Chris: Welcome to a new season of drama.I buyed this abandoned city in Utah,where i will bring 16 contestants to compete for another million dollars.This is Total...Drama....Wild West!!!.

Sign Ups (Closed) (1, 2 or 3 per User)

  1. Alejandro-WM
  2. Beth-N
  3. DJ- Survivor321
  4. Eva- Zannabanna
  5. Katie-Snow
  6. Sadie-Natedog14
  7. Heather-Snow
  8. Harold-Natedog14

  1. Geoff-Natedog14
  2. Noah- Zannabanna
  3. Duncan- Survivor321
  4. Gwen-Sierra
  5. Trent- Survivor321
  6. Izzy- Kokori9
  7. Cody- Kokori9
  8. Sierra-Snow
  9. Bridgette-TDWTFAN_5

Elimination Table

Pre-Vote Teams Merge/Jury Jury-Vote
Episode Pre-Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eliminated Sadie/Izzy/Heather None None Beth Bridgette/


Eva/Noah DJ Harold/Gwen/Geoff Cody/Trent None TBA TBA TBA TBA
Place/Name/Team Votes
TBA Alejandro Poisonous Snakes/Merge (NV) WIN WIN (NV) IN IN WIN IN IN IN TBA
11th/TBA Eva Screaming Horses/Merge Sadie IN IN WIN WIN OUT WIN IN TBA
TBA Katie Screaming Horses/Merge Eva IN IN WIN WIN IN IN IN WIN IN TBA
TBA Sierra Poisonous Snakes/Merge Izzy WIN WIN Beth IN IN WIN IN WIN IN TBA
5th Trent Poisonous Snakes/Merge (NV) WIN WIN (NV) IN IN WIN IN OUT TBA
6th Cody Poisonous Snakes/Merge Sierra WIN WIN Sierra IN IN WIN IN OUT TBA
7th Geoff Killer Vultures Heather IN IN IN Duncan WIN IN OUT TBA
8th Gwen Screaming Horses (NV) IN IN WIN WIN IN IN OUT TBA
9th Harold Killer Vultures Heather IN IN IN Duncan WIN IN OUT TBA
10th DJ Screaming Horses (NV) IN IN WIN WIN IN OUT
12th Noah Killer Vultures Heather IN IN IN Duncan QUIT
13th Bridgette Poisonous Snakes Takes Izzy's Place WIN Beth LEFT
14th Duncan Killer Vultures (NV) IN IN IN (NV)
15th Beth Poisonous Snakes (NV) WIN WIN (NV)
16th Sadie Screaming Horses (NV)
17th Heather Killer Vultures Harold


Chris: Welcome!!

Duncan: Oh great. Another season of this show!

Heather: Dorks

Sierra: Cody!

Katie: Sadie!

Codty: *runs away from sierra* (yes cody is scared XD)

Sierra: *Runs to Cody*

Cody: *continues to run*

Duncan: I wanna be called Bubba this season

DJ: Hey Peopl! (CONF) This season will rock my socks!

Heather: Why?

Katie: Hi

Sierra: Cody!

Duncan: Cause it reminds me of my roots down in Mississippi!

Cody: (CONF: *blocks door* she's here *face goes pale* and i think her obbsession has grown)

Trent: Hello there people.

(And snow to answer your question, yes)

Katie: *Kisses DJ*

DJ: *kisses Katie*

Katie: Hows home?

Izzy: sierra do you want to see cody?

Sierra: Yeah!

DJ: It's fine

Duncan: *puts on a straw hat*

Katie: Im so good your here!

Izzy: *gets sierra into the conffesonall*

Cody: (CONF: Sierra! *screams like a girl and trys to get out but can't*)

Sierra: (CONF: *Kisses Cody*)


Trent: What;s happening now?

(Sierra kisses sierra?)


Trent: You two are hurting my ears!


Duncan: This is getting annoying!

Heather: *TapesKatie and Sadies mouths* Geeks

Duncan: I agree on that one.

Geofff: *Takes the tape off their mouths* STOP IT!!!!!!!

Katie: Huh?

Duncan: But there screaming got so f*cking annoying!

Sirrea: *Gasps*



Noah *reads book* (CONF: Geoff and Sadie? Yuck!)

Katie: What about Bridgette?

Geoff: didnt you hear? shes Dead!

Sirrea: No!

