That's right! AJ is back! After Destinee beating out all others while touring the world in Total Drama Tour of the World and Samuel coming on top while touring the ocean in Total Drama Tour of the Seas, we are going back to the island that is potentially very radioactive!! If you would like to be in this camp, please audition on the talk page. Audition with a promise to be active, a character (or two), and their stereotype. If I like your audition, I will add you to one of the teams, I have decided on accepting 16. I am finishing this camp out until the end! Past characters are welcome and be sure to spread the word.

Link to the first season: Total Drama Tour of the World

Link to the second season: Total Drama Tour of the Seas

Link to Loserville: Total Drama Tour of the Losers


Remember, audition on the talk page. No just signing up.

Radioactive Rabbits:

  1. Destiny- The Clairvoyant- Sunny- WINNER- Tied with Martin
  2. Lucy- The Female Mechanic- Mr. D- Voted Off Day 16- 3rd Place
  3. Karen- The Smart Girl- ACTN- Voted Off Day 13- 6th Place
  4. AJ- The Friendly Athlete- AJ- Voted Off Day 12- 7th Place
  5. Quinn- The Misunderstood Cheerleader- EBGR- Voted Off Day 9- 10th Place
  6. Liz- The Stone Cold Girl- Kate- Voted Off Day 7- 12th Place
  7. Zach- The Paranoid Neurotic Guy- Cod- Voted Off Day 6- 13th Place
  8. Mike- The Crazy Survivalist- Survivor321- Voted Off Day 3- 16th Place
  9. Angel- The Evil Manipulator- XrosHearts- Voted Off Day 1- 18th Place

Mutant Mongooses:

  1. Martin- The Rival- Aimers- WINNER- Tied with Destiny
  2. Xenes- The Lone Wolf- Reddy - Voted Off Day 15- 4th Place
  3. Ryan- The Gentle Giant - Mr. E - Eliminated Day 14 - 5th Place
  4. Cell- The Gambler- BlazeHead5 1 - Voted Off Day 11- 8th Place
  5. Jessa- The Smart Athlete- Zoomer- Voted Off Day 10- 9th Place
  6. Jake- The Other Strategist- Jake- Voted Off Day 8- 11th Place
  7. Rose- The Little Friendly Extrovert- RoseGui- Eliminated Day 5- 14th Place
  8. Nalyd- The Strategist- Nalyd- Eliminated Day 4- 15th Place
  9. Raven- The Cocky Psychic- Zanna- Voted Off Day 2- 17th Place

Inactivity Strikes:

  • Episode 1: Welcome to Wawanakwa
    • Martin: 1
    • Nalyd: 1
    • Rose: 1
  • Episode 2: The Great Mutant Race
    • Rose: 2
    • Raven: 1 (Voted Off)
  • Episode 3: All or Nothing
    • Nalyd: 2
  • Episode 4: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
    • Zach: 1
    • Nalyd: 3 (Eliminated)
    • Ryan: 1
  • Episode 5: Move it or Bruise it
    • Rose: 3 (Eliminated)
    • Zach: 2
  • Episode 6: Let's Groove Tonight
    • Zach: 3 (Voted Off)
  • Episode 7: The Embarrassing Truth
    • Liz: 1 (Voted Off)
    • Xenes: 1
  • Episode 8: Friends with Animals
    • None
  • Episode 9: The Last Stand
    • None
  • Episode 10: Laugh Attack
    • None
  • Episode 11: The Power of Eight
    • None
  • Episode 12: Soarin
    • None
  • Episode 13: By Land, Air, or Sea
    • Lucy: 1
  • Episode 14: Something to Fight For
    • None
  • Episode 15: Brawl
    • None
  • Episode 16: The Ultimate Battle
    • None

Contestant Gallery


  1. Be nice to eachother, characters may been mean to eachother however users may not be
  2. If you are inactive for three episodes, then you will be eliminated, if more than one person is inactive for three days than everyone will vote on one of the inactive players to be eliminated, and the other contestant will be eliminated in the next episode (unless they show up, so basically a second chance)
  3. No quitting, and no voting for yourself, but, if you don't vote at an elimination ceremony it counts as a vote against yourself. Also you may not change your vote.
  4. Please alert me ahead of time if you can't make a RP challenge
  5. There may be debuts, but if there are, there would only be at max 3 contestants, so after the camp starts if you would like a debut, you can ask. There will be no returnees, however you may continue to speak with your character at Total Drama Tour of the Losers.
  6. No Godplaying, you must speak an appropriate amount of lines before completing any challenge unless your player is proven to have that skill (basically based off of stereotypes)
  7. You may speak for an animal/extra player on the island, however only during the time between challenges. All extra characters during a challenge will be controlled by myself or someone I designate who is not competing
  8. There are various ways in which you can vote. You can a) Vote in the section, b) Vote over Chatango/IRC, c) vote on my talkpage, or d) Send me an email with your vote at Voting style a) is preferred, but any are allowed
  9. Have fun!

Elimination Table

Contestants Merge? Ep.1 Ep.2 Ep.3 Ep.4 Ep.5 Ep.6 Ep.7 Ep.81 Ep.92 Ep.10 Ep.113 Ep.12 Ep.13 Ep.144 Ep.15 Ep.16
Destiny Yes Angel WIN Mike WIN WIN Zach Liz Jake Lucy Jessa IN AJ Karen WIN Xenes WINNER
Martin WIN Raven WIN IN IN WIN WIN Quinn Karen Jessa IN AJ Karen WIN Xenes WINNER
Lucy Angel WIN Mike WIN WIN Zach Liz Xenes SAFE SV IN AJ SV LOW Xenes THIRD
Xenes Debuts Episode 6 WIN WIN Quinn Karen Lucy IN AJ Karen WIN OUT
Ryan WIN Raven WIN IN IN WIN WIN Destiny Quinn Jessa LOW AJ Karen OUT
Karen Angel WIN Mike WIN WIN Zach Liz Xenes AJ Jessa IN AJ Lucy
AJ Angel WIN Mike WIN WIN Zach Liz Xenes Destiny Ryan IN Destiny
Cell Angel WIN WIN IN IN WIN WIN Destiny Quinn Jessa OUT
Jessa WIN Raven WIN IN IN WIN WIN SV Lucy Lucy
Quinn No WIN Raven Mike WIN WIN Zach Liz Xenes OUT
Jake WIN Raven WIN IN IN WIN WIN Destiny
Liz Debuts Episode 6 Zach SV
Zach SV WIN Mike WIN WIN Liz
Nalyd WIN Raven WIN OUT
Mike Angel WIN SV
Raven WIN Rose
Angel AJ

1 - Destiny used her immunity idol, so all votes against her were void.

2 - The Mongooses votes were for immunity, The Rabbits had a chain vote and was also for immunity

3 - The votes were kept secret in this episode, No immunity was given

4 - This episode held a sudden death challenge as opposed to a vote


Chris: Ha. Ha. That's right, I'm back!!! You may chat here before we really get this thing started.

AJ: I can't believe I'm back...again

AJ (CONF): Yeah, I kind of hope Quinn and Iris come back, maybe even Samuel. Definitely Brandon too.

Cell: Greetings AJ and Chris, my name is Cell (CONF) : off to a good start, i just hope i can keep it that way...

AJ: Hey nice to meet you!

Chris: Thanks, I'm the host with the most, the pleasure is yours

Cell: why thank you Chris, so then, what made you want to return to this season AJ?

AJ: That is a good question, just because the last two were so fun!

Cell: Interesting. i hope we both do well in this contest! (smiles)

Mike: Hey guys!! (CONF) Time for me, Mike Skupin to win this money big time!!

AJ: *to Cell* Thanks! Hey Mike! Nice to meet you!

Chris: We will start by the way when I feel we are ready. Oh and here is a pre-challenge for you, if you can bring ONE friend to audition then your team will get a point, the team with the most points will earn an advantage in the first challenge!

Angel: Okay?

AJ: Hey Angel! Nice to meet you!

Ryan: *steps off the boat (?) and walks over to Chris* Hullo! (Just a quick note, Ryan suffers from Gigantism, and is 8 feet tall. Just letting you know. :P)

AJ: *looking up* Uh hi!!! (CONF): Hopefully this guy isn't mean, because he is giant

Jessa: *jumps off of the boat, carrying some luggage* Hey, guys! Nice to meet ya!

AJ: Hey nice to meet you too!! I'm AJ!

Jessa: Cool, I'm Jessa. :3 (CONF) I like this place already. Especially that AJ... o.o There's this one really tall dude, though.

Ryan (CONF) *Ryan is shown in the conessional, only is body is seen, due to him being to tall to be fully seen* I hope people won't judge me because of how tall I am, I'm just like everyone else, just in a giant's body.

AJ: (CONF) We have definitely some interesting contestants so far

Mike: *to Ryan* Hey dude! I'm Mike Skupin!

Ryan: Hullo Mike! I'm Ryan.

Mike: *reaches out his arm to shake Ryan's hand* Pleased to meet you.

Ryan: *shakes Mike's hand* Nice to meet you too...

Mike: *shakes Ryan's hand and stops shaking* I'm 6 foot 3!!

Lucy: (Steps off the boat with specks of oil splattered over her clothes She takes a good look around the camp, then shrugs.) Hey, the place could be worse. (She starts walking over to where her fellow competiters are talking amongst themselves wordlessly.)

Mike: *sees Lucy* Hey! I'm Mike!

AJ: Yeah! I'm AJ, nice to meet you!

Lucy: Oh, uh, hey. Nice to meet you two. I'm Lucy. (She shifts awkwardly, and mindlessly sticks her hand into her pocket and starts to mess around with the screws and bolts in it.)

Mike: (CONF) *having fantasies about Lucy* She's sooooooo hot! With her long blonde hair and those dashing blue eyes!! That perfect frame!!!

Cell: (looks at Mike) does someone have a crush on a certain mechanic?

Mike: *whispers to Cell* Don't tell anyone, but yes. She's the most beautifal girl I've ever seen. Her hair is as gold as the sun and her blue eyes remind me of the ocean. She also has a nice body.

Cell: well, i can't blame you for fancying a gorgeous lady. i think you should go for it.

Mike: Trust me dude, I will.

Ryan: But... she has brown hair and brown eyes...

Mike: Dude, what are you talking about? Lucy is a blonde with blue eyes!!

AJ: (CONF) Poor Lucy, she is shy and she has at least half the island ready to date her

Jessa: Hey Lucy. Uh... Don't mind those boys, they can be a little wierd sometimes. *walks up to AJ* So, AJ, what's up? Interesting cast, no?

AJ: Definitely interesting (CONF) with a pinch of crazy (NON-CONF) So are you ready for the first challenge?

Lucy: (She blushes a little) Uh, I'll try to ignore them then, I guess...

Mike: *thinking about Lucy, but it's not too apparent*

(Could Mike and Lucy have a romance?)

(MrD: No. No they couldn't. :s xD Sorry, but (A) I can't see Lucy and Mike together, (B) Lucy's more creeped out by Mike then attracted to him, and (C) I'm tired of my characters always having relationships, I want to make a couple single and proud of it characters. xP)

(Could they at least be friends?)

Jessa: Ya, I definantly am, AJ. You?

Karen: Hey everybody great to be here!!

Destiny: Hi everyone. *looks shy and faces another way*

Raven: Hi

AJ: Yeah! (CONF) The girls here seem nice, I miss Quinn though I hope she makes it, even Iris a little too. These new girls seem really...quiet...

Ryan: (CONF) Nearly everyone here is shy. I don't get why...

Raven: (CONF: So far, everyone seems very nice. But, I sense evil is on it's way)

Chris: We are waiting on one competitor, that is a female, everyone spread the word

Raven: *looks into future* She should be here soon ;)

Zach: *arrives and is twitching* So, there's not any bears on this island? I'm really scared of bears, I don't like bears... AHH. (CONF) Oh no, there's a camera in the bathroom too? I guess I'll never be alone... NEVER ALONE... *cradles self in ball and rocks back and forth*

AJ: Ummm, I don't think so (CONF) Err...uh...

Cell: um...OK?

Destiny: (CONF) I saw Mike with Lucy.... I feel bad telling him that he's wasting his time.

Chris: The first challenge will happen TONIGHT! By the way, but only if we can get one more girl by then!

Lucy: (Her eyes widen as she looks at Zach.) (CONF) ... the people here scare me.

AJ (CONF): I miss my friends from the past two seasons, hopefully I'll make some new ones...*peeks his head out of the confessional to watch the contestants and pulls it back in*...hopefully

Cell: (CONF: i feel sorry for AJ, i think all of his friends are not competing in this season, but AJ can be sure to count me as a friend!)

Jessa: *walks up to AJ, and smiles* So.... What's up? *looks down* Great, this is awkward. Listen, don't think I'm stalking you or something. It's just that... I can feel that we'll be friends. Like... I just know. So... :P

Quinn: *steps off the boat and smirks* I'm back baby!~ ;D

AJ: QUINN!!! *runs up and hugs her* (CONF) Yes! Quinn is back!

Chris: And that marks the last contestant! Time to begin!

Episode 1- Welcome to Wawanakwa

Mutant Mongooses Cabin:

Chris: Here is where the Mongooses can chat alone! Boys have the room to the left, girls to the right!

Quinn: *bringing her stuff into the girls cabin*

Radioactive Rabbits Cabin:

Chris: Here is where the Rabbits can chat alone! Boys have the room to the left, girls to the right!

AJ: *hoists his stuff on the top bunk and gets on* Might as well relax until the first challenge

Destiny: *walks into the boy's cabin* AJ? Would you mind looking after this squirrel for a second? I left my bag at the docks, and I can't hold both of them at the same time.

AJ: No not at all! *looks after the squirrel warily* (CONF) That thing is scary

Destiny: *places the squirrel on AJ's bed* Please. I'll be right back. *rushes off back to the dock*

Mess Hall:

Chris: Here is where you will be eating, feel free to visit at any time, but beware of Chef!


Chris: Some challenges will take place here! Also, sometimes there will be special advantages hidden here!

