The 2nd Hunger Games 

The 2nd Hunger games it's cooming soon !! there are 24 tributs, two for distircts !! in the last Hunger Games Brandi of the Distrct 1 win !! NOW WE HAVE A NEW TRIBUTS !! NEW CHALLENGE !! NEW DEATH AND NEW WINNER !!! The Second Hunger Games will begin the 7 or 8 April !!!

Sign-up Tributes (Closed)

  1. Inca/17/Distirct 4/Female/LiamLiamLiam ( Careers )
  2. Breeze/16/District 8/Male/LiamLiamLiam
  3. Wendy/17/District 2/Female/Tikkibikki ( Careers )
  4. Chuck/15/Distirct 7/Male/Tikkibikki
  5. Rick/16/Distirct 3/Male/xRosHearts  
  6. Amanda/17/District 1/Female/xRosHearts ( Careers )
  7. Peekay/15/District 4/Male/ReisenMoon ( Careers )
  8. Twilight/15/Distirct 5/Female/ReisenMoon
  9. Lily/16/Disitrct 7/Female/LinsdayxJustin 
  10. Lara/14/Distitct 9/Female/LinsdayxJustin
  11. Dylan/12/Distirct 6/Male/Stars&Straps
  12. Cassie/17/Disitrct 6/Female/Stars&Straps
  13. Marley/16/Distirct 2/Male/Mrunknown ( Careers )
  14. Chrystal/14/District 10/Female/Mrunknown 
  15. Ivan/18/Distrct 5/Male/TDSchool
  16. Jenni/15/District 8/Female/TDSchool
  17. Makosi/16/District 12/Female/Jordan
  18. Austin/15/District 9/Male/CapitanSparklez13
  19. Caden/16/District 12/Male/CapitanSparklez13
  20. Mica/12/District 11/Female/XxXMidget in a BikiniXxX
  21. Logan/16/District 1/Male/TrentFan ( Careers )
  22. Vicky/17/District 3/Female/MRace2010
  23. Decan/Distrct 10/Male/MRace2010
  24. Unkinwon/Distirct 11/Male/??
  25. Brandi/District 1/Female/XxXMidget in a MikiniXxX ( THE PREVIOUS WINNER )


Previous Winnwer ( D.1 )

  • Brandi

Distrct 1

  • Logan 
  • Amanda

District 2

  • Marley
  • Wendy

District 3

  • Rick
  • Vicky

District 4

  • Peekay
  • Inca

Distrct 5

  • Ivan
  • Twilight

Distrct 6

  • Dylan
  • Cassie

Distirct 7

  • Chuck
  • Lily

Distrct 8

  • Breeze
  • Jenni

District 9

  • Austin
  • Lara

Distirct 10

  • Decan
  • Chrystal

District 11

  • Unknwon
  • Mica

District 12

  • Caden
  • Makosi


  1. BE ACTIVE !!
  2. You can Have Sponsors and Mantors
  3. You can Kill or be Killed
  4. The Games is based on survivial
  5. If survive 2 (boys / girls) of the same district can win together
  6. You can swearing with Sh*t


Unknown - District 11 - Male - Day 1/BloodBath - Killed by Cornucopia

Mica - District 11 - Female - Day 1/BloodBath - Killed by Caden

Breeze - District 8 - Male - Day 1/BloodBath - Killed by Wendy

Makosi - District 12 - Female - Day 1/Beach - Killed by Careers

Cassie - District 6 - Female - Day 1/Night - Killed by Animal

Dylan - District 6 - Male - Day 1/Night - Killed by Animal

Jenni - District 8 - Female - Day 2/Forest - Killed by Brandi 

Peekay - District 4 - Male - Day 2/River - Killed by Caden

Chrystal - District 10 - Female - Day 3/Mountain - Killed by Lily

Austin - District 9 - Male - Day 3/Mountain - Killed by Caden

Caden -  District 12 - Male - Day 3/Mountain - Killed by Himself

Marlery - District 2 - Male - Day 3/Forest - Killed by Inca

Twilight - District 5 - Female - Day 4/Unknown Place - Disappearance

Amanda - District 1 - Female - Day 4/River - Drowned

Logan - District 1 - Male - Day 4/Tree - Killed by Poison

Wendy - District 4 - Female - Day 4/Fire - Killed by Vicky and Decan

Rick - District 3 - Male - Day 4/Fire - Killed by Fire

Brandi - District 1 - Female - Day 4/Fire - Herself *** ( Brandi doesn't die, see Day 4 for reason )

?? Who's the next ??

( 7 Alive )








Reason of Death

Unknown: when the all runs for the weapons a one of the careers kill him,he tried to safe him but he was killed cruelly 

Mica: the little girl ran towards the cornucopia when an arrow hit her on the leg by dropping the girl, she tried to escape but the wound was very serious, a second arrow shots mica this time in the neck, the girl die slowly 

Breeze: he had been standing, he was too scared, Wendy took the opportunity to kill him, Wendy threw him to the ground to and began to hit him on his stomach, he vomited blood, after 10 fatal blows and large falls about blood dies the guy in the whole the stomach open and filled about blood

Makosi: the girl was eating when an animal from the semblance unknown attacks and after it has been bitten several times the animal was gone, the girl's body was now deceased

Cassie & Dylan: the two guys were sleeping in a tree without any weapon, they were awakened by the sound of a strange animal,with a jump she dropped Cassie, the girl was confused but he saw that Dylan was running away, the lion the killed her before she escape , killed her cruelly and chases after dylan, he went the same way, if not worse 

