Chris: Welcome to Total, Drama Tour of the Seas! Chris here (how im here and at Tour of the World at the same time is a mystery). Last season the contestants flew around the world, and Destinee came out on top!! Ok so let's get this party started on Total...Drama...Tour of the Seas!!!!

Link to Season 1: Total Drama Tour of the World

Link to Season 3: Total Drama Tour of the Island

Link to Loserville: Total Drama Tour of the Losers

P.S.: I plan on running this camp for Featured Camp after it is done! So try your best! Also the user who wins gets an awesome userbox :)


  1. No Cussing/Bad Language (**** is ok)
  2. No being mean to other USERS, characters can be mean to each other if that is their personality but not User-User meanness.
  3. No Godplaying
  4. If you miss more than 3 challenges you will be replaced. I will be lenient with this rule but if its obvious your not active then you will be replaced.
  5. If you do not vote, it counts as a vote against yourself
  6. You may not change your vote
  7. All writing/trivia challenges will be posted to my talkpage!!
  8. Have Fun!! :)
  9. Mileage Points Rules: If you WIN a challenge, you get 10 mileage points, if you come in second, you get 5, if you miss two challenges in a row, you get minus 5 mileage points. You can also win mileage points exploring (but you can't find them yourself, i'll tell you if you found them)!! You will have access to the gift shop every three episodes!


Winner: Samuel- The Anti-Social- MrDaimon- Room: 607- Seaside Suite- Team Bronson

Remember this was NOT a sign up camp, there was an audition blog!!


  1. Henrietta- The Old Maid- Fanfiction2010- Room: 505- Regular Room- Team: None- 24th Place
  2. Harriet- The Retired Supermodel- Sierrastalker- Room: 510- Regular Room- Team: None- 23rd Place
  3. Oatmeal- The Breakfast Meal- Oatmeal- Room: 511- Regular Room- Team: None- 22nd Place
  4. Xalia- The Crazy Girl- Izzynsierrafan- Room: 506- Regular Room- Team: None- 21st Place
  5. Jade- The Mean Girl (acting like "Farm Girl")- Puffles Rule- Room: 511- Regular Room- 20th Place
  6. Chad- The Big Bro- Bbhinton15 - Room: 512- Regular Room- Team: None- 19th place
  7. Zoey- The Blonde- HR- KoopaKidJr.- Room: 504- Regular Room- Team Dynamite- 18th Place
  8. Max- The Smart Guy- Mr. E- Room: 502- Regular Room- Team Dynamite- 16th/17th Place
  9. Daniel- The Nice Friend- Tdifan24- Room: 505- Regular Room- Team Bronson- 16th/17th Place
  10. Brittany- The Normal One- TotalCartoonFan- Room: 606- Seaside Suite- Team Awesome- 15th Place
  11. Jake- The Sensitive Strategist- Codmister22- Room: 606- Seaside Suite- Team Bronson- 14th Place
  12. Gillian- The Athlete with Attitude- Sunslicer22- Room: 600- Seaside Suite- Team Bronson- 13th Place
  13. Destinee- The Rich Girl with Tude- Leshawnafan- Room: 603- Seaside Suite- Team Bronson- 11th/12th Place
  14. Bronson- The Manipulative Bodybuilder- Reddude- Room: 505- Regular Room- Team Bronson- 11th/12th Place
  15. AJ- The Friendly Athlete- bridgette_dj10- Room: 601- Seaside Suite- Team Awesome- 10th
  16. Abby- The Dumb Cheerleader- Nduke- Room: 504- Regular Room- Team Dynamite- 9th
  17. Pablo- The Quiet Latino- Platypus04- Room: 508- Regular Room- Team Awesome- 8th
  18. Quinn- The Mean Cheerleader- EvaBridgetteGwenRocks- Room: 607- Seaside Suite- Team Bronson- 7th
  19. Iris- The Really Nice Pretty Girl- Kate4TDWT- Room: 601- Seaside Suite- Team Awesome- 6th
  20. Cal- The "Cool" Kid- TDAddict- Room: 600- Seaside Suite- Team Dynamite- 5th
  21. Kevin- The Weird One- Kgman04- Room: 603- Seaside Suite- Team Dynamite- 4th
  22. Sarah- The Friendly Athletic Girl- Alejandrofan3000- Room: 508- Regular Room- Team Dynamite- 3rd
  23. Brandon- The Friendly Guy- Zoomer72--Room- 502- Regular Room- Team Awesome- 2nd

Contestant Interactions

You may edit here!


AJ-Quinn Relationship

Brandon-Zoey Relationship (Broken-up)

Samuel-Iris Relationship

Oatmeal-Jade Attraction (Possibly, One-sided on Oatmeal's side)

Sarah-Brandon Relationship

Abby-Jake Relationship (Ended)

Abby-Cal Attraction (One-Sided on Abby's side)

Abby- Kevin Relationship


Samuel-Iris Friendship

Oatmeal-Iris Friendship

AJ-Brandon Friendship

AJ-Sarah Friendship

Samuel-Quinn Friendship

Sarah-Destinee Friendship

Sarah-Quinn Friendship

Abby-Zoey Friendship

Abby-Sarah-Cal-Kevin-Zoey-Max Friendship (Possibly)

AJ-Iris Friendship

Quinn-Samuel-Destinee Friendship

Cal-Kevin Friendship

Abby-Quinn Friendship

Cal-Samuel Friendship


Jade-Xalia Conflict

Oatmeal-Jade Conflict (One sided on Jade's side)

Quinn-Zoey Conflict ( Possibly resolved)

Sarah-Harriet Conflict

Abby-Samuel Conflict (Possibly)

AJ-Bronson Conflict

Contestant History

Contestant User Original Duo Switched Team Merged Status Total Votes
The Old Maid
Fanfiction2010 Pink Out 12
The Retired Supermodel
Sierrastalker Medium Purple Out 13
The Breakfast Meal
Oatmeal- Green Out 8
The Crazy Girl
Izzynsierrafan12 Turquoise Out 8
The Mean Girl
Puffles Rule Green Out 18
The Big Bro
Bbhinton15 Blue Out 0
The Blond
Heather rocks Orange Dynamite Out 2
The Smart Guy
Mister.. E. Yellow Dynamite Out 5
The Nice Friend
Jake R Medium Purple Bronson Out 3
The Normal One
Totalcartoonfan09 Blue Awesome Out 3
The Sensitive Strategist
Codmister22 Turquoise Bronson Out 2
The Athlete With Attitude
Sunslicer2 Red Bronson Out 0
The Manipulative Bodybuilder
Reddude Pink Bronson Out 5
The Rich Girl With Tude
Leshawnafan Silver Bronson Out 0
The Friendly Athlete
Bridgette_dj10 Lime Green Awesome Merged Jury 3
The Dumb Cheerleader
Nduke Orange Dynamite Jury 8
The Quiet Latino
Platypus09 White Awesome Jury 7
The Mean Cheerleader
EvaBridgetteGwenRocks Black Bronson Jury 5
The Really Nice Pretty Girl
Kate4TDWT Lime Green Awesome Jury 9
The "Cool" Kid
TotalDramaAddict Red Dynamite Jury 2
The Weird One
Kgman04 Silver Dynamite Jury 4
The Friendly Athletic Girl
Alejandrofan3000 White Dynamite Jury 0
The Friendly Guy
Zoomer72 Yellow Awesome Runner-Up 1
The Anti-Social
Mrdaimion Black Bronson Win 9

Elimination Table

Contestants Team Merge MP Ep1. Ep.2 Ep.3 Ep.4 Ep.5 Ep.6 Ep.7 Ep.8 Ep.9 Ep.10 Ep.11 Ep.12 Ep.13 Ep.14 Ep.15 Ep.16 Ep.17 Ep.18 Ep.19 Ep.20 Ep.21
Samuel Bronson YES 5 Henri Harriet Gillian Xalia Jade IN WIN Daniel SAFE LOSE LOSE Bronson AJ Abby Pablo Iris Cal Kevin Kevin IN WINNER
Brandon Awesome 30 Henri Harriet NV Jade Samuel IN SAFE WIN Brittany Jake LOSE SAFE Samuel Pablo Pablo Iris Samuel Samuel Kevin IN SECOND
Sarah Dynamite 25 Henri Harriet Oat Jade Jade IN IN Max WIN SAFE WIN Samuel Iris Abby Pablo Iris Iris Samuel Kevin OUT Quit20
Kevin Dynamite 20 SV Harriet Max Xalia Samuel IN IN Cal WIN SAFE LOSE Bronson Pablo Quinn Quinn Iris Iris Samuel OUT VotedOff 19
Cal Dynamite 25 Jade Harriet Kevin Jade Jade IN IN Max WIN SAFE WIN Samuel Pablo Abby Pablo Iris Iris OUT Quit Episode 18
Iris Awesome 30 NV NV NV Jade Abby IN SAFE WIN Brittany Jake LOSE SAFE AJ NV Quinn Quinn OUT Voted Off Episode 17
Quinn Bronson 5 Henri Harriet Oat Xalia Jade IN SAFE WIN SAFE LOSE LOSE Bronson NV Abby Pablo OUT Voted Off Episode 16
Pablo Awesome 10 Henri Harriet Oat Jake NV IN SAFE WIN AJ Jake LOSE SAFE NV Abby OUT Voted Off Episode 15
Abby Dynamite 45 Jade Harriet Oat Xalia Jade WIN IN Max WIN SAFE WIN Bronson Iris OUT Voted Off Episode 14
AJ Awesome 25 Henri Harriet Oat Zoey Samuel WIN SAFE WIN Brittany Jake WIN SAFE OUT Quit Episode 13
Destinee Bronson NO 15 Henri Harriet Jake Xalia Jade IN WIN Daniel SAFE LOSE LOSE OUT Voted Off Episode 12
Bronson Bronson 15 Henri NV Zoey Jade Jade WIN WIN Daniel SAFE LOSE WIN OUT Voted Off Episode 12
Gillian Bronson 45 Jade Harriet SV NV Quinn IN WIN SV SAFE LOSE OUT Eliminated Episode 11
Jake Bronson 25 NV Harriet Oat SV Jade IN WIN SV SAFE OUT Voted Off Episode 10
Brittany Awesome 25 Debuts Vote Oat NV NV IN SAFE WIN OUT Eliminated Episode 9
Daniel Bronson 30 SV SV Jake Jake Jade IN WIN OUT Voted off Episode 8
Max Dynamite 10 Henri Harriet Zoey Xalia Jade IN Zoey* OUT Voted off Episode 8
Zoey Dynamite 10 NV SV SV Xalia SV IN OUT Eliminated Episode 7
Chad None NO 20 Debuts Ep. 4 NV NV OUT Voted off Episode 6
Jade None 10 Henri Abby Oat Xalia OUT Voted off Episode 5
Xalia None 15 Jade Max Max OUT Voted off Episode 4
Oatmeal None 0 Henri Abby OUT Voted off Episode 3
Harriet None 0 Henri OUT Voted off Episode 2
Henrietta None 0 OUT Voted off Episode 1

Green- First Place
Blue- Second Place
White- Third Place/Received a Lifering
Orange- Last place: Up for elimination

SV- Self Vote (The person did not vote and was up for elimination, so it counted as a vote against them)
NV- Not Verified (The vote was not verified)

Theme Song

The key for the theme song is, everything that is before in the italics, is happening while the bold after it is. For example in the first scene its singing "Dear Mom and Dad I'm doing fine" as Brandon and Zoey are kissing and Xalia breaks the port hole!!

In the Aqua Lounge Brandon and Zoey are kissing on the couch when Xalia swims to the porthole and breaks the glass, flooding the aqua lounge Dear Mom and Dad I'm doing fine

~water floods up to the pool deck~

Cal tries to impress Jade so she pushes him down the waterslide You guys are on my mind

~Goes to the pool deck~

Aj and Quinn are holding hands on the pool deck while Henrietta walks by slowly You asked me what I wanted to be

Switches to the regular lounge, where Gillian and Destinee are facing off But now I think the answer's plain to see

Max watching on the couch of the lounge rolls his eyes, causing both girls to turn angrily to him I wanna be, famous

Scene changes to Iris and Bronson swimming, and rises up to show the sun glare when it says "sun" I wanna live close to the sun

Switches to the kitchen where oatmeal is sitting on a table, and Pablo and Sarah are being scared of chef So pack your bags cause I've already won

Goes to the hallway with the rooms, with Abby holding her key lost, and Samuel sitting alone on the ground Everything to prove nothing in my way

Switches to Jake, Daniel and Harriet shopping in the Gift Shop I'll get there one day

Something pops out of Harriet's bag causing the three to run away Cause I wanna be, famous

Shows the contestants can canning in a pyramid, from giant waterskis tied to the back of the cruise Nah, nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah nahhh

Cruise sails past Australia, Japan, and Jamaica' I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

Has the contestants singing while can canning again, zooming around everyone I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

Chef and Chris cannonball off the ship causing everyone from the pyramid to crash *whistling* dooh dooh dooh dooh, dooh dooh dooh dooh dooh dooh

Pre-chat- Dock

Chris: Welcome, before our ship sails feel free to talk amongst yourselves (except Samuel and Destinee because you two are still competing in Tour of the World XD). This camp will start probably a week after auditions close!

AJ *Gaping at the giant cruise ship while sitting on his luggage* Wow....that rocks! I'm so excited!!

Brandon: Me too! It's so great to be back and see all you guys again!

Cal: Woah. This is almost better than a first-edition Moon Wars battleship.

AJ:...Interesting O.O (XD)

Cal: Well, I own five, so I know the greatness of each and every one.

AJ: Thats...good!!

Chris: Once everyone gets their roomate, i will let everyone into the ship to explore!!

Quinn: AJ! *hugs him*

Cal: Yeah, I had to sell a lot of my other sci-fi stuff, it would've ruined my reputation if somebody saw it at a party.

Quinn: *hugging AJ* I missed you so much! *kisses him*

AJ: Same Quinn!!

Iris: *walks on* Wow! This place is so nice! *to AJ* You must be AJ! We are on the same team! Isn't that great? *turns to Quinn* Hi! I'm Iris! It's nice to meet you! (She's a female Alejandro. -w-)

Quinn: Yeah, I'm Quinn. And yeah....

Brandon: Zoey! Its so great to see you again! I missed you! *hugs her*


Chris: Hello Contestants! If you would like to chat please do so in the section above but this is the pre-challenge, and will give room assignments! Yes it's going to be Co-ed, so no *has sex* or anything like that! Ok everyone! I need you to pick a box from 1-22, and you wont find out which room key it is till the end!! Everyone else will compete when the rest of the competitors are chosen, but everyone chosen now may pick now!

AJ: I pick box 11

Brandon: I pick box 12!

Abby: I pick box 15

Chris: Actually, i will tell you as you go (since the boxes are random so it's not like you can choose)

Destinee: I pick box 13! My favorite number! :D

Samuel: Five, I suppose...

Chris: So far..AJ is on the Lime Team, Brandon is on Pink, Abby is on Orange, Destinee is on Grey, and Samuel is on Black!! Samuel, I need your help!

Cal: Lucky number nine!

Gillian: Number 1, like me!

Chris: And the first complete team is Red, with Cal and Jillian!

Kevin: I choose box 4! ^_^

Xalia: Noo! I want box four! For the japanese number of death! ;)! Fine I pick 8 my lucky number!

Max: I choose #22

Iris: I would like box number 20!

Oatmeal: I pick box 21.

Daniel: I pick 7. Lucky number ;)

Chris: Ok the full teams so far are the Lime team, the Grey team, and the Red Team! Remaining boxes are: 2, 6, 14, 18 and 19!! Dont worry though you have time! Also feel free to continue the chat in the above section!

Harriet:I pick box #17!

Jade: Wow, you people all give me a rash. I pick box 3! Now tell me what room I'm in. T.T (CONF) I swear if I'm in some random room with a hobo, I'm going kill someone. Not actually kill, but it may lead up to that. (Yay for Jade's famous rash quote! XD)

Oatmeal: Woah. Jade, a little harsh?

Jake: I'll pick box 16.

Chris: By the way, Sarah picked 10! (over chatango) Only 5 boxes to go

Quinn: I choose Box 14!

Pablo: Lucky number six :)

Harriet:*sighs and relaxes*

Chris: The only remaining boxes, are 2, 18 and 19!!

Harriet: *gets up off back of chair* Just assign them boxes. They aren't going to be on. *lies back down*

Quinn: Ugh! I have to share a room with Samuel!

Samuel: Thaaaaanks...

Quinn: No offence But you and I didn't exactly get along in Season One.

Samuel: If I remember correctly, you kept trying to get me into some alliance when I first debuted, then I got you voted off... So I can see your point.

Harriet:That's it, I'm going into my bedroom

Quinn: Yes. But this time I want to get further, and if you help me, I shall help you.

Samuel: ... Alright, deal.

Quinn: *smiles* Great! (CONF): This time I'm gonna WIN!

AJ: Im so ready!!!

Zoey:I pick box...2!It's my favorite number.

Quinn: So am I AJ! I am gonna get WAY further this time!

Jade: Great, out of all people I get Oatmeal. I mean dude, seriously, what kind of name is that? I hate him...

Oatmeal: Yep, My Name's Oatmeal. But, I get the Hypocritical Agressive One. <.<. Jeezz. Why can't we just be friends.

Quinn: *to Jade* That must suck being paired with a guy named Oatmeal. Seriously.

Samuel: *talks to Oatmeal* So, why the hell is your name Oatmeal anyways? :|

Oatmeal: Well, that is a VERY LONG story, when I was born, I was to be named Kenny Mc' Finland, the third. But, my mother wanted to test out the theory that, if you love something. Set it free, and if i comes back to you, it truly loves you. So she threw me out of the window, luckily, i fell into a vat of oatmeal for the senior centers. Then, apparently, there was a stray dolphin in the oatmeal which sent me right back up to my mother. Crazy things work in Crazy Ways, right?

Samuel: ... I... See... *walks away slowly* (CONF) Weirdo...

Oatmeal: NUU, don't go away! D:

Samuel: Nah, I'm good with leaving. Thanks for the offer.

Oatmeal: Would you stay for some bacon? -pulled out a piece-

Samuel: *slaps it out of his hand* Pigs killed my grandfather. >.> They trampled him to death. Thanks for reminding me of that, jerk.

Harriet: Samuel!! Oatmeal, it was nice to offer and I would love some. * eats the bacon * As for Samuel, I can't believe you.*slaps Samuel and walks away*

Oatmeal: Harriet, not to burst your bubble. That bacon was on the gound -w-

Chris: Ok so what i decided to do, since almost everyone has picked, is put the two people who haven't picked together on the pink team, and move Brandon over with Max on the Yellow team!! This way you will have time before the first challenge to explore the ship!

Episode 1- Exploring the Ship

Rooms (5th Floor):

Chris: Here is where Everyone will be staying!! (Room assignments are under Contestants). Later in the game Room Upgrades will be available that will give you advantages! These rooms are regular (Two beds, a bathroom, and a balcony that looks over the ocean)

AJ: *puts his stuff down in his room* This is so cool!!

Destinee: *Rolls her suticases to her room* This boat is amazing!!!

Samuel: *goes to his room and puts his stuff there, before walking off*

Daniel: Awesome, this is cool! *Gets into swimsuit* I'm going to the pool. Later!

Harriet:*takes off her backpack and drops her suitcase in her room* Cool place. * gets on the bed and starts texting friends*

Cal: *gets to his room, and starts opning his suitcases*

Iris: *get to her room and sees thast AJ was already there* Great. *starts unloading suitcase*

Zoey:puts down her suitcase*Where's my room?*starts looking for her room*They all look the same!

Harriet:* puts stuff away* I'm going to the Aqua Lounge.

Iris: *points to Room 504* That's your room Zoe. Can I call you that?


Samuel: *walks in* ... How'd y'all get ahead of me so quickly, I went before you... *shrugs*

Zoey:*grabs her suitcase and goes into her room and unpacks*What now?*goes outside*So what should we do now?

Iris: *to Samuel* Yes it is shocking! You are so very athletic! I bet you wouldn't even need a team-mate! But, I digress. *smiles*

Samuel: *blushes slightly* Um, thanks?

Oatmeal: -barged in- Ladies, Ladies, and Gentleman. Introducing, the one and only. Oatmeal.The only one on the earth named Oatmeal! :D

Zoey:I'm confuse..

Oatmeal: Yea, I know. Thats what alot of people say about my name. D:

Zoey:Not about that..-nevermind.

Iris: *gets starteled by Oatmeal and moves closer to Samuel* *blushes and moves away* Oatmeal? That is an intersting name. I like intersting names.

Samuel: *blushes slightly at Iris* ... Ya, he was named that since his mom dropped him as a baby into a vat of oatmeal...

Iris: Oatmeal was my favorite breakfast food when I was a kid! *smiles widely* Not Oatmeal the person, but oatmeal the food.

Samuel: Meh, I was never a fan of it...

Quinn: *walks into her room to only see that Samuel is already in there* Ugh...great..*rolls eyes*

Samuel: Thaaaaanks...

Quinn: *unpacking her bags* No offence!

Samuel: Offence taken.

Quinn: But, you're not exactly the person I would have prefered to be in a room but, I guess that if we are sharing a room, we are gonna have to get along.

Iris: You should be nice to each other! Team-mates should be nice, so they can work together and win more challenges. I wish we could switch partners, Quinn. That way you'd have AJ, and I'd get Samuel. If you don't work together, you might leave! I'd HATE to see anyone leave. So THAT'S why, I'm going to be as nice as I can to AJ! He's really nice and sweet.

Samuel: Don't worry, I know you would have much perferred to share a room with AJ... *looks at Iris* Thanks for the compliment of wishing we could be paired together, I suppose... and ya, AJ's cool.

Quinn: *to Iris* Yes, I know that is what team mates are for, and yes, I wish we could switch partners too. And, yes, I know that AJ, is nice and sweet. *smiles* *to Samuel* Yes. You got that right.

Samuel: *nods his head* Yep... *clears throat* So, where ya from Iris?

Brandon: Aaaah, it's great to be back. I wonder where Max is?

Samuel: I wouldn't quite describe it as "great", Brandon...

Destinee: *Shrugs* Well, this boat is Great!


Quinn: *to Zoey* Hey Zoey. I'm really sorry for what happened last season. I hope you forgive me for my actions and that we can be friends.

Sarah:*arrives* Destinee, how are we here? Aw, forget it.*goes to her room and unpacks her things*

Samuel: Yes, Zoey?

Brandon: *walking down the halls humming* This place is great. I'll go check it out some more. . .

Destinee: *To Sarah* I really have no idea... but just go with the flow!

Chris: It's ok! I don't know how i'm here either *looks around* i think its something with the producer's, they probably have some kind of evil magic

Destinee: *Shrugs* Makes sense :D.

Sarah:(CONF) I pretty much lost last season, so this time, I am in it to win it!

Top Deck (15th Floor):

Chris: Here is where all the activities are! You can hang out here and such!

AJ: *sees a Zipline* That is so cool! *runs over to the zipline*

Oatmeal: -trys to run to the zipline, but trips-

Samuel: *looks at the zipline, and shudders* No way I'm doing that, way too scared of heights... Anyone up for air hockey?

Jake: *goes down zipline and hits a window* Ohhhh, hot girls ;). *window opens and Jake falls on groin on a pole*

Brandon: I'll play with you, but I have to warn you I'm pretty amazing at it. *laughs* Actually, I kind of suck! But I'll play anyway! *plays with Jake* But I'm good at real hockey!

AJ: Woo what else is there to do? *sees an ice skating rink* No way!! *runs over*

Iris: *looks around, and sees a tennis court* Anyone up for a game of tennis?

Samuel: *in expclicablly gets here in a short amount of time* Sure, why not.

Iris: *hands him a tennis racket that she magically got* Let's go! *runs to the tennis court, and puts hair in pony-tail* Ready?

Brandon: Yaah! *joins AJ to play some 1 on 1*

Samuel: Yep. Who's serving?

Iris: *smirks* Me. *throws the ball in the air, and hits it with the racket*

Samuel: *runs over to the ball to try and hit it back, but misses* Good serve...

Iris: I play tennis a lot. It's a hobby. *serves again*

Samuel: *this time is able to return it, barely*

Iris: *smirks, runs forward and returns it*

Samuel: *misses again* Damn it. >.> ... Wanna just say you win already?

Iris: Let's call it a tie. *smiles*

Samuel: Works for me, makes me seem less suck-ish... Anyways, I'm getting something to eat, feel free to join me.

Iris: *walking with him* You're not suck-ish! No one's suck-ish. In fact, you're amazing. *blushes* That's not what I ment- (CONF) That's exactly what I ment. Lead him along. Get him distracted. Get him eliminated.

Zoey:Oh yeah Samuel!*takes him into the CONF*(CONF)Okay,i don't really like Brandon anymore and I want to break up with him,what should I do?

Samuel: *blushes* Thanks, I suppose... *is pulled into the confessional* (CONF) ... Break up with him. *walks out* (Non-CONF) *finds a restraunt* Want something to eat?

Zoey:Well how?*goes up to Samuel*

Samuel: ... I dunno, do something like: "Brandon, I don't really feel like we're connecting anymore... Maybe... We should break up? I'm sorry..."

Zoey:Okay..Do I have to say all of that or could I say,"I want to break up with you."?

Samuel: Your way is cool too.

Zoey:Cool?I don't even know how to break up with people.

Samuel: It'll be fine, now, go along so I can eat and not starve to death...

Zoey:'Kay!Thanks a bunch!*hugs him and skips away*

Samuel: So, as I was saying, you want something to eat Iris?

Pool (Top Deck):

Chris: There may be some challenge held here later in the game!

Harriet:*walks onto deck in suit and dives off the diving board*

Harriet:* noticed she jumped too hard on the diving board and almost touched a cloud and she starts falling and praying simeltaneously*

Harriet:*falls into the pool head first*

AJ: *Goes down the water slide*

Harriet:* gets head above surface and starts swimming laps*

Harriet:*gets out and heads to shower because they put WAY too much chlorine in the water and finishes*

Daniel: *takes a lounger and puts it in the pool, and rlaxes with lemonade and shades on*

Iris: *goes on diving board, jumps ,flips, dives, and lands in the water perfectly* Wow. This place is amazing, amitrite?

Samuel: *walks in* Meh. I've seen better.

Cal: *arrives in "Space Trek" swim trunks (8D), and jumps in*

Zoey:Um,since everyone's here.Can someone help me find my room?

Iris: *gets out and grabs towel* I'll help you!

Samuel: *rolls his eyes* I'll help you too, if ya want...


Samuel: *takes that as an "Alright" for him too, and walks over to her* Cmon...

Zoey:So,how do I know which room is mine?

Samuel: Your room is... 504, right?


Harriet: Please,*whispers to Samuel* let's simple this out Samuel, say, " The Color of your team is the color of your door

Samuel: Alright, follow me. *walks to the rooms*

Zoey:'Kay!*follows him*

Daniel: All she had to do was look at the numbers on doors xD. *continues to relax on his lounger*

Oatmeal: -walked in nomming on an apple- HI PEOPLE :D

Harriet:* sits on a lounger OUTside of the pool and paints her nails and toes*

Jade: *sees Oatmeal* Well, great, the breakfast has arrived, lets eat. *pushes Oatmeal into pool* Ha. *walks away*

Oatmeal: -yelled- Thanks for pushing me into the pool Sweetcheeks! XD

Xalia: *dives in* Come on everybody! Get in! *pulls Jade in by the legs*

AJ: *dives into the pool* Woo!

Max: *relaxing on a floatie*

Harriet:* dives off the diving board going high so Harriet can flipX5, and backflip X2, and enters the pool backwards*

Daniel: *goes down slide* WOOHOO!

Jade: (to Xalia) I'm going to hurt you... socially. *gets out of pool, and gets a smoothie*

Daniel: *is drinking a smoothie, wearing sunglasses and on his lounge chair he threw in earlier* This is the life!

Sarah:Hiya, what's your name?

Daniel: I'm Daniel.

Quinn: *gets in her bikini and dives in* WOOHOO!

Lounge (3rd Floor):

Chris: Here is somewhere you can talk and strategize! Its also the location of the bathroom confessional! (but you dont have to be in here to use the confessional)

Aqua Lounge (B3):

Chris: Here is somewhere else you can hang out, and where all the undersea challenges will begin!

AJ: *Looking out the giant porthole and sees a dolphin swim by* Wooo!! I hope we get to do a lot of underwater challenges! (CONF) This season is going to be so fun! (NON CONF) *Runs up to the pool deck*

Daniel: Awesome! *gets into swimsuit*

Quinn: Oh my god! Dolphins! *smiles*

Abby: DOLPHIEs! *smacks QUinn* WOOPS

Quinn: Ugh! *pushes Abby in*

Challenge (Lobby):

Chris: Everyone make sure to check out the season 1 final three roleplay this Sunday at 8 o clock!! So this challenge is not going to start until Friday!! It will be up on Friday! I'm starting things off easy, so this will be a participation challenge! Be sure to check in to the Lobby on Friday!

Zoey:Um?Question!When's Friday?

Quinn: Yeah. (Me: It could be a different day 4 me since im in Australia)

Xalia: KK! (same)

Chris: Friday is April 1st!!

Chris: Who would be ok with me moving the challenge to tomorrow, March 29th, at 5 o clock EST? It's a participation challenge not a roleplay, please say yes or no (yes = tuesday, no = friday). I will take whichever has the most votes tonight.

AJ: Yes! Im good with Tuesday!

Cal: Yes! (Received IRC permission)

Destinee: Yes!

Samuel: Meh, sure, why not.

Brandon: Yes!

Daniel: Sure


Iris: That sounds good!

Pablo: Dang it! Can it be Wednesday instead please?

Zoey:I guess it's okay!

Quinn: Yep! I'll be there!

Chris: So Tuesday it is, since Pablo gave me an excuse he has a pass from the challenge. I am going to give the rules, first three teams to win come in first and get 10 mileage points, second three teams to win get second and 5 mileage points, the next three teams to win get immunity but no points, and the last two are up for elimination. You will vote off 1 member out of the 4 up for elimination (2 teams=4 members). BOTH members must complete the challenge for the pair to win! Get ready tomorrow!


Quinn: Got it!

Brandon: Yes! (What happens if only one member participates, but they dont come in the bottom?)

Tip of the Ship:

Chris: Ok guys, here is your challenge!! You must dive off of the front of the ship into the dangerous waters filled with sharks!! It is realllly high up, and once both members of a team jump, they are done!! Ready...Go!

Winning Teams: Black, Orange, Lime

Second Place Teams: White, Red,Blue

Immune Third Place Teams: Yellow, Purple, Grey

AJ: goes nothing *dives off the side* AHHHH! *splashes in the water

Daniel: *dives in* YEAH!

Samuel: *clutches the ground* Sc- Sc- Scared of heights... *is about to get up and walk away, but he slips on some water and falls in* AHHHHHHHH!

Destinee: *Shrugs* I've done worse. *Dives in*

Brandon: I did this in Jamaica. Woohoo *dives in*

Jake: *stares at the water* Um, are you sure this is legal?! *trips and falls into water* AHHHH!

