Camp Details

Hello Campers, This is my first camp, and i was thinking we go around the world...again! 18 competitors will face challenges each week and vote each other out in harsh judgement ceremonies! Challenges will range from roleplaying, to art contests, to Writing competitions, please leave any questions on my talk page! Bridgette_dj10 im winning this timeee 01:53, January 11, 2011 (UTC)

For Submissions: If you don't want to put it on my talk page, here's my email, please make the subject line Tour of the World

Link to Season 2: Total Drama Tour of the Seas

Link to Season 3: Total Drama Tour of the Island

Link to Loserville: Total Drama Tour of the Losers


Here are the rules:

1. If your caught vandalizing another team's strategy page, your team will instantly be sent to the elimination ceremony

2. No Cussing or Being Mean

3. No Godplaying in the Roleplay challenges

4. You will be notified the day before if you haven't submitted a piece of art or writing

5. Eliminations are fair, no complaining, i may bring someone back into the competition, be aware of that

6. If you don't vote it counts as a vote against you!

7. Have Fun!! Most important rule, have a lot of fun and don't stress about writing or artwork :)

Sign Ups (Closed):

You may use new characters or original characters, its up to you! When sign-ups close, competitors will be notified of the first challenge. Oh and i forgot to mention this (although there are no problems now) please stick to one character per user! thanks! Bold means they are out of the game!

Team Victory (Closed):

1. AJ- bridgette_dj10- 6th Place

2. Brandon- The Friendly Guy- Zoomer72- 7th Place

3.Javier - TT66- 16th Place

4. Zeke - Zannabanna- 13th/14th Place

5. Zach - TDADJ- 12th Place

6. Boo-Sunslicer2- 19th Place

Team Amazon (Closed) :

1.Zoey-Heather Rocks- 8th Place

2. Jackson-Codyfan9000- 11th Place

3. Chase-First123- 9th Place

4. Herman - TDISeriesfan- 17th Place

5. Abby-Nduke- 22nd Place

6.Destinee- Leshawnafan- WINNER!!!

Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot (Closed):

1. Bronwyn- neko-naito- 21st Place

2.Seth- SethAllred343- 20th Place

3. Quinn- Evabridgettegwenrocks- 10th Place

4. Enrique- 124- 15th Place

5.Alejandro-Drama786- 18th Place

6. Sam- Misstditylerfan- 5th Place

1. Alexander- Team Chris- Mister E- 13th/14th Place

2. Samuel- Team Chris- MrDaimon- 4th Place

Merge Newcomers (Closed):
1. Gerard- Sunslicer2- 3rd

2. Sarah- Alejandrofan3000- 2nd

Active Ranks

These are going to be the ranks people are active, this could be vital later in the game, so try to stay as active as you can! These are up for change so more active users will surpass non active users! (This is only for currently competing players, not eliminated ones). This is based on two things, 1) Who talks, and 2) Who completes the challenges.

  1. Samuel- Great
  2. Destinee- Great
  3. Sarah- Great
  4. Sam- Great
  5. Gerard- Great

People in the high rankings could get rewards, and people in the lower rankings could get disadvantages! Also, this could affect season 2!

Character Images

If you post a character here you may have a chance to win an immunity idol!


AJ- Zach Friendship

AJ- Brandon Friendship

AJ-Zoey Friendship

AJ-Quinn Friendship

Zach-Zoey Friendship

AJ-Sam Friendship

Quinn-Samuel Friendship (kind of)


Quinn-AJ Relationship

Brandon-Zoey Relationship

Zoey-AJ Attraction

AJ/Quinn/Zoey Triangle


Quinn-Zoey Conflict.

Quinn-Team Chris Conflict. (She hates her team)

AJ- Alejandro Conflict

Elimination Table:

Merge Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Ep7 Ep8 EP9 Ep10 Ep11 Ep12 Ep13 EP14 Ep15 Ep16 Ep17 Ep18 Ep19 Ep20 S2
Destinee Merged Abby WIN IN WIN WIN Herman Javier WIN WIN Zach Jackson WIN Chase IN NV WIN Sam Samuel WIN WINNER PASS
Sarah Debuts in Episode 10 Vote Zach Jackson Quinn Chase WIN Brandon LOW LOW Samuel WIN SECOND PASS
Gerard Debuts in Episode 10 Vote NV Brandon SV WIN IN Brandon WIN Sam Samuel OUT Out FAIL
Samuel Debuts in Episode 8 Enrique Alexander LOW NV Quinn Chase WIN Brandon WIN Sam OUT Out PASS
Sam IN NV Seth IN SV WIN Javier Enrique Alexander Zach Jackson WIN SV IN Brandon WIN OUT VotedEpisode 16 FAIL
AJ WIN IN WIN Boo IN IN Javier Enrique Zeke Zach Jackson Samuel Chase WIN LOW OUT Quit Episode 16 PASS
Brandon WIN IN WIN Boo IN IN Javier Enrique Zeke Zach Jackson SV Chase WIN OUT Voted off Episode 15 PASS
Zoey Abby WIN IN WIN WIN Herman Javier WIN WIN LOW SV Quinn LOW OUT Quit Episode 14 PASS
Chase Abby WIN IN WIN WIN Herman NV WIN WIN Zach NV Quinn OUT Voted off Episode 13 FAIL
Quinn IN Bronwyn Seth IN Alejandro WIN Javier NV Alexander Zach Jackson OUT Voted off Episode 12 PASS
Jackson Abby WIN IN WIN WIN LOW Javier WIN WIN SV OUT Voted off Episode 11 FAIL
Zach WIN IN WIN Boo IN IN SV SV Zach OUT Voted off Episode 10 FAIL
Alexander Non-Merged Debuts in Episode 5 Vote Alejandro WIN Javier Enrique OUT Voted off Episode 9 FAIL
Zeke WIN IN WIN Boo IN IN NV NV OUT Voted off Episode 9 FAIL
Enrique IN LOW LOW IN Alejandro WIN SV OUT Voted off Episode 8 FAIL
Javier WIN IN WIN LOW IN IN OUT Voted off Episode 7 FAIL
Herman LOW WIN IN WIN WIN OUT Voted off Episode 6 FAIL
Alejandro IN SV SV IN OUT Voted off Episode 5 FAIL
Boo WIN IN WIN OUT Voted off Episode 4 FAIL
Seth IN Bronwyn OUT Voted off Episode 3 FAIL
Bronwyn IN OUT Eliminated Episode 2 FAIL
Abby OUT Voted off Episode 1 PASS


Green: This person/team won the challenge

White: This person/team did not win the challenge, but was either second (during team stage), or received a barfbag (during Merge)

Orange: This person/team lost and was sent to elimination, but was safe, in the merge stage contestants only get orange if they received the final barfbag

Red: This contestant lost the challenge and was voted out of the game

Purple: This is for only in the team stage, and means the contestant was in the bottom two but received the last barfbag.

Yellow: This contestant was on Team Victory

Turqoise: This contestant was on Team Chris

Pink: This contestant was on Team Amazon

Medium Purple: This contestant was not on a team

NV: This means the vote was not verified

SV: This means the vote was not verified, and since this contestant was up for elimination it counts as a vote against his/herself.

Challenge History:

Episode 1- Camp W.- Art- Make Up and Draw a contestant's sibling (Guest Judge: Kgman04)- Winners: Team Victory

Episode 2- Egypt- Roleplay- Weave a boat, get a camel into the boat, and row up the Nile-Winners:Team Amazon

Episode 3- Redwood Forest -Quiz- Answer the 10 Questions/Explore the Forest-Winners:Team Victory

Episode 4- Paris- Song Choice- Pick a song for Lindsay/Explore Paris-Winners: Team Amazon

Episode 5- London- Writing- Write an alternate ending for London- Winners: Team Amazon

Episode 5 (Bonus Challenge)- Go up in the London Eye- Trivia- Winner: Chase

Episode 6- Las Vegas- Roleplay- Find 5 flags around Las Vegas at Night- Winner: Team Chris

Episode 7- Niagara Falls- Art- Draw contestants either getting married or in a wedding dress (Guest Judge: Jam7- Co-President of the Total Drama Wiki)- Winner/s: AJ, Zoey, Jackson, Quinn, Brandon, Zeke and Chase

Episode 8- Transylvania- Voteout- Vote a contestant out, voted out contestant has to catch a vampire bat while being chased by vampires- Winners: Team Amazon

Episode 9- TDA Set- Quiz- Answer the 5 questions given/Explore the Set- Winners: Team Amazon

Episode 10- Australia- Roleplay- Race over Sydney Bridge, through Bonsai Beach, and through the Outback. Sing a Song (We Are Shearing Sheep). Winners: AJ, Quinn, Chase, Destinee, Sam, Brandon

Episode 10 (Bonus Challenge)- Vote a player to make it to Part II, Kangaroo Boxing- Winner: Quinn

Episode 11- Jamaica- Participation Challenge- Jump off the Cliff in Jamaica- Winners: AJ, Samuel, Destinee, Quinn, Brandon, Chase and Sarah.

Episode 12- Area 51- Song Choice- Pick a song for Tyler/Explore Area 51 (Guest Judge: Bbhinton15)- Winners: Sam and Destinee

Episode 13- Total Drama Jumbo Yacht- Idea - Come up with S2 Ideas (Guest Judge: CD-TDA)- Winners: AJ, Samuel, Destinee, Gerard, and Brandon

Episode 14- New York- Roleplay/Quiz- Winners- Everyone but Zoey

Episode 14 (Bonus Challenge)- Solve the riddle- Winner: Samuel

Episode 15- Scotland- Writing- Write a Scotland Total Drama episode following the requirements- Winner: Sam

Episode 16- Disney World- Roleplay/Riddle- Find the keys hidden in the 4 parks- Winner/s: Destinee, Gerard and Samuel

Episode 17- Japan- Trivia- Answer the questions- Winner: Destinee

Episode 18- Hawaii- Song Choice- Pick a song for heather (Guest Judge: WebkinzMania)- Winner/s: Destinee and Gerard

Episode 19- Italy- Roleplay- Race through the streets and canals of Venice then climb the Tower of Piza- Winner/s: Destinee and Sarah

Episode 20- Jumbo Jet- Jury Vote, Destinee vs. Sarah- Receive the most votes- Winner of the Season: Destinee

Episode 1- Camp Wawanakwa

Chris: Gooooddddd Morning Contestants! This is Total Drama Tour of the World, Chris here! Its time for Episode 1 to begin! Here is where you can chat about this week's challenge, the more drama the Better! We have are teams decided, and were here at our first destination...good ole camp wawanakwa! The first challenge Art drawing! Have you ever wondered what the good old 25 contestants siblings looked like? Well now you can know! Each team member make a sibling of one of the original contestant of your choosing, Since this is an odd, day the Challenge will be due Sunday! Each Team will submit their two best entries to either BDJ10's talk page or his email (listed above).. Goooooodd luck! this is Total...Drama....TOUR OF THE WORLD!

Aj (Taken aback): Wow thats a lot to absorb at once...

Zach: ._. D-drawing? D: Uh... Kay.

Aj: Yeah Zach i agree...this is going to be a challenge *looks around camp wawanakwa*, ive always imagined myself here

Zoey:This is so cool!We're in a summer camp!

Chase: So we draw a sibling of a contestant?

Chris: Yes, That you do my inquisitive friend!

Chase: Can we recolor?

Zoey:Wait,I don't know a sibling of a contestant!

Brandon: Um, okay. Team Victory! Over here! I think what we should do is all make our sibling, and then post it on our strategy page. Then we can choose from there? Is that a good idea?

Chase: *To Zoey*You make them up.

Chris: Thank you Chase! and you may recolor, dont forget each team has a strategy page!


Aj: Is That :O

Aj (Conf): If that's alejandro from the last season....oh no

Javier: Okay, lets get started. (Where do we post it at?)

Chris: Either send it to the email address hosted above or onto BDJ10's talk page! You can also put it onto your team's strategy page! *drives away in expensive car*

Zoey:Let's do this!

Jackson: Hey everyone! Let's go Team Amazon!


Zeke: Team Victory RULES

AJ: Go team victory!


Brandon: Zeke and AJ, agreed: TEAM VICTORY is the bomb!

(Sun: Can our contestant be a sibling of someone?)

Jackson: Done! Come on Team Amazon.

Brandon: Attention team Victory! If you are wondering where we are posting our pictures before we enter them, its on the strategy page! So come on over! (Just Team Victory)

Chris: Helllloooooo Campers! It's time to turn in your first challenge, each team pick your BEST two pieces of artwork!

Chris: Thank you Team Victory for your entries, that leaves the Amazon's and Team Chris to turn in their entries by 9:00 PM tonight! Don't forget that the entries go to BDJ10's talk page.

Chris: Thank you Chase for entering Team Amazon's first entry, Team Chris im missing both of yours, and Team Amazon i still need one more from someone else. Remember, its due by 9:00 PM EST Tonight! Losing Team will be sent to the elimination room.

Chris: Today's guest judge, KG! (special thanks to him) has decided the winner of the challenge...


Second place goes to team Chris! With Katie's sister, and in last goes Team Amazon. Team Amazon its time to vote someone out.

Elimination Ceremony 1

Chris: dissapointed! Please cast your votes on my talkpage!


Chris: I have votes from everyone but Abby and Herman! Submit your votes!

Chris: Ok Times Up! And the barf bags go to........

Destinee, Zoey, Chase, and Jackson!

the final two are Herman and Abby and the last barf bag goes to...................Herman!
Im sorry Abby you've been eliminated.

Episode 2- Egypt

First Class Chat:

AJ: *Eating Cookies* Yeah guys we won!

Brandon: Ya! Team Victory! *yawns* I wonder what our next challange will be?

AJ: OOoooh were going to Egypt, sweet!

AJ: Zeke, Boo, where were you guys last challenge?

Zach: I'm a poor leader. T_T Brandon should be the leader.

AJ: Well Zach we did win the last challenge!!! You guys ready for Egypt?

Economy Class chat:

Jackson: Ugh, I hope next time we won't end up back here.

Destinee: I think we can rock the next challenge! We just need everyone to help.

Quinn: This really sucks.

Chris: Hello Losers! The Challenge starts in 50 minutes, so stay comfortable with the state of the art conditions....if there were any


Chris: Welcome to Egypt, our next challenge will begin sharply at 8:00 PM EST Sunday, for our first RP challenge, please come back then to see what exciting things we have coming up in Egypt.

Chris: Don't forget contestants, the challenge is in 2 days! If your not there, your team could possibly lose the challenge and you could get voted off! If you would like a reminder the day before/of,please state so!

(Zach: I may not make it.)
Chris: The challenge is in 2 hours and 15 minutes! Dont Forget!

Chris: Helllooooo Campers, the challenge is beginning...NOW, its a Nile river race down guessed it, Nile River! You have to weave a boat and then find a camel, bring it onboard and row down the river a mile to the finish line! Be careful for the crocodiles, as they are very deadly, no worries we have to at least try to save you. On your marks...GO!!!!

AJ: Let's go victory! *starts grabbing reeds*

Zoey:*grabs reeds*What do we do with these?

AJ: You weave them into a boat!

Chase: Come on Team!

AJ: Does anyone know how to weave? *runs and gets more reeds*

Zoey:I think I do?..What does weave mean?

Chris (Angrily): Did you not watch the last season? Hmph, its like they did in Egypt in the last season, you have to tie them and knot them and...and...stuff

Quinn: Lets go Team Chris! *grabs reeds and starts weaving*

Quinn (CONF): My mother weaves baskets for a living.

Quinn: Done!

AJ (Suprised): How did she do that?

Chris: Team Chris! Time to find your camel!

Brandon: You weave the reeds under and over . . . like this. *starts weaving part of team Victory's boat*

Zoey:Oh!Like this!?:*half of the boat is done*(GODPLAYING QUIN))

Brandon: Ya! Wait a minute . . . aren't you on the other team? *3 quarters done*

Chase: *Starts weaving for Amazon's Boat*

Brandon: Almost done! AJ, get some more weeds!