Dead Table

Tribute District Weapon Fate Killed By Alliances Day Place
Chuck Dictrict 7 [Food], Longsword Alive / Threesome Never 1st/2nd
Lily  Distirct 7 Throwning Knives Alive / Threesome Never 2nd/1st
Ivan Distirct 5 Axe Decased Chuck,Lily Ivan Alliances Day 7 3rd
Decan Distirct 10 Knives Decased Chuck,Lily Poor District Day 6 4th
Inca District 4 Axe Decased Decan,Ivan Careers Day 5 5th
Vicky Distirct 3 [Food] Decased Chuck / Day 5 7th/6th
Lara Distirct 9 Spear Decased Inca Poor District Day 5 7th/6th
Brandi District 1 Axe "Alive" Herself Threesome Day 4 8th
Rick District 3 Sword Decased Fire Threesome Day 4 9th
Wendy District 2 Knuckle Buster Decased Decan,Vicky Careers Day 4 10th
Logan Distirct 1 Trident Decased Decan Careers/Poor D. Day 4 11th
Amanda District 1 Axe Decased Ivan Careers Day 4 12th
Twilight District 5 Throwning Knives Decased Chuck Ivan Alliances Day 4 13th
Marley District 2 [Medicinal] Decased Inca Careers Day 3 14th
Caden Distirct 12 Bow & Arrow Decased Himself Poor District Day 3 15th
Austin Distirct 9 Thomahawks Decased Caden Poor District Day 3 16th
Chrystal District 10 Ninja Stars Decased Lily / Day 3 17th
Peekay District 4 Katana Decased Caden Careers Day 2 18th
Jenni District 8 Dagger Decased Brandi,Lily Ivan Alliances Day 2 19th
Dylan District 6 / Decased Animal-2 / Day 1 20th
Cassie Distirct 6 / Decased Animal-2 / Day 1 21st
Makosi Distirct 12 / Decased Animal-1 / Day 1 22nd
Breeze District 8 / Decased Wendy / Day 1 23rd
Mica District 11 [Food] Decased Caden / Day 1  24th
Unknown Distirct 11 / Decased BloodBath / Day 1  25th

Elimination Table

Tribute Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
8th Brandi WIN SAFE Quit
13th Twilight  SAFE SAFE SAFE DEAD
14th Marley SAFE SAFE DEAD
15th Caden WIN WIN DEAD
16th Austin SAFE SAFE DEAD
17th Chrystal SAFE WIN DEAD
18th Peekay SAFE DEAD
19th Jenni SAFE DEAD
20th Dylan DEAD
21st Cassie DEAD
22nd Makosi DEAD
23rd Breeze DEAD
24th Mica DEAD
25th Tribute  DEAD

WIN = This tribute kill a tribute

LOW = This tribute is injured

District Elimination

12th - District 11

11th - District 6

10th - District 8

9th - District 12

8th - District 1

7th - District 2

6th - TBA

5th - TBA

4th - TBA

3rd - TBA

2nd - TBA

1st - TBA

Pre-Chat and Training

Peekay: Hello, Anyone?

Rick: Hey!

Twilight: Everyone thinks that Vylla is a curse but the truth is that it is a blessing, Holle is a curse.

Devon: I'm here and I will stay to the end.

Cassie: This will be an easy win. I could kill everybody here in less that a second.

(I Will take a male from district 12 Perferably Caden - CaptainSparklez13)

Austin: *Punches a dummy in the face lips over it while kicking it over*

Amanda: *Stabs a dummy with a dagger*

Chrystal: *does her hearing training* *dummy pops out of the ground* *throws ninja stars* 

Marley: *sharping his dualswords*

Mica: Hi.....

Wendy: *puts on knuckle buster and punches through a dummy*

Mica: *Thorws a spear at the dummy*

Austin: (CONF) Im kinda p*ssed that i got picket to be in these hunger games but with my luck i can do anything and that starts with training

Rick: I'd rather survive.

Austin: No i thoguht you wanted to die! (CONF) Who wouldent survive isint that the point of these games?

Mica: It sucks be revived I died in the last hunger games... By blood lost.

Chrystal: So anyone afraid?

Lily: afraid of what ?

Chrystal: well I don't know if you realize, we are supose to kill eachother

Marley: *eating Jamaican soup*

Lily: it matters little....first then we all die,even those who win will die one day.......

Rick: Don't look at the depressing things in life, instead enjoy the best of it. And fight for what you believe in.

Marley: Does anyone want's some soup? It's dilicious!

Lily: Exactly Rick,shut up Marley,soon the game starts it's better if you go to train !!

Rick: Lily, I hope we can be friends even if we're in the arena.

Lily: oh yeah Rick, but i remember you there is only winner

Marley: Rick, Lily want any soap?

Chrystal: I like some *drinks the soup* AAAH WHAT"S IN IT PEPPER?

Marley: yeah it's peppersoup, it's good for your eye side!

Lara: that's ridicolus Marley ! i think you will the first vicitim of the game....

Marley: Way? I just trying be nice to offer some food, I even drink it myself *drink a bowl of soup* (CONF) All these people are so focused on killing eachother later. I mean I am Marley, I am all for peace I wouldn't kill anyone if I don't have to for my own protection. And BTW that Lilly is kinda hot! (END CONF)

Amanda: If your not strong enough I'll kill you with my hands.

Lily: are a careers Marley ?.....*Luaghs*

Amanda: Doubt it.

Marley: What is a careers?

Chrystal: *throws a ninja star at a dummy*

Breeze: *Throws a Axe at a dummy* Nice shot.

Chrystal: Thanks eventhough I dunno you were talking to me *throws more Ninja stars at dummies*

Caden: Im so nervous O.o

Mica: *Thorws Spear at Dummy*

Chrystal: You should be *throws Ninja star, almost hit Caden* We are about to die.. 

Decan: *throws spear at Dummy* Nice hit

Mica: *Looks at her wounds from the last hunger games that she was in* You don't say....

Chrystal: But there is a brightside..

Mica: Honey there is no brightside in the hunger games only if you don't get a painful death or that you survived the bloodbath...

