A few months after the first Total Drama TARDIS, Sam grew bored, like the Jaberwock did. He also noticed an uprising in alien attacks, and it was getting annoying to have to keep stopping them. Therefore, he decided to make a new Total Drama TARDIS with sixteen new contestants, and make them compete in challenge fighting the aliens. Who will win? Find out here on Total Drama TARDIS

Sign Ups (Closed)

(Note: If you were here last season, you need to sign up as someone else. Now there's also 16 contestants instead)

  1. Al-Crag
  2. Mech- Plat
  3. Ralph- Sunslicer2
  4. Zoey- Heather rocks
  5. Anonymous-teamnoah123
  6. Genex-Youre2490
  7. Seth-SethAllred343
  8. Kate-Kate4TDWT
  9. Emily-124oeo
  10. EvilTweek-TheEvilOctorock
  11. Eliza-Kevvy9
  12. Chase-First123
  13. Face-Ben109
  14. Keyshia- Leshawnafan
  15. Jake-Codmister
  16. Amy- Poppyseed56

Elimination/Voting Table

Place Contesant 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7
1st Anonyomous Eliza Genex WIN WIN NV EvilTweek NV Keyshia
2nd Keyshia Eliza WIN Emily NV WIN EvilTweek Zoey Anon
3rd Jake Eliza WIN Emily EvilTweek WIN EvilTweek NV Anon
4th Ralph Eliza Mech WIN WIN Mech EvilTweek Zoey Anon
5th Amy Eliza Mech WIN WIN NV NV NV NV
6th Al Eliza NV WIN WIN NV NV Zoey NV
8th EvilTweek Eliza WIN Emily Face WIN NV
9th Mech Eliza Genex WIN WIN NV
11/10th Kate NV WIN NV NV OUT1
11/10th Seth NV NV WIN WIN OUT1
12th Face Eliza WIN NV NV
13th Emily NV WIN Emily
14th Genex NV NV
16/15th Eliza Face
16/15th Chase QUIT

1 They were automatically eliminated for being inactive.

Note: Elimination table format inspired by Total Drama Horror's.


(A spaceships abducts 16 people, and they arrive in a big room with futuristic technology.)

Ralph: *looks around* I hate this place already.

Genex: Hey duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes

Al:*smiles*Hello, it's it surely a pleasure to meet you*bows*

Ralph: *backs away*

Genex: Oh...........woah are you a gothic emo?

Ralph: I act Goth, but I don't dress Goth, and I'm not emo.

Genex: Just keep telling yourself that Gothy.

Kate: *looks around, and sighs* This. Sucks.

Genex: Why because we were taken from our families to where ever this is.......................KIDNAPPING!

Tweek:AH!I dont wanna be kidnapped what if we die. AH!

Eliza: *looks around* Why did I sign up for this because I need the money but this show sucks *remembers* Who signed me up for this?

Anonymous:we were just kidnapped and forced on a spaceship, noone signed you up

Al:I bet it was some loser just on the internet :/ Hey, I don't suppose you want an alliance?


Face: Oh god.

Keyshia: Who has the nerve to kidnap me?

Eliza: I will kill the guy who kidnaped me when I'm off this ship

Sam: *appears out of thin air* Hello, I have gathered you all to help save the universe. Everytime you win a challenge, you'll get some alien technology, and the grand prize is a TARDIS, or Time And Reletive Dimensions In Space. You'll eliminate each other after every challenge, and the winner of a challenge is also immune to votes.

Eliza: I want to win a prize and if there's no prize I will kill you

Eliza: Wait you say a prize and what's Time And Reletive Dimensions In Space cuz if it sucks I will kill you.

Sam: A TARDIS is a spaceship and time travel device in one.

Eliza: I will go back in time to make my family nicer to me if I win but if I don't the f*****g winner win get stabed in their *** till they ether die or give me the prize

Anonymous:haha................. spaz

Eliza: Who's the mother f*****g spaz?

Face:IDK who's the freak with a temper tantrum? Oh it's you congrats basket case! Hey uh Sam is it are there any alien guns cause really you know who is annyong me right now.

Zoey:What happen?

Mech: *arrives* Wow, you all are stupid. *rolls eyes*

Zoey:We are?!

