I love you all


Episide 1: Weird Vibe

Chris: Hi. 20 previous losers are back to compete and redeem themselves in Total Drama Redemption! We already planned out the teams. Let's meet the Courageous Hawks! Up first..from Pahkitew Island, Sugar!

Sugar: *walks off boat and slaps a bird that flies past her* Hey ya'll, it's Sugar! And I. Will. Win. *sniffs* Is that churros?

Chris: No, it's Chef's upcoming meal.

Sugar: Yum!

Chris: Er...okay..up next, B.

B: ...

Sugar: HI.

B: ...

Sugar: How dare you speak to me in that manner! *pushes him in water*

Chris: Dakota!

Dakota: *walks up* Hi!

Chris: Aren't you supposed to be some giant monster?

Dakota: Yes, but Daddy gave me plastic surgery as a birthday present!

Sugar: *laughs and snorts* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *farts*

B: *climbs up dock, but smells Sugar's fart, and faints*

Dakota: Hi!

Sugar: Hi!

Chris: Up next....Amy!

Sugar: Confessional: There's already three blondes but we all know that..


Amy: *looks at everyone* Yes! No annoying sister?


Amy: Shut up

Chris: Max!!

Max: *walks out and glances at everyone* Confessional: So fat pageant girl is back, and I will use my EVIL plans to make her my slave! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sugar: MAX!

Max: SILENCE. I am concentrating on my evil plans!

B: *raises eyebrow*

Chris: Jasmine!

Amy: Ew my sisters friend.

Jasmine: Hello everyone.

Sugar: Hi!

Jasmine: *glances at Sugar* Thanks for leaving me under a tree


Chris: *reading a notecard* Topher? Not him again...

Topher: Chris!

Amy: Zip it!

Topher: *sees Amy, Sugar, Max, and Jasmine* This is like one big Pahkitew Reunion *gasps*

Amy: Yeah, no. Shut up.

Topher: Oh..

Chris: Beth!

Beth: Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all!

Amy: Lame.

Dakota: *yawns*

Beth: *sighs*

Beth: Confessional: Everyone is ignoring me again and I don't even have my braces on this time.

Brick: *runs up to everyone and salutes* I have arrived.

Chris: And here is Brick.

Beth: Hi!

Brick: Hello.

Jasmine: Confessional: Brick seems like a strong commander. He can come in handy during challenges and he has leadership experience. We should be fine.

Tyler: *hops off boat but falls face flat* OW!

Chris: Hello Tyler!

Samey: *helps Tyler up* Are you okay?

Tyler: Yeah. *jumps back up* The Tyler is back.

Dakota: Too bad nobody CARES.

Chris: The ten of you will be called...the Courageous Hawks!

Sugar: Delicious!

B: *nods*

Max: Confessional: COURAGEOUS? Ew.

Beth: Go us!

Topher: Let's win for Chris!

Chris: You will meet the opposing team, the Fearless Alligators...up first...Leonard.

Sugar: WIZARD.

Leonard: *walks, reading spell book, and bumps into Chris* Oh, hello! I was just reading my new spells this season!

Chris: You should've read your contract, because it said no bringing sucky items! *tosses spell book in water*

Leonard: HOW DARE YOU.

Sugar: NOOO.

Max: *laughs*

Tyler: Not cool.

Leonard: *storms away*

Sugar: Poor wizard.

Chris: Samey!

Amy: WHAT! YOU SAID NO SUCKY ITEMS *pushes Samey into water*

Samey: But Amy..

Amy: Shut up!

Samey: Okay..

Chris: Oh how I love conflict. Up next is Eva!

Eva: *walks up* ...


B: *shrugs*

Eva: Stop talking if you don't want me to kill you!

Sugar: Hey! You are not a woman!

Eva: *grabs Sugar and smashes her into dock as she breaks apart of it*

Sugar: AHH!

Chris: That's enough Eva. Stop damaging the island.

Eva: FINE! *pushes Chris in water and walks to Leonard and Samey*

Chris: *spits out water* Geoff!

Geoff: Hey dudes! *high fives everyone before walking up to team* Hey!

Leonard: I'm a wizard.


Samey: Hi.

Geoff: Uh, okay then... Confessional: I got REALLY weird vibes from my team

Chris: *climbs up dock* Anne Maria!

Anne Maria: *walks up* Jersey girl is back and ready to win

Chris: No one cares. NEXT.