Geoff: *Shows her the paper showing that she's dead* HERE!

Katie: How?

Geoff: Car Crash.

Katie: Youre not upset.

Gwen: Uh.... I'm WAY to bored already.

Sierra: Cody!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Allright,since everyone is here,Let's make the teams,This season will be 3 Teams

Chris: Eva,DJ,Katie,Sadie and Gwen,Will be The Screaming Horses (Limegreen Color)

Katie: DJ and Sadie! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

(Zanna: Can I make Elimination Table....oh and Can we do a Pre-vote aka A vote before episode one)


Katie: Sorry that Geoffs not on your team.

Geoff: Its okay

Gwen:*sarcastically* Awesome....

Alejandro: Don't be sarcastic. ;)

Harold: Hey

Chris: Harold,Noah,Heather,Duncan and Geoff will be The Killer Vultures (Crimson Color)

Chris: Also the remaining persons: Beth,Trent,Cody,Sierra,Alejandro and Izzy will be the Poisonous Snakes (Violet Color)

(TDWTF5:Hey zanna, you can create the Elim. table,There will be 16 episodes plus the Pre-Vote)

Sadie: so when is the pre vote!

Chris: Right Now!!


Chris: Each team Will vote someone out,so time to Vote!!!

Sdaie: Gwen.

Harold: Heather

Geoff: Heather

Noah: Heather

Eva: Sadie (CONF: She annoying! And Her and Geoff = YUCK!)

Cody: *is covered in kisses* Sierra

Izzy: CHRIS :D

Katie: Eva

Heather: Harold

Sierra: Izzy

Chris: The Sherif's Stars Goes to........DJ,Katie,Noah,Geoff,Duncan,Alejandro,Cody,Beth,Trent,and Harold, So Heather Is Out,and we have a 2 ties: Eva,Gwen,Sadie (Horses) and Izzy and Sierra (Snakes).

Izzy: How will you break them?

Sierra: SAFE!

Chris: Simple,A little Tie-breaker challenge. Guess what number i am thinking right now (from 1 to 10)

Izzy: 7!

Chris: So very Close!!!!

Sierra: 8!

Chris: Nope....

Sierra: 6!

Izzy: 7 MILLION!!! :D

Chris: Sierra Wins! so she's Safe,I'm Really very sorry Izzy,You're Out.

Sierra: Yes!

Izzy: 1 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gives chris one million dollars*

Chris: I'm sorry Izzy,Keep that Money for Yourself. *Gives the money back to izzy*

Izzy: ok *runs away with it* I STOLE THE PRIZE MONEY :D (didn't expect that did you :D)

Chris: That's not the Price money....Either Way,To Eva,Gwen and Sadie, The Tie-Breaker will be easy for you,the first person in Write this 'I really want to be safe' wins the Tie-breaker,The second will be safe,the other will be out.

Chris: Okay! Since no one does the Tie-Breaker i will choose who is out. Let's see......Gwen you're Safe! and....Eva is Safe Too!! Sorry Sadie,You're Out.

Sadie: SAFE!!!!

Chris: Okay then....Eva is out.

Sadie: EEEEEEEEEE!!! Katie im still in!!!

(Zanna: Ecuse Me? Sadie was out first! Eva is still in. Sadie Out!)

Episode 1: Who's That Lady?


Chris: Today i have a little surprise to everyone,Hehehe,This is gonna be awesome.





Katie: *Kisses DJ*

Challenge 1

Chris: Today's Challenge will be easy,you will guess who are....These *Appears 3 Shapes* I'm only going to tell you...That they are contestants,Past Contestants from TDI,TDA and TDWT. The Challenge Starts Now!!!!

(Zanna: Ecuse me? Sadie was out First! Eva is Back In! Sadie is OUT!)

Cody: Alejandro? (oops copy didn't copy...)

Chris: Past Contestants that Aren't Competing Here!!

(Zanna: Thank you!)

Eva: *wakes up and listens to ipod*

(TDWTF5: Your Welcome!!)

Cody: blainley (CONF: whoever she is...) Mr Coconut? (XD mr coconut isn't even a contestant XD)

Chris: Nope!! Continue guessing!

(Zanna:I love Mr. Coconut!)

Noah and Eva: Izzy! (CONF: Go Team E-scope)

Cody: Bridgette

Chris: Correct!! *Bridgette Appears*

Bridgette: I'm....Not.....dead......Geoff..............Revenge......

