Chris takes a group of teens to an abadoned studio lot to compete for $100,000 dollars who will win + the winner will recieve an awsome prize .

(There will be a debuter)

Sign-ups (Closed)

  1. Liam - The Hockey Star - TOTK1
  2. E.T - The Alien - S321
  3. Russel - The Bodyswap Obsessed - OL
  4. Gunter - The actor - Zanna
  5. Megan - The Smart Blonde - Guess Who.
  6. Kenny - The Adventure lover - Johnny
  7. Chandler - The Athlete - ACTN
  8. Oscar - The Grouch - RR44
  9. Marty - The Time-Traveler - NoahFTW
  10. Bella - The drama queen - Snow
  11. Todd- The Daredevil- S321
  12. Itsy Bitsy- The Spider- RR44
  13. Matt- The Smart Guy- ACTN
  14. Kristy - The Super Model - Johnny10164
  15. Jonah- The Artist-TOTK1 (Debutes at Episode 6)

Voting History

Campers Team Switched Team Return? Merge? Placing Status Total Votes Episode Eliminated
Jonah Team Paparazzi Yes 6th/7th Out 4 Fairly Never After
Liam Killer Cameras Team Paparazzi Yes 1st In 0 Kung-fu out
E.T. Killer Cameras No 15th Out 1 Sports-a-ton
Russel Killer Cameras Team Paparazzi Yes 8th Out 2 Super Suck
Gunter Screaming Scripts Team Oscars Yes Yes 13th/4th


3 Tokyo Drift/Kung fu out
Megan Screaming Scripts Team Oscars Yes 9th/10th Out 4 Brawl School Musical
Kenny Screaming Scripts Team Paparazzi Yes 6th/7th Out 3 Fairly Never After
Chandler Screaming Scripts Team Emmys Yes 2nd Out 2 Kung-fu out


Killer Cameras No 16th Out 3 Spy Vs. Spy
Marty Screaming Scripts Team Emmys Yes 9th/10th Out 5 Brawl School Musical
Bella Screaming Scripts Team Emmys No 11th/12th Out 1 Murder Teller
Todd Killer Cameras No 14th Out 3 All is fair in love and war
Itsy Bitsy Killer Cameras Team Oscars No 11th/12th Out 2 Murder Teller
Matt Killer Cameras Team Emmys Yes 3rd Out 3 Kung-fu out
Kristy Screaming Scripts Team Oscars Yes 5th Out 1 Kung-fu out


Chris : Hello And Welcome to TD Rule the Movies.

Chris : And here is Liam

Liam: Hi...

Chris : And here is E.T.

E.T: E.T phone home!!

Chris : Okay...

Chef : Hello.

Chris : Awkward

E.T: Okay!!!

Chris : Let's move on

E.T: On!!! On?!!

Chris : Just go exploring the movie lot

E.T: *starts screaming and covering his ears*

Chef : *Slaps E.T.*

Chris : Calm down people!

Chef : Fine *storms away*

Chris : Moving on let's meet the rest of the contestants

Chef : *makes food*

Chris : And here is Russel

Russel: Hello...Hey Chris, will there be a bodyswap challenge...I have an obsession...

Liam: Why would you be obsessed?

Chris : This is Awkward

E.T: *drools*

Russel: *Changing the topic* So this is my competition?

E.T: *pokes Russell* Competition!!

Chris : We are still waiting for 11 to come

Chris : And here is Gunter

Chef : *comes back with food*

Russel: Hey look, food.

Chris : Calm down people there is enough food for everyone.

Chef : *Growls*

Russel: What kind of foods is chef carrying?

Chef : Pizza , Tacos , Mashed patatoes , corn , fruits

Russel: PIZZA!

Chris : Megan just arrived

Chef : *to Megan* Hello would you like some food

Chris : Leave the girl alone!

Megan:Non Merci. Yat-il quelque part où je puisse pratiquer tir à l'arc?

Chris: Oui, il ya

Megan:Super! Où? (I won't speak in French alot)

Chris : In Studio 9 (I used google translate)

E.T: Onn!!!! on!!!! *starts screaming and running around*

Chris : And here is Kenny

Kenny : Hi

Chef : *Gets mad* I'm leaving

Kenny : Weird

Chris : Let's meet who else comes

E.T: Comes!!!! On!!!

Kenny : *slaps E.T.*

E.T: *sucks on Kenny's leg* On!!!!

Kenny : *attacks E.T.*

E.T: *bites Kenny*

Oscar: ...........What a bunch of losers.

E.T: *looks at Oscar* Looooossseeers!

Oscar: But it is really nice to see ya Chandler.

E.T: *touches Oscar* On! On!!

Marty: What's up!

Oscar: On what?

E.T: Okay!!!! *pokes Oscar*

Oscar: OKAY WHAT?!?!?!

Chris : Here's Oscar, Marty , and Bella

E.T: *sucks on Oscar's trash can* Okay!!!! Okay!!!!!

Oscar: Hey, Hey, HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!

Chris : Calm down guys

Oscar: It's not me, It's the alien!

E.T: *screams and runs around*

Marty: *accidently knocks ET into a lampost*

Oscar: *claps* Wow, Marty, Clever job.

Marty: *not realizing what happened* Huh?

Kenny : Thanks *kicks E.T.*

Bella: Hi guys!

E.T: *his head comes out shaped like an accordion* Neato kablito!!!!! *laughs* Hyuck hyuck hyuck!!!!!

Kenny: *at Bella* and who might you be?


E.T: Stuuuuuuupeeendddoouuusss!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris : *gives E.T. a translating machine to put around his neck*

Megan:*In Studio 9* Bonjour? N'importe qui ici?