Katie: OMG!

Amy: Oh great..

Katie: EEE! *runs to everyone* Where is Sadie.

Max: You fool.

Brick: Sadie...isn't...Uh, here.

Katie: WHAT!


Katie: *begins to tear up* WHAT!

Chris: *laughs* Tears. Up next is...Trent!

Trent: Oh, hey.

Samey: Hey.

Trent: Confessional: I gotta stay focused this time, I gotta. Gwen was in my head 24/7 but now I think I have a chance to win.

Justin: *walks up* Hey. *smiles*

Anne Maria: Oh my.


Eva: Weren't you just crying a few minutes ago?

Katie: *hugs Justin*

Anne Maria: Back off!

Justin: Ladies there's enough Justin to go around.

Katie: YAY!

Chris: Okay, um, Scarlett!

Max: My minion!

Scarlett: Shut up, Maxene. *quietly joins team and adjusts glasses*

Geoff: Hey! *offers high five*

Scarlett: *zaps him with laser*

Geoff: Ow!

Chris: And finally, Sam!

Sam: Hey!

Dakota: Sam!

Sam: Oh, hey Dakota.

Dakota: *hugs him* I missed you.

Sam: I missed you too.

Chris: You ten are the Fearless Alligators! Ok now leave my sight


Jasmine: *walking to cabin with B* You don't talk much, do you?

B: *shakes head*

Jasmine: Oh, well how are you?

B: *gives thumb ups*

Jasmine: That's good.

Max: You! *points to Beth*

Beth: Hi! Nice to meet you!

Max: Yeah, yeah. From now on you will be my slave

Beth: No way, Heather 2.0. *walks away*

Max: Stupid girl. Confessional: Man, no slave is as good as Scarlett..


Brick: I didn't.

Tyler: Hey, I don't eat that.

Amy: Samey eats it so I don't eat it. Maybe Samey did it.

Tyler: Why are you always bullying your sister?

Amy: Shut up.


Katie: *crying* SADIE.

Justin: *sees Katie and walks toward her* Confessional: Hands down, Katie is the most gullible person here so I'm going to manipulate her while she is emotionally weak

Katie: *sobbing*

Justin: Hey Katie.

Katie: Hi.

Justin: You know, Sadie is rooting for you.

Katie: Really?

Justin: Really.

Anne Maria: *sees Katie and Justin* Confessional: Oh hell no! That katie girl is stealing my man! She's got go.

Katie: Thanks Justin..

Anne Maria: *storms to Justin and Katie* HEY!

Geoff: *walks with Samey* I'm sorry that Amy does that to you.

Samey: Its alright, I just- *bumps into Anne/Justin/Katie* Oh, sorry.

Trent: *sees the five and joins them* Hey

Justin: Okay, since all six of us are here, I've been thinking.

Samey: About what?

Justin: I think the six of us should stick together.

Samey: Why?


Katie: Yay!

Geoff: What does popularity have to do with alliances..

Trent: I agree with Geoff.

Justin: We are well liked, so that means we all have the ability to use our looks to reel in numbers.

Geoff: I don't's only day one..

Katie: I'm in!

Samey: Mkay, I'll join.

Trent: Sure.

Anne Maria: Confessional: I hate Katie but...*confessional ends* I'll join, anything for you booboo.

Geoff: ...

Samey: Come on Geoff, it'll be great.

Geoff: Fine.

Anne Maria: So erm what's our alliance name?

Justin: The Beauties, obviously.

Katie: EEEEEE!

Sam: Last line


Episode 2: Negative Attitude


Topher: *walking with Dakota* Why do you think we haven't had a challenge yet?

Dakota: The builders are taking too long to make my grand entrance to the challenge most likely.

Topher: Why do you get a grand entrance instead of Chris?

Dakota: Um, because my daddy is rich.

Topher: But Chris is Chis!

Dakota: *rolls eyes* Confessional: Anyone that doesn't appreciate my fame is delusional. So like, Topher is one of those people. So he should go!

Sugar: *laughing* My doggy did NOT expect that.


Sugar: How dare you! You mole!

Amy: *gasps* You fat pig!

Sugar: That's a compliment!

Beth: *stands in between them* Guys, settle down. We need to work as a team if we wanna win the next challenge.

Amy: What if I don't wanna win? That means SHE is leaving.