Chrystal: But there is.. You get free soup that isn't made by Marley *drinking the soup and throws another Ninja star that almost hit's Decan*

Mica: True.... *Throws another spear and the dummy*

Day 1 - The BloodBath

*all tributes are catapulted into the Tropical forest beach*

The 2nd Hunger Games is coming !!!!! Now you have to Swim ( 5 linees ) for arrive at the Cornucopia !! if you don't want any weapon you can swim to the forest of the beach ( 3 linees ) for the weapon you can take only one and if you want a food or medicianl or throwning weapon, for kill ( 4 linee ) 

Food ( 2 linee )

Sword ( 5 Linee )

Axe ( 8 Linee )

Medicianal ( 3 Linee )

Throwing axe ( 6 Linee )

Spear ( 5 Linee )

Bow&Arrow ( 10 Linee ) - Only one 

Throwing Thowawuk ( 7 Linee )

Thowawk ( 5 Linee )

Throwing knives ( 5 Linee )

Knives ( 4 Linee )

Katana ( 7 Linee )

Hatchet ( 6 Linee )

Trident ( 10 Linee ) - Only one

Daggers ( 9 Linee )

Ninja Stars ( 3 Linee )












GO !!!

Chuck: *runs for food*

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster*

Decan: *runs for food*

Vicky: *runs for Knives*

Austin: *runs for food

Caden: *Runs for Bow and arrow*

Marley: *runs for Medicianal*

Chrystal: *runs for Ninja stars*

Austin: *Runs for food*

Caden: *Runs for Bow

Marley: *runs for Medicianal*

Chrystal: *runs for Ninja stars*

Austin: *Runs and makes it to Counracopia*

Caden: *Makes it to mournacopia*

Decan: *food*

Vicky: *cornuc*

Austin: *Runs for food*

Caden: *runs for Bow

Marley: *runs for Medicianal*

Chrystal: *runs for Ninja stars*

Chuck: *runs for food*

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster*

Austin: k*Grabs food and Runs for it*

Caden: *Runs for bow* (2)

Decan: *knives*

Vicky: *knives*

Inca: *Runs for axe*

Decan: *knives*

Vicky: *knives* 4

Caden: *Runs for bow (3)

Austin: *Runs away*

Decan: *cornuc*

Vicky: *cornuc*

Caden: *runs for bow (4)

Austin: *Looks for a tree to hide in

Decan: *cornuc*

Vicky: *cornuc*

Caden: *Runs for bow (5)

Asutin: *Runs*

Lily: *runs for the thr knives*

Caden: 8Runs for bow (6)

Chuck: *runs to forest*

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster*

Caden: *runs for bow (7)

Decan and Vicky: *cornuc* 4

Caden: 8Runs for bow (8)

Decan and Vicky: *got here* 5

Caden: *Runs for bow (9)

Chuck: *runs to forest*

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster*

Caden: *grabs bow* And runs into forest

Lily: *runs for thr knives*

Lara: *runs for trident*

Decan: *knives*

Vicky: *food

Chuck: *runs to forest and hides*

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster and puts on*

Lily: *runs for thr knives*

Lara: *runs for trident*

Decan: *get knives*

Vicky: *gets food*

Lily: *runs for thr knives*

Lara: *runs for trident*

Decan: *finds a place to hide in*

Vicky: *hides in caves*

Lily: *runs for thr knives*

Lara: *runs for trident*

Wendy: *punches Lara causing bleeding*

Decan: *hides in bushes*

Vicky: *hides in far caves*

Wendy: *punches lara causing bleeding*

Lara: ahhhh!!!!! DIE AS***** " *punches Wendy and Runs*

Lily: *runs for the thr knives*

Wendy: *punches lily causing bleeding*

Lara: *runs for the trident*

Lily: sorry dear but i want the weapons !! *punches wnedy and Runs for the thr knives*

Wendy: I have mine muahahaha*punches lily causing bleeding*

wendy needs 5 linees for take her weapons you don't need only take the weapons you have to runs ( 5 lines ) and then grabs the weapon 5 linee )

Lily: *runs for the thr knives* (

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster and puts on*

Mica: *Runs for food*

Twilight: *runs for the throwing knives* [1/4]

Peekay: *runs for katana* [1/7]

Mica: *Runs for Food*

Caden: *Runs and sees austin*

Austin: *With fear*

Caden: No no no Join me Austin! I wont kill you

Austin: Okay Lets get out of here

  • Both Run

Mica: *Gets food*

Caden: Heck we need to kill in this game *Readys bow for anything

Austin: I got lots of food enough for like 3 days *Shares with Caden

Caden: *Eats* Thanks you austin, we need to get yo a weapon

Mica: *Runs to get thorwing knifes*

Caden: *Runs to cournacopia* *readies Bow*

Mica: *Runs to cornacopia where the thorwing knifes are*

Caden: *Spots mica* *Shoots but only scraps Her neck enough to draw blood*

Logan: *runs for trident*

Caden: *Grabs bow and arrow and shoots Mica in the Head*

Austin: *Runs to get Tomahawk*

Logan: *runs for trident*


Austin: *Runs to Tomahawk* Okay!

Mica: *Ducks but still has the wound on her neck* Ow! *Still runs to get thorwing knifes*

Logan: *runs for trident*

Austin: *Runs for tommahawk

Caden: *Shoots at mica again Pirces her arm*

Logan: *runs for trident*

Caden: *Shoots one more time at Mica making sure she is dead* *Runs into forest

Austin: Runs for Tomahawks

Logan: *runs for trident*

Austin: *Runs for tomahawks

Mica: *Dies slowly*

Caden: Sorry Mica (CONF) I feel terrible

Austin: *Runs for tomahawks*

Logan: *runs for trident*

Caden: *Runs in forest

Austin: *Grabs Tommahawks and Regroups with Caden in forst*

Logan: *runs for trident*

Austin: *Dude lets grab logan to join us!

Caden: Okay But he needs to find us Lets hunt for gmae

Logan: *runs for trident*

Caden: *Shoots a Bird down*

Austin: Dinner for 2!

Logan: *runs for trident*

Austin: *Runs around looking for place to hide

Logan: *grabs trident* The weapon of choice used by Poseidon.

Caden: *Looks for Logan*

Logan: *while walking bumps into Caden*

Caden: Join us k?

Logan: Okay.

