This is will be my first major camp since Total Drama Vacation, since I haven't been able to act on it's follow-ups much because of school, soccer (TRAVEL TEAM!), band practice, and so on. This camp will take place in the wintery Alaska! There will be video challanges, art challenges, roleplaying challenges, and more!
Hope for the best, Rocky!


Douglas - Host Rocky

Lionel(The youngest co host ever!) - Co-Host Tdafan

Mike - Intern Rocky


Please, no more than three characters. Also, MAKE YOUR CHARACTER INDIVIDUAL! I can't stress this enough! Camps tend to me much more successful when each caracter is different. 20-25 campers maximum.

Arctic Polar Bears

Jack - Lead singer/songwriter/guitarist for Gunpowder- Rocky

Brian - Funny guy, skater - Rocky


Sunshine- Mentally unstable, Duncan-loving pixie- Sunshineandravioli

Sunny D- Quiet, artistic, socially awkward kid- Sunshineandravioli Captain

Lucks - Psycho Electronic Addict - COKEMAN11

Sorrel- a random music loving girl- Sorreltail18 Returns Day 2

Chimmy-An insane pyro that loves Shadow-chimchar2356025

Tye-Hippie, evil strategist, etc.-Tyedye0126


Tundra Seals

Jessie - the smart jock Rocky

James-Crazy comedian-Tdafan123


Spence-Skater Punk-Kenzen

Jake-A modest dude who has no idea how powerful his good looks are-chimchar2356025

Roger--insane random dude; inventor of the one-dollar mile long--Tdifan1234

Sammantha-Sweet, preppy-ish girl that goes by Sammy, HATES being called Sam-Tyedye0126

Monica-Chimmy and Shadow's microwave daughter-chimchar2356025


Frozen Snakes

Roger--insane random dude; inventor of the one-dollar mile long--Tdifan1234

Sammantha-Sweet, preppy-ish girl that goes by Sammy, HATES being called Sam-Tyedye0126

Jack - Lead singer/songwriter/guitarist for Gunpowder- Rocky

James-Crazy comedian-Tdafan123

Brian - Funny guy, skater - Rocky

Chilled Walruses


Jessie - the smart jock Rocky

Chimmy-An insane pyro that loves Shadow-chimchar2356025

Tye-Hippie, evil strategist, etc.-Tyedye0126








Nintendo DSi - A Living DSi - COKEMAN11

Sorrel- a random music loving girl- Sorreltail18

Zane - Drummer/Normal Dude/A bit goth (since the break up)-Kenzen


Sorrel- a random music loving girl- Sorreltail18

Spence-Skater Punk-Kenzen

Lucks - Psycho Electronic Addict - COKEMAN11

Monica-Chimmy and Shadow's microwave daughter-chimchar2356025

Sunny D- Quiet, artistic, socially awkward kid- Sunshineandravioli

Sunshine- Mentally unstable, Duncan-loving pixie- Sunshineandravioli

Jake-A modest dude who has no idea how powerful his good looks are-chimchar2356025

Brian - Funny guy, skater - Rocky


Jessie - the smart jock Rocky

Sunny D- Quiet, artistic, socially awkward kid- Sunshineandravioli

Tye-Hippie, evil strategist, etc.-Tyedye0126

Jake-A modest dude who has no idea how powerful his good looks are-chimchar2356025

Elimination Table

Light Blue = Arctic Polar Bears

Maroon = Tundra Seals

Orange = Chilled Walruses

OUT Returns Day 2 OUT

Blue = Frozen Snakes

Random Colors = Merged Contestants

Bronze = Jury

1 = See Day Eight

Theme Song

"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm freezing up." (Doug and Mike welcome everyone to the island)

"I think now I hate Alaska." (Roger dances as Trevor hangs above in a tree with stinkbombs)

"You asked me what I wanted to be and now I think the answer's not an eskimo!" (Jack is playing guitar and singing while Sunshine and Chimmy do the Duncan)

"I wanna go home now." (Sunny D and Nicholas trade Pokemon cards as Zane and Spence watch)

"I wanna get close to the sun." (Jessie and Tye play cards and talk about strategy)

"So pack your bags 'cause I've already won." (Sorrel and James throw DSi into a lake)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way. I'll get there one day." (Brian and Jake are racing)

"'Cause I wanna be famous." (Sammantha listens to Lucks talk about Mario Party 9)

"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na. I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous." (The current losers are seen at Playa des Losers)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous. (Jack plays a guitar solo while the others whistle the tune)" (Lionel and Monica make out as the remaining contestants sit at a campfire)

Pre Game Chat

Douglas: Welcome to the game, everyone!

Jack: This is it?

Brian: But......there's nothing here.......REALLY nothing.

Jessie: Don't tell me.....

Nintendo DSi: I have no clue how I got here.

Roger: There's something here now!!!!! *dances randomly*

Sorrel: HOLA AMIGOS (spanish does pay off!)

Nicholas:Hi!!! Its a pleasure to be here*shakes Jacks hand and walks away*

James:*jumps in the air and lands on face*DID YOU GET THAT!!!!???

Camera guy:*nods*


Trevor:Hey Nicholas,whats in your pocket.

Nicholas:Uhhh*reaches in pocket*AAAAAAAHHHHHH STINK BOMB*Stink bomb explodes*

Roger: Wow...These people are freaks... *continues to dance randomly*

Nicholas:Ill go take a shower

Trevor:*is still laughing*

Sammy: Hey guys, what's up?

James:Hi,Im James

Roger:Yo, I'm roger: Inventor of the one-dollar mile long and it's new catchphrase! The one-dollar mile long. Buy one.........I SAID BUY ONE, NOW! HURRY UP AND GO GET IT, YOU LAZY PICKLE!

Tye:ooh! gimme! *gives Rodger a dollar, eats mile long in 1 bite (XD)* *gets stares*...What? A guy can't be hungry?

Sammy: Hi James, hi Rodger. Nice to meet you.

James:*Watches Trevor prank Nicholas*Stop it,lil bro.


Chimmy:I feel bored...*uses 1 dollar mile long as slip n' slide* (XD)

Douglas: Almost all of the contestants have arrived! (Kenzen, if you add one more person, and Sorrel or Tdifan adds two, we can start!)

Jack: You guys are twins?

Jessie: Do you know how rare that is?

Brian: Twins are sick!

Roger: Being a twin almost pwns and much as being me! (XD I'm a twin IRL )

James:Jack,can you teach me how to play guitar?

Jack: If I could get my hands on another guitar, sure, but.....(Rocky: Please don't say *randomly finds one* or something, not as much fun)

Brian: Suuuuuuuure Roger.....(TWINS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

James:Nicholas has a plastic,nerdy guitar in his suitcase XD

Sunshine: *appears out of nowhere* HI GUYS!!!!!

Sunny D: *walks into tree* Ow...


Trevor:*gives James a guitar*

James:*gets electricuted after each strum*

Jack: I'm not so sure this will work......

Sunshine: YAY! SLIP AND SLIDE!!!

Sunny D: Sure... wow, Sunshine's friend is kind of cute... *pause* Did I just say that out loud? O_O (FAIL XD)

Trevor:*is laughing*

James:You rigged this!!!

Jack: Guys, cut it out!

Brian: *elbows Sunny D* Change the subject, change the subject! *really loudly* POLAR BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Congrats on the first edit conflict!)

James:Why i oughta...

Trevor:*sarastic*oooh Im so scared

Chimmy:*slip n' slides with Sunshine* WEEEEEE!!!!!!

Nicholas:Whens the first challenge?

Sunshine: *slip n' slides* WHEEE!!!!!! *flies off, smacks into Sunny D* (Poor, abused Sunny D... XD)

Lucks: Hey, Pixie! Catch! *throws chainsaw at sunshine* ... Oops... I meant to throw the gluestick

Chimmy:*juggles chainsaw while slip n' sliding, throws chainsaws at Mt. Everest* WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike: *takes chainsaw, throws it* Whoever catches it, keeps it!

Jack: *bumps into Brain* Oh sorry..

Brain: OK, it's fine! Get the chainsaw! (Rocky: we'll start at twenty or more people, so if you are still able to. please add players!)

Douglas: Awesome! Ratings are through the roof, and we didn't even start!

Monica:Goo! *somehow manages to catch chainsaw* Ga! Goo-ga!

Tye: Toss it here!

Sammy: Uhh... isn't it unsafe for a baby to have a chainsaw? Especially a microwave one?

Tye: Chill out Sam, jeez.

Sammy: Don't call me Sam.  

Douglas: Let the games begin!

Day One

Douglas: Before we start, we have to do the pregame vote.

Jack: I have to vote off....Trevor. He almost killed James!

Brian: I'm voting Sorrel. She hasn't done anything.

James:Sam,shes annoying


Nicholas:Sammie,Trevor pranks me but i dont really care

Sammy: The DSi. Don't think it's gonna be easy competing against a machine.

Tye: Trevor. That stink bomb was awesome, but I don't want to find any in my pocket. Sorry dude.

Trevor:I only prank James and Nicholas

Chimmy:I have to say...The DSi. No offense, dude, but you're horrible!

Monica:Goo! (Translation: Sammie!)