Noah: Owen

Eva: Courtney

Chris: Eva's Right!! *Courtney Appears*

Courtney: I don't care this,i just want the money *Calls his Lawyer* Michael? I need to ask you a favor....

Chris: Only 1 Person Remain!! C'mon Guys!

Cody: chef?

Chris: Nope!! But is African-American,Isn't Competing,Was a contestant on TDI,TDA,And TDWT........and She Looks Like Mercedes (From The gLee Cast)

Cody: leshawna

Chris: Correct!! Cody (and Poisonous Snakes) Wins!!! *LeShawna Appears*

LeShawna: Finally!! Hey I'm not Like Mercedes!! I'm much very better!!

Chris: And since Eva had 1 correct answer, She (And Screaming Horses) Get's 2nd Place!

Chris: I'm sorry For The Killer Vultures......But Today was A Reward Challenge and there's Not Elimination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: And your Reward is.....These 3 Ladies!!

Courtney: What?

LeShanwa: What!

Bridgette: ....What?!?

Cody: ...

Chris: LeShawna will be The Horses' Helper,Courtney will be The Vultures' Helper and Bridgette will be The Snakes' Helper,For the Next Challenge Only.

Cody: shouldn't we get two for getting two right?

Chris: Sorry Dude i can't do that. and The Challenge of Eps. 3 and 4 are very Easy. That's Why i give one Ladie to each team.

Cody: then it's not a reward -w-

Chris: If it Isn't a reward,I can Easily,Send Bridgette to a Hospital and Left Your team Without 'advantage'.

Cody: touche. mabye we can trade sierra for bridgette? (go cody and his sierraphobia XD)

Chris: Sorry but No.

Episode 2: Found-a-Key


Eva: *works out*

Noah: *reads book*

Geoff: I thought birdgette got killed!

(Zanna: Let's start challenge)

Sierra: Cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Challenge 2

Chris: Today's Challenge will be Search for 3 keys,when you found them,you have to get back right here and open this Chest,the first team in open the Chest Wins!!!.The Challenge Starts Now!!!!

LeShawna: *Starts to Search a key*

Courtney: *Starts to Search for a key*

Bridgette: *Tries to move* *Searches for a key*

Cody: *runs away from sierra* key... where are you?

Bridgette: *Founds a key* C....o......Co..dy!!! *Throws Key to cody*

Cody: *catches key and runs to unlock the chest*

Chris: two more left to go Cody!!

Bridgette: *Founds another Key* *Throws key to Cody*

Cody: *catches it and then searches for the thrid key* thank you bridgette

Bridgette: your.....wel...come....!!

Courtney: *Founds a key* Chris!! i get one!

Chris: It's one key to Vultures and 2 to Snakes! horses did not have anything!

Cody: bridgette why do you keep talking like that?

Bridgette:' wall.....

Cody: O_O geoff crashed your head into a wall O_O

Bridgette: accident.......*Faints* oughh!!

Cody: Bridgette! (CONF: geoff better watch his back, no-one treats my friends this way) *sigh* *ccontinues to search for key*

Courtney: *Founds a key* Yes!!! i need one more!!

Bridgette: Cody....*Gives cody the last key* win it......

Cody: thanks bridgette *kisses her on the cheek* *unlocks chest* (CONF: revenge on Geoff and hopefully stopping sierra :D)

LeShawna: Oh No!!! *Founds one key* it's too late!!

Chris: Cody's team wins the 2 Rewards!!! but you can only choose one...

Chris: Reward 1) Candies,Chocolates,Pizzas and french fries

Chris: Reward 2) Join Bridgette on the Poisonous Snakes

Cody: candy or Bridgette? hmm (CONF: candy is good but anouther teammate is also good) uhh... Reward two plz

Chris: Okay!! Bridgette,You are now in Competition!!

Bridgette: Yay...!

Episode 3: Bing! Bang! Pow!


Katie: Hey Bridge.

Bridgette: Hey...Katie!

Chris: I almost forgot!! The 2nd and last place have rewards!! 2nd Placeb (Vultures): Pizzas,Candies and Chocolates (The rejected reward from Cody's team) and Last Place (Horses) wins this Box....I don't know what does it Contains...

Bridgette: Pizza?

