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Blainley: This season were back on the famous toxic dumping ground called camp wawanaka with all the losers from past seasons ready to be set lose on the extreme challenges, if there legal we don't know? but all we do now is that drama is returning to the island this season. All new challenges and All returning campers, with some new faces to spice things up, they're competing for $1,000,000 but only 1 will win only here on Total..... Drama...... Rewind!!!

Interactions,You may edit:


Ivy and Inca

Drake and Ivy

Cameron and Noah


Lightning and Ifraid

Ivy and Monroe

Madd and Monroe

Drake and Monroe (One-sided On Her Side)



Drake and Monroe

Episode List:

Episode 1 - Arrivals and Departures

Episode 2 - Complete Cooking Catastrophe

Episode 3 - Defiantly Not Californian Surfing

Episode 4 - The Electrifying Truth

Episode 5 - Survival Of The Fittest

Episode 6 - Survival Of The Fittest Pt. 2

Episode 7 - Not A Normal Scavenger Hunt 

Episode 8 - Can You Chow Down !?!


No Swearing but Crap, Damn ect. is alright to use. **** are ok to use.

No godplay.

Once your eliminated you can only come back if the host has asked you to.

If your inactive your character will either be eliminated or put back on sign ups.

If you are not available to play then leave a message on my talk page Liamliamliam.

Only the host can be in bold.

No double posting (only allowed in dialog) 

Immunity idol is available in this camp.

Lastly HAVE FUN!!

Fighting Scorpions:

Bridgette - Berryleaf

Duncan - Totaldramamike13

Monroe - Hot-Headed Photograpic Freak - Liamliamliam

Inca - Two-Faced Tactical Girl - Liamliamliam

Lightning - Thefinnlink

Sierra - Thefinnlink

Zoey - Totaldramamike13

Jo - Thefinnlink

Mike - Juantheawsom

The No-Names:

Noah - Franky494

Miah - The conspiracy geek - Thefinnlink

Courtney - Berryleaf

Dawn - CoGreen2.0

Cameron - Franky494

Ann Maria - Berryleaf

Trent - XrosHearts

Cody - Berryleaf

Izzy - Totaldramamike13

Xavier - Pokemon Fan & Scary Storyteller - LIG

Ifraid - The Wikia User

Heather - CoGreen2.0


Tyler - TrentFan 1st 

Lindsay - LIG 2nd/3rd

Sawyer - The Teenage Movie Star - Thefinnlink 2nd/3rd

Jigglypuff - LIG (but she lives around the place) 4th

Drake -  Down to Earth Nice guy - Liamliamliam (Me) 5th

Gwen - LIG 6th

Madison (Madd) - The Likable Guy 7th

Alejandro - Berryleaf 8th

Owen - Juantheawsom 9th

Ivy - The Stylish and Beautyful One - Liamliamliam 10th

Everyone else but Ifraid - people that don't play Ifraid ?th

Pre Chat:

Blainley: Contestants can talk here until the competion starts.

Gwen: ....

Blainley: Hi Gwen welcome to total drama rewind

Ifraid: hello.

Blainley: Welcome Ifraid anything you want to say.

Episode 1 - Arrivals and Departures. 

Hi Guys Talk here until the challenge starts

Ifraid: so why so quiet

Drake: Who Knows *Starts Making Out With Monroe*

Ifraid: umm (CONF) so first one in the confession so hello.

Leader Challenge:

Blainley: Leader Challenge - Run around the island to the finish line, 8 lines to complete. 3 leaders are available. Go!!!

Trent: *runs*

Ifraid: *runs*

Jigglypuff: *runs, along with her microphone*

Gwen: *runs*

Lindsay: *runs*

Monroe: *Runs With Drake* [1]

Ifraid: *keeps running* (2) </li>

Ifraid: *still runs* (3)

Monroe: *Still Runs and takes a picture of Ivy with Inca* [2]

Inca: *Runs* [1]

Ivy: *Runs* [1]

Lightning: outta the way suckas Lightning is here to win SHA-BAM *sprints* [2]

Jo: Whatever you uber jock *runs* [1]

Sawyer: Hey guys this is just like Mega-Droid 4 where i had to run away from the epic robot right before i got killed

Jo: Don't let that ego hit you on the way out hot shot

Ifraid: *runs and throws a rock at lightning's eye*

Trent: *runs

Monroe: * Continues Running * [3]

Blainley: Current Status - 1st Ifraid 2nd Monroe, 3rd Lightning and Jo and Trent. 

Ifraid: *runs faster* [5]

Lightning: *doges* Lightning won't let some wanna be athlete win get ready for the Lightning SHA-BOOOOOM *runs faster* [4] (Lightning don't like that wierd I'm Afraid guy he major competition i'm afraid get ready to see your momma again SHA-LIGHTNING

Jo: wow two geeks going at it fun *runs* [2]

Sawyer: WOW this is so much fun just like when i had go pretend to get stoned for Big Time Bachilors *dosent run* [0] 

Monroe: IM NOT LOSING THIS *RUNS ( Punches Ivy HARD!)* [4] (CONF): Allinces are key for making the final, i already have that lovestruck loser Drake, but who else?

Ivy: YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT! (Falls over) (CONF): That Tactical little Ahhhh, Ow my eye, She is going down!

Blainley: Current Stats - 1st Ifraid, 2nd Monroe and Lightning, 3rd Trent and Jo. This is hotting up to be a great dramatic challenge.

Inca: Helps Ivy up. *Runs with her* [2](CONF): Monroe needs... to get... a grip. </li>

Ifraid: *throws a giant boulder lightning's size at lightning, then runs* quiet runner up. (6)

Blainley: Oops it is 7 lines to finish, Hehe sorry bout that.

Monroe: almost there [5]

Inca: *Runs with Ivy* [3]

Drake: *Trips Ivy* (CONF): I'm really sorry Ivy Monroe forced me to Please dont hate me.

Ivy: *Falls* Oww *Tears run down her face* *She runs away crying*

Drake: Ohh God!

Ifraid: *finsishes* yes! (7)

Monroe: *RUNS* [6]

Blainley: Congrats Ifraid your the first team captain. You have time to decide your teams name and color. Don't post anything as it is part of the second challenge.

Monroe: *Finishes* Haha i finished and crushed a competitor great day

Blainley: Great Monroe is the 2nd team captain. 1 more to go!

Mike: oh man im far away this calls for Stevlana Mike turns into Stevlana and catches up to the other people

Ifraid: hmm I guess only 1 more spot.

Blainley: Recent Stats - Lightning, Inca, Jo and Trent still have a chance to be a captain. Mike could but needs to speed up

Ifraid: hmm I think it's gonna be Jo.