Face:Hey Mech you still mad that I beat your a** in that one camp. but remember you and me are a lot a like

Mech: *punches Face in the face* Don't mess with me

Jake: Where are we? Are we gonna get probed?

Anonymous:no, my couysin had this happen to him a year ago, you just travel arond the universe with a drunk panda

Tsing Tsing:*jumps through window to anon with a bottle of coniac*

Anonymous:like that

Keyshia: Uhh how can pandas be drunk?

Kate: *sitting in conner, listening to iPod, writing*

Zoey:I don't KNOW!

Keyshia: Geez, no need to yell.

Kate: *hears Zoey yell and flinches, dropping her book and diary* Oh no! Not again!

Zoey:Oooh,what's that?

Anonymous:her book and dairy,

Zoey:*reding it backwards*What does it say?

Kate: *dives after book and diary* It's NOTHING!

Face:* sneeaks up behind Kate and cuts the head phones off her I-pod* Have fun princess * walks aqay laughing*

Kate: *to Face* I'm sorry for whatever I did, but there's no reason to deprive me from my music.

Ralph: *looking at Face* And I thought I had problems.

Mech: *rolls eyes* Diaries only bring unneccessary romance drama*

Keyshia: That's why I don't have a diary. There ain't nothing right about keeping deep thoughts to yourself, they can mess your brain up.

Jake: *to everyone*So hey. My name is Jake. Whats yours?

Zoey:Is that why my dog ate my Diary?

Eliza: You losers will never win this f****g game and I'm Eliza remember that

Ralph: I think we will. *jots down "vote off Eliza on a notepad*

Jake: Uhh.. nice to meet you Eliza?

Anonymous:things are getting interesting

Keyshia: Ok you know what, Eliza, stop this I'm so great attitude. The whole world doesn't revolve around you.

Jake: Guys, guys, can't we just get along?

Zoey:Okay,everybody I am Zoey!That it is all

Kate: Yea! *smiles* Let's be nice!

Keyshia: Whateva. I'm Keyshia.

Jake: Nice to meet you Keyshia and Zoey!

Zoey:Wait,what is your name again?

Anonymous:*points to keyshia*KEYSHIA*then points to jake*JAKE, and my names anonymous zoey

Keyshi: Nice to meet y'all too. If only we weren't stuck on whatever this thing is, then this would be a better way to meet each other. But instead, we've been abducted, and now I'm just confused. But still, nice to meet y'all.

Sam: So, is everyone read to start the first challenge?

Zoey:Umm yes?


EvilTweek:F*** Yeah

Day One: Challenge

(TARDIS teleports everyone to modern day London)

Sam: Plasticmen Have invaded London, and you have to stop them. *tosses everyone a bottle of anti-plastic* You need to throw this into the head plasticmen, which looks like a big blob, so it will stop functioning all of the other plasticmen. But be warned, it's guarded heavily by plasticmen, and they can shoot you with a gun they have installed into their hands. Good luck.

Keyshia: Uhh did you just say blob and plasticmen?

Zoey:I don't know?

Sam: They're a kind of alien.

Keyshia: Well what if that alien tries to eat me? He is endangering my life......*Looks at alien* Uhh that thing? That thing doesn't scare me at all.

Mech: Bla bla bla. *calls Ghostbusters*

Anonymous:huh..............*gets his antimater*so no teams, everyone for themselves

Ralph: I'm gonna lose.... There's no teams.

Eliza: *gets her gun out* I will win and you will lose f*****g losers

Chase:I guess we should start.
Jake: *starts slowly walking towards Plasticmen*

Face: *takes Eliza* come here human shield.

Amy: Come out, come out whatever you are!

Keyshia: *Starts filing nails* Im gonna rip you freaks up!

EvilTweek:*sprints at plasticmen

Amy: *sees EvilTweek running at plasticmen* Don't! That will only avvagrate them!

Anonymous:*runs up behind guards*to easy*gaurd sees him*crap

Plasticmen Guards: *start shooting at Anonymous, and make a hold in the anti-plastic containter, making it drip out*

Anonymous:*psycho side awakens, and he jumps in the air grabbing both of the plasticmens heads with his feet, and then smashes them together*your messing with the wrong dude

Al:*sighs*This is ever so much fun Sam. Why don't we dig uinderneath or something...