Tye: Well, if I could change my vote, I would. Can I?

Douglas: Not a problem.

Jessie: I'm voting Trevor. I don't need to be constantly on the watch for pranks.

James:*is eating popcorn as Trevor gets blindsided* XD

Tye: Ok, I change my vote to... the DSi. I feel kinda wierd competing against a piece of plastic.

Trevor:I change mine to DSi

James and Nicholas:So do we!

Jack: What the heck, DSi.

Brian: DSi.

Jessie: DSi.

Douglas: OK, DSi's out.

James:We survived!!!

Trevor:*puts bear poop in Nicholas` breakfast*

Sunshine: *caramelldanses*

Sunny D: O_O

Roger: Wait! Before DSi leaves, He should take a group picture of us! ^^

James:See ya you stupid piece of plastic..even if you are cool XD

Day Two

Polar Bears Camp

Jack: To get started, I think we should vote for a captain.

Sunny D: *quietly* I think maybe-

Sunshine: *breaks in* LET'S ALL CARAMELLDANSE!!!!!!!!! *caramelldanses* (XD)

Nicholas:I can be captain

Jack: I vote Sunny D for captain.

Brian: Me too.

Nicholas:But I-

Sunny D: Wait- seriously? O_O

Jack: Yeah, you can do this!

Sunny D: I can?

Sunshine: *stops caramelldansen* He can? (XD)

Jack: Let's give him a shot.

Brian: If he fails...*throat slit noise* Anyway, do you guys wanna make an alliance?


Brian: Not you nerd.

Sunny D: I guess I'll do my best...

(Conf.) Sunny D: What have I done??? I don't know how to be a captain!!! What have I gotten myself into!!! *hyperventilates, passes out* (Fail XD)

Lucks: *goes up to Sunny D* I'll be captain for you!

Nicholas:*cries*I just wanna have friends

Brian: Sorry, we can be friends if you want....

Jack: Sunny D should be able to pick the backup captain, Lucks.

Nicholas:Im tired of being picked on by Trevor can you help me get payback

Brian: Sure..... (CONF)Brian: Pranking is my specialty!

Sunshine: *runs over to fainted Sunny D, pokes him with a stick* (XD)

Nicholas:Whats the payback?

Sunny D: *wakes up, is poked in eye by Sunshine* OW MY EYE!!!

Sunshine: Oops. (XD)

Tye: Uhh... Sunshine, do you think it's a good idea to injure our team captain?

Chimmy:Oh no! *runs over to Sunny D, bandages eye* Are you OK?

Nicholas:*trips and accidently kisses Sunshine(Oh!hes done it now! XD)

Jack: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!! 

Tye: *gasps*

Nicholas:So Im pretty much screwed now

Random Squirrel:*nods*



Seals Camp

James:I elect myself as captain!

Trevor:Well,I elect me as captain!

Jessie: I elect myself too! (LOL, there's no power struggle here!)

(CONF) Sammy: I don't know why so many people tried to vote me off, I'm not that mean! In fact, the only mean thing I said was "Don't call me Sam" because I hate being called Sam! It's not even that mean. I guess I'll have to watch what I say if I want to stay in.

Sammy: *sees Jake, can't stop staring* I vote for the hottie over there (XD)


Sammy: Huh? *looks away from Jake, snapping out of the "trance" (XD)* oh, nothing. I didn't say anything. *eyes shift around room nerviously*

Trevor:So,Sammy I guess youre the dumb*** of our team

Sammy: Now that's not nice! It might be true, but it's not nice... (XD)

Trevor:You admitted it!

James(CONF):I can see Trevor going oh i dont know areound week 3 or 4 maybe 5 if hes lucky

Sammy: So what I admitted it? I know I'm not the brightest here, what's so bad about that?

(CONF) Sammy: Ok, so Trevor's probably going home very soon. I don't think it'll be very long before he starts pranking or insulting everyone, and they're all going to get pretty P.O.'d

James:*watches arguements between Trevor and Sammy*

(CONF) Sammy: I think Zane might actually be going next, because he hasn't done anything yet, but I think we should keep him in, 'cuz of the breakup. He deserves to win. Or at least get his girl back. I hate seeing people depressed. That's why I'll never go emo, or goth. (XD Random, much?)

Trevor(CONF):Im just gonna try and get some people together and get Sammy out for good

(CONF) Sammy: So, Trevor hates me because I admitted I was stupid, and everyone else seems to hate me, too! I don't even know what couldv'e set them off, I try to be nice *sighs* guess I'll just have to roll with the punches... and not get voted off. I'm more worried about being voted off than being punched. (XD)

James:*watches Zane sit there quietly*Breakups suck


Jake:Uh...I think she misses her mom...I got it! *makes Chimmy doll, gives to Monica*

Monica:Goo! *plays with doll* (XD)

James:Awwwww thats cute*sits down next to Monica*

Monica:Goo! *crawls onto James's lap*

James:Thats cute,Now if only me and Izzy had a kid*picks up Monica and gives her to Shadow* *sigh*Youre lucky....

Shadow:Uh...since when did I get here? Anways...thanks, I guess? *puts Monica down* Since I can't stay here...take good care of her, guys. *walks away*

James:I know!*grabs pic of him and Izzy and puts in microwave for 5 minutes*

Lionel*pops out of microwave*Goo!

Monica:*crawls over to Lionel* Goo! Ga-goo! *plays with Lionel*

Lionel:*is playing with toy truck*Goo!

Monica:*plays with doll* Goo!

Jake:TOO-MUCH-GOOING!!! *headdesks* (XD)


Sammy: Bless you.

(CONF) Sammy: I don't think I need to ask them, but I will, just to see. It's always good to think about the future.

Sammy: Ok *sighs*, so if we lose the challenge, by a show of hands, who's going to vote me off?

James,Trevor,and Lionel:*raise hands*

(CONF) I can understand James and Trevor, but not only is Lionel only a baby, he's not even in the game! or is he? Douglas?

Lionel:Goo!*plays with Monica*

Monica:*watches Wonder Pets* Goo!


Lionel:*sits with Monica*Goo

Douglas: Well, Lionel can stay until you lose a challenge.

James:I HAS AN IDEAS!!!(XD grammar fail)How about lionel stays but hes not technically in the game

Mike: Maybe he could co-host...

Douglas: No, taht's stupid......He can co-host! See Mike? This is why you're an intern. (LOL)

Lionel:*claps and walks to James*Fire?

James:*sniff*Your first word*hugs Lionel*

Monica:*stands up, wobbles over to edge of Seal's camp*

Lionel:Monica...would you wanna....

Monica:...whaddya mean, Liony?

Lionel:...go out with me?

James:Look at my son,I knew he would be a player XD

Sammy: aww, you guys would be so cute as a couple!  

Lionel:*waits for Monicas answer*'s my answer:*makes out with Lionel* (XD)

Lionel:*makes out with her*

Trevor:Its like migit versions of Geoff and Bridgette XD

Monica:*finishes making out* So...whaddya wanna do now? (XD, either ResortShipping or GooShipping! XD)

Lionel:i dont know,maybe watch Wonder Pets and give Jake a mental breakdown XD (XD I thought about Gooshipping)

Monica:OK! *sings, meant to be horrible, but is beautiful* Wonder pets, wonder pets, we're on our way!

Lionel:*suddenly runs into a guy with a chainsaw* AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Monica:*gasp* LIONY!!! *runs in front of Lionel, grabs chainsaw she caught earlier, points it at guy with chainsaw, says in demon-like voice* BACK OFF, PAL!!!

Lionel:Is grabbed by something and dragged into a dark room*MONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica:LIONY!!! *runs to room, is there in 5 seconds* I must have inherited daddy's speed...*gets nightvision* And mommy's nightvision...*sees Lionel* LIONY! *runs over* Are you OK?

Lionel:*is unconcious*

Monica:Oh no! *uses Chaos powers to heal Lionel* Looks like I inherited lots of things from daddy...*sees people who knocked Lionel out* Why you little...*transforms into Demon Monica, 5 minutes later the people who knocked Lionel out are running away in terror* AND NEXT TIME I WON'T GO SO EASY ON YOU!!!

Lionel:*wakes up*Thanks Monica(BRB)

Monica:*sees Lionel, turns back to normal* LIONY!!! *hugs, walks back to seal's camp holding hands*

Lionel:Im getting sleepy

Monica:*yawns* Me too...let's see who can stay up the longest! *immediatly falls asleep* (XD, EPIC FAIL!)

Lionel:*goes into boys tent and falls asleep*

Jake:*flirts with Sammie* So...your hair is pretty...*facepalms, then blushes*

Sammy: aww, thanks, you're sweet

Lionel:*wakes up and sees Monica snuggled up to him*Cool...

Monica:*talks in sleep* Sure, daddy, you can take mye on a ride on your motorcycle...

Jake:Uh...can I be the team captain?

James:No! Im team captain

Jake:It doesn't say that you're the official techincally the applications are still open!

Lionel:*goes swimming*

James:Wait...since when could he swim? XD

Monica:*gets into bikini, goes swimming, random Chao appears next to her* Ooh, you're cute! I'm gonna name you Katie!

