With the success of Total Drama Forrest they decided to make a sequel now 9 of the old cast will join 8 new members for adventure of a lifetime as they compete around the world for the chance of $1,000,000! Who will win? Find out on Total Drama The World!


  1. No Goddplay
  2. No complaining when eliminated
  3. No editing the elimination table section unless you get permission
  4. No Quitting
  5. No Changing votes
  6. No giving up immunity to others
  7. All confessionals are private.



  1. Nathan, Male, The Strategist, XrosHearts
  2. Albert, Male, The Calculative Nerd, Roy49
  3. Josh, Male, The Funny Guy, Survivor321 Eliminated Episode 4
  4. Kristy, Female, The Over-Peppy Chearleader, TrentFan
  5. Quinn, Female, The Horror Movie Chick, Daymoo1998 Eliminated Episode 7
  6. Seth, Male, The Annoying Goofball, Omgdeadpeople
  7. Angelea, Female, The Loud Mouth, TotalDramaFan90
  8. Norman, Male, The Eccentric Inventor, Scienceboy0 Eliminated Episode 7
  9. Millie, Female, The Sporty Chick, BlazeHead 51 Eliminated Episode 8
  10. Stern, Male, The first to be eliminated, Redoalien Eliminated Episode 10


  1. Raven, Female, The Cocky Physic, Zannabanna Eliminated Episode 5
  2. Luna, Female, The Quiet Mystery, Izzyndawnfan12 Eliminated Episode 3
  3. Christine, Female, The Tennesse Temptation, Puffles Rule' Eliminated Episode 4'
  4. Carter, Female, The Sassy Chick, TaygenTeagan
  5. TayTay, Female, The Loud Brassy Chick, Mariyam Hyevishev Eliminated Episode 2
  6. Leon, Male, The Really Smart Guy, Youre2490 Eliminated Episode 9
  7. Tracy, Female, The Cutthroat Teen Mom, Sunslicer2 Eliminated Episode 6
  8. Chandler, Male, The Heroic Friend, AlejandroCodyTylerNoah
  9. Kris, Female, The Drama Queen, JLOM

Elimination Table

Contestant Original Team Second Team Merge? Total Votes Status
Nathan Blue Thunder Anime Stars Yes 0 IN
Albert No Name Ninja Failure No 0 OUT
Josh Blue Thunder N/A No 0 OUT
Kristy Feminine Power Anime Stars Yes 0 IN
Quinn Feminine Power* Ninja Failure No 1 OUT
Seth Blue Thunder Anime Stars Yes 0 IN
Angelea Feminine Power Ninja Failure Yes 1 IN
Norman No Name Anime Stars No 5 OUT
Millie No Name Ninja Failure No 0 OUT
Raven Feminine Power N/A No 2 OUT
Luna Feminine Power N/A No 3 OUT
Christine Feminine Power N/A No 0 OUT
Carter Blue Thunder Anime Stars Yes 6 OUT
TayTay Feminine Power N/A No 4 OUT
Leon Blue Thunder Anime Stars Yes 4 OUT
Tracy No Name N/A No 0 OUT
Chandler Blue Thunder Anime Stars Yes 0 IN
Stern Blue Thunder Ninja Failure Yes 3 OUT
Kris No Name Ninja Failure Yes 4 OUT
  • Quinn was originaly on team No Name but got switched to team Feminine Power

     This contestant was on the Blue Thunder team

     This contestant was on the Feminine Power team

     This contestant was on the No Name team

Episode 1: Welcome to America

Economy Chat

Chris: After Nathan, Seth, and Kristy had a race for the million Seth won but then he lost the suitcase now they will come to this airplane with 6 others from last season and 8 new contestants to win $1,000,000 now let's met them

Chandler: What's up guys?

Nathan: At least I get to see some of my friends again.

Chandler: Congrats on placing in the top 3 last season Nathan!

Nathan: Thanks I'm glad I got 2nd and Seth won.

Albert: I was in that last season, as well. You may remember me as the incredibly smart one.

Nathan: (CONF) He wasn't smart enough to avoid elimination.

Albert: Now, although, I am still have a quite a mind. I have changed from my prideful annoying self... I even stopped being purple.

Nathan: Well now maybe you'll get a challenge that test your mind. Maybe one about the law of conservation of matter or energy, or a quadratic equation.

Angelea: Im back y'all!

Seth: Me Too *see's Angelea* Eww thunder thighs is back ewwies

Nathan: Hey Seth!

Seth: Hello Nathan

Nathan: Seth so...

Seth: so...

Chandler: (CONF) I hope to make some new friends in this game! Nathan seems nice...

Norman: I'm back! (CONF) Last season, I was voted off unfairly. I told Chris that I had a really good invention planned, and that I needed to stay in that day, and yet, I got the hurl of shame that night. Hopefully, Chris will respect me a little more now.

Nathan: Welcome back Norman.

Albert: I have changed a new leaf and hope to avoid as little conflict with any of you as possible. Especially my old friend, Nathan. *Pats Nathan on the back while smiling*

Kristy: *still confused from Forrest* But, wait, no one told me about another season.

Nathan: Great! (CONF) I don't really trust Albert but you know what they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Norman: *to Kristy* It was created because Seth lost the case last season. It was created last minute.

Kristy: Oh thanks Norman, sorry I was knocked out, in the underwear pool....

Christine: Hey y'all it's your girl Christine, I'm cute I know! (CONF) I'm in this to win this, ride or die...

Seth:*Glares at Norman and points at him like the evil monkey on family guy* YOU!

Josh: *comes in* Hey people!!

Millie: hey everyone, it's amazing to be back!

Norman: Seth, stop making references to Family Guy. Or monkeys. Or dramatic pointing. That whole scene included all of the things I despise in life. But, that's why I made this. *holds up helmet* I was making this during the challenge CHRIS DECIDED TO VOTE ME OUT ON! Anyway, it makes you forget whatever happened in the last two minutes. *flicks it on* Woah. Okay, what was I doing here again?

Chandler: Woah Norman calm down

Christine: Wow so many all-stars from last season! (CONF) If I have to suck-up a bit, I will, I want to allign with the returnees so I'm cool with everyone.

Norman: What happened? Was I getting angry? (CONF) I still ahve to work out the kink of it erasing what I DO want to keep. Hopefully I can fix it before I loose something important.

Chandler: Hey Christine! (CONF) Wow she's pretty

Seth: :O Listen Norman! You were annoying last season and YOUR A MEANIE Bo BEANIE *Runs too CONF*

Christine: Howdy Chandler, it's nice to meet you! *smiles and hugs him*

Chandler: Its really nice to meet you too Christine! :D

King of Parodies

Chris: America is known for making fun of stuff so the 3 who find the best parodies of a song will pick the teams. Only one entry per person so be careful.

Norman: I found this once. It is pretty funny.
File:What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction Parody! Key of Awesome 57

Kristy: I like this one, I think it's a parody of Ridin' Dirty or something, but it has a cute F O X, fox! By Weird Al Yankovic.

Christine: I found one it's a parody of Ke dollar sign ha's Tik Tok.

Chandler: I find this hilarious a parody of Call Me Maybe

Chris: Norman, Christine, and Chandler win!

Team Picking

Chris: Pick in this order Chandler, Christine, then Norman.

Chandler: Dang I would've picked Christine but she's a captain so my next pick would be Nathan!

Christine: Aww, it's ok Chandler, I pick Kristy.

Norman: I'm picking Albert. Us genuises have to stick together.

Chandler: I pick Seth

Christine: I pick Angelea.

Norman: I guess I'll pick Millie. Everyone else hasn't said a thing.

Chandler: I pick Josh

Chris: Christine pick again.

Christine: Luna!

Norman: I'll pick Quinn.

Chandler: I'll take Leon

Christine: I'd like Raven please. (CONF) All-girl team much lol?

Chris: Carter on Chandler's team which will now be called Team Blue Thunder. TayTay on Christine's team will be called Team Feminine Power. And Tracy is on Norman's team will be now called Team No Name get a good sleep anyways Chandler's team gets first class.

Episode 2: Too Far Down Under

First Class

(Team Blue Thunder)

Seth: HAHA Normans team does not have a name Haha... but who cares but too bad kristy is not here...

Nathan: Ya we were friends but we still are.

Seth: Yup

Nathan: If we make it to the merge maybe Kristy will make it until then.

Seth: Yup *Whispers* But were threats you got 2nd and I won

Nathan: *Whispers* then we form an alliance.

Seth:*whispers* Ok

Nathan: Hey Chandler I was thinking of forming an alliance why don't you join?

Chandler: I would love to!

Nathan: And you Leon? would you join.

Seth: Soo bored there's nobody too mess with

Carter: *Shrugs* Maybe. Maybe not, but I'm bored too.

Seth:*Heres Angeleas yelling* YO Thurder can you get any louder!GEEZ!

Carter: Why do you call her Thurder?

Seth: Oh yeah last season I had this nickname for her it's Thurder thighs Thurder for short ,she has a big fat mouth she can fit purse in it.

Carter: More like skyscrapers to me.

Nathan: Cater do you want to Join the alliance of me Chandler and Seth?

Carter: Sure, why not?

Nathan: That's majority already! Go! Blue Thunder!

Chandler: Alright! I can't wait till the challenge!

Nathan: I'm sure we can win it. BTW wouldn't it be funny if Albert and Norman get eliminated before the challenge that can test their knowledge happened like last season?

Carter: They seem like they're intelligent.

Nathan: They don't seem that intellegent to me. (CONF) I know stuff they don't.

Chandler: Yeah I know (CONF) Hahaha I wonder why their team name is No Name

Carter: Oh. Well, are they?

Seth: If Norman tries too flirt with Kristy He will get a Seth-down (which means beat down) (CONF) MuHaHAHA

Carter: Seth, why are you so fond of Kristy?

Leon: *to Nathan* Sure

Seth: Because shes sooo Pretty Cheerfull Nice and Sweet :D

Carter: So you like her?? (CONF) I'm the love docta'!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Winks*

Seth:(CONF) First class can be soo boring...I wish that you are allowed too go too loser class and Prank people but in first class you get better food like SUGER STICKS! That i got From First Class :D *Eats as Many as he can and gets Hyper* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!

Leon: (CONF) So ok I have a secret, I'm Gramps' grandson. (Gramps from the first season)

Seth:*Is Still hyper on suger* HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rolls on the Floor*

Carter: *Covers Motuh From Squealing* D-don't do that p-please. (CONF) Seth is sooo cuteeeee!!!!! But Kristy and him are perfect for each other.

Seth:*Stops* Sorry I get hyper from Suger Alot...

Nathan: Let's try to win the challenge. (CONF) Something about that Leon ... I'll worry about that later.

Seth:Ok I wonder how the other teams are doing...It's 5 hours and 56 minutes intel the challenge ugh... But first class is fun

Nathan: Probably already fighting with each other.