Zoey:*gets scared**screams and runs off*

Face: wimp! Plastic men over here I got a nice little girl over here waiting to meet her doom * holds up eliza* I bring a sacrfice * thows Elize down infornt of the plasticmen* Have fun Play nince now * I runs away*

Zoey:*ruuns into the head plasticmen*Um,Hi?*runs off*

Anonymous:*holding his antimatter, and hiding behind a bush*

Jake: *sneaks up behind Plasticman and throws anti-matter but misses but the Plasticman didn't notice and the bottle didn't break* Crap...

Eliza: *runs to face and takes his bottle of anti-plastic and throws it at the plastic man* Ha ha face you will lo- *plastic man is behide her* se *sees him*

Plastic man: *shoots Eliza, stunning her.*

Sam: And Face, since he has no anti-plastic left, and Eliza, since she was shot, are out!



Anonymous:*sees the head plasticman*this is gonna be so easy*walks out and 10 guard plasticmen pop up*CRAP

Eliza: *unstunned shoots jake's, anon's, zoey's, and chase's bottles of anti-plastic with her gun* Ha ha now you can't win

Anonymous:*pulls out his antimatter*you just blew up a bottle of tsing tsings vomit

Sam: *cast an illusion on Elize to make her stunned self think that happened* It's fun to mess with people's minds. (Mrdaimion: You're stunned for the whole challenge Kevvy.)

(Kevvy: is there a conf?)


Zoey:How..umm..doe..we do find the head plastic-men?

(TN123:can we please have teams, another season makes me miss Skaro and Gallifrey)

(kevvy: not to you i'm talking to mrd

Anonymous:Tsing tsing, attack*tsing tsing goes ninja on the 10 plasticmen gaurds.

(Mrdaimion: Yeah, there's a cofessional.)

Sam: Oh great, you own that stupid panda?

Zoey:*throws the anti-plastic at the head plasticmen*

(Kevvy: Can I use it even if I'm stunned?)

Zoey:What do I do now?

Anonymous:*throws his antimatter at the head plasticman*yeah

(Mrdaimion: Yeah, although TN123 just won, which takes away the point)

Plasticmen Leader: *starts dying, and all of the plasticmen stop moving.*

Sam: Congradulations Anonymous, you won the first challenge of TDTARDIS and saved London from the plasticmen! And as a reward, you get immunity and... *starts looking around for the alien technology he was going to give Gavin, and finds that he dropped all of the technology somewhere in space*... More immunity... Ok, so you're immune from tonights vote, and you can choose someone else to be immune with you who didn't lose the challenge!

\Zoey:Wait I also threw the anti-plastic!

Eliza: You guys suck and I will win.

Anonymous:i choose zoey to be safe with me

Amy: Great.

Sam: Alright then.

Day One: Voting

Sam: Remember, Anonymous and Zoey are safe, and by the way, today's a double elimination! Vote off two people whoa ren't them.

Mech: I vote Chase and Eliza. (Way to steal my voting format :P)

Eliza: I vote off Face you used me as a sacrfice not cool

Amy: Well, I vote Eliza off. You have no respect for anybody. and, I just don't like you for some reason.

Anonymous:i vote eliza


Intern:Heh sometimes?

Face:Oh shut up tool * throws camera at intern*

\Intern:*catches on foire*

Ralph: I'll vote off Eliza and Face..... I at least of SOME hope making far.

Amy: I also vote off Chase. Mech's doing it, and he seems like a powerful player.

Keyshia: I vote Eliza. Girl has no respect.

Chase:I vote Face and Eliza.Wait nevermind I quit!*Leaves* Al:I guess I vote for Eliza, since he quit there is probably a single elimination

EvliTweek:I vote for Eliza the Retard

Jake: I vote for Eliza (CONF) Hopefully she won't kill me...

Al:I guess I vote for Eliza, since he quit there is probably a single elimination

Day One: Voting Chat

Eliza: (conf) Face you had it coming and say your last words because when your voted off I will be close to winning

Amy: (CONF) After my brother Poppy was unfairly eliminated last time, I have come to get my revenge.

