We're going on a roadtrip around the USA, and we're dragging thirteen unfortunate teens into this mess of a trip! Every episode, we'll go to famous landmark somewhere in the USA and one person, will be left behind. Who will make it to the end, and who will find themselves going home, find out now, on Total Drama Roadtrip!

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Reggae Drums

  1. Cali- The Sweet Librarian- TDY
  2. Peter - The Pizza Delivery Guy - ConkerChu
  3. Brad - The Leader Of The New World - BB
  4. Conan - The Apsiring Politician - Blake
  5. Jim Chapman - The Smart Coward - CandyAniasWatterson777
  6. Wednesday - The Attention-starved Hipster
  7. Miles - The Hippie - DerpyandDawn

The Clubbing Crew

  1. Trisha - The New Jersey Party Gal - Dark
  2. Arrtle - The Pirate - -Polarjack77
  3. Nadia - The Studious DJ - Wendy
  4. Ramsay - The Bestial Virago - Jordan
  5. Amy - The Jamaica Wild Beast Queen Girl - Maria
  6. Nemo -The Gamer - NLG


  1. No sockpuppetting.
  2. You're not allowed to impersonate an other user's character.
  3. Trying to rig the game is not allowed.
  4. Harsh and vulgar words must be filtered out with *'s. Words uncensored on the actual show are allowed.
  5. No double-posting.
  6. Have fun. if you break this rule, you shall face the worst punishment that anyone can suffer through...





  • Peter and Trisha (One sided, Peter's side. Physical attraction.)


Episode 1: Pack our bags and let's go!


Chris: Welcome Total Drama fans, get ready for the ride of a lifetime, where we'll go around the country, visiting popular landmarks, but not as tourists, but as reality show participants! In fact, here are some of them now!

Peter: *steps out of a bus and looks around.* Is this the spot? (CONF: I've been stuck as a pizza delivery guy forever and this is a nice change! Today, a delivery boy, tommorow, millionare! Well, not tomorrow, but soon... yeah.)

Nadia: This is it... I think. Anyway, glad to be here! *puts her headphones on and bobs her head to the beat*

Trisha: So great to be here!! Partaaaaay!

Amy: *swings the vines* Hola a Todos

Nadia: *waves at Trisha* (CONF) She seems fun.

Amy: Me llamo Amy 

Trisha: O MY GAWD! I love your style Headphones! 

Nadia: *gives a thumbs up to Trisha* :)

Amy: Estoy encantada de conocerte

Nemo: *to Amy* Weisnrueekks!

Amy: Hola Nemo 

Peter: Well... I can't wait to get started... I guess... (CONF: I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty scared of this game. The million would be great, yes, but this game is really dangerous! People have burned in volcanoes, like, wow!

Trisha: (CONF) I can't wait to travel the world! You get to partay with new people, meet cute boys and most importantly win some cash! (END CONF)

Nemo: Anyone ready to go?

Amy: *smiles* Gracias

Peter: Um, wait. She doesn't seem to speak english, is that, like a problem or something?

Chris: Don't care for it.

Peter: Well, kind of seems like something you should take note of-

Chris: Zip it!

Peter: *glares at Chris.* (CONF: Okay, I know that Chris is a jerk, but he litterally glared at me, for just bringing up a point!

Nemo: Hi, Chris!

Nadia: *taps her foot and takes her headphones off* When are the others arriving? :/

Peter: Yeah, they seem to be late...  or we're just early.

Trisha: Just more time for us to PARTAYYYYY!

Amy: Muy bien

Jim: I can wait to win, yo! (CONF) I been working at the subway for 2 years now and I hope my coin can help me (grabs out a coin and flips it.) Tails?!... Ain't no s*** gonna mess me up! (END CONF)

Trisha: Whatta ya mean by that?

Cali: Hi guys! So nice to meet you! Have you read any new books lately?