AJ: *Swimming away from a shark* Come on Iris! Hurry!

Brandon: C'mon Max!

Zoey:Is it my turn?*trips and falls into the water*AH!

Cal: This is gonna kill me. :| *jumps in* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Zoey:*hits the bottom*Ow.*starts swimming*

AJ: Ahhh! *Is still swimming away from shark*

Zoey:AH!*sees a shark starts swimming faster*

Cal: Just swim calm and slow. *starts swimming like that*

Quinn: *gets in perfect form and dives* YEAH! C'mon Samuel!

Oatmeal: Lets go Jade, ladies first! -extend arm-

Quinn: *lands in the water perfectly* Oh yeah! That's how I roll!

Samuel: *landed in the water a while ago, I was just too lazy to post it* ... Do we win?

Quinn: *swims over to Samuel* Yeah? Do we win?

Abby: *jumps into water and swims over to Zoey* Heyyy


Iris: *waves at Samuel* *jumps in, does a flip, and lands in water* Yes! *swims over, hugs AJ, then pulls away and blushes*

Samuel: *waves back at Iris, and glares for a second at AJ when she hugs him*

Quinn: *glares at Iris* He has a girlfriend Iris! AKA: ME!

Zoey:How do we get back up?

Destinee: *Looks at Quinn* Someone's a little jealous of some competition.

Iris: *stampering* I-I-I didn't mea-mean to. *nervously smiles* I'm not that type of person. You guys make a wonderful couple. (CONF) Not.

Zoey:(CONF)How'd I get here?

Samuel: *swims over to Iris* It's fine, I'm sure you didn't mean to mean anything by it...

Quinn: *angry* This happened last seaon with Zoey! Do I HAVE to go through it again? Because if I DO I am ALWAYS gonna vote for you no matter what!

Zoey:Oh yeah,Quinn!i accept your apology.

AJ: Quinn its ok!!! Me and Iris need to work together if we want to stay in the game! (CONF) Thanks a lot Iris...

Destinee: (CONF) First of all, let me say I'm out of that water for the moment. Second of all, I sense a love triangle approaching. And finally, note to self, DO NOT get on Quinn's bad side...

Iris: No! It was nothing- (CONF) *applys lipgloss* (NONCONF) *kisses Samuel* See? I like him! *winks at Samuel and whispers to him* Thanks. *swims away*

Quinn: Whatever! Just please don't make anything out of it mkay? And sorry, for going all crazy...*rolls eyes*

Pablo: *quietly jumps off the side*

Samuel: *is frozen for a few seconds, then swims over to Iris and whispers* ... The hell was that?

Iris: *waves him off* That? That's because Quinn was going all crazy. So, if I kissed you, it means I don't like AJ.

Zoey:What should I do?

Samuel: *still blushing* Ah, I see...

Zoey:*gets bitten by a shark*OW!*starts sinking*

Destinee: *Floats* So.. this is awkward...

Samuel: *sees Zoey* Hold on... *dives under, grabs Zoey, and starts pulling her back up to the surface*

Zoey:OMG!It's bleeding and it looks so distgusting.

Sarah:*jumps* I better not get hurt! *lands in the water*

Samuel: *pulls her up to the surface, and makes her float, then takes off his shirt* Good thing I kept this on... *starts temporarily bandaging her wound with it*

Draven: Uuh ooh,....*jumps off*

Zoey:What are you doing?

Destinee: (CONF) That's like, the third girl who Samuels done something with... What a playa (xD)

Samuel: Bandeging your wound so you don't bleed to death, idiot...

Iris: *stares at Samuel's chest* Wow. *blushes and bites lip* (CONF) This is just to EASY!


Samuel: *blushes at Iris, and finishes with Zoey* There, now go get some real help from an infermery... *swims back over to Iris*

Zoey:Well,WHERE"S THE INFERMERY?*starts to crawls away*

Iris: I'm tired of just flirting and blushing. *kisses Samuel, pulls away and blushes*

Samuel: *blushes madly, and looks awkwardly away* Er, thanks...

Zoey:Where am I going?*crawling around randomly*

Iris: *turns Samuel's head so her eyes meet his* You're welcome.

Samuel: *blushes even harder, then quickly kisses her*

Sarah:Lover birds.*gets out of the water* Samuel, sorry for last season as all. I hope we can put the past behind us. Kay? :P

Iris: *puts arms around Samuel's neck and kissses him*

Samuel: Sure... *is kissed by Iris, and blushing madly, kisses her back*

Cal: *finally gets out of the water* I'm going back to my cabin.

Iris: *pulls away, blushing* I'm going to dry off at my cabin. I'll see you around?

Brandon: *swims over to Zoey* Are you okay? What was that Samuel guy doing to you? Want me to take you to the infirmary?

Samuel: Uh, ya, see you... And I saved her life, Brandon...

Brandon: We'll, thanks! *turns to Zoey* Let's get you to the infirmary! *swims with her*

Iris: *goes to cabin, sits on bed, and pretends to cry*

Destinee: (CONF) *Is painting her nails* What? There's nothing else to do. "Romeo and Juliet" are too busy making out, and Quinn is getting mad over it, and blah blah blah. See? Nothing to do...

Gillian: *yawns* This all you got? *dives into the water*

Samuel: (CONF) Do I belive Iris's act of liking me? Of course not. Do I like her? ... Sadly, yes...

Quinn: (CONF): Iris and Samuel? Saw it coming. Do I think Iris likes Samuel? Of course not! Do I think Samuel likes Iris? Duh, It is SO obvious. I know Iris is playing Samuel and he should be aware of it. I am keeping my friends close, and my enemies closer this season.

Sarah:Quinn, I am so sorry for voting you off last season. D: Hope you can forgive me.

Quinn: That's ok. You obviously didn't know me well. Anyways, I forgive you.

Sarah:I was a debuter, after all. Maybe this season we can be friends. :D

Quinn: Yeah! I hardly have any friends so It would be nice to have a friend.

Xalia: Ooh fun! *dives*

Quinn: *pulls Samuel aside* Hey. Ok. I think Iris is using you. Just letting you know, seeming that we're team mates. She is not who she seems. Watch out. Mkay?

Xalia: All I am hearing is.. BLA BLA BLA! WATCH OUT MKAY! it's easy MKay! *starts singing the southpark song*

Samuel: *rolls his eyes* You think I'm an idiot?

Xalia: You better not be talking to me or I'll go all mojo jojo! Hoya! *does a weird karate thing*

Max: *jumps, but hits his crotch* AHHH!!!

Sarah:You alright? *helps Max up*

Max: Yeah, thanks. *jumps in, successful this time*

AJ: Hmm Sarah and Max eh? (CONF) Wow this season is so fun! I just hope no one gets hurt, there are so many couples developing...Me and Quinn, Samuel and Iris, Sarah and Max, Jade and Oatmeal....Jade's not going to see this right?

Destinee: (CONF) *Painting her toe nails now* Yeah, no ones realy talked to me yet. It doesn't help that my partner hasn't jumped yet either. Oh well, looks like I'm going to elimination!

Harriet:*jumps three times, jumps off and does a backflip and goes in the water feet first*

AJ: O.O Wow

Chris: One more team can win immunity! I received an excuse from Kevin, making Destinee and Kevin the final safe team!

Elimination Ceremony 1:

Chris: Here we are at the elimination registration room in the lobby! Whoever does not receive a lifering will have to walk the Plank of Shame, and board the Lifeboat of losers. Up in the 3rd Floor Lobby confessional, you will find room keys (with everyone's pictures on them like the passports), stamp the room key of the person you want eliminated!!! Up for elimination are as follows: Draven, Henrietta, Jade, Oatmeal! Vote away everyone!!

Samuel: (CONF) *votes for Henrietta* ... Who are you again?

Destinee: (CONF) *Stamps Henrietta's key* Yeah...

Cal:(CONF) *votes Jade* You're kinda mean...

AJ: (CONF) *Stamps Henrietta's key* Your too old for this show...

Max: (CONF) *votes Henrietta* Um... Yeah.

Abby: (CONF) Henrietta's user is busy with Hollywood stuff, so I vote for Jade. *stamps Jade*

Oatmeal: (CONF) (Nduke: Oat can't edit, and he asked me to vote for him) I vote for Henrietta *stamps Henrietta.

Quinn: (CONF): I vote Henrietta. Sorry...*stamps Henrietta's key*

Gillian: (CONF) Ugh, so annoying. *stamps Jade*

Samuel: Oh yes, before I forget... *pulls Quinn away, to an area out of everyone's ear-shot* ... For starters, i know Iris doesn't like me, I'm not an idiot, I have my reasons for acting like I belive her act... and two, I'd keep an eye on AJ, he seems sorta fishy to me. Think about it, not only did he use his idol on himself instead of you to save you when you were eliminated, but he also later quit to save a debuter girl, but he didn't raise a finger to help you. He didn't even seem that sad after you were eliminated... Just sayin'...

Quinn: Yeah...I guess you're right...*frowns*

Samuel: Might be nothing, but I'd keep my eye on him...

Quinn: I will....Thanks Samuel..(CONF): Wow that's something, I'd never thought I'd say.

Samuel: *shrugs* Meh. No problem. I'd just hate to see your heart to get crushed by him randmly...

Quinn: If he did, I would smash him....*slightly smiles*doing. *stamps her passport*

Samuel: *chuckles softly* I wouldn't doubt it.

Brandon: (CONF) I vote for Hentrietta. I barely know her, so no offense. That's just what I think everyone else is Samuel: Anyways, I'm going up to our room. *walks off*

Xalia: (CONF) *stamps Jade's key* I don't like conflicts!

Jade: *wakes up* Mean? I'm not me-- ...I just for Henrietta *walks away pushing Xalia* Then your in for a long season...

Xalia: Well, It will be long for me and shot for you!

Sarah:(CONF)I vote for Henrietta.*stamps Henrietta's key* Later.

AJ: *Was spying on Quinn and Samuel* (CONF) I can't believe Quinn wouldn't trust me like that! Samuel is so going down

Samuel: (CONF) Do I actually belive AJ's untrustworthy? ... Of course, what, do you think I'd make that up cause I don't like her? Quinn's actually alright now... Idiot viewers...

Quinn: (CONF): I am 99/9% sure that I can trust AJ. I mean he is my BOYFRIEND! I have to trust him. Plus I think Samuel is sorta my friend thats..good.

Draven: *sadly* Sorry. *stamps Henrietta's key*

Quinn: *to Samuel* Well you better not doubt it. *laughs*

AJ: (CONF) If you don't have trust in a relationship, what do you have...she knows me from last season! I dont know...

Quinn: *TO aj* Hey! *kisses him*

Harriet:Umm *votes Henrietta*

Pablo: (CONF) *votes Henrietta*

Sarah:(CONF) Max is just a friend, folks. An old.....friend knew him from some reality show. And Harriet is here as well....There is a price that must be paid.

Chris: And the life rings go to.....Draven, and Oatmeal!! And the final life ring goes to............................................................................Jade! Henrietta, time to go! *Pushes Henrietta down the plank of Shame* 1 down, 21 to go on Total...Drama...Tour of the Seas!

Episode 2- Bermuda Triangle

Pool Deck:

Chris: I combined the pool deck and the top deck to make the pool deck!


Cal: *starts putting up World of Warcraft (too tired to think of a parody >.>) stuff* Starting to feel a little more like home used to be.

AJ: How did i get here? o.O

Sarah:*starts playing War of Worldcraft* (:P)


Aqua Lounge:

AJ: *Puts on diving gear* This should be fun!

Samuel: Why not? *starts to put on some diving gear*

Brandon: *puts on diving gear* I wonder what well find?

Samuel: Oh yes, by the way, Brandon? Zoey wants to break up with you. She asked me earlier something along the lines of: "I want to break up with Brandon, but I don't know how! Help?"

Brandon: What? My Zoey . . . I hadn't seen her since we were eliminated, and now this . . . *looks out the window sadly* No. I know you're tricking me. And I bet you're trying to break up AJ and Quinn too. Well, its not happening! I'm not going to listen to you! *dives in with AJ*

Samuel: *rolls eyes* Fine then, just have your heart broken out of nowhere, instead of listening to me who's trying to help. *dives in*

Destinee: *Puts on bikini and dives in*

Harriet:* walks in and back flips in and holds legs as she goes in*

Quinn: *puts on bikini. Does a backflip and dives in perfectly*

Diving in the Triangle:

Chris: If you want to explore the mysterious bermuda triangle for a chance to win some MP, then you can do it through the aqua lounge!

AJ: *With diving suit on, sees a sea monster* AHHH glug glug glug *swims away*

Brandon; *swims sadly around the bottom of the water* (CONF) I know he was just lying, but if it really is real . . .

Samuel: *swimming around the water* (CONF) Geez, everyone's getting pissed at me for saying the truth...

AJ: *still swimming away from the sea monster* AHHHH (CONF) Who knew sea monsters were mean...

Samuel: *staring at the sea monster* ... The hell?

Brandon: AAHHH!! *swims with AJ*

Samuel: ... *locks himself inside the confessional* (CONF) Let's see that sea monster get me no-- *confessional is kocked into the air by sea monster* AHH! I HATE YOU, LIFE!

Chris: Things are starting to stir up!

*Ghost Pirates, Giant Squids, Sea Monster from Above, UFO's, Haunted Planes, and Haunted Ships all come in to the area, with the MP giftcard hidden with one of them*

Samuel: (CONF) *is knocked into the UFO, and the confessional shatters* (Non-CONF) Er... Hi?

AJ: *Is being chased by Giant Squids* What is wrong with Chris?

Abby: *smacks Sam in the back of the head* Idiot. *gets chased by sharks* AWWWW!!!

AJ: *Is battling a giant squid*

Destinee: *Swims around and watches the chaos* Meh, it makes it interesting!

Mileage Point Gift Card (10): *is sitting on the UFO guarded by everything above*

Abby: *swims to the UFO* Where is the stupid card?

Brandon: There it is! *points* *squid grabs his leg and pulls him down into the water* Aaahh!!

Samuel: ... *throws Abby out of the hole in the UFO* Don't slap me women. -.- *sees the gift card* Oh bo-- *is attacked by aliens, and he starts running*

Jade: *walks to challenge in her bahing suit* Let's get this over with Oatmeal. (CONF) Oatmeal eats so much oatmeal in our cabin, that it's starting to smell like it. Though, we have 0 mileage points, and this is our perfect chance to win. *sniffs self* Now I smell like oatmeal, I hate that...

AJ: *Is still fighting a giant squid*

Samuel: *found a convinient ray gun on a wall, and is battling the aliens with it* Eat this you dirty aliens! >.>

Xalia: Oh! Awesome! *dives in*

AJ: *Finally breaks free from the squid, only to be attacked by ghost pirates* AHHH

Samuel: *stalls the aliens long enough to be able to make a dive for the MP giftcard* (Do i get it? :o)

Chris: Looks like Samuel won the bonus!!! Good job! *Teleports everyone back to their rooms*

Samuel: What the-- Where did he get a teleporter?

Quinn: *swimming away from a another giant squid* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris: Challenge Two!!! This time your challenge is of the trivia variety!!! Each pair will answer these three questions each worth 1 point! I will give the top 2 teams first place, the next two teams second place, and the last three teams third place! You may still dive to look for the gift card up in the above section, but be sure to answer the questions! (Since i know the answer to the question, Iris's score will be doubled). Please submit answer's to my talkpage!!

Question 1: How many episodes are there total in Total Drama?

Question 2: What people have never been in a relationship?

Question 3: What contestants have participated in all three seasons?

Samuel: *finishes* Easy...

Chris: Keep em coming people!


Quinn: Done! (CONF): Samuel and I are so gonna win!

Xalia: Easy! (CONF:) I loves this show! *starts singing* I am CANNIBAL! Cannibal! Cannibal I'll eat you up!

Chris: Scoreboard:

Yellow: 3
Orange: 2
Black: 5
Lime: 4
White: 5

Red: 5
Grey: 2
Purple: 1
Turquoise: 4
Green: 4
Pink: 4

Bold means they are done! By the way, Draven's scores will also be doubled due to his partner being voted out. The Remaining campers that need to complete are as follows: Kevin, Zoey and Max!!!


Jade: Done, now give us our points. >.>

Chris: I am closing the challenge after i get home from soccer tonight (I.E. around 9 PM EST) So get your partner to submit. 18/21 is a really impressive number of entries, im proud guys! Only 3 to go (as listed above)

1st Place Teams: Black, White

2nd Place Teams: Red, Lime

3rd Place Teams: Pink, Green, Turquoise

Elimination Ceremony 2:

Chris: And were back to the elimination room! Dont forget everyone, you must stamp the room key of the contestant you want to take the plank of shame!! If you don't receive a life ring you WILL be eliminated! Up for elimination are as follows: Kevin, Destinee, Zoey, Abby, Brandon, Max, Daniel and Harriet!! Vote away!

Cal: I vote Harriet, she seems like she could be a threat later on.

Gillian: (CONF) *stamps Harriet's key* Good! Bye!

Abby: *rolls eyes* *stamps Harriet's key* Goodbye Harriet!

Destinee: (CONF) *Stamps Harriet's key* See ya girl!

Sarah:(CONF)*stamps Harriet's key* Robert was mine before he ever met you, you cow!

AJ (CONF): Sorry but...*stamps Harriet's key*

Samuel: (CONF) *stamps Harriet's key* Meh.

Jake: (CONF) *stamps Harriet's key* Sorry...

Jade: (CONF) *stamps Abby's key* That's for voting me, and I do what I feel. (NonCONF) I feel hatred...

Oatmeal: (CONF) Since im madly in love with Jade, i'll vote with her *stamp's Abby's passport*

Pablo: (CONF) *votes Harriet*

Quinn: (CONF): *stamps Harriet's Key* Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin: (CONF) *stamps Harriet' key...?* (Sorry for being so inactive LF, school's been killing me. XD)

Xalia: (CONF) *stamps Max's key* I like voting randomly, when I can't vote for my emey! *imagaines Jade getting brutally murdered by Xalia and tortured*

Brandon: (CONF) Max is my teammate, and he didn't do the challenge, but two heads is always better than one. I vote Harriet, she's way too strong.

Chris: And the liferings go to.....Brandon, Max, Daniel, Kevin, Destinee and Zoey. The final two are Harriet and Abby, and the last lifering goes to..............Abby! Harriet, sorry but you've been eliminated, be sure to check out Total Drama Tour of the Losers!! *Pushes Harriet down the dock*

Episode 3- Fright Down Under


AJ: Two girls down!

Chris: Speaking of which, Daniel and Draven you will both keep your colors, but you are now a team, PINK + PURPLE!!!

Samuel: (CONF) ... How do I have so much MP? :|

Chris: Pre-challenge +5, Challenge 1 +10, Challenge 2 +10, Swimming in the Bermuda Triangle, +10. Grr making me do math. P.S. You may give out Mileage Points at any time to another competitor as long as it is in the chat.

Top Deck:

Jake: *in bathing suit, jumps in pool*


Aqua Lounge:

Gift Shop:

Chris: The first access to the gift shop will open up soon!

Australia Postcard: 25 MP (Brings a player of choice into the game to be partnered with other debuter)Stock: 1

Immunity Idol: 10 MP (One time opportunity) Stock: 0

Room Upgrade: 40 MP (Comes with immunity for an episode, and will come get you advantages later) Stock: Unlimited

1-Day Excursion: 20 MP (Mini Challenge, Chance to win bonus MP) Stock: 1

Challenge Skip: 5 MP(Gives you an automatic average grade on the next challenge) Stock: 1

Challenge Bonus: 10 MP (Gives you +3 on the next challenge) Stock: 3

Chris: Shop away!!

Samuel: I'll buy one immunity idol... And since I'm feeling generous, the Australia postcard. (CONF) I need to get rid of my mp... >.>

Abby: I'll buy one immunity idol and one challenge skip!

Chris: So Samuel who will you be bringing into the game?

Samuel: Hmm... A friend of mine back home, Brittany. (AKA, TCF, cause I know she wanted to. =P)

Chris: Ok! (Someone please notify TCF)

Brittany: (<----TCF) Uhh...what do I do now?:o

Samuel: I don't know. What do you do?

Exploring Australia:

Australia: *Is Evening*

AJ: Im going to check out Sydney Bridge, it brings back memories of last season! *Climbs to the top of the bridge*

Jade: Does it look as if I care? If you have something to zap you away to some far away place, where do I get it?

AJ: *Is sitting at the top of the bridge so he can't hear Jade*

Quinn: I know ALL of my way around Australia, my cousin Georgia lives here! The Great Barrier Reef up in Queensland is the best! *waves to AJ who is on top of the Sydney Bridge*

AJ: *Stands up and waves back* Hey Quinn!!!

Samuel: *walking around the shores of Australia*

Quinn: *smiles and runs towards the Sydney Bridge, climbs it, and sits next to AJ*

Iris: *waves to Quinn and AJ* Hey guys! *climbs the Sydnet Bridge and looks over* Hey!

Destinee: *Takes a walk through a park*

AJ: Hey Iris! *Sees Destinee and yells* Heyy!!!

Iris: *sits on the other side of AJ* Hey! So, I thought we could talk strategy! We are team-mates after all!

Daniel: *rides kangaroo to others* This is meh new pet Jack! :D

Quinn: Finally, I get some alone time with AJ, to just talk, but NO Iris just HAS to be there. *rolls eyes and slides down into the seat*

AJ: So Iris who do you think should be eliminated next?

Iris: *eyes widen to what Quinn says* O-o-o-oh...I-I-I'm s-s-s-sorry. *wipes tears* I'll leave! *sadly smiles and leaves*

Cal: Austrailia is a dangerous place. *puts on Indiana Jones-style hat, and grabs a whip* Let's do this.

Samuel: *looks at Jake* ... Meh, you already have an awesoe kangaroo.

Quinn: *looks awkwardly at Iris and shrugs* (CONF): Cry baby much? (Me: G2G to school. Byee~)

Destinee: *Is alone in the park* (CONF) Meh, it's better than being involved in all this crazy drama.

Oatmeal: Sooo, we got bait. -pulled out Jade- Who's gonna make fire?

AJ: (CONF) I dont know if Quinn trusts me anymore, and Iris seems pretty nice...i dont know i need some time to clear my head

Quinn: (CONF): I'm starting to think Samuel was right.....

Iris: (CONF) This is wonderful! Every piece is falling in place! (NonCONF) *is walking, and sees Samuel* SAMMY! *runs up and hugs him*

AJ: So Quinn, i heard you talking to Samuel, did you believe him?

Samuel: *turns to Iris, and blushes when she hugs him* Iris!

Iris: (CONF) Okay...not every peice...(NonConf) *glances at Daniel* Sweet ride. (CONF) I'm....I'm starting to fall for Samuel.

Xalia: BOORING! I am going to my house up north in QLD! *hijacks a car and starts driving to Brisbane*

Samuel: Yes, which is why I didn't give him my MP when he asked for them. >.>

AJ: *Sees Cal as Indiana Jones, Daniel riding a kangaroo, and Xalia hijacking a car* Wow we've got some colorful people this season

Iris: *to Samuel* Are we...boyfriend and girlfriend?

Samuel: *blushes* I-I guess...

Iris: *kisses him*

Samuel: *blushes, and kisses her back* (CONF) Of course I don't belive her act, I'm only pretending to cause I li-- Er, I mean, I have my reaons...

Xalia: *is driving in the busy streets* Come on move it! My grandma can drive faster then you now hurry up b*tch! get off the f**king road! *swerves the car but slams into a pole* DAMN!

Jade: You guys might seriously be unsticking your faces. ... Try not to swallow eachother! (CONF) I feel so much hatred, everyone one is ignoring me. (NonCONF) You might want to be shutting your face there.

Bronson: *walks by and see the cast* *raises eye brow* I take it your sorry excuse for a show has traveled here?

AJ *rolling his eyes*: Um......hi?

Bronson: Oh, I've heard of you... Word off advice? Don't quit your day job. >_> Oh, wait, this is your day job.... Well in that case, quit. (XD)

Daniel: (on his kangaroo) Don't be rude, dude :(

Destinee: *Walks over* *To Bronson* I happened to win the first season thank you very much. This is a good competition!

Bronson: Oh, really? *smirks at Destinee* Prove it! I bet, if I were on this show, you wouldn't last a day with me on your sorry excuse for a yacht!

Destinee: *Sticks out hand* Wanna bet on it?

Bronson: *shakes destinee's hand with a purposely really hard grip* You. Are. ON!

Destinee: *Pulls Bronson over so she can whisper in his ear* Bring. It.

Bronson: I think we all know who's going to bring what. *smirks*

Destinee: *Glares at Bronson* We'll see about that...

Jade: *pulls Bronson to her* (in county accent) Why hello new there, isn't this just a lovely shindig?! (CONF) This is the only chance I'm proabbly going to be able to make an alliance. Hopefully this isn't some lunatic...

Sarah:(CONF) What is with all the couples? The last guy I was with really hurt me. I won't be so trusting again....

Bronson: *shoves Jade away* I'm not in the mood to listen to some probably acting weakling trying to sway me into being their ally. *walks away*

Jade: *in cowgirl outfit, with accent* I just love being being man-handled by your filthy hands! My name is Betsey Sue Golden Heart! I live on a farm in Alabama! Just North of a lit-- *Bronson pushes her again*

Quinn: *to AJ* *sits next to him* Of course I don't, I trust you. I love you. *kisses him* If you broke up with me or if I broke up with you I would be...heartbroken and devistated. You mean every thing to me. *kisses him* For this to work you have to trust me :) Kay? *holds his hand*

Xalia: Boring! *grabs Quinn and drags her away*

Abby: Eh, AJ, can I come with/


Chris: Good morning Sea-captains!!! Remember two seasons ago when Gwen's sorry butt got booted here? Well today your challenge is to pick a song that you think best represents Gwen! There will be a guest judge (Who it will be is to be determined), and the Top 2 Teams win 1st, the Second 2 win second, and the last 3 will get third. The other three are up for elimination in the first community vote, where the entire wiki decides who gets eliminated!! So pick away! Challenge will be due on Friday. I would also like to formally introduce Bronson into the competition!! He will be replacing Draven! Feel free to chat up in the sections above. Post your entries here!!

Done: Brandon, Destinee, Abby, Quinn, AJ, Kate, Pablo, Xalia, Samuel, Daniel, Jade

Abby's Entry:

Quinn's Entry: << For some reason this reminds me of the Gwen/Duncan/Courtney Love Triangle.

Pablo's Entry:

Kate: Misery Business- Paramore (Link to be added)

Xalia: reminds me of Gwen and Trent relationship.

Samuel: Meh... That's What You Get - Paramore.

Daniel: Hot n cold, because in TDI she was hot (gothic) but in TDA her attitude went down with Trent

Jade's Entry: (Not by the actual singer, and it's like she's trying to ignore Duncan...)

Chris: Really? 9 People didn't complete the challenge! 9!!! Well i'm going to put those 9 up for elimination, everyone else who completed gets 10 MP because there were generally good songs and they all completed. See you in the elimination room!

Elimination Ceremony 3:

Chris: Remember, stamp the room key of the contestant you want eliminated (in the confessional), i did not base it off pairs since there were so many incompletes. People up for elimination are as follows: Kevin, Jake, Sarah, Zoey, Cal, Gillian, Oatmeal, Bronson and Max!! Vote away! NO VOTE CHANGING!

Cal: (CONF) *stamps Kevin's key* He doesn't really do much...

Samuel: (CONF) *stamp's Gillian's key* Kevin is gonna get out on his own soon anyways...

AJ: (CONF) *stamps Oatmeal's key* The guy's a breakfast food!

Bronson: (CONF) *slams stam onto Zoey's key* You're apparently in a relationship. Relationships are dangerous in this game!

Destinee: (CONF) *Stamps Jake's key* Well, I like being unpredictable.

Daniel: (CONF) This was really hard, but I vote *stamps Jake's key* Sorry dude

Sarah:(CONF) Ummm....I vote Oatmeal. Jake is too nice.

Jade: (CONF) *stamps Oatmeal's key* I feel so much hatred, I'd want to be a one-person team. >.>

Abby: (CONF) *stamps Oatmeal's key* This is for voting me!

Brittany: (Conf) Well I'm new here and I don't know who to vote soo, *Stamps random key (Oats)*

Quinn: (CONF): Oatmeal? Seriously? *stamps Oatmeal's key*

Chris: Sheesh votes are spread across the board. 11 more to go! (or until someone gets majority which may be forever)

Max: (CONF) *stamps Zoey's Key*

Xalia: (CONF) *Stamps Max's key*

Kevin: (CONF) *stamps Max's randomly* (Again, sorry for the inactivity, my musical's over, so I'll be on more. XD)

Pablo: (CONF) *stamps Oatmeal's key*

Jake: (CONF) *stamps Oatmeal's key* (Sorry, I was really busy this week)

Chris: And the liferings go to....Bronson, Cal, Sarah, Gillian, Kevin, Jake and Max! The final two are Oatmeal and Zoey, and the last lifering goes to..........................Zoey! Sorry Oat time for Total Drama Tour of the Losers!!! *Shoves Oat down the plank of shame onto the lifeboat of losers*

Episode 4- Smooth Sailing

Chris: Last time on Total...Drama...Tour of the Seas! The contestants battled it out in Australia, with Bronson taking over Draven's place in the game, pairing up with Daniel. Bronson immediately brought drama, as him and Destinee fought for ultimate supremacy. The song choice challenge was brutal, with only 2 more than half of the competitors completing it. Samuel and Iris seem to be hooking up, while Aj and Quinn may be having some problems! Xalia hijacked a car, and Daniel was in a kangaroo. At the elimination, votes were spread across the board, with the most going to Oatmeal. Oatmeal became the first male camper to walk the Plank of Shame.


AJ: (CONF) Wow three eliminations already

Chris: Oh and welcome Chad and Brittany, our new team! Everyone greet them!

AJ: Woah debuters already! Hi i'm AJ! (CONF) I wonder how these new competitors will fit into the bunch. We have enough drama already...

Cal: *goes to his room and locks the door* I need to get what I need.

Cal: *in random military garb* I feel as though I'm missing something...

Cal: *puts on a voice modifier to make his voice sound like "Dark Hazer"* Perfect.

Brandon: *runs into his room and locks door* Phew.

Chris: *unlocks door* No door locking!!

Cal: *hears Chris, and slowly heads towards the lounge in his military garb*

AJ: *shoots at brandon*

Destinee: *Runs in with AJ and and shoots at Brandon*

Brandon: *is hit*

Daniel: *gets in mask and boots and hides in a bush*

AJ: Ok who next? I say we hit Bronson

Destinee: Ok!

AJ: *runs down to the aqua lounge* well looks like we lost Daniel, lets go!

Top Deck:

Daniel: *has sunglasses on while laying in his pool lounger and drinking a smoothie* This is the life!

AJ: Agreed! So much better than that jumbo jet from last season *Jumps off the diving board and into the pool*

Jake: *is sunbathing with a sunburn* Yep. Need to get a tan, for the ladies. 8)

AJ's wave: *hits Jake*

Daniel: Ouch

Jake: *feels the burn of water on sunburn* o.O AAAAHHH! *falls into pool*

AJ: Whoops! sorry!