Eliza: *walks to chase* Chase I hear your going to be voted off. I can help you if you vote with me tonight

Keyshia: (CONF) Everyone's a fool for voting Face. He's a powerful player, and right now you get rid of the people who don't do anything or are annoying. At least Face isn't the craziest.

Anonymous:(CONF):chase is a worthless player, hell go soon, but everyone else has done something

Eliza: Vote off me and you will never be seen again because once I'm gone from this you will be gone forever

(First123:I already quit cuz I am going on vacation so I won't be much help now.I wish you luck) Sam: Chase just quit, so change your votes to vote for only one person who isn't Chase!

EvilTweek:I don't care if you kill me I'm just an Evil clone of a coffee addicted paranoid kid who knoked me in a volcano once with $1,000,000

Eliza: *kills the evil tweek* You will never be seen again

Sam: And not only is Eliza out, but for attempted murder... *throws her in jail*. Now, you can all go to sleep. (Mrdaimion: My computer won't let me make an elimination chart with colors right now, if someone else could that would be great,)

Day Two

Tsing Tsing:*maakimg coffee*

Keyshia: Is that a panda?

Anonymous:yeah, after the end of last season he just hung on to the tardis, i think he lives here

Keyshia: Ok, I guess that explains a lot.

Jake: We really need to win this next challenge.

EvilTweek:Hi guys

Ralph: *sips coffee, then pukes* I've always hated this stuff.


Anonymous:*to gerard*well tsing tsings coffee is 99% vodka

Keyshia: And you know this how?

EvilTweek:Awesome *drinks it*

Poppy: *starts making own coffee*

Mech: Vodka coffee? No thanks...

Keyshia: I don't pollute my body with that stuff.

Zoey:Is there Tea around here?

Sam: Alright, now let me tell you why there were two winners to last weeks challenge. Those two will both be the team captains, I just didn't have teams for the first elimination for fun. Since Anynumous was the first winner, he chooses his first teammate first.

Anonymous:i choose mech

Al:I'm not surprised there are the team captains, saw it from a mile away..

Sam:Alright, now Zoey, you choose the first person for your team. (This will take a while, so you might as well talk while they're choosing.)


(Mrdaimion: Alright, I found out someone edited out Crag's/Al's vote in the first vote, and he originally voted for Eliza. I'm looking through histroy for who did it, and if you say you did it right now, I won't auto-matically eliminate you like I will if I find out who did.)

(Kevvy: I may of did it and if I did it was by accdent)

Sam: You know you're allowed to talk while she chooses, right?

Anonymous:should i just choose my team

Mech: So i`m on Anonymous` team...

Zoey:I choose Keyshia!

Sam: Alright, Anonymous, your turn again.

Amy: C'mon, choose!

Sam: Come on already, I might have to choose for you at this rate!

Anonymous:i choose amy

Sam: Alright Zoey, choose you second teammate, then I'll choose the rest for you since this is taking forever.

Keyshia: Thanks Zoey for picking me!

Zoey:I pick Face.

Sam: Alright then! Anyway, the teams are:

Team Gallifrey:

Anonymous, Mech, Amy, Seth, Al, Mech, and Ralph!

Team Skaro:

Zoey, Keyshia, Face, Jake, Kate, Emily, and EvilTweek!

Anonymous:(CONF):team Galifrey won everything except one challenge last time, i expect to keep that up

Zoey:(CONF)I like my team..

Al:The teams are hardly fair! We have everyone strong and they have about one... Oh wait,Ilike these teams

Keyshia: (CONF) *Sighs* My alright? We don't have that many "strong" people, but I don't know like half of them so maybe it'll be alright?

(Mrdaimion: Congrats NDuke, you're gonna get yourself banned for advertising.)

Day Two: Challenge

(TARDIS teleports everyone to a modernday subway)

Sam: There's a kind of alien here with no specific name, I like to call it an Absorbatron. If it touches a human, it absorbs them, and they find them delicous apparently, so it's sort of like eating them. You need to find out a way to beat it without touching it. Good luck.

Jake: I got an idea Team! We could freeze it! (Cod: I already warned NDuke so if it happens again do I tell an admin?)

Anonymous:*gets a torch*im gonna burn it

Keyshia: Freezing it sounds good! But where are we gonna get anything to freeze it with? (LF: She could get banned now to, since she knew she couldn't advertise.)

