By popular demand, The Ridonculous Race has returned for another round of fun!

Nine teams from last season will join up with nine new teams for another shot at $1,000,000, the locations will be brutal, the challenges? Even brutaler!

Who will walk away from this demolition derby $1,000,000 richer? Find out, on The Ridonculous Race Two!


Veteran Teams

  • Dwayne and Junior - Father and Son
  • Crimson and Ennui - Goths
  • Tom and Jen - Fashion Bloggers
  • Ellody and Mary - Geniuses
  • Chet and Lorenzo - Step Brothers
  • Carrie and Devin - Dating Best Friends
  • Mickey and Jay - Adversary Twins
  • Gerry and Pete - Tennis Rivals
  • Jacques and Josee - (Former) Ice Dancers

New Teams

  • Alejandro and Scar - Childhood Friends
  • Trent and Beardo - Musicians
  • Anne-Marie and MacKenzie - The Cute, Cool and Popular
  • Chris McLean and Mildred 'Blaineley' O'Halloran - TV Hosts
  • DJ and DJ's Mama- Mother and Son
  • Heather and Damien- Siblings
  • Cameron and Cody - Nerds
  • Katie and Sadie - BFFFLs
  • Derek and Maxine - Partiers (Who take their jobs too seriously)

Episode 1

Episode 1: Seriously, Another One?

Don: Last season, on the Ridonculous Race; we gathered eighteen teams of two and pitted them against each other in a death-defying race around the world.

  • Clips of last season

Don: We had tension, drama and the highest ratings anyone could ever ask for; But in the end: It was Geoff and Brody who would claim the million dollar prize.

  • Don is shown walking around the streets of Toronto, Canada

Don: Everyone went crazy for the show, so much so that the network offered us a contract to three seasons! *gives a thumbs up and wink to the camera*

  • On the top of mountain, snowboarding

Don: Like last time, the stakes are high and the risks they'll take for a shot at one million dollars will be amazing.

  • At a very fancy mansion, relaxing on a tube with sparkling cider in tow

Don: In the end though, it'll all be worth it. *takes a sip with his straw from his sparkling cider*

  • On top of CN Tower

Don: This season, nine of your favorites will be coming back to face nine new teams in another death defying race around the world. A race I like to call, the Ridonculous Race *close-up to Don's face* Two! *Smiles and his smile fades into.....*

  • The intro. But that's not important now IS it?

Don: Welcome to the Ridonculous Race Two! That's right, the show where eighteen teams go around the world gets a second season *shows them a poster for what seems to be a parody of a Japanese Game Show* but this one doesn't. *rips poster in half*

Don: But in all seriousness, last week; I asked you on my blog which nine teams wanted to see come back for another season. Well, the votes have been counted and the polls are closed!

  • Intern groans, wanted to have voted on who should come back

Don: I know, it's crushing. *see bus coming* And here comes our first team!

  • The bus door opens, the first team comes out

Don: Father and Son, Dwayne and Junior!

Dwayne: Hey, I remember you, You're Don from the last race we had!

Don: Yes, The same Don that you interrupted a long time ago when you got cut from the competition.

Dwayne: *sighs happily* Memories.

  • silence, Junior looks at Don

Junior: It was a long ride.


Junior: When my dad heard that we would be coming back for the second season of the Ridonculous Race, He kinda got a little nostalgic.

Dwayne: And remember when we stayed up the whole night talking strategy when we came in seventeenth place? Heh, what fun we had!

Junior: *forced smile* Uh, yeah! Sure was! *looks at camera, mouths "no, it wasn't!"*

  • The second team comes out of the bus

Don: Tom and Jen, Highly attractive fashion bloggers with impeccable taste.....Why did I not erase that card from last season?


Jen: OMG, we have, like sooo much to tell you!

Tom: Yeah, it's been a crazy six months, We can't wait to tell you all about it! *whispers to Jen* You go first.

Jen: *whispers to Tom* No, you; you're so much better at descriptions than I am.

