Episode One: This Isn't A Daycare

Chris: *is seen walking along a dock* This right here, is the renewed Camp Wawanakawa.

(A yacht crashing into it)

Chris: ...A location we will not use. *points to an island* We are using that unnamed island. Cold, stormy, nights. Scary wildlife, difficult survival situations, and worst of all...18. contestants. These 18 contestants are split into three teams based on their season. Everybody from Total Drama Island on one team. Everyone from Revenge Of The Island on another. Everyone from Pahkitew Island on another.

(Six contestants are seen exhaustedly swimming to shore)

Chris: *narrating* These are the original folks from Total Drama Island.

Katie: *is visibly tired* (CONF: I am already...not liking this experience. So like, the doctor said Sadie is pregnant, but I think it's just her belly fat. So Sadie couldn't come out here :( I was already stuck in the contract so here I am. I don't know what to do. I haven't been here since season one. *deep breath*)

Eva: CONF: Sure I haven't played in a while but it hasn't affected me. I'm the strongest person here and I will prove that. Everyone here is a scrawny little twerp. And those scrawny twerps will be the first to go.

(dramatic shot to Harold, Ezekiel, and Katie walking together)

Beth: CONF: I feel like I have a lot to prove as a player. I'm not the strongest and I'm not the prettiest. But you don't need those to win. I am a smart girl...but people don't believe in me. I want to prove ALL of those people wrong and win this game.

Ezekiel: CONF: Yo. Ezekiel here and yeah...last time you saw me, I was a zombie looking thing but after a toxic waste incident and therapy, I'm finally normal ey! No WAY am I gonna be the first boot again.

Harold: CONF: I have the weakest and most fragile body here...*sigh* It's going to be a challenge but I guess...I'll have to overcome it. *shrugs*

Justin: *flips hair gracefully*

(Six people are seen hiking up a trail)

Chris: These six originate from Revenge Of The Island.

Lightning: CONF: I'm going to drag everybody's sha-game through the mud and take this Lightning Festival to the Super Bowl! I am going to win this game! And nobody is gonna get in my way. Everyone on my tribe is too...weird especially nature girl.)

Dawn: *smiling at plants* (CONF: I'm a nature lover so I feel that I'm at home here. I love all nature and it strengthens my aura. I'm not sure how others feel about the strong, gorgeous force that is nature but I can take care of them. I love all living things. It's not difficult for me to bond with people.)

Dakota: *trips on a log* Ow!

Anne Maria: Stupid bird's nest.

B: *looking down*

Brick: CONF: I think my leadership skills can come in handy. I'm a strong, natural born people person and I genuinely feel I can lead a tribe. Nothing is stronger in life than the power of positivity. I want to win this game...with pride.

(Six contestants are seen moving tree branches around to get through a path)

Jeff: These six are from Pahkitew Island.

Sugar: Outta my way! I'm lookin' for a place to lie down! (CONF: These people remind me of mah piglets back at the farm', that means they gon' die soon. *chuckles* Especially ELLA. I will TAKE HER OUT.)

Ella: *smiling*

Sugar: *eyeroll*

Max: *walking*

Leonard: *grins creepily at an average stick on the ground* (CONF: So during our hike, I found a magical wand to guide me throughout this journey. Of course I'm keeping it! My spells have no sleep mode! I will prove wizards can win reality tv!)

Topher: *fixing hair*

Samey: CONF: I'm here for a reason. The last time I played in Pahkitew Island, I was hiding behind a role I was dragged into; Amy's sister. This time Amy isn't with me. I want to individualize myself and really make the best of this chance. I am not Amy's sister. I am Samey.

Chris: 39 days. 18 people. One survivor!


Chris: *walking along shore* The veterans are called the Screaming Gophers. The Revenge of the Island Folks will be the Toxic Rats. The Pahkitew Islanders will be Team Maskwak; all team names from those seasons. Let the games begin.

(Screaming Gophers- Day 1)

(the six arrive at the tribe flag)

Beth: This is so exciting!

Katie: I know right.

Eva: So what's the shelter plans?

Katie: The what?

Eva: The shelter plans.

Katie: Huh?


Ezekiel: Okay guys! I got an idea!

Harold: What is it?

Ezekiel: So what if we try to find a mansion or something, yo?

Eva: You have got to be kidding me.

Harold: Don't worry! My muscles will guide us! Hi-ya! *hits tree* I think I sprained my finger...

Eva: CONF: Everybody on this tribe is useless. None of them are strong or tough enough for this game. Ezekiel is an anti first boot obsessed idiot. Katie is a dimwit. Beth is too happy. Harold is too weak. It's sad that the only strong person besides me is pretty boy.