Al:Fire sounds good!

Jake: Nitrogen? No, thats stupid...

Keyshia: Is there any freezers or anything around?

amy: Yeah, Fire is good.

Emily:First one gets it wins! *runs to get fire*

Sam: *'accidently' puts out the fire* Meh, it wouldn't have helped anyway, they absorb fire too.

Keyshia: *Grabs Emily* You're not even on that team.

Emily:I know. *Grabs Dragon*

EvilTweek:Ive got an idea i will touch it only absorbs humans

Anonymous:can we bomb them

Emily:*uses NB Big gigantic gun to kill that monster*

Keyshia: Are you saying you're not human EvilTweek?

Anonymous:no hes an alien clone of regular tweek

Keyshia: I would say that's creepy, but we are fighting an alien so............

Absorbatron: *absorbs the bullet Emily fired*

Sam: ...You do realize I just used human as an example so you wouldn't get near him...

EvilTweek:*starts beating the crap out of the alien*

Ralph: Oh, this is tooooo obvious. I won't say it aloud though, because then the other team can use it.

EvilTweek:Oh If he absorbs me just grab some of my goo and put it in a bottle

Anonymous:gerard, have any ideas

Ralph: Follow me. *sneaks into TARDIS*

Keyshia: We need ice! Freezing it will work.

Sam: *locks the TARDIS doors, trapping him inside.* No stealing my stuff. And here. *gives Keyisha a giant block of ice*

Keyshia: Thanks Sam! *Walks up to alien with ice and throws it at him* There we go!

Absorbatron: *gets frostbite from it, loses it's powers to freeze stuff, and then it's crushed to death by the ice cube.*

Sam: Team Skaro wins immunity! I'll see you at voting.

Jake: (CONF) Wow! My idea of freezing it helped my team and I win! I feel so...helpful!

Day Two: Gallifrey Voting

Anonymous:i vote genex

Ralph: I guess I'll vote Mech. Don't see him much around here. (Oh guys, Ralph=Gerard, but Gerard wasn't fitting his original personality, and I don't like changing my character's labels, so Ralph replaced Gerard)

Ralph: Anon, Seth, do you guys want an alliance?


Anonymous:yeah, i will be in an alliance

Ralph: Then vote off Mech.

Amy: I vote off Mech.

(Mrdaimion: You can't vote if you're on the winning team. -.-)

Mech: *votes Genex*

Sam: Geez, vote people.

Sam: Since no one's voting, I'm eliminating Genex. *leads him away*

Day Three

Amy: Hello, everyone.
Anonymous:Hey, we need to win next time

Keyshia: So what's new with y'all?

Ralph: The fact that you're still here. (Youre got out first(with teams) in both seasons xD)

Day Three: Challenge

(TARDIS appears onto what appears to be a desert)

Sam: We're here at this desert because a race of alien called "bees" have invaded here, and they'll take over the rest of the world if you don't stop them. You can assume what they look like from their names, but they're much more deadly then the kind you know. They travel in huge swarms, with over 1,000 bees in each, and they all have super sharp stingers, like a small knife. Anyway, you need to find the secret weapon against them in that lab WAY over there, *points to a lab roughly 20 miles away* and use it against the,. Good luck.

Anonymous:okay guys, lets move in a group so the bees cant get us

Keyshia: Alrgiht Team, let's move! We can't let them get an ealry lead.

Jake: Right! *goes with Keyshia*

EvilTweek:Fine.*Follows them*

Keyshia: *Begins to run towards the lab*

Amy: *runs behind Keyshia*

EvilTweek:*Punches Amy In the face*

Amy: *dodges and punches EvilTweek in the face*

(Mrdaimion: I'm posting this to remind people to do the challenge, and to point out that this camp is on the front page! Awesome!)

Mech: A secret weapon? Can't we use our own?

EvilTweek:That F***ing Hurt *Trips her*

Amy: well, shut the **** up and I'll stop! *trips evilTweek*

Zoey:What are we suppose to do?