AJ: *Sees Zoey* Fire!! *Shoots at Zoey*

Zoey: *is hit*

Quinn: *confused face*

AJ: Quinn you have to shoot people with your lasergun! and you have one dodge!! *Sees Kevin and runs after him*

Quinn: Ok! Too easy.. *runs away from AJ and sees Gillian and runs after her*

Destinee: *Walks in* So... Yeah, I'm not good at laser tag....

AJ: *finds a hiding place and holds his breath*

Cal: *looks around, and fails to see AJ, then sneaks back to his room*

Iris: *is crawling on floor, looking around* Gotcha! *shoots at Quinn*

Quinn: *dodges and shoots back at Iris*

AJ: *sees Cal is gone* Ok i'll shoot at...Gillian! *fires at Gillian*

Samuel: *sneaking around, sees Iris and Quinn, then backs out*

Iris: *rolls out of the way and continues shooting at Quinn*

Quinn: *continues shooting at Iris* I. H-A-T-E you. *continues shooting* (CONF): I could have played that better...

AJ: (CONF) Well it's a good thing my girlfriend and my partner get along... (NON CONF) *is still hiding*

Iris: *gets on feet, dodging Quinn's fire* WHY? What did I ever do to you? *fires at Quinn*

Daniel: Awesome! *hides in pool*

AJ: *sneaks down to the regular lounge*

Daniel: *shoots Quinn and goes to aqua lounge*

Gillian: *is hit*

Samuel: *hiding in trash can* >.>

Iris: *looks in trash-can and sighs* Really?

Samuel: *stands up* Meh, it's empty, and I haven't been attacked yet... and before you think of shooting me. *raises gun to her chest* >.>

Iris: *gulps and tears form in eyes* Sammy?

Samuel: Don't worry, I'm not shooting you, just making sure you don't...

Iris: Why would I shoot you? *wipes eyes*

Samuel: To win... *pulls gun away*

Daniel: *shoots Samuel*

Samuel: *dodges, and shoots Daniel*

Daniel: *dodges and shoots Samuel*

Samuel: *is hit, but shrugs* Meh.

Iris: *glares at Daniel and fires at him*

Abby: *reads a magazine*

Samuel: Welp, you bettre win Iris. *walks away*

AJ: *runs up and helps Iris* yeah iris! *shoots at Daniel*

Destinee: *Walks in and shoots at Quinn*

Sarah:*walks in*HAHA!*walks back to Aqua Lounge*Q

Quinn: *is hit*

Cal: *sees Iris, and whispers* She didn't leave? *shoots her*

Cal: Back to home base. *returns to lounge*


AJ: *is still following Kevin* Slow down!!

Cal: *sees AJ, and slowly and quietly follows him*

Cal: *shoots at AJ*

AJ: *dodges and shoots at Cal, and then runs back to the top deck*

Quinn: *running after Gillian*

Cal: *dodges then follows AJ*

AJ: *hides in the lounge*

AJ: *sees Max* fire!! *shoots at Max*

Max: *is hit* Ugh

Brandon: *runs in and runs out again*

AJ: *isn't in the lounge...*

Cal: *is in his room*

Cal: *hides in a bush* ('Cus he blends in :P)

Cal: *waits for somebody*

Cal: *sneaks to the top deck*

Cal: *back in a bush, sees Kevin, then shoots at him*

Kevin: *dodges* D: *shoots back at Cal*

Cal: *is hit* Darn it. -_-

Aqua Lounge:

Chris: Our next challenge will be held on the ship for those who didn't understand the name

AJ: Let's go Iris! *Runs up to the top deck*

Kevin: O.O *runs away madly*

Samuel: *hides in a trash can* >.>

AJ: *sees Kevin running and follows*

Sarah:*hides behind a different trash can than Samuel's*

Samuel: *carefully steps out of trashcan* >.> <.< *runs off*

Sarah:*shoots at Abby*

Abby: *is hit* Ow!

Destinee: *Runs to the Top Deck*

Sarah:*shoots at Jade*

Destinee: *Walks in and sees Sarah* Hey girl! Wanna team up?

Jade:*is hit but still has a life*

Sarah:Like last time? Sure!*shoots at Jade again*

Destinee: *Shoots at Jade*

Daniel: *hides behind dolphin*

Jade: *is out*

Sarah:Daniel, join up with us so we can pown! Sorry, Jade.

Daniel: *dances with fish* Oh. *jumps out*

AJ: I'll help you guys!!

Brandon: Let's go Max! Split up so if one of us is caught, the other can still be safe! *runs off*

Sarah:Sure, AJ!*shoots at Xalia*

Destinee: *Shoots at Xalia*

Xalia: AHH *is hit*

Sarah:*shoots at Jake* Sorry, dude!

Destinee: *Shoots at Jake*

Jake: *is hit*

Brandon: *runs back in and shoots at Sarah*

Sarah:*dodges, and shoots at Brandon*

Brandon: *dodges, shoots at Sarah and Destinee and runs out of the room*

Sarah: *is hit*

AJ: Let's go destinee! *chases after Brandon*

Destinee: *Dodges and runs with AJ*

Daniel: *follows AJ*

Pablo: Haii...

AJ: *shoots at Bronson*

Destinee: *Runs in and shoots at Bronson*

Bronson: *is hit*

AJ: *Runs in and shoots at Pablo*

Pablo: *dodges and shoots back at AJ*

AJ: *Is hit* crap...

Pablo: *shoots at Cal*

Cal: *is hit*

Destinee: *Walks in and shoots Brittany*

Sarah:*points and smiles* You are gonna get hit!

Destinee: *Shoots at Brittany again*

Pablo: *shoots at Destinee*

Destinee: *is out*

Brittany: *is out*

Kevin: *watches all of this behind a plant, then shoots madly* :D

Pablo: *shoots Kevin*


Chris: The challenge will start TONIGHT! At 7 EST. Ok so our challenge today is! *tosses everyone laser guns* Laser tag! You will go to the above sections and shoot each other with lasers! Fun right? You only have 1 dodge! You will all start at the aqua lounge! (the above section) and you can go anywhere on the ship!! Once both members of the pair are out the team is out! The first three teams out are up for elimination, the next three get third, the next three get second, and the remaining two get first!! If you don't respond for a while and your shot out, i will make you out! Also if you have two people shoot at you i will make you out! Begin!

Out: Orange Team, Green Team, Turquoise Team, Yellow Team, Pink/Purple Team, Black Team, Lime Team, Red Team, Sarah, Brittany, Destinee

Last Place: Orange, Green, Turquoise

3rd: Yellow, Pink/Purple, Black

2nd: Lime, Red, Grey

1st: Blue, White

Quinn: Oh yeah! Do you know how may time I have played laser tag? Like 20 million!....Well not that many..but you know!

Jade: Wait, so I'm up for elimination?! Does it really look as if I care... (CONF) *crosses fingers*

Elimination Ceremony 4:

Chris: You know the drill! Stamp the room key of the person you want eliminated!! You must eliminate one of the following: Jake, Xalia, Jade, Abby and Zoey! Vote away!

AJ: (CONF) Sorry Zoey, but i'm choosing you *stamps Zoey's key*

Pablo: (CONF) *stamps Jake's key*

Jade: (CONF) *stamps Xalia's key* The hatred I feel for her, a lot... >.>

Daniel: (CONF) *stamps Jake's key*

Xalia: (CONF) Good bye Jade! *stamps Jade's key*

Samuel: (CONF) *stamps Xalia's key*

Kevin: (CONF) Eenie, meenie, minie, moe... *pauses* Bubblegum, bubblegum..... *stamps Xalia's key*

Max: (CONF) *stamps Xalia's key*

Brandon: (CONF) Sorry, but I vote for Jade. *stamps Jade's key*

Iris: (CONF) *stamps Jade's key*

Sarah:(CONF)I have to vote....Jade. Too mean for my taste.*stamps Jade's key*

Cal: (CONF) I voted her off before, I'll do it again. *stamps Jade's key*

Destinee: (CONF) *Stamps Xalia's key* Meh... whatever...

Zoey:(CONF)*stamps Xailia's key*Random.

Abby:(CONF) *stamps Xalia's key* Who are you?

Bronson: (CONF) *pounds Jade's key with stamp until Jade's stamp is fully covered in ink* ...whoops. (xD)

Quinn: (CONF): *looks at Jade's and Xalia's passports and stamps Xalia's*

Chris: And the liferings go to.....Abby, Jake, and Zoey!! Jade, Xalia, Both of you racked up a lot of votes, but in the end, the last lifering goes to............................Jade! Sorry Xalia!! Total Drama Tour of the Losers for you!!!! *Shoves Xalia onto the lifeboat of losers* Bye!!

Episode 5- New York, New York

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Tour of the Seas! The contestants had a boat challenge, laser tag!! Destinee, Sarah, AJ and Daniel teamed up, taking out a lot of the competition, but still all four of the ended up getting out! Two newbies were introduced, and one of the Chad slipped under the radar to secure a 1st place position! Also Kevin, who fought hard the whole time won for his team! At the elimination ceremony things were neck and neck, ending in crazy girl Xalia's elimination.


Top Deck:


Quinn: *sits down and listens to Ipod*

Abby: *sits next to Quinn, types on laptop* WHAT! PIA TOSCANO WENT HOME ON IDOL!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! (xD)

Quinn: What?

Abby: Stupid Stefano should of been eliminated.

Quinn: *confused face*

Jake: *dances* Fire burning :D

Aqua Lounge:

Exploring NYC:

AJ *gaping at the buildings*:...Awesome!!!

Quinn: Oh my god! New York!

Jade: You guys might wanna be shutting your face there... >.> (CONF) I almost got eliminated, they're going to pay, hehe.

Quinn: *turns around* What? I didn't even vote for you! Know why? Coz, I actually thought we have some things in common, so maybe we could be friends!

Iris: NYC! *twirls around* It's so beau-*sees Quinn* I have a question. Why do you hate me?

Quinn: *clears throat* Yes?

Samuel: *looking around* This is actually... Pretty amazing.

Iris: Sammy! *runs up to him* Hiya!

Samuel: *turns to Iris, and smiles at her* Hey Iris!

Quinn: (CONF): You know why I don't like her! She's better than me!...And I hate it when people are better and more perfect than me! *notices what she said* Did I just say that...on air? *starts fumbling with tape* Gimme the tape! How do you open this thing?!

Iris: *singing* N, Y,C! The shimmer of Time Square...*sighs and turns to Samuel* You have a nice smile. *blushes*

Samuel: *blushes at Iris* Th- Thanks...

Iris: *laughs* You stutter to much.

Quinn: *looks at Samuel and Iris* This is very nice and all but...I'll leave you guys to it. *smirks and walks off*


Iris: *looks at Quinn* You never answered my question...

Samuel: *laughs slightly* Shut up. *blushes at Quinn*

Quinn: *looks to the left and then the right* Uh...I can't answer it I'm sorry Iris. *walks off* *glares at Samuel*

Samuel: (CONF) ... What did I do?

Destinee: *Walks to the empire state building* (CONF) Meh, does it look like I need anyone to talk to me? I won last season without really any friends, I could care less as long as i make it far.

Iris: *turns to Samuel* Your partner hates me! And for no reason! *crys on Samuel;s shoulder*

Samuel: Meh, she apologized to you but glared at me...

Brandon: *is looking around* Wow. (CONF) With all this drama, you have to take some time to just relax and take a look at where you are, or else it'll be gone before you know it.

AJ: *starts singing* What's not to love about new york cittyyy

Quinn: *walks and then sits down on a seat at central park*

Daniel: *goes and sits down next to Quinn*

Sarah:*walks in and sits next to Daniel and Quinn* What's up, guys?

Quinn: Oh hey Sarah. *smiles slightly*

Sarah:Hey, Quinn. How have you been?

Quinn: Pretty Good. You?

Times Square: *is winter, with the christmas tree, and its night time so its glowing*

AJ: *looking up* wow that's awesome!

Quinn: Woah...It is....

Sarah:Great, Quinn! Beautiful out here.....

Quinn: *wraps her red scarf around her neck* I know...*smiles* It's so gorgeous..

Daniel: *leans his head on Quinn's shoulders* IKR?

Quinn: *looks at Daniel* I-I have a boyfriend...

Daniel: Oh, my bad

Quinn: It's ok. You didn't know. *shrugs*


Time to vote on the three teams who will be up for elimination!!!

The poll was created at 10:56 on August 9, 2015, and so far 0 people voted.

Elimination Ceremony 5:

Chris: And the totals are up!

Black: 7
Green/Turquoise: 6
Orange: 5
Yellow: 5
Red: 1
Lime: 1
Blue: 0
Grey: 0
Purple/Pink: 0
White: 0

So on the chopping block today are Samuel, Quinn, Jade, Jake, Abby and Zoey!! It's time to vote!

AJ (CONF) Sorry Samuel, with that idol, you are a threat *stamps Samuel's key*

Quinn (CONF): *worried* I hope that people see that, I'm not mean, just misunderstood. Sorry Jade, but it's your time. *stamps Jade's key*

Sarah:(CONF)*stamps Jade's key* Go home already. :P

Abby:(CONF)*stamps Jade's key* Smell ya later. :P

Iris: (CONF) *looks between Quinn's and Jade's key with a sense of worry ridden on her face* I just...can't do this. *sighs loudly and closes eyes* This must be done. *with a swift motion she stamps Abby's key* A vote at random...

Samuel: (CONF) *votes Jade* I go with the flow.

Kevin: (CONF) ..... *stamps Samuel's key* Sorry. D:

Daniel: (CONF) Uh uh uh. I dunno D:. *closes and eye and stamps Jade's key not knowing*

Max: (CONF) Hmm, *stamps Jade's ke*

Brandon: (CONF) I have to vote for Samuel. He's always up to something!

Destinee: (CONF) *Laughs and stamps Jade's key* You should feel lucky I haven't voted for you before..

Cal: (CONF) *slightly mad* Why is Jade still in!?! *stamps Jade's key*

Jade: (CONF) *cutting up a trashcan, and then stamps Samuel's key*...I hate him. >.>

Bronson: (CONF) *smashes jade's key with stamp*

Gillian: (CONF) *stamps Quinn's Key*

Jake: (CONF) *quietly stamps Jade's key*

Chris: Well, the life rings go to....Zoey, Jake, Abby, and Quinn!!!! The bottom two are Samuel and Jade and the last lifering goes to...........................................Samuel!! Looks like another girl is walking down the plank of shame! Time to go! *shoves Jade down the plank* Sorry!

Jade: *weirdly, with accent* Jade, who's Jade?! My name is Betsy Sue Golen Heart! I live in Alabama! *punches Chris' car, which causes the alarm to go off* HATE! *leaves*

Episode 6- Mexico Pity


Regular Rooms:

Sarah:I wanna give Bronson 10 MP. :P

Bronson: Thanks, sweetheart. >;)

Seaside Suites (Lime/Grey/Red Teams):

AJ: *Brings luggage to new room and sees two life rings (immunity) on the bed* THIS...IS...AWESOME!!!!! Iris isn't this great?

Cal: NEW ROOM! *starts unpacking stuff* (CONF) Gillian and I have been partners this entire time... and I haven't even spoken a word to here. (END) Gillian, how you liking the new room?

Iris: AJ this is AMAZING! *puts luggage on bed* This is awesome! *turns to AJ and smiles* You are an awesome partner!

Top Deck:


Abby: Final 19!

Jake: *is crying in corner*

AJ: So as a team captain...who would i pick?

Samuel: (CONF) Why do I want the room upgrade? Mainly to be closer to Iris... Don't judge me. >.>

Destinee: (CONF) Don;t you love how I won last season, and talk to literally like no one here, yet I'm not out yet? Well, I love it :D

Jake: *walks past Destinee while sniffling* Hey, Destine-e-e . . .

Destinee: Uh, hun? There's only two e's, ok? :P

Jake: I know. I'm just not feeling well, considering the past 4 lines of me crying. (CONF) It's just that I keep missing challenges, AND Xalia is gone. I'm screwed.

Destinee: Aww, why are you crying? You should be happy! You're in the final 19! :D

Aqua Lounge:

Gift Shop:

Captain's Hat (Makes you a team captain next episode): 20 MP- Stock: 0

Mexico Post Card (Makes 1 immunity idol null void): 20 MP- Stock: 0

Challenge Boost (Gives you 2+ on the next challenge): 15 MP- Stock: 2

Room Upgrade (Comes with immunity, and advantages later): 20 MP- Stock: Unlimited

Challenge Skip (Makes you pass the challenge with a 5/10): 10 MP- Stock: 1

AJ: I would like to buy a captain's hat please!!

Sarah:Can I get the....Mexico Post Card?

AJ: Actually, i'll also take a room upgrade, Iris were moved up!!

Samuel: Hmm... Quinn, wanna have us both pitch in ten MP for a Room Upgrade?

Destinee: I would like to buy a Room Upgrade, please!

Cal: Hmmm, I could buy a room upgrade, but being a captain would be awesome, actually, I'll take the room upgrade!

Bronson: I'd like to buy a captain's hat. >;)

Abby: I'd like the last capatain hat please. :D

Exploring Mexico:

Jake: *buys a Mexican Jumping Bean* O.o

Daniel: *eats tacos and steals raddles and hits them on a drum* 8)

Jake: *goes to beach and lays down on the sand* Sigh...

Brandon: *is walking along Tijauna beach* Ahh. What nice waves.

Daniel: *looks under a dock* MP points D:

Jake: *starts digging for stuff*

Chris: It's on the beach Brandon is walking on! A MP giftcard for 10 MP!!

Bronson: *runs off yacht* I heard something about hidden MP... *mariachi music plays* what the...? *turns to mariachi band* ...

Mariachi band: *in harmonious tone* Eyei-yei-yei...

Bronson: *takes out $20* help me find something and it's all yours.

Mariachi band: Mamam-mia! Sure thing chico!

-They all run to beach-

Daniel: *digs around in sand*

Brandon: *starts digging and searching everywhere*

Bronson and Co.: *dig around for the MP*

Abby: *digs in sand* HELLO

Daniel: *continues digging in sand*

Brandon: *searches bushes and tideline*

Jake: *falls face first onto beach* Ugh, digging is so much work. *starts eating and spitting out sand to dig*

Bronson: *is sweaty* Ugh! where is it? *sad mariachi music plays* ... *glares at Mariachi band* <_<

Brandon: *looks through the sand again*

Cal: *runs out without any nerd movie reference, to the end of the beach where nobody is looking, and starts digging.*

MP Cards: *are right in front of Jake and Abby*

Bronson: *snatches one*

Jake: Um, no. *takes it from Bronson*

Abby: *takes hers*

Max: *runs to Jake and Abby*

Max: *pick up MP card and runs*

Daniel* Takes it and brings it to the host*

Abby: *runs back to Chris* MINE

Daniel: *takes it from Abby* Sorry, but this is Chris. Respect him!

Max: *runs to Chris* Did I win?

Abby: *punches Daniel and takes it back* MINE!

Chris: You must give them to me! Jake already got his to me

Abby: *turns hers in*

Daniel: *gives his*

Jake: Um, Chris? I would like to split my MP in thirds, for Max and Bronson, because I was being such a jerk. :)


Chris: Ok AJ, Bronson, and Abby! Time to pick teams! Odd man out will be eliminated!!!! Aj goes first, then Bronson, then Abby!

Team Bronson- Bronson, Destinee, Samuel, Jake, Gillian

Team Dynamite- Abby, Sarah, Cal, Max, Kevin

Team Awesome- AJ, Quinn, Iris, Brandon, Brittany, Pablo

AJ: I pick Quinn obviously

Bronson: *thinks with Mariachi entourage plays* ... *smirks* Destinee.

Abby: I choose.. Sarah!

Destinee: *Rolls eyes* Oh joy (:P)

AJ: Hmm...Iris? Your with me!

Bronson: *smirks* Samuel.

Abby: I pick. Cal!

Samuel: *glares at Bronson* Seriously?! I was expecting some low-life would seperate me from Iris, but still... -.- *sighs, and turns to Iris* Ah well, at least we never were on the same team...

Iris: *hugs Samuel* We'll make it to the merge. I promise. *walks over to team* Hello Quinn. Hey AJ!

Cal: Dy-no-mite!

AJ: Hmm i pick....Brandon!! My teammate from last season!

Bronson: *shrugs* ...Jake.

Abby: Hm.. Max!

AJ: I am going to have to go with....Brittany! Newbie!!

Bronson: Ugh... Gillian.

Abby: Kevin!

AJ: My last pick is Pablo!!

Bronson: Aw, what the heck? Daniel.

Abby: You know, I've been close to Zoey since day 1, and I can't eliminate her, but she's inactive, but as is Chad, in the end, my last pick is.. Zoey<3. Leaving Chad eliminated, I'm extremely sorry. :|

Quinn: Yay! *hugs AJ* *stands next to Iris* H-Hi...

AJ: *Hugs back* Power team!!

Chris: And the teams are decided!!

Elimination Ceremony 6:

Chris: Sorry Chad! But since you were not picked for a team, you do not receive a lifering!! *Pushes Chad down the plank* Later!!

Episode 7- Island of Nowhere


Chris: Oh and P.S., everyone is still rooming with their former partner, Bronson (Pink) is with Daniel (Purple), and Jake (Turquoise) is the Brittany (Blue)

Regular Rooms:

Seaside Suites:

Cal: *sits on bed, in thought*

Abby: *walks in* Nice place ya got here Cal.

Cal: What? Oh, hey Abby, thanks.

Abby: *sits next to Cal* So who you gonna vote for if we lose?

Cal: I have no idea, I don't even really know anybody yet.

Abby: Oh, *smiles at Cal*

Cal: Yeah. *looks down*

Abby: *tries to hold Cal's hand* Hey..

Cal: Uh...

Abby: What's up?

AJ: I love these rooms!! *Jumps on the bed*

Top Deck:

AJ: Hey new team!!

Brandon: Te-e-e-a-m AWESOME! *high fives AJ*

Sarah:Hey,guys. I got Team Dynamite.

AJ: I'm so excited!!

Quinn: I LOVE our team AJ!

Brandon: *high fives Quinn too* Team Awesome! And cool Sarah, have fun on Team Dynamite!

Sarah:Yeah, Brandon. I heard about you...and...Zoey... Sorry.

Brandon: *eyes fall, but he looks up again* That's okay. Good luck, anyways. (CONF) Me and Zoey . . .

Brittany: Woo *Sea sick* (Conf) Being a newbie on the ship...I havn't yet got used to the watch out, I may barf: :/

Sarah:I know how it feels to lose someone special, Brandon. Don't worry. You will feel better, when you find someone new.

Brandon: Thanks. *smiles at her*

Quinn: Brandon, I had the same problem last season. After my elimination, I go so upset from being away from AJ. It will be ok.

Brandon: Thanks you guys, it means a lot to me. (CONF) Its great to have good friends on the show. When you fall down, they pick you up.

Sarah:*smiles at Brandon* Well, she does not know what she lost in you.

Brandon: Thanks. *smiles back* You know . . .

Sarah:Yes, Brandon?

Brandon: *blushes and stammers* I - I - Nevermind. It - it wasn't important. (CONF) Sarah . . .

Sarah:Brandon, you can tell me. Come on, just say it.

Brandon: Okay. I really like you. I really, really do. I want to be with you, I - I - *blushes and turns away*

Sarah:Awwww,how sweet. Well.......I have been looking for someone nice like you....

Brandon: *turns back* I guess . . . This whole time . . . I've been looking for you, too.

Sarah:Awwww...Well, do know...

Brandon: What is it, Sarah?

Sarah:Fine, I will. *kisses Brandon* That was.....

Brandon: *kisses her back*

Cal: *off in the corner, sees Brandon and Sarah, then quietly sighs*

Quinn: *to Sarah* Brandon, huh?

Jake: *to Brandon* Sarah, huh?

Samuel: *stares at Sarah and Brandon* That... Came out of nowhere.

Destinee: Awwww :P (CONF) Why is it that I have like no one to talk to?

Samuel: Meh, not really "cute" if they just kissed out of not talking to each other the entire season...

Jake: (CONF) It is extremely weird how no one acknowledges or talks to Destinee, despite how she won last season... O.o

Destinee: *To Samuel* Love is always cute, no matter what :D

Samuel: *drops voice to whispers* Even if Sarah is probably just taking advantage of a boy on the rebound?

Daniel: *lays in a bikini* ;)

Sarah:Hey, Destinee. Samuel, you don't even know what happened to my last relationship. Bsides, Destinee and I crushed you last season. :P

Destinee: *Whispers to Samuel* You don't think Sarah would be that cruel, do you? She was so nice last season!

Samuel: Sarah, you were almost eliminated instead of me but that Gerard guy convinced Destinee to vote otherwise, so shut up. -.- Especially since you debuted later then me. *whispers again* Meh, she wasn't really nice... Plus, she could not be doing it for evil purposes. Just want to date someone so bad, she's stooping to this level...

Abby: Wanna go out Jake?

Destinee: *Whispers* :O You're explaining so much to me! Thank you! (CONF) And I thought Sarah was so innocent. *Sighs*

Sarah:I barely talked last season. None of us ever really talked after AJ left. (CONF) Because of me.....It was my fault he left........Should I....even be here?

Abby: *kicks Sam* I HATE YOU@

Jake: *to Abby* O.o (CONF) She asked me out? When she hasn't even had a full conversation with me?

Samuel: *is kicked by Abby* ... What was that for?

Abby: Being born!

Samuel: ... -.- What did I ever do to you? -.-

Sarah:Samuel, you are a little harsh. Destinee, wanna talk?

Samuel: For telling the truth? You're right, totally harsh.

Sarah:Well, your truth is just plain rude.

Samuel: My truth is usually trying to warn people of something I believe is going to happen, and you're calling me rude when Abby kicked me for being born. -.-

Sarah:I don't approve of what she does, but I heard you whispering. And what is your deal? I am a nice person, I had a crush on Brandon, but what could I do earlier? Say Dump Zoey, I like you more? So why not learn about a person before you judge?

Samuel: Yes, but you never talked to him before.You're dating a guy based fully on his looks. Way to go. *leaves*

AJ (CONF): I See Team Bronson and Team Dynamite aren't exactly getting along, i just hope my team finishes the challlenge in first

Quinn (CONF): This is perfect. The 2 other teams do not seem to be getting along, and our team, I think are alreday pretty good friends with each other, except for Iris and I, but that could and can be fixed, but the point is that we are pretty much almost garunteed the win.


Aqua Lounge:

Exploring the Island:

AJ: So were stranded hmm? *looks over at the giant cruise ship* well you know besides...that

Brandon: *looks around* I guess . . . so.


Quinn: Team Awesome is AWESOME! We are gonna DOMINATE!

Jake: So... Bronson . . . Wanna find some MP together?

Bronson: Sure. >;)

Mariachi Entourage: *plays eccentric traditional Spanish melodies* :D

Abby: Shut up! *blushes at Bronson*

Jake: . . . Well, that was. . . Out of nowhere... Come on. *goes to search*

Abby: Let's go Team Dynamite, search for MP!

Jake: *looks under a rock*

Quinn: *leans against a palm tree*

AJ: This challenge is taking so long!! *lounges on a rock*


Chris: Welcome to the deserted island!! What do you do on a deserted island? You write obviously!! Well ok maybe not but that is what you will be doing here!! Your challenge is to make up an elimination order for Season 5, and then make 5 key drama points! You also need a name and a theme. Exampls:

Name: Total Drama Allstars

Theme: Back to the island

Elimination Order:


2. etc..

Drama Points:

Bridgette/Geoff split up

Heather gets shot


Get it? Got it? Good!! Time to get started!!

Abby's Entry!

Name: Total Drama: Revenge of The Losers!

Theme: All of the losers come back to the island for one last shot at the million!

  1. Ezekiel-22nd Place'('Was still hated by everyone, and lost the "Dodgebrawl challenge* -Ep. 1
  2. Alejandro-21st Place(Was now hated by everyone, except 3 people, and lost the game. -Ep. 2
  3. Eva-20th Place(Went crazy over losing her weights, and knocked Cody out.) - Ep. 3
  4. Katie-19th Place(Was weeping over the team swap, and did not help in the challenge.) - Ep. 4
  5. Beth-18th Place(Was flirting with Harold too much, and voted out Chris.)- Ep. 5
  6. Courtney-17th Place(Was being very annoying, and kept flirting with Tyler.) - Ep. 6
  7. Trent-16th Place(Still being obsessed with Gwen, beat up Cody, and lost the challenge.) - Ep. 7
  8. Harold-15th Place(His team realized his "wicked skills* don't do anything.) - Ep. 8
  9. Blaineley-14th Place(Was too lazy to even lift a nail in the, "Help A Kid challenge." - Ep. 9
  10. Sierra-13th Place(Got too obsessed over Cody, and paid no attention to the game. - Ep. 10
  11. DJ-12th Place(Still beat up animals, and quit.) - Ep. 11
  12. Geoff-11th Place'('Sacrificed himself for Bridgette, and broke up with her.) - Ep. 12


  1. Sadie-10th Place(Was voted off, because she epicly failed in the first merge game.) - Ep. 14
  2. Tyler-9th Place(Was removed due to injury.) - Ep. 16
  3. Noah-8th Place(Didn't do anything for his alliance, thus was elimianted.) - Ep. 17
  4. Justin-7th Place(He became ugly, and seemed useless.) - Ep. 19
  5. Izzy-6th Place(She blew up camp, and was arrested by the RCMP, but escaped.) - Ep. 20
  6. Lindsay-5th Place(Did the worst in the rock and roll challenge.) - Ep. 22
  7. Gwen-4th Place(Was betrayed by Cody, and was eliminated.) - Ep. 23
  8. Cody-3rd Place(Was overthrown by Bridgette and LeShawna.) - Ep. 25
  9. 'LeShawna: WINNER-1st Place (Tied for first with Bridgette.) - Ep'. 26
  10. Bridgette: WINNER-1st Place (Tied for first with LeShawna.) - Ep. 26

Season Six:

No episodes have aired, but the following contestants are returning:

  • Alejandro
  • Bridgette
  • Cody
  • Courtney
  • DJ
  • Duncan
  • Eva
  • Ezekiel
  • Gwen
  • Harold
  • Heather
  • Izzy
  • Justin
  • LeShawna
  • Lindsay
  • Noah
  • Owen
  • Sadie
  • Sierra
  • Tyler.

Drama Points:

  1. Bridgette and LeShawna tied for 1st place.
  2. Cody and Gwen began dating, due to Duncan dumping Gwen for Heather.
  3. Eva and Noah begin dating.
  4. Sadie makes it to the merge!
  5. Bridgette was originally supposed to be eliminated 12th, but Geoff took her place, and broke up with Bridgette.