Tom: *whispers to Jen* Oh, alright. *Cut off*

  • The third veteran team exits from the bus, or should I say; are thrown out of the bus for being scared cats

Don: Adversary Twins, Mickey, Jay.

  • Mickey and Jay wince from being thrown from the bus


Mickey: After the show, we sorta got treated as heroes at school.

Jay: People said that we overcame a lot to make it as far as we did.

Mickey: We were like an inspiration to some.

Jay: And that's why we're here. To get away from them before they severely injure us with their hugs. *both gulp, knowing that they now have very rabid fans*

  • Team number four walks out from the bus

Don: Carrie and Devin ,Best Friends turned Daters!

Devin: *High fives Don* Glad to be back Don!

Don: *High fives back* Well, it’s glad to see you back! Just promise you won’t get injured like last season.

Carrie: *chuckles* Trust me, he won’t.

Devin: Six whole months of rest and relaxation were all worth it.


Carrie: Isn’t this the best Devin? We get to race around the world all over again!

Devin: Yeah! And as long as we’ve got each other, no one can stop us!

Carrie: Oh Devin, you say the sweetest things….

Devin: I know babe, I know….. *cue le makeout session*

  • The first bus leaves; fade to the next bus with the next five teams inside
  • Crimson and Ennui stare at the camera flatly

Don: Goths, Crimson and Ennui….Yeah, people actually liked them.


Ennui: Are you excited to be back for another season, Crimson?

Crimson: I’m still getting over what happened last season.

Ennui: So am I.

  • Pan to Chet and Lorenzo who are rocking out on their ipods...listening to the same song

Don: Step Brothers, Chet and Lorenzo!


Chet: After the show ended, we tried to pitch our reality show to everyone within earshot; but no one would listen. Worse off, when we showed them our show in front of this weird company called “Fresh” *to himself* Seriously who names a company that? They just laughed at us!

Lorenzo: Yeah yeah yeah, so that’s why we’re back here. Even though we still hate this show!

Chet: Never forget my brother! Never forget! *EPIC HIGH GIVE OF EPICNESS!*

  • Bus stops at where Don and the others are at, Pan to Ellody and Mary

Don: Geniuses who say they will- Oh, you know what they want to do! Ellody and Mary.


Ellody: After parting away with Don and the Ridonculous Race October of 2015 A.D, We figured out the reason why we had been thrown out so early into the competition.

Mary: By letting science get in the way of what really mattered most, we failed to sink into the game to it’s full potential.

Ellody: This season, we hope to rectify this embarrassment by partaking more in the challenges and events that happen in the game.

Mary: And not letting small things get in the way of winning the one million dollars, which if you minus the taxes equals up to roughly $700,000.

Ellody: Which still is a very satisfying total.

Mary: Indeed.

  • Cut to Gerry and Pete who are struggling to carry their heavy bags

Don: Tennis Rivals, Gerry and Pete!


Gerry: So yeah, remember those ads that were promised to us when we appeared on the show last time?

Pete: Turns out you have to do better than 17th place to be on those stinking things in the first place!

Gerry: And as everyone knows, when you’re seventeenth; there’s not much you can do, Pete: But go up!

Gerry: Hey, I was going to say that! *Pause, and the two laugh*

  • Fade to where Don and the other eight veteran teams are at

Don: And finally, *looks at the bus, immediately his spirits are down* Oh no….Not you two again…..

Josee: Well, we’re not exactly happy to see you either smart guy!

Jacques: *groans in frustration* Let’s just get this over with!

  • The two ice skaters in matching attire come out, not very happy; like as if they’re being forced against their will to be on this show

Don: *considerably less enthusiasm* Ice Dancers, Jacques and Josee….Whoopee.


Jacques: After the show ended, We lost EVERYTHING!

Josee: *considerably upset* Our jobs, our fans, even our golden medals! *trying to not tear up, but failing miserably* All of my precious babies….. *Jacques comforts her*

Jacques: There, there; it’s not your fault Josee. It’s this stupid show’s fault! But guess who’s going to get the last laugh?

Josee: *wipes tears from her eyes and they both start to smile evilly* We are.