Brad: *The camera cuts to a fast jumpscare then fades to a confessional with no light* Hello there. *a flaslight turned on towards the face of Brad* We live in a world where the souls of men and women are destroyed by society. And nobody can do a thing about it! Well except me. Yes I am the one they told you about. Total Drama, I'm here. *flashlights turns off as a laugh is heard as the camera cuts back to the contestants*)

Peter: Well, shouldn't we get going already.

Chris: No, we still have to wait...

Amy: en Jamaica le gusta los 3 colores al estilo reggae Verde, Rojo y Amarillo 

Nemo: I'm waiting...

Chris: Everyone get on the bus! Stat! 

*Chris waits as everyone runs onto the bus, some pushing and shoving others along the way. When everyone is in, Chris walks inside and slams the door as it drives off.*

Challenge: In the grand scheme of things.

Chris: Climb the top, the first two at the top get to pick the teams! The first person there gets a 1+ advantage for their team. (It takes twelve lines to get to the top.)

Trisha: Outta my way! *climbs 1*

Cali: *climbs* (1)

Trisha: *climbs 2*

Cali: *climbs* (2)

Peter: No! *climbs*

Trisha: *climbs 3*

Cali: *climbs* (3)

Peter: Hurry! *climbs*

Cali: *climbs* (4)

Peter: *climbs*

Cali: *climbs* (5)

Peter: *climbs*

Cali: *climbs* (6)

Peter: *climbs*

Cali: *climbs* (7)

Peter: *climbs* Haha! I'm winning, just like- *sees Trisha and stops in awe.* Woah...

Cali: *climbs* (8)

Trisha *climbs 4* What?

Cali: *climbs* (9)

Trisha: *climbs 5*

Cali: *climbs* (10)

Trisha: "climbs 6*

Cali: *climbs* (11)

Peter: Wow... um, hey! Hello! *waves to Trisha.* Um...!

Cali: Done! *climbs* (12)

Trisha: Um.... Hi! *waves back*

Cali: (CONF) Back home, I read books on the Grand Canyon and studied ways to climb it just in case. It came in handy.

Trisha: *climbs 7*

Peter: My name's-! *Tries to climb, yet is too distracted, and his hands slip off the wall and he falls.* Arghhhhhhhh! *hits ground.* Orugh... 

Trisha: Owch... *climbs 8*

Nadia: *climbs* [1]

Trisha: *climbs 9*

Amy: *climbs* (1)

Trisha: *climbs 10*

Peter: Argh... my... everything...

Trisha: *climbs 11*

Wednesday: *takes picture of Peter's pain* ... What filter should I use?

Trisha: *climbs 12* PARTAYYY!

Amy: *climbs* (2)

Wednesday: Hmm, I'm thinking of using a blue filter... Oooh, neat-o! Tweeted!

Amy: *climbs* (3)

Jim: *climbs* (10) Woo-hoo! I'm almost there! (Slips his hand off and falls) AAAAAHHHH!!! (Hits the ground, breaking his leg) S***! My leg!

Amy: *climbs* (4)

Chris: Well, it seems like Cali and Trisha have won the challenge. Cali, since you got first place, you get to pick first!

Cali: I pick Jim!

Trisha: I pick Nadia!

Cali: I pick Peter!

Trisha: I Pick Ramsey!

Peter: Yeah, third picked, I totally didn't- *sees Trisha.* -NOT see that coming, man, I'm such a good player, and strong... and... um, attractive... and.

Ramsay: *Gets out of cab* Oh I'm sorry, I got a flight to the wrong airport and heard we were meeting here... Hope I didn't miss anything. *re-applies make up*

Peter: Way to take forever.

Chris: Being late to Total Drama, you should get disqualified for that! *points at Ramsay angrily.* ...Yet, I don't care, Ramsay, you're on Trisha's team. Now, everyone else gets to know that they are all technically picked last, as we're now randomizing it! Wait a second...

Peter: Ha! 

Chris: Cali gets... Miles... Trisha gets... Conan...

Chris: Cali gets... Amy... Trisha gets...  Arrtle... weird name but, yeah.

