Katy Perry had decided to take 14 aspiring singers to her record company. She divides them into 2 bands and she sees their performance. She chooses the best performance and the other band kicks someone out. This happens until 7 are left, when they go solo. In the end, the finale judges (7th-3rd) will judge the finale performances and whoever gets the highest score wins and gets a record deal and 100,000 dollars!

Sign Ups (Closed)

  1. Seth, the singer, SethAllred343
  2. Robert-The Sweet Strategist-Alfan3000
  3. Piper,the Normal Pretty Girl-HR
  4. Alejandro-The Arch Villan-Drama786
  5. Emika - The dumped famous singer - Kevvy9
  6. Sharni-The Goth Rockstar.-EBGR
  7. Ryan-The Hot Guy-Youre2490
  8. Layla - The Singer/The Girl of the Many Outfits - TDISeriesFan
  9. Hay-Zeus - The Religous Rapper - Mr. E
  10. Isabella-The Drama queen-Snow
  11. Jade, the werido-SethAllred343
  12. Harriet-The Retired Super Model-Sierrastalker
  13. Melody-Obessesivley Smart-Sierrastalker
  14. Rose,The Red obsseved Girl-HR

Episode One: "I want a freaking record deal"

Chat 1

Katy: Welcome!

Seth: Woah. A real record company?

Piper:Wow!Katy Perry!You're one of my favorite artists!

Katy: Thank you.

Piper:So we're going to make our own songs?

Emika: Guys I lived the fame but I got dumped by my record label

Sharni: Hey Katy! My friend Alexis should have signed up for this she is a really good singer but never tells anyone.

Seth: Cool


Harriet:Wow!Katy Perry!I'm Harriet!I guess we are sharing fame here. I won Clock Tower 2, while you have been famous your whole life.

Piper:How can you share the same fame,when i don't even know who you are.

Harriet:That makes no sense...

Emika: In the US only like 2,3, or 4 of my songs were big hits and around the world I had lots of hits


Katy: Okay, so your bands are Robert, Sharni, Hay-Zeus, Alejandro, Piper, Ryan, and Layla, who form the Killer Instruments and Seth, Jade, Harriet, Rose, Melody, Emika, and Isabella form the Screaming Music.

Performance 1

Katy: Okay so each band gives a performance and best one wins! Judges are Lady Gaga, Me, and Kesha.

Screaming Music Performance

Piper:*starts to sing*It takes a little time to know mee. Emika: *To team* Guys I sing and pick the song ok

Seth: Fine. I call keyboard. Piper, do the bass. Every one except Jade do the guitar and Jade does the drums.

Piper:No!I'm singing.

Seth: How about we just come up with it as we go! *music starts playing* It took time for us get together!

Emika: Let's do on melancholy hill by gorillaz

Piper:I agree with Seth.*starts to sing*Oh yeah!

Seth: But now we are together (CONF) We are gonna suck

(Put the performance in Bold)

Emika: *on melancholy hill starts playing* Ok 1 2 3 go *starts to sing on melancholy hill*

Seth: Up on Melancholy Hill, there's a plastic tree

Piper:Hey Emika we are singing as we go.

Don't you even know!

Seth: Piper has point. Let's just do this now.


Emika: If you can't get what you want, then come with me

Piper:*does't go*We'll win in Glee,not in orders.

Seth: You need to breakout of your shell and Get Wild. G-G-Get Wild


Emika: *raps* I wanna dance with you funky guy so come on, come on, so please on come you funky guy

Piper:What guy,got it from BESt-Buuuuy?

Seth: *raps* I want to kiss you funky girl so come on, come on, so please come on you funky girl.

Jade: Get Wild *plays epic guitar solo*

Emika: *changes song to let it rock* I wanna dance alittle better and rock alittle harder

Seth: So Let It Rock

Piper:Let it Rooooock.

Jade:*guitar solo*

Seth: No problems just Let It Rock

Emika: *raps* The war is never over until someone wins. But if no one wins, it's not over.

Seth: *raps* @$#!#$@#!%@$!$%!%^!^!^!

Emika: *raps* F*** you haters, I'm kick you a** until the f****** war is over. You b****** don't have a chance with me, cuz I'm going to slap you in your f****** faces b******

Seth: So Let It Rock, Let It Rock, Let It Rock!


Emika: So let it rooooooooooock *raps* All you f****** b****** I'm going to f****** a** until you bleed and cry. I f****** hate you b****** so shut the f****** h*** up

Piper:...*the song stops*

Emika: *plays no love*

Seth: Okay we're good. Emika I can see why your label dropped you.

Emika: Ok and I don't think that's why

Piper:I definatly think that's why..

Seth: Yeah

Emika: I rarely do that


Killer Instruments Performance


Robert:We need a group plan.

Rose:I'll sing!

Hay-Zeus: So... what do I do?

Rose:Sing and you can umm play an instument or sing..

Robert:I lay motionless, I hit my head

The people I loved thought me dead*starts playing a guitar*

Hay-Zeus: *Starts playing drums flawlessly*

Robert:They left me alone. And while I bled.

My uncle, a devilish monster, reared his evil head.

Rose:*playing Piano*Goin' a long way.

Robert:His red eyes glowed as he spoke to me. I am your only real family.

The others all left you, they do not care. Come with me, we are a mighty pair.

Let us go, and teach them about pain. They will see our true disdain.

Only the ones who survive, will serve all of us when our plan comes alive!*guitar solo*

This is the end. No more time for crying. This is the end, a time of dying!(Dark, I wrote it for a fanfic on another wiki, but I love this song! I worked in the names of my two fave songs at the end! :P)

Rose:What is going on?