Seth: Yup too bad there's no peak holes

Nathan: So ... Carter ... I ... uhh ...

Economy Class

(Team No Name and Team Feminine Power)

Christine: How'd Chandler's team Get first class y'all? (CONF) When I was picked captain I got worried because I never really lead.

Chris: Well he was the first to pick cause I liked his the best.

Norman: (CONF) I think Chris hates me. He voted be off early last season, gave me third pick in teams this season, and is now naming my team "No Name".

Albert: Look, Norman, we really need to work together in this competiton. We must try to be friends with people and convince them to join an alliance. We must be friends and avoid conflict to get ahead of this competition.

Norman: Your right.

Albert: Of course, I'm right. Anyway, I know it is awesome being two of the smartest people in this competition, but we musn't make the other contestants feel inferior. It's not to say we can't calculate to help our team, but we musn't shove our calculations up their throats is what I'm saying.

Norman: I understand. I was thinking, should we form an alliance?

Albert: Obviously.

Christine: We don't need first class to be winners! We just gotta win or at least second in the next challenge y'all.

Albert: We need to think of who on our team should be in our alliance. We have Millie... who we don't have the best relationship with. Quinn... who I DON'T have the best relationship with... so, that leaves Tracy to try to convince into an alliance?

Angelea: Can you all shut up before so I can have my beauty rest?!

Albert: (CONF) *sarcasm* Oh great, she's back, lovely.

Christine: I hate when ugly people say 'can I have my beauty rest', seriously you really need to hibernate! (BEST QUOTE EVER)

Norman: *to Alvert* But, we didn't pick teams yet.

Albert: Oh really... (I thought because of the elimination table)


(Sorry, that was a goof. I meant to write Albert... sorry :(.)

Tracy: Really Christine? Really? (And sorry everyone for not talking much, I'm in Florida, and I'm mooching off of someone else's internet Dx)

Albert: Hey, Tracy, do you want to join our alliance? *Smiles nicely*

Tracy: *shrugs* Why not?

Albert: Oh thanks... if we lose another challenge, just promise you will vote the same person me and Norman will be voting off. OK, thanks. I promise you we will make it to the merge.

Kristy: So, hi everybody!

Albert: Oh, hey, Kristy. Congratulations of making it farther than me in Total Drama Forrest. *Smiles*

Kristy: Well, thanks, Albert.

Albert: It looks like me, Kristy, and Seth are our seperate teams, now.

Norman: Yeah, and, why are we on a plane?

Albert: Because apparently Chris has a thing for aeronautical travel.

Norman: Chris? What? We got voted out of Total Drama Forrest!

Albert: We should probably have bigger priorities with not DYING on this fragile piece of aircraft.

(Is the challenge going to start, soon?-Roy)

Quinn: Albert, Your Just Mad Cause I Got To The Final 5, Last Season! (CONF) I Wish Stern Was Here *cries*.

Albert: Aw, please, I quit that stupid competition. Oh, by the way, how is your boyfriend doing? I hadn't heard anything from him.

Quinn: He's Okay? He Should Be Here With Me! Not You!

Albert: Yeah, sure thing. (CONF) Looks like the 85% of me was right after all, Quinn.

Millie: (to herself) must contribute more...must contribute more...

Norman: *starts screaming* AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*falls on the floors unconsious. His memory eraser helmet falls out of his backback*

Albert: *Smiles* Hey, Norman, are you OK? *Changes expression* ...Norman. *Sees the memory eraser helmet* Well, well, well. What did the clumsy genius craft, today?

Kangaroo Keys

Chris: For today's challenge there are 3 kangaroos one for each team in team colors blue for Team Blue Thunder, pink for Team Feminine Power, and Green for Team No Name. Inside of their pouches are keys these keys open one of 2 cages they contain a reward first team to get their key win, and last team is up for elimination. GO!

Nathan: Great!

Chris: I forgot to mention these are boxing kangaroos.

Nathan: So ... *Runs after the Blue kangaroo*

Angelea: I hate running!.*Runs after the Pink Kangaroo*

Chandler: *runs after blue kangaroo*

Pink Kangaroo kicks Angelea'

Nathan: Haha *Chases after the blue kangaroo*

Seth:*Runs too the Blue Kangaroo and sees Angelea* HAHa!

Angelea: OUCH! *Kicks the kangaroo back* How do ya'll like that?!

Pink Kangaroo Throws her to the rest of her team

Chandler: *chases blue kangaroo*

Blue Kangaroo punches Nathan and Chandler

Seth:*Sees Angelea*Haha!!! I'm going too tweet this after ... *Runs too Blue kangaroo*

Angelea: AHHH! Oh no, my weave.came out! Nooooo!

Seth:*Sees Angelea* *sighs* only if I had my IPhone *Runs after Blue kangaroo*

Nathan: *jumps on the blue kangaroo*

Blue Kangaroo runs faster

Nathan: Wow *Tries to hold on*

Seth:*Runs after blue kangaroo*

Chandler: *runs after blue kangaroo*

Nathan: *Tries to fall in the pouch*

Blue Kangaroo punches Nathan

Seth:*Runs and Tackles Blue Kangaroo*

Angelea: Uh, where the heck is mah team?!

Nathan: *Grabs the Key from the pouch and gets out of it* We won!

Chandler: Alright!

Chris: Team Blue Thunder Win! And they get to go back to first class.

Chandler: Hooray!

Angelea: Arrgh...


Albert: Fudge, I missed the First Class... however, I can still avoid elimination. *Stares at the kangaroo*

Kristy: Wait, kangaroos....*looks at the kangaroo and chases it*

{C Albert: *Looks and discovers the kangaroo was pink* Oh, sorry, wrong kangaroo. *Sees the right kangaroo* So, giant green kangaroo... do you like sleeping gas? *Gasses the kangaroo to sleep with a strange gun invention and grabs his team key out of the pouch* (CONF) Well, that was easy.

Seth:*is watching from the sidelines* Come on Kristy you can do it I Believe in you :D

Albert: I'm sorry, lovebird, but I already won this challenge... *Shows Seth his green key* ...thanks to this invention I found in Norman's backpack.

Kristy: *still chasing pink kangaroo* Oh, wait, I almost had it.

Seth:(CONF) Nobody ever calls me lovebird..Albert is starting too get on my last nerve!(NoNCONF) *Is mad but not showing it) Yeah ok Eistein whatever you say

Albert: Wait... aren't we supposed to be opening a cage or something?

Kristy: *chasing pink kangaroo but stops* Wait, we lost.

Norman: *wakes up* Hello maties! I'm Captian John! Lets go look for buried treasure! Arg! *takes key and opens cage*

Albert: Umm... (Conf) Anyone notice that Norman is acting "a little" bit strange, lately, Just me?

Norman: *looks in the cage* Arg? What is this?

Seth:0_O *Too Albert* Is your friend Norman ok 0_o

Norman: This isn't treasure! What is this??????

Albert: *To Seth* I have no idea.

Nathan: *opens the other cage* What?

'Chris: Team Blue thunder win and Team No Name in second so now they get a Japanesse Chocolate Rice Ball one for each member.'

Nathan: How is this an advantage in the next challenge?

Chris: You'll see anyways Team Feminine Power goes to the first elimination ceremony of the season!

Feminine Power Vote 1

Chris: Disapointed in all of you, by the way Angelea a video of you getting beat up by the kangaroo has 1,000,000 views, only Kristy and Angelea actually tried very disapointing go vote!

Raven: I vote TayTay. Sorry

Angelea: Rrgh.. Wait a minute, 1,000,000 views? Not bad y'all. Oh and TayTay is going down!

Christine: I vote TayTay, I need to watch this video!

Kristy: I'm sorry, but I vote TayTay.

Chris: You do realize that over a 1,000,000 people watched that video and are laughing at you? Anyways TayTay you got to go!

Episode 3: Japanesse Reality

First Class

(Team Blue Thunder)

Seth:*Watches a video of Angelea* HaHa! xD

Chandler: That's hysterical!

Seth: I know right! I'm going too tweet the video *Goes on IPhone that he lost in his backpocket and tweets Angeleas Video* woohoo I got ten more followers :D and I can't believe I did not look in my back pocket the first place :D

Leon: Is there ever gonna be a time we're not in first class?

Nathan: I hope we are always in first class it rocks here! Anyways why did we get Japanesse Chocolate Rice Balls as a reward from the last challenge? (CONF) There is something about Leon but I don't know what it is.

Seth:I know it rocks! :D

Nathan: Chris said it would help us on the next challenge.

Seth: I wonder what it will help us with..

Nathan: At least we know we are going to Japan.

Seth: Yup *Sees a Spider* >:)

Nathan: Well ... so ... uhh ...

Seth:Hehehe we can put a Spider in a sandwich and give it too someone in loser class :3

Nathan: How about Albert he really hates spiders since last season.


Seth: Soo dudes and Duddettes after poking the wall with a rusty nail soo many times it made a peak hole *Looks thru Peak hole*

Chandler: What can you see?

Nathan: Tell us!

Seth: I See that Angelea is complaining and using her mouth.....Albert looks bored and Kristy....:D

Nathan: Is angelea doing somthing embarasing we can put on youtube?

Seth: Sadly no..D:

Nathan: Well we can't tell anyone else about this or they will think Seth is a pervert.

Seth: Oo but I have a plan once I made my sister mad she chased me soo a camouflaged myself with Mud and it looked she had not found me... *whispers* I can get tape and paint and hide the peak Hole :3 it's not a big hole..anyways

Nathan: I was going to say put something in front of the hole cause no other team has been in here so they wouldn't tell the difference.

Seth: Ok *Whispers* I'll put this nail that's how i made the hole *Puts the nail in the hole*

Chris: *on speaker* Soon we'll be landing in Japan.

Economy Class

(Team No Name and Team Feminine Power)

Albert: (CONF) Well, it looks like our teams are both in economy class, again. I am not enjoying this.

Kristy: Oh least economy isn't the worst?

Albert: So, how are you feeling being on a different team from Seth, Nathan, and I, Kristy?

Kristy: I'm fine on my team, you guys were good friends though. G O O D for good!

Albert: Well, that's good. (CONF) I really hope this challenge starts soon... I'm getting bored around here.

Angelea: *Glares at everyone on her team* You all could've helped last time!

Kristy: I helped....even though I failed at Kangaroo Catching.

Chris: *on speaker* Soon we'll be landing in Japan.

Albert: Finally!

Slimy Slipery Japanesse Go Go Fun Time Obstacle Course

Chris: For today you will be in Japan's #1 game show Japanesse Go Go Fun Time here you will have to go through an obstacle course covered in slime and paint under raw fish, over a steep 10 feet tall wall across a reverse convayor belt and eat 5 moldy sushi rice balls! After all 5 have been eaten the door with your team color will open first with one person across wins second team is safe. Since Team Blue Thunder and Team No Name won the reward they eat Japanesse Chocolate Rice Balls instead of moldy sushi. GO! (5 lines per obstacle)

Nathan: Yuck!