Quinn: *sits on a log, relaxing*


Chris: The first challenge will take place at 7 PM EST today! Be prepared

Chris: Alright, lets give people some more time to settle in, so we will start in a one hour, spread the word

Chris: Alright today's challenge is a trivia game! I will say a trivia question, and the first person to answer it gets to pick someone from the other team to be eliminated from the challenge. This goes on until one team is completely eliminated from the challenge.

Question 1: Which contestant has gone the longest since their last competition episode?

Quinn: Katie?

Chris: Correct! Who would you like to eliminate from the other team?

Quinn: Lucy, please.

Chris: Lucy is benched! Next question: Who has competed in the most episodes?

Karen: Umm AJ?

Jake: Sam...

Quinn: Duncan?...

Ryan: This series is Samuel. Total Drama is Heather.

Chris: Ryan wins! Ryan please pick someone to bench from the other team! (MrD: For the record, because Samuel debuted Seas, the -actual- person who competed the most episodes this season is Brandon. Jus'sayin'.)

Ryan: Karen, I suppose.

(Jake: Are we answering with the camp series or the real series?))

(AJ: Sorry I should have clarified, but its the real series not the camp one, but since Ryan put both he got the points)

Chris: Alright Karen is benched! Next question, who has competed in the least amount of episodes? (real series?)

Jake: Eva...?

Chris: Well the answer I was looking for was Blaineley, but then I realized that Eva and Blaineley are tied xD So Jake pick someone to bench!

Quinn: Eva or Mr Coconut.

Jake: Mike.

Chris: Alright Mike is also benched, Rabbits you need to pick it up because Lucy, Karen, and Mike are all benched already! Next question: Who has appeared in the least amount of episodes (contestant-wise not counting mr. coconut)

Jake: Errrr... contestant wise is Mildred. Everyone would be Josh.

Chris: Correct! Pick another contestant to bench!

Quinn: Eva?

Jake: Cell!

Chris: Alright! Cell is out! That leaves only Angle, Zach, and Destiny for the Rabbits (since AJ can't compete) P.s. since AJ can't compete, only 7 of the Mongooses have to be benched, although the Rabbits are farrr behind. Next question: Who is the most recently eliminated competitor (in TD)?

Destiny: B! (Also, shouldn't Staci be the answer to the last question?)

Chris: I forgot that is true! So Destiny, please pick two people to bench since that is technically the right answer to the last question! Both of your answers are right!

Destiny: I pick Jake and Quinn. Sorry guys. (Also I gtg.... soooo GL my team <3 xD)

Quinn: Damn.

Chris: Two power-houses benched! The Rabbits need to bench 5 more mongooses and the Mongooses only need to bench three more rabbits. Next question: Who was eliminated 3rd in all four seasons?

Ryan: Noah, Izzy, Harold, & B.

Chris: Correct!! Please bench a contestant Ryan!

Ryan: I bench Destiny.

Chris: Smart move by Ryan. Now only Angel and Zach can save the rabbits! Next up is: How many total episodes of Total Drama have aired so far in Canada?

Ryan: 84...?

Chris: True, without the rundown, I would accept 84 as well. Since the Mongooses have a huge lead, and Zach and Angel are nowhere to be found, the Mongooses win!!

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 1: Radioactive Rabbits)

Chris: You may explore here, but this is also where the elimination will take place!

Quinn: *explores* Wow...this island is totally messed up now.

AJ: I agree! I mean look at this weird squirrel thing *goes up to pet the squirrel*

Squirrel: *shoots lightning out of its eyes*

{C}AJ: Yeah, definitely messed up *begins running away*

Quinn: *hides behind a bush from the squirrel* What is that....THING?!

Destiny: *walks up* It was hit by a radiactive waste can. Poor thing.

AJ *also behind the bush*: *pokes his head out* Destiny be carefuly around that thing!

Quinn: *to Destiny* What ever you NOT get on it's bad side....

Destiny: *kneels down, closes her eyes, and reaches out her hand*

Quinn: What are you doing?

AJ: *whispering to Quinn* should we be concerned?

Destiny: *places hand over squirrel's head* It had a family... It was killed by the waste. It's confusing us with the killers. *scrunches up face* (Yeah... her backstory.... she doesn't have any friends... xD)

Quinn: *whispering to AJ*...Uh, yeah, she seems a little sketchy...

AJ: *whispering to Quinn* yeah just a bit

Squirrel: *Looks sadly at Destiny*

Quinn: *carefully stands up from the bush and sneaks away from the squirrel*

Destiny: *scratches underneath Squirrel's chin* Don't worry... We aren't like those mean people.

Raven: *looks around*

AJ: Alright, I'm going to go put my stuff down in my cabin

Quinn: I guess, I need to as well.

Destiny: *lifts up the squirrel* Come on, let's go to our cabin.

Mike: *to Destiny* Hey I'm Mike.

*changes to Nightfall*

Chris: Alright, it's elimination time. Rabbits, you guys sucked. Time for you guys to vote by any of the methods listed in the rules section! Everyone vote in the confessional, and whoever doesn't get a marshmallow will be eliminated.

AJ: (CONF) Wow, where was my team...ok I vote Angel, that girl looks suscpicious

Karen: (CONF) I vote Angel

Destiny: (CONF) I don't think anyone needs a prediction to know who's going. I vote Angel.

Angel: (CONF) I heard AJ was a veteran so I vote for AJ

Mike: (CONF) My vote goes to Angel.

Cell: (CONF) I'm sorry dear, but my vote is for Angel.

Chris: And that is majority. The marshmallows of the evening go to Karen, Cell, Mike, Destiny, Lucy, and Zach. The bottom two are AJ and Angel, and the final marshmallow goes to..........................................................................................AJ! Angel, you have been eliminated from Total Drama Tour of the Island! Please take the hurl of shame to Playa Des Losers.

Episode 2: The Great Mutant Race

Mutant Mongooses Cabin:

Jessa: Great job, guys. We're already one ahead of the others! Let's keep it up. :3

Quinn: Agreed!

Radioactive Rabbits Cabin:

AJ: *Sits down on his bed* Well looks like we are man down

Cell: It will be tough with one less member, but we'll have to try even harder, even without Angel.

AJ: Yeah! And we will definitely win the next challenge!!

Cell: (pulls out a beer) i'll drink to that! (drinks) want one?

Destiny: *walks into the cabin again* That's illegal you know. *frowns*

Chris: *confiscates Beer* Yeah, you all are only 17, so none of that

Destiny: (CONF) Sometimes my being a psychic is a blessing and a curse. I can catch people do wrong things, but when I was younger, I didn't know it wasn't normal, and everyone thought I was weird at school. Sadly, my parents wouldn't let me transfer.

Mike: Hey guys

AJ: Hey Mike! So are you three ready for the next challenge?

Cell: Hey now...17 years old is old!.....what's the point, your right, good thing this was my first ever one..

Zach: *reappears from under a bed* Is it over? Was I eliminated? Wait, don't tell me, it will ruin my self-esteem... WAIT, do tell me, I shouldn't be here if I was! I'll be arrested! SENT TO PRISON! *has a panic attack and starts twitching crazily*

Mike: Course I am!

AJ: No you weren't Zach, if you were you wouldn't be here xD (CONF) Zach is

Zach: *calms down* OK, alright... *passes out on bed*

Cell: poor kid...he's pretty fragile. i mean that in the nicest way possible.

Destiny: *returns after the challenge is over*

Lucy: (Walks in and instantly collapses onto her bed.)

Destiny: I know you're not okay. What hurts? *walks over to Lucy*

Mess Hall:

AJ: One thing I definitely did not miss...Chef's food *lump of random slithers off AJ's plate*...yeah ew

Quinn: Yes. That is one thing I could go without forever.

AJ: I hope we both make it farther this time. I had to spend have of the awesome journey around the world without you, and you went on for a while after I got eliminated in the second season. (CONF) I'm scared since Quinn and I are veterans that have both ranked high in the past, we will be targeted

Zach: Uh, so you guys have done this before? SORRY, if I interrupted...

Quinn: *to AJ* I hope so to. :) *kisses him on the cheek* *to Zach* Yeah, twice.

Destiny: *sits down with Quinn and AJ* Don't worry, AJ, you'll go far. *smiles*

Zach: *is startled by Destiny* AHH! Oh, sorry, hehe...

Quinn: *to Destiny* I sure hope so...

Destiny: And Quinn... You might wanna watch out. Someone heard what you were doing. Other than me.

Zach: Uhh, what do you mean by that? *starts breathing heavily*

Destiny: I gotta go get some food.... Sorry. *goes to get Chef's food*

Ryan: *starts walking in, but hits his head on the door frame* Ow... :c (CONF) Doors! I gotta watch for the doors!

AJ: Aww thanks Destiny. Hey Ryan! (CONF) Uh....I'm not sure whether to thank Destiny or just be really scared of her

Destiny: *comes back with food* No problem. (Hey AJ, will there be a gallery for chars?)


Jake: *walking around, exploring the woods*

Quinn: *runs and catches up with Jake* Hey, Jake, is it? I was thinking, since we're on the same team, we should strategize. ;)

Jake: *notices Quinn* Oh, hey Quinn. Sure. (BTW, EBGR. Can you meet me in Chatango?)

Quinn: Great.:) (Yup.)

Zach: *is walking in the woods mumbling to himself and he sees Jake and Quinn strategizing and hides behind a tree* (CONF) I really hope they're not plotting to get me out, wait, no, there on the other team... Wait, no, maybe they ARE planning to get me out... At the MERGE. *starts breathing heavily*

Cell: hmm....nowhone's looking....(hides in a bush, sipping sounds can be heard) (holds the glass up and brown liquid spills from the glass) (CONF: it was Coke, like i would pull that stunt again.)


Chris: The challenge will take place tomorrow at 7 PM EST, be there or besquare!!

Chris: Alright it's challenge time! You're challenge will be a race up this mountain of terror (same one in Ice, Ice, Baby) X_X. The first team to get 4 members up the mountain wins...but! There are giant firebreathing cockroaches, laser shooting land sharks, lightning shooting squirells, mind controlling mice, and birds that breath ice. So yeah, look out for those. On top of that, Chef is trying to knock you off with Ice cubes and other miscellaneous objects! So yeah good luck with that! Anddddd go!

AJ *sarcastically*: I don't think this challenge is hard enough...*begins climbing*(CONF) As if the squirrel of death wasn't enough

Destiny: (CONF) This is where being psychic will help.... Should I? (NON-CONF) *begins climbing*

AJ: *continues climbing*

Mutant Mouse: *floats up and begins using mind powers to throw things at AJ*

AJ: Seriously? Ahh! *attempts to dodge objects*

Karen: *starts climbing*

Martin: Rival powers go >:D *begins climbing*

Destiny: AJ! Go faster! Karen and Martin are coming! *climbs more*

Karen: *climbs faster*

AJ: *continues climbing while dodging objects*

Mutant Bird: *swoops in and begins shooting ice at Karen and Destiny*

Destiny: *dodges a piece of ice* You can't beat a psychic! *climbs*

Martin: *tries passing Karen* LETS DO THIS :D *stumbles*

Mutant Bird: *Flies up and down with Ice Breath*

Mutant Mouse: *uses Mind Control to control AJ and throw him off the cliff*

AJ: *falling* Well this is awesome

Destiny: *reaches out her hand to grab AJ*

Karen: *dodges ice* *still climbing*

Martin: ALMOST there!!! *falls*

AJ: *grabs Destiny's hand* Thanks Destiny!! *continues climbing*

Mutant Cockroach: *Begins pursuiting the contestants up the wall*

Destiny: *grabs her shoe off and throws it at Karen* Sorry! But I wanna win! (xD) *climbs*

Martin: *continues climbing* My rivalry powers ignite! *climbs even faster*

Destiny: Ugh... *climbs, and dodges another ice spear*

AJ: *looks behind* Uhh well here comes Martin, but more importantly, is that cockroach breathing fire? *continues climbing*

Mutant Cockroach: *continues stalking the contestants*

Karen: Ow! Destiney we are on the same team! *still climbing*

AJ: *still climbing* Almost there!

Chef: *evilly grinning* Hi! Remember me? *begins chucking ice cubes down the side of the cliff*

AJ (CONF): This. Challenge. Is. Psycho

Quinn: *climbing*

Lucy: (Hesitates out of fear, but sighs and begins to climb the mountain as well.)

Karen: Nearly there *climbs*

Zach: *gulps down pills and turns his grimace to confidence* I CAN DO THIS... I think... *starts climbing*

Quinn: *continues climbing*

AJ: *continues climbing and dodging ice cubes*

Mutant Cockroach: *breathes fire that hits Karen*

{C}Lucy: (Slowly continues her nervous climb.)

Quinn: *dodges the fire while climbing*

Zach: *sees the fire and starts climbing even faster* (mumbles) I can do this, I can do this....

Mutant Shark: *gets hit by an ice cube and angrily begins climbing the wall*

{C}Lucy: (She continues to go up slowly until she looks down and sees the shark. Her eyes widening, her pace now is considerably quicker, trying to get away from it as quickly as possible.)ee

Quinn: *climbs quicker after seeing the shark*

AJ: *makes it to the top and glares happily at Chef* *looking down* Go Lucy and Zach! You guys can do it!

Mutant Shark: *increases pace*

Mutant Bird: *returns to shoot more ice*

Destiny: Oops, sorry Karen, I wasn't thinking. ._. (I didn't know lol, sorry xD) *climbs more and doges an ice piece*

Quinn: *screams and climbs faster*

Lucy: (She's looking down at the shark when the ice starts to plummet, so she's less defenseless as she looks back up to see the block of ice five feet from her face. She's knocked off of the wall, and her arms swing wildly to catch something to stop her from falling to ceratin doom- and the something she grabs just happens to be the shark's fin)

Zach: *sees Lucy fall and panics, frantically climbs the canyon until his face turns purple*

Mutant Bird: *shoots Ice*

Mutant Cockroach: *breathes fire*

*The ice and fire combine to make steam to go up and down the cliffs, the contestants now can't see*

Destiny: *throws her other shoe at the shark's general direction* (CONF) When I win, I'm buying new shoes.