Cal's Season 5

Name: Total Drama: City Walk

Theme: Contestants go to the city. (duh :P)

Elimination order:

  1. Alejandro
  2. Owen
  3. Gwen
  4. Duncan
  5. Heather
  6. Courtney
  7. Cody
  8. Sierra
  9. Lindsay
  10. Leshawna
  11. Geoff
  12. Tyler
  13. Bridgette
  14. Sadie
  15. DJ
  16. Beth
  17. Justin
  18. Harold
  19. Noah
  20. Eva
  21. Izzy
  22. Trent
  23. Katie
  24. Ezekiel (Winner)

Drama points:

  • Izzy and Noah begin dating.
  • Katie and Sadie agree to stop hanging out so much, yet still be BFFFLs.
  • Ezekiel, first out every time he competed, wins.
  • Tyler and Lindsay break up.
  • Justin stops rellying on his looks entirely, and ends his conflict with Izzy, Noah, and Eva.

Kevin's Entry

  • Name: Total Drama Duos
  • Theme: 16 favorites from the first three seasons return in pairs, in a sports-themed season. At the end of each challenge, one pair will be considered the "worst" pair, and the other pairs will vote off one of the members. Some contestants will end up working alone. There will be a merge, and then the contestants will compete normally. The contestants are: Katie and Sadie, Justin and Ezekiel, Alejandro and Duncan, Heather and Courtney, Gwen and LeShawna, Owen and Noah, Lindsay and Sierra, and Cody and Tyler.
  • Elimination Order:
    • Episode 1 - Non-Elimination
    • Episode 2 - Katie and Sadie lose; Sadie is voted off.
    • Episode 3 - Non-Elimination
    • Episode 4 - Justin and Ezekiel lose; Ezekiel is voted off.
    • Episode 5 - Cody and Sierra lose; Sierra quits to save Cody.
    • Episode 6 - Aftermath
    • Episode 7 - Alejandro and Duncan lose; Duncan is voted off.
    • Episode 8 - Non-Elimination
    • Episode 9 - Ezekiel returns; Justin and Ezekiel lose; Ezekiel is voted off again.
    • Episode 10 - Lindsay and Tyler lose; Lindsay is voted off.
    • Episode 11 - Non-Elimination
    • Episode 12 - Aftermath; the audience is able to vote off a contestant; they vote off Heather.
    • Episode 13 - Sierra returns; Non-Elimination.
    • Episode 14 - Katie loses; Katie is eliminated.
    • Episode 15 - Merge; Gwen and Courtney are voted off.
    • Episode 16 - Non-Elimination
    • Episode 17 - Tyler quits.
    • Episode 18 - Aftermath
    • Episode 19 - Heather returns; Cody quits in Sierra's place.
    • Episode 20 - Alejandro is voted off.
    • Episode 21 - Non-Elimination.
    • Episode 22 - Heather and Justin are eliminated.
    • Episode 23 - Owen is eliminated.
    • Episode 24 - Aftermath
    • Episode 25 - Part 1 of Finale
    • Episode 26 - Part 2 of Finale; alternate endings where Noah and LeShawna win/lose.
  • Drama Points:
    • In Episode 2, Katie and Sadie have a make up/break up sequence.
    • In Episode 3, Tyler and Sierra switch places, which is why it winds up in a non-elimination.
    • In Episode 10, Lindsay and Tyler break up.
    • In Episode 12, a mini-awards show is held ("Fan-Favorite", "Least Favorite Couple", etc.), which leads to Heather's elimination ("Least Favorite Contestant").
    • In Episode 17, Tyler quits after he suffers an intense injury in the boxing challenge.
    • In Episode 19, Cody and Sierra officially hook up.
    • In Episode 22, Heather and Justin flirt (similar to Heather and Alejandro in TDWT), but they were trying to outsmart each other, and it backfired, eliminating them both.
    • In Episode 25, LeShawna and Noah tied after they both failed to complete the sports relay (LeShawna's weight and Noah's scrawniness doesn't fit well for a sports relay :P).

Quinn's Entry

Name: Total Drama Australia!

Theme: The Cast Travels Around Australia. Chris McLean brings back the whole Total Drama Cast except Blaineley to travel around Australia. They visit all of the land marks and deadly things. Who can survive Australia?


  1. Leshawna and Noah
  1. Duncan and Heather
  1. Courtney and Owen
  1. Gwen and Justin
  1. Sierra and Alejandro
  1. Harold and Bridgette
  1. Geoff and Sadie
  1. Cody and Katie
  1. DJ and Beth
  1. Lindsay and Trent
  1. Tyler, Eva and Izzy

Elimination Order & Short Review of the episodes.

Episode 1: Non Elimination. The trip in Australia starts in Canberra. The country's capital. The contestants learn the rules and what to expect from Total Drama Australia. Chris announces, because it is the first episode, there will be no elimination.

Episode 2: Ezekiel. The cast are still currently in Canberra. The challenge is to ride a paddle boat over Lake Burley Griffin, then go to the Australian Mint Factory, where money is produced and make there own Australian Dollar from the machine. The last part of the challenge is an Australian Sports Quiz at the Australian Institute of Sport. The last contestant to make it to the A.I.O.S, is eliminated.

Episode 3: Leshawna. The third location is Queensland. The cast have to endure Cyclone Yasi. They have to survive the cyclone, and try to make it out alive. The last contestant to report back to Chris, was eliminated. The "pairs" were also chosen in this episode.

Episode 4: Courtney. The cast are now in North Queensland. The challenge was to swim down to the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef while tied to your partner. You then had to search for a key and then unlock the hidden treasure with it.

Episode 5: Noah. The cast arrive at Darwin, Northern Territory. They arrive in the muggy, annoying, humid heat. Their challenge is to climb up Uluru (Ayers Rock). The last paring to make it up faces elimination, and as Noah's partner Leshawna has already been eliminated, he went home so there was no vote needed.

Episode 6: Justin. The contestants are still in the Northern Territory. They now must climb up a rocky track until they reach the top of a gorge and waterfall. They must jump from the top of the water fall which is 8 storys high. The last one to do so, was eliminated. As Justin got attacked by Dingo's, and was slowed down making him come last and Gwen had already jumped, he was eliminated.

Episode 7: Sierra. The contestants arrive in Broome, Western Australia. In the middle of the desert. There challenge is a triatholon. The contestants must bike ride 5 kilometers, run 8 kilometers and swim 3 kilometers. Before the challenge, Cody begs Gwen to do the triatholon with him in exchange for a kiss. Gwen kisses Cody as paying him back for hooking her up with Trent back in TDI. Sierra sees the kiss and plots revenge on Gwen, but instead, she is eliminated.

Episode 8: Cody. Still in Western Australia, the contestants arrive in Perth. Where they must complete a series of Australian Sport challenges. In the football game, Cody is injured, thanks to Alejandro. Leading to the season's first injury based elimination.

Episode 9: Harold. The next stop is Coober Pedy, South Australia. Coober Pedy is a town that is ALL under ground because it is too hot on ground. The challenge is to survive the heat outdoors for as long as you can with out being dehidrated, sick or too hot. Harold is the first contestant to drop out so he is eliminated. Heather wins the challenge for her and Duncan.

Episode 10: Geoff. The cast are now in Adelaide, still in South Australia. The challenge is an eating competition. Where the contestants must eat a series of Australian classics including Sausage Rolls, Meat Pies and Hot Dogs. The first contestant to vomit is eliminated. Alejandro is caught cheating, but Chris ignores it because he thinks that Alejandro brings ratings with his strategy. Geoff tries to hold the food down, but ends up vomiting all over Sadie. Owen, of course, wins the challenge.

Episode 11: Sadie. The next stop is Mount Gambier, in South Australia. The challenge is to canoe across the Blue Lake with out getting attacked by the michanical sea monsters. Sadie is eliminated due to her being too heavy for the canoe, and she kept falling out, making her cross the finish line, last.

Episode 12: Izzy. The contestants then arrive in Victoria. They are in Horsham. Where they must ride a horse for 20 kilometers. Izzy was eliminated in the end because she fell off her horse and got trodded on by all of the other horses, leading to the second injury based elimination.

Episode 13: Trent. The contestants are still in Horsham, there second challenge here is to stay on the Mc Donald's Family farm and look after all of the animals. Gwen fails at this as the farm is surrounded by Eucolyptus trees. Gwen then got an allergic reaction to the Eucloyptus and was unable to look after the animals. She was suppost to be eliminated, but Trent took the bullet for her, quite possibly meaning that he still secretly likes, her.

Episode 14: Owen. The contestants have now arrived in Melbourne, Victoria's capital city. Chris also announces that it is merge day. All of the contestants are happy. As Melbourne is Australia's fashion capital, the contestants were given $150, they were ONLY allowed to spend $100. If the contestants spent under, or over $100, they are eliminated. Owen was eliminated due to him buying buckets of ice cream, 20 hot dogs and 32 slices of cheese. Owen ended up spending $149.5, making him the loser. Lindsay won the challenge.

Episode 15: Bridgette. The contestants arrived in Torquay, Victoria's beach city. The challenge is to surf out to Banana Island, which is an island FULL of freshly grown Australian bananas. The last one to arrive, loses. Everyone just knew that Bridgette would win, but before the challenge started and Chris was still explaining the rules, Alejandro quietly sneaked off to find Bridgette's surf board. And instead of putting wax on it, he covered it in petroleum jelly. Making the surf board all slippery so she couldn't grip properly.

Episode 16: Katie. The cast arrived in Gippsland, Victoria. Their challenge was to enter the historic old gipps town and collect a feather from one of the peacocks. But what the contestants didn't know was that the peacocks were super mad and angry. And when Katie went to pluck a feather out of the peacock, it bit her multiple times. She was then taken to the infermory where she was airlifted back home for special treatment becuase the peacock had given her "biticus' disease which is when you get bitten by an animal and it could turn fatal. 0_o

Episode 17: DJ. The contestants arrived back in Melbourne, which they thought was odd since they had already been there. But Chris announced that they had to sail from the port, in Melbourne, across Bass Straight until they reached Hobart, Tasmania. DJ unforchatly didn't make it as he started crying as he remembered his momma and was a big cry baby. Chris couldn't put up with it and decided that 22 minutes of crying wasn't good for ratings, so he eliminated DJ.

Episode 18: Tyler. The contestants are still on their way to Hobart. Eva was in the lead thanks to her execllent sporting skills. Also is this episode, Duncan formed a secret alliance with Beth and Heather. Beth accepted because she thought Duncan was pretty nice to her in TDA, so she decided to help in. Heather accepted becuase no body else would be in alliance with her so Duncan was the only option left. In the end, Tyler was eliminated thanks to Duncan's alliance.

Episode 19: Lindsay. The contestants have arrived in Hobart. Lindsay is VERY upset about Tyler's elimination and is balling out crying. The challenge in Hobart is a cooking challenge. The contestants must successfully cook a Pavalova. Lindsay was eliminated due to her mixing up the wrong ingredients and it tasted terrible.

Episode 20: Beth. The contestants arrived in the Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. It was FREEZING when the contestants arrived. The challenge was to climb up Cradle Mountain without their fingers freezing off first. Beth was eliminated as her glasses kept fogging up and she couldn't see properely. Alejandro won the challenge.

Episode 21: Non Elimination. After being in Cradle Mountain in the previous episode, Chris allowed the contestants to rest as they were freezing and could hardly move.

Episode 22: Heather. The contestants arrived in New South Wales, in the capital, Sydney. The challenge was a talent competition held at the Sydney Opera House. Chris and Chef were the judges. Eva's performance was her pulling a elephant along using just her teeth and rope. Her total score was 18/20. Duncan wrestled a crocodile and scored 12/20. Gwen showed off her artistic talent and drew a picture of her pet lizard from back home, her score was 16/10. Alejandro's talent was his looks. Chef was charmed and his total score was15/20. Heather's performance was a suppost to be a song and dance but as she had larangitis, she ultimatley failed.

Episode 23: Eva. The cast were still at Sydney. But this time, they we at no other than the national academy of dance. Nobody was happy abou this. But Chris loved it since he got to humiliate the contestants. Eva gave up and got aggressive, so she was elimianted.

Episode 24: Duncan. The cast's challenge was to complete a giant puzzle of Australia. Gwen completed the challenge first, Alejandro second and Duncan third. Duncan finished last and Chris eliminated him. Gwen shed a tear and hugged him good bye swearing that she would win for them.

Finale: Alejandro (runner up) & Gwen (the Winner). The last challenge was the Sydney to Hobart boat race. People have died in this race before and it is Australia's ulitimate sporting event. Gwen arrived first and won. Everyone was happy and Gwen and Duncan shared a romantic moment at the end in celebration.

Drama Points:

  • Heather admits she loves Alejandro and Alejandro forgives her for almost killing him in TDWT.
  • Izzy, Eva and Tyler are the only 3 contestant paring.
  • Alejandro gets a beating from Leshawna and Bridgette
  • Courtney and Trent start dating.
  • Justin gets attacked by dingos in the Northern Territory.
  • Katie and Sadie are still fighting over Justin.
  • Beth admits she likes Harold.
  • Gwen finally gives into Cody and gives him one kiss to make him leave her alone.
  • Sierra gets mad and plots revenge one Gwen, but instead she got eliminated.

Pablo's Entry

Name: Total Drama Epic Contestants

Theme: Epic Contestants Only

Elimination Order: Bridgette/DJ: tied for first

Drama points: Bridgette does well, DJ does well, Bridgette doesn't not do well, DJ doesn't not do well, Chris hosts. :P

Bronson's Entry

  • Name: Total Drama: A to Z
  • Theme: 26 challenges all based off letters of the alphabet, including 5 reward challenges.
  • Teams:
    • The Screaming Letters: Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Harold
    • The Killer Hieroglyphics: Heather, Izzy, Justin, Katie, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Trent, Tyler
  • Elimination Order:
    • First Off: Courtney (Took charge in the ‘A is for Apple’ challenge and lost the challenge for her team.)
    • Second Off: Justin (Was horribly tanned in the ‘B is for Battlefield’ challenge and quit hastily.)
    • Third Off: Eva (Told Chris off in the ‘C is for Chris Mclean’ challenge and lost the challenge for her team.)
    • Fourth Off: Gwen (Was voted off mysteriously for a reason unknown to most of her team.)
    • Fifth Off: Izzy (Blew up her team’s set in the ‘F is for Farm’ challenge.)
    • Sixth Off: DJ (Freaked out in the ‘G is for Gore’ challenge.)
    • Seventh Off: Cody (Messed up Duncan’s hair in the ‘H is for Hair’ challenge and Duncan voted him off.)
    • Eighth Off: Beth (Was voted off for sleeping through the challenge.)
    • Ninth Off: Harold (Duncan felt like voting him off after their team lost the ‘K is for Keys’ challenge.)
    • Tenth Off: Geoff (Was severely injured in the ‘L is for Lions’ challenge.)
    • Eleventh Off: Bridgette (Bridgette quits to be with Geoff and to prevent the ‘M is for Missiles’ challenge.)
    • Twelfth Off: Heather (Voted off in a merge vote. 'N is for No Challenge'.)
    • Thirteenth Off: Duncan (Duncan caught wind of Trent’s scheme and was voted out in the ‘P is for Pixels’ challenges.)
    • Fourteenth Off: Ezekiel (He was the only remaining Letter left and the others decided to oust him.)
    • Fifteenth Off: Sadie (She got into a huge fight with Katie.)
    • Sixteenth Off: Katie (Her anger was giving her an edge in challenges, threatening the others’ stances in the game.)
    • Seventeenth Off: Owen (Was eliminated in sudden death in the ‘U is for Unethical’ challenge.)
    • Eighteenth Off: Trent (The other four finally voted him off.
    • Nineteenth Off: Tyler (He was eliminated in a sudden death style in the ‘W is for Winning- Or not’ challenge.)
    • Twentieth Off: Lindsay (Was eliminated for having the smallest brain in ‘X is for X-Ray’.)
    • Runner-up: Leshawna (Couldn’t beat Noah in dodging lightning in the ‘Z is for Zap!’ challenge.)
    • Winner: Noah (Dodged lightning like an expert.)
  • Major Events:
    • Event One (Before Gwen’s elimination): Heather bribes the males on the Letters to vote off Gwen with money if she happens to win. Though, she was lying.
    • Event Two (Before the challenge where Beth goes home): Heather doses Beth with sleeping pills prior to the challenge.
    • Event Three (Before Heather’s Elimination): It is revealed (to the audience) that Trent was blackmailing Heather to be conniving with an unknown object.
    • Event Four (Before Sadie’s Elimination): Trent secretly orchestrated a fight between Katie and Sadie with their attraction to him in the ‘R is for Romance’ challenge. The other begin to catch wind of Trent’s schemes.
    • Event Five (Owen’s elimination): Trent sabotaged Owen in ‘U is for Unethical’, as he had won before.
    • Event Six (After Trent’s elimination): Trent explains he blackmailed Heather and schemed as to not be seen as throwing the challenges. He also didn’t want to be viewed as crazy, and still sorely missed Gwen. He apologizes for his actions (which only Leshawna is really willing to accept).
    • Event Seven (Finale): Noah wins!
  • Reunion Events:
    • Gwen and Trent hook back up.
    • Noah's check was folded into an airplane by Izzy (who was having a paper airplane match with Cody) and it wound up flying into the ocean, never to be seen again.
    • Katie and Sadie have made up with each other over the competition.
    • Heather finally gets the object Trent blackmailed her with, which happened to be her diary with her crush in it. It is not revealed who the crush is, though.
  • Relationships:
    • Bridgette and Geoff (carried over from TDI.)
    • Lindsay and Tyler (carried over from TDI.)
    • Gwen and Duncan (carried over from TDWT, broke-up off-screen when both were eliminated.)
    • Beth and Cody (hooked-up after Gwen's elimination.)
    • Gwen and Trent (hook back up at reunion.)

Brandon's Entry

Name: Total Drama Blast from the Past

Theme: Traveling through time for every episode.

Teams: Team Prehistoric, Team Medieval, Team Future

Elimination Order:

1. Alejandro- (Everyone hated him; he didn’t stand a chance)

2. Sadie- (Katie betrayed her)

3. Owen- (Was the odd one out)

4. Cody- (Didn’t help in the challenge)

5. Tyler- (Courtesy of the Eva allaince)

6. Duncan- (Much to Coutrney’s dissapointment, the Eva alliance took him out)

7. Geoff- (Bridgette was supposed to be out, but he quit for her)

8. Izzy- (Tried to break out of Eva’s rulership, but Eva caught her)

9. Heather- (Lost it because of Lindsay actaully winning for her team)

10. Gwen- (Eva allaince)


11. Courtney- (Had a small rivalry with LeShawna, who people liked more)

12. Noah- (It was either him or Katie, and DJ was in a relationship, so . . .)

13. LeShawna- (Eva somehow gets her voted out)

14. Eva- (NOBODY wanted her there, she was just too mad scientist like)

15. Lindsay- (Accidently helps the others to win an instant elimination challenge instead of her)

16. Katie- (Bridgette And DJ teamed up)

17. DJ- (Lost valiantly to Bridgette in the final challenge)

18. Bridgette- WON Total Drama Blast from the Past!

Drama Points:

Katie and Sadie have a major fight and break up, Katie later betrays Sadie and votes her out

DJ and Katie become really close, aka get in a relationship

Heather cracks and looses is, running aroung screaming insanely and votes herself out.

Eva becomes an evil mastermind and makes a “rulership” with her, Izzy, and Noah.

Gwen becomes good friends with Cody (But gets back together with Trent before the season starts)

Duncan goes back to Courtney, who eventually excepts him.

Lindsay actually wins a few challenges for her team, actually using her smarts.

LeShawna breaks up with Harold just as he finds out he isn’t in the season.

Geoff quits for Bridgette to stay in the game.

Bridgette is the ultimate winner of Total Drama Blast from the Past!

Samuel's Entry

Name: Total Drama Finale

Theme: The final season of Total Drama with all contestants from TDI returning, challenges based off of the TDI contestants.

Teams: The Pathetic Pre-Mergers (Everyone who got eliminated before merge, not including Izzy) and The Mighty Mergers (Everyone who made merge, Izzy included)

Challenge List:

Episode One: Based off of Ezekiel, make one member of the team look as horrendous as possible, based off of Zombie Zeke. The Pathetic Pre-Mergers won, using Eva and not changing her at all (much to Eva's anger), and the Mighty Mergers lost, splattering green paint onto Owen.

Episode Two: Based off of Eva, everyone had to see how much they weighed all together at the beggening of the episode and then see how much weight each time lost at the end of the challenges, exercising to see. The Mighty Mergers lost, due to Owen hiding away and eating a bunch of junk food while they were supposed to exercise.

Episode Three: Based off of Noah, all of the contestants has to take a test, and the team with the highest scores overall won. Due to Sadie trying to copy off of Katie however, the Pathetic Pre-Mergers automatically lost.

Episode Four: Based off of Justin, the contestants have to work on getting one contestant of theirs as attractive as possible. The Pathetic Pre-Mergers win, due to them simpily using Justin.

Episode Five: Based off of Katie, the contestants have to be tied together with another contestant on the same team (exception of Cody and Gwen who were cuffed together, due to there being one member left over on each time) with hand-cuffs. The team who's members last the longest without getting out of the hand-cuffs win. It was a tie and no-one was eliminated, due to Cody and Gwen lasting the longest, Gwen having a surprisingly good time with Cody.

Episode Six: Based off of Tyler, the contestants had to do a variety of sports pitted against each other, whoever has the team win the most sports wins. Eva and Duncan were paired up for tennis (Eva winning), Beth and DJ were paired up for football (DJ winning), Gwen and Cody paired up for volley-ball (Gwen winning since Cody was distracted watching Gwen in her swimsuit, much to Gwen's irritement), Courtney and Lindsay were paired up for soccer (Courtney winning), Katie and Geoff for surfing (Katie winning), Tyler and Leshawna for badmitton (Leshawna winning), Justin and Trent for baseball (Trent winning due to Justin always letting go of the bat and covering his face when he was at bat), Noah and Izzy paired up for basketball (Izzy winning), and, at 4-4, Ezekiel and Bridgette for croquet, which Bridgette won, winning the challenge for the Mighty Mergers.

Episode Seven: Based off of Izzy, the two teams must try to create the biggest and best explosion possible. The Pathetic Pre-Mergers win, since Izzy accidently blew up Chris's trailer, making him furious.

Episode Eight: Based off of Cody, the two teams have to travel to the city for one challenge, the team who picks up the first girl/guy wins. The Pathetic Pre-Mergers win thanks to Cody, as he ran into Sierra in the city.

Episode Nine: Based off of Beth, the two teams have to go back to Boney Island looking for the cursed idol Beth found there, then throw it into a fire, first team to do so wins. The Mighty Mergers win, since Bridgette fell onto a bush and found it hidden inside.

Episode Ten: The challenge was going to be based off of Sadie, but Katie quit before the challenge could be revealed, the memories being too painful for her.

Episode Eleven: Based off of Courtney, this was a human lie detector test (based on her being a C.I.T.), in which each team chose one person to tell the most believeable lie they could to Chris, and he would deem the team with the better lie the winner. The Pathetic Pre-Mergers won, due to Lindsay having unicorns in her lie.

Episode Twelve: Based off of Harold, the two teams had to write the most romantic love letter possible to Chris, due to Harold x Leshawna. The Mighty Mergers won, due to Ezekiel making a sexist comment in his team's.

Episode Thirteen: Based off of Trent, the two teams needed to write a song, the better song winning immunity for their team. The Mighty Mergers won, due to Trent being a professional in this kind of stuff.

Episode Fourteen: This is a losers episode, in which it takes a short trip around Playa de Losers, showing what happened there. In the end, there's a vote for people voting who returns, and Harold and Beth end up returning.

Episode Fifteen: Based off of Bridgette, everyone must surf, and whoever does the best job wins solo immunity. Bridgette wins, due to being the only one who ever surfed before.

Episode Sixteen: Based off of Lindsay, the contestants had to walk down a run-way, trying to look as good as possible, the person who did the worst at being a model was automatically eliminated. Leshawna lost, due to her dress ripping while she was walking down the runway.

Episode Seventeen: Based off of DJ, the contestants need to make a meal, the person with the best meal winning immunity. Tyler, surprisingly, won.

Episode Eighteen: The challenge was going to be based off of Geoff, but Tyler injured himself running down a mountain, and was medically evacuated.

Episode Nineteen: The challenge was going to be based off of Leshawna, but Harold quit.

Episode Twenty: Based off of Duncan, the remaining contestants have to escape a fake prison, the contestant to do it the fastest wins immunity. Trent, for whatever reason, won the fastest, winning immunity.

Episode Twenty-One: Based off of Heather, everyone had to insult everyone to the best of their ability, the person with the best insults winning. Since everyone's insults sucked, no-one won.

Episode Twenty-Two: Based off of Gwen, everyone has to write a piece of poetry, the best poet winning immunity. Cody, writing about Gwen, won immunity.

Episode Twenty-Three: In the finale episode, based off of Owen's likability, they test people's likability in a jury vote, whoever gets the most jury votes is the winner of Total Drama Finale. Bridgette got more votes from the jury, so she was the winner.

Elimination Order:

24. Heather (Everyone was onto her tricks by now, and she was hated by everyone.)

23. Owen (He lost the challenge for his team by eating while they were supposed to be exercising.)

22. Sadie (Tried to copy off of Katie during the test, costing her team the win.)

21. Harold (He tried to rig the votes to get Gwen voted off, like he did with Courtney in TDI, but this time they had rules against it and Harold as automatically eliminated.)

20. Justin (He would always drop the bat and cover his face in his baseball challenge.)

19. Izzy (She lost the challenge for her team by blowing up Chris's trailer.)

18. Duncan (He spent the entire challenge trying to get Gwen back and yelling at Cody for "stealing Gwen from him".)

17. Noah (He refused to work, and his sarcastic comments were starting to annoy everyone.)

16. Katie (Quit so she could reunite with Sadie.)

15. Lindsay (Represented her team for the challenge, and was very bad at it.)

14. Ezekiel (Lost the challenge for his team by making a sexist comment in it.)

13. Beth (Messed up the singing parts, due to stage fright.)

(It's merge, Harold and Beth return.)

12. Eva (Was a huge threat for the physical challenges.)

11. Leshawna (Was eliminated for being the worst model, since her dress ripped while she was walking down the runway.)

10. Beth - (Everyone found a letter on their bed telling them to vote for Beth, so they all, not knowing who else to vote out, obeyed.)

9. Tyler (Tripped while running down a mountain, and getting seriously injured, was medially evacuated.)

8. Gwen (Is voted out for being a threat.)

7. DJ (He admitted to getting everyone to vote off Beth, so they retaliated by voting him off.)

6. Harold (Quit to be with Beth.)

5. Geoff (Everyone decided he'd own in a just vote, so they voted him off.)

4. Trent (One of his insults really offended Cody, so they voted him off.)

3. Courtney (She was really starting to annoy everyone, so they voted her off.)

2. Cody (Lost the jury vote.)

1. Bridgette (Won the jury vote.)

Drama Points:

  • (Episode Four) Harold trying to rig the votes against Gwen to get revenge on Duncan for pulling a prank on him, but is automatically eliminated instead.
  • (Episode Five) Bridgette breaks up with Geoff, feeling their relationship was getting too physical.
  • (Episode Six) In the beggening, Gwen finally breaks up with Duncan after she sees him beating up Cody for "having a good time with his girl last challenge."
  • (Episode Eleven) Cody and Gwen finally kiss in this episode, offically becoming a couple.
  • (Episode Thirteen) Bridgette and Geoff get back together, Geoff promising to not just make-out with her anymore.
  • (Episode Fourteen) It is revealed that Katie and Sadie got into a major fight, breaking up as BFFFL's.
  • (Episode Seventeen) Beth and Harold kiss in this episode while Beth is walking down the Dock of Shame, becoming a couple.
  • (Episode Twenty) It's revealed that DJ was the one who told everyone to vote Beth, having a crush on her, being angry when she started dating Harold.
  • (Episode Twenty-One) It is revealed Trent still likes Gwen, when he goes all out on insults at Cody for dating her.

Iris's Total Drama

Name: Total Drama Idols


The Big Bucks: Izzy, Noah, Cody, Eva, Katie, and Sadie

The Money Munchers: Harold, Courtney, Heather, Ezekiel, Gwen, and Trent

Episode Eliminations and Synopsis:

  • Harold – Episode 1 – “This Ain’t Like Yo’ Other Dramas” – The contests arrive and Chris picks the teams. Chris tells the contestants that they’ll be given challenges based off the other seasons. Harold says that he watched reruns over, and over. Chris tells the contestants that their first challenge is to say the elimination order for ALL the seasons in the confessional. Noah wins, by repeating each eliminated contestant. Harold comes close, but mixed up Katie with Sadie. Therefore, he gets eliminated because he posed as a threat.
  • Sadie – Episode 2 – “No Man Is an Island” – The contestants go back to Total Drama and Katie and Sadie start fighting. Katie off-handedly comments that Cody was cute and Sadie agrees. They start fighting and they end up going their separate ways. Off course, no one knows about this and when partners are chosen for the challenge, Katie and Sadie end up together. They lose the challenge for their team and both of them are worried. Katie flirts with Cody, who tells Noah, who tells the other members of Team E-Scope not to vote Katie. When votes are revealed, Sadie didn’t vote for Katie but for Cody, making Katie guilty.
  • Eva – Episode 3 – “Anything She Can Do, I Can Do Worser” – A strength contest proves to be easy to Eva, until certain Heather makes her lose. Courtney sees Gwen and Trent flirting and lifts the items with no struggle. Courtney says in the confessional, “How can she do that? RIP my heart out, and then throw it away for some cute guitar boy. What? I didn’t mean cute-“ Eva is sent home because her team mates realize that she’s a threat with her strength. And in the end, a confessional stirs up some trouble.
  • Cody – Episode 4 – “Not On MY Show You Don’t!” – Cody and Noah end up getting in more embarrassing situations. The confessional is revealed showing Trent and Courtney in the confessional talking. Trent pins Courtney against the wall jokingly and the tape stops there. Gwen “somehow” sees the tape and plots revenge on Courtney. The challenge was to prepare a dinner for the animatronics monster. Gwen, Courtney, and Trent are too busy fighting, but Heather and Ezekiel prepare a nice dinner. Do to the, “dinner and a show” the Big Bucks lose, forcing them to send Cody home.
  • Heather– Episode 5 – “Boom” – A challenge involving bombs takes place when sets are built. The Money-Munchers make a fortress where two or three people are in one chamber. Courtney and Trent are in one, leaving Gwen with Heather and Ezekiel. The Big Bucks build a small hole. But because they could focus, the Money Munchers bomb themselves, costing the win. They vote off Heather, because Ezekiel would be easier to manipulate.
  • Harold Returns / No Elimination – “Somewhere Over The Harold” – Harold returns, and the teams merge. The challenge is to sing a song, and that is was reward. Courtney got the reward and that is was a night in Chris’s quarters and she invited Trent with her.
  • Aftermath – Tyler and Beth host an aftermath to the show. A few contestants are interviewed. Heather comments saying, “See, I thought Trent and Courtney were making out. Then Gwen and Trent would make out. It was actually fun watching them fight.” Tyler and Beth kiss on a dare, and Lindsay beats up Tyler.
  • Harold- Episode 6- “Kissy, Kissy.” – A challenge to see how long a couple can kiss causes drama and humor for sadist Chris. Courtney and Trent seem to have no problem doing it, but Noah and Gwen do. Katie and Zeke have some problem, but in the end Harold was automatically eliminated for not having a partner.
  • Courtney, Trent, and Gwen – Episode 7- “Snap” – Chris finally has enough of Courtney, Trent, and Gwen’s fighting and kicks them off for not participating. This makes them go to the final three ahead of schedule.
  • Ezekiel and Noah – Finale – “And the Wiener Is…” The final three participate in a challenge that combines all three finales. First they race, then answer trivia questions, then climb a volcano. Noah was behind because of the running and Zeke couldn’t face his new fear of volcanoes making Katie victorious.