Raven: Oh my

Chandler: Oh wow

Leon: *starts the obsticle course*

Angelea: *Starts* Eww....

Chandler: *starts running*

Nathan: *starts running under the raw fish*

Chandler: *continues running*


Chandler: *runs under raw fish*

Nathan: *continues under raw fish*

Leon: *starts going under the raw fish*

Nathan: *continues under raw fish*

Chandler: *continues under raw fish*

Angelea: *Runs under the fish* This is nasty!

Chandler: *still runs under raw fish*

Nathan: *continues under raw fish*

Albert: *Starts the obsticle course*

Angelea: *Runs under the fish*

Chandler: *starts climbing wall*

Albert: *Starts running under the raw fish*

Nathan: *gets out from under the fish*

Albert: *Continues running under the raw fish*

Chandler: *continues climbing wall*

Albert: *Still running with the raw fish*

Angelea: *Continues to run*

Albert: *Finishes running through raw fish*

Nathan: *starts climbing the wall*

Albert: *Starts climbing the wall*

Nathan: *continues climbing the wall*

Albert: *Continues climbing the wall*

Chandler: *still climbs wall*

Nathan: *continues climbing the wall*

Albert: *Continues climbing the wall*

Nathan: *continues climbing the wall*

Chandler: *continues climbing wall*

Nathan: *is on other side of the wall*

Chandler: *is on other side of wall*

Nathan: *starts running on the conveyer belt*

Chandler: *starts running on conveyor belt*

Albert: *Continues climbing the wall*

Chandler: *runs on conveyor belt*

Albert: *Finishes climbing the wall*

Chandler: *still runs on conveyor belt*

Albert: *Runs on the conveyor belt*

Chandler: *runs on conveyor belt*

{C Albert: *Runs on the conveyor belt*

Chandler: *gets off conveyor belt*

Kristy: *starts the obsticle course*

Albert: *Runs on the conveyor belt*

Kristy: Yuck! *continues running under raw fish* {C Albert: *Runs on the conveyor belt*

Chandler: *eats japanese chocolate rice ball*

Albert: *Gets off the conveyor belt*

Kristy: *runs under raw fish*

Albert: *Eats a japanese chocolate rice ball*

Kristy: *running under raw fish* ....

Albert: *Eats a japanese chocolate rice ball*

Chandler: *Eats rice ball*

Albert: *Eats a japanese chocolate rice ball*

Chandler: *eats rice ball*

Albert: *Eats a japanese chocolate rice ball*

Chandler: *eats rice ball*

Albert: *Eats last japanese chocolate rice ball* I WON!

Raven: *starts the obstacle course*

Albert: *Runs towards his team door open*

Chandler: *runs out the door*

Albert: *Runs across the door* (Does the door take 5 posts?)

Chris: Chandler takes first and Albert second!

Chandler: Hooray!

Chris: Since Albert won second for team No Name he gets to switch onto another team if he wants.

Albert: I'll happily decline the offer, thank you. I'd rather be on a second-place team than be on a team with Nathan.

Nathan: I did what I did last season cause you were going to get rid of everyone else on the alliance.

Chris: Blue Thunder gets first class again and Team Feminine Powers goes to elimination.

Feminine Power Vote 2

Chris: Vote again!

Raven: (CONF: I vote Luna. Sorry)

Kristy: (CONF) I'm sorry but I vote Luna.

Angelea: (CONF) That Luna chick.

Chris: Luna is out!

Episode 4: War In Paris

First Class

(Team Blue Thunder)

Seth: Sorry that I did not do much at the last challenge guys.

Leon: We still won didn't we?

Seth: Yeah but I feel bad *Starts crying*

Leon: My Grandpa would tell you to toughen up right now.

Seth: Grandpa... (CONF) somthing is strange about Leon but I don't know what

Leon: He would say you were acting like a kindergardener. (CONF) Has no one figured out I'm related to Gramps yet?

Seth: *Gasp* I am not hmmm wait is your grandpa.....Gra..Graham? Or someone..(XD)

Leon: *sarcasticly* No...My Grandpa is not a someone.

Seth: Soo he is Alien...

Leon: *obviously annoyed* NO he's a human.

Seth: OOOhhh he must be a duck, Ducks are not someone's

Leon: Are you sure your grandfather isn't a duck or alien. (CONF) *sticks a pocketknife in the wall*

Seth: Nope :D why are keeping the Grandfather thing a Secert Are you in love with your Grandfather or somthing :3 *Flutters Eyelashes*

Leon: *rips Seth's left eyelashes off*

Nathan: *goes to the arc*

Seth: Jokes on you I where fake Eyelashes (CONF) I did since I was 7 my sister got annoyed by me....but Atleast he did not rip off my real ones

Leon: Would you like me to burn the real ones then?

Seth: Haha Your like Angelea Short tempered has a big mouth but a little smaller And your funny

Leon: *tosses a throwing knife across the room bearly missing Seth's head*

Seth: Missed! XD

Leon: I don't feel like going to jail

Nathan: Leon your grandfather is Gramps isn't he?

Leon: *panicing*

Seth: Gasp :O soo your in love with Gramps Leon *Faints too be Dramatic*

Nathan: Think about it he talks like his grandpa knows us and he acts weird when someone talks about his grandpa.

Seth: *Comes up* I N O which means I know and Gramps is not a threat..he was the first one out in total drama forrest

Leon: He did do all the work for his team though!

Nathan: True, he should have stayed but his stupid team eliminated him.

Seth: Meh...True but first one out is not a threat.. (

Leon: Holly should have left!

Nathan: Only thing you can do now is to make it at least to the merge to make your grandpa pround.

Seth: Yup :D

Chris: We will be arriveing in Paris, France soon.

Seth:*Yell back too Chris* OK!!

Nathan: Seth you should try to spend some time with Kristy, you know Paris the city of love.

Seth: Meh...Maybe just hangout (CONF) I don't want too be labeled as the loveBird I like kristy but still...

Nathan: Go for it I mean what better place than Paris?

Seth: It's too early man D:

Nathan: You guys won't get any younger. (CONF) At first I really liked Kristy but after I became friends with them I realized that they were meant for each other but no one would do anything so I decided to help them.

Seth: I know... (CONF) I was known too be. The class clown not the ladies man but....*smirks* hehehe

Economy Class

(Team No Name and Team Feminine Power)

Angelea: A second time in here. *Glares at her team*

Norman: *wakes up* Woah...what happened to me? How long has it been?

Chris: We will be arriveing in Paris, France soon.

Norman: Wow! Wait, how many episodes did I miss?

Chris: You slept while we were in Japan.

Norman: JAPAN? NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to present my invention there! This is something I would like to forget. *puts on helmet* There. Now, what was I talking about?

Kristy: Saying something about Japan and your I N V E N T I O N, invention.

Norman: Oh! Your right! I hope Japan will be our first stop!

Flag Snatchers

Norman: Shouldn't the challenge be now?

Chris: The challenge is a big capture the flag last team with their flags wins! You can team up to steal another team's flag with team color or you can set another teams flag on fire. the 2 teams with their flags destroyed or stolen are sent to elimination. But the teams in 1st and 2nd get a reward. Team Blue Thunder's Base is The Eiffel Tower, Team Feminine Power's Base is The Arc de Triumph, and Team No Name's Base is The Louve. GO! (5 lines to another location)

Chandler: I'll guard the flag! *guards flag*

Seth: I'll run! *Starts running too the louve*

Norman: I'm goig to get the flag! *runs toward the Eiffel Tower*

Millie: i'll guard our flag! (stands guard)

Norman: *is at the bottom of the Eiffel tower* Now, to climb up. *starts climbing*

Seth:*Runs too the louve some more*

Chandler: *throws rocks at Norman* Stay away Norman!

norman: Ow! That hurt! *gets rock and throws it back at Chandler, climbs more*

Chandler: *sets up a barrier around flag*

Millie: (knocks Seth out after throwing a rock at his head)

Norman: *climbs to level 1 of 3* Yes! Well, I still have a long way to go. *climbs more*

Seth:*Is knocked put cold..*

norman: *climbs higher*

Kristy: I'll guard, I guess? *guards flag*

Norman: *makes it to 2nd level* Almost there! *climbs more*

Seth:*gets up,Too millie* Ow! Oh no you didn't *Snaps fingers and runs too the Louve*

Norman: *climbs*

Seth:*Is at the louve* Ok Millie it's my time too get the flag *Runs too the flag*

Norman: *makes it to the top* Okay! *starts to climb over Chandler's barriers*

Millie: (trips Seth up)

Norman: *picks up flag* Yes! *starts climbing down Tower*

Chandler: *takes flag from Norman*

Norman: Hey! *takes flag back*

Seth:OOF *Gets up and runs too the flag*

Norman: *climbs down to 2nd floor*

Chandler: *grabs flag back*

Seth:*Runs more is close too the flag*

Angelea: *Gaurds her flag*

Chandler: Chris does that count?

Seth:*Snacthes flag and starts running back too the Effiel tower*

Millie: (punches Seth in the head, knocking him out)

''''Chris: Lighters in center of Paris!''''

Angelea: *Sees Norman* Oh hecks no. *Throws her high heels at him*

Seth:*gets knocked out again*

Anglea: Haha seth!

Norman: *get hit* Ow! (Does that mean setting the flag on fire was against the rules?)

Seth: *Gets up and bolts too the Effiel tower* *Sticks tounge at anglea*

Norman: *sees SAeth* What!? STOP THERE! *runs toward him*

Angelea: *Rolls eyes*

Norman: *jumps on Seth and gets flag back*

Seth:*Runs too Norman too get the flag back* (Bolts means running Seth is not there yet)

Chandler: Norman it doesn't matter anymore the flag is destroyed

Norman: No it isn't! *runs back to Louvre*

Seth:*Tackles Norman and gets the flag back* Twit!

Angelea: As always, my team isn't here. Ugh!

Seth:*Runs too the Eiffel tower*

Seth:*runs more* Too late I'm close too being my flag back *smirks*

Norman: Oops! *runs toward Seth quickly*

angelea: Hey! *Throws rocks at Norman*

Seth:*Starts climbing the Eiffel tower*

Norman: *sprints to Arc and gets there*

Seth:*Climbs more*

Norman: *runs into middle of Arc and grabs flag*

Seth:*Climbs more is close too the top*

Norman: *starts running to middle of Paris, to set the flag on fire*

Seth:*Makes it on top of the Eiffel tower and shows flag*

Kristy: No! He got the flag! We probably lost.....

Norman: *makes it to the middle and sets it on fire* Yes! I did it! *sees Seth* Never mind.

