I was forced into doing this. Sign up at your own peril.

Sign-Ups (2 per User)

  1. Gwen- SteelWolf
  2. Scott - Phyneo
  3. Courtney -uhavefailedthicity97
  4. Sky - Dianted
  5. Dave - Phyneo
  6. Owen -uhavefailedthiscity97
  7. Izzy - Wendy
  8. Heather - D&D
  9. Jo - D&D
  10. Brick - Xaypay
  11. Mike - Dianted
  12. Lindsay - Wendy
  13. Shawn - Xaypay
  14. Jasmine- SteelWolf
  15. Duncan - Solar
  16. Alejandro
  17. Samey - Samey


Chris: Welcome, everyone, to the brand new season of Total Drama! We've got your favorites here with us! And Dave too.

Dave: What are you talking about Chris? I'm a fan-favorite! Right?

Chris: Nope. We just needed some fodder. You were the only person willing to accept you were fodder, hence why you're here.

Izzy: Where is Big O? Where???? Whee!!! *runs around and throws a banana at Dave*

Lindsay: Like, what's a banana again?

Dave: *gets hit in the face by the banana* No! Get it off me. Get it off me. *runs around flailing his arms*

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, are you okay... Uh, what's your name?

Izzy: Explosivo wins again!! *burrows underground* :D

Dave: *removes the banana from his face while taking deep breaths* It's Dave. You know Dave? From Pahkitew Island?

Lindsay: Ohhh, I remember now! You were the one who made the beatbox noises! Ooh, show me some of your skills!

Scott: Oh so close Blondie. Although I suppose he was more memorable than this loser.

Gwen: *walks toward everyone* Um, hi*

Jasmine: Hello.

Gwen: So why exactly is Dave here?

Jasmine: Cheer up mate. We're all deserving to return.

Gwen: Whatever.

Dave: *cries*

Scott: *whittling*

Heather: *walks in a looks around* Wow, Chris. This is a cast the fandom will love. (CONF: I'm trying to finish college, a little hard when I get letters every month saying I should come back to this dump!)

Jo: *walks in and spits on the ground; hitting Heather's shoe* Bullseye. *snickers* This time I am crushing the competition... once and for all.

Heather: Great. You had to bring back newbie? *scoffs* No wonder the ratings are done.

Jo: I'm surprised Chris didn't retire you yet. Oldie.

Heather: *rolls eyes* Whatever, At least I'M the most popular Total Drama contestant. *simpers before joining the rest*

Jo: *is speechless* Whatever.

Heather: *laughs*

Dave: Hi.

Scott: *whittling*

Sky: Wow. (CONF) People here have become... softer. That means this win should be easy! (END CONF)

Mike: ... *Drags his hands through his hair, lightly grunting* I'm... ow...

Samey: Hello 

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