  • Cut to Don and all the veteran teams

Don: Welcome veterans! *less enthusiasm* And Ice Dancers.

  • Ice Dancers glare at Don

Don: Now, i’d just like to remind you all that you weren’t chosen for your talent. Or lack there-of.

  • Five out of the nine teams glare at Don, the rest are either staring at space, nursing their boo-boos, trying to work out equations or are too busy deciding as to who says the best pet name

Don: But that you were all chosen because of the undying support from your fans. But enough about that, You will soon be joined by nine new teams.

All: WHAT?!

Don: I know! Isn’t this exciting? Infact; they should be arriving very soon!


  • Crimson and Ennui

Crimson: I’m not quite sure how I feel about this.

Ennui: Let’s ask Loki what he thinks. *they look at Loki, then back at the camera*

Ennui: Loki thinks that this show is pointless.

Crimson: True words.

  • Mickey and Jay

Mickey: Great, that’s another thing we need to add to our worst case scenario list. New people.

Jay: You never know if they’ll be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

Mickey: Let’s just pray that it’s the first one.

Jay: Although it probably will be the latter.

  • Tom and Jen

Tom: *shocked* Oh my gosh, Did YOU see that coming Jen?

Jen: *shocked* Like, no, I didn’t. This is like that time when I found out that plaid skirt totally clashed with my red hair dye!

Tom: I was so worried when I heard about it, I came right up to your room and helped you straighten things out.

Jen: I know, That was, like; so sweet of you to do that for me!

Tom: What can I say? I can’t say no to a fashion crisis.

  • Gerry and Pete

Pete: *sarcastic* Oh boy. MORE people, i’m so excited.

Gerry: *snoring loudly and drooling at the same time, he wakes up* Wh-wha?

  • They both laugh

Pete: I wonder if they’ll be like that red-haired girl and that guy who did all those impressions.

Gerry: Ah, who cares? They both stink!

  • They both laugh harder

Pete: *stops laughing* Wait, who were they again?

  • Cut to the third and final bus, carrying all nine of our the newest teams
  • Pan over to Chris reading the newspaper and Blainley doing her fingernails; both are not exactly pleased to be teaming together

Don: TV Show Hosts, Chris McLean and Blaineley O’Halloran!


Chris: You’re probably wondering why i’m even on this lame-o show anyway? *spiteful* Well; gee! I wonder whose fault that is?

Blaineley: Ah please! You’ve been torturing contestants for six years now, it’s time for someone else to get his just deserts.

Chris: *with pride* Exactly why I got another cast for seasons 4 and 6.

Blaineley: Ah, ah, ah; Seasons 4 and 5.5.

Chris: *under his breath* Don’t remind me….*sigh* Freakin’ fanboys.

  • Pan over to the next team, Heather and Damien. Damien and Heather sitting far as far away as realistically possible at the same seat*

Chris: Popular Sister and little rascal brother, Heather and Damien!


Damien: Yeah, My sister is better than me at everything; school, art, music, even gym of all things. Then one day she got on that wicked show called Total Drama and got popular quick. So my mom and dad started pestering me to follow her footsteps.

Damien: So I auditioned for this new show called the Ridonculous Race that everyone in my school has been talking about and I got it. *sigh* Unfortunately, guess who ELSE got in?

  • Heather points at herself and smiles*

Damien: So, basically i’m stuck with her for the entire season.

Heather: Trust me you little brat, you think i’m excited to even BE on this stupid show?

Damien: Well, duh! Your dumb boyfriend hinted that he might just make a surprise appearance on that show.

Don: A dumb boyfriend....who does think remind me- Moving on.

  • Pan over to Trent and Beardo, quietly jamming*

Don: Masters of the Music; Trent and Beardo.


Trent: I met Beardo during the summer, Me and the Drama Bros were holding up auditions for backup vocalists when this guy showed up.

Beardo: *rhythmically* I came to their audition, and showed them, my talent, for the beat-boxing.

Trent: He rocked the house! So, it was only fitting that we welcomed him aboard to the band. Since then, it’s all been good. Though, Harold’s been acting a little strange recently.

