How it Works

  1. People sign up.
  2. Once we get to twelve we'll start the camp.
  3. Each week you'll get a character from a fanfic that I've earned someone's permission with to use them and you'll pick a song for that character. (I will give a list of characters to choose from and will provide links to page. The song cannot be inappropriate BTW)
  4. The song can't be already made for the character!
  5. You only can pick 1 character each week and cannot have the same as someone else.
  6. I will then judge the theme songs for each character that everyone has posted
  7. Repeat 3-6 until Final 2
  8. Final 2 judge some of the ones from the past and make a reason why they should win!
  9. We will then have a winner and a second judge for next season!

People's Characters from Fanfics I've Earned Permission From!

  1. ME XD Characters Used Week 1, 8, and 9
  2. Spenny Characters Used Week 1 and 4
  3. Nalyd Characters Used Week 1 and 3
  4. Chimmy Characters Used Week 1
  5. Sprinklemist Characters Used Week 1
  6. Kenzen Characters Used Week 1, 6, and 7
  7. Reddude Characters Used Week 1 and 6
  8. Fanny Characters Used Week 1 and 6
  9. TDIwriter Characters Used Week 1 and 3
  10. TDAFan99
  11. Dark
  12. Koops Characters Used Week 7

(and 1 character from Codaa5 & Tdifan) Character Used Week 1


(sign up as yourself please, but if you hate signing up as yourself it is ok to sign up as another character)

  1. Kevvy9
  2. Chimmy (Who cares if it's my characters every now and then, I'm still gonna sign up :P)
  3. Sonik (Got nothing better to do)
  4. Tdifan (Sounds like fun! :D )
  5. Fanny (YAY! I'M IN! *glares at Chimmy* You going down!)
  6. Jessica (TDALindsayfan1)(Well, Tess is out in HvV so...)
  7. Usitgz (This should be fun.)
  8. Christian (TDAFan99)
  9. Ben-Ben109
  10. Zach-Mrodd ( Hmmm We shall see :)
  11. reddude - Reddude (:D)
  12. Kenzen- Kenzen
  13. Codaa- Codaa5
  14. KKJ- KoopaKidJR

Challenge One

Webly: To start this new camp we will have a Eliminated First week you will pick from these fanfics:

• Total Drama Celebrities (Erik)

• Total Drama: Boney Island (Esme)

• Total Drama Reality (Angelo)

• Total Drama Tropics (Hae Won)

• Total Drama Time Travel (Jon Pierre)

• Total Drama Party (Kaylen)

• Total Drama Insanity (Matt)

• Total Drama Infinity (Becca)

• Total Drama: The Works (Pat)

• Total Drama Forest (Amy or Aaron)

• Total Drama Paradise (Phillip)

• Total Drama World (Sally)

• Total Drama Amazon (Mariana)

• Total Wikia Island (Trey)

• Total Drama Jobs (DJ)

• Total Drama Life (Mandy)

• Stephen

• Roger

• Return to Total Drama Island (Gerald)

• Return to Total Drama Action (Zuma)

• Total Drama: Second Chance (Hellen)

(you may see a couple of alone characters but those are just plain by theirselve they are usually played by Tdifan and Codaa)

After you pick a character eliminated first from any of the fanfics you are supposed to assign them with a non-given theme song. Each week I'll grade you on how good yours' are. So, try hard and good luck to all! If any questions or concerns please just ask me! :)

Chat 1

Kev: This is hard cuz I mostly never read any fanfictions

Webly: It's ok know that all you have to do for this is make a theme song for the first character eliminated from a fanfic. So, basically you only have to read their first chapter of the story or you can read their biography page of the first character eliminated and base it on that

Kev: So It has it be first out not any.

Webly: Exactly, yes.

Kev: Angelo is hard because Idk any songs about a Mr.Perfect or someone Perfect I need help

Webly: Google for it is what i'd do

Kev: But I need to find music without a name like Perfect without it meaning something like Mr.Perfect

Webly: You can keep searching or pick a different character. I'll put up which characters from each fanfic you can get in a second if you want. And you could also pick one of the characters by themselves.

Entries (Week One)

Chimmy's entry -- (For Mandy - It kinda fits...just imagine the parts that aren't gibberish are her fellow campers XD)

Kevvy's entry -- (Amy Paterson because I think she's hot but she's a brat)

Jessica's entry -- (Mariana...the song has a little Spanish)

Kenzen's entry -- (DJ just seems to fit to this)

Zach's Entry-- ( I honestly feel this fits Sally <3)

Fanny's Entry-- "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt" (I think it fits Jon Pierre xd)

Fanny: Reddy just told me that was Jon Pierre's theme song. I am so ashamed.

Webly: That's hilarious! Because it was going to be my example if Jon Pierre wasn't used. So, I'm with you using it this time just next time make sure that's not their own theme song XD

Red- LOL! (For Becca XD)

Ben the awesome klutz that everyone knows and somewhat loves XD ok entry- (for Helen says she can't make up her mind and i think this is what that song is about *puzzleled expression*

TDAFan99- Erik is Fat (Fat by Weird Al Yankovic)

Usitgz's Entry-- (For Angelo)

Tdifan's Entry-- (For Roger)

Codaa5's Entry-- (For Stephen, if anyone watched the Chatango RP's, this would make sense)