Twilight: *runs for throwing knives* [2/4]

Peekay: *runs for katana* [2/4]

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster and puts on* (2/5)

Lara: *runs for Spear* (1)

Caden: We gotta find someone to kill

Lara: *runs for Spear* (2)

*Mica Death*

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster and puts on* (3/5)

Ivan: *runs for Axe*

Jenni: *runs for Dagger*

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster and puts on* (4/5)

Ivan: *runs for axe* (2/8)

Jenni: *runs for Dagger* (2/9)

Wendy: *runs for Knuckle buster and puts on* (5/5) Finally! *grins*

Rick: *runs for sword*

Amanda: *runs for zxe*

Wendy: *starts whaling on Rick*

Rick: *Dodges and runs for forest*

Wendy: *punches Breeze causing bleeding*

Rick: *runs into forest*

Amanda: *Kicks Wendy*

Wendy: *dodges* im a career *Permenantly damages Breezes limbs*

Amanda: Then lets kill others then to kill each other!

Twilight: *runs for throwing knives* [3/4]

Peekay: *runs for katana* [3/7]

Wendy: *Punches through Breezes stomach causing her death*

*Breeze death*

Day 1 - Survivor in the Beach

Lara: *hides in the forest of the beach* ufff..ufff..ufff..i'm very tired !! i need and alliances for survive

Inca: *Stabs Wendy's head with her axe*

Decan: We're in 2 *stabs Wendy's head with her knives*

Vicky: Uh, i better find a weapon :\

Lara: *Runs to Austin* Austin !!! you are alive !?! luckly,we are in the same district, do you want protect me ?

Inca: THIS IS FOR BREEZE *Cuts off Wendys head with her axe*

Decan: Nice one inca

Vicky: *searches for something* (can Vicky still find a weapon?)

(yes but i remembere you the careers are in the coruncopia you can be killed )

( i remembere if the user is not here for kill he 10 linee )

(I wasnt online when Breeze died)

(but she starts to kill you when you was here ) 

Inca: *Cuts Wendy*

Decan: *stabs Wendy*

Inca: *Stabs Wendy* Lol she just stands there while we stab her :P

Decan: Quite weird....Hey...wanna make an alliance? *stabs Wendy*

Inca: Sure *Stabs wendy* (8)

Decan: *stabs wendy*

Inca: DIE DIE *Kills Wendy*

Austin: Yeah Lara join us its logan me caden and now you!

Caden: Hey its Inca and Decan! We better go over there! (Race Liam remember the allaince)

Inca: Sure, Lets go!

Caden: I Think i saw Peekay Over by the river! We should go and send him a welcoming party *Grins*

Inca: Totally *Evil grin* *Runs up to Peekay and stabs him*

Caden: *Makes sure he is dead and Shoots a arrow through his chest*

( Inca can't be in a second alliance, she is in the careers and she kill a one of her alliance ? O.o )

Lara: okay thanks Austin

Marley: *hinding behind a tree* How am I gonna kill someone with medi... oh wait I have a idea!

Chrystal: Take this Vicky *throw a ninja star*

( for now you can kill the tributes without the weapon or food )

Marley: *jump on top Wendy and gives her a poison drink made with the medicinal* Sorry.(can i undo this as they are in the same district and can both win? - Tikki)

Inca: *Strangles Chuck and runs away*

Chrystal: *Hear someone run* You can't get in away that easy *throws Ninja stars hit's Chuck*

Vicky: *dodges*

Lily: No Chuck !! *Hold Chuck and runs away* i need to save Chuck he is in my same distirct !!

Peekay: Inca and Caden, I have to show you two something.

Marley: Hi Peekay, Do you want something to drink.

Peekay: No thank you. I know that your gonna kill me. I know what your trying to do.

Marley: *gasps*

  • ninja star hit's Peekay

Chrystal: *laughs as a maniac and run in a tree*

Chuck:*breathes heavily* thanks lily we are way to far away from them for today lets hide *pulls out some food* lets eat

Ivan: ehi,she is Makosi, i can kill her...*Runs to Makosi and stabs Makosi*

Twilight: *stops Ivan*

Peekay: *takes ninja star off* HAH! Nice Try!

Caden: *Runs* come on guys we need to find a safe place!

Lara: *follows Caden* okay

Maley: *throw the poison drink into Peekay's wound* Whahahaha *runs off*

Jenni: *walks* i'm boring.....*runs to makosi and stabs her*

Night 1 - Survivor in the first Night

you need to find a hides because you can be killeform the other tributes,animals...

Vicky: *climbs up the trees*

Decan: Great, animals. Uh... *searches a cave*

Lara: *follows Decan*

Lily: oh no i hate the animals......

Chrystal: *makes animal sounds*


Wendy: Its ok Marley lets just find somewher to hide we can win this together!

Chuck: *Far away* Ok Lily any Ideas?

Chrystal: *right by Wendy's ear, making lions sounds*

Wendy: *Turns around and punches her causing bleeding*

Lily:,i think we can sleep in the tree....okay ?

Chuck: Sure *climbs tree with Lily*

Wendy: *permenantly damages Chrystals limbs*

Rick: *Sees Lily and climbs tree* Hi Lily.

Peekay: *searches cave*

Twilight: *searches ruins* I wonder what is here.

Amanda: What? *Searches mountain*

Lily: Rick !!! i'm very happy !! *Climbs tree*

Chrystal: *runs to Peekay and cut's her neck open but one of her ninja stars*

Caden: i think i saw a cave! Lets go guys

Austin: *Follows Caden*

Lara: this cave is perfect ! *enter in the cave* okay guys anyone have food,i'm very hungry*

Decan: *follows Caden*

Vicky: *up the trees* Ok, i guess i have to sleep here...

Austin: I do *Gives some to lara*

Lara; thanks Austin *eats*

Lily: okay guys this tree is okay.

