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This Season is Over!Come See Total Drama Showdown:The Third

Bridgetterocks is the winner of Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season!

NO MORE DEBUTS! SIGN UPS(Closed)Only 10 can sign up..

Duncan-Sunsummer7 OUT

Harold-Sunsummer7 OUT

Trent-Mrodd OUT

Heather-Mrodd OUT

Noah-Noahheels OUT

DJ-Bigtime43 OUT

Ezekial-Usitgz OUT

Lindsay-Usitgz OUT

Alejandro-Tdifan24 RUNNER UP

Sierra-Sunsummer7 OUT

Izzy- Tcf09 ==DEBUT== OUT

Bridgette- Bridgetterocks ==DEBUT== WINNER

1.Duncan-Sunsummer7 2.Harold-Sunsummer7 3.Trent-Mrodd 4. Heather-Mrodd 5- Noah- Noahheels

7. DJ-Bigtime43 8. Ezekiel- Usitgz 9. Lindsay- Usitgz 10.Alejandro-Tdifan24

Elimanation Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 CMTDSRS Team MERGE Season3
Alejandro IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN Showdowns Yes  ?
Izzy IN WIN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN Showdowns Yes ?
Lindsay WIN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT Showdowns Yes  ?
Heather LOW IN IN IN IN OUT Showdowns No ?
Sierra IN LOW IN IN IN OUT Fighters No  ?
DJ IN IN IN IN OUT Fighters No ?
Noah IN IN IN OUT Showdowns No ?
Duncan IN IN IN OUT IN IN IN IN IN OUT Fighters Yes ?
Trent IN IN OUT IN IN IN OUT IN Fighters Yes ?
Bridgette IN IN IN IN IN Fighters Yes  ?

WIN:Won invicibilty in that episode

IN:Was still competing in that episode

OUT:Was Elimanated

2nd Place:Was the Runner Up.

WINNER:Was the winner for the Final season.

PASS:This contestants suceeds to a surprise..........

FAIL:Will not suceed to the surprise..................

LOW:Recived the Final Passport

SORRY!Justin has been removed and replaced with Sierra.

Episodes determined by Sunsummer7..............Slight Title Changes by Drama786

1.Going To State Liberty

2.Drama D.C.

3.Duncan World (porady of Disney World)

4.8:00 Till We Fall

5.California D.J.(which is Los Vegas)

6.TDS Aftermath I

7.The Wicked Amazon:Race To The Finish Line

8.Walk Like An Egyptian

9.4X The Drama

10.Decision For Final 2

11.Season Two Recap

12:The Final Aftermath

13.TDS:TSS Showdown

==SPECIAL==Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Showdown Reunion Special

Episode One:Going to State Liberty

Chris:Welcome to Episode 1 of Total Drama Showdown:The Musical contestants!Last season on TDS,20 contestants competed at a Summer camp for 18 days.In the end,Duncan Won.

Now 10 contestants will go all around the world for One Million Dollars.Who will win?Who will Lose?Find out on Total Drama Showdown:The Musical!

Chat 1

Duncan:Im here guys

Harold:Im in It to win it

Duncan:Yeah Right Harold Im going to win!

Chris:This Season,all of you will travel around the world!Our First location is New York!So get in the plane and i'll show you guys around......

Duncan and Harold:*gets in plane*

Chris:We also have 6 more contestants going to come in in the Next Episode.....Or 3......

(Chris go's to the Bunk beds)

Chris:This is the place all of you will sleep till the Finale........Boys on Left,Girls on Right

Duncan:Nice! In the same cabin with the Ladies!

Chris:Let's see if you can win this season...You already one Season One and Beat Beth......

Trent: This should be fun...

Heather: No! THis time I'm winning!

Chris:The 1st location is New York!

Chris:So,Come back when more is writin on Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season!

Justin: Who wants to touch my abs, you Heather? *Takes shirt off*

Noah: I'm stuck here with the juvie, winaholic, nerd, musician, and two dudes who worry too much about there looks. It's just not right. Except, maybe me and Heather could have a relationship? Hint. Hint.