Inca: *Runs* [4]

Drake: Ahh Crap *Runs after Ivy* 

Monroe: What do you think your doing * Chases him*

Ifraid: hmm I should slow someone down but who? I know! *tries to set up a ball shaped boulder trap*

Courtney: *runs* (1)

Bridgette: *runs* (1)

Inca: *Runs* [5]

Monroe: GET BACK HERE DRAKE *She leaps across the trees and catches him*

Drake: Get off me, I want to break up

Monroe: *She lets go of him* No... I wont let you!

Drake: Deal With it *He runs after Ivy* 

Monroe: (CONF): He will come crawling back.

Bridgette: *runs* (2)

Courtney: *runs* (2)

Inca: *Runs* [6] *she trips over* ahhh... Oww my ankle (CONF): Great now i can't be a team leader *Grunts*

Courtney: *runs*  (3)

Bridgette: *runs* (3)


Jo: Hmm lets see if i can pull a cameron on this jock *Hops on lightning back* [6]

  • Lightning and Jo arrive

Jo: Yeah Wa-hoo its a tie.

Blainley: Fine we will spin thhis wheel whoevers face it lands on will be a captain. *She spins the wheel* dunn dunn dunn... * It Lands on ........ JO!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Challenge: Team Finding!

Blainley: Today the 3 leaders have to search for people that they want to be on their team. Their hid all around the island it takes a line to find a person. Contestants who aren’t team captains have to stay quiet but can post a line but it has to be a muffled sentence (To show your active). When your team has 8 people then you team is finished.Then pick a name and color then I will rate your team names. To win you have to have 8 people and have the best team name. You get an advantage of points if you assemble your team faster. 3...2…1… GO!!!

Jo: easy as pie *searches in out house and finds lindsay*i found the dizt

Monroe: GPS dont let me down, ok Inca is over... Here *Finds Ivy* Damn this thing is messed up!

Ivy: Ohh CRAP!!!!!

Ifraid: hmm *searches behind a bush and finds dawn* hmm not very good spot.

Monroe: Ok, lets check *Checks chefs fridge* Duncan?! (CONF): Oh Yeah someone good i could have a winning team on my hands *Jumps up and down happily* GIVE ME THE TAPE Oh how do you open this thing * shakes the confesson tape* DAMN!

Ifraid: *randomly teleports to heaven and finds drake* umm. (CONF): who in the world hides in heaven -_-.

Monroe:* looks under the bed * Jigglypuff!  O_O (CONF): *Falls Over with a face* O_O

Jo: *looks in the closet in girls cabin and finds Mike and Zoey making out* ummmm i'll leave you two alone *closes door* (conf) great a ditz and two love birds why do I get all the losers if only I could get someone as dreamy as Trent thats the whole reason I signed up for this show but noo i get Lindsey WAIT GIMMIE THE TAPE GIMMIE THE TAPE *punchs camera*

Lightning: (conf) *there is no picture only sound* Lightning still can't belive that some girl cheated lightning out of the team captain role no one chaets the lightning SHA-BOOM

Trent: (CONF) I don't know if I'll be on a good team.

Ifraid: hmm I wonder who is in the confession. *looks on confession and finds Trent* O-o.

Monroe: *finds Lighning* Ohhh GODDDDD (CONF): My team is coming along great *facepalms*

Ifraid: *looks in TLC and finds Owen*

Monroe: *Looks in the girls cabin* no-ones here *Izzy jumps off the roof with bridgette* ahh hello izzy and bridgette *Izzy Runs away* Bridgette your with me.

Ifraid: *Finds Izzy in the nether* what the (CONF) what in the world how did she and I get here?

Monroe:*Finds Courtney*

Jo: *runs into forest* hmm wher could someone be.... *looks up and sees tyler stuck in a bunch of vines* great now i have the loser jock

Monroe: Just 2 more. umm where is she, i got it EEEEEE *Runs into the forest and finds inca planting a black rose plant* You do this for FUN. (CONF): FAIL. thats it

Ifraid: *find Xsaivor in the 9001th dimension* errr.

Monroe: *Finds Gwen and Noah on Skatoony* How the hell did i get here. anyway i can only take one of you 2. umm Gwen your with me

Jo: (conf)so i was in the forest when suddenly i look up and BAM the loser jock was in some vines he tells me that he thought hiding in the trees was a good idea and he could just swi....*hears a sneeze* wait what was that *hears another one looks in the toilet and sees cody* WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING YOU PERVY LITTLE SON OF A ***** YOU ARE SO ******* DEAD YOU EVIL LITTLE ******

Ifraid: *is randomly at skatoony and sees Noah* how did I get here.

Monroe: Yeah were here 1st wait is Drake here

  • Her team shakes their heads


Ifraid: *finds Ann Maria behind the mirror from SM64(DS)* crazy stuff but I'm second place at least.

Jo: *covered in blood* oh man i need a shower *goes to shower and finds Dawn meditating* what are you do......SIGH nevermind * gets in shower then a hand reaches over and Jo screams grabs a towel and then runs out right into Sawyer*(conf) so to sum it up i have a ditz two lovebirds a loser jock a perv miss psycho and some washed up movie star whoo go team

Courtney: *in shower* hey whos over there i need some shampoo

Chat: (Talk here until elimination tomorrow):

Sawyer: (conf) soo i saw Jo nude and my eyes don't burn hmm

Jigglypuff: (CONF) Jiggly jiggly puff jiggly puff *puffs up, in an angry expression* PUFF! (That Jo makes me so.........MAD!)

Gwen: *along with duncan, jigglypuff, jo, dawn, lightning & courtney* You know, these challenges will get much more complicated.

Lindsay: *points to jigglypuff* Are you Tyler?

Jigglypuff: Puff? Jiggly jiggly puff? (Tyler? Who's Tyler?)

Duncan: I can't understand what that little balloon puffball said?

Gwen: *corrects duncan* Her name is Jigglypuff, and she says she doesn't know who Tyler is?

Monroe: How do you know that?

Team Names and Colors: (Pt.2)

Monroe: Our color is orange

Ifraid: our team color is green

Monroe: Our name is the Fighting Scorpions

Jo: well third place i lost and i got aloser team but...i guess mebbie i can whip them into shape soo how about RED just like the color of my enemys blood  and we will be THE KILLER OLYMPIANS

Blainley: Ifraid you got a name?

Ifraid: umm no so I guess our team is no name.

Blainley: Ok then 

==Elimination Ceremony 1: The Killer Olympians==

Blainley: Hi guys time to vote off your loser! Zoey, Mike and Izzy have immunity as they have a new user on short notice

Ifraid: so I guess Jo Lightning Lindsay Saywer and Tyler may be voted.

Blainley: Yes and this time everyone can vote from all teams. Lightning isnt because he isn't on their team.

Jo, Lindsay Saywer, Tyler and Cody can be voted for.

Monroe: (CONF): Cody, Too nice

Drake: (CONF): Sawyer, That guy is freaky

Inca: (CONF): oh-no i don't want to vote anyone, umm i guess Tyler for not helping

Ivy: (CONF): Tyler, didn't do anything, dead weight people are no help.