Amy: Kill EvilTweek >:)

EvilTweek:you'll never catch me *sprints to lab*

Amy: *sprints right behind him*

EvilTweek*Stops and turns around with a gun*Alright just stop im gonna get there first

Sam: *hovers over Amy and EvilTweek in the TARDIS.*

EvilTweek:Dude What the F***

Sam: I should be asking you the same thing, put that gun away right now or I can arrest you for assult.


Amy: Sam! Save me! He's crazy! *points to EvilTweek*

Sam: Don't worry, I'll make it so he doesn't kill you. Now, go run into the lab and press the button in there to activate the secret weapon! *points to lab about 2 miles away from both of them now*

EvilTweek:Uh god dammit *starts running*

Amy: *runs with EvilTweek*

Ralph: *starts throwing pebbles at EvilTweek* Go Amy!

EvilTweek:*gets really mad and starts sprinting*

Amy: *is right behind EvilTweek*

Ralph: *pegs EvilTweek in the back of the head with a marble*

EvilTweek:*turns around and knocks Ralph out*You 2 are F***ing annoying the S*** out of me D**ches

Bees: *are blocking the enterance to the lab now*

Ralph: *wakes up and starts throwing rocks at the bees* Go now, Amy!

EvilTweek:*grabs a bee and charges into door*

Bees: *all attack EvilTweek for trying to kill one of their fellow Bees*

Ralph: No! *starts running and trips EvilTweek with a marble*

EvilTweek:crap!*stabs 2 bee's and starts running again*

Ralph: *throws a stone at EvilTweek's head and runs into the base* Where is it?

Zoey:*gasp*We need honey.

EvilTweek:*runs in*

Bees: *shoot EvilTweke with their stingers, putting him/her/it to sleep* (You were sort of godmodding. :/)

Ralph: *runs around and finally finds the weapon* I got it!

Keyshia: *Catches up to everyone else* Oh H*** to the no! *Jumps on Ralph*

Secret Weapon: *falls out of Ralph's hands, and is revealed to be super powerful bug spray*

Zoey:*starts to run"*

Ralph: *picks it up and sprays all of the bees* YES!

Sam: And Team Galifrey wins! Team Skario, I'll see you at voting.

Day Three: Team Skario Voting

Jake: I have to vote....Emily.(CONF) Making this choice was hard, especially since I don't hate any of my teammates. But she didn't do much...

(Mrdaimion: Eliza was already voted off. -.-)

(Cod: What? I'm not talking about Eliza. I'm talking about EvilTweek. The guy who was godmodding last challenge.)

(Mrdaimion: I know, but EvilTweek voted for Eliza.)

(TheEvilOctorock:Sorry I meant Emily)

EvilTweek:I vote off emily

Keyshia: I vote Emily. At least EvilTweek participated in the challenge.

Emily:I will vote myself/I will quit.

Sam: Since Emily quit, she's eliminated! *leads her away*

Day Four

Anonymous:So how are you guys

Tsing Tsing:*makes coffee*

Ralph: Hey Tsing Tsing, can you make me some hot cocoa?

Sam: If you're gonna continue living in my TARDIS, you better make me some hot cocoa.

Keyshia: So demanding.

Tsing Tsing:*grumbles and throws coffee at mech, then starts making cocoa*

Sam: It's not like I want him living here, he just snuck in one day when I wasn't looking.

Ralph: *looks into Tsing Tsing's room* Why is Megan Fox in here?

Mech: *shoots Megan Fox's thumbs off* There, now she's normal.

Tsing Tsing:*eye twitching*that was my girlfriend

Al:She was your girlfriendd? At least she was put out of her misery

Keyshia: Yeah, now no one has to make fun of her for that weird thumb.

Amy: She always did have a wierd thumb. More hot chocolate.

EvilTweek:Im gonna have some coffee

Amy: Hot chocolates better. Tsing Tsing, don't make any coffee.

EvilTweek:no. I'M making some coffee for ME

Amy.: No, I'M making hot chocolate for ME.

EvilTweek:I dont really care what you have

Anonymous:im just onna have the cool refreshing taste of a pepsi,......................pepsi now owes me $2000 off of product plaement

Amy: Just shut up EvilTweek.

Day Four: Challenge

(Note: I realized after making yesterday's challenge, after rewatching the episode with the bees this morning, that I completly changed the race of alien they really were, they were more like stingrays. I'm not going to change this, I just decided to point this out. The episode is this BTW.)