AJ: Gotcha! *runs and gets more

Brandon: *finishes team Victory's boat* Come on guys, hop on! We need to catch up to team chris!

AJ: We need to find a camel first, so do they!

Quinn: Lets go find our Camel!

Brandon: There! Oh no, thats just a sand dune . . .

Zoey:WE have to find a CAMEL!?*finishes Team Amzon's boat*

AJ (Looking around): Where's Izzy when you need her? Maybe we should make camel noises? HONKKKK

Brandon: AJ its working! The Camel, its way off in the distance! Keep snorting! HHOONNKK!!

Chase: *Starts looking for a camel*This is hard.

AJ: HONKKKKK *runs towards the distance*

Chase: *Still looking for a camel*I wonder where they are.

Chris (Smirking): Don't forget you have to get it onto your boat somehow!

Zoey:I know how!*grunts**a camel comes*

Chase: Yes!Now how to get it onto the boat...

AJ (To Chris): Gahh, Why are you doing this to us? *starts pushing camel

Quinn: Where is my stupid freaking team!

Brandon: *jumps on camel* Go Camel! Yah Yah! *Camel grunts and walks forwards*

Zoey:*grunting and the Camel gets on the boat**starts to paddle*

AJ: *Makes a leash out of reeds and pulls the camel onto the boat* come on guys hop on!

Chase: *Starts paddling*

Brandon: *jumps on and paddles as hard as he can* Why does this Camel weigh so much?

Zoey:*paddling*It's going so slow!?

AJ: Gahhh its like rowing Owen *starts sweating*

Chase: *Starts paddling stronger*Paddle stronger!

Chris: Where is Team Chris? Quinn? get your team together!

Quinn: I give up! I have no freaking team!

Brandon: Wait AJ, I'm the swim team captain at home! I can push us! *jumps out of boat and pushes it from behind, making them go a lot faster* (team victory)

Chase: *Paddles faster*Come on!

AJ: Brandon look out, crocodile!

Chase: *Is near the finish*Come on team*Continues paddling*

Quinn: *sits down and listens to ipod* (she gave up)

AJ: Come on Quinn you can do it! *continues to paddle*

Chase: *Paddling*Almost there!

AJ: Quick Brandon faster!

Brandon: Were not losing this because of HIM! *slugs the crocodile right in the face*

Brandon: Almost there team Victory! I can see the finish! *swims with all his might*

Chase: *Crosses the finish*YES!

Chris: And the winner is....TEAM AMAZON!

Quinn: Yep....We lose...again. *looks annoyed.

Quinn: (conf): *swearing*

Brandon: *Crosses the finish second*

Zoey:YES@*hugs Chase*

Chris: Ok looks like the Amazon's secured the win, followed by Victory, Chris, Its time to vote someone out!

Chase: My arms are sore.

Elimination Ceremony 2:

Chris: Please choose who you want to eliminate

Quinn: (CONF) I have the worst team ever! Anyways, I vote Bronwyn. Becuase on the first day she seemed all stuck up and annoying.

Seth: (CONF) Bronwyn

Chris: Two Votes Down! Four to go! Votes are open till 9:30!

Chris: Ok Votes are up! And the barfbags go to...Quinn, Seth, Sam, and Alejandro the bottom two are Enrique and Bronwyn and the last marshmallow goes to......Enrique! Bronwyn i'm sorry you've been eliminated *gives her parachute.

Episode 3- Redwood Forest

First Class Chat:

Zoe:I love this!

Destinee: Me too! (Sorry I missed the challenge, something personal popped up at the last minute.)

Zoey:*eating a cookie*

Chase: *Drinking a milkshake*That's refreshing.

Economy Class Chat:

AJ: I wonder what's goin down in the elimination ceremony?

Quinn: *walks in and sits alone*

Brandon: Poor Quinn.


Chris: Today's challenge is in the majestic redwood forest, but the trees are two high to land so here are your parachutes *kicks open door* Please parachute to the bottom!

AJ: Are *Grabs parachute and jumps off*

Quinn: *grabs parachute and jumps off after AJ*

Chris: I love this game!

Zoey:What!?*grabs a parachute and jumps out*AHH!

Chase: *Puts on parachute*Okay time to jump!*Jumps out of the plane*

AJ: *Gets stuck in a tree*...crap

Destinee: *Grabs parachute and jumps* This is insane.

Quinn: *lands safely* Yes!

Zoey:*gets stuck in a tree*AH!I'm so far up!

Chase: *Lands safetly*Phew.
AJ: *Is in the tree next to Zoey* How are we going to get down!

Zoey:I don't know!*starts to struggle*

Zach: *parachutes in style*

AJ: Zach! A little help teamy!

Quinn: *waves cheekily from the bottom up to Zoey and AJ*

Zach:* releases self from parachute and lands in tree on AJ's parachute* *pulls out knife and cuts AJ and Zoy free*

AJ: Sweet thanks Zach! *Glances back at Quinn and sticks his tongue out*

Zoey:Thank you!*hugs Zach*

Quinn: *rolls eyes and puts the loser sign up to AJ*

Zoey:Umm.*puts the loser sign up to Quinn,but the sign is backwards*

AJ: Thanks Zoey! Kind of...

AJ(Conf): Quinn...ugh...*stares dreamily*...*snaps out of it* AH no. no no no

Zoey:No problem!*hugs him*Now...what do we do!?

AJ: *Hugs Back* Hmmm, Thats a good point.

Quinn: *applies make-up* Zoey? You arn't even on his team! Duh.

Zoey:*angry*Well!My team isn't here!*sits on a log and starts to cry*

AJ: Chase was here...Chase? *starts looking around trees*

Quinn (CONF): *angry* Im not mean! And anyone who says that will get what they deserve! Im just misunderstood.....that's all.

Zoey:(CONF)Well Quinn said something really mean to me,and..and*camera cuts*

AJ(CONF): Quinn, Zoey, they are both cute, Brandon and Zach are both nice, so is Destinee, a couple of the others though just don't talk much so i don't know them very well

Zoey:*stands up*So..uh..

Chase: *Noticed he landed 10 miles away from the others*Uh-oh*Starts running*

Quinn: Im going for a look around this place. *goes to explore the forest*

AJ (Whispering to Zach and Zoey): She's going to hurt herself...

Quinn: *walking around while listening to ipod and doesn't watch where she is going and falls into a black hole*

Chase: *Continues running*Man why do I land far off?

AJ: Crap, ok Zoey, Zach, Destinee, its just us four, the others have either not jumped yet or are lost...awesome

Chase: *Finally arrives* tiring.

AJ: Phew chase is here

Chris: Um...Where's is Quinn? *pushes everyone who hasn't jumped yet off the plan with parachutes*

Quinn: *opens eyes* What the hell? Where am I? Ah Crap! HELP! Im stuck in a hole!

Zoey:I'm going to get some wood!*goes right instead of left*

Quinn: HELP! ANYONE! Can you hear me!

Zoey:*walking**looks to the left and sees shadows*What are-AH INDIANS,WITH ARROWS!*starts running back*

Quinn: Help! Someone! *to herself* Great. I am going to die in a hole.

AJ: *Hears quinn's screaming and runs towards her* Quinn??

Quinn: AJ!? Is-is that you!?

AJ: Wait there! *Goes and grabs a vine*

Quinn: Ok? So.....

AJ: *Pulls Quinn out of the hole*

Quinn: *stands up* *hugs him* Thanks loads! If you didn't get me out I would of probably died in a hole.

AJ (Blushing): Your Welcome

Zoey:HELP ME!*Indians shooting arrows at her,but they're missing*

Quinn: *sees him blushing* What?

AJ: Hmph What?

AJ(CONF): I don't have a crush on QuinN, that was pity hug, P-I-T-Y

Quinn: *smiles* (Me: I G2G. Cya)

Zoey:AH!*gets hit by an arrow in the leg*OW!HELP!

Quinn: (CONF) Yeah. That was cool of AJ for what he did..he is pretty cool.

AJ (Sitting Bored): So i guess we wait here for the other contestants to answer...where did Zoey go?

Quinn: *bored* Somewhere...who cares? She is a loser. Major loser.

Chris: Ok so here's your Challenge, its Question Time! I will give everyone a list of questions, you will get points for correct answers and will email them to the link listed above with the subject Tour of the World, if you don't have an email please post your answers on my Talk Page. Thanks!

Question 1(1 Pt)- What is my (BDJ's) favorite Total Drama character?

Question 2(1 Pt)- How many times has Izzy been eliminated?

Question 3 (1 Pt)- What do you think the next location is: a) Las Vegas, b) Paris, or c) Japan

Question 4 (1 Pt)- Whats my (BDJ's) favorite Total Drama Island Episode? a) Dodgebrawl b) No Pain, No Game or c) The Very last Episode Really!

Question 5 (1 Pt)- Where is the Redwood Forest?

Question 6 (2 Pts)- What is the elimination order of Total Drama Action?

Question 7 (2 Pts)- Who has sung an entire song by themselves in Total Drama World Tour?

Question 8 (3 Pts)- How many rooms are there in the jumbo jet?

Question 9 (3 Pts)- Who did Bridgette bunk with in Total Drama Action?

Question 10 (4 Pts)- Who won the most individual challenges in Total Drama World Tour?

Chris: And Quinn earns 12 points for team Chris!

Zoey:Come on!

Chris: Zoey ties it up with 12 points for Team Amazon! and to make things fair, AJ won't be filling out the questions because 1 (that would be cheating i know the answers) and 2 Team Victory is up one character!


Chris: By the Way, the challenge is due saturday!

Chris: Chase boosts the amazon's score to 24! and brandon earns 15 points for Victory!

Brandon: Yes! But where are the rest of Team Victory? It seems like its only me and AJ!

Chris: Good Question Brandon, Boo, Zeke, Zach, Enrique, Herman, Destinee, Seth, Alejandro, Destinee, Javier, Jackson and Sam all haven't submitted their answers, also a bunch of those people haven't talked yet or for a while *glares*

Zeke: I'm here! Sorry.....Where Do We Submit Our Anwsers Again?

Chris: On BDJ's talkpage.

Alejandro:Sorry.I completely forgot about this camp.I'll try to do the challange.

Chris: Thankkss...*rolls eyes* but Zeke, Alejandro, thanks for piping in! You guys could pull ahead of the Amazon's for your respected teams!

Zeke: I Just Turned My In!

Alejandro:I did the questions.

Zoey:*in the middle of the forest*Help?Anybody!?

Chris: Zeke, Alejandro, and Destinee all submitted, making the current Score's, Team Amazon: 38, Team Victory: 28, and Team Chris is last with 26, i still need a bunch of people's responses!

Zoey:AH!My leg is bleeding!

AJ: Um Chris, I think i hear Zoey, shouldn't somebody help her?

Zoey:Oh no.*gasp and the mysterious indian takes her away*

AJ: Zach, Boo, and Enrique do the challenge guys! We want to win! And we should probably go looking for Zoey...

Brandon: Ya! And Javier too! Where are you guys? Come on, we could win this yet!

Javier: I overslept sorry.

AJ: Sweet, Javier if you and Zach do the challenge we will pull ahead!

Chris: Team Chris and Amazon, get your teamates together, Amazon's need two more and Chris needs 3! and also, now that Zach rocked the challenge and earned 17 points, victory is boosted up to 45!

Quinn: C'mon Team Chris! We NEED to win! We are on a losing streak! *turns to Chris* This is unfair! None of my team is here! I am the only one competing for my team!

Brandon: Ya Zach! Go team VICTORY!

Quinn: (CONF): Ok. I am really thinking about quitting now. My team has litrally LEFT me. Everybody hates me and thinks im a total ***** when I am not! Next elimination, I-I might quit....I will have to think about it....*looks down*

AJ: Quinn What's wrong!
Chris: Come on Team Chris! You need to step up your game, if not i will do some team rearranging

Quinn: Well.....I feel like quitting. I have no team, no friends...

AJ: No don't leave! I'm your friend and if you opened up to Zoey then she would be too! and Chris said he may change up the teams

Quinn: Zoey is a loser. Nothing can make me like her. Anyway, why do you care. Seriously.

AJ: Because i'm your friend!

Quinn: *looks down* I will think about it. *smiles*

(CONF): I do not like him! And if anyone says I do....they are in for it! *smiles, then noticies* Gimmie the tape! (Me: I G2G)

AJ (CONF): (angrily) Quinn......(happily) Quinn....*notices the camera* Gimme the tape, how do you open this thing

Chris: and Tuesday is rounded up with Team Victory with a whopping 55 Points, Team Amazon closely behind with 38, and Chris Not too far behind with 28. I still need Enrique, Sam, Jackson, Herman, Boo, and Seth to complete, we have had 3 from the amazons submit, 4 from Victory, and 2 from Chris! Encourage your teamates to complete!

Quinn: I REALLY hate my team. The sooner the teams change, the better!

Chris:Today no one has completed the challenge, remember to talk page your teammates and makes sure the submits, every point counts!

AJ: *Hears something and wanders out into the woods* Oh well, no one is talking anyways

Quinn: *looks slightly concerned* AJ! You are going to get lost!

Chase: Yeah, something dangerous could be there, dude.

AJ: What if someone is lost in there! They could need help! (Btw Quinn i got one of your teammates to complete the challenge and be more active)

Quinn: Yeah. *still looks concerened* (CONF): I am NOT falling for him!

Sam: Where's my team? :O

AJ: *walks back* Hey Sam! That's Quinn your teammate!

Alejandro:I turned mine in chris.

Alejandro:I can believe i'm still in.Sweet.

Chris: Yes, Yes you did, and thank you!

Alejandro:Your Welcome.

Chris: Remember, you have access to other people's talk pages! And from your team, Enrique, Sam, and Seth haven't submitted!

Quinn: *to Sam & Alejandro* Hey. (conf): Finally! I have a team!.....Well, half a team that is. And it is obvious that I am team Chris' best player, the others are going down.!

Alejandro(CONF):Quinn could get me far in the game then trick me.But i know him.That's because nobody knows the true me.One by one.They'll all go down.

Alejandro:Hello Quinn.

Quinn: *rolls eyes* Whatever...

Zoey:*comes back in indian clothes and a bow with a bunch of arrows on her back*Hello!

AJ: *Sitting on a log* Um Zoey...where were you?

Quinn: *mutters* Loser.

Zoey:In the forest!

Quinn: *giggles*


Quinn: *looks down* You are such a loser.....*laughs*(Me: She is NOT a antagonist. Ok?)

Zoey:*looks at her in angers**takes out her and one arrow*I'll shoot you!*shoots it backwards*..Uhh that was a warning!

Quinn: *walks away from Zoey and sits alone* Freak...

Jackson: Finished!

Chase: Cool!

Quinn: *rolls eyes*

Jackson: Urrrr

Jackson: (CONF) Why does Quinn roll her eyes all the time?

Quinn: *looks at Jackson* What!

Jackson: *walks away slowly*

Quinn: (CONF): Why are all these people freaks?

Zoey:(CONF:Why is Quinn mean to me all the time!?)

Jackson: Only two more Amazons! Come on guys! You can do it!

Zoey:Oh yeah!Amazons!

Quinn: *stands up* Lets go Team Chris! *does a mini cheer routine*

Zoey:Should I put my old clothes on!?

Jackson: I dunno...

Quinn: You will look bad either way. *looks at her nails*

Alejandro:So chris who won the challange?

Quinn: *stands next to Alejandro* Yeah. Who won.?

Chris: Its not over yet! It will be due tomorrow night!

Quinn: Fine. Whatever. *sits down away from the others and flashes a smile at AJ when he isn't looking*

Chris: And Team Chris's points are boosted up thanks to Sam's entry, that still leaves Enrique and Seth from Team Chris to submit!

Quinn: Yep, my team still sucks.

Alejandro(CONF):I need some way to trick Quinn.Her long flowing hair makes me want to kiss her!Oh never mind.

Alejandro:*rips off shirt*Look at these smoking abs ladies!

