The Third season this will be better and not rushed.

Contestants (Closed)


Kenny (Johnny)

Rex (Rex)

Ryan (Liam)

Megan (Syle)

Rachel (Snow)

Raven (Zanna)

Bella (Snow)

Leo (Johnny)

Itsy/Izzy (RR44) '

Todd (S321)'

Liam (Liam)


Oscar (RR44)

Samantha (Lulu)

Gretle (Blaienely)

Chandler (ACTN)

Matt (ACTN)


Chris: Welcome to Season 3 and we have to wait for the co-host (Zanna or Syle)

Megan: I'll be the co-host! I'll talk in bold!

Chris: How about your boyfriend instead

Megan: He can compete! :)

Chris: Okay then

Todd: Hey everyone!

Derik: *Comes in* Hallo! *hugs Megan*

Megan: I'm hosting!

Chris: This season the challenges will be based on middle and high school classes

Kenny: Weird!

Chris: A new addition is the Redemption Dorm

Leo: WHY!

Kenny: HAHAHA!

Oscar: Middle School? Oh brother!

Itsy: Well, I came 2nd last year, I think I know what i'm doing.

Todd: Hey Izzy! I'm $1 million richer now!

Itsy: I heard! Your even richer than you were before! *kisses Todd*

Kenny: Guys the redemption thng can be good or bad

Oscar: *to Kenny* Yeah, We better form a alliance, Just in case.

Todd: *kisses Izzy* *to Oscar* Can me and Izzy join?

Kenny: We still don't know the teams!

Episode 1: Games Galore


Chris: Its officially Day 1

Random intern walks by

Chris: Drops random Chemicals on intern *hands ipad to everyone*

File:Nyan Navi

Kenny: Look at this I found its Nyan Navi

Rex: *runs in panting* *grumbles under voice* Stupid bus forgetting me, making me run all tha way >~<

Kenny: *shows rex Nyan Navi*

Leo: *laughs* Don't show it again

Kenny: *shows Nyan Black to everyone*

Izzy: *snickers a bit*

Liam: Seriously?

Todd: *laughs*

Kenny: *shows all Sheik is a Girl? and LOZ LOL

Liam: We should do a video challenge.

File:Sheik is a girl?
Kenny: *to liam* Which was your favorite
File:Nyan Black
File:LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Chipmunk Version)
Liam: My chipmunk vid.

Itsy: LOZ LOL.

Oscar: *Shouts some random german swears*

Liam: Look at the sims videos!

Itsy: *laughs like a lunatic*

Oscar: *laughs like Ernie*

Todd: *laughs*

Todd: *picks up a bottle and reads it* "CLEANING CHEMICAL" *accidently drops it and it break and splatters onto Izzy* OH NO IT SAID IT WAS TOXIC!

Izzy: WHAT?!?!


Todd: *calls HAZMAT come here quick we have a spill!* Stay calm Izzy!

Izzy: *breaths deeply*

Oscar: ..................

HAZMAT Agent: Who needs help? *sees Izzy and takes her arm* Come with me! Stay calm maam!

Izzy: I'm trying!

Oscar: (Conf) *laughs a little stops and laughs harder*

HAZMAT Agent: *sets up a chemical shower and steps it* *hands Izzy a bag* Please take off all your clothes, step in the shower and hand the bag to me!

Izzy: *takes off clothes, steps in shower and hands bag to agent*

HAZMAT Agent: Ready for decon! *shuts the curtains, takes out a razor and shaves off Izzy's hair*

Izzy: *in thoughts* Oh boy, This is gonna be one long season.

HAZMAT Agent: *shaves off Izzy's pubic hair, underarm hair and leg hair and turns on the ice cold shower* *sprays Izzy clean, turns the shower off and straps a cone on Izzy* Please step out. *grabs Izzy, turns her around and rips a band-aid right off her back*

Itsy: *Steps out* *thought* This is embarrasing.


(Zanna: Hazmat really? really?)

Chris: The challenge is to awnser game related questions.

Question 1 : What was Mario from the Super Mario Bros. Series Originaly named

Oscar: That's a dumb game, It was Luigi.

Kenny: Jumpman!

Point Kenny

Question2 : What are the 3 words Navi repeats the entire game of ocarina of time?

Rex: Hey, Listen and Hello

Itsy: Hey, Listen and Hello.


Todd: Izzy, I'm sorry. It was an accident.

Izzy: Hey, Happens to the best of us.

Todd: You have no hair left, you're wearing a dog collar and your just wearing a bra and panites.

Izzy: Don't worry, It'll grow back, And I have some other shirts.

Chandler: Hey Listen and Hello

Matt: Hey Listen and Hello

Liam: Hey Listen and Hello

Ryan: Hey Listen and Hello

Zanna: Hey Listen and Hello

Point for all except Kenny and Leo

Question 3: Halo is made for what system? (Sorry but was busy all day)

Rex: PC

Point Rex

Question 4: What was the System that started the touch screen craze

Rex: *plays a DS* this one

Chris: REX wins! So he is Safe During the elimination


Rex: *is playing the DS* I vote... NOOOOO!!!! Stupid paragoomba >.< I vote Todd cuase he is annoying

Todd: I vote Kenny

Itsy: Kenny.

Oscar: Kenny.

Kenny: Todd he won last season

Leo: Todd

Liam: Todd.

Ryan: Todd.

Todd: I quit! Peace out homies!

Chris: Todd so you want to skip the redemption dorm? (just like redemption island)

Todd: Oh, then no! I want to be in Redemption dorm!

Chris: Just follow the Red carpet

Oscar: Todd is quitting allready?

Izzy: Bye Todd.

Oscar: Wait a moment........Todd is going to Redemption?

Chris: Yes everyone eliminated has a chance to come back

Episode 2: Where's the beef


Kenny: Poor Todd Iwishto see him make it back

Oscar: Yeah. With out Todd, Itsy seems so puny.

Itsy: *wails*

Kenny: *punches Oscar* You should not mess with my friends

Oscar: Sorry.

Leo: Calm down (CONF) I need to make an alliance

Redemption Chat

Todd: (CONF) I was just sent to Redemption Island.


Chris: The challenge is to be one of 2 to not give up or throw up throught the 12 rounds of disgutsing food.

Round 1: Jelly fish and Skunk juice Pizza

Kenny: *plugs his nose and chews* Yuck!

Leo: No way will I do this I give up

Oscar: *eats Pizza*

Itsy: *barfs*

Chris: Itsy and Leo Out!

