.1/10

The Typing Mazdas-19.6/50

The Writing Mrodds-29.1

Alfan:Mrodds win. Josie gets the best writer award for this week, I guess? :P Mrodd's team won. The Mazdas are going to elim.

Typing Mazdas Elimination 1#

Alfan:The bottom two is clearly Zoom, for not posting, and Sterling, for leaving it largely unfinished. Normally,we'd have you guys do more in the elimination, but this week was disappointing. Chat here if you want, both teams, while the nommed contestants are considered for elimination.

Rex: Gosh I hope that there isn't anouther TD:ROTI challange :s

HR: :P Oh well.

Rex: I thought my grammer was good...

Mrodd: Teehee <3 Second best again.

Alfan:The elimination has been decided. Zoom, Sterling, the first out is...........

Sterling! The average was Zoom at 5 and Sterling at 4.05. "Sterling had high hopes for the competiton, but one unfinished story was all it took." Zoom is on a VERY tight leash right now. One more no entry, and his team loses, he's gone, period. 3:

Chat 3#

Alfan:The Mazdas have a debuter.........NDUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Nduke arrives.* Teams are tied again. Hopefully, the teams are more balanced right now.

Mrodd: Welcome, Welcome <3 Still gonna beat you any who <3

Rex: hello Dukey :3

Syle: :( Sorry Alfan, that I couldn't finish.

Johnny: so the thing has to be 500 words exact or can it be more?

Alfan:Get as close to 500 as you can. :3

Rex: OH DRAT! I forgot all about this :s I haven't even stated!

Mrodd: lalalalalala <3

Challenge 3#-To Be Exact or Not To Be Exact

Alfan:This will be due next Saturday. The challenge is simply to write a story about Total Drama. Doesn't matter what as long as it isn't adult. <~< The trick-500 words exactly is oyur goal. Good luck. ;)

Zoom's Entry

500 words exactly. See if you can guess who's perspective it's from. Enjoy. :3 (Don't include this part. XD)

I begin to awake from my slumber.

The smell of the woods, the rot of my damp cabin, and the distant smell of cooking floods my nostrils, and snaps me out of my pleasant dream.

In which I kill Heather.

As I groggily get out of my bottom bunk and stumble over to my dresser to dress, I attempt to hold on to that fuzzy warm feeling I had during my rather gory dream.

But, like all my other happy thoughts, it is gone. And then I hear it. The dreaded, despised, and most of all, annoying-

“PANCAKES! PANCAKES!” The insane shouts of the deranged and very overweight Owen come blasting into my quiet cabin, forcing me to cover my ears. The sound eventually lessens, as the boy runs up to the cafeteria.

Glumly, I follow him, wondering, “How did he know it was pancakes?”

I reach the larger building and open the door. As I walk inside, a nauseating combination of the smells of maple syrup, pancakes, grease, sweat, and weeks of questionable concoctions quiet literally blows my mind. I look forwards to see an eager and rather happy looking Owen piling pancake after pancake onto his plate.

From behind the counter, Chef watches in utter repulsion. Although, he seems to be curious to whether Owen can really eat his weight in pancakes.

I, for one, think it’s physically impossible. But with Owen, it’s rather hard to say.

After he piles the pancakes so high that he can’t reach the top, he decides it is time to eat and sits down. I walk up to the counter; take a single pancake while eyeing it to see if it moves and look up at Chef.

He gives me the evil eye.

And I wink back up at him.

Grumbling, he turns and shuffles back into the kitchen. I turn also, and sit down beside Owen, who is literally shoving his food down his throat without chewing. Or breathing.

To some, the odd silence of Owen eating and me staring silently down at my food might seem awkward or even intimidating. But I rather like it. Or, at least, I prefer it to when she was here.

The evil witch. Heather.

I shudder, thinking of the exact moment when she accidentally kicked the razor blade out of Chef’s hand and it came right back down onto her scalp, shaving it abruptly.

Honestly, I thought it was an improvement, but she didn’t think much of it

Now, I chuckle, and leave my thoughts aside. I notice that Owen has gone back for more food, and now is dragging over a wheelbarrow of pancakes.

I seriously do not know where he gets these things from. There’s probably some warehouse somewhere… with lots of food in it. Ya, and a massive statue of Izzy, made of solid gold.

No, solid pancakes.

I decide, that no matter how bad this summer of drama really was, I enjoyed it. But I won’t tell anybody.

No way.

Sunsummer's Entry

(Note 1: This follows the days of the Total Drama Island final five.)

(Note 2: I came up with the idea from an Avatar episode: "Tales of Ba Sing Se".)

(Note 3: The notes and and titles don't count)

The Tales of Wawanakwa

Tale of Owen

It was past sunrise, and Owen was unsuprisingly still sleeping... until he smelled bacon. He ran fast for it, for a chubby teen. Soon he entered the mess hall, and looked around for breakfast.

"Where's the breakfast???!!!" Owen asked, not finding any.

"You overslept. No breakfast for you!" Chef taunted.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Owen yelled in despair.

Owen knew he could do only one thing: Become a hunter. That wouldn't be easy, as he loved any nature. But he was so hungry, that he would do anything for food. He spotted a swarm of bees.

"Honey." Owen said hopefully.

Owen was stung. Tale of Gwen

Gwen thought it was cool that she could have the day off from a nasty challenge, but that didn't mean freedom from everything else. But hopefully she could have a decent day off.

"Look! Wierd Goth Girl came back from her depressing life!' mocked Heather.

Guess not.


Tale of Heather


Tale of Duncan


Tale of Leshawna (TBA)

HR's Entry

Derek's Entry

''it's not like that at all!''


Trent was standing at the bottom of the stairs, yelling up at his girlfriend, who was crying in the bathroom.

Trent: please baby!, just let me show you i still love you!


Trent: i didn't mean i loved her!, i meant i....i...

Trent paused for a moment, he still loved Gwen, and it all came out last night when Trent told his new girlfriend.

Trent: i meant as a friend...isn't that what friends do?


Trent sighed, then made his way out of the door, and into the rain.

Trent then walked into the local bar, and sat on a small plush red couch, next to him was a blonde haired girl.

Trent couldn't resist asking if she was OK.

Trent: hey, are you OK?

the girl looked at Trent, Trent was......Lindsay!

Trent: Lindsay!?

Lindsay: Trent?, is that you?...

Trent nodded slowly, eyes wide.

Trent: are things with Tyler?

Lindsay: AWFUL!

Trent: why?

Lindsay: Tyler broke both of his legs when he was at a sports festival. he was competing in all happened so fast!.

Trent: go home Lindsay, get some rest, and hey, maybe Tyler will be out soon.

Lindsay: they said he'd be back in a month!

Trent: seem in a bad way...i'll take you home.

Lindsay: thanks...

Trent and Lindsay soon left the bar, after arriving at Lindsay and Tyler's home, Lindsay asked Trent if he wanted some coffee, witch Trent agreed to, afterwards...he didn't come out for the rest of the night.

after a month, Tyler soon returned home on stilts, Tyler slowly opened the door to his and Lindsay's home, the house sounded empty.

Tyler: Lindsay? you in here?

Tyler walked upstairs, and headed to his and Lindsay's room, Tyler opened the door, and then...screamed.

Lindsay was lying on their bed with a knife in her right arm, she was unconcious.


Tyler ran to his wife, and checked if she was breathing, she was.

Tyler: damn it...i need to go to the loo...

Tyler ran to the bathroom and opened the door, he screamed again, Trent was hanging from the ceiling with a rope around his neck.

Tyler shut the door quickly, and soon called 911..


what happened next?

Tyler - Tyler filed for divorce over Lindsay after he found out she had murdered three men, these three men were Tyler's friends on TDI, they were Justin, Noah and of course Trent, Tyler soon moved away into a different town and is currently living with his good friend Cody, also from TDI.

Lindsay - Lindsay was charged for the muders of Noah, Justin and Trent and was sentenced to five years in prison, after her release, her parents confirmed in a press confrence that Lindsay was be moved into a mental home.

Trent - Trent was buried on the 20th November 2011. the police came to the conclusion that Lindsay hanged Trent herself after Trent thought the pair would spend the night together.

Nduke's Entry

Mrodd's Entry

500 words <3

Where was he? I thought to myself. He always came, never once had he not showed up. Noah? Where are you... He wouldn't forget about me, and I don't think he would be with someone else, Noah wasn't that kind of guy, was he?

I sighed looking up at the ever-bright moon, me and Noah always met up here. We could talk; talk about anything and everything, like what we plan to do if we won the money. But where was he tonight? Maybe something happened... I winced at the idea. No. Noah is smart enough for his team to not catch him, and its not like there's a chain-saw killer on the island, now that would be a cause for worry- But there's not. Not on this island, not in this province- Not even in this country.

So, that means he ditched me? My eyes started swelling with the tears I had promised Sadie I would never use unless she was there beside me. I fiddled with the small flowers around my feet, one of them was a maroon, the colour of his sweater-vest, and the other a baby pink... Funny to think that nature seems to know everything about every one. I glanced up at the moon one last time, then back behind me. Nothing. I sniffed, then walked back.

The forest was creepy in the dark, and more so when you're alone- so I ran back to my cabin, now I wasn't afraid to show my tears. But even as I ran, I couldn't help but think I was forgetting something, something important... But I just couldn't think.

I saw my cabin, it was old and rustic, another thing me and Sadie promised we would never do; but I guess this whole experience was proof that promises are meant to be broken. I crept quietly into the dark cabin, the girls were all asleep- So I cried myself to sleep, but I couldn't sleep, not without him.

“Noah?” I called out, but to no avail. The walls of the cabin started to get closer, forcing me out of the cabin. “Noah!” I screamed. But no answer. That's when it hit me- The dock.

I ran to the dock, my tears staining my striped shirt. Chris was there, but Noah wasn't. I looked at Chris as if he had an answer. “Katie? What are you doing up so late? And why are you crying? There's no camera around...” He sighed.

“Where's Noah,” I asked, grabbing onto his shirt. “I need Noah.” This caused him to eye me even more.

“Katie, this is a competition, do you know what has to happen in order for you to win?” He asked stepping closer to me.

“Yeah, everyone else needs to be voted off... But what does that have to do with Noah?” I begged, but he only looked at to the ocean.

“He's helping you win.” And that, is when I fell.

Josie's Entry

500 exactly :D <3 (not counting this part though :P )

The time has finally come and the decision would be revealed. My fellow cast mates sat on the very unstable benches around a small dimming fire. Chris stood across from us with a devilish grin spread across his face. Was this the way I’d leave? Voted out because of some stupid girl? Not that I was nervous or anything but, the votes were tied.

Looking around at all the faces dimly lit by shadows or light, I could see the sureness on their faces. My fellow bottom two member Courtney seemed more sure of herself this time, more than ever. I was confident at first but now looking back on everything that happened between Gwen and I, I wasn’t as sure anymore. Courtney was strong willed and she definitely hated me after she found out. Gwen and I together? That could never really happen if Courtney had her say. Which knowing her? She was sure to get her way.

I looked down at my feet which were now anxiously tapping waiting for the last vote to go be called out. Courtney looked at me with a smirk upon her face, completely sure that I would leave. I on the other hand was sure I’d leave too. After this dramatic week on the island with Gwen and I getting closer and Courtney and I drifting apart, everything seemed to be more difficult. “Well isn’t this an interesting ending. Two love birds torn apart by a new love interest and now, the couple is in the bottom two,” Chris said with a snug look on his face.

If my fate in staying here didn’t lie in those overly manicured hands of his I would of probably slapped that look right off of his face. It was so obvious he knew he could get away with it, otherwise he probably would of never said anything. “Will you just tell us who gets the last vote already?” Courtney urged.

Voices from the benches behind us agreed and Chris let out a deep sigh. Rolling his eyes he picked up the last marshmallow and looked at each of us. “Courtney, You are here because your bossy and you failed to do good in this challenge,” Chris said pointing to Courtney who looked annoyed.

Then he pointed to me and began to speak. “Well, well where do we begin? Hmm how about the fact that you snuck around behind your bossy girlfriends back to flirt with Gwen? To make things worse, you even threw a challenge for the girl!” Chris said laughing.

I wanted to kill him so much, but I knew it wouldn’t do me any good, I’d still get sent back and be stuck in my old routine of life. “Okay the time is now! The last vote goes to!” Chris began.

There was a long pause and then Chris spoke. “Courtney! Your Out!” He shouted.

Filled with disbelief she shot out of her seat . Chef picked Courtney up, and carried her away.

Rex's Entry

Syle's Entry

Where Are They Now?

Bridgette and Geoff are sitting on a red couch, as the title of the show appeared.

"Hello, Thanks for joining us. As you know I'm Bridgette from Total Drama, and this is my husband Geoff! We've been married for 5 Years and we have 2 children Greg and Bertha." Bridgette said, cuddling Geoff. "You all loved Total Drama, but after season 3 you wondered 'Where are they now?' Here, we'll show you!" Geoff said as Chris appeared on the screen.

"He was the host of Total Drama, but now, he's yelling at kids for money?!?" Bridgette said, as a video appeared.

"YOU NEED TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!" "Shut it old man!" "I'm 84! That's not old!" "It's prehistoric.."

"Heh. I guess he IS prehistoric! Look, you can even see his false teeth!" Bridgette Chuckled. "Serria, Cody,Gwen,Duncan,and DJ started a resturant. Serria and Cody got married, as did Gwen and Duncan," Geoff said. "And we have them here now! Please welcome...Serria, Cody, Gwen,Duncan,and DJ!"

The crowd roars with excitement, as the 5 walk out. "The Drama Diner! You 5 rented a small bulilding in Ontario,and made it into a sucessful resturant. How?" "Well..We were really good friends on the show. So, why not? We have my cooking abilty,Serria's speed, Gwen's mellow personality,Duncan's advertising skills and Cody's...well what DOES Cody have?" DJ said. "I have the decor ideas. Changing,changing,changing!" Cody said. "We might drop by!" Geoff said. "Our Next guest is the two girls with the same brain! Welcome...KATIE AND SATIE!"

One person was sarcastic and said,"Yay."

"Come on folks!" Geoff said. "Those guys are really rude!" "I know!" Katie and Sadie said coming out. "So...You guys are...Married?" Geoff asked. "Yeh. For 3 years." Sadie said. "That's all we need. Bye Girls." Bridgette said. "Now,Trent,Harold and Justin. They opened a clothing store. We tried contacted them, but they never picked up. Speaking of never picked up, Heather. She was accused of 3 murders,and went to jail. So was Eva. Maybe partners in crime. Alejendro didn't like being a robot,so he well,uh..we don't really know." Bridgette said. "We have the couple that claimed to break up, but they then got back together, Owzzy!"

The crowd roared again, Owen and Izzy then came out.

"Owen your..your...Thin!" Geoff gaped. "Yeah! I decided once I married Iz,I needed to lose weight." "And at our wedding, he was as thin as now." "Thanks for coming!" Bridgette said.

TBC (I have 100 words to go!)

Johnny's Entry

Week Three Judging

Alfan:You know the drill. Mazdas, then Mrodds.

Zoom-Not so busy this week, lol. 500 words, excellent story. 10/10

Sunsummer-I liked the idea you had for it, but you didn't finish. :/ 3/10

HR-No story. 0/10

Derek-Wording worked, but the grammer was lacking. 5/10

Nduke-Debuter, I told him, so IDK. 0/10


Alfan:And now the Mrodds...

Mrodd-Loved the story, I counted 500 words. Excellent grammer and spelling. 10/10

Josie-500 words and a great story. 10/10

Rex-No entry. 0/10

Syle-100 words short, and somehwat confusing how you put the dialogue so close together. 5.2/10

Johnny-No entry. 0/10


Alfan:....Mazdas lose so bad. The winner today is.....Mrodd. As for the Mazdas, HR and Nduke are up for elimination. Nduke is eliminated. HR has done two of three challenges, Nduke never did one. Mazdas have a surprise again, however. Seeing as they are always losing, they get another debuter. For those of you who know his writing ability, the Mrodds may not win so easily again next week.

Chat 4#

Alfan:Welcome Webly to the Mazdas. Good luck, all. Trying to equal these teams lol.

Mrodd: Why bother? With me and Josie on one team, there's no way anything can stop us!

Rex: >w< I am great at Poems. I write Haiku's all the time!

Alfan:Good luck with your rhyming poem, Rex. :P

Rex: I would give you a link to a website where i've put some of my poems, but I have them under my actual name and I don't want to reveal it 3: Well, don't forget to post a poem here later. :P I actually think you've been improving. :3

Rex: yeah sorry about last challange. I forgot about it and it was abit too late to write one when I remebered it 3:

Alfan:Try not to forget next time. ;) :P

Rex: does the poem have to be exactly ten lines?

Alfan:You can do more, but no less than ten. :3

Rex: Yay! The clocks ticking down >:3

Alfan:Yesh. :3

Syle: Know what's weird? I just finished a Hikau about librarians a week or two ago.

Johnny: I still wonder who will win the camp?

Challenge 4#

Alfan:This challenge....It's going to be different to say the least. It is in two parts. The first part is the well-known haiku. Five syllables, then seven syllables, then five. Not much to write. The second part is a little more difficult. A poem. It has to rhyme, which is easy enough. It must be Total Drama related for both. The poem has to be ten lines, and there must be a rhyme scheme. A haiku, and a ten line rhyming poem. Easy enough. :P space them out from each other and label them if you could. Challenge will be due next Saturday or when everyone is finished. Encourage others to do the challenge if you want judging sooner. :P

Zoom's Entry


Mister Coconut.

Circular, brown, edible.

Oh, I miss him so.

Second Haiku

Izzy has orange hair.

Like a flame, or a sunset.

Watch out for that girl!


The sun sets behind the horizon.

The boy in front of me, thick like a bison.

"Gwen!" He calls, screaming my name.

Embarrased, I hang my head in shame.

Then I lift it up, remembering that,

There is no shame... In fact,

I'm in the finale, on this god-forsaken show.

I may be the winner, I don't really know.

I would hope that he looses, but then again.

It would be fine if he won, long as I had Trent's hand.

But then there's Duncan... No, No.

I will not fall for him on this terrible show.

It brings out the worst, just look at Heather.

Heather, her highness, who light as a feather.

Came into out lives just to reak havoc.

Hurting us so and creating this chaos.

The evil all swirling, now it's just a blur.

But that is over now, she's out of this world.

I look back at Owen, he smiles in delight.

He knows not of my fright.

And I smile back at him.

Fin. :3

Sunsummer's Entry

HR's Entry

Derek's Entry

As Shocking as it may be

the contestants look forward and see

the island in sight

some feel sick after the flight

the teens step out of the boat

each with a plain blue coat

the rain pours down

the contestants give an annoyed frown

Chris looks at the contestants with his pearly white teeth.

some contestants watch as the rain poured down into the reef

they all knew what would happen to their lives

it would be like they would have to sit on a thousand knives.


Webly's Entry

Heather's World Tour EliminationThe world is a game.
Nothing means anything now
What's left for me world?

A Poem about LoveTrent loved Gwen with all his heart
He wished he could take back his all the wrong parts. He missed the way she hugged.
He missed the way she kissed.

Most of all, he missed her.
When he tried gain her back, love struck her in the back.

It was not Trent but Duncan.
Leaving poor old Trent heartbroken.

Trent has feelings still but respects their love.

He knew if someone truly loves you and they loved you back, they'd always love.

Mrodd's Entry

Mrodd's Haiku: Lindsays' Secret

Some seem to think that

I am just a pretty face

But I'm so much more.

Mrodd's Ryme: Don't Ask. Don't Tell.