Katy: My score is for the Screaming Music, 19/40. To much swearing. Killer Instruments, WOW. 39/40!

Lady Gaga: Screaming Music 20/40. Killer Instruments 37/40

Kesha: YOU BOTH GET A 1!

Katy: To add it together. 40 Points out of 120 for the Screaming Music. Killer Instruments. 77/120. KILLER INSTRUMENTS WIN!

Robert:*high fives Melody*Great! My song worked!

Melody:Woohoo!I mean "Splendid".

Screaming Music Vote One

Katy: If you are voted out you will go down the Hall Of Shame and get your guitar smashed!

Seth: I vote Emika

Jade: Emika.

Emika: Seth

Piper:Bye Emika.


Katy: Emika, the band has decided to kick you from the group. *smashes her guitar* Bye Emika.

Episode 2: "Seth, Jade, and Robert Oh My"

Chat 2

Seth: Wow. I'm really glad Emika went. She voted for me.

Jade: I know right

Harriet:Emika was the one who had lost us the challenge I believe.

Seth: She swore too much!

Ryan: ...................

Seth: (CONF) Okay, this is really weird so far.

Layla: yes, I'm also glad!

(TDISF: I'm sorry i couldn't participate. I had some problems)

Seth: I hope we win!

Performance 2

Screaming Music Performance

Isabella: Pop or rock

Seth: Let's go with rock!

Isabella: K

Harriet:Aww!We did Rock last time!

Isabella: Hows this

I saw your face and i was in love with youuuuuuuuu

Seth: I can't believe cause I was POO

Isabella: You stole my heart or two

Seth: But the sad thing is I don't believe you

Jade: *plays drums*

Harriet:Did you love me or not?

Seth: Yeah I did but I think you were lying!

Piper:Oooh!But you weren't shining.

Seth: Well that's I'm poor I'm wet and I'm drying and trying to do my best

Piper:Oooh!But you can't even dress!

Seth: I know I'm a mess but I'm doing my best

Piper:Did you even gueess?

Killer Instruments Performance

Robert:Let me think......*gets a guitar* Why is my team unprepared?

Rose:Let's do this!*starts strumming a guitar*Butterflies fly,Red roses everywhere.

Robert:Now for a song for my ex-girlfriend. Sort of, it is complicated.

I saw you, you beautiful girl. You totally changed my whole world.

You were always prepared, with really weird junk. But around you, I felt like a total hunk.

We met on TDHS, and had lots of fun Harriet. I thought at the end, the prize money, we would share it.

Even though I would be the one who would have to carry it. But I would not care, if it was for Harriet.

But then you were voted off, a knife in my heart. My life got worse, my sadness was off the charts.

Then I met another, and I got better. And eventually, I won all that cheddar.

But now I realize, I hurt you really bad. Even though I love another, it still makes me sad.

So please forgive me, I cannot take it anymore. Let us be good friends, don't kick me out the door.

Us is over and it is totally done for. End the fighting, forevermore!(Ugh, that took a while. I wonder if it is good.)

Rose:Roberrrt!That was sooo beautiful!

Robert:I just hope she forgives me. I may never see Charlie again, either.

Layla: Awww.... That was so cute! That Charlie is really lucky...

Rose:I know!

Robert:We may have broken up, actually....

Layla: Oh... *hugs him to comfort him* It's okay... You'll find another person...

Robert:Shandi knows. On that mission, I went to after TDHS2, I nearly died. Sarah called Charlie, and said I was dead. I found out how sad she was. I figured, it would be better if she thought that. If I came back, now, and then got myself slain, I know how bad it would hurt her.


Katy: WOW. Bad performances guys. BOTH of you get a 2 from me

Lady Gaga: Robert has a poker face. SM get a 2 and KI get a 3.

Kesha: 1.

Katy: Well, Killer Instruments pull off another win!

Screaming Music Vote 2

Seth: Jade

Jade: Harriet!

Piper:Ugh,I guess I have to vote Harriet.

Katy: Harriet you are kicked from the band *smashes her guitar*

Harriet:Why did I get the vote?Possibly because I wanted to DO SOMETHING DIFFRENT?You guys suck.

Layla: yeah, you are mad, whatever, can we get over this and start next challenge?

Episode 3: "Robert Will Be Hard To Beat"

Chat 3s

Seth: It should've been Jade

Isabella: Wanna make an allince

Seth: Sure

Jade: (CONF) Seth is trying to get me out!

Robert:(CONF)It sucks Harriet left so soon.But I will do my best for both of us.

Isabella: (CONF) Im never starting a song a song angin

Seth: *to Robert* Hey if you throw the challenge and have us win, you are safe.

Robert:Or I could win and Jade goes home.

Isabella: or we win and our teams will be even

Robert:Or I keep helping my team win until merge, wiping you all out. Then my inactive team will go, and Rose and I will most likely be in the finale, which I hope I win.

Isabella: NEVER

Seth: Robert, you just dug your own grave. You are next,

Isabella: *takes Seth in the (CONF)* Seth i have a good idea for a song

Seth: (CONF) What Isabella?

Robert:Yeah, my team would prefer I lose on purpose! Great idea. Not!

Layla: Tht's OUR choice, seth! If we want robert to go down, he'll go DOWN... *goes to the conf. and hears the talk*

Isabella: LYS *jumps* LYS

Seth: I am gonna dominate this freaking game no matter how much you like it or NOT!

Jade: Wow.

Isabella: Dont worry

Layla: Just wait...

Isabella: I hope your ready for the time of your life Just look at me i'll put a glim in your eye Buckle Up im gonna take you for a ride

Performance 3

Katy: Well, you guys need to perform a DIRTY rap song. Dirtiest wins!