Russel: is there a science lab in this place?


Kenny : Don't yell at her (CONF) E.T. is going home first

E.T: (CONF) Kenny is gonna go bye-bye!

Chris : Science lab in studio 5



Megan:Raciste est un mot fort!

E.T: Well you DID call me an intergalatic freak!

Russel: *Walks off to studio 5*


Kenny : (CONF) Megan or Bella I can't decide

Megan: Oscar,That's just wrong. And YEAH YOU ARE.

E.T: No I'm not! It's a costume!

Megan: Then take it off! >:D

Oscar: ...........................Trash?

Russel: *In studio 5* Now, where can I find some gases, l wanna make a bodyswapping gas

Kenny : Ya take it off

Megan:*Sneaks into Studio 5* What'ya doin'?

Russel: If I tell you, will you promise not to tell ANYONE?

Kenny : *goes to studio 5*

Russel: *To Kenny* What do you want?

Kenny : Nothing (CONF) Megan or Bella

Russel: Ok, if you need me, I'll be over there, working on a little concoction *Walks to science table and starts working on bodyswapping gas*

Marty: *watches from afar* Hmmmmmm...

Kenny : *goes to the enterance*

Megan: I Promise.

Russel: Good *Puts french cheese he brought here in the bodyswapping gas, then puts the gas in an aerosol can* Done. This, Megan, is a canister of BODYSWAPPING GAS!

Megan: D:

Russel: *Puts can in pocket* This'll be my little secret weapon! *walks out of studio 5*

E.T: *takes off costume* Hey kids it's Barney!!!

Russel: *Walks back in studio 5*

Kenny : OH **** (CONF) Was not expecting that.

Barney: *looks at Kenny* Hi Kenny!!!

Oscar: Who the heck are you?

Barney: I;m Barney the T. Rex!!! *laughs*

Oscar: Oh. *Mumbles some cuss words*

Megan: *In Studio 9* What's purple,green,and red all over? *Fires arrow at Barney* Him.

Kenny : I hate you Barney (Why do people play as preschool show characters)

Barney Stupendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I guess I'm jumping the shark a little bit)

Megan: *Watches as the arrow hits Barney in the butt*

Kenny : *kicks barney*

Chris : We only need to wait for the other 4 to come

(Syle: Maybe let some people have 2.)

(Johnny : now 2 per user)

Todd: *skateboards in* Wicked show you got here McClean!

Oscar: A DAREDEVIL!?!?!?! Ohhh, What next?!?!

Itsy Bitsy: *crawls in* Hey guys.

Todd: I wish they'd let me be on Jack*ss! I can do some pretty hardcore crap!

Itsy Bitsy: What is this Jack*ss?

Todd: It's like only the coolest show on TV! It's about a bunch of guys who do death-defying stunts!

Itsy Bitsy: You want me to spit vemon? I was a wrestler on the TWF.

Todd: You should see this one I've been practicing! It's the "Rocket Fart* *takes out a match and lights his fart on fire and it propels him foward* Yeeaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Itsy Bitsy: *scoffs* You dog!

Oscar: People these days.

Episode 1 : Ninjas Galore


Chris : everyone is here

Kenny : Great!

Kristy : Hi

Jacob: Why the heck is Itsy Bitsy a boy, She's a girl*

Itsy Bitsy: 1st day on this show. Better make the best of it.

Ninjas Kiddnap Chris

Challenge : Ninja Chase

Oscar: What the? What's going on?!?!

Kenny : We have to Save Chris

Itsy Bitsy: *Runs* I'LL SAVE YOU CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!

Kristy : Don't you guys get it this is a challenge and we have to catch the 3 ninjas

Oscar: *catches one ninja but misses* (no Goddplay)

Kenny : *tries to follow a ninja*

Itsy Bitsy: *follows a ninja, inconitgo*

Todd: *skateboards after a ninja* COME BACKKK HERE!!!!!

Ninja 1 : *runs away from todd*

Todd: *uses his rocket far to catch up to the ninja* WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ninja 1 : *blends in with the surrounding*

Todd: *listens to the sounds around him and hears breathing* AHAAA!!! GOTCHA NINJA! *chases after him on his skateboard*

Ninja1 : *throws stars at Todd's Skateboard*

Todd: *one wheel gets hit, but it keeps working* *pushes off with his leg* YOU WON'T RUN FOR LONG! *finds a rock on the ground and throws it at the Ninja*

Ninja 1 : *tries to escape but gets hit and falls to the ground*

Oscar: *Catches ninja number 1*

Itsy Bitsy: *Attacks ninja number 2*

Todd: *seizes the ninja from Oscar* I caught him! He's mine!

Kenny : *jumps on ninja 3*

Marty: *circles Ninja 3 on hoverboard* Stop, in the name of me.

Todd: *finds a roll of masking tape and gags the ninja* *puts his hands behind his back and tapes them up* This should hold him down!

Kenny: *punches ninja 3*

Todd: *writes "I'm a dickhead" on ninja 1*

Marty: *trips Ninja 3 and sits on his head* I know I have some rope.

Kenny : *kicks Marty*

Kristy : *throws random stuff at ninja 3*

Todd: Maybe we should cut off the ninja's pee pee!

Ninja 1 : *tries to scream no*

Todd: Hmmmmmm...... Nah!!!!!!

Kenny : *pounds ninja 3 to the ground and puts him in a sack*

Marty: *grabs Ninja 2 and carries him up to the sky*

Todd: *urinates on ninja 1* Ahhhh that's better! *pulls his pants back up*

Chris : *pops out of nowhere* STOP!