Katie the Chao: Chao! *swims with Monica and Lionel*


Katie the Chao:*gets question thingy above head* Chao?

Monica:IDK either, she just seems cute...

Lionel:*throws Katie the chao far away*


Katie the Chao: *evolves in air, flies back to Monica and Lionel* Chao!

Monica:Cool! She's a Hero/Swim/Fly Chao!

Lionel:Grrrr I just want it to be me and you monica*throws Katie far away and Katie becomes unconcious*

Katie: *wakes up on island, meets Tails chao, heart thingy goes up over head*

Monica:Um...OK? *swims*

Lionel:*gets on dock and watches sunset*

Monica:So...aren't sunsets romantic?

Jake:*still epically failing in flirting with Sammy* You like coffee? Smoothies? Beverages in general? (XD)

Sammy: Smoothies are good, especially lemon smoothies (and Sammy is oblivious XD)

Jake:Yeah, I like those too. (GTG)

After Challenge

Jessie: We won! We did it! Let's set up the comfort stuff!

File:Trevor winter.PNG
File:Nicholas winter.PNG

Challenge One

Douglas: OK everyone, since we are in Alaska, (I think), you have to draw yourselves in a wintery outfit!



Monica:So serendipitous!(XD)
File:James winter.PNG

Chimmy:Who likes my outfit?

Monica:*walks over to Lionel* Hey, Liony! Whaddya' think?

Doug: OK, results are in!

'James - Nice drawing, could've been better. But in just a sweater, you must be cold.......'6.2

Monica - Pretty good drawing, but the head's a little big. 7.0

Chimmy - The design is good, but the outlines are no offense, very very bad. 4.7

Trevor - Pretty nice. Overall, pretty good design and colors. 8.1

Nicholas - Fair design, but the outlines are probably the worst I've seen today. 3.8

Everyone else - No entries, no credit, no points. 0

Team Totals - Bears - 8.5/Seals - 21.3

Doug: I think we know who wins! Seals, your reward is comfort items! Polar Bears, time for the first elimination ceremony!

File:Winter Monica.jpg
File:Winter Chimmy!.png

First Vote - Arctic Polar Bears

Jack: *votes Sorrel* Sorry, you haven't done anything, and you're not being much a help to the team.

Brian: *votes Tye* Didn't help out at camp. Not at all.

Doug: The vote ends at 8:00 tonight. Cast your votes while you can!

Chimmy:Um...this is very tough, but I have to say...Sorrel. Sorry, but...

Tye: I'm gonna say Lucks. I haven't heard him speak once. (He actually probably did say something, but I didn't see it during my skimming of the page)


Doug: Sorrel is out with three votes!

Day Three

Polar Bears Camp

Jack: Day two....Sunny D, have an emtional-winning-the-day-next time speech for us?

Brian: Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!


Chimmy:Guys, Sunny D doesn't have to make a speech if he doesn't wanna. It would be nice, but he doesn't have to...


Tye: You ok dude?

Nicholas:*thumbs up as teeth fall out*(XD)

Chimmy:I don't know, you look pretty bad...

Nicholas:No Im fine!*coughs up dinner*Ok thats a sign(XD)

Sunny D: Ummm... well... we've got to do our best, guys! If we put aside all our differences, work as a team, and all give a hundred and ten percent, we're sure to win this time! B-but... I don't wanna be the one holding the team back... i-if we lose because of me... I... *cries* (Fail XD)

Sunshine: *claps* (XD) (BTW Rocky, I did my pics. They were both on the talk page. The page wouldn't let me edit for some reason...)

Nicholas:Ok...BOO!!! Im way cooler!*gets stares*(Fail XD)

Chimmy:Great job, Sunny D! That's better than I could ever do...

Sunny D: *still crying* I-I'm such a burden!!! (XD)

Tye: No you're not. As long as you don't fail us as a team captain, we won't vote you off. (XD)

Chimmy:*pats Sunny D on back* It's OK, dude! All of us are gonna be trying hard to keep the team in the game! You're going to be fine!

Sunshine: And, even if you epically fail and make everyone hate you and vote you off, I'll still like you!

Sunny D: ... *cries* (Epic fail XD)

Nicholas:Our captain is such an epic fail

Tye: *glares at Nicholas*

Nicholas:I speak the truth

Chimmy:Sunny D, listen. No matter what. it's gonna be all right. And even if something goes wrong, you'll still have us! *does anime like pose with Sunshine* (XD, I doubt that's gonna make him feel better...)

Sunny D: Really?

Sunshine: ...probably not, actually. (fail XD)

Chimmy:*nudges Sunshine* Don't ruin the epic anime-ness! *turns attention back to Sunny D* Even if it's not Sunshine, you'll always have me as a friend! (XD)

Sunny D:'re hot... *realizes he said that out loud* O_O;; (EPIC FAIL)

Chimmy:Thanks! But dude...I need to tell you something...

Sunshine: *bluntly* She's got a boyfriend.

Sunny D: Oh... well, it's fine... after all, I have a girlfriend...

Sunshine: You do? o.O

Sunny D: ...yeah... for the past three months... you're the one who set me up with her!!! (XD)

Chimmy:...well, that makes things a lot less awkward! *sees random FBI duck agent* I stand corrected...(XD)

Sunny D: O.O

Sunshine: OMG! It's KEVIN!!! (XD)

Chimmy:Um...we come in peace? (I think Sunny DxChimmy would be kind of like Epsio and Tikal. Um...would that be FBIDuckShipping? XD)

(Sunshine: EspioXTikal? Have they even met? XD Then again, I've seen support for ShadowXSonic...)

Sunshine: Relax! Kevin's a nice FBI Duck! *is bitten by Kevin* (XD)

(Chimmy:I don't think they've met, but in terms of personality, I think Sunny DxChimmy is pretty similar. And people support Shadikal and one of them is technically dead! XD)

Chimmy:*runs in random circles*


Sunny D: O_O

Sunshine: Guys, it's fi- *gets rabies* (XD, fail)

Sunny D: O___O;;

Chimmy:*continues running in random circles* (You can post it on my talk, and then I'll delete it if you want...)

Sunshine: *foams at mouth* Aw, man, this is the third time this week... (It's a very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY long story, actually... let's just say Shad and "Tikal" have met...)

Chimmy:Um...*foams at mouth* Rabies buddies!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! (XD, of course, as soon as you tell me I pull up this page...XD)

Sunny D: O___O;; *backs away slowly* (XD) (Tikhaos=epic. Though it bugged me on so many levels that we never found out what happened to Shadii-kun. ><;; *wonders why Amy wasn't in M25/30YL*)

Chimmy:Um...I'm bored....what do you guys wanna do?

Sunshine: To give Sunny D peace of mind, probably get rabies shots... (XD)

Chimmy:Okay! *goes to infirmery, comes back with red face and bruises* Let's just say that I don't like shots...(XD)

Sunshine: My turn! *goes to infermary, comes back with a "I GOT VACCINATED :)" sticker* (XD), what now?

Sunshine: ...CARAMELLDANSEN!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:*caramelldanses* IT IS TIME FOR PRANCING!! (XD)

Sunny D: *caramelldanses* o_O (XD)

Chimmy: *while caramelldansen* NOW WE ARE DOING THE CARAMELLDANSEN!! (XD, GTG in 2 minutes!)

Lucks: *caramelldanses* DANCE TO THE HEAT! WAVE YOUR HANDS TOGETHER! COME FEEL THE HEAT FOREVER AND FOREVER! *visits infirmary, comes back* I just got 4 shots, a nasal vaccine and my blood tested! (that actually happened, just a month ago)

Seals Camp

(CONF)Jessie: Weird, we have a huge power struggle at our tribe, yet we won the challenge by 13 points...oh well, let's keep it going!

James:*wakes up and has TDI pajamas*


Monica:So what if I have a big head? I happen to like my head! (XD)

Lionel:Its perfect!

Sammy: I wouldn't worry about it. We just have to keep winning these challenges! (and sorry I didnt have any pics up, my scanner was broken, we just got a call from the people fixing it a while ago, it should be fixed tommorow at around noon, earlier than thought before, and paint was screwing with my head and not openeing wen i needed it to. should be better by tommorow, too, though. hopefully)

James:*plays guitar*

Lionel:Your head is perfect Monica!

Jake:*walks out of shower, shirtless* Brr...anybody know where a towel is?

Sammy: *stares* (stupid edit conflicts XD)

Jake:Uh...Sammy, what are you staring at? Oh no, is my hair all weird? *despretley tries to rearrange hair* (XD)

Sammy: No, your hair's... perfect. (XD how long will it be before he realizes he could turn into a Justin?)

James:Wow...they like eachother*shoves them together*

Jake:*stops self* Oops...sorry...

Zane:Sorry i missed the other day guys

Challenge Two

Doug: Before we get to the challenge, the Seals haven't yet picked a captain which we need today so I'll pick one.

Jessie: Pick me!

(CONF)Jessie: I hope no one realizes my secret alliance with Mike the intern (DUM DUM DUM!)....Wave hi Mike!