Screaming Music Performance

Isabella: You B****y Cheater You make out with her WHOS A B**** when you said you loved me

Seth: F*** off you little ****** can't sue me so what if I f------ cheated on you. You never did anything to love me so enough of this bull****

Jade: Um, I don't swear

Killer Instruments Performance

Layla: welll...

Do you think we girls can't be as dirty as you?

Well you're wrong here I'll show ya how we do!

We can f*ck hard, cheat more,

put somebody to suck our dirty parts!

Kiss me! I'll bite your li-ip!


Touch you hard,

ho*ny (IDK if it counts as a curse) stupid,

you won't get what you wa-ant!

Robert:This is messed!

Rose:Shut the F**(0 up!OH!You BETTER


Katy: It's A DOUBLE elimination!

Screaming Music Vote

Seth: Jade

Jade: Seth


Isabella: Jade


Katy: *smashes Jade's guitar* You are kicked from the band

Killer Instruments Vote


Sharni: Alejandro.

Robert:Alejandro. Sorry.(CONF)Soon it will be the final 10.

Layla: Alejandro... I want to state that, in my opinion, we should've won, because ours was dirty. The Screaming whatever-s was CURSING, not dirty. Just... That...

Hay-Zeus: Alejandro. You went too far bro. Not cool.

Katy: It's a double elimination. *smashes Alejandro's guitar* You are kicked from the band

Layla: I know! I say that technically, we won.

Episode 4: "No One Going Home"

Chat 4


Robert:You got rid of scary girl? Thank you!

Seth: You better be glad it's a reward challenge!

Sharni: Yes! :)

Katy: You know what? There will now be 2 bands of 5 cause we are switching!


Katy: New bands are in the elimination table! If you are orange, you are the Killer Instruments. Blue, Screaming Music.

Sharni: Yes! Im still on my origianal team!

Robert:Now Seth and Piper are on the not so good team.

Sharni: What! I got changed teams!

Layla: Robert! don't be mean! What?! I don't wanna be with Seth!

Robert:Ryan and Alejandro could have helped, you know?

Piper:I haven't checked yet.

Rose:Me too.

Seth: Layla, you are next.

Performance 4

Katy: Perform a pop song!

Screaming Music Performance

Isabella: I cant start

Killer Instruments Performance

Layla: Umm... I started last time... rose?

Seth: I'll do it thank you. Ahem, I've had a bad record with these shows! And and now someone is trying to get me out, you know? Why am I the only trying? You should be the one 2 go!

Rose:Wait isn't Pop like Katy Perry's songs!?

Seth: It is pop

Piper:Maybe it's a thing that you do.

Maybe it's a thing about you!?

Layla: Ooohh!! Why does he want me Goo-whooaa-whoaa-ne! I did nothign bad... You're the one that's glaaad I'll be gone! So... You Just Goooooooo-whoaaaaa-whoaaa!!!



Katy: 0

Lady Gaga: 0

Kesha: -9

Katy: No one wins today!

Episode 5: "Switched Bands, New Stakes, 3 more Until Solo"

Chat 5

Seth: *pulls Piper into confessional* Vot-

Layla: *pulls seth and piper out of the confessional* (CONF) I think we have enough votes...

(TDISF: Hey, it's not fair Seth knows, since I never talked about it here. That's godplaying >:( )

(Seth: I saw it on the talk page. Sorry. I removed it)

(TDISF: It's okay)

Seth: UGH (CONF) Tonight it's gonna be a battle. (OUT OF CONFESSIONAL) So, um, alliance anyone?

Katy: WOW. SLEEPERS. You know what? You guys are boring me!

Seth: *gives her dirty look*

Challenge 1

Katy: Today you have a real challenge instead of a performance. A Music Hunt. I will announce if your band found the guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums. 1st band to get all of the pieces wins!

Seth: *starts looking*

Rose and Piper:*starts looking*

Seth: *looks in office*

Layla: *looks in record room* There must be something here...

Rose:Oh gosh..*looks at this 50 feet tall shelf and on the top there's the keyboards**starts climbing*

Isabella: *Looks in ke$has wig*

Rose:AH!I'm so far up!*gulps,and continues climbing*

Piper:I can't find anything!



Isabella: *looks in a Mets hat*

Rose:*falls off*AHHHHHH!!


Isabella: Is that in the rules

Piper:*checks under a couch*

Robert:*starts searching the couch*

Kesha: MY RULES!

Seth: Uh oh



Seth: *finds Lindsay's head* We might find another guit-nothing but air.

Isabella: *Finds Heathers Arm* Or a b****

Seth: *finds a recording studio*


Seth: Can I borrow the bass?

Lady Gaga: Get the Paparazzi out, I need my poker face!

Isabella: I need it to

Seth: You are NOT getting it! It is MY BASS! *starts a slap fight*

Lady Gaga: XD! Well, a guy shouldn't hit a girl, so...


Piper:Wait,isn't Seth in Killer Insruments!?

Seth: Yes. The other band found it. NOW COME ON!

Layla: Hmm.... *goes to a drum store :P*


Robert:*starts looking in the corners for a keyboard*

Seth: (CONF) If we win, I'm going to make sure Robert goes down!

Katy: AND THAT'S WHY YOU DO NOT MESS WITH THE F------ CHALLENGE! We lost the rest of the instruments. So, that means, aw you know what, Music win!

Killer Instruments Vote

Seth: Layla! I vote Layla. I totally vote Layla!

Layla: Hmm... This is really hard... I guess I'll vote... Seth! He's really bossy sometimes, and he wanted to vote me off for no reason, so that's my vote.

Rose:I have to vote Seth,he wanted to vote me off,I don't know why.