Quinn: *looks at Alejandro dreamily* (CONF): He is so cute....*sighs and then sees the camera* Give me the tape! Where does this thing open!

AJ (CONF): That Alejandro....I mean Quinn wouldn't fall for him...she wouldn't...right?

Quinn: *smiling* and still staring at Alejandro* Wow....*applies makeup*(CONF): Focus! *slaps herself*

Chris: Hello Campers, and it turns out......Team Victory Won with 55 points followed closely by the....Amazons with 51 points! I'm sorry Team Chris but your up for elimination again! Remember, Seth and Enrique both didn't submit! Here are the answers:

  1. Bridgette (or DJ)
  2. 5
  3. Paris
  4. Dodgebrawl
  5. California
  6. Geoff+Bridgette





Izzy (Again)








Duncan Wins (Beth Alternate

7. Bridgette or Leshawna

8. 6 (8 counting the confessionals)


10. Heather

Elimination Ceremony 3

Quinn: I vote Seth. Enrique and I have known each other for ages (seriously) I couldn't vote for him.

Sam: I vote off Seth. -- missy free your glee 05:05, January 29, 2011 (UTC)

Chris: Two Votes Seth, we just need Enrique, Seth, and Alejandro to cast their votes, and Quinn if youve known Enrique for so long encourage him to participate!

Quinn: *rolls eyes* (CONF): Ok! I am actually feeling safe now that I have friendship with AJ, Alejandro and Enrique. *sighs* I miss him...

Chris: So the barf bag's go to, Quinn, and Sam, the last barfbag goes to.....................Enrique, Looks like Seth is taking the drop of shame (kicks Seth off the plane)

Episode 4- Paris

First Class Chat:

AJ: This is awesome! We haven't lost yet!

Brandon: Wooh! Ya! Team Victory rocks!

Economy Class Chat:

Alejandro:I hate losers class.We have to win ths time.

Jackson: We lost by four points. Come on! We can do better!

Quinn: Loser Class! Again! This sucks!


Chris: Good Evening Campers! Here we are in Paris (at night) on top of the Eiffel Tower. We all know last season the beautiful Lindsay got the boot in Paris, well your challenge is to pick a song that best fits Lindsay and submit it to BDJ's Talkpage! Try to stay in the game campers!

AJ(Looking over the rail): Paris is so awesome!

Chris: By the way, i will only accept 4 entries from each team, because Team Chris is down two players!

Chase: Hey Team Amazon!Who is sitting out?

AJ: Yeah Victory, I think Boo isn't active a lot, so he should be one of the two to sit out

Chris: I Have Decided the challenge will be due when Most of the competitors have submitted! So tell your teammates to submit fast!

Jackson: I have to pick the song Blah Blah Blah by Kesha.

Brandon: Do we give you a link or just tell you?

Chris: Either is fine!

Quinn: I love Paris! I grew up in France! The city of romance!

AJ: Especially at night!

Quinn: I know! When I was a little kid, my mom always used to take us to look out at the stars. It was beautiful.

AJ: That's so cool!

Quinn: I know. By the way, I know what Alejandro is up to.....I just got....distracted. (CONF): I don't really like him. I hate him! I saw him betray Bridgette, LeShawna aand Courtney in TDWT! No way I am going to trust him.

AJ: oh Phew, that's good

Quinn: Ok. My plan: Keep him in the game for a while. I will act like I "love" him. He will then try to betray me, but then when he least expects it; I will vote for him....*relizes that she just revealed her whole plan* Crap! Don't tell him!...*looks concerened* Please? *still looking concerened*

AJ: I won't tell him, but hopefully he hasn't heard...

Chris: Ooh Things are heating up, so far we have two entries from Jackson and Quinn

Jackson: Where did the other Amazons wonder off too?

Chase: I'm still thinking of a song for Lindsay.

Quinn: *to AJ* Thanks. *hugs him*

AJ: Your'e welcome *hugs back*

Chris: Ok! Don't forget to encourage your teammates to submit, you need four entries!

Quinn:(CONF): *smiling and sighs* *non conf* *sits down and looks at her nails* I wonder when the team's are going to change?

Chris: Come on contestants I only have 5 entries!

Quinn: Just tell me that the teams are going to change soon? (CONF): Being in Paris reminds me of so many things. My first boyfriend, he was french and cute too. My parents kicking me out of home because they hated me....Not good. Right?

AJ: Oof thats rough, it's weird to think that could happen from such a nice city

Chris: Ok campers, only 5 entries, theres still 7 more to go, i have 2 from Victory, 2 from Amazon, and 1 from Chris

Quinn: *sits next to AJ* I know. My parents hated me.The kicked me out when I was 13. My first boyfriend broke up with me by text! I just hope I can find someone new some one who isn't like him.

Zoey:*lost in the Louvre*Where is the exit?

AJ (Sees Zoey from the top of the tower through a window): ZOEY? Oh well

Chris (Shouting so she can hear): ZOEY TURN IN YOUR SONG

Zoey:*yells*I did!I think!*goes to the bathroom changes into a red dress*Perfect for Paris!Now where's the exit?

AJ: I love Paris, Pulls out french fries

Chris: Team Amazon has all their entires, Victory and Chris encourage your teammates to submit!

Zoey:*finds the exit and gets out*EE!Now where do I go!?I know The Infel Tower!(BTW,she said it wrong on purpose,well I did not Zoey she gets it wrong sometimes.)

AJ(CONF): Oh Zoey....

AJ: I love it up here!

Chris: Well thats good, noting i still need four entries till the challenge closes

Zoey:*gets to the top*Wow this is beautiful!

AJ: I Know right!

Jackson: (CONF) This might be the one time we win!

Jackson: Paris is pretty beautiful...

Zoey:Yeah.I like it here!

Quinn: (CONF): Ok. Since we're in my home city, Paris and it is the city of romance, It feels right to do this.....(NON conf) *walks up to AJ and kisses him and then stands back and blushes*

Destinee: (CONF) Paris is cool and all, but what I really care about is winning this challenge. We need a win.

AJ: *Blushes* (CONF): Woah

Chris: Destinee, Jackson, Zoey, Chase, thanks to all four of your guy's entries, you win! Followed by Team Chris! Its victory's first, well non victory!

Elimination Ceremony 4

Chris: I'm sorry victory, it's time to vote

AJ: I vote Boo

Brandon: Ugh, I vote Boo too.

Chris: That's two votes Boo, i have also received a vote (over IRC) from Zach, also voting for Boo. Votes close later tonight

Zeke. I Vote Boo Two (Sorry I couldn't Make The challenge i was out of town, away from the computer)

Chris: Ok i have received 5 votes! And with the deliberation, the barf bags go to.......Zeke, Zach, AJ, and Brandon, the bottom two are Javier and Boo, and the last barfbag goes to................................................Javier! Boo, im sorry you have been eliminated *pushes Boo out the plane*

Episode 5- London

First Class Chat:

Chase: I wonder who got the boot.

Jackson: Aaaaa, first class! Isn't it wonderful!

Economy Class Chat:

AJ: Oof that was a rough challenge

Quinn: Yeah....*looks away* (CONF:) The kiss was great, really great. But I am starting to think it was wrong. What if he doesn't like me? Like, I like him? I am so stupid! (Non conf) *to Aj* AJ? Im really sorry, I shouldn't have done that considering I don't think you feel that way about me...

Brandon: Darn! Our first loss . . .


Chris: Hello Campers! Here we are by the London Eye, the second biggest ferris wheel in the world! Now we all know last season, the London episode was very controversial, should noah have been eliminated? should Duncan have returned? Well its time for you to rewrite the ending! Remember, Have Fun! And please be more active, so off you goooo govenors

Jackson: I'm starting mine!

Chris: Thank You Aj, Jackson, and Chase for your entries, that leaves Destinee, Quinn, Zeke, Enrique, Javier, Alejandro, Zach, Sam, Brandon, Herman, and Zoey!

Zoey:Okay I gotta do this!

Quinn: I swear I am going to win! *turns to AJ, and looks down* Do-do you like me as a friends...or as you...know...*itches her arm nervously*

Chris: Thank you Zoey and Quinn for your entries!

AJ: You...know *blushes*

Chris: Thats 6 entries total so far! 8 to go!

Quinn: *smiles and hugs him*

Chris: I'll take one more entry from each team! Have Three from the amazon's from Chase, Zoey, and Jackson, 2 from team Victory, from Aj, and Brandon, and 2 from Chris from Quinn and Sam

Zoey;(CONF)I really like AJ,but he's with Quinn,I can't intefere with a relationship.

Quinn: (CONF): I hope AJ doesn't break my heart like the *counts on fingers* 16 other boyfriends I have had.

Chase: So which team loses?

Quinn: Most likely my team...again.

Chris: No One Yet! But right now there is a....Bonus Challenge!!!! The elimination ceremony is going to be tomorrow night so make sure to be here! The winner of the bonus challenge gets an immunity idol! Everyone load up into the London Eye. (If you load up your entered into the challenge)

Quinn: * takes a seat in the London Eye*

Chase: *Stand sin the London Eye*

AJ: *Hops into London Eye*

Quinn: Now what?

Zoey:*sitting on a seat on the London Eye*

Chris: Zoey, Aj, Quinn, and Chase! you four hold tight! I'm am going to hold out a little, see if anyone else wants to join.


Destinee: *Sits in the London Eye*

Quinn: *glares at Zoey*


Quinn: Never mind. *does the "im watching you" sign with her fingers*

Chris: So i will ask everyone a question, if you get it wrong you must step out of the London Eye when you stop at the bottom!
AJ: What is First123's favorite character?
Destinee: How many episodes has Leshawna been in?

Quinn: What contestants have Bridgette beaten in Total Drama?
Zoey: How many episodes was Heather without hair? (wig episodes don't count)
Chase: Who was paired with who in TDDDDI? How many of each group made it to TDA?

Quinn: What do you mean? Have Bridgette beaten in Total Drama?

Zoey;Um 6?

Quinn: Um....Trent, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Izzy (once in TDI-not when she returned), Geoff (if you count him before her in TDA)

Chase: Group 1: Leshawna,Trent,and Gwen.Group 2: Beth,Ezekiel,Lindsay Group 3: Eva,Izzy,and Noah Group 4: Courtney and Duncan Group 5: Cody,Tyler,DJ,and Owen. Group 6: Harold and Heather. Group 6: Justin,Katie,and Sadie Group 8: Bridgette and Geoff. Group 1: 3 Group 2: 2 Group 3: 1 Group 4: 2 Group 5: 2 Group 6: 2 Group 7: 1 Group 8: 2

Quinn: I am gonna win this bonus challenge!

Chris: Zoey, Quinn, both of you were close, but not right! (Zoey its actually 12) (Quinn, You forgot Harold, and Duncan (not counting his return), and Chase was right he moves on! We just need Destinee's answer and Aj's

Quinn: As long as Zoey, is out. Im good

Chris: Time is up, Chase has won an immunity idol!!

Chris: And the Amazons Win! followed by Team Victory and then in last goes....Team i am super duper hot!

Quinn: *angry* WE LOSE! AGAIN! This is pathetic!

Judging for the Challenge:

Quinn: It was short! But it was pretty good! I like the Chris moment, and the suprise twist that Owen was voted off. I also liked how Alejandro followed Owen out of the plane. I rate it an 8/10.

Brandon: I like it how you go through their voting confessionals and what they would be thinking at that time! The suspenseful double elimination was also very interesting! It was suspenseful and well written. I give it a 9/10

Zoey: I really liked your story! It was well written, long and had twists and turns! It was a good ending too, with the suspenseful vote and all and saving Noah's butt but keeping Duncan in the game, i really liked your story i rate it a 9.5/10.

Chase: Like the Heather/Alejandro moment! You also started back so i liked that, and two returns was a great idea but a triple elimination was too much in my opinion. But overall it was a really good story! I rate it a 7/10.

Jackson: I really liked the format you put it in, and also how you started back at White Chapel. I also like the twist how Ezekiel is brought in and Heather is voted off (although i like Heather), it was also very well written and detailed! I rate it an 8/10.

Elimination Ceremony 5:

Chris: I'm sorry but it looks like yet again, Team Chris is sent to the elimination room, Sam, Quinn, both of you submitted, but Enrique and Alejandro you didn't so, the four of you cast your votes!

Chris *Angry*: If this show runs too long, i don't get paid, so come on Sam, Quinn, and Enrique, vote!

Alexander: So, is this the team I'm on?

Chris: You're ruining the suprise!

Alexander: Oh come on! This is the team I'm on, I want a say in who goes home. (lol)

Chris: Well Fine, but don't vote off Sam or Quinn both of them completed the challenge.

Alexander (CONF): Alejandro. (Ironicly, Alejandro is Alexander in Spanish)

Quinn(CONF): Uh....Alejandro?


Chris: And the barf bags go to....Enrique, Quinn, and Alexander, the bottom two are Sam and Alejandro and the last barfbag goes to............Sam! Alejandro has been eliminated and replaced!

Episode 6- Las Vegas

First Class Chat:

Jackson: Ahhh, I could get used to first class

Destinee: (CONF) First class again? I can get used to this!

Zoey:*eating a cookie*

Quinn: *storms into first class and walks over to Zoey crying* I kew it! I just knew it! I knew all along that you liked AJ! Seriously! You are such a *****! You are going next you-you boyfriend stealer! *kicks Zoey in her leg and storms of crying*

Economy Class Chat:

Brandon: C'mon team Victory! We got to get back to first class!

AJ: Yeah guys we can do it!
AJ(CONF): I hope Quinn and Sam are doing ok

Zoey:*comes in*Um AJ,I need to tell you something..

AJ: Yeah Zoey?

Zoey:Um.I like you like like "like" you.But i know you and Quinn have a thing.And I need to give you thid before anything happens.*kisses AJ**and goes back to first class*

AJ: Woah (CONF) Ok so theres Quinn, and theres Zoey....gahh my head hurts

Quinn: *sees AJ and Zoey kiss and her eyes fill up with tears* stands up and runs off cring.* (CONF): I KNEW this would happen! I just knew it! Zoey is SO gone! Tha-that BOYFRIEND STEALER! *bursts out crying*

AJ(to Brandon): Crap. what do i do

Brandon:(to AJ) Well, I really don't know. They are on the other team, but I know they mean a lot to you. Um, maybe you could go up to them both at the same time and say what you really feel? I know you really like Quinn, and I don't know what you think about Zoey, so maybe you shouldn't just keep secrets. Get it off your chest and then see what they think. You shouldn't put so much pressure on your self!

Quinn: *walks back in with eyeliner running down her face* He-hey...


Chris: Hello campers, the next challenge will IRC challenge! Please state a day/time (in EST) that is good, the time i am posting is Saturday, 8 EST If that is good then please say so! Thanks!

Available Times:

AJ: Im Free Saturday night! That works!

Brandon: It works for me too!

Alex: Uh... (Mr. E: i don't know how to. lol)

Quinn: I don't know how to use IRC. (Me: I don't seriously. Can someone please tell me how?)

Jackson: Works for me!

Sam: I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. I might be going to the movies.

Chris: There is an IRC link up at the top and i will give it for the challenge, just say No to anything trying to block it and yes if it asks if you're sure you want to use it! Then type in your username (or Quinn) and you should be good!
So thats AJ, Brandon, Alex, Quinn, and Jackson! Sam just talkpage BDJ when you find out!

Chris: And i've decided to change it to earlier Saturday, at 5 o clock because i'm the host! (Actually i found out i have something), so here is the question, what works better 5 Saturday or 8 Sunday? Please Respond!

Quinn: I don't know. I probably won't do the challenge. (Me: I don't know how or what the IRC is so....)

Destinee: Sunday at 8 is better for me. (LF: I'm usually busy most Saturday nights from like 5-7)
Quinn: If you give me the link, I will try. Sunday at 8 is better for me.

Chris: Alex, Quinn, did you see my explanation above? And ok, so far the verdict is 8 o clock on Sunday! If you think the other time is better, speak up or forever hold your peace!