Todd: What?!

Chris : Kristy was right!

Marty: *flies back down with unconscious Ninja* About what?

Todd: You DID want us to catch the ninjas! Make up your mind!

Oscar: Yeah.

Chris : Since Todd and Keny were the first 2 to catch a ninja they pick teams


Chris : Schoolyard style so todd pick first

Tood: Oscar!

Kenny : Megan

Todd: Itsy Bitsy!

Kenny : Bella

Todd: E.T!

Kenny : Kristy

Todd: Rusty! (Russel)

Kenny : Gunter

Todd: Liam!

Kenny : Chandler

Todd: Matt!

Chris : Todd's team you are the Killer cameras

Todd: *gets a bag of buffs thrown at him* Cool red!!!! *puts his buff on around his neck*

Itsy Bitsy: Why the heck am I on Todd's team?

Marty: Yo, what about me!

Chris : Kenny's team Which includes marty are the Screaming Scripts

Episode 2 : Spy Vs. Spy


Russel: *Conf* You know, I hope there's a bodyswap challenge soon

Itsy Bitsy: *Conf* Ok, I do not like Todd or anything, Except the fact that he's so hot and.....OH DARN IT! *Slaps herself*

Oscar: (Conf) 2nd day, Let's hope it doesn't end up like on that shipwrecked island.

Todd: (CONF) I gotta make an alliance on this team and take control, albeit discretely.

Todd: *whispers to Oscar* Wanna make an alliance?

Oscar: Sure.

Todd: Good. *whispers to Itsy bitsy* Wanna start an alliance with me and Oscar?

Itsy Bitsy: Uh.....Ok. (CONF) I still disagree of having a crush on Todd.

Todd: *whispers to E.T* Wanna be in an alliance?

E.T: Ok!

Russel: I wonder what kind of movie topic we're gonna do today!

Chris : Good morning campers

Todd: Good morning Chris!

Russel: So Chris, what movie genre are we doing today?

Chris : this is a trap

Russel: huh?

Todd: What are you talking about?!

Huge guys kiddnap Kenny and Todd

Todd: Hey! Where are you tak- *gets gagged*

Russel: O_O OMG OMG!

Itsy Bitsy: Todd?

E.T: Not Todd!!!

Russel: *Hides behind Chris*

E.T: *cowers in fear*



Russel: BTW, what's the challenge?

Challenge : Spy Rescue

Chris : The challenge today is to save your teammate

Russel: Ok *Sneaks*

Chris : *hands both teams maps to their HQ*

Russel: *Walks back* Thanks *Sneaks off with map*

Killer Cameras' Spy Rescue

The map says the HQ is in studio 21

Russel: *Entering, talking like a spy* The kidnapped team mate is in this room, and I will free him only with my wits, and a can of bodyswapping gas

PC : no you idiot this is your HQ

E.T: Where's Todd?!

Liam: I don't know!

PC : You need gadgets

E.T: Where can we get these gadgets?

PC : You have a grapling hook , a wire cutter , and a mirror

E.T: Is that just for me or is this everything the team gets?

Liam I have a hockey stick!

PC : For the entire team

E.T: I got a B.B gun and a sweater and some rocks.

Bad guys come and steal everything but the gadgets Pc gave

PC : here are watches so i can comunitcate with you

E.T: D'oh! Liam let's go! *runs out with gadgets and puts watch on*

Liam: Right behind ya!*runs behind him*

PC : Todd was taken to studio 5

E.T: Ok! We're on it! *runs*

Liam: I think studio 5 is this way!

E.T: Got it! *runs the way Liam said*

Liam: I see it!*runs still*

Liam:Here it is! *goes in studio 5*Okay PC,what now.

Matt: *runs with teammates*

E.T: *uses grappling hook* *climbs up* Ok! *jumps through glass window and gets into Studio 5*

E.T: *To Pc* I have breached the security and made it in, what now?

abomb appears and all exits are locked

E.T: This can't be good.

Todd: *gagged up* *trying to say "help"*

Matt: Anybody know how to deactivate a bomb?

Russel: It could be worse! It could be a bodyswap bomb!

E.T: How should I know?! Maybe blue.

Russel: I'll do it

Todd: *sweating nervously in his seat*

Liam: I found wire cutters outside!


Liam: *opens the bomb and cuts wires

the bomb explodes and doors open

Liam: Pc,how do we get out

PC : todd was moved to another lot

E.T: STEP ON IT! *runs out* *useses watch* PC, Where is Todd?!

Liam: PC,what lot?

PC : lot 21

E.T: MOVE!!! *runs to lot 21*

Matt: *Sprints to lot 21*

Liam: *runs to lot 21*

Matt: *reaches lot 21*

Pc : hegot moved to studio 9

Liam: Oh come on! *runs to studio 9*

Matt: *sprints to studio 9*

E.T: *sprints to studio 9*

Liam: *reachs studio 9*

Liam: there's Todd!

Screaming Scripts' Spy Rescue

Map says HQ is in Studio 30

Marty: *starts sneaking to Studio 30 to the pink panther theme*

Marty: *gets to Studio 30 and devises a plan*

PC : Here are your gadgets

Marty: Hey, how come there aren't any self-lacing sneakers.

PC : You have a grapling hook , a wire cutter , and a mirror

Marty: Computer, run a scan on this half-eaten corn dog. I am led to believe it may reveal the location of my comrade.

Kristy : Thats my half eaten corndog

Marty: Hmm, suspitualistic. Very suspitualistic.