Derik: Wow, talk about not active by events. *bites in to pizza*

Kenny: *finishes pizza*

Derik: Hmm. Not half bad. *Finishes pizza*

Oscar: *finishes pizza*

Chris: So far Kenny , Derik , and Oscar are moving to the next round

Final Round : Raw Dolphin and Manatee Steak

Kenny: I give up

Chris: Derik and Oscar win!

Derik: *bites into steak* Yum!


Chris: Both Derik and Oscar will pick teams schoolyard style

Derik: I'll Pick first. *Takes Steak off all the plates* Mine! *Mouthful of steak* I want Rex.

Oscar: Kenny.

Derik: I want Raven.

Oscar: Izzy.

Derik: *Mouthful of steaks* I want Grittle.

Oscar: Leo.

Derik: *Mouthful of steaks STILL*Rechal.

Oscar: *steals some steak* Samatha

Derik: Ryan

Oscar: Chandler

Derik: Bella.

Oscar: Matt.

Chris: and Liam is going the redemption dorm

Episode 3: Ditching Class


Megan: Can I be a contestant? Derik can Co-Host!

Derik: I'd like that.

Chris: How about you both be contestants?

Megan: Or I stay Derik Leaves.

Derik: I'm fine with leaving. Before I do, Can I have some of those Steaks?

Chef: Someone finally enjoys my cooking

Chris: Both of you can stay

Oscar: *eats some steaks*

Derik: But I don't wanna stay!

Chris: Fine but no steaks

Derik: D: Your a Monster. *Leaves*

Ryan: Wow.

Redemption Chat

Liam: Why did I have to go?

Redemption Challenge

Chris: You both must go through a maze of ropes while not getting caught

Todd: *starts to run though maze*

A crazed killer is chasing both of them

Liam: *runs through the maze screaming*

Rex: *watches from the sidelines* xD

Liam: *is just about there* I can make it!

(Rex: Godmodder. You finished the challange in only two lines. The standard is at least 5 -_-)

Liam: *keeps running*

Killer: *Chases Liam*

Liam: Ahhhhhhh!*runs again*

(Johnny: No double editing!)

Liam: *makes it*

Chris: Liam Wins! Sorry Todd but you have been eliminated Liam you can go back to the redeption dorm


Chris: You must get your team to rach the other side of campus without getting caught

Megan: *looks* Coast equals clear. *Starts running*

Kenny: *starts running*

Megan: *Hides behind Statue infront of school

Itsy: *cries in the classroom*

Oscar: *stays under his trashcan*

Chef: *appears* Surprize!

Megan: GAH! Holy Crapholo! *Starts running away from Chef*

Oscar: *scares Chef* BOOOOO!!1

Bear: *appears* Rwarr

Oscar: *scares bear* RWAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Megan: *1/4 ways to the othe side of the campus*

Eva: *appears infront of Megan*

Megan: *Sreeches to a stop* What the Fudge? *Kicks Eva*

Chef: *kicks Megan*

Rachel: *runs*

Megan: *Is bent over, coughing up blood* Wait...Wait....

Oscar: *kicks Chef and Eva*

Rachel: *Runs faster*

Bella: *runs faster*

Kenny: *runs over to help Megan*

Leo: *Run*

Oscar: Anyone else wanna piece of me?

Chef: *grabs a chainsaw and starts swinging at Oscar*

Oscar: *throws soap on Chef's eyes*

(Zanna: I thougt we weren't starting this camp yet.....-_-)

Ryan: *runs and throws a metal bottle at Chef*

Rex: *climbs a tree* I like trees ^_^ *is obliviuos to the fact that there's a challange on*

Gretle: Eek! *runs*

Kenny: *carries Megan to the Campus Hospital*

Leo: *pulls out a sword* Let's Dance Chef

Chef: As you wish *starts to swordfight with Leo*

Kenny: *runs toward the end of the campus*

Oscar: *Goes to his trashcan*

Todd: *ducks his head out of the ground* Can I please be back in the game?

Chandler: *runs fast*

Matt: *runs fast*

Ryan: *runs fast*

Chris: Todd You have to wait untill I call you

Kenny: *reachs the other sid of the campus*

Chris: Kenny wins for his team now both teams need to come up with good names or elimination for you

Oscar: Team Elementry.

Kenny: How about Team Strike Force


Megan: *comes out with a chest brace* The Regulators.

Chris: Both teams win but Megan you have the chance to switch anyone from teams so who will it be

Megan: I want to switch Grettle with Kenny.

Kenny: Thanks

Episode 4: Arts of the World


Itsy: *gets a knife*

Rex: *is sleeping in the tree from last challange*

Kenny: Wake up Rex!

Rex: ARGGH! *falls out of tree in comidical matter*

Ryan: *pulls Rex and Kenny aside* We should make a alliance.

Rex: My head hurts x.x

Gretle: I quit.

Rex: ... I'm gonna go back to the tree >.> *climbs up it*

Chris: Gretle you sure you want to quit?

(blaineely: I will quit unless you do an elim table to show who's on what team and who is eliminated.)

(Blaineley; Thanks.)

Gretle: No, actually i dont.

Oscar: I'LL QUIT!

Itsy: No way Oscar.

Todd: *sticks his head out of the ground* Please let me back in!

Oscar: *to Todd* Forget it, You lost the Redemption Challenge so....See ya! *knocks Todd out with a frying pan*

Chris: If someone quits Todd is back

Oscar: Cool cause, The people I know from Sesame Street need me for a lot of episodes so.......I QUIT! SO LONG SUCKAS! *Walks off into the sunset*

Todd: YES! I'm back!!!

Oscar: Oh and last thing, I'll return at the merge when the show ends it's season.

(Liam:I still can't find the files,oh and can i do the elimination table for you?)

Redemption Chat

Liam: Well,at least i still have a chance to return!


Chris: You must pick one of the 3 famous works of arts and combine thm with one of 3 animals

Works of Arts Animals
Mona Lisa Platipus
Statue of David Monkey
Venus da Mars fox



Kenny: We all suck at drawing

Chris: We have a winner Team Elemetary you guys have to go to elimination


Chris: Vote someone off

Leo: I vote Samantha

Todd: I vote Samantha.

Matt: Samantha

Chandler: Samantha

Chris: Samantha is headed for redemption island

Episode 5: Pie is not Pie


Kenny: Can't Wait until the duel!

Redemption Chat

Liam: Hello Samantha.