Jo: (CONF) i vote for that pervert cody hes dead weight

Sawyer: (CONF) i don't like that Jo because i saw her boobs and they were as ugly as crap but shes the best we got sooo i guess tyler wow a real elimination just like in my early days in Dewey the andriod

Ifraid: *looking mini screan that is powered by a a mini camera at the confession* what did he just say?

Lightning:(CONF) I vote for Jo she cheated me out of being the captain SHA-BYE BYE

Ifraid: *screams in mega microphone that is connected to mini screen* YOUR NOT ON THIS TEAM!

Lightning: (CONF) Who said that hmm anyway the way i see it is that me and that duncan are the only guys on this team and pretty soon those girls are gonna vote us out hmm i dunno *looks in toilet* oh look some chocolate SHA-YUMMY 

Ifraid: *in mega microphone* THAT'S NOT CHOCOLATE!

Lightning: *eats it and then pukes* ohhh that wasn't chocolate sha-nasty

Ifraid: (CONF) warned him.

Linsay: (CONF) I gotta vote for Jo, cuz she'll pester us in this island

Ifraid: (CONF) Hmm tttt Tyler.

Blainley: This year we have a new friend called THE RAFT, I know not very dramatic but you get the picture. The loser boards a raft and falls down this waterfall. We’re giving out popcorn, POPCORN great idea [Face palms]. Anyway you could find something in the bottom who knows they could be good or bad, the loser who doesn’t receive one is out. Like always.

Blainley: Popcorn goes to Zoey, Mike, Izzy, Sawyer, Lindsay. Jo and Tyler you guys got a lot of votes but the person safe is................................................. JO! sorry Tyler you have been eliminated.

*Tyler Boards the raft and leaves*

Any last words?

Episode 2 - Complete Cookin Catastrophe!

Blainley: the winning team receive a special surprise. Spin the wheel Monroe it land on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6?

  • Monroe spins the wheel and it lands on 4* 

Blainley: 4!!!! That means you get SIERRA!


Sierra: Hey guys is cody on your team you better give me my hubby blainly or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monroe: YESSSS 9 people on my team we gonna win this challenge.

Bridgette: Yeah we are!

Inca: Thats the spirit

Blainley: Cody is on the killer olympians, and i think i'm doing him a favor.


Blainley: Before we start vote for the camper you want out of the debuts corner.

Ifraid: so what does that mean?

Vote for the person you want to have with you in camp. 

Madd, Michael, Nicki or Miah

Ifraid: hmm Miah.

Courtney: Maddie.

Inca: Madd

Monroe: Nicki

Drake: Madd

Ivy: Madd

Jo: Nicki


Sawyer:hmm this miah sounds cool like huter from Galaxy War 8

Sierra: I vote for CODY!!!!!

Blainley: Looks like it will be madd. but i will let the other campers have more time.

Dawn: Miah's arua is unusual, i have to study it.

Blainley: Current Rankings 1st Madd and Miah, 2nd Nicki and 3rd (Who won't be coming in) Michael

Blainley: Looks like both Miah and Madd will be debuting (CONF): this is not good for my career as host *facepalms* ok Madd is with the Fighting Scorpians and Miah is with the No-Names.

Ifraid: (CONF) this is gonna be longer with Miah and Madd. So who thinks there gonna be in merge.

Challenge 2:

Blainley: Now onto the Challenge, Todays challenge is to create a 3 course meal for me to judge. Whichever team gains the most points will win. All the ingredients are here on the island so you need to find your own ingredients. Ready Steady Cook! (It takes 1 line to find an ingredient and takes 2 lines to create a course; you need 3 ingredients to make a course. and you need 3 courses.)

Monroe: Yes i found a ingredient.

Blainley: Ohh not everyone needs indervidual ingredients, the team needs 3 all together to make a course.

Ifraid: hmm what to make.

Monroe: another 1 yes.

Inca: Yes The last ingredient.

Ivy: Prepares Meal 1 [1]

Ifraid: *finds an ingrediant* yes.

Ivy: Prepares meal 1 [2]

Ifraid: *finds another ingredient*

Drake: yes the last one.

Dawn: Prepares meal 1 [1]

Ifraid: *finishes meal one* yes

Drake: Ingredient!

Ivy: Yeah Another 1

Dawn: 2 Down 1 to go

Inca: Just 1 more now!

Ifraid: *finds ingeridiant* yes

Dawn: Prepares meal 2 [1]

Madd: The last ingredient!

Monroe: Makes meal 2 [1]

Drake: *Finishes* [2]

Ivy: Finished [2]

Ifraid: *finds ingeridiant* yes

Drake: Yeah Ingredient

Ivy: Yes another 1 down

Inca: 1 more left now *Finds Ingredient* 

Dawn: OMG, Last 1.

Madd: Yeah, No more ingredients now

Blainley: Teams are neck and neck, well apart from the Olympians* looks over to Jo and she shrugs her shoulders* ok then

Ifraid: *prepares final meal*

Inca: *Makes meal 3* [1]

Drake and Monroe finish their meals at the same time.

Blainley: Lets taste them!

Ifraid: *hands our meal to Blainley* here is our me- *looks below and finds out that I hurt my foot* ****

Blainley: Ok then lets taste it *She takes a bite* OMG this is so bland, errm 6

Monroe: Heres our starter *Blainley Takes a bite*

Blainley: ewww 4

Monroe: How DARE YOU SAY THAT! *She walks away* 

Blainley: Does The Killer Olympians have a dish *Jo Shakes her Head*

Ifraid: So is the Olympians up for elimination?

Blainley: It looks like it. No-Names win


-- Elimination Ceremony 2 - Killer Olympians --

From now on everyone gets to vote at every elimination. Tonight is a DOUBLE elimination. time to vote, up for vote are: 

Jo, Cody, Zoey, Mike, Lindsay and Sawyer. 

Inca: Lindsay Sorry

Monroe: Jo

Drake: Mike

Ivy: Sawyer

Dawn: Sawyer 

Ifraid: (CONF) Lindsay.

Mike;Sorry Sawyer (sorry havent been active)

Zoey: (CONF) Sawyer

Izzy: (CONF) Lindsay

Lightning:(CONF) So The Lightning won yeah SHA-BAM well even though that Jo is a threat i have to vote for lindsey she dosen't do anything but nothing besides who likes blonds anyway SHA-NASTY

Jo:(CONF) Even though that pervert Cody needs to go if i vote for him his physco girlfriend will kill me so i have to vote for lindsey she is dead weight for us

Sierra:(CONF) *squeezing cody really hard* WELL I AM SO EXCITED I FOUND MY HUSBAND EEEEEEEEEE so anyway i vote for Jo i don't think she likes my codikins

Cody: *being sqeezed* help me

Sawyer:(CONF) I feel really good about tonight I think everyone likes me well except for Jo so shes gotta go HEHE just like that line from Sky Ninjas where topher is like "snos gotta go" HA

Miah:(CONF)I vote for lindsey anyone with boobs that big has to be an alien it is a fact

Ifraid: *into the mega micro phone connected to mini screen connected into mini cam in confession* NO.