  • Kevvy- This song was good for Amy. I think it could've been better, but overally pretty good. Thanks for using the clean version, too! (The song was "Hot N Cold" By: Katy Perry)
  • Chimmy- LOVED IT! This song was great for Mandy. Not only did it fit her perfectly but it was a new funny enjoyable song! (Ths song was called "Gibberish")
  • Sonicktksb- No song, no review.
  • Tdifan- XDDDDDDDDDDDD! I LOVE WAFFLES TOO! XD, a great song for Roger! (The song was called "Do You Like Waffles")
  • Fanny- This was a great pick for Jon Pierre. It would be the best of the week but it's already the theme song for him. I'll give you credit for noticing that but be a little more careful next time. (The song "I'm So Sexy For My Shirt")
  • Jessica- Mariana may be Spanish but that's not everything about her. If you look at her backround more it is different. Please look that she is smart and the song isn't Spanish it may sound like that just because the title says that and it looks fast but it's not. (The song was "Hasta La Vista")
  • Usitgz- Good song pick! Angelo was a nice player and good person. It's a good fit but I'd lok at him a little more next time. (The song was "Mr. Perfect)
  • TDAFan99- This song is good for Erik! I know he is fat but he has lost some weight I think it's a good song for him though. Some advice I have is please give me a link next time even though I know this song a link is always nice. (The song was "Fat" By: Weird Al Yankovic)
  • Ben- Wrong Hellen! If it were the Hellen you picked it would've been very good for her but unfortunately it wasn't next time. Look at all the choices! (Hint: She had more than one "L")(The song was again "Hot N Cold")
  • Zach- The best of the week! I can tell you looked at the whole character page! Obviously, if you look she doesn't act like herself anymore. At first, I had no idea why you picked it but I think it was a great choice!!! (The song was a new song by: Christina Aguilera called "Not Myself Tonight")
  • Reddy- LOL, This song was good for Becca. I think it was fit perfectly for her! But next time try to find the clean version, I'm not a big fan of language at all. BUT IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!! (The song was "Happy Song")
  • Kenzen- I like this song. But, I don't really fitting for DJ. I can see where it comes from. Overall, okay. A good new song I like thugh! (The song "Big Yellow Taxi")
  • Codaa- GREAT SONG FOR HIM! It makes total sense for Stephen. I think it was almost the best of the week. I'd say you and Chimmy tied. But, remember try to send in clean songs. I heard the D word in it. (The song was "Whataya Want From Me" By: Adam Lambert)

Webly: Mrodd gets to pick the bottom 2 for this week since he won Immunity!

Zach: Well, Since my times on the IRC I have learned being mean gets you no where and for that I have decided that...

Sonicktksb You will be in the FInal 2, You did not submit a song- Yough Cookies!
Jessica, You are judging them by first appearnces- Dig Deep!

Webly: I forgot to post my example that would've been a good one!

It was called "Obsessed With You" By: The Orion Express or something like that. IT would've been a good choice because she was known for being obsessed with boys like it said in her backround!

Anyways, I will give Sonict and Jessica a reason to stay in the game.

Webly: Well, I guess I won't it's obvious who I'm going to eliminate anyways. Sorry Sonict but BYE BYE! You failed to turn an entry! Drops him off at: Playa des Bad Theme Song Pickers!

Challenge 2

Webly: This challenge will be about Sprink's characters. He has 4 fanfics. Sprink, is a good writer of the wiki and gave me the permission to do this. Please any character besides Jon Pierre, Angelo & Esme from one of the following fanfics:

  • Total Drama: Boney Island
  • Total Drama Reality
  • Total Drama Tropics
  • Total Drama Time Travel

This week focus on trying not to do any of the mistakes you've made last week.

Chat 2

Fanny: So I thought of the perfect one for Dinah (Everybody Else by CareBears on Fire) I hope this is good!

Zach: Wow! That is awesome xD! And Gratz Jess for making it through the Eliminination Ièm Sorry- I had to choose some one...

Kev: This is hard

Entries (Week Two)

Zach: Julietta, is perfect and this song fits her and her Not Odd but "Charming" Persanality ( )

Fanny: Dinah (Everybody Else by CareBears on Fire) I hope this is good!

Chimmy: This kinda fits Dante...some parts fit his 'relationship' with Emmy, and others fit his tendency to nearly get voted out but always find a loophole and stay in :P

Usitgz: I'm suprised no one thought of this: (For Mark)

Jessica: Um...Dirk's personality sorta makes this song...

Ben: I couldn't choose there was to much pressure! Why ddo you hate me (JK on that) o this (ForXiomara)

Kev: Does the song have to be real?

Webly: It just has to be a song.

Kev: I don't have a recorder but I want to make a song help

Webly: Post the lyrics on here then!

Kev: I don't want to but I need help

Webly: The best thing you can do is post the lyrics on here or just do something where I can see or here the song, I don't know if I can help anymore than that.

Kev: Can I upload videos and sounds from my DSI to the internet?

Webly: Sure!

Kev: I'm done mine is for Fiona and the song is doing to uploaded in about 5 minutes ok

Kev: (for Fiona)

Christian: (for El Serpiente)

Reddy: (for Quog)


  • Kev- After this video, I guess that you are 8. That video confused me but I get where it's coming from I'm glad you took a risk and put all that effort into it but if I could here what you were saying better it would be nice. And try to improve vocals. (This song was for Fiona called "Never Changing Girly Girl")
  • Chimmy- Good choice for Dante. I kinda got annoyed at the type of the song but it totally fits Dante. Thanks for doing what I wanted again! (This song was "Not The Nicest Guy" By: Lordi)
  • Tdifan- No entry, no review.
  • Fanny- GREAT ENTRY! This song fits Dinah perfectly it may be the best of the week but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for seeing that it isn't already their theme song XD! (The song was "Everybody Else" By: Carebears on Fire)
  • Jessica- I can tell some similarities with dirt. But Dirk is more sexist, this has nothing to do with that. Next time please again try a little bit harder and then you might find the right song like some other contestants are doing. But it is better than last week. (The song was "We Will Rock You" By: Queen)
  • Usitgz- Great choice for Mark! I see where this is coming, I can honestly say that this was your best (The song was "Greensleves")
  • Christian- One of the best song choices of the week! You totally picked the best song for El Serpiente. But I'm not sure if actually best of the week! BUT IT WAS GOOD! (The song was "Eye of the Tiger")
  • Ben- Even though she is from the future I was hoping to here something that is kinda like electronic like Robotish but I can see where this is coming from!!!! (The song was "Back to the Future Theme")
  • Zach- This fits Julietta perfectly. I love this entry. One of the best of the week and its nice to know that you went to actually look at everything about the character (The song was "Perfect" By: Alexz Johnson)
  • Reddy- XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd! This song fits him perfectly it was super random!!!! I can see why Quog has such a weird name la la la la la XD (The song was "Caveman Song")
  • Kenny- I understand you were gone and couldn't post one so it's ok
  • Codaa- No song, no review

The BOW is Fanny. Sorry TDAFAN99 & Zach but it was a tad better XD.