(TARDIS teleports everyone to the year 800 trillion.)

Sam: *steps out of TARDIS.* Hello everyone, welcome to the year 800 trillion, or, as it's sometime called, the end of time. You need to save the human survivors from the Futurekind, a... Thing with pointy teeth, and the intention to kill all human life. But, since I'm pretty sure we can't stop the end of time, delay it by instead of killing them, leading them away. Don't care how, don't care where, but be careful, unless you want to be eaten. Good luck. *steps back into the TARDIS.*


Jake: Creepy...Come on team, lets go!!!

Anon:*points to sun*look over there

Keyshia: Ok team, we can do this!

Jake: Ok. We need to lure the Futurekind with someone as bait, someone who's willing to risk his or her life.

Al:I think that's a great idea!*turns to team*Mech? You and I?

EvilTweek:DAMMIT. I left my gun on the plane

Keyshia: *Glares at Al* Don't you be thinking about stealing our idea. Figure something else out. Jake, I think that's a great idea.

Amy: I'll be bait.

EvilTweek:Thats the smartest thing you've said all season

Amy: Well, if I win, you'll go home eventually.

EvilTweek:and what if I win

Amy: Then I'll beat you in the finale.

Sam: Hey, you all know what would be great? If you actually did the challenge.

Amy: Fine. *runs up to a Futurekind and throws sand at it to distract it*

Al:*shouting*Hey! Loser-kind! Over here losers! Wait- Crap*runs*

Amy: *future-kinds are chasing her* RUN! RUN! RUN!

Al:Why me?*runs*Sam! I could use some help y'know


Sam: And Team Galifrey wins! Team Skario, I'll see you at elimination.

Day Four: Voting

Jake: Aw crap. This vote is gonna be hard. Everyone on my team is useful but I have to go with EvilTweek. I am sorry, I hope we can still be friends.

EvilTweek:Face. Why you ask his a D***

Day Four: Voting Chat

Amy: We win again!

Al:After I almost died O.O

Sam: Since only two people are voting, I'll eliminate Face since EvilTweek at least does challenges. *leads Face away*

Day Five

Al:final.. something..

Jake: I think its the Final 12.

Keyshia: Who cares? There's still a lot of us left, and thats all that matters.

Amy: I'm gonna win!

Al:Yeah, but that means I'll have to lose, a rare thing


Anonymous:*watching tv*

Zoey:Oh No I missed challenges!!!!No!

Jake: I got an idea. In tradition of Total Drama TARDIS, someone should take over while Sam is on vacation. I, for one, nominate myself.

Keyshia: Sure. That's fine with me, as long as you don't torture us as host.

Amy: Why don't we mess around with the TARDIS? *pushes random buttons*

Keyshia: I'd prefer not to die.

Sam: Alright, let's start the challenge, but first I need to get rid of two people who haven't done a thing since the show started... *points to Seth and Kate* I'm sorry, but you're eliminated. *leads them away, then shoves everyone in the TARDIS, which is going to Amy's random cordinates* (Sorry for not doing anything, read my Featured Camper speech to see why I didn't log on. =/)

Day Five: Challenge

Sam: *is behind thrown around the TARDIS, when he sees a ship approaching them. You've gotta be kidding me... *quickly presses a button in the TARDIS, and then he opens awatch, his energy is sucked into the watch, and it flies out of the TARDIS once it lands to the ship following them.*

(The video plays)

Sam In Video: Alright, if this video is playing, that means the "Family of Blood" has found me. "The Family of Blood" are four aliens who eat the energy of living creatures, and they've always been after Time Lord energy so they can live forever. I transformed myself into a human temporarily so they can't find me, and my human name is John Smith. I have no memory of my time-lord adventures, so don't bring it up around me. This days challenge is to open the watch, which is hidden in their ship, since only pure humans can open the watch and turn me into a time lord again. To get there you need to beat their army of scarecrows, find and sneak into their camaflauged ship, and then dodge the lasers the "Family of Blood" will surely fire at you. Then, I'll take care of the rest once I'm time-lord again, if they're still trying to get me. I can't tell you exactly what they look like, since they take the appearance of whoever's energy they last absorbed, but here's what they're last appearances were:

Name: "Son of Mine"

Appearance: He's always the youngest man in the family, and last time I checked, he is wearing a tuxedo, had black hair in an emo style, and he's semi-muscuar.