Chris: Cali gets... Wennesday... Trisha gets... Nemo... so Cali gets Brad... because he's the only one left. Pick a name... I don't care... The first name suggested for their team is their team name...

Trisha: The Clubbing Crew!

Amy: The Reggae Drums!

Nemo: The Heroic Hawks!

Chris: Fine, Trisha's team is the Clubbing Crew, and Cali's is The Reggae Drums.

Episode 2: Open the Golden Gate!

The Clubbing Crew's Caravan

Nadia: Let's put some tunes on!

Trisha: YASSSSS!

Nadia: :D Let's dance!

Trisha: GURLLL yAS!

Ramsay: *twerks*

Nemo: While listening to this music, we can play golf.

Ramsay: Your skanky ass ruined the moment... I hope you're happy with yourself. *walks away*

The Reggae Drums' Caravan

Peter: (CONF: I got distracted during the climbing challenge, but I swear it won't happen again. I'm not even sure how I got distracted in the first place, though... Hm, maybe it was that one girl...)

Cali: Morning team!

Peter: Eh, mouring... *Peter sat down on a table.* So... what destination do you think we're going to? I haven't been to the USA before so I'm not quite familliar with it's landmarks...

Cali: It could possibly be New York. A nice challenge could be there.

Amy: *laugh* Estoy bien

Cali: Si, si!

Peter: Yeah... New York... Hm. I've heard of that... like from... uh...

Cali: Don't worry! You'll learn more on the way.

Peter: Yeah, I guess I will.

Amy: Yo me encanta los helados

Brad : *Rocking in a rocking chair while laughing* (CONF: *The dark room is lit up with a flashlight shining on Brad's face* Do you know who I am? I am that guy who's  mission is to rid sin in this world and solve all of YOUR problems, even ones that you don't know about! Whether they like or not, I will open their eyes! They need their eyes to be opened, so they cannot continue to pretend to not see everything wrong in this world! This world needs men like me! *Laughs* Nobody else thinks that because they don't know me, but I know myself, and that's good enough! But soon my name will be heard, and I will be heard. I am the Creator, and to this world I will bring change! *laugh* I'm coming!)

Amy: *smiles* Brillante

Challenge: Go for the Gold!

Chris: Welcome to the Golden Gate Bridge, in this challenge, you must go for the gold, by jumping off this bridge into the water (1 line), in order to grab a Chris Mclean badge (Two lines) with this rope to pull you up out of it. (4 lines.) Your teammates can help pull you up after you have obtained your badge. The team with the most badges win. You go in the order you were chosen, so Cali and Trisha, start us off!

Cali: *jumps off bridge* (1)

Trisha: *jumps off bridge* (1)

Cali: *grabs badges* (1)

Trisha: *grabs badge* (1)

Nemo: Sorry I'm Late! Anyways, what is the.. *sees the water* Oh crap. Well, I;m probably going to risk me life. GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps off bridge* (1) Hey, I survived!

Chris: Well, Nemo, I don't know if you know this but... It isn't your turn, you nitwit, get back up here!

Trisha: *grabs badge* (2) Team pull me up!

Cali: *grabs badge* (2) Pull me please!

Nadia: *pulls Trisha up* (??????)

Ramsay: *pulls Trisha up*

Nadia:  Almost there... *pulls Trisha up*

Ramsay: *pulls Trisha up* Okay you're good, gurl!

Trisha: Go, Nadia!

Nadia: *jumps in*

Peter: Come on, Cali... *pulls Cali up.* (1)

Nadia: *grabs badge*

Brad: *pulls Cali up*

Nada: *grabs bage* Pull me up! D:

Peter: Pull! *pulls Cali up.* (3)

Trisha: *pulls Nadia up* (1)

Brad: *pulls Cali up*

Trisha: *pulls Nadia up* (2)

Brad: *pulls Cali up*

Trisha: *pulls Nadia up* (3)

Jim: Oh my gosh. This water is deep. I'm not a good swimmer so- (accidently falls into the water) I lived! Can anyone get me a ducky float? (1)

Trisha: *pulls Nadia up* (4)

Peter: Hurry up! We're losing! Just find a damn badge!

