There has been a total drama world tour. A total drama ridonculous race. But what about the rest of the galaxy.Thats why in total drama galactic tour we will be traveling all over the galaxy. The max players you can enter is 3 players to sign up all i need is your acount name, your charecthers name and gender. Also what your character is classified as.

I engourage you to participate fc's Only

The episodes will be started and continued friday and the weekends weekends.If you are too inactive and don't participate in challanges and give reasons why you did not. You might be auto eliminated.

Challange can be added onto at any time

Deadline for the challenge is june 10th 3:00 pm est


striking meteors: Jakob, Willow, digit, Asshunta, ace, will, and jimmy

Cosmic comets:Serenity Khao$ , Lance, Jeanette, Mueme , Aohbihvbqnj, Lexi and grace

welcome to tdgt Also know as Total drama galactic tour

Contestants(Closed) E=eliminated

1) Serenity Khao$ - The Serene Chaos - SerenelyChaotic

2) Jakob - The Creepily Obsessed - SerenelyChaotic

3) Willow - The Spiritual Hippie - Samey

4) Lexi - The Wannabe Princess - Samey

5) Ace-the real American-lance (E)

6) Lance- Probably thinks too much- Lance

7) Jimmy - The Short Nerd - Surfer

8) Will - The Arrogant Prep School Athlete - Surfer

9) Jeanette - The Friendly Goth - Franky494

10) Digit - The Athletic Nerd - Franky494

11) Grace - The Sassy Grandma - Surfer

12) Muemue - The Milker - Wendy

13) Aohbihvbqnj - The Illiterate Keyboard Masher - Wendy

14) Asshunta - The Booty Hutnter - Wendy

Sience i haven't made a camp evrey sence we left the old site. I decided it was time to start a new one

Elimination order

teams the elim order is the ones who were eliminated names are placed next to the episode they were eliminated Also the people marked low are the people wkth second to most votes

  1. Moon madness:Ace (Low:digit)
  2. Venus venturing:








Episode 14 The finale

Runner up:


Pre chat:

Jay: Hello evreyone this is your host jay. And welcome to tdgt also known as Total drama galactic tour where we will be traveling all over the galaxy

Serenity Khao$: 'Sup, y'all!

Jakob: What a... fascinating... creature....

Will: 'Sup.

Jimmy: Well, we're in space, so nothing is neither up nor down. Our earthly minds can't grasp the greatness of space with cardinal directions.

Grace: Nerd!

Aohbihvbqnj: Lkinsiubh @Grace, iuhidfv Jasbfj lg'lnjdn qud.

Grace: Speak English like a real American, b****!

Willow: Hola 

Ace: That's my line Grace! But im glad to see you embracing the way of the Real American!

Lexi: Hola yo me llamo Lexi.

Episode 1 : Moon Madness

Jay: campers gather around. So for todays challenge you will ride one of theese perfectly safe rocket ships. *a ship falls apart and chef brings a new one in* So we can go to the moon. Watch out for meteors and black holes. 3,2,1, Go


Grace: I don't see the point of this... *rides rocket ship*

Jimmy: Rocket science? This is right up my alley! *rides rocket ship*

Will: Rocket ships are for losers. *rides rocket ship*

Lance: I don't think this is a good idea. *rides rocket ship*

Ace: LEEROY JEEEEENKINS!!!!!! *rides rocket ship* WOOOOOOO!!!!!

Willow: *rides rocket ship*

Lexi: *rides rocket ship* 

*Suddenly firey meteors come after the contestants ships* 

Grace: oh noes fiery meatiors *dodges*

Jimmy: *dodges*

Will: *dodges*

Over ship intercoms: jay:"Did i mention the homing missles"

*the homing missles home on to the contestants ships*

Will: WTF *dodges*

Jimmy: *dodges*

Grace: *doges like a doge*

*The homing missles keep following them*

Grace: *outflies them*

Jimmy: *crosses paths with Will, causing homing missiles to collide with each other*

Willow: *dodges*  

Lexi: *dodges*

*A bell dings* Well contestants of you have watched total drama world tour. You know what that ding means. It's time to sing!

*A stray laser hits wills ship*

Jimmy: We're on a ship...

Grace: And we're gonna die...

Will: *spinning out* I really don't know how to fly!!!

Lance: *dodges* I can't sing

Ace: *dodging skillfully* And I love America!