Pick 2 people for elimination please!

Fanny: The first is Kev. I like that you took a risk, but I agree with how Webly rated it. The second person is Codaa. Sorry but you didn't submit an entry. There, I'm done!

Webly: Codaa technically dropped out of the game so goodbye him a new challenge will be up when I get home in an hour or less.

Challenge 3

This week is every Nalyd character. I know he has a ton of fanfics including Total Drama Paradise, Total Drama World, Total Drama Jobs, Total Drama Amazon, Total Wikia Island & Total Drama: All-Stars. Please pick a character from any of those fanfics but none of the ones we've already used in Week One (specifically some people who were eliminated first you'll have to check).

Once again, any question or concerns feel free to ask!

Chat 3

Jessica: When is the challenge over???

Entries (Three)

Jessica: SHAZAM! (Kissin U by Miranda Cosgrove for Jocelyn)

Zach: For Jessica. After she broke up with Charles, she realizes he is a part of her.... ( Upbeat to fit her peppy Personality)

Chimmy: For James? o.O

TDAFan99 for the relationship between Jocelyn and Ace:

Reddy - i hope you dont mind me doing Ace and Jocelyn too, its a different song ;) it fits the latest chappy of TDAS. :P

Fanny - "I've Got the World on A String" for "The Rat" by Frank Sinatra. I think it fits him on how "The Rat" has the came wrapped around his little finger.

Usitgz: I hope you know who this is for. (Pretend Ken is Billy) (Sorry it has two bad words at the end.)

Tdifan: (for James)


  • Kevvy- No entry, no review.
  • Chimmy- This entry made so much sense for James. One of the best of the week. I can see that you are one of the best in the game so far even though you haven't won immunity once to put that out there. (The song was "Born Country" By: Alabama)
  • Tdifan- I'm glad you posted one this week. I think you'd be eliminated if you didn't. Another James but this makes total sense and puts up a better ranking than you had in the first week. (The song was "Thank God I'm a Country Boy")
  • Fanny- Another one that makes so much sense. I think you guys are really starting to get it. This week was not as hard as some of the weeks will be ahead.(The song was "I've Got the World on my String" By: Frank Sinatra for "The Rat")
  • Jessica- This kinda makes sense but Jocelyn isn't really known for like kissing anybody as this song would be perfect for Bridgette or Geoff. Again a little more effort and you'll be good. (The song was "Kissin U'" By: Miranda Cosgrove)
  • Usitgz- XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! This song was perfect for "Ugly" obviously by her name you didn't really have to search and try hard but great pick! (The song was "Ugly Girl" By: Weird Al)
  • TDAFan99- It makes sense and I like how you tried to find a song that really fit this but it just wasn't as good as the other ones. As you can see I'm trying to kinda make you ready for the hard stuff coming ahead. (The song was "Bad Romance" By: Lady GaGa)
  • Ben- No entry, no review.
  • Zach- This is a really good pick. It may be the Best of the Week. I can tell that you are working really hard for this. This just was a great pick and what I'm looking for from everyone else. (The song was "Heartbreak Lullaby" By: Ateens)
  • Reddy- I love this song. I was hoping this would pop up in one of the entries for I know of Nalyd's famous fanart picture of Ice in My Coat. XD (The song was "Squirrels in my Pants")
  • Kenny- No entry, no review.

Zach won Immunity again even though this week had some GREAT pics. I'm excited to see who will be eliminated, please pick 2 people for elimination.

Zach: Kevvy- You barely survived lat week, and you forgot an entry again... You dont deserve to be here. Ben- You are a friend I guess, but that wont keep me from putting you up.

Webly: I'm not going to see who deserves to be in or not. Kevvy is eliminated. I decided from now on I'll only give reasons to stay if both did submit an entry.

Challenge 4

This week is Spenny week! Yu will be providing theme songs to characters from any of Spenny's fics. Such as: Total Drama Infinity, Total Drama Insanity, Total Drama: The Works. I'm excited to see what you guys pick this week for this week has less options than the past 2 weeks.

Chat 4

Entries (Four)

Fanny: Mario Theme for Lee. He's a video gamer so this could fit him!

Zach:*Grins* Ok, so Maybe I need to finish this camp too... Any ways- For Damien, he has been changed by 2 girls in his life- One for the better, and one for the worse....

Ben:for tiger eye of the tiger der who doesn't like this song uh NO ONE WOO HOO *dances*

Chimmy: I guess this works for Craig.... <_<

Jessica: I chose a song for Tyler...

Jessica: Its the Sonic X theme for how fast Tyler wants to go. (by fast I mean how he learned sports)

Usitgz: I'm just going to put something out there: (For Lee)

Webly: Kenzen posted this on my talk page FYI. I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy (Noah) I like it as his song except where he quit or what ever for Maya.

TDAFan99: for Princessa (It fits somehow because Princessa is victorius and makes it shine)

Tdifan: for Timmy


I'm very excited about this week sadly not all of you sent in an entry but most did. I'm going a little harsher this week because we are getting farther in the competition.