Justin: *lying down, tanning* Ah.. (CONF: I feel like everybody here is running around camp, tiring their not-so-beautiful skin. So I decided to work on my skin tone with a little relaxation on the beach sand. It's really comforting.)

Eva: *marches up to Justin* Listen pretty boy. Those other 4 back there are a bunch of dummies. It's got to be me and you.

Justin: *looks up at her and nods* Hm, okay.

Eva: I want to align with strong people, not wimps. This isn't a daycare

Justin: Okay. I completely got it.


Katie: *sobbing*

Beth: that you? What's wrong?

Katie: S..s....Sadie. I can't do this without her. I'm missing her and I can't go on. I want to quit.

Beth: You can't quit! It's only day 1! You'll regret it if you quit.

Katie: I don't care! I miss her!

Beth: Sadie would want you to keep going.

Katie: I can't deal with myself being so lonely here!

Beth: You're not lonely. I'm right here.

Katie: *nods and sniffs* Really?

Beth: Absolutely. (CONF: I saw Katie crying about Sadie and I decided to comfort her. Katie is a sweet girl and a fun girl to hang with. I don't want her to be sad and all. Katie and I are really close. She reminds me of Lindsay. I feel that Katie and I can go far together.)

Katie: CONF: This is a tough game. You feel isolated, lonely, and scared. But Beth helped me get through that and I'm thankful. Sadie, I'm fighting for you!

Beth: *to Katie* Hey, you wanna be in an alliance?!!

Katie: Of course!

(Toxic Rats- Day 1)

Brick: *carrying bamboo with B* And...set it down. Great job B!

B: *thumbs up* (CONF: *smiling*)

Anne Maria: *walking into woods* Where the hell are ya' idol? (CONF: I swear to god, this tribe works too much. All they do is lift stuff for no damn reason. It's way too annoying. So I decided to take a "break" and go idol hunting. Cause I need one of these idols to take one of these junkies outta here.)

Dakota: Where's Anne Maria?

Dawn: *shrugs* Just keep picking the flowers.. *twitching*

Brick: You think she's looking for the idol?

Dawn: Brick! Don't you dare think so negatively of her! She would never do that.

Anne Maria: *digging through dirt* Day 1 and I got dirty finger nails. *groans* Idol bring your ass to my hand.

Brick: Sorry Dawn.

Dawn: You should be! Anne Maria is a nice girl.

Anne Maria: CONF: I didn't get any luck. And unfortunately I have to go back to that annoying group of people with no idol. *rolls eyes* This jersey shore girl isn't gon' give up. I will find that idol.

Dawn: I need some time alone after that horrible energy! (CONF: Brick just threw a bunch of negative energy at me and I don't know if I can take it. This will be the most positive tribe in Survivor history!!!)

Lightning: Weirdo.

Brick: Hey, don't make fun of her.

Dawn: *meditating and humming*

Lightning: How can you not make fun of that?

Brick: By keeping quiet..

Dawn: *talking to self* Let these negative vibes awaken from my body and leave elsewhere.

Lightning: Ugh. (CONF: Everyone on my tribe is CRAZY. Crazy with a capital K! They need some sha Lightning training then bam, everything is better. *grins proudly*

Dawn: *stands up and walks back to everybody*

Brick: How was it?

Dawn: Really soothing.

B: *pats Dawn on back*

Dawn: CONF: Meditation is NOT just a hobby of mine. It's a lifestyle. It's a life that I live to clam myself down, to keep myself from doing things that will eventually negatively affect me, and to deal with everything in a peaceful way. And I think this tribe should learn meditation.

Dakota: Okay.

(Team Maskwak- Day 2)

Sugar: *walking with Max* Listen purple elf. Me, you, and the other four vote for ELLA once we lose, OKAY?

Max: Anything if it involves evil!

Sugar: Oh it does! *chuckles and snorts*

Max: Wait, hold on minion. You said me, you, and the other four vote Ella. There's 6 people on this tribe. Did you mean the other three? (CONF: It's highly upsetting that people on this tribe can't do simple mathematics! I'm working with a bunch of idiots but it doesn't matter. My evil will ALWAYS reign superior to these weak minded folks.)

Sugar: WHAT-EVER. (CONF: I will get rid of Ella. I'm talking to ALL THESE PEOPLE to get rid of that backstabbing, fake, ELLA.)

Ella: *singing to birds* Oh birds, how I love you.

Sugar: *to Samey* The plan is ELLA.