Tick- Tockity, as the clock ticks on

Slowly they all shall fall

Each one, all just but a mere pawn

It started with Noah in Dodge-Ball

He was after all

The first to hit the wall.

Tick- Tockity, as the clock ticks on

Eventually, yes I know I can win.

Each one, all just but a mere pawn

Thanks to Sir. Double Chin

I can let out what's within

Because of him, my plan can begin.

Tick- Tockity, as the clock ticks on

I'm alone now

Each one, all just but a mere pawn

Lindsay left, with some major pow

I mean, like wow

Am I trully a B**ch now?

Josie's Entry


What happened at camp

Will never be forgotten

A winner is found


The time is here, for us to know.

just who will win, this crazy show.

Stakes are high,

nerves are here, as the last two, stand in fear.

Chris just smiles, as if he cares.

He smirks once more, his deviled glare.

Then silence fell, just one more time.

The big reveal, was on my mind.

Would I win? I'd soon find out,

He takes a breath, then screams it out.

"Gwen you won!"

I cheered out loud. "I won! I won! I'm out of here!"

I guess I knew, deep down inside.

Someday, somtime, I would shine.

Rex's Entry

The last challenge

For our final two tonight

Who will win it all

Syle's Entry


Some Canadians

Having skills,consitration.

That's Total Drama.

Poem (More like a rap.)

I have something to dish,about a guy named Chris,

The host of Total Drama, He thinks he owns a cool-o-rama,

He puts some teens through his crazy schemes,

They end up getting mauled, not dolled,

They think he's nuts, a huge klutz,

Chef and Chris, a huge miss,

I still have more to dish about this Chris,

Jerk from Canada,what a bad man-ada,

It's like he hates everything, though he likes tourturing,

That's all I have to dish about this Chris!

Johhny's Entry

==== TDWT Final 2 (Haiku)

Heather Vs. Alejandro
Total Drama is a Dream
So who will win it?

==== TDI Final Five (Poem)

What can we say about the final five
'Well Duncan is a delicuent
'But he can dive
And Heather would sent
the other's home
Lashawna is a party starter
but don't say she's the size of a dome
Now Owen is just a farter
that's what he does all day
but he also is sweat
Now Gwen what can I say
she's a goth but had loved in this heat.

Week Four Judging

Alfan:Mazdas, then Mrodds, as always.

Zoom-First of all, you did two excellent haikus. Your poem was well-written and enjoyable. It also had a rhyme scheme, and I didn't say it had to rhyme the entire time. :P 9.8/10

Sunsummer-Disappointment. 0/10

HR-Same. 0/10

Derek-No haiku, but you did do a poem with a very well done rhyming scheme. 5/10

Webly-Excellent haiku, and the poem was ridiculously good for one that didn't rhyme. :P 9.5/10

Typing Mazdas-24.3/50

Mrodd-Loved the haiku, the poem was excellent and very well done. 10/10

Josie-Very well done haiku. The poem was well-done and rhymed. 9.6/10

Rex-Just the haiku. It was a good one, however. 5/10

Syle-Haiku worked, although the spelling wasn't perfect. :P The poem sounded like something Weird Al would sing. I liked it. :3 7.5/10

Johnny-Haiku wasn't perfect, versus is two syllables, making the first line eight syllables. The poem had a rhyme scheme, but it was not so easy to follow. 5.5/10


Alfan:Mrodds powned one again. It seems that they step it up every round. As for the Mazdas, HR and Sunsummer are definetly the bottom two. Sunsummer, HR, the last Mazda safe is............

Sunsummer! HR is eliminated. She had great potential, but failed to show. Congratulations to the final nine!

Chat 5#

Alfan:Mazdas don't get another debuter. They are on their own from now on. :P

Mrodd: See, being on a team with my name in it, is epic <3

Syle:Something Werid Al would sing? XD Yeah, I guess I could agree.

Rex: >.< I forgot the challange again! >.<

Derek: (rolls eyes)

Alfan:Posting entry spaces now. Waited till now so you guys could think on what you wanted to do a little more. Challenge'll be due next Sunday. :3

Webly: This week I will redo one of my entries from another competition. I can't believe I got 9.5 on my poems stuff. I really SUCK at poems. xD

Alfan:*wonders if Rex forgot* :P

Rex: *wonders if Alfie relizes he forgot* (Sowwy <:( I don't know why I keep forgetting)

Challenge 5#-Up to You

Alfan:This challenge is very different. The nine of you are to write a Total Drama story, whatever you want. Employ any literary devices you wish. The two stories with the least variation, their writers go up, no matter the teams. You choose how well you want to do this challenge.

Zoom's Entry

Here's what goes on inside of Lindsay's head. :3

Suddenly, and out of nowhere, a cockroach appears on the floor in front of me.

It crawls out from underneath the bed, and skits towards me, its six legs moving rapidly and without cease.


That's a funny word. Cease. You'd think it would start with an s, but no. It starts with a c.

C, like in Connie. Or Constance, which is her real name. My sister.

Connie, and Paula. My two sisters, whom I love and adore with all my heart.

Although, speaking of my heart, its boundaries never seem to cease.

And there is that word again.

But speaking of my heart's boundaries, Tyler comes to mind.

Ah, Tyler. Hot, funny, and an all around great guy. Maybe someday we'll get together. If Heather would ever allow it.

Heather. My best friend on the island, although it's hard to tell if she really cares about me. No, she has to, or else should wouldn't be taking me to the final three, would she?

Heather and I, along with Beth. My other friend, who I seem to get along better with than our fellow finalist.

It may just be me, but it seems that Beth and Cody might be related. They look really similar, short, brown hair, same skin tone.

Skin tone. That reminds me, I've got to work on my tanning soon. I've gotten kind of pale.

Pale. Brings me back to thinking about Heather. Although she could use a tanning, it's her skin and she can do what she wants with it.

In my opinion, though, she should get a total makeover... But again, that's her choice.


Do I have a choice when I do anything? Anything at all? No, probably not. Nobody expects me to be capable of anything. Not my parents, not my sisters, not my friends.

Do I even have friends? Yes, yes I do.

Do I have brains? Apparently not.

But here I am, my brain wizzing through a million different thoughts in half a second, all because I saw one thing.

What was that thing again?

Oh, yes.

A cockroach.

Who's legs never seem to cease moving.

Now that I think about it again, I realize how much it creeps me out.

And looking closer, they seem to be all hairy. And spiny. And disgusting.

I think I might hurl. No, no, no. No, I won't. I have to tell myself that.

Well, I have to do something. Anything.

I must break free of my mind. Too many thoughts in too little time.

What can I say?

I must say something.

* * * *

A second after seeing the cockroach appear, Lindsay jumps up into the air and onto a chair, literally screaming her head off.

"Damn, that white girl can scream!" LeShawna remarks.

Heather rolls her eyes.

"Stupid is all it is. She doesn't have enough brain power to even produce a single thought."


Sunsummer's Entry

Derek's Entry

it had been at least 30 years since Total Drama, the old cast had carried on with their lives, each enjoying it while it lasts..

Noah, on the other hand, was enjoying life the most, Noah had become incredibly rich after selling his newest autobiography, Life as Books Would Call It Noah seemed pleased with himself, and he hoped his fame and fortune would help him forget the cast of TDI.

Noah was calmly sitting in his living room, reading his own autobiography, the fire was crackling in the fireplace while a lamp was lit near Noah himself.

Noah: now this is what life should be like...

Noah chuckled to himself, until he noticed something outside. Noah peeked his eyes out the window and saw a group of hooded figures, all dressed in black and red.

Noah then saw that one of the hooded people did not have his hood up, all that showed was a green mohawk...

Noah gasped, it couldn't be.......Duncan?

Noah then saw the green mohawk man turn his head, Noah gasped as Duncan stared at him head on, Noah then saw Duncan run towards the house with the others quickly following him.

Noah ran towards the front door and put at least 50 locks onto the door, but suddenly, BANG!

Duncan slammed his knife right into Noah's front door. Duncan then kicked the door down with all his might, Noah fell to the floor.

Duncan then stood over Noah, Duncan had a huge scar across his face.

Noah: please don't kill me Duncan!, i'll do anything!, i'll..i'll give up the book buisness! that way we can have a Total Drama Reunion right!?

Duncan said nothing. Duncan then grabbed Noah by the throat, then took him into the living room, Duncan then got Noah to get on his knees next to the fire place.

Duncan: put your head in the fireplace...

Noah: Duncan please!!...can't we be reasonable about this?

Duncan then pointed a gun at Noah's head.

Duncan: do it geek...

Noah wimpered, then decided to do what Duncan asked...Noah placed his head into the fireplace, Duncan grinned.

Duncan: you see the coal below you?...i want to eat it...until blood comes out of your mouth!


Duncan quickly pulled Noah from the fireplace, and grabbed him by his throat.

Duncan: hey guys! get in here!

the other hoods stepped in the room. all of them didn't have their hoods up, one was Gwen, the second was Geoff, the third was Izzy, the fourth was Bridgette and the last one was Owen.

Geoff: is that idiot dead yet?

Noah tried to scream, but he had no strength left.

Duncan then pulled his knife out once more.

Gwen: just kill him Duncan!

Duncan grinned.

Duncan: bye bye Noah...

Noah: AHHHHHHH!!!!

Duncan then stabbed the knife right threw Noah's heart, Owen, Izzy, Geoff and Bridgette all grinned. Gwen just chuckled.

Duncan then threw Noah into the fireplace, Duncan evily watched as Noah's body burned into ash.

meanwhile, outside, another hooded person was watching. it looked like he wasn't a member of Duncan's gang. this hooded figure was wearing a dark green hood.

the figure then walked towards the window, keeping his eyes on Duncan and the others as they watched Noah's body burn. the man then pulled out a airgun, then fired, the blast hit Gwen head on. Gwen dropped to the ground, Duncan and the others gasped in shock. Duncan then saw the figure smash the window with a brick.

the figure then removed his hood, Duncan and the others gasped.

the man turned out to be.....Trent!

Duncan:.....YOU *******!!!!

Duncan then jumped out of the window and rugby tackled Trent, a struggle can be heard, the others tryy to look outside but it is to dark, and suddenly, a bullet is fired, then....everything went black..

To Be Continued....

Webly's Entry

Mrodd's Entry

((A Preview for my new Fic, Shattering.))

A long time ago, back before their was what we call the Modern Day, there was the Lost Times. No one really knows much about the Lost Times, because well, all records about them were lost; Some were burned, but with the help of a group known as the Glass Wings, some of the records were hidden. The Glass Wings had hoped that one day in the future, when the Forsaken King was long gone, that maybe the truth could be revealed to the world. And as was predicted, the King did die, but not before the remaining members of the group died off, and with time the story of the Lost Times was lost, and the secrets forgotten.

However, as all stories would have it, some of the members of the group had children, and those children had their own kids, and so on and so forth. Now in the year 2012, the Prophecy is to come true, unless the children can trace their roots, and discover the secrets- The world is in their hands, and this is their story.

“Your lady is doing well,” A short girl spoke, her brown hair flowing over her tan dress, “However, there's a complication.” She sighed, looking towards the wooden floor, which still shined from the recent mopping.

“Bethany, what is it? Please, I need to know.” The taller teen asked, getting up from his maple chair, “Please.” He lifted Bethany's head and stared into her eyes.

She smiled, and nodded. “It's twins, but I don't know how to do twins. I'll do my best, but in all past cases, the person giving birth has died.” She frowned, walking back into the hall, but before leaving, she turned around, “But, Trent. I'll do my best.”

“I understand, just make sure she lives.” He sighed, as he began to pace his room, fiddling with the books on the book shelves, before sitting back down on his chair. Keeping his eye on the door, he picked up his guitar and lightly pulled on the strings. As he pulled on the strings his thoughts remained on Gwen, his would-be wife had things gone as planned, and his unborn children.

“Forever and always...” He sang out, his dark green eyes filling with his silent tears. He continued to play his ballad until his eyes were dry, and his green tunic stained with the fading tears, as he put his guitar back, his door swung open.

“Trent! We don't have much time!” A short Latino male yelled out, grabbing many of the books on the shelves. Trent just eyed him and his blonde partner.

“How long do we have?” Trent asked picking up a candle and setting flame to the papers on his desk. The Latino just shook his head.

“Not long.”

“Trenton, Gweniveir is alive. She is fine, but you must take this child, she has the other one. Bethany, Noah and I will take great care of Gwen and the other child- You must keep our secret, the King mustn't know where we are heading.” The blonde, named Lindsay, spoke out. Holding out a small infant, with the deepest green eyes.

“Trent, we can't tell you where we are going. You being the King's only son, now that has been extremely helpful to the cause- But now we must leave, you are a liability. Gwen will be safe.” Noah whispered, as Trent nodded, cradling his child as he fell to the ground, his eyes filled with tears again.

Noah and Lindsay rushed out of the room, the guards voices could be heard; all of them ordering for the two to stop. The sound of swords clashing followed, but beneath all of the chaos, Trent's frail voice could be heard, “Hush Darlene, it will be ok...”

Josie's Entry

Its been five years since all things Total Drama have ended. After the last season ended Chris left on a dramatic note leaving his host career far behind him. It almost seemed as if Chris had given up on his money hungry dream. For me, This news was great I could finally be left alone. No more stupid contracts, no more bossy Heather and no more drama.I'm free finally, from that terrible show!Now that Trent and I worked things out and are finally together things are starting to look better.

The morning started out like any other morning. I woke up, got dressed and went to check the mail. After sifting through endless junk mail I came across one letter that stood out to me. Inside the small envelope was a simple set of directions and a brief letter that read:

Dear Gwen,
I know that I may be the one person you hate the most next to Heather or Courtney but I need you help. Sincerly, Anonymous.

The letter left me wondering, who sent me it asking for help. Not wasting any time, I got in the car and went off on an unknown journey to a destination I have never been before. It took me over an hour just to find the place and when I arrived all that was there was a run down building. "This can't be right," I said allowed looking the directions over again.

Closing the car door I walked into the isolated run down building, not sure what I was doing there or even looking for. The hallways seemed to twist and turn and the rusted metal walls echoed distant noises making them seem closer than they were. Who wanted to meet me here? Why did I even show up? Whatever or whoever it was I'd soon find out. I checked my surroudnings to see if anyone else was nearby. Nothing but broken pipes and garbage lay on the grimy looking ground.

I kept walking, trying to keep an even pace. Not knowing where I'm going exactly messed with my thinking process and kind of scared me a bit. Something wasn't right about this place, I just couldn't place my finger on it. Just then, out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a person walking my way. Who could that be? The darkened hallway masked the person's face, but I was sure that they were trouble. The tall dark figure approached slowly making me nervous. Without saying a word he bursted into a run and I screamed running the other way.

I knew coming to this place alone was a bad idea, I just knew it! As the physco man chased me I ran for my life looking for any possible place to hide. I turned the corner picking up the pace and saw a latter up ahead. Yes! My escape route from this mad man. Desperartely running to the latter I could hear the maniacal laughter of the creepy stranger behind me getting closer and closer. I surged foward grabbing the rusty latter poles. Pushing myself foward I climbed up the dark metal hole in the ceiling to a safer place away from the crazy man. "That was close," I said letting out a deep sigh of relief.

I continued running down another similar looking hall trying to get farther out of reach of the stranger. Shadows danced across the dimly lit walls and the sound of rustling and tiny pattering of feet was all that my mind could focus on. When out of nowhere I hit something causing myself and the mystery object to come tumbling to the dirty floor. "Gwen?" A guys voice said.

The Guy stood up and came out from the shadows only to be revealed as Duncan. What was he doing here? Did he want to meet me? Was this all some sick joke? I looked at his face to see he was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. "Duncan, what are you doing here?" I asked him.

He dusted himself off and picked off pieces of sludge that was on his shirt as he explained. "Well I got a letter this morning saying to meet someone here and that it was urgent. I figured it was Courtney until I saw the building. The note did say to come here so I decided to go inside anyway and I've been wandering around since. What are you doing here?" Duncan replied.

My eyes widened at his answer. "I got a letter too!" I said pulling out the letter.

He pulled out a crupled piece of paper out of his shorts pocket and handed it to me. I opened it to see it was the letter he recieved but it was too dark to read. "I can't see a thing in this light," I said squinting at the paper.

Duncan reached into his other pocket and pulled out a lighter. "This would probably help," He said passing the lighter toward me.

I shook my head and handed it back to him. "Are you insane? Who knows what kind of chemicals are in this place! For all we know we are walking in bio-hazardous sludge!" I said looking at the green slime that now covered my legs and shoes.

He nodded his head and put the lighter away. I handed him his letter back and we continued walking down the darkened dirty hallway. Every few feet or so we would come across a rusted door, but had no luck opening it. "This is the last door, if this doesn't open we hit a dead end and we'll have to turn back," Duncan said gripping the metal lever on the door.

After a few minutes of tiring pulling the lever budges and the door opens. Duncan smiles proudly and steps through first dissappearing into the darkness. I follow shortly behind and look around at the pitch black room until my eyes adjust. "Duncan?" I say looking around, seeing him nowhere in sight.

Loud footsteps near by grow louder and the lights flick on. Duncan stood smiling by the light switch. "Looking for me?" Duncan said laughing slightly.

I rolled my eyes and looked around gasping at the rooms beauty. The room was huge and creepy but beautiful nonetheless. There at the other end of the room sat a shadow on a thone laughing. Duncan stood by my side as we approached the throne together. "Welcome!" The person said.

His voice it sounded so familiar. Could it be? Could it possibly be? "Chris? is that you?" I asked.

The man stood up from his throne and walked down the steps to reveal his face to be that of Chris' "Yes it's Chris! I came here to think of a way to earn my spot back as a host and I came up with this plan. A plan to get the old cast back together and create another season of Total Drama. But not just any ordinary season, a season of extreme drama and challanges," Chris said smiling.

"You've got to be kidding me," Duncan said annoyed.

"Nope completely serious. Oh and that Mad man you ran into earlier Gwen, That was an un-paid intern sent to scare you teens and or capture you before you found me. But since you have ..... Congratulations Duncan and Gwen you are the first two contestants to make it to the chamber!" Chris explained.

Sure enough all the other contestants started showing up all with quizzical looks on their faces. As soon as everyone arrived Chris began his speech. "Welcome Contestants to a new season of Total Drama! This season will be called Total Drama EXTREME!" Chris shouted causing his voice to echo.

"What are you talking about?" Courtney began. "You don't even have our contracts anymore!" courtney said.

"Or do I?" Chris said evily as the masked man who had chased gwen earlier came out from behind a door with the contracts in hand.

The frightened teens let out sighs of dissapointment as Chris waved the contracts in his hand with joy. "That was just a pre challange to get you all ready for your real one. Your challange begins in five minutes! Get ready," Chris said.

And the nightmare of Total Drama began all over again for me.

Rex's Entry

Syle's Entry

Chrunchy Bacon~ Owen's Death Story.

It was a cold dead August night. He was depressed so he made some bacon. While the bacon was cooking, a terrible thing happened.

"IZZY!!!" Owen weeped on his couch,alone. He just devorced his wife of 5 years, Izzy. He was fit, Izzy liked him fat. That was the whole reason they devorced. "I'm...I'm...I'm gonna get her back!" he said, happily."I DID stock up on food....." So he rushed to the kitchen. He grabbed all the chocolate he devoured it all. All the Cheese;Melted and drank. All the soup; Gone. All the bags of marshmellows; dissipeared. Soon he was out of food. Except for....Bacon.