(CONF)Mike: *waves hi*

Doug: Now that you asked, I'll pick........Jake. OK! For today's challenge, the captain picks one smart person, one strong person, and one fast person from their tribe. The fast person will run up a series of three ramps, then the strong person picks up a 225 pound weight and carries it across a field, at the end of the field there will be a puzzle waiting for the smart person. The puzzle consists of every letter of the alphabet, with which you have to make a sentence. EVERY LETTER MUST BE USED! Go! You have until 6:30 until I pick.

Sunny D: Um... okay... anyone want to volunteer?

Chimmy:I'm pretty smart! I'll do it!

Jake:Wow...captain....OK, anybody wanna lift heavy objects, run up a ramp, or solve a hard problem?

Sunny D: Okay, Chimmy can do the puzzle. Now we need somone to run up the ramps and someone to lift the weight...

Zane:I will be the fast i am not to smart or strong

Brian: I'm kinda fast.

Jack: I'm strong, you could pick me. *Makes muscle*

Jessie: Jake, I'm smart!

James:does anyone know?

Sunny D: Okay, Brian can run and Jack can lift the weight. We've got our team!

(Conf.) Sunny D: I think I'm finally getting the hang of this captain thing! *pause* Oh, I'm doing terrible, aren't I??? (XD)

James:I`ll lift the weight!

Trevor:I`ll run!

Brian: *runs up first ramp*

Trevor:*is right behind Brian*

Brian: *finsihes first ramp, starts second*

Trevor:*beats Brian after finishing second ramp*

James:*gets ready for Trevor to finish*

Sunny D: C'mon, go Brian!


James:Hurry Trevor!

Trevor:Ok!*is halfway done with last ramp*

Jake:You can do it, Trevor!

Sunshine: TRIP, TREVOR, TRIP!!!!!!! (XD, what a good sport)

James:*shoves Sunshine down a hill*Meanie

Brian: *finishes*

Jack: *picks up weight*

Doug: JAMES! OUT OF THE CHALLENGE! NO FIGHTING! *whispers* unless instructed so.... Anyway, due to a technicality, Sorrel is back and now on the Bears!

James:Crap...who`s gonna lift the weight?Jake?

Sunshine: I DROPPED MY GLASSES! (XD, Scooby-Doo moment)

Sunny D: ... v.v;;


Monica:I'll do it!

Jake:Sure...why not?

Trevor:*finishes third ramp*GO JAKE GO!!!

Monica:*gets to weight, lifts it up over head, starts walking to other end of field*

Chimmy:*jaw drops* (XD)

Lionel:*lifts a 300 pound weight*Im not in the challenge but who cares (XD)

Sunny D: You can do it, Jack!

Sunshine: DON'T MESS THIS UP!!! Now, seriously, where'd my glasses go...

Monica:*is 1/8 of the way across the field*

Jack: *goes past Monica, 2/4 there*

(CONF)Jack: I'm not about to lose......but I didn't want to hurt her feelings, I mean, she's four...... (There's only 4 parts BTW)

Sunshine: *steps on glasses* ...great...

Monica:*gets enraged, runs with weight until she is 2/3 of the way there* I must have inherited some things from daddy...

Jack: *beats Monica at the last second* Go Chimmy!

Sunshine: I can't see without my glasses! Did we win yet?

Sunny D: It's Chimmy's turn... you can do it, Chimmy!

Monica:*gets to other end of field* Go, Jessie!

Chimmy:I think I'm halfway there...

Chimmy:Almost done...

Chimmy:I got it! "Two pink bears cooked veal with seven giraffes, many jaguars, uninterested quails, and zany xylophone playing oranges!" *takes bow* (XD)


Monica:Wow, Mommy's really smart...

Lionel:And youre the best thing in the world

Monica:Thanks, Liony!


Monica:It's still really sweet of you to say that...(I'm working on a 2nd grade Chimmy pic!)

Doug: The Polar Bears win! Another elemination ceremony, coming up!

Second Vote - Seals

Jessie: I'm probably at risk, but James played a bigger part in us losing the challenge. *votes James*

Sammy: Taken out of the challenge? Not cool. sorry. *votes James* (sorry I haven't been here in a while, yesterday was the first day in 4 days I was on my computer, and the rest of the time I was on my iPod, meaning I could only edit new or short sections, like this one now)

James:Zane,he hasn`t been here at all

Trevor:Zane,so he can get back together with his girlfriend

Monica:Hm...hard, but I'd have to say Zane...

Doug: Zane is out with four votes! (BTW, Playa des Losers wil be up at week five.)

Day Four

Polar Bears Camp

(CONF)Jack: I'm feeling good today. The fact that each tribe has one win means that merge could be tough. I'll have to make more allies.....

Jack: Sunny D, nice job picking our roster yesterday!

Sunny D: T-thanks Jack...

Sunshine: *walks into tree/block of ice (hey, it's Alaska XD)* Ow...

(Conf.) Sunshine: *facing away from the camera* Without my glasses, I can't see a thing... it's going to be a problem for me during the challenge... where am I, anyway? Is this the confessional? I just kind of wandered in here since I couldn't see where I was going... (XD)

Mike the Intern: Doug says to meet at the challenge area, triple elimination, then team switch. (GASP!)

Tye: *Jaw drops* (XD awesome)

Sunny D: *passes out* (Why was he picked as captain again? XD)

(Conf.) Sunshine: *walks into door of confessional* Ow... (XD)

Seals Camp

(CONF)Jessie: I'm still set on eliminating James as soon as possible. He's a big threat in terms of personality, but maybe not skills. Plus, he cost us the challenge yesterday.

(CONF) Sammy: Four votes? I'm doubting Doug's ability to count.

(Rocky: LOL, that was on purpose, just seein if someone would notice. ROFL.)

(Tye: I thought you might've done that on purpose XD)

Mike the Intern: Doug says to meet at the challenge area. Triple elimination, then team switch. (GASP!)

Tribe Mix

Doug: Polar Bears, Seals, I hope you've all enjoyed your tibes!Time for a mix-up! Also, vote someone off, bottom three leaves.

Jack:*votes Sorrel*She got a second chance, and didn't help out.

Brian:*votes Nicholas*Annoying dork.

Jessie:*votes James* See ya.

Chimmy:*votes Nicholas* Don't really know you too well, sorry...

Monica:*votes Sorrel* I like her and all, but she hasn't helped much...

Jake:IDK who to vote...I guess I vote Nicholas...

Doug: First one out - Nicholas. If you voted for Nicholas, you can vote again.

Brian: *votes Sorrel* Might as well. (NEW TRIBES ARE UP!)

Chimmy:Let's one else to vote out but Sorrel...WAIT SUNSHINE AND I AREN'T ON THE SAME TEAM NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


Sunny D: *votes Sorrel* You were eliminated, had a second chance, and still didn't prove your worth... um, no offense or anything... sorry... it's just, you know the game... *continues apologizing*

Sunshine: *votes Tye* I just picked someone randomly, 'cause I don't want to vote off my Sorrie friend!!!

Sammy: JAKE AND I AREN'T ON THE SAME TEAM??? NOO! *Votes Spence*

Tye: uhh.... I dunno... *votes Jack* I don't plan on having this vote do anything, it's only because I don't know who to vote for...

Doug: Sorrel is the second one out! If you voted for Sorrel, you can vote one last time. Also, the merge will be at the final eight.

Brian:*votes James*Couldn't think of anyone else, sorry.....

Chimmy:Um...Spence? IDK...

Jake:Spence...IDK who else...

Sunny D: Monica, just because I picked randomly... besides, I'm scared she's going to kill me. O_O (XD)

Brian: I'm changing my vote to Spence. Sorry.

Jack: Spence. Not an active player.

Tye: Wow, this was a quick vote... what happens now?

Doug: Spence is out and te day is over. Get to your new tribes' camps everyone.

Day Five

Doug: Hello viewers. We have two new partner shows, The Resort of Losers, and TDR Aftermath. Come check them out. Thank you. *looks around* Dear God I hate this nice act.....

Mike: We're still on air!

Doug: Well....Uh, thanks, and bye...

Snakes Camp

Jack: Alright everyone. We should, um get to know each other, so I'm Jack and I like singing and playing guitar.

Sunny D: um... um... *faints* (BTW, Sunshine's not on either team, for some reason...)

(You can put her on either team . Second epic fail of mine this season. ROFL)

Sammy: OMIGOSH! Those shoes are so cool! (XD)

(Sunshine: I put her on the Walruses in place of Spense, who was eliminated.)

Sunny D: *continues to be passed out* (XD)

Monica:Hi, I'm Monica! I'm Chimmy and Shadow's microwave daughter, and I like cheesy romantic kiss scenes! (XD)

Sunny D: *awakens, sees Monica, screams* IT'S AMY!!! SHE'S GONNA KILL ME!!! *blinks* Oh, wait... it's just you... (XD, Amy Pasti and Monica are abnormally similar... XD)

Monica:(OMG yeah! Except Monica only occansionaly uses her cuteness to get what she wants...XD) Oh, I'm sorry, did I scare you? Here, have some pie! *holds out pumpkin pie*

Walruses Camp

Jake:Um...I heard the other guys were getting to know each other, so...I'm Jake, and I'm one likes me where I come from...