Chimmy- Great entry for Craig. This is kinda simple for the place we're at in the competition but I have to say good thinking and good picking. <___>(The song was "Bad" By: Michael Jackson)

Tdifan- This is perfect for Timmy. XDDDDD, one thing I love about your entries is that you find a way to put humor in all of them. GREAT JOB! (The song was "F.U.N." By: Spongebob & Plankton)

Fanny- Good entry for Lee! From now on I'd like to get a link from you because I like listening to the song when I'm making a review so I can add some compliments and stuff like that but all I can say is good job. (The song was "Mario Theme")

Jessica- This was OK. It makes since by how fast Tyler learned sports but Sonic is a good comparison rather than a bad comparison I was looking for. I like how you took a risk this time and it half worked again make sure you think it's the perfect one before you put it in. I usually like more original characters, BTW! (The song was "Sonic X Theme")

Usitgz- XDDDD! I loved your pick this week! It was perfect for Lee and I think it was a better Lee pic than Fanny. It was very good and making that statement it could be best of the week but I still have a couple other to review. (The song was "White & Nerdy" By: Weird Al)

Christian- I love this song! I think it was another good pick this week. It totally fits Princessa as she tries to make everything shine and perfect. I know Bridgette & Princessa would be dancing to this song in IRC Camps Reunion (Bridgette got 8th and that was me, Princessa got 6th and that was iHeart BTW)(The song was "Make It Shine" By: Victoria Justice)

Ben- This was a really good entry. As a matter of fact, your best entry to date. I love how you said it was Eye of the Tiger. In this case it should be Eye of Tiger but you get the picture XD. (The song was "Eye of the Tiger" for Tiger XD)

Zach- This song was a good pick I saw it mostly on the good side though but I know what you meant. This is really good and it was a very underrated song. I wish the artist was more popular. It was a great entry for Damien and a new song I've never heard of. (The song was "You've Changed Me" By: Michael Warren)

Reddy- No entry, no review. :(

Kenny- As I said earlier, I don't get overly excited for characters that have been on an actual TV show like TDI. But I have to say, I enjoyed your entry and the fact that it was a good song for a cannon character. (The song was "I Don't Care" By: Fall Out Boy for Noah)

The Best of the Week was.....Tdifan. Usitgz you did really well but I really enjoyed Tdifan's and her humor. But just to let you know you were so close!!!

Please pick 2 people for elimination.

Tdifan: Ok. I pick Reddy, since he didn't submit an entry. I also pick Jessica, simply because there was no one else left really to pick. XD

Webly: This is really hard, I can't pick and I'm not giving them reasons unlesss both of them turned in an entry so there is going to be a thing whoever says who they want eliminated is eliminated so any of the contestants still in please pick who you want to eliminate!

Chimmy: Er...what she said. >_>

Webly: I asked this question on Chatango and most said Reddy for safety. Bye Jessica :( I'm sorry you had to be eliminated!!

Challenge 5

This week will be TDIwriter week. Any of the characters from Return to TDI, Return to TDA, Total Drama: Second Chance, etc. (if there is anymore). Each week is getting harder and harder and this is one of the hardest weeks yet because not as many characters and other stuff. I hope that everyone will post an entry this week!

Chat 5

Christian (CONF): This is getting fun

Usitgz: I thought I was going to do worse then I did last week.

Webly: I think this week is going to be one of the hardest weeks because I think everyone is going to turn in something. But you never know something can come up.

Zach: (CONF): Slowly... But they all will fall. Each and every one of them... And I will be crowned WINNER * Grins*.

Ben:(conf) Oh my god I MADE IT WOO HOOO *shouts so loud people outside can here* I'M SO GOING TO WIN WOO HOOO

Entries (Five)

Christian: for Edward

Usitgz: For Charlie,

Zach: For Kimberly.... To me she really needs her late father. When he died everything went wrong for her so with him there.... It would all get better. ( )

Fanny: For Vince, He's A Bully from Phineas and Ferb. YES!

Chimmy: For Steven --

Tdifan: For Tabitha, and this song happens to be from my favorite band :)

Reddy: I found on for Shanon, Money Money Money by ABBA :D

Kenzen: for Kevin in RTDA

Ben: the song's great and I think it fits Olivia


Webly: This week is the most anticipated review week we've ever had so be prepared since everyone sent a song in this week!!!

Chimmy: This song was great for Steven. I love how that you had the word "normal" and changed it into "average". This is something that some people have had troubles with, look for synonyms of the word you're looking for that describes them if you do that. Anyways, I really think this was a great entry and you teached a thing giving it. Superb job! ;) (The song was "Average")

Tdifan: I loved this song choice, it totally fit Tabitha. Though, as the weeks go by, the harder and harder it gets. This week you picked something that totally fit Tabitha. But you only really went by her label "The Shoplifter". This was the problem that I said Chimmy didn't have. I know that you like Green Day a lot so it's alright. You didn't have a lot of information though so I'll give that to you. (The song was "The Shoplifter" By: Green Day)

Fanny: I was super excited to see yours this week because you said it was a great pick. Even though it was his label, he really is a bully and I don't think I could've done any better by that information. Anyways, I really liked it this week as I LOVE Phineas & Ferb. XD, people may take that the wrong way because I'm 12. Anyways, I enjoyed it! :) (The song was "He's a Bully" By: Phineas & Ferb Cast)

Usitgz: After last weeks entry, I got excited for this one. I loved the song you picked. It was one of my favorite songs for 2008. Charlie really is a womanizer even though that's the label, there is exceptions because usually I like more descriptive ones but I was glad that you picked this. It was a little too easy though, as I like to see people take a harder path. (The song was "Womanizer" By: Britney Spears)

Christian: This was a great pick and it really fit Edward. He is really bad and I liked how you changed it. I'm excited to see you improve this week and do better then some weeks before and not fall down during this tough week. Edward really is "Bad to the Bone" which was the song choice for this week.