Piper:I vote Rose

Katy: Seth, the hall of shame awaits.


Katy: See you later! Ha Ha. What a baby. Glad he's gone. 9 are left, and 2 more episodes until we go solo! Good luck! And I did not pull a Sunny!

Episode 6: "Katy Didn't Pull A Sunny"

Chat 6

Robert:(CONF)That fool Seth cannot threaten my safety and get away with it! Luckily, Rose is my friend, so bye Sethy!*eyes glow red*

Rose:(CONF)So uh..yeah I had to vote Seth.He was my only choice.*crosses arms*

Seth: *sneaks in and steals a keyboard*

Katy: *kicks him out*


Katy: GET OUT!

Layla: This is just GREAT!

Kesha: IKR, I love people trying to get in! Hey look, it's the baby!

Katy: Harriet has returned to the competition! She is now on the Killer Instruments! That also means...double elimination tonight!

Harriet:*walks back on screen playing with my hair*

Katy: Gross

Robert:Hi, Harriet!(CONF)I love that Harriet is back,but...A double elimination...Harriet, stay safe.

Katy: Ready for a challenge?

Robert:I guess.


Katy: Your 1st part of the challenge is to run around the building 3 times!

Harriet:What does that have to do with singing?*starts running anyways*

Robert:*starts running*

Katy: Do it or I re-eliminate you!


Robert:*is far ahead*Come on, guys!

Hey-Zeus: Is running*

Harriet:*runs a little bit faster than Robert*

Robert:*goes at full speed and finally gets around the building once*

Harriet:*blazes speed behind Robert and gets around once*

Robert:*is almost around twice*

Melody:*tries passing some people* Awww!

Harriet:*right next to Robert and runs faster with a long boost of speed*

Robert:*gets around the buiding a second time and passes Harriet*

Harriet:*passes around second time and is a little bit behind Robert*I am NOT losing THIS time!*sprints in front and is almost about to pass the 3rd time*

Robert:*passes Harriet once again and gets around the 3rd time*Yes, I won! The first part, anyway.

Harriet:*steps on line and finishes and starts panting*

Melody:3 words, I, QUIT, !!

Robert:Do you quit the competition, or just the challenge?

Melody: 2 syllables CHAL LENGE.

A dark aura consumes Robert. Robert:No wonder you quit. You already lost the challenge.

Katy: Harriet wins it for the Instruments. Well, at least invincibility. The 2nd challenge is voting someone out! Robert is also immune.

Killer Instruments Vote

Layla: I vote for Ryan... He never does nothing!

(TDISF: Sorry, I didn't notice Harriet had immunity)

Harriet:I have immunity this week Layla. I vote Ryan.He's NEVER here!

Katy: *kicks Ryan out*

Screaming Music Vote


Sharni: Melody (xD)

Robert:Melody, I guess.

Melody:At least I DID the challenge!

Hay-Zeus: Melody. (Sorry i'm late)

Robert:But you quit, though. I hope Harriet votes Ryan. He does absolutely nothing!

Katy: *kicks Melody out*

Episode 7: "Love Gets to the Best Of Us"

Chat 7

Isabella: Are we solo

Robert:One more vote.

Isabella: Oh

Robert:Want an alliance?

Isabella: Sure. Lets vote off Hay-Zeus next if we lose

Robert:Maybe. I think Sharni. Hay-Zeus helped me in the past.

Isabella: K. Soooooo do you know a Rachel

Robert:Yes. She eliminated me on Tiki Island Survivor even though Punchy was one of the two who voted her off.>_>

Isabella: *Calls Rachel* Oh. She says that he was safe

Robert:Whatever! Out of a debuter, her teammate, and those Mogo Mogo idiots, she choose me. She was no better than Holden.

Rachel: *Comes in* So

Harriet:*wakes up*Hey guys!

Kesha: Wow. *slaps Harriet* STOP BREATHING

Layla: Sorry, guys... I wasn't of much help last challenge....

Sharni: *run in* Sorry guys! That I haven't helped I have been so busy!


Harriet:*hits Kesha in the head with a soda bottle filled with soda and knocks her out* Betch.

Katy: Ha Harriet! Nice!

Harriet:Well, I try.

Katy: Well, we need an ambulance. She is a pain in the a-- though, she's out of the episode!

Layla: Harriet, I won't vote you off.. (CONF) I HATE Kesha... *rolls eyes*

Katy: So...You Katy to do a challenge?

Harriet:That's mch more comfortable (CONF) IT IS!

Katy:¿Quieres saber el reto de TDRD?

Robert:Start the challenge already!


Katy: For your final challenge as a band, it's time to make a music video for a love song! *afters a few hours* Wow guys. Wow. If there's not a d--- entry both teams vote someone out and someone gets to debut!

Screaming Music Video

Isabella: Here *Makes a video set*

Killer Instruments Video

Layla: Great! *goes to search outfits* [After a time] Team?! I would use some help *finishes putting the cameras and the lights*


Katy: You know what? This is getting boring! Screaming Music vote 2 people out.

Screaming Music Double Vote

Isabella: Sharni and Hay-Zeus

Hay-Zeus: Isabella & Sharni (Sorry I've not been doing anything, I've had to go out of town for a science fair thing, it's over, and I should be more active)

Isabella: why me

Hay-Zues: Robert's really active on the team, and I can't vote for myself, so you and Sharni are the only ones left. Sorry.

Isabella: Same

Katy: Okay, so Sharni is out, and since I'ed it, Hay Zeus is out.

Hay-Zeus: Thats not my name. (He's the new Izzy)


Episode 8: "The Solo; The Debuter; The DRAMA

Chat 8

Katy: Congrats! You have gone solo! Also, we have a new competitor, SAM!