He rushed to the freezer and grabbed all of the bacon. Bacon bits, Bacon strips, bacon balls, all gone on to a platter, a golden platter. Owen shoved in on the stove. He then went downstairs, not paying attenton to the bacon. He smelt smoke and rushed up to his bacon. It was engolfed in flames. "My bacon!" he screamed. He ran back to his room, to grab the fire extingusher. He was back there and he yanked it off the wall. He rushed out.

Owen was standing in the hallway. The flames were to the living room. He felt the heat. He then pointed the fire extingusher and pointed it towards the flames. It was empty! What a shock was apon him! He then felt a hole at the bottom of it. The juice was seeped out! He ran back to his bedroom, and he tried yanking his covers off the bed but they were plastered down! He then tried opening the window but it was stuck also! He then saw the flames reach through the door.

He couldn't move, he was shocked. He fainted. His house was burned to the ground. No trace of him. The dectives then found out about the plastered covers and windows. Izzy was linked back to the plaster used. She was arested for attempted murder, even though she didn't cause the fire. She was sentenced to death.

The one who told the cops? That person was none other than Leshawna. She was the one who said she was there when Izzy plastered the windows and covers. She even said Owen knew knot tying so he tried to use the covers as a rope. But, Leshawna wasn't right. Owen didn't know how to tie knots. Izzy didn't attempt to murder Owen. I bribed her to. I, Duncan, murdered Owen. I snuck in and caused the fire. I hated him.

The End.

Johnny's Entry

Judging Five

Alfie:*sighs, then judges*

Zoom-Well done, very well done. Very accurate. 9.5/10

Sunsummer-No entry. 0/10

Derek-I'm gonna be honest....I have no idea what the hell happened, why it happened, what caused it. No info at all. Duncan kills Noah why? Not clear. D: 1/10

Webly-No entry. 0/10


Mrodd-Well done, mister "cheater". 9.6/10

Josie-Well done, I loved the story. Not pergect grammer. 9.7/10

Rex-No entry. 0/10

Syle-At the end of the story, you told it from Duncan's point of view, which clashes with the first part. Little explanation why Duncan hates Owen. 3/10

Johnny-No entry. 0/10


Alfan:Four no entries. First of all, Sunsummer is eliminated. Johnny is eliminated as well. Rex, Webly, count your blessings.

Chat Six

Alfan:Congratulations, final seven. Welcome to week six! Halfway there. Merge may or may not come soon. it all depends.

Max: I debut.... NAO!

Syle: Actully(failspelling), It basicly still the 1st person, because I used words like "he".

Alfie:How would Duncan know what Owen did unless he was there, which he couldn't be if it was plastered? Duncan couldn't know what Owen did, making the Point of view incorrect. :P

Mrodd: Lalalala <3 Mrodd's are on a role <3

Syle: Well, maybe he sat in front of the house, and he might of moved around to look in the windows. You never know. ;)

Alfan:.....Teddy is debuting because she so mean. ;( But not on Josie's team. On Zoom's team. Mrodd is getting Flamethrower12, who asked to be in, and after that double elim, I hope these peeps STAY ACTIVE. :P :@


Alfan:.......*coughs* FAIL!*coughs*

Rex: can I do Piranha? It has a single sequel, but it has a remake and a sequal of the remake :3 And Scream is scary >.>

Derek: Duncan killed Noah because he and the others were annoyed that he spent time doing his autobiography rather then having a reunion, that does sound like a cliche...but..hey. it's what came into my head.. :)

Alfan:...Duncan hates Total Drama, and he's not some insane nutbar who goes around killing people. Besides, he'd get caught. So....:/

Derek: Duncan didn't want a reunion with everyone, just with people he liked. e.g Gwen, Geoff ,Owen ,Bridgette and Izzy. i know he likes DJ as well. but i didn't think DJ would help Duncan kill someone. and you're right. Duncan isn't a nutbar, and he does hate TD. and he would get caught. Duncan is planning his own reunion with his friends. then he gets bored of life and is persuaded by Gwen to kill Courtney. Duncan then gets carried away and starts to kill everyone he hates. e.g Harold, Noah, Eva

Alfan:Duncan has a band, a girlfriend....Why would he get bored of life? He never hated Noah, just annoyed by him, and Duncan and Harold areb't so bad off. Plus, Eva would destroy Duncan. And Gwen isn't nuts either. Itá most logical that of all of them, Courtney would be a killer first. :P And EVEN then, Geoff and Bridgette would never stand by as murder was committed, no matter what. So still. :P

Syle: I don't think stories are written like a script...

Rex: excatly Derek, your story doesn't follow the character's personalitys :3 (BTW, I didn't forget this time ^_^

Derek: Rex. you and Syle can take a hike. anyway. Alfan's right about most of that. and Duncan would of gotten bored of life because he would of been a all action kind of guy. Eva would OBVIOUSLY kill Duncan before vice versa, but Duncan might of had a motive, i didn't make Gwen sound like a nutcase. and Courtney would most likely plan out revenge on Duncan and Gwen before they did, Geoff and Bridgette would never stand by as a murder was going on, no way.

Alfan: Extending the challenge two days. <~< :P

Challenge 6#

Alfan:Well, well. With our three debuters, we are back to ten. How we started. Why so many? To test the abilities of all of you, to see who can handle whatever is dished out. Now. The worst scorer on each team is going to be automatically eliminated. No passing go, no collecting $200. The challenge is thus: A horror story involving the characters of Total Drama. Not all, you can decide how many or how few. It must be well-written, well thought out, clear at who has the point of view, if not third person omniscient, unless you decide to switch the point of view around. The stories cannot be gratuitous, so no master gore or cursing. Keep it toned down. The hard part is the story must be fashioned after a horror movie or game with two or more sequels. Horror. As in scary. Not Saw. :P Scream, Grudge, Final Destination, Halloween, whatever. But...Only one person can do that series. So if someone else chooses a movie series, don't do the same one. We cool? Thought so. Due next Monday. And if oyu have not seen a SINGLE horror movie....ask someone about it. lol

Derek's Entry

Duncan seemed dazed after crossing paths with Courtney in the town, the minute Courtney saw him, she cried and yelled at him. Duncan seemed so confused.

Gwen walked into the bedroom were Duncan was falling asleep, Gwen sat next to him.

Gwen: Duncan..moping around like this won't solve anything..

Duncan stared at Gwen.

Duncan: it solves my problems...

Gwen: why didn't you just get her back?

Duncan: i couldn't bring a gun into town!, the cops would see me in a instant!

Gwen: Duncan...just go over there and kill her now...she's put you threw enough...

Duncan sighed, then stood up.

Duncan: OK, i'll make it quick.

Duncan picked up his hoody from the floor and headed out. picking out the gun from his pocket.

Duncan then charged out of the house and down the street. eventually he reached Courtney's home.

Duncan charged into the home, and started to search for Courtney.


Duncan turned to the left and saw Courtney's brother Austin walking towards him.

Duncan: don't make me do this Austin...

Austin: you are SO dead Duncan...

Duncan fired his gun right at Austin. since Austin was defenceless, he was killed in a instant.

Duncan: i warned you...

Duncan headed up the stairs and eventually saw a sign saying Courtney's Room, do not enter unless you are me.

Duncan kicked the door open, Courtney was not in there.

Duncan: Princess!? come out come out wherever you are?!

Courtney: i'm here!

Courtney jumped out from behind Duncan. Duncan quickly turned around until Courtney slashed him across the face with a knife. leaving a huge scar across his face.

Duncan: Princess! that's the last straw!!!

Courtney: my home will be your grave Duncan!!!

Courtney attempted to slash Duncan again, but this time Duncan dodged it, Duncan then fired his gun. hitting Courtney right in the heart.

Duncan then held Courtney in his arms.

Duncan: you're heart's been broken Princess...literally

in her last breath, Courtney spat on Duncan's head. Courtney then dropped out of Duncan's arms.

Duncan wiped the spit off with his sleeve, then quietly left the house threw the window...

Duncan then returned home to Gwen.

Gwen: did you get her?

Duncan nodded.

Duncan: but we're not stopping here..we're going after an even bigger target...

Gwen seemed curious.

Gwen: who?

Duncan: Mr. Life as Books would Call it

Gwen: Noah?

Duncan grinned.

Duncan: call Geoff, Izzy, Bridgette and Owen..we're gonna pay Noah a little visit....

four hours later. Duncan and his gang were hanging around oustide Noah's mansion.

Owen: can you explain why we're here again?

Duncan: we're here because Noah is being a flithy piece of crap already, he's forgotten about us.. so let's make sure WE forget about HIM...

Geoff: i like it!

Duncan: quiet!...he's looking.....

Duncan and the others saw Noah watching from the window.

Duncan: here's where it begins...just follow me guys...

Duncan then made his move...


(see what i did there? i made the story of what happened before my previous one!, so now you can understand why Duncan killed Noah more. :-)

Max's Entry

Teddy's Entry

Webly's Entry

Zoomer's Entry

The story is based on a scene from an old horror movie my brother showed me a looooong time ago. Please forgive meh, I don't remember the title. And all I remember is this part. XD Anyways, enjoy the fear. :3


Although my eyes have opened now, I see nothing.

"Hea- Hea- Heather." I call weakly, my voice like a rollercoaster.

I hear a mumbling only a short distance away from me, but it is slurred and I don't understand.

I painstakingly force my limbs to move, to drag me across the freezing, damp, rocky floor towards the noise. I don't know how long I crawl for, but it seems as though it is forever. Eventually, I hit something soft and warm.

"Noah." The thing says, in a voice so distant it could have not existed at all.

"Heather. Is that you?" I ask the darkness, and my throat gives a jolt of pain, having not been used in so long.

There is a long silence, and I think that the soft object I now know is Heather is not there anymore.

I get worried, and reach out again, only to hit the same warm surface. It quavers under my touch.

"Yes. It is me, I am Heather." The voice rasps to me, although it seems that the owner of the voice, who I am now sure is Heather herself, is more assuring herself, rather than me.

"Do.... Do you know where we are? I can't... I can't remember any-" I begin, when suddenly repeated shocks of pain rack my skull and grimacing, I curl into a ball, clutching my head.

I block out all my senses, only aware of the bursting pain that is... me. I am pain. I only become myself again when it begins to cease.

Dizzily, I reach out again, just to make sure that Heather is still there, the only source of warmth in this cool, wet world.

She is not.

Trembling, I look around, although there is nothing to see.

"Heather? Heath- Heather, where are you?" I call out, my voice almost immediately bouncing back at me, as if I were in a small room. But when a few seconds later I crawl forward, reaching out to seek a wall, there is none.

"What kind of hell is this?" I think out loud, my voice still raspy but easing every time I speak.

And then that's when I hear it.

"Noah. Come to me."

A small line of light appears in front of me, and I realize after a few seconds that the source is actually at my back. Slowly I turn around. When I look up, the light stings my eyes painfully and I turn away.

"It is alright, Noah. Everything is alright." The voice says again. The second time around, I realize it's owner is female, from the way it fades away at the end, and is of a lighter pitch.

"Who- Who are you? Where is Heather?" I ask the voice, turning back in its direction again, although covering my eyes with the palm of my hand.

The voice chuckles, or even laughs, I should say. If I weren't in such pain, and my conditions weren't so foreign and horrid, I would have actually smiled. It is almost attractive. Almost.

"Ah, Noah, my pet. There is nothing to fear. Heather is safe. And before you ask, Cody is alright too." The voice says warmly, the only thing not freezing in the area.

As she says this, just about a million images of Cody flash through my mind. And as they do, I have a sudden sense of fear for the boy, and longing to see him again.

"Cody..." I whisper.

"Yes, and as I said, he is fine. So are the others." The voice says, adding the latter part a couple of seconds later.

And that's when it hits me. What I knew at the back of my mind was so off.

Other than what I have remembered from Heather and the voice, I cannot recall anything else. Nothing at all.

I know what I should remember, like my mother's name, or my father's occupation, or my brother's birthday. I know they exist, I just don't know what they are.

"Please... Help me. Help... Me..." I plead to the voice, my own slowly fading away as if I was falling into a deep sleep.

"No." The voice says harshly, and suddenly I awake from my dreamy state.

"Please. No, don't leave me here! Not alone! No!" I begin to shout at the voice, for the line of light has begun to fade away.

I have a sudden feeling of urgency, and complete and utter fear.

Not the kind of fear you get when doing an exam. Not even the kind of fear you get when a loved one is in the hospital, although that's getting there. No, at this very moment, I experience the fear that everything you have ever known, everything you have ever done, and everyone and everything that you have ever loved will suddenly cease to exist.

The shaft of light is fading to nothing now, and although the pain is so great I can barely think, I crawl, and then limb towards the light.

"No!" I call, "No!"

"Yes, Noah. All will be better soon. Until then..." The voice says, and just as I seem to reach the source of the light, it suddenly seems ten miles away, and it fades into nothing.

Completely exhausted, sweaty, delirious, and quickly freezing, I slump against a cold, moist wall that was not there half a second ago.

My eyes begin to close again, and, fearing that they will never open, I attempt to keep them from shutting.

But as quickly as the nightmare began, it ends, and I cannot stop myself from leaving this world once more.

My eyes close.

And I sleep.

Josie's Entry

Mrodd's Entry

Series: Dracula.

Darkness. That's all I felt now. Now I knew that there was no such thing as a happy ever after, just a story which should have never been written. My life was once so cheery, life used to seem so fun. I used to be love. I used to smile. But now, now I don't. Now I can't. Now, my life is misery. All because of my uncle, his name was Dracula, or something like that, maybe it was Draven... Who knows. He only gave me two gifts in my entire life; the first was teaching me how to be an amazing flirt, and trust me, I'm great, the second.... Well the second I didn't ask for, but as he would tell you, I was the only heir he could give it to. He turned me. Not into the cops or anything like that, but he turned me. Into the darkest thing on this planet. I used to be full of life, yet now, yet now I am death. My name is Lindsay, and I am the last vampire.

I stalked the halls of my castle in silence, my uncle had given it to me before he left, and by left, I mean into the Sunlight. Apparently, after you turn some one, you need to make the ultimate sacrifice. Which is why I'll never ever turn any one. Why should I? I live forever, even if my life is incredibly dull, I will still live forever. I can still watch the most adorable films, and I can still go to the beach... When it's raining any ways. My life isn't was it used to be, but does that truly matter? Even in your darkest hour, you can find the light? Or for every flaw you can find a million advantages?

I sighed, as I turned into the ballroom. This was the one room I hated. It reminded me of love, it reminded me of what I can't have. Or what I used to have with Taylor. I never had the chance to waltz with any one, I never had my sweet sixteen, I never had a guy give me the most romantic night of my life... All I have is this room, reminding me of what I've missed out. I eyed the record player which never seemed to stop playing, as it made the most wonderful of sounds, and then the clock. Midnight, exactly midnight. I had three hours before I'd have to return to my hidey-hole.

I spun out of the room, my white ball gown flowing with every twirl, and as my moon-lit blue eyes began to fill with the tears of remorse. With every twirl I got sadder, I got lonier, I felt alone. Yet with every spin, I could hear something, it got louder... and louder.... The door! Could some one finally be paying me a visit? Could it be Taylor? My dearest Taylor? I ran off towards the door, hopeing that my make-up hadn't begun to run.

Not done x.x It's alot longer than what I wanted.... Ill finish AS soon as I get home.---

Rex's Entry

Story: Piranha (Remake's/Sequals: Piranha 2, Piranha 3D, Piranaha 3DD [coming in 2012])

Notes: Rex is included in the cast list!! D:< AND NO TALKING >:)

It was a cool night, with the wind blowing every so gently. No-one would realise until it was too late that trouble was brewing under Lake Victoria.

It all started one night, when Noah, retired as a fisherman, went out to fish at night. He was the only one to notice the small earthquake, and he was the first to feel it's terrifing effects.

Later that morning, Justin and his little brother and sister, Matthew and Morgan, decided to go to the pier. Justin had forgotten that it was spring break ---

[Need to watch movie again, it's so cool :3]

Syle's Entry (This story is set when they were all 10.)

Owen was dragging Izzy and Duncan infront of a gate, where they sat down and waited. "When are they getting here? It's Halloween and I want some candy!" Duncan said,kicking rocks across the road. "They'll be here, just wait!" Owen said as Leshawna, Cody, and Gwen showed up. "Hey guys! Where's the rest of them?" Leshawna said,sitting down with the group. "I don't know, but they need to get here fast, or I'm going home." Duncan said.

20 mins. later, everyone showed up. "Ok, Harold,Katie,Sadie,and DJ go home. You'll wet yourselves. Justin, You'll complain about your looks.So, Heather, Izzy, Cody, Gwen, Leshawna,Owen,and Me will be team 1, the Screaming Gophers. The others, Killer Bass." Duncan said crawling under the gate. Cody,Gwen,Heather,and Leshawna follow. Izzy climbs over the gate and Owen follows, slowly. "Let's go team!" Courtney said, crawling under the gate. Everyone else shrugged and followed her.

Chris Mclain told them the mansion was haunted.He was 7 years older than them all. The teams entered. "Ok, Gophers, take the knight side. Bass, take the oppisite. What ever team has the most members by morning, wins." Duncan said walking towards the staircase. The gophers followed. The Bass, went on the other side. The Bass did a head count.

"We're missing everyone but me, Geoff, Courtney,Eva,Trent,Tyler,and Beth.We're missing....Ezekiel and Noah." Bridgette said."I know Noah won't be far. He's most likely reading in the library." Then, Bridgette's phone rang. "Once you've lost 4, meet back in the lobby. Lost, I mean, ran screaming, left the mansion,or is away from the group." Duncan said. Bridgette hung up. "Ok, once we lost 4, wait in the lobby." She said, and she heard a scream. "Zeke is out!" is all she heard. Then a slam at the door was followed.

"That's two." Courtney said,frowning. "Ok, let's head towards the library, we need to find Noah." Said Bridgette walking towards a door, that said Library on it.

The Gophers are hiding in the library, to scare to crap out of the bass. They scared Noah, and he wet himself. The Bass entered and heard "Goooooo Hoooommeee. Yourrrr nooootttt welllllcoooommmeeee....." Everyone but Geoff, Bridgette, Eva,and Courtney went running. Trent and Tyler ran out the door, Beth hid behind Eva.


Flamethrower's Entry

The Gift Of Death~Courtney's Death Story

One night,Courtney was throwing a party with her friends from TDI. She had invited everyone but Duncan and Gwen. This is payback for going out with each other,she thought. Courtney was going out with a boy named James, and Courtney thought he was a dream. Owen came over and said "Hey, where is Duncan and Gwen?" This made Courtney so angry she punched Owen in the face.

At 11:00,the power went out. "Not funny,who ever did that!" yelled Courtney. Everybody was trying to leave Courtney's house,but all the doors were locked. "MAMA!!!!!" yelled DJ. Bridgette and Geoff were making out. The rest...well,they were losing their minds. There was a cool breeze. Somebody was pounding on the door.

Suddenly,the door burst open. It was Duncan. And he had a gun. He shot Noah. He shot Geoff. He shot Tyler. He even shot Owen. Everybody was dead in a pool of blood. Except Courtney. "Well, princess, how do you like this?" said Duncan.

Another figure came in. It was Gwen. "You will never get away with not inviting us to a party!" shouted Gwen. Duncan took his gun,and fired his one last bullet. Courtney's life was over.

Week Six Scoring

Alfan:Dreaded time. I'll do it by scores this time.