Cody. (CONF) Mike!

Madd: (CONF) Mike

Blainley: Ok Popcorn goes to Jo, Cody, Zoey and................. MIKE. Sorry Sawyer and Lindsay but your boarding the raft. Thats it from us here for today, stay tuned for more TOTAL...DRAMA...REWIND

Ifraid: I wonder where this mini screen came from.

Episode 3: Defiantly Not Californian Surfing

Blainley: No-Names you guys get..... Heather!

Heather: Your going DOWN.

Xavier: Pffft...Yeah, right!

Jigglypuff: Jiggly! (You should be!)

Gwen: *with cody, sierra & courtney* Jigglypuff, what are you doing?

Jigglypuff: Puff! (An audience!) *pulls out her microphone, and starts to sing*

Gwen: WAIT!! *her eyelids grows heavy* I'd rather if you...didnt...sing,...........too late *collapses*

Xavier: *collapses also*

Madd: What the  *Collaspes*

Ivy: Oh God *Tries to run but collaspes*

Monroe: O_O *Collasped*

Drake: *Runs Away*

Jo: *puts in earplugs* HA

Miah: what are y........*collapes*

Lightning: no one beats the lightning SHA-ZZZZZZ *falls asleep*


Ifraid: I has ear plugs too.

Duncan: Jiggle stop it my ears havent hurt this bad since trent sang first season! *Falls down sleepy*

Zoey: Uhhh MIKE! *Collapses*

Izzy: Hey guys i'll saver you!!!! *begins hoiwling* DID IT WORK oh gosh *sleeps

Ifraid: if you don't stop Jigglypuff I'll get a fighting type Pokemon.


Ifraid: no he is not a fight he's a electric how about hitmontop.

Mike; OHHHHHHH no turns to stevlana cathes  Zoey and puts her back

Ifraid: umm so *gets a hitmontop and he uses a fighting move on Jigglypuff* super effected

Jigglyuff: *stops singing, and sees almost everyone asleep, puffs up angrilly* JIGGLY!! *hops over, uses her marker, draws on everyones faces, storms off the camp, as a result, quitting*

Cody: What's going on?

Bridgette: Most people are alseep.

Courtney: Quite so.

Jigglypuff: *sings one more time*

Zoey: thanks Mike, CONF: dont you feel that mike over reacts to much??

Izzy: Jumps on a tree and stares at cody

Duncan: *Punchs Jigglypuff and makes her faint*

Jigglypuff: *ko'ed, with swirls in her eyes, moments later, gets up, storms off to the raft & leaves*

Duncan: did i just eliminate someone?

Blainley: yeah i think so?

Gwen: Actually she put all of us to sleep when she sings, stormed off the set, and says that she quits!

Ifraid: and she drew on your faces .-.


Miah:ZZZZZZ (Conf) so i think that thing was an plutopian alien that has a gland that releases a special sleeping gas thats why he made us sleep it makes sense also she put a hitler musthache on my face

Lightning: *in sleep with lightning bolt on forehead* SHA-BAM

Sierra: *in sleep with spot on her eye and a puupy tounge* CODY ZZZZ WHERES MY CODY ZZZZZ CODY!!!!!

Cody: What?

Courtney: To make sure she doesn't come back and make me fall asleep. *pulls out bazooka and blows jigglypuff into 1 million pieces. *dusts hands off* There. That's better.

Ifraid: umm where you get that teammate. (CONF): at least there is some drama going on here so my team is the "only" team that hasn't lost a member.

Courtney: I found it in a cave. Nobody should mess with me.

Ifraid: umm ok?

Courtney: If the title is meant to say "Definetly Not Californian Surfing" its spelled wrong. I am defiant, if that's what it is. Anyways, let's GET ON WITH IT!

Bridgette: No need to yell.


Ifraid: wait. I don't think you were suppose to know the title, so I guess you broke the 4th wall or maybe the 3rd wall (wait what?)

Blainley: I'm ok with it this time, again and 1 strike to your name!


Blainley: Ok onto the challenge. Today's challenge is a surfing contest, TO THE MAX. You have to get through this course, first the waves of death, then dodge the Sharks and finally go as fast as you can and get shot out of this volcano. (Each obstacle takes 5 lines to complete) Enjoy! Oh and everyone will win a prize today cause i'm just that nice.

Monroe: Yeah this is actually fun. [1]

Ivy: Damn this! [1]

Drake: Lighten up Ivy. [1]

Gwen: Cheer up, Ivy! [1]

Xavier: Yeah [1]

Duncan: *Surfs Up!* (1)

Zoey: WOO HOO (1)

Izzy: hye guys watch what i can do! *talks like a dolphin* *Dolphins begin To give her a ride* (1)

Miah: HEY IZZY ARE YOU AN ALIEN? *rides* [1]

Sierra: *grabs cody* lets go cody we are gonna win WHOO HOO *rides* [1]

Lightning: lightning strikes SHA-BAM *rides* [2]

Jo: you guys are seriously mental *grabs board but then they all fall on her and knock her out for the whole challenge*

Lightning: *gets knocked off-setback* WHOA

Ifraid: umm. *surfs*

Gwen: *surfs with a mime jr on top of her head*

Xavier: *surfs while meditating* (CONF: Always clean your anger & stay as calm as a snorlax)

Lightning: *gets back on board* SHA-READY to go

Miah: *surfs* (CONF) Ireally think that izzy is an alien i mean she talks to dolphins and wears green what more do you need to tell

Ifraid: *throws a big rock at Lightning awhile surfing*

Monroe: uhh i'm wet DAMN! [2]

Drake: ok im still surfing YEAH [2]

Mika; yay

Ifraid: and I stabatoged lightning. *surfs-*

Inca: *Surfs* [1]

Monroe: *surfs* [3]

Ivy: *Gasps* My HAIR IS WET !!!! [2] This is it Im DONE *Walks to her Cabin*

Blainley: (CONF): Before you ask yes i can use the confessional, ok so Jigglypuff quit, Jo's got a concussion and Ivy had a Tamtrum. HAHA i love my job!

Ivy: *In the Cabin* Ahhh... this is AWFUL. (CONF): Should i quit, i really don't know? 

Ifraid: *surfs* so close

Inca: *Twistes her ankle* NOT AGAIN!!!