Sam: *examines his competition, then scoffs* This will be easy.

Rose:How dare you!

Piper:Yeah,what she said!

Sam: Hey, I don't like lying. Sorry.

Rose:You were lying?

Sam: *rolls eyes* No, idiot, I was telling the truth, I just didn't want to lie about it.

Rose:I'm no idiot,no life sucker.

Sam: I watched this show, I know your pathetic song attempts. Trust me, I did this show a favor debuting.

Rose:Why don't you shut up!

Kesha: *walks in with b**r bottle* Hey kids shut up

Lady Gaga: *singing* But they were born that wayyyyyyyyyyyy

Kesha: *hits her with bottle*


Sam: *does a super dramatic finger point at Rose* You want me to shut up, beat me in a sing-off!

Sam: *smirks* Someone got their ass kicked, didn't they?

Kesha: If I scored it you both would've gotten a 0. *throws bottles at Rose and Sam*

Sam: *dodges the bottle* Nice attempt at a shot.

Rose:*dodges it too*Whatever Sam,you did a good job.

Sam: *confused* Uh... Thanks? (CONF) Aren't we supposed to hate each other? *shrugs*

Lady Gaga: The Paparazzi is swarming! Alejandro is hot! But he's calling my telephone!

Sam: Where are all of these singers coming from?

Rose:They're the other two judges.

Sam: Ah, that makes sense.

Piper:So um,we wait for the challenge or something?

Rose:I guess so.

Sam: *shrugs* Yep...

Rose:So what do we do?

Sam: Well... I was thinking... *pulls her into the confessional* (CONF) What do you say you help me vote off Robert? He's by far the biggest threat in the game, remember his first two songs?

Rose:(CONF)Sure,but why did you pull me into the confessional?

Sam: (CONF) So he wouldn't hear?

Rose:(CONF)You really think he's going to hear.

Sam: (CONF) Hey, he could easily hear out there.

Rose:(CONF)Really.*looks out the CONF and Robert is sleeping*So..uh..what now?

Sam: (CONF) I dunno. We randomly sing a duet for practice?

Rose:(CONF)Sure,uh you start.

Sam: (CONF) 'Kay. *clears throat* We have to stick together, to win this game

Rose:(CONF)But we have to go through the challenge even if it's lame.

Sam: (CONF) Don't worry, you can do it, just don't suck!

Rose:(CONF)Also try not to get stuck.

Sam: (CONF) Wait, what the-? That makes no sense! There's no obstacles here, for example a fence!

Rose:(CONF)They obstacle is life and choices.Can't you sense?

Sam: (CONF) I guuuuess. Now, I'll randomly say hence! To make it rhyme, of course. But, if we try, we'll own this game!

Rose: (CONF) We won't feel shame!(YEAH!)*hugs Sam randomly*

Sam: (CONF) *blushes* Um, thanks for that, I 'pose...

Rose: (CONF) That was fun!

Sam: (CONF) I know, right? I wonder if we'll get extra points for that...

Katy: I don't feel like doing a challenge

Rose:(CONF)Yeah!So what do we do now?

Sam: (CONF) We get out of the cramped confessional?

Rose:(CONF)Definatly*gets out*

Sam: *gets out too* Can we start the challenge already?

Rose:I know.

Piper:I'm getting tired of waiting.

Rose/Sam Song Off

Katy: Whoever wins gets immunity from the vote along with another person at the real challenge.

Sam's Song

Sam: Why is this happening? It's just not fair.

Will some-one wake me up, this is a nightmare.

The girl of all my dreams, is now my worst fear.

Will someone help me out, cause she's just not there!

How could you do this to me, I thought we had something

That's before you attacked me, like it was nothing

And when we broke up, you put on a show

The reason? I'll probably never know

(Chorus, A.K.A. First verse)

Maybe I'll get over you, probably not

For when you fired, it was a fatal shot

You left me lying there, left for dead

Making me wonder about the things you saaaid.

Sam: -smirks- Beat that.

Rose's Song

Rose:There's somebody over there,

who gives me stress it isn't fair.

He doesn't like my singing,

but doesn't open the door when it's ringing!

But it's okay I don't care.

I can do anything go anywheeeeere.

I'm Fine,I'm Fiiiine,Oooh,(all fine),(just fine)I'm Fine!I'm Fine!

It's all over the sun shines.Oooh it shines.

Walking down the streeet,

walking with the beat.

Don't want to fight,

It just isn't right.

'Cause you'll always know that I'm(Oh yeah)

That I'm Fine,All Fine(Yes I'm Fine).

(Oooh yeah I'm just fine)I'm Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.


SAM: 35/40

ROSE: 20/40

Katy: Sam wins immunity along with the person who wins the main challenge from our vote!

Isabella: Who


Kesha: Since Perry is sick today, I will be you host. You will be pared up. Piper/Rose. Robert/Isabella and those last 2 and Sam isn't competing. Who ever can make the best dru*ken fight scene wins *passes out*

Isabella: Girls Rule

Rose and Piper:How are we going to do this..hmmm.

Kesha: I'm already board! Um, where the f--- am I? Well Sam is only immune

Solo Vote 1

Katy: OK, um Sam is immune

Isabella: Harriet


Piper:I vote Robert.

Sam: Robert, they're the biggest threat, Sorry.\

Robert:*gets a call*I have to leave for Moscow. Bye!*leaves for Moscow*

Katy: Hold on now, you can't leave. We'll send Kesha and Gaga to do it. No quitting or leaving THIS camp unless you're voted out.

Kesha/Gaga: YAY *leaves*

Harriet:If Robert has to go I say he should.I vote Robert.