Zoom-I have actually seen part of this movie once a long time ago. For an old movie, it disturbed me. Very scary for me. Well- written too. 10/10

Mrodd-You didn't finish it, but to me, I loved what you did write. Vert well done. Very impressive, I must say. 7/10

Derek-.....I will never understand why these characters would ACT this way. 1.7/10

Syle-This story seemed to have potential, but you didn't finish it. :/ 1.6/10

Flamethrower-Kind of short and very little explained. 1.2/10

Rex-This story had MAJOR potential too, but was very unfinished. :( 0.9/10

Max-No entry. >:C 0/10

Teddy-No entry. 0/10

Josie-No entry. 0/10

Webly- No entry. 0/10

Alfan:Zoomer and Mrodd, our Canadian heroes, FRICKIN PWNED. :P LOLJK I just wished more people had actually DONE it. -_- And finished. D:< Teddy and Webly are out, congrats final eight.

Chat Seven

Alfan:So Zoom, Max, and Derek versus.....Syle, Josie, Mrodd, Rex, and Flamethrower. :P Whether or not y'all get good scores, you all earned the right to be here. Except maybe Max. :P But yeah.....This challenge shall not be as forgiving. <~< >~>

Mrodd: I knew I forgot something x.x Sorry <3

Alfan:It's alright. :P :3 Not many people finished....or even entered. D:<

Rex: sorry alfan, i'm really busy right now... i'm sorry but I have to quit <:(

Alfan:O.O Well....Guess this is a double elim now. Rex, you were a fun contestant, and you will be missed. I there is ever a sequel, hope you return less busy. *Rex is walked out* So sorry to his teammates.

Liam: ( I am Flamethrower12...) I hope this story works! When is it due?

Alfan:I think Sunday. I might keep it open till everyone submits, but you know. :P

Liam: Ok Alfan, I just needed a heads up. XD

Rex: *sticks head in door* thanks Alfie :3 (Reasons for being busy: Going on holidays in 4 days, Lotsa schoolwork)

Challenge Seven

Alfan:Final eight, much congrats. Today's challenge: A what if challenge. If you had been on Total Drama Island, as an extra person, how would the elim order go? So, take the original 22, add yourself as whatever name you choose, and write out short episode summaries. There need to be 26 episodes and the elims and challenges should be explained. Nothing too overly difficult. Good luck, all.

Zoom's Entry

Episode One: The campers arrive, one by one. Friendships are made, and enemies are made, much the same as the original TDI. Except for the strong friendship that Zoomer strikes up with Cody and Lindsay, out of the blue. The two blondes attract to eachother because they have similar interests, the same with the other boy, and the three decide to start and alliance with one another. This means that Heather, was going to choose Beth and Lindsay to take to the finale, chose Beth and Justin instead. That night, the contestants have a vote. There is no challenge, just an elimination, because the numbers are uneven. There are no strong alliances made at the moment, and the votes are all over the place. But because Cody, Lindsay, and Zoom's votes added up, as did the other alliances, and Owen, the fat slob who seemed to disgust everyone from the start, was eliminated.

Episode Two: In the second episode, the teams of the Screaming Gophers and Killer Bass were made, the same as in the original, although Owen was replaced by Zoomer. In the cliff diving challenge, the Screaming Gophers won easily, with Courtney and DJ wimping out in the challenge. When the Bass went to elimination though, Heather just had to interfere, and she managed to get Eva to pull a temper-tantrum. Her team could not stand her, and they voted Eva out.

Episode Three: In the next episode, tensions had begun to rise as Courtney attempted to spy on Heather, thinking that she was the cause of Eva's temper. Cody saw Courtney doing this, and told his alliance members, and they decided to use it against her. Lindsay and Zoom approached Courtney, telling her that if she didn't make her team lose on purpose in the next challenge, they'd tell Heather. Courtney was scared of this, but during the Awake-a-thon, she managed to win it for the Bass anyways. Zoomer's alliance was outraged, as was the rest of their team, (for losing) and they all turned on Noah, who had been bothering the entire team throughout the day. With the workings of Heather's and Zoomer's alliance pursuading people, Noah was eliminated.

Episode Four: Zoomer's alliance approached Courtney early in the morning, wanting an explanation, but Courtney knew they would do this, and brought her alliance of Bridgette, Katie, and Sadie, who were all lonely and needed a leader. Because of the others, Zoomer's alliance decided not to say anything, but whispered to her their plans when the others had left. Courtney radiated fear for the rest of the day, and in the dodgeball challenge, so purposely did terribly. Duncan, who was leading the team at that point, sensed that something was up, and he managed to get it out of Courtney. With a new strength coming from his anger, Duncan managed to obliterate the Gophers, and he, along with Courtney, pursauded certain Gopher members to vote off Trent, who seemed to be a threat to the Bass members, and all he had really done up to that point was talk with Gwen, he was annoying Heather anyways. And so Trent was sent home that night, to Zoom's alliance's upset.

Episode Five: In the fifth episode, the teams seemed to be seperate, probably from all the rumors and people passing back and forth from each team. Zoom's alliance had pretty much forgotten about the Courtney incident, but they were remembering it at the back of their minds. Heather and her allies had a talk with the Gophers about working hard and winning before the challenge, while the Bass seemed to just hang out and relax, with Duncan somewhat as their leader. In the talent contest, without the help of guitarist Trent, the Bass defeated the Gophers easily, even with Zoomer's acrobatics display. To Heather's outrage, her team had lost once again, and she rounded up many votes to eliminate Beth, who, with no friends, seemed to just be a measly loner. Beth was voted out that night, while the Bass glowed with pride.

Episode Six: Heather, who had had enough of losing, decided to infiltrate the Bass team from the inside out. That morning, she snuck into Katie and Sadie's bags, putting in Gwen's diary, which she had snatched earlier. Of course, Katie and Sadie read the entire thing, and in a matter of seconds the entire cast knew of Gwen's deepest, darkest thoughts. Gwen, mortified, approached Katie and Sadie, and let them have all the swears she could muster. During the survival challenge in the woods, Katie and Sadie didn't say a thing, sticking with their team, not straying at all. When Izzy pretended to be a bear and scare her team mates, Zoomer accidently tripped on a rock while running, which then flew up and knocked Izzy's mask off, revealing it was her and the Gophers slept happily in their tent that night. The next morning, the Gophers, all rested and relaxed, beat the Bass to the finish line. When the Bass went to elimination, everybody simply voted for Katie or Sadie, and in the end, it was exactly a tie. Chris, not knowing what to do, was going to decide the eliminated contestant by a tiebreaker, but the already scared Katie and Sadie couldn't take it, and they quit simultaneosly.

Episode Seven: For the first half of the day, the teams stay very distant, probably because their leaders seemed to be busy, Heather roughing it up with LeShawna and Gwen over Gwen's dairy, and Duncan and Courtney getting lost in the woods together, and ending up making out. Heather, who had stormed into the woods minutes early after punching LeShawna, managed to glimpse the end of Courtney and Duncan's session, and decided to use it against them most deviously. She approached Courtney that day before the challenge, and told her what she knew, but not what she was going to do with it. Courtney, thinking that Heather meant what Zoom's alliance had meant last time, purposely spooked her team mates in the fear factor challenge, and didn't complete her task also. The Bass lost, and Courtney excpected Heather to be happy, but she just seemed to look at her funny and walk away. Courtney was terrified that she would be voted off, but with Duncan's "influence" on team mates, they voted out Geoff from the game, who had been getting too close to Bridgette for comfort, in Dunca's perspective.

Episode Eight: In the eigth episode, DJ, Bridgette, Harold, and Tyler attempted to from an allliance, against the obviously masterminding Duncan and Courtney. The two alliances left Ezekiel out, but nobody on the Bass really liked him anyways. Back on the Gophers, the two main alliances stood, with Zoom's alliance beginning to plot out a strategy against Heather's. Heather's seemed more focused on the other team, though. In the challenge, the teams were neck and neck, but when they were both racing back from Boney Island to the finish line, Heather happened to decide to get into another brawl with LeShawna and Gwen, and in the end, all three fell out of their canoes, and the Gophers lost. It was clear who was voting for who, but Zoom's alliance didn't know who to choose. In the end, LeShawna got the most votes, and was sent home, to the alliances sadness. But they had chosen her, hoping that everyone's hatred for Heather would vote her out next.

Episode Nine: In the ninth episode, the teams seemed to settle down a notch. On the Bass, with the two alliances set, everything seemed to be dangerously calm, excluding the fact that Ezekiel was scrambling around, looking for an alliance. But on the Gophers, things were a little wierder, with Izzy and Gwen stuck in between Zoom's and Heather's alliance. Izzy just couldn't decide, and Gwen didn't know whether to go with the nasty Heather, who voted LeShawna out, or the kind Zoom, who also voted LeShawna out and therefore couldn't be trusted. In the paintball challenge, with Zoomer's and Justin's (surprisingly) skills, the Gophers completely wiped out the Bass, with Heather not picking a fight with anyone in particular that day. The Bass had an easy vote that night, all of them very annoyed with the odd Ezekiel, and therefore he was sent home.

Episode Ten: With Ezekiel, the one stuck in the middle, gone from the Bass, tensions seemed to rise, and quite a bit. It was obvious to everyone that there were two clear sides, and Heather, of course, had to meddle. She made up rumors of Duncan and Courtney's plans, and told them to Tyler, who obviously got them jumbled, but told his allies anyways. This created more fear and confusion on the other team, while the Gopher's only problem seemed to be Izzy's craziness, which seemed to do good in challenge, and which side Gwen was on. In the cooking challenge, Heather took charge of the Gopher's kitchen, to the others disgust. The Bass seemed to seperately, with each side so cold to the other. Both teams fared well, although the Bass seemed to be falling behind the organized Gophers, when Izzy "accidently" blew up the Gophers kitchen, and destroying their entire efforts. Of course, the Gophers lost, and the problem of Gwen's side was not a problem at all that night, when everyone voted for Izzy, and she was eliminated.

Episode Eleven: In the next episode, the Bass were almost as cold as they were the last challenge, despite Bridgette trying to connect the two sides with happy conversation. Courtney joined in almost immediately, but Duncan cut her out almost right away. The two sides then stayed in silence. On the Gophers, Heather's alliance with Justin seemed to be fading, as all Justin really did was stand there and look appealing. As she went off with him to give him a talking to, Zoom's alliance seized the moment, and approached Gwen. They apologized for eliminating LeShawna, and told her they'd make it up to her. Gwen reluctently agreed, although she was still saddened from losing both Trent and LeShawna, who had both meant so much to her. In the trust-based challenge, both teams were very close, but in the last couple of rounds, the Bass seemed to fall behind, as if Duncan on one side and Tyler on the other were purposely not helping their partners. With the Bass so distant to one another, and the Gophers closer to each other, the latter team easily won in the end. Before the elimination, Courtney and Duncan scrambled to get members of the other alliance to switch over to theirs, but is seemed like it was no use; the others would just not give them a break. When all seemed lost, right when Duncan ws about to be eliminated, Chris swiveled over to Tyler, and announced him out. Bridgette later confessed to the team that she had swapped, with DJ alongside her. Harold, being the only loyal one left, was shocked, when he realized he was just as alone as Ezekiel had been before.

Episode Twelve: In the twelfth episode, Harold, knowing he was on the outs of his team, meaning he would go next if they lost, tried to confront the others. He managed to slightly convince Bridgette and DJ to return to his side, but he just annoyed Duncan more, and Courtney blindly agreed with Duncan's decision: Harold would be going home, no matter what. The Gophers, on the other hand, seemed to be peaceful, but on the edge. Heather had instructed Justin not to speak to anyone but her, and Zoomer's alliance seemed to steer clear of Heather and her follower. Gwen seemed to be the only one not really in either alliance, but Lindsay approached her in a friendl way in the morning, and the two of them seemed to create a warmth between each other. Lindasy reported back to her alliance later, with good news that Gwen seemed to be on their side all the way. Cody and Zoom were happy as the teams went into their next challenge; extreme training with Chef. The challenge was rough, and many people dropped out, but the finale two left, Gwen and Duncan, seemed to be determined to win for their teams. The final hanging-from-a-tree-branch challenge lasted for a long time, but with the encouragment of her team mates, Gwen won it for the Gophers. When the Bass went to elimination that night, Duncan and Courtney stuck to voting out Harold, and they were assured that DJ and Bridgette were doing the same. But low and behold, Harold's speech from earlier had stuck with the two, and that night, to everyone's surprise, DJ, Brdgette, and Harold has banned together and eliminated Duncan, who grudgingly left the island, swearing profanities at his team mates. And also, leaving Courtney alone with the others.

Episode Thirteen: In episode thirteen, the Bass completely ignored Courtney's attempts to join her team mates. They had seen her out too many of their friends, and brought coldness to their team. And so, it was her turn to feel left out. Harold, DJ, and Bridgette all agreed to vote her out if they lost. Back on the Gophers, Gwen had seemed to join Zoomer's alliance, hanging out with them, rather than alone or with Heather and Justin. This infuriated Heather, and she was determined to make it to the merge, which her influence would be able to control Bass members, who didn't totally hate her yet. She told Justin to lose the challenge on purpose, but he didn't understand why and decided not to. She knew he would. In the challenge, which was to participate in extreme sports, the Bass and the Gophers were very evenly matched. It was only in the final tiebreaker challenge, which was Zoom and Justin against DJ and Courtney, that the Bass won, when Heather called out to Justin, "Hey Justin, are you going to smack Zoom and make our team lose on purpose, just like you said?" This confused Justin, and while he was trying to tell his suspicious team mates that he didn't want them to lose, the Bass members kicked his, and then Zoom's, butts. It was an easy vote for all of the Gophers that night, even Heather, who turned her back on Justin completely, and voted for him also. Justin sadly went home that night, but before he did, he told the others of all the terrible things that Heather had done to him. The other Gophers were shocked, but Heather just stood there, rolling her eyes.

Episode Fourteen: TBA. :3

Derek's Entry

Total Drama Elimination Order (with Reasons and my way & character)

1st Out : Geoff (Owen saw him being seduced by Heather, and despite being a fan favourite, everyone voted him out for breaking Bridgette's heart, who had a crush on him)

2nd Out : Justin (Gwen, Trent, Beth, Izzy and Heather were all annoyed by Justin gloating about his looks, so they voted him out)

3rd Out : Eva (Heather stole Eva's MP3 player and blamed Bridgette for stealing it, but DJ came to Bridgette's rescue and got Duncan, Harold, Ezekiel, James and Tyler to help vote Eva out)

4th Out : Sadie (she and Katie cost their team the challenge when they got lost in the woods, so Duncan had a plan to seperate them so that one of them would concentrate more)

5th Out : Cody (he lost the sailing challenge for his team, and Heather made an alliance with Lindsay and Beth to trick Owen and Izzy into helping them vote Cody off)

6th Out : Katie (Duncan's plan backfired when he thought Katie would work more, so Courtney suggested Katie should be voted out, the Bass did just that)

7th Out : Tyler (he was sneaking out to make out with Lindsay to much, and Courtney and Duncan were getting annoyed by this, so they got the Bass to vote Tyler off)

8th Out : Gwen (Trent was threatened by Heather to make Gwen cooperate more instead of being so grumpy, Trent tried to get Gwen to help out more, but Gwen refused, so the Gophers voted her out)

9th Out : James (he discovered Courtney and Duncan were planning on making the Bass turn on each other so that the duo would be the last members standing, Courtney found out that James knew about their plan and tricked the Bass to vote James out)

10th Out : Izzy (Leshawna and Heather both realised Izzy's wacky personality was spiraling out of control, and to keep their team safe from Izzy, Heather and Leshawna made a temporary alliance to get rid of Izzy, it worked)

11th Out : Noah (Noah was planning on getting Lindsay and Beth to betray Heather so that they would help him win, but Beth realised Noah's plan and told Heather, who got Noah kicked off)

12th Out : Courtney (Duncan told DJ in secret that he was planning on betraying Courtney so that he could lead the Bass to victory but Harold overheard and accidently told Courtney. but Duncan got DJ, Harold and Ezekiel to help him vote Courtney out)

13th Out : Leshawna (Heather convinced Leshawna that she wanted to be in a actual alliance with her so they could get rid of Owen, Trent, Lindsay and Beth. but Heather wound up betraying her at the vote off and tricked Trent into helping her, Lindsay and Beth into voting Leshawna out)

14th Out : Bridgette (Duncan, Ezekiel, DJ and Harold created the Guy's Alliance to get rid of Bridgette as she was the last remaining girl, Ezekiel later betrayed the alliance to stick up for Bridgette, but the majority was two against three, so Bridgette was sent home)

15th Out : Trent (after the merge, Heather's alliance was at war with the Guy's Alliance who were trying to vote out Ezekiel for betraying them in the previous vote off, Heather and Duncan then made a temporary alliance and decided to get rid of the weakest competitors one by one, Heather and Duncan both agreed Trent was the weakest, so Heather, Duncan, Lindsay, Beth and DJ all voted for Trent while Harold also betrayed the Guy's Alliance to help Trent out, but it was already a majority vote, so Trent was sent home)

16th Out : Harold (Harold and Ezekiel had made an alliance to try and get rid of Heather. but after Heather slapped Leshawna, Beth was disgusted by Heather's actions and joined Harold, Ezekiel and Leshawna. Harold and Heather both received an equal amount of votes, and eventually, Heather beat Harold and Harold was sent home)

17th Out : Owen (Owen was the most likely to win the season, and Heather was feeling threatened. so to try and make her chances of winning higher, Heather got Duncan, Lindsay and DJ into helping her again and soon managed to get rid of Owen)

18th Out : Lindsay (Heather was planning on getting Beth back on her side as she was planning on betraying Duncan, DJ and Lindsay and making a temporary alliance with Ezekiel to get rid of Lindsay, who was the weakest out of the remaining campers. Heather managed to trick Beth and Ezekiel once more but discovered Duncan, Beth and DJ were all voting against Heather, but Lindsay ended up voting for Duncan by accident, if Lindsay voted for Heather, there would have been a tiebreaker, but it was a majority vote once more and Lindsay was sent packing)

19th Out : Heather (Heather managed to gain Ezekiel's trust and soon planned on using it to her advantage, but Beth, Duncan and DJ came up with a plan, Beth pretended to join Heather's alliance. but at the vote off, Beth convinced Ezekiel to betray Heather, witch caused Heather to finally be sent packing with a majority vote)

20th Out : Duncan (Duncan, Ezekiel, DJ and Beth were put into two teams for the hiking challenge to see who could get to the top of the mountain faster. Duncan and Ezekiel were one team while DJ and Beth were another. DJ and Beth made it to the top first and Duncan blamed Ezekiel for their loss while actually Duncan had taken three breaks during the hike, after this was revealed by Ezekiel. Beth, Ezekiel and DJ all vote off Duncan. who leaves TDI in anger while trying to prove his innocence)

21st Out : Ezekiel (the semi - final challenge was underway and DJ, Ezekiel and Beth were tasked to do dares set by the eliminated campers, Ezekiel's luck ran short afterwards when he was sick over Chris after he was dared to eat fish guts, this meant DJ and Beth would be in the final two)

Runner Up : Beth (DJ and Beth competed in the final challenge of TDI, witch was a race across the island, named by Chris as The Totally Amazing Race Round Camp, DJ managed to cross the line first and win the season. while Beth was the runner - up)

Winner : DJ (DJ won the first season of Total Drama after defeating Beth at the final challenge, well done DJ!)

Max's Entry

Mrodd's Entry

Mrodd's Entry

I don't know how.

Honestly, I never thought I'd make it this far. The final 2? Who would have guessed! I mean if you were to have told me I'd be in the final two when I first got on the island... Well I wouldn't have trusted you.