Beardo: *rhythmically* Probably just, the flu bug.

Trent: Yeah, We have been working him a lot lately….

  • Bus stops, out come the three of the nine freshman teams*
  • The next team to come out is Cody and Cameron, who are just beginning to leave the bus*

Don: Nerds with Hearts of Gold, Cody and Cameron!


Cody: Me and Cameron met at Summer Camp last year, at first it was kinda hard; and we both thought that we were pretty weird, but eventually we became pretty good friends.

Cameron: He taught me a lot about his time on Camp Wawanakwa and I told him all about my time on the island.

Cody: It’s actually sort of funny that we both ended up different destinies and yet are both still nerds at heart.

Cameron: You wouldn’t believe his reaction when I told him what happened at the final episode of the All Star season.

Cody: I spat out so much water, I felt like I had created a flood within my very eyes.

Cameron: So when we heard about that we were going around the world, Cody couldn’t be happier than to sign up for it.

Cody: I’ve been around the world before, and I think I can teach him everything there is to know about these types of shows.

  • Pan over to the fifth team, Two equally dressed BFFFLs who apparently haven’t changed a bit

Don: Best friends, Katie and Sadie!


Katie: Oh my gosh Sadie! Can you believe that we’regJengg around the world?!

Sadie: I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go around the world!

Katie: No way, Me too!

Sadie: Oh my gosh, This is so awesome!


Don: I’ve got a feeling that i’m going to be hearing that a lot. *winces*

  • The next rookie team arrives, Pan over to DJ and DJ’s Mama

Don: Mother and Reality TV Pro, DJ and his mother.

CONF DJ: Now you’re sure that you’re comfortable about doing this Mama?

DJ’s Mama: Son, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she must take risks. And gosh darn it, it’s that time!

DJ: *looks at camera* I still haven’t told her about what happened last time I went around the world….

DJ’s Mama: Not now honey, we gotta start talking strategy!

  • DJ sighs nervously
  • The next team of Anne-Maria and MacKenzie sashay their way out of the bus

Don: Popular Girls, Anne-Maria and MacKenzie. Just to let you know, we chose them solely; on their looks.


Anne-Maria: What up Total Dramites?! It's your girl Anne-Maria here, alongside New York's platinum girl; MacKenzie!

MacKenzie: That's right, and soon as we win the one million dollars; ALL the paparazzi will be calling out for us!

Anne-Maria: And why not? We're hot! We're athletic! We've got everything we need to succeed in this competition.

MacKenzie: Like totes girlfriend! Might as well just send us the check right now.

  • Anne-Maria and MacKenzie take their spot next to Dwight and a rather smitten Junior

Dwight: *kindly moving aside for them* After you ladies!

  • Anne and MacKenzie look at each other, shrug and walk to said spot
  • MacKenzie sees Junior smiling at her all funny

MacKenzie: Uh, who are you?

  • Junior snaps out of it

Junior: Wh-Wha? *stammering* Oh...uh, Hi! Um...I’m uh….My name is….um….Hmm, Junior’s name is...Uh…..You’re hot……*nervous smile*

  • Silence, and then; smile

MacKenzie: Awww, that's SO sweet of you! Even though everyone in the world, like ever has said that about me, Thanks!

  • Junior celebrates to himself....and then.....
  • CRASH! Our next team has apparently mistook the emergancy exit as the real exit, Don runs over to check on them

Don: Derek and Maxine, Partiers who have a serious problem. *looks at them* You guys ok?!

  • Derek and Maxine spit out a muffled 'yes!'


  • Both Derek and Maxine seem to have extremely red blushes on their faces

Derek: *slurred* Yeah, uh; we just turned twenty one and stuff....and, we're just learning how to take partying to the next level.

Maxine: *slurred* We used to be just plain ol' party aninamals....until we just turned twenty one.....

Derek: *slurred* And, and; we signed up for this show cause, we....we wanna send all the funds to chasity-

Maxine: *slurred, stifled laugh* I, I, *whispers to Derek* I think you mean charity.