Redemption Duel

Johnny: Chris Quit the job so I'm the new host and the challenge is a quiz

Liam: Bring it on.

Johnny: First to answer 3 questions correct wins

Johnny: Question #1 Who was the second voted to rdemption island on Survivor: Pacific islands?

Liam: Matt Elrod?

Johnny: The Show they just said who.

Chandler: Russel Hantz

Matt: Russel Hantz

Rex: guys this is the REDEPTION DUEL not the challange... it's for sam and Liam only...

Johnny: My mistake its south pacific

Liam: Christine Shields Markoski!

Johnny: Question #2 Who Builds gwens face after she got eliminated in TDWT

Liam: Cody!

Johnny: Who Won Total Drama Rule The Movies

Liam: I did!!

Johnny: Wow Liam Won and heads back to the redemption dorm but samantha leaves


Johnny: For this you must avoid pies flying at you while you climb a giant slide first to reach the top and his the buzzer wins!

Kenny: *Starts Running*

Rex: Can I fire them ^_^

Gretle: *runs*

Todd: *runs* Oh no!!

Megan: Can I be excused? I have this brace and all...

Ryan: *runs fast*

Itsy: *uses webs to dodges pie*

Ryan: *runs really fast*

Todd: *running* Hey Izzy!

Leo: *starts climbing slide*

Ryan: *is climbing slide*

Izzy: Hey Todd!

Ryan: *Is almost there*

Todd: *climbing* *to Izzy* Wow! Your hair is already growing back nicely! I see you have a short haircuit now!

Ryan: *hits the buzzer as he reaches the top* Yay!

Izzy: *climbing to Todd* Thanks!

Todd: Izzy, we've been dating for two years now! We're both 25 and we both love each other very much! *takes out ring* Isabella Bitharius, will you marry me?!

Ryan:Todd,you are an *bleeps*!

Rex: *jumps on the pie shooting machine* *luaghs like crazy* *fires pies everywhere including at Johnny* xD

Johnny: *knocks Rex into a lake of slime*

Rex: *holds up a wallet* this yours Johnny? xD *drops it into the lake*

Itsy: .........*Looks at ring* ...(conf) ...............And that answer is yes.

Kenny: *almost reaches the top*

Ryan: I hit the buzzer!

Johnny: Team Regulators win!


Johnny: Vote

Leo: I vote Matt.

Todd: MATT

Izzy: MATT

Matt: Leo

Chandler: Leo

Johnny: Sorry Matt but to Redemption dorm you go!

Episode 6: Killer Fairy Tales


Ryan: I hope we do gym class or something....

Kenny: I hope its not a reading class were its about a horror book.

Todd: Maybe it will be history class and we'll have to imitate Napoleon!

go here!

Redemption Chat

Liam: Johnny,when will I get a chance to come back?

Johnny: At the merge which will happen soon.

Redemption Chalenge

Johnny: For this challenge the People still in the game have to vote for who they want out but first Liam and Matt you should give reasons why you should still be at redemption

Liam's Plead

Liam: This is my plead. I know not many people like me,but I am a hard working competitor. I never give up, I try to be friendly,and I want you all to know......You are awesome.So please let me stay at the redemption dorm so I can be with you guys. :)

Matt's Plead


Ryan: Matt.

Gretle: Matt.

Todd: Matt.

Leo: Matt.

Kenny: I want Matt to leave.

Johnny: Good-bye Matt and Liam Back to the Redemption dorm


Johnny: Today you must survive the best idea for a real life horror challenge so you must go around trying to survive a serial killer that is trying to kill you while you try to find 4 wands fire,water,wind, and earth the wands are close to a place with that element first to do awins for their team.

Kenny: *runs toward the forest*

Megan: Ugh. *Starts waddleing towards Kenny* *Mutters*I fell like Raina.

Killer #1: *Follows Kenny and Megan with a chainsaw*

Kenny: RUNNNNNNNNNNN! *Runs faster*

Leo: *runs toward the lake*

Killer #2: *gaurds the lake*

Leo: ****

Megan: *Turns around* Would you acctully hurt an injured girl?

Chandler: *runs toward forest*

Killer #3: *gaurds the volcano*

Killer #4: *gaurds the windy valley*

Todd: *runs towads forest* *by Izzy* So Izzy, will you marry me?!

Kenny: *kicks the killer andruns toward the fores*

Oscar: *appears out of nowhere* (CONF) Bored.

Izzy: *by Todd* Maybe if we're still alive! (CONF) I still am very nervous about this.

Kenny: So mean have you dumbed tht boyfriend

Rex: *goes to his cabin and pulls out his horror movie survaval kit* (CONF: I can't beleive this will actually come in handy ^_^)

Kenny: *to rex* This is a horror fairy tale challenge

Rex: ... whatever *pulls two fully loaded pistols out of kit* ^_^ time to go kill some killers >.>

Kenny: *tries to find the earth wand*

Ryan: I will distact him! Hey killer! Over here!

Kenny: *finds a tree with lots of earh wands antakes one*

Megan: *trips over a stick,falls over* Oh, Come on!

Kenny: *runs over to the lake*

Megan: Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!

Kenny: *turns around to help Megan* so did you dump that jerk of a boyfriend

Megan: I'm trying, I just don't know how though

Kenny: *helps Megan up and holds her hands* You should just tell him what you fell he will understand.

Megan: Yeah. I hope. You know what? I'll do that Now! Can you dail him for me? Speed dial 2 on my phone.

Kenny: *dials derik for Megan*

Megan: Derik?...I have something to tell you...It's Over! *Hangs Up*

Kenny: Come on let's win this *runs toward the lake*

Megan: Uhhh Brace? Can't run. Sorry. Anyways....

Kenny: Then I'll carry you *Carries Megan*

Megan: Thanks. Will you mind if I asked you.....

Kenny: Yah *grabs an earth wand for Megan and heads to the lake*

Megan: Will (CONF) Say Yes, Say Yes!

Kenny: Yes don't you remember that moment in TDRTW


Kenny: I love you megan!

Todd: *starts to pull out the flag*

Gunter: *runs*'Todd: *starts to pull out the flag*'Rave and Gunter: *help pull out the flag*

Todd: *pulls out his flag* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan: Hey Kenny, I have a boyfriend!

(End of Flashback)

Oscar: *appears with a chainsaw*

Johnny: Oscar you got eliminated but you can return next season.

Megan: I thought it was when I twisted my anckle.

Kenny: I think *carries Megan to the lake* Why do the love moments happen when someone gets hurt.