Plot Points:

  • There were some hinting at Trentney and Gwent, neither of which happened.
  • Chris actually kicks Courtney, Trent, and Gwen off because their drama was annoying him, mainly because they didn’t participate in challenges.
  • Unlike Action and World Tour, there is only one Aftermath.
  • Though Tyler and Beth kiss, there is no romantic relationship between them.
  • Gwen and Duncan brake up in the Aftermath.

Sarah's Entry

Name:Total Drama: The End

The 22 originals, with Alejandro, Sierra, and the winner of season 4, Mike, return for the final season.


Team Failure: Ezekiel, Trent, Harold, Geoff, Justin, Beth. Lindsay, Bridgette, LeShawna, Eva, Kate, and Sadie

Team Winner: Alejandro, Cody, Duncan, Owen, Tyler, Noah, DJ, Izzy, Gwen, Courtney, Sierra, Heather, Mike

Plot Synopsis and Elim Order

Episode One-The teams are formed. Mike picks to be on the Winners, so they have to vote one out. Al and Duncan were the bottom two, after Duncan left Gwen for Courtney again. Duncan goes for being a ruthless heartbreaker.

Episode Two-The teams, now even, are pitted to survive longer against alien Chef, and Courtney loses for her team. In the end, she is in bottom two with Owen. Owen is eliminated because he already won a season, and is not veru useful.

Episode Three-The teams are pitted in a commercial-making challenge, where they have Harold compete with Noah. Noah loses after tripping into the set. Alejandro and Izzy are the bottom two. Izzy goes for her crazy ways.

Episode Four-Courtney rallies her team in the Dodgeball challenge. Harold does exceedingly well, but he loses to Sierra after he gets Cody out of the challenge. The bottom two end up Geoff and Bridgette. Bridgette decides Geoff should have another shot and leaves in his place.

Episode Five-The challenge is a rodeo, and both teams are evenly matched. In the end, Eva ruins the challenge. Eva and Justin are bottom two. Justin goes for not being helpful.

Episode Six-The Aftermath views clips of the sixth challenge, one where they bungee jump into a volcano. The losers are shocked to see Gwen arrive as the loser, and she explains Sierra and Courtney voted her out. She was being too friendly with Cody, and Courtney had a grudge. Gwen revealed she and Trent might hook back up.

Episode Seven-The teams are objectified to a revamped Phobia Factor. Harold rallies his team to win, thanks to Trent's help. The Winners vote out Courtney over Alejandro. Heather reveals she had her eliminated because she liked him, and wanted Courtney gone. Al refused to date her, saying TDWT was unforgivable.

Episode Eight-The Failures and the Winners face off in an epic battle of wits, as they try to identify what disease Chef has. Noah wins when he calls it "Lazy Dumb Guy Syndrome", much to Chef's displeasure. The Failures vote out Sadie for being too annoying.

Episode Nine-The challenge of rebuilding a statue proves too much for the Failures. The votes are split, but Beth recieves the most. Eva grins as Beth walks away.

Episode Ten-As the teams are tested by their trust, odds amongst the Winners lead them to lose. Heather uses Cody, Mike, and Sierra to vote out DJ, saving Alejandro from elim once again.

Episode Eleven-Mike leads the team in the war challenge against Harold. They have a battle of wits, but Ezekiel helps take Mike down. Al saves Heather from a paint grenade, and they finally get together. They vote Mike out that night.

Episode Twelve- The losers discuss who they want to win, and all of the new drama.

Episode Thirteen-A revamped extreme sports challenge leads to many injuries. Eva tries to get Harold voted out for being scrawny and weak, but they tie. Harold and Eva have a grudge match tiebreaker, and Harold wins with his num-yos, sending Eva home.

Episode Fourteen-A prehistoric challenge occurs, and the end result is cut close. But, the Failures lose again. The bottom two are LeShawna and Lindsay, but Lindsay stays for not being as big a threat. Harold promises to win for her.

Episode Fifteen-Merge finally happens. Noah wins the alien experimentation challenge. He gets an alliance of himself, Harold, Katie, Trent, Ezekiel, and Lindsay. They vote Tyler out.

Episode Sixteen-The challenge of finding keys is revealed. Alejandro wins invincibility, so Noah's alliance vote out the likable Geoff, Noah reveals his goal is to eliminate the undeserving final three of TDWT in the order they went.

Episode Seventeen-The remaining contestants become superheroes. Harold and Lindsay win, and Cody is voted out as scheduled.

Episode Eighteen-The losers come back to vote a merger off. Noah convinces them to eliminate Alejandro, but Heather leaves in his place.

Episode Nineteen- Throughout the scary challenge, Alejandro tries to convincce his team that Noah is now a villain. The others ignore him, and he is voted out that night.

Episode Twenty-Noah overhears that Zeke thinks Al may have been right. Noah reveals he has feelings for Katie, but they keep it a secret. Noah wins the challenge of solving the murder mystery, and has Zeke voted out.

Episode Twenty-One-Noah and Katie start dating more openly to everyone's surprise. Harold decides to counterbalance Noah by flirting with Lindsay. That night, after catching the previously eliminated Zeke, Sierra, a blubbering mess, is finally voted off.

Episode Twenty-Two-Katie and Trent become good friends, making Noah jealous. After the intense challenge to defeat Sasquatchanakwa, a challenge made by the losers, Noah gets Trent voted off.

Episode Twenty-Three-Harold and Lindsay and Noah and Katie, a final four dual couple, are pitted in a space-inspired challenge. Harold wins and personally votes out Katie, calling payback for Noah eliminating Trent.

Episode Twenty-Four-All of the Aftermathers are shocked at Noah's new behaviour, and root for Lindsay(and Harold) to beat him.

Episode Twenty-Five-In the TDA finale challenge, Noah and Lindsay race to win the challenge. Noah manages to outsmart Lindsay and win, making final two with Harold. The losers boo. Noah reveals he was sick of being trampled on, of being voted out for being weak. The losers look on sadly.

Episode Twenty-Six-In the TDWT finale challenge, combined with TDI elements, Harold and Noah ruthlessly compete for victory. Harold and Noah both use all of their skills to win. In the end, Harold defeats Noah in a lightsaber duel, and wins the 100 Million Ultimate Grand Prize. Noah sulks, but Owen walks up, and comforts his "little buddy" Noah. Noah and Owen hug, and they join the others in celebrating Harold's victory. Harold and LeShawna kiss, and the episode ends with Duncan slapping Harold on the back too hard in congrats, and Harold saying,"Gosh! Idiot!". Duncan stands back until Harold smiles, and they shake hands as good rivals.

Drama Points

  • Duncan and Courtney break up.
  • Trent and Gwen get back together.
  • Noah is the villain of the season.
  • Harold wins the finale against Noah.
  • The first ever final two with no girls is recorded.
  • Duncan and Harold finally become friends.
  • Harold and LeShawna get together.
  • Harold won the biggest monetray prize in TD history.
  • This is the first season where Zeke does not go first.
  • Cody and Sierra became a couple.
  • Noah and Katie became a couple.
  • Izzy and Owen got back together.

Daniel's entry

Name: Total Drama Tribes.

Theme: Tribes competing

Contestants: 20 of them. 4 don't compete. They represent every tribe in the aftermath returns. The 4 that arne't returning this season are Gwen, Eva, Owen, and Justin.

Snakes Tribe- Sierra, Duncan, Cody, Trent, Noah

Gators Tribe-DJ, Beth, Heather, Tyler, Izzy, (half of the time) Noah

Bears Tribe-Ezekiel, Alejandro, Geoff, Katie, Sadie

Spiders Tribe-Harold, Lindsay, Leshawna, Courtney, Bridgette, (Half of the time) Ezekiel


Episode 1-No elimination, teams are formed.

Episode 2- Snakes lose, Trent is voted off.

Episode 3-Bears lose, Katie is voted off.

Episode 4-No elimination

Episode 5-Spiders lose, Leshawna is voted off.

Episode 6- Spiders lose, Bridgette is voted off.

Episode 7-No elimination.

Episode 8-Bears lose, Geoff is voted off.

Episode 9-Aftermath.

Episode 10-Gators lose, Tyler is voted off.

Episode 11- Snakes lose, Duncan is voted off, and Leshawna returns onto to the Spiders tribe.

Episode 12- Gators lose, Heather is voted off.

Episode 13- No elimination.

Episode 14- Bears tribe loses, Sadie is eliminated.

Episode 15- Aftermath

Episode 16- Bears lose, Alejandro is eliminated, leaving Ezekiel all alone.

Episode 17- Spiders lose, Leshawna is voted off again!

Episode 18- Bridgette returns on the spiders tribe. The snakes lose and vote out Sierra, but takes Cody with her, meaning Noah is the only one left of the snakes tribe.

Episode 19- The spiders and gators compete for Noah and Ezekiel, with 1st getting Noah, and last place getting Ezekiel. Noah goes to the gators tribe, and Ezekiel goes to the spiders tribe. No elimination

Episode 20- Spiders lose, Courtney gets voted off.

Episode 21- Aftermath

Episode 22- Gators lose, and Noah is voted off again.

Episode 23- The merge hits now. Alejandro returns. Harold is voted off.

Episode 24- Alejandro gets eliminated again.

Episode 25- Lindsay gets voted off. And Beth is voted off as well.

Episode 26- Reward.

Episode 27- Izzy gets eliminated.

Episode 28- The final 3! Ezekiel gets eliminated, leaving DJ and Bridgette in the final 2. DJ wins, but Bridgette is glad for them.

Drama points:

DJ and Bridgette hook up.

Duncan and Courtney get back togheter, but Courtney gets Duncan eliminated.

Ezekiel and Noah switched teams.

4 teams, the most of TD History =)

3 alliances in the game.

Duncan didn't get voted off. It was originally gonna be Cody, but the police caught Duncan for a crime, and he was taken, as opposed to Cody.

Geoff and Bridgette break up.

Sierra gets a sickness in the middle of the story.

Jake Got those iTunes? :3 06:40, April 16, 2011 (UTC)

Brittany's Entry

Destinee's Entry

Season: Total Drama Fusion

Theme: This season combines all past seaons together into one season, with elements from all three seasons.

Team Majors: Leshawna, Courtney, Lindsay, Duncan, Owen, Gwen, Heather, DJ, Bridgette, Alejandro, Izzy, Harold.

Team Minors: Eva, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel, Noah, Tyler, Trent, Geoff, Beth, Justin, Cody, Sierra.

Elimination Order

Episode One: No elimination

Episode Two: Majors lose, Owen is voted out

Episode Three: Majors lose again, Alejandro is voted out

Episode 4: Minors lose, Justin is voted off

Episode 5: Majors lose, Duncan is voted off

Episode 6: Reward challenge, no elimination

Episode 7: Minors lose, Ezekiel is voted out

Episode 8: Minors lose, Beth is voted out

Episode 9: Majors lose, DJ is voted out

Episode 10: Reward challenge

Episode 11: Minors lose, Sadie is eliminated in a tie break challenge

Episode 12: Majors lose, Harold is voted out

Episode 13: Minors lose, Geoff is voted out

Episode 14: Minors lose, Sierra is voted out

Episode 15: Reward challenge

Episode 16: Majors lose, Courtney is voted out

Episode 17: Majors lose, Heather is voted out

Episode 18: Majors lose, Bridgette is voted out

Episode 19: Minors lose, Trent is voted out

Episode 20: Reward challenge, teams merge

Episode 21: Lindsay wins immunity, Tyler is voted off

Episode 22: Noah wins immunity, Izzy is voted off

'Episode 23: Leshawna wins immunity, 'Cody is voted off

Episode 24: Katie wins immunity, Eva is voted off

Episode 25: No one gets immunity, Gwen is eliminated suring a sudden death challenge

Episode 26: Leshawna and Lindsay win the challenge, Katie is eliminated.

Episode 27: The Finale! Leshawna wins Total Drama Fusion in a three part challenge, beating Lindsay in 2/3 of the parts.

Drama Points

Epsiode 2: Leshawna, Lindsay, Gwen, and Izzy form an alliance on the Majors team, which carries on into the merge.

Episode 4: Eva, Katie, Sadie, Noah and Cody form an alliance on the Minors, and get rid of Justin for his antics in TDA

Episode 11: Sadie and Katie tied in votes, and they had to compete in a tie breaker challenge, in which Sadie and Katie got in a fight, and ultimately Katie won, sending Sadie home.

Episode 25: The challenge was to complete a maze of obstacles and challenges from the past seasons, last one done was automatically eliminated, which was Gwen.

Episode 27: Leshawna wins 2 out of the 3 of the challenge. She wont he Jury vote and the puzzle. Lindsay won the maze, due to Leshawna getting stuck in some mud.

Gillian's Entry

Season: Total Drama Salvation

Theme: 16 of the contestants are placed back on Total Drama Island, but instead, they must build their own houses and hunt for their food.

Team Survivors: Eva, Noah, Trent, Gwen, Leshawna, Cody, Ezekiel, Izzy

Team Preservers: Courtney, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Sadie, Lindsay, Harold, DJ

Team Salvagers (MERGE TRIBE): Eva, Noah, Trent, Gwen, Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie, Tyler

Elimination Order

  1. Courtney (Preserver)
  2. DJ (Preserver)
  3. Izzy (Survivor)
  4. Lindsay (Preserver)
  5. Harold (Preserver)
  6. Gwen (Survivor)
  7. Cody (Survivor)
  8. Justin (Preserver)
  9. Katie (Salvager)
  10. Eva (Salvager)
  11. Trent (Salvager)
  12. Sadie (Salvager)
  13. Tyler (Salvager)
  14. Noah (Salvager)
  15. Ezekiel (Runner-Up)
  16. Leshawna (Winner)

Drama Points

  1. Courtney becomes nicer, but less strategic, causing her downfall
  2. Izzy develops a new alter-ego, E-Worm (Earthworm), and spends time digging in the ground
  3. Lindsay becomes a bit smarter, but still not by much
  4. Tyler breaks up with Lindsay, after he realizes she will not remember him well
  5. Leshawna gets together with Harold, but breaks up with him right before he gets eliminated, knowing he has feelings for Heather as well
  6. Tyler becomes better at sports
  7. Sadie and Katie become non-friends, and Sadie spends more time with Leshawna, and Katie with Gwen
  8. Ezekiel redeems himself by earning Leshawna's respect, which helps him last to the end
  9. Gwen gets back together with Trent
  10. Cody gets together with Katie
  11. Eva develops a nice side, and becomes slightly nicer to Ezekiel
  12. Ezekiel DOESN'T get out first.

Max's Entry

Name: Total Drama: Back for Blood

Theme: All the original contestants returned for one last competition. Contestants:

  1. Screaming Tigers: Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva,
  2. Killer Hornets: Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Alejandro, Sierra,
  3. No Team: Blainely.
  4. Merge: Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Eva, Harold, Courtney, Cody, Katie, Noah, Ezekiel

Elimination Order:

  1. Blaineley (No Team)
  2. Beth (Hornets)
  3. Alejandro (Hornets)
  4. Justin (Hornets)
  5. Geoff (Tigers)
  6. Tyler (Hornets)
  7. Owen (Tigers)
  8. Izzy (1) (Tigers) - Returns Week 15
  9. Lindsay (Tigers)
  10. Trent (Tigers)
  11. Sierra (Hornets)
  12. Duncan (Tigers)
  13. Sadie (Hornets)
  14. Bridgette (Tigers)
  15. MERGE - Izzy Returns (As always)
  16. DJ (Merge)
  17. Gwen (Merge)
  18. Katie (Merge) (Jury)
  19. LeShawna (Merge) (Jury)
  20. Noah (Merge) (Jury)
  21. Harold (Merge) (Jury)
  22. Lindsay (Merge) (Jury)
  23. Cody (Merge) (Jury)
  24. Ezekiel (Merge) (Jury)
  25. Izzy (2) (Merge) (Jury)
  26. Heather (Merge) (Jury)
  27. Eva (Merge)
  28. Courtney (Winner)

Drama Points

  1. In Episode 2, Alejandro and Justin made an alliance to get out the ugly people.
  2. In Episode 10, Everyone turned on Duncan, calling him a threat, and since he was the only winner who actually kept his money, he was eliminated by his team, who he was previously alligned with before now.
  3. Noah and Katie become a couple in Episode 14
  4. Eva became the main antagionist as of Episode 2-Episode 27
  5. In Episode 23, Eva, Heather, Courtney, and Izzy (Izzy seperated from the group in Episode 24) became an all girls alliance to eliminate the remaining boys, which succeeded.
  6. The prize was $2,000,000 instead of $1,000,000.
  7. Came down to a jury vote, rather than a final challenge.

Current Results

Chris: You may NOT change your entry, but here are the current results.

Team Bronson:

Bronson: 9.5/10- You must of worked really hard on that because it looks really good!!

Samuel: 10/10- Probably my favorite, and if not, it's definitely high up there!! Really original!

Destinee: 8.5/10- Didn't do much extra, but man that was an awesome theme! Loved how the teams were split up!!

Daniel: 7/10- Good but very confusing with all the returnees and such, and also didn't go the extra mile

Gillian: 8/10- Another good entry! Wow this team impressed me the most

Jake: 9/10- Another awesome entry! Impressive!

Current Total: 52

Team Awesome:

Pablo: 6/10- Well you did complete it...kind of i guess

Kate: 10/10- Man this was a good entry, i really really liked it!!

Quinn: 9.5/10- Your entry was awesome too!!! Wow!!!

Brandon: 8/10- Another original and interesting idea!! Good work

Brittany- Yet to complete

AJ- Is submitting his entry to Neko-naito who gave him a : 10

Current Total: 43.5

Team Dynamite:

Cal: 7/10- Interesting idea, but didn't go the extra mile like the other contestants did

Abby: 9/10- I really liked your entries, and your idea was really good!

Kevin: 9.5/10- This was a really good entry!! Lots of effort, original ideas, interesting eliminations

Sarah: 9/10- Another really good idea!! With interesting drama points!!

Max: 8/10 There were better, but overall it was a very good and interesting season!!

Zoey: Yet to complete

Current Total: 42.5

Chris: And the winners are...Team Bronson!!! Next is Team Awesome! And in last is Team Dynamite! Time to vote someone out!!

Elimination Ceremony 7

Chris: Time to vote!!! Team Dynamite only!

Max: (CONF) Another loss! I vote for Zoey, for obvious rreasons.

Chris: Well max's vote doesn't matter, because Zoey is AUTO-ELIMINATED! The first one! Bye bye Zoey! *Pushes Zoey down the plank of shame*

Episode 8- Cats of the Sea


Regular Rooms:

Samuel: *sleeping* Snore...

Bronson: *drew on Daniel's face the last night* hehehe...

Seaside Suites:

AJ: *sitting on the bed* Man that was a close one

Destinee: *Wakes up* Ah! I had a dream I was stuck on a cruise ship with weirdos... *Looks around* Oh wait, that isn't a dream...

Top Deck:

Brandon: *is leaning on the railing looking out onto the waves*

AJ: Sorry about Zoey man, i know she's your ex but it still must be hard to see her eliminated

Brandon: Thanks. And besides, I'm with Sarah now, and that's awesome!

AJ: Man there is a lot of hate

Brandon: Ya. Sorry about the Quinn thing, I just couldn't think of any thing else. No hard feelings?


Aqua Lounge:

Kevin: *lounges aquatically*


Chris: Are you prepared for the biggest dirt bashing challenge ever? Your challenge is to say something dirty about any of the other competitors on your own team! Whoever's team's dirt is the best wins immunity and MP!!!! Get to it!

Samuel: Gillian? Boy's so inactive I forgot he was here. Jake, he's the one who got a stalker on his hands who he never talked to, and never seems to have any clue what's going on. Daniel? Who's he again? Destinee is a spoiled brat who can't find a single person to talk to. And Bronson, he thinks he's so big with his five only friends, a marachi band that follows him around everywhere. Why am I stuck with these idiots? Bronson seems to think he knows everything, and decided that choosing the worst people possible would help us win.

Bronson: Let’s see, where to begin? Samuel’s a love-sick puppy who doesn’t realize he’s being played by Iris; Jake and Daniel are pure weaklings, though Jake has a strategic mind; Destinee walking around all big and bad that she’s won a season when she’s talked to NOBODY; and finally, Gillian is so random it’s annoying! *turns to team* If you don’t get mad about these statements you can say whatever you want about me. <.< What happens in this challenge, STAYS in this challenge.

Destinee: Where to start? Bronson is a pure freak who thinks he can run this show just cause he got to debut, which makes him weaker than most of us, Gillian hasn't said like a word this whole time, or if she has no one's noticed, Jake and Daniel are just background characters who will be gone in the snap of a finger, and Samuel is bi-polar cause one day he'll lie, and the next day he'll be nice... *Sighs* No hard feelings guys...?

Brandon: Hmmm, okay, well . . . Bronson. Get a life. All you care about is your self and your fricken mariachi band! Why do they even follow you around? Something is not quite right about them, and you. Destinee, how did you even win last season? Samuel: COME ON! All you do is break people up and then try to flirt with them, who are you kidding? NOBODY likes you. Grow up! Daniel, who are you again? And Pablo, were on the same team and I've never even talked to you or Brittany before. And AJ, last season, you quit to let some random debuter stay in the game, but not your own girlfriend? And Jake, you HAVE A STALKER. And Abby, who is the stalker, you were voted out FIRST last season. Why are you trying? All of team Bronson, Bronson chose you becuase he hates you, and for some reason Bronson seems to be really important so thats an insult in itself. And Team Dynamite, I barely know who half of you are! Team Awesome is the only decent team . . . Oh no, what their not. In fact, everyone in this game is screwed up entirely! THERE IS NO HOPE FOR YOU PEOPLE!! And I would get you help IF I WERENT ENTIRELY RETARDED MYSELF, LIKE ALL THE REST OF YOU *********'S!!! Phew, okay, no offense guys.

AJ: Wow brandon, that was...harsh :/ Well Pablo never talks and BARELY did the last challenge, and Iris could be nicer. I guess Quinn could be to though um. Brittany is non existant, and Brandon was very mean.

Chris: Really AJ...Really (XD)

Brandon: Sorry guys. I kind of lost it. I'm just under pressure all the time. I didn't really mean it.

Daniel: You all suck

Sarah:Kevin, who are you? Destinee carried you to this point, you are a lazy slob who barely accomplishes anything. Abby, why were you first out last season? One word:Annoying! Cal, I like nerds, but you are so bad, Noah refuses to diss you because handing you a mirror is insult enough. Max, the only A you have ever gotten is in your name on the report card, and I heard Lindsay called YOU dumb! Wow, my team sucks. And don't even get me started on Samuel.

Iris: Well…I don’t know what to say. Let’s start with this. AJ, you’re nice and crap and it’s fricken ANNYOING. The funniest part is the crap going on between you and Quinny. Not to mention that you two BARLEY trust each other. It’s funny that your relationship is hanging by a thread. Now Brandon…SHUT UP! NO ONE WANTS TO HERE YOU RUN YOUR MOUTH! Cause b**** you are SO eliminated. Pablo, say some words and grow a spine or you’re out. Who are you Brittney? You haven’t spoken TWO WORDS! Quinn, you are going down. You hate me for, like, NO reason? Well, I hate you. You know why? You’re so…perfect. *mimics Quinn* “Ohhh I’m a cheerleader! I have a boyfriend! Blah,blah,blah!” WHO FRICKEN CARES? I don’t! No one else does? NO ONE CARES! So just SHUT UP! And I can promise you *gets into Quinn’s face* If you even try to mess up my relationship with Samuel I will murder yours with AJ. Understand me? *smiles and turns to the rest of her team* No hard feelings…right?

AJ: O.O (CONF) Wow...

Destinee: *Laughs* (CONF) *Laughs more* These people are insane. They're all like psychcotic.

Brandon: You guys know that I just said that said stuff because I was under pressure to win and because of Zoey and Sarah, right? And that I didn't say anything about our team except Pablo and Britanny, who don't do anything, and AJ, who's still my best bud? Team Awesome is still the best, and always will be!

Quinn: Well, this is something I am good at. Ok. It is obvious that I am gonna talk about Iris. She thinks she is SO perfect,when actually she's a total klutz and plus she isn't even hot! Honestly, I DO NOT know what any guys see in her! All she cares about is strategy. Winning this game. Well, guess what Iris? I would rather have made a whole bunch of friends than win this game! And You're using Samuel? That's just not right! He is my friend, and friends stick together! I am NOT going on about anymore of my team mates, becuase they are my friends, so....*smiles unsurely at her team*

Chris: MAN there is a lot of hate in this group, well Kevin, Cal, Pablo, Brittany, Max and Jake all need to submit, i think there are more but i forget

(LF: I already posted mine.)

Chris: Oh and did i mention that TWO people are getting eliminated tonight? The two losing teams!!!

Iris: I do NOT only care about strategy! *glares at Quinn* I care about my FRIENDS and FAMILY! Or do you know know what friends ARE? And I am NOT using Samuel. He is my boyfriend! I lov-...really like him! And I'm hotter than you! Everyone thinks so. Just ask your so-called "boyfriend." Or whatever you can call yourselves no. And just leave me alone, okay? *bites lip to keep self from crying*

Quinn: *turns to AJ* Is Iris right!? Do you think she hotter than me!?

Kevin: Ohhhhh, I'm not good at insults. :( Alright, um.... Sarah, I don't like you...? I think you're mean and have wide hips. Max, get a grip. Like, seriously, sometimes it's like you're on another planet. Oooh, that was kinda mean. D: Ummm... who else... Abby, homegirl, you gotta chill. Know what I'm saying? Be relaxed. As for Max, well, I don't have anything bad to say. He's a good dude.

Samuel: ... (CONF) Is it sadistic to enjoy watching this? :| And wow Brandon's a hypocrite, he said about me "I only try to break people up," yet he said the same exact thing against AJ I was suspicous of in the first place.

AJ: (CONF) Wow learning a lot of interesting things here...

Chris: While everyone's dirt was pretty good, Iris and Brandon definitely win it for Team Awesome. Their rants were quite...harsh. Not that it's important, but Bronson would have come in second and Dynamite in third, but today were eliminating TWO people! One from each team.

Elimination Ceremony 8:

Chris: As you know, Dynamite AND Bronson are each eliminating someone! Spicy! Keep in mind Cal, Max, Abby and Jake are the only ones who didn't even try to submit!! Everyone vote for 1 person on your respective teams!! Oh and also, not that this is important now, but i would have given Sarah and Bronson each immunity because i believe they did the best for their respective team.

Kevin: (conf) Errr... Cal or Max, Cal or Max... *goes on, then stamps Cal's key*

Cal: I couldn't do this challenge because I couldn't think of anything bad to say about anybody. (seriously, it was too OoC for Cal. :|) So.... *stamps Max's key*

(Nduke not logged in) Abby: I vote for Max! *stamps Max's key*

Sarah:(CONF) Cal was just too nice to do it, Max was just lazy. *stamps Max's key*

Samuel: (CONF) I vote for... Daniel. I have my reasons.

Destinee: (CONF) *Stamps Daniel's key* You should've tried...

Bronson: (CONF) *Slams stamp onto Daniel's key* Let's see, you're annoying and should've at least tried. Hope you like the grave you dug yourself.

Daniel: (CONF) *stamps Bronson's key*

Chris: Ok, sorry this camp has been going slow lately so come on guys let's pick things up (i.e. TCF, Plat, Sunny and Cod don't really talk!! Encourage them to become more active!) The life rings go to...Samuel, Destinee, Sarah, Kevin, Jake, Gillian and Abby!! The final 4 are Cal, Max, Bronson and Daniel, and the next lifering goes to......................Bronson. The final lifering goes to..........................................................................................................................Cal! Goodbye Max and Daniel! See you at Loserville!! *Pushes Max and Daniel down the plank of shame*

Episode 9- Jamaican Me Crazy


Regular Rooms:

Samuel: *walks in with Quinn, and gathers his luggage*

Quinn: *gathers her luggage*

Samuel: *finishes, and walks back out*

Seaside Rooms:

Iris: *is in room, lying on bed, talking on phone* Everyone hates me now...I don't know what to do!.....yea, he's awesome....b-b-but....fine....*smiles, then frowns* Love you to mom....bye *hangs up then hurls phone against wall*

AJ: *Walks in* Um Iris, are you ok? o.O you hate me?

AJ: No! Your my teammate!

Quinn: *is walking to her room and then hears crying* What the? *walks back to see Iris crying in her room* Iris? What's up with you?

Iris: Even after I-*hugs AJ* Thanks...teamie. *turns to Quinn* Um....hiya....*nervously rubs neck*

Quinn: *from just outside the door* Well, like I know that we arn't the best of friends, but seriously, what is wrong?

AJ: I think she's upset from the challenge *Hugs Iris and Quinn* It's ok! It was just a challenge

Iris: So...we're cool?

Quinn: *to Iris* You and AJ or You and me?

Iris: All three of us. I...I'm sorry guys....

Quinn: Yeah...We are on a team together after all, so it would be nice to get along, and have a girl to talk to on the team since Brittany is never here.

Samuel: *runs to the door since he heard the phone slamming against the wall, then looks at AJ, Iris, and Quinn, smiles, and walks away* (CONF) What? You think I was gonna get mad at AJ for hugging Iris? *rolls eyes* Puh-lease. I'm not one of thoe jealous guys you see on television far too often.

Quinn: *turns around and sees Samuel* Oh, hey Samuel.

Samuel: *walks back in* Oh, um, hey.

Quinn: Hvae you checked out our room since it's been upgraded?

Samuel: Nah, I was about to though. Wanna come with?

Quinn: Sure! *walks off with Samuel*

Samuel: *walks into his and Quinn's room* This... Is... Pretty awesome.

Quinn: *walks in and places her luggage down on her bed* Woah...this is

Samuel: Yea... (CONF) I sorta, um. have a problem... *sighs*

Quinn: *starts unpacking* So? How are you and Iris going?

Samuel: Good, except for the fact that we didn't get to talk recently cause of Bronson... (BTW, turn of Rich Text if you can't edit. =P Do that by going to Preferences, then Editing.)

Quinn: Nice. I haven't spoken to AJ in a little while, but I think we're going ok.

Samuel: *shrugs* Cool. (CONF) My problem? Well... -sighs- Me and Iris haven't been talking lately, and... I sorta like Quinn too now... -looks down and shuffles uncomfortably- Pathetic, I know...

Quinn: *continues unpacking and then relizes she forgot something* Crap. *runs out of the room*

Samuel: *walks after her* What did ya forget?