Angelea: *Sees Kristy* You always show up when the challenge almost ends huh ?

Norman: (CONF) Somehow, the most inactive team won. I guess we were so busy going against each other that we forgot about them.

Kristy: I was here before then, but then I got lost.....sorry?

Seth:*Looks down too Angelea* She helps too you know!

Angelea: Talk to the hand goof boy.......

Seth: Make me Thurder thighs...

Angelea: *Kicks Seth in the groin* I'm a black belt in karate and have a tazer in my pocket. And im not afraid to use it. *Glares at everyone while pointing the tazer*

Seth: MOMMY! *Covers groin*(CONF) I getting Hurt to much by girls today D:

Angelea: HAHA! (CONF) I just love hurting annoying people. Really I do.

Seth: Uhhh.... (CONF) Ugh! karma got me in the Wang D: Owww

Nathan: *runs to the louve*

Seth:: Looks like the challenge is going on and *Pushes Angelea* You will never get the flag >:)

Nathan: *Runs to the louve*

Seth:*Guards flag*

Nathan: *reahces center* ... *grabs lighter and continues running to the lovue*

Seth:*guards the flag*

Chandler: *guards flag*

Nathan: *continues to run to the louve*

Seth:Guarding is much Better because girls wouldn't hurt me well Angelea does not count as a girl because she's hairy :D...


Seth: Your Mom...

Angelea: >.> Shut it.

Nathan: *Reaches No Name flag and burns it*

Chris: Same as always

Norman: Uh.....Nathan. Our flag was already taken.

Feminine Powers Vote 3

Chris: As always Team Feminine Losers lose vote!

Kristy: (CONF) Sorry but I vote C H R I S T I N E, I haven't seen you a lot and we're on the same team, sorry.

Angelea: (CONF) >.> Chtistine.

Raven: (CONF: Christine Sorry)

Chris: And with 3 votes against her Christine is eliminated to the drop of shame you go. *Pushes Christine out of the plane*

No Name Vote 1

Chris: First time. VOTE!

Tracy: (CONF) I'll vote... Millie.

Norman: (CONF) I vote Quinn. She hasn't done a thing.

Chris: Are the rest of you going to vote?

Norman: Well, the rest of us barely do anything, other than Millie, so I'm guessing yes.

Millie: (CONF) sorry Tracy but you're holding us back...sorry again.

''''Chris: Quinn is moved to team Feminine Powers while Josh from Team Blue Thunder is eliminated!''''

Episode 5: Return To The Forrest

First Class

(Team Blue Thunder)

Chris: Before Anything Bluye Thunder we have 2 debuters and you will vote if you want Stern from last season to join your team or Kris. Vote for him or her.

Nathan: I pick Stern!

Chandler: Stern

Seth: I think we Need more girls on our team but Stern is Ok

Stern: Well, I guess I'm on Blue Thunder, then.

Chris: You sure are stern! Come with me Kris.

Seth:Soo a..Stern how does it feel like too be on the winning team (:<

Stern: Uhhh... it feels good. (CONF) Seth and I have more history as enemies than friends. We're probably just getting competetive.

Seth: (CONF) Stern is back ill be fine with him but he better get out of my way if he tries too steal my thurder! he is going down but ill be fine if he stays out of my way >;3 my goals is too go to the merge .

Chandler: Looks like I picked a good team!

Seth: Yes, Yes you did Chandler maybe we will have a chance too win the next challenge.

Economy Class

(Team No Name and Team Feminine Power)

Angelea: *Glares at her team* Rgghhh...

Norman: (CONF) I have no idea what happened to Albert. Or anyone other than Millie. They are all gone.

Chris: Hello Team No Name met your new teammate Kris!

Kristy: (CONF) I hope my team doesn't become the Team Victory.

Millie: (is reading a book)

Norman: Welcome to the team Kristy! I'm sorry, but we have been losing many members latley. They don't seem to be participating. I think we'er cursed.

Tracy: Guess so. (I'm gonna be more active! :D)

Kris: Howdy all!! :D Lovely to meet you! :)

Norman: Thanks.

Tree Climb Water Fill

Chris: Welcome Back to The Forrest! Yes back at the location of the original season ... now for the challenge you guys must carry bukets filled with water to the top of the tree! (5 lines to climb to the top) first team to fill their big bucket with 5 bukets of water wins! You can only carry one bucket at a time.

Nathan: *Fills his bucket with water* We have to win!

Kris: *grabs a bucket and runs down to the water, scoops up a bucketful*

Angelea: *Fills her bucket with water* ,Ugh....

Chandler: *fills bucket with water*

Kris: *runs to the tree and holds the bucket handle in her teeth*

Carter: *Fills Bucket With Water*

Chandler: *climbs tree with bucket of water*

Nathan: *Starts climbing the tree*

Chandler: *climbs tree*

Kris: *Begins climbing, decides it's safer for her mouth if she hooks the bucket on her arm. Follows Nathan.*

Chandler: *still climbs*

Kris: *climbs quickly*

Chandler: *climbs quickly*

Carter: *Climbs Quickly*

Kris: *passes Nathan, reaches top of tree, dumps water in the big bucket*

Angelea: *Climbs up tree*

Carter: *Continues To Climb*

Kris: *drops her bucket to the ground and hope it doesn't hit anyone, climbs down*

Chandler: *reaches top and empties bucket^

Kristy: *grabs a bucket and fills it with water*

Chandler: *gets another bucket of water and climbs tree*

Carter: *Continues To Climb*

Nathan: *Continues to climb*

Kristy: *runs to tree*

Carter: *Reaches Top, Fills Big Bucket Jumps Down And Refills Bucket*

Kris: *gets to the ground, grabs bucket, and runs to the water*

Carter: *Climbs Tree*

Chandler: *climbs tree*

Kris: *scoops up bucket of water and runs to the tree, starts climbing*

Carter: *Climbs Tree*

Kris: *climbs tree*

Kristy: *starts climbing tree*

Carter: *Climbs Tree*

Kris: *enjoys the view, then looks down*

Carter: *Climbs Tree*

Kristy: *continiues climbing*

Carter: *Reaches Top, Fills Bucket, Jumps Down*

Kris: *keeps climbing while yelling, "Hi everyone!! :D I'm Kris! Nice to meet you all! :)"*

Carter: *Reaches Top, Fills Bucket, Jumps Down*

Kristy: *continues climbing*

Kris: *reaches the top of the tree and dumps 2nd bucket into barrel*

Carter: *Fills Bucket*

Chandler: *climbs tree8

Kris: *sees that Carter is using a jetpack to reach the top of the tree* Chris!! Carter's cheating! *fills bucket and runs to the tree, begins climbing for a 3rd time*

Carter: *Climbs Tree* I'm climbing! Why would I use a jetpack?

Chandler: *climbs tree*

Kristy: *keeps climbing*

Carter: *Climbs Tree*

Kris: *climbs quickly, passing many people since the tree is so crowded now*

Carter: *Climbs Tree*

Chandler: *Reaches top and empties bucket*

Kris: *climbing alongside Carter and says, "Because you (Carter: *Reaches Top, Fills Bucket, Jumps Down*) at least two times in a row, and it's supposed to take us 5 edits to reach the top of the tree."*

Carter: *Climbs Tree* You have longer edits than me or the others! Like Kris:*Begins climbing, decides it's safer for her mouth if she hooks the bucket on her arm. Follows Nathan.*

Kris: *climbs up past more people*

Angelea: *Climbs*

Carter: I thought so. *Reaches Top*

Kris: *to Carter as Kris reaches the top and dumps her 3rd bucket of water* "This is a lot of fun, so I'm enjoying all of this action! You should, too! :)" *jumps down using the branches as a slide*

Angelea: *Continues to climb with her bucket*

Carter: *Rolls Eyes* Yeah. Acussing me is fun. *Dumps Water*

Kris: Yo, teammies of No Name? How many buckets have we put in the barrel now? I've put in 3! :D *continues and fills bucket again, starts climbing the tree, beginning to get tired*

Carter: Kris, pelase stop bragging. *Refills Bucket*

Kris: *to Carter* So it's okay with you if we all fill the barrel every single edit like you were doing? *continues climbing tree with 4th bucket of water*

Carter: *Climbs Tree* At least I'm not a drama queen!

Kris: "I'm a great Drama Queen!" *continues climbing tree* "I'd like to be everyone's friend! I'd like to be your friend, too, Carter! :)"

Carter: And I like to win for my team. See ya later, freaky drama queen! *Climbs Faster Than Anyone Else*

Kris: "Wow this challenge is tiring!" *continues climbing*

Carter: *Climbs Tree* (CONF) I was the not really active one on my team, now I'm the one who might win for her team. That's just creepy, but not as creepy as Kris.

Kris: "Carter's sassy!!! :D If she was on the Team With No Name, instead of Blue Thunder, I think we could be BFF's! :D *wants to stay near Sassy Carter and stays with her, dumps 4th bucket into barrel*

Carter: *Continues To Climb Tree*

Kris: If Carter and I are the only ones playing, this challenge could take until midnight! :O *slides down tree with her bucket, refills it, and starts up the tree for the 5th time*

Carter: *Reaches Top, Dumps Water* 5 buckets down, 5 buckets to go. *Slides Down Tree*

Kris: Are Carter and I the only ones playing? *continues climbing tree*

'Chris: It was to 5 so I think both Carter and Kris win? Anyways as Always Feminine losers goes to elimination and the other 2 teams share first class!'

Carter: YAY!!! You're welcome, guys.

Kris: WHOOPIEEEE!!!!! *hugs Carter* You're a lot of fun!! Yay, No Name Team!! :)

Norman: Yes! First class for once!

Feminine Losers Vote 4

Chris: Like always vote! And Kristy has immunity for participating in the challenge!

Kristy: (CONF) I vote Raven.....sorry.

Angelea: (CONF) Raven has gots to go.

Chris: With 2 votes Raven is out!

Episode 6: London Brutal-lympics

First Class

(Team Blue Thunder and Team No Name)

Seth: (CONF) Wow...Two teams in first class... Nice!

Norman: It's great to be here for once. *feels head* Ow. My head hurts.

Seth:(CONF) Wait... thats not nice i have a secert i made a peak hole :O i dont want anyone on team no name too find out :O

Carter: You're welcome guys, for winning for our team.

Norman: I think that memory helmet has some side effects. *feels head agian*

Tracy: *shrugs and goes to sleep*

Norman: *falls to the ground* AH! IT'S GETTING WORSE!

Stern: Norman! Guys, something's wrong with him.

Norman: *eyes widen* Wait! This has happened before! *grabs stern* When I get back to normal, tell me that the helmet is making me insane! *collapses, unconsious on the floor*

Stern: Norman's helmet must be damaging his brain.