Ben: Runaway totally fit Olivia but it was her label. But I know you actually didn't know tht since you asked me for the title of the song or at least I think XD. Anyways, this was OK but I feel as if it could be better same as some of the other ones I've done. (The song was "Runaway" By: Love and Theft)

Zach: Again, an awesome entry by ZACH!!! This is the best of the week so far for what I've done in the reviews or maybe a tie with Chimmy & TDAFan, but I'll decide that later. Anyways, I can tell you really dig deep which is mainly what I look for each week. The weeks are getting harder but you are doing well anyways. (The song was "I Wish You Were Here" By: Incubus)

Reddy: Good entry. Next time can you please give me a link cause I had a hard time trying to find what this meant for Shannon but then I finally got it. At least you did well at not going by their label for a song. (The song was "Money, Money, Money" By: ABBA)

Kenny: I liked how you kinda picked the song because the labeled changed from Unlucky to Lucky but I still just am saying remember to dig deep. I know everyone has been going by labels but if you are picking a song for a character remember try not to go about the label and really read about them. If not enough information look at another one.

Again Zach's third time at invincibility. Chimmy was so close but Zach is a GREAT example of someone who digs deep which most of you need to learn. ;) I'm looking forward to see how this is going to go. This time you guys will provide reasons why you should stay. Zach, please pick 2 people.

Zach: I had a hard time choosing between 3 people.... But I have chosen- Ben. He really isnèt digging feep enough and almost always stays on the surface of a character. And Kenny- You went by the label ( Like Ben) and have been low twice already, maybe you will stay, maybe you wont.

Webly: I think I have my decision but as I said earlier I'm giving you guys reasons to stay.

Kenny:I only go by label, because i read about them but i dont know how to search on youtube to fit him. So i search the label T_T.

Webly: Elimination goes to...KENNY. This is the hardest elimination yet and you've missed 2 weeks of the game. When I was looking back to see who to eliminate I knew you were the right choice because I only have seen entries from you 3 times. Thanks for playing this game, you were a great player! I'm so sorry it had to be this way. As difficult as this elimination was Codaa is returning.

Challenge 6

Webly: I'm so excited for the remaining people in the game! As you guys may have read earlier, Codaa is coming back to give it a chance. I thought it was the right choice for him to return because he quit and then quickly changed his mind. Anyways, the challenge this week is to pick a theme song for any of the characters in Reddy's fanfics or Fanny's fanfics. The fanfics that you can use are: Total Drama Party & Endurance. You may choose characters from their other fic's, but these are the main focus this week. XD, both of them are still in the game too!

Chat 6

Zach: This week is hard! Both of the above stories dont have charavter Backgrounds- Or if they do, not long I will see what I can do though :D

Ben: *bored* (ben109:Webly I might be a little hasty with mine OK my internet broke down and I just got it back up yesterday)

Entries (Six)

Chimmy: Bring it on, Zach! :D This is for Tobias.

Tdifan: for Kasandra -

Zach: I take that challenge Chimmy!- For the lovely Diangelett ( From her lover Altoid :D)

Reddy; And now, i present the epic fail that is me; I believe it fits Malik/Chelsie. :P

Fanny: Hmm. I choose this for Sylvia. I think it relates to her trying to find love.

Usitgz: Ruben, I guess.

Codaa5: Joel, melancholy means sad, depressed.


Chimmy: I'm super excited that it seems like the week started out good with not basing by the given label. I think it's a great song that really explains him and I'm really glad you picked this song this week. This entry is like an entry I get from Zack XD ;) (The song was "Unlucky Charm" By: Elliot Smith)

Tdifan: I'm glad you posted this entry it was really good but I'm pretty sure Kasandra's label would be a liar. So, next time maybe try to find a song about a synonym for lying or something like that. I think it's really good but it's to a boyfriend or girlfriend who are mad about them lying. I still liked it though and remember I'm going harder and harder every week. (The song was "Liar Liar" By: Never Shout Never)

Zach: I'm glad you picked this song. The title really explained Diangelett a lot. I think this is another great entry from you. I feel like you just read the story and then really learned about them which is great and is a lesson I was planning on everyone to learn soon, anyways, another great entry. (The song was "Save The World")

Fanny: I really enjoyed this song! I love this song so much and I think it was perfect, really trying to find a lover. This may be the best of the week but I also enjoyed Chimmy's a lot too! I also liked Zach but I feel like you or Chimmy deserve it more this week but you'll have to find out. Great choice for Sylvia! Because only got 100 years to live... (The song was "100 Years" By: Five For Fighting)

Usitgz: XDDDD! I always look forward to your amusing entries. I like how you always pick a song never heard of and really do it good. I think you really went by the label but you know the Rubik Cube doesn't really have a synonym so a hard person to do. I'd like to see Zach try this one. XD (The song was "Rubik Cube Rap" By: Josh)

Christian: No entry, no review.

Ben: No entry, no review.

Reddy: I'm glad you picked a sing out of no where. This song was great for Chelsie. I'm not the most sure how it fit the Malik and I have read your series. Anyways, I think it was ok. But you needed to find a synonym for it (word alike) and make the song work. This song bored me to death. Sorry but it did fit Chelsie very well. I hope next time you'll remember the label rule. But since you write it, I think you forgot the label which is O.K. (The song was "The Patient" By: Tool)

Codaa: GREAT COMEBACK! I love this song it's awesome! And it 100% fits Joel. Who is a emo and you even found a synonym exceeding in lessons that took more time for a lot of people. This was really good and I'm super glad you picked it. I know it was hard for you to do it and you really didn't feel like it but doesn't it feel good when you get a great review.

Immunity goes to Codaa but it would've gone to Chimmy if Codaa didn't have such a great comeback. Please pick 2 people up for elimination.

Codaa: Ben and Christian, since they didn't post reviews.