1.The first day on the island was surely the hardest. I was the first to arrive, and Chris gave me immunity for having amazing hair, he always told me I would get to choose who left the island first. So slowly as each of the other teens arrived I made mental notes on all of them. The first two people to arrive each had really horrible hair- both had chosen to dye it unnaturally, and just had overly bad hair-cuts. The next to arrive was Lindsay, she had amazing hair, so we quickly began to talk. Later on we were joined by Trent, who also had nice hair. Sadly I forgot to keep an eye on the other contestants. Chris announced I would have to choose someone to eliminate. It was between the two people with the worst hair possible; I sent the girl home in the end. Though, I regret sending Gwen home now, maybe if she were here, it never would have happened...

2.That night Chris gave us our official teams. (Same as the original, just replace Gwen with me.) My team was great; having both Lindsay and Trent made me feel safe, but not safe enough. I knew I'd need to make more friends than enemies, plus Heather, the girl with the raven hair, scared me. Chris told us the challenge was to jump off of the cliff. I remember being so scared of the cliff- I didn't jump. Luckily, I wasn't alone, Beth didn't jump either. Katie, on the other hand wouldn't jump with-out Sadie, so they begged Chris to swap teams. In the end, Sadie joined my team, and Justin went to the Bass. Any who, like I was saying, on the other team, DJ and Courtney didn't jump, making the first part of the challenge a tie. Chris being the "Amazing person" he is, decided no one would get the reqard and both teams would have to push their crates. My team was quick to push the crates, and even quicker to build the most amazing hot tub, ever! The bass, well let's just say, they argued over every little thing- they weren't a team. They lost the challenge, and when it came down to the elimination, Courtney was eliminated, I was told for having a big mouth, but meh, when I met her later on, she was really sweet.

3.The next day we all woke up to the most annoying voice ever- Chris's. He told us our challenge was to race around the lake. My first thought was how screwed our team was, all because of Owen. Lindsay, Trent, Cody, Katie, Sadie and I, were all the front runners of our team, and we all quickly bonded. I don't really remember where everyone else was, maybe because I wasn't really paying attention, but that's not the point... We ended up making it to Main Lodge, first, but Owen was the last one to get there. Lucky for us, Chris announced that wasn't the challenge, even luckier for us was that there was a real meal waiting. Every one ate at least something, and if we didn't want it any more, we just tossed it to Owen... He's like a human trash can. That's when Chris told us our challenge, we had to try and stay awake... Something I thought I could do- Had me, Trent and Cody not been up all night talking about the girls on the island. We were the first three out, and the bad-haired boy ended up winning for the Bass. The six of us, didn't know who to vote for, and so we split our voted over Owen and Beth.(3-3,) But, we're not the only ones in an alliance on our team; Owen, Heather, Noah, and Beth all voted for Sadie. (4.) Leshawna, well I`m pretty sure she voted for Heather, the two never got along. That`s when my first friend was eliminated- But she was the first of many.

4.The next day was really sad, having to wake up, and seeing Katie alone- Without her Sadie, it just wasn`t right. Sadie shouldn`t have been eliminated. Our team was now divided, Trent, Lindsay, Katie, Cody and I, against the rest of them. Chris announced the challenge- Dodge ball. No one seemed incredibly happy about it, and Duncan, yes, I finally remember his name, was pretty much fast asleep. Heather decided to use our split up team in the challenge, as in, us five would play then those five would play. Now that I think about it, that was probably the worst thing that we could have done, but you know, what choice did we have. We ended up winning the first two games though, apparently we were actually pretty good, or they were just plain bad. We would always aim to get Eva out, since she had a really good arm. Any ways, with our luck, when Cody was throwing one of the balls in the third came, he hit Duncan. Duncan wasn`t exactly happy, and he woke up, and when Eva caught Lindsay`s ball, Duncan joined and dominated. Then he dominated again…. And again. Our team lost, and we had to vote some one out, again. The five us, I think it was then that we actually called ourselves Shattered Wings, but any ways, the five of us all voted for Owen. However, Leshawna teamed up with the other four, and they all voted for Cody. Chris saying that we didn`t have enough time for a tie-breaker challenge, decided to eliminate the two of them.

5.The fourth day I didn`t really feel anything, is that wrong? The challenge was a talent show, and our team had some really good talent; Trent with his guitar, Heather and her ballet and Beth and Katie with their fire-dance. Since me and Lindsay were the only ones who weren`t actually performing we were trying to convince the others to team up with us. I think we were really starting to get to them when Trent sang his song, but as soon as Harold stepped up and started to Beat-Box, we lost their attention, and Noah was quick to remind them of their alliance. Lindsay and I decided to give up, and to just sit and enjoy the performances. Which by the way, was clear that our team would win, they had barfy-Bridgette, Harold and Justin. Any who, we won by like ten points, and I was actually surprised when I saw that Izzy was eliminated.

6.And on the fifth day of Total Drama… Sorry I couldn`t help myself, any ways, on the fifth day, we were told we had to go on a camping trip. I hate camping, like really, really hate it; I have no way to keep my hair clean. On our way to where the map was leading us, I can remember Katie and Noah walking together for the longest time, maybe that`s when they started dating… Any who, it started to rain by the time we got to the place, and we had no food, or tent. Heather told us all to just deal with it, and that we had to wake up early the next day, so we were going to sleep right away, even though it was only like 6pm at the time. Maybe it was only me, but I couldn`t sleep that night, and when everyone else woke up the next day- I had just fallen asleep. Later that day I woke up, but I was in my cabin, Trent later told me that he had carried me back. Then he told me that we had lost the challenge, somehow the Bass managed to get back even sooner than we had- by just a few minutes. Trent, Lindsay and I all decided to vote off Heather, we couldn`t find Katie to tell her to vote with us, so we just assumed she`d know. That night Trent was eliminated. That was the night Katie switched to working with Noah and Heather. That was the night me and Lindsay lost all hope.

7.The next day Chris told us, that instead of having a normal challenge, we would all be hooked up to a lie detector, as soon as you lie, you are eliminated. The person who could out-truth the others would win, and be able to remake the teams, and eliminate one person of their choosing. Most people told the truth the first round since the questions were basic, like have you ever kissed a girl, things like that, though, Noah, Geoff and DJ were all eliminated. Any ways, the next question basically sent most people packing- Have you ever kissed someone you didn`t honestly love. In the end, only Heather, Duncan, Eva and I were left. I was honestly afraid of being zapped, and that`s why I refused to tell a lie, I didn`t care about winning, or if I would hurt myself by telling the truth, but for the other three, I swear they were just heartless. The rounds continued for quite some time, until Chris decided to just give up, he announced me and Heather would lead one team and that they would lead the other. Despite me and Heather yelling over each other to get who we wanted on our team, (She won.) I actually didn`t mind my team; Lindsay, Ezekiel, Bridgette, Tyler, Heather, Katie, Beth and I. Against, Duncan, Eva, DJ, Geoff, Leshawna, Justin, Harold and Noah. Then the four of us had to agree on someone to eliminate, it took us almost forever, but we all ended up agreeing on Beth, she was super sweet, but she couldn`t do anything.

8.The seventh day, everything returned to normal, Chris told us that our challenge was to go to Boney Island and make a simple fire. In order to get there though we had to canoe, and I don`t know if you`ve every canoed, but it`s really boring. On the way there; Lindsay, Bridgette I canoed together, and we quickly bonded, we told Bridgette about Heather and she agreed to help us and not her. When we got to the island, we were quick to find fire wood, and start piling it up, and by the time we had all of our wood, the other team was already heading back to the island, we were confused, then we saw Duncan flash his lighter. We were outraged, but we somehow managed to light the fire, but it was too late, the other team had already made it back. Chris told us we had to eliminate some one. Lindsay, Bridgette and I all voted out Ezekiel, more or less because of his sexist comments when we were gathering the wood- And I guess Heather and the others had the same idea, because Zeke was sent packing.

9.The eighth day had my favorite challenge, paintball. I was given a gun and told to shoot the deer on the other team, I was quick to find them and shoot ‘em up, sadly, Lindsay being Lindsay just shot whatever she saw move. Our team somehow won, and we all celebrated over Heathers paint job. The guys on the other team formed a guy’s alliance, and invited me to join; I quickly accepted not wanting to have more enemies. Leshawna was voted out, and I knew the alliance was for real.

10.The next day was interesting, we had to cook for our challenge, and I actually like cooking, it reminds me of home in a sense. Sadly, Heather dibbed being Head Chef, so I quickly bowed down to her, causing Duncan and the other guys to laugh. Later on, Duncan told me if I wanted to be a real man I’d have to stand up for myself, but I wasn’t going to do that, even though Heather was rooting to eliminate the second I screwed up, we were kind of friends. Duncan and Geoff sensed this, and stood up for me, they shoved Heather into the freezer- without letting us know. They told her that I’d ask them to, and when I finally found Heather, after losing the challenge, she had frozen tearsicles, and she told everyone I had put her in there. Bridgette, and well everyone on my team asides from Lindsay looked at me funny- I was voted out that night.

11.The next day I was the resort, and trust me the resort was amazing. I was able to reconnect with all my friends that were eliminated, though some of them actually thought I had shoved Heather into the freezer, turns out Chris removed the footage of Geoff and Duncan- My name was ruined. Trent, thankfully still talked to me, and Courtney, who thinks Heather deserved it. So the three of us watched the live cameras of the island, we saw the challenge, and watched as my ex-team lost, again. No one wanted to trust anyone because they knew anything could happen. I was helpless to watch as Lindsay was voted off- only to be saved by Tyler, who eliminated him in her place. It was such a sweet moment that got ruined when the two started to make-out.

12.The next day was horrible to sit and watch, Chef was in charge, since Chris was coming to visit us. I started to watch the challenges, but it was simply too boring, eventually Chris arrived and told us all to vote one of us back into the competition, it was no surprise that Trent was voted back in, he got along with everyone. Chris then told us that I would be returning to the show aswell, since he wanted to use me for drama... Great? Any who, I had time to pack up my things, and Courtney gave me a locket for good luck, and Sadie gave me a bracelet to give to Katie. As me and Trent were leaving the resort, and Duncan was coming in- I guess the guys alliance had some kind of problem.

13.I thought that I would be rejoining the competition right away, but apparently we had to wait another elimination before we could rejoin, so we sat and watched from Chris's trailier, we discussed who we were going to align ourselfves with, and with both instantly thought of Katie and Lindsay. After that we basically sat and laughed at all the fails going on at the camp, the challenge was extremly funny. My ex-team managed to win, honestly I have no clue how, and Geoff was sent packing. Honestly, I think the guys alliance was being destroyed, but by who? And now that every one who knew the truth about the Heather incident was gone, how was any one supposed to trust me?

14. Any who, me and Trent finally got to return to the show, every one was super happy to see him- But not so much to see me. Any ways, Chris told us our challenge would be no pain no game, a challenge filled with pain. Those of us who were left, Trent, Lindsay, Katie, Noah, DJ, Bridgette, Heather, Harold, Eva, Justin and I. Again, this way painful to watch, Duncan played goaley with Snapping turtle for pucks, Lindsay had an very... interesting sponge bath, and over all it was just plain terrible. I refused to go into the chamber with... well what-ever was in there. In the end, Eva won, and she was given the choice of having a no elimination, or bringing some one back into the competition, she said she didn't trust any one, so she didn't bring any one back. We were all spared for a day.

15.The next day we were given a clue and had to find a key to open up a chest, I was given the clue of skunk, so I instantly refused to even bother trying- The smell of skunk is terrible, and I'm not going to get anywhere near one. The other were actually pretty quick at finding their keys, I mean the only person who didn't asides frm me was Lindsay, but she had lost her clue, some how. Every one opened up their chests to find random stuff, some people got hair-dye, and i was instantly jealous. But no one got the iminuty idol, as it was in my chest, Chris decided to just give it to me anyways, since I quote on quote, needed it. I felt like whipping it as his face, but I wanted to win so I didn't. That night, the votes were random and extremly weird, so much that Chris chose to show us; Heather voted for Trent, Trent voted for Heather. Lindsay voted for Bridgette, and Brigette voted for Noah. Noah and Katie voted for DJ. And DJ voted for Trent. Harold and Eva both voted for each other. Justin voted out Lindsay. I voted out DJ- He was way too nice, and I really needed to win. With three voted, DJ was sent home.

16. The challenge next day was one of my child-hood favourite games, Hide and Seek, well sort of, if Chef found you and sprayed you with his water gun, you were out- if you were out and helped Chef find some one you were given immunity, or if you made it to the life-gaurd chair. I decided to spend time with Katie and Noah, much to his annouyance. The three of us hid in the old Bass-Guy cabin, that's when I gave her the bracelet from Sadie, and she hugged me. Noah just glared, as he shoved me out the door, annouyed. he next thing I heard was the two of them screaming, and I bolted away. I remeber seeing Noah running after me, Chef right behind him, as they raced to get me out befor ei oculd make it to the chair-of-life. Lucky for me, Trent popped out of no-where, and Chef spent time trying to knock him out, and by the time Trent was cleared as out, I was at the at the chair- I was safe. Heather was also safe, but this time, Trent, Lindsay, and I made sure we kept our votes solid- We were voting out noah that way, Katie would be with us again. Sadly, Justin, Noah, Katie, Heather, Eva and Bridgette all voted for Trent. So for the second time in a long time, me and Lindsay felt alone.

17. Chris announced the next challenge would be build our owen bikes, none of us were exactly thirlled but we all did it. My bike was white, plain and simple. Every one else had extremly weird bikes, but I didn't care, if we were going to race, my bike would get me to the finish. Chris then told us that we would be riding each others bikes, I got Duncan's but I had no clue how to use it. I never mananged to cross the finish line, but I guess in the end that was a good thing. For the second part of the challenge, only Lindsay, Heather and Justin were racing, and who ever crossed the finish line last would be eliminated- But no one crossed the finish line, they out-smarted Chris. Chris was forced to eliminated no one and me and Lindsay were safe for another day. That night I tried to talk to Heather, but she just ignored me.

18. That night we watched a really scary movie, I hate horror movies so I sat and thought about how I was going to apoligize to Heather for doing something I didn't actually do. By the time the movie was over for us, we saw Chris and Chef leaving the island, fear was across their face. Heather was yelling at them, and I saw the newpaper, I picked it up and started to read it, then I sat down, frowned. Noah read it next and explained it to the rest of us. There was a killer on the island, we were all going to die. Heather then said that it was just a challenge, and left to go take her shower. Eva just said that we were all weak, and left to go scare the killer off. Noah and Katie went to the dock to watch the stars, and Justin left to work on his smile. Leaving me and Lindsay and Bridgette.we decided to go to the mess hall, and maybe get something to eat. When we were about half-way there, we heard Heather and Justin scream in unison, we raced to the bathrooms, but no one was there any more. Then we heard Katie and Noah, and again we ran to the docks, but when we got there, it was silent, and empty. We sighed, when we heard Eva scream. That's when we were scared. And that's when Bridgette screeched. Me and Lindsay turned around to see the killer and thats when we shoved him into the water. Chris appeared out of no where and told us that we won and were safe. Justin was eliminated.

19. The next challenge was to trap an animal and bring it back, I had to bring a bunny rabbit back, and for some reason, the only bunny rabbits I could find were the evil, vicous rabid kind. I quickly gave up, and went to help Lindsay, but she had already managed to trap her frog. So I sighed and went to find Heather. I offered her my help, but she declined, saying H-E double hockey sticks would sooner freeze over. I didn't really care, since no one else asides from Lindsay and Katie would talk to me, so I went off to try and find the deer for Heather. Amazingly, I found one and managed to bring it back, and even more amazing was the fact I managed to get a rabbit on my way. Lindsay won immunity, but Heather gave me a slight smile at the elimination. I thought for sure I was eliminated, it came down to me and Noah, and Noah was sent packing.

20. The next day, Katie clung to me and Lindsay like a lost puppy. She said she was sorry for voting us both out in the past, and that she would stay loyal to us now. We smiled and accepted her back. Chris announced that for the next challenge we would have to be tied to another contestant. Lindsay and Katie were tied up, and Eva and Bridgette were, leaving me and Heather. Amazingly, despite Heather wanting to slit my throat, we won all three challenges. Chris announced us as the winners, and that night, Eva was sent home, because honestly she scared the rest of us.

21. That day we had a free day, so Katie, Lindsay, Bridgette and I hung out for awhile, but I noticed how sad Heather looked, so I went over to her to comfort her. We talked for awhile, and it felt like we were friends again. Later on the two of us joined the others and we all chilled- None of us hated each other, we were all friends, more or less. Chris joined as later that day and told us that I was going to be elimiated, due to the eliminated contestants choosing to vote me off- But Heather stood up for me. Saying it wasn't fair, and she would take my place, and then Lindsay stood up saying it wasn't right and she was willing to take Heather's place. Chris only shrugged saying that I wasn't eliminated, this time.

22. The next we all ended up on some stranded island, we were all lost and confused, Heather brought up the idea that this was just a challenge and that we had to make it back to the island. None of us disagreed, and soon the five of us had a suitable raft, and were on way back to the island.... Or so thought, We some how made it to the resort, and Chris was waiting for us, saying we all failed the challenge, and said we would have to vote some one out. I voted out Bridgette. And it seems every one else did too- Bridgette was sent up the stairs to Playa' Des Losers, and we were sent back to the island.

23. In the next challenge, Chris announced we would be returning to an old challenge, to spice up the drama. Then rolled out the Lie detector. We all took turns going up, and eventually it was my turn. Chris ased easy questions, like have I voted out any one that I regret, then he asked if it was me who put Heather in the freeze, I said no. The lie detector beeped. Heather raged out at me, and Chris just gave a sly grin. He announced that this would be a non elimination challenge, but because I lost, I would have a disadvantage in the next challenge.

24. The four of us were split into two pairs, Lindsay and Katie, against me and Heather. The challenge was similiar to one a long time ago, execpt this time we just had to find our way back, to help us, Chris gave us a map and compass- but because of my disadvantage, Chris gave both to Lindsay and Katie. I think the only good thing that came out of that was that Katie and Lindsay aren't exactly the smartest tools in the shed, and when they couldn't figure out the map and compass they gave them to me and Heather- who still wasn't talking to me. Lindsay and Katie agreed to let us win the challenge, as long as we brought them back to camp. We agreed, and we won the challenge. Heather and I sent Katie packing, because I trusted lindsay more.

25. The next day, Chris announced we were in the final three, and the challenge was simple; truth or dare, minus the truth part. The dares were well crazy, They had us sucking, blowing and even grinding- Juice from the bathroom, our shirts on fire and our cell phones. In the end, Lindsay gave up, she had, had enough. This meant me and Heather were going to be the final two.

26. So here we are, full circle. I'm in the finale. I've work my lil' bum off just to get here, I was technically elimiated twice, and I would have been eliminated a heck of alot more if I didn't have my friends, or win as many challenges. You see, but that doesn't really matter. I refuse to win. I can't win, knowing that Heather hates me, for something I didn't do. I will let Heather win, she must need the money for something important, and maybe then she'll understand that I really do care.

Josie's Entry

Episode 1: First Day: No challenge or elimination.

Episode 2: 23rd: Cody: Treasure hunt: A treasure hunt challenge was given to decide who would be the first out. Cody gave all the pieces he found to Gwen to help her out and ending up getting eliminated.

Episode 3: 22nd: Ezekial: The teens were given a water challenge where they were suspended above a large body of water. The last person hanging won for their team and gained immunity. Ezekial was the first to drop and his team voted him out for losing the challenge for them.

Episode 4: 21st: Owen: The next challenge was a canoe race. The teams had to make their canoe's resemble a type of food. Owen caused his team to lose because he tried to eat the canoe and destoyed their chances of crossing the finish line.