Seth: Duh! we need too get rid of that stupid helmet before its too late

Norman: *helmet rolls out of bag*

Economy Class

(Do I even have to say?)

Angelea: Great. In here again. (CONF) These girls are useless! What are they capable of doing if they cant even win one single challenge?!

Kristy: (CONF) My team is down to two people, me and Angelea....we really need to W-I-N, win! Or else, we're doomed!

Chris: *Sticks his head in Confessional* Uhh Kristy ... did you forget that Quin moved to your team?

Kristy: (CONF) *to Chris* Oh, well that's good. I don't think I heard that.

Brutal Triathalon

Chris: For This challenge we will split into 3 parts. first The Shark Dive!

Shark Dive

Chris: You will all dive into a giant pool with sharks to get the most rings you can. All the rings are at the bottom there are 10 rings. The person with the most wins. BTW for this challenge there is no teams all by your self. Go!

Kristy: *dives down the giant pool*

Nathan: *dives*

Shark 1: *chases after Nathan*

Norman: *wakes up* Ferdinan, the master swimmer is ready! *dives*

Nathan: *swims away fast*

Chandler: *dives*

Norman (Ferdinan): *swims and gets ring 1*

Carter: *Dives*

Norman (Ferdinan): *swins and gets ring 2*

Kristy: *gets a ring*

Norman (Ferdinan) : *swims and gets ring 3*

Kristy: *gets another ring*

Carter: *Swims and Gets Ring*

Kristy: *gets another ring*

Norman: *gets ring 4*

Carter: *Swims and Gets Ring*

Norman: *gets 5th and last ring* Haha! Ferdinan wins the Olympic Dive!

Kristy: *swims back on top with her rings*

Millie: good job Norman!

Norman: *shakes head* What? Where am I?

Carter: That helmet must've made you crazy.

Norman: The helmet! Oh, no. I thought this might happen. That helmet must be putting personalities in my head! The effects are permement to whoever wears it!

Carter: Then destroy it.

Chris: Norman Wins! On to the next part!

Weapon Boxing

Chris: For the next part Norman doesn't compete. You still stand on a platform 50 feet high and try to knock each other off using a mallet or a chain rope. Last one standing wins!

Nathan: I pick the chain rope.

Carter: I call the mallet!

Kristy: Wait, what?

Chris: Pick mallet or chain rope. Then get on the platform.

Carter: *Gets On Platform*

Chandler: I pick mallet *gets on platform*

Carter: Are we allowed to hit now?

Kristy: I pick a mallet, I guess.

Stern: I choose the chain rope. *gets on platform*

Chris: Nathan, Carter, Chandler, Kristy, and Stern will participate in this challenge. *watches the platform rise 50 feet in the air* Begin!

Carter: *Hits Kristy* Sorry!

Nathan: Sorry *hits stern with the chain rope like a whip untill he falls*

Carter: *Hits Chandler*

Chandler: *hits Carter*

Carter: *Dodges And Hits Chandler Until She Falls*

Nathan: Sorry *hits Carter with the chain rope like a whip untill he falls*

Chris: Nathan Wins!


Chris: Since Nathan and Norman won they can't compete in this. You must get a spikedball in the hoop simple as that first to do so wins!

Carter: How and what?

Kristy: Where's the Spiked Ball?

Seth: Yeah ( How much lines too get it in the hoop)

Chris: Here. *Holds the spiked ball* (2)

Kristy: So do we S T A R T? Start?

Chandler: *holds spiked ball*

Carter: *Steals Spiked Ball*

Chandler: *steals spike ball*

Seth:*Steals spiked ball and runs too the net*

Carter: *Steals Ball And Runs Faster To Net*

Seth:*Steals Ball and runs too the net* Sorry...

Chandler: *steals ball and runs to net*

Carter: *Steals Ball And Puts Ball Through Hoop*

Chris: Carter Wins! Now to the rewards.


Chris: Nathan pick a number 1 through 3.

Nathan: 2!

Chris: You get to eliminate someone this episode but after the rewards. Now Carter pick a number 1 or 3.

Carter: 3?

Chris: You get to choose the new teams. And Norman gets an immunity idol he can save and use on himself during eliminations and anyone else. *hands Norman a Chris head*

Nathan: Congratz!

Chris: Now Nathan pick someone to eliminate, but it can't be you, Norman, or Carter.

Nathan: I choose to eliminate Tracy!

Chris: Tracy is out now Carter who is going to be on the new team 1.

Carter: Nathan, me, Chandler, Seth, and Leon, Kristy, Norman please.

Chris: You guys are Team Anime Stars and the rest are Team Ninja Failure.

Episode 7: Back to Japan

First Class

(Team Anime Stars)

Kristy: So this is first class.

Carter: *Squeals* I so love anime!

Kristy: That's nice.

Carter: I love anime because it is so intresting. And I'm Asian.

Seth: Wow New Teams....*Smiles*

Kristy: It's nice being on the winning team after being on the losing team a lot.

Carter: You're welcome, guys.

Seth: (CONF) * Is referring about Kristy and the teams* ITS LIKE CHIRSTMAS ALL OVER AGAIN! *Sceams like a little girl*

Kristy: Yeah, thanks for picking us, Carter.

Carter: I have a reason why everyone on this team. (CONF) Nathan's alliance and that Seth has a huge crush on Kristy. And Kristy is really nice.

Norman: Thank you for picking me. Everyone I picked for my original team never did anything after that. Well, other then Maddie. I can't believe my friend Albert didn't do anything!

Seth: Who is Maddie! I only remember a Millie.... Soo Confusing!

Norman: Sorry, confusing names. Must be another side effect from the helmet.

Seth: Helmet? What helmet...

Norman: *holds out Memory Eraser helmet* I was actually going to show this to developers in Japan. I'm glad I missed it, because then I would have given multiple personality disorder to millions.

Seth: Oh....

Carter: Wait, we might go back to Japan...

Norman: Then we need to find a way to destroy this thing. Fast.

Carter: *Gets Random Mallet* I'm ready.

Norman: No! I made it so it could be almost indestructable.

Carter: Come on, let's just try!

Seth: I GOT IT NOBODY LOOK *Is about too pull his pants down* We can use it as a urinal :D

Carter: *Covers Eyes* Norman, please try my idea. Seth's is just....ew.

Seth: *Pulls Pants up* Fine.. we can Do it your way and also the helmet may not be waterproof anyways...

Carter: *Tries To Smash Helmet, Hits Very Hard*

Seth: I'll try *Tries too Smash Helmet then gives the helmet back*

Carter: *Tries To Smash Helmet* UGH! *Gets Helmet* Should I throw it out of the plane?

Nathan: Let me handle it. *Grabs helmet and rewires it* There we now have a Remember Helmet.

Carter: Are you sure? We have to test it on somebody.

Seth: Oh OH Test it on me! Im a test monkey!

Norman: No, test me. If anything, it SHOULD bring me back to normal.

Nathan: (CONF) I made a few modifications everyone will be happy with. *Evil laughs*

Norman: Okay, let's rtry it. *takes helmet and puts on head*

Nathan: *presses the red button*

Helmet: Hypnosis mode activate.

Norman: What? *eyes go blank* What do you wish, master?

Leon: *sleeping*

Nathan: Dance like a monkey.

Seth:*On twitter* I'm going too Wakeup Leon but First I need too Not look at the helmet! :D

Norman: *dances like a monkey*

Seth: HaHa *Too Nathan* Make him do the running run that will be funny! *Too Leon,Shakes him* HAi LEON!!!

Nathan: *to Norman* Stop *presses red button*

Helmet: Voice Command Mode

Nathan: Hypnosis Mode disactivate, *to Seth* let's try it on Angelea!

Norman: What happened? Did it work?

Seth: Ok but how can we go in loser Class, Angelea is in loser class *Does a forwny face*

Leon: *wakes up kicking Seth in the groin on axadent* Who what when

Seth: OW! my Jiggly Puff! Leon were at your moms house and Gramps died and it happened now!

Leon: *sarcastically* Sure he did

Seth: *Covers Groin and is Messing with him* Maybe he did!

Leon: I know all the pressure points in the body so just covering there is useless.

Seth: *In a Childish voice* OoO! im like soo scared

Nathan: Let's just go to first class or ... *To helmet* Get on Angelea's head

Seth: Like oh My Gawd that's Soo COol.

Nathan: Come. *goes to economy class*

Seth: OK! *Goes to economy class*

Norman: Wait! What did you do to my helme *goes into another personality and collapses on the ground* Come on! Where's my wheelchair! I can't walk without it!

Carter: Sorry, Grandpa. You gotta live without it.

Seth: Yeah and You have a Wheel Chair Argh! Stop confusing me Norman |:

Norman: I'm not Norman! My name is Ralph! Now help me up! *head starts to spin* AHHH!!!!*falls into a deep coma* (I am doing this because I won't be here until next Sunday, If you're in any of my other camps, you know why.)

Seth: Why! who is Ralph Sooo UGH! *Cries* Why! *Walks back where Nathen is*

Economy Class

(Team Ninja Failure)

Angelea: *On Facebook* Lets see here new status... *Types* Got put on new team and finally got out of Team Feminine Losers. Ha. Lol.

Stern: Um, yeah. But you wonder if Team Ninja Failure is a better name?

Kris: Sorry, everyone! Fighting scares me. I think maybe No Name is better than Ninja Failure. :P

Stern: I think so too, Kris. Norman is the only other guy here and he's gone insane. But at least Quinn's on my team.

Nathan: *comes in and watches the helmet get on angelea* Helmet Hypnosis Mode.

Helmet: Hypnosis Mode Active

Seth: Soo this is what loser class looks like it smells in here,,,

Angelea: *Feels the helmet on her head* What the?!

Seth:*Puts his finger on her mouth* Sh... my Angelea everything will be fine...

Nathan: Hypnosis Mode! Angelea punch yourself.

Helmet: Hypnosis mode active

Angelea: *Punches Herself,* Ouch, oh no myself didn't! (XDDD)

Seth: *Laughs*

Nathan: *Laughs and is recording the entire thing* Haha I'm recording. Angelea keep hitting yourself.

Seth:*Laughs more* Haha I can watch this all night

Angelea: *Keeps Punching Herself* Ouch, ouch, ouch,

Carter: Uhh... (CONF) I know I kind of hate Angelea, but I don't want her injured.

Seth: I'm going back too first class I don't want too wet my pants from seeing this *Laughs and walks back too first class*

Millie: (rolls eyes)

Carter: Yeeesh. *Follows Seth Back*

Kris: *Is now afraid of Seth, Nathan, Millie and Carter. Tries to rip hurtful helmet off of Angelea* Yo! A little help here, teammies? *pulls helmet off of Angelea, and watches it roll to a stop and "stare" at her; shudders in fear*

Millie: alright Kris, hang on...(helps Kris)

Nathan: Hahaha! Now to destroy the helmet. Helmet Self-Destruct! *Watches the helmet explode* She totally diserved that, don't worry Millie and Kris after I made the helmet I made myself and Norman forget how it was ever made so it won't happen again. (CONF) That was for everyone from last season who didn't make it back and anyone who hates her.