Webly: Ben is eliminated for not turning 2 times in a row! I think or something like that and I know you had a move but you could've made time.

Challenge 7

The challenge this week is Kenzen or Koops fic's. Like: Total Drama Forest, Total Drama Showdown (Collab with Tdifan only few characters up), Total Drama: Change Of Heart, Total Drama Party, Total Drama Chaos, Total Drama: Hereoes vs. Villians (have to make sure a character not done before), and Total Drama: Old vs. New Suvivors. Please post an entry this week or will probably be eliminated.

Chat 7

Christian: Webly do you like my entry

Reddy:I really hate to do this, Webly, but I need to drop out. Ive had one heck of a time and encourage ppl to join season two, but, with summer and all, I'm going to have to drop out. Sorry all. :( and trust me, ive quit other camps today too. :(

Christian: *waves goodbye*

Webly: Since someone is coming next episode there is a double elimination and I'm going to start reviews and post them tomorrow.

Entries (Seven)

Codaa: For Joe.

Zach: For one of my favorite characters ever... Belle! Yes, I connected this to her lover, Dyl! One of the few thinks she thinks about, being with-out him hurts. But she was her first...and only <3

Chimmy: I feel this song fits Alie and her friendship with Salie-

Christian: (For: Ashley) (Reason: She is a competitor competitors want to get it started) (Meaning: Get the game or challenge started)

Fanny: Hmm. I'm just going to use this. Walking on Sunshine for Lucy. It's a pretty optimistic song just like her.

Usitgz: (For Missy)


Chimmy: This was the best relationship/friendship song I've heard from someone this game. It was perfect for Salie and Alie's friendship. I think this is a great entry. I absolutely LOVE it's called Ugly cause it really shows everyone is the same and they are close to beng the same. (The song was called "Ugly" By: Sugababes)

Tdifan: No entry, no review/ :(

Zach: This song was great. It really made sense. Belle and Dyl are one of my favorite couples. The song is kind of like conquering (if i spelled that right xD) Belle's fear. And it shows Belle is really more than just a nerdy girl. Good entry! (The song was "Something inside" By: Jonathan Rhys Meyers)

Fanny: Is it just me or are the entries AWESOME, this week!? This one was another AWESOME entry, XD. When you really think about being optimistic is really complex. Life is wonderful like what Optimistic kind of explains. This song for Lucy explains it just right for her. (The song was called "Walking On Sunshine" By: Katrina and the Waves)

Usitgz: Great song! Missy truly is heartless after that lie about Autumn. I could never forgive her. She's a villian in disquis this song was good because the name 100% fits her. I feel as if this song could've been a little more complex so just more effort. Besides that, it was good! (The song was "Heartless" By: Kanye West)

Christian: This song was exceptional. It showed a little of Ashley's wild side. But the thing was it didn't show her meaness. Let's Get It Started is a feel-good song to jump up and sing to and pretty much go crazy like starting a party. Ashley was an antagonist and feel-good isn't really mean. Besides that, exceptional entry. ;) (The song was "Let's Get It Started" By: Black Eyed Peas) Codaa: XDDDDD! This song really fit Joe. Joe's a big villian. Although it was worse than your great comeback it was still good. The thing is Joe isn't a shoplifter he's just mean which means you probably just looked at the title of the song. But I'd advise you in the future to take a look at the lyrics and might want to change your song. Besides that minor issue, good entry! (The song was "I'm a Villian")

Sorry but TDIFAN is automatically eliminated for being the only person not to send in an entry and Chimmy won immunity for the first time!!!!!

Challenge 8

The challenge this week is TOTAL DRAMA CELEBRITIES picking. We finally enter my fanfic as the last week for a fanfic theme. This week may be harder because they don't have bio's but I've seen Chimmy do something better than AVERAGE and change a word (HINT) from normal to something else (HINT), XD. Which is called a synonym. And I forgot to tell you welcome KKJ to the competition!

Chat 8

Webly: Sorry for the wait the reviews will be posted later! MY APOLIGY! Codaa is going to be eliminated but I know I still have to do reviews.

Entries (Eight)

KKJ: (For Adam Lambert himself XD)

Christian: For Nat from Survivor 19: Samoa

Zach: For Meghan :D Well this is sort of about the love triangle she is currently in. NOTE: THe end of the song is a rant not the song:P

Chimmy: For Carrie 8)

Fanny: Mr. Grinch for Simon
Usitgz: For Sanjaya, I guess *shrugs*


This week is definitely my favorite because it helps teach an every day lesson “people can change (especially in my game XD)” and because it’s my fanfic Total Drama Celebrities.

KKJ: I’m excited for you to be in the competition and that you did pretty good for your first entry. You picked a song sung by him which is good and it really explains him. As I said up there people change. In my game Adam doesn’t really change his funky personality, he adds a detail which is he’s funny. If the song was about something more funny it’d be better but since this was your first week I don’t expect you to know as much as some of the others but otherwise, exceptional entry. (The song was “For Your Entertainment” By: Adam Lambert himself)

Chimmy: This entry was not your best…I wished for more but you can only get so much. I haven’t really done much with her in the story but I see where you might’ve got your choice as she is dating someone and it is a country song and knowing how you roll it’s Chimmy kind, XD. I think it was still good though and got what you were doing and you shouldn’t be thinking your going to be eliminated because I think you are one of the best in the game anyways and I already said Codaa was going to be eliminated for not turning anything in, in the chat 8 above. (The song was “I’ll Stand By You” By: Carrie Underwood or at least it’s her version)

Fanny: XDDDD, I can see you watch American Idol. In Total Drama Celebrities, you see Simon’s softer side and the song wasn’t as soft as it could’ve been but then I though Grinch turned in to a softer man too! I’m not sure if that is where you were going but it’s okay. It helps say my overall statement people can change and it also dishelps it. But that doesn’t matter IK you will be safe. (The song was “Mr. Grinch” By: IDK, XD)