PC : here are watches so i can comunitcate with you

Marty: So, PC Escher, do you have any idea where they are keeping Agent K.

PC: Kenny Was taken to studio 16

Kristy : *runs to studio 16*

Marty: okay I'm in, what now.

PC : There are bad spies here

Marty: I'll take care of it *uses his kung-fu gripp action to beat up the spies.* Now where could Agent K be.

A bomb appears and all doors are locked

Chandler: We have to deactivate the bomb!!

Agent M: Ay, ay, ay! PC, status report!

there is a blue , red , and yellow wire

Agent M: Which one, Which One, WHICH ONE!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Chandler: It could be the blue wire

Agent M: Are you sure.

Agent M: Alright *cuts blue wire and bomb shuts off* YEAH!! I'm bi-winning!

doors open

Pc : Kenny is not here

Agent M: Crap.

Agent M: Well where is he?

Chandler: We have to find him so we can win this challenge!

PC : Studio 30

Agent M: *grapples back to HQ and finds Kenny* Found you, you're it!

Matt: We found you!!

Agent M: Sooooo.... what now?

PC : He was moved to studio 9

Chandler: *sprints to studio 9*

Studio 9

Kenny and todd are tied in chairs at the end of the long studio

Agent M: Alright there he is *starts running down the hall*

PC : Not so fast

Agent M: What!

Matt: *confused*

Pc : I ordered the people to kiddnap your team mates

Agent M: What are you, KGB, Nazi, Taliban

Todd: *gagged up* *mouthing "help"*

E.T: *sprints in*

Agent M: you can't hurt me, you're just a computer!

E.T: Not so fast!!

PC : try to pass my laser beams and lava pit

E.T: *slowly dodges lasers and slowly walks through*

Agent M: *dances through lasers while deflecting them with mirror*

PC : Why did I give them the mirrors?

Agent M: Heil Hydra! *grapples across lava pit and reaches Kenny* PCDC, resistance is futile

Chandler: *reaches Kenny*

PC : I can't you win the challenge

Agent M: WooT!

Liam: *gets to Todd*

Todd: I'm free!!

Road to the trailers

Evil spies block the way

Liam: * punches and kicks spies,then runs to the trailers*

PC : Electrcutes everyone

Itsy Bitsy: Ouch! That totally messed up my hair!

Agent M: *runs down the road and roundhouse kicks PC in the CPU* Shazam!

Liam: *runs while singed*

Todd: *runs* I'm scared!

E.T: *runs*

PC : *dies*

Todd: *runs faster* WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Liam: *arrives*

Agent M: Lawdy, lawdy!

E.T: *arrrives* Yes!

Todd: *arrives*

Agent M: *runs to the trailers*

Kristy : *carries Kenny to trailers*

Agent M: *climbs on roof of trailer and starts dancing*

Todd: *touches a trailer* We did it!!

Chris : Since Kenny was brought to the trailers and todd walked the way they win

Killer Cameras Vote 1

Chris : Vote someone out

Matt: Oscar

E.T: Oscar

Todd: Oscar

Chris: and oscar is out

Oscar: Wait! You forget my vote, I voted for Todd!

Episode 3 : Sports-a-thon


Kenny : I can't believe i got kiddnapped

Itsy Bitsy: Hey, At least Todd's still in the game!

Todd: Yeah that's right!

Kristy : at least still in the game

E.T: Yeah, we gotta win the next challenge.

Itsy Bitsy: Totally.

E.T: I found this cleaning chemical! *holds it up*

Kenny : What is the genre for today

E.T: *accidently spills it* Oh no! *it splatters everwhere*

Itsy Bitsy: Uh-Oh!

E.T: *it's on E.T, Todd, Itsy and Kristy* Oh sh*t!

Chris : it was just water

Chandler: I cant wait for the next challenge

Matt: Me too!

Itsy Bitsy: I hope it doesn't involve hurting Todd cause well he's so hot and...............*Slaps herself*

Todd: I hope it doesn't involve hurting me either.

Kenny : Don't cry

Itsy Bitsy: We are not crying!


Chris : today's challenge is a race around the studio lot

Itsy Bitsy: That's easy!

Kenny: *starts running*

Itsy Bitsy: *runs really fast*

Kristy: *Starts Running*

Chandler: I'm a track athlete! *starts running pass everyone*

Matt: *catches up to Kristy*

Kenny: *runs faster*

Chandler: *runs faster*

Itsy Bitsy: *passes everyone* COME ON TODD!

Matt: *begins to sprint*

Kenny : Runs faster

Chandler: *runs beside Itsy Bitsy*

Matt: *runs faster*

Itsy Bitsy: *runs her fastest*

Kristy : *reaches the trailers*

Itsy Bitsy: *Reaches the trailers*

Todd: *torpedos across*

E.T: *torpedos across*

Chris : Team Scripts don't win

Itsy Bitsy: Does that make the Killer Cameras win?

Chris : Today's challenge will have 4 parts so who volunteres

Itsy Bitsy: I will.

Kenny: Me

Russel: Me

Kristy : Me

Todd: Me

E.T: Me

Chandler: Me

Matt: Me

Megan: Hi?! (I was gone for like 4 hours,and it's already day 3 o.O)

Kenny : Your on my team

MMA Fight (E.T. Vs. Megan)

Megan: Is this like "iFight Shelby Marx" Where you get to kick? *Punches E.T.*

E.T: *feels slight bruise* *punches Megan 3 times* Take that!

the platform rises 10 meters in the air

Chris : Last one off wins

E.T: *punches Megan in the stomach* *gives Megan the right hook in her jaw*

E.T: *punches Megan in her stomach again* *gets behind Megan and punches her in the back of her head*

E.T: *punches Megan in her back continously* *Punches Megan in the back back of her head*

E.T: *punches Megan right in her mouth* TAKE THAT MEGAN! *punches Megan in her stomach* *punches Megan in her ribcage, closer to the edge*

Kenny : Megan you can win

E.T: Oh no she can't! *pucnhes Megan closer and closer to the edge* *punches Megan in her stomach 3 times*

E.T: *punches Megan again and she's just over the edge* HAHA!