Quinn: *walks into her old room* *picks up a photo and holds it tight* Nothing....(CONF): When I was 14 years old I was in my school's junior cheerleading team, I was like the vice captain of the team, and in the middle of the cheer competition the captain was sick, so I had to take her spot. We didn't have a routine to do, so I had to make one op on the spot for us. And we won. *hold a photo of her standing on top of the cheer pyramid* This photo proves that I can do anything, as my mom always said.

Samuel: *looks over* What's that a picture of?

Quinn: Oh, just one of my best cheer memories....*starts walking back to the new room*

Samuel: Explain...

Quinn: When I was 14 years old I was in my school's junior cheerleading team, I was like the vice captain of the team, and in the middle of the cheer competition the captain was sick, so I had to take her spot. We didn't have a routine to do, so I had to make one op on the spot for us. And we won. Mom said that I can do what ever I want, and achieve anything as long as I put my mind to it. This photo proves that.

Samuel: That's... Actually pretty sweet. (xD @ you copy and pasting it.)

Quinn: Thanks....*places the photo on her bed side table*

Samuel: *sits on his bed, and digs through his stuff until he finds a journal* While we're sharing stuff... Here, read this. *tosses journal to her* Something I carry along to remind me why I want to be an author again.

Quinn: *flicks through Samuel journal* Woah, you're awesome! You could definatly become an author.

Samuel: *shrugs* Thanks...

Quinn: Anytime. *slightly smiles* *starts applieing pink nailpolish to her fingers*

Destinee: *Lays on bed* *Sighs*

Quinn: Hey Destinee...

Destinee: Um, hi Quinn! I like your nail polish!

Samuel: Also... *takes the journal, and flips through it til he finds a page, then shows it to her* This is why I wanted to become an author, to let my feelings known... *Journal reads:

"My parents are at it again, their voices thundering again, echoing through my house. I shake and shiver. But no-one cares. Why should they? I'm only their son. No, they're much too busy arguing about some stupid thing. If this is what parents are like... What's their point? That's a question I cannot answer..."* Yea...

Quinn: Woah...that's rough. I got kicked out of home when I was 14, right near christmas time.

Samuel: *looks away, taking journal back* Ya...

Quinn: It sucked. My first boyfriend Luke offered to let me stay with him. So I stayed with him for about a month and then I went and lived with my grandparents...

Destinee: :( That's really sad! How could your parents kick you out?

Samuel: They hated her, Destinee... And that's sweet. Why'd you and Luke break up?

Quinn: He..let's just say....wasn't the best person to be with...

Destinee: But my parents spoil me. How can parents hate someone so nice like you, Quinn?

Samuel: I dunno, Destinee... And ex-- *stops* Sorry, too personal isn't it?

Quinn: *to Destinee* Nice?...That's one I've never heard anyone say to me before... *to Samuel* *nods head and cringes*

Samuel: *sighs* I'm sorry...

Destinee: *To Quinn* Well, you're nice to me, and that's all that matters!

Quinn: *to Samuel* That's didn't know...*slightly smiles* *to Destinee* *smiles*

Samuel: *sighs again*

Quinn: *to Samuel* What's with the sighing?

Samuel: Feel sorta guilty for asking...

Quinn: Don't feel guilty. Seriously, It doesn't matter. It's in the past. Luke was a jerk. He always will be.

AJ: *walks in* Hey, Destinee, Quinn, and Samuel!! *gives Quinn a quick kiss* What's up?

Quinn: *kisses AJ back* Just talking. *smiles*

AJ: Sounds fun! (CONF) Ok now that Bronson has a recruit item, i'm scared he's gonna split me and quinn up

Quinn: *sits down on her bed* AJ, Samuel and I just upgraded our room, I think it's pretty awesome.

Iris: *knocks on Quinn and Samuel's door* Samuel? You here?

Quinn: *gets up quickly* Iris? *opens the door*

Iris: Oh, hey Quinn! *smiles* What's up?

Quinn: Nothing Just talking...*smiles*

Samuel: *smiles at Iris* Hey! *gets up from the bed and walks on over to her*

Quinn: *smiles slightly* I'll leave you guys to it.....

Samuel: Thank you...

Iris: *smiles at Quinn then turns to Samuel* It SUCKS that we aren't on the same team, but at least we can be together now. *smiles*

Destinee: *Sneaks out of room* (CONF) It would've been awkward if I had stayed... pluse I don't really know Iris.

AJ: *also sneaks out, sees Quinn in the hallway and grabs her hand* That was nice what you did for Iris.

Samuel: I know, right? I blame Bronson. >.>

Iris: Totally. And now he can take someone from our team. I hope it's Quinn or AJ. I'd be SO alone. I kinda hope he picks me. I would love to be with you.

Samuel: *sighs* Me too, but seeing as how he chose me to keep us apart, I doubt it...

Quinn: *to AJ* Thanks..Iris isn't so bad after all.

Top Deck:

Sarah:(CONF) Our team needs to pull off a win, soon. Otherwise, we might be done for. Bronson voted out Daniel, I dunno why. As for Team Awesome, dysfunctionality alert.

Cal: Cannonball! *jumps in the pool* (CONF) I had a dream last night, and my little blue master, Broda, told me what to do.

Sarah:Hey, Cal, what's up?

Abby: *walks up to Cal and Sarah* Hey!

Sarah:Hi, Abby! All we need is Kevin and the whole team is here! :D Hi, Brittany! :P


AJ: Wow Brandon, that was very harsh >.> Iris's was too to be quite honest, i didn't know our team was so dysfunctional. Well Brandon, Quinn, i think the next person to go should be Brittany, she isn't very helpful

Destinee: *Sighs* (CONF) Am I mad at anyone for what they said? Heck no. It was a challenge, duh.

Bronson: *walks around merrily* (CONF) Why did I vote out Daniel? Easy. He was way to hard to cooperate with. And, if we ever rehash the old duos, I like my chances better alone.

Samuel: Hey AJ, at least you didn't have the entire team insult every other team member... And still lose.' >.> (CONF) Meh, I'm not really annoyed at what people said. It was just a challenge, even though I wouldn't be surprised if some people meant it.

Quinn: *to AJ* Sure. Whatever. (CONF): The only person I bleive is Iris when she said those things about me. BUt it only makes me more determined to get rid of her.

AJ: True Samuel (CONF) Was i upset about the challenge? A little bit. The challenge was to insult ONE person but most people went as far as insulting people outside the team.

Quinn: So AJ? Are we voting Brittany next time?

AJ: Sounds good! Unless she proves herself i think she should be the next to go! Better option is though we keep winning

Quinn: Yes. I agree.

AJ: That's good! (CONF) There's too much going on right now to think about. Samuel is trying to break me and quinn up, and Iris definitely isn't HELPING our relationship! Of course those two "like" each other, but thats even more confusing than me and Quinn. Then there's Bronson and Destinee and who knows whats up with those two. We just lost two of the sane people Daniel and Max, and Gillian and Jake are pretty non existant, and Pablo and Kevin are just kind of....there. Sarah and Brandon was unexpected. There's so much happening

Brandon: So we vote of Brittany, then Pablo.

AJ: Sounds good enough, i'm figuring there will be a merge in a couple of eliminations, maybe 5 or 6, so it's enough to wipe out our whole team if were not careful.

Aqua Lounge:

Kevin: *continues to lounge aquatically*

Cal: Hey Kevin, I thought I'd come and maybe lounge aquatically with you? :P

Kevin: Oooh, okay. :D

Cal: Great. *lounges aquatically* So, how ya been?

Abby: *walks in* Hi guys!

Quinn: Hey....Everyone.

Cal: Oh, hey gu- girls. :|

Samuel: *walks in, and glares at Abby briefly*

Quinn: *stands next to Abby* Do you cheer Abby?

Cal: Wow, a lot of aquatic loungers today.

Kevin: Oh, uh, yeah, I'm okay. You?

Cal: Yeah, I'm doing good, just trying to get a little more social with everybody, because being antisocial is never a good way to go.

AJ: *walks in* Hey guys!

Quinn: *sits down*

Cal: Woah, I've never seen this many people in one room that wasn't a challenge room before.

Sarah:Hey, Cal, I love this lounge!

Cal: Oh, hey Sarah.

Abby: Hey Cal :)

Gift Shop:

Jamaica Postcard: 25 MP (Choose one member from your team to swap with a member of another team) Stock: 1

Challenge Pass: 10 MP (Let's you skip the challenge) Stock: Unlimited

Recruitment Form: 30 MP (Allows you to take a member from another team, with no swap, not eligible for Team Awesome) Stock: 0

Room Upgrade: 25 MP (Allows you to upgrade rooms, and gives you immunity for the episode) Stock: Unlimited

Team Jet Boat: 20 MP (Won't be helpful in this episode, but in the next) Stock: 0

AJ: Crap i can't afford anything

Quinn: Can I please buy the Jet Boat?

AJ: Good idea Quinn!!

Quinn: *smiles* As I said, I'm in it to win it. *hugs AJ*

Kevin: Oooh, I'll grab a Challenge Pass. :D

Samuel: Quinn, wanna pitch in five MP for a Room Upgrade for both of us?

Quinn: I'll think about it :)

Destinee: I would like to give 10 MP's to Bronson for special reasons, thank you :P

Samuel: Alright...

Bronson: I'd like the Recruitment. >;)

Quinn: Samuel, Let's buy that Room Upgrade :) I'l give ya, 5 MP so we can buy it. :)

Samuel: *smiles softly at her* Alright. *takes five MP, and buys it*

Quinn: Awesome! We have a better room + immunity, can't get any better than that!

Brittany: Can I have a room upgrade and give my remaining MP to Sarah, please?

Chris: Let me keep track, Kevin has a challenge pass, Quinn has the jet boat, Abby has a challenge pass and an immunity idol, samuel has an imunnity idol, Sarah has a mexico post card, Bronson has the recruitment and another secret item. I'll deduct later because im in class now. Everyone but Bronson, Brandon, Pablo and Sarah have upgraded their rooms, and Brittany, Jake, Quinn and Samuel have immunity this episode.

Sarah:Can I give my 5 MP to Pablo, making his total 25? Thank you. :P

Pablo: I would like to get a room upgrade, por favor. ^^


Chris: Ok Bronson, before we start, you need to pick someone from Team Awesome or Team Dynamite to join Team Bronson! You can either take down the top team, or try to eliminate Team Dynamite!!!!

Bronson: I select... *smirks at Team Awesome* ...Quinn.

Cal: Good thing we didn't have to lose another member.

Bronson: Oh, I wouldn't do that... *narrows eyes at Team Dynamite* and I hope you know what lines to cross if you'd like to keep it that way.

Destinee: Yay! It makes our team stronger now :D

AJ: Awesome...(CONF) *Rolls eyes* Like i didn't see THAT one coming

Quinn: *frowns and goes and stands over with Team Bronson* team?

Chris: Ok Quinn welcome to Team Bronson!!! Now your challenge? It's a really really super hard challenge, it's to say SAFE MON! The last person to say that sends their team to elimination

Safe: Team Dynamite, Aj, Destinee, Bronson, Pablo, Samuel, Quinn, Iris, Gillian, Brandon

AJ: SAFE MON? (CONF) Chris is so weird...

Destinee: Safe Mon...

Bronson: Safe mon... -_-

Pablo: Safe Mon

Kevin: Safe, mon. :D *puts on some shades*

Samuel: Safe mon... (CONF) Idiot. -.-

Abby: Safe mon! :D

Quinn: Safe Mon.. (CONF): What the hell.....

Cal: *in a heavy accent* Safe mon.

Iris: *sighs* Safe mon.

Samuel: *walks over to Iris* So, what's up?

Gillian: SAFE MON!

AJ: did Gillian o.O

Sarah:SAFE MON.(My server was messed today, glad I wasn't last. :P )

Quinn: *walks over to AJ* It really sucks that we're not on the same team anymore. *to Gillian* Hiya, I'm Quinn, I think Im on a team with you now.

Brandon: SAFE MON!

Cal: Did we just... get first? o.O

Abby: We did! *kisses Cal on the cheek* EEEE!

AJ: I know right Quinn (CONF) Two seasons in a row without Quinn on my team, gah


Quinn: Plus, you know what sucks? I hardly have any friends on that team, and I am expecting to get voted out soon, which I don't want to.

AJ: Your friends with Samuel right?

Quinn: Yeah, but who knows which way he could vote.

AJ: I guess your right, watch your back!

Quinn: I will. I am going to try harder than ever to win the challenges now. *kisses AJ on the cheek*

AJ: Good! :) Don't get yourself eliminated!! (CONF) Ok i may be playing it cool, but it sucks that Quinn is on a different team now, especially since she's with Samuel

Quinn: *smiles* Don't get yourself eliminated either! (CONF): I miss being on a team with AJ it was awesome! Now, it sucks, but a game is a game and I have to try my hardest for my new team so we can win.

Chris: And Team Dynamite wins! With team Bronson coming in second and Team Awesome coming in last!! Time for awesome to eliminate someone!

Elimination Ceremony 9:

Chris: Team Awesome, time to eliminate someone!!! Stamp the room key of the contestant you want eliminated in the confessional!!

AJ (CONF): I think the choice is easy...*stamp's Brittany's room key*

Brandon: (CONF) Sorry. *stamps Brittany's key*

Pablo: (CONF) I vote... *stamps AJ's key* I'm pretty sure Brittany is immune this episode, sorry. :(

(Brittany: Can I have a room upgrade and give my remaining MP to Sarah, please?

Sarah:Can I give my 5 MP to Pablo, making his total 25? Thank you. :P

Pablo: I would like to get a room upgrade, por favor. ^^

I am pretty sure Plat and Brit are safe cause they got room upgrades. :P )

Chris: However, although Brittany and Pablo are safe, Brittany is auto-eliminated for missing more than three challenges! Bye-bye!! Our second auto-elimination!

Episode 10- Bahama Bash


Regular Rooms:

Chris: Is anyone left here? o.O

Seaside Suites:

Top Deck:

AJ: Gah so i guess im without Quinn...again, Iris, Brandon, Pablo, we cannot lose again! I don't want any of you going home, maybe we can team up with Dynamite to take down Bronson

Bronson: *walks by* Good luck with that. I know at least ONE Team Dynamite member is with me at merge. Your team is as good as dne, AJ.

Pablo:'s about we team with..sure whatevs xD

AJ: Ok XD (CONF) We have just got to win the next challenge, and now that Quinn bought our team a jetboat, thats awesome! Too bad quinn isnt actually with us

Abby: *whispers to AJ* I'll help you too!

AJ: Ok awesomers, look like it's us four, against them 10, we can do this though!!

Abby: April Fool's hahaha! (xD) Bronson's alliance all da way~

AJ: Hmph, i just hope you realize that since Awesome has a reward, and team bronson is a strong team, team dynamite is probably going to lose the next challenge

Abby: Fine, I'll be with you.

Cal: Technically, only Quinn has the reward, and now that she's on Team Bronson, the reward goes to them. (TDAddict: Also, I'm not gonna be as active, see TDMetro for more information)

AJ: No, the reward went to Quinn's team at the time, which was Team Awesome

Destinee: *Sits and watches the others* (CONF) Why would I waste my time engaging in another pointless argument? It would be even better if I had popcorn!

AJ: (CONF) Now that everyone is set on eliminating Brandon, Iris, Pablo and I, there is a best and worst case scenario. Best case is we win until the merge, and then we would have a team alliance, worst case is we get dominated like Team Victory

Kevin: I'm tired of lounging aquatically. What's up, AJ, Bronson, Abby, Pablo, Cal, and Destinee? ^_^

AJ: Nothing much Kevin XD *Goes and starts walking up steps to the waterslide* I'm going to go watersliding!

Destinee: *Waves to Kevin* Nothing much, I was just enjoying the argument that was going on! >:D

Abby: You're trying to threaten me, when we have the numbers at merge? Quinn's not even on your team anymore!

AJ: *Still climbing up the stairs* You have to survive the team stage to make it to the merge

Quinn: Hey Guys! (CONF): At least the jet boat goes to Team Awesome, not Team Dynamite. If it helps AJ win, that's great!

Brandon: Let's win this Team Awesome!

Sarah:(CONF) I cannot win. My team loses, I might go, Bronson loses, my friend Quinn goes, Awesome, my old teammie goes. This is too much. ;(

Quinn: (CONF): I hope the merge is soon!

AJ: (CONF): We've had four team eliminations, i wonder how many are left until the merge

Abby: So when's the challenge?


Abby: *walks in* Anyone here??

Aqua Lounge:


Chris: Roleplay challenge tonight at 9:30 EST!! Tell me if you can be there or not!

AJ: I'm in

Abby: Me too!

Cal: Its iffy. (The luck that I'm having with my internet right now may leave...)

Gillian: Can't make it... (My cousin is coming over, and he is recovering from a LOT, so I wanna be there for him :( )

Kevin: I think so.

Sarah:Maybe. :P

Pablo: ...maybe (Depends on what my family does)

Destinee: Maybe. (I have another role play tonight at 8, which usually lasts for awhile so possibly.)

Quinn: I can't make it. (it is Easter today so i have to visit my family, , all day)

Chris: Ok your challenge!! You have to run on to the beach, build a sand castle, and then get to the next island somehow and build another one!! Go!

AJ: Lets go!! *starts collecting sand* We have to win this challenge!!

Cal: Yes, I know all about this type of stuff! *starts building*

AJ: *Puts a mount down and it collapses* Awesome... *goes and starts getting more sand*

Cal: A little help here? *continues building*

AJ: *Puts a mount down and it stays* Yes!! *goes back to getting sand and shells*

AJ: *Is building the castle* Help would be nice!!

Abby: *helps Cal build* I feel a song coming on, nah feeling's over. xD

Quinn: *starts building Team Bronson's castle* A little help HERE! *to Chris* Chris? Didn't I buy the jet boat? Therefore, Team Bronson should have it!

Chris: Well you bought it while you were on Team Awesome, loopholes! And Abby, funny you mentioned that...

Musical Chime: *Rings*

Chris: You must sing a song about buidling, that goes along with the tune of come fly with us. It MUST rhyme!

AJ: Build, Build, Build, Build

Abby: You are a pain in my butt, butt, butt.

AJ: Were Building, Were Singing, Were building and were singing

Bronson: *building* come build with us!

Pablo: Come build with us...

Cal: We got a lot of crazy tunes to bust. (CONF) I hate singing.

Destinee: Come build with us!

AJ *with Destinee*: Come build with us!

Kevin: It's real fun, so don't bother, and don't fuss!

Brandon: Dudes this is messed. You're building on a beach!

AJ: What do you expect, Chris is like a, big leech!

Brandon: Ya, but guys, you're singing's really bad!

Kevin: Just sing, and do the challenge, man, I think I've gone maaad!

Quinn: Come Build with us!

AJ *Dancing*: Come Build with us!

Brandon: *is trapped in part of the castle* Do you know how to get out of this thing?

Iris, AJ, Abby and Jake: Come build with us! Come sing with us!

Samuel and Gillian: No!

Chris: Can somebody look at this challenge rules? Because..

Quinn: All, contestants, must sing in this song

Iris: Samuel do it, let's go!

Cal: Gillian, sing it, don't go!

Gillian: Well i don't want to go home! Come build with us, come build with us, come and build, with us!!

Iris: Samuel please!

Samuel: This suckssss

Everyone Else: Yeah!

Chris: Now back to building!!

AJ: *Runs back to the buckets and gets more sand* Help!

Brandon: *runs and grabs buckets and sand*

AJ: *Looks around* Where is everyone? *Goes back to building* Almost there!

Cal: *keeps building* Almost done...

AJ: Team? Hello team *almost finishes building and hears an explosion, and looks over to see the jet ski explode* WHAT?!

Sarah:(CONF) Karma... >:D(NONCONF) Cal, lemme help! *helps Cal build the castle*

AJ: *Finishes up the castle* Ok team let's go! *Shoves them all into the water and begins swimming*

Brandon: *swims as fast as he can* Lets go guys!

Cal: *finshes what looks like Bowser's castle* Come on! *gets everybody into the water and starts swimming*

AJ: *Swims fast* Lets go!!

Sarah: *starts swimming* We can do this, Cal!

Chris: Oh did i mention the winning team chooses who goes home? Thats right!!

AJ: O.O *begins swimming faster*

Brandon: Almost there! *swims faster*

Cal: We cannot lose! *begins swimming faster* Try to keep up guys!

AJ: Iris? Pablo? Help!! *is 3/4 of the way there*

Brandon: *swims as fast as humanly possible*

Cal: *keeps swimming at a fast pace*

Brandon: ALMOST!! *swims even faster*

AJ: *makes it to the island* Yess!!!

Chris: and Team Awesome wins!! followed by Dynamite, Awesome, please proceed to eliminate a Bronson member!

Cal: *makes it to the island and starts panting* Yes, we didn't lose.

Elimination Ceremony 10:

Chris: You know the drill! Get to it Awesomes

AJ: (CONF) Sorry man, but you've kind of slid your way through this game *stamps Jake's key*

Brandon: (CONF) I'm sorry, but I vote with AJ tonight. *stamps Jake's key*

Pablo: (CONF) I vote... *stamps Jake's key* So long, sucker. :P

Chris: And the life rings go to: Destinee, Gillian, Quinn, and Bronson. The bottom two are Jake and Samuel, and the last lifering goes to...................Samuel! Jake, time to go!!

Episode 11- Revenge of the Losers


Regular Rooms:

Abby: I'm not mad at Cal, he cracks me up, he's like a friend :3

Samuel: Ugh... So, what should we do until the challenge is over Quinn?

Chris *through the intercom* Samuel, Quinn, you guys are competing!

Quinn: Ugh...

Samuel: Fine... *ramsagainst the door* So, how are things with you and AJ?

Seaside Suite:

AJ: Oof that was a rough challenge *plops on bed*

Sarah:*is asleep in the comfy bed*(with an axe that says Edit Conflicts are Bad. :@ :P )

Hallways: *go into lockdown, trapping Sarah and AJ inside*

AJ: Sarah, what are we going to do? *Begins to try and find a way out*

AJ: Well Sarah, looks like were teamed up for the challenge! Let's try to find a way out!!

AJ *shaking Sarah*: Sarah wake up!! (CONF) Well its a good thing my partner is here

AJ: Well it's a good thing i brought my soccer cleats with me! *puts on cleats* Now to bust out of here! *begins kicking at the door*

AJ: *Kicks down the door* Woo! Soccer skills!! Now to get sleeping sarah there..*hauls Sarah onto his back and begins running pathetically*

Top Deck:

Cal: Thought I'd never have to go back to my athletic skills for this game.

Bronson: Hi, Cal. ;)

Cal: Oh, hey... Bronson was it?

Abby: Hi Cal, hey Bronson! *smiles at Cal*

Cal: Uh, hi Abby.

Abby: What's up?

Cal: *starts swimming*

Abby: *jumps in with her bikini on* So want to go out sometime Cal?

Cal: Uh, no thanks.

Abby: Okay. *gets out of water holding back tears*

Cal: :|

Abby: *runs into room crying, slamming the door* Ugh, if only Zoey was still here. ;(

Cal: All I said was no thanks, ugh. Broda would've told me it was the right thing to do, I know it.

Abby: (CONF) What's up with Cal? :( He used to be kinda flirtatious. (xD)

Cal: *gets out, and goes to the aqua lounge*

Top Deck: *Goes into lock down, trapping Bronson and Gillian inside*

Bronson: What the? *Looks at Gillian sleeping* Great... (CONF) So I'm in the Top Deck, looking out at sea, when suddenly I'm stuck with Ms. Idle. Seriously?! I'll gut you Chris!

Bronson: *tries door and it's locked* Ugh. I'm guessing we have to break-out. *looks at glass window*Hmm, lemme see... *charges at window and headbutts it bt is flung back* Ow! *rubs head* flexy-glass... right...

Bronson: I know! *throws Gillian of the couch she was sleeping on and grip it.* Let' do this... *runs at full-speed, pushing the couch and rams the couch intothe dors, managing tobreak the top hinge off the left door* Yes!

Bronson: Just need the second hinge down... Got it! *takes off one of gillian's high heels, smashes it against the secod hinge and the heel breaks* ...what good are woman's shoes again?! :@

Bronson: Screw it! *body slams the left door and it completely breaks off* Yes! Freedom!

Bronson: *turns to Gillian* ell, we ARE on the same team... *runs back and slings Gillian over her shoulder* to the challenge room! *runs to challenge room*


Cal: *lounges*

Abby: Can we talk? I'm not mad, please?

Cal: Fine.

Abby: Okay, why are you mad at me?

Cal: I'm not mad.

Door: *slams shut and locks Cal and Abby inside*

Cal: *runs to the door and tries to open it* Dang it!

Abby: It's cool.

Cal: We need a way out of here.

Abby: Thank you Captain Obvious.

Cal: I was saying that so you could try to think of something.

Abby: I got it! *takes bobby-pin out and picks lock* Come on.. Come on!

Abby: *picks lock* Yes, Come on Cal! *picks up Cal* To the Lobby!

Cal: Woah, I'll do the rest of the running myself. *keeps running*

Aqua Lounge:

AJ: I need a strong alliance at the merge, hmm i already have Brandon and Iris *looks around* Destinee! She will do! *Whispers to Destinee* Wanna stick together if we both make merge?

Sarah:Hey, AJ! :D

Destinee: *Whispers to AJ* Sure. (CONF) *Laughs* No, not really. I already have an alliance thank you very much. I just don't want people to know that at the moment, because it'll put a target on my back.

AJ: *whipering* Ok (CONF) Ha. Now we have someone to take the fall if our alliance is discovered

Pablo: Hey Sarah. I wonder when the merge will happen...

Brandon: Sarah. Hi . . . If, no, when we make it to the merge, do you want to, you know, make an alliance? I mean, with AJ too.

Pablo: Brandon, you're supposed to whisper those things :P

Abby: *does wicked dance moves with Destinee* Work it sista! (xD)

Brandon: Pablo, were on the same team. And the merge isn't for a while. Why would I be keeping secrets from you anyways?

Abby: Let's go Team Dynamite!!!

Sarah:Brandon, we are a couple. That goes unsaid. :P

Iris: *skips over to AJ and Destinee* Hola AJ....and Destinee. *smiles at Destinee then turns to AJ* I'm so sorry about Quinn moving to team Bro-whatever. *smiles sadly* Now the only real friend I have on my team is

Abby: So... How's everyone today? Episode 11! WOOT WOOT

Cal: *sees Abby, then walks to the lounge*


Door: *slams shut, trapping Iris, Kevin, Brandon, Destinee, and Pablo inside*

Brandon: Um, are we trapped in here? *begins looking for ways to get out*

Destinee: O.o Idk, but if we are, that makes me worried...

Kevin: Uh-oh. o_o Well, this is the aqua lounge, there must be a drainage thingy somewhere, right?

Iris: *starts pacing with eyes closed* Okay, Iris, remember what your mother used to say. If a guys comes and takes you, and you get locked in a room you use a...bobby pin to unlock the doors. *pulls a bobby pin from hair*...can anyone pick a lock?

Destinee: *Shrugs* I've never been locked in some place so I never have...

Brandon: Wait. Guys, were in the aqua lounge. We can just snorkel out of this place! *starts putting on gear*

Pablo: Oh yeah... *puts on scuba diving gear* Come on, there's one for everyone :D

Destinee: *Puts on scuba gear* Oh god, what am I getting myself into?

Iris: *sighs* Okay,'ve watched Howcast.....*starts picking the lock with ear to door* Ah. *hears a click and lock becomes undone* Great...*looks at door and sees a padlock*....*takes off heal and throws it at the lock*

Destinee: Good job Iris! :D

Iris: Dest, take of your shoes and throw them at the pad-lock. *throws heals at pad-lock*

Destinee: Ok! *Takes off heels and throws them at the pad lock*

Kevin: I'll do the same. :D *realizes what he just said* I mean....


Chris: Challenge will start later tonight, here's a hint, you want to be chatting it up in the above sections if you want your team to be in the running.

Chris: Now as you guys have probably noticed, everyone is locked in rooms except for Quinn and Samuel!! Chat it up in the room your locked in until the challenge starts, and Samuel and Quinn don't a chance anymore! (Unless they enter a room that's not locked, if there is one)

Chris: Now for the challenge! See everyone in the room with you? Yeah they are your team for the challenge (or pair in some cases) *Kicks Samuel and Quinn into the regular room and locks it down* There are five temporary teams and they are as follows

Suites: Aj and Sarah- Rank: 2nd

Regular Rooms: Quinn and Samuel- Rank: Locked

Aqua Lounge: Kevin, Destinee, Brandon, Pablo, and Iris- Rank: Locked

Top Deck: Gillian and Bronson- Rank: 1st

Lounge: Cal and Abby- Rank: 3rd

Good luck!

Bronson: *runs into room and drops Gillian* yes.. *wheezes* I made it! >;)

AJ: *Comes in and then drops to the floor panting* Sarah is so helpful >.>

Abby: *runs into rooom drooping Cal* How much do you weigh? *pants*

Cal: Hey, its all muscle. >.>

Abby: Yeah right *feels it* OH MY GOD! (xD)

Cal: Told you. >.>

Abby: (CONF) I wonder if he has abs. :P

Elimination Ceremony 11:

Chris: LOSERS! Time for you to eliminate Quinn, Samuel, Brandon, Pablo, Iris, Destinee, or Kevin!!

Herman (from TOW): Ummm... Uh.... I guess I'll just vote Quinn...

Oat (CONF): I don't know who you guys are...but Iris?

Chris: Psssst want a tip current players? Start editing Tour of the Wiki

AJ: Chris, can we get on with things?

Chris: Fine! Gillian, your taking the boot due to missing a solid 1000 challenges! Bye bye!

Episode 12- Tours of Countdown- Paris


Regular Rooms:

Seaside Suites:

Top Deck:


Aqua Lounge:

Exploring Paris:

AJ: *Climbs up the eiffel tower and looks over the edge* I feel like i was just here

Quinn: PARIS!

AJ: *whispering to Quinn* P.S. you gotta watch your back, with bronson and destinee being so tight and all

Quinn: Yeah. I know. Just to think, all of this would never have happened if I hadn't had to change teams...

AJ: Yeah, stupid Chris >.> Make sure you edit a lot, i want you to get individual immunity

Quinn: Yeah, I will edit, like I have never edited before!

Kevin: Oooh, cool challenge. (Question, AJ, can you make sure no one fluffs? I'm afraid that might happen a lot. ._.)

Sarah:Hey, Kevin, what's up teammie? Lemonade?*has two glasses* I can't seem to find Brandon, irony being in the city of love. <_< :P

Kevin: Oooh, hey there, sure. *grabs a glass* I have this weird vibe that Brandon might be next to go on Team Awesome. Then again, I get weird vibes a lot. And they're usually wrong.

Iris: *looks over edge of Eiffel Tower, and runs hands through hair* Where's Samuel? I was hoping to spend our time in Paris together. *looks at AJ and Quinn and sighs*

Abby: *pats Iris on the back* It's okay, I'm sure Sam will show up soon,

Chris: By the way, there are two 5 point MP cards hidden, one is somewhere in the eiffel tower, and one is in the Louvre.