Seth:*Walks back* what was that bang?

Kris: Yay!!! Death to the Helmet!!! Like Death Vader! xDD :) Thanks for destroying that horrible thing, Nathan! And thanks Millie for helping me! :) Hi Seth. Helmet went Kablooey!! :P Angelea will probably be fine. Thanks for the info about her from last season, too. *glares at Angelea, then continues on to the food bar, sits and waits for Chris to start the challenge*

Seth: Oh...Ok

Kris: *begins chanting* Chris! Chris!! Chris! Chris!! Chris! Chris!! Chris! Chris!! *hopes her teammies will join in* xDD

Japan Party Fever

Chris: For this challenge you guys must host a party in First Class for Team Anime Stars and Economy for Team Ninja Failure cause this is where both team will stay until the merge. You must make your parties Japanese-Themed meaning anything Japanese or popularized in Japan you guys can go shopping with these credit cards 1 for each team containing $1,000 dollars in Tokyo. This is both a reward challenge and elimination so better have a great party. GO!

$1 U.S. = 78 Yen currently, so we have 78,000 yen to spend, right Chris?

Tokyo Shopping

Chandler: So guys what should we buy?

Kris: Excellent question, Chandler. Food and decorations, for sure. Maybe some dessert.

Nathan: We can have a Kareoke Anime Party! we need Kareoke machine, ohh spotlight, and maybe we can get sushi! We could also get or make fan made Anime Props! Like the idea?

Kris: That sounds fun, Nathan! :) I'll look for prices on stuff.

Nathan: Uhhhh Kris ... we are on different teams. But your team name is Ninja Failure so you should try to get Ninja and maybe something else themed party. Come on chandler! *Runs to a Kareoke Store*

Seth: I'll get Food *Runs too a food store*

Nathan: *Arrives at Kareoke Store* I want to buy a Kareoke Equipment and a spotlight!

Kareoke Store Owner: That's 31200 Yen

Nathan: *Pays Kareoke Store Owner and carries the stuff to the plane*

Seth: *Arrives at Food Store* Hello I want too buy soda and three bags of chips

Food Store Owner: 3900 Yen.

Seth: *Pays Food store Owner and walks too plane*

Chandler: *arrives at seafood store* Hello I want to buy 100 dollars worth of sushi

Kris: *runs to a Japanese festival celebration store* I'd like 10 Japanese Lanterns, please.

Festival Store Owner: That will be 8697 yen please.

Kris: *hands over the credit card*

Kris: *runs to a Japanese restaurant, asks for 7 meals to go, including a keg of fruit punch*

Restaurant Owner: That will be 7644 yen please, and we'll deliver it for free. :)

Kris: *hands person credit card*

Kris: *decides she'd like to try sushi too, gets a $30.00 platter which = 2340 yen*

Kris: *hands the credit card over for the extra food*

Kris: *looks around for any teammates but doesn't see any, continues looking for things*

Seth: *Goes too Party store* May I have 7 paper lanterns And a vanilla cake with cherry blossoms on it please

Kris: *goes to a cake store and looks at the prices for the big flat cakes and the ice cream, gets the Cherry Blossom Festival Cake, and two tubs of ice cream*

Cake Store Owner: That'll be 11700 yen, please

Kris: *hands over card*

Seth:*Waits for the Party store Owner too say the price*

Party Store Owner: Its 10000 Yen

Seth: *Passes Card and gets cake and Laterns*

Kris: *adds up her costs* I've only spent 30,000 yen!! :D *goes shopping for more things*

Nathan: Can I buy some stuff *briings stuff to counter in arts and crafts store* Is there also plastic of metal?

Arts and crafts store owner: Here, and its 5000 yen.

Nathan: *pays the store owner and goes to the plane*

Kris: *runs to the Origami store and buys 10 different books, comes to $119.50*

Origami store person: That'll be 9321 yen, please.

Kris: *hands over card*

Kris: *dashes over to the tea services place and asks to purchase a tea kettle and a lot of tea*

Tea store person: That'll be 3120 yen, please.

Kris: *hands over the card*

Kris: Excuse me please, but what station plays lovely Japanese music on the radio?

Store person: *tells Kris*

Seth: *Video game store* Hey do you have any video games

Stern: Um, hello. Do you have any disco balls or strobe lights by any chance??? XD

Seth:*Waits* I could use some help...

Kris: *sees Seth in the video game store* Hi Seth!! Nice to see you here! :) *purchases the movie, "A Bridge Too Far" and "Godzilla" in Japanese with subtitles*

Kris: *hands over card*

Seth: Oh Hi Kris you Too (Too Video game owner) Are you Awake?

Video Store person: 780 yen. Thank you for coming!

Kris: *to Video person* You're very welcome! Konichiwa! :D

Seth: Awesome Deal *Gets video games and walks back*

Seth: *Walks too Tv Store* Hey can I get Four Tvs If soo how much (My computer is Acting up :P)

Stern: *finds some lights and disco balls* to Party Store clerk guy* Hi. How much are these?

Stern: *observes the items* Hmmm, this is just about all of my Yen all together. *Pays clerk all of his credit and leaves with the disco balls, lights, and some anime dance games.

Seth; * Too the TV Store owner* Come on i want too buy 4 Tvs its for a party are you awake

Anime's Party

Nathan: *Sets up Kareoke Machine*

Seth: *Sets up Food*

Nathan: Hey Seth can you get 100 dollars worth of sushi? *Sets up Spotlight*

Chandler: I'll do it! *goes to get sushi*

Seth: I'll get the Deco *Goes too the store*

Nathan: and I'll get the stuff to make anime and video game props *leaves*

Chandler: *puts sushi on the food table*

Seth: Ok Here *Puts the cake down and Lights up the 7 Laterns too make them float*

Nathan: *Makes 3 Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts* One down many to go! T_T

Chandler: Do we need anything else?

Nathan: Get video games! *makes Ichigo's Sword from Bleach*

Chandler: This is gonna be a great party!

Seth: Hii *Puts down video games like Kingdom of Hearts Etc...*

Nathan: Now get 4 tvs! *makes other anime and video game related stuff*

Seth: Ok *Walks too TV Store*

Nathan: Let's get ready.

Chandler: Sounds good!

Nathan: Great!

Ninja's Party

Millie: (starts to blow up balloons)

Millie: (sets out food and a chocolate fountain)

Millie: (sets up a table and places cake on each plate)

Millie: (sets up a karaoke machine)

Kris: Hi Millie! *sets up radio to play lovely, and free, Japanese music, puts Origami books here and there on tables with scissors, sets up lovely Japanese Lanterns all over the inside of the economy class, places big Japanese buffet on the stewardess table, along with all the plates, silverware, drink cups and fruit punch, places sushi beside it all and chopsticks with the napkins, finds a fold out table and places the big cake and two ice cream tubs there, places the tea kettle, which is beginning to brew some tea on a separate table with drink cups for it.*

Kris: I'm back, Millie!! :) *places both movies next to DVD player, reads that "Gojira" actually means "Gorilla Whale" in Japanese! :D*

Kris: I've still only spent about 50,000 yen. We can still afford the Karaoke machine if you like. :) And of course the balloons and chocolate fountain. But the radio station is free. :P *waits for party to begin, and starts it by eating some buffet food*

Millie: thanks guys, i thought i would be doing all this myself! haha....ha?...

Kris: *Shows Chris' cameraman the reciepts and adds them up.* ($274.65) 43,602 yen *adds on cheap Karaoke machine: $250 = 19500 yen + 43,602 = 63,102 yen. :D*

Kris: *begins dancing to music and enjoying the food*

Stern: Hey, guys. *walking in* I've got us strobe and party lights, a disco ball, and a few anime dancing games. *sets them all up*

Stern: *dances to music and disco ball*

Kris: Awesome! Hi Stern!! :) I'm Kris. *bows to Stern in Japanese style greeting* :D *guesses that Stern's things cost around $100. Converts them to yen and gets 7800 + 63,102 yen = 70,902 yen.* We have 7000-ish yen to spare!! :D

Stern: Awesome. Hi Kris! Hey, when will this challenge end, anyways?

Kris: Excellent question, Stern! :) *Dances, goes and eats, and when she gets tired she works on some origami shapes with everyone else. She has a great time, and hopefully so does everyone else. Finishes with dessert of chocolate, cake and ice cream! Fiinally goes to bed after a very late night.*


Chris: This was a hard desicion but since both party are amazing No team wins! Instead it will be a double elimination but Nathan, Seth, Chandler, Kris, Stern, and Millie are all safe for doing the challenge. Anyways you get to keep everything you got as a reward (Sorry for the delay but I was on a trip that was for a week and no iternet so)

Anime Stars Vote 1

Chris: Nathan, Chandler, and Seth are safe.

Leon: (CONF) I vote for Carter

Seth: (CONF) I vote for Norman

Nathan: (CONF) I vote Norman. Sorry!

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Norman

Carter: (CONF) I know I didn't participate, and I was about to vote myself, but to be safe, I'd vote Norman.

Kristy: (CONF) Sorry, I vote Norman.

Norman: (CONF) *is lying unconious in the confesonal*

Chris: And with a total of 5 votes Norman is eliminated!

Ninja Failure Vote 1

Chris: Kris, Stern, and Millie are safe.

Kris: I vote Quinn. I don't think anyone's seen her at all. ?

Chris: Quinn is eliminated.

Episode 8: Sollecitare o la Morte

Anime Chat

Kristy: Hopefully we do better this time.

Seth:*Is Asleep* Zzzzzzz

Carter: *Pours Goo Unto Seth And Runs Back To Seat*

Seth: Ewww what Kind of stuff is it and Who did it! ewww I'm Sticky!

Carter: *Convincing Voice And Shrugs* Kris did it.

Seth: *Crosses Arms* I'm not Stupid I'm Below Average (XD) And Kris is not on our team!

Carter: Nobody said you're stupid, and Kris snuck in here, and she was hyper, and me and Kristy were kind of awake.

Seth: *Smells for any Kris Smells* She soo was not here and what was that stuff!

Carter: Unfortunately, barf.

Seth: Ew! *flicks some barf on Carter and some on Leon*

Carter: EW! BARF FIGHT! *Throws Barf On Seth* (CONF) Seth is hilarious...

Seth: YOUR ON ! *Throws barf On Carter*

Nathan: *Turns on Kareoke Machine* Let's do this!

Carter: *Tackles Seth And Throws barf At Seth* EAT MY BARF!

Seth: NaH! *Thorws more Barf at Carter's face* Ha!

Kristy: Um.....