Willow: Yo me llamo Willow pero me pueden llamarme Will

Jeanette: *rides rocket ship* Time to plan a funeral

Digit: *rides rocket ships* Our death will be today (Sorry, i didnt realise it had started ~ Franky494, if its too late to start challenge, my apologies)

Lexi: *smiles*

Lance: *thinks of something witty to say* *about to say something*


*Song ends* Jay: Oh look contestants your almost at our first destination. *The contestants fly up to the moon and they're ships crash into the moon*

Jay:Now it's time i tell you guys the teams. Jakob,,Willow,Jimmy,digit,will Asshunta and ace. You are the striking meteors

Jay: Serenity Khao$ , Lance, Jeanette, Mueme , Aohbihvbqnj, Lexi and grace are ,The cosmic comet

Jay: Sience will was he only one to get hit. THE Striking meteors loose

Elimimation 1: Striking meteor

JAY: okay campers time to cast your votes (To cast a vote put the name of the person you want out by your name . I mean the characther name)

Jakob : Adios Ace

Willow: Yo voto por Ace Adios 


Asshunta: Sorry but I vote for Ace

ace: I vote for digit for not doing anything, that's un-American!



Jay:(Sience jimmy will and digit didn't vote there vote counts agianst them) The votes are in if i throw you a cheesebirger your safe *Throws jakob,will,willow and asshunta cheeseburgers* Digit and ace there is only one cheeseburger left. And it goes to... 

Jay:Digit! Im sorry ace but you have been eliminated. Follow me to our new elimination device *There is a black hole up in the sky and we put ace in a rocket* Any last words ace? 

Ace: Not voting is un-American! He should be eliminated for not voting, in America! and this rocket better have been made in America!

Jay: Nope its from china. *The rocket flys into the sky and explodes* And ace Flys out of the explosion and into the black hole* "Wich team will win next who will be eliminated find out Next time on..

Jay: Total drama galactic tour!

Episode 2: Venus venturing

Pre challange chat:

Lexi: Me encanta los quesos.

Lance: Everybody still hates Ace.

Jay:Okay campers follow me to the TOTAL DRAMA SPACESHIP *A space shuttle with the tdgt logo comes infront of them. It is gigantic. Come on in so we can start the trip to our first destination VENUS! *The contestants board the ship with jay*

Challange 2

Jay:Campers we have now landed on venus

Jay:we are starting our next challange. The mansion of magma . What you have to do is enter this building lava will rise up in the biulding. You will have to climb to the roof in the air vents. The first team with all there players at the roof have to tell me when you are done *The players are sent into biulding*(Tell me in the edit you make when your characther climbs out of the roof*)

Jay:3,2,1 Go *Lava starts rising and contestantsstart to climb up vents*

Jimmy: *climbs*

Will: *climbs*

Grace: *climbs*

Lexi: *climbs*

Willow: *climbs*

*Lava starts to come into the vents* Jay:you better hurry to the roof. Or the consequences will be red hot.

Jimmy: Ah!!! *climbs*

Lexi: esa lava es muy caliente *climbs*

Willow: se quema *climbs*

*Bell dings* Jaylen: I hope your ready for to do some vocals, It's time to sing

Jimmy: We're on Venus

Grace: This lava's burning my anus!

Will: This host must hate us.

Lexi: La lava me quema.

Willow: ten calma Lexi.

Aohbihvbqnj: jIHuovighb9uoi, NHUih9HIOJ!

MueMue: Hope you like cows, cos this girl is gonna SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

*Song stops*

Jay:Sorry but we did not need any of that. *Lava starts rising to a speed of 50 miles per hour*

*A trapdoor opens at the top of the vents revealing the exit*

Jimmy: *climbs*

Grace: *climbs*

Will: *Climbs*

*A boxing glove drops out of the trapdoor*

Lance: *climbs*

Lexi: (CONF) Me quema la lava. La lava es muy muy caliente.

Jay (over intercom):Only a few minutes left until time runs out

Willow: Que pueden hacer?

(Evreyone may start arriving at the top now)

*3 trapdoors open revealing 3 bright white lights*

Jay: the exits have been opened just follow the white lights and youll be out

Lexi: (CONF) Hey hay pizzas en una pizzeria

(I forgot to mention make sure you type ive made it when your at the top)

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