Chrystal : *climbs in a tree*

Inca: *Climbs a tree*

Marley: *climbs in the same tree as Chrystal*

Chrystal: *makes owl noises*

Marley: Whaa *falls out of the tree*

Peekay: *cuts Chrystals arm off*

Chrystal: haha I thought I was blind, well cause I am but that you cut off wasn't my arm it was a tree brance *runs of in the darkness*

Wendy: I will kill it! *rushes up Tree and punches Peekay causing Bleeding*

Chrystal: *throws a Ninja star at Peekay*

Wendy: *Punches through Peekays stomach causing her death*

Peekay: *slowly gets up* HAH! You think you can kill me like that? We will see that later. I will not try to kill you, yet! You will see when Inca, Caden, & I try to take you down! *gets out of cave and goes to a mountain*

"Animal-1": *kills Makosi,Cassie and Dylan*

"Animal-2" *Runs to Peekay and hits he*

Peekay: I am injured badly. Is there an ambulance here?

Twilight: (to Lara) Is it Ok if you and I were teaming up together?

Lara: i'm sorry but i have got an alliances,i don't need you sorry

"Animal-3": *Runs to Twilight and hit she*

?????: Ugh why am I here, I won I should not be in the area! *Hides*

Decan: Uh, guys, what happens if an animal is in the caverns?

Vicky: Better hide nicer *tries to find an hole in the tree*








Seven Death in a day ! the rest are safe for now

*the All Sleep*

Day 2 - The Winner of the first Hunger Games

7:00 am

Lara: Austin,Caden,Decan it's time to wake up,come on

?????: *Runs to the cornucopia*

Marley: *wakes up* ah my back, well I made it to day 2

?????: *Gets an Axe* Lovely now time to see some blood *Runs away*

Lily: chuck....rick....are you alive ?

?????: *See's Lily* Hmmmmmm She is far away from me and she looks like Daisy the girl I killed or Sally killed....

Caden: Dont forget Logan, he's on the team, We should go hunt

Lara: oh but where is he ? it doesn't matter, i'm really happy we survived....

??????: *Stalks Lily*

Lily: i feel observed......

Rick: Run! *Pulls out sword*

Lily: OMG !! Who is she/he ??!!!! *runs away*

Rick: I have no idea! *runs with Lily* Wait I think I know who?

Lily: so who is she ?

Brandi: It's me you idiots!

Rick: the previous winner. Who else would complain about being back here when all others died.

Jenni: BRANDI ??! the first winner ??! what ??!

Brandi: Yup it's me Brandi!

Lily: i know what do you want to want kill me how you kill the all tributes in the last hunger are despicable !!!!! 

Brandi: Relax I wouldn't kill you for now I wanted to ask to join your Alliance I was put in because I tried to start a rebellion!

Chrystal: Whahahha *thows Ninja star at Peekay* 

Lily: oh...really ? emm...okay but I'll keep an eye on,with me there is Chuck and Rick, welcome....

Brandi: Okay but I will still kill people but not you guys.. *Too Jeni* Don't even try and Walk again... Your better off Rotting to Death *Swings Axe at Jeni's ankles*

Jenni: AHHH !! i don't want die now !!!

Ivan: Jenni !!! *Hits Brandi*

Brandi: Ow! *Swings axe at Ivan's ankles*

Jenni: DIE DIE !!! *Hits Brandi with the Dagger*

Lily: NO okay stop !!!*throws a knives to Jenni*

Brandi: One second... *Slices Jenni's thoart with her blade on her axe*

Lily: i'm sorry Jenni, *Kills Jenni with a knife*

*Jenni Death*

Brandi: She was Weak anyways.. now let's go to the cornucopia or go some where safe...

Lily: it's better to the cornucopia we can have a protection and the all weapons, come on *Goes to the cornucopia*

Brandi: Hehehe True.. And the careers are Clever enough to not got there *Giggles*

Chuck: You okay lily?

Wendy: Ok what will we do Marley

Brandi: I know I am not Lily but I think she is going were going to the cornucopia... *Runs to the Cornucopia*

Chuck: Ok *runs with the others to the cornucopia*

Peekay: *gets up* Are my injuries recovered? I think so. Well, Chrystal or who ever that tried to kill me beter not this time, otherwise I will strike back.

Brandi: *Makes it at the Cornucopia*

Lily: okay we are here, for now we are safe *Hugs Chuck*

Twilight: So I is the winner of the first Hunger Games. Can I join your allience?

Brandi: Ask Lily....

Chuck: *finds a longsword on the ground from the bloodbath* Oh my god i finally have a weapon :)

Logan: *wakes up* I think I might have missed a lot of things happening....

Brandi: *Sets up a trap*

Vicky: Uh...yeah *runs at cornucopia*

Decan: *still on the tree* Well, had a nice sleep, whatsoever

Brandi: *See's Vicky coming* Guys get ready to kill! *To Lily, Chuck and Rick*

Chuck: *hides with the others*

Rick: Great!

Brandi: *Gets her Axe ready*

Lily: come on guys !!! *take her Throwning knives*

Brandi: *Throws an Axe at Vicky's arm* Now let's wait until She falls into the trap I made.

Chuck: *readies longsword*

Twilight: *to Lily* Can I be in your alliance?

Lily: i think we are fall,we are in four sorry :(

Chuck: *thrusts at Twilight with sword*

Ivan: *stops Chuck* no !! Twilight runs away !!!

Twilight: *runs away from Chuck* *to Ivan* Thank you for saving me.

Ivan: *Hits Chuck and Runs with Twilight* Twilight do you want have an alliances with me ?

Twilight: *uses her magic and throwing knives to finish Chuck* Sure.

Lily: NO CHUCK !!! *Protects Chuck*

Chuck: *dodges with lily* why did he have to show up and vickys taking ages?

Twilight: I was trying to ask Lily something and then you tried to hurt me. I guess you guys think that Vylla is a curse.

Brandi: Ugh i cant want anymore! *picks up Axe and swings it at Vicky's arm*

Chuck: *Lunges at Vicky*

Caden: Odds are slim.... We should hunt.... Hey whats that! *Runs to a river*

Rick: I'm sorry. *thrusts sword into Vicky*

Peekay: *stabs and kills Vicky*

Twilight: What would you like to do Ivan?

Rick: We'll listen to you but if we suspect a trick, trap, or you attempting to kills us we won't hold back.

Lara: *Runs with Caden* what's happened Caden ??!!