Chris: Ok so the final time is going to be Sunday, February 13, @ 8 o clock EST! Please post on my talkpage if you will not be able to make it. If you do not post on my talkpage someone will take over your character for the IRC challenge. Thank you!

AJ: Sweet I'll be there!

Chris: For those of you that do not know how to use the IRC, i put instructions under the section Camp IRC! Be sure to check it out!

(Codyfan9000: Wait, February 9 was a Wednesday?? You mean the 13th?)

Chris: Yeah Thanks!

Quinn: I will be there!

Chris: Don't forget contestants, the challenge is in TWO DAYS

Chis; The challenge is now in ONE DAY!

Quinn: I will be there!

Chris: Awesome! Please contestants, don't forget! 8 o clock EST tomorrow! *echos*

Chris: The challenge is TODAY at 8 o clock don't forget!

Chris: Now the challenge is in about a 10 MINUTES Don't forget! and its an IRC CHALLENGE!

Chase: K.

Chris: Here is the link:

Chris: The Challenge is NOW!!

Exploring Vegas:

AJ: Awesome were in Vegas! Can we gamble until the challenge!

Chris: Are you 18?
AJ: No.....

Chris: Then No

AJ: Awwww *Goes and explores Vegas*

Brandon: Wooah! *jumps into a skyscraper pool*

AJ: Woah! *Goes and rides roller coaster*

AJ (CONF): I really just need to get away and clear my head, Quinn and Zoey are both interested, what do i do?

Quinn: We're in Vegas?....Cool... (CONF): I am still upset about the whole AJ-Zoey thing. *NON CONF* *to AJ* Um...I was just wondering, could you please tell me. Are you interseted in me? Or the loser over there? *points to Zoey*

Jackson: *rides rollercoaster* WOOOO! (CONF) Las Vegas is awesome! But it's kinda weird a love triangle started at like the very beginning of the season! Just doesn't make a lot of sense.

AJ: I'm sorry Quinn but i am not sure, i am still deciding (CONF): What to do what to do!

AJ: *Goes to a Vegas Party and dances*

Quinn: *stands back* I don't really feel like dancing right now...

Jackson *some how changes the music to play Thriller and everybody dances to it* Thriller! Thriller night! ;D

AJ: *Joins Jackson in a Thriller Dance*

Quinn: *giggles at AJ's dancing*

Chris *Walking into a casino*: Well since i am over 18, i can gamble, See you guys sunday! By the way here is your hotel for the week! *Points to a grand giant hotel* Roomates are as follows:

Quinn, and Zoey

AJ, Brandon, and Chase

Alexander, Enrique, Jackson

Zeke, Zach, Herman and Javier

Destinee and Sam

Chris: You will be in these rooms till sunday! Have fun! you can explore Vegas but meet in the hotel lobby (IRC) at 8 o Clock Sunday EST

Quinn: Why do I have to share a room with her! *points to Zoey* This sucks! I need some space......*runs off into the dark streets of Vegas* (CONF): Not many people know that I do suffer from depression and stress issues. I have ever since I was a little kid. That's why most people don't think im good enough or under estimate me.

Jackson: *watches Quinn* (CONF) Really? Was that really neccesary?

AJ: Sweet I like my room! *Puts stuff down* I'm going to go swimming

Jackson: *walks into his room* Hm, pretty nice place.

Zeke: Awesome room! *jumps on the bed and turns on tv*

AJ: *Swims around the pool*

Chase: *Walks into his room*Cool.

Jackson: *sees pancakes* Pancakes?! Mmmmmm! *eats pancakes*

Alex: *walks into his room* Awesome! *grabs some food*

Quinn: *returns 2 hours later* That was AWESOME! Seriously! I brought a stash of cash with me from home and I purchased these awesome shirts, pair of shorts and a new bikini! It was SO fun! *changes into her bikini and jumps into the pool*

Quinn: *gets out* Woah that's cold!
AJ: I love swimming!

Quinn: *sitting on the edge of the pool* So do I. It's just that I have not had the best day..

AJ: Oh i'm sorry

Chase: Hey, AJ were you the one who ordered the pie in the room?

AJ: Nah man that wasn't me! Ask Brandon

Quinn: It's ok. Seriously, I have had worse days. *smiles slightly*

Zoey:*on her bed frowning*(CONF)There's nothing for me to do,I am horrible I hate myself..

Brandon: Um . . . No, I didn't order the pie, but we may as well have it? Unless AJ wants to share it with someone . . . *wink wink*

Enrique: Sorry I'm late. I was asleep for the whole time.

AJ: The whole time?!? and nope, maybe it was a prank?

Zoey:*gets out her room and starts walking gloomly*

Quinn: *is asleep when Zoey arrives*

Roleplay Challenge:

Chris: Ok guys here is where the ACTUAL challenge is going to be! IRC challenges are a bad idea, so every team has 5 flags hidden around Las Vegas, and even though it's night time there are tons of places open! Whoever finds their team's flags first wins! Ready......GO

AJ: Come on Victory! *Runs out of the hotel*

Chase: *Starts running to search*

Chris: Here's a hint, all of the flags are indoors! I'll give you more as we continue!

Chase: *Still searches inside the hotel*

AJ: Team Victory, lets go search in a casino! This one has a Total Drama sign on it!

Brandon: *searches all the slot machines and the pool*

AJ: Good Brandon you search there, i'll go search the cards tables *goes and searches the cards tables*

AJ *Sees golden flag sticking out of table* Hey guys i think i found one!
Chris: And by the way im closing the challenge at 10! If its not complete by then i will pick a winner and a loser! I have a special valentines challenge for the next episode and its gotta be up by today!

Destinee: *Begins looking for flags*

Chase: *Looks in the Lobby*

AJ: Victory i think i found one! *Holds up flag* Lets go to the next place!

Chris: Everyone here is a hint, there is 1 in a casino, 1 in a hotel, and 1 in a show, thats 3 of the 5!

Chris: Since i want to get the next challenge started! I put all three teams in a randomizer! Team Chris came in first followed by Victory, team Amazon time to vote someone out!

Elimination Ceremony 6

Chris: Sorry Amazons, had to get things going! I need everyone to vote someone out! Oh, and Chase, and Destinee are safe for talking!

Destinee: I vote Herman, sorry!

Chase: I randomly vote Herman I guess.
Chris: So thats two votes Herman! One more and he goes home!

Chris: I've received one last vote (over IRC) and the barfbags go to...Destinee, Chase, and Zoey! The final two are Jackson and Herman and the last barfbag goes to..................Jackson! I'm sorry Herman you've been eliminated, drop of shame is that way bro

Episode 7- Niagara Falls


Chris: Due to BDJ's impatience, the next challenge is going to begin! I need all the contestants to create a character either a) Kissing another contestant or b) Wearing a wedding dress, you can use any characters. HappyValentines Day! At the end of the challenge there will be a newbie entering the competition! The challenge will be due on Wednesday Night!

Quinn: Im on it!

(Brandon: Do you mean draw it?)

Chris: You can draw it! And the contestant must be from either this competition or Total Drama. and Happy Valentines day everybody!

Chris: Wow Brandon thats great! So contestants please add your entries to the gallery above! Also good work Jackson! And theres a TWIST this challenge. Whoever does not post an entry to the challenge will be put up for elimination, and everyone votes for who to be eliminated! So unless everyone turns in an entry, people from different teams will be up for elimination. It's also possible theres a newbie coming in soon!

Chris: So far, Chase, Zoey, AJ, Quinn, Brandon, Zeke, and Jackson are the only one's safe! Good work Quinn!

Chris: So that leaves Destinee, Alexander, Javier, Zach, Sam, and Enrique! and be sure to check out the dreaded...ACTIVITY LIST! Trust me you want to be high on it. It may even influence S2 a little

Chase: Do both people from the wedding need to be in the picture?

Chris: Nope! But they have to be wearing a wedding dress!

Chase: Wait does a tuxedo count as a wedding dress?

Chris: Yep! Ok so ill give everyone another hour to complete!

Chris: And the Challenge is over! Thanks to our guest judge from the Total Drama Wiki, Jam7!! She chose that Jackson was the winner, followed by Brandon! This will earn them an advantage later! Alexander, Destinee, Javier, Zach, Sam, and Enrique are up for elimination!

Exploring the Falls:

Quinn: AJ, happy valentines day. *kisses him*

Jackson: Kissing another contestant as in from TDI/A/WT? Or from this competition?

AJ: Aww thanks Quinn, happy valentines day everyone!

Brandon: Yay! Done the challenge! Team Victory is so gonna win! Now let's party! *jumps in a pool* And has anyone noticed were in two cities known for there casinoes in a row?

Quinn: *blushes a little* AJ, even if nothing does happen between us, and you choose Zoey, It's ok. As long as we're still friends....

Zoey:*sitting down*

AJ: Wow Niagara Falls looks awesome!


Jackson: (whistling I Wanna Be Famous, then duck lands on head and takes hat) Hey! You get back here! (chases duck)

AJ: We should go on a boat ride down by the falls! *goes and waits in line for boat ride*


Quinn: *is standing right there* No! me?

AJ: I meant everyone!

Jackson: *barely hears* That's a good ide- *trips over railing and falls into falls* Aaaaaaaah! *lands on a life boat* Wow, this is conveniently placed here!

Brandon: Oh! I'll come with you guys! *lines up with AJ*

Quinn: *lines up* I will come! Who wants to be my partner?

Jackson: *shows up all wet and with a duck in hand* *puts hat on* I'll come with you guys.

Zeke: *sits down*

Brandon: *whispers to AJ* Make sure we only vote for someone on a different team. Right?

Quinn: *comes back wet and takes her hair out* That was fun! *smiles*

Elimination Ceremony 7:

Chris: Hello Campers! So it looks like Destinee, Enrique, Sam, Zach, Javier, and Alexander are up for elimination, it's time for the vote! Destinee is IMMUNE because she is the highest up on the Active Ranks so far! Everyone can vote!

AJ(CONF): I know Javier is on my team, but it's gotta be him, he's bringing us down *Stamps Javier's passport*

Zoey:(CONF):I gotta vote Javier,I don't even know him.*stamps his passport*

Chase: (CONF)When was the last time Javier talked?*Stamps Javier's passport*

Jackson: (CONF) Bwahahahaha! *cough* Yes, I vote Javier. I haven't seen him like ever! *stamps Javier's passport*

Quinn: (CONF): I vote Javier *stamps Javier's passport*

Brandon: (CONF) I don't really want to do it cus' he's on my team, but . . . *stamps Javier's passport*

Alexander: (CONF) I vote for Javier. *stamps Javier's passport*

Chris: And the votes are in, barfbags go to..........Destinee, Zach, Alexander, and Sam, the bottom two are Enrique and Javier and the last barfbag goes to...............................................................Enrique! Sorry Javier, but you're out! *Shoves Javier off the plane*

Episode 8- Translyvania

First Class:

Chris: By the way first class is for everyone who completed the challenge...

AJ: Woo its weird being in first class with other people! But it rocks! *chomps cookie*

Samuel: *randomly walks in* Hey guys! I'm a random debuter! :3

Chris: Please welcome our newest contestant...............Samuel!!! He is debuting on Team Chris!! Sorry Samuel but your only teammate in first class at the moment is Quinn! So if you want to meet the others (Sam, Enrique, and Alexander) you're going to have to go back to Loser Class!

Chris (CONF): The only reason i brought him in was to cause drama *smiles evilly*

AJ (standing outside the confessional): Chris can be such a jerk.

Samuel: *shrugs* Meh, I'll say in the winers class. *sits down*

Brandon: Cool! Were going to Transylvania! Maybe well see a . . . VAMPIRE!

AJ: Ahh i hope not! *Whispering to Brandon* That new guy looks tough

Brandon: *whispers back* Ya, but we could so take him. I mean, were tough too, right? We have to win this challenge though. We lost some one last week. Even if he did do nothing, right?

Samuel: *is eating popcorn, waiting for someone to actually try and talk to him.*

Brandon: *goes up to Samuel* Hey there, I'm Brandon! I'm on Team Victory, but I just want to say welcome to the game! (CONF) I don't know about the rest of his team, but Sam has to go down. I think AJ's on board, but he just seems . . . off. Or maybe he's actually nice? I guess I'll find out.

Jackson: *walks up to Samuel* Hi! My name is Jackson. I'm on Team Amazon. (CONF) I wonder if he'll be smart enough to make it far into this game. On the other hand, I hope the next place we go doesn't have any birds!

Zoey:Um,My name is Zoey!(CONF)I think I should move on with AJ.

Quinn: *to Samuel in first class* Im Quinn. *whispers to Samuel* Zoey is a loser. So yeah, stay away from her...

Economy Class:

Chris: and Economy Class is for whoever...Didn't *Glares at Destinee, Alejandro, Sam, Enrique, and Alexander*

Destinee: (CONF) I may have not done the challenge, but a least I was immune.


Chris: This challenge is a voteout! All three teams will vote out a member to compete in the challenge! Losers of the challenge will be eliminated!

Chris: Come on we have Sam, Enrique, Zoey, Zach and Zeke

Team Amazon Vote:

Jackson: I vote for... Destinee... *stamps Destinee's passport* She's a threat...

Destinee: *Stamps Chase's passport*

Chase: I vote for Destinee, everyone else does more*Stamps Destinee's passport*

Team Chris Vote:

Samuel: (CONF) *stamps Enriique's passport*

Alexander: (CONF) *stamps Enrique's passport*

Quinn: (CONF): I said I would never do this and stay loyal to Enrique....*stamps Enrique's passport* *a tear slides down her cheek*

Team Victory Vote:

AJ (CONF): I vote for...Zach *stamps Zach's passport*

Brandon: (CONF) Sorry Zach . . . *stamps Zach's passport*


Chris: SOOO CHALLENGE TIME! Ok so our lucky losers are Destinee, Enrique, and Zach , so you three have to catch a vampire bat in... *brings all the contestants to this haunted castle* This haunted castle! Safe contestants you can be vampires and lurk around the castle! If you catch a contestant it's a bonus, but you may ONLY catch a contestant on your team! So if you catch your person and they lose you could get the boot, but an awesome advantage later in the game.....GO! By the way you have 1 day to complete this!

AJ *As a vampire*: Do i want to catch Zach?...hmmmm *Starts doing thriller dance*

AJ (CONF): So i think Zach would be eliminated if i caught him, but do i want to take that risk? (NON-CONF) *Flies around the creepy castle*

Zoey:Hey does anybody think I look cute in this vampire costume!*has a red and black dress with vampire teeth on*

Chris* To an actual vampire*: It's your job to get the safe contestants out of the castle!

Actual Vampire: Ooh i do

Chase: So, we are the vampires and the 3 are vampire hunters?

Zoey:Is any one going to comment?

Chris: No, what's happening is three things! 1) The three voted out players are trying to find a red vampire bat hidden around the castle, 2) You can kidnap your own player if you want, giving you an advantage if you make it to the merge, but making your team lose and porentially vote you off, and 3) There is an actual vampire hunting you. Fun right! (and Zoey i don't think anyone is active at the moment, try to spark it up later today and tomorrow)

Zoey:Oh!*captures herself*

AJ: Zoey, by own player he means the ones voted out, which for you would be Destinee and could send your team to elimination

Destinee: *Starts searching for bat* Ugh, this place is creepy.

AJ: Hmm (CONF) There are a lot of Pros and Cons of catching Zach...

Zoey:Oh...*gets out of the bag*

Brandon: *starts following Zach from a distance so as to try and protect him from others*

Chris: And so far Destinee, Zach, and Enrique all haven't found their bat! Also, none of the contestants have tried to kidnap their own player! Also *angry* no one has been taken by the actual vampire!!

Actual Vampire: *Grabs Chase and Throws him in the dungeon*

Chris: Ahhh thats better

Actual Vampire: *Grabs Quinn, Alexander, and Zeke and throws them in the dungeon with Chase*

Chris: Ooh spooky! That leaves Jackson, Zoey, AJ, Brandon, Samuel and Sam! And of course the contestants who have YET to catch the vampire bat.