Episode 5: 20th: Izzy: Izzy was taken out of the competition after a large explosion occurred during the challenge. Before the challenge started Izzy changed around wiring on her quad to make her go faster.During the challenge her quad exploded putting Izzy in the hospital.

Episode 6:No Challenge or Elimination due to Izzy's injury. The teens were given the day off to relax.

Episode 7: 19th: Courtney: Gets voted out by her team for being extremely bossy. The challange was an mystery to see who could figure out the crime in a certain amount of time.

Episode 8: 18th: Trent: Puzzle fun: During a puzzle challenge Heather manipulates Trent and causes him to lose later on causing him to get voted out that night in elimination.

Episode 9: 17th: Eva: Can you find all the pieces? : During this challenge the teams are given a map and they must find all ther pieces to a mystery object they must build. Eva's team loses and Eva throws a fit and tells everyone off causing her to get voted out.

Episode 10: 16th: Sadie: Sing those lyrics!: In this challenge the contestants were given a song to learn and perform in front of the cast. The person with the lowest amounts of votes loses. Being that the challenge was for each individual person Katie and Sadie weren't allowed to sing together. Refusing to perform without her best friend Sadie was then eliminated.

Episode 11: 15th: Duncan: Acting Out: The teams were given an acting challenge where everyone had to participate. They were given roles at random and they had to portray the characters. The team that did the best was safe from elimination. At elimination Duncan was voted out because he refused to go on stage as a nerd and act.

Episode 12: 14th: Noah: Dodgeball: Noah didn't want to take place in it due to thinking his team didn't need his participation and his lack of team spirit. Becuase he didn't participate he got eliminated.

Episode 13: 13th: Katie: Trivia: Before anyone could be sent home Katie declared she wanted to go because she couldn't bare to be away from Sadie any longer.

Episode 14: 12th: Gwen: Paint ball war: The teams were given paint ball guns and had to shoot each other the team with the most player left standing wins. Gwens team lost and during eliminations she was voted out.

Episode 15: 11th: Beth: Cliff jumping: The people who refuse to jump into the shark infested water get eliminated and Beth refused to jumped.

Episode 16: 10th: Josie: Sky diving: The teams have to land on a specific spot and choose one person to jump. Josie was chosen for her team but refused to jumped causing her team to lose. Considering she made her team lose, She was voted out.

Episode 17: Merge : No Challenge

Episode 18: 09th: LeShawna: Bull ranglers: The group is given the task to rangle angry bulls. Whichever teen successfully rangles their bull and ties it up wins the challenge. During elimination LeShawna was voted out for unsuccessfully restraining her bull.

Episode 19: 08th: Geoff: Don't get caught!: In this challenge the teens have to try not to get caught by a mystery man and the first person to get caught is out. as Bridgette and Geoff were busy making out the mystery man snuck up behind Bridgette. Geoff pushed Bridgette out of the way saving her from the mystery man, but causing him to get captured and sent home.

Episode 20: 07th: Justin: Log Roll: Each teen had to balance on a log and work to stay above water. The first teen to fall loses and is up for elimination. Justin being too selfish to ruin his hair refused to join the challenge only to cause him to lose. Justin was eliminated for his ignorance towards Chris and for not completeing the challenge.

Episode 21: 06th: DJ: Flying High: Each teen was given the job of assemble their own hot air balloon and after they successfully assembled the balloon the teens would use them to cross the lake. The team to make it across the lake and land first wins. At elimination the teens voted out who they wished to leave and it came to a close tie between two cast members. But in the end by one vote, DJ was sent home.

Episode 22: 05th: Tyler: Jetski fun: The teens were each given a jetski which they had to use to race with. The teens had to go from one marker in the water to the other marker picking up flags on the way in a short amount of time. Tyler wanted to be persistent and grab as many flags as he could so he took his time grabbing each flag causing him to only grab 4 flags. Being that Tyler had the lowest amount of flags he lost and was sent home.

Episode 23: 04th: Lindsay: Dive of doom: The teens each had to perform a perfect dive into a shallow body of water. After seeing others go and get injured Lindsay was too afraid to ruin her makeup and hair. Chris being impatient sent Chef up to push her off the diving board. Chef pushed her and she fell into the water saftely but forgot to perform her dive, causing her to be eliminated.

Episode 24: Final Three: No challenge.

Episode 25: Harold: Don't fall asleep!: The remaining three are forced to stay awake and Harold quickly passes out getting him Eliminated while Heather and Bridgette remain awake until they both pass out from exhaustion.

Episode 26: Cast returns and they co mingle with the final two. The Jury votes and Bridgette is announced the winner of Total Drama, making Heather the runner-up and the last to be eliminated.

Rex's Entry

Syle's Entry


Challange: Who Done It? The teams are formed like the original. Syle replaces Duncan. Chris was killed and everyone starts dissippearing. Eva gets angry,and smashes a bunch of stuff. She is sent packing first.'

'21st: Harold'

'Challenge:' Puzzles The 22 are split into teams. Harold accuses Syle of ticking Eva off, so everyone's got a close eye on Syle. Syle dissmisses the rumor through out the day. The 2 teams have to build a puzzle of Chris,and the Bass lost. Syle was angry because he was being bugged by Harold, who was the reason of the team lost.

'20th: Trent'

'Challenge: '


Flamethrower's Entry

Well, how would the order go for me? This would be it: (The highest number is last place.)

Episode 1: 23rd- Cody - Is already useless, so he gets voted out very early. Challenge: Making a movie.

Ep.2: 22nd- Courtney - She tries to cheat, but it backfires, getting her voted out. Challenge: Racing.

Ep.3: 21st- Noah - He was very, very, boring, and he wouldn't participate. Challenge: Animal buddies.

Ep.4: 20th- Eva - Her temper gets the better of her, and she is the 4th voted out. (Kinda obvious, don't you think?) Challange: Gross buffet.

Ep.5 : 19th-Heather - She throws the challenge by calling the team names, and she gets voted out. Challenge: Digging for treasure.

'Ep.6: ''18th- DJ - Freaks out at the sight of a moose, and he gets voted out because he was too chicken. 'Challenge: Facing fears.

Ep.7: 17th- Justin - Everybody gets tired of listening about his looks, and they vote him out. Challenge: Survival.

Ep.8: 16th- Sadie - The Bass decided it was Katie or Sadie because they were both annoying. They chose Sadie. Challange: Dodgeball.

Episode 9: No challenge.

Ep.10: 15th- Owen - He was voted out for popularity. Challenge: Building a car.

Ep.11: 14th - Katie - She misses Sadie, so she quits the show. Challenge: Spies.

Episode 12: DJ and Courtney return. Merge.


Ep.13: 13th - Duncan - He rebels against Trent, but Trent gets him off the show. Challange: Hunting.

Ep.14: 12th- Trent - He is knocked unconcious, and he gets voted out without even knowing. Challange: Collecting honey.

Episode 15: No challange.

Ep.16: 11th - Courtney again - She is still annoying everyone, so she gets voted out. Challenge: Poetry.

Ep.17: 10th - Gwen - She betrays her alliance (her,Harold,Leshawna), and gets voted out. Challange: Truth or Dare.

Ep.18: 9th - Geoff - He loses the challenge by coming in last, and he gets eliminated. Challenge: Rescuing a dummy from a fire.

Ep.19: 8th' '- Beth - No one knows how she got this far, so she gets eliminated. Challenge: Cheerleading. (LOLZ FOR THE BOYS)

Ep.20: 7th - Ezekiel - People think he is worthless and inaproppriate, so he gets the boot. Challenge: Obstacle course.

Ep.21: No challange.

Ep.22: 6th - Leshawna/Lindsay - Leshawna gets too bossy, and she gets voted out. Lindsay loses the challange as well. Challange: Defusing a stink bomb.

Ep.23: 5th - Bridgette - She gets the most votes from Playa Des Losers by accident, sending her home. Challange: None

Ep.24: 4th - DJ again - He has trouble racing his go-kart, and he gets sent home for coming in last.

Ep.25: 3rd - Tyler - He is in the bottom 2 and Harold sends him home because he has invincibility. Challange. Hide and Seek.

Ep.26: WINNER - HAROLD - He wins the jury vote and 100 000 dollars. Challange: None.

RUNNER-UP - LIAM - HE lost the jury vote but doesn't mind. Challange: None.

Judging Seven

Alfan:By the way, before Rex quit, this was to be a double elimination. Good luck, people.

Max-No entry. He's out. Duh. 0/10

Flamethrower-You finished, and I enjoyed the order. Good job. 5.7/10

Syle-Didn't finish, and did very little. 1.5/10

Josie-You finished, and I enjoyed most of the eliminations. Kudos, and good job. 8/10


Zoom-He did quite a bit per chapter, I was impressed. Had only he finished. 7.1/10

Derek-You finished, and the elimination order was quite original. 6.1/10

Mrodd-Excellent story, I loved it. The elims, the drama. Your Trent-Duncan mix up and you forgetting Harold :@ cost you. 9/10

Alfan:Mrodd wins a special prize for merge, getting the best score, but more on that later. ;D Max, Syle, and Rex, you three are sadly leaving the competition.

Chat Eight

Alfan:Mrodd, Zoom, Derek, Flamethrower, Josie. The five of you have made it to merge. The "Incredible Aspiring Authors". Welcome a returner........HR! *HR arrives* So yeah, final six. You may speak with the others while I prepare the next challenge if you so desire.

Mrodd: woot 8) SO what's my super duper epic surprise? XD

HR: Hee hee, suprises. <3

Liam: Welcome back HR. I wasn't here before.

Derek: HR. welcome back. it's been a while.

Mrodd: I AM WORKING on my entry ATM :s It's long so yeah you bette rnot judge before I post it x.x xD <3

HR: Yeah ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Mrodd: ... Sister.... Deleted my files.... Sister.... Is now on my black-list x.x I will restart later if I get the chance.

Challenge Eight

Alfan:Two things now occur. Instead of me deciding the elimination, I put up the two weakest scorers, and the safe people vote for who to leave. With the harder challenges, you better work your hardest. Mrodd, your surprise is....special. At final four, I have a horrific surprise for you all. Mrodd will get his surprise just before that, and he can choose how to handle it. Now, the challenge for the final six. The challenge: You are to write a story involving TD characters in a fantasy setting. It doesn't matter what time period, when, where or why. Write it however you want, but it must fit the fantasy setting. This is due next Sunday. Good luck, Aspiring Authors.

Mrodd's Entry

x.x I have no clue what happened.... BUt I lost two of my entries, so just re-did it... AGAIN x.x

As the moon rose above the forest behind us, I knew for the first time in a long time we were safe. No one was running after us any more. Trent and I, we were truly free. No longer would our parents deeds inflict pain onto us, we were safe now.

“Are you ok?” Trent asked, his long black hair a mess after being in the forest for weeks.

“Yeah... I'm fine.” I replied as we slowly walked through a meadow, the flowers gently tickling my bare feet

“I don't think they will follow us any more, I was actually surprised they followed us through the Forest of Despair... No one ever enters it willingly.” He frowned when we heard branches moving.

We looked at one-another, as Trent began to run again, but I stopped him. “No, I'm not running any more,” I turned around and at the top of my lungs I screamed, “We're here! Just get on with this, I'm sick and tired of running. Kill us, or imprison us.”

“Gwen... You can't mean that... Can you?” He asked, his dark green eyes sparklingly under the night sky.

“Trent... I do mean it...” I sighed, looking towards the ground as two spheres rolled out towards us. Trent was quick to jump onto them, inspecting them, he always was curious. “Trent, are you sure that's safe?” I asked, eyeing the forest again, to be sure no one was coming.

“No, but they look so familiar, like if I've seen them in a dream or something...” He sighed, caressing the two stone-like things. I joined him, they were familiar... But I don't think they were from a dream.

“Trent... Did you ever hear the tale of the familiars?” I asked, remembering when I was little and my parents would tell me the story of unique teenagers, granted an egg, holding their familiar. A familiar is unique to their partner, they share an unbreakable band.

“Yeah, but I thought they were just an old-wives tale... So you think that this is an egg?” He asked, holding my hand.

“Well, actually, I don't think. I know.” A voice called from behind us. I turned around to see her raven-black hair, and dark brown eyes. She reeked of arrogance, but something about her screamed that we needed her.

“Who are you? And how do you know this?” Trent asked, protecting the “eggs”.

A second voice, this one much smaller whispered into my ear, “Her name is Heather, and we know this, because I'm her familiar.” The voice laughed, as I hear flapping.

I scream out, as I realize there's a small black feather bird-like creature by my head, I try to swat it away but Heather restrains me. “Yeah, I see you don't exactly understand, that's my familiar, his name is Noir, and if you dare hurt him, I might just have to leave you and pretty boy here, to die.”

“What do you mean, to die? And so these are our.... eggs?” Trent asked, I was amazed at how well he was keeping his cool, I wanted to slap her so bad.

“Yes, those our your eggs, so please would you whisper your names into them, so we can get moving, they'll be coming for us soon.” Noir whispered in my ear again, this time I managed to shove it away.

“Who are they...?” I asked, backing away from the Heather-girl.

“You do understand your parents were like us, right? That's why you have had to run, the King doesn't want people like us around any more, because we are the only ones that can stop him. The King is on his way now, with the Royal Army.” She stated, handing me one of the eggs, raising her eye brows.

Trent looked at me, and I looked at Trent, our eyes met for that split second before we both whispered our names into the small eggs. To my dismay, they started to glow then crack... Then it almost seemed like the egg was whispering to me, telling me what to do, as I gently pulled parts of the egg shell away.

“Gwen! Gwen!” A small blue blob called out to me, “Gwen! Gwen! You found me!” It shouted, as it began bouncing rapidly on my hands. It was so adorable, it was a small blue blob, but Heather told me as I learned to take care of it, its shape would change to fit me, but still, he had the biggest teal eyes I'd ever seen, and the tiniest little feet.

I looked over to Trent, his was a similar blob, but his was green and was playing around in his hair. Then I looked at Heather who smiled for what I think was the first time since I met her. “Awwww, hello lil' guy.” I smiled petting its blobbi-ness.

“Honestly, I'd hate to interrupt but we need to get out of here,” Heather paused as she started to walk, “This way...”

I sighed as I quickly followed Heather, Trent holding my hand, as my blue-blob crawled up my shirt. “So where to?”

“Any where but here.” She replied, as Trent stopped. Poking me.

“I don't think we can out-run those.” He sighed, as the green blur in his hair was oohing and awing.

“Then, we'll just need to stop them.” Heather laughed, as her and Noir ran towards the two horsemen who were running out of the forest... “Could use a little help here!”

I looked at Trent who looked just as confused as I did, but we both ran after her, and as we did, I could feel my little blue blob getting rest-less, as if it knew what was coming.

The next few minutes went by so quick, Heather's Noir began to peck at the two horses, causing them to split up. The next thing I can remember was that Sapphire jumped onto one of the riders, and some how managed to make it fall off the horse, I looked over at Trent, and Emerald did something similiar, that's when Heather shouted at us to run.

“EEEEE Tehehehe. AWWWW” Emerald and Sapphire giggled as we ran away from our past, as we entered a new life, a life where we were heroes, not villains.

File:Mroddy.png I'm Hugable Talk 11:03, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

Zoom's Entry

Sorry for the shorter entry, I'm pretty busy this weekend. Nonetheless, enjoy. :P

I look up at him; at his aqua eyes. He doesn't return my glance.

"No, Duncan. you can't go. I need you here." I say to him, trying to hold his hand.

He turns away from me, his gleaming silver armour now replacing where his face had been seconds earlier.

"I have to go." He says quickly, still facing away from me.

I wipe my wet eyes, where tear drops have begun to form. Slowly, I look away from my love, and my eyes catch sight of his sword sitting on a wooden desk. It shines beautifully in the sunlight coming through the small window of our shack. The sword brings on a new set of tears, and they begin to stream down my face, just as the memories stream into my mind once again.

Duncan going out into the field, for another day tending the crops.

He didn't come home that night, and the children and I feared for the worst.

The next day, he came back with a medal of honour and a proud smile on his face. He had saved the queen from an attack while she had been travelling in her carriage.

About a month later, she called him back to appoint him as one of her personal body guards, and ever since then, he had been working more and more for her.

He barely ever came home... And once he finally did, I found out that he was going on a mission to infiltrate an enemy's war camp.

I am released from my thoughts as he turns back around, my knight in shining armour, and grasps my hands.

"Gwen. Be strong... For both of us. I will be home soon, and all shall be while. He highness said she will pay us top dollar for my workings, and we shall be out of this dreaded shack for good!" He says, clearly trying to convince himself more than me.

I look down at the ground, dreading what I am about to say. But I have to say it.

"Duncan. We need you. I am going to be completely truthful with you: If you died, I wouldn't be able to live. And without me, the children would have to suffer even more than if they just lost you. You cannot leave. You mustn't!" I say, getting louder with every word, until I am shouting at him.

He grabs me in his arms, lifts me off my feet, and kisses me hard.

"Gwen. You are strong and brave, but most of all determined. Even if I fall, you will stand strong. Raise our children to be smart and sensible, and don't ever let them forget about me. As for you... Be there. For them. And for me, if I ever come back. Everything is going to be alright." He says, after our lips part.

I am speechless; completely dumbfounded.

He lets me down, and picks up his sword. Horns sound from outside, and I know he has to go now.

Still, I plead with him.

"No. Do not go, at least wait until the children can come and say goodbye to you. Duncan... Duncan! No!" I cry, as gaurds come into our measly shack and nod at my husband.


"Goodbye, my dearest. I shall see you soon." He says, and he brushes my arm, and leaves without another word.

The men nod again, and follow him out the door.

I decide not to look out the window, although I know he will be looking for me to wave to. No, I have to forget about him.

As I walk over to where left my sewing from before he broke the news to me, I wonder.

If I forget him, and he doesn't return, then I shall be better off than if I hadn't forgotten. But if I release him from my mind, and then he returns home...

I decide to distract myself, and I begin sewing again.

I look up at the window from my seat, a tear dropping down my cheek.

I quote the queen, from when she had given Duncan the promotion that turned out to be so much worse than the blessing we thought it to be.

"Go on now, brave knight, for you shall lead a nation someday." I say slowly.

I look down at my sewing, and then back up at the window. A cloud floats in front of the sun, and the light that had been brightening our home earlier disappears.

I say it again, this time, with the tears now pouring down my face. But silently.

"Go on now, brave knight, for you shall lead a nation someday."

Josie's Entry

The sky was dark and clouds hung low to the ground. A brisk chill fell through on a empty quiet road. In the dark alley ways of this street lay Courtney, Trent, Bridgette and, Duncan. Lifeless as they may have seemed one person knew otherwise A dark figure in a trench coat stood over the bodies of the former cast members. The figure in the coat pulled a thick packet of papers from his pocket and smirks revealing his face to the light. "You all are still under contract!" Chris said laughing.

A group of three or four loaded the weak teens into the car. "Now to gather the rest," Chris grins walking over to a different car and climbing inside only to drive off.

The room is dark when the teens awake. "Ughh what happened? Where are we I demand to know who is responsible for this!" Courtney screamed.

"Calm down princess, screaming and hollering isn't going to get you anywhere," Duncan says looking around the chamber.

Trent awakes and walks over to Duncan and begins to talk while trying to ignore Courtney and her complaining.

The four of them quickly realize they are not alone and the other former campers are with them as well. "Why are we all here?" DJ asks looking frightened.

Suddenly a large bright light flashes on and the room is a bright blining white. Most of the teens shield their eyes while others look away. Chris walks wearing a pair of sunglasses and with two high tech looking scientists behind him.