Robert:You are only voting me off because you are all idiots. Harriet, you are a talentless hack. Sam, you are no better than Blaineley. Rose and Piper, die in a hole. And Kesha and Gaga are dead by now. See you later, losers.*starts fading again*Great! Now I gotta turn back into that annoying little nice boy! Evil Robert will return. Peace out, losers!*fades into Nice Robert*See you guys later! Hope Evil Robert was not that bad!

Harriet:(CONF) So what he just said to me was, "I'M GOING TO SET OUR RELATIONSHIP ON FIRE, PUT IT OUT, SET IT ON FIRE AGAIN, RUN IT OVER A FEW TIMES AND RIP IT UP" Yeah. He's an a**hole.

Robert:*on the plane*I hope Evil Robert did not upset anyone again. Where are my medications?

Sergei Jr.:In the cabinet, duh!

Episode 9: "SamxRose Forever"

Chat 9

Sam: *breaks the fourth wall* Alright, what idiot came up with the episode title? >.>

Katy: I blame Hopa!

Sam: Who?

Katy: A Dog

Sam: I'm gonna kill that dog. >.>

Katy: Do it or Seth sues you (That's my dog IRL)

Isabella: *To Sam* Wanna make an allince

Harriet:What I don't know is how they don't get it through thier thick heads that they despise each other.

Katy: Blah Blah! Hay-Zues is returning!

Isabella: Hi

Hay-Zeus: Yo! I'm back!

Sam: Can we just parody one verse instead?

Katy: Nope full song! And you can make it dirty, but use *.

Rose:I'm thinking of parodying "Firework".

Sam: *shrugs* Meh. Too lazy to come up with a parody. So I just sang a random song that'll probably get me a zero.

Rose:Well,at least you did the challenge.


Katy: Your challenge is to write a song parody of one of my songs. It's due on Thursday, or when everyone gets their challenge in. 2 people are voted out, one with the lowest score and the other is voted out normally. I'm too lazy. Okay, So everyone we put it in got a 40/40 and the rest got 0. Those got immunity and they will vote someone off.

Sam's Entry

Sam: Hmm... I'm out, can't think of how to parody a Katy Perry song without making it dirty. I'll still sing though, and this goes out to someone out there... *glares at the camera*

A long while back

It was just you and me

Ya, life was a fairtytale

We lived happily

But then one day, I came

at an unexpected time

And I caught you with,

some other guy!

You tried to put your clothes on,

yes you tried to explain,

but darling, honey

it was too late...

How can you stand there?

And act like you're so sorry...

Don't you knooooow?

No apology can fix it.

My heart is burning...

And you just feel so guilty...

Ya girl... I'm just fading away!

I walked out then,

Didn't want a wh***

But you kept running after

Somehow wanting more

I finally went

over the edge

I told you some bad things

that I don't regret

I stomped out there,

holding back my tears

For this was

my greatest fear... Ya...

How can you stand there?

And act like you're so sorry...

Don't you knooooow?

No apology can fix it.

My heart is burning...

And you just feel so guilty...

Ya girl... I'm just fading away!

Sam: I hope you got the message, "honey". *stomps away from the camera*

Isabella's Entry

You change your mind like a guy changes hats

You make her feel like a a** i would know

I should know that your no good at all

Cause your hers then your mine

Your right all the time

Your nice then a jerk

You make us hurt

'('Drum solo)




Harriet's Entry

Dream of now

Dream of then

Dream of all of suns that might've been

Do I love you?

Oh yes, I love you

And I'll bravely tell you

But only when we dream again

We'll both know

Sweet, in love.

How sweet that memory,how long ago.

Forever? Oh yes, forever,

Will I ever tell you?

Uhhh nooooooo.

Dream of now

Dream of then

Dream of all of suns that might've been

Do I love you?

Oh yes, I love you

And I'll bravely tell you

But only when we dream again

We'll both know

Sweet, in love.

How sweet that memory,how long ago.


Oh yes, forever,

Will I ever tell you?

Uhhh nooooooo.

  • music stops slowly*

(I JUST MADE IT.It doesn't go out to anyone.That you know of :D)

*music ends*

Isabella: Hah

Hay-Zues' Entry

Piper's Entry

Rose's Entry

Rose:Okay this is my song!:

Do you ever feel like a plastic hag?

Drifting through the wind wanting to be a star again.

Did you ever feel,feel so very thin,

Like a mansion of cards one blow from caving in.

Do you ever feel already very deep 10 feet under screams,

but no one seems to feel or hear a thing.

Did you know that there's still a chance for you

'cause there's a heart in you.

You just gotta

Ignite the bright

and let it shine.

Just own the night

Like every F'in 4th of July!!!!!!

'Cause baby you Hollywood star

Come on and show them

What you're worth,

make 'em go..


as you shoot across Hol-ly-Wood!

Baby you're a Hollywood star!!!

Come on let your talents burst

Make 'em go...


You're going to leave falling in AWE!AWE!AWE!

You don't have to feel like you don't no space,

you're oringinal you cannot be replace.

If you only knew what the future hold

After a hurricane comes bright rainbow.

Maybe one of the reason why all the doors are closed.

So you can open one that'll lead you to your perfect road.

Like a firing bolt,

you're heart will grow.

And when it's the time

you'll know.

You just gotta

Ignite the bright

And let it shine,

just own every night

Like every F'in 4th of July*holds note*

*stops holding the note*'cause baby you a

Hollywood Staaaaar,

come on and show them what you're worth.

You just gotta make 'em go


As you shoot across Hol-ly-Wood!!!

Baby you're a Hooollywoood Staaaaaaar!

Come on let your talents buuuurst!

