Jomack: Hi, im Jomack, host of US Action Season 1 (only I talk in bold ok:) ) Now You can have up to 3 people submitted you don't have to comment just edit the page,this first season of pain, torture, misery, drama, and action will be one of the most explosive seasons ever! Every challenge that there is, will take place in the US. The winners get bonuses and the losers have to vote someone off So, join me on Total....Drama... US Action!

== Signups == PLease show name, sterotype, and age (12-24)

1. Farrah Abraham, The Teen Mom, 24

2. James Underwood, The Mysterious Trumpet Player, 18

3. Jacob Womack, The Malevolent One, 12

4. Lexi Xochitl, The Wannabe Princess, 16

5. Adrien Anderson, The Smart One, 13

6. Sammy Snow, The Hawaiian Fanatic Girl, 16

7. Steve, Completely indifferent, 18

8. Ace, The Real American, 21








Feel free to talk here while our campers arrive! The setting is the beach on Pensacola, Florida! Where the host, and the campers that have arrived.

First Challenge

First Elimination

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