Chris : E.T. Wins

E.T: Wohooo!!! Thank you all very much!

Basketball (E.T. Vs. Kenny)

Chris : First to score wins

Kenny : *kicks E.T. in his kiwis*

E.T: *feels pain but gets up and dribbles down the court*

E.T: *keeps dribbling down to the net* *dribble closer* *keeps dribbling*

E.T: *jumps up and shoots the ball into the basket*

Kenny : *blocks*

Kenny : *dribbles the ball across the court*

E.T: *blocks Kenny*

E.T: *dribbles back down the court*

E.T: *jumps up to the basket and shoots the ball in*

Chris : E.T. Wins

E.T: Wohoooo!!!!!!

Chris : I have just been informed that E.T. cheated

E.T: What?! I played fair!!

Chris : (Goddplay) so the first point goes to Mega

Megan: (CONF) I know whose out first!

Cheerleading (Both teams)

Chris: the team with the best cheer wins

Todd: Let's think.

Itsy Bitsy: How about a Chris Cheer! Just like with the Killer Grips!


Screaming Scripts' Cheer

Chandler: We are the Scripts, we're the best team ever

We'll never lose a challenge we'll be here forever

Chris is the best he smart, he's handsome and he's got some flare

The Scripts and the Cameras dont make a good pair

If we win this challenge it'll be really really great

But if we dont oh well there's always next time mate!

Gunter: We are the scripts, yes we are

Kristy: And we say chris is hot

Gunter: Ummmmm, no he isn't

Chandler: Um i already finished the cheer

Kristy : I know but the judge is chris so think about it

Chandler: I included chris in the cheer

Gunter: *kisses Kristy*

(Zanna: Gunter has a six pack)

Chandler: uhhhh what?

Kristy : That was...nice i guess (CONF) He kissed me

Gunter: Yep *Holds her hand*

Chris : You guys win cause of the awsome cheer and cause of the kiss

Gunter: Kristy will you be my girl-friend

Killer Cameras' Cheer

Chris : You lose for no cheer

(ACTN:I tried to post the cheer but it kept saying edit conflict)

Killer Cameras Vote 2

Chris: Matt gets immunity

Matt: I vote E.T. cause he caused the tie breaker

chris : E.T. out finally

Liam: E.T.

Episode 4: All Is Fair In Love And War


Gunter: *kisses Kristy*

Kristy: oh Gunter your such a good kisser

Gunter: So are you *kisses Kristy a lot*

Chandler: Gunter you're a lucky guy

Matt: I'll say

Kenny : Hi

Gunter: What does that mean Matt

(Zanna: It'd be funny if a boy fell in love with Gunter, I'd prolly laugh to death it's never happenned)

Gunter: *kisses Kristy*

Kenny: His skin is shiny

Gunter: Thank you Kenny

Matt: I'm saying you're lucky to be dating Kristy

Kenny : There are still 2 girls worth to date

Matt: Yeah thats true

Chandler: I wonder what today's challenge will be

Gunter: *kisses Kristy so much*

Kenny : Don't know just want the merge to come

Gunter: *kisses Kristy a lot*

Matt: Yeah me too

Itsy Bitsy: Well, Ya know what they say, All's fair in love and war.


Chris : the challenge is a war you get hit you're out last team standing wins you each have 6 water ballons and there are 3 water blasters in studio 24

Matt: *Runs to studio 24*

Chandler: *runs to studio 24*

Kenny : *runs to studio 24*

Liam: *runs to studio 24 and trips kenny*

Kenny :* throws a balloon at Liam*

Liam: (CONF) Let me just say for the record,I won't be thinking positive this challenge.

Liam: Gah!

Kenny : Did ya get hit

Liam: Yes.*throws a ballon at kenny while running*Hey,I see the studio!

Chandler: *grabs water blaster*

Liam:*grabs water blaster*

Matt: *grabs water blaster*

Chris : Both Liam and Kenny out but they can help their teammates

Chris : there are 3 more blasters in studio 7

Liam:*throws a balloon at chandler*

(Takeonthekiller1: If we lose again,can i get saftey for trying so hard?)

Matt: *sprays Megan and Gunter*

Kristy : *throws a balloon at Matt*

Liam: Matt, look out!*dives in front of Matt,throwing a water balloon at Kirsty*

Itsy Bitsy: *Throws a waterballoon at Liam*

(I am out of the challenge,but i can help my team)

Kenny : *blocks the balloon from htting Kristy*

Matt: *throws balloon at itsy bitsy*

Liam:*squirts Marty*

Kenny : *gets blaster* take this

Kenny : *shoots Matt*

Liam: *squirts kirsty and bella while kenny is not looking*That's everybody!

Chris : Matt ,Bella , and Itsy are out

Itsy Bitsy: Ah Crap.

Kristy: *hides*

Liam:*throws balloon at marty*now where is kristy?

Chris : Only Kristy ,Megan , and Russel are left

Liam: I found Kristy!*throws balloon at kristy and megan*

(i used all six of my ballons)

Kenny : *shelds Kristy*

Liam: You better move Kenny,I have my water gun!