Samey: Okay. (CONF: Sugar tells me she's voting Ella. It really doesn't shock me. But I'll just go along with Sugar. She's a sensitive person and I don't want to be on her bad side. I want to start this game under the radar and not having a target on my back.)

Sugar: *walking with Leonard* YOU WILL VOTE ELLA.

Leonard: What's the magic word?

Sugar: ABRA CA- WHATEVER! *storms off*

Leonard: What a feisty dragon.

Sugar: *walks up to Topher* You will vote Ella, DO YA HEAR ME?

Topher: Excuse me. Your yelling is interrupting my hosting skills.

Sugar: You ain't never gonna get host. Stop tryin and VOTE ELLA! *runs away, sweating heavily*

Topher: How dare she!

Ella: *walks up to Topher* What's wrong?

Topher: *sigh* Sugar tried to get me to vote for you and then she yelled at me.

Ella: Oh my! Am I being targeted? That's not good to hear but I will stay positive!

Topher: Whatever. (CONF: Sugar will PAY for saying I will never get the hosting gig. That fat cow will get it!)

Ella: CONF: I really wanted to see Sugar and make things work between us but sadly, it's a challenge as of right now. But I will never give up because nothing is more valuable than the power of ~friendship~ and ~hope~!!

Sugar: *hears them* Oh he did NOT. (CONF: Topher is a SNITCH. I don't know who to get rid of first. Topher the annoying snitch or Ella the dreaded singer. They can both go in a triple elimination. *laughs*)

(Screaming Gophers- Day 2)

Eva: *invested in building shelter*

Katie: Woo hoo! Go Eva!!

Eva: Why won't you help!

Katie: Oh, true.

Ezekiel: *to Harold* Yo! Let's be in an alliance!!! (CONF: Alliances can make you..not be the first boot which is my goal. So I decided to align with Harold. I'm smart.)

Harold: Uh, okay sure.

Ezekiel: Sweet!

Beth: *joins them* What are we talking about?

Ezekiel: An alliance!

Harold: *facepalm* We wanna create a majority. Wanna join?

Beth: Sure. Can Katie come?

Harold: Okay.

Beth: Katie, come here!

Katie: Hi.

Beth: They invited you to the alliance!

Katie: Yay!

Harold: I think Eva and Justin are together.

Beth: So we vote one of them off?

Harold: *nods* (CONF: It feels nice to be in a majority. We all know Justin and Eva are threats. We just have to figure out which one to go after. Team Harold is cruising nicely!)

(Toxic Rats- Day 3)

Brick: *working on fire*

Dakota: *helping Brick*

B: *tying bamboo together*

Lightning: *chopping a piece of bamboo*

Dawn: *weaving*

Anne Maria: *watching everybody* ...

Brick: Hey, Anne. You wanna go fetch us some fire firewood?

Anne Maria: Hell no.

Brick: Oh. (CONF: Anne Maria can be difficult to deal with. She doesn't like working and she's a firecracker. She's a negative force towards this tribe.)

Lightning: Look at my sha-skills! *grabs machete and uses it to break a tiny, fragile twig*

Anne Maria: *rolls eyes* Wow. Good job.

Brick: CONF: Actually if we were to lose, it's between Anne Maria and Lightning. They both don't add much to the tribe. We just have to figure out which one.

B: *shaking head*

Dawn: Um, good job Lightning! You're so helpful to the tribe.

Lightning: I know that. I don't need you and your ugly outfit yelling me that.

Dawn: *sigh*

B: *comforting Dawn*

Dakota: CONF: This tribe is really complicated. But I think I'm doing a good job at hanging under the radar. I don't want to go so early. I know I'm not the strongest one here but mentally...I am the strongest.

(Team Maskwak- Day 3)

Leonard: Beware of the orange ghosts you might encounter tonight.


Ella: Oh Leonard! I do care!


Ella: Oh.

Leonard: Thanks Ella.


Leonard: Oh.

Sugar: CONF: NOBODY is allowed to talk to Ella especially since that incident where I heard Topher snitchin' to Ella. Ella WILL go home.

Topher: *walking around, happily*

Sugar: What's he so darn happy about?

Ella: Maybe he got the hosting job.


Topher: CONF: I'm in a really good mood. My Chris impression today felt And I will use that confidence to get me through this hell of a game. I think I'm winning.

(Immunity Challenge)

Chris: Come on in guys!

(The 3 tribes march to their perspective mats)

Chris: Okay. For today's challenge, two tribe members will swim out and retrieve then drag a heavy, 25 pound crate to shore. The next two members will dig up two keys to unlock the crate. The final two members will use the pieces inside the crate to complete a massive puzzle. The first two tribes to do so wins immunity and reward. *shows idols* Immunity is what you seek in this game. Wanna know what you're playing for?