Carter: *Pours Bucket Of Barf On Seth*

Seth: Now I smell WERID ! *Pours a Bucket of Barf in Carter's Pants and Heads too the showers*

Carter: Ew! *Flips To Showers*

Seth:*In the Shower* LALALAla! *Cleans himself*

Carter: *Cleans Self*

Nathan: O_o (CONF) This is getting weird.

Ninja Chat

Kris the Drama Queen: That was so much fun!!! :D *eats a piece of cherry blossom cake and 3 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream* :) Is everyone else asleep? :o

Stern: *wakes up* No.

Kris: Morning, Stern! Wanna work on an origami figure with me? Or we could dance together! :) *washes down her cake and ice cream with water, then brushes her teeth and uses mouthwash and floss* (CONF) No cavities for me! ;)

Sudden-Death Search

Chris: Welcome to Italia! We are here infront of the Leaning Tower of Pisa there may be 11 of you standing before me but only 9 will go to the next destination! That's right a double elimination but not just any. For today's challenge there are 9 flags hidden around this area and since there are 11 of you 2 will remain without a flag, those 2 will be ELIMINATED no ceremony just instant elimination. You can help others find flags but only those 9 who bring me a flag win. (5 lines to find a flag) GO!

Nathan: *Stars looking for a flag*

Krsity: *looks for a flag*

Seth:*Looks for a flag*

Nathan: *continues looking for a flag*

Seth:*Looks for a flag even more*

Nathan: *continues looking for a flag*

Carter: *Looks For Flag*

Stern: *starts looking for a flag*

Nathan: *continues looking for a flag*

Chandler: *looks for flag*

Carter: *Continues Looking For Flag* The Leaning Tower of Piza is awesome!

Chandler: *still looks for flag*

Seth:*Looks for the flag even more*

Nathan: *finds a flag*

Carter: *Continues Looking For Flag*

Nathan: *Brings the flag to Chris* I win!

Stern: *looks for flags*

Chandler: *still looks for flag*

Carter: *Continues Looking For Flag* I think I see a flag...

Seth: *Looks for flag*

Stern: *looks for flag*

Carter: *Looks For Flag*


Chandler: *searches for flag*

Carter: *Grabs Flag And Runs To Chris* I got a flag!

Stern: *looks for flag*

Seth:*Looks for flag* Where could it be..

Kristy: *looks for flag*

Chris: Carter and Nathan already won! ONLY 7 MORE FLAGS TO FIND!

Kristy: *looks for flag*

Kris: *looks up at leaning tower and stays away from its shadow, is looking for a flag*

Seth: *See's a flag and Runs too it*

Chandler: *finds flag and gives it Chris* I'm safe!

Kris: *runs up the Leaning Tower hoping to find a flag at the top*

Kristy: *looks for flag* I think I'm close.

Kris: *is running up the Tower stairs and is also running out of breath, keeps looking for any flag*

Seth:*Grabs Flag and Runs too Chris* I found the Flag!

Kristy: *gets flag and gives it to Chris* I found one.

Kris: *is now walking up the Tower stairs looking for the flag and is nearly at the top*

'Chris: Kristy, Chandler, and Seth are safe so 4 spots left.'

Leon: *starts looking for a flag*

Kris: *takes down the Flag de Italia from the top of The Leaning Tower of Pisa, folds it carefully, and carries it down to present to Chris: Hey, Chris! I brought you one! :)

Leon: *continues looking*

Chris: Not really what I meant but it is technacally a flag Kris wins! 3 spots left.

Angelea: *looks for a flag* Hmm...

Leon: *finds a flag*

Angelea: *looks for a flag*

Chris: Leon! Angelea! Millie! Everyone else 3 spots left!

Stern: *looks some more*

Stern: *finds flag* YES!

Chris: Stern is safe! So is Leon and Angelea! That means Albert and Millie your out!

Episode 9: Roman Brawl

Merge Chat

Chris: Hello its the MERGE!

Brawl the the colloseum

Chris: For this challenge we are in the Roman colleseum in Italy you must fight each other if you get hit you are out! Go!

Angelea: *Hits Seth* HA!

Nathan: *hits Leon*

Chandler: *hits Kristy*

Angelea: *Hits Carter*

Chandler: *hits Stern*

Angelea: *Hits the air*

Chandler: *hits Kris*

Angelea: *Hits Chandler*

Nathan: *Hits Angelea*

Chris: Nathan Wins!

Merge Vote 1

Chris: Nathan is Safe. VOTE!

Nathan: (CONF) Leon! I can't pick anyone else sorry!

Kristy: (CONF) Sorry Leon, but I'm voting for you.

Angelea: (CONF) So friggin close! But anyways, I vote Albert. How long has he been gone?!

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Leon

Seth: (CONF) Grrr i missed the challenge as long i want Angelea Out but its fun making her mad i choose Leon...Your no Fun!

Chris: Strangely Angelea voted out Albert although he is already eliminated. And with that dumb move Leon has the most votes and is eliminated.

Episode 10: Greek-Show

Merge Chat 2

Stern: Wow. I stink at this. But I'm glad that I made the merge. Unfortunately, Quinn isn't with me. :(

Seth: Meh.. (CONF) Leon is gone soo who do i bugg maybe Angelea shes fun too annoy but i get kicked in the groi from her (NONCONF) *Smirks at Angelea*

Angelea: Did not know Albert was out.

Stern: It's alright, Angelea.

Nathan: *Whispers to Angelea* We need to form an alliance.

Kris: (sad face) Chandler hit me. *whispers to Stern and Angelea* Could I join you two in an alliance? We were all No-Names. :)

Angelea: Hold up.... Y'all want to form an alliance, with me? The meanest contestant here? M'kay. (CONF) Hmm, this possible alliance could potentially take me to the finals, and i can finally win one million bucks. I'm liking this! *smiles in an evil face*

Kris: Angelea, you're mean??!! I didn't know that?! :O I thought you were just loud. :0

Angelea: Yep. Got the mean girl reputation the first day of the first season.

Seth: Its True she does.

Stern: I'd like to accept that offer, but I was actually a Blue Thunder. Still we were all Ninja Failure I'm sure. I'm in.

Carter:(CONF) Angelea should actually shut her stupid little prissy mouth and hit the road. I watched last season and Grandpa did better than that loud mouth princess.

Seth:(CONF) Hmm Ok I think I need too meet more people D: Nathan Carter Kristy and others I know from the team swap are nice but I wanna meet new people not Angelea and Stern I know them but I don't know Kris that well....She seems nice but she was on Ninja Failure..Men I need too think! This does not mean I'm not going too ignore Nathan Or Kristy or Carter and other worthy people!

Kris: (CONF) I'm not sure I want to join Angelea in an alliance if she's all mean. Carter's a little scary, too, actually. Seth and Stern seem okay, but I hardly know anyone, since I've just joined and my team was wiped out. Mostly. Now what?

Chandler: (CONF) I guess an alliance would be nice to have here, but I just wonder if anyone's interested

Carter: *Eats Random Chips* Anyone want food?

Kris: *walks over to Chandler cautiously* Hi Mr.... Handsome? Are you nice? Are you in an alliance already? Which team were you on last? Do you want to team up for this next challenge at all? If you're mean to people, then nevermind. Otherwise, it's nice to meet you. :)

Kris: *sees Carter and answers* Yummy!! I love chips!! And soda pop, too! *dashes over to Carter*

Chandler: Hey Kris yes I'm nice and not in an alliance and I was on Blue Thunder and Anime Stars and sure I would love to team up with a beautiful girl like yourself :)

Kris: *hears Chandler talking to her as she munches on chips; offers everyone a bunch of N&Ns from her jumbo energy boost bag in her backpack* Thanks, Carter! *pours several handfuls into Carter's pocket as thanks for the chips, dashes back the short distance to Chandler and says* Yay!! I've found a friend!!! :D *kisses him on the cheek and offers him some N&Ns*

Carter: *Laughs* You're welcome. (CONF) Kris is really annoying, but she is sure nice. And I want Chandler and her to be together!

Kris: *bounces around all over the room because she's had too much sugar, lard and caffeine*

Kris: *suddenly stops bouncing around and looks at her watch* Hey! Where's Chris? The other Chris. Like the host? Anyone know?

Chandler: Thanks Kris *blushes and kisses Kris on the cheek*

Seth: I don't know Where Chris is Hopefully he did not Ditch us... (CONF) New couple alert I support Chandler and Kris Together....It's Better Then Quinn and Stern No A Offense too them there a great Couple too Man I turned Nice since Leon is gone!

Kris: You're welcome Chandler!!! <3 <3 <3 *hugs him again and stays near him*

Seth: *Walks Away From Kris and Chandler soo They can have some Alone time*

Kris: *calls to Seth* Want any N&Ns before Chris gets here?

Seth: No Thanks but anyways Thank You for the nice offer.

Carter: *To Seth* Want any chips? *Eats Hundreds Of Sugar Canes/Whatever Seth Eats To make Him Super Hyper*

Kris: *suddenly realizes it was Chandler who hit her in the last challenge* Hey!! You hit me a while ago!! D:< That wasn't nice, even though we had to get through that challenge! What do you say when you've done someone wrong like that? Hmmm! :(

Seth: *Too Carter* No thank you.

Carter: *Is Hyper* OKAY! *Runs Around Swiftly, Drops To The Floor, Rolls Around* HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 (CONF) NOw I know never to eat lots of sugar canes.

Kris: * :( to Chandler, waiting for a response to her question, decides he's not going to answer tonight, wanders away to take a nice, cold shower so she doesn't punch him the next time she sees him, decides maybe she'll punch Chris, instead, for making them all just stand around forever, thinks to herself, "Nah, that's a bad idea! I'll get hurled outta here before I can see another challenge," sighs.*

Chandler: I'm sorry Kris but that was before I got to know you. A beautiful girl with an amazing personality :)

Kris: Thinks to herself, "Wow, he followed me to apologize?!" Says to him, "Thanks for the apology, Chandler. :) We're good again!" :)

Nathan: Angelea, Kris, Chandler, Stern, and Kristy we need to form an alliance!


Chris: For this challenge since there was no entertainment in Ancient Greece you will all pretend to be one of the other contestants eliminated or not your choice. The person who entertains me the most wins!

Chandler: *pretends to be like Norman* Oh look at me I've just invented hypnosis glasses *accidentally hypnotizes himself* Oh silly me of COURSE they don't work right!

Kristy: Um, sorry! *pretends to be Christine* Hey y'all! I luv bein' a cowboy and all that junk! Why just last morning I lassoed me all my critters into one stable fence, but then I ended up lassoing myself too!

Stern: *pretends to be Quinn, with a horror/goth outfit* Mmmm. I can't believe stupid Norman got me eliminated! *walks up to Chandler who is Norman and slaps him* Jerk! Man, I miss Stern! When this is over, I'm going to make-out with him! Stern is soooo HOT!!!!