Chandler: I found Russel! *sprays him*

Liam:Dang,I guess we lose.I will probobaly be sent home.

Matt: Nahh i'm voting Todd cause he wasnt here

Killer Cameras Vote 3

(Liam:can i have immunity?)

Matt: I vote Todd

Itsy Bitsy: I vote Matt

Matt: why me at least i helped this team unlike Todd

Liam: Or Russel.I vote Todd.

Chris : Todd is out

Itsy Bitsy: What?!?!

Liam:(CONF)I should start an alliance with Matt.

Itsy Bitsy: (CONF) They just voted off Todd.....................*starts to cry*

Liam: *pulls aside matt and whispers*Want to start an alliance?

Matt: Yeah i was thinking the same thing

Episode 5 : Tokyo Drift


Liam:(CONF)So I have an alliance. Watch out Russel.

Chris : Surprize team switch

Itsy Bitsy: *crying*

Matt: What do you mean team switch?

Liam:My thoughts exactly.(BTW,I have an evil imaginary twin)

Chris : Here are the new teams

Team Oscars: Gunter Itsy Megan Kristy

Team Emmys: Matt Marty Bella Chandler

Team Paparazzi: Liam Kenny Russel

Liam:*whispers to Kenny*want to start an alliance and eliminate Russel?

Matt: Oh wow

Chandler:i was thinking the same thing

Liam: Is there gonna be a merge?

Kenny : Sure

Chandler: I cant wait for the challenge on new teams

Itsy Bitsy: *cries*

Kenny : If we switched teams the merge is soon

Itsy Bitsy: *cries on Kenny*

Liam: Can we start the challenge?

Kristy: Where is Gunter?

Liam: Who cares? Just start!

Challenge : Drifter

Chris :Your challenge is to make it to studio 10,11,12,13,14,and 15 get a kart and come back here.

Itsy Bitsy: *walks to studio 11, cries*

Todd: *sneaks in*

Itsy Bitsy: Todd?.......Huh, I could have sworn he was right there.

Todd: *whispers* Yes it's me!

Itsy Bitsy: Really?

Todd: Yes. I snuck back into the show. I deserve to be let back in.

Itsy Bitsy: .................TODD! *Hugs Todd*

Matt: We voted you out fair and square. *runs to studio 10*

Chandler: *runs to studio 11*

Itsy Bitsy: Don't listen to them. (CONF) I'm starting to have 2nd thoughts of not having a crush on Todd just a'little.

Matt: *grabs go kart jumps in and drives it back*

Chandler: *drives go kart back*

Liam:*finds a go kart at studio 13 and drives back*I gotta win for Team Paparazzi!

Itsy Bitsy: *finds a go kart at studio 11 and drives back with Todd*

Liam: TODD?(CONF)I cannot belive my eyes!I am angry now!*busts conf.lock*

Matt: I know right? we voted him off

Chandler: So what do we do with the go kart now?

Todd: I'll help you even though I'm not supposed to be here!

Liam: *arrives*

Todd: So what are we supposed to be doing?!

Chris: Everyone that has a kart moves to the next round

Matt: Oh yeah!!

Chandler: Thats right!!

Chris: Get your karts ready for a street race around the studio lot

Liam: Chris,Todd is here!

Itsy Bitsy: No, No, That's not true, It's uhhh- Alejandro! *gets Alejandro clothes and dresses him up like Alejandro*

Liam:Epic fail.I am starting!*gets race car ready*

Chef : *appears wearing women clothing*

Chef: On your marks

Liam: Get set...

Chris : There are no rules and GO!

Liam: *drives off really fast*

Chandler: *drives real fast*

Matt: *drives real fast*

Liam: I am getting there! *drives fast still*

Matt: *drives up beside Liam*

Chandler: *passes Matt and Liam*

Liam:*hits chandler's go kart and both of them go across the finish at the same time*

Chandler: So its a tie?

Liam: I bet Team Oscars goes to elimanation!

Team Oscars Vote 1

Chris : Vote

Kristy: Megan

(When is the merge?)

(Johnny : Merge at final 9)

Itsy Bitsy: Gunter

Chris : We need a tiebreaker vote

Liam: I will vote

Chris : Fine

Liam: Sorry..but Gunter goes home!

Episode 6 : Murder Teller


Chris : Team Papparazi say hello to your new teammate Jonah

Jonah: Hello!

Kenny: Were on the same team hi i'm Kenny

Liam: And I'm Liam! When is the challenge?

Itsy Bitsy: *to Jonah* I'm Itsy Bitsy. And I was a former TWF Star!


Chris : Today's challenge is

Lights turn off and Chris is gone

Jonah: Where is Chris?

Liam: Meh.

Kenny : I bet this is the Mystery Genre challenge


Kristy: does that mea we have to find him?

Jonah: Or do we have to guess?

Kenny: If it is a Mystery challenge I'll solve it

Liam: Kenny we should have Jonah join alliance.

Kenny: Anything to stay in the game (CONF) Liam is great

Jonah:I will join your alliance

A list of ways to be social fell to the floor

Itsy Bitsy: That doesn't even make sense.

A Total Drama Island empty audition form

Liam: What?

Kenny: Does this mean the kiddnapper was on TDI

Jonah: Could be Duncan.

Kenny: But it has to be an anti-social person

Liam: Justin? he was pretty anti-social in season 1

Kenny: No everyone loved him even Owen

Liam: Who could it be?

Kenny: I say its Ezekeial


Kenny: But now we need to stop Ezekeil

Liam:While you were talking,I got Eziekiel!