Usitgz: Sanjaya make girly crya XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. This was the funniest entry of the WHOLE entry. He is perhaps the worst American Idol contestant to make it as far as he did. In the game, I made fun of Sanjaya because he is so stupid and utterly annoying and you totally got that with this song, superior entry. (The song was “Sanjaya Anthem” By: IDK)

Christian: Even though this entry is absurd it TOTALLY fits Natalie. Natalie is a girly girl in my story as she kind of was in Survivor. I think she isn’t as girly as the song is though, but it definitely gave me a good laugh. In my game, Natalie definitely is like Katie and her BFF Shay is like Sadie. One is chubbier and one isn’t. So, I felt like this was pretty good. (The song was “Barbie Girl” By: Aqua)

Zach: This was perfect. You should’ve kind of picked a song without a rant at the end though XD. Meghan was in a love triangle but last chapter she picked her choice. I also think a good song could be He Could Be The One By: Hannah Montana, but it’s fine. I really have nothing else to say really

Codaa: No entry, no review.

Codaa is eliminated end of discussion only because he didn’t turn an entry in, in the big time he could’ve done it so bye AGAIN! xD, we really will miss you though, Codaa! Usitgz won immunity but that doesn’t matter but congrats, XD!

Challenge 9

This week we will be doing 2 themes! One about a character I pick out of a hat which is.....ELLEN from my story. The other one is about another character from Reddy's new fanfc Reverse Total Drama Island. Please put in both and put which one for who. Excited to see what you guys put in!

Chat 9

Fanny: RTDI sounds hard because it doesn't have any chapters yet.

Webly: I was thinking you would base it on the person it was originally for. Like Owen and Zeke. Just put a song for Zeke but for Owen and the REAL hard part is to check to see if you are right about the pairing. So I would just take a look from Total Drama Island Wiki pages or the pages Reddy has himself.

Fanny: Okay. I think we should have double elimination today because of double challenge.

Webly: Maybe. I was thinking we should now have double challenges since we're far into the competition.

KKJ: Mine's done! :D

Fanny: Let's get the ratings done today.

KKJ: Will Webly do ratings when she gets back?

Webly: I promise!!!!!!!!!!! I'll do the reviews Friday or earlier when I have time because of the TDA5 challenge. I was BoW last week and I really feel good right now and I want to win so BE READY FOR USITGZ OR CHRISTIAN TO GET THE BOOT UNLESS THEY SUBMIT SOMETHING! XD

Usitgz: I'm grounded from my computer and I can't get on it, until Monday, so I can't turn in an entry this week, sorry. (I'm on my wii)

Entries (Nine)

KKJ's Entries Ellen's Theme Trent's Theme for RTDI

Zach:! for Ellen as Ellen is shown to be hyper and funny The song is fast paced and to me it is funny. yes its not in English, it makes it funnier this way :D

Zach: And this is for Owen as Ezeckiel After Owen won he seems to be the star and Ezeckiel is desperatly trying to be a star :D

Chimmy: This is my entry for Eva...I'll post the Ellen one once I find it V_V;;

Chimmy: I guess this is good for Ellen :P

Fanny: xD For Ellen. This is totally for Ellen.

Fanny: For Katie. She's not blonde but oh well.

Christian: I wanna be famous for Ellen for Trent I kissed a girl



  • Ellen: Oh no! I think you though it was Ellen from your fanfic because this was a little odd for Ellen. Anyways, I think this would be good for the other but mine is hyper and I’m like a SLOW song? I was very confused. Anyways, hopefully that mistake doesn’t happen again. (The song was “Little Miss Perfect” By: Claude Kelly)
  • RTDI: This song was better than your first, XD. I thought it was a little too inappropriate but Trent really was that. I think it really described Trent but that’s my only complaint. I know it may have been harder and more confusing but believe me Trent really would be “transsexual.” So yes I get the song. (The song was “Sweet Transvestite” By: Rocky Horror Picture Show)


  • Ellen: This is ABSOLUTELY perfect for Ellen. Ellen won’t let anything get in her way from being always happy. That’s the thing about her she’s always happy and such a kind being in my fanfic which makes her my favorite character to write for. This was great she probably thinks this is one of her favorite songs. Anyways, GREAT entry! (The song was “Don’t Rain on My Parade” By: Glee Cast A.K.A. Lea Michele)
  • RTDI: This was perfect for Eva too! Man, you’re on a roll. This was perfect for Eva everything about the song explained her and not one thing was off. If you keep this up you could have a big chance of being in the Final 2 which everyone in the game knows you’re capable of. (The song was “Sharada” By: Skye Sweetnam)


  • Ellen: XDDDDDD! This was perfect for Ellen. It really cracked me up as I heard it. I was like what the heck are they saying? I understand why you would pick this song for Ellen. She’s really going to have a funny quote in my next chapter kind of relating to this but I planned that before I heard this song. My only complaint was it wasn’t in English. If it had captions I think it would be absolutely perfect! (The song was “ CHO KA KA O” By: Gummibär)
  • RTDI: I don’t think you got the song was only supposed to be for Owen AND Ezekiel. It was only for Ezekiel and it’s true Ezekiel thinks he is a star. But you more leaned that it was Owen which made me confused but anyways it was perfect for Ezekiel or Owen anyways for RTDI. Anyways I still like your stuff it was just a mistake. (The song was “Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)” By: Jermih)


  • Ellen: It’s good. It’s really funny and e’frickin credible XD. I think this week is really when you need to step up and you definitely stepped it up. The only complaint I have is it’s REALLY ACTUALLY meant for her. I really wanted to see a song that was real and I could get it on iTunes but it was still great. (The song was “The Ellen DeGeneres Song”)
  • RTDI: This really fits her because Katie in RTDI really is bold. I usually ask for no bad words though and that’s my main complaint. But what fit more is that in the video she’s wearing a wig but a wig doesn’t show your true self but it was a good entry. I love the movie Hairspray, it’s like one of my favorites and it just HAD to be in Spanish. It was good anyways but next time you could’ve put a little more effort. (The song was “Big, Blonde, and Beautiful” By: Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer)

Usitgz: I understand your case and with that being said this could help you but for now BOTTOM 2. So now the person with immunity only gets to pick one person for bottom 2.


