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Episode 1 This is Gonna be a Long Season

A Medium tall dark skinned 30 year old stands in the middle of rainforest. His name is George.

" Welcome to Total Drama REBORN! As we wait for Chris and the old cast to finish up the last season with those old guys. We thought we would bring in 16 brand new competitors!" says George. " As you can see, we are in the middle of a rainforest with no civilization for miles! Some of the competitors are a little weird. Here they come now!"

A group of teenagers are seen walking toward George.

" Let me welcome the cast!" George exclaims.

He points to the entire crew as they walk by. " Zach, Jordan, Josh, Camron, Niko, Emily, Judy, Carmella Jessie." Sighs

" Well, you get the idea."

" Uh, George, where will we be staying?" Asks Mark.

" Im glad you asked that question, you see Mark the first time around the old cast had really terrible sleeping accommodations but, since this is a Reborn season I thought that this team around I would give BOTH teams the 5 star Mclea. uh, O'Malley Hotel!" He replies.

Gorge unveils two crappy cabins they used in season one of TDI.

" Okay, this is not five star!" Diane exclaims.

" It is not! This is the same cabin they used in total drama island! But they did change the bed and pillows." He remarks.

" But since your all here we might as well decide teams. So, on the Brave Bunnies side, Niko, Zach, Devin, Mark, Diane, Jannesa, Jessie, and Katie! Your cabin is the one to the left with the blue! The rest of you or the Deranged Kangaroos, Camron, Bryan, Brett, Josh, Taegan, Amanda, Emily, and Carmella! Your cabin is the one to the right with the red!

The camera pans to the boys side of the bunnies cabins.

" Im telling you this is my side!" demands Zach. " And im telling you that if you want your face the way it is you will let me have this top bunk!" remarks Devin. Niko holds them back from fighting. " Woah guys, lets not hate each other 5 minutes into the game!" Says Mark.

In then pans to the girls side and kicking and crashing can be heard from that room outside and the camrea man laughs.

While fighting.

" Come on Jannesa pass me that lamp." Demands Katie. " Why?" she asks. "Im gonna hit her in the face!!" she angrily replies.

As the camera pans away and back to George fighting can still be heard until the stop and Georg and the fighting is out of earshot.

" This is gonna be along season!" says George " Campers please meet me in the cafeteria where he first challenge will be announced and you can enjoy lunch."

Katie, Jannesa, and Diane are seen walking out of their cabin with multiple bruises and scrapes. While Zach and Devin "accidently" bump into each other all the to the cafeteria. Once they reach the cafeteria, each camper gets a plate of Chef hatchets disgusting gruel.

" Wait, your telling me. That I walked all the way down here for this! My dog wouldn't eat this!" says Amanda. " Well, if you don't want to eat we can go ahead and start the first challenge! Which by the away is a race between the two teams that forces one member of each team to climb up a tree, grab a key, and head back down. After that they will have to pass the key to their next team member who has to face monkeys, snakes, and a one on one match between Chef, before they can move on to unlock their teams box. Which will contain a big rock. Then....

The entire group starts chowing on their gruel.

" HAHHAHAHA. I will not explain the rest of the challenge but come back for episode two of, Total ...Drama.....REBORN!!!!!


Episode 2

The episode opens up with George and the contestants standing behind a starting line with Mark and Camron being the climbers for their teams while Diane and Carmella are the runners and Zach and Jessie being the swimmers.

" Alright, on my mark the challenge will start and the race will begin. But before the challenge let me tempt you with this! Unveils slingshots with tennisballs for ammo. You can either be in the race for your team or be a shooter and try to stop the other team from getting ahead, any takers? Katie and Taegan are seen getting a slingshot and gathering ammo.

" I guess that settles it! Ready? GO!!!" demands George.

The race begins and Camron climbs faster to take the lead for the Kangaroos. But, he meets a robotic squirrel that head buts him and he falls of the tree hitting multiple branches on the way down.

" What was that?!" says Camron.

(CONFFESIONAL) Camron " What the heck was that!?!" I was told that if I signed up for the first season of Reborn it would be less deadly! But I guess Chris had something to do with the production of this season since that thing nearly killed me! But, I cant look to weak or they'll vote me off for sure so, I play it cool and don't act like a fool. (END CONFESSIONAL)

" I don't know if I want to do this, I mean that thing could give me serious brain damage!" Mark says.

The race carries on with Mark very slowly climbing up the tree and stopping everytime he hears a noise. Camron retrieves the key and falls back down once again getting hit by multiple branches except this time landing in a thorn bush. He tosses the key to Diane who then tiptoes around meets a snake that grows 20 feet long and hits her back to the starting line with its tail. Mark eventually gets the key and makes his descent which turns into him getting stung by a bee and falling onto Carmella.

(CONFESSIONAL) Diane - Yes, I want to win one million dollars. But is this what I have to grow into to win? Getting beat up by a twenty foot long robotic snake? (END CONFESSIONAL)

As the camera cuts back to the race Diane is seen getting back up then is hit by a tennis ball shot by Taegan.

(CONFESSIONAL) Taegan - Back home I won the slingshot county fair first place medal! Four years in a row, I have defended that medal with all the honor and glory that comes with it! Oh, and I accidently killed my neighbors dog on my first day of training for the fair. (END COFESSIONAL)

" Pick it up people! The producers have called me and said that if we don't have an elimination this episode the ratings will seriously drop!" Mark demands.

As Carmella weaves her way through the obstacles she loses a tooth to a tennis ball that was shot by Katie. Then she shoots again and hits Diane on accident due to terrible aim. Once Carmella gives the key to Emily, she makes sure she has protection and puts a floatation ring around her and uses a life vest which cause her to go extremely slow.

(CONFESSIONAL) Emily - Mama made sure that when I left the house to come here that I always have safety first. Plus, I cant swim so, it was either that or drowning to death over one million dollars. (END CONFESSIONAL)

By the time that Emily gets half way Diane has finally picked herself up and Given the key to Zach. Who immediately makes up great time and has caught up to Jessie when he tries to unlock the box the key is hit out of his hand by a Tennis ball. When he turns around he sees Taegan smiling.

" Get the key!!" Various people on his team shout.

When he dives down and comes back with the key Jessie unlocks the door and holds up the rock which symbolizes immunity.

" The challenge is over the Deranged Kangaroos have immunity! Brave Bunnies I will see you guys at elimination tonight!" George exclaims.

The camera pans to the campfire ceremony.

" The votes have been cast, if you get a marshmallow you are safe. Marshmallows go to, Diane, Zach, Niko, Jannesa, Katie. Mark and Katie this is the final marshmallow of the evening........ it goes to........KATIE! Mark you have been eliminated from Total Drama Reborn!" George says.

He gets on the Ride of Shame and leaves.

Episode 3

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