Ifraid: *gets past waves of death and surfs dodging sharks*

Lightning: *doges rock and throws and ugly monster at ifraid and then surfs*

Miah: *surfs*

Sierra:*using cody as a paddle* I have to win this for cody

Cody: *surfs*

Anne Maria: *surfs*

Courtney: *surfs*

Bridgette: *surfs*

Ifraid: *sees the ugly monster hit Bridgette instead and surfs, then grabs 2 sharks and throws it a lightning*

Duncan: *Surfs*

Zoey: *surfs*

Izzy *surfs*

Lightning: *grabs the two sharks and throw them at Heather and trows a octopus at ifraid and surfs more making it to the next part*

Miah: *surfs*

Ifraid: hmm *gets on a wave to avoid the octopus, then throws a 1 second TNT at everyone who is not on my team, then surfs* lol

Sierra: *gets hit by a wave and then surfs*

Lightning:*doges TNT and thorws rabid monkey clones at all of Ifraids team*

Sierra: *hits monkey with cody*

Miah: WOAH *grabs monkey* hey lil fella how are yo-AHHH *monkey starts attcking him*

Monroe: Where the hell are you getting this stuff

Drake: *Surfs* [3]

Please use [] and () so i can record how far you are easier thanks.

Inca: (CONF): I really need to take more care of my ankle, i should go check Ivy.

Jo:*wakes up* what my team is losing no not again *attaches outboard motor to surfboard and surfs*




Jo:*gets hit by a huge wave*

Jo:* lies flat on board under wave surfs*

Jo:*makes it to next part surfs* [6]




Jo:*gets attacked by sharks*

Jo:* punchs sharks surfs*[10]

Jo:*makes it to next part surfs*



Jo: *falls off board but manages to grab hold*


Jo:*surfs and gets launched out of volcano* WHOO-HOO i win

Blainley: Ok then The Killer Olympians win. (Hahahahaha)

Ifraid: so loser team wins *monkey falls into lava, surfs, then presses a button that blows up all of the Killer Scorpians* (2.4)

Blainley: time to start voting

Elimination Ceremony:

Ok you can vote for anyone apart from the Olympians. Voting Time

Jo:(CONF) I vote for noah he has done nothing since we started but sit around and read

Lightning:(CONF) i vote for that i'm afraid guy he gets on the lightnings nerves SHA-BYE BYE

Sierra:(CONF) i vote for that boyfriend stealer gwen she might try to take my codykins

Miah:(CONF) I pick anne maria anyone with a war tank type hair is an government robot it has been confrimed

Ifraid: (CONF) I vote lightning he is so annoying and keeps saying "sha" for no reason worse than trololol.

Madd: (CONF): I vote Lightning 

Ivy: (CONF): Courtney, i just don't like her

Inca: (CONF): Drake had g2g

Drake: (CONF): Ivy, Girl needs to get a grip!

Monroe: (CONF): Ifraid is a MAJOR threat, he needs to go

Gwen: (CONF) I vote for lightning, cuz he's annoying

Mime Jr: *copying gwen's actions*

Xavier: (CONF) I vote that annoying lightning!

Ifraid: (CONF) I have a feeling lightning voted me, but others who think he is annoying voted Lightning.

Blainley: And the votes are in... the person going home is ..................................................NO ONE, haha suckers no one is voted out since jiggly left. 

Episode 4: The Electrifying Truth:

Talk here after elimination.

Ifraid: great now that annoying lightning is still in .-.

Lightning: *to Ifraid in private* I think that you are a threat but if we could put aside our fightin we could destroy all of these loser i can take you to the final 5 but we also would need more people in our allince mebbie you could get some?

Blainley: Ok Team Olympians is no more. Have fun 

Scorpian Newbies: Zoey, Jo, Mike. With Cameron.

No-Name Newbies: Izzy, Cody. With Owen and Alejandro

Mike:wait we are seperating

Gwen: Weird!

Blainley: Also do we have anybody who would like to switch from their team?

Lightning: The lightning will move so i won't be on the same team as that cheater Jo SHA-MOVIN

Blainley: Your not moving someone from the No-Names is moving to... you know what no-one moves teams. Ok the challenge


Blainley: Todays challenge is a truth sharing contest, everyone takes a turn through this truth machine oh and it electrocutes you if you lie so there is no evading the truth. The only way to win is to confess the most shocking secret. If you want to avoid the machine just confess them now!

 Mike:i i i dont realy like Zoey *steps trough

Owen:one day i ate poop i thought it was choclate *steps

Ifraid: umm I mistaked a Dr Pepper as Cococola (seriously this happened to me in real life) *steps through*

Gwen: I'm allergic to eucalyptus *steps through* (I've seen that episode in TDTW)

Xavier: I'm not very good at drawing pokemon! *steps through* (BTW that was the truth)

Miah: I wet the bed *steps through*

Lightning: The Lightning has 14 Toes *steps through*

Jo: I am Lesbian and proud of it *steps through*

Sierra: I have a shrine for cody in my closet *steps through*

Bridgette: I I don't wanna say that one. I once won a surfing championship! *steps through*

Ifraid: wow lightning you need learn to count you only got 10 toes in all.

Blainley: Looks like no-one wants to go in the machine, *looks to Monroe, Inca, Ivy, Drake and Madd*

Monroe: Fine, i love to take photo's

Drake: I'm not saying anything

Madd: Alright, i have a blog online that tells people how the characters on TD really are!

Inca: You traitor your going home... (CONF): Ok she is next of this island 

Ivy: I have zits but i use make-up to hide them

Blainley: Ok this... is AWSOME. Anyway the winners are the No-Names so Scorpians time to vote

Elimination Ceremony: The Fighting Scorpians

Blainley: Hey Guys first time your here. The No-Names, Jo and Mike have immunity. so everyone else can be voted for. Have fun

Monroe: The traitor Madd, got to go.

Inca: i wanted to be her friend, who knows what else she has entered on that site. Madd sorry

Drake: I vote for myself.

Ivy: Drake isn't worth anything, Goodbye!

Madd: i think i have made great friends with everyone, i vote Cameron

Iffraid: (CONF) lightning was so annoying,I decided to vote for him.

Jo: I vote for that Duncan he is so pointless

Sierra:I vote for Monroe i think she wants to take my cody

Lightning:so since me and i'm afraid are in an alliance i guess i will vote for Inca she has done nothing

Miah: I think that Gwen is an alien so i vote for her

Bridgette: Gwen leaves. Get her home.

Duncan: (CONF) Id vote for jo but i vote madd

Zoey: (CONF) i vote for Drake

Blainley: I'll let the other campers have a chance to vote. (Elimination Tomorrow!)

Blainley: The votes have been cast, the safe campers are Ivy, Monroe, Inca, Duncan, Jo, Lightning, Zoey, Mike, Sierra, Cameron, Bridgette and Gwen. The last popcorn bag goes to ............................................................. ME. Both Drake and Madd are gone. Say goodbye.

Madd: Hahahaha (Laughs Creepily) That's what you think Mildred i have the Immunity idol so it looks like Drake and Gwen have to leave. 

Blainley: O_o (CONF): Ok she is gone next before she posts about me. (NON-CONF) Dammit ok then those are the rules UNFORTUNATLY. (Idk how to spell that soz) Goodbye to Gwen and Drake. 

