tdiLanceknox is back and with a brand new camp to boot. In this season most of the original contestants duke it out for a million dollars. Who will win? Find out on the exciting season of Total. tdiLanceknox. Island!

Contestants- Sign-up( up to 3 per person)

Screaming Eagles

  1. DJ-NLG343
  2. Trent- Samey
  3. Justin- Samey
  4. Noah- SerenelyChaotic
  5. Heather- Dark
  6. Izzy- OstianWendy
  7. Beth- OstianWendy
  8. Leshawna- SerenelyChaotic
  9. Lindsay- SerenelyChaotic

Killer Whales

  1. Harold- NLG343
  2. Duncan- NLG343
  3. Geoff- XxSolarEclipsexX
  4. Tyler- Dark
  5. Ezekiel- Samey
  6. Katie- XxSolarEclipsexX
  7. Eva- OstianWendy
  8. Courtney- XxSolarEclipsexX
  9. Bridgette- Dark


Chris- Im your host Chris Mclean! Once everyone arrives, we'll start, until then chat here.

(several hours later) Not very talkative eh?

Heather: No one here is worth talking too...

Harold: *raises an eyebrow* Excuse me?

Chris: Alright, tension right off the bat, outstanding!

Duncan: Woah! Hey! Chris! Calm Down!

Chef: No one tells Chris to calm down except me!

(If no one signs up by tomorrow, I'm going to sign up for the open slots myself)

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