Name: "Father of Mine"

Appearance: He's always the oldest man in the family, and last time I checked, he's obese, wears blue jeans and a fedorea, and is shortish.

Name: "Sister of Mine"

Appearance: She's always the youngest girl, and member, in the family, and last time I checked, she was carrying a ballon, skipped when she walked, and has blonde hair.

Name: "Mother of Mine"

Appearance: She's always the oldest girl in the family, and last time I checked, she was obese also, is a red-head, and wears a white dress, like a wedding.

Good luck.

(Video ends, and TARDIS doors open to reveal they're in 1950 London.)

Zoey:..So where's the ship..?

Keyshia: I don't know that's what we have to find so we can get the watch and save Sam or "John Smith."

Zoey:Since..We are in London let's visit Little Ben..

John Smith: *gets up* Hello everyone. Mind if I ask where the hell am I?


EvilTweek:Look's like i'll be protecting you guys cause I can't open the watch when we find the ship

Mech: *looks for a ship*

Jake: *to John Smith* Um, hey.

John Smith: Hello... *walks around, and hits an invisible wall, and their ship appears there for a second* What the...?

Keyshia: Yes! Thanks John! You just found the ship we were looking for!

Amy: Hello. *starts looking in the ship*

Son of Mine: *stuns Amy, and holds her hostage.* We have one of your fellow humans hostage! Surrender yourselves, and we might let her live!

Keyshia: *Gasps* Gusy what should we do?


Al:Why don't we abandom littlew Jonny ¬¬ He's more pain than he's worth

Keyshia: WE can't let Amy die! We have to go get her back.

Al:Alright, she's helpful, but what about Sa-*gets tackled*

Keyshia: Sam is John Smith remember? He just doesn't know that.

Al:I know that -.- How does this even count as a challenge anyway

Keyshia: I don't know. Because we have to save Amy and John?

(Since no-one's doing the challenge, I'll just end it -.-)

Watch: *magically falls into Amy's hand, she opens it, and Sam comes out and kills all of the monsters*

Sam: Congrats... Team Skario! Team Galifrey, while Amy did open the watch, all she did was get captured and get lucky, so ya. I'll see you at voting.

Day Five: Team Galifrey Voting

Ralph: I vote Mech. He does nothing.

Sam: And Mech is eliminated! *leads him away*

Day Six

Sam: You know what? I'll just give four of the actives immunity, and you all vote out two people. That's right people, it's the merge! Anyway, immunity goes to Keyshia, Amy, Ralph, and Jake. Vote.

Day Six: Voting

Keyshia: I vote EvilTweek.

Jake: I'll go with my internal organs and vote EvilTweek.


Ralph: EvilTweek

Sam: And EvilTweek is eliminated! *leads him away* Now, vote a second person out, and this time no-one has immunity! Get to it!

Al:Zoey, she does nothing

Keyshia: I guess Zoey.

Ralph: *shrugs* I vote Zoey...

Anonymous:i vote zoey too

Sam: And Zoey is eliminated! Who will win next time on Total Drama TARDIS? Tune in next time to see! (Sorry, I forgot about this camp. x.x)

Day Seven

Sam: You know what? Contestants, just vote for who you think should win, and I'll make them... Win... You can't vote for yourself. (This camp really started going down-hill, to be honest. =/ If I make a TDT3, I'm going to make it more like Zakkoren's, with time-based challenges instead of monster...)

Anonymous:Keyshia should win

Jake: Anon should win.

Keyshia: Anon should win because he was very active.

Ralph: Anon, he probably did the most out of everyone.

Sam: And Anon is the winner of Total Drama TARDIS 2! *tosses him the TARDIS keys* Congrats kid. Now, if you excuse me, *leaves.*


Anon:wait what just just gonna go with it*runs into tardis*

Sam: What Zoey?

Zoey:What do we do?

Sam: I dunno. Hitch a ride on Anon's TARDIS?

Zoey:Did he leave?

Anon:*walks out of tardis*no i havent

Zoey:OOH!Can I come!

Anonymous:Sure, anyone who wants to can

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