Any Last Words?

Ifraid: wait drake is on my team.

Blainley: Technically he quit as he voted for himself (sorry i wanted less characters) but since you want someone Madd switch teams

Madd: K


Madd: *In the Woods* Ok where is it, Yeah. You are going to pay Scorpians BADLY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Inca: *Overhears* Crap...

Ifraid: *in the nether* ok there must be another one. Wait I think I fo- wait that's a decoy let's keep on

Duncan: Whispers to Zoey "hey zoey me adn you should alline How bout it?

Zoey: Sure can i trust you?

Duncan: definately!

Jo: *overhears* Hey guys can i join if not i will beat you guys up!

Anne Maria: Doodoodoodoodoo *dances off a cliff*

Cody: Medic! Anne Maria's dying!

Bridgette: Its funny though.


Courtney: Can I use my bazookas?

Miah: NOOO if shes possesed and you kill her the host ghost will posses you!!!!

Bridgette: You know what else can posess you and steal your soul? The Tails Doll!

Miah: Actually the correct term is the Tails Talis

Lindsay: Are you Tyler....?

Xavier: Lindsay!!

(that night, xavier is telling a scary story)

Blainley: It's ok she is resting in Med care over there *Points over to her* and Lindsay you got eliminated days ago.

Inca: I really don't know whats happening

Monroe: Don't tell any stories *Puts her fingers in her ears* Lalalalalallalalalalallalalala *Tries to take her fingers out* Oh crap there stuck.

Xavier: Once the boy was possesed, he was never seen again!

Miah: HEY how do you know my brother!!!!!

Ifraid: *comes out from the nether portal* hey guys I randomly found a fake immunity idol.

Courtney: *watches videos of the tails doll*

Monroe: (CONF): yeah finally Drake is gone and i'm finally a single pringle, i wonder if i could get another boyfriend to be with. Not like i want to be with Trent or anything! Damn it *Blushes* GIVE ME THE TAPE oh how does this thing OPEN *punches the camera*

Cody: *sees courtney watching tails doll videos* BOO!

Courtney: AHHHH!! *kicks cody*

Cody: *flies into door*

Blainley: Since Ann is hurt she has immunity

Episode 5: Survival of the fittest.

Blainley: *Drops all the contestants into the forest* Hello campers, todays challenge is to find your way back to camp. You have to survive here for tonight and meet here in the morning. The best option to survive is to get together with friends. Oh… and teams are dissolved for this challenge so your team don’t have to help you! The 3 winners gets immunity, and the last 6 people will be put up for vote. At Midnight you will vote for 1 camper to go, and another in the morning.(It takes 7 lines to get to a sleeping site.) (If you don't get to camp before midnight then you cannot vote!) Well Start running!

[8.30 PM]

Monroe: Yeah come on [1]

Miah: *drinks some alien blood then runs* (CONF) everyone knows that alien blood is a great energy booster(1)

Madd: Yuck the forest

Monroe: Get on with it 

Madd: Fine!!! [1]

Jo: *runs* (1)

Lightning: *runs* (1)

Miah: *runs* (2)

Ivy: Poor Gwen i wish she was here *Runs* [1]

Inca: *Runs* [1]

Trent: *runs*

Madd: *Runs* [2]

Monroe: *Runs* [2]

[9.00 PM]

Trent: *runs*

Ifraid: *runs*

Jo: *runs* (2)

Lightning: *runs* (2)

Miah: *runs* (3)

Trent: *runs*

Ifraid: *runs*

Monroe: *Runs* [3]

Madd: *Runs* [3]

[9.30 PM]

Monroe: Halfway there can you catch me Madd [4]

Madd: Shut it! [4]

Inca: YAY *Runs* [2]

Trent: *runs*

Jo: *runs* (3)

Lightning: *runs* (3)

Miah: *runs* (4)

Dawn: *runs* Quick my forest friends. Let us go!

Heather: *runs* No way dork!

Ivy: Thats not nice *Helps a animal hurry up* There you go! *Runs* [2]

Monroe: *Runs* By Madd hope the door dosn't *Runs into a door* O_o Why is a door here? [5]

Madd: *Trips into a mud puddle* Damn it! *Runs* [5]

Trent: *runs*

Monroe: *Runs* [6]

Ivy: *Runs* [3]

Jo: *runs* (4)

Lightning: *runs* (4)

Miah: *runs* (5)

Inca: *Runs* [3]

Madd: *Runs* [6]

Dawn: *picks up a rabbit* Do you know the way? *listens to the rabbit and runs* (2)

Heather: Move! *runs* (2)

Ifraid: *runs*

[10 PM]

Jo: *runs* (5)

Lightning: *runs* (5)

Miah: *runs* (6)

Ifraid: *runs and throws a boulder at Jo*

Heather: *runs* (3)

Dawn: *runs* (3)

Ifraid: almost there. *runs*

Heather: *runs* (4)

Dawn: *runs* (4)

Ifraid: so close *runs* (6)

Heather: *runs* Not so fast! (5)

Dawn: Hello Ifraid! Beautiful day for a forest stroll. *runs* (5)

Ifraid: uhh ok. *runs* (7)

Heather: *runs* (6) I'm almost there! Immunity!

Dawn: *getting tired* (6) I need a breath.

[10.30 PM]

Ifraid: *finishes* and I'm the first one to get to a sleeping site.

Heather: *runs* (7) HA! I win immunity! I'm safe! 

Ifraid: no you didn't (you need one more line) *sleeps*

Izzy: Runs*

Zoey: *Runs* (1)

Duncan: (Runs) (1)

(No Double posting in challenges, only in dialog)

Dawn: I can breath now. I'm ready! *runs* (7) I'm here! I did it! 

Xavier: *runs* (1)

Monroe: Yeah *Runs* [7] I'm here! 

Madd: Yes i'm here [7] oh i'm too late for immunity, at least i can vote

Blainley: And the 3 winners are Heather, Dawn and Ifraid. Monroe and Madd can vote, the rest of you guys hurry up! You guys at the campsite can vote and get ready for sleeping.

[11.00 PM]

Monroe: *Yawns* i need to vote before i go to sleep

Dawn: That sounds like a good idea.

Monroe: Time to get some shut eye *Goes to Sleep*

Madd: Never thought i'd say it but your right! *Sleeps*

Inca: Did i make it 

Ivy: Yep thanks to Madd giving us the directions.

Dawn: Nice work guys. We all did great. (sits down to meditate)

Forest Vote:

Blainley: Once you made it to your campsite, you can vote here! Cameron and Noah have immunity too (They have a new user since they were inactive)

Ifraid: (CONF) I vote Jo

Cameron: (CONF) I am voting Mad for being .... ER .... The cause of global warming

Noah: (CONF) Madd is vulnerable now

Monroe: (CONF) Madd is a lying, filthy, dirty, rotten, putrid son of a *Screen goes static and she screams* AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Madd: (CONF) Monroe has to leave

Heather: (CONF) Madd just used his idol. Now he's vulnerable. I vote Madd. 

