this is shocker the Hedgehog(My sonic fc) to total drama sonic

The max characters you can sign up is 3. Put your username by the characther your using to sign up

Contestants and teams :

The chaos emeralds

1. Amy Rose - Samey

2.Sonic - Jomack03

3.Tails - Fuzzboy

4.Blaze the cat

5. Shadow - Jomack03

6. Silver - Jomack03

7.Rouge the bat- Derpy

The world rings

8.wave the swollow

9.Espio the charmeleon-

10.Knuckles the echinda-

11.cream the rabbit- 

12.Tikal the echinda

13.Jet the hawk

14.Sally acorn-

Elimination order

The person whos eliminated's team will be shown

14th place:

13th place:

12th place:

11th place:

10th place:

9th place:

8thh place:


7th place

6th place

5th place

4th place

3rd place

Runner up:


Episode 1

Pre challange chat

Shocker:Welcome to total drama sonic. There are our contestants

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