Chris: First place gets a massive fire making kit. Second place gets a flint. Third place gets nothing but a trip with me to tribal council. Let's get started.


Chris: Swimming for the Gophers is Eva and Ezekiel. Swimming for the Rats is Lightning and Brick. Swimming for Team Maskwak is Samey and Topher. Survivors ready....GO!

(They run in the water and swim)

Ezekiel: *swimming behind*

Chris: Ezekiel really dragging down Eva.


(Lightning and Brick are seen leading)

Chris: Lightning and Brick quickly ahead. Samey and Topher are somewhat in the middle.

Samey: *swimming*

Lightning: *dragging crate*

Chris: Lightning and Brick have the crate!

Eva: *goes ahead and grabs crate*

Chris: Eva dragging the crate without Ezekiel! Samey and Topher now behind!

Samey: *grabs crate and begins to drag it*

Chris: Samey and Topher now have the crate!

(Lightning and Brick arrive at shore)

Chris: Dig Toxic Rats! It is Anne Maria and Dakota digging for the rats.

Anne Maria: *digging*

Dakota: *digging*

Chris: Anne and Dakota being a bit slow.

Eva: *throws crate onto shore*

Chris: Dig Screaming Gophers! It is Katie and Justin digging for the Gophers!

Katie: *digging*

Topher: *brings back crate*

Chris: It is Sugar and Ella digging for Team Maskwak!


Ella: Okay.

Justin: *finds first key*

Chris: Justin found the first key for Gophers!

Katie: *finds key*

Chris: Justin, Katie, unlock the crate then the other two can start the puzzle!

(They unlock it)

Chris: Start the puzzle, Gophers! It is Beth and Harold doing the puzzle for the Gophers.

Beth: *lifting piece, exhausted*

Chris: These pieces are HEAVY.

Harold: Move that piece over there.

Dakota: *finds two keys and unlocks crate*

Chris: Rats can start the puzzle! It is Dawn and B doing the puzzle!

B: *arranging pieces at a fast pace*

Chris: B understanding the puzzle!

Sugar: *still digging* UGH.

Harold: *moving pieces*

Ella: *exhausted*

Sugar: HURRY UP!

Ella: Okay Sugar!

Dawn: *arranging pieces*

B: *puts in final piece*


Lightning: Sha-yes!!

Chris: It is between Screaming Gophers and Team Maskwak! Team Maskwak still digging!

Leonard and Max: *waiting*

Sugar: *finds first key* Two more!

Ella: You mean one more.

Sugar: SHUT UP.

Beth: *puts in final piece*

Harold: DONE!

Chris: SCREAMING GOPHERS WIN IMMUNITY AND REWARD! Team Maskwak, I'll see you at tribal!

(Team Maskwak- Day 3)


Ella: *sighs* (CONF: Sugar is telling everybody to vote for me and there's not much I can do about it but just stand by. *tearing up* I came here to rekindle my friendship with her. I don't want this drama.)

Topher: *to Ella* I know you don't want to go.

Ella: *sniffs* Thanks for understanding.

Topher: What if you and I vote Sugar?

Ella: I can't vote Sugar! I want the drama to be cleared!

Topher: Are you kidding me? (CONF: I need Ella to help me vote Sugar since Sugar said I'll never be host. But Ella is kind of difficult to work with. I need to try other options.)

Ella: CONF: I am not voting Sugar. I need to throw my vote towards someone else so Sugar won't be angered. Somebody like...Leonard.

Sugar: *to Leonard, Max, and Samey* I am voting ELLA. You all should. And after that, TOPHER is leaving. *runs away* (CONF: Ella is a rat in disguise. I don't like her and she will not survive this vote. She will be GONE.)

Max: *to Leonard and Samey* Are we just gonna ride her lice-infected cottails. No! Let's go against her wishes!

Samey: I don't think it's smart to make her mad.

Max: We are three people! She is only one! We shall vote for TOPHER.

Leonard: Uh..

Max: DO IT!

(The six are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal)

Samey: CONF: There's a lot of plans in motion. I haven't made up my mind yet but I will at tribal probably. I am doing what is best for me and me only.

(Tribal Council- Night 3)

Chris: Grab your torches, dip it in, and get fire. Okay let's begin. Ella, describe this tribe.

Ella: I really love everybody on this tribe.

Sugar: *rolls eyes*

Chris: Sugar, do you buy that?