Chimmy:Aww, you poor thing! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find love! I'm Chimmy, and I'm pyro!


Tye: I'm Tye, and I'm a hippie, evil strategist, I probably shouldn't have told you that, and I make ambigrams! (Just so you guys know, its not anagrams, its ambigrams. Google picture search it, some are pretty cool.)

Lucks: I WANNA BE CAPTAIN! *gives everyone a DSi with a walrus on it*

Jake:*cries about never finding love*

Tye: (To Lucks) Maybe. I dunno right now. (To Jake) You did find love, she's just on the other team right now, k?

Jake:*cries more*

Chimmy:Um, I don't think that fact is gonna help him...

Challenge Three

Doug: Today's challenge is a ........... talent show! Pick the most three most talented contestants from your tribe.

Jack: OK, I can sing, and play guitar.

Brian: I can skateboard.

Jessie: I write poetry! 

Monica:I can bench-press 500 pounds!

Chimmy:I'm pyro! I can also make fireworks all by myself!

Jake:I'm not sure I have a talent, but I'm pretty good at art...

Jack: Well, how bout I perform, Sunny D can draw(here we go again...XD), and Monica?

Brian: You actually BELIEVE her!?!?

Monica:It's true! I've even been practicing, 500 pounds is an estimate!

James:I can throw a football 500 yards

Trevor:I can climb a 20 ft pole in under 10 seconds

Sunny D:, I can draw... and play a ukelele... (XD)

Sunshine: I can do yoga and fly! AND I'M MAGIC!!!

Jack: OK, me and Sunny D can perform and Monica can bench press.

(CONF)Brian: *facepalm* Why does everyone think a toddler can bench press 500 pounds?

Monica:(CONF) I can bench press 500 pounds! I can't believe that no one will believe me! But they'll see. They'll all see!

Jack: OK, we're set!

Doug: The Walruses will automatically lose if they don't pick their roster by 2:30.

Chimmy:Um...quick, guys! We need to pick!

James:*throws football*

Sunshine: ALL RIGHT!!! I will do yoga, Chimmy will do some pyro thing, and Jessie will read a poem! Any objections???

(Conf.) Sunshine: I dunno what came over me, I just didn't want our team to lose that easily. Oh, and I found a spare pair of glasses in the pocket of my apron, so I can see again!!! (XD)

Lucks: I object! *rolls in plasma screem TV and Wii* Watch me get the highest score in the world on Sonic Riders! And I'll do it as Shadow! *blinks affectionately at Chimmy and Sunshine*

Chimmy:It's OK by me, but what about some others?

Doug: Sorry Walruses, time's up. Snakes win.

Fifth Vote - Walruses

Jessie: Lucks. He lost us the challenge, and the video game bull is getting annoying. REALLY annoying.

Trevor:Lucks,not so sorry dude

Lucks: Sunshine. Why couldn't she have not asked for objections? We'd have won! *takes out 5 DSis* Y'know... *breaks them*

Chimmy:Lucks. Not even playing as Shadow can save you from the WRATH OF CHIMMY!!!


Doug: Lucks is out with some harsh words...

Day Six

Snakes Camp

Jack: So, should we pick a captain or something?

Mike: *slips Jack a note*

(CONF)Jack: *reads note* A hidden immunity idol is around camp? Alrgiht! I'll keep it to myself for now.

(Conf.) Sunny D: Am I the only one who's really, really, really scared by Monica...??? (XD, poor kid)

Monica:*walks up to Sunny D* Hey, I know you're scared of me, but I just want to be friends! *offers pie*

Walruses Camp

Jessie: Anyone up for an alliance?

(CONF)Jessie: Just until me and Mike finish our plan.....

Sunshine: *jumps out of nowhere* CARAMELLDANSEN!!!!!! *starts caramelldansen* (XD)

Chimmy:YAY!!!! *caramelldanses*


Challenge Four

Doug: Today's challenge is a.......ROCK CLIMBING RACE! You have to scale this rock wall, and once at least four of your tribe members are finished, have three legged race to the finish line!

Jack: *starts climbing*

Jessie: *starts climbing*

Brian: *can't get harness on*

Chimmy:*starts climbing*

Monica:*copies Chimmy*

Jake:*tries to impress Sammy by climbing without a harness*

Doug: Mike! Distractions!

Mike: *drops paintballs, Axe bombs (LOL got the idea from gym today), and sprays water gun*

Brian: *falls*

Jack: *keeps climbing*

Jake:*nearly falls, gets balance at the last second*

Jake:*halfway up*

Chimmy:*almost there*

Monica:*is taking nap* (XD)

Monica:*rockclimbs in her sleep*

Jake:*is 3/4 of the way up*

(Rocky: Dude get out of here. Signups closed a long time ago. Sorry. I WILL tell an admin if you don't leave.)

Jack: *halfway there*

Brian: *halfway there, struggling*

Jessie: *3/4 there*

Jake:*gets to top* Yes! *falls down* No! (XD) *catches rock about 3/4 of the way up* Phew! *begins climbing again*

James:*climbs about 3,000 feet up*Did I mention my fear of heights?

Trevor:Suck it up*climbs past him*

Tye: *starts climbing*

Sammy: Go Jake! Wait, you're on the other team! Oh no! *Starts climbing*

Trevor:Almost there**grabs for rock but slips and falls all the way down*

(Rocky: This challenge will be cut short, taking longer than expected. Sorry.)

Day Seven

Snakes Camp

Brian: Did you guys hear aout my girlfriend?

Jack: No...

Sunny D: *quietly* I have a girlfriend, too... *regular voice* N-no, I didn't... why don't you tell us about her?

Walruses Camp


Tye: Umm... sure.


Challenge Five

Doug: Welcome back everyone! Today's challenge is a good one! Go-Karts! Find a partner, and get building! We'll start when five karts are done. Go!

Jack: Brian, partners?

Brian: *high five* Yeah, let's get to work.

Jessie: Tye, partners?

(CONF)Jessie: I can't wait for the merge, Mike and I are gonna do something big! Mike: *nods*

Tye: Sure, Jessie.

Sammy: Sunny D, do you want to be my partner?

Jake:*looks around for a partner*

Chimmy:Ooh! Sunshine, wanna be my partner?

Jack and Brian: *paint a cardboard box*

Jessie: Tye, let's make ours evil. REALLY evil.

Brian and Jack: *put wheels on their kart*

Tye: Sure, but what exactly do you mean by "evil"?

Jessie: Strategic stuff. Aerodynamics. *starts building cart, cuts box, puts wheels*

Jack: We're done! Number 182!
File:Box Car Racer.png

Doug: Jack and Brian have secured a spot in the prelims! Keep going guys!

Chimmy:*is hammering stuff together*

Tye: Ok, what colors should we use? *holds up multiple spray paint cans*

Jessie: Orange, with maybe.....gray wing attacthments! *spray paints the kart* (Tye, you can make the pic. My programs for taht stuff aren't working right lately..)

Sunshine: *grabs huge tires* Can you say MONSTER TRUCK???

Sunny D: ... *reluctantly goes up to Monica* ...wanna be my partner?


Chimmy:MONSTER TURCK! OH YEAH!!! *begins building top part*

Sunshine: *starts connecting tires to axels*

Sunny D: *that's okay, I underst- *realizes she said yes* Really??? Okay then... um... can you get me some parts while I find some tools?

Chimmy:*is 1/4 of the way done*

Monica:OK! *runs over to random junkyard, comes back with parts from a Jeep XD*

Sunny D: Oooh, nice... these look vintage... and good condition, too... looks like they're from an 1991 model... (LOL, Sunny D's a car geek XD) *starts putting together parts*

Sunshine: *paints Shadow on the side of their monster truck* (XD)

Chimmy:*paints Duncan, spray paints the other side of their truck with the word: "Obsession" XD*

Monica:*paints jeep thingy XD*

Sunny D: Now all I need are some decent hydrolics...

Sunshine: *stares at Shadow and Duncan paintings, happy sigh* (XD)

Chimmy:*stares and sighs, goes back to painting*

Monica:Sure!...what are hydrolics? (XD, you gotta remember she's like 4.)

Sunny D: They're kinda the undercarriage of the car... (I think... I don't know anything about cars, 'cept that they go VROOM VROOM!!!!! XD)

Sunshine: *starts attaching the tires to the truck*

Monica:Oh! I got some of those! *gestures to all the hyrdolics behind her XD*

Chimmy:*is nearly crushed by one of the wheels XD*

Sunshine: SORRY CHIMMY!!!! Now we need an engine...

Sunny D: Those'll work... think you can get something to prop up the car while I install them?

Chimmy:*tries to find one*

Monica:OK! *somehow lifts up front of car*

Sunny D: *after staring in shock for five minutes straight, starts installing the hydrolics*

Sunshine: *continues staring at Shadow and Duncan paintings* (XD) (Do you want me to attempt to draw our monster truck, or do you want to? I should warn you that I stink at drawing cars XD)


Monica:Could you please hurry? IDK how much longer I can do this...

Sunny D: *finishes installing hydrolics* Okay, you can put it down now... *Monica drops car on him* (LOL, poor Sunny D XD)

(Chimmy:I know it stinks, but..)