Kenny: *tries to find Chris*

Jonah:Hey guys,I think I found Chris!

Itsy Bitsy: I thought it was Alejandro.

Chris: Team Paparazzi win

Liam: Who goes to elimanation?

Team Oscars Vote 2

Chris: Vote

Itsy Bitsy: (Conf) Liam. (he's not on your team)

Kristy: Itsy

Itsy Bitsy: ........Kristy.

Megan: Itsy. (Sorry I wasn't here, My grandma needed the comp.)

Chris: And Itsy out!

Itsy: It's cool. Yeah. I knew this wasn't the place for me. The Web is where I belong. Farwell fellow Oscars.

Team Emmys Vote 1

Chris: Vote

Liam:I will pick someone again.

Chris: Go ahead

Liam: Bella.

Chris: See ya Bella

Episode 7 : Brawl School Musical


Chris: Morning and congratz

Marty: Good Morning, Good Morning, it's a brand new day today!

Kenny: Why Congratz?

Kristy:I don't Know

Gunter: *arrives* I'm back

Chris: Its the merge and Gunter's back...Surprize!

Matt: Its the merge?

Chandler: Nice!!

Chris: From now on no teams!

Chandler: Alright! First challenge without teams!! Cant wait Chris

Chris: And I said Gunter came back

Matt: Cool hey Gunter!! I wonder what the first challenge without teams will be....

Kenny: Me too...

Matt: Sooo whens this next challenge? I'm ready!

Gunter: *kisses Kristy*

Todd: *pokes his head out of a hole* Quiet everyone!

Itsy Bitsy: *pokes her head out of a hole* Yeah! Quiet!


Chris: From now on all the eliminated people can watch from studio 29

Chef: *grunts*

Chris: Today's Challenge you will fight each other on a platform untill 2 fall of while you sing

Matt: Bring it!!

Chandler: I'm ready

Chris: Start singing and brawling now!

Marty: *starts singing Power of Love*

(Johnny: Sing for real like I love singing)

Marty: Do do do do

Everyone's doin' the neutron dance!

La la la la

Everyone loves dancing in their underpants!

Chandler: i'm sorry i have to do this but i want to win *punches Marty in the face* I promise you that i wont even make a simple grin *punches Marty in the stomach*

Matt: i really dont want to do this but i have to win *punches Kristy in stomach* in order to do this you have to be the one i pin *punches Kristy in stomach*

Kristy: *Punches Matt* Take that

Matt: Oh no dont you do that, I'll get you and thats a fact! *punches Kristy in face*

Kristy: Ouch *falls off*

Matt: I did it i knew i could i hope no bones are broken, knock on wood!!

Kenny: *kicks Matt in the Kiwis* take that

Marty: I have to punch you in the face, so I can win this EPIC race! *punches Chandler reapetedly*

Matt: I'll get you Kenny dont think i wont, you kicked me thats a hugeee dont! *punches Kenny repeatedly*

Chandler: You wont win, i wont let you, just lose cant you take a clue *kicks Marty in the face repeatedly*

Kenny: Take that *kicks Matt repeatedly*

Marty: You'll never go on a single date, cuz' I will make you suffocate! *grabs Chandler and jabs him in the throat repeatedly*

Russel: Time for you to go down! *Sucker punches Marty* Don't mess with me, cause I got something, for you, to advance!

Chris: STOP!

Todd: Chris, can I be back in the game?

Chris : as an intern

E.T: *pops out of nowhere* What about me? How about us two compete in a challange and whoever wins returns.

Round 2 (everyone but Kristy and Marty)

Marty: Time to bring about some pain, it hurts more then acid rain! *roundhouse kicks Russell and Chandler* HULK SMMMMAAASSSHHH!*

Chris: Todd is an intern and will return next season but not E.T.

Todd: Can I actually be back in the game? Please!!

Chris: You can prevent the others from winning?

Todd: Deal.

Chandler: You wont win cause your not good, you cant beat me even if you could *punches Russel in face repeatedly

Matt: *punches Kenny in face*

Kenny: Nooooo *falls*

Todd: *watches*

Russel: Oh, Marty and Chandler, you think you can go without revenge? I got a litte something in the pocket of my pants! I'll strike a revenge worse than fire ants! But for now... *Pinball smashes Marty and Chandler repeatedly*

Chandler: *punches Russel in the face yet again*

Chris: Stop Gunter Wins!

Merge Vote 1

Chris: Double Elimination vote 2 guys off

Todd: So Chris, I choose who goes home?

Chris: Let them Vote.

Kenny: Megan and Marty

Chandler: Megan and Marty

Matt: Megan and Marty

Kristy: Matt and Marty

Russel: *Conf* I was gonna use bodyswapping gas on Chandler and Marty, but... *Conf ends* I vote for Chandler and Marty

Chris: Megan and Marty are gone

Russel: So, will there be a bodyswap challenge?

Episode 8 : Super Suck


Todd: I get to design the next challenge.

Chandler: Anybody want to form an alliance?

Kenny: Chandler Join our alliance

Todd: *sets up cameras* I got the challenge set up! It's called the Port-o-potty slingshot!!

Chris: That is not the callenge the theme is super heroes

Russel: Can I be a villian?

Todd: How about the winner gets to ride it!

Chris: Sure

Chandler: Kenny I'll join

Matt: Can i join?

Liam:Good job,genius.


Chris: Villans Vs. Heroes

Russel: Let me guess, the challenge goes: We make a costume, name our villian/hero, give him/her a power, we present it to you, and then we battle?