Rex: *walks to the volcano and holds the two pistols in both hands* bye bye killer >.> *fires the pistol at the killer*

Megan: I'm not sure but,I think that's when figure A,and Figure B,and A comes and helps B and B starts liking A all because they helped them. I like you because your cute,funny,and helpful.

Kenny: *blushes* We're at the lake I'll swim to get the wands *starts swimming to bottom of lake*

Megan: I think tommrrow I can take this thing off! The nurse said in a week!

Kenny: *keeps swimming to bottom of lake*

Leo: I'll just wait a my room

(Syle: Can I PLEASE Fix the elim. table?)

(Johnny: Sure but is more of a Contestant History)

Rex: *shoots the killers body to make sure he's dead* well that was easy... *walks around the volcano*

Killer #3: *comes back to life*

Rex: -_-# *shoots him again and then pushes him into the volcano* Stay dead >.>

Ryan: *laughs at Kenny and Megan*

Killer #3: *comes back to life again*

Johnny: The only way to kill them and win the chllenge is to get all 4 wands and put them on tthe pedistal at the center of campus.

Ryan: (CONF) Antagonist time... (NON-CONF) *searches volcano for a wand*

Kenny: *sees and grabs 2 waer wands*

Ryan: *sees a fire wand about to fall in the volcano but he gets it**runs back*

Rex: I'm gonna kill you again >.> *shoots the killer in the heart with the rest of his bullets, takes a knife from his belt and stabs the killer over and over till so the killer has like one hundred stab wounds, cuts his neck five times and stabs him in the eye. Then throws him in the volcano* STAY DEAD NOW OR I KEEP KILLIN YA!

Kenny: Johnny said you need the 4 wands to kill him oh ryan give me that wand we are on the same team

Rex: *walks up to Kenny and Ryan covered in blood* Give me those wands *demonic voice* OR I KILL YA!

Ryan: Kenny? RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs away fast*

Kenny: *carries Megan to the windy valley*

Rex: *chases them*

Kenny: *finds the wind wands in a tornado*

Rex: *grabs Ryan and puts knife to neck* Give me that wand of Fire NOW!

Kenny: *jumps into the tornado with megan* Thats a clone!

Ryan: Plus,Rex you are on my team!

Rex: *snaps out of it* oh right... can i have the air wands so we each have one type of wand ^_^

Kenny: *grabs a wind wand and throws all his wands to Ryan and Rex* Go find that pedistal and win this!

Ryan: Come on Rex, let's win this! *runs with 2 of the wands*

Rex: *sees killer three come back to life* just a sec *uses the wind wand on killer three*

Ryan: *runs to the campus and puts 2 of the wands on the pedistal*

Kenny: Hurry up!

Johnny: Team Regulators are so close to winning but they need the other 2 wands

Ryan: *grabs the other wands from Rex and puts them on the pedistal*

Johnny: Team Regulators Win and Surprize the losing team had to ote 2 out


Johnny: Vote!

Leo: I vote for Chandler and Gretle

Johnny: Chandler and Gretle are going to redemption Dorm!

Episode 7: Gym Stinks


Kenny: *to Megan , Rex , and Ryan* We need to form an alliance.

Megan: I'm in.

Rex: get me some detergent and soap so I can wash this blood of me and it's a deal... it's starting to stink x.x

Kenny: *gives Rex soap and hands everyone in the alliance one of each wands from last challenge*

Rex: ...detergent >.> I want to get this blood out of my shirt >.>

Kenny: *gives detergent to Rex*

Rex: yay ^_^ *goes into showers and washes blood of pperson, then puts a new shirt on and sets fire to the bloody one, then pours detergent on it to make the flames bigger* YEA!

Todd: Yeah merge! (CONF) I need to make an alliance!

Ryan: *to Kenny* Sure.

Redemption Chat

Redemption Challenge

Johnny: Change of plans the ones still in the game vote for who they want back yes after the that the merge so vote for who you want to win.

Liam's Speach

Liam: I would like to be back because I have won all of my challenges,and I deserve it the most! If you let me back in,I will be so happy.

Gretle's Speach

Chandler's Speach


Rex: I don't need no speech, I want Liam back cuase his name is cool...

Kenny: Liam for sure!

Megan: Liam!!!

Todd: Liam.

Itsy: Liam.

Liam: Thanks,guys.

Johnny: Liam Comes back and its the merge!

Merge Chat (1)

Liam: (CONF) I am back,baby!

Kenny: *to Liam* You want to join my alliance?

Liam: Is Ryan in it?

Kenny: Why do you ask?

Liam: He is my friend. (Liam: They are not gay,they are both my characters)

Kenny: Its Me , Megan , Rex , and Ryan.

Itsy: (CONF) *asleep*

Liam: *thinks* I'm in.


Johnny: The Challenge is playing dogeball with no teams so ya. GO!

Itsy: *awake and throws a dodgeball at Kenny*

Megan: *Throws ball at Itsy*

Rex: *walks of and climbs up a tree* (I'm good at dodgeball IRL :P)

Johnny: Kenny and Itsy OUT!

Itsy: *walks off grimly*

Leo: *throws a ball at Rex*

Todd: *throws a dodgeball at Rex*

Johnny: Rex OUT!

Leo: *throws a ball at Liam*

Todd: *throws a ball at Leo*

Johnny: Liam and Leo OUT

Todd: *throws a ball at Kenny*

Kenny: Ouch I'm already out! *Shots Todd with a Tranqulizing dart*

Todd: *pulls it out* Oops, sorry! *throws a ball at Ryan*

Ryan: *throws a ball at Todd*

(Liam: Survivor,you already threw it at Megan.That's cheating.)

Todd: *throws a ball at Kenny*

Johnny: Megan and Todd OUT!

Ryan: *throws a ball at Bella*

Johnny: Ryan Wins cause of no ne else trying.



Johnny: So Everyone eliminatedfrom now on will be on the jury that decides the winner and now vote!

(Please Keep your original Vote)

Kenny: (CONF)I vote Todd he can't be trusted.

Ryan: (CONF) I gotta vote Bella,she is too inactive.

Liam: (CONF) I vote myself. I will not quit,but I don't deserve to be here.

Leo:(CONF) This is to show Todd he has a target on his back.

Itsy: (CONF) Todd, If ya watching...Please forgive me for what I must do......For I vote............Todd.........*cries silently*

Johnny: Todd OUT! oh and no more redemption.