Make 'em go WOAH!WOAH!WOAH!

You're going to leave them falling in



Even brighter than the moon,mo-oon.
It was always inside of you-you-youuuuu.

And now it's time to let it through,through,throoooough.

'Cause baby you're a Hollywood star-staaaar.

Come on show them what your worth,wooorth.

Make 'em go WOAH!WOAH!WOAH!

As you shoot across Hol-ly-woo-ood

Baby you're a Hollywoood star!!!

Come let your talents burst.

Make 'em go WOAH!WOAH!WOOAH!

You're goin' to leave falling in AWE!AWE!AWE!


Even brighter than the moon,moon,moo-oon.


Even brighter than the moon,moon.moo-on.


Layla's Entry

Vote Whatever

Katy: Sam, Rose, Harriet and Isabella. You need to vote 2 people off!

Sam: Hey-Zues, he got brought back after being eliminated fair and square, and Piper, chose her randomly. (HR still has two characters in.)

Rose:Hey-Zues.And Piper

Katy: So Piper and Hay Zues is out, and so is Layla due to them not doing the challenge.

Episode 10: "Another Reward"

Chat 10

Rose:Final Five?

Sam: Four. Final four.

Katy: What happened to those Kesgaga b-----?

Rose:Oh!Yay!*hugs Sam*

Sam: *blushes* Yep...

Hayley: *walks in* My bro-GET YOUR F------ HANDS OFF HIM B----!

Rose:Huh!?*jumps up in surprise*

Hayley: You heard me!

Rose:W-What did I do?

Hayley: Sorry. I'm the jealous type. That's just my boyfriend and I get jealous when people go near him

Sam: You see why I was mad about last episode's name?

Katy: *from another room* THAT'S HILARIOUS!

Rose:I'm confuse..(CONF)..Oh my God..I like Sam..

Sam: So, what now?

Rose:I don't know..

Katy: Challenge!

Rose:I did it!


Katy: Make up the best title you can for this season. Total Drama Record Deal: ?????!

Rose:Total Drama Record Deal:Singing Idols!

Sam: Total Drama Platinum Record Deal, or Total Drama Record Deal: Gone Platinum?

Harriet:Total Drama Record Deal Rising

Katy: NO ONE WINS! The reward is voting someone off.

Final 4 Vote

Rose:I vote Isabella.

Sam: Isabella, only one who didn't do the challenge.

Harriet:I vote Isabella.

Katy: Isabella, GOODBYE

Episode 11: "Semi-Finals: Who Will Win?"

Chat 11

Rose:(CONF)I'm definatly goin' to the final three!

Sam: (CONF) How was I not voted out? I debuted, for gods sake...

Rose:Sam,we're going to be in the final three!!!!

Harriet:(CONF) I signle handedly got to the semi finals.

Sam: Don't you mean we are in the final 3?

Rose:Oh,sorry I'm just so excited,And I meant final two!!!EE!*hugs Sam really tightly*

Harriet:*frowns and walks off with a dissapointment in herself because she knows she doesn't stand a chance*

Sam: *blushes* Could you please let go? Remember, girlfriend?

Rose:Oh!*lets go,and blushes*

Almost Final Performance

Katy: Perform!

Rose:Perform what!?

Katy: ANYTHING. And the winner is...Lisa. Just kidding. The real winner is Rose!


Rose's Performance

Rose:Ooh,when you got so much pressure on you.

You think there's nothing for you to do...

Everything turns to you..

Oh everything's on you.

You just gotta let it go*holding the note*

*stops hloding the note*You just gotta let it show.

Oh yeah,Just Let it Go(Let it Go)(Go,Go,GO!)

No more pressure,

it's all just pleasure.

You don't know what to do.

People turning at you.

Got so much pressure,so much.Pressure!

You just gotta make sure....

There's many things on you.

Very much to do..

You just gotta let it gooo!

You just gotta let it show..(let it show,let it shooow)

Oh yeah,Just let it go(Let it go,just let it go.)

Yeah Yeah,Baby!!!!!

You just gotta let it go.

You just gotta know...

There's no more pressure.

You know it's just pleasure!

You just gotta let it..go*holds the note til the end of the song*

  • song ends*

Sam's Performance

Sam: Walk in the room

I know ya see me,

cause I can see you.

Take now to breathe

Cause I'm about to steal the air

Out of your lungs.

Show me we'll see

How this night will go for

you and me... Ya...

Cause I'm alone tonight

And I know. you are too

So let's make things right

Can we make things right?

Turn one into two...

That's me and you... Ya...

Baby. Baby. Tell me what's it gonna be?

Baby. Baby. Tell me what's it gonna be?

Cause I've been wasting all this tiiime

on the move,

Do you feeeel it too?

There's no-one in the room.

Well it's a little harder then I thought

But go to your heart it's not unlocked

Is it just me that needs to breathe?

It it hot in here, is it hot in here?

Is it just me, that needs you...

Or do you see me too?

(Chorus, A.K.A Second verse)


Katy: Rose, take someone to the final 2.

Sam: Pwease bring me? They'll never vote for someone who debuted!

Rose:I'm taking Sam with me.

Harriet:Bye guys!*waves as I walk away with my luggage*

Harriet's Performance

Harriet: Don't tell Rose and Sam I sang this.It's for them so it is SECRET!