Samuel: ... Alright, we're screwed.

Destinee: *Continues searching for bat*

Jackson: *as vampire* Amazons... where are you?... *sees Destinee* Hehe... *catches Destinee* Haha!

Chris: Uh oh, will Destinee escape or will Jackson have just cost the Amazons their victory!

Destinee: *Struggles* Ahhh I don't want to lose!

Vampire Bat: *Flies past Destinee*

Destinee: *Struggles more* I need to ge that bat!!!

AJ *Sees Jackson*: Jackson let go of her

AJ (CONF): I know they are on a different team, but i kind of want Zach eliminated, besides, if Team Amazon lost a member, we might have to switch teams which i don't want

Jackson: Ugh, fine. *lets go of Destinee*

Destinee: Yay! Thank you Jackson! *Runs after bat*

Zeke: Ahhh This is a DISASTER! I gotta get out of this dungeon!
Chris: *Sees Destinee capture the bat* and the Amazons win! Looks like everyone will be voting for either Enrique or Zach!

Elimination Ceremony 8:

Chris: This vote is open to everyone, vote off either Enrique or Zach! And votes close at 7!! By the way NEW RULE! I got this Idea from BB's camp, starting next elimination, if you do not vote it count's as a vote against you! By the way i am probably going to speak in bold from now on to make things less confusing.

AJ (CONF): I gotta vote Enrique, he has been gone for some time *Stamps Enrique's passport*

Brandon (CONF): Uh, ya . . . This isn't that hard . . . *stamps Enrique's passport*

Alexander (CONF): I'm gonna vote for Enrique. *Stamps Enrique's passport*

Samuel: (CONF) Enrique... *stamps Enrique's passport*

Sam: (CONF) ;D -stamps Enrique's passport- BYE.

Destinee: (CONF) *Stamps Enrique's passport* Well, I would say nice knowing you, but I never knew you...

Chase: (CONF)*Stamps Enrique's passport*Sorry, dude.

Chris: Time's up! Votes have been casted, and the one barfbag goes to........Zach! Enrique, time to go! *Shoves Enrique off the Plane*

Episode 9- TDA Set

First Class:

Chris: By the way, this is for the Amazons only! Congrats to Destinee for winning the challenge!

Destinee: Yay! I finally did something good for the team! (:P)

Economy Class:

AJ: Come on Victory we need to get back in first class! Especially since the merge is approaching fast


Chris: Hello Campers! Remember this place? This was the craft services tent in Total Drama Action! Here is the challenge, it's another Quiz challenge! It will be due Tuesday Night at 6 EST! Please post the answers on my talkpage! Here are the Questions:

Question 1 (1 Pt)- How many episodes of Total Drama are there total?

Question 2 (1 Pt)- What season did Alejandro join the cast?

Question 3 (2 Pts)- What did Beth receive from Brady in the Space movie challenge?

Question 4 (2 Pts)- How many pages was Courtney's instructions for Duncan to be a better boyfriend (In the animal buddy challenge)?

Question 5 (3 Pts)- Where is Total Drama Reloaded rumored to be? What's special about it?

Chris: Also, only 3 entries will be accepted from each team!

Chris *Angry*: It's been a day and I only have two entries!! Come on people pick it up! Thank you Quinn and Brandon for your entries, making Victory's total 6, and Chris's total 7! Sorry Amazons you still have 0

Chris: Only one more entry, but that one entry changed the game, putting Victory in last, and Chris in second because Jackson scored 9 out of the possible 9 points! Good job!

Chris: Still keeping you up to date, thanks to Zach's submission over the TDWIKI IRC, team victory takes the lead with 12 points, followed by the Amazon's 9, and Team Chris's 7!

Chris: Things are neck and neck, with the Samuel's entry making Team Chris tie with Team Victory at 12 Points each! Team amazon is trailing closely behind with 9 points because Jackson is the only one who entered for them so far!

Chris: I'm extending the challenge to 7! Why? Because im just that generous *looks into a mirror* Oh yeah challenge, thanks to Destinee getting all of the points possible, the Amazons are at 18 points! Followed by Victory at 12, and Chris at 12!

Chris: Time is up, and the AMAZONS WIN!!! It looks like both Victory and Team Chris will be sent to the elimination room! It will be a double elimination!!!!

Exploring the Set:

AJ: This is sweet! I'm going to go check out the gilded chris area!

Chase: Wow, the actual Set!

AJ: I know right! (CONF) With the merge approaching, i think i probably need to form an alliance, but with who

Chase: *Looks around*Hmm, I wonder were the Alien Studio is.

AJ: Hmmm, The gilded chris elimination ceremony room rocks! I hope we have our elimination ceremony there today!

Chase: I think we might have it here.

AJ *To Quinn, Zoey, and Brandon*: Hey guys, i think we need to form an alliance, being back at the set makes me realize that the competition is going to get hard coming up, you guys in?

Quinn: No body can make me be an alliance with her! *points at Zoey* Yes, with you and Brandon-of course. But NOT Zoey.

AJ: But Quinn! The more people the stronger, think about Leshawna, Duncan, and Harold from Season 2, if they had worked out their alliance better they could have been the final 3!

Quinn: True. It's a deal. As long as Zoey doesn't try to vote me off! *slightly smiles*

Chris: Contestants by the way, don't forget to check out the new voting rules! And also turn in the challenge!

AJ *To Quinn*: I will make sure she doesn't!
AJ (CONF): Oh god, i hope Quinn and Zoey get along, if they do this alliance could be great!

Quinn: Thanks *smiles*

Quinn: (CONF): *thinking*

AJ (CONF): Well i hope i picked the right time to make my alliance, i wonder when the merge is?

Quinn: AJ, I know Zoey really likes you. That other challenge when we shared a room, she was talking about you in her sleep.

AJ: I have an idea! Why don't we set her up with someone else! Hmmm there's Brandon, Chase, Jackson, Alexander, Samuel, Zach, and Zeke...hmmm

Quinn: *thinking* Maybe...Brandon! He seems ok....for her. *smiles* (CONF): Hopefully...this plan works and hopefully he (AJ) likes me!

AJ: Brandon! That's a good idea!

Quinn: I know! *smiles at AJ*

Jackson: *whistling* This place isn't as bad as they described it!

Brandon: Sure guys! I'll definantly be a part. Is it just us four?

Jackson: (CONF) Since the merge MIGHT come up. I need to find someone to be in an alliance. But who? (OUT OF CONF) Ugh, I need an alliance. *sits there*

Quinn: *leaning against a wall*

AJ *To Brandon*: Yeah Brandon it's for us four! We just need Zoey in, speaking of Zoey, what do you think of her

Quinn: Yeah....what do you think of her Brandon? *smirks*

AJ (CONF): I really hope this works, not only would it get Quinn to stop being jealous of Zoey, but it could get our alliance stronger

Quinn: (CONF): Hopefully AJ's plan works with Zoey and Brandon...And then AJ will relise that I am perfect for him!

Samuel: *leans back in chair, reading*

AJ: Hmm, i think i wanna check out....Ooh i know, how about the Train from the Get a Clue challenge! *Gets on train*

Quinn: So? Sam, you're on my team! Im the way.....

Samuel: *looks up* You talkin' to me?

Quinn: Yeah....duh. *looks annoyed*

Samuel: Well, for one my name's Samuel, two there's a different Sam here...

AJ: *On the train* Oh no the lights went out!

Quinn: *walking away* Ugh, whatever.....*rolls her eyes and flips her hair back* *looks back* By the way. Where is AJ?

Samuel: Hm... AJ... *snaps his fingers* Oh, him, I think he was heading to the train or somewhere. What, you have a thing for him?

Quinn: No!, uh....*looks away* Maybe....what is it to you! So what even if I do!

Samuel: *shrugs* Hey, I don't have a problem with who you like. *gets a rubber ball out of his pocket, and starts bouncing it against a wall* You can go find him now, if ya want.

Quinn: Fine! *walks away and get on the train*'s dark in here....(CONF): That Samuel guy is annoying...but I could use his vote!

Samuel: *keeps hitting his ball against the wall, until he misfires, and it bounces into the train, so he goes over to pick it up* Woah, it's dark in here... (I realized right when I was about to publish it was the same exact thing Quinn said, but I'm keeping it. :P)

Quinn: *looks at Samuel* I know....*walks over to another bit of the train but trips over*

*Train starts moving*

AJ: *Jerks* What is happening?

Samuel: *falls over as the train stars moving, then gets himslf up* Ugh, I don't know, but I don't like it...

Quinn: *hears AJ* Is that you AJ? Are you ok? Crap! Im bleeding. (From falling over on her knee*

AJ: Oh No Quin! *Goes and helps her up* You ok?

Quinn: Yeah....Im fine. *cringes* Im ok....Are you ok? I came looking for you. I just wanted to know if you were ok...

Samuel: I'll leave you two lovebirds alone. ;) *opens the door to step out when he realizes the trains moving, then he hurridly closes it* Nevermind...

Quinn: *looks awkwardly at Samuel but then the train moves* Woah. *almost falls over*

Brandon: Well, I guess Zoey is nice. Ya, she is. But . . . *whispers to AJ* Don't you like her? Or was it just her?

Jackson: *walking on train track* Am I like the only Amazon who submitted the answers? *sees train* Oh crud! *moves out of the way and gets caught by the train* Ugh, why does everything bad happen to me? *gets on train*

AJ *To Brandon*: No i like Quinn, i only like Zoey as a friend! How did you get on the train?

Chris: So what will happen with Jackson, AJ, Quinn, Samuel and Brandon stuck on a train? And yes Jackson your'e the only one, encourage your teammates!

Brandon: I was in the bathroom . . . Do you know where were going?

Samuel: *looks around* Why is the train moving anyways?

Jackson: *yelling out the train* COME ON AMAZONS!! SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS!! And it's moving because... I don't know... (CONF) If we lose this challenge because they didn't submit anything! Then they are going down! Hopefully the merge is coming up.

AJ: Quinn your leg is looking better that's great! *jerks again* What is with this train?

Quinn: Yeah..*slightly blushes* *jerks* Woah!

Elimination Ceremony 9:

Chris: Welcome to the Gilded Chris Area!! Team Victory, and Team Chris, these are your electronic voting devices, everyone vote out a member of your own team!!

AJ(CONF): I gotta vote Zeke, he hasn't been much help lately *clicks Zeke*

Samuel: (CONF) Sorry, but I vote for you Alexander. *Clicks Alexander*

Sam: (CONF) I vote out Alexander! *clicks Alexander* Quinn should totally vote with me! GIRL POWER!!! :D

Zach: (conf) Moi. *Clicks himself*

Quinn (CONF): I vote Alexander! :) *Clicks Alexander*

Brandon: (CONF) Zeke, sorry man. *clicks Zeke*

Alexander:(CONF) I vote for Quinn. *clicks Quinn*(I'm out anyways)

Chris: And the gilded chris awards go to........... AJ, Sam, Zach, Samuel, Brandon and.....Quinn! I'm sorry Alexander and Zeke, you have been eliminated *Pushes them down the walk of shame to the lame-o-sine*

Episode 10- Australia

First Class:

Jackson: First Class for the Amazons once agaiiiiiiin!

Economy Class:

Quinn: Loser class! This sucks!

Brandon: I agree! (CONF) When was the last time we were in first class? Ugh. The merge better be coming soon, then my alliance can take action.

AJ: We need to get out of Economy!


Chris: Good morning Campers, our next challenge will be! Dun dun dunnnnnn a Roleplay challenge! Please report here at 8 o clock EST on Sunday for the challenge! Until then, there will be a mini challenge which will be posted later! Gotta boomerang mates!

AJ: *Groans* That australian accent hurts

Brandon: Gotta boomerang? (CONF) I have relatives in Australia and I NEVER heard ANYONE say that!

Chris: So contestants, Please say Here if you can make it then, if not state a better day/time!

Can be there: 6 Maybe: 4 Can't: 0

AJ: I'm In

Brandon: Maybe. I could definantly if it were earlier at 7 or 8 though. So for 9, I think I can, I might not be able to.

Zach: I Might be there (over IRC)

Samuel: I can be there. -w-

Sam: I'll be there (told me over IRC)

Destinee: I can be there too.

Jackson: I can make it

Chase: I will try to be there.

Zoey:I'll TRY! :3

Quinn: I wil try to make it!

Chris: Also, a minor minor minor detail i forgot to mention...............We......Are.....MERGING! That's right! Congratulations final 10 for making it all the way to the merge! That rocks!! Also, there are TWO newbies scheduled to join the competition in the next location, and the winner of this challenge gets immunity and a good advantage. Oh and also, the winner gets to bring 3 people with them to First Class, and they will be joined by the two people entering the competition.

Jackson: Yes! Merge!

Brandon: Ya! *high fives AJ*

Zoey:OMG,I missed a lot!I'm so sorry!And Today's my birthday!

Brandon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *hugs her*

Zoey:Thanks!*hugs back*

AJ (CONF): Awww (NON CONF) Happy birthday zoey :)


AJ (CONF): I think Zoey and Brandon are so good for each other! (NON CONF) Quinn you can be nice to Zoey now! And out alliance will rock


AJ: Don't you remember, back at the TDA Set! We are forming an alliance, me, you, brandon, and quinn

Zoey:Oh yeah!!Okay I'll join(XD)

Quinn: Um....I will try :) Happy birthday Zoey. *slightly smiles* (CONF): I need to get on Zoey's good side....for our alliance.

Chris: Ok looks like 6 people will be there, and 4 might!! Ok people don't forget! 8 o clok Sunday EST!! An awesome challenge will begin!

Samuel: *hits a rubber ball against a tree again*

AJ: I wonder who is coming into the competition, they are probably strong.

Quinn: Not stronger than me! *smirks*


Quinn: *looks slightly angry* What do you mean, yeah?

AJ: Quinn i think that was a compliment

Quinn: How could it possibly be? It's Zoey, geez. *walks off*

Zoey:It was a compliment!Gosh!*runs away crying*

Quinn: Geez....*rolls her eyes* Gosh...Zoey....

Zoey:(CONF)Why is she always mean to me,what did I do!?

Quinn: (CONF): I am trying to be nice, I really am...but It is HARD! *crosses her arms*

Zoey:*sitting on a rock*

Chris: Challenge begins in exactly 1 half an hour people! Don't miss it! It will be awesome!

Chris: It's....CHALLENGE TIME! Everyone must race over Sydney Bridge, through Bonsai Beach, and through the Outback to the finish line! First one there gets immunity and can give his/her immunity to 3 other people! On your mark....Get Set......GO

Brandon: *runs off towards the bridge* I know this city like the back of my hand . . . C'mon guys, let's go!

AJ: *Starts Climbing Bridge*

Zoey:*starts runnning*

Chase: *Starts running*

AJ: *Is still climbing Sydney Bridge* This rocks!

Brandon: *sprinting across the bridge* Where's Zoey? Ya, the view is awesome!

Brandon: *almost at the end of the bridge* Almost there . . .

Zoey:Wait,we're suppose to climb it?

Samuel: *starts to run across it*

AJ: *At the top of sydney bridge* Woo this rocks! Now its just down!

Chase: *Runs faster*

Brandon: *makes it to the end of the bridge, but almost gets run over by a car* Hey! Watch it!

AJ: *Starts going down the bridge* Quinn hurry up!

Zoey:*starts climbing*

Chase: *Still running*This is tiring....

Chris: Zoey, Brandon, Chase, Quinn, Samuel and AJ have all made a move on, but Brandon is the only one on his way to Bonsai Beach!

Chase: *Continues running*Almost out of this bridge...

AJ: *Is at the end of the bridge* FINALLY

Zoey:So how am I going to do this?

Chase: *Makes it to the end of the bridge*That was tiring....

Brandon: *running across Bonsia Beach, dodging people* Woah! Watch out!