Martin: *still climbing fast* where did I go?!?!!?!? :|

Quinn: Almost there! *climbing, and then is hit by ice from the mutant bird

AJ: *looking down* I can't see a thing, I wonder how it's going

Lucy: (She tightens her grip on the mutant shark- the way she sees it, she can either get brutally injured by falling off, or she might be injured by being thrown off.)

Jessa: Oh gosh, I better get going! *runs to the mountain, and starts climbing up the side*

Quinn: *starts climbing again after getting hit*

Jessa: *climbs faster, gritting her teeth* Let's do this, Quinn!

Martin: *climbs onto a ledge* I MADE IT....oh wait...still more to go fail :|

Destiny: *loses her footing and is hanging on by her fingers* Help!

Quinn: *climbs faster* Totally, Jessa!

AJ: *looking down* Ahh I don't know what's happening down there!

Chef: *shrugs* *chucks more ice cubes down*

Lucy: (Shakily tries to climb off of the mutant shark, who seems to have failed to notice her so far, and onto a more solid grip of the mountain.)

Quinn: *dodges an ice cube* You're not getting me this time Chef!

Martin: I think I'm lost now...

Zach: *blinded by the steam and gets hit by an ice cube and starts falling* AHh! GUYS, please, HELP! *catches on to a rock on the cliff*

Martin: *passes AJ* >:D *realizes he is at the top* Oh wait.....Dang fog....Yea AJ and m- You are on the other team... -.-

Quinn: *reaches the half way mark while climbing*

Mutant Mouse: *levitates up and clears the steam with mind power as it is annoying it so the contestants can see again*

Lucy: (She's now off the shark and back onto the mountain. She sighs out of relief, then she quickly starts climbing again to get away from the shark.)

Quinn: *continues climbing*

Nalyd: *starts walking* :)

Zach: *is furious from the lack of help and starts climbing again.* Thanks a lot, GUYS! *starts hyperventalating (spelled it wrong xD)* (CONF) Those jerks couldn't even stop to HELP me? I thought they were, slightly, my friends!! *starts twitching crazily*

Quinn: Yes!~ Almost there! *climbing*

AJ: Go Zach you can do it! (CONF) Some of the contestants here are...terrifying. At least I have Quinn

Destiny: *Catches her footing* Yes! *climbs more, and reaches finish* Yay! Zach: *rolls twitching eyes at AJ* Yeah, thanks...Sorry, didn't mean to sound rude... If I did... Arrgghh...

Quinn: *hauls herself up to the top of the mountain* Yes!~ *finishes*

AJ: Go Destiny! *high fives Destiny* Good job Quinn! *runs over and hugs her*

Chris: That's two climbers for the Rabbits, two for the Mongooses! Things are still neck and neck! Who will win?

Mutant Cockroach: *decides to go back and shoot fire at the contestants*

Zach: *finishes and passes out* (CONF) I forgot to mention that my anxiety pills cause major sleep problems...

Lucy: (She narrowly avoids the fire, but it still singes the ends of her hair. Shaking slightly, she continues her trek up the mountain, about five eights though now.)

AJ: Go Lucy you can do it! Good job Zach!

Quinn: Thanks~*hugs AJ back* :D

Lucy: (AJ's words comfort her a little as she keeps on going up the mountain, getting closer and closer to the top.)

AJ: (CONF) I was really hoping Lucy would make it, we couldn't lose the first two challenges in a row, and the other team seemed to be catching up.

Destiny: You're going to make it, Lucy! I've seen it!

Lucy: (She's nearing the top now, and it looks like she's far ahead of the rest of the competition.)

*The mouse, shark, cockroach, bird, and squirell have all turned their attention to Lucy for being so far ahead and begin to pursuit*

Lucy: (She doesn't notice the animals all starting to chase behind her as she found it best to not look down, so she doesn't bother to quicken her pace.)

AJ: Go Lucy you can do it!

Animals: *closing in*

Lucy: (She finally reaches the top, and begins pulling herself up. Before she completly pulls herself up, though, she glances down and catches sight of the animals heading for her. The shock of it causes her to slip, and she begins to fall off. Just in time, though, she gets her grip back, and she finishes scaling the mountain. In less then a second, however, she collapses, trembling on the mountain's peak.)

Chris: And the Rabbits win! Mongooses, see you at elimination!

AJ: *runs over to Lucy* Hey good job! Are you ok? Destiny, Zach, come help her up with me!

Quinn: *glares*

Zach: *snores loudly and has night-terrors* (xD)

AJ: Alrighty then, since Zach seems to be in his own little world...(xD)Quinn can you come over and help!

Lucy: N- no, no, it's fine... (She shakily gets up on her own) Don't worry...

Quinn: Sorry, I don't help the opposing team. :P

AJ: (CONF) Alrighty then, 0 for 2 (NON CONF) Come on Destiny can you help? Lucy stop your going to hurt yourself!

Destiny: *limps over to Lucy* Sorry, just checking my ankle out. I might have sprained it when I lost my footing, but it'll be fine. *helps Lucy up with AJ*

AJ: Thanks Destiny! At least someone is willing to help! *helps Lucy up with Destiny* (CONF) It's good to know I have another friend here, especially after Brandon, Destiny, and Zoey didn't make this season

Lucy: (She sighs, but accept the help anyways.) (CONF) (Looking away.) I really didn't need the help- if worse came to worse, I could always just make a walking stick or something like that... Maybe a walking stick with propellers to help in challenges. (She thinks.) I'll have to build that some day.

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 2: Mutant Mongooses)

*night falls*

Chris: Alright, Mongooses, you put up a good fight, but still fell to the Rabbits tonight! Please vote in the confessional!

Martin (CONF): I vote Raven for not participating at all in the challenge. If I go home fine, but I believe she should not stay because she did nothing.

Quinn: (CONF): My vote goes to Raven for not participating. She hasn't helped our team in any way.

Raven: (CONF): I vote Rose. I'm sorry, your haven't been active at all

(Zanna: Y'all I couldn't make the challenge I'm sorry I let my team down. I'd wish you'd change your votes, but I respect you desicion even though Some people haven't done anything.)

Jake (CONF) : Raven. Sorry. (Sorry I wasn't here. I was at a high school intro thing. Ask AJ, I was.)

Nalyd (CONF): I vote Raven because she's not me.

Raven: Well, I guess I'll go ahead and pack my things. I'm sorry for letting y'all down. Maybe next time. Hope you all get far in the game. *looks to Chris* I'm not quitting, it's just that I've looked into the future and I know that I'm getting eliminated. Bye Everyone (CONF: Maybe Next Time) *leaves looking back and waving to her team*

(Zanna: I'm not quitting but theres already so much votes againist me and most of my team won't be on an vote. I'm just saving the trouble of waiting till tomorrow. Thanks for the fun time with this camp. :D)

Chris: Alright, and the marshmallows go to Martin, Quinn, Jake, Nalyd, Jessa, and Ryan. The bottom two is Rose and Raven and the final marshmallow goes to...Rose! Sorry Raven, you must take the Hurl of Shame. See you are Playa des Losers. Who knows, maybe there will be a return challenge!

Ryan (CONF): Raven (LATE VOTES FTW!)

Episode 3: All or Nothing

Mutant Mongooses Cabin:

Chris: *walks in and destroys the wall separating genders* Meh, I got bored of the wall. From here on out you are all in the same room!

Quinn: WHAAAT!? D:<

Ryan: *shrugs*

Radioactive Rabbits Cabin:

Destiny: *wakes up*

Zach: *is still sleeping from his pills yesterday*

AJ: *is sitting on his bed*

Chris: *walks in and destroys the wall separating genders* Meh, I got bored of the wall. From here on out you are all in the same room!

Destiny: *isn't surprised* AJ, look away while I get dressed please?

Zach: *wakes up suddenly, screaming* AHHHHHHH! Oh man oh man, I had the worst dream that I was stuck at a radioactive summer camp with tons of unique and weird teenagers and a host who thought he was great... and... and... *realizes it wasn't a dream* Ohhh... Uhh, nevermind... Hehe....

Destiny: *finishes changing* And who was the evil person? *rolls eyes*

Mess Hall:


Chris: Hehe I hid a secret item somewhere here in the woods by the way. Well I should say, hid it with someone! The 24 original cast members are hidden throughout the woods, and three of them have a good prize, the other has an extra good prize! Everyone has three searches so choose carefully!

Quinn: *runs and tries to find a cast member*

AJ: *runs and goes to find a castmember* (If AJ finds someone, they will be checked off the list since I know who is holding them, but he can only check two off the list)

Destiny: *searches specifically for Eva*

Quinn: *finds Katie hiding in the cave*

Katie: Sorry! I don't have anything! But if you find Sadie tell her I am looking for her!

Destiny: *finds Eva standing by a tree*


AJ: *finds Bridgette hiding under a grass pelt* No way!

Bridgette: Hey! Sorry I don't have anything either.

Jake: *finds Cody*

Ryan: *Walks over to a tree, climbs it, and spies Owen attempting to hide in a bush, he walks over, and taps Owen on the shoulder* Um... hello?

Destiny: (CONF) Ugh... Something is wrong. I can't see write. *thinks, and closes eyes* Yes! (NON-CONF) *searches for DJ*

Quinn: *searches for Duncan*

Cody: Sorry I don't have anything either! I'm actually hiding from Sierra

Owen: *farts* Yeah me neither!

Jake: *finds Ezekiel* Hey, buddy. You know where the... idol... is?

Ezekiel: *growls and shakes his head no*

AJ: *finds Harold*

Harold: Nope, My mad skills do not include helping Chris, sorry I don't have anything!

Destiny: *finds DJ*

Jake: *finds Leshawna*

Quinn: *sees a green mohawk from behind a tree*

DJ: Congrats! I am holding a 1 day immunity pass! You are safe from the Episode 3 vote whether you lose or win!

Leshawna: Same! I am holding the same thing *high fives DJ*

Duncan: Woo you found me, big whoop. I don't have anything anyways. That leaves one more search for you.

Quinn: *searches for Izzy*

AJ: *finds Gwen*

Gwen: Nope, sorry don't have anything -.- But you are out of searches

Quinn: *sees a bear and walks up to it* Is that you Izzy?

Bear: *growls at Quinn*

Quinn: Th-that's not Izzy! *runs away and keeps searching*

Karen: *finds Heather*

Lucy: (Finds Alejandro.)

Heather: Ugh, No I don't have anything, I don't even need to be here I won TDWT!

Alejandro: Hello Mi-ha, You found me and I have the best prize. A team swap item. You have the power to choose one member from each team and switch them.

Lucy: (She's clearly surprised.) Wow... Thanks. Does the team-swap item have a deadline...?

Jessa: *runs up to a blonde head of hair, and realizes it is Lindsay* Got anything for moi?

Zach: *is running frantically and accidentally runs into Bridgette* Oww! Oh, sorry, do you have anything? (Bridgettedj10, it's worth a shot xD)

Cell: (crosses paths with Tyler) what about you athlete? got anything good?

Quinn: *finds Izzy*

Alejandro: Yes, by the next challenge Lucy!

Lindsay: Uhh sorry I don't have anything, just this immunity Chris asked me to give one of the contestants....oh wait! Yeah here is the final immunity!

Bridgette: I was found already, sorry! I don't have anything

Izzy: AIAIAIAIA No Izzy doesn't have anything!

Chris: Jessa, Jake, and Destiny, you three have immunity for the next challenge. Lucy, you must choose a team swap by the challenge. Everyone else...nothing.

Zach: *starts hyperventilating* (CONF) Oh no, I didn't get immunity...

Quinn: ...Crap...

Jessa: YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lindsay! *hugs her* :D

Lucy: Er... I'll swap Cell for... (She looks at the other team, before her eyes finally rest on one member.) Quinn. (CONF) I had a hard time deciding whether to get rid of Cell or Mike, but cause Cell does nothing I decided to get him onto their team. And I brought Quinn to our team cause... Well, AJ's a nice guy and Quinn seems to make him happy. (Blushes a little.) She's also one of the better members of the other team.

Quinn: *hugs Lucy excitedly* OMG! Thanks so much Lucy!

AJ: Thanks so much Lucy! *high fives her* Quinn! Were on the same team...finally!!! Sorry to see you go Cell! Good luck with the Mongooses!

Chris: And Quinn is now a Rabbit, and Cell is a Mongoose!

Quinn: Finally, after SO long! @ AJ

Cell: oh well....and Lucy...of course i do something!, it's just all of you have found all of those guys already! (points to the original cast)


Chris: By the way, the challenge will start tonight at 7 PM, and run for one day or until both teams complete it. It will be a series of riddles that you will have to work together to figure out.

Karen: I'm ready

Jessa: We starting Chris? ... c:

Chris: Alright the challenge is to work together to solve this riddle (no using the internet).

I have four wings, but cannot fly, I never laugh and never cry; On the same spot I'm always found, toiling away with little sound. What am I?

Karen: Ok so it's no animal or airplane. Wait toiling away with little sound. I think I know what it might be but I will wait for my team.

Ryan: I know that... it's a windmill.

Karen: Yeah thats what I thought it was

Quinn: *to her team* C'mon guys. Let's think about this....

Jessa: I'm pretty sure it is a windmill, Quinn. But Ryan got it... Does it count if I say a electrical-generating windmill? :D

Cell: it must do, it IS a different kind of object.

Jessa: Wait a minute, Ryan is on our team, Quinn! YAH BUDDY! :D *high fives Ryan* That must be the right answer, right?

Destiny: The mongooses are right...

Ryan: *high-fives Jessa back* Hooray! (CONF) I might have found some friends. :D

Quinn: Way to go guys!~

Cell: Kudos to all competitors. (CONF: I really need to be more active...)

Chris: And thanks to Ryan, the winners are the Mutant Mongooses!!!! Radioactive Rabbits I will see you all at elimination!

Rose: Sorry guys! =( I haven't been very active!

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 3: Radioactive Rabbits)

Quinn: *sits down and listens to her iPod, which she snuck in her bag*

*night falls*

Chris: Alright Rabbits including the newest rabbit Quinn! Welcome to your second elimination, you know how it works, vote in the confessional!!