Challenge 3

Chris: Today's Challenge it's a paintball Shootout.3 members of each team will be competing.

For the Snakes: Bridgette,Cody and Sierra

For the Vultures: Noah,Duncan and Geoff

For the Horses: Katie,Gwen and Eva

Chris: Oh yeah...this is an Elimination Challenge...So..Do your very Best!! The challenge starts Now!!!

Katie: *hits Noah*

Chris: That's a Hit!! Noah's out! Score: Vultures-0 Horses-1 Snakes-0

Geoff: *hits Gwen*

Eva: *hits Katie*

Cody: *starts firing like there's no tomorrow XD*

Chris: Score: Vultures-1 Horses-2 Snakes-1 Gwen,Katie and Duncan are out!

Chris: Horses need only one more Hit to win!!! the other teams needs two Hits to win,Guys Continue with the Challenge!!!!

Cody: *hits chris by accident and somehow hits himself* O_O

Chris: Okay...That was also Weird....That's one point to Horses and Vultures.Cody is Out!!. The Screaming Horses Win!!! Killer Vultures had 2nd Place,the others must eliminate someone..

Elimination Ceremony (Poisonous Snakes)

Chris: It's Time To vote Guys!!.

Sierra: I vote Beth. (She has no user)

Cody: sierra <_>

Bridgette: (CONF) I believe i'm Cursed...*A Banana hits her* Ouch!!!. I vote Beth

Chris: The Sherif's Stars goes to: Cody,Alejandro,Trent,Bridgette and.........Sierra!!! Sorry Beth, You're Out.

Episode 4: Going Away


Bridgette: Good Morning!! *A coconut Hits Her* Ouch!! (CONF) I really don't know why....but i am really cursed....*Falls Bird Droppings* Ourgh!!!!!! WHY??!!

Bridgette: *Runs to the Showers* *Takes a Shower* OMG!! This Is the wrost thing that happened me!!! *Mud starts to come out of the shower* NOOOOOOOO!!! THIS IS THE WROST THING THAT HAPPENED ME!!!!!!!!!

Challenge 4

Chris: Today's Challenge is a race from here to the finish line,but it won't be easy,hehe,You must Go with your team Mascot *A Horse,a Vulture,and a Snake Appears* So each team will choose one person to go with the mascot and try to win,The Challenge Starts Now!!! Teams!! Choose a Person!

Alejandro: Bridgette. ;)

Bridgette: Sure!! *Gets Hit by a Banana* Ouch!!!

Alejandro: ;)

Chris: Bridgette Goes For the Poisonous Snakes!! Here's your Mascot *Throws the Snake*

Bridgette: *Catches* Hi Little Buddy!!

Snake: Ssss *Tries to bite* Sssss

Bridgette: Oooh!!! I hate This Curse!!!

Eva: I'll go!

Alejandro: *charms the snake* Run Bridgette. :)

Chris: Bridgette can't run if I didn't say she can run. Eva goes for the Screaming Horses!!! Here's Your Mascot *The Horse walks to eva*

Eva: *hops on horse*

Chis: Noah goes for the Vultures!!! Here's your mascot *Vulture Flies to Noah*

Chris: In your mark,Get set,GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Eva: *zooms off on horse*

Birdgette: *Runs Faster*

Snake: Ssss!! Sss!! *Bites Bridgette's Arm*

Bridgette: Ouch!! *Continues Running*

Eva: *rides faster*

Geoff: *Runs for Bridgette* WAIT UP BABE!!!

Eva: *rides even faster*

Snake: *Jumps and Bites The Horse* Sss!!

Horse: *Continues Running faster*

Bridgette: no need to worry!!! i'm fine!!!

Eva: *rides faster*

Bridgette: *Runs Faster* C'mon Snake!! Come Here back to me!!

Snake: Sss!! *Jumps and Bites Bridgette's Leg*

Eva: *rides even faster*

Bridgette: Arghh!! *Runs as faster as she Can* I can see the Line!!!

Eva: *passes bridgette*

\Geoff: *Reaches Her and Pushes her down* GO NOAH!

Noah: *runs*

Eva: *passes the finish line*

Vulture: Eaaah!! *Pecks To Noah*

Bridgette: Eeew...*Passes the Finish Line* Yay!! *Faints*

Chris: The horses wins!!! who is going to have the 2nd Place?

Bridgette: Me!!

Chris: Your mascot must pass with you...