Ella: *sigh* Sugar, I don't want to argue with you.


Ella: Sugar, I'm not trying to be on your bad side. I want to be friends with you and potentially work with you.

Sugar: Kill yourself.

Topher: Woah.

Chris: Topher, what is your reaction to this?

Topher: Well, Ella isn't trying to be rude. Ella did nothing to Sugar and Sugar is exploding.

Sugar: Shut up.

Topher: Pick on me but don't pick on Ella.

Ella: Aw, you're so sweet.

Sugar: Oh, go get a trailer park to make out in!

Chris: Samey, what are you basing your vote on?

Samey: I think everybody here has their own agenda. I feel that the person I am somebody that has not proved them self to me.

Chris: Max, do you think the person leaving will be shocked?

Max: Absolutely.

Chris: It is time to vote. Leonard, you're up.

Leonard: *is seen walking up*

Ella: *writing*

Sugar: *holding a parchment that says ELLA* GET OUT.

Ella: *hears and sighs*

Max: *opens pen*

Topher: *folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Samey: *writes and is seen sitting down*

Chris: I'll go tally the votes.


Chris: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Chris: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...












Chris: Ella.

Ella: *crossing fingers*







Chris: Sugar. One vote Ella, one vote Sugar.








Chris: Topher. One vote Ella, one vote Sugar, one vote Topher.

Topher: Is this a split vote?








Chris: Leonard. We are tied. 1 vote Ella, 1 vote Sugar, 1 vote Topher, 1 vote Leonard. 2 votes left.










Chris: Topher. That's two votes Topher.









Chris: First person voted out of Total Drama Survivor; Topher; I need you to bring me your torch?

Sugar: WHAT?

Ella: *gasp* Topher?

(#Blindside is seen)

Topher: Just... *stands up* Wow.

Ella: I'm sorry that happened Topher.


Ella: I didn't.

Topher: Sugar, I voted you. Leave Ella alone. *grabs torch and approaches Chris*

Chris: Topher, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Topher: *nods and walks off*

Chris: *to remaining members* You guys lost today. The one way to win is to work together. Based on tonight's vote, that's something that you need to learn. Head out.

(They do so)


Sugar freaks out


Ella: *crying*

Justin and Eva are running the game

Justin: CONF: Nobody is going to get in our way.

And at the Toxic Rats camp, it's an idol scavenger hunt.

Dawn: *looking*

Lightning: *running* OUTTA MY WAY.


Topher: I'm bitter. I expected Ella to rise to the challenge and vote Sugar. I didn't expect to go out first and I seriously don't know what went wrong. Bye! I'll be in Hollywood to host my own show.

(murmuring is heard)

Topher: What? I'll be in a stupid Ponderosa?


TOPHER: Samey Max Leonard

ELLA: Sugar

SUGAR: Topher


Episode Two: Junior Hell

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Survivor, 18 contestants came back for a shot to win. They were divided into 3 teams based on their seasons. Over at the Screaming Gophers, Eva hated her entire tribe. She aligned with Justin while the other 4 aligned with each other against them. Over at the Toxic Rats, Anne Maria had an unsuccessful idol hunt. Dawn's ways of life isolated her from people and Lightning's personality rubbed people wrong. And at Team Maskwak, Sugar's constant scheming against Ella caused chaos within the tribe. Topher told Ella she was a target making people on the tribe mistrust him. After Team Maskwak lost the first immunity challenge, Topher took the fall in a 3-1-1-1 vote. 17 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

(Team Maskwak- Night 3)


Ella: I'm going to go take a nap.

Sugar: Yeah, go get your ugly sleep!

Ella: *sighs and crawls into shelter* (CONF: I do not know what happened. I was fully prepared to leave and suddenly, Topher left. The best thing for me to do is to not be too aggressive and to lay low.)

Sugar: CONF: I AM PISSED OFF. The person leaving was supposed to be ELLA. Do they people have brains! I should put my bloody tampons in everyone's bag for revenge! They WILL vote Ella whether they like it or NOT.)

Samey: *to Leonard and Max* Sugar is angry.

Max: Eh. (CONF: With my evil schemes, Sugar and Ella are against each other and I am saved! Nothing shall get in my way now!)

(Screaming Gophers- Day 4)

A Eva: Ugh....lets go with Beth and Katie. (CONF: Katie and Beth are better to align with than Zeke and Harold because they are dimwits. They are dimwits and easy to manipulate. So they will go with us.)

Katie and Beth: *walks up to Justin and Eva*

Beth: What do you want?

Eva: Me, you two, and Justin. Say yes.