Chris:Now were flyin!

Chef(intercom):We'll be approaching New York City in 1 hour.American Tour,Chris is such an idiot.Why's the Lights On?Oh Sh**!

Chris:We'll be right Back.......


Chris:Drama D.C!

Chris:The Final 9 in Washington DC!

Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season!New Episode on The TDI Camps Wiki


Ezekiel: Yo, yo, yo homies!

Lindsay: Wait, where are we heading, again?

Challange 1

Chris:New York.This is also the FINAL Season!So this season contains MUSIC.So the season is now called Total Drama Showdown:The Musical!

Chris:So think of a song when we're climbing the Empire State Bulding!I think Come Fall With Us/Come Climb With Us.

Chef:We are now in New York so GET OFF THE PLANE!

Chris:We'll be right back to Total Drama Showdown(sings)The Musical!!!

Harold:*sings*Come Climb With Us!Come Fall With Us!Come And DIE With Us!*falls**sings*Ow That Hurt!

Duncan:Do I have to!?Fine!*sings*This Stinks!

Lindsay: *sings* Why are we falling? Why are we singing?

Ezekiel: How am I supposed to know, eh? We're falling...We're singing. So we're falling and we're singing. Wait...where's my parachute, homies? *sings* We're dropping off in New York and um... WE DON'T HAVE ANY PARACHUTES! AHHHHHHHH!

Chris:Welcome to the Big Apple!Today's 1st challange is to climb The Empire State Bulding!And sing while you're doing it.If you don't do the challange,YOU'RE OUT!

Chris:Also Duncan has Invicibilty!Don't you Love this Game? Chris:So get climbing!

Duncan:Do I have to?I won Invincibility.

Chris:Nope.Duncan doesn't have to do ANY Challange for this episode!

Alejandro:It was a trick!

Harold:*starts climbing*

Chris:Everybody BETTER start climbing or Suffer elimanation.

  • Everybody climbs*

Chris:Also no singing.

Chris:All of you climbed so everybody wins.NOT.Duncan and Harold win immunity.So GET VOTING!And get in the plane.


Chris:This season,the Marshamallow ceramony is now called the Passport Awards.Chef will be giving out everyone's passport.If you wanna vote off that person put a Big X.So Get voting!

Ezekiel: This lady is mean, eh. *puts an X on Heather's*

Lindsay: I got'cha. *randomly puts X on Noah's forehead*

Chris:If you wanna vote the contestant 2 times,put a Blue X.It makes the elimanation more funner.

Chris:Better get voting people,4 more votes and were going to the passport awards.If you wanna compete in the next episode,GET VOTING

Ezekiel: I have this allergic reaction to blue X's, so I can't use the blue, eh.

Lindsay: Oh I get it! * puts a blue X on Heather's passport* Fun! *Puts a blue X on Ezekiel's Forehead*

Ezekiel: AHHHHHHHHHHH! *runs around in circles, then passes out*

Chris:No one's voting so we're going to the Passport Ceramony.

Passport Awards

Chris:If you don't recive a Passport,you'll be taking the Drop Of Shame!So The Passports go to................









Bottom 2:Harold and Heather.

Chris:The Final Passport go's to.................................................................Heather.

Chris:Harold,You're Elimanated!Time to take the Drop Of Shame.Any last words?

Harold:Yes I just wanted to say that the people who voted for me are a bunch of j**ks and must be pretty fr****n ****!So you guys are *******************s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BYE!!!!!*jumps of plane*

Chris:Then there was 9.Tune in next time for more Total Drama Showdown:The Musical!

Episode 2:Drama D.C

Chris:Last time on Total Drama Showdown:The Musical,10 contestants competed at New York City!There was Falling and yes Singing.In the end,Harold was elimanated.

Now only 9 remain.Who will get elimanated this time?Find out on Total Drama Showdown:The Musical!!!!

("I Wanna Be Famous")

Chat 2

Chris:Welcome to Week 2 of Total Drama Showdown(sings)The Musical!!!