"Welcome to the new season of Total Drama where you will be transferred into a fake reality to compete in this years show," Chris says with enthusiasm.

"How is that even possible?" Gwen asked worried.

"The magic of smart people!" Chris says pointing to the two guys behind him.

The two men walk over to each of the cast members and the returned to Chris and nodded. The three men turn and walk out of the room without saying a word and lock the door behind them. The teens scream at the fact that the room is starting make noise and another birght light flashes this time causing the teens to fall to the ground.

What seemed like hours later the group wakes up one by one to find themselves standing in a busy city. Not just any city but a very futruistic city. The skies were lines with electronic posters and bright flashing lights. and the roads were filled with speeding machines of all sizes and shapes. Strange things that resembled motorcycles raced past the contestants almost hitting them.

"Is he trying to get us killed?" Bridgette asks.

"It sure seems that way," Heather says with an attitude.

The traffic disappeared and a race track formed infront of the group of teens with a large screen with Chris' face on it. "Welcome Racers! This will be your first challenge. You must pick a vehicle and race to the finish. Each one is different and has it's on unique ability so be wise with what you choose," Chris says before fading off the screen.

Izzy looks at the futuristic vehicles with bright eyes and runs up to giant montser truck like vehicle with strange engines on the back. "Izzy is going to go super fast!" She says talking to herself while examining buttons and switches on the vehicle.

Trent and Owen qucikly walk up to two strange looking cars and climb in them as well. Lindsay spots a pink one and cheerfully runs over to it climbing in. Soon the contestants are all filed into their race cars and are waiting for the race to begin. In each car a small holograph screen appears infront of the teen and has a board placement of the track and where each teens car is. "This is so sick!" Tyler says pressing random buttons.

A giant sign lowers from above and counts down 3, ..........2......1...GO!

The cars shoot off down the track and around the bend. But for one unlucky competitor this is not the case. "Ughh why does my car have to be the broken one?" Harold says pressing random buttons only to bring up a help screen in front of him. "Welcome to Controller manuals, what seems to be wrong?" The electronc voice asks.

Harold looks at the help screen and smiles brightly before beginning to speak. "Well super cool electronic voice this contraption won't start and I'm losing the race!" He says looking at the other screen showing the other racers progressing.

The voice doesn't reply for a few minutes and a scanning sound is heard."Did you turn the key?" The voice asks.

Harold looks down at the computer dashboard and see's a tiny key. He quickly turns it and the car turns on causing Harold to feel a bit embarrassed. He speeds off down the road quickl gaining speed with the others and catching up. The help screen flashes into view again and the voice begins to speak. "To gain speed simply pull the green lever," The screen closes up and disappears.

"Thanks mystery voice!" Harold says pulling the green lever.

The car speeds off past the other cars and through the track in less than five minutes. The other teens look out in amazement to see harold racing towards the finish line. "Oh no way I'm letting that nerd win!" Duncan says pulling a random lever which caused his car to speed up as well.

The cars pull forward regaining ground and catching up with Harold and Duncan who are racing for the finish. As they get closer to the finish line a loop in the road appears. "Let's do this!" Harold says pushing toward the twisting road.

"Oh you've gotta be kidding me!" Duncan said following right behind Harold.

The two cars speed up the steep wall almost completely upsidedown while the rest of the cast has stopped to watch the two battle it out. Both cars reach the top and fall straight down the middle causing everyone to scream.

Inside the guys cars opens an emergency screen telling them that they will be hitting the ground in a few minutes, and to prepare for impact. Duncan presses a small blue button and the body of his car rotates so he is now upright. Harold presses a yellow button which brakes his fall and cause his car to bounce and flip back over. "Now that was awesome!" Duncan says gaining more speed than before.

Nose to nose the two race to the finish line only for Harold to shoot out ahead of Duncan and win first place. Everyone else makes there way over to the finish line and Chris appears on the large screen. "Congratulations Harold for winning the first challenge. You are safe from elimination after the next challenge," Chris says.

The teens look around confused. "Next challenge? Wasn't that the challenge?" Heather asks.

Chris laughs and smiles. "Not quite. Get back in your cars and follow the directions provided, Hurry up and get there, you have ten minutes!" Chris says. The screen turns to static and then goes back to a commercial.

They all quickly get into their cars and look for the instructions and begin racing to the next destination, for the actual challenge.

HR's Entry

Title: Courtney and the End of Oz

Characters: Courtney

Brave Lion

Heavenly Witch of the West


The Story:

Well, I don't feel like talking about how I got here in "Zo" and my backstory so I'm just going to where I am right now. The only people I have met was Brave Lion and Heavenly. They're pretty nice, but Brave is too cocky. Anyway, I just got here and met Brave and Heavenly and I'm about to follow the purple brick road. I don't really feel like doing it, but Heavenly keeps on encouraging me.

"We gotta go, there's no other way," Heavenly whines.

"Ugh, fine," I roll my eyes.

"And I will lead the way to protect you women," Brave stands up and tries to look better than everyone else.

We start to follow the purple road and Heavenly starting skipping, which really distgusts me. Brave is ahead of everyone and he stops every few moments to look around. Then, out of the blue, flying chinchillas come out of nowhere. They are kinda of cute.

"What are those?" I say.

"They're cute little birchillas!" Heavenly squeals.

"Okay," I say and walk ahead. Then, the birchillas stop me honking and screaming. I stop and look at Heavenly and Brave, they shrug and I continue to walk. A brichila tries to stop me, but I just kick it out of my way.

"Aw, don't do that!" Heavenly says and runs to me, Brave behind her. I ignore her and keep on walking, but the birchillas grab me and start carrying me north. I struggle to get out of their grasp, but they held on tight. Below me, Heavenly shrieks and tries to grab me.

The birchillas takes me to a weird looking castle that is purple with black moss all over it. They put me down on the top window and they push me inside. There was old wizard with dark purple robes. He turns around and smiles at me.

"Hello, Courtney," he says.

"How do you know my name?" I say back.

Derek's Entry

Owen and the Black Knight


Owen has been dragged to the Libary by his good friend Beth, who needs someone to help her with a project. Owen soon finds the book called King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table* and becomes interested in it, the book suprisingly sucks Owen into the book and eventually, Owen ends up in Camelot. a place from the book, Owen then saves a young girl who is identical to Heather. the Heather look - a - like then tells Owen of Noaburn, the legendary sword witch can beat the possesed King Arthur, Owen then heads out to find King Arthur and hopefully return to his own world..bu there may be a few suprises along the way...

???: halt!, who goes there!?

Owen: who goes there?


Owen: where?

Noaburn: over there you idiot!

Owen: (looks across) hi Duncan!

(a knight dressed in black armour who was identical to Duncan was standing before Owen and Noaburn)

??Duncan??: bah, it is but a measly squire!

Owen: squire?

Noaburn: he means a fool.

Owen: that's not very nice Duncan!

??Duncan??: i do not know of this Duncan!, my name is Lancelot!, Knight of the Round Table!

Owen: look just like Duncan!

Lancelot: he must be a squire like you!

Noaburn: those are fighting words Owen!, attack the fool while he still breathes oxygen!

Lancelot: i don't think so...

Owen: neither do i!, nice to meet you Duncan look a like!

Lancelot: my name is Lancelot!!!

Noaburn: you aren't going anywhere!, we are fighting him now!

Owen: but i'm so hungry right now!

Lancelot: allow me to kill your hunger...

Owen: thanks!

Noaburn: he's going to kill you you fool!

Owen: oh dear!

Lancelot: DIE!!!!

Noaburn: attack him!

Owen: here we go!

Owen slashed his might sword Noaburn, and in a flash, the power of the blade was too powerful for Lancelot, the attack killed him instantly, Lancelot lay in a pool of blood as Owen continued his quest to get back home, but the dead soldier rose from his bloody gravesite, and soon the possesed King Arthur took Lancelot's mind and disgraced pride, Lancelot would be made general of the undead...

Flamethrower's Entry

{C It was a great day for skating. All of the TDI contestants were out on the rink to skate, kiss , play hockey, and throw snowballs at Harold. They were all in Toronto, at an outdoor skating rink. "Hey! Guys!' yelled Duncan. "Over here!" Duncan had called them over to show them that Chris Mclean was at the rink as well. "Hey there, ex-contestants!" said Chris. "How are you all doing?"

They had responded with a "good" but it wasn't much of a happy voice. Chris was explaining that for old times sake they do a challange or two. They might have been happy to see Chris, but that was not the best thing to do in their mind. But they decided to do it anyway. "Your first challange is a snowball fight. If you get hit, you are out of the challange. The teams are the same from TDI." "We should go for Harold first." said Heather. Chris then yelled, "Screaming Gophers, are you ready?" "Yeah!" they all shouted. "Killer Bass, are you ready?" "Yeah!!!" yelled the Bass.

"GO!!!!" Harold was quickly hit. "Harold out!" said Chris. Geoff and Bridgette were making out, so they were hit. "Geoff and Bridgette out!" Weird enough, Ezekiel was dodging every single snowball thrown at him. Leshawna, Gwen, and Trent were all hit. Chris called them out. Duncan threw a snowball and knocked off Heather's wig. "AAAAAA! DUNCAN!" yelled Heather. "Heather out!" called Chris. It all went down to the 2 left on each team. Duncan and Ezekiel against Lindsay and Beth.

Beth and Duncan threw at the same time, and both snowballs hit each other. Chris called them out, and now it was Ezekiel versus Lindsay. "You are goin' down, eh?" said Ezekiel. He then hurled a snowball at Lindsay. It hit her. "Lindsay out! Killer Bass WIN!!" yelled Chris. They were carrying Ezekiel around. "That isn't all, guys!" said Chris. "There is also a skating competition..." "Finally! A good challenge!" said Heather. She went first and got a 10/10(which I hope I get from this story).

Soon, only Sadie, Katie, and Owen had to do their figure skating. Nobody could beat Heather. Owen fell as soon as he stepped on the ice. Sadie did a spin and got a 8/10. Katie did a twirl and a a triple axle. She got 10/10. "Heather and Katie win!" yelled Chris. The campers went back outside. They said good-bye to Chris. Chris then walked off into blizzard that had come up, and he wasn't seen for a long time. The campers figured they would see him again. But that wasn't until the future. And that wasn't for a long time.


Week Eight Judging

Flamethrower-.....Fantasy story? o.O Not fantasy-ish ;( 1.4/10

Derek-When did he acquire Noaburn?.....Why did he fight Lancelot? Why is King Arthur now bad? o.O 1.6/10

HR-Unfinished, I was looking forward to your return. :/ 0.8/10

Zoom-Excellent story, I was very impressed. 7.8/10

Mrodd-It was a very close call between you and Zoom. 7.9/10

Josie-Okay, it was worth the wait. :P That twas epicly written. 8/10

Alfan:Josie and Mrodd are immune. Derek, Mrodd, Josie, and Zoom may now vote for either Flame or HR to be eliminated. Mrodd already voted for Flame to me, but he may also post it here later if he so desires. Also, no touchy elim table or I kill you. <~< >~> :P But seriously, don't. <~< So....voters and people up for elim, luck to you.

Josie: I vote for Flame sorry :(

Flame: Sorry Alfan. I didn't know what type of fantasy you ment. There are 2 ways for me. I wish it could be a non-elimination this week *sobs*

Derek: to answer you're questions Alfan. Noaburn was acquired by Owen when he and the Heather look a like were searching for the sacred sword, Owen fights Lancelot because Lancelot is working under King Arthur, who is actually not King Arthur and is just an illusion created by the Heather look a like (who is really evil!). Lancelot is completely unaware of the Heather look a like's doing though. sorry about no including this, it's just i tend to always make my stories quite long, i wanted to keep it short and sweet. :)

Alfan:Flame, you did well to get even this far, the final six. It was rough judging between you and Derek's. x_x If there is a tie, however, HR would go because she got the lower score, so you still have a chance. :D But from merge on out, there's an elim every week. 8) Or is there...? :o ;D XD

Mrodd: Sorry Flame ;( But you are better than HR.... Well You tend to finish your stories x.x

Zoom: Flame. Sorry man. :c

Alfan:Flame, you are the first eliminated post-merge. You did well. Congrats to our final five: Derek, HR, Josie, Zoom, and Mrodd.

Vote 9#

Alfan:Yeah, no vote, no challenge. Mrodd, who has the best record to date, is immune. Zoom, HR, Josie, and Derek can all be voted off right now. Everyone, you may now vote.

Mrodd: <3 Awwww thanks, I tried hard? aha, I vote Zoomer. SORRY.

Josie: I vote for Derek.

HR: I vote Derek

Derek: I vote HR.

Alfan:Assuming Zoomer won't vote for himself, Derek gets the prize. The prize:He's exempt from the next part of this little challenge. Mrodd, Josie, HR, and Zoom must now vote again. Majority rules. Whoever gets the most votes gets something special. Very special. So vote a threat if you want this to be even more difficult for yourself. And this time, Mrodd isn't immune.

Derek: HAHA!

HR: Can I vote myself? ;) If I can't I would vote Josie.

Josie: I vote Zach

Zoom: Zach. ;(

Mrodd: CONOR :D xD

Alfan:Special surprise is.....The TDA:WS effect. Also from SaT. Someone gets the most votes, they are eliminated. Apply it here. Mrodd is given the power to eliminate ANYONE from the competition. Except....He doesn't get eliminated. However, he cannot eliminate anyone who voted for him. Meaning, he must eliminate HR or himself, since Derek is exempt. Good luck making your choice.

Mrodd: Hr.....

Alfan:HR is out, but she's not done. In one more epic twist(loves the haters BTW), she gets to pick ANYONE previously eliminated to return to the game. Except herself. So from Flame to MrE to Summer to Sterling. HR, make a wise choice.

Alfan:HR picked MrE. Congrats. MrE is back in the final five in HR's place, and he may now eliminate anyone he wants to. :o

Max: It's a pleasure... I'll eliminate........................................................................... Mrodd. Sorry, you and Zoom are tough competetors, and you've been more consistant. Sorreh. :c


Day 10

Alfan:Grats, final four.

Mrodd: >.> RAWR. That's right, I'm watching y'all.

Challenge 10-Mrodd's Gift

Alfan:So this challenge is whatever the hell Mrodd wants it to be. Mrodd, post anytime today or tomorrow.

Mrodd:In light of very.... sad and depressing eliminations, I think this challenge will the saddest yet, but I think maybe you will all love it. I know I would adore to do this challenge. Anywhom, the challenge is fairly basic, write YOUR own elimination if you were on Total Drama. That's it, that's all. ;( </3 No love for you all any more though :( And the next time you see me here, don't expect to see a Lovely Mrodd. Expect to see a fierce one ahahaha <3


Mrodd: *Muffles somethign about wiki rules* Deadline extended a few mroe daysl FINISH.

Mrodd: Shall be judged in a half-hour.

Josie's Entry

"Welcome back to Total Drama!" Chris says looking into the camera.
"Today we will have an interesting day for the campers. The campers will partake in a large challenge that will test their skills and endurance. Who will have the endurance to survive the challenge? Who will rise to the occasion? Who will be the next to fall? So many questions and so little time! This is TOTAL DRAMA RETAKE!" Chris says smiling into the camera and tossing his arms up enthusiastically.

The camera fades to black and then fades back in at the camp site. The sky outside is dimly lit and the teens are still asleep. A loud siren goes off and the teens nearly fall out of their beds. "What the h..." Duncan says but is cut off by a loud roaring siren.

He gets out of bed and sees Harold fall off the top bunch above Owen. DJ jumps up from his bed barely missing the bunk above him and stands up. All of the guys rush outside to see the girls all ready out there looking up into the sky. "What is that?" Trent says.

The group looks up into the sky to see Chris. "Oh great now what?" Gwen says.

Courtney looks around at the group of girls rolls her eyes and looks back up. Chris is seen hovering above the ground in a helicopter with a megaphone. With a screech and some cringes the megaphone turned on and Chris began to speak. "Good Morining Campers! Today the challenge will be more interesting. It will be a two day challenge and will have three parts to it. First part is rowing, second is hiking, and third is a puzzle. The first team to complete the most parts in the challenge wins!" Chris says.

The teams get dressed and head out to part one of the challenge. Chris quickly explains the challenge is to get the flag in the middle of the lake and the teams get ready. Chef fires the flare gun in his hand and the teams climb into their canoe's and over to the middle of the lake. "Row faster!" Courtney yelled. "Stop being so bossy," Josie replied.

Courtney rolled her eyes and continued barking commands. Meanwhile the other team had some difficulty. "Does anyone know how to row in this canoe?" DJ asks looking at the group.

Trent shook his head and took the back ore and tried steering the canoe but it kept spinning in circles. "And the Warriors wins part one of challenge!" Chris says as the other teams pulled on to shore.

The Indians look back at the shore to see the other team jumping up and down. "Well thats just great!" Gwen says rolling her eyes.

"We could totally beat them if we knew how to row," Heather said crossing her arms in front of her chest.

The team slowly but surely makes there way back to shore for part two of the challenge. "This portion is hiking you can choose one of two paths. You can follow the river which is long and slow but easy terrain, or you can take the mountains which is short and fast but with tougher terrain. After you choose your path your team must travela long the chosen path to the lodge for check in for the night which is manditory. First team to the lodge wins this portion, GO!" Chris says with excitement.

The Warriors run off ahead and decide to take the mountains. They begin climbing slowly having slight difficulty one the large rocks. "Come on we have to make it there first!" Courtney says.

"This is going to take too long. The other team is going to win," Duncan said.

"I agree with Duncan," Josie said looking at the steep mountain.

The three began bickering as the team followed behind most of them rolling their eyes or looking fairly annoyed. "I hate walking so much!" Lindsay said slacking behind the group.

Owen walks over to her and picks her up on his shoulder. "Oh my, thank you!" Lindsay giggles and Owen merely smiles.

Izzy happily runs up the hill cathcing up to the bickering three and takes the lead. "Follow me!" Izzy screams loudly. Everyone pushes foward up the steep hill and rocky, slick mess.

Meanwhile the Indians chose to follow the river. "We are never going to beat the other team," Gwen said negatively.

"Way to be a party pooper," Sadie said. "Yeah you part pooper," Katie said.

Gwen rolled her eyes and carried on her negativity and walking. "There is no way they are going to win!" Heather said with a wicked glare of anger in her eyes.

DJ looked around at his unhappy looking team. "Come on guys we can do this!" Dj says trying to motivate them.

The motivation works and the team starts running to gain ground and hopefuly put themself in front of the Warriors. Both teams are making progress and both have an equal chance to win.

Hours go by and night begins to fall. Chris sits outside the lodge with two keys in his hands waiting for the first team to arrive. over the small hill and long twisting path came the Indians running and out of breath. "We did it!" Trent says hugging Gwen.

The Indians cheered as Chris congratulated them and handed them their key to the lodge. The team goes inside and goes to sleep. About an hour later the next team arrives and looks around to see Chris is not there. "Where is Chris?" Josie asked.

A few of the teens in the group groaned in annoyance. " Can we just go inside the lodge already?" Owen asked. "I'm starving!" He continued placing a hand on his grumbling stomach.

The team agreed and walked to the cabin but it was locked. "Maybe there is a key!" Courtney said in a hopeful voice.

As the team set out to look for the key the camera switches to a lounge room where Chris is seen laying on a couch. "Too bad I have the key with me. Looks like they will be sleeping outside," Chris says laughing a little before taking a smoothie an intern hands him.

The camera switches back over to the team searching around the lodge. "UGHH this is no use! I'm going to starve if we don't get some food to eat!" Owen says with wild eyes.

"Calm down bro," Geoff says to Owen placing a hand on his shoulder.