File:Monster Truck.jpg
(Sunshine: Probably better than what I could have done... XD)

Jessie: *finishes car* Cardboard wings; epicness. (LOL)

Doug: Sunny D and Monica, Sunshine and Chimmy, and Jessie and Tye are all in the race! ONE LAST SPOT!

The Race

Doug: Congrats to the winners! Jack and Brian, Jessie and Tye, Sunny D and Monica, and Sunshine and Chimmy are going to race! First one to the finish out of five parts wins! *whispering* And there's distractions. *normal* GO!
Jack and Brian: *1/5th there*

Jessie and Tye: *1/5 th there*

Jack: Look out! Oil slick! *barely dodges* Whew....AH! Wait, that's only a poster of Nalyd. (LOL, jk)

Chimmy:*is driving over stuffs* YEAH!!!! (XD)

Monica:*beeps horn* Hey, jeep and beep rhyme! (XD)

Jack and Brian: *2/5ths there*

Jessie: *Struggles to keep car on track* Tye, help!

(Tye: Wow, I missed so much, I am about to be eliminated in a camp because I missed the challenge, now this... XD)

Tye: *helps Jessie steer, keeps car on track*

Chimmy:*floors gas pedal, begins to catch up with people*

Monica:Come on, Sunny D!

Jessie: *gets 2/5ths there*

Doug: Cue birds! (LOL) 
Birds: *poop on Jack and Brian's car*

Jack: You're kidding me! 

Brian: Look out! *keeps kart on track to get 3/5ths done*

Doug: Jack and Brian are taking a small lead! Remember, whoever is in the last cart that finishes are both eliminated!

Jessie: *whispers to Tye* I'm gonna pull out so we can be safe. *sharply turns off track*
Doug: Jessie and Tye are disqualified!

Chimmy:*zooms ahead*

Monica:*floors it, starts to speed up*

Sunny D: *wonders why Monica is driving* (LOL FAIL XD)

Sunshine: *does the Duncan, blinding competitors* (XD)

Monica:IDK why I'm driving...who cares! *speeds up XD*

Chimmy:Oh yeah! OH YEAH!!!...wait, I'm not a jar of juice! (KOOL-AID fail XD)

Sunshine: *hands Chimmy Kool-aid*

Sunny D: *airbag explodes in face* (Poor kid. XD)

Chimmy:OH YEAH!! *sips Kool-aid*

Monica:*glares at road, floors it, they speed ahead leaving a trail of flames behind them*

Jack and Brian: *4/sths there* Almost finished! (Wow, so many fails and XDs, but it's not Christmas...LOL)

Monica:*chatches up with Chimmy and Sunshine*


Jack and Brian: *finish* We win!

Doug: Jack and Brian finish it for the Snakes! Whoever is in the last car to finish is OUT! (Elimination table is being made.)

Chimmy:*is neck and neck with Monica, crosses finish line one nano-second before Monica* (Dun. Dun. DDDUUUUNNN!!! XD)

Doug: Looks like Sunny D and Monica are out!

Jack: See ya Sunny D! I'll try and vote you back in if we get the chance!

Day Eight

Snakes Camp

(CONF)Jack: How is it possible if we won the challenge, two of our members got voted off? Mike: *whispers something into Jack's ear* Jack: You're kidding me!

Jack: James, Brian, how about an alliance?

Brian: Fine with me. *pokes Roger with a stick* Does this guy ever do anything?

Roger: *stands motionless, until he realizes the world around him* Oh! Sorry dudes. I've been listing to my iPod all this time! I remember when I got lost in the forest when I was listening to my iPod...*now talking to iPod* Good times, huh Steve?

Steve: *does not answer*


James:Sure,Jack(CONF):I`m betting the merge is around day 11 or 12,I need to stay in that long atleast,I don`t care about winning,just having a good time and making friends

After Challenge

Jack: I wonder what Trevor is still doing in the medical tent. It's been hours.

Brian: Maybe he's getting an immunity idol!

James:I hope my lil bro is ok

Walruses Camp

Jessie: Tye, I have a feeling the merge will be soon. Whaddya say we form an alliance. To the final two?

Tye: Sure, why not?

(CONF) Tye: I normally don't go for alliances, but with a couple popping up around here recently, one could be helpful.

Jessie: *leads Tye far away where no one can hear* OK, so I'm planning to take out Jake, Trevor or Sunshine before the merge, and then James and Jack when we're at the merge. Do you have anyone else you want to leave?

Jake:*is playing football*

Tye: Well, I think that we should definitley take out Trevor, I haven't seen him in a while. But I also think we should try to lose as little members as possible so once the merge comes, we could form an alliance with most of the people on this team and annihilate the other team. Then pick off the people that used to be on our tribe that aren't in the alliance, then worry about the extreme tensions when we get to the point where there's just the alliance. (XD)

Jessie: I see what you're saying.

Jake:*walks over to the two* Hey, guys! What's up?

Jessie: Nothing. Why?

After Challenge

Jessie: Where's Trevor?

Challenge Six

Doug: Today's challenge is a hike up......MOUNT BEASLTYNESS! The first one up's team wins. The mountain is rigged with rusty nails, oil slicks, hidden mines and feeble bits. GO! Today is a double elimination, and the merge is tomorrow!

Jack: *1/8th up*

Brian: *1/8th up*

Jessie:" *1/8th up*

Trevor:*mine explodes and falls*AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

James:*is right behind Jack and Brian*This is a HUGE mountain!

Chimmy:*is climbing up with ease* Woo-hoo!

Jake:*climbs up, but cuts hand on nail* OUCH!

James:*is 1/2 up*

Trevor:*starts again,but falls after getting 3 feet up*Uhhhh*faints*

Jack: *2/8ths there* (Tdafan, there's eight parts, not two.)

Brian: *falls* Ah, sh**. *gets back up*

James:*is 2/8ths done*Man,this mountain is beastly(XD and my bad)

Trevor:*is severely injured*I`m ok,don`t worry about me!*starts climbing slowly*

Doug: Meds, we'll need to get Trevor down.

Paramedics: *brings Trevor off the mountain*

Doug: The challenge is officially called off.

James:I hope Trevor is ok(CONF)So,I care for my little brother,well I guess he`s only littler by 5 minutes but that`s besides the point! He`s my brother and I have to look out for him!

Medical Tent

Doug: Trevor, we discussed everything and, you have the option to leave. If you stay, that's fine but you'll have difficulty. If you leave, you can take two people with you. What do you choose?

Trevor:What do you mean by bring 2 people with me?Like,eliminate them?Cause if I did that I couldn`t live with myself!

Doug: They will leave if you choose to leave. Also, the merge will be tomorrow which gives the option to vote two players back in.

Trevor:I`ll stay,cause I don`t wanna cause 2 people to be eliminated,even if I would`ve caused it anyway(XD)

Doug: Since you're staying, you STILL have to eliminate two people! Liking the twists, huh?

Trevor:Can I go tell them in person?

Doug: No, they will be automatically taken out of the game.

Trevor:*walks infront of everyone*This is a hard choice but I choose the biggest threats Sunshine and...Jake,sorry just startegy,I feel really bad about this guys

Doug: *pulls Trevor aside* Here. *hands him an immunity idol* Time to start some trouble!

Day Nine

Doug: Welcome, one and all, to the merge! You will have to decide on one name for your new tribe, and vote one person back into the game! Each of you will have your own color to represent you in challenges and such.

Jack: How about.....Rampaging Bull Sharks?

Brian: Suprisingly viscious name from such a nice guy...weird.

Jessie: Or the Scheming Foxes?

James:The Super Kitties!*Gets stares*Or not...

Trevor:The Last Survivors!(I don`t mean to be rude or anything but James isn`t in the Theme Song)

Chimmy:The Happy Uber Friend Buddies!!! (XDD)...or how about The Uber Gamers?

James:I don`t care about the name

Jack: We have to agree on about.....THE UBER RAMPAGING SURVIVOR FOX KITTIES! (Best. Team Name. EVAR!)

Brian: I'm fine with it.

Jessie: Same here.


James:I like it

Trevor:Awesome name!

James:Hey,Doug,will we have juries from now on?

Doug: Yes, from now on, any eliminated contestant will be on a jury, along with Jake and Sunshine. Also, four immunity idols are now hidden somewhere in camp. Hint: Someone already has one.

(CONF)Jack: OK, so I have an alliance with Brian and James, I think I'll ask Chimmy to. I'm pretty sure Tye and Jessie have an alliance going too, not sure

Brian: Whoever has the immunity idol, better cough it up!

(CONF) Sammy: Nooo! Jake is gone! D': (XD)

Chimmy:*searches for idol*

Doug: Remember, you need to vote one person back in! And, a clue to the idol is given out randomly at teh end of challenge.

Jack: Sunshine, she was voted out unfairly, and Zane, I'd like to see him come back.

Brian: Jake and uh....Zane I guess.

Jessie: Sunny D and Monica, probably.

(CONF)Jessie: I hope Tye follows my lead. Those two are the least threatful players, so if we can keep them around 'til the final 4, we can just breeze to the finale!

Chimmy:I vote...wait, the other guys voted two! I iz confuzzled.