Ivan: it's better if we don't kill anyone for now,we have to search a safe place follow me *Searches a hides*

Twilight: Lets ask Lily where we can hide.

Peekay: I don't care what you guys do just don't keep me near Chrystal or Wendy guys.

Ivan: it's bettere if we don't goes to lily,they want kill you !!

Brandi: *Sets up snares around the cornucopia*

Chuck: Look at all this food and noone can get near us!

Brandi: Yep and look at these Weapons! When these idiots try and come there going to get killed, Painfully!

Chuck: *grabs some daggers as back up weapons and stuffs them in his pocket*

Vicky: *dodges* Okie dokie, bye bye *runs away* (um....i don't know if i'm dead or what, and i also hate you Peekay if so :) )

L==Day 2 - The River of Blood==

*The all tributes are catapultes in font of a river* now you have to crossed the river !!! if first alliance or tributes to survive has got a medicinal,Caution !!:

- you can be killed

- you can dorwn

- you can be killed by the animals of the water

( 2 linee for kill anyone and 10 linee for swim away form the river )

Twilight: *swims away from the river* (1/10)

Peekay: *swims away from the river* (1/10)

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (1/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (1/10)

Inca: *swims away from the river* (1/10)

Twilight: *swims away from river* (2/10)

Peekay: *swims away from river* (2/10)

Lara: *swims away from river* (1/10)

Lara: *throws a knvies to inca and swims* (1/10)

Inca: *Catches the knife in her hand* Nice try! *Swims away* (2)

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (2/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (2/10)

Brandi: *swims away from the river* (1/10)

Twilight: *swims away from the river* (3/10)

Brandi: *swims away from the river* (2/10)

Caden: *Swims away from river*

Austin: *Swims away from river*

Brandi: *swims away from the river* (3/10)

Logan: *swims away from river* (1/10)

Amanda: *swims away* (1)

Rick: *swims* (1)

Caden: *Swims* (2)

Austin: *Swims* (2)

Brandi: *Swims away from the river* (4/10)

Caden: *Swims away from river (3)

Austin: *Swims away from river* (3)

Logan: *swims away from river* (2)

Austin: *Swims away from river* (4)

Caden: *Swims away from river* (4)

Brandi: *Swims away from river* (5/10)

Austin: *Swims away*

Caden: *Swims away*

Brandi: *Swims away from river* (6/10)

Austin: *Swims away from river (6)

Caden: *Swims away form river* (6)

Brandi: +Swims away from river* (7/10)

Logan: *swims away* (3)

Brandi: *Swims away from river* (8/10)

Caden: *Swims Away* (7)

Austin: *Swims away* (7)

Logan: *swims away* (4)

Brandi: *Swims away* (9)

Logan: *swims away* (5)

Caden: *Swimsa away*

Austin: *Swims away (8)

Logan: *swims away* (6)

Austin: *Swims away* (9)

Caden: *Swims away* (9)

Logan: *swims away* (7)

Brandi: *Makes it* (10)

Caden: *Swims out of water and aims bow at Peekay* (10)

Logan: *swims away* (8)

Brandi: *Thorws one of her Axe's at Peekay*

Caden: *Shoots Peekay with arrow*

Austin: *Swims out of water* Dude caden we gotta go

Caden: Not without the others!

Logan: *swims away* (9)

Brandi: *Thorws an other axe at Peekay*

Logan: *swims out of water* Hmm.........

Peekay: *dodges both axes*

Lily: *swims away* (2)

Lara: *swims away* (2)

Chrystal: great a swimming challenge. *jump in the water and swims away*

Marley: I am the world champion swimmer!! *jump in the water adn swims away*

Decan: Great *swims* (1/10)

Vicky: *swims* (1/10) Owch

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (3/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (3/10)

Decan: *swims away* (2/10)

Vicky: *swims away* (2/10)

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (4/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (4/10)

Decan: *swims away* (3/10)

Vicky: *swims away* (3/10)

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (5/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (5/10)

Decan: *swims away* (4/10)

Vicky: *swims away* (4/10)

Chrystal: *swims away backward* (she just swimming)

Marley: *swims away fast*

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (6/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (6/10)

Decan: *swims away* (5/10)

Vicky: *swims away* (5/10)

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (7/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (7/10)

Amanda: *swims* (2)

Rick: *swims* (2)

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (8/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (8/10)

Brandi: *Waits for Rick,Lily and Chuck*

Caden: *Shoots Peekay in the head Killing him* Okay austin we gotta run! LOGAN WERE GOING THIS WAY!

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (9/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (9/10)

Lily: *swims away*

Lara: *swims away*

Decan: *swims* (6/10)

Vicky: *swims* (6/10)

Lily: *Swims away*

Lara: *swims away*

Chuck: *swims away from the river* (10/10)

Wendy: *swims away from the river* (10/10)

Rick: *swims* (3)

Amanda: *swims* (3)

Decan: *swims* (7/10)

Vicky: *swims* (7/10)

Chuck: *throws stones at Vicky*

Wendy: *throws stones at Vicky and she drowns*

Brandi: *Thorws stones with Wendy and Chuck at Vicky*

Chuck: *throws stones at Lara*

Wendy: *throws stones at Lara and she drowns*

Rick: *swims* (4)

Amanda: *swims* (4)

Chuck: *throws stones at Amanda*

Wendy: *throws stones at Amanda and she drowns*

( Tikki you can't kill a tributes with your charcter sorry )

the winner is Brandi then she gets medicinal and she gets Bow and Arrow

*Peekay Death*

Day 2 - Night

Lily: we are survive but we should kill anyone....

Decan: You're right

Vicky: Hope they won't target me...again. I mean, uh, i got all these injuries (Self-thrown challenge progress. Vicky is still surviving without any weapon and just food, while....nah, Decan is not in this challenge)

Chuck: I agree Lily we'll make it kill by kill :D wait Decan why are you here?

Decan: I didn't check the alliances table (RANDOM 4TH WALL BREAK). Well, i'll go, sorry for that :s (little info: Decan doesn't know that Lily, Chuck and Rick are an alliance)

Caden: Man this is a scary place at night. we need to find a place to camp.