Bridgette: Where's my Snake?

Noah: *runs with mascot*

Geoff: *With Snake* Loser! Noah run faster, you are almost there!

Bridgette: Oh Nooo!!! *Gets Back the Snake and Runs*

Noah: *runs faster*

Vulture: *Flies over Bridgette and starts to peck her*

Bridgette: *Runs*

Noah: *passes finish line*

Geoff and Harold: YEAH! GO NOAH! *picks him up and Parades him aruond*

Chris: Noah,Where's Your Vulture?

Bridgette: Aaaack *Faints* I have to try.....*Reaches the Finish Line* Yay!!! *Falls unconscious*

Vulture: *passes finish line*

Chris: and the 2nd Place team Is.................Poisonous Snakes!! Since Bridgette and the Snake crosses together and first.Sorry vultures,tonight you will vote someone off.

Elimination Ceremony (Killer Vultures)

Geoff: i vote Duncan. Didnt do anything

Harold: Duncan

Noah: Duncan, cause he hasnt done anything

Chris: That Means Duncan is out!! Oh and bridgette has to Left the Competition beacause of the Snake Bites.See ya next time on Total Drama Wild West!!!!!.

Alejandro: K.

Episode 5: Back to the Farm-ture!


Alejandro: Farmville? Really?

Chris: Something very funny (for me of course) heheheheh

Alejandro: w/e

Cody: *coughing* i think i'm sick

Alejandro: Can i kill you? -w-

Trent: My name is dwent spelled T-R-E-N-T! *sucks on a pole*

Chris: You guys are so very........lazy,and that's not good (For youuu)

Challenge 5

Chris: Today's Challenge is....Build a barn!!! after that,you must search,found and bring animals to the barn (at least 3 animals). but don't worry!!! this is for good!! The winner team will win a Big Banquet,2nd Place will win Cakes..and as for last place........No elimination today!!!! So good Luck!

The challenge starts Now!!

Geoff: *Paints the wood red*

Harold: *Does Same*

Chris: Oh yeah!!! there are some tools inside this Chest *Throws the chest to Harold* Just open it up quickly and you will found nails,hammers and strings.

Harold: *Opens it and Finshes Painting wood* all we need now is the Nail it togther! *Nails the wood with Hammer*

Geoff: *Finshes his wood and Begins to nail it toghter*

Chris: C'mon Guys!!! Win this!!! (Really,you need to win at least one time...)

Geoff and Harold: *Finshe Barn and Starts Looking For Animals*

Harold: I found a Sheep! *Brings Sheep to Barn*

Geoff: I Have a Pig! *Brings Pig to Barn*

Harold: *Has a Cow and Brngs it to Barn*

Chris: and that means The Killer Vultures win for the first time ever!!!!!

(Can Geoff Vote off any Contestant. Please?)

(Yes...but it must be a Screaming Horses' Member)

Chris: Change of Plans!!! Geoff will choose someone to be eliminated!!!

Geoff: I Chose..............................................................Eva!

Chris: And that's The Goodbye for Eva!!! (i'm really sorry for you)

The killer vultures wins the Banquet,and the poisonous snakes win the cakes.

Alejandro: Awesome. *eats the cake*

Katie: Sorry Eva!

Eva: What! I demand a return!

Alejandro: I agree. ;)

Noah: If Eva's out I Quit! *kisses Eva*

Sirrea: Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

Katie: *Kisses Dj* WE MADE THE MERGE!

Chris: Not so fast Katie...There are 3 episodes and 3 Challenges before the Merge.

Episode 6: Are you Smarter than Chris Mclean?


Katie: Ahh

Sireea: Cody *Turns her back*

Challenge 6

Chris: Today's Challenge it's Some questions,the first team in answer the questions wins.Those are the questions:

1. Who get's 5th Place in TDA?

2.Who was the first person that Quit in Total Drama Series?

3.What did Heather do to win TDWT?

4. Who get's 13th place in TDWT?

5.Who are TD series Protagonists?

Cody: 1) Harold 2) DJ 3) throw a statue of alejandro into the volcano 4) harold? 5) Heather, Justin, Courtney and Alejandro

Chris: Cody Had 3 Correct Answers!!