Sugar: *mumbling* Stupid rooster

Beth: *sighs*

Max: Confessional: Recently I have been searching for a new slave. Beth declined. B is useless. Jasmine is too smart. Sugar disgusts me. Amy scares me. Brick is too nice. All Topher cares about is Chris. Dakota's attractiveness is distracting. That leaves that jock.

Max: *approaches Tyler* Hello slave!

Tyler: Hey.

Max: Why didn't you respond with a negative attitude when I called you slave? You slave.

Tyler: I don't know.

Max: Well you will be my temporarily sidekick. Agree or disagree. If you select disagree, I have to kill you.

Tyler: Uhm..I don't wanna agree.

Max: Marvelous!


(Sam, Scarlett, Leonard, and Eva are sitting together)

Sam: Teehee...

Eva: What's so funny...

Sam: We've been in this room for hours while the other six teammates have been together for hours.

Scarlett: Hm...according to alliance reputations from previous seasons, and checking the desperateness for an alliance using chemicals; putting it in everyone's head. I would confirm that those six are together.

Sam: No fair! They all are beautiful!

Leonard: Wizards like me are beautiful.

Eva: Shut up.

Scarlett: *pacing back and fourth* This would mean our best chance to stay is us four stick together, pull in 1-2 people, and eliminate one of them.

Leonard: Sounds magical!

Sam: I'm okay with that..

Eva: *rolls eyes*

Leonard: Eva, help us defeat the cruel dark side in which only a quad of wizards can challenge them

Eva: Fine.

Eva: Confessional: Everybody wants a freaking alliance. That's stupid. Very stupid.

Leonard: *reading a spell book*

Samey: *sitting on cabins steps*

Justin: *walks up to her* Hey.

Samey: Oh, hi.

Justin: You should be excited that your sister isn't on our team.

Samey: Yeah...that's true.

Justin: Then why are you still moaning?

Samey: I don't know.

Justin: Well, we'll take out Amy at the merge.

Samey: Really?

Justin: Really.

Justin: Confessional: Right now I have all three girls in my pocket; Samey, Katie, and Anne Maria. Then I'm good with the two guys too. Trent and Geoff. And I'm sure the 4 geeky outcasts aren't after me.

Scarlett: *observing Justin and Samey* Justin has the 3 girls in his pocket. He's the glue.

Sam: You think so?

Scarlett: I know so.

Leonard: So that means we have to reel in Trent and Geoff!

Scarlett: Correct.

Chris: Everyone, head to the beach!

Katie: Yay the beach!

Anne Maria: Aw yeah!

(At The Beach)

Chris: Hello.

Beth: Hi!

Chris: Welcome to the beach relay race!

Beth: I love relay races!

Chris: Stop talking. First off, there are only 6 legs. One of which requires two people There's 10 losers on each team. Each team must sit out 3 people

(Beth, Dakota, and Max sit on sit out bench)

(Leonard, Anne Maria, and Samey sit on sit out bench)

(Camera zooms in on Tyler and Geoff)

Chris: First leg, Cliff jumping! Each team has selected Tyler and Geoff to hop off a cliff, grab a bag of puzzle pieces, then run to shore and tag their next teammate. And there'll be sharks too. :) On your marks...get set...go!

Tyler and Geoff: *jumps*

Tyler: Woo hoo! *lands on a rock*

Chris: *laughing*

Max: *mumbling from bench* What a clumsy sidekick.

Geoff: *quickly goes underwater and grabs bag of puzzle pieces*

Samey: *standing up from bench* Go Geoff!

Geoff: *runs to shore and tags Katie*

Chris: The next two had to walk across a balance beam holding the bag of puzzle pieces. In addition to that, they need to untie a bag and then continue to walk through it, and tag the next person.

Tyler: *still in water* Nice sharks..*sweating*

Katie: *walking steadily*

Tyler: *grabs bag and runs to shore, and tags Brick* Go!

Brick: *balances*

Katie: *unties bag but falls*


Brick: *unties bag*

Katie: *redoing the balancing*

Brick: *grabs bag and finishes balance beam, then tags Amy*

Katie: *balancing carefully, then unties bag, and tags Eva*

Chris: The next leg was to grab the puzzle bag at the podium, then climb a tree, and hop to tree to tree. Be careful..because..

(All the tree branches snap in half)

(Both grab bag)

Chris: Ha.