AJ (CONF): Sorry, I vote for Mike, least useful

Karen: (CONF) I vote Mike, doesn't really do anything

Lucy: (CONF) I vote for Mike... S- sorry...

Zach: (CONF) I-I-I vvvvote M-M-M-Mike... Sorry, please don't be angry... *cowers*

Martin: *runs in* I VOT- Wait....Wrong place :| *runs away*

Destiny: (CONF) Mike will be going tonight.

Quinn: (CONF): My vote goes to Mike.

Chris: And the marshmallows are handed out to AJ, Destiny, Quinn, Zach and Lucy! The bottom two are Karen and Mike, and the last marshmallow goes to.................................Karen! Mike I will see you at Playas Des Losers.

Episode 4: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

*night falls*

Mutant Mongooses Cabin:

Cell: (thinking to himself)...must be more active...must be more active...must be more active...

Rose: (reads Cell's mind) I must be more active too... :c

Radioactive Rabbits Cabin:

AJ: Well at least Quinn is on my team now! But too bad Mike had to go.

Quinn: *brings in her bags*...Oh hey AJ.

AJ: Quinn! It's awesome to see you! Glad were finally staying together, and Bronson isn't here to switch everything up like last season.

Quinn: I know right. This should be great!~ :D


Jake: (CONF) Seems like my team is going to keep on winning. (NONCONF) Hmm. A cute bunny!

BUNNY: *spits acid from eyes*

Jake: No me gusta.

Martin: *wanders randomly* Ok, I wonder if their is anything idolish in here :o

Mess Hall:


Chris: The challenge will begin tomorrow at 7:30 PM EST! If you can't be there please say so.

(Sun: I probably won't be able to make it. I have to go to Church at 7, so I probably won't get back until 7:30... Not that good of a church...)

Chris: Oh and Mutant Mongooses, you might want to get team member Nalyd to speak this episode, one more activity strike and he is eliminated! Challenge begins in about 2 and a half hours!!

AJ: I hope my team is here for it! We need to win this challenge!

(Zoom: I don't think I can make it, I have exams tomorrow and I'm studying like crazy)

(AJ: @Sunny, it starts at 7:30 xD, @Zoom, pssh exams, but thats ok! good luck on your exams!)

Chris: Here are the challenge sections, it will begin in 1 hour and 10 minutes!

Chris: Alright it's time for today's challenge! Your challenge will be to make it through this Haunted Forest, Haunted Cemetary, and Haunted Cave without being caught by the many booby traps and evil mosnter that will be stalking you! You will be penalized for every member you lose! The finish line is at the end of the haunted cave! and...GO!

Haunted Forest:

Cell: (sits in a golfball position and rocks to and fro) Ghosts can't get me.....Ghosts can't get me.....Ghosts can't get me.....(shivers)

Destiny: *walks through*

AJ: Come on team lets go! *begins running*

Destiny: *begins jogging, and isn't scared*

Karen: *walks through forest*

AJ: (CONF) I don't do well with fear...or darkness...

Monster: *begins lurking after the contestants*

Destiny: *goes a little faster*

Cell: (is quietly following the others while muttering the same sentance)

AJ: *begins jogging*

Monster: *sees some contestants nearby and begins stalking them*

Jessa: o.o *slowly jogs* (Made it after all, and thanks. c:)

Cell: does anyone get the feeling that we're being followed?

AJ: Yeah I get that feeling as well...I'm a bit worried. Hopefully my team doesn't get kidnapped *continues jogging*

Jessa: *starts running faster, looking kind of scared* (CONF) Okay, I definantly was starting to freak out, but I wasn't going to let the monster catch me.

Monster: *sees Nalyd and Zach, and closes in on them*

Destiny: *is almost through with the forest*

AJ: *continues jogging and is almost done* (CONF) I can't WAIT to get out of this creepy forest

Monster: *kidnaps Nalyd and Zach*

AJ: Great, does anyone see Zach?

Karen: We better run! *runs away*

AJ: *runs along with Karen* Ahh!!

Monster: *begins looking for a new target*

Lucy: (She nervously starts walking through the darkened woods, scared that at any moment someone- or something- will jump out a ther.)

Karen: Let's go guys into the cemetery! *runs into cemetery*

Destiny: *arrives at the cemetery*

Monster: *begins lurking after Quinn and Rose*

Lucy: (She keeps stalking through the woods as quietly as possible, trying to avoid getting noticed.)

Monster: *begins closing in on the two girls*

Lucy: (Continues walking, getting closer and closer to the cementary.)

*booby trapped field lies ahead*

Lucy: (She doesn't notice the booby traps and accidently trips one of them.)

*giant log drops and begins rolling after Lucy*

Monster: *kidnaps Quinn and Rose and moves on to the Cemetery*

Jessa: *notices that the monster has left, and starts sprinting to the cemetary* Yes! Now that I'm behind the monster, it won't notice me! :D


AJ: *enters the cemetery* Oh. My. God. (CONF) When I think it can't get scarier....

Destiny: *arrives* (CONF) Things aren't really scare when you know what's going to happen...

Karen: *enters cemetery* Now what?

AJ: I guess we just have to make it through

*dramatic music plays and zombies begin rising out of the grave*

AJ: You have GOT to be kidding me

Destiny: Let's go, now. (I swear AJ... if this is Thriller...) *runs quickly*

Karen: RUN! *runs away*

Destiny: *runs faster* Go!

AJ: *runs with Karen and Destiny*

*zombies begin closing in on the other side*

Destiny: *picks up speed* Good luck guys! *rams into the zombies, knocking them down*

Karen: Quick! into the cave! *runs into cave*

*gap closes where Karen and Destiny ran by*

AJ: Great...what do I do now?

Monster: *snatches up AJ who is being closed in by zombies*

Haunted Cave:

Destiny: *runs in*

Karen: *runs in* Its just us two Destiny

Chris: Alright you all are seriously sucking at this challenge! Destiny and Karen win for the Rabbits for being the only two to make it this far! Mongooses, see you at elimination!

Campfire Gounds (Elimination Ceremony 4: Mutant Mongooses)

*night falls*

Chris: Today, there will be no elimination, because sadly we have had our first Automatic elimination, and that is the elimination of Nalyd. *hurls Nalyd to Total Drama Tour of the Losers*

Episode 5: Move it or Bruise It

Mutant Mongooses Cabin:

Ryan: (CONF) *head & shoulders not seen, due to being too tall* Well, Nalyd's gone, but that isn't too much of a loss, since he didn't do much anyways...

Radioactive Rabbits Cabin:

AJ: Woo good job Karen and Destiny! We won!

Mess Hall:



Chris: Today's challenge is simple. There will be a series of activity challenges. You are all standing on high platforms above the water. Basically, each round two contestants will get eliminated from the challenge by being the last to say the word. Last contestant standing wins!

Chris: First round, all you have to do is say "duck" or get punched off.

AJ: Duck!

Karen: Duck!

Ryan: Duck... *Ducks, but is still as tall as the line of fire* Aww... *ducks more*

Jake: Duck.

Quinn: Duck!

Lucy: Duck

Destiny: Duck?

Chris: Only Zach, Rose, Martin, Jessa, and Cell to go! 3 more of them will make round two!

Jessa: DUCK!

Chris: Two more available spots for round two! Who will it go to? Cell, Martin, Rose, or Zach? If Zach gets it then all of the Rabbits will have made it to round 1!

Cell: Duck!

*the punchers punch off Zach, Martin and Rose*

Chris: Alright Martin, Rose, and Zach are all out of the challenge! This next one will be time based. If you don't say Jump by 8 PM then you are out of the challenge and knocked off the platform. If everyone says it then the last two are kicked off!

Jessa: Jump!

Quinn: Jump!

Destiny: Jump!

Karen: Jump!

Cell: Jump!

Jake: Jump.

AJ: Jump!

*the sweeper sweeps Lucy and Ryan off their platforms and into the water*

Chris: Alright that means Lucy and Ryan are out of the challenge! Round 3, you must say punch to break the rock that is flying at you!

AJ: *tries to punch the rock but still gets knocked off* (It's not fair for AJ to be competing in activity challenges xD)

Destiny: Punch! *grins*

Cell: punch. (smiles)

Karen: Punch! *smiles*

Martin: PUN- WTH I'm out O_O

Chris: Alright who will also move on to the final round? Quinn, Jessa, or Cell?

Jessa: *punches the rock* :D

*the rocks hit Cell, Jake and Quinn off their platforms*

Chris: And with that there are four contestants left! Two from each team! Everyone must say "win!". Whoever gets the lowest score wins (i.e. 1st to say it and 3rd to say it would be 1+3 so 4. The other team would have 2+4 so six, so the first and third would win)

Karen: Win!

Jessa: Win!

Destiny: Win!

Chris: And the Rabbits win! (Sorry Jake, when you messaged me I had assumed you also said punch, however, you didn't so you are still out of the challenge). Mongooses, see you at elimination!

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 5: Mutant Mongooses)

*night falls*

Chris: I not only need you to vote someone off tonight, but pick either Boy or Girl please (separate from the vote, in the confessional just say the word Boy or Girl after your vote).

Chris: Oh duh! Thanks Jake! Rose is out for missing three episodes, sorry girl! Hopefully that will be our last inactivity elimination. Everyone else just vote Boy or Girl please!

Ryan: (CONF) Uh... Boy?

Jessa: (CONF) I think I'm the only girl left... O_O So I say boy.

Jake: (CONF) I change my vote to Boy. If I can't change, then that's fine.

Martin: (CONF) I pick Boy...I am the greatest >:D

Chris: Alright then you all can welcome Xenes, The Lone Wolf (Reddude) onto your team! The Rabbits will get Liz, The Stone Cold Girl (Kate)

Episode 6: Let's Groove Tonight

Mutant Mongooses Cabin:

Jake: Crazy night last. Anyways, welcome bro!

Xenes: *Scans the cabin* ...Okay... Hi, Jake, was it?

Jake: Yeah, the name's Jake. What's up, Xenes?

Ryan: *stoops under the door and looks over at Jake and Xenes* Hullo!

Martin: .___. Oh hai dere :)

Cell: greetings Ryan.

Jessa: Hi there Xenes... Nice to meet you. Welcome to the team. :P

Radioactive Rabbits Cabin:

Lucy: (Sitting awkwardly on her bed, and looks up at Liz.) We- welcome to the show...

Quinn: *sits on her bed holding a mirror staring at herself*

Destiny: *stares intensely at Liz*

AJ: *also stares at Liz* (CONF) Great, someone named the Stone Cold girl is on our team. And she hasn't said anything yet

Liz: -blankly looks at her team mates- You don't have to stare at me, you know. It's rather creepy. -turns to Quinn and scoffs- Nice mirror.

AJ: *backs up* Alrighty then

Mess Hall:


Cell: (walks into the woods, and climbs up a tree, then falls asleep)

Martin: I sure wish an idol was in these woods :D


Chris: It is challenge time! I will need each team to decide on a song to pick for the following three players. If two teams have the same song, then whoever posted it first will get the point so try to avoid that.

Dakota, Sam, Zoey

You may decide in the chat below, on the IRC, chatango, etc...but decide by 10 PM tonight, if neither team has I will extend it until tomorrow. Please have your final answers in bold. Since the Rabbits are a player up, AJ will be sitting out of the challenge.

AJ: Phooey :(

Cell: i already thought about one, for Dakota...E.T by Katy Perry?

Martin: NO! That doesn't make any sense! I think we should do Fame by Lady Gaga for Dakota, for Zoey we could do like I'm so Lonely, and for Sam, IDK

Destiny: Paparazzi, by Lady Gaga for Dakota.

Karen: Famous or Superstar by Big Time Rush either is perfect for Dakota, Lonely by Akon for Zoey and Mario Theme/Medley for Sam which is a song!

Chris: I only got one entry >: ( This is a challenge peopl! I will take Destiny's for Dakota, and then Karen's for Zoey and Sam and that will be the Rabbit's entry. Mongooses, you have until tomorrow to turn yours in.

Cell: jeez Martin, it was only an idea, for Sam we could have Super Mario Dubstep Remix? Jake: Fame by Lady Gaga for Dakota. How about Don't Laugh At Me by Mark Willis. And maybe, some random beeps and sounds to represent fighting mode in a videogame for Sam. Those are my thoughts.

Jessa: Ya, I think those are good Jake. Can you enter them? And maybe the Marion Bros. theme song for Sam? XD

Judging: Alright here is the judging by our guest judge Webkinz Mania

Fame by Lady Gaga vs. Paparazzi by Lady Gaga- Winner: Fame. Point Mongooses

Lonely by Akon vs. How About Don't Laugh at Me by Mark Willis- Winner: Lonely. Point Rabbits

It all comes down to this

Mario Theme Song- Unknown vs. Random Fighting Noises and Background Beeps and Music- Winner: Random Fightning Noises and Background Beeps and Music. Point Mongooses. The Mongooses win!! Rabbits, see you at the vote!

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 6: Radioactive Rabbits)

*night falls*

Chris: Alright time to eliminate someone!! Please vote below Rabbits

AJ: (CONF) Sorry Zach, you kinda creep me out...I vote for you

Karen: (CONF) Bye Zach

Destiny: (CONF) Sorry, Zach, but bye.

Quinn: (CONF): I vote for Zach.

Lucy: (CONF) Z- Zach... Sorry...

Episode 7: The Embarrassing Truth

Mutant Mongooses Cabin:

Radioactive Rabbits Cabin:

AJ (CONF): Great I'm the only male left on my team

Mess Hall:


Chris: Ooh there is a hidden immunity idol in the woods! I emptied out all Total Drama characters...ever in the woods! You can find as many as you want, but don't godplay and just automatically find them. Once you find the correct player, you will win the immunity idol!

Jake: O.O *runs in the woods automatically* Who would Chris give it to? *walks on a bridge, only to see Tyler* Hey dude. Have you seen an idol?

Destiny: *searches for Eva*

Quinn: *searches for Heather*

Cell: (searches for Gwen)

Karen: *searches for Lindsay*

Tyler: Nope, sorry dude. Have you seen Lindsay though?