Duncan:Chris,weren't you impressed?Harold kind of showed his dark side last night huh?

Chris:Yah.That's right.He didn't act like that in the 1st season.(Total Drama Showdown)

Chris:He was Elimanated 1st this season,and 11th last season.


Chris:Welcome contestants to the Final 9.Today's location,Washington DC.I'll explain the challanges later.So everybody,just chat about who you want out,or just hang out for a moment.

Chris:Ok,let's get on to today's location!

Chef(intercom):We're now in Washington DC.So,GET OFF THIS PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris:Time to start the challanges!

Challange 2

Chris:Today's challanges:

The Total Drama Election-You'll have to win the TDElection.If you do,you win Invicibilty.You can decide if you should have it,or your team should all have it with you.

Voting Off-Just Voting someone off.

Chris:Those are the challanges.

Chris:Contestants have to vote the person.They person that has the most votes get invicibilty.So get Voting!

Duncan:I think I should have invincibility to get further in the game!I need the prize money to get out of juvie!And the money left over,I'll give to who votes for me!Ok?Thats my speech!

Chris:Only 2 will try it.Next is Sierra.Sierra,give your speech.

Sierra:I should have invincibility because I want to know what its like do to the fact I'm new here

Chris:Duncan,since you already won invicibilty,Sierra wins!

Chris:So if you're mad Duncan,you Quit,or you Stay.Time for Singing!

Duncan:Etheir way I knew their was a catch so......*sings*There was a catch! Uhuh!There was a catch Uhuh!

Chris:Now time to get voting!Red X to vote the person 2 times.Blue X to vote the person 2 times.So everyone,Get voting!


Chris:Start voting everyone!NOW.

Duncan:Do we use Red X and Blue X?

Chris:Any.Even put BOTH.

Duncan:Red X for Trent,Blue X For Noah.

Chris:I VOTE TRENT!Blue X.

Chris:Now the Passport Awards!

Passport Awards

Chris:The Passports go to.................








Bottom 2:Noah and Trent.

Chris:The Final Passport go's to................................................Noah!

(Trent Falls)

Chris:Next time,CODY COMES!Until next time on Total Drama Showdown:The Musical!

Duncan World

Welcome to Week 3!So Chat 1st!

Chat 3

Chris:Today,we're going to Dinsey World.Well,My own version of Dinsey World called Drama World!Today is a DOUBLE ELIMANATION!Which means,2 persons will be gone tonight.So let's go the challange!

Challange 3

Chris:Today's challanges are:

Survive the Total Drama Vomit Comet

Survive the Total Drama Tornado Ride

Survive Elimanation

Chris:Who wants to go first on the Total Drama Vomit Comet?First one who does this get's Invicibilty!Nobody's doing the challange so............Let's move on.To the Total Drama Tornado Ride!

Challange 3 pt 2

Chris:Time to ride on the TDTornado Ride!First person who go's get immunity!Only 3 will try it.So get on the TDTornado Ride!

Heather: I'll do it!

Chris:so get On!

  • Heather get's on

Chris:Heather Wins Invicibilty!

Chris:So lets get to voting!


Chris:Tonight is a Double Elimanation.So vote for 2 persons at the same time.So get voting!


Heather: I vote for Duncan and Herold ! Lindsay you should vote with me, I am really sorry for what I did to you in Season one * Cries*

Chris:Heather,Harold's already out.

Lindsay: Yeah! I even knew that one. *puts blue X on Duncan, and a red X on Noah*

Ezekiel: This elimination is easy, eh? *puts red X's on Duncan and Noah*

Chris:Now time for the Passport Awards!

Passport Awards

Chris:The passports go to...............






Chris:The Final Passport go's to................................Lindsay!Duncan and Noah,Time to take the Drop Of Shame!

  • Duncan and Noah fall

Chris:Then there was 6.Tune in next time for more Total Drama Showdown!And 2 will return next time!