Dawn: (CONF) Jo is a very angry person. Perhaps it's for the best. *votes Jo*

Inca: (CONF) Xavier.

Ivy: (CONF) i think Jo needs to go... but she could be of help. i vote for Xavier he's weird

Zoey: (CONF) Madd

Duncan: (CONF) Madd

Lightning: (CONF) MADD SHA BYE-BYE!!!!!

Jo: (CONF) i vote for Cody

Sierra: (CONF) i still vote for Gwen

Miah: (CONF) I vote for Jo

Xavier: (CONF) I vote for Madd, cuz i think he's wierd in my opinion!

Blainley: The votes are in and the popcorn goes to Sierra, Cody, Miah, Zoey, Duncan, Mike, Dawn, Heather, Cameron, Noah, Ifraid, Izzy, Al *Hands the rest to everyone but Madd, Jo and Xavier*. You guys got a lot of votes but a popcorn goes to Xavier, the final popcorn goes to Jo. Madd you are gone. 

Madd: *Leaves on the raft* 

Episode 6: Survival Of The Fittest Pt.2


Monroe: (CONF) Yeah i beat Madd finally, he is outta here!

Inca: (CONF) Another one down the raft *Sighs*

Ivy: (CONF) I know i will be the next one down that waterfall, i enjoyed my time here.... sort of

Xavier: (CONF) Who am I kidding, I mean, What am I? Survival Of The Pokemon, *scoffs* Puh-lease!

Ifraid: (CONF) that so called Monroe eliminated one of my teammates or should I call him or her "Moronre"

Heather: (CONF) So long Madd. 

Cody: *walks in a forest*


(Last time on Total Drama Rewind, the campers had to use their survival skills to stay alive in the jungle with no team-mates to help them as the teams are inactive for this challenge.) Now the campers have to find their way back to camp it takes 10 lines to get there. The last 10 are up for elimination tonight, great time to get rid of the idle people. Then you have time to maybe form alliances and friends. You can continue now!

Noah: *Runs* This is so stupid (1)

Cameron: *Runs* SO HARD, HARD *Faints* (1)

Monroe: *Runs* Ahh!... There's a squirrel on my head [1]

Blainley: Ohh yeah... i forget i set some wild animals to chase you if they catch you then your 1 of the 10 campers up for vote.

Ivy: *Runs* Thank god that them animals are normal [1]

Inca: *Runs* Ahh My GOD!! LOOK [1]

Mutated Ezekiel: RAAAAWWWWRRRR!!!!!

Trent: *runs*

Ifraid: *runs*

Mutated Ezekiel: *Chases Trent*

Ifraid: *runs* uh oh.

Cameron: *Walks* (2) (No fair Ifraid, you put your character down twice in a row)

Noah: *Runs* Wimp (2)

Monroe: *Runs* I thought Blainley would've been nicer [2]

Mutant Ezekiel: *Catches Owen*

Inca: *Runs* Ahhh!!! [2]

Cameron: *Runs* (3)

Noah: *Runs* (3)

Mutant Ezekiel: *Catches Izzy and Ivy*

Inca: Oh-no *Runs* [3]

Monroe: Keep running Inca... Please *Runs* [3]

Mutant Ezekiel: *Catches Ann Maria* Oh... wait, wrong person *Lets her go*

Jo: *kicks zeke in balls and runs* HAHA

Lightning: *runs*

Miah:*talking to Zeke* hi little fellow how are you lets be friends

Sierra: *sleeping*

Mutant Ezekiel: RRRAAAWWWRRR *Eyes turn red, Catches Sierra and startes chasing Jo*

Inca: *Runs* [4]

Monroe:  *Runs* [4]

Ifraid: *runs* easy as pie.

Mutant Ezekiel: *Catches Alejandro*

Monroe: Come on Inca [5]

Inca: Coming, it is hard to run in high heel wedges you know! [5]

Xavier: Aiyeeeeeeeeeee!

Mutant Ezekiel: *Catches Xavier*

Blainley: That's 6 down, 4 more to go. i would just out run zeke.

Mutant Ezekiel: *Catches Duncan*

Blainley: Make that 7 down, 3 to go.

Ifraid: *paints myself dark green, then goes to a dark green bush quietly*

Mutant Ezekiel: *Catches Cameron, Jo and Trent*

Blainley: *Blows Whistle* Challenge OVER well done campers who survived Zeke, *shoots him with a Tranq ball. Yeah... you should have got 1 of these at the beginning... Oh well. Time to vote for your loser.

Elimination Ceremony:

Time to vote the people up for vote are...

Jo, Trent, Cameron, Xavier, Alejandro, Sierra, Izzy, Ivy, Owen, Duncan and Courtney!

Blainley: All of you can vote Twice since many people arn't doing much.


Monroe: Al Hasn't done anything so yeah

Inca: Owen

Ivy: Al

Ifraid: Moronre. Wait I mean al.

Izzy: I vote AleDUMBdro!

Heather: With Alejandro gone, I can stay focused. I vote Alejandro.

Xavier: I vote for that Spanish cretin, Alejandro!

Monroe: Ok then i guess i vote for Courtney she is so annoying *Puts on Puppets* I'm Courtney i should win since i have done something with my life! CIT! CIT! CIT! 

Inca: I vote for Sierra 

Ivy: Izzy is weird, but i have to vote Xavier

Trent: Alejandro?

Blainley: So far it looks like Al is leaving but i will let the other campers vote

Xavier: I also vote for Owen

Cameron: Alejandro by Lady Gaga

Noah: Ale*BEEP*dro

Cameron: Alejandro 

Noah: AleDUMBdro

Blainley: Ok the votes are in...the safe people are, Jo, Trent, Cameron, Ivy, Izzy and Duncan. The rest of you recieved votes but Sierra and Xavier and through. The last Popcorn goes to Courtney. Al and Owen are leaving down the raft tonight. 

Ivy: I quit so i'm going down too. *Jumps on the raft as it floats away with Al and Owen*


Blainley: Looks like another 3 are voted out, will Monroe get rid of Courtney, will i be on Total Drama next year, Will Xavier give up his Pokemon obsesion, find out next time on Total... Drama... Rewind!

Episode 7 - Not A Normal Scavenger Hunt 


Monroe: (CONF): Yeah survived another ceremony.

Ifraid: (CONF) ok got those noobs out of the way now to eliminate "him"

Duncan: This is fun! (CONF) Hmm Dont trust anyone......

Izzy: WOOHOO! I've never had so much fun in my life! 