Samuel" *is still running*

AJ: *Makes it to Bonsai Beach* Now i have to manuever my way between these people

Chase: *Runs to Bonsai Beach*

Brandon: *trips over an umbrella, but front handsprings and lands on his feet again* (CONF) I took gymnastics as a kid.

Chase: *Starts running through people*Sorry!

AJ: *Runs by the water* I wish we could go swimming

Zoey:*makes it to the end of the bridge*Now what?

Chris: Go to Bonsai Beach!

Chase: *Still running*Gah!

Brandon: Almost to the end of the beach! *does an aerial over a suntanning lady* Watch out!

Zoey:*starts running toward the beach*

Chase: *Running*Man, this stinks.*Nearly trips over bucket*What the?

AJ: How long is this beach? *Still running*

Brandon: *makes it to the end of the beach* Yes! *runs towards the outback*

Chase: *Is near the end of the beach*I have to run faster!*Runs faster*

Brandon: *jumps over a bush and does a dive roll* Close one!

Samuel: *keeps on running*

Chase: *Makes it to the end of the beach*Phew...

Chris: Brandon is still in the lead, followed by AJ, Chase, and Zoey, and later followed by Samuel, in last are Sam, Destinee, Quinn, Zach and Jackson

Chase: *Runs to the outback*

AJ: *Follows Chase*

Zoey:*running while staring at people tanning*Man,I want to tan so much*bumps into a guy making him drop his hot dog and he starts chasing her*

Chase: *Continues running to the outback*

Destinee: *Begins running*

Brandon: Halfway there! So close! *sprints even faster*

Chase: *Running torwards the outback*Man, this challenge sucks.

Chris: And Destinee is on the move! So far no one has made it to the outback!

Brandon: Yes! *makes it to the outback and cartwheels over a boulder*

Chase: *Is near the outback and sprints faster*

Chris: Don't be too happy Brandon, you still have to run through the dangerous outback, its only a 2 hour journey no worries!

Chase: *Makes it to the outback and gasps for air*

Brandon: That won`t bring me down! *does a round-off and back-hand spring*

Chase: *Finishes gasping and starts running again*

Destinee: *Continues running towards the Sydney Bridge*

Chase: *Running*....*Nearly trips over a rock*

Brandon: Halfway there ... Few, now I`m starting to get tired. *Does a halfhearted cartwheel*

Chase: *Jumps over a rock and continues running*

AJ: Finally i made it to the outback!

Chase: *Sprints faster*

Brandon: I can see the finish line in the distance! I just gotta, keep, running! (CONF) I never give up. Ever.

Chase: *Sprints faster*Come on!

Sam: *begins to run but keeps falling and is really slow* *breaths heavily* I'll never make it!!

Chase: *Sees the finish and runs faster*

AJ: (Yelling) Sam you can do it! *Runs through the outback faster*

Chase: *Runs past the finish*

Brandon: *passes the finish*

Chris: Ha you guys think the challenge was over? 2 more parts! Have fun finding your koala bear! Everyone else this gives you a chance to catch up!

Destinee: *Is halfway to the Sydney Bridge*

Chase: *Starts looking for a koala bear*

Brandon: *clims a tree and looks everywhere*

Chase: *Looks up at a tree*Is there a koala in there!?!

Brandon: There! *pionts off in the distance and jumps out of the tree*

Brandon: *sprinting as fast as he can*

Chase: I think I see something.Yeah it is!*Starts climbing the tree*

Chris: First 6 people to catch their koalas move onto part 3!

Brandon: Got it! *does a round-off back handspring and grabs the koala out of the tree* YES!

Chase: *Grabs a koala and climbs down*

(Brandon: I really got to go. Please give me a break. You could roleplay me if you want)

AJ: (I'll be Brandon) *panting* I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE FINISH

Destinee: *Reaches the Sydney Bridge*

Chase: *Runs to Chris with his Koala*Here!

Chris: Chase and Brandon take the first two spots!!

Sam: *makes it over the Sydney Bridge* I NEED A BREAK. D: *falls to the floor and falls asleep*

Chase: Wait, that's it?

Chris: *Blows horn by missy's ear* I love this game, and no Chase we wait for the next 4 people!

AJ: *Continues to look for koala*

Destinee: *Runs towards Bonsai Beach*

Chris: *Sees Destinee, Sam, Samuel, and Zoey cross the finish line in the outback* Start looking for your koala now!

AJ: *Finds Koala* Finally! *Chases koala*

Destinee: *Starts looking for a koala*

AJ: *still chasing the koala* Koalas shouldn't be this fast

Destinee: *Begins climbing a tree*

Chris: Come on contestants pick it up!

AJ: (Covered in scratches) Here you go! *Hands koala to Chris*

Chris: Three spots remain!

Brandon: Come on Zoey you can do it!

Destinee: *Finds a koala eating some leaves and tries to grab it*

Quinn: *walks over to Chris holding a baby koala* Too easy!

Chris: For being the closest (and for me having final exams tomorrow) I am moving Sam, Destinee, and Samuel to Pt III! Its Song time *Bell chimes*: You all must say at least one line of shearing sheep, only one line at a time!

AJ: Sheer the sheep dont be a creep, it's the only way we'll fly first peeps!
Brandon: Win the game don't be so lame, try to lose this and your face ill maim!Destinee: Shear the sheep, then with a smile, Make yourself a giant woolly, woolly, woolly, pile.'
Sam: You had your chance and you turned him down so don't be givin me no cranky frownnn

AJ, Brandon, Destinee, and Sam: We are shearing sheep, we are shearing sheep, we are shearinnggg, yeahhhhh'
Quinn: *rocking out on a guitar*

AJ: Shear the sheep instead of you, only cuz you don't have any, tattoos'
Brandon: I'll find the logo, and win again, and i'll be here, until the bitter end!

Chase: We are sheering sheep!We are sheering sheep!We are shearing sheeeeep!

AJ, Chase, Quinn, Brandon, Destinee, and Sam: Yeaahhhhhh

Quinn: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Takes her hair out of her ponytail*

Mini Challenge:

Chris: Hello campers, you have a day to complete this mini challenge! Your mini challenge is easy, just vote someone who you think deserves the idol, you can't vote yourself, and i will take the three people with the most votes for part II. If you win part II not only do you get an immunity idol, but a special super awesome pass that guess what? Lets you RETURN NEXT SEASON for Total...Drama...TOUR OF THE SEAS! There will only be 8 returnees and this will secure YOU a spot. This is good, and probably the only time it will happen. Dont forget that Chase still has an immunity idol!

Score Board: AJ: 4, Zoey: 1, Quinn: 1

AJ: I vote...Quinn!

Brandon: I guess I'll vote for Zoey!

Quinn: I vote for AJ. He really deserves it!

Jackson: I vote AJ

Chase: I guess I vote AJ.

Destinee:I vote for AJ!

Chris: Ok the results are in, Aj, Quinn, and Zoey win!

AJ: Wait! I want to give up my spot and give my votes to Destinee, Chase, Jackson, and Brandon!

Chris: Bleck, mush, oh well looks like its a 6 way tie! Everyone its kangaroo wrestling! Pick 1-6, i already have the winning number! Challenge will be due right before the main challenge!

Destinee: Uh, 4?

Quinn: Number 6! My lucky number! (CONF): I better win! *walks out*

Chris: Well i would let everyone finish, but Quinn got it right with 6!! are in Season 2!!! AJ for being so nice i'm letting you in too, and Destinee, since you are the only other one to have guessed, you are in too! It's going to be a rocking season and there are now only spots for 5 more returnees!! Congrats! Dont forget the challenge tonight!

AJ (CONF): O.O Season 2? This rocks! And Quinn gets to come with me! And destinee is pretty nice, but i need to focus on this season

Zoey:Oh I'm sorry,I guess I'm not being in season two.*frowns*

Quinn: Yes! Im in Season 2! *hugs AJ*

Zoey:*sighs*Congrats guys.

AJ: *Hugs Quinn* Don't worry Zoey, you can still audition like Chris said! I hope you and Brandon make it!


Quinn: *smiles slightly* Yeah, hopefully you can join us....

Zoey:Oh Quinn*talking to tree,turns around looks embarrassed and continues talking*It's okay if you don't like me as long as we're not fighting!

Quinn: Yeah...(CONF): Yes, I hate her. But, the alliance has to stay strong.

Zoey:Yeah to what?

Quinn: *rolls her eyes* Nevermind.


Elimination Ceremony 10:

Chris: Ok so Aj, Quinn, Sam, Brandon, Chase, and Destinee are all immune! And welcome Sarah and Gerard into the game as they will be voting too!

AJ (CONF) : I vote...Zach, he didn't even try *Stamps Zach's passport*

Quinn: (CONF): I will have to vote for Zach. He does nothing. *stamps Zach's passport*

Destinee: (CONF) I vote for Zach. I'm sorry! *Stamps Zach's passport*

Sarah:(CONF)This place is not so bad...*stamps Zach's passport*

Chase: (CONF)I'm sorry Zach.*Stamps Zach's passport*

Quinn: *sitting down and applying makeup while waiting for Chris to announce the results*

Brandon (CONF): I vote Zach *Stamps Zach's passport*

Sam (CONF): I vote Zach also *stamps zach's passport*

Chris: And the barfbags go to...Sam, AJ, Sam, Brandon, Jackson, Chase, Sarah, Gerard, Destinee, and Quinn! The bottom three are Zoey, Samuel, and Zach. The next one goes to............Zoey, and the final barfbag goes to.................................................Samuel! I'm Sorry Zach, time to go! G'day mate! *Shoves Zach out the plane*

Quinn: Yeah! Im still in it to win it! *kisses AJ*

(First: Jackson never got a barfbag)

Episode 11- Jamaica


Chris: Greetings mon! It's time for the Jamaica challenge! It's to jump off this cliff into waters with sharks, octopus, and electric eel! Last 4 to jump are up for elimination!

AJ: Are. You. Kidding. Me. *Puts on swimsuit*

Chase: *Puts his swimsuit*

Sarah:*puts on her swimsuit and jumps* This sucks!

Destinee: *Shrugs* I've been through worse! Here goes nothing! *Jumps off the cliff*

Samuel: *jumps* Challenging...

Chase: *Jumps off the cliff*WOOHOO!

AJ: *Jumps* Look out beloooww!!

Quinn: *puts on her bikini and jumps* Yeah!

Brandon: *puts on swimsuit* Here we goooo!!! *jumps off the cliff*

Jackson: *puts on swimuit* *hoping he's not too late* Let's go! *jumps in* (Codyfan9000: So sorry I couldn't make it to the challenge)

Chris: Ok looks like its time for elimination! As Jackson, Sam, Gerard, and Zoey were the last four to jump! time for elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 11:

Chris: Ok Everyone! Time to vote! For being new Gerard gets immunity, Zoey gets imunity for being highest on the activity list!

AJ (CONF): Sorry Jackson you are really nice, but your the stronger competitor and it's the merge *stamps Jackson's passport*

Sarah:(CONF)I guess I vote Jackson. Sam did nothing, but you are a threat.

Brandon: (CONF) Oh, I don't know. Definantly not Zoey. Sam and Gerard didn't do much, but Jackson is pretty good. And I think that's what AJ is doing anyways, so . . . *stamps Jackson's passport*

Destinee: (CONF) I'm really sorry, but I vote Jackson. *Stamps Jackson's passport*

Jackson: I don't even want to vote anyone off but since I must... *stamps Zoey's passport*

Gerard: *stamps Brandon* (CONF) Umm... I don't know anyone that much, so I'll vote him... (I was in school guys, sorry.)

Chris: And the barfbags go to....Destinee, Gerard, Quinn, Brandon, Chase, Samuel, Sarah, AJ. And the last barfbag goes to....................................Zoey! I'm sorry Jackson, you have been eliminated! *shoves Jackson out the plane*

Episode 12- Area 51

First Class:

AJ: I Feel bad about voting Jackson...on the upside, first class rocks! *eats a cookie* *Sits at bar* So Quinn, Brandon, who should we vote out next?

Brandon: I don't know. Who is the strongest player were up against?

AJ: Hmmm, i don't know

Quinn: *applieing makup* I don't know....

Economy Class:

Chris: Zoey, Sam, and guys are the only ones back here...niceeee

Exploring Area 51:

AJ: This place is creepy...

Chris: By the way the chance of getting abducted is!

Quinn: *gets electric shocked by a lazer*

AJ: *Sees an alien* Awesome! *Follows it*

Quinn: *falls asleep after being electric shocked*

AJ: *Is still following alien*

Brandon: *sees AJ and follows him, but he doesn't know there's an alien*


Quinn: *rubs her head* Ugh, stupid laser..

Sarah:You alright?

Quinn: Yeah....*sits down on a cargo box* By the way, who are you?

AJ: *Gets electrocuted by alien* Hey Quinn *Walking dizzily* How is the shock doing?

Quinn: Oh, a bit better. I hate this place....*crosses her arms*

AJ: *Still walking dizzily* Yeah aliens aren't my favorite

Quinn: *giggles* Anyways, Im getting out of this place. Coming?

AJ: Yeah!

Quinn: *hugs AJ* Let's go. *starts walking*

Sarah:I am one of those new debuters.*walks out with them*

Quinn: Ok.

Brandon: Wait up! catches up with them*

AJ: Where are we going?

Quinn: *grabs AJ's his hand* Out of here. *starts walking towars the enterance.


Chris: Congratulations final 10! You had to beat out 12 other contestants to get to this spot! Congratulations! Here's where it gets tough! The challenge should be up in an hour! Ok, your challenge is....find a song for Tyler! We all remember tyler right! He got his butt booted off here at Area 51, pick a song you think works for him! and GO! Our guest judge of the day...: BBhinton! Oh and the challenge is due....Thursday at 8 PM EST! Good luck!

AJ: Hmm i think its this! Push it to the limit by Corbin Bleu (XD)

Quinn: Im on it! *smiles*

Brandon: Here you go! The part with the girl is obviously Lindsay!

Chris: *Angry* Two entries! Come on people pick it up!

Samuel: Here you go. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Quinn: <<Yes, I know It sucks. But I couldn't think of anything else.

Destinee: (I think the metaphor suits his and Lindsay's relationship perfectly.)

Sam: I know it's a female singing, but still. >.> lol (this is about how Lindsay like, never knew his name and kept calling him different names)

(First: How do you link? xD)

(AJ: Haha you just copy it by highlighting it then right clicking and picking copy, then when you edit you right click after your text and hit paste)

(First: It didn't work)

(AJ: Just tell me what song you are picking)

Challenge Results:

Chris: Some contestants seem to be having trouble. Here are the current rankings (courtesy of BB)

Brandon: 6/10

AJ: 6/10

Samuel: 7/10

Quinn: 7/10

Destinee: 8/10

Sam: 8.5/10

Chris: And time is up! Sam and Destinee win immunity! Everyone else is fair game and is up for elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 12

Chris: Please go to the confessionfal and stamp the passport of the contestant you want to eliminate!

Samuel (CONF): *stamps Chase's passport* Sorry...

Zoey:(CONF)Oh GOSH,I missed a lot.*stamps Chase's passport out of random*

Chase: (CONF)*Stamps Samuel's Passport*

AJ (CONF): *Is holding Gerard's and Chase's passport*...Gerard is new *stamps Chases passport*

Chase: Can I use my immunity idol?

Chris: That you may! Everyone Chase is now immune so revote!

Chase: (CONF)*Restamps Zoey's passport*

Samuel;: (CONF) *restamps AJ's passport* Sorry, you're a huge threat,

AJ: (CONF) Hmm this is a tough vote....i don't know who to vote for! Hmmm

Zoey:(CONF)*restamps Sam's passport*I don't know..

AJ:(CONF) Ill keep things fair, Samuel did submit, but then again he is a threat... *stamps Samuel's passport*

Gerard: (CONF) *stamps AJ's passport* I have no choice.

Sarah (CONF) :*stamps AJ's passport*

Zoey:*sitting on the elimination place*

AJ: *Sitting nervously*


Chris: Samuel still needs two votes to go until his butt is booted! Any inspiration speeches to change people's votes Samuel?