Carter: *Pretends To be Albert* It was 46.3 percent that I was going to be eliminated due to my inactiveness, and Angelea doesn't have the amount of brain capacity as me and voted me out like the stupid loud mouth she is!

Angelea: *Pretends to be Seth* Oh flargaflragaflargadaba! I'm so goofy! Like that animal dog- thing on Mickey Mouse! And i LOVE to make fun of the beautifal, talented, and smartest girl Angelea! That's why I make fun of her! Cause I love her! *takes out a picture of Herself* Ohh I love you Angelea! *kisses photo*

Seth: *Pretends Too be Angelea with A wig and makeup* Hi im Angelea Im a loud mouth I like too Be Loud Because I wanna show off my Thurder Theighs! because I love too Kick Cute Boy's Named Seth because that's my Hobby too make Cute Boy's life's a living hell! Now Be right back I need too Tweet about my Weight and Complain How Ugly I am and also BackTalk Myself! (Sorry if it's Too Harsh)

Kris: *pretends to be Seth, screams like a little girl at Christmastime!* Lookathat!!! :D It's SUGAR!!!!! Yummyummyummyummyum!!!! *slurps down as much of the crunchy brown sugar crystals as possible, then rolls around on the floor like she's on fire!! :O "Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!" :D *flutters eyelashes at Angelea, looks around for someone to bother*

Chris: Haha you're all funny but I say Seth's and Angelea's were the most funny so they both get immunity.

Merge Vote 2

Chris: Vote for someone not Seth or Angelea.

Nathan: (CONF) I guess I vote Kris

Angelea: Immunity? FINALLY! Anyways the boy Chandler gets my vote.

Carter: (CONF) Kris and Chandler sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G! Great, I'm Allisyn now. Okay, I vote for Stern.

Seth: (CONF) I'm not Shocked that people were pretending too be me at the challenge anyways.. I vote for Stern Because he will be with Quinn!

Kristy: (CONF) I vote Stern, sorry.

Chris: With 3 votes Stern is out!

Stern: It's alright guys. After all, me and Quinn will be together again. And I did make it far last time, I'll see you guys at the finale.

Episode 11: Fall of the Wall

Merge Chat 3

Nathan: Wow that was weird but okay!

Carter: I acted like Allisyn right there. (CONF) Yeah, I watched the season.

Kristy: Well, at least, we don't have to make fun about them anymore.

Carter: We WEREN'T making fun of them; we're trying to make them together again. Besides, they're the only couple of the series. (CONF) Unless Kristy and Seth. (Confessionals FTW XD)

Nathan: Hey Seth! (CONF) I realize that I've haven't been doing a good job as the shows "cupid" so I got to do something before Seth and Kristy's relationship is ruined before it even starts.

Seth:*Falls off Bed* What! what! oh Hey Nathan...(CONF) Somthing Popped in my mind about Total Drama Forrest.

Nathan: Seth I think I heard Kristy saying she wanted to she you.

Seth: Really She wanted too see me (Really ? Or Nathan is making a Joke :3)

Nathan: Yeah see said see wanted to talk to you. (Read Nathan's Confessional)

Great Race In China

Wall Race

Chris: For the challenge you must run from one end to the other of THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA! (10 lines) First 5 to the other side move on to the next part. GO!

Seth: *Starts running*

Angelea: *Runs*

Seth: *Runs*

Angelea: *Continues to run* I hate running!!!!

Kristy: *starts running*

Angelea: *Runs*

Seth: *Runs some more* Oh Angelea your running Right now.

Kristy: *runs*


Angelea: *Runs*

Seth: *Runs*

Kristy: *runs*

Kris: What? Darnit! *begins running along the Wall*


Angelea: *Runs*


Kris: *enjoying the scenery, running*

Kristy: *runs*


Angelea: *Runs*

Seth: *Runs*

Kristy: *runs*

Kris: *through one of those cool towers running*

Seth: *Runs*

Angelea: *Runs*

Kris: *rolls down the almost invisible steps on the other side, limping*

Seth:*Makes it too the other side*

Angelea: *Runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Kris: *hobbling along*

Kristy: *runs*

Angelea: *Runs*

Kristy: *runs*

Kris: *hobbling faster and enjoying the great view*

Angelea: *Arrives* Phew....

Chandler: *runs*

Kris: *jogging along*

Kristy: *runs*

Kris: *jogging*

Chandler: *runs*

Kristy: *runs*

Kris: *loping along*

Chandler: *runs*

Kristy: *makes it to the other side*

Kris: *The end is near! Reaches the other side long after everyone else has finished. ;(*

Chris: Stop!

Food Race

Chris: Seth, Angelea, Kristy, and Chandler will compete to see who can eat 10 bowls of raw sushi first! (10 lines) Go!

Kristy: *starts eating*

Angelea: *Eats*

Kristy: *eats*

Angelea: *Eats* Nasty!

Kristy: *eats* I agree.

Seth: *Eats* Eww

Kristy: *eats*

Seth: *Eats* it tasted like Dog Food I know because my sister used too feed me Dogfood and she would not stop stealing my food :3 off my plane when I was a kid.

Chandler: *eats*

Kristy: *eats*


Chandler: *eats*

Seth: *Eats*

Chandler: *eats*

Seth: *Eats*

Kristy: *eats*

Seth: *Eats*

Chandler: *eats*

Kristy: *eats*

Seth: *Eats*

Chandler: *eats*

Kristy: *eats*

Kris: *watching and being a commentator* You know, I've had some awful sushi and some awesome sushi.

Kristy: *eats*

Kris: Poor Seth. Could I taste a piece of sushi? *nabs one from the un-contested 5th bowl* Cool!! Chef didn't make these! They're actually not bad! :) *eats a bowl of sushi, knows she's not competing because she finished the Great Wall so late*

Kris: *looking around* You know, Chris said the first 5 to complete the Wall challenge could compete in this sushi challenge? I'm gonna eat some sushi!!! :D *grabs the second bowl off the counter from the 5th contestant's area, eats that too* Hey, Chris! Can I let this seagull help me eat? ;P

Chandler: *eats*

Seth: *Eats*

Chandler: *eats*

Kris: *gives her Gull one sushi roll which he happily devours, then eats another (3rd) bowl of sushi*

Seth: *Eats*

Kris: *Gull digs in and Kris fights for her 4th bowl of sushi*

Chandler: *eats*

Kris: *Kris and Gull eat peacefully side by side*

Seth: *Eats*

Kris: *Gull is almost full, and helps Kris eat her 6th bowl*

Chandler: *eats*

Kris: *Gull is full, and now Kris has to finish 7th bowl alone*

Seth: *eats*

Kris: *Kris is beginning to get sick of sushi, finishes 8th bowl*

Seth: *Finishes tenth bowl*

Kris: *eats 9th bowl*

Chandler: *eats* Finished!

Kris: *chokes down 10th bowl: finished*

Chris: And Chandler wins!

Merge Vote 3

Chris: Chandler is safe. Vote!

Kris: I thought Seth was safe. :P Anyhow, I vote Carter. :)

Nathan: (CONF) I vote Carter too Sorry!

Kristy: (CONF) Carter, sorry.

Chandler: (CONF) I vote Carter

Seth: (CONF) I vote for Carter because i wouldnt vote off Kristy for Reasons, Nathan.. no...Chandler he won the challenge...Kris im not voting her off and Angelea she is loud but Easy too Make her Angry...Seth is out! Peace

Chris: Carter is out! But, its a double elimination! So everyone vote again and this time no one has immunity.

Nathan: (CONF) Well Seth and Kristy are my friends and I haven't you know what, Chandler is kinda my friend, Kris and Angelea? I vote Kris sorry.

Chandler: (CONF) I vote for Kris because everyone else are my friends

Seth: (CONF) I vote for Angelea Because it's Funny too see her in 6th place again. :3

Kristy: (CONF) I vote Kris, sorry.

Chris: And Kris is out!

Episode 12: Dead Meat for New Delhi

Crazy India

Chris: For this challenge you must walk on broken glass (5 lines) first 2 to do so are safe and move on to the finale! Go!

Nathan: *Starts walking* OUCH!

Kristy: *starts walking* Ow! O-W!

Nathan: *keeps walking* This hurts!

Kristy: *keeps walking* I feel P-A-I-N! Pain!

Angelea: *Walks*

Kristy: *walks*

Angelea: *Continues* Crap! Ugh. For the finale.

Kristy: *keeps walking*

Angelea: *Continues to walk*

Kristy: *finishes* I finished! F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D! Finished!

Angelea: *Walks* Almost there.....

Nathan: *walks*

Angelea: *finishes* I finished!

Chris: Angelea and Kristy are safe but now they have to pick for which one of the other 3 to eliminate.

Angelea: I would like Seth out. >:]

Kristy: I'm sorry but I choose Chandler, Seth and Nathan are my friends.

Chris: That means both Seth and Chandler would be eliminated but surprize its a reward challenge! Angelea and Kristy will get their rewards soon.

Episode 13: Back to Canada (Finale)

Final Chat

Chris: Welcome to the Finale! Right now please chat and make you final confessionals before we land in Hawaii!

Nathan: Wow the finale BTW thanks for not picking me Kristy and Angelea even if you may have had other reasons and stuff (CONF) Wow the finale! I can't believe it I'm here again! well I was on the most active team and I had a great alliance but what really helped were my friends.

Final Challenge

Race to The Volcano Top

Chris: Welcome to our final challenge! For this you must race to the top of this island's volcano! (5 lines) First 3 to do so move on to the next part.

Nathan: *Starts running*

Chandler: *runs*

Kristy: *starts running*

Chandler: *runs*

Kristy: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Kristy: *runs*

Chandler: *runs*

Kristy: *runs*

Chandler: *arrives at the top*

Kristy: *arrives at the top*

Seth: *Runs*

Nathan: *runs*

'Chris: Chandler and Kristy are at the top but now Nathan and S'eth are racing to be the last to move on to the next round.

Nathan: *runs*


Nathan: *runs*

Chris: And who will win?

Nathan: *reaches the top*

Chris: Nathan moves on!

Building a Chris

Chris: The final challenge is to build a statue of me! (5 lines)

Chandler: *builds statue of Chris*

Kristy: *builds statue of Chris*

Chandler: *builds statue of Chris*

Kristy: *builds statue of Chris*

Chandler: *builds statue of Chris*

Kristy: *builds statue of Chris*

Chandler: *builds statue of Chris*

Kristy: *builds statue of Chris*

Chandler: *builds statue of Chris*

Chris: Chandler wins! Kristy is 2nd and Nathan in 3rd! Well this was great and all and finally the winner didn't lose the money! Tune in to next season where we go to an island and compete for a million dollars again!

Chandler: Alright! I had a great time :)

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