Heather: Whatever, psycho hose beast. (is tanning on the beach)

( Who Played my Chacrter Izzy Be Mine And i dident post that)

(Sorry, Got confused with another camp, My bad and sorry Franky494)


Blainley: Hey campers, On the island your team icons are hidden, your challenge is to find as many of them as you can, the first team to meet up together and have 10 icons win and the losers send home another campmate, Naturally. (It takes 2 lines to find an icon, icons are between the whole team.) Go Finding. 

Monroe: Come on Inca and find those ic.... *Sees an icon* 

Inca: Coming Monroe *Looks for an icon*

Cameron: Hey, lets work together Noah *Looks*

Noah: *Sees Cameron* Sure *Looks for Icon*

Monroe: *Runs to the icon* Yeah 1 point for the Scorpians

Inca: *Walks to Monroe* Make that 2!

Ifraid: hmm let's see what we could find dawn *sees one* there it is.

Noah: *Searches with Cameron* 


Ifraid: *gets to icon* yes.

Blainley: That's 2 - 2 

Monroe: The jungle is revolting! *Steps in Quicksand* Damn it! Help me out Inca

Inca: But theirs an icon...

Monroe: Just help me!

Inca: Sorry! *Runs to the Icon*

Monroe: (CONF): Its like talking to an eggplant.

Ifraid: *pushes Inca into quicksand and sees an icon*

Inca: *Laughs Nervously*

Monroe: *Grunts and rolls her eyes* (CONF): EGGPLANT!!!!!

Ifraid: *gets to icon* (CONF): moral: never trust Inca the secondary antagonist of tdr.

Inca: (CONF): Monroe is treating me like a Lindsay... I wish she was here!

Monroe: *Grabs a Vine* Bye Eggplant 

Inca: *Grabs her leg* NOT SO FAST!! *Swings on the vine with Monroe*

Ifraid: *sees an icon then throws a chainsaw above the part where Inca is on*

Inca: Oh my god... Ifraid, your trying to hurt me. :O

Blainley: We do NOT want another lawsuit Ifraid. Can someone tell me where he got a chainsaw from!

Monroe: Icon! :) *Runs to it*

Inca: *Jumps off the vine* Yay icon! *Runs*

Ifraid: uhh that guy put it there *points to a tree cutter* and the rule sign said "chainsaws are allowed" so yeah. *gets to icon*

Inca: *Gets icon* Point Scorpians

Monroe: 4 down 6 to go!

Ifraid: *sees icon*

Ifraid: *gets to icon* (it's been 30 minutes)

[Now you only need 1 line to find an icon. And after 10 mins you can post again.]

Monroe: *Gets an Icon* Yah halfway there

Inca: *Gets an icon* just 4 more!

Ifraid: *gets icon* yes

Trent: *looks*

Inca: *Finds an icon* 

Monroe: *Finds an icon* Now just 2 more!

Heather: *looks for an icon*

Dawn: *searches for an icon*

Ifraid: *finds icon*

Monroe: *Finds an Icon* Yeah

Inca: *Finds icon* And that is 10

Blainley: Scorpians Win but everyone who competed gets immunity. So Monroe, Heather, Inca, Dawn, Ifraid, Trent, Noah and Cameron have immunity. Everyone else can be voted for tonight!

Elimination Ceremony (Everyone) :

Blainley: The winners today can vote 2 times, everyone else vote once. In memory of World Tour we will stamp passports of each other from now on!

Monroe: Bridgette is my friend but she isn't doing anything sorry Bridge *Stamps her Passport*

Inca: *Stamps Monroe's Passport* DIE DIE DIE DIE. 

Monroe: *Stamps Courtney's passport*

Inca: *Stamps Mike's passport*

Ifraid: *stamps lightning's and Mike's passport*

Xavier: Sorry for making me do this to you *Stamps Courtney's passport*

Cameron: *Stamps Bridgette*

Noah: *Stamps Courtney, The REAL Courtney*

Trent: Um? *STAMPS COURTNEY'S PASSPORT 100 times* I know it counts as 1 vote but you know what I mean.

Blainley: Ok, since many people aren't doind much everyone who says "Save Me" will get immunity and everyone who dosn't will be eliminated!!! 

Monroe: Save Me

Inca: Save Me

Ifraid: Save me

(Monroe, Inca & Ifraid are safe)

Blainley: No more voting just say "Save Me" To be in the show. anyone who dosn't is OUT

Cameron: Save Me

Noah: Save me

Ifraid: if others don't hurry it's insant final 5.

Blainley: Ifraid, Noah, Cameron, Monroe and Inca are safe! i think we have our finalists

(If No-one posts then it will be the final 5)

Blainley: Ok then we have our final 5 contestants!


Blainley: Ok, the challenge is 2 mini challenges, at the end of 1 the last 2 players are up for elimination. in the end we have our final 3. First challenge is to climb this wall (6 lines) Go...

Monroe: I will not be eliminated *Runs* [1]  

Inca: *Runs* [1]

Cameron: *Runs* (1)

Noah: *Runs* (1)

Inca: *Runs* [2]

Monroe: *Runs* [2]

Cameron: *Runs* (2)

Noah: *Runs* (2)

Ifraid: *runs* (1)

Noah: *Runs* C'mon Cameron (3)

Cameron: *Runs* (3)

Ifraid: *runs* (2)

Cameron: *Runs* (4)

Noah: *Runs* (4) 

Ifraid: *Runs*(3)

(Ifraid, i never set a time limit so your past lines have been deleted - Triple L)

Noah: *Runs* (5)

Cameron: *Runs* (5) (10, 9 and 24 minutes are not very long amounts of time)

Ifraid: Monroe and Inca or should I say back stabber and eggplant will be eliminated (forgot about it)

Cameron: *Finishes* (6)

Noah: *Finishes* (6)

Monroe: Yeah i still ahve a chance [3]

Inca: Come on! [3]

Blainley: Ok, this has gone on too long. Cameron and Noah pick 1 person each to bring with them to the final 4.

Duncan: Oh Noah Or Cameron PLease Pick Me!

Ifraid: you got eliminated last time for not saying "save me" btw pick me (and Inca) you don't want a backstabber.

Inca: WTF did i do to you!?!?!?!?!

Monroe: Pick me, then you can have a strong team player!

Ifraid: I'll give you the million if I win.

Monroe: Then, what is the point of winning?

Ifraid: to at least get first place once.

Cmaeron: I pick Inca

Noah: Sorry Monroe actually I'm not, i pick Ifraid

Blainley: That means that Monroe is....

Monroe: No i am not out, i am the strongest player. NO I REFUSE TO BE OUT!!!!

Blainley: Get out MONROE!!! *Lifts her onto the raft*


Blainley: Another down the raft, how entertaining but who will win next time on Total Drama Rewind!

The Final Day:

Blainley: The next challenge will be soon. Chat here till then

Ifraid: thanks Noah. You made a wise decision.

Blainly: The final challenge is to not be punched *punches Ifraid Noah and Cameron* Inca wins death *Inca dies* Ifraid is the real winner (used


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