Welcome to Total Macy's Parade Island!,We're 20 Cartoon Stars compete in an island and will win 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars and will lead the 2015 Parade!


  • Sonic the Hegehog-Total Drama Yoshi
  • Red Power Ranger-PolarJack77
  • Pikachu-Total Drama Yoshi
  • Spider-man-GhostNoises
  • Mickey Mouse-GhostNoises
  • Superman-PolarJack77
  • Spongebob SquarePants-SerenelyChaotic
  • Greg Heffely-PolarJack77
  • Snoopy-SerenelyChaotic
  • The Honey Nut Cheerios Bee-OstinWendy
  • Hello Kitty-DarkKid99
  • Kool-Aid Man-Heozanki
  • Betty Boop-OstinWendy
  • Olive Oyl-Ma
  • Smurf-Conkerchu
  • Raggendy-Ann-DarkKid99
  • Garfield-Total Yoshi Island
  • Ronald Mcdonald-SerenelyChaotic
  • Babe the Pig-PolarJack77
  •'s Jevees-GalaxyRemixZ


  • Sock Puppet AKA Buddy-Does most of the stuff
  • Willard Scott-The Chef
  • Kaite Couric-The Elimation Person


Role-playing Rules

  1. No sock puppeting (You already know that)
  2. No cursing unless it's censored
  3. No sexual innuendos
  4. No Messaging me that you want to come back You will be out for comebacks
  5. Do not use Buddy (Or Sock Puppet),Kaite or Willard if you do I'll atuo-eliminate you
  6. This is A Total Drama Season I expect you to change the characters personality
  7. If your doing a cabin segment use your team name or you break in

Elimination Rules

  1. I struggled through ROBLOX TDI games facing elimination and getting eliminated first just because They were girls and they wanted a girls-only team so if your the person who gets eliminated just because they're the opposite gender only and the person who was safe they will get eliminated also,
  2. Vote a person that has a good reason not something stupid
  3. Re-signups are available when a person gets eliminated

Also Rule number 4. Have Fun!

Episode 1


Buddy- Hi there old friends Buddy from is back! Today I'm going to have my new game show Called.....Total Macy's Island were 20 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade stars get to win 1,000,000 dollars! and get to lead the 2015 parade and become the 2015 holiday ambassador! Let's go to the Bus and get our 1st contestant

Cheerio's Bee: Hey it's me the Cheerio's Bee *buzz* Jeeves says shut the f*ck up you kunt *throat punches Cheerio's Bee*

Cheerio's Bee: Taste my phat a$$ *twerks on Jeeves*

Smurf: He smurfs some serious smurf. I can hardly smurf what he smurfs... SmUrFFF....! O---u----O Jeeves says he is now wet with excitement... Jeeves exclaims make it rain! *throws cash at Cheerio's Bee*

Cheerio's Bee: Thanks honey but I'm already rolling in the ca$h money.

Betty Boop: Same honestly

Smurf: Oh ma smurf! He's smurfing it smurf and that is like a smurfing smurf, smurf! D: (CONF: People can smurf what I smurf, right?)

Betty Boop: Same? @Smurf

Smurf: Smurf? @Betty

Spongebob Squarepants: *Dolphin-esque laugh*

Ronald McDonald: Eat my fries, kids! *Throws hamburgers* Oh, wait! *Laughs*

Hello Kitty: *Waves*

Raggedy Ann: S'up?

Pikachu: Pika!

Sonic: Hey...

Garfield: I hate Mondays. Wait, it isn't Monday! Nice!

Buddy- Guys, Calm down we're almost there

(Greg jumps into the window)

Greg- Guys calm,down there's no need to fight Cheerios' Bee and Jeeves

Superman- Sup fallas'

(All the Girls shrieks)

Power Ranger- And me!

Spooderman: wuts taht tinglie fellin

Mickey Mouse: Kids, adults, men, women... EVERYONE LOVES MICKEY MOUSE ;-) *smokes crack*


Elimination Order

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