8:00 Till We Fall

Chris:Last time on Total Drama Showdown:The Musical!8 contestants remained competing at Drama World!In the end,Duncan and Noah were elimanated.In this new episode,2 will return.

which means,we're back to 8.So who will get elimanated this time?Find out on Total Drama Showdown:The Musical!

(I Wanna Be Famous")

Chat 4

Chris:Welcome to Week 4 of Total Drama Showdown:The Musical!Today's location:The Grand Canyon!The challanges are:

Bungee down the Grand Canyon

Singing:Come Die With Us

Chris:Those are the challanges.And 2 are returning this week.They are Trent and Duncan.

Note(to User:Noahheels):Sorry user:Noahheels,your entries were all elimanated.Noah might return.Thanks for Playing!)

Chris:Welcome back Trent and Duncan!

Chef(Intercom):We will be at The Grand Canyon is 2 hours.Wait,WERE HERE!

Chris:So everyone get off!

Ezekiel(Conf.): Final Eight, eh? I'm going all the way!

Lindsay: Yay, We're still together! *hugs Heather*

Challange 4

Chris:The 1st challange,Bungee down The Grand Canyon and sing while your doing it!So SING!


Ezekiel: I was just going to jump, eh? I think you should calm down, dude. *Chris pushes him off canyon* OOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO, eh!

Chris:Well,that sounds safe enough...............Ezekial wins Invicibilty!


Ezekiel: *puts a red X on DJ* See ya, nob!

Lindsay: *puts a blue X on DJ* Umm...Heather told me to do it!

Heather: Bye bye Dj! * Puts a Blue x on DJ*

Trent:* Puts a red X on Duncan* You took Gwen from me!

Chris:Now the Passports awards!

Passport Awards

Chris:The Passports go to...........................







Bottom 2:DJ and Trent.

Chris:The Final Passport go's to......................................Trent.DJ,You're OUT!

  • DJ Falls

Chris:Then there was 7.Tune in next time for more Total Drama Showdown:The Musical!

Calafornia D.J

Duncan:Trent please forgive me about stealing Gwen.I'm sorry for that.I will make it up to you.I promise.

Chris:Welcome to Week 5 of Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season!Today's location,Las Vegas!

Chris:The challanges are

Winning a Poker Game

Survive Elimanation.

Chris:Players that will try this challange are






Chris:Bet up to 100 bucks!This will be a 3 round game.1 round-5 contestants.2nd Round-3 Contestants.Final Round-Showdown.So All 5 of you,Get PLAYING!

Round 1-Total Drama Poker Game

Chris:Nobody's doing the challange so............Trent and Cody.You're out for the challange.Remaining,Alejandro,Duncan,and Sierra.Time for Round 2!

Round 2-Semi Finals

Chris:Nobody's doing the challange.So,Duncan,You're elimanated for this challange!

Challange 5 pt 3

Chris:Time to Vote!Vote for either Alejandro or Sierra to win invicibilty!So get voting!

Voting To Win Invicbilty-Alejandro or Sierra

NOBODY's DOING CHALLANGES!Alejandro wins invicibilty!So time for Voting!


Vote:If you wanna vote the Person 2 times,Put a Red X.Blue x to vote 2 times

Chris:Also contestants,2 returning from Last Season!




Chris:They're competing for this season and they're the NEW Aftermath Hosts.So Vote Guys!

Izzy: HEY GUYS!!! I'm so excited to be here haha YA!!! anywho i vote Heather

Bridgette: "I think Sierra should be out!" Puts a blue X on Sierra

Chris:Time fo the Passport Awards!

Passport Awards

Chris:The Passports Go to..........







Chris:The Final Passport Go's To........................Lindsay!Sierra and Heather,You're OUT

  • Both Fall

Chris:Then there was 7.Next time on Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season

TDS Aftermath

Chris:Welcome to The First Aftermath!With your Hosts Bridgette and Izzy!

Bridgette: "Welcome to our First Aftermath!"

Izzy: WOOHOO!!! HAHAHA *flies in on rope* Hey Guys arent you excited because i'm like totally stoked okay haha!!!

Chris:We're Interviewing Nobody!Just talking about they're time on the show.First is Harold.