Derek: *slurred* That's what I said! Chasity, because we signed up for this show called.....The...The Rehdonkeruous Race!, Uh; i-is that it?

Maxine: *goes on a giggling fit, attempts to calm her down* Sorry....sorry...sorry....

  • Cut to Don helping Derek and Maxine up. Everything appears to be least, in their eyes. As they wobbled off to see the others, that is where another voice rises up

Scar: Who were these two?

Alejandro: If we keep calm and don't noticed, they'll probably go away.

Don: And finally, *to himself* mercifully I might add. *in show* Childhood friends since Elementary School, Alejandro and Scar.


Scar: Me and Al, We go long ways back, Back to when were little kids. You know how Alejandro became this reality show juggernaut? It didn't quite happen overnight.

Alejandro: It's true. I admit it, I wasn't always the handsome cunning devil I am today; Back then, I was sort of a pushover....Ok, a total pushover.

Scar: Dude would get pushed around by the older, bigger kids at school every day, steal his lunch money, stuff him in his locker, the full works man. That's where I came into play. Third grade comes, I enter in as the 'new kid' And stood up for the poor guy.

Alejandro: I was forever grateful for his actions and told him that I would do anything for him. He took me to his backyard, el barrio and trained me to be smarter, tougher and more cunning.

Scar: Years later, boom! He goes on Total Drama World Tour, becomes one of the most depised villains in historia, almost wins a million dollars and sweeps the floor with the contestants.

Alejandro: We've been on our separate ways as of late, but like any good amigo; they always come back.

Scar: It's like I always say, Compinches de sangre siempre hacen lo que se les dice que hacer.

*​Cut to the last team, attempting to find someone. Who it is, we're not sure*

Scar: You sure we're in the right place man?

Alejandro: Of course. I'd know Heather from anywhere! Her soft raven hair-

Scar: Oh, you mean here? *Heather is shown standing very far away from Damien, who is shown talking to Junior and Dwayne*

Alejandro: ....I was about to start a total gush-fest, but apparently you've found her for me.

Scar: De nada.

*​Heather's time on the show is about to get at least 75% better, she turns around; and smiles*

Alejandro: Ah, Heather! Mi amor! I took you by suprise, didn't I?

Heather: All the same to you, my love. *There WAS going to be a romantic scene here, but guess who came in to interuppt?*

Scar: So, this must be your girlfriend? Yes?

Alejandro: Oh. *clears throat* Right. Scar, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend for the past two and a half years, Heather. Heather, this is Scar.

Scar: *shakes Heather's hand* Please to meet you.

Heather: *shakes Scar's hand* You too....I guess.

Don: *ahem, this gathers everyone's attention* ​If we're all done with introductions, I would like to get this contest started.

Scar: Don't worry Donny boy, I think i'll find my way around these here joints.

Don: *unimpressed silence*

Scar: ....It's street talk.

Don: I know, I just don't care.

*Cut to Don with all the teams*'

Don: Welcome to the second annual Ridonculous Race! This my friends is the starting point for a long journey for around the world. Every place we go to will have a chill zone, but be quick. If you fall behind, and are the last team to reach the carpet of completition, you may get cut from the competition! However, the first team to reach the last chill zone will win, ONE, MILLION, DOLLARS!

Episode 2

  • Don: Last time on the Ridonculous Race! Eighteen teams both old and new started a second race around the world!

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     – 1st place
     – 2nd place
     – 3rd place
     – Last to advance
     – Withdrew
     – Returned
     - Eliminated
Place Teams Episode
TBA Cameron & Cody
TBA Carrie & Devin
TBA Chet & Lorenzo
TBA Crimson & Ennui
TBA Dwyane & Junior
TBA Ellody & Mary
TBA Katie & Sadie
TBA Gerry & Pete
TBA Jacques & Josee
TBA Jay & Mickey
TBA Jen & Tom
TBA Anne Maria & MacKenzie
TBA Derek & Maxine
TBA Blaineley & Chris
TBA Damien & Heather
TBA Beardo & Trent
TBA DJ & Mama
TBA Alejandro & Scar