There were bells on the hill, But I never heard them ringing, No, I never heard them at all Till there was you.There were birds in the sky But I never saw them winging,No, I never saw them at all Till there was you. And there was music, And there were wonderful roses, They tell me, In sweet fragrant meadows of dawn, and dew. There was love all around But I never heard it singing No,I never heard it at all Till there was you! There was love all around But I never heard it singing No I never heard it at all Till there was you

Episode 12: "FINALE"

Performance 1 (Sam)

Sam: She said there's happiness here
Like the colors in a painting
Only resignating her heart
And I said that I would be there
Just to see that day coming
Win that race running for you
And I would hold you
But I'm afraid I might let you go
So don't go

Get ready for this
You're not ready for this
Time will fly but we'll stay the same
We'll be the reminescense
Get ready for this
She's not ready for this
We'll move on and be just fine
I can't find a way out
I can't find a way out

She said she'd be my ever after
Like the words on the pages
Hearts in our cages, before love
I said that I would be there
From the west to the east side
I'll be by your side, forever
And I would hold you
But I'm afraid I might let you go
So don't go

Get ready for this
I'm not ready for this
Time will fly but we'll stay the same
We'll be the reminescense
Get ready for this
She's not ready for this
We'll move on and be just fine
But I can't find a way out
Yeah I can't find a way out

And I've been trying to make up
A way to work out
But never until it would be
And I've been lying to myself
Saying it'll be alright
That it'll be okay
It's not okay
Get ready for this
I'm not ready for this
Time will fly but we'll stay the same
We'll be the reminescense

Get ready for this
She's not ready for this
We'll move on and be just fine
But I can't find a way out
No I can't find a way out
Get ready for this
I'm not ready for this
Time will fly but we'll stay the same
We'll be the reminescense
Get ready for this
She's not ready for this
We'll move on and be just fine
But I can't find a way out
No I can't find a way out

(MrD: Yes, I did pre-write this, before I won S:J, since I really wanted to win a non-fail camp. No offense Sethy.)

Judges Score:

Isabella: 7

Performance 2 (Rose)

Rose:I tried my best,

I couldn't even rest.

Did all I can,

I didn't even get a single fan.

It's all done,It's all over.

Oh,it's over.Oh it's done.

It was fun,but

It's all over,it's all over.

It's done

Yes it was fun.

It was my favorite thing,

Just to sing.

Now's it all over,done.

It was all fun.

I made friends,they were awesome.

It was never dumb.

But it's all over,It's all over,Now it's done

It was really fun,

but it is over...

  • song ends*

Judges Score:

Katy: Oh f--- it. Sam wins the record deal!

Sam: I won? :o Thank you!

Rose:*sobbing quietly*Congrats...(CONF)I didn't even get to perform..

Katy: PHYCE! Someone, change the ET back! I'll judge it though!

Rose:What!?*has tears in her eyes*Oh gosh that was a emotional song..

Sam: *hugs Rose* Good, I didn't want to win unfairly...

Rose:*hugs back and smiles*

Hayley: *cries*

Sam: *stops hugging her, and walks over to Hayley* What's wrong?

Rose:(CONF)That song was for this season,not a random song I made up.It came from the heart.

Katy: ROSE WINS! Now someone update the elimination tables!

Rose:OMG,really!?Are you serious!?

Elimination Table/Chart (DO NOT EDIT)

Singer Place Original Team Switched Team Merged Team Finish Total Votes
Emika 17th Screaming Music

EP 1

Harriet 16th Screaming Music EP 2 2
Jade 15th Screaming Music EP 3 4
Alejandro 14th Killer Instruments EP 3 5
Seth 13th Screaming Music Killer Instruments EP 5 3
Ryan 12th Killer Instruments Killer Instruments EP 6 2
Melody 11th Screaming Music Screaming Music EP 6 3
Sharni 10/9th Killer Instruments Screaming Music EP 7 3
Hay-Zeus 10/9th Killer Instruments Screaming Music EP 7 1
Robert 8th Killer Instruments Screaming Music Solo Mergers EP 8 4
Piper 7th/6th/5th Screaming Music Killer Instruments EP 9 2
Layla 7th/6th/5th Killer Instruments Killer Instruments EP 9 1
Hay-Zeus 7th/6th/5th Killer Instruments Screaming Music EP 9 3
Isabella 4th Screaming Music Screaming Music EP 10 4
Harriet 3rd Screaming Music Killer Instruments EP 11 4
Sam 2nd Runner Up 0
Rose 1st Killer Instruments Killer Instruments WINNER 1

Italics: Means they returned to the game

Original Band Phase Switched Band Phase Solo Phase


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Elimination Emika Harriet Jade/Alejandro N/A Seth Ryan Melody/HZ Robert HZ/Layla/Piper Isabella Harriet Sam
Voter Place Votes
Rose Winner WIN WIN Alejandro IN Seth NV WIN Robert HZ/Piper Isabella Harriet WINNER
Sam Runner-Up Debuts in EP 8 Robert HZ/Piper Isabella NONE Runner Up
Harriet 15/3rd Emika NV Returns in EP 6 Ryan WIN Robert NV Isabella NONE
Isabella 4th NV NV Jade IN WIN NV Sharni/HZ Harriet NV NV
Piper 7th/6th/5th Emika Jade Jade IN Rose NV WIN Robert OUT
Layla 7th/6th/5th WIN WIN Alejandro IN Seth Ryan WIN NV OUT
Hay-Zeus 10/9th/7th/6th/5th WIN WIN Alejandro IN WIN Melody Isa/Sharni ReturnsInEP9 OUT
Robert 8th WIN WIN Alejandro IN WIN Melody NV NV
Sharni 10/9th Emika Harriet Alejandro IN WIN Melody NV
Melody 11th NV NV NV IN WIN Sharni
Seth 13th Emika Jade Jade IN Layla
Alejandro 14th WIN WIN NV
Jade 15th Emika Harriet Seth
Emika 17th Seth

Crossed Out: Means someone voted someone with immunity

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