Chris:Harold's time on TDS:TSS Lasted 1 episode.He was elimanated 1st this season and 11th last season.Next is Trent.

Chris:Trent's time on TDS:TSS Lasted 2 episodes.He was Elimanated 2nd this season.Next is Heather.

Chris:Heather's time on TDS:TSS Lasted 5 Episodes.She was the 7th elimanated this season and was the 5th one elimanated this season.

Chris:So,that's all!Tune in next time for more Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season!And The Final Aftermath is Heading your way Soon.

The Wicked Amazon:Race To The Finish Line

Chris:Welcome to the Final 7!Today is a Double Elimanation!So chat and think about that you're in the Final 7!Today's Location:The Amazon!So let's go to the challange!


Challange 7

Chris:The First challange and Only is to Race to the Finish Line at the End of this New River,The Amazon River II!So Here's Boats for each contestants.So Get in the boat and Paddle your way

to the end of the river!

Chris:Nobody is doing Challanges!Time for Voting.

Chris:Tonight is a Double Elimanation so Vote 2 contestants!

Episode 7 Voting

Chris:You know What?No contestants have done challanges.So Let's go to the Passport Awards.

Passport Awards

Chris:The Passport's Go to..........................





Chris:The Final Passport Go's to..................................................Lindsay!Ezekial and Trent,You're OUT!

  • Both Fall

Chris:Then 5 were left.Tune in next time for more Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season!

Walk Like An Egyptian

Chris:Welcome to Week 8 of Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season!Today's Location,Egypt!So Time to Get to Egypt!

Challange 8

Chris:NO CHALLANGE.I'll Just pick to win invicibilty

Bridgette Wins Immunity.Time To Vote!

Episode 8 Voting

Chris:Nobody's Voting.So Let's See who's in the Final 4!

Passport Awards

Chris:The Passport Awards go to.................




Chris:The Final Passport go's to...........................Izzy!Lindsay,You're Out!

  • Lindsay Falls

Chris:Then 4 were left.Tune in next time to see who will go to the Final 3 on Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season!

4X The Drama

Chris:Welcome to Week 9 or TDS:TSS!Today is Just Elimanation!So Let's Go to Voting!

Episode 9 Voting

Chris:Nobody's Voting.Time for the Passport Awards!

Passport Awards

Chris:The Passports go to.................



Chris:And..............................................................................................................................Izzy.Duncan,You're OUT!

  • Falls

Chris:Then There was 3.Tune in next time to see who will go to The Final 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On TDS:TSS

Decision For Final 2

Chris:Almost Every contestant(Not Alejandro,Bridgette,Izzy)Has to vote a contestant to be in the Final 2.The 2 persons that have the most votes go to the Final 2.So Get voting!

VOTING:Who's Going to The Final 2?

Chris:Vote a contestant.The 2 persons that have the most votes win so START VOTING!NOW!Or I'll Pick who's going to the Final 2.


Passport Awards

Chris:The Final 2 are

...............................................ALEJANDRO AND...........................................................................................................BRIDGETTE.Izzy,You're OUT.

  • Falls

Chris:The Final 2.Who Will Win One Million Dollars!Find out On Ep.13 of TDS:TSS.

Season Two Recap

Chris:This Is The Season Two Recap

There Are

13 Episodes

1 Special

Chris:This Season,we've been to locations like,Egypt,The Amazon,New York,Washingston D.C,And More.

IT'S OVER!Tune in next time for The Second Aftermath!On TDShowdown:The Second Season!

The Second Aftermath

Bridgette: "Welcome to TDS:TSS Aftermath. I'm in the final two with Alejandro!"

"It's the last Episode before our final!!! And that's why we'll mention some hidden cameras on the show"

  • in the vid Bridgette is making out with Alejandro*

Bridgette: *she blushed red* "That's not the right vid!!!"

Chris:Now that's Total Drama!Tune in next time for more Total Drama Showdown:The Second Season!

The Final Showdown:Alejandro Vs.Bridgette

This episode will be here

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