Katie: Maybe?

Beth: *nudges Katie*

Katie: YES.

Beth: CONF: Katie and I both have two alliances! One with Ezekiel and Harold. One with Justin and Eva. But which one do we go with!!

Ezekiel: Harold

Harold: Yeah?

Ezekiel: I'm wasn't the first boot!

Harold: Uh..nice.

Ezekiel: CONF: This is the first season I was in that I wasn't the first person voted off. I accomplished my goal. Next I will win!!

(Toxic Rats- Day 4)

Anne Maria: (CONF: As much as I hate these fake, ugly lookin, chubby ass tribemates, I gots to align with some of them till I get an idol.) *walks up to Dawn and B* Us 3 are now in an alliance

Dawn: Oh. Why?


Dawn: Okay.

B: CONF: *thumbs down*

Anne Maria: *looking for idol again*

Brick: Is she idol searching again?

Dakota: Probably.

Lightning: That girl has some nerve.

Brick: We got to beat her to it. Everyone, go, go!!

Anne Maria: (CONF: I want this damn idol so I can make these people cry when I blindside one of them. Anne Maria is coming in and striking some thunder. Watch out!!) *digging under tree and finds clue* YES! *reads it* Congratulations. You have found the clue to hidden immunity idol. Look high up this tree next. Hm, okay. *begins to climb it, dropping clue*

Lightning: *catches clue and gasps* OUTTA MY WAY! *runs*

Dawn: *looking around with B* This is getting tiresome.

Dakota: *exhausted*

Brick: *looks up tree and sees Anne Maria climbing* (CONF: So I'm searching around for the idol. I look up and I see Anne Maria climbing a tree. I look higher up the tree and I see a clue. So I decide to climb it. Anne isn't getting her hands on that idol.) *climbing tree*

Anne Maria: STOP! *begins to climb faster*

Brick: *grabs a long piece of bamboo, reaches, releases clue, and catches it*

Anne Maria: UGH.

Brick: *reads clue and begins to run*

Anne Maria: *chases him*

Dawn: CONF: The hidden immunity idol has caused so much chaos. The unity of our tribe is a VERY thin line. Anne Maria and Brick are literally shoving each other for it. To see our tribe come to this..*tears up* is heartbreaking to me.

Anne Maria: *exhausted* I lost him.

Brick: *digs and grabs idol* Yes! (CONF: Anne Maria got left behind. That opened a door for me to make sure she doesn't get the idol. I now have the idol. This is huge. I don't want to be too devious with the idol but I think I need to play it smartly. I don't want to waste it too early. This is a game changer.)

(Team Maskwak- Day 5)

Ella: *walking with Leonard* Oh, I love fairy tales!

Leonard: Oh! I do too but I am a wizard in real life!

Ella: *gasp*

Sugar: *mugging Ella* (CONF: Ella is the VAIN of my existence. I think she should kill herself. She is going to mess up my game and I will not allow it! That skinny pale ugly prom dress wearin' pageant losin' twig will GET IT!) EVERYBODY COME HERE!!

(Everyone arrives)

Samey: What is it?


Samey: Sugar, calm down..

Sugar: I WILL NOT!

Ella: *sigh*


Max: *grins*

Samey: CONF: I'm trying my best to not be anybody's target but with this tribe, it's difficult. How Sugar is treating Ella is called bullying and it disgusts me. It's bringing me flashbacks of Amy. Jasmine was there to help me. And I feel that I need to help Ella.

Ella: *walking with Samey* Hi! What did you want?

Samey: Look. I know you're hurting inside. I felt the same with my sister. But if you want to let it all out, I'm here. The way Sugar is treating you is NOT right.

Ella: Thanks for understanding. *cries and hugs Samey* (CONF: I have constantly tried to befriend Sugar but every time she had shut me down. I don't know what to do anymore. I really don't. Thankfully, I have Samey to talk to.

(Screaming Gophers- Day 5)

(Katie, Ezekiel, Harold, and Beth are seen together)

Katie: Hi! So what are we doing if we lose?

Harold: Do we know if either of them have an idol?

Beth: Well...I don't know.

Ezekiel: I SAY WE SPLIT IT. (CONF: I am not the first person voted off. I'm all confident from here on out. I'm a total mastermind right now. Eva and Justin are both scumbags and one of them must leave next!)

Katie: CONF: So like, I am soo confused. Beth and I keep on talking with Ezekiel and Harold but we talk with Eva and Justin too. I don't know who we are with.

(Beth, Katie, Eva, and Justin are seen together)

Eva: If we lose, I don't care which one of those twerps go.