Bridgette looks at her team and frowns. "Looks like we are spending our night outside," She begins to smile at the thought of sleeping under the stars.

Some of the teens smile at the thought while others cringe. "Well its too late for any other options. Might as well get some sleep now," Duncan says taking a spot on the grass and laying back.

Bridgette took a seat and put her hands behind her head and laid back onto the grass. The others continued to do so and eventually everyone was fast asleep.

The next morning the Warrios awake to notice the lodge door unlocked and the Indians already gone. "What?" Courtney screamed. "Why didn't we hear them leave?" She continued to fume.

Bridgette woke up and rolled her eyes at Courtney. "We better get moving if we want to catch up!" Bridgette said.

The team gets up and starts down the long twisting path to the next challenge destination where the Indians already are. Chris stands before them smiling. "Today you will be completing a giant puzzle picture of Chef in a dress. Here to medl the picture for you is Chef himself in the exact same position as in the picture!" Chris says pointing over to Chef who is sitting on a chair with one leg crossed over the other frowning.

The teens laughed at the sight of Chef in a dress and Chris joined in. "Okay now the warriors get the red puzzle and the Indians get the blue. Fist team to finish wins this portion. The team that also wins this portion wins the total challenge. GO!" Chris shouts as he watches the teams run to their puzzles.

The teams get to their puzzles and immdiately get to work. "No that doesn't go there! That piece goes by the bottom!" Heather shouted.

"Put that piece there!" Courtney said to Duncan.

Duncan placed the piece down and continued working. Though it seemed as the teams would be closing near on a tie for this round the warriors disagreed on something. "No it doesn't go to that spot!" Josie shouted at Duncan who argued back.

"What do you know? Just listen to me!" Duncan shouted back.

"Will you both stop acting like children?" Courtney shouted to them.

The other teammates kept working while trying to work past the three arguing teens arms. "Can you just listen to me for once?" Courtney shouted.

"Why would i ever listen to a snobby gi..." Josie began but was cut off by Chris annoucning the other team finished.

The Indians cheered and the warriors glared at Duncan, Courtney, and Josie for fighting and causing their team to lose.

Later at elimination the team members voted and it came to a close tie between Courtney and Josie. Duncan smirked at the fact he wasn't up for elimination and the two girls looked at each other with disgust.

"Well you both pushed you team to its limits and now here you are. At elimination in the bottom two all because of a puzzle? Wow what a way to be remebered..... anyways the person leaving tonight is.........................................

......................... Josie. Grab your stuff and take the walk of shame to the boat of losers," Chris instructed.

Josie turned and looked at the others. She glared at Courtney and then waved goodbye to the people on her team before getting on her boat. "Tune in next time for another episode of TOTAL DRAMA RETAKE!" Chris says and the screen goes black.

Max's Entry

Chris McLean looks over to the final 5 Killer Bass. After 6 straight weeks of elimination, Chris only nods his head in disappointment. "Well, Bass, we've been well aquainted. I call your name, you get a marshamallow." He looks over to the remaining five, Max, Harold, Duncan, Geoff, and Bridgette. "The first marshmallow goes to... Geoff."

Geoff cheers as he catches his marshmallow. "Gracias, dude!"

Chris looks over to Bridgette. "Bridgette." She hugs Geoff and catches her marshmallow.

"Duncan." Duncan shrugs and catches his marshmallow. Max looks down at the ground, and Harold sighs.

"Looks like the two nerds are gonna be split up." Duncan grins.

"Harold, Max. The last marshmallow goes to... Harold." Harold cheers then looks back at Max.

"Well, I saw this coming. I suppose the three "cool people" over there don't like us, Harold." Maxwell says sadly. "Since we're not idiotic partiers who follow the crowd." He pauses to glares to Geoff. "The surfer chick who can't do anything for fear of your "boyfriend" going home." He looks over to Bridgette who sadly looks back at him. ", or punks who think they're all that, when all they are is a d-bag who can dish it out but cannot take it." Duncan gets angry and starts to run over to Max to beat him up, but Max kicks him in the groin. Duncan falls to the ground and Maxwell walks to the boat of losers, cursing out Duncan under his breath.

Chris looks suprised. "Well, I guess you saw it all here. 'Till next time on Total! Drama! Island!" Chris smiles widely as the screen fades to black.

Derek's Entry


1st Eliminated : Sadie (she tries to help Katie win by sabotaging the challenge, Courtney and Geoff discover Sadie's trickery and quickly get everyone to vote Sadie off.)

2nd Eliminated : Eva (during the hide and seek challenge, Eva orders the Bass to hide in one location, but everyone ends up getting caught by the Gophers, out of anger, everyone voted off Eva for obvious reasons)

3rd/4th Eliminated : Katie and Ezekiel (Katie, Duncan and Harold all recieved an equal amount of votes, so the trio had to compete in a cycling race around the island, Duncan and Harold crossed before Katie, witch resulted in her elimination, Chris then revealed a double elimination would take place. and everyone voted off Ezekiel for being to lazy.)

5th Eliminated : Tyler (Tyler sneaked out with Lindsay during the swimming challenge, and Chris revealed all members must be present for the challenge, Trent then volunteered to help the Bass. but the Gophers won none the less, everyone discovered Tyler's betrayal and voted him off.)

6th Eliminated : Bridgette (Courtney and Geoff were at war with each other, and Courtney was desperate to get to the merge before her whole team were eliminated, Courtney teamed up with Duncan and tricked Harold and DJ into helping them lose the challenge, they did so until Harold suggested they voted Bridgette off to weaken Geoff, Courtney did so and she, Duncan, Harold and DJ voted off Bridgette.)

7th Eliminated : Harold (Duncan had fallen out with Courtney and was about to team up with Geoff to get rid of Courtney, but Courtney threatened DJ and Harold, saying that if they betrayed her, she would kill them, Duncan tricked DJ into helping him and Geoff vote for Courtney but DJ placed a vote for Geoff as he thought he was in control to much, Courtney and Harold soon had to comepete in a tiebreaker, Courtney won and Harold was sent home.)

8th Eliminated : Geoff (DJ saw Duncan kissing Courtney, and soon told this to Geoff, it was soon confirmed that Duncan and Courtney were planning on voting DJ out to get to Geoff, Geoff and DJ teamed up against Courtney and Duncan. Duncan and Geoff were going into a tiebreaker, Duncan won and Geoff was sent packing.)

9th Eliminated : Courtney (DJ knew he would be leaving next, and Courtney was sure Duncan would help her vote DJ off, but Duncan shocked the viewing world by voting for Courtney, witch meant Duncan and DJ would be the only two Bass going into the merge, The Gophers were getting ready for them.)


10th Eliminated : Cody (Beth was starting to fall for Cody, but Duncan and Noah tricked her into thinking Cody was saying affensive things about her, but Izzy realised their plan and tried to convince Leshawna to get the others to help vote Duncan or Noah out but Leshawna had already got everyone to vote Cody out. who was the first Gopher eliminated.)

11th Eliminated : Beth (Heather thought Beth was overreacting with Cody's insults, and was planning on voting Beth out. Lindsay, James, Duncan, Noah and Justin teamed up with her to do this but DJ, Leshawna, Trent, Gwen, Beth and Izzy were all planning on voting Heather out. Heather and Beth went into a tiebreaker and Heather won, sending Beth home.)

12th Eliminated : Izzy (Izzy was annoyed with the others actions for letting Beth be eliminated so easily, but Leshawna put the blame on Owen for not helping them vote Heather off with a majority vote, Owen was annoyed by this but Trent got him to see sense. meanwhile Leshawna and Heather were making a temporary alliance to get rid of Izzy, Izzy was annoyed greatly after she was eliminated by a majority vote.)

13th Eliminated : Justin (Justin was planning on making an alliance to counter Heather's alliance and Leshawna's alliance. but Lindsay overheard Justin gloating about the plan to Owen, and soon told Heather, who then told Leshawna. both alliances then voted Justin out before his alliance could get in the middle of Heather and Leshawna's battle.)

14th Eliminated : Trent (Heather and Leshawna both agreed that Trent was a threat to both alliances, after Gwen, James, Owen and DJ found out about this, they teamed up with Trent to vote Leshawna out for betraying them. Trent and Leshawna were entered into another tiebreaker witch Leshawna won, resulting in Trent's elimination.)

15th Eliminated : Gwen (Gwen felt betrayed by Leshawna and soon revealed to everyone that she would be leaving the competition as she missed Trent to much, Owen, Lindsay, Duncan and DJ all tried to convince Gwen to stay, but her mind was set. Chris then sent her to the Boat of Losers and Gwen was soon gone...)

16th Eliminated : Noah (Noah and Duncan had gotten into an argument and were on bad terms with each other, Noah was teaming up with Owen and Duncan was teaming up with DJ. Duncan then tricked Heather into helping him vote Noah out. due to Duncan, James, DJ, Heather, Lindsay and Leshawna all voting for Noah, Noah was sent packing.)

17th Eliminated : Owen (Owen was shocked that the cast would fall for Duncan's trick, Duncan asked Owen how he knew, Owen revealed that he heard Duncan talking to DJ about it, Heather and Duncan then made an alliance to get rid of Owen, but DJ and Lindsay betrayed them while Leshawna left the alliance. Duncan and Heather voted for Owen. DJ and Lindsay voted for each other, James voted for Duncan and Leshawna voted for Lindsay. Owen and Lindsay went into a tiebreaker witch Lindsay won by the skin of her teeth.)

18th Eliminated : Heather (Leshawna and James made an alliance to get rid of Lindsay as they thought she was the only one standing between them and Heather. Duncan later joined the alliance and Heather found herself cornered. with Duncan, James and Leshawna all voting for Heather and Lindsay and DJ voting for each other again. Heather was finally defeated and sent packing.)

19th Eliminated : James (Leshawna started to grow confident with her chances of winning, so she betrayed James and made a new alliance with Lindsay. Duncan and DJ were both planning on voting for Leshawna due to her cockiness. at the vote off, Duncan and DJ voted for Leshawna, Lindsay and Leshawna voted for James, James and Leshawna would be heading into a tiebreaker but Chris didn't want another one, so he decided to pick either James or Leshawna to be voted off, he chose James and James was sent to Playa Des Losers.)

20th Eliminated : Leshawna (Leshawna continued to gloat saying she would win easily. Duncan, DJ and Lindsay were annoyed by this and all voted for Leshawna at the vote off, witch wiped the smile right off of Leshawna's face.)

21st Eliminated : Duncan (Chris told the final three that the challenge was going to be who could hike a mountain on Boney Island the fastest. Duncan was attacked by a bear during the hike, and this slowed him down, DJ and Lindsay reached the top first and Duncan arrived shortly after, beaten up badly. Duncan tried to save himself from elimination by saying the bear slowed him down, but Chris didn't believe him that a bear attacked him. witch meant an angry Duncan was sent to Playa Des Losers.)

Runner - Up : Lindsay (DJ and Lindsay were taken to the middle of the ocean to see who could find a way to get back to Camp Wawanakwa quicker, both Lindsay and DJ got to the camp at the same time and were tasked to race each other to the finish line, DJ crossed the line before Lindsay witch meant Lindsay finished as the runner - up.)

WINNER : DJ (DJ managed to cross the finish line before Lindsay in the final challenge, DJ was given the 100,000 dollar check and was made the winner of Total Drama Island!)

DJ was the winner in both my elimination orders!?. i guess i'm a DJ fan! :)

Zoom's Entry

Sorry, it's a bit rushed. I'm real busy with projects and stuff, and I just wanted to have entered something. XD Enjoy.

The marshmellow flies past me.

Right into Heather's welcoming hands.

I look down, ashamed.

Gwen has failed us, and has therefore just confirmed our demise in this game.

Starting with me, of course.

I sigh, not making eye contact with anyone just yet, and as I lightly trace the edges of the stump I sit on with my hand, I think back to early that morning...

* * * *

"Okay, listen up you two." I say quietly, looking at my alliance of Cody and Lindsay, to make sure they are listening.

We are sitting in the shade of an old oak tree, its branches swaying in the breeze. We know we only have a few minutes before Chris calls us to the days challenge.

"We're listening, Zoom." Lindsay says, smiling happily, her blond hair shimmering in the sunlight. I can't help but smile back at her. Cody sees this, and nudges me in a friendly way, clearly feeling awkward.

"Well, what is it?" He asks me, and I break away from Lindsay's gaze.

"Okay, guys, we are three people. Heather's alliance, now that we've merged, is three people. So... We need just one more person to take her out. And then we'll be the strongest alliance, and biggest, left in the game! We'll be assured final three!" I say, strating of serious, and becoming excited.

Cody questions my plan, "But what happens then?"

"Let's cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, let's relax, and hopefully all of us can get immunity this challenge." I say, smiling.

My alliance members agree, and we seperate, so as to not look suspicious to the other campers.

And when Chris calls us to the challenge...

* * * *

I strain to remember anything else at that point. I have blurry images of the challenge: me running through the forest as fast as I can, someone giving chase to me; Chris explaining the just of the chall, which I think is like a Hunger Games, without the actual killing part; somehow knowing I was in the final two, a cannon sounding somewhere far off; and probably the blurriest of them all: Eva jumping out of a bush and wacking me over the head with the end of a hockey stick, shouting, "I WIN!"

At that point, I rub my head, and find a huge bump she must have given me.

I decide not to waste any more time, and get off this crappy island.

I look up to see Chris staring down at me, holding an empty plate.

"Sorry, Zoom. Your time on Total Drama Island has come to an end. Grab your bag, and head on down to the dock. Your ride awaits." He says, sounding depressed, but with a slight smirk on his lips.

I can tell why. Chris McLean never really liked me, I was too good in challenges for his taste. I always showed him up a little too well.

And now I want to punch him in his stupid looking face.

"Sure. Thanks Chris." I say, the sarcasm thick in my voice, but he ignores it.

As I stand up, I flip my backpack onto my shoulders. Lindsay jumps off of her chair and runs up to me.

"Wait, no! We had four votes... Right? Then how'd you get voted out, Zoom?" She says, sounding very confused and upset.

"We thought we had four votes, Linds. We thought..." I say, and I turn around and stare right at Gwen.

She shrivels back from my glare, clearly ashamed of having chosen Heather over her real friends: us.

If only she had chosen our side...

* * * *

I meet with my alliance under the old oak tree again, this time with an additional member: Gwen.

I decide to let Cody do the talking, although I'm clearly the leader of our gang. But I'm still pretty beat up from the challenge, and he wanted to anyways. I mean, it is Gwen. Wink, wink.

"So, Gwenny, will you join us in voting out Heather?" Cody asks her sweetly, after explaining our strategy to her, excluding the parts about him, Linds, and me as the final three.

"I... I don't know, honestly. You guys are really smart, and your plan seems fool proof... But I can't seem to vote with the people who outed LeShawna." She says, sounding truthful to what she is saying.

Lindsay sighs.

"Listen, Gwen. I know LeShawna would want you to win... And you can! But you have to come with us, Heather is just too mean to let anyone win but herself." Lindsay says to her, sounding very persuading.

Gwen seems to light up a bit, but then the light seems to flicker out, and she becomes depressing again.

"I still really don't know." She manages to say, after a couple of seconds.

Sadly, I pat her back.

"It's okay, Gwen. Just think about it. I know you'll choose us in the end." I say, hoping my words cheer her up.

She looks up at me, and actually smiles.

"Thanks Zoom. I will think about it." She says, and our group disperses.

* * * *

He smile was false.

She chose Heather, and therefore betrayed us in the most terrible way.

Heather, of all people.

I turn my head away from Gwen, not wanting to see her lying face for another second. I look back at Lindsay, who has tears in her eyes. She rushes forward and gives me a bear hug.

"I'll miss you, Zooms." She says, now crying.

Cody steps forward, clearly upset, but not as outwordly emotional as Lindsay.

"Ya, it really sucks that you're gone, man." He manages to say, not wanting to sound all choked up.

I gesture for him to join mine and Lindsay's hug, and the three of us stay that way for a while. I feel a bit better, until-

"Uh, Chris? How can you allow this to happen? Just get Zoom's skinny little butt out of here, before I lose it." Says a voice behind me.


And that's when I snap.

Whipping out of my hug and around to face her, I walk forward until I'm standing a foot in front of where she sits. Wanting to stand her ground, she attempts to stand also, but I push her down with my hand on the top of her head.

"Shut up, Heather. Just shut the **** up." I say coldly, staring right into her eyes.

"Oh, please. You're jsut some puny wimp from a gigantic family. Get out of my face, and go back to your shack." She responds to me, seemingly unaffected.

I don't know what to say. I just don't have any fight left in me, and suddenly, I just want to get into the Boat of Losers and sleep all the way home.

But to my surprise, Lindsay steps forward to stand beside me.

"He said shut up, Heather." Lindsay says.

And she slaps her across the face.

Everyone, including me, gasps, and Heather grabs her face, so shocked and in pain that she can't even speak.

Lindsay turns to me, grabs me in another hug, and whispers in my ear so that only I can hear:

"There's your good-bye present. Now, get out of here before Heather freaks at us both." She says, smirking.

I smile at her, and nod, squezzing her tight. When we both let go of each other, I nod at the other contestants, who all seem pretty shocked by Lindsay's attack on Heather.

I laugh at their astonished faces, and Lindsay does to. Cody joins in, and as I give Total Drama Island one last wave and head for the dock, I think to myself.

What an awesome, ****ed up island.

Judging Ten

Darek: If you can't do the challenge right, you don't deserve any high mark TBH. 1/10.

Josie: Meh, I only actually care about the elimination, so that's all I'm reading, your elimination was boring, the only thing there was a wave :/ 5/10 For effort.

Max: Aha, actually some one who did the challenge right, and it did it in an entertaining manner :D 8/10.

Zoomer: An interesting take on the whole challenge, it explained who, why, and how you felt. Best of the best :) 9/10.

Derek, you're the lowest scorer, and have yet to win a single challenge. You are eliminated.

Derek: (sighs and walks away...)

Challenge Eleven

Alfan:Final four, soon to be final two. Your challenge is going to be very specific. Especially since it will be person specific. :P

Zoom-You are to write a tragic story about a Total Drama character after World Tour. It cannot be anyone who made the final five, of World Tour. The demands are for it to start tragic, and end happy, as you are good at happy stories. Have fun with it.

Max-Your story is about the Total Drama Band-Trent, Cody, Harold, and Justin- at their first gig. You like music, so enjoy.

Mrodd-Fantasy lover, eh? You get to write a Total Drama story parodying Twilight. You pick the characters, who they become, and all that. Good luck.

Josie-You get a "special" challenge. What if the Total Drama Girls were pitted against each other in a cheerleading battle? All of the competing girls from Total Drama, minus Blaineley, are to be in it, with six girls per team. The rest is up to you. Good luck, all.

Alfan:You all get specially chosen challenges so we can see if you can handle doing one alone. Good luck, all.

Mrodd's Entry

Josie's Entry

Zoom's Entry

Max's Entry

Judging of the Semi Finale

Alfan:No one entered. <~< Max is definetly out. And because I'm mad at you all, MrE chooses who to bring with him to loser land. <~< Max, choose wisely. :o

Alfan:This camp is over. lawl I'll be fairly honest. Mrodd has done incredibly well time and time again. Zoom is also a great writer, but he hasn't entered as many times as Mrodd. And MrE eliminated Josie, so Max 4th. Josie 3rd, Zoom 2nd and Mrodd 1st. Yeah, no finale challenge. PEACE. ~V

Mrodd: Awww, thanks <3

Zoom: YAY MRODDY! :D *huggles* We did awesome. :3

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