Samuel: Why vote me? I did the challenge. I don't cause drama with everything like AJ and Quinn, no offense. I don't vote for people cause "I don't know". Come on, give me a chance at the game! I'll give you free candy! :3

AJ: Crap, well i guess this would be a good time to use the immunity idol i won back in Australia! Activeness pays off!

Chris: UGH! Please revote AGAIN so we can MOVE ON!

Chase: (CONF)*Restamps Quinn's passport*

Samuel: *stamps Quinn's passport* Sorry, but you're a huge threat, and you're in s2 so it's not like this is your only change at the game.

Zoey:(CONF)*restamps Quinn's passport*You're always mean to me!

AJ (CONF): This is so hard...*stamps Samuel's passport*

Sarah:(CON)Finally.*stamps Quinn's passport*

Gerard: (CONF) Ugh! *stamps Quinn's passport*

Quinn: (CONF): *looks back and forth at the passports* *sighs and then stamps her own passport* im gone anyway. *walks out*

Chris: Ok well majority rules...Quinn i'm sorry but you have been eliminated!

AJ: *Goes and kisses Quinn* See you next season!

Quinn: For sure! *looks at Zoey* Next season I WILL win! Mark my words! *kisses AJ and then leaves*

Episode 13- Total Drama Jumbo Yacht

First Class:

Chris: remember, this is ONLY for Destinee and Sam! Congrats ladies!

Economy Class:

AJ (CONF): Ok now that Quinn is gone, i am a huge target, but i like everyone here i don't know who to vote off (NON CONF) Zoey, Brandon, are we still allies?

Samuel: (CONF) Man, that was one intense cermoney... (Non-CONF) *looks guiltyily at AJ* Hey, um, dude, sorry for voting out your girlfriend...

AJ: It's ok, she will be in the next season. Want to join the alliance with Zoey, Brandon and me? (CONF) I need as much help as i can get

Sarah:(CONF)Final 9! Cool.


Chris: Here we are, on the JUMBO YACHT! *Shows awesomely awesome fantastic giant cruise ship* This is the site of Total...Drama...Tour of the Seas! Today, your challenge is to come up with ideas for Season 2! I have a bunch already but lets see what you think! You guys for making it to the Final 9 also get some sneak peeks at Season 2!
Current Parts:
-First Pairs, then Teams, then Merge
-Cruise Mileage Points
-In Game Items
-Many More Surprises!!!

Chris: So lets hear your ideas!! There will be another guest judge who will rate the ideas and to him/her the ideas will be anonymous.!

AJ: (CONF) Wow Season 2 is going to be fun! But let's see if i can make it through this season!

Samuel: Well...The elimination thing being, if there's votes for more then two people, they have to do a tiebreaker, no matter whether or not that one person has all of the votes except theirs. The tie-breaker would be... A quiz question you would do through pm on the IRC, to prevent someone staying it just by being online at the time, and they couldn't copy each other's answers. You'd give them thirty seconds to the question, so they couldn't google it.Whoever got it right in the shorter amount of time, you could use a time-watch, or just got it right if the other person didn't, is safe. You like?

Chris: That is a great idea Samuel! By the way, this challenge closes tonight (Friday) at 9:30 pm EST! If we don't have majority entries though i will open it for another day!

Samuel: *whispers to AJ* Alright, I'll join... (CONF) I need to protect myself as much as possible, I had to do so much work to save my ass from elimination last time...

Sarah:I love this season already. As for a sequel, maybe there should be no teams, or 4 teams. Also, if there is a tie, they could say why they should stay, and the people with immunity could decide who to eliminate.

Sarah:*to AJ* Sorry for voting Quinn out. She was your girlfriend?

AJ: *to Sarah*: It's ok, your new you wouldn't know (CONF) I hope i get immunity this challenge, otherwise that would be bad!

Destinee: I pretty much like all the ideas you have up there. Starting off in pairs would be interesting, cause that's something which isn't done a lot, but it may just be me, but I'd be fine with sticking as pairs till the merge, although teams makes sense for voting. The mileage points sounds cool, and I think you could use that as a way of extra points/bonus thing for the team that has the most at a certain point. The items also seem cool too, cause you could give out stuff with different purposes, such as one item could give immunity, etc. But I think items should only be used during the merge, so you could give them individually, and if one item you give to a person is worth immunity, you could tell the person without the others knowing, through PM on the IRC or Chatango.

Chase: Pairs sounds interesting but some people may wonder if a whole pair goes or 1 person.New game items would be cool!Maybe, something like using two votes item or something.And there should be harder challenges and rules like if you miss 3 challenges in a row you are out.

Chris: Ok I'll leave it open till tomorrow! Things will close at 2:30 EST, and the elimination ceremony will close at 4:00 EST! Gerard, Zoey, Sam, and Brandon all need to submit!

Gerard: Well first of all, when people get eliminated, they should "walk the plank". As a form of safety, you can offer life rings, to represent floating in the water. For teams, you start off with a race in the water, so you can tell the strongest from the weakest, and then make the teams based off of that. All challenges should involve water, no matter what, and include the boat in some way. Though, one challenge could be having to sleep in a a haunted suite or cabin.

Brandon: (sorry for not being here) Well, as for the special items, when a team or single person wins a challenge, you could give them a clue to where a hidden immunity challenge is on their talk page. And after every episode, every member could get 1 chance to guess where it it. For the elimination ceremonies, people could stamp the word, :denied onto people's boating licenses and therefore they have to leave the ship. I think that the challenges should be in places reached from the water, like an island, or the challenges are on the ship or in the water. You could also make them have to do with real boating techniques or real life emergency situations, or have to do with real things that happened in or around the water and seas. I also think that when someone is voted off you either make them jump out of the boat, walk the plank (as gerard said) or send them into the water in a dingy or a raft. Also, instead of first class room, their could be the first class suite, and economy class rooms. Each team could have their own, or the two losing teams could share. Lastly, you could use sea terms while talking, just for fun, like mutiny when a team turns on their leader (or you could call them the captain) or if someone is pissed of you could say, arr, there she blows, and you could also say matey and arr all the time. You could also dress like a captain of a ship. Those are my ideas. (Oh, and for handing out things during elimination ceremonies, you coulf give out lifejackets or sea badges or sailor hats)

Chris: Sorry for the hold up but i still need the judge to judge the challenge! Stand by for an elimination ceremony!

Chris: We FINALLY have a verdict! AJ, Destinee, Gerard, Samuel, and Brandon! The five of you have immunity!!! The other four are up for elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 13:

Chris: Whoever does not receive a barf bag full of airline issue peanuts will take that DROP of SHAME!!

AJ(CONF): I don't know who to vote for...I like everyone, but here is a threat *stamps Chase's passport*

Brandon: (CONF) Ya . . . In Australia, you got way too close for comfort . . . *stamp's Chase's passport*

Destinee: (CONF) *Shrugs* One word: Threat. *Stamps Chase's passport*

Samuel: (CONF) *stamps Chase's passport* I dunno who else to vote for...

Chase: (CONF)Zoey didn't do anything, I think*Stamps Zoey's passport*

Chris: One more vote and Chase is gone! Four more votes for Zoey and she is gone!

Sarah:(CONF) I think AJ is voting Chase. I owe him for Quinn, so I vote Chase.

Chris: And the barfbags go too.....Destinee, Brandon, Samuel, Sarah, AJ, Sam and Gerard! The final barf bag of the evening goes to...................Chase!! I'm sorry! *Shoves Chase out the plane*

Episode 14- New York City

First Class:

AJ: I love New York City!!

Brandon: Ya! You, Zoey, and me are still going strong, right? It seems like lots of people don't really like her though. We should be careful. But were good, right? *gives AJ a friendly elbow in the ribs*

AJ: Yeah were good! But if Zoey doesn't step up her game then we might not be able to save her from elimination.

Economy Class:

Sarah:(CONF)Seems like that Zoey girl is gonna be next. Bad for her. I hope AJ and I can be friends.


Chris: Good morning campers!! Your next challenge will begin TOMORROW! Your task is to go from question box to question box. Once you get your question correct you will move on! Your first box is on top of the statue of liberty, then there is one in times square, next at the top of the empire state building, then one on the Rockefeller ice rink, and finally one in the middle of central park! You cannot use subways or taxis/cars but you can use any other means of transportation (and you will need to take a boat to get from Ellis island back to Manhattan). It starts tomorrow and you have ALL DAY tomorrow to complete it!!!

Sarah:Wow, that is a lot of work. But I guess we have no choice.

AJ: I agree!

Chris: What did you guys think i was going to make this easy for you? But today there will be a mini challenge allowing you to skip the first question and move on to the second box in Times Square! Ok so the challenge is to answer this riddle:

There were two girls, who were born on the same day, from the same mother, at the same hospital. They look exactly alike, and have the same father too. These girls aren't twins, why is that?

AJ: Hmmm *is thinking* (CONF) *is still thinking*

Samuel: Easy, they're two out of three triplets. Duh.

Brandon: Ya, I think there part of a bigger grup, like triplets, quadruplets, or quintuplets.

Chris: Well Samuel got it first!! He gets to skip the statue of liberty step!!

'('Brandon: Question, do we have to run from question to question like this: *sprints along Broadway*?)

Chris: yep!!!! And GO!!!!!!

Aj: * starts climbing the statue of liberty*

Brandon: *jumps up and starts climbing* Hey AJ! Where's the first question at?

AJ: Up at that crown!! (Sorry everyone ive been at the airport all day) *Continues climbing and reaches the first question at the top* Phew!!

( You can't answer till you reach here ) Question 1: How many episodes did Heather compete in?

AJ: *Is thinking* Uhhh

Sarah:*starts climbing up after AJ*Ugh!

Samuel: *runs past the Statue of Liberty*

Sarah:*continues to climb*Ugh!*reaches the top*Finally!

Chris: Samuel is headed to Times Square, Brandon is climbing the Statue, Sarah and AJ are at the top, and Zoey, Destinee, Gerard, and Sam haven't started yet!

AJ: Gahh i don't know the question! Ummm...(CONF) So i know TDI and TDWT but how many in TDA?

Samuel: *is still running, laughing to himself* Suckers...

Sarah:*writes down 66*

Chris: *Is counting on fingers* Yes that is correct sarah!! Sarah is catching up to Samuel!!

AJ: Crap (CONF) *Is still counting*

Brandon: *reaches the top* Um . . .

Samuel: *is almost to Times Square*

Brandon: Got it! *writes 66*

AJ: *Writes down 66* Finally got it! How do me, Brandon and Sarah get down?

Chris: Fireman's pole slide

AJ:....your kidding *slides down pole* AHHHHHHHHH

Brandon: Okay . .. *jumps down* YAHOO!

Samuel: *finall arrives in Times Square* What's my question?

Brandon: *runs to the ferry and jumps on* Cmon AJ!

Brandon: *arrives at the shore and jumps off* And Im off!

AJ: *jumps off*

Question 2 (Times Square): What total drama contestants have beaten (gotten farther than) every other contestant (not counting Alejandro and Sierra)?

Samuel: ... Rephrase the question? :| I don't really get it... *writes down Heather, Owen, and Duncan*

Chris: Well, for exampl ill give you one, and its Leshawna, in TDI she beat everyone but Heather, Gwen, Owen, and Duncan, in TDA she beats Heather, Gwen, and Owen (so you cross them off) and in TDWT she beat Duncan. So she has gotten farther than every contestant at least once.

Samuel: Ah. *writes down Heather, since only Gwen and Owen beat her TDI, and she beat them TDA and TDWT*

Chris: Correct! Now Samuel moves past times square to the empire state building! Brandon and AJ are on their way to Times Square, Sarah is still at the top of the Statue of Liberty, and Everyone else hasn't started!

Samuel: *runs alonh yo yhe Empire State Building*

Chris: FREEZE! I just realized something!

*Zoey Quits*

Chris: Zoey has to quit because (Mega Sad Face :( ) HR is leaving the wiki for a while! That means she is eliminated. Everyone else gets First Class and Immunity for the episode!

Elimination Ceremony 14:

Chris: And the barfbags go to, AJ, Samuel, Brandon, Sarah, Destinee, Sam, and Gerard! *Shove's Zoey out the plane* (:()

Episode 15- Scotland:

First Class:

AJ: *Shocked* Poor Zoey (CONF) Not only did i lose an Ally, but a friend

Samuel: ... Can I be in first class?

Chris: Everyone gets first class!

Samuel: Woot! *relaxes*

AJ: I love first class! *Eats a cookie*

Samuel: *whispers to AJ* So, who should we vote out next?

AJ: *whispers back* Hmm i was thinking Gerard, i'm not sure though, what do you think?

Samuel: *whispers* Agreed...

Brandon: I agree. *looks sadly out the window* *sighs*

Sarah:(CONF)Poor AJ! He lost Quinn and Zoey. I finally caught up on the show, and all of its drama.(NONCONF)AJ, I am so sorry that Zoey and Quinn are gone. I hope we can be friends.*holds out her hand to shake on it*

Economy Class:

*is empty*


Chris (Wearing a kilt): Eyy Laddies, we be in Scotland now! Your challenge is writing (sorry for all you TDA7 Contestants). Ok so you must write part of a Scotland episode in total drama.


Team Amazon: Eva, Heather, Cody, Sierra. Team Victory: Bridgette, DJ, Geoff, Leshawna. Team Chris: Tyler, Lindsay, Alejandro, and Noah.

Eva gets eliminated in a dramatic elimination.

You need to write either the challenge- Search for a treasure chest in Loch Ness (and Nessie is there)

or the Elimination- Eva gets eliminated but it is really dramatic

We will have a guest judge and you will be judged on exciting twists, creativity, and grammar. Good luck! It is due on Sunday!! Oh and you turn it in on BDJ's talkpage!!

Sarah:I suck at writing, but I'll try!

Chris: The challenge is due tomorrow people! AJ, and Brandon have both completed their stories. Sarah, Gerard, Sam, Destinee, and Samuel all need to submit!

Elimination Ceremony 15:

Chris: So thank you everyone for your entries, its time to vote for a loser! I couldn't decide, so i'm putting AJ and Brandon up for elimination! Sorry you two! (Brandon you had a really good story but i don't like script and there were spelling issues, and I judged so i couldn't give myself immunity XD) So here we go everyone vote!!

AJ (CONF) I can't vote Brandon, everyone else deserves to win more than me...*stamps AJ's passport*

Sarah:(CONF) AJ is so distraught...I vote Brandon.

Gerard: (CONF) Brandon... God is he annoying!

Samuel:(CONF)*stamps Brandon's passport* Meh...

Sam: (CONF) Spelling errors are not good... Bye, Brandon. *stamps Brandon's passport*

Chris: Well looks like the barf bags go to... Sam, Samuel, Gerard, Sarah, and Destinee!! The last one goes to.....AJ!! I'm sorry brandon you have been eliminated!! *Pushes Brandon out the plane* Oh and the winner of our Story challenge is Sam! Who gets immunity for the next episode!! Sam and Destinee you guys were close seconds!!

Episode 16- Disney World

First Class:

Chris: Since you guys made it so far everyone can stay here!

Samuel: Oh, joy. *leans back in recliner*

Sarah:Can you be a little more excited? We are doing great!
Samuel: I could... But I won't. (By the way AJ, don't you mean Samuel won the writing challenge? Cause I remember you saying me and Detinee were the top two in chatango...)

Sarah:Okay....(AJ got Missy's story, it was really good. She may have beaten you and LF! Ask him later, but you might have lost.)

(MrD: No, she already got Missy's story through email, remember?)

(Alfan:He, MrD. :P And talk to him about it, not me. He never said who won.)