(Jury Members will be at all the eliminations)

Episode 8: High Drama Musical


Rex: *sits in tree* so... bored...

Kenny: *to Rex* Why don'tyou play around with those wands.

Rex: ....................... Yeah........ I did........ And I burnt a cabin down v.v

Kenny: Why don't you build a forest to set fire to.

Rex: ......................... nah... The only wand I haven't tried yet is the earth one...

Kenny: Then build a mountain with caves to go into?

Rex: .... oh wait... I did try it... I made this tree ^_^ I'm sorry I nearly killed you in that challange v.v

Kenny: Its okay everyone goes Physco everyonce in a while.

Rex: yeah but I killed a guy like 4 times >.>


Rex: >.> You would never vote me :3 *holds knife behind back* right?


???: If you want, I can take over for you.

Todd: *comes out of the ground* WHO THE H*LL VOTED FOR ME?!

???: Well, The person you seek is in the greif....Her name is Itsy, But not alone, She started a illegal Allience with........Leo and Oscar......I think, They may have a crush on her.

(Rex: Johnny can you remove survivor from the jury. He keeps talking when hes ELIMINATED.)


Johnny: This is a musical so you each have to sing and try to find a medal on a hungry bear in the forest

East Forest

(Connected to the Campus)

Rex: You search East and I'll search West, we'll find that medal if we don't rest.

Kenny: Megan go with me , Ryan north and Liam South we're going to find that thing

Rex: *stops singing* What about the centrel forest?

Kenny: I mean Megan to cenrtal an we meet up at the northern campus dorm

Rex: oh... *walks off to centrel forest then western forest*

Todd: *ducks his head out of the ground* I want back in! AND WHO THE H*LL VOTED FOR ME?!

(Rex: Survivor, stop talking here if your eliminated! BEING ELIMINATED IS FINAL! >.>)

(Jacob: Dude, He wants back IN!)

Oscar: *walks by* That Spider Gal.

Todd: What? WHAT?!!! IZZY!!!!!!!

Izzy: ......*still in grief on what she had done yesterday*

(Rex: Survivor, if you want to come back talk to Johnny on his talkpage, not in the camp >.>)

(But I was supposed to win again!)


(Rex: you have 5 seconds before Rex starts hurting todd ^_^)

(Todd's 6'2)

(Rex: and Rex has four magic wands, a knife and a pistol ^_^)

(I was supposed to win again and I was duped out of the game! I can't take it! I want to be back in, until I win!)

Itsy: ..............................*slaps herself*

Todd: Why Itsy?! WHY?!!!

(Rex: You are not destined to win this camp, and you better leave cuase you have one second left ^_^. Rex also has a criminal record >.>)

Itsy: ........Because.........Rex tricked me.

Todd: THIS IS UNFAIR!!!! I WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN!!!! YOU HAVE DECIEVED ME!!!!! HOW COULD YOU?!!!!!! THIS IS UNSPEAKABLE!!!!!! *charges at Rex and kicks him in the balls till he falls to the ground* I WAS SUPPOSED TO WINN!!!!!!!!!!


???: *Watching from conf and laughs*

Rex: *whacks a tree branch on Todd's head, really, really hard* (told ya >.> NOW LEAVE BEFORE I BRING MORE PAIN >:O)

Todd: *kicks Rex even harder in his testicles and gives him the right hook* I WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN!!!!! YES IT IS IZZY!!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU VOTE OUT SOMEONE ELSE???!!!!!! *takes a large tree branch and bashes Rex in the head with it* THIS IS UNSPEAKABLE!!!


???: *Howls with laughter*

(Rex: Survivor, you do know that your actuallly breaking on of the rules of the wiki? I could go tell an admin)

(Okay I'll stop! I have anger issues and I don't like losing)

Todd: WHY'D YOU LISTEN TO HIM?!!!! *runs out angrily*

Rex: He missed really bad *has no pain or scrathes* >.> *goes back to the west forest*


Kenny: *searches for a cave*

Liam: I really do like you Itsy. That is why I kissed you.

Itsy: .....Really?

South Forest

Liam: *yells* I only wanted to come back cause I love Itsy!

Ryan: (CONF) *gasps*

Liam: I will sing,one for my love,who I look at from the heavens above!

North Forest

Leo: North always is he way to go

Ryan: Don't trust Todd,even though he's out. If you laugh at him he will pout! *Laughs at Todd*

West Forest

Rex: Mr. Bear are you here?

Itsy: *walks in very pissed at Rex* *To Rex* WELL NICE GOING BITCH! YOU COST ME MY BOYFRIEND!

Rex: I didn't do anything (Don't try to blame me >.>)

Itsy: *So loud even the Eliminated can hear it* YES YOU DID! YOU TRICKED ME TO VOTE FOR TODD, AND NOW HE HATES ME!


Rex: *climbs up a tree* Pedobear is creepy <.>

Centeral Forest

Megan: Hello? Anyone Here?

Itsy: *crying on a log*

Megan: *Approaches Itsy* What's up?

Itsy: Todd thinks I voted for him and i'll never forgive him for that!

Rex: You did vote for him ^_^ I checked the confessonal tapes ^_^ (CONF: Mabye Johnny shouldn't keep his spare key in his wallet ^_^)

Itsy: *beats Rex up to a bloody bloody pulp....And probably killed him............*

Rex: People miss alot... OMG! LOOK BEHIND YOU IT'S PEDOBEAR <.> *runs away*

Megan: D: *Chases Rex*

Kenny: HOLD IT!!!

Rex: but's it's PedoBear! <.> He's creepy <.>

Megan: GAHHH! *Falls Back*

Johnny: Time to SING!

Kenny: I spyed o rex ad it turns out

Rex" That I took Johnny's key .... out xD

Megan: I think Itsy's gonna pout,all because her boyfriend's out.

???: *Takes off his hood and reveals to be Dr. D* Well, Well, Well, What have we here? Megan and Itsy, Oooooh! I'm so scared!

Megan: Wow, I'm sure that those words aren't paired.

Kenny: Never talked to Itsy what do you believe?

Todd: *comes in* I'm a chef now, the host said so!!

Kenny: Maybe that rock is a cave.

Megan: Not to rave, but you guys aren't quite rhymers.

Todd: Yeah we know! And I still wanna find out WHO VOTED FOR ME!

Ryan: Everybody shut up,cause Todd is still going OMG!