Justin: *nods*

Beth: Okay! (CONF: Katie and I are trapped in the middle. We have no idea who to go with. Both alliances want us! But personally, I want to wait for the immunity challenge.)

(Toxic Rats- Day 6)

Brick: (CONF: If we are to lose soon, Lightning or Anne Maria is leaving. Lightning's ego is rubbing people wrong. He's overconfident, he talks too much, and he's arrogant. Anne Maria is a snake. She's desperate, too crazy, and a ticking time bomb. So for now; Dawn, B, Dakota, and I are sticking together.)

Dakota: I don't think it matters which one goes.

Dawn: I agree.

B: *nods*

Brick: Let's just try to win.

Dawn: Good idea.

Anne Maria: *watching them from a distance* (CONF: So I was checkin' my nails out. I look straight ahead. I see Dawn, Dakota, Brick, and B talkin'. It was a deep convo'sation. They are all probably in an alliance; and they are excluding me. I am NOT gonna be tossed aside like that.)

(Immunity Challenge- Day 6)

Chris: Come on in guys!

(Screaming Gophers and Toxic Rats are seen marching in)

Chris: Gophers and Rats, getting your first look at the new Team Maskwak; Topher voted out at the last tribal council.

Dawn: *nods*

Chris: I'll take back the idols. *takes idols from Dakota and Harold* Immunity is back up for grabs. Okay for today's challenge, four members will untie ropes to release a crate. Once it's untied, you will get it up and over a large fence. Once you're over, all four members will pull a heavy crate with a rope. Once you have both crates; the one you untied and the one you pulled; the final member will complete a puzzle. First to do so wins immunity for their tribe.

(Everyone nods)

Chris: Rats and Gophers; you each have one extra member. Sitting someone out.

Katie: *raises hand*

Chris: Katie sitting out for Screaming Gophers. Rats?

Dakota: *raises hand*

Chris: Dakota, Katie, take a seat on the sit out bench. We'll get started.

(Later on)

Chris: Doing the puzzle for Toxic Rats is B. Doing the puzzle for Screaming Gophers is Harold. Doing the puzzle for Team Maskwak is Samey. Everybody else is running. Survivors ready...GO!

(Everyone starts untying the crate)

Chris: There's four knots one for each person.

Ella: *quickly gets through knot*

Sugar: Stupid show off.

Ella: Sugar, do you need help?

Sugar: NO.

Eva and Beth: *unties knots*

Chris: Gophers have two knots done. Maskwak has one. Rats have zero.

Brick: *unties knot*

Dawn: *unties knot*

Lightning: *unties knot*

Chris: Suddenly; Rats now have 3. They are waiting on Anne Maria.

Brick: Hurry up!


Max: *unties knot*

Leonard: *unties knot*

Ezekiel: *unties knot*

Chris: Each team has one person they are waiting for. Justin, Anne Maria, and Sugar.

Anne Maria: *untying*

Sugar: *sits on knot and farts; as it magically unties*

Max: That's disgusting.

(The four Team Maskwak's grab the crate and begin climbing the fence)

Chris: Maskwak has the crate!

Justin: *unties knot*

Anne Maria: *unties knot*

Chris: Rats and Gophers are right behind!

(Team Maskwak makes it over fence and begin pulling the rope)

Chris: Maskwak working on their second crate!!

Leonard: PULL!

Sugar: *pulling, out of breath*

Chris: Sugar EXHAUSTED.

Eva: *quickly hops over fence*

(Team Maskwak's crate is released)

Chris: Maskwak can start the puzzle! Go Samey!

(All of the Gophers make it over fence)

Chris: Gophers now pulling!

Beth: Don't give up! *pulls*

Ezekiel: *pulls*

Chris: Rats are now behind!

Anne Maria: *struggling to get up fence*

Samey: *arranging puzzle pieces*

Lightning: *helps Anne up*

(Screaming Gophers crate is released)

Chris: Gophers can start the puzzle! Go Harold!

(Toxic Rats make it over fence and start pulling)

Lightning: *pulls with ease*

Samey: *arranging more pieces quickly*

Harold: *begins to move pieces around*

Chris: Samey flying through the puzzle. Harold catching up.

(Toxic Rats crate is released)

Chris: Rats can start the puzzle! Go B!

B: *moving pieces at an extremely speedy pace*

Chris: Suddenly, B is in it. He made up time.

Samey: *puts in last piece* DONE!