Eva: Chris brought me back here...AGAIN!? I don't have your stupid idol

Heather: No I don't, you guys are lucky you even get idols

Gwen: Nope, nothing, sorry!

Lindsay: Uhh Idol like American Idol? Nope sorry

Martin: *searches for Bridgette* Um lyk ya

Karen: *searches for Noah*

Jessa: *runs through the woods, and smells some hair spray... following it, she finds Anne Maria* Hey, Anne Maria! Have you seen an immunity idol anywhere around here? Or do you know who has it?

Jake: *runs and finds Brick* Gimme the idol! That's an order!

Bridgette: Nope, sorry dude!

Noah: I don't have that idol thing, no

Anne Maria: Nope, don't have the idol buddy. You seen Vito?

Brick: Negative sir. I do not have the idol sir!

Jake: *looks for Mike* Hey Mike, Vito, Chester and Svetlana. You seen an idol?

Karen: *searches for Dakota*

Quinn: *searches for Lightning*

Destiny: *searches for Scott*

Cell: (searches for Trent)

Mike: Nope! Sorry! Have you seen Zoey?

Dakota: No!

Lightning: Sha-LIGHTNING (No)

Scott: Heh-Heh, here ya go *Hands Destiny the Idol*

Chris: Destiny wins!


Chris: The challenge will begin tomorrow at 7 PM EST sharp!

Chris: Alright these four questions are about your fellow contestants. But who is about who? If you submitted an answer you may not answer. Every contestant can guess once, and on one of the numbers. Whichever team gets the most wins! You have until 8:30 PM EST tonight to guess!

Mongooses: 1 | Rabbits: 0

1. Likes My Little Ponies- Martin

2. Still plays Pokemon- AJ

3. Hasn't had friends since Kindergarden- Destiny

4. Is Bisexual (Jake- Guessed by Ryan)

Ryan: Is #4... Jake?

Chris: Yep! Point Mongooses!

Jessa: I'm gonna guess here... Xenes still plays Pokemon?

Chris: Err wrong!

Karen: Is #3 Xenes?

Destiny: Is #2 Quinn?

Jake: Is #2 Cell?

Quinn: Is #1 AJ? ;D

Chris: Nope, you are all wrong! Solid guesses but wrong! The winner is Ryan for getting the 1 right, see above for who is who.

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 7: Radioactive Rabbits)

*night falls*

Chris: Rabbits, please vote off one of your own!

AJ: (CONF) Err I vote Liz, sorry but you haven't done much

Karen: (CONF) I vote Liz

Destiny: (CONF) See above. (xD)

Lucy: (CONF) Liz... (Sorry for inactiveness btw, I was on my dad's navy ship for two days. xP)

Martin: *sneaks into ceremony* If any of you ever mention my love for My little ponies.....oh you will get it >.> *runs away*

Quinn: (CONF) My vote goes to yet another useless person. Sorry Liz. D:>

Chris: And the marshmallows go to...AJ, Destiny, Lucy, Karen and Quinn! Sorry Liz but you have been eliminated!

Episode 8: Friends with Animals

Mutant Mongooses Cabin:

Radioactive Rabbits Cabin:

Mess Hall:



Chris: Another day, some more pain! Meet me tonight at 9 PM EST for the challenge! Before then you must catch in a net one of the many dangerous animals on this island. No animal, no challenge. Good Luck!

AJ: *searches for lightning squirrell* Hmm where is that little guy

Lucy: (Cautiously looks around for an animal.)

Lightning Squirrel: *appears from behind a bush*

AJ (CONF): Gotta get that squirrel! (NON CONF) *raises net and begins after the squirrell*

Ryan: *climbs up into a tree, and searches* (CONF) Finally, a time when my stature comes in handy, animal spotting!

AJ: *follows the squirrel slowly* Come here squirrely squirrely

Karen: *follows AJ*

Ryan: *up in tree, notices a "Baby" Wooly Beaver* Sweet. *jumps down and runs towards it*

Destiny: *shows her pet squirrel from day one* Does he count? *smiles* (HAHA SUCKAHS! >:D)

Lucy: (Stalking around the woods, when a radioactive raccon slowly starts creeping up on her)

Jake: *looks for an animal*

AJ: *bags the squirrel* (CONF) Yes!

Ryan: *sneaks up behind the Baby Wholly Beaver, and catches it in a bag* FUS DO RAH! *leaps in air*

Cell: (sneaks up behind a pig) come to papa...(the pig runs away) HEY!, GET BACK HERE! (chases the pig)

Karen: *grabs rabbit* Look it's our team mascot!

Martin: *runs around in circles with a rattlesnake seagul* OMG ITS SO FUNN- supposed to catch this right? :|

Chris: Alright so far only AJ, Ryan and Karen have animals for the challenge!

Destiny: Umm, hello? *holds up her squirrel* (Day 1 AJ, DAY ONE xD)

Chris: Alright, I will leave this open until tomorrow because of the pathetic performance so far. But I will reveal what the challenge is...It will be pokemon battles! But not with pokemon, with the mutant animals! Karen, AJ, Ryan and Destiny have an advantage due to being complete. Tomorrow by 8:30 PM I expect most of you to have animals!

Martin: *catches the rattle snake seagull* Oh this will be fiiiiiiine ;)

Ryan: *to Chris* But I caught this Wholly Beaver baby two or three hours ago! *hold up small wholly beaver, which wimpers, Ryan starts to cuddle it.* (CONF) *in CONF still holding the wholly beaver* I'll name you.... Muffin! *smiles*

Quinn: *sneaks up and tries to catch a mutated rat*

Lucy: (The raccon lunges at her, and Lucy turns around quickly and, screaming, throws up the net so her arms are free to protect her face. As the raccon's almost on her, the net falls down and catches the raccoon, and Lucy lowers her shaking arms.) ... Does th- that count?

Jake: *catches a mutated monngoose* Behold, the teams mascot!

Chris: Alright animals have been caught by Karen, AJ, Destiny, Ryan, Martin, Lucy, and Jake!! Now it's time...for battle! Tonight, at 5 PM EST every battle will begin. Which ever team wins the most wins!

Jessa: GO TEAM GO! :D

Lucy vs. Ryan

Chris: This battle will begin at 5 PM EST! It is Lucy's racoon vs. Ryan's beaver!

Chris: Begin!!

Racoon: (Lunges at the beaver.)

Muffin (It's the beaver's name. :3): *dodges, and slashes at the Racoon*

Racoon: (Is hit and some blood starts to drip down. The racoon growls, and it aims a scratch at the beaver's eye.)

Muffin: *shields eye with hands, but gets cut on the arm* Grr.... *slashes wildly at the racoon*

Racoon: (Is hit, but the slashes leave a open spot for attack at Muffin's stomach, which the racoon gladly strikes at.)

Muffin: *is striked, and scratches again at the racoon*

Racoon: (Lunges out of the way of the blow, and attempts to bite Muffin's neck.)

Muffin: *gets out of the way* Grrr..... *Arms grow, and throws the racoon into a tree*

Racoon: (Is damaged, but it staggers for a second before straightening itself out again, and lunges for Muffin once more.)

Muffin: *falls, but jumps back up, damaged, eye twitches, and plunges it's claws into the racoon*

Chris: Alright even though neither won, I do have to say this is the best battle. I declare this a tie.

Destiny vs. Jake

Chris: This battle will begin at 5 PM EST! It is Destiny's Squirrel vs. Jake's Mongoose!

Chris: Begin!

Mongoose: *hisses* >:C *shoots acid out of eyes*

Mongoose: RAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRR! *shoots lightning out of it's butt, eletrocuting the squirrel*

Squirrel: *is hit by the acid, but absorbs the lightning* (Ummm... lightning squirrel? read above) *rushes at the Mongoose, and whips tail at it*

Squirrel: *digs teeth into Mongoose* NOM!

Mongoose: *hisses* *spits lava bits at the squirrel*

Squirrel: *dodges it* (Lava, acid, and lightning? :\) *shoots lightning bolts out of eyes*

Mongoose: :@ *spits more hot acid at the squirrel*

Squirrel: *spins tail and whips the acid back at the mongoose*

Mongoose: *hisses loudly* *spits acid in the squirrels eyes*

Squirrel: *shoots lightning from its eyes to block the acid* Nom! :@ *claws furiously into the space in front of it*

Mongoose: *shoots acid from eyes*

Squirrel: *shoots lightning one more time*

Mongoose: *dies*

Chris: Yes Destiny wins! Point Rabbits!

Karen vs. Martin

Chris: This battle will begin at 5 PM EST! It is Karen's Rabbit vs. Martin's Rattle Snake Seagull!

Chris: Begin!

Rabbit: *shoots lasers from eyes and bites seagull*

Martin: GO Martin Jr. Go!!!! *seagull flies into the air to dodge lasers*

Rabbit: *bites seagull's wings that have venom*

Martin Jr: *stabs Rabbit with venom*


Rabbit: *Hops high in the air and then jumps down on Martin Jr.*

Martin Jr: *stabs the rabbit*

Rabbit: *bites and punches seagull*

Martin Jr.: *continues to stab the rabbit*

Martin: Umm like :| this will never end...XD

Chris: Martin is correct, and for being correct, he wins! Point Mongooses

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 8: Special Elimination)

Chris: Alright, everyone vote someone from the OTHER team to compete in a 1 vs 1 challenge!

AJ (CONF): I vote Xenes, he doesn't do much

Jake: (CONF): I vote Destiny. She has an idol, and do we want an idol holden going into merge?

Ryan: (CONF): I vote for Destiny, she too much of a threat.

Destiny: (CONF) I use my idol. Who do I vote? Jake.

Quinn: (CONF): My votes goes to Xenes. He's our weakest link.

Karen: (CONF): I vote Xenes

Lucy: (CONF): X- Xenes...

Cell: (CONF) uhh...Destiny.

Martin: (CONF) someone told me to vote Quinn so there? Xenes is going home so this vote is a waste vote no hard feelings -w-

Xenes: (conf) I just haven't spoken, and that's my strategy; fly under the radar. I vote for Quinn.

Chris: Well even if Jessa voted someone else the results would stay the same. Cell, Jake and Ryan all voted Destiny, but because Destiny used her idol all of the votes against her are voided. Battling for the Rabbits is Quinn, and battling for the Monogooses is Xenes. I never said the 1 vs. 1 challenge was going be elimination though...muahahhaa, the winner of the 1 vs 1 challenge will get to choose who gets eliminated. The challenge is a sword fighting duel. If you get three strikes against you, then you are out. You have one dodge, and one block. If the other person does not reply in 5 minutes, you may strike again. Go! Oh and I forgot one tiny detail. If there is no winner by 8 PM tomorrow, you will BOTH be eliminated.

Xenes: *slams his sword into Quinn* <.<

Xenes: *slashes at Quinn with his sword, yet again* Yo, you take too many sleeping pills this morning or what?

Xenes: *yawns* Good day, Barbie. *slams his sword into Quinn one final time*

Chris: Well that wasn't much of a tie breaker was it? Xenes is now in a powerful position. He may choose any single person to eliminate. No one is safe, not even Destiny because she used her idol. You can please your case if you want, but Xenes's decision is final. He may choose when he wants, and he may ask questions to people first if he wants.

Xenes: *glances from the Mongoose to the rabbits* I have no loyalties gathered in either team *glances back towards the Mongoose* Simply being slated on your team does not confide me to vote in your favor. *shifts gaze to Rabbits* And you all are the reason i was even in a tiebreaker... But *mutters* To helll with you all... *looks at the Jake, deadlock in the eyes, a stern expression across his face* get the hell off my show.

Chris: Wow, That was a shocker, even to me. Sorry Jake I am sorry to inform you that you have been eliminated. Ta Ta!

Episode 9: The Last Stand

Mutant Mongooses Cabin:

Xenes: *sits far off from anyone* (CONF) There's no point in trying to retain my old strategy. That bloody tiebreaker forced me out into the open. But do I regret my decision? *smirks and folds his arms* As if.

Ryan: *walks over to Xenes* Uh, Hi, Xenes. What's up! (CONF) Awk-ward!

Xenes: *glances towards Ryan, uninterestedly* Hey.

Ryan: Congradulations on winning that elimination challenge, man.

Martin: Hey Xenes :p it's a good thing Jake went home instead of you!

Xenes: Uh, thanks, guys...

Martin: Now dude, because you and me voted Quinn, we should be in an alliance....haha well, I can be your friendly rival instead >:D That's my thing y'know XD

Cell: hm. interesting for you to make an alliance so late in the game Martin. (CONF:) we're pretty much waiting for a huge alliance to start.)

Martin: *walks around casually* I totally am not un-allianced in this game and am trying to make my first alliance....of course not *cough*denial*cough*

Xenes: *yawns and walks to Mess hall*

Radioactive Rabbits Cabin:

AJ: Wow I didn't see that one coming (CONF) All of a sudden, Xenes appears and is making an impact in the game. Ally or threat? That is always the question. I would feel bad though because he looks like he needs friends.

Lucy: (Looking down on the floor.) M- me neither... (CONF) (Silent, before she finally decides to speak.) ... Xenes scares me.

AJ: So how are you feeling? (CONF) Lucy is one of the few normal contestants on this island. That new guy Xenes definitely isn't helping

Lucy: Well, I'm g- glad that we didn't lose a member last night...

AJ: Agreed, good thing Xenes had some beef with Jake, I was sure I was going home

Lucy: Yeah, s- same here... Th- that I was going home, I mean.

AJ: Well I'm glad our team was safe! I really like all of you

Quinn: How's everyone going today? ;)

AJ: Good! Quinn be more careful in the duel next time, I don't want you going home

Martin: *sneaks in* hey one's in my cabin anymore :(

Destiny: It's fine. (CONF) Okay, so I guess I'm a freak now? Seriously? Whatever. I was expecting this, just not from AJ. Again, whatever.

Destiny: *leaves and goes to the mess hall*

Quinn: Don't worry ;) I could win with my eyes closed. :P @ AJ (Sorry! D: I had school~)

Martin: *returns* Mind me intruding? No one's in my cabin again :c

Mess Hall:

Xenes: *walks in, gets some of the slop apparently labeled food, and sits down by himself*

Destiny: *walks in and sits down next to Xenes* Hi.