(Rocky: Yes, we are voting two people back in. Someone put one. >=/)

Jessie: *pulls Tye aside* If either of us gets a clue for the idol, we're sharing it. Deal?

Tye: Are we voting two people back in, or are we voting for two, then the person with the most amount of votes comes back? Either way, Sunny D and Sunshine.

(CONF) Tye: I think I know what Jessie was going for there, but I think Sunshine would be easier to rope in to an alliance, especially if we could get Chimmy in one, too.

Chimmy:KK...I vote Jake and Monica! They're my daughter/bud bud! (XD)

Sammy: I vote for Jake... and... umm... Jake! Wait, I already voted for him. Hmm... (XD)

(Rocky: Yes, we are voting two people back in. Someone put one. >=/)

Jessie: *pulls Tye aside* If either of us gets a clue for the idol, we're sharing it. Deal?

Tye: Sure.

Sammy: Jake... and... uhh... umm... (XD) umm... Monica!

Chimmy:*dives into bushes*

Sammy: *walks over the bushes Chimmy just dived in* Watcha doing, Chimmy?

Chimmy:*pops head out of bush, spits out branch XD* Looking for the immunity idol! ^^

Sammy: Ok... is it in there? (XD)

Chimmy:I don't think so! *dives into freezing waters XD*

Doug: Jake is officially back! Keep voting! If you voted for Jake, vote again!


Jake:Hey guys! Glad to see you! *walks over to Sammy* Escpecially you...

Chimmy:I vote Sunshine!

Sammy: Yay! It's Jake! And Chimmy, I already checked the freezing water. Have you checked the piranha tank?

(CONF) Sammy: Ok, so that probably wasn't my best suggestion. (XD)

Chimmy:OK! *dives into pirahna tank*

Jake:*smiles at Sammy*

Sammy: *hugs Jake* How was it at the loser's place?

Jake:Not too bad...but torture when I'm not with you. *smiles*

Chimmy:*jumps out of pirahna tank* THEY'VE GOT RRRAAAABBBIIIEEESSS!!! (XD)

Sammy: Aww, you're so sweet. (XD Totally ignoring Chimmy)


Chimmy:*runs around with pirahna biting her nose XD*

Sammy: Oh! That reminds me! I still need to vote someone else back in. Umm... Sunny D! Oh! That also reminds me! *turns to Chimmy* Was it in there? (XD)

Chimmy:Nop! IDK where it could be! Wait...*reaches into her pants pocket*

Trevor:Sunny D

James:Sunny D

Chimmy:*finds drawing of immunity idol XD* Darn! So close! (XD)

Trevor(CONF):All I hae to do is make everyone vote for me,bust out this idol and vote for someone I hate,easy as pie!(Don`t pretend your character heard this confessional,please)



James:*looks for idol,pulls out a rabid squirrel*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!*runs away*


Doug: Sunny D is back! Now, let's get to the next day.




Day Ten

Doug: You'll all be sharing a camp until further notice.


Jessie: Tye, do you want to bring a third member to the alliance, just for a swing vote?

Jack: Brian, James, who do you want to take out tonight?

Chimmy:*continues looking for idol*


Doug: Challenge at 4:00! Winner receives immunity, a secret reward, and a hint to the idol!

Jake:Cool...*to self* I need an alliance...but with who?

Chimmy:*dives into bush*

James:*to Jack*Why not Trevor?

Roger: *leans in toward Jack and James* Why not Roger? :D

(Chimmy:LOL Tdifan XDD)

Jack: Because he has.......the iPod.


Doug: Today's challenge: find a theme song for another character who is still in the game. The best choice wins. Winner receives immunity, a reward, and a hint to the SECOND immunity idol.

Jessie: Second? Who has the first?

Doug: You'll have to find out at camp after the challenge.



Chimmy:Got it! How about The Promise, (New Found Glory) for Jake?

Doug: Well, that was our only submission, so Chimmy wins! Your reward: a set of blankets and pillows, and you'll need them, it'll be pouring for the next three days. Here's the hint for the immunity idol. *hands Chimmy a ceramic pot* The hint is inside, just crack the pot open to find it.


Doug: Vote ends at 9:30 SHARP. Also, starting from now, losers are in the jury and must go here.

Chimmy and Jake:Brian.

Jack: Trevor, the alliance planned it.

Brian: Trevor.

Jessie: James, sorry, but I can't think of anyone else.


Trevor:*pulls out idol*I'd like to use it, and I vote off Brian*laughs*

Brian: ****!

Doug: Okay, if you voted for Trevor, you will have to change your vote.

Jack: Sammy? Sorry.

Brian: Sammy.

James: Sammy

Tye: James.

Sammy: Brian.

Doug: Brian is out with a close vote. He's also now on the jury.

Jake:*sighs in relief*


Day 11


(CONF)Jack: I'm wondering if we should replace Brian in the alliance, or stay just me James and Roger...

Jessie: *quietly to Trevor* Listen, what you did to get Brian out of here last night, pretty dirty. Yet, very well played. Would you mind joining mine and Tye's alliance?

Chimmy:*smashes pot, reads clue* Hmmm....

Trevor:Might as well

James:*wakes up*

Chimmy:Aha! *runs off*

James:*wakes up*I think Im gonna go swimming*changes in swimsuit and jumps in lake*

Chimmy:*dives into trees*


James:*notices Chimmy*Hey Chimmy

(Chimmy:OK, that was NOT me, in any way, shape or form.)

(Rocky: What do you mean? Oh, and you can make up the invincibility clue.)

After Challenge

Jack: So James, Roger, wanna take out Trevor today?
Jessie: Tye, Trevor we can take out pretty much anyone tonight. Any suggestions?

James:Yeah, Let's eliminate Trevor

Trevor:Hey, Jessie vote with me against Jake, k?


Doug: For today's challenge, you have to partner up with someone and invent a game! You have 3 hours, creators of the best game win a reward, immunity, and a hint to the second out of three idols.

Jack: James, partners?

Jessie: Tye, let's get started.

James:Ok, Jack.

Jack: Why not Monkey See Monkey Do? I do something stupid and dangerous, and you have to follow?


Trevor:Anyone wanna be my partner?

Chimmy:I will! :D

Jake: Me, anyone?

Jessie: Nevermind, I'll work with Jake. So, how about a strategy game?

Doug: One hour and a half left! Only one group is done so far, get to work guys! You'll stay at camp for a half hour after the challenge, and the vote will be at 7:30 sharp.

Jack: So, James, what do you wanna do now/

Jake: Good, there's some gamepieces of some sort, and you have a mini-slingshot at the end of the board. Each player gets one chance per round to try to knock their opponents pieces off of the board. Last person standing wins...

Doug: Time's up! The winners are....Jack and James! Now, camp for 15 minutes until the vote!


Doug: Vote closes at tomorrow at 3:00.

Jack: Uh...Trevor. He pulled a dirty move yesterday, and doesn't deserve to stay in any longer.

Jessie: Jake. I don't think anyone should be given a second chance at a game like this.

Trevor:Jake,doesn't deserve it.

James:Trevor,part of the plan.

Chimmy: *votes Trevor*

Jake:*votes Trevor* What Jack said.

Doug: In a not so shocking vote, Trevor is out with 4 votes. Trevor, you are now a member of the jury. Jack and James, here is your clue to the idol. Your reward is an GET-OUT-OF-CHALLENGE free pass, one for each of you. You will be removed from the challenge, and sent back to camp. You will still be vulnerable for votes. They must be used before the final five.

Day 12

Uber Rampaging Survivor Fox Kitties Camp

(CONF)Jack: I'm pretty sure that I should get everyone at camp to take out Jessie. He seems like a huge threat. He has no enemies, but he doesn't have any friends either. Just that alliance with Tye...

(CONF)Jessie: I have this game in the bag. No one realizes that me and Tye are picking off all the players one by one.

Jack: Roger, James, you guys need to spread the word that we need to take out Jessie and Tye, ASAP. *opens clue to idol, reads quietly* Hmm...James, wanna share this with Chimmy? Maybe we can add her to the alliance.

(CONF) Tye: I'm worried about my alliance with Jessie. We either need more people in the alliance, or I need to get out of it. (DUN DUN DUN! XD)

Doug: Challenge at 10:30!


Doug: For this challenge, you must all make a totem pole, using only multiple shades of one color. One color may only be used once. All submissions must be in by April 3rd.

Jack: I'll use blue.

Jessie: Green for me.

James:Red. Called it.

(Tdafan:Sorry I added Trevor, I forgot he was out :P)

Chimmy: Purple! *starts working*

Jake: Er......Orange, since yellow and pink would be the only other options, I think. ><;;

Sammy: Uhh... Yellow.

(CONF) Sammy: If only "Jake" was a color. (XD)

Tye: Black. Go grayscale!


Doug: For the second week in a row, James wins immunity! Vote is right now.


Doug: Vote ends at 9:00 PM tomorrow. (I might be a little late, I have an Easter party tomorrow.)

Jack: Jessie. He's trying to take us all out, if you haven't noticed.

Jessie: What are you talking about? I'm voting Chimmy.

James:Chimmy, she's a threat


Tye: Sorry, Chimmy.