Todd: Why'd ya vote me out, ya know I like to win, and since you will not answer, you'll hear my Ooogie Boogie song! Woaahh!! Woaahh!!! Woahhh!!! Woahh!!! Woaahh!!! Woaah!!! I AM THE OOGIE BOOGIE MAN!!!

Megan: There you go! See,Your rhyming with me!

Ryan: I officialy hate Todd, so if he does'nt shut up, I will hurt him badly!

Todd: Ha! You're joking! You're joking! I can't believe my ears! Will someone shut this fella up I;m drowning in my tears! It;s funny, I'm laughing, you reallt are too much! And now with your permission, Im gonna do my stuff!!!

Liam: Todd,Todd,that's enough! I love Itsy,she has the right stuff!

Ryan: Even everybody hates you a lot,I was the guy that would give you a shot!


Todd: I ain't evil, I WAS JUST BETRAYED!!

Liam: Alright,that's enough,okay?,of course you were just betrayed. *Kisses Itsy on lips*

Todd: *starts to flame up* THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!! *sends 3 right hooks at Liam's jaw*

Ryan: This place was better of without you,Even I could tell you * Kicks him in the kiwis*

Liam: *is knocked out*

Todd: BACK OFF JACK!!!! *kicks Dr. D in his shin*

Timmy: *Injures Todd really badly and wails on the sax a.k.a, Clemere Clammons*

Todd: Why is everyone turning on me?! Don't you understand what happaned to me?!

Ryan: Yeah,yeah,fine, "Mr.Puberty".

Todd: Ha ha very funny! I'm 25 years old!


Todd: Jack Skellington?! Is it really you?!

Jack: Yes, Yes it is! And I have a surprise...This Todd is the cousion of.........OOGIE BOOGIE!!!!!!!!

Todd: How? I'm a human! He was a sack of bugs!

Vampire Brother: Not only vat you and Oogie are both ewil!

Todd: I'm not evil! I'm depressed! My girlfriend turned on me and everybody hates me just because I won last season!

Itsy: I don't hate you! Well......Maybe a little right now.

Lock, Shock and Barrel: Not even us, And we're really uh............mmmm. *Shock Only* I don't think I can't find a rhyme for us in evil......*Lock and Barrel agree*

Todd: I'm sorry Izzy! I was just really upset!!

Izzy: Wait.....You were? You're not mad at me?

Todd: I was, but not anymore! I'm just really depressed that you don't like me anymore! *breaks down crying*

Izzy: .........(CONF) I was wrong, I will forgive him. (NON-CONF) *kisses Todd on lips*

Todd: *blushes bright red* You're forgiving me?

Izzy: Yeah, I kinda felt guilty after that whole....Whatever that was......Well I forgot what it was.

Jack: Awww, Now is that a happy ending or what?

Todd: Don't you have a movie to get back to Jack? *to Izzy* Thanks. I'm still a lil pissed at the others, but not at you! (CONF) I'm calmed down from this whole episode! Now that I'm chef here, I can fix me and Izzy's relationship!

Jack: .....Yeaaaah about that, I got lost on the way to Halloween Town does anyone know where the rest are?

Liam: Dang. I still have feelings for Itsy!

Todd: Sorry about what I did! *to Izzy* I'm so happy you forgave me!

Izzy: *to Todd* And i'm so happy we still love each other!

Todd: *holds her* I didn't want to hurt you or make you feel bad! I need to control my anger! I care about you too much!

Izzy: You too!

Jack: Wow, What a happy ending.

Todd: I was going to give you this! *whips out a pearl necklace* Here Izzy!

Izzy: *looks at necklace.........and then Makes out with Todd..........Again*

Jack: I said it before and....It's a happy ending! Oh! Hang on! *runs off*

Todd: *makes out with Izzy* I guess the satus quo is good! I like your clothing choice! Belly shirt and latex pants! Hey Izzy, wanna do it? You don't have to! I respect your choice.

Izzy: Sure!

Todd: *runs off to a bed, gets under the covers and gets undressed* *whispers to Izzy* Ready?

Izzy: *allready done the same things Todd did* *whispers to Todd* Ready.


(The Rock Kenny Found)

Kenny: This place is long and dark good thing I brought the fire wand

Ryan: Hey Kenny. Have you seen Liam? Or is he going gaga over Itsy?

3 Vampires, Corpse Family, Witches and Mayor of Halloween Town: *corner Ryan and Kenny*

Megan: Kenny! *Runs to Kenny*

3 Vampires: GET......THEM! *All chase Kenny, Megan and Ryan*


Corpse Mom: *traps Ryan, Kenny and Megan*

Ryan: Johnny,get us out of here!

Liam: I am here guys! *jumps on corpe mom's back and covers her eyes* Take this!

Corpse Dad: YOU SHALL DIE!!!! *Throws arrows at Liam*

Liam: I never thought I would use this again.... *gets out hockey stick* But those are my friends! *hits corpse dad with hockey stick*

Kenny: *finds the bear and runs over there*

Liam: Too...strong..*becomes a vampire*

Ryan: Nooooooooo!

Kenny: *grabs medal and finds monster curing medicine*

Liam: Will....kill! *gets medicine and is back to normal* Hey,does the winner get to pick someone to be safe with?

Johnny: Kenny Wins!

Jack: to Johnny* Yeah, Now can you help us find our way home, We kinda lost the map.

Johnny: *hands jack a GPS*

Jack: Thanks, Now to find the rest.

Post-Challenge Chat

Liam: Hey Kenny,can you share the immunity with me?

Kenny: First we have to choose someone to vote out!

Liam: Let's vote out Itsy,Leo,or Bella.a

Mayor: Good plan.

Vampire Brother: SUCH A SCREAM!

Corpse Mom: It'll make walls fall!

Big Witch: It'll take screaming, To new heights!

Todd: *under the covers with Izzy* Ready?

Izzy: *also under the covers with Todd* Ready.

Todd: *makes love with Izzy* Ahhh. This feels great!

Izzy: *makes love with Todd* It sure does.

Todd: Yeah! *starts having anal sex with Izzy* Does it hurt at all? If it does, I'll stop!

Izzy: *having anal sex with Todd* It doesn't!

Todd: Good! *continues having it with Izzy*

Liam: When is elimination?

(Rex: SURVIVOR, RUSSEL! PG13 only >.> There are some people on the wiki that are only ten >.>)

(Jacob: Oh, Sorry)

Todd: *finishes* That was awesome! *kisses Izzy* (Sorry, but they shouldn't be prowling on this wiki at all)

(Syle: I can name 2 or 3. :P)

(Rex: and I can name someone in this very camp whose only 13 >.>)

(Johnny: 2 things 1st most people are in middle and high school so age 11-18 and 2nd no more adding characters without my permission)

(Jacob: Sorry)


Johnny: Vote in the Confessionals

Kenny: (CONF) Bella should be voted off!