Xenes: *glances at destiny* Hi.

Destiny: Thanks for getting out Jake. *smiles* But why'd you do it?

Xenes: *Glances arfound, and whispers* we shouldn't speak here.

Destiny: *whispers* Let's go to woods. *leaves and goes to the woods*


Destiny: *enters the woods*

Martin: *rolling through the woods like a G6* Destiny ^__^ Boy I missed you D: You almost went home...

Destiny: *shrugs* I know, but I'm fine. I know I'm not going home soon. I've seen it. *winks*

Martin: ok c: *walks back to the cabins*


Chris: Alright today's challenge is really going to test the bond of your team! You will have to work together to get the other team's flag while trying to keep yours from getting capture. Everyone has two tags. Tag someone and they go to jail, but only when they are in your territory. Please IRC chat, Wiki chat, or e-mail me the location of your flag from one of the following:

Locations: Mess Hall, Campfire Ceremony, Dock of Shame, Cliff, Cabins, Sasquatchinakwa Cave, Woods, and Stage.

Chris: Alright I know where both team's flags are! Begin!

Mutant Mongoose Territory

Martin: Assemble Team! Let's guard this flag!

Xenes: *runs off*

Cell: those Rabbits won't know what hit them! (runs into the woods)

Jessa: *runs off, following the others* Yays!

Radioactive Rabbits Territory

AJ: I'll stay back and guard the flag!

Karen: Yeah I'll stay with AJ

Lucy: ... I guess I- I'll have to go out and look for the enemies flag then...

Destiny: I already know where it is. *walks away to go to it* (xD AJ, wanna tell me? ;D)

AJ: (no xD) Alright go Lucy and Destiny! You got this! Alright Karen look out for any Mongooses

Destiny: *runs to the cliff*

Karen: Yes sir!

Lucy: (Heads off to the Dock of Shame.)

Xenes: *sneaks past the Rabbits' front line and into the woods* (CONF) Somebody from this team gave me a hint. Right when I needed it, too. Screw my team.

Xenes: *tip-toes into cave* Dark... Now, where might that flag be?

Xenes: *snatches a piece of cloth* Got it! Yes! (CONF) *smirks and twirls flag around* Thanks you, Rabbitt.

Martin: *sees Xenes* O__________O *runs around in circles*

Cell: (eyes widen)

AJ: *spots Xenes with the flag* (CONF) How did he find it so fast? There HAS to have been a traitor (NON-CONF) Come on Karen don't let him back to his territory! *begins after Xenes*

Karen: *runs after Xenes*

Martin: *walks around in circles* Let's eat pancakes :DDDD

Cell: Xenes you fool!, pass me the flag! (runs after Xenes)

Martin: Ignore the flag, let's dance Rabbits :DD *dances with Karen*

Destiny: (CONF) I know who the traitor is. I saw it earlier. I didn't know they would betray us during the challenge. I thought it was at the merge, to be honest. Well, goodbye. (NON-CONF) *runs back to base* Xenes! Give me the flag!

Martin: *trips Destiny* oooops ;DDDDDDD

Xenes: *snaps back to reality qand bolts towards the Mongoose's territory*

Martin: *pushes Karen and Quinn to the ground* oops ;) now why would I be doing that? :)

AJ: *sprints after Xenes with Destiny* Bring it

Cell: (sprints in front of AJ and Destiny) i won't let you take that flag from us!

Destiny: *throws her shoe at Xenes, and misses* I never had good aim... *sighs*

Ryan: *stops infront of AJ & Destiny, blocking them* Going somewhere?


Martin: I don't know *spins around playfully* I totally was not distracting you ;D

Quinn: Ugh. >_>

Cell: Martin my friend, you are at serious risk at being eliminated if we lose!

Martin: Cell I'm distracting their team, calm down, now go protect Xenes or you my friend will be at risk *tackles Destiny*

Destiny: *knees him in the groin* Yeah, mhmm. *runs after Xenes*

Martin: Jerk >.> *runs into Quinn* UGHHHH

Quinn: *falls over* Ow! My head!~ D:<

Martin: *runs to Xenes* come one let's finish this!

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 9: Radioactive Rabbits)

Chris: HALT! Alright since the Mongooses are so much closer to getting the flag than the Rabbits, the Mongooses win! But I am SO impressed with everyone's participation in this challenge!

Campfire Ceremony: *night falls*

Chris: Alright. Elimination is a bit different this time. So first, the Mongooses are going to vote someone to be immune. Then from there I will tell you how it goes!

AJ: *sits on the log nervously*

Xenes: (CONF) *Yawns* I vote for... Karen to have immunity. *smirks* Destiny may be an ally, but I've got my own game to play. And if I can stay as a swing vote throughout the merge, I'm untouchable.

Cell: (CONF) stupid me ay?, i didn't know Martin was distracting them, i thought he was just being a moron!, but anyway.... i vote Quinn to have immunity.

Destiny: *sits on log confidently*

Ryan: (CONF) Eh... I vote for Quinn to have immunity. Not sure why, I just do.

Karen: *sits nervously*

Martin: (CONF) I wonder what happens if we tie the immunity vote? I vote Karen to be safe tonight. I have a feeling Quinn will not need immunity tonight anyway...

Lucy: (Sitting around nervously.) (CONF) I was so useless in the challenge... Why would my team keep my? (Sighs, and hangs head.)

Jessa: (CONF) Hmm... I like Quinn, and Karen seems nice... But I want to see what happens if I vote for Lucy to have immunity. :P

Chris: Alright, well Quinn and Karen are tied for first this doesn't work. I will need the Rabbits to also vote for who to be immune among them, Quinn and Karen may not vote, it's up to AJ, Destiny, and Lucy.

AJ: (CONF) I obviously vote Quinn for immunty

Lucy: (CONF) (Hesitates) ... Quinn.

Destiny: (CONF) *staring at camera* Quinn.

Chris: Alright well then, by majority vote Quinn gets immunity. Alright Quinn, you are up, you have to pick someone to be safe. That person will then pick another person, until one person is left.

Example: A, B, C, D, E

A picks B, who picks D, who picks E, leaving C eliminated. Alright Quinn pick! If Quinn doesn't pick by Saturday at 8 PM, Quinn will forfeit her immunity and Karen will choose.

Chris: Oh, well Quinn lost her chance! Karen, you may choose the first person immune. If not by tomorrow at 8 pm EST, it will go to Lucy who got the third most amount (and if she doesnt then Im just booting all of you >.>)

Karen: I pick AJ

AJ: I'm sorry Quinn, but I just can't pick you. I don't want to end our relationship, but I never see you around. I have to think about the team first, so I pick Destiny.

Destiny: I have to pick Lucy to be safe. Quinn is from the other team... And she's planning something.

Chris: *tosses marshmallows to Karen, AJ, Destiny, and Lucy* Alright that's funny you said that AJ, team first, because now we are merged!

AJ: ...>.>

Chris: Yay! Alright there are no more teams! Quinn, time to go.

Episode 10: Laugh Attack

Luxury Cabin:

Chris: This is the luxury cabin for each weeks winners! Right now the Mongooses are here

Regular Cabin:

Chris: This is the regular cabins for the losers! Right now the Rabbits are here

AJ: I feel bad not picking Quinn...

Destiny: *puts her arm around him, trying to comfort* You can't stop the inevitable, not even I can. And I can see it... Somtimes, this stuff sucks. I know.

AJ: Yeah I guess. Speaking of seeing things, do you really know who the traitor from our team was?

Martin: *walks in* Hey guys... Sorry to hear about Quinn's fate. But now it's final nine so that's pretty cool!

Destiny: *looking at AJ* It was Quinn. She wanted to help her old team win. (LOL, TBH, IDK the traitor, im just gonna make Destiny evil-er)

Cell: (walks in) greetings fellow competitors, I'm sorry for your loss last night.

Lucy: (Looks a bit sadly at AJ.) Sorry about Quinn...

Martin: At least it is the merge. We all worked very hard to get here!

AJ: Thanks everyone! I'm glad you guys are there for me! *glances at Destiny* (CONF) It definitely wasn't Quinn...why does Destiny want me to think that it is? Hmm....

Karen: I kinda wanna know who it was. It wasn't me I know that for sure

AJ: Same (CONF) I don't know who to trust...

Mess Hall:



Chris: Alright, I'm sick of everyone "getting along" so let's start the challenge! Ok your challenge today is to get the absolute funniest LOL total drama picture you can find. Total Drama pictures only! The top three win immunity, the other six will be up for elimination! I will be bring in a guest judge, entries are due Tuesday at 6 PM EST. Please insert them into a gallery below!

Martin: Does the photo need to be from an episode or can be from anything at all (like a fan made one)

Chris: Good question Martin! It has to be from an episode.

Chris: 6/9 entries after the first day! So far so good. This is a day reminder, in 1 day I will need the remaining entries.

Mrodd: Well, apparently I'm some sort of guest judge... A little last minute, and I will say they did not give me my own personal trailier, so I would like to get this over with, and soon before the nature actually starts to ruin my image, mmmk? So the top three, in this order; Destiny, Martin and Cell. Toodles...

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 10)

Chris: Alright! Our guess judge Mrodd picked our immunees, and those would be Cell, Destiny, and Martin. You cannot vote them. Everyone else is fair game. Vote!

Xenes (CONF): Yawn. I vote Lucy.

AJ (CONF): My vote goes to Ryan

Cell (CONF): Apologies, but I vote for Jessa.

Chris: Come on people, only three votes out of nine are in. Lucy, Destiny, Jessa, Ryan, Martin and Karen all six of you need to vote. So Hurry! This final 9 has to become a final 8!

Karen (CONF): I vote Jessa cause she's never here and did the challenge late

Destiny (CONF): I have to vote... Jessa.

Ryan (CONF: I'm gonna have to vote for Jessa.

Martin (CONF): Hmmm I guess I vote Jessa....she really doesn't do much.

Chris: Woo fast response! Thank you everyone. So, the marshmallows of the evening go to...Cell, Destiny, Martin, AJ, Xenes, Ryan, and Karen. The bottom two are Lucy and Jessa and the final marshmallow goes to..............Lucy! Jessa you are eliminated

Episode 11: The Power of Eight

Luxury Cabin:

Destiny: *sighs* (CONF) I guess I'm all alone? Well, I guess I saw this coming... (Hey, AJ, on Sunday, I'll be gone for a long-ish time because I'm taking a flight down to Aruba, so until the 13th, I won't be as active D: but I'll still be on.)

Regular Cabin:

AJ: Another brutal elimination (CONF) With eight left, things are going to get intense. I need some allies (NON-CONF) *whispers to Lucy and Karen* So Lucy, Karen, I think us Rabbits should stick together. Alliance?

Karen: I couldn't agree more AJ (CONF) The next elimination is gonna be tough I don't know who to vote for but I guess I'll go with the majority

AJ: Good, Lucy you in?

Destiny: *walks in because she feels lonely* Hey guys. *sits down next to AJ*

Lucy: (Whispers back before Destiny sits down.) Yeah, I- I'm in.

Mess Hall:

Martin: *eats alone* hmm, I think I need an alliance in this game. I Guess I'm the vote that anyone could use. Ugh where's AJ

Destiny: *sits down* Hi Martin.

Martin: Hey Destiny! It kind of sucks that I never really tried to make many friends in this competition. I'm that rival you know? But I'm happy and having fun so that counts!

Destiny: How are we rivals? *blinks*


Cell: (climbs a tree and relaxes on it) think I got this far...(CONF) I never thought I would get this far, not in a million years...

AJ: *wanders into the woods* Alright maybe Lucy and Karen are here

Cell: (from tree) nope, only me.

AJ: *looks up* Thanks Cell!* *to himself* Might as well look around

Xenes: *sleeps in a tree cuz he wants to*


Chris: The challenge starts tomorrow at 8 PM EST. Alright, today's challenge is special in that you must work together. And no one will win immunity, it is either everyone wins or no one does. Your goal? To reach it to the end of the temple by 10:30 EST by solving riddles, working together, and being active. If you don't get the treasure before 10:30 EST no one is immune and there will be a vote, but if you do you are all safe, and there will still be a vote but for something special. Alright...go! Here is a clue:

Clue #1: The riddle will be revealed once four people make it to the entrance to the Mountain

AJ: *runs to the entrance* Check! Three more people need to be here hurry guys!

Martin: *catches up to AJ* I'm confused? I mean SHA-BAM!

AJ: We have to work together and get the treasure before 10:30 EST to get immunity for all eight of us and a special reward for one contestant

Cell: I'm here!, and active of course!...

AJ: Yes! One more. Come on guys we don't want an elimination we want a reward!

Destiny: *runs to the mountain entrance*

Xenes: *runs in*

Riddle #1: A stone is lying in the middle of the path, to reveal the path to the temple one lonely in life must touch the stone

Xenes: *mutters* Damnitt. *touches the stone*

AJ: Thanks Xenes! *runs forward to see platforms*

Mysterious Voice: You must jump over these platforms to make it to the entrance to the temple. There are two platforms. Four must make it for the temple door to open, five will earn a time bonus.

AJ: Here it goes *takes a step back and then runs and jumps over the gap onto the first platform, almost falling*

Cell: (takes a few steps back, then backflips in the air, nearly falling off the edge) (CONF) my father was a black belt in 1997, he taught me his most famous moves when he fought against some of the toughest opponents in America. not to mention England and Japan.

AJ:...Wow. *takes a step back and runs and jumps to the second platform just short, and is hanging over the side with his hands* Someone help!!

Cell: AJ!, grab my hand my friend! (holds his arm) (CONF) never leave a comrad behind...thank you Brick. (salutes the camera)

AJ: *grabs Cell's hand and gets pulled up* Thanks Cell! You're a lifesaver!

Xenes: *skips across platforms* Let's move it.

Destiny: *jumps to the first platform* We got this guys!

AJ: *runs to the temple door* One down, come on guys 4 more! Hurry!