Sammy: What? Jessie's trying to take us all out? *votes Jessie*

Chimmy and Jake: *votes Jessie*

(Everyone voted! :D)
Doug: Surprisingly, Jessie is out. On to the final eight!

Day 13

Doug: Everyone, today will be a DOUBLE VOTE, so be on your guard.

Uber Rampaging Survivor Fox Kitties!!1! Camp

(CONF)Jack: I have the perfect plan for tonight's vote. I think I'll be taking out Sunny D and Roger. They haven't done much in a while.

Jack: James, Chimmy, why not combine the immunity idol clues? I have one, James has two, and you have one Chimmy. With four clues, we can at least find one.

Chimmy: Good idea. :D

Jack: So, if I'm right.....*digs around in a pile of leaves* *to James and Chimmy* Yes! The idol! Now, if any of us three is in trouble, we can use it. I want to take the three of us to the final. The jury is going to pick the winner from the final three instead of two this season, so one of us will win. I want to take out Sunny D and Roger tonight, to test out the alliance. Agreed? Oh, and just in case....*fashions a fake idol, leaves it sticking out* There.

Chimmy: Nice. :D
James:Smart plan, Jack, my boy

Jack: Hey, what's that hobo looking guy?

Hobo guy: *Pokes around with a stick* Hey, what's everyone doing here? Anyone have money?

Jack: *throws snowball* Dude, we're kind of in the middle of something. *points to camera crew* See, this is a show, we even have interns!

Mike the Intern: *waves*

Hobo: Is that backsass? *Flips Jack* Like that?

Jack: *screaming* AHHHHH! F***!!!! My wrist!!!!

(CONF)Jack: Hobos suck.

James:*turns blue, shivers*S-s-s-o-o-o- c-c-c-cold....

(CONF)Hobo:*in there with Jack*Hobo:Yes, infact, I was supposed to replace Coach in Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, but my docter didn't want me to go

(CONF)Jack: Ah hobo, you never fail to amaze me. (xD)


James:*faints from freezy-ness*

Medics: *Take Jack and James to the medical tent*

Medical Tent

Doug: I had a feeling you two would win this one.

Jack: Harming us was a challenge? I broke my wrist, James just passed out. We better get to do something good.

Doug: True, you two have to pick two players you would like to eliminate from the game. This would however, remove you two from tomorrow's challenge.

Jack: I accept, and James, you should too.

(CONF)Jack: I hope he remembers we have the idol....

James:We both pick two or we both pick one?

Doug: Yes, you both pick one.

Jack: I'm gonna pick....Tye. Sorry, but he seems kinda....evil.

James:Sunny D

Day 14

Uber Rampaging Survivor Fox Kitties!!1! Camp

(CONF)Jack: What I'm thinking is, Chimmy, James, and I should take out Roger today, then Sammantha and finally Jake. Then, one of us can be picked as the winner. Honestly, Chimmy deserves to win, in my opinion. James has already won a show, and she seems like a better canditate to take the victory.

Jack: *is tending to his wrist* James, how's the frostbite?


Doug: Challenge at 5:00! By the way, only ONE immunity idol is left in the game.

James:*digs in ground*Come on....


Doug: For today's challenge, each contestant has to find an arctic animal. Then, they must find my shack and bring it there. Winner gets this, THE final immunity idol. Last one to find their animal is out, and yes, we still will have a vote, so two people are going home tonight.







Jack: Where would a polar bear be....*looks near dead animal carcasses* (XD)

Sammy: Yay! Penguins are so cute! *goes to find one*

Jack: Hey! Tracks! *Follows the tracks*

James:*goes to arctic foxs' cave*Hi fox *gets attacked*AHHH!*beats up fox*

Jack: *Tracks lead to a baby polar bear that is nestled with it's mother* Crap...

Chimmy:*dives down to ocean floor*

Jake: *puts on wetsuit and slowly steps down into water, shivers*

James:*chases after fox*

(Chimmy: Anything Chimmy says during the time she is underwater are thoughts, and are italicized.)

Chimmy:*finds jellyfish carcass* YES!...oh crap, I lost sight of a hole to the surface....

Jake:*notices a seal*, close enough. *begins swimming towards it*

James:*grabs fox, starts running to Doug*

Jack: *snatches fox, runs as fast as he possibly can, gets to Doug* Yes!

Doug: Congratulations! However, you do not win immunity for today Jack. So sorry. Instead, have a snuggie. (xD)

Jack: *puts snuggie on* Ahhh..... Best. Reward. EVAR!!!

Doug: Keep going everyone! Remember, last one to finish is ELIMINATED.

James:*runs to Doug*Here!

Jack: Dude, you're gonna be the last one to finish! Use the get out of challenge pass!

James:I finished :P *gives fox to Doug*

Chimmy:*manages to find another hole, swims back and gives dead jellyfish to Doug*

Jake:*notices otter, swims after it*

Doug: Challenge is over at 8:00 SHARP. Remember, the vote is imediately after the challenge, AND the last person to finish is OUT.

Jake:*has Duncan-esque wrestling match with otter, carries it under arm to Doug*

Sammy: *finds peguin, attempts to grab it, but it jumps in the water* (I just noticed... Roger is still here...)

Doug: Challenge is OVER! So sorry Jake, but since you were the last to finish, you are OUT!


Doug: Vote is over tomorrow at 12:30 AM.

Jack: Roger, no other candidates, really.

James:Chimmy, only because she could easily win

(CONF)Jack: Why did James vote for Chimmy?

Sammy: D: Jake is gone! *Votes Roger*

Doug: Roger is now eliminated!

Day 14


(CONF)Jack: Wow, final 4. We've gone far...

Chimmy: *reenacts Charlie the Unicorn with everyone here*

(CONF) Sammy: Jake, I'll win this for us! Just promise you'll vote for me if I make it to the final 2!

Jack: I shot being starfish! (XD)

Doug: Everyone, I've decided that the winner will be decided TODAY, out of the four of you, right now.

FINAL, WINNER DECIDING JURY VOTE (all eliminated players can talk here!!!)

Doug: Here's how it's gonna work. The final four members, Jack, James, Chimmy, and Sammy, all have to give a reason why they should win. These four can answer questions from each other, the jury, and the eliminated players.

Jack: I think I should win because I've been an extremely fair player. I stuck with everyone in my alliances, and voted with them. I was also responsible for bringing James AND Chimmy here.

Sammy: Well, I know I'm not the best person to vote for to win, but I didn't ride coattails to get here. I wasn't in any alliances, and I know I didn't do much, but I hope you guys vote for me to win!

Chimmy: I feel that I was pretty nice here....I attempted to make friends with a lot of people here, and I pretty much only voted for people when I had a reason. Of course, you don't HAVE to vote for me.....I, just vote for me. :P (XD)

Jake: I already know who I'm voting for....

Monica: Jack, Sammy, what were your motives in this game?

Jack: I tried to play an honest game, pretty much. I mean, I won the most individual challenges out of everyone at camp, I haven't gotten any votes against me the whole season, and I have no enemies. I always tried to vote out players who weren't being fair or active at camp.

Sammy: I played an honest game, and tried my best to win. I managed to avoid multiple eliminations in the beggining, and just overall, tried my best.

James:Like Jack, I played an honest game, never backstabbed, and made awesome friends :) I miss you guys already :(

Brian: But James, you were in an alliance with Jack and Chimmy, but you tried to vote Chimmy out yesterday. Isn't that backstabbing?

James:I meant by not grabbing a knife and jabbing it in their back(XD)

(CONF)Brian: James just lost my vote.

Jessie: I think I'll be going with...Jack.

Doug: By the way, you CAN change votes.

Tye: Quick! Everyone choose a number between 1 and 20!

Sammy: Umm... 7?


Trevor:My vote is for James, cause he bribed me with 7 bucks

Brian: Is that allowed?

Doug: (xD)

Jack: 1.

Doug: Any votes in after 4:30 WILL NOT COUNT!!!

Brian: I'm going with Jack. He played a strong game.

Jake: 8? And Sammy. Obvious reasons :P

Monica: Chimmy, she's my mommy! :D (Shameless vote for self :P )

(Tye: I meant the final 4, but I'll count Jake's 8 as Chimmy's number.)

Tye: James was the closest to the number, he gets my vote.

Jessie: Tye, is that the best you can do? Number games? (xD)

Tye: ...Yeah, pretty much. But hey, it was the deciding vote in Borneo, so why not?

Jessie: True, true.

Doug: Everyone, cast your votes! Only one hour and a half left! If either James or Jack gets two more votes, they win.

Jack: Guys, I actually deserve the votes. James just bribed to get his.

Tye: That's not true. The second part, I mean. My vote came from the fact that 9 is closer to 12 than 8, 7, or 1.

Jack: But still, the votes should go to whoever deserves them.

Doug: That's it! Time's up! The winnerS are.....James AND Jack. They both got the same amount of votes! Now, this season is over! GO HOME! Season 2, now!

Jack: Yes! *high fives James*

Sammy: That means I tied for second! Yay!

(Tye: Umm... the elimination table just kind of exploded... XD)

James:*has arm around Jack*WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!(XD)




James' Votes



Chimmy's Votes


Sammy's Votes


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