(AJ: Yeah but i was doing it based on grammar then so when i saw Missy's hers had the best grammar plus the plot, i dont know having it side by side changed it XD)

Economy Class:

*is empty...again*


Chris: Good morning campers! Welcome to Disney World :) Woo!! Ok this is a riddle partly roleplay challenge (don't worry everyone, there will be a trivia challenge next), there are six of you, and there are four keys, one in each of the parks. Sam has immunity, whoever does not find the last key will be eliminated! My character will only be able to search for one key, that someone else gives me a riddle for, but i will hide the other three! Example of how it works:

Clue- "Insert Clue Here", Park- "Park"

AJ: *Searches _____ Ride* (Key was not found)

So just put what ride your searching and i will put if you got it right or not right next to it!! They will be hiding in rides!! Good luck everyone!!

Safe Campers: Sam, Gerard, Destinee, Samuel


Clue: Lyric in a High School Musical 3 Song

AJ: Hmm? I wonder where this is (Oh wait i know where it is...) *goes and rides Test Track* Maybe its here

Sarah:*investigates Living With The Land* (Key was not found)

Sarah:Darn!*goes and investigates Figment of Imagination* (Key was not found)

Gerard: *goes and investigates Soarin'* (Key was found!)

Magic Kingdom:

Clue: Song of the South

Sarah:I have never been here before! Cool!

AJ: Hmm *searches Thunder Mountain Railroad* (Key was not found!)

Sarah:*searches the Country Bear Jamboree* (Key was not found!)

AJ: *searches Splash Mountain* (Key was found!)

Hollywood Studios:

Clue: Staying in room 666

Samuel: *searches on the Rock 'n' Rule rollercoaster (Key was not found)

Samuel: *checks the Tower of Terror* (Key was found!)

Animal Kingdom:

Clue: Things in this ride are shown in the video for "It's the Circle, the Circle of Lifee"

Destinee: *Searches Jungle Safari/Jungle cruise* (I think they're the same thing, but can go by different names?) (Key was not found) (The jungle cruise is in Magic Kingdom LF XD)

(LF: Oh wow, I feel so dumb now xD)

Destinee: Here's another guess. *Searches Kilimanjaro Safari* (Key was found!)

Elimination Ceremony 16:

Chris: And with that, there is one contestant taking the boot....Sarah! The barfbags go to Sam, Samuel, Gerard, Destinee, and....

AJ: WAIT! I quit, i'm giving Sarah chance! *Hands Sarah his barfbag* Good luck final 5! *Grabs parachute and jumps off*

Chris: O.O...interesting, well looks like Sarah is safe!!

Episode 17- Japan

First Class:

Samuel: Everyone gets first a-lot these days...

Destinee: It's because the challenges are giving multiple people Immunity to make the votes easier.

Chris: Actually, im only giving Destinee, Samuel, and Gerard first, Sarah and Sam can go to economy

Destinee: Woot! First class!

Samuel: *leans back in recliner again*

Economy Class:

Sarah:Hi,Sam. How are you?(CONF)Sam is never there to talk. D:


Chris: Konichiwa!!! Its time for Japan's challenge!!! Ok so it is time for the Japanese throwdown! You must answer these questions!!

Question 1 (1 Pt)- What is the name of Season 4 (regular Total Drama)?

Question 2 (1 Pt)- How many barfbags have been handed out total?

Question 3 (2 Pts)- What contestant/s has received the most final items? (Marshmallow, Gilded Chris, and Barfbags)?

Question 4 (2 Pts)- What contestants have never been in a relationship?

Question 5 (2 Pts)- What are the current relationships? What are the broken up relationships?

Chris: Answer away!!! On BDJ's talkpage!!

Results: Samuel- 6/8, Gerard- 6/8, Destinee- 8/8, Sarah- 3/8, Sam- 0/8

Elimination Ceremony 17:

Chris: Welcome contestants! Please stamp the passport in the confessional blah blah blah vote! Destinee wins immunity for having the highest score!

Samuel: (CONF) Sam, the biggest threat here... Sorry...

Destinee: (CONF) *Stamps Sam's passport* See ya!

Gerard: (CONF) Two Sam's is annoying... *stamps Sam's passport* Sam deserves to be here more than you Sam. (xD)

Chris: Ok well i have received majority votes, and the barfbags go to....Samuel, Destinee and Gerard! The bottom two are Sarah and Sam and the last barfbag goes to...................................Sarah!!! Time to go! *Pushes Sam out the plane*

Episode 18- Hawaii

First Class:

Chris: Only Destinee gets First Class!

Economy Class:


Chris: Wow you guys are talkative...well last episode Sam took the drop of shame in Japan! Now were in hawaii, where we named our season 3 winner...Heather! Your job is to pick a song for Heather!! Best song wins immunity, this is the last vote so immunity is good! Good luck everyone!

Samuel: Oops! ... I Did it Again (I could see Heather singing this to Alejandro after the nut kick for the million.)

Destinee: I'm the Best by: Nicki Minaj (I think this is most likely what Heather thinks of herself, and the trouble see had to go through through out the seasons. And of course, after she won, she probably thought this even more.)

Gerard: Ring Leader by Britney Spears(I can see this as Heather as always was always watching her, and waiting for her to make a move. Whenever she DID make the move, it was important, and shocked everyone. So in words, she was the "ring leader".)

Sarah: do not expect to win. Every time I hear this, it reminds me of Heather and Alejandro. Alejandro is like El Diablo, AKA the Devil, and Heather beat him. Plus, I cannot think of a better song at the moment. :P)

Chris: Alright final 4! Me and Webkinzmania (my guest judge) each picked a contestant for immunity! I picked Gerard, and he picked Destinee! Good song picks guys!! Samuel and Sarah are both up for elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 18:

Chris: Ok Gerard and Destinee are in the final 3! Everyone else vote!!

Samuel:(CONF) I have to vote Sarah... Literally. I have to. *votes for her*

Destinee: (CONF) *Stamps Samuel's passport* You're a huge threat! Sorry!

Gerard: (CONF) *stamps Samuel's passport twice* Hmm... *whistles*

Sarah:(CONF) *stamps Samuel's passport* You act like you don't even care if you are here!

Chris: Ok well looks like the final three barfbags go to Destinee, Sarah, and Gerard! Congratulations!!! *Shoves Samuel out the plane*

Episode 19- Venice, Italy

First Class:

Sarah:*high fives Destinee and Gerard* Final 3 FTW!(CONF)I never thought I would make it this far! Thanks so much, AJ! If I win, I will give you some of the money for sure!

Destinee: *High Fives Sarah* (CONF) I didn't think I would even make final 5! In the beginning, it didn't seem like my team liked me all that much, so I'm surprised that I'm still here!

Sarah:(CONF) Destinee is a good friend, she worked hard to get here. She got immunity every single time! Gerard is also a good friend. I wonder what will happen next?

Economy Class:

*is empty*


Chris: Are you ready for the awesome final three challenge? its going to be a ROLEPLAY! It will start on on Thursday at 9!! Sorry i couldn't do weekends because i'm busy all weekend. So everyone say if you can make it!!!! After that the final two WILL be a jury vote!!! I will get all the users i believe were active and have them vote on the final two!! Oh and congratulations Destinee, Sarah and Gerard!!

Destinee: I can make it.

Sarah:I can make it.(Time differences included, I should be on at that time.)

Gerard: I can't make it. (My mum makes me get off at 9:15, so I won't have enough time, and if I DO go on longer, I'd be grounded for 2 weeks...)

Chris: Ok how about Sunday Night at 8 o clock? How does that sound!!

Destinee: I can make that too :P

Sarah:Sure! Hurry, Gerard. :P

Gerard: Okay... (Aj, why are the times always so late...?)

Chris: Ok Everyone, the challenge is going to be in 2 hours and 10 minutes!! Be Ready!!

Chris: Ok!! Final three, your challenge is to run down the streets of venice to your designated boat, then boat down the confusing maze of canals in Venice and find your train station. You then board the train, and go over to Piza, where you will climb up the leaning tower of Piza. Last one there is ELIMINATED! And...GO!

Streets of Venice:

Destinee: *Starts running to boats*

Sarah:*runs to catch up with Destinee* Let's do this!

Destinee: *High fives Sarah and keeps running*

Sarah:*keeps pace with Destinee*

Destinee: *Keeps Sarah at her sides and runs*

Sarah:We are so gonna win!*runs faster*

Destinee: Totally!!! *Runs with Sarah*

Sarah:I see the boats! Hurry! We are almost there!*runs*

Detinee: Yes! I see them too! *Runs faster*

Chris: By the way, the first one there earns an advantage!

Sarah:*is almost there* Yes!*runs faster*

Destinee: *Matches pace with Sarah and runs*

Sarah:*reaches the boats* Now what?

Destinee: *Reaches her boat* Yes, now what?

Sarah:*gets in the boat* We paddle to the canals, I guess.

Destinee: Ok! *Gets in boat*

Gerard: *begins running to the boats* I'm so gonna lose!

Gerard: *begins running faster* Almost there!

Gerard: So close! *is slowing down from being tired*

Gerard: *collapses and begins to pant* Ugh! *begins crawling*

Gerard: *makes it to the boats and climbs in* Yes! (xD, sorry for the spam, but nobody else was gonna edit xD)

Canals of Venice:

Sarah:*gets her boats in the canals*Kay!*starts paddling*

Destinee: *Gets in her boat and starts paddling*

Sarah:*paddles as hard as she can* We go to the train station right?

Destinee: *Continues to paddle* Yeah!

Sarah:*paddles harder*Listen for trains! We can follow the noises!

Destinee: *Paddles faster* Yeah, that'll be our guide!

Sarah:*listens for noises* That way! *paddles towards the train station*

Destinee: *Paddles and follows the noise*

Sarah:*keeps paddling*There it is!*reaches the train staition

Destinee: *Reaches the station* Yes!

Gerard: *gets in his boat and begins to paddle* I'm doing terrible!

Gerard: *begins going a little faster* Yes! I'm catching up!

Gerard: *is almost there* I can't give up now!

Gerard: *reaches the station* I still have a chance!

Train to Piza:

Sarah:*gets on the train top Piza*

Destinee: *Gets on the train to Piza* *High fives Sarah*

Sarah:We did it! Now we have to wait. So...enjoy the season?

Destinee: Yeah! I thought I would be out early, so I'm glad I'm here!

Sarah:I feel bad for Gerard, though. But, you snooze, you lose!

Destinee: Totally! He's not determined like us :D

Sarah:The train is almost there. Ready to finish this?

Destinee: Yes, I'm ready!

Sarah:*sees the train arrive, and gets out, and reaches the Tower of Pisa*

Destinee: *Gets out and reaches the Tower of Pisa*

Gerard: *hops on the train* Victory here I come! *trains begins to go*

Gerard: Ugh! Hurry up! *train is almost there*

Gerard: Go faster! *trains reaches station* Finally! *runs to the Tower of Pisa*

Leaning tower of Piza Climb:

Sarah:*starts climbing* Come on!

Destinee: *Starts climbing* Hurry!

Sarah:*is 1/4th there* We can do this!

Destinee: *Is 1/4th there* Yes!

Sarah:*is halfway there* Good thing we can climb!

Destinee: *Halfway there* I know!

Gerard: *beings climbing* Slow down!

Sarah:*reaches 3/4th* We are almost done!

Destinee: *Reaches 3/4ths* YES!!!

Gerard: *throws a stone at Sarah's head* Oh no you don't! *reaches 1/4*S

arah:*is hit in the butt, but finally reaches the top* Yes! Final 2! Ow, my butt hurts!

Destinee: *Reaches the top* YES!!! We won!

Chris: And there we have it, Destinee and Sarah, our FINAL 2!!!


Chris: While were waiting for the challenge to start Thursday, can we please have any past users say if they would like to be on jury? Gerard and Sarah still comment above if you can make it or not, not in this jury section! It caps out at 8!

Current Jury: AJ, Brandon, Zach, Zoey, Sam, Jackson, Samuel, Quinn

AJ: I want to be on jury!

Brandon: I will!


Sam: I'll be on the jury. :D

Jackson: Can I be in the jury??

Samuel: I'll be on the jury.

Quinn: Me! Please!? I would like to have a say. Thankyou!

Chris: And the jury has been decided! They will be back for a final vote when we are down to the final two!!

Quinn: Yes! Go Sarah! She is SO gonna win!

Elimination Ceremony 19:

Chris: and Destinee and Sarah get the final two barfbags!! Sorry Gerard!! *Chris shoves Gerard out of the plane* Gerard will be joining the jury though!!

Episode 20- TDWT Jumbo Jet

Contestant Questions:

Chris: Here you can ask questions to the final two!! It may affect your vote!

Brandon: Okay, Destinee, Sarah, I don't think I ever talked to you guys before, but here goes: Name one good thing you did in the game, and one bad thing. Both, I need to know. (PS I'll vote after at least somebody answers, so don't count me out!)

Destinee: Well I think one bad thing I did was I was inactive in the beginning. I participated in some challenges, but never really talked or anything. One good thing I did was not give up. That's why I'm here, because I was determined to win in the end, so i got my act together, became active, and started doing well in challenges. Plus, I don't think I ever really made any enemies.

Sarah:Wish I had seen this part. :P Kinda late to answer the question, though. I lost.

Jury Vote:

Chris: please go to the confessionfal and vote for the contestant you want to WIN Total...Drama..Tour of the World! You MUST vote for someone in the final two!

Gerard: (CONF) I vote Samuel. I don't care what Chris says. Izzy voted for herself in TDA, and I'll vote for Samuel. Destinee and Sarah do NOT deserve to win.

Samuel: (CONF) Who do I vote for? I vote for "myself." I don't care what Chris says. Why, you ask? Well, neither deserve the win. Sarah, you shouldn't even still be in, you should have been eliminated instead of AJ but got lucky, and then you debuted two episodes later then me, so no. Destinee, I was going to vote for you, but then I decided: "Wait, why do you deserve win?" Sure, you've been here the entire time. But... Why? Luck? Karma? You were inactive for the first part of the season, until finally you started doing stuff. You do not deserve this win. *votes for himself*

Sam: (CONF) I vote for Sarah.

Quinn: (CONF): Nobody here deserves to win NOBODY! I don't care what Chris says, I was ACTIVE! I actually was there for the whole time!-Before I got eliminated! I was gonna vote for Sarah, but she debuted, and that wouldn't be fair. Destinee was inactive when I was there. Nobody deserves to win who has either debuted or been inactive. *writes down herself to win* (Me: Sorry, but I don't think it is fair.)

Chris: ok guys i currently have ONE vote that counts, so if you want a say you should vote either Sarah or Destinee!

AJ (CONF): I vote Destinee, sorry but shes not a debuter and i believe she worked harder!

Quinn: (CONF): Ugh! Fine! *votes Destinee* At least you were here the whole time..

Samuel: (Non-CONF) I don't care if I have a say, I'm making a point. Deal with it.

Brandon: (CONF) I have made my decision. I vote for Destinee. First of all, she was here from the beginning, whereas Sarah debuted. And even if she was inactive at times, at least she participated instead of debuting half-way through the game. Secondly, Destinee, when she was active, worked hard and as she said, never gave up. Sarah may have also never given up, but she never had to last as long as Destinee. And finally, (although this isn't a very main reason) Destinee didn't vote me out, but Sarah did. I have a very good memory, and can hold grudges. As long as I can say I wanted Destinee to win instead of Sarah, I'll have nothing against Sarah, but I just think that Destinee deserves it more.

Jackson:(CONF) I vote Destinee, they have both played well, but I think Destinee deserves it more.

Zoey:(CONF)I vote for Destinee.

Chris: And with 6 votes we have a winner.......DESTINEE!!! Congratulations Destinee you have won Total....Drama.....TOUR OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See everyone next time on Total...Drama....Tour of the SEAS!!!!

Destinee: I won?!?! Yay!!!! Thank you to all those who supported me! :D

AJ: Yay Destinee!!!

Chris: Be sure to check out Total Drama Tour of the Losers! An upcoming island where all of the losers from every season can win either a spot in the current season or a spot in the allstar season!

Total Drama Tour of the Losers Link:

Chris: Here is the link for our Loser Resort!: Total Drama Tour of the Losers

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