Austin: No kidding.... Do we have everyone? We can just sit here, we need to kill others

Caden: i agree. Hmm so Lara? whered Lara go? And Logan to?

Wendy: Ok Marley lets use this tree *sets Traps around the Tree*

Decan: Idk, but i'm here

Vicky: *hides far in the caves*

Brandi: We should kill people lily... The more we kill the faster we get out of here... 

Caden: SHouldent we just kill?

Austin: if we want to survive, we have to stick together... we lost logan though

Logan: *behind Austin* I'm right here you know.........

Lily: okay Branid, we can kill Marley and Ivan !!

Lara: i'm here guys ! okay who do you want kill Caden ?

Austin: Ahh! Next time tell us you here! its very dark in here

Caden: Shhh! I dont know lara.

*the all tributes sleep*



*Peekay and Jenni dead*

Day 3 - The Hunger is Felt

Now you have to eat, if you don't eat you will die !! the all tributes have to run to the Hill and find food ( only the first three tributes can take the food ) 5 linee to runs in the hill,5 linee for search food and 1 linee for escape ( 11 linee in total )

Lily: *runs to the hill*

Lara: *runs to the hill*

Chuck: *runs to the hill*

Wendy: *runs to the hill* (how much people are fed by food?

Brandi: *Runs* (1)

Rick: *runs to hill* (1)

Amanda: *runs to hill* (1)

Brandi: *Runs to kill* (2)

Twilight: *runs to hill* (1)

Brandi: *runs to hill* (3)

Twilight: *runs to hill* (2)

Brandi: *runs to hill* (4)

Logan: *runs to the hill* (1)

Rick: *runs* (2)

Logan: *runs* (2)

Rick: *runs* (3)

Brandi: *makes it to the hill and starts finding food* (5)

Chuck: *runs to the hill*

Wendy: *runs to the hill*

Caden: *Runs* (3)

Austin: *Runs* (1)

Rick: *runs*

Chuck: *runs to the hill*

Wendy: *runs to the hill*

Lily: it's better is i turn back.....but....*throws a knives to Chrystal*

Lara: *runs to the hill*

Brandi: *Runs to get food* (6)

Lara: *runs to the hill*

Chuck: *runs to the hill* (4)

Wendy: *runs to the hill* (4)

Caden: GRAHH I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE *Stabs Austin and himself* 9I killed myself)

*Chrystal,Austin and Caden Dead*

Lara: NOO !!! *cries* Caden,Austin !! no....

Chuck: *runs to the hill* (5)

Wendy: *runs to the hill* (5)

Decan: (FORGOT ABOUT THIS CHALLENGE) Darn it. Now we're just in 2 O.o *runs* (1)

Vicky: *runs* (1)

Chuck: *searches for food* (1)

Wendy: *searches for food* (1)

Brandi: Scerw this! *Follows Lily*

Chuck: *searches for food* (2)

Wendy: *searches for food* (2)

Lara: *wakes up* ......why you kill your self Caden !!!! i hate you !! *runs to hill*

Chuck: *searches for food* (3)

Wendy: *searches for food* (3) Talking to a corpse? weirdo

Lara: yes there is a problem ??!! *runs to the hill* (5)

Chuck: *searches for food* (4)

Wendy: *searches for food* (4)

Lara: *searches for food* (1)

Chuck: *finds food* (5)

Wendy: *finds food* (5)

Chuck has got the food,so he can eat for the all competition and he is safe

Chuck: *escapes with food after lily and Brandi*

Wendy: *escapes with food*

Day 3

Ivan: *follows Inca* it's my time !!! *stabs Inca with the dagger* DIE DIE !!!!

Wendy: *appears out of no-where and starts punching Ivan letting Inca escape*

Vicky: I just got some food, hope it helps in the future :s. *hides far in the caves*

Decan: So, Lara, what we do? We're just in 2 here

Wendy: *causes severe damage to Ivan*

Brandi: *Signs* Two more days...

Wendy: *finishes killing Ivan*

Inca: *Starts killing Marley*

Wendy: AW-NAW I just saved your ass *causes severe damage to Inca*

Lara: i don't know Decan....i'm only afraid

Lily: *finishes kills Marlery* yess !! and....*Punches Inca*

*Marley Dead* 

Wendy: REVENGE! *finishes killing Inca*

Inca: *Kicks Wendy in the face and runs away and she can't catch inca*

Wendy: *looks on as she dies of internal bleeding*

( Inca and Ivan are not Die......why ? i don't know xD jk...because they are active marley no and because there are many dead in this day )


Ivan: ok, sorry inca,do you want kill do you want enter in my alliance ?

Wendy: Sorry.... You just killed my district partner after i saved you...

Inca: *Stabs Amanda*

Brandi: *plans*

Wendy: *joins Inca and severely damages Amanda*

Day 3 - Night

the all tributes sleep





Day 4 - Dead or Alive ?

Chuck: Lily,Brandi you ok i have loads of food

Wendy: Inca? how are you?

Inca: Meh, But i nearly got torn apart yesterday...

Decan: Um, what was with the booms last night?

Vicky: Yeah, what it was?

Lara: it was the dead...Caden,Austin,Marley,Chrystal...

Lily: Thanks Chuck *Eats*

Twilight: *wakes up* What DA hell happened last night?

Wendy: Ok we need to kill Amanda there are 3 district ones and she is just standing there *punches Amanda causing bleeding*

*Twilight Dead* ( she is Blocked )

Logan Dead* ( Inactive )

Amanda Dead* ( Inactive )

Lara: Decan,we need kill Wendy,she is very strong,she can't win !!  

Wendy: look Vicky is all alone...*smiles evily then jumps on her and punches her causing bleeding*

Ivan: uh,Where is Twilight ? no problem i can win without her,i have to kill Lara,Decan and Wendy

Wendy: *causes permenant damage to Vicky*

Cameo: *hangs fire to the forest*

Okay you are only in 9 !! you all need to get away from the forest on fire, you have to run down to the beach, two of you will die and only seven of you will live !!! for escape 5 linee, for kill 5 linee

Vicky: What?! *avoids punch and starts punching Wendy*

Decan: Ok Lara, let's do it now! *throws knives at Wendy*

( tikki isn't here so for kill she 15 linee*

Lara: okay Decan *Hits Wendy by the spear*

Lily: aw i hate the fire, C'mon Chuck,Rick,Brandi !!