Jacob: (CONF) That skeleton guy told me to vote for Itsy.

Raven: (CONF) I guess Bella

Gunter: (CONF) I guess Itsy

Todd *watching from the jury area* I hope my Izzy's safe!

Rex: (CONF: *holds up sign written in blodd that says 'Izzy'*

Leo: (CONF) Itsy goes byby

Johnny: Gunter was not sudposed to be here but he has now joined the game.

Todd: *watches and starts to get scared* Oh no! It can't be happening! No!!!!

Johnny: The votes are in and Itsy is the 2nd jury member

Todd: *face drops* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Can you create a place for jurors to stay?)

Episode 9: Clubing for Joy


Kenny: I'm Sad Itsy left she was nice

Jacob: Hey guys, Guess what? Johnny hired me to be a intern!



Johnny: Today you will be joining clubs there are 3 for each one the winner gets immunity

Rex: How are these clubs?

Johnny: Just read the list and challenge

Kenny: I pick the treasure hunt

Rex: Todd won't mess with me >.> so I pick Deadly Chef Escape

Kenny: Remember rex he still thinks you convinced Izzy to vote him off.

Megan: Uhm....I guess........I'll be in the Chef Escape. (Aren't Kenny and Megan dating? I can't remember.)

Kenny:*to Megan* after thchlenge yo want go get something (YES!)

(Oh.) Megan: Like? (CONF) Ugh. I don't want to be a mushy gushy couple like Todd and Izzy.*END*

Kenny: Lunch but let's not get like the Izzy and Todd ouple.

Megan: Heck Yeah! (CONF) Thank God.*END*

Kenny: Good Luck Megan! *heads toward the treasure hunt*

(Johnny: Say ready as character under challenge you pick to begin)

Deadly Treasure Hunt

Johnny: Find the Immunity Treasure

Kenny: Ready!

Johnny: *hands Kenny a Clue*

The Clue Reads :

To find your next clue

go to a place where food isn't glue

Kenny: To The Cafeteria *runs toward the cafeteria and finds the next clue*

The Clue Reads :

To find this go to the place where you see

the great and shiny sea

Kenny: To the Pier *runs to the pier and finds clue*

The Clue Reads :

To Win what you've looked for

go to the start not the shore

Kenny: Yes! *runs back to Johnny*

A giant robot starts to chase Kenny

Kenny: *aims to the robot's head with a javalin and runs toward Chris*

Deadly Chef Escape

Johnny: Escape Todd

Megan: Ready!

Johnny: Then go to the kitchen andfind the key to the jury dorm then find the immunit necklace at theend of he dorm.

Megan: Ok. *starts walking towards the Kitchen*

(Johnny: I'll play the chef untill survivor comes)

Chef: *guards the Kitchen*

Megan: *Stands Face to face with Chef* Hello.

Chef: Well , well , well what doe have here.

Megan: Me. I guess..Please let me in, I don't want to cough up blood again. *Points over to red grass* That's where I did it the first time.

Chef: fine I'll give you a 1 minute head start.

Megan: And once you catch me, you don't injure me at ALL. *Runs in and starts franticly searching*

Chef: Hurry up 45 seconds left

Rex: *climbs in through a window, then spots Megan* Don't tell him i'm here

Megan: I'm searching! *Finds a dead mouse* Ew....Hey! *Grabs a knive and opens the mouse* The Key! For a sports Sudan. >.<

Chef: 35 seconds left!

Megan: GAH! *Trips,falls* Hey! I saw this in a movie once! Now if I can find a mini Indian IT Can get the key.....Or...*Grabs knive off the table* GAH! *Cuts open floor* Yes! The Key! *Grabs it*

Rex: ... *climbs back through the window*

Megan: Do I win?

Chef: Sure no one else tried.

Rex: *cough* I tried *cough*

Chef: No you didn't you just snuck in and out

Rex: I also put in some death traps >.>

Deadly Food-a-ton

Johnny: Eat lots of terrible food

Liam: Ready!

Ryan: Ready!

Johnny: Cousine 1 out of 5 Horse Brains with Carrots

Liam: *manages to eat it*

Ryan: *chokes it down* Ewwwwww.......

Johnny: 2 out of 5 Cow butt with brocolli (take 2 bites)

Liam: Gross! *chews a little*

Ryan: *is chewing with a tear going down his cheek*

Liam: *chews and swallows,and just about hurls*

Ryan: *barfs*

Johnny: Ryan you must eat the dish again ad Liam 3 out of 5 Dog Meat + Blood

Liam: *bites* Hey,this isn't so bad!

Ryan: *tries eating again*

Liam: *chews*

Ryan: *chews and swallows*

Liam: *swallows*

Johnny: Ryan do the bloody dog meat and Liam do 4 out of 5 the hair and bat wing salad

Liam: (CONF) This isn't bad! My stomach is adjusted! (NON-CONF) *bites*

Ryan: *chews*

Liam: *chews*

Ryan: *chews and swallows*

Liam: *swallows*

Johnny: Ryan eat the hair and Liam the fnal meal is a combination of th meal you already ate!

Liam: Awesome! *starts gorging*

Ryan: *eats*

Liam: *is chewing*

Ryan: *eats*

Liam: *swallows*

Ryan: *swallows*

Johnny: Liam wins the first immunity

Post-Challenge Chat

Kenny: I bet this is a double elimination

Leo: *goes to the beach*

Liam: Can I share my immunity?


Johnny: Double elimination and Liam you can only give your immunity to someone but you have it no more.

Kenny: (CONF) Gunter and Bella

Rex: I'm voting whoever Kenny voted for... *climbs up the tree*

Raven: Rex and Bella

Gunter: Rex and Bella

Megan: Chef gave me Invinicbilty.....I vote Raven and Gunter.

(Zanna: Besides I thought this camp wasn't even starting yet)

Liam: I vote Rex and Leo!

Gunter: *comes back*

Ryan: Megan and Leo!

Rachel: Gunter and Rex

Bella: Gunter and Rex

Rex: what do you guys have agaisnt me?

Liam: I started this whole vote against you!

Rex: Raven was the first to vote me >.>

Liam: But you know what? I am giving my immunity to Rex!