Day: *changes to night*

Louvre: *Locks up and guards surround it*

Eiffel Tower: *Lights turn on*

AJ: Well i guess we should look for it

Brandon: C'mon Sarah! *hugs her tight* Lets go look for the MP! *starts climbing the tower*

AJ: (CONF) I wonder if anything is going to go down with Destinee and Bronson since were in Paris, i mean it's more than obvious they like each other...

Abby: Hey AJ, wanna look for the MP? ;)

Kevin: Ooooh. :D *walks inside the Louvre, examines some paintings* Hmmm...

Abby: Hey Kevin! *runs up to him* What's up?

Bronson: *stares at Destinee* so... whatwould you do if we were challenged to make-out? ;)

Kevin: Hey, Abby! :D *pigeon feather floats by* O.O FLUFFY OBJECT. *chases*

Kevin: *is scolded by a security guard for running in a museum* :( I need comfort. :'( *leans on Abby*

Destinee: *Laughs* *To Bronson* Is that your attempt of hitting on me? ;)

Pablo: *looks behind paintings Sierra jumped through in the Louvre*

Abby: *leans in*

Bronson: No, it'smy attempt at strategically embracing you. <.< (gtg, bye)

Cal: *in some random area of Paris, with fake pointed ears, and a blue "space trek" suit* Paris, this is awesome!

Kevin: *accidentally kisses Abby* O.O ........................... I wanna do that again. :| *kisses again*

Abby: *kisses back and smiles* Woww :)

Quinn : *walks past* (CONF): That came out of nowhere....

Cal: *gets several odd stares* :| *runs to the tower*

Sarah *sees Cal on her way to the tower to find Brandon* Cal, hey, teammie! Wanna walk to the tower together, Brandon ran on ahead. <_< :P

Cal: Sure. :|

AJ: *Takes Quinn's Hand* Let's go find it up on the tower! It looks so cool at night!

Chris: NO ONE has found the MP yet...don't forget it's night, so everything is locked down and lit up in a pretty manner!

Sarah:Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. :P (My comp fails me once again, main chat won't load for meh. Need to talk, just PM till I get it to work right. D:)

AJ: (CONF) *sigh* I wonder what's going on with Quinn and Samuel

Iris: *walks into confessional with mascara running down face* (CONF) I-I *sees AJ* HOLLY CRAP! *jumps against the closed door* I'm SO SORRY!

AJ: (CONF) *Taken aback* It's fine!! What's wrong?

Iris: (CONF) I don't know where Samuel is, and it's Paris! I think he might be with Qui- some other girl. *wipes eyes* I want someone that cares about me.

AJ: (CONF) I understand, i don't know where Quinn is either

Iris: (CONF) *looks at him with tears in eyes* *whispers* You don't think they're....

AJ: (CONF) I...I want to say no, but i don't know

Iris: (CONF) *wipes tears*...can I trust you?

AJ: (CONF) Yeah of course!

Iris: (CONF) *nods silently* *leans in and kisses AJ*

AJ: (CONF) *Startled, closes eyes, then opens them quickly and retreats* Um...Umm...Sorry *runs out of the confessional*

Iris: (CONF) *looks startled, then sits in confessional and crys*

Cal: *stops moving, then looks around* I feel a disturbance. (Trust me guys, this isn't about Iris and AJ :P)

Quinn: *sees Iris & AJ* *happily* Hi Guys! What's going on?

AJ: (CONF) What was up with Iris? I hope she knows i still want to be with Quinn...

Iris: *looks normal* Hey Quinn. *smiles* (CONF) Okay...I just got caught up in the moment. I don't like AJ...I DON'T.....I'm such a bad liar. *twitches*

Quinn: *puts hands in pockets* So what's up?

Iris: *eye twitches* Nothing....NOTHING.....

Quinn: Hm. That's ok then. I'm just going to back....later..... (CONF): Is something going on? can't coz Iris is friend...right? She would tell me. *looks to her left* Maybe i'm nothing is going on. *smiles*

Iris: (CONF) *hyperventalates in a paper-bag*


Chris: Your challenge is to make as many edits as you can on Total Drama Tour of the Wiki!!! Whatever team makes the most edits in 5 days, gets immunity. It will be a double elimination! How it will is hidden, but here are starting edit counts:

Quinn: 133 (+8)

Destinee: 7 (+1)

Samuel: 33 (+0)

Bronson: 23 (+0)

Total: 9

AJ: 55 (+10)

Brandon: 100 (+32)

Kate: 0 (+6)

Pablo: 0 (+1)

Total: 49

Cal: 1 (+22)

Abby: 2 (+23)

Kevin: 0 (+85)

Sarah: 91 (+21)

Total: 161


P.S., for those who don't know, type Special:EditCount into the search bar, then type in your exact username, to check edit count. Mainspace edits only count. Make no edits and your up for elimination, make a small amount of edits and risk your team voting you off next in the double elimination. Since the reward then double elimination wasn't planned, i haven't decided whether to boot off two from one team or one from two teams, so get to it!

Chris: Does anyone have thoughts on how the double elimination should go?

Abby: Um, how about a poll with everyone's name on it, and the two with the most votes on it, are eliminated? (Nduke: AJ, go on Chatango, and PM me, and maybe have the hosts meeting? Thanks)

Cal: The winning team should be the only team that doesn't have to eliminate somebody.

Pablo: Spice things up and have two people go from the losing team >:D

Sarah:I agree with Pablo.

Chris: I've made my decision, I am going to eliminate TWO from ONE team!!! So watch your backs, no matter what one team will be cut in half!! They will have to battle it out as a pair (going back XD) for one more episode, until Episode 14. What happens in episode 14? You got it! Merge time! Three more eliminations to make it, so lets see who's got it! Oh and the best editor from each team gets immunity!

Quinn: That's me! :)

Chris: Holy Poop! Team Bronson was blown out of the water! Team Dynamite wins, and they did so well i'm rewarding them each with 15 MP, and another prize to be revealed soon. Team Awesome, meh, average, didn't win didn't lose, but no eliminations! Team Bronson, man you guys sucked, only 9 edits! Well Quinn gets immunity for having the most edits with 8, Bronson, Destinee, Samuel, only one of you is staying.

Elimination Ceremony 12:

Chris: So, Team bronson! You guys get to eliminate someone, BUT ALSO! Team DYNAMITE gets to eliminate your other member, fun right? I will wait till all 8 people vote (Dynamite + Bronson) Stapm the passports blah blah blah go!

Sarah (CONF):I vote Samuel. He is a jerk, he is mean, and I just dislike him. >:D

Cal: (CONF) Well, I can't vote Bronson because he's the only one I've actually talked to, I guess Samuel, he doesn't seem like that nice a guy. *stamps Samuel's passport*

Destinee: *Sighs* (CONF) *Stamps Smuel's passport* Sorry dude!

Abby: (CONF) *closes eyes and stamps Bronson's key* Hey, that wasn't so bad after all. Crap! Bronson's!?

Bronson: THIS IS BULL! WITH QUINN IMMUNE, AND SAMUEL WITH HIS STUPID IMMUNITY IDOL, ME AND DESTINEE ARE DEFAULT OUT! (CONF) *holds up Samuel and Destinee's keys* Oh, *snaps both keys in half* I don't vote for either of them *points to camera furiously* I VOE FOR YOU MCLEAN!

Chris: -.-, Bronson, you should have EDITED more, she only had 8 edits you could have beaten that. I made that rule oh what? 5 days ago. Due to Samuel's recent inactivity, his idol is null void (im nulling his idol instead of just eliminating him)

Chris: Were waiting on Kevin, Quinn and Samuel

Abby: Hello! Samuel and Quinn haven't been on in days! What makes you think they're gonna vote now? Either way Sam's going home. Bronson has 1 vote, and you have 1 vote. :| Just end it :| It's been going on since yesterday *goes into mental state temporarily* xD

Kevin: Quinn's immune and Destinee was my partner! So, I guess I'll be voting for Bronson.

Samuel: (CONF) Well, I'm screwed... (I come back from vacation just one day late? xD Come on, can I please use my idol? =P)

Quinn: (CONF): Ok. I can't vote for Destinee, she's my friend so i'm voting for Bronson. *stamps Bronson's passport thingy*

Chris: (Ok fine) Well, since Samuel had a legitamate excuse for missing challenges (Even though he DIDN'T inform me >.>) *passes out Liferings to Quinn and Samuel* Looks like our lucky losers are last season's winner Destinee, and crazy psycho bodybuilder Bronson!! Sorry you two, but you have been eliminated!! Samuel's idol is gone now!

Quinn: (CONF): Samuel & I on a team of two...woah..that's....weird.....

Episode 13- We're all in this Together


Group Room:

Chris: That's right! No more roomates! You are now all together in one room! Woohoo sleepover party! Oh and not only do you not have roomates, you don't have TEAMS!! It's every wo/man for him/herself! Good luck out there final 10! There will be another surprise, later!

AJ: Wow, two threats gone, just like that.

Quinn: At least Bronson is gone! He was like, my biggest threat.

Samuel: (CONF) Thank God, now I'll actually be able to talk to Iris...

Iris: *hugs Samuel* EEEEE! You, AJ, Quinn, and me…..alliance? *smiles at everyone*

Quinn: That's a great idea! *smiles slightly*

AJ: Sure i am in (CONF) With Bronson and Destinee, two huge threats gone, there are only 10 players left. Kevin, Abby, Sarah, and Cal all seem strong, we know Brandon is strong, Pablo seems to be the weakest link

Samuel: *hugs her back* Of course. (By the way AJ, I didnt inform you I was leaving cause I assumed someone else would. xD)

Quinn: I'll leave you 2 'love birds' to it. *winks at Iris and Samuel*

Kevin: Destinee's gone? D: Well, she was a good roommate.

AJ: Yeah Kevin it's kind of sad!

Quinn: Yes. Destinee was nice.

Iris: *kisses Samuel* I kinda have to tell you something...

Samuel: Yes?

Iris: Um...I....missed Paris....

Samuel: I missed you too... *slightly confused*

Iris: *tears come to eyes* Paris is the city of love....

Samuel: Iris, what's wrong...?

Iris: Are you cheating on me?

Samuel: Of course not! Why would I?

Iris: Because! You were spending so much time with Quinn and the only person that was there for me was AJ. YOU were with Quinn.

Samuel: Because everytime I would try to talk to you a challenge would start up or we were seperated for some other reason...

Iris: *crys* I'm so sorry...

Samuel: Iris, what happened...

Iris: *hugs Samuel* AJ....confessional.....I....him.....

Abby: You kissed AJ!?

Brandon: FINAL 10! We made it baby! *hugs Sarah*

Samuel: *expression darkens* Oh... *sighs* Just... Give me some time to myself, okay? *attempts a smile, then goes to the Top Deck*

Iris: Samuel I- *sits on bed and cries*

Samuel: *knocks on door* Can I come in...?

Iris: *sits up, with make-up running down face* YES! OF COURSE!

Samuel: *opens door slowly* Hi Iris...

Iris: Samuel! *gets up and wipes eyes* Hi...

Samuel: *pauses, then sighs* Listen, I'm not sure if I can continue dating you... *looks away* I'm not sure how I could date a girl who could, behind my back, be making out with AJ, Kevin, Cal who knows... *sighs* I'm sorry...

Iris: was just a small kiss in the confessional. I-I-I'm s-s-so sorry. *starts crying again* I-I-I-I l-l-love y-y-you...

Samuel: *sighs* And how am I supposed to know that it was just a small kiss? I wouldn't even have known you kissed, had you not told me.

Iris:*wipes eyes*....never talked to me....I told you because you ar-were my boyfriend. The guilt....the GUILT.

Samuel: And I tried multiple times to, but everytime something seperated us, and when we finally get to talk with each other I learn that... *sighs* And how should I know you won't feel as guilty, if you do it again?

Iris: Because I won't do it again! Because I lov-....strongly like you! And I miss you! I missed you sooooo much.

Samuel: I missed you too, which is why I was excited for us to finally be in the same room...

Iris: Can you ever forgive me? *looks sad*

Samuel: I'm not mad at you Iris, I'm just not sure how I can trust you in a relationship anymore... I'm sorry...

Iris: *starts to cry silently* I...I messed up....and I'll never forgive myself for that....

Samuel: *hugs Iris* I'm sorry...

Iris: *hugs back* I'm more sorry...

Samuel: *stops hugging, and pulls away*

Iris: *arms drop to side* I...*bites lip and looks down*

Samuel: What?

Iris: I'll miss you.

Samuel: I'll still talk to you, you know...

Iris: I'll miss us. I'll miss being in your arms.

Samuel: *sighs* I'm sorry...

Iris: Even if the kiss was, like, a second, I was always thinking about you.

Samuel: *looks away* I'm sor-- Alright, I'm saying that way too much...

Iris: *smirks then frowns* Why are you sorry?

Samuel: *smiles for a second* Cause it should be a crime to break up with a girl like you...

Iris: *laughs* Remember our game of tennis?

Samuel: *chuckles and rolls eyes* You mean that one I didn't get a point in?

Iris: *smiles and shrugs* You tried, right?

Samuel: Sadly, yes.

Iris: *smiles* Remember our first kiss?

Samuel: In the waters of the first challenge, yep.

Iris: I didn't kiss you to prove that I didn't like AJ. I kissed you to prove to myself that I liked you.

Samuel: I know, Iris, I don't think this is all some conspiracy with you and AJ behind my back for the entire season...

Top Deck:

Quinn: *leans over the deck and sighs*

Abby(not logged in): What's wrong?

Quinn: *turns around* Nothing. Why? *smiles*

Abby: I just saw you sigh. What's up?

Quinn: Ok. I was talking to Iris earlyer and something seemed up. I don't know what. But, I'm not gonna go stick my head in it. Coz if she wanted to tell me something, she would...right?

Abby: Totally, you two are really close! Maybe she has other more important things to worry about, I just don't know.

Quinn: Maybe...

Abby: You should just keep on a eye on her, see if anything's weird..

Quinn: Yes. I will do that.

Abby: *eyes widen* I know what happened...

Quinn: Yes....Do I really wanna know?

Abby: *shudders* It may break your heart, and ruin yours and Iris' friendship.

Quinn: Is it that bad?

Abby: Mhm.. Want me to tell you!?

Quinn: Oh-kay. (CONF): What ever it is, I better not get angry..*sighs*

Abby: AJ and Iris kissed.

Quinn: *shocked* What? Why? When? *looks down* (CONF): Should have seen that coming...*crosses arms and slouches in the chair*

Abby: Yep, I don't know, and in the confessional. Sorry hun.

Quinn: That's ok. But Iris is with Samuel...Does he know?! (CONF): **breathes* *screams furiously*

Abby: How is it okay?

Quinn: Nevermind. *angrily* But why?! *eyes fill up with tears* What did I ever do to her? We're friends! And friends don't kiss other friends boyfriends!

Abby: Are you gonna vote her off?

Quinn: Eventually....yes. But she has to explain herself! She is not getting away with this. How would she react if I kissed Samuel!? She would go CRAZY. *smirks*

Samuel: *walks in, and sees Quinn* I'm assuming you heard...?

Quinn: *wipes tears* Of course I heard. *sits down*

Abby: Maybe you two should get together, to get back at AJ and Kate?

Quinn: was Iris who kissed AJ...not AJ who kissed Iris.....right?

Abby: Did he stop Iris before she leaned it?

Quinn: No.....*starts to cry again*

Samuel: Abby, you're not helping... *pats Quinn's back*

Abby: Sorry. :( *hugs Quinn* What are we gonna do Sam, Quinn?

Quinn: *continues crying* Why...I just don't understand why he kissed is suppost to like me...

Samuel: I... I don't know... *tears form in eyes*

Quinn: *wipes tears* I don't know either.... But we need to do something.

Samuel: *looks over to Abby* Have any ideas that don't su-- *stops self* Sorry, that was mean...

Quinn: We just need to do something to get back at them....

Abby: Form a alliance you two, and Kevin, and I?

Samuel: *sighs, and wipes away tears* That won't help, Abby...

Abby: Well I don't know, Kevin's been faithful to me so far. :3

Samuel: *rolls eyes*

Cal: *looks into the room from the doorway with a frown*

Abby: Oh, hey Cal!

Cal: Uh... *waves hand in front of Abby's face* This is not the person you think he is. :|

Abby: Why did you vote off Samuel?

Samuel: *sighs* I'm going to go check up on Iris... 'N' stuff... *walks away*

Kevin: (walks in, sees Abby) O hai!! :D

Sarah:*walks in* Kevin, Abby, Cal! Old teammies! :D We did great to get here!(CONF) Iris, what she did was not okay, but, she is nice. Quinn and AJ, they may be ruined. Samuel, I was wrong about him, he is not as bad as I thought. We were both debuters last season...why fight?

AJ: Quinn, you don't understand. She walked in on me! I retreated. Abby your not helping.

Abby: Sorry, I just feel bad for Quinn and Samuel. :|

Quinn: *to AJ* *slightly angry* Really?!


Aqua Lounge:

Gift Shop:

Cruise Ship Post Card- (Gives you immunity in tonight's vote)- 15 MP

1 Day- Excursion- (Mini-challenge, a chance for more MP)- 20 MP

Room Upgrade- (Will make everyone who pitches in safe for the next vote)- 50 MP

Life Ring- (Let's you pick out one person to be safe at the beginning of the vote)- 20 MP

Stock for all of the above: 1

Sarah:I would like the Life Ring, please. Is it just for this vote, or any? :P

Chris: Just this vote! Please state who you would like safe ASAP!

Abby: Hmm, Sarah, pitch in 10 Mp, and I'll pitch in 40 for a room upgrade?


Chris: Today! Your challenge is the opposite of a challenge we did a couple episodes ago! You must say the NICEST thing about a person that, *smirk*, I assign you. Your assignments are as follows:

AJ: Samuel

Quinn: Iris

Samuel: AJ

Iris: Quinn

Cal: Abby

Brandon: Zoey (From TOW)

Kevin: Pablo

Abby: Samuel

Pablo: Kevin

Sarah: Bronson

Cal: (CONF) Dang it, *end* Okay, umm, Abby's got a nice, bright, and happy personality.

AJ: Um...Samuel is a good competitor and is a (CONF) Girlfriend Stealer! (NON-CONF) really athletic nice person!

Samuel: Hmm...(CONF) AJ, you're one of the best contestants in the physical catagory, lucky to have so many friends, and lucky to have a girlfriend as good as Quinn. That good enough for ya Chris? (Non-CONF) *leans back in recliner, and watches everyone else do the challenge*

Abby: Well, Samuel is a very kind, generous, and compassionate person. He's always been faithful to his unknown status girlfriend. Wel also resolved our conflict, and him, Quinn, and I have become friends. Samuel is also very nice and is good at controlling his temper.

Sarah:Bronson was one of our fiercest competitors. He always did his best, made his own team, and tried hard to win. His sad elimination was so mean, but he will overcome it because that is what he does. He is one of the strongest, most intelligent people we have ever had, and I would be so happy if he returned.

Brandon: Phew. Zoey. Okay. Zoey, was also a nice girl. She loved the game, and I loved her, and she loved me, and we were always in it together. I knew that we were going to make it far together. And she also excepted that, and knew that, and loved that .... And wanted that, and she was always there for me ... And I ... I ... And then she broke up with me ... *wipes away a tear* But now I'm with Sarah and it's even better that way!

Iris: Quinn is a nice, athletic, (Conf) NO GOOD LYING BOYFRIEND STEALER! (NONCONF) person that is a wonderful friend. She is such a nice person with a big brain-(CONF) THAT STEALS SAMUEL! (NonConf)-who's full of life and energy. I look up to her and respect her-(CONF) *wipes eyes* (NonCONF) -as a wonderful person who's lucky enough to be friends with Samuel and A-..I'm not in the confessional, am I?

Cal: Woah, you guys are so nice, how could I ever vote for one of you? D:

Chris: Only Kevin, Pablo, and Quinn to go! Ill close it tomorrow night!

Kevin: Pablo, you're a really chilled out, cool person. Not one of those melodramatic types. :D I need to hang out with you some more. I never really got to talk to you, y'know, being on different pairs and teams and everything... but I'd be glad to end up in the finals with you, a really worthy opponent.

Pablo: Kevin, you are what everyone here said combined plus you make a mean taco ;)

Quinn: Ok. Iris is nice, most of the time. She is very fashionable and has a good sense in clothes, unlike most of the girls I know. Iris is very bubbly and happy and is very cheerful. She is kind and caring.....sometimes. Iris was also an awesome team mate when I was on Team Awesome. She is also a great person to be around.

Chris: Well some entries were more....interesting than others. Let's see, today, the three getting immunity are Brandon, Sarah and Kevin, i believe those three had the best and most sincere niceness...speeches? Everyone else, is up for elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 13:

Chris: It's time for the vote! Please stamp the room key of the contestant you want eliminated!!

Quinn: (CONF): Ok. I've gotta vote for Pablo. I just never see him. Sorry :(

Sarah:(CONF) Yeah...I have to vote Iris. You ARE nice and all, but kissing AJ was just not cool. And Pablo is my former teammate.

AJ: (CONF) Sorry, but my vote goes to Samuel. Stealing Quinn

Cal: (CONF) Ugh... everybody is so nice. D: Ugh.... Can I vote Jade again? :|

Sarah:Chris told me to use my life ring now, so I wanna give it to Pablo, to make sure he stays.

Kevin: (confessional) O_O Ummmmmmmmmm... I have no idea. XD *wastes the vote on Pablo since he's life-ringed*

Brandon: (CONF) I vote for Samuel. What`s your problem, man?

Cal: (CONF) Oh, Pablo's immune now, I guess I vote him. *votes Pablo*

Samuel: (CONF) ... Merge? So we vote threats? I'm out anyways, but I vote for... AJ. His stereotype is even The Nice Athelte, for God's sake. -.-

Chris: Um well there are 3 votes for Pablo...and he's immune. Theres also 1 for Samuel and 1 for Iris, and Iris and Pablo have not voted yet! The suspense!

Iris: (CONF) I vote...AJ. I just can't be around him anymore...

Abby: (CONF) Meh, Iris cheated on Samuel, so see ya Iris! *stamps Iris' key*

Chris: Um well there are 3 votes for Pablo...and he's immune. Theres also 1 for Samuel and 1 for Iris, and Iris and Pablo have not voted yet! The suspense!

Iris: (CONF) I vote...AJ. I just can't be around him anymore...

Abby: (CONF) Meh, Iris cheated on Samuel, so see ya Iris! *stamps Iris' key*

AJ: I....this is hard to do but....I...I quit.

Iris, Abby, Cal, Samuel, Pablo, Kevin, Brandon, Quinn and Sarah: *Gasp*

AJ: You guys all deserve it! Good luck!

Chris: *mumbling* loser

Samuel: Again? :|

Cal: *bows* AJ, you are as honorable as Luke Flytalker.

Brandon: AJ! Why did you quit? Well... I'll miss you, buddy. *hugs him*


Iris: *gasps* W-w-what? *hugs AJ*........yea.

Abby: Bye AJ! *hugs him*

AJ: Thanks everyone! Group hug!!

Quinn: *about to cry* Wha-What?! You CAN'T quit!

AJ: I'm sorry Quinn! You went before me last season and i did well, i know you can do the same! *kisses Quinn* Just watch your back ;) *Walks down the plank of shame*

Quinn: Yeah,...Well, I'll miss you. *hugs AJ*

Chris: Ugh...emotion

Episode 14- Trouble in Tokyo


Samuel: *walks over to Quinn* Hey, um, sorry about AJ... (CONF) Great, now there's more reason for me to hit on Quinn... >->

Kevin: (conf) Final 9! Woo! :D Never thought I'd get to single digits.

Abby: Yay! Final 9! Babe, you excited? :D

Quinn: *to Samuel* Don't worry. It's not your fault. *smiles slightly*

Samuel: *hugs her, then gets an idea, and whispers into her ear* Play along, act pissed, I'll explain it all later when we're alone... *pulls away, and kisses her* (CONF) AJ, before you get all pissed, wait and watch...

Quinn: Ok. *kisses Samuel back* HEY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?

Samuel: *looks away, and bites lip* Sorry... *walks away to the Aqua Lounge, and mouths for her to follow him*

Quinn: *rolls eyes and follows Samuel*

Iris: *was walkind down hall and looks in the door* Hm? *hides behind doorway when Samuel hugs Quinn* *whispers* What the- *watches Samuel and Quinn kiss* *gasps and runs down the hall before Quinn can react* (CONF) *buries head in hands and starts crying*

Top Deck:


Brandon: *is relaxing with Sarah, and is so happy he made it to the merge with her*

Abby: Latte anyone?

Aqua Lounge:

Samuel: *walks in with Quinn, then turns around* Alright, time for me to explain, isn't it?

Quinn: Uh..yeah....

Samuel: Alright, well, to make a long story short, you know how me and Iris never got the chance to talk as a couple, right? Well, that's the real reason I broke up with her , I didn't have any doubts about her not cheating on me again if we did, I just wanted us to talk more, which we have so far. So, in order to make her believe I was over her, I kissed you. Make sense?

Quinn: Yes. So you broke up with Iris....Sorry......

Samuel: *attempts a smile* Hey, it's no big deal...

Sarah:*walks up randomly* Hey, guys! :D Seen Pablo around?

Cal: *comes in, wearing a Godzilla-esque costume* Hey guys, like my suit?

Abby: *walks in, holding a cup holder, containing 4 cups* Lattes anyone?

Cal: I'm good.

Iris: *walks in, attempting to look happy* Hey guuuuuuuys! How are you? *smiles then sits on a couch*

Samuel: (CONF) Well, my plan worked... So why do I feel so guilty? :| (Non-CONF) Hey Iris! *smiles at her, then sits down next to her*

Abby: Hai guys!! :D


Chris: RP challenge tonight!! 7 PM EST!

Abby: Where?

Chris: Challenge time!! You will be trying to sell candy fish tails to passerbys in Tokyo. Now it's nighttime, so there are some sketchy people out there! (The passerbys will be played by me). Whoever sells their box first wins immunity, everyone else will be up for elimination!

Abby: *holding box* Excuse me sir, can I interest you with a candy fish tail? :D

Japanese Sir: Umm...ew, no thanks

Abby: Whatever you fat Japenese guy. -w- Suzuki! Reference FTW! :D

Japanese Sir: *Gasps* Why i never! *walks away*

Abby: *punches Japenese guy* Hey other sir, want some candy fish tails

Other Japanese Sir: *looks interested*

Samuel: *yelling* Hey, anyone, want some hot, steamy fish tails? These have been scientifcally proven to increase your life by two years!

Abby: *walks up to other japenese dude* These make you live forever!!

Really Old Japanese Lady: *To Samuel* Hm...*looks interested*

Other Japanese Sir: *to Abby* *is unimpressed*

Samuel: Ah, I see you're interested. These fish tails not only make you more fit, but they increase your life span, and our delicious! * pops one into mouth, and manages to smile* Mmmm, delicious! (CONF) *barfing into toilet*

Really Old Japanese Lady: Hmmm *is debating*

Samuel: ... I'll give you twenty bucks if you buy some.

Kevin: *looks around* Candied Fish Tails! Cheap-ish! They taste better than they sound! *puts one in his mouth, pretends to chew, pretends to swallow* Yum! :D

Really Old Japanese Lady: *starts losing interest*

Little Japanese Girl: *Approaches Kevin* Are those yummy?

Abby: *looks depressed at Kevin, crying*

Samuel: Still aren't interested, I see? Well, perhaps you'll be more interested when you learn that they work wonders on the complection! Although, for a pretty old lady like you, people will hardly be able to tell the difference. ;)

Really Old Lady: *Gasp* *Hits Samuel with her cane* I have a husband! But i'm still a little interested...keep talking

Cal: *in some random street speaking Japanese (It'll be translated)* Buy these candy fish tails, you'll love them.

Kevin: Very yummy! :D *looks at Abby*

Abby: *crying*

Samuel: (CONF) Think man, think... What do old people like... (Non-CONF) ... Buy it right now, I'll throw in a box of hard candy.

Little Japanese Girl: I don't know! I have a dollar, it's either that or a yummy lollipop

Fluent Japanese Proffesor: *Approaches Cal* Translated: You speak Japanese? Impressive!

Old Japanese Lady: Hmm...maybe if you could help me find my false teeth!

Samuel: Alright, where was the last place you saw your false teeth?

Old Japanese Lady: I think at the top of Tokyo Tower!

Abby: *has a tooth lose* OW

Samuel: How did you... Know what, I don't even want to know. :| *runs to Tokyo Tower*

Abby: Ah skip it, I need immunity! *follows behind Sam*

Cal: (translation) Yes, I'm very fluent, I'll show you more if you buy some candy fish tails.

Samuel: *still running, and tips over bananas in front of Abby's way* My customer! :@

Kevin: Uhhh, well, lollipop's are so overrated! Look, all of the kids have one. Don't you want to be unique? :D

Japesese man: Oh. Ancient tradition -w-. Yes, I be unique

Abby: *jumps over bananas, and runs* I'll stop, if you promise to vote with me tonight!

Old Japanese Woman: Yeah they are at the very top of the tower!

Fluent Japanese Professor: That's cool! You try them first please though

Little Japanese Girl: I don't want to be different :'(

Abby: *runs up to the top* YES I AM vicTORIous! *jumps down*

Brandon: EVERYONE OVER HERE!!! I am selling the best of the best, Super Happy Candy Fish Tails! Come one come all, an taste them right here at this stall! The taste can't be beat, so walk right over here with your feet. And don't delay, buy one today!

Abby: Ah, crap I forgot the teeth! *walks over to her box of fish tails*

Cal: (translated) Okay. *eats one* Great! (CONF) It took all my strength not to puke.

Abby: Ma'am, would you like this full box of Candy Fish Tails! *tastes it and swallows* Yum, I'll pay you 100 bucks!

Sarah:*walks over to Brandon's booth and tries the fish tails* Yummy! :D I wish I could buy one. Can someone pay for me?

Japanese Professor: *To Cal*....*hands him the money and takes the box*

Chris: And Cal wins!!

Elimination Ceremony 14:

Chris: Stamp the room key of the contestant you want eliminated, same as always! Cal is the only one immune, everyone else is fair game

Samuel: (CONF) Abby, stop getting involved in me and Quinn's buisness, spreading the news like bonfire doesn't help. -.-

Brandon: (CONF) Holds up Abby and Samuel's roomkeys* Um... Hmm... I don't know who to vote for... *stamps Pablo's key* Throw vote, anyone? And he hasn't even done anything lately, anyways...

Kevin: (CONF) asdfghjkl. I vote for Quinn. *stamps Quinn's key*

Sarah:(CONF) I vote Abby. You are my former team leader and all, but you have an idol, and I cannot risk getting screwed over.

Cal: (CONF) Ugh, I hate to do this to Kevin but... *stamps Abby's key*

Abby: (CONF) I wasn't gonna screw Sarah over :| I vote for Quinn, and I'd like to use my idol :(

Quinn: (CONF): Well, Abby was a friend, but I HATE it when people get in my PERSONAL business.