Chris: If no other wants to answer my questions,cody's team will win.I'm givin' you all the last chance

Geoff: 1. Harold 2. DJ. 3. Throw Satue of ALejandro into the volcano 4. Izzy 5. Same as Cody

Alejandro: Everything Geoff said but Owen, Bridgette, Geoff and Cody

Harold: Everything That HE said

Chris: Geoff had 3 Correct answers!!

Chris: Alejandro Had 4 Correct Answers!!

Chris: So Snakes Wins,Vultures get 2nd Place,As for the Horses,Elimination today.

Elimination Ceremony (Screaming Horses)

Chris: Time to vote!

Alejandro: Can you guys hurry it up?

Cody: i thought you said antagonist...

Chris: Since no one vote...I will choose someone to get out.....and i choose...............DJ!!!!!

So he's Out,See ya Next Time!!

Katie: WAIT!

Episode 7: Almost the Merge!! Jury is Come!

Chris: Okay,Today there is no Challenge,and let me 3 persons will be out!! and will pass to the Jury,the Jury members will decide who's going to be the winner. So Time to Vote!!

Alejandro: Who's the jury? ;)

Katie and Sierra: Gwen, Geoff andHarold .

Chris: The jury? Well...The 3 persons eliminated today and episodes 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 and 15.

Chris: All right!! Gwen is the first Jury Member,Harold is 2nd Jury member and Geoff it's 3rd Jury Member.

Chris: Remaining Persons Made it to the Merge!!.

Chris See ya next Time!

Katie: Yes the merge! (CONF) No DJ no Sadie no PS. *Cries*

Episode 8: Poker at The Total Drama Happy Beer Bar =P


Eva: I'm Back! Trent wanna be in my alliance?

Sierra: Can I?

Eva: Sure!

Challenge 8

Chris: Ok guys! sorry to make you all wait!!! (TDWTF5: Really i'm sorry,i have a little unconvenient with my PC) Today the challenge will be.......Poker!!!. Like in the old west, you all will go to the bar,will drink some beers,water,milk,however,you all will play 3 Rounds of Poker,The final 3 wins immunity.

Today,2 persons eliminated,so Good Luck to you all!!! (If you want a Drink,Ask for it).

The challenge Starts Now!!!!!!!

Katie: *Plays*

Chris: C'mon People!!! Katie is the only person that is playing,if no one plays,i will give the immunity to Katie.

Eva: *plays*

Sierra: *plays*

Eva: *plays some more*

Katie: *plays again*

Eva: *plays again*

Sirrea: *plays again*

Chris: OK OK!! Since some persons doesn't played,Katie,Eva and Sierra Wins Immunity and,The Reward: Drinks!!! (Soda,Milk,Beer,Water,etc). Now Katie and Eva (Since they played first) will choose a person to be voted out (Each One).

Katie: Cody

Eva: Trent

Chris: Sorry Cody,Sorry Trent,You two Are out,The FINAL 4: Katie,Eva,Sierra and the only guy Alejandro!!!!.

Episode 9: For Reward and Reward Only!!!


Chris: Congratulations to the Final 4: Sierra,Eva,Katie and Alejandro!!!!!!

Katie: Wow

Chris: *Cries* I'm so Happy beacause you all are in the final 4!!!!!!!!!! OKAY THERE IS NOT CHALLENGE TODAY!!! You all can keep the reward: Waffles!!!!!!!!!!!. There are like 4 Waffles for each one of you all!!! Enjoy it!!!!

(Snow: Zannas banned)

Sierra: Fianl 3!

Chris: Time to vote!!!!!!! (Eva and Katie have immunity beacause of the last challenge)

Elimination 9

Chris: Vote Now my dear Final 4!!!

Katie: Al!

Sierra: Al!

Chris: So Alejandro,you got 4th Place!!! See ya next time on Total....Drama.......Wild West!!!!!!


Chris: Okay my dear Final 3..i decidedd you will be now Final 2!!! (TDWTF5: Eva's out since Zanna's Banned) Congratulations Sierra and Katie!!!! Chat until the final 2 Challenge starts.

Katie: This is werid

Final Challenge

Chris: your final challenge is............Tell me why do you deserve the Money,the Best Answer Wins,the other will get 2nd place. The finale starts Now!!!!

Katie: We want to share the win.

Chris: So be it,Katie Wins!!! Sierra gets 2nd Place!!!! Thank you for another Great Season!! *Gives the 1,000,000$ To Katie* Please do Enjoy It!!.

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