Destiny: *jumps to the second platform, but almost falls* Don't worry!

Cell: do not worry Destiny, we are trying not too! (runs)

Mysterious Voice: If four make it I will give you a time boost, only 4

AJ: *at the door* Come on guys!!

Chris: So close! Good effort but you guys lose. I will see you at the special elimination.

Cell: AJ...I have let you down..(CONF) goodbye final four...

AJ: It's ok Cell! You tried your best!

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 11)

Chris: Alright the twist about this vote? They will remain secret. Everyone please vote in one of the following ways:

Wiki Chat


E-mail me at

Talkpage on a different wiki

Chris: Do not post votes here. No one is immune. The votes will be revealed when I feel they should be.

AJ: *sits on the log* This is too nerve wracking

Cell: (joins AJ) I know...listen, I hate pointing fingers, but...Lucy is at serious put it simply.

AJ: I agree, but I don't know who I am voting yet

Cell: it does get tougher when more and more people leave, cause if your lucky, it leaves you with your friends and you in the final four, eight or whatever, you just lose everything you had in those first couple of days.

Ryan: *sighs* I feel like I'm gonna get voted out.

Lucy: (Tapping fingers against log nervously.)

Cell: i wish Chris would boot one of us off soon...

Martin: Hmmm.....Maybe.

Chris: And the votes are tallied (Sorry guys just got off a cruise with no internet access). The marshmallows of the evening go to...AJ, Lucy, Martin, Destiny, Xenes, and Karen. The bottom two are Ryan and Cell and the person going home tonight is...














...Cell. Sorry dude but you have been eliminated.

Cell: i......i.....i understand...(Blaze: ahh...that's a let down...)

Episode 12: Soarin

Luxury Cabin

Luxury Cabin: *empty*

Regular Cabin

Ryan: (CONF) Well, if only I can make it a few more weeks, I could win this! *sighs* Let's face it, I'm doomed.

Martin: *walks around* this game is crazy! How does this even work? *pats Ryan* Are you okay?

Xenes: *awakes* (conf) I honestly thought Destiny's alliance would've slit my throat by now, but apparently I'm not a challenge threat. *chuckles* Welp, whatever.

AJ: (CONF) Only seven competitors left. I kind of wish we didn't have to boot anyone last week, I like everyone, but that was a tough challenge. This could be my season!

Martin: Someone get me in an alliance before I die DDDD: hahahah what am I doing? xD *walks to AJ* Hey AJ ^__^ Have you seen Lucy?

AJ: Hey Martin! Nope I haven't!

Mess Hall



Chris: Alright, for today's challenge you will fight to stay in this giant blimp. The last person standing wins. You are on the inside, but don't think you are safe. You are trying to be pushed out by Chef, Mutant Animals, and each other! Go!

Control Room:

Karen: *hides in control room*

Chef: *walks in with a chainsaw and hockey mask* Where are you? Chef is coming!

Martin: *runs in* God it's chef! *runs to inside of blimp*

Chef: *grins evilly and follows Martin*

Karen: *still hidden somewhere in control room*

Heather: *walks in* This million should be mine! *knocks Lucy out of the blimp* Who's next?! (Sorry, inactivity)

Chris: Alright looks like there are only four competitors left now! Karen, Xenes, Ryan and Destiny! Who will win?

Chef, Feral Zeke, Mutant Goat Leader, Mutant Two-Headed Beaver: *corner Xenes, Ryan, and Destiny*

Karen: *runs and hides somewhere in storage room*

Xenes: *growls* Ryan, I am not paying for your bloody stupid move! *glances to a near by door. He slams it open and shoves Ryan towards the door*

Destiny: Learn some manners! *shoves Xenes* (not towards the door, so Reddy, you choose xD)

Xenes: *keeps stumbling, though he could easily stop* (Conf) Let's face it, I have no chance of winning this whole thing. But I'm confident I won't go home tonight, so why hide under the sheild of invincibility? If I was going down, someone else was coming with me. (out of conf) *stumbles, crashes into Ryan, sends them both out the door*

Martin: *staring up from the ground* Is that Ryan and Xenes? O_O *runs out of their path* INCOMING!

Chris: Two more down! AJ, Martin, Lucy, Ryan and Xenes are all eliminated! That leaves Destiny and Karen! Who will win?

Destiny: *runs to the storage room* (Gosh, I'm gonna be gone until, like, 9-10. Stupid planes. :( But US will be happy to see me :D)

Chef: *follows Destiny*

Storage Room:

AJ: *runs and hides in the storage room*

Mutant Two-Headed Beaver: *enters* Growl (Bring it on)

Martin: *runs next to AJ* So umm, I don't want to knock you out D: I would feel so guilty.

AJ: It's ok! I mean it's a challenge an-

Mutant Two-Headed Beaver: *knocks AJ off the plane and out the door* (Sucker)

AJ: Great

Chris: And AJ is out of the challenge! 6 to go!

Martin: Wha- AJ! NO! *runs to the storage Room* Must. Find. Someone. Else!

Chef: *enters and corners Karen and Destiny by the door leading out of the blimp* Bring it!

Karen: *pushes Destiny towards Chef and runs out the door* I think I just won!

Destiny: *is pushed out by Chef* Noooooooo!

Chris: After betrayal and backstabbing, the winner is..............Karen!

Top of the Blimp (Outside):

Destiny: *sits calmly with eyes closed*

Ryan: *climbs up onto the top of the blimp* Phew. That took a while.

Mutant Goats: *fly over to Destiny and Ryan and begin shooting fire*

Destiny: *dodges one of the shots, and trips* I'll be fine, but if you wanna help, you can. *clinging to the blimp for dear life*

Mutant Goat Leader: *shots a row of fire really close to the top of the blimp*

Destiny: *slips down more* Okay, yeah, HELP!

Chris: Will anyone help Destiny? That is the question!

Xenes: *running in* Hmmm *stops at Destiny and kneels down* Grab my hand, I'll pull you up.

Ryan: Oh lord, we have no time for this! *grabs both Destiny & Xenes and hops into the control room window*

Mutant Goat Leader: *follows Ryan, Xenes and Destiny into the Control room*

Inside the Balloon:

Xenes: *sits here, bored, with a blank stare*

Chris *in the control room*: What Xenes doesn't know, is that one of the most deadly classic competitors is hiding somewhere inside the blimp...

Feral Zeke: *growls and is sitting above Xenes*

Xenes: *glances up to Zeke, and blinks* This is Chris's idea of a challenge? Lame. *stands up and folds his arms*

Martin: *stands next to Xenes* Huh? Why aren't you scared?!

Xenes: *glances to Martin* Oh, hi. *smirks and grabs Martin, walking of the balloon, throwing him out, and walking back in*

Chris: Well, Martin for sure didn't see that coming (I'll let it slide, dramatic, but try to build up if you try again). That's two down, five competitors are still in the blimp! Too bad Martin already brought Chef in the room!

Chef: *grins evilly and stares at Xenes*

Feral Zeke: *Is climbing to the top of the inside of the balloon*

Xenes: *scoffs* I'm supposed to a be scared of you? *pulls out a wooden stake* Bring it on, inmate.

Feral Zeke: *shoots himself at Chef*

Chef: *swings Zeke around and flings him at Xenes*

Martin: *falls off the blimp* Aww Xenes :(

Xenes: *tosses his stake aside and grabs Feral Zeke just as the two colide and go to the floor* Not so fast. *stands up and twists Zeke's arm behind his back* Now you listen to me, zombified whatever. You're on my side now, got it?

Zeke: *begins trying to break free from Xenes growling*

Xenes: *shoves Zeke towards Chef and sprints to the top of the balloon*

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 12)

Chris: Learned some new things during that anyways, it is vote time! Karen is immune! It's a normal vote.

Destiny (CONF): I choose AJ. He's nice, but I know he doesn't trust me. He's also played this game before... He's a threat. (In truth, I just want to give everyone a fair chance :P)

AJ (CONF): I vote for Destiny, she claims she knew the "traitor" but I'm pretty sure it was actually her...(it's ok xD)

Ryan: (CONF) Um... I vote for AJ, since he's a veteran, he's a threat in numerous ways.

Lucy: (CONF) (Slight hesitation) I vote for AJ... He deserves to get re-united with Quinn.

Xenes: (CONF) *votes AJ* I don't particularly like you, and anyone I don't like makes my experience here that much more annoying.

Karen: (CONF) I'm sorry AJ but you have to go. We're still friends though :D

Martin: (CONF) I vote AJ because he is a major threat. no hard feelings D:

Chris: And the marshmallows go to, Ryan, Martin, Karen, Xenes and Lucy. The bottom two are Destiny and AJ and the person going home tonight is....AJ! Boat of losers for you.

AJ: I'll miss you guys! Well...some of you, and to my former alliance, I hope you made the right decision. See you all at the finale!

Episode 13: By Land, Air or Sea

Luxury Cabin:

Regular Cabin:

Mess Hall:


Xenes: *walking along the trees branches, hopping from tree to tree, searching around* (conf) Isn't there some kind of Immunity Idol hidden here? I really want it; it could change the course of my game.

Chris: I almost forgot! There is an immunity idol hidden in the woods somewhere, good luck finding it! It must be found by the end of the episode otherwise it will be null and void

Martin: meh, *searches in a tree* who knows who knows? *nothing is found*

Xenes: *searches in the bushes, secretly* *nothing is found*

Destiny: Hmmm.... *begins to meditate* I think I got it. *digs into the dirt near a tree* *nothing is found*

Xenes: *searches in the cave* *nothing is found*

Martin: *searches a mutant animal* meh *nothing is found*

Chris: Come on guys hurry it up!

Martin: it's not heeeeeeere *searches bush*

Xenes: *looks along the river creek, digging*

Karen: *Looks on top of a cliff*

Chris: Keep looking! Someone may or may not have found it, I'm not going to say if it was found or not anymore, I will privately contact the person who has found it

Martin: *searches tree* lulzy lol

Ryan: Hm... *reaches into a hole, high up in a tree*

Chris: Alright it has been found! I will contact the person who has it as soon as I can!


Chris: The challenge will take place tomorrow at 9:00 PM! Be ready! Alright, your job is to race to Boney Island and back. You will need to race one lap around Boney Island before returning. You may use this junk pile to build whatever is necessary to travel to Boney Island, there will be another junk pile on Boney Island and if you choose you may build something to complete the one lap around boney island. There will be some more surprises along the way. If you build something, specify what it is made out of and watch for godplaying and.........GO!

Karen: *grabs scooter from pile and heads off*

Chris: Remember, you have to get across the water to Boney Island as the first leg!

Karen: *returns scooter for boat and heads off* Crap I forgot

Martin: *gets boat* dang challenges always being annoying -.- *paddles* Karen wait up!

Destiny: *just meditates*

Chris: Alright let's get the ball rolling people!

Martin: *paddles half way* ugh, almost there x__x

Ryan: Uh... Crap. *grabs a raft from the pile and runs over to the river, gets in, and starts swimming there* (CONF) Okay, I admit it wasn't the best idea...

Chris: Karen, Martin, Destiny and Ryan are all on the move! Xenes and Lucy have yet to begin, this could cost them!

Karen: *paddles alongside Martin* Hey Martin we should stick together

Destiny: *stops meditating and begins to search through the junk* An old fan... Hey Ryan, wait up! *she tries to run to Ryan, who's in the water*

Xenes: *hastily weaves a sturdy canoe and grabs two spare oars. Begins to paddle quickly*

Martin: Look Karen! The shore is so close! *paddles more*

Xenes: *his boat "accidentally" begins sinking* Oh, crap!! (conf) So right now I have limited options. Either align myself with people I don't like, or win challenges. Or make myself look as unthreatening as possible. It's easier to appear weak, so, that's what I'm gonna do.

Martin: RIVAL POWERS GO D:< *paddles more* Karen we are literally almost there D:

Ryan: *stops swimming* Huh? Oh well... *continues swimming*

Karen: I know!! Just a little bit further! *paddles*

Martin: UGH THIS WILL NEVER EN- *realizes Karen and him have reached the shore* Oh .__.

Chris: Karen and Martin are done! This challenge doesn't seem to be quite hard enough so.......................*musical chime* It is time to sing! You must sing I'm Gonna Make It, a Total Drama World Tour original, and you may only sing one line at a time. If you don't sing, you are out, if you sing the most lines you win invincibility (two will win today) and....go!

Destiny: This show's a train, it's moving fast. *goes back to the junk pile, grabs a board, and attaches the fan to it*

Xenes: You and I weren't meant to last.

Destiny: *puts board in the water* Voting for me just wasn't right! *starts up the fan and begins to move*

Xenes: So look out now you're in my sights.

Destiny: *is still moving* Mr. Fair now, suddenly!

Xenes: I have to barf now, 'cuse me!

Destiny: Don't try to make feel ashamed. *is getting close*

Ryan: I know you would've done the same.

Xenes: I'm gonna make it!

Destiny: You can't stop me now, just you try! *reaches the island*

Ryan: Our fortune's waiting. *is almost there*

Xenes: It's time for you to say goodbye-bye-bye.

Destiny: *begins to lap the island* I never thought I'd get this far.

Xenes: Lets face it, I'm no TV Star.

Destiny: *still lapping the island* But now I'm in the final three?

Xenes: Unless we get caught in that tree!

Martin: You're gonna make ittt they cant stop you now let them trryyyy! *still running with karen*

Xenes: Our fortune's waiting!

Martin: they can kiss it all bye, bye bye! *runs*

Xenes: *glares at Destiny's direction* You are the worst, why must you torment me?

Destiny: It's all a game to you but not to me! *is still lapping the island*

Xenes: (distant) Heather!

Destiny: I'm gonna make it! *is almost done lapping the island*

Chris: Good Work! Karen and Lucy are out of the challenge and Xenes wins immunity! Now Destiny, Martin and Ryan are fighting for that second immunity spot, which is vital with that idol out there especially in the final 6!