Leo: Gunter and Bella

Johnny: Gunter is out but we need a tiebraker between Rex and Bella so the first to find the best geedan video wins!

Liam: I said I give my immunity to Rex!

Johnny: You need to do that before the elimination

Liam: Dang!

Ryan: Oh well.

Johnny: Guys use your laptops to find a funny geddan vido to win


Rex: I'm preety sure bella's video isn't geddan but mine is :P I think...

Liam: Who wins?

Johnny: Rex wins since Bella's was not a Geddan

Episode 10: Kenny and Megan


Rex: *climbs up tree*

Kenny: *to rex* what will johnny have planned for us today

Liam: Go ask your girlfriend. Maybe she knows! *laughs*

Ryan: Good thing you won the tiebreaker Rex.

Rex: *reads piece of paper* yeah xD (CONF: the episode title is called 'Kenny and Megan' xD Thank you johnny for your wallet :3)

Johnny: (CONF) I need that wallet back.

Liam: (CONF) I don't trust Leo, I don't like Leo,so it's fair game.

Megan: I have a bad felling about this....

Ryan: I would kiss you Megan, if Kenny was not your boyfriend...


Raven: *has a vision* I know who is gonna win, so I quit *leaves*

Liam: Ryan,did you just say...

Johnny: So you quit the game and be part of the Jury?

Rex: I'm not giving your wallet back >.>

Johnny: How about for an immunity idol

Rex: deal :3

Liam: I can't belive you said that Ryan!

Ryan: What? Megan's hot.

Kenny: *gets mad* Punches Kenny


Johnny: Kenny and Megan's love is forbidden but their friends help them rex and liam you need to help kenny ad megan get together while everyone else tries to keep them apart and you must sing.

Megan: Wait, I thought we were together already...

Johnny: everyone else is try to take you guys apart

Megan: Oh,Ok! I'll take a trip to Wal-Mart! (Tryingf to keep rhyme...)

Rex: I hate singing challanges x.x

Kenny: Rex help us to win!

Rex: KKK I'll set up a romantic date for only a dime ^_^

Kenny: please no lime *hands rex a dime*

Rex: *sneaks into the kitchen* where did I put those deathtraps again?

Kenny: *to megan* let's just go see a movie

Rex: *gets past the deathtraps and grabs some ingrideints* time to bake a cake cake ^_^

Megan: Can we get a Smoothie?

Kenny: Sure!

Rex: *takes cake out of oven* Yay ^_^ go supercake :P for when you need a cake in a flash :P

Johnny: STOP! since there is no action or drama Kenny , Rex , and Mega win immunity


Rex: let's see... Rachel :P

Kenny: Rachel for sure

Leo: Rachel

Megan: I like how Leo comes out at the Elimintation. I vote Rachel.

Johnny: Thats 4 and enough to eliminate Rachel

Episode 11: Final Exams

File:Betwixt The Music Rebecca Black

Kenny: Watch this ... and this ... and this


Johnny: Today's Challenge is a quiz on every season so far. #1 Who one TDRTM?

File:Sunday Comes Afterwards Starring Rebecca Black
File:Rebecca Black's Greatest Hits
Rex: Liam

Kenny: Liam

Johnny: Point 1 for Rex #2 What was the first episode Kenny told Megan he loved her and in which season?

Rex: Rule the World episode one

Johnny: Point 2 for rex #3 who is the only one not in the alliance?

Rex: I don't think our alliance can last much longer xD It's Leo

Johnny: Rex has immunity


Johnny: Vote someone off

Rex: Ryan

Kenny: Ryan

Leo: Ryan

Johnny: Ryan OUT!

Chat 2

Leo: I thought I was going to be eliminated!

Kenny: Johnny bring on the next challenge NOW!

Johnny: You Sure?

Challenge 2

Johnny: Here we are at the tower of DOOM so pick one of the 2 doors pick the wrong one and your out!

Yellow door or Pink door?

(Johnny: Don't worry I use so I can't cheat)

Kenny: Yellow

Megan: Yeller! (Holy Crap, gone for like 45 Mins. and it's the final day!)

Leo: Pink!

Rex: *runs through the Pink Door*

Johnny: everyone who went through the pink door move on

door 1 or door 2

Leo: *goes through door 2*

Johnny: Rex wins!


Kenny: Liam

Leo: Liam

Rex: Leo

Johnny: Liam OUT! and So is Leo

Episode 12: The Jury is always Right

Johnny: Day by day friends were made and so were enemies and one by one the contestants started to be eliminated now 9 of thoes eliminated will vote for who they believe deserves the million dollars solet's get right to it with the jury questions.

Jury Vote

(Johnny: can the finalists help me round up the jury members?)

Johnny: Vote Now Jury!

Raven and Gunter: Megan

Izzy: Megan, She totally deserves it.

Liam: Rex,he should win.

Ryan: Megan,because she is hot.

Johnny: Megan has 4 votes and Rex has 1

Megan: :D I'm winning!

Kenny: You do diserve it.

Megan: Awwww Thanks! :3 I'm winning like Charlie Sheen! xD

Johnny: At least one more vote

Todd: Meg

Megan: I won like Charlie Sheen! :D (My 3rd camp win!)

Ryan: *kisses Megan*

Johnny: There you have it 17 contestants lots of drama but only 1 winner MEGAN so now join us next season when 10 fans and 10 favorites of the game head agaisnt each other.

Kenny: Congratulations Megan you ... another season!?!?!?!?

Izzy: Congratuations Megan, You have proved yourself worthy.

Jury Dorm

)Only Jury members can be here)

Todd: Hey Izzy!!! Welcome here!!!

Izzy: Thanks.

Todd: Now we can be together and alone for a lil! *kisses her*

(Rex: putting this here so you don't forget. PG13 only >.>)

Elimination Table

Contestants Merge? Jury? Total Votes Placing
Megan Yes No 1 1st
Rex Yes No 4 2nd
Kenny Yes No 3 3rd
Leo Yes Yes 4 4th
Liam Yes Yes 2 5th
Ryan Yes Yes 3 6th
Rachel Yes Yes 4 7th
Raven Yes Yes 0 8th
Bella Yes Yes 9 9th/10th
Gunter Yes Yes 5 9th/10th
Itsy Yes Yes 4 11th
Todd Yes Yes 8 12th
Gretle No 1 13th/14th
Chandler No 1 13th/14th
Samantha No 4 15th
Matt No 3 16th
Oscar No 0 17th

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