Chris: Yes , Yes it was

Todd: Can I be a judge?

Russel: Good...hey, I'll be in studio 5, don't ask why, I...just need too... *Runs off*

Chris: Yes todd is a judge

Chandler: *makes costume*

Matt: *starts to make costume*

(You have untill 3:30 PM EST Tommorow to draw a picture of your super hero/villan decide if they are a hero or villan name and power)

(Do we post it?)

(Ya here)

(My computer lost my art files)

Challenge : Battle

Chris: Villans are Krisy , Kenny , Liam ,and Joahn the last team standing wins

Kenny: Punches Matt

Liam: *puches and kicks Gunter*

Kristy: *Kung fu kicks Russel*

Liam: *knocks out Gunter*

Kenny: *kicks Matt in the back of the knee*

Liam: *knock out Matt*

Kenny: *kicks Chandler in the back of the knee making him fall down*

Chris: The villans win immunity

Merge Vote 2

Chris: Vote for anyone from the heroes

Kenny: Matt is going home

Kristy: Matt

Matt: Russel

Chandler: Russel

Chris: Russel is out

Episode 10 : Fairly Never After


Chandler: anyone wanna join an alliance?

Todd: *sets up cameras* Keep doing this!

Kenny: You can join our alliance

Chandler:ok let's join forces

Matt: can I join?

Kenny: Join what?

Matt: your alliance

Chris: Time for the challenge but first

Kristy: What?

Chandler: yeah what?

Chris: We need a Princess but since there is only 1 girl left Kristy is the princess

Liam: Kenny....Who should we boot out next?

Kenny: Kristy or Matt


Chris: You must save the princess

Liam: *runs to the den*

Jonah: *runs to the den*

Dragon's Den

Liam: *runs inside the den*

Jonah: *runs inside the den*

Kenny : Come on out dragy

Dragon: *roars*

Todd: He's tough!

Jonah: Liam! *hops on Liam's shoulders and gets out a sword*

Liam: *gets out a sword and cuts at the dragon's feet*

Jonah: *cuts the dragon's head*

Kenny:*Runs and tries to save the princess*

Liam: I suggest we save the princess together...

Todd: There's a lava path you need to cross over using a zipline!

Jonah: EXTREME!*goes on zipline*

Liam: Woohoo! *goes on zipline*

Todd: And there's a wobbly bridge you must cross over a steep gorge!

Kenny: I'll wait (CONF) Next time Jonah goes

Liam: *crosses slowly*

Jonah: (CONF)Maybe I should vote out kenny.

Kenny: *uses zipline*

Chandler: *runs into den* *sees dragon runs pass*

Matt: *searches for princess*

Kenny: *crosses the bridge*

Chandler: *uses zipline*

Matt: *uses zipline*

Chandler: *crosses bridge slowly*

Matt: *quickly runs across bridge*

Todd: After you cross the bridge, you will have to go through a long trail.

Chris: No Just find the princess in a forest

Todd: The winner gets to ride the Port-O-Potty slingshot!

Chris: And immunity

Chandler: *searches through forest* Wait! I think i see her *runs to princess* There you are!

Todd: That's a dummy!

Kristy: But I'm here

Todd: You have to go further into the wilderness!

Kristy: I'm tied to a tree

Todd: Are you playing the princess in this challenge?

Kristy: Yea where were you when chris said that

Chandler: *goes to right side of forest*

Matt: *goes to left side* I found her! *unties Kristy* There you are princess

Todd: I guess that means Matt wins immunity!

Matt: Yay!!

Merge Vote 3

Chris: Double Elimination and Kristy and Matt have immunity

Kenny: Jonah and Chandler

Kristy: Kenny and Jonah

Chandler: Kenny and Jonah

Matt: Kenny and Jonah

Chris: Kenny and Jonah Out!

Episode 11: Kung fu out


Chandler: Kristy me you and Matt should stick together

Todd: *sets up camera* Start yapping!

Kristy: Final 5!

Todd: Chris, can I actually be back in the game?

Chris: The season only has 2 episodes left

Matt: Sweet!

Todd: Can I be on next season?

Chris: Yes (Can you not make the show go so fast? That's why I lost)

(Johnny: Next season will be improved so maybe 2 episodes per day)

Chandler: I wonder what todays challenge is

Liam: Final 5. Awesome!

Todd: Today's challenge will be tough!

Final Challenge

Chris: A death Match last one standing wins the season

Kristy: So this is it

Chandler: *punches Gunter in face*

Matt: *punches Liam in face*

Kristy: I give up

Chris: Kristy out!

Chandler: *punches Gunter in stomach*

Matt: *punches Liam in stomach 3 times*

Todd: *gives them foam sticks* Use these.

Matt: *beats Liam in head with foam stick*

Chandler: *beat Gunter in stomach with foam stick*

Liam: *punches Gunter in the face and uses a foam stick on Matt's face*

Chris: Gunter Out!

Liam: *knocks Matt over and kicks him repeatly,uses the foam stick on him again*

Chandler: *beats Liam repeatedly*

Matt: *gets up and beats Liam with foam stick*

Liam:*punches Matt in the face,knocking him out*

Chandler: *knocks Liam over and beats him with foam stick*

Matt: *beats Liam in face with foam stick*

Liam: punches Chandler and Matt in face and uses a stick on both of them*

Chris: Matt Out!

Liam: *kicks Chandler in the face and uses a hockey stick on him*

Chandler: *beats Liam in kiwis and face with foam stick*

Liam:*punches Chandler in kiwis and kicks him in face,then uses a foam stick on him kiwis*

Chris: Liam WINS!

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