B: *puts in last piece*


(Screaming Gophers- Day 6)

Beth: *sigh* (CONF: Now that we lost, we have to vote someone off. And I don't think I'm ready. I'm stuck between two alliances. It's going to be a challenge. Leaving tribal; somebody is going to be angry.

Ezekiel: *to Katie, Beth, and Harold* We will all vote Justin!

Beth: Okay. We need Eva for challenges.

Harold: CONF: The plan is me, Katie, Beth, and Zeke all pile our votes onto Justin. Then Eva and Justin can vote whoever they want.

Eva: *to Katie, Beth, and Justin* Which one of the two geeks are we voting?

Katie: Hm...I don't know.

Beth: I think Harold and Ezekiel will drag us down in challenges. (CONF: I think I made up my mind. Eva and Justin are forces in challenges. Harold and Ezekiel...not so much. It's difficult but I have to. It's just a matter of which one goes.)

Eva: We know that. That's why we're voting them.

Beth: Oh.

Justin: Well, Harold is a lot smarter and Zeke can be a goat.

Eva: But here's the thing. Ezekiel is weak, and he's a lot more annoying. He can steal one of of spots in the end because he's a goat. If we let him get to merge, nobody will vote him out.

Katie: True.

Justin: So which one?

(The six are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal)

Beth: CONF: Katie and I decided to side with Justin and Eva for challenge strength. It's between Harold and Ezekiel. It's going to be so tough to betray them but we have to if we want to win.

(Tribal Council- Day 6)

Chris: Grab a torch, dip it in, and get fire. Okay. Harold, how do you feel about tonight?

Harold: I talked to a few people and I trust them.

Beth: *sigh*

Chris: Beth, how have these past few days been?

Beth: I think within the past few hours it's been up in the air but I made up my mind.

Katie: *nods*

Chris: Ezekiel, do you think this vote is gonna go your way?

Ezekiel: Well uh...yeah?

Chris: Justin, should Ezekiel be so confident?

Justin: I don't care about what he thinks.

Ezekiel: Well, that was rude.

Chris: Eva, how are you feeling tonight?

Eva: I'm on a tribe with a bunch of idiots. They are all weak and I just want to get to the vote so one of them can leave.

Chris: Harold, that's a strong statement. What do you have to say?

Harold: Eva, not everyone can be a physical monster like you. We are all human and we can't magically be stronger. The way we win won't be by challenge strength. It'll be by unity. And unity is not strength. It is mentally capable for multiple people to act as one.

Eva: I don't care. You and your little twerp friends are making the camp a junior hell

Harold: Whatever.

Chris: Alright it is time to vote. Justin, you're up.

Justin: *is seen walking up*

Katie: *writes*

Harold: *holding parchment that says JUSTIN* Your ego outweighs your dignity.

Eva: *opens pen*

Ezekiel: *folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Beth: *is seen sitting down*

Chris: I'll go tally the votes.


Chris: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.


Chris: Alright. First vote..








Chris: Justin.










Chris: Justin. That's two votes Justin.

Justin: *eyeroll*











Chris: Harold.












Chris: Harold. We are tied. 2 votes Justin, 2 votes Harold, 2 votes left.









Chris: Ezekiel. That's one vote Ezekiel.

Ezekiel: What?

Harold: *gasp*










Chris: Ezekiel. We are tied. This is how it works. Ezekiel, Justin, Harold; you will not vote. Eva, Katie, and Beth WILL vote. Katie, grab the urn.

Katie: *grabs urn and is seen walking to booth*

Beth: *writing*

Eva: *sits down*

Chris: First vote..












Chris: Ezekiel.











Chris: Second person voted out of Total Drama Survivor; Ezekiel; I need you to bring me your torch.

Harold: Wow...

Ezekiel: *stands up* Nice move yo. *grabs torch and walks up to Chris*

Chris: Ezekiel, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.

Ezekiel: Win this guys! *walks off*

Chris: Don't sit all confident when your alliance members aren't. Head out.

(They leave)


Eva makes the Gophers camp an army camp


Katie: *exhausted* (CONF: *crying* I can't do this.)

Samey and Ella make progress

Samey: *to Leonard* It's got to be us three.

Ella: I trust you.

And Lightning's stupidity brings out the worst

Lightning: I didn't burn ANYTHING!!



Ezekiel: I am shocked yo. I thought Katie and Beth were with us. Well, I wasn't the first boot. I accomplished my goal. I was actually on a season of Total Drama and I made it past the first vote. My mom is probably very proud of me!!!


Vote #1

JUSTIN: Ezekiel Harold

HAROLD: Katie Beth

EZEKIEL: Justin Eva


EZEKIEL: Katie Beth Eva

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