Decan: *throws knives at Wendy*

Vicky: *punches Wendy*

*Wendy Dead*

Lara: okay Decan c'mon we had to escape *escapes* (1/5)

Lily: *escapes* (1/5)

Inca: *escapes* (1)

( logan is still dead )

Lily: *escapes* (2/5)

Lara: *escapes* (2/5)

Chuck: *escapes* (1/5)

Lily: *escapes* (3/5) aw...where are Chuck and Brandi ?!!

Lara: *escapes* (3/5)

Chuck: *escapes* (2/5) Im Here Lily!

Lily: *escapes* (4/5) Chuck !! i was thinking that you were die !!

Lara: *escapes* (4/5)

Chuck: *escapes* (3/5) Dont Worry!

Lily: *escapes from the forest* (5/5) uhh...uhh...i'm tired.....i will wait Chuck !

Lara: *Escapes* (5/5) yess !!

*the Fire Burns Rick*

*Rick Dead*

Brandi: I can't win again... *Jumps in fire*

*the fire burns Brandi*

*Brandi doesn't die but she only esc from the arena and she tunr back to the district 1*

( i want to say why Brandi doesn't die because she win the last season so she don't die just she turn back to her district because i put she here because i wanted more action, Brandi in the next season she will does the mentor for a district, yes she is the first mentor of my camps - LxJ)

Lily: Brandi !!!! noo !!! *coughs*

Lara: hey B&t*h@* it's you turn to die !!! *Hits Lily with the spear*

Inca: *Escapes* (2)

Decan: Oh yeah i forgot to escape... *escapes* (1)

Vicky: *escapes* (1)

Ivan: *escapes* (1) ahhh !! fire !!

Decan: *escapes* (2)

Vicky: *escapes* (2)

Ivan: *escapes* (2)

Lily: ahhh !!! Chuck !!!!!! Chuck !!

Decan: *escapes* (3)

Vicky: *escapes* (3)

Chuck: *escapes* (4/5) Sorry had to find a way around the fire

Decan: *escapes* (4) I'm almost away

Vicky: *escapes* (4)

Chuck: *escapes* (5/5) *hugs lily*

Decan *escapes* (5) Phew, that was close

Vicky: *escapes* (5) Yes! The Beach!

Lily: Chuck !! *Hugs Chuck*

Day 4 - Night







*the all tributes sleep*

Day 5 - The 7 Survivors

Chuck: *looks around* we need to be careful

Lily: *sigh* Brandi and Rick is die :( yes you are right we nedd to be careful

Lara: *sees Lily and Chuck* it's my turn !! *Hits Lily and Chuck*

The first two who posted * Kills "Tribute" * can kill them immediatly

Inca: *Kills Lara*

Chuck: *kills Vicky*



Lily: Chuck c'mon we have to escape !! *Runs*

Chuck: *runs with lily*

Inca: *Like, Runs for her life*

Ivan: i'm still alive wow !!

Decan: Hmph *chases Inca while throwing knives at her* That's what you get for killing my ally! (And no, i'm not furious about Vicky's weapons, no alliances....that sucks :P)

Ivan: i want help you Decan *stabs Inca*

starts rain acid rain* You have to build a "shelter" ( 5 linee ) and then hide yourself ( 1 linee ) the last who build a shelter will die

Lily: *build a shelter* (1)

Chuck: *build a shelter* (1)

Ivan: *build a shelter* (1)

Lily: *build a shelter* (2)

and i forget to say that you can destroy the shelter of the other tribute

Chuck: *build a shelter* (2)

Decan: *builds a shelter* (1) (but....i need to go soon D:)

Chuck: *build a shelter* (3)

Decan: *builds a shelter* (2)

Chuck: *build a shelter* (4)

Decan: *builds a shelter* (3)

Chuck: *build a shelter* (5) Yay! done cmon Lily

Lily: *build a shelter* (3)

Decan: *builds a shelter* (4)

Lily: *builds a shelter* (4)

Decan: *finishes shelter* Ok, now i'm done... (5)

Ivan: *builds a shelter* (2)

Lily: *builds a shelter* (5)

Ivan: *builds a shelter* (3)

  • the rain hurts ivan and Kill inca*

*Inca Dead*

Day 6 - Massacre

Congrats for the Four Finalist :

Decan from the District 10

Lily from the District 7

Chuck from the District 7 and

Ivan from the District 5

Only one will survive




*the bomb explodes in the arena* you have to runs ( 10 linee ) kill ( 8 linee )

Lily: *runs* (1)

Chuck: *runs* (1)

Lily: *runs* (2)

Ivan: *runs* (1)

Chuck: *runs* (2)

Lily: *runs* (3)

Chuck: *runs* (3)

Decan: *runs* (1) AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Ivan: *runs* (2)

Chuck: *runs* (4)

  • the explision cease*

Lily: Chuck wait.....there isn't explosion anymore !! it's our time to kill Ivan or Decan !!

Chuck: *thrusts at Decan With Sword* (1)

Lily: *throws a knives at Decan* (2)

Chuck: *thrusts at Decan With Sword* (3)

Ivan: ...*Hits Chuck and runs away*

Chuck: *thrusts at Decan With Sword* (4)

Lily: *Throws a knives at Decan* (5)

Chuck: *thrusts at Decan With Sword* (6)

Lily: *Throws a knives at Decan* (7)

Chuck: *thrusts at Decan With Sword* (8)

*Decan Dead*

Chuck: *chases Ivan and slashes at him* (1)

Lily: *kills him* (2)

The Winner is/are...


*Appears Decan face*









*Appears Ivan face*

Lily and Chuck esc from the Arena

(Lily anc chuck will live with their family in the Victory's village and Brandi too)

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