Nadia: Thanks! Go Ramsay!

Peter: No! Stay Ramsay! (CONF: I can get a bit... competitive... but I hope no one holds it against me...) Be quiet, Nadia.

Jim: (grabs badge) Pull me up! I can't stay here longer! (CONF: I have drowned once a few years back at the beach. And this is not going to be the second!)

Peter: Not until you find a badge so... Hurry the heck up!

Chris: Too late for that, time's up! Hahahahaha! Time for elimination, Reggae Drums!

Peter: No...! *glares at Nadia.* (CONF: Urg, we lost! I barely got to do anything! In fact, like only four people on my team did the challenge, including me! Where's the sportsmanship there...?! Calm down, Peter, calm down...Also, JIM, YOU F-) At least we tried our best... *sighs*

Elimination: Well, seems like it's time for elimination... (The Reggae Drums.)

Chris: Welcome to elimination, where you'll probably elminate everyone actually trying. Vote!

Cali: (CONF) I vote Wednesday. Sorry girl. You have gotta play the game.

Amy: (CONF) Yo voto Wednesday

Brad: (CONF:*Lights are off but Brad has a flashlight* Wednesdays is my favorite day. When you finish Wednesday, the long week of torture is almost over. And I think we should end Wednesday today! *TURNS off flashlight*)

Jim: (CONF) Hmm...I don't know what to vote off for...

Peter: (CONF: Who else but Amy, she has a language barrier... but I have to vote for Jim because I am that p***ed off. Nothing personal.)

Chris: Wenesday, you're out of the game! Bye, bye.

Episode Two: ???

The Clubbing Crew's Caravan

Trisha: *Dances aggressively*

Nemo: *golfs*

*The contestants see the other caravan in the distance in a crash.*

Chris: Woah! Narly! Hahahahah! That'll be good for ratings! 

Trisha: That was freaky!

Nemo: You've got to be kidding me...

The Reggae Drums' Caravan

Conan: (CONF) It's true that I wasn't much of a help last challenge. But I promise that I'll be a huge asset to the team today! I'll prove myself to be a valuable player. They'll love me, and I'll become so well-known that the name "Conan O'Kerr" will be a household name! Just another step to- Huh? What were we talking about?

Brad: *Walks to window with 6 pawns* One down 5 more to go. *throws one pawn out the window and laughs in a very creepy way* (CONF: *The dark room is lit by a flashlight* All of this, is a game. Every thing that surrounds you, is a game. I'm playing a game of chess against the past! And WHEN I win, I through the pawns out of the window! Can you see the future? Because I can! The future is coming. But guess what world, I'm here! Tell em all I said I'm here! You can never destroy the future, and you can never destroy me! You know why? Because I am the Face of The Future! *flashlights turn off*)

Amy: (CONF) *laugh* eso fue fantastico

Jim: (CONF) Thanks goodness I didn't get send out. Thank you, lucky coin!

Peter: *glares at Jim.* Urg... wimp...

Amy: Hey chicos

Cali: Good morning people! (CONF) Last night's vote, was well... A bit crazy. I am happy that good for nothing Wednesday got voted out though.

Amy: Todo bien Wednesday se fue

Peter: Man, this caravan seems like it's taking foreve-! Woah! 

*Caravan crashes into a lamp post. The impact causes the contestants to fly and crash around the room.*

Peter: Argh! *lands onto the ground.* Ourgh...

Chef: Is everyone alright?

Cali: I guess. (CONF) I need to control my anger. The library helps me do it, here does NOT.

Nadia: Oh my gosh... I'm ok. Thankfully my iPod and headphones are ok!

Peter: ...? I'd question why Nadia's here, but, argh, my head.

Nadia: Yeah, um..... I got into the wrong caravan... Sorry!

Peter: Wow... so smart of you...

(Arrtle Breaks into the room)

Arrtle: Arrgghhhhh! You mateys we're looking for treasure!

Amy: Eso es super radical (CONF) La verda encontre un Djembe

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