Chris: Ok well looks like Quinn is the one eliminated, because Abby used an immunity idol! Sorry Quinn! Time to say goodbye! Well actually, i can leave the vote open longer if Sarah chooses to use her Mexico Post Card!

Sarah:Heck yes! Mexico Post Card to make Abby's idol worthless, thank you. >:D

Quinn: So, am I eliminated? (CONF): I hope not!

Chris:....well, look like Abby is E-lim-i-nate-ed!!! Sorry!!

Quinn: Yes! I'm still in it! *hugs Sarah* Thanks SO SO much! I owe you one!

Samuel: (CONF) *sighs* I feel guilty about the whole Iris thing... I dunno, maybe I should tell her the truth of why I broke up with her... *sighs again*

Iris: (CONF) *walks in, rubbing eyes* We-*looks up and sees Samuel* HOLLY CRAP NOT AGAIN!

Samuel: (CONF) Geez, do you always happen to show up when I need you? *rolls eyes* Anyways, I need some explaining to do... Listen, I don't like Quinn. I kissed her to make you think I was over you, because... The reason I broke up with you was I figured we would talk more broken up, since we never got to as a couple... Huh, that was shorter then I expected.

Iris: (CONF) *looks really hurt* broke up because it would be easier to talk?! I cried so much because of that? Are you kidding ME?

Samuel: (CONF) *crosses arms* And how much were we actually talking before that? Maybe once every three days?!

Iris: (CONF) *sneers* And you didn't figure out how MUCH I wanted to kiss you? I mean, TALK to you! I thought...*trails off*

Samuel: (CONF) *blushes slightly at the kissing comment* You thought...?

Iris: (CONF) *face hardens* I thought you cared about me, like i cared about you.

Samuel: (CONF) Iris, I do... I broke up with you because I cared about you, and just wanted to talk to you again...

Iris: (CONF) *sarcastic* Because it's SO hard to talk as boyfriend/girlfriend. I understand your suffering....

Samuel: (CONF) You're right, it is when every effin' time you're going to some frickin' thing gets in your way...

Quinn: *walks towards Iris & Samuel and then sees them talking, and turns around walking the other way*

Iris: (CONF) If you didn't want to be boyfriend/girlfriend you coulda just told me...

Samuel: (CONF) *sighs* You know how hard it is to break up with someone for a reason like that? I figured that the whole not trusting you thing was a much better reason, so I went with it...

Iris: (CONF) That's disgusting! You used me kissing AJ as an excuse to dump me? That's....I'm resisting the urge to cry, because your not worth the tears.

Samuel: (CONF) You're right, it's so disgusting to use my girlfriend kissing another guy as an excuse to dump them.

Iris: (CONF) Yea, while you were shoving your tounge down Quinn's throat!

Samuel: (CONF) To keep you from trying to get back together with me! And don't act like you're any better, making out with AJ behind my back, for the exact same reason I broke up with you.

Iris: (CONF) Making OUT? It was a small kiss that tasted like tuna and mint....

Samuel: (CONF) *bites tounge to keep from saying a comment about the kiss, and sighs* Iris....*pauses, then kisses her against the wall of the confessional*

Iris: (CONF) *looks confused, then puts arms around Samuel's head and kisses him*

Samuel: (CONF) *realizes what he's doing, and pulls away from her, blushing* S- Sorry...

Iris: (CONF)....why'd you stop?

Samuel: (CONF) ... Good point. *kisses her again*

Iris: (CONF) *brakes away for air* I love y-*kisses him again*

Samuel: (CONF) *breaks away* I love you to- *kisses her again*

Iris: (CONF) *continues kissing him*

Samuel: (CONF) *breaks away* ... So does this mean we're dating again? :|

Iris: (CONF) I dunno....are we? ;)

Samuel:(CONF) ... Yes. *kisses her again*

Iris: (CONF) *breaks away* Good....I missed you. *kisses him again*

Samuel: (CONF) *breaks away* I missed you too Iris... *kisses her again*

Iris: (CONF) *breaks away* You did? *kisses*

Samuel: (CONF) *breaks away, and rolls eyes* Of course I did, Iris...

Iris: (CONF) *playfully sticks out tounge* Don't roll your eyes at me!

Samuel: (CONF) *laughs softly* I'll do whatever I want, woman.

Iris: (CONF) *pokes Samuel's chest* Bleh....*comes closer to him and kisses him*

Samuel: (CONF) *kisses her back, blushing* You know, it's a good thing no-one needs to use the confessional...

Iris: (CONF) They're probs wondering where we are. *laughs and runs fingers through his hair* Gosh, I love your hair...

Samuel: (CONF) *laughs with her* Thanks?

Iris: (CONF) You're very welcome. *kisses him*

Samuel: (CONF) *kisses her back, then decides to make a joke* Heh, I'm living every guy's dream here aren't I? Making out with a hot cheerleader, on television none the less...

Iris: (CONF) *blinks for a couple of times* Well, I'm living every girls dream. Kissed two hot guys in two or three days. Huh, am actually making out with the hottest guy now. *kisses him*

Samuel: (CONF) *shrugs to say "Fair enough", then kisses her back*

Iris:(CONF) *deepens the kiss then pulls away* long have we been in here?

Samuel: (CONF) *checks watch* ... An ho-- *looks at watch again* WE WERE IN HERE FOR AN HOUR?! ... Damn, time really does fly by fast. :|""

Iris: (CONF) Especially when you're making out with an awesome guy. *kisses Samuel's cheak* So...should we like, leave?

Samuel: (CONF) ... Meh, I'm just fine in here.

Iris: (CONF) Don't want to face Quinn?

Samuel: (CONF) Why would I? We already discussed things. 'N' stuff.

Iris: (CONF) But, it's like, you kissed her because you were 'over me' now we're dating. She might think you just kissed her because you wanted to kiss her.

Samuel: (CONF) ... Meh, I'll explain things to her tommarow.

Iris: (CONF) *sighs* What if one of us gets eliminated?

Samuel: (CONF) ... *sighs* I- I don't know...

Quinn: *goes to use the confessional* Oh...

Iris: (CONF) *turns around, to find Quinn*....oh hai Quinn....

Quinn: (CONF): Oh, hey, so you guys got back

Iris: (CONF) *rocks on heals* 'bout AJ's...elimination. *eyes go wide*

Quinn: (CONF): *almost crying*'s sucks.....*frowns*

Iris: (CONF)'ll see him s-....or not....if you win....

Quinn: (CONF): I kinda want to see him in a way, but I know that he'll want me to stay and at least try to win. So, I'm gonna give it my best shot.

Samuel: (CONF) That's good... *fidgets, and doesn't mention that he voted AJ off*

Quinn: (CONF): So...I *starts to back away* am...gonna...go....*runs away*

Samuel: (CONF) Talk to you later...

Episode 15- Under the Sea


Iris: *smiles while making bed* (CONF) Ever sense Samuel and I admited our feelings and all that, I've felt so much better. *twirls around confessional*

Top Deck:

Cal: Never thought I'd get to the final eight.

Quinn: *to Cal* Same. You're Cal right? I don't think we've ever talked before.

Cal: Yeah, Quinn, right?

Quinn: Yup. That's the name.


Aqua Lounge:

Brandon: *dives in*


Brandon: *searches through seaweed* (CONF) Eww. I think there's some still stuck to my arms...

Shark: *smells Brandon*

Brandon: AHH!! *swims away*

Brandon: *searches an underwater cave and then on the ocean floor*


Chris: Hey Everyone! Sorry for the late challenge. Today you have another....dun dun dun....Trivia challenge!! That's right, whoever get's the most points is immune! I have also hidden some MP in the ocean where we are, just go to the aqua lounge and dive in to try and find it!

Question 1 (1 Point)- Who were the contestants Alejandro eliminated, directly or indirectly.

Question 2 (1 Point)- If I could choose the winners (with the same final 2 though) who would they be?

Question 3 (1 Point)- What was the most visited country in TDWT?

Question 4 (2 Points)- Who didn't ride the surfboard in Beach Blanket Bogus?

Kevin: Q1 - Harold, LeShawna, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Blaineley, Courtney, Duncan, Cody, and Heather (in alternate endings). Q2 - Uhhhh..... Gwen, Beth, Heather? Q3 - USA, I think. (NYC, Area 51, Hawaii, Niagara Falls) Q4 - Beth, LeShawna, Trent, Heather.

(Doesn't Naigara count as Canada and U.S.A? Just trying to help out :P)

(Well, sort of, I think USA still outnumbers it, though.)

Samuel: Hmm... Q1:Harold, Leshawna, DJ, Bridgette, Cody (debatable, since Heather was the one who distracted him), Duncan, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Blainley.

Q2: ... How should I know? :| Gwen, Beth, Heather?

Q3: ... America.

Q4: ... Ummm... I dunno, you have me stumped. :|

Chris: Ok were waiting on Quinn, Iris, Sarah, and Pablo

Quinn: Q1: Owen, Blaineley, Leshawna, Bridgette, Courtney, Heather (alternate), Tyler, Noah,Duncan, DJ & Cody. Q2: Gwen, Duncan, Alejandro. Q3: United States & Canada? Q4: Trent, Leshawna & Beth.

Iris: Q1: LeShawna, Harold, Noah, Bridgette, Courtney, Blaineley, Owen, Duncan, Tyler, Cody, Heather (for Canada ending) Q2: Gwen, Duncan, Heather? Q3: Canada. Q4: Trent, LeShawna, Beth, and Heather

Chris: And the results are as follows

Brandon- 2

Cal- 3

Samuel- 2

Kevin- 3

Iris- 4

Sarah- 4

Quinn- 2

Pablo- 0

Chris: And the winners are Iris, Sarah, Kevin and Cal!

Elimination Ceremony 15:

Chris: Please vote for Samuel, Brandon, Quinn or Pablo! Stamp the room key, etc...! Go!

Sarah:(CONF) *stamps Pablo's key* Sorry, former teammie. But it is time for you to go.

Brandon: (CONF) I have to vote for Pablo. The dude's just not that into it anymore... *stamps Pablo's key*

Cal: (CONF) These votes are getting insanely hard. >.< I guess Pablo. *stamps Pablo's key*

Kevin: (conf) I stand by my vote last week. Quinn. *stamps her key*

Iris: (CONF) Pablo or Quinn? Pablo or Quinn? I vote...Quinn. So she can be with AJ! *stamps Quinn's key*

Samuel: (CONF) I vote for Pablo... *stamps his key* I have my reasons.

Quinn: (CONF): I vote for Pablo. *stamps his key*

Chris: And the liferings go to...Sarah, Kevin, Iris, Cal, Brandon, and Samuel! The bottom two are Quinn and Pablo, and the last lifering goes to..................Quinn! Pablo, time to go now!!

Episode 16: The Great Barrier Reef


Quinn: *sit on bed and paints nails*

Top Deck:

Iris: *lies on a lounge chair in bikini, obviously tanning* It feels food to relax. *sips smoothie and lowers sunglasses*

Samuel: *walks up next to Iris* Mind if I join you?

Iris: *pats the seat next to her* I was actually waiting for you to do so. It's such a nice day.

Samuel: *lies down next to her* Yea, you're right...

Iris: It seems like only yesterday we boarded this boat. Now it's the final seven. It's gonna be sooner or later they vote me off.

Samuel: *shrugs* Don't worry, I'm leaving before you. Probably.


Brandon: 7 left, or at least I think. This would have been when I was out last time :P But I'm with Sarah now, and were going to pwn!

Cal: Everybody is dropping like flies. D:

Quinn:* whispersto Brandon* You, Sarah and I should form an alliance?

Aqua Lounge:

Reef Diving:


Chris: Todays challenge is simple! It will be two votes. One vote will be for two people and the winners will win immunity. The next will (obviously) be to eliminate someone! Vote away!

Samuel: (CONF) Iris and... Quinn.

Kevin: Myself twice and Cal. ^_^

Iris: (CONF) Samuel for immunity, Quinn for elimination.

Cal: (CONF) Since we're voting two people for "immunity," my best bud Kevin and Samuel. I guess I vote Quinn to be eliminated.

Quinn (CONF): Samuel and Sarah for immunity and Iris for elimination.

Chris: For the record, you dont vote for who to be eliminated just yet, just immunity!

Iris: (CONF) a little confused there. Then Samuel and myself for immunity!

Chris: The current results are as follows: Samuel- 3 Iris- 2 Kevin- 2 Cal-1 Quinn-1 Sarah- 2 Brandon- 2

Brandon: (CONF)Myself and Sarah for immuntiy. *smiles*

Sarah:(CONF) Myself and Brandon for immunity, thank you.

Chris: You guys are so difficult >.> Well i have a 6 way tie, what do you the competitors think i should do? Eliminate Quinn or hold a tiebreaker?


Cal: I only got one vote. :|

Sarah:And I got three. :P One from QUinn, one from Brandon, and one from myself. :P

Chris: Sorry tere was a late vote! But Sarah and Samuel win!

Elimination Ceremony 16:

Chris: Ok vote for anyone but Sarah and Samuel

Kevin: (conf) Ugh, I don't know anymore. *closes eyes* Eenie, meenie, miney, moe.... Iris.

Quinn: (CONF): I am voting Iris, and she knows why.

Sarah:(CONF) Iris, sorry. Quinn is my friend, you want her gone, and you are a threat.

Brandon: (CONF) Iris. I'm sorry, but I vote with Sarah.

Cal: (CONF) Iris, sorry.

Samuel: Chris? I'd like to give Iris my immunity. (CONF) ... How'd I win immunity anyways? :| Anyways, I vote fooor... Iris, that way she can decide who to send home.

Iris: *gasps then hugs Samuel* Oh, and BTW, I checked. It's not against the rules. ;) (CONF) I vote...Quinn. So she can BE. WITH. AJ!

Chris: Well....didn't see that one coming O.O Well looks like i'll have to allow it. There is no rule against giving immunity to another player (yet XD) Little late. Sorry Quinn, looks like your gone!

Kevin: Oh, of course, the one time I don't vote for Quinn, she goes home!

Chris: *quickly hides his mess with Kevin list* Yeah, what a coincidence (XD)

Quin: FINE! But you just lost the games firecest comepetitor!

Sarah:Bye, Quinn.(CONF) Fiercest competitor? Yeah, right. If you were, you would have won.

Quinn: Bye! *mutters* losers.....

Iris: Bye Quinny! See yea. (CONF) Fiercest competitor? Quinny, I think the person who eliminated you is the fiercest competitor. *laughs*

Samuel: Aww. Well, see ya at Playa de Losers Quinn. *whispers to Iris* Geez, that was a close one... *jokes around* So, how you gonna repay me?

Brandon: Bye Quinn. Have fun with AJ. See you soon, hopefully.

Iris: *kisses Samuel for about a minute* There, repaid.

Episode 17- Lucky 7


Samuel: *still sleeping* Snore...

Iris: *is quickly writing in a notebook* *snaps then writes faster* Next......elimination.......

Samuel: *wakes up, and looks at Iris* ... What are you doing...?

Iris: *shuts notebook and blushes* Writing.

Samuel: *gets up and walks over* Whatcha writing about?

Iris: *starts stampering* Nothing! NOTHING!

Samuel: *laughs* Come on, you can tell me.

Iris: *mumbles* Astoryandeliminationpredictionsandorstratagy.

Samuel: Oooh, lemme see.

Top Deck:


Aqua Lounge:

Exploring Vegas:

Chris: Don't know how we got to vegas...but we did!

Samuel: Bleh... *starts searching for his flag*

Iris: *groans and starts searching*

Chris: And the love birds are beginning their search!

Iris: *glares at Chris* HMMMMMM? WHAT WAS THAT? *eye twitch*

Kevin: Oooooh. :D *walks into a casino*

Brandon: Oh ya? Well, were the real love birds! Not like we like that name... Let's go, Sarah! *runs through the streets, searching for his flag*

Sarah:*searches alongside Brandon*

Sarah:*searches in an alleyway*

Sarah:*looks in a casino at the gambling machines* :P *Flag is found*

Chris: Man you guys are getting lazy on the challenge! Sarah has found her flag, one more person can win immunity

Sarah:*smiles* You can do it, Brandon! :D

Cal: *is wearing "x-ray glasses"* Hm... Where would a red flag be?

Chris: Come on! Immunity this far in the game is super important! Its final 7, you don't want to get out NOW do you?

Cal: *checks a random garbage can* Come on.

Brandon: *runs into the casino and searches the lobby and gambling area*

Samuel: ... Meh, I'm probably safe anyways. *leans back im recliner*

Brandon: Where is it? *searches the bathrooms, lobby, and random people's pockets* *flag is found in bathroom*

Brandon: YES! We did it Sarah! *hugs her*


Chris: Challenge Time :) You must find your color flag somewhere in Vegas! Good luck!! First two to find their flags win immunity (Search in the above section)

Chris: And the lovers win!!

Elimination Ceremony 17:

Chris: Ok, Kevin, Samuel, Iris, and Cal can be eliminated!

Brandon: (CONF) I... Vote for Samuel. It has to end! The guy is just so cocky and rude and, well, its time for him to leave. *stamps Samuel's key*

Kevin: (conf) Iris. *stamps key*

Cal: (CONF) Iris, I stand by my last vote. *stamps her key*

Samuel: (CONF) I vote for... Cal. Nothing personal, I'm just not voting Iris, and you're a bigger threat then Kevin.

Sarah:(CONF) My friend Quinn went home because of you. You may think you are the fiercest competitor, but you far from it. Kevin and Cal are friends to me, we did well as Team Dynamite. Samuel and I, our conflict is over, and Brandon is my boyfriend, so....Buh-bye.*votes Iris*

Chris: And the barfbags go to....Sarah, Kevin, and Brandon. The three of you did not receive any votes! The next lifering goes to.......Cal! And the final lifering goes to.....................................Samuel! Iris, your'e next sorry!!

Episode 18- And then there were five...


Top Deck:

Chris: Were on the ship by the way, congrats final five!

Sarah:(CONF) Last time, final six was almost my undoing. Luckily, I am much more prepared, A final five with two of my former teammates and my boyfriend in it. Life is sweet.

Brandon: (CONF) I'm SO happy. Final five baby! And... I'm in it with my girlfriend! Could things get any better?


Cal: Final five...

Sarah:*walks in* Hey, Cal. :D

Cal: Oh, hey Sarah...

Sarah:*smiles* Final five is great, huh? I wonder where Brandon is.....

Brandon: *runs in and wisks Sarah off her feet* Final five, Sarah! *hugs her*

Cal: (CONF) Ugh, seeing everybody here so.. happy, its getting way too hard to vote any of them out. :/

Samuel: *sighs, and looks out the window* (CONF) Damn fellow competiters, voting out Iris... >->

Cal: *walks over to Samuel* Hey...

Sarah:Hi, Brandon! :D (CONF) For those of you wondering, I am not dating him for his looks. You have seen the show, you know how sweet, and kind, and caring he is. :D

Aqua Lounge:


Chris: And the song choice challenge will be posted shortly! Your challenge is to pick a song for...thats right...Noah! Arguably the hardest contestant to pick for, but go ahead! It is due Tuesday night! Or when everyone finishes

Sarah: (Alfie:Well, it fits Noah. Especially since he hates Al. :P)

(Alfan:Today is Tuesday, yay! :D :P I am so safe, it's funny. :P )

Cal: (TDAddict: Sorry, I completely forgot about this, here's a not-so-good entry! :D)

Brandon: (Here's my entry. The title says all :P)

Chris: Well THREE people didn't enter. THREE!! That's a lot noting there's only 5 players left. Sarah, Cal, Brandon, you three earn immunity. Kevin, Samuel, one of you two is going home

Elimination Ceremony 18:

Chris: You know what to do contestants!

Sarah:*votes Samuel* Biggest threat left to eliminate.

Samuel: *votes Kevin* Sorry dude... (Come on, don't vote me off, I want to at least make final three of my last camp before I have to leave for the Summer. =/ Plus, whenever I asked AJ if challenge was up he said he was still deciding, so I assumed he'd tell me when it was up >->.

Brandon: Kevin, Samuel, Kevin, Samuel, Kevin... *votes Samuel* Enough is enough.(You still might not be elimmed, but it wouldn't make sense if Brandon voted for anyone else)

Cal: No Chris, I'm not voting. Kevin and Samuel are my friends, and Samuel just lost his girlfriend. They both deserve this way more than me. I quit.

Sarah: :o *hugs Cal* Man, you are so nice. Even if you lost, you still won something. Our respect, and our friendship. We did great, Dynamite teammie! :D ;((Final four is shocking. :o)

Cal: Thanks Sarah.

Sarah:Will be seeing you soon, buddy.

Brandon: Your a good guy Cal, a good guy.

Chris: Well, looks like Cal is out! Second quitter!

Episode 19- Losers of the Carribean


Top Deck:


Brandon: Wow. Final four, just... Wow. *hugs Sarah*

Samuel: (CONF) Geez, if it weren't for Cal, I'd so be out... Thank you, dude.

Sarah:*laughs* Yeah, great.(CONF) Final four....It's time again, Samuel. Another final four dilemma.

Aqua Lounge:


Chris: It's challenge time! It's called...sword fighting! Push your opponent off and you win!! Go!

Sarah vs. Brandon

Sarah:*playfully nudges Brandon* Wow, this is a challenge, and us against each other? I have an idea.

Brandon: *grins* Ya. Here, Sarah, you push me off. *drops his sword and stands by the edge*

Sarah:*kisses Brandon, then gently knocks him off* Thank you! We cannot lose together! :D

Samuel vs. Kevin

Samuel: ... *pushes Kevin with "sword"* Die...

Samuel: *pushes Kevin again, so he's at the edge now, due to him not saying anything after a die* You can fight back, you know...'

Samuel: *pushes Kevin off* Lame...

Chris: And it looks like Samuel and Sarah win! Brandon or Kevin is going home!

Elimination Ceremony 19:

Chris: You know what to do!

Samuel: (CONF) *thinks, then votes for Brandon* No, this isn't because you voted for me, like, everytime, it's because Cal quit for me, and I'm not about to vote off his best friend.

Brandon: (CONF) I vote for Kevin. Sorry man, but this is how it has to be... *stamps Kevin's key*

Sarah:*reads the rules* Well, then. I am giving my immunity to Brandon. The rules do not yet say I cannot. :P(CONF) I vote Kevin. Buh-bye. :P

Episode 20- Who you gonna vote for?


AJ: So Sarah, you were in the final two last time, why should you be again?

Brandon: *hugs her close* Because she is an amazing, caring person with a heart of gold. *smiles at her*

Sarah:*smiles* Yeah, I made final two last time. Heck, the only reason I think I should make it this time is because I worked my butt off. I won invincibility almost every single time after merge, I tried to do all of the challenges, I tried to be nice, I stayed faithful to Brandon. So yeah, I made final two before, but this time I really believe that I earned it. I hope you of the jury do as well. But even so, I withdraw. Hear me? I quit, I'm done, finished. I care about Brandon, and.....He deserves final two more than me. So....I quit. Cal, AJ, meet your newest quitter.

Samuel: ... You're a good woman, Sarah. Good woman. *shakes her hand* Good luck down at Playa de Losers, ya hear?

Sarah: Nah, Samuel. This may be goodbye. Take care of Brandon for me, understand? *leaves in a small speed boat*(AJ, I do this because I don't want her at Tour of the Losers, considering my leave from camps. :P :( )

Brandon: NOOOOOO! Sarah! *kneels on the dock* I love you, Sarah! I do and always will! You are the other half of my heart, and never forget that. *stands up, looking determind* I will do everything that it takes to win, Sarah, win for us. Samuel, if Sarah can't win, than I will. So you better watch out, you hear?

Samuel: *shrugs* Why not split the prize money? That way you get 500,000$, I get 500,000$, we both get to go back to out girlfriends, and we're both happy.

Random Guy: Brandon, hurry this up.( Lol, setting up for my fanfic, ironically." Sarah is at my reality show already, waiting on you to win this thing.....or not. :P

Brandon: Well, sure, I guess. But what does Chris have to say on that?

Jury Vote:

Chris: Jury, please vote TWO people into the final two!! Anyone who made second merge is in jury!

Abby: So am I? Anyways, I vote for Brandon and Samuel to be in the final 2. Sarah can go fall in a well for all I care. >:(

Iris: I agree! I want my Sammy into the final two, of COURSE! And then Brandon.

Cal: I vote for Samuel and Sarah. Sorry Brandon, I just almost never talked to you.

Quinn: I vote for Sarah and Samuel, Team Black all the way!

Elimination Ceremony 20:

Chris: And Brandon and Samuel head into the final two! Sarah, you were a good competitor! Sad to see you go to Tour of the Losers (Oh your totes goin there even if you dont want to ;) )

Episode 21- The Final Showdown

Final 2 Rooms Chat:

Chris: P.S. All the contestants have been teleported back to the boat for this episode! Chat it up!

AJ: Come on Samuel! Go Brandon! (CONF) I can't decide who i want to win

Abby: "Is glaring at Cal and Sarah* Traders.

Iris: GO SAMUEL! *blows Samuel a kiss* I love you honey!A

AJ: Man i need to stop quitting

Samuel: ... Chris, didn't you pay any attention to me and Brandon agreeing to split the prize money?

Iris: *runs up to Samuel* I missed you so much.

Cal: So, I'm back on the mothership. (:P)

Samuel: *notices Iris is here, grins, and hugs her* Iris!

Chris: Oh i saw it, doesn't mean im allowing it ;)

Iris: *hugs Samuel* Sammy! I missed you so much! I know I said that already but I HAVE! *lets go and turns to Chris* Really? That would save everyone SO much trouble. >->

Samuel: I know Iris, I missed you too... (CONF) I forget. How'd I manage to get her to like me again? :|

Iris: You'll win this. *hugs him again* I know you will.

Quinn: Hey.

Brandon: I'm SO excited! Were going to win this, Sarah! *hugs her tight* *sees AJ* Yo, best bud since Team Victory in S1! You rooting for me? *sees Quinn* Sup, Quinn? *turns back to Sarah* So close, were going to win this thing!

Quin: Um...nothing much, good luck, eh?

Abby: *holds up a Team Brandon flag, and hits Quinn in the head with it* Oops, sorry!

AJ: *High fives Brandon* You got this! Quinn!! *runs up and hugs her*

Quinn: *gasps at at Abby* You b***h! *hugs AJ back and kisses him* I love you. *smiles*

Top Deck:

Chris: Eliminated contestants may only talk IF/When they get found

Harriet: *sits on chair and tans while plays with slide puzzle*


Aqua Lounge:


Chris: Your challenge? Each contestant has been teleported to a seperate destination, they are all major cities, one per country, and whoever finds the most wins! They are not in tiny random countries. Guesses Alternate! Go!

Samuel (124 Points) : Destinee, Abby, Sarah, Henrietta, Bronson, Chad, Brittany, Pablo, AJ, Oatmeal, Gillian | Brandon (114 Points): Harriet, Quinn, Jake, Xalia, Iris, Jade, Kevin, Daniel, Zoey

Samuel: Tokyo? *Destinee was found*

Brandon: New York? *Noone was found*

Samuel: Hm... Las Vegas? *Noone was found*

Brandon: Toronto? *Harriet was found*

Samuel: Damn it, I was gonna say that. >-> Uh... Rio De Jenaro? *Abby was found*

Brandon: Uhh... Sydney? *Quinn was found*

Chris: P.S. each contestant is worth a different amount of points, for the record (it involves their rank in the competition)

Samuel: Los Angeles? *Noone was found*

Brandon: Rome? *Noone was found*

Samuel: ... Paris? *Sarah was found*

Brandon: Darn.... I say London. *Jake was found*

Samuel: Hmm... Mexico City? *Henrietta was found*

Brandon: Um... Bejiing? *Xalia was found*

Samuel: Uh... No-one will be here, but... Jerusalem, Irseal? (In honor of Kate. =P) *Noone was found*

Brandon: Dublin? *Noone was found*

Samuel: Moscow? *Bronson was found*

Brandon: Berlin? *Iris was found*

Samuel: Goddamnit, I wanted Iris. >-> Er... Brasilia? (Capital of Brazil, BTW.) *Noone was found*

Chris: Remember, it's one per country, and someone was already found in Rio De Jenaro

Brandon: Um... I guess it's my turn.... I choose.... Seoul? *Jade was found*

Samuel: Hmm... Madrid *Chad was found*

Brandon: Wow, this is getting intense... XD.... I choose Cairo *Cal was found*

Samuel: Uh... Athens? :| Yea, we're running out of cities. *Brittany was found*

Brandon: This is getting hard now................ Washington D.C.? *Noone was found*

Samuel: ... Can we just stop already, there's like no cities left...

Chris: Nope there are tons of cities left, fine, from now on you can guess countires

Samuel: Hm... India? *Pablo was found*

Brandon: Italy? *Kevin was found*

Samuel: Hmm... Just for the laughs, America. *AJ was found*

Brandon: Hm..... South Africa? XD *Noone was found*

Samuel: ... Antartica? *Oatmeal was found*

Brandon: Hm..... *sees another contestant eating a sandwich* Turkey? *Daniel was found*

Samuel: Er... Jamaica *Gillian was found*

Brandon: Wow. O_O I say... New Zealand *Zoey was found*

Samuel: Hmm... Iceland? *Noone was found*

Chris: Well, even if Brandon DOES find Max, he can't catch up to Samuel, making him the winner of Total.....Drama....Tour of the Seas!!! Looks like its time to focus on next season!!! CONGRATS SAMUEL :D Sorry Brandon! You got close!!

Samuel: Woot... *collects his prize money, and gives half of it to Brandon* Here, take it, I don't need the money anyways.

Iris: SAMUEL! *runs up and hugs him* YOU WON!

Samuel: *hugs her back, and spins her around in a circle (Katee mtold me to xD)* I know! *hands her half of the remaining money* Here, I don't really want the money anyways...

Iris: *giggles then gasps* Samuel...I couldn''s your money...

Samuel: Don't worry, I don't need the money. I already got awesome friends, a girlfriend way out of my league, and bragging rights.

Iris: Since when I'm I out of your league? You won, Mister. *kisses him*

Quinn: *hugs Samuel* Congrats. You deserve it :)

Samuel: *laughs, and kises her back* True... And thanks, Quinn.

Quinn: Um....yeah...*walks off and then turns around* See you next season.

AJ: Quinn!! I'm going to miss you :(

Quinn: *walks over to AJ* I'm going to miss you as well...more than anything. *hugs him tight*

AJ: *Hugs Quinn Tight* Win season 3 for me :) And if not ill be waiting at Tour of the Losers

Quinn: *kisses him* I'll think of you everyday...and you shouldn't see me soon as I am going to win and when I do, it's gonna be so awesome :)

AJ: *kisses back* :) Go all the way!!

Quinn: I will, don't you worry. But, I can't wait to see you again, I'm gonna miss you loads, AJ.

AJ: Im going to miss you too. You can win though!

Quinn: You better believ it :) *hugs him, again*

Brandon: Congrats dude! *elbows Samuel* You know, after all those times people voted for you and called you a rude anti-social person, you really are cool in the end. *smiles* And thanks for the money, man!

Samuel: Thanks, dude. And no problem, I don't really see what I'd do with 1 million (I'm assuming that's the prize money xD) dollars anyways.

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