Destiny: They can't stop me now, let them try! *finishes lapping the island*

Martin: *continues to run* Ugh almost there X_X I am gonna lose DDD:

Destiny: *begins to ride her fanplank back to Wawanakwa*

Martin *finishes lap and starts to paddle his boat* Ugh Destiny!!!! D:

Destiny: *still speeding through the water* Sorry Martin, but I need to win.

Karen: (CONF) Ahh well I lost but tonight I'm voting Lucy cause she hasn't been here lately but it will take 4 votes to do the job. I hope my friends vote with me

Martin: Ugh -.- *paddles more*

Destiny: *is almost done* (CONF) I think I know who I'm voting tonight...

Xenes: *yawn* (conf) I figured singing wouldn't put much a target on my back, and here I am, sitting pretty in the final five.

Destiny: *reaches Wawanakwa* I win! *cheers*

Chris: And Destiny is our winner! Destiny and Xenes, you two have immunity! Good Work!

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 13)

Chris: It is vote time! Destiny and Xenes are immune, Let's see how it goes!

Karen (CONF): I vote Lucy for not being here

Destiny (CONF): I vote Karen because.... she's a threat.

Xenes (CONF): *Yawns* Karen. Her prescence causes a disturbance in the sanity of this show.

Ryan (CONF): Wow! It's down to the wire. I'll vote Karen, since she seems to be sliding under the radar.

Martin (CONF): Well it seems that this is the end Karen, I vote for you...

Chris: And the marshmallows go to Destiny, Xenes, Ryan and Martin. The bottom two is Lucy and Karen, and Karen is the one going home tonight!

Episode 14: Something to Fight For

Luxury Cabin:

Destiny: *meditating*

Martin: Five left...I have a feeling I'm running out of chances .__.

Destiny: *smiles* Don't worry about it. (CONF) I guess now's a good time to say I was the one who betrayed the team during the flag challenge? *laughs nervously* Sorry...

Xenes: (conf) Told ya this was my show.

Regular Cabin:

Mess Hall:



Chris: We will be having a challenge soon, but here's a twist, you will not know when it will start, let's truly test how active you are. These challenges will be broken up into per person challenges, last person to complete their challenge will be automatically eliminated.

Xenes's Challenge:

Chris: Xenes, your challenge is to get three other users that are not competing in this camp, to post right here under the Xenes's Challenge saying you should win the challenge. Good Luck

Xenes should totally win this challenge. He is a boss.--Radical M I was going to make song lyrics as my signature but that's too mainstream 01:27, March 23, 2012 (UTC)

I think Xenes should definately win this challenge just because ^ the person above me and I say so 8) xDDDD <3 Josie Amber here, Talk to me!

Xenes should and will win this challenge. Who am I? What is this? Wait, forget that crap, I just found out who I am 01:34, March 23, 2012 (UTC)

Xenes: *yawn* You got a real challenge yet, Chris?

Chris: Impressive, Xenes, welcome to the final four

Destiny's Challenge:

Chris: Destiny, your challenge is to pick a song for two characters, Katie and Brick. Yeah I picked hard characters. Our guest judge will judge each one out of 10, and you need above a 15 to pass, you will have to keep attempting with different characters until 15 is reached.


  1. Brick:
  2. Katie: (Sadie's singing this >.>)

Chris: Alright the suprise guest judge!!! For the song portion, the other two are actually guests. Alright so judgment time

Brick: United States Army Theme- Clever choice, Brick being a cadet and all, describes his personality, but doesn't get into the complexities of it. Still a good song choice though so 7 out of 10

Katie: True Friend (Sung by Sadie)- This definitely works if sung by Sadie, obviously these two are inseparable, solid choice, 9 out of 10

Total Score: 16/20

Chris: And Destiny moves on in one try! Destiny, welcome to the final four

Lucy's Challenge:

Chris: Lucy, your challenge is to find another user to drawna character for Lucy, or draw one yourself that will be judged by our suprise Art guest judge. Once they give the character above a 7 out of 10, you are done.

Sun: YW, MrD ^_^

Ryan's Challenge:

Chris: Ryan, your challenge is to write a short story (not too long, not too short) about a reuinion special after Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, creating a clever way for the old generation and new generation to meet up. This will be judged by our surprise writing judge, who will give you a grade out of 10, you will need a 7 to move on.

Martin's Challenge:

Chris: Martin, your challenge is to convince three of the other current or former competitors to say "Martin is done" under this section. They must have competed in this season, and must say those words exactly.

Xenes: Martin is done.

Jake: Martin is done.

Destiny: Martin is done.

Chris: Interesting, two current competitors helped out Martin, didn't see that coming, Martin, you are safe, welcome to the final four

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 14):

Martin: Final four alright! Xenes and destiny I owe you one :)

Chris: And the art score from my guest judge has been received and Lucy passes the challenge, Ryan you I hate to inform you that you are out, Lucy, Xenes, Destiny, and Martin you are our final 4.

Episode 15: Brawl

Luxury Cabin:

Chris: There is no more regular cabin, final four you will all stay in the luxury cabin

Xenes: *yawn* (conf) This game has been way to easy for a while now... I still don't even know anyone here except Destiny. Who are the other two? Michael? Luna?

Destiny: *meditating again* (CONF) I've been here for so long, and yet the only person I can really trust is Lucy... She doesn't even talk. *sighs*

Martin: (CONF) I played this entire game with no allies! I'm screwed :( Hopefully I can get lucky or something...

Xenes: (conf) Martin's totally screwed. Along with Lucy. Or... are those their names? Oh, well. destiny's screwed too, this is my show. I've got the million dollar check written to me. You guys can tune out for a few weeks and then come and see.

Destiny: (CONF) Why is everyone using confessionals to talk...? *shrugs*

Martin: soooo Xenes why are you so confident? ;D

Destiny: He's not being confident... If I hadn't know better, I'd say he was psychic.

Martin: Shoah, so like, the winner is already set in our fates? :o

Destiny: *nods* It is set, but it can change.

Chris: Alright, be prepared for a tough challenge guys, and by the way the idol has been stripped from the game, the person who had it knows already. Be prepared for a showdown to decide who gets into the finale!

Xenes: *smirks* Piece of cake. (conf) If these people were smart, they would've booted me right when I debuted. But nope. They kept me around, thinking i was weaker than Liz. Not-so now, huh, islanders?

Mess Hall



Chris: Alright, so today's challenge will take place at 8 PM EST! Be there or be...eliminated! This will be our most violent challenge yet!

Chris: Time to begin! So the test is going to be a brawl. You will be handed pillows with two straps attached to the back. Your goal is to knock the other person into the mud, but you may NOT take your hands off of the straps in the back. The arena is covered in mud so it may be slippery, if your opponent does not reply within five minutes you may make another strike. No using legs as a weapon. 'The two winners move to the finals the then the person who wins gets immunity. 'Let the games begin.

Lucy vs. Martin

Lucy: (Hits Martin with pillow gently) S- sorry...

Martin: *Smacks Lucy* ugh Lucy! I'm so sorry!

Martin: *hits Lucy closer to the edge* :(

Martin: *hits her again*

Lucy: (Hits Martin again)

Destiny vs. Xenes

Destiny: *shoves Xenes with the pillow* Fluffy. ^_^

Xenes: *slams Destiny with his pillow* <.<

Xenes: *slams pillow into Destiny, yet again*

Destiny: *slams Xenes with the pillow* Is this supposed to hurt us?

Destiny: *begins to push Xenes towards the mud*

Xenes: *charges for destiny and SLAMS THE FUDGE OUT OF HER*

Destiny: *ducks down into a ball with pillow and hands on her head*

Xenes: *slides head first, and slams his fists/pillow into Destiny, slamming her dangerously close to the edge*

Destiny: *is close to failling, but uses all of her force to jump onto Xenes*

Destiny: *regains balance, and rushes to the other side*

Xenes: *jumps off*

Destiny: *grabs Xenes and pulls him back on* Oh look, I took my hand out of the pillow. *shrugs*

Xenes vs. Martin:

Chris: Alright, either Xenes or Martin will get immunity, fight! (Sorry I had to end Lucy vs. Martin it was taking too long)

Martin: *smacks Xenes with great force* Sorry Xenes but I can't let your prediction come true!

Martin: *knocks Xenes slightly closer to the edge* I must win this!

Martin: *smacks Xenes with the force of over nine thousand* ugh how much can you take?!

Martin: *hits Xenes even closer to the edge* must. Push. On.

Martin: *uses pillow to push Xenes dangerously close to the edge* is this it?!

Martin: *smashes Xenes very close to the edge* you put up a fight!

Martin: RIVAL POWERS ACTIVATE *goes hardcore* This is it!! * slams Xenes extremely close* Justa few more hits!

Martin: *smacks Xenes repeatedly with the pillow* how much more can you TAKE?!?! *

Martin: FALCOOOO PUUUUUNCH!!! *smashes Xenes oFf the arena but he somehow manages to hold on by his fingers* augh fall in the mud already!!

Martin: Let go Xenes!! *Smashes Xenes face with the pillow, dazing the guy* yes! I wi- WHAT?! You're still hanging onto the platform?? hOW?!

Martin: *starts pounding Xenes' fingers with the pillow repeatedly to make him let go* COME ON GIVE UP ALREADY, FALL INTO THE MUD

Martin: *slams his pillow down onto Xenes' fingers with all of his strentgh* UGH *Knocks Xenes' fingers off the arena* Finally! You fall!! *watches Xenes fall into the mud* ugh I'm so winded x__x

Martin: It took forever but I think I succeeded! *starts slamming his pillow hard against ever edge of the arena to make sure Xenes did not grab back onto it* Ugh why must these challenges be so difficult! *peers over the edge and looks at Xenes lying in the mud* Finally!

(Aimers: I think I'm done? I did what the challenge asked for after forever DX)

(Reddy: ...WTF? I didnt even know this started. But, oh well)

xenes: *groans* (conf) I threw it on purpose. Dont want immunity this late in the game.

Campfire Grounds (Elimination Ceremony 15)

Chris: Alright, with Martin winning the challenge that leaves him the only one safe tonight. Everyone please vote, who will make it into the finale? If it is a tie there will be a tie-breaker challenge. The next episode will be the FINAL episode of this season!

Destiny (CONF): I vote Xenes. Not really a hard choice.

Martin: (CONF) After weighing all the options, I vote Xenes...he's the only one who is my rival! The rest are just friends...

Lucy: (CONF) ... Xenes, sorry...

Chris: And the marshmallows go to Destiny, Martin and Lucy. In a shocking twist, power player Xenes gets sent home just before the finale!

Episode 16: The Ultimate Battle

Luxury Cabin:

Chris: Contestants, please as a pre challenge state here why you deserve to win!

Destiny: *sitting on a bed* I guess I deserve to win because I've been the outcast on my tribe since day one, and I haven't had any friends other than Lucy or Martin, I guess. I managed to make some power plays, i.e.: Getting Jake Out, Backstabbing my team to eliminate Quinn, a HUGE power player, and sticking to an alliance with my hopefully friend, Lucy, all throughout the game. So yeah, I deserve to win because I've made the most moves in this game, despite having many disadvantages.

Chris: Interesting speech Destiny, well done! Lucy, Martin, what about you two?

Martin: Why do I deserve to win? I have played this game hard in every episode, challenge, vote, and interaction. My goal was to come here and play as people's rivals to help them strive to greatness while I do my best to make it to the end...and win. I have won a couple challenges and have put myself in a very goo deposition by aligning with the right people at the right time to go through this without receiving a single vote. Neither of my fellow competitors have that luxury, but nonetheless, I still root for them to do well! I have put my faith into them and us three have made it to the very end. It is time to see if the ultimate rival can prevail and defeat his friends or if they can succeed!

Chris: Two excellent speeches! How will Lucy follow up?

Mess Hall:



Chris: Alright so the first part of the challenge will involve all the losers, they will be voting for who NOT to win! The final three will become the final two before this last challenge. So losers, please vote Martin, Destiny, or Lucy to be eliminated. It takes 7 votes to be eliminated:

Karen (CONF): I vote for Destiny to be eliminated

AJ (CONF): I vote for Lucy to be eliminated. While Destiny may be mischievous she does deserve her final 3 spot.

Mike (CONF): Adios Lucy! Hasta la vista!

Ryan: (CONF) I vote for Lucy to be eliminated, the other two earned their spots. Sorry Lucy. *frowns*

Cell: (CONF) Lucy deserves to be booted off, for doing pretty much nothing!!

Chris: With four votes, things aren't looking good for Lucy, maybe if she came with a speech she could win some supporters! Making the quiet one speak, I know I'm good

Xenes: (conf) I vote for Destiny. She betrayed me... That's hot. -w-

Martin: Whoah, this vote is going to be close o.o

Jake (CONF): I vote for Destiny definitely

Quinn: (CONF) I'm voting for Destiny because I know she was behind me getting voted off.

Chris: With four votes each, things are getting to be neck and neck. Who will win? Who will lose? I realized I did my math wrong (I was counting the final three in the people who were voting) and you actually only need 6 votes for majority. That means two more votes for Destiny or Lucy will send them packing! Martin seems to be safe, but in this game you never know!

Chris: Alright I received insight (from Mr. D) that Lucy was going to quit anyways, she knows Destiny and Martin deserve it to, so everyone congratulate our final two, Destiny and Martin! The Finale will happen THIS Friday in a special chatroom (likely IRC) at 8 PM EST for anyone who wants to watch. It is on!

(Sun: I probably won't be on on Friday. I'm going to Florida tomorrow until Tuesday, and there isn't really any internet as I know of. So yeah, if its not possible to reschedule, Maritn can win :P)

Campfire Grounds (Final Elimination Ceremony):

Chris: Well the winner has been determined by yours truly, and..................


bum bum bum

bum bum bum

The winner of Total Drama Tour of the Island is......



























....It's a TIE! You both win! Go friendship! You both fought and played hard, and since this camp is about to die I declare both of you winners.

Martin: Yea I won with Destiny!!!! (lol this is the second camp I won on a tie xDDDD)

Ryan: Congradulations dudes! *lifts both Destiny and Martin onto his shoulders* (which, I remind you is about eight feet in the air. :P)

Cell: Kudos to everyone and congrats to Destiny and Martin! (claps and cheers)

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