Eva: *climbs*

Justin: *climbs*

Eva: *hopping from tree to tree*

Katie: She looks like a gorilla!

Eva: *tags Sugar*

Amy: *standing on top of first tree* What if something happens to my face?

Max: Go already you worthless piece of

Beth: I hope we win.

Amy: *slowly goes to second tree*

Chris: The next leg was to eat disgusting food.

Sugar: *chugging a cup full of octopus blood*

Amy: *finishes tree jumping and tags Trent*

Trent: *looks at octopus blood* ...

Sugar: DELICIOUS. What's next?

Chef: *gives Sugar a bowl of crickets*

Sugar: Mm! *eats*

Trent: *finishes drinking octopus blood and chews on crickets*

Sugar: I'm done!

Chris: Now go grab that bag of puzzle pieces and tag someone.

Sugar: *grabs it and tags Jasmine* Go you stupid person!

Chris: Next, the contestants had to crawl under a net. Under the net is mud. Somewhere under the mud is the fifth and final bag of puzzle pieces.

Jasmine: *quickly crawls, digging along the way*

Trent: *finishes eating; grabs bag, and tags Justin*

Justin: This may ruin my tan.

Trent: Go already, dude!

Justin: *rolls eyes and crawls*

Jasmine: *finds bag and crawls out, then hands bags of puzzles to B and Topher*

Chris: The last two had to complete a puzzle. And right now, the Hawks are leading by A LOT.

Topher: How does this work?

B: ... *putting together puzzle*

Justin: I'm not crawling through mud anymore?

Chris: Um, you have to.

Justin: No.

Topher: I hope Chris realizes that I care for him.

B: *getting angered* ...

Scarlett: Justin, hurry up or I'll vote you off!

Justin: Ugh. *grabs bag and hands it to Scarlett and Sam*

Scarlett: Hurry! *putting together pieces quickly*

Topher: *confused look at puzzle*

Sam: *puts in last piece*

Chris: Alligators win immunity!


Amy: *stands in front of Dakota, Brick, Jasmine, Tyler, Max, Beth, B, and Sugar* Topher cost us the challenge! We need him GONE.

Max: NOBODY tells evil what to do.

Amy: Shut up.

Max: Ok.

Dakota: I want him gone too! He said I shouldn't get a grand entrance!

Amy: Good. Are we all in agreement.

(Everyone nods except Jasmine)

Amy: Jasmine?

Jasmine: *sighs* Okay. Confessional: I don't think Topher going is best. He's not the best competitor but not the worst. It's just...wrong how Amy is using force.

Jasmine: *walking with Topher* They want you gone.

Topher: What? Why?

Jasmine: Because of the puzzle but I'm keeping you safe mate. I'm voting Amy.

Topher: Thanks. How do I stay?

Jasmine: I'll do the talking

Topher: Confessional: I can't believe people want me gone! I can't imagine how awful it'd be to only see Chris host in one challenge this season.

Jasmine: *whispers to Tyler and Max* I can tell you two are a duo. How would voting off Amy be?

Beth and Brick: *joins them*

Beth: Hi!

Jasmine: Hey guys. I think we should vote for Amy.

Beth: Yes! She's so mean!

Brick: If her negativity is causing bad rifts in the tribe, then okay.

Jasmine: It's settled then.

Brick: Confessional: Hearing that Amy is being targeted is great. She isn't a strong challenge performer plus she has a negative attitude.

Tyler: Max, who are we voting?

Max: Evil is uncertain.

Tyler: Let me know before the elimination.

Max: Fine.

(Elimination Ceremony)

Chris: Safe are..

Chris: Everyone except Amy and Topher! *tosses marshmallows*

Amy: WHAT!

Topher: *sighs*

Chris: I will read the votes. First vote was for..






Amy: I knew I was staying :)




Chris: 4 votes Amy, 4 votes Topher.

Amy: *gasps* How dare you, traitors!

Chris: And in a vote of 6-4...say goodbye to...

Topher: *gulp*

Amy: *groans*

Chris: Topher!

Topher: *stands up and sighs* Bye Chris!

Chris: Adios you creep!

Amy: Everyone who voted me is gonna get it!

Jasmine: ...

Topher: *leaves*


Topher: Amy B Sugar Dakota Max Tyler

Amy: Topher Jasmine Beth Brick

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