  • Ellen: I’m sorry but I feel as this doesn’t fit. Ellen really is crazy, psycho, happy, but doesn’t really want to be famous because she already is. I think it was the wrong decision and maybe next time try a song that people actually don’t know. (The song was “I Wanna Be Famous”)
  • RTDI: This one was better. It’s funny because Trent dresses like a girl, acts like a girl, has a BFF that’s a girl and you’d think he’d really like kissing a girl. Although it says it felt so wrong well it wouldn’t really be wrong. XD, anyways it’s fine. I really enjoyed this and it was better than your first.

Immunity goes to CHIMMY! You outdid everyone this week and showed when times get rough you can stay cool. Now, pick someone to join Usitgz in the Bottom 2 and please support a reason.

Chimmy: ...woah, I actually won? Take that, Zach :P Anyways, I'm gonna have to nominate...Christian. Sorry, but I had to go by past entries here, and...well...yeah.

Okay, I've made my decision. It took some thought but I finally made it and the person eliminated is CHRISTIAN. I'm sorry but Usitgz was grounded until yesterday and I know he'll post another challenge. Christian you've played a good game and I encourage you to come back and play next season.

Challenge 10

This week is again double parted. I feel as this far I should her no complaints about this. This week you will pick a song for HALLE! The next random character I picked out of a hat! And, a character from...Total Drama Hotel. Please turn in your entries by next Monday. THANK YOU!

Chat 10

Zach: :s Will this be a double elimination? I dont think every one will be posting xD

Webly: It depends if Fanny AND Usitgz miss it, yes.

Entries (Ten)

KKJ's Song for Halle:

KKJ's Song for "Tyrant":

Zach: Halle, her own twin betreyed her! :S

Zach: And for Ben.... I dont need to comment :P

Chimmy: This is the best I could find for Fluffy :P

Chimmy: And here's Halle 8D

Fanny: For Charlote.

Fanny: And Halle meister. The Fear by Lily Allen.

Usitgz: For "Tyrant" and "Princess" >.> (Sorry about the bad words)

Usitgz: For Halle, I guess... (Sorry about the bad words) (It's Hardcore Rock week :D)



  • Halle: Um…in Total Drama Pick Zhe Theme Song, there’s a rule try to avoid bad words as some people view the links and it isn’t age appropriate for some. Although the “b” word pops up around every line, it picks Halle really well. Halle gets very angry at times and tends to be a little that way and I could see why you chose this song for her but please next time alert that there are some bad words and please not have the word in the song title XD. Anyways, OKAY entry. (The song was “Sexy Naughty B***** Me” By: Tata Young)
  • TDH: Now this like last week was way better than your first. “Tyrant” is exactly what the song says. I know this week was easier for you mainly because it was about antagonists, your favorite part of writing stories. You have so many recognizable ones if not the most for two main fanfics. I like that you picked this song and that it was clean this time. (The song was “Tyrant” By: Judas Priest)


  • Halle: This may be the best Halle entry this week. It totally explains Halle and as I said to Zach ever word fits. Its better because Zach’s is only about a scene and this is just about her and I’m glad to see you picking this song, anyways, more than exceptional entry. (The song was “Away From Me” By: Evanescence)
  • TDH: I recently have started writing for Fluffy for Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains (Webly Style) and I have to say Dum-Diggy-BLAH BLAH DUM this was a good entry, XD. Fluffy is so random but that doesn’t mean you have to an insane gibberish, fast song. Overall, pretty good entry! (The song was “Dum-Diggy-Dum” By: ToyBox)


  • Halle: I loved this entry! Almost every time you pick a song, every word fits. If it was like one of those musicals where they sing what was going on, she should totally perform a girl version of this song, XD. Anyways, FANTASTIC JOB! (The song was “Cute Without The E” By: Taking Back Sunday)
  • TDH: It’s different knowing Ben in person so you can find something to really relate to. When I saw you were doing Ben, I imagine something insane like one of your entries last week. Ben is an awesome user and he is a Goofy Goober XD. (The song was “Goofy Goober” By: Spongebob Peeps)


  • Halle: Well…I usually start writing reviews while the song plays but I just had to watch the video and listen to the whole song because it is awesome. You only pick songs you know because you’re blocked from youtube or something like that and it must be hard to find songs you like that fit for some characters and I have to say this was a great entry. (The song was “The Fear” By: Lily Allen)
  • TDH: Since Charlote is your character this challenge was easier for you. I hate to criticize you on your own character but I have to say maybe next time, don’t pick a song meant for Charlote but I definitely get where you were going XD. It was a really good entry but also the link you gave me went to a page with no content so I had to type it in at youtube. I still liked the song though… (The song was “Why Don’t We Pretend To Be”)


  • Halle: I see you like hardcore rock this week, XD. I think this does fit Halle. This week I really wanted people to find like a song that’s not just famous but really fits Halle and this really did. Overall, I think I did a great job with this. (The song was “You’re Going Down” By: Sick Puppies)
  • TDH: I’m glad that you said that there were bad words in the song unlike someone else, XD. So it can prevent more of the younger to not watch it but it wasn’t that bad. I think it fits them because the two of them like it their way and they get it their way. Not half bad, Usitgz. (The song was “My Way” By: Limp Bizkit)

Immunity goes to…nobody. Yes, it was too hard of a decision. So, you guys have to vote for a bottom 2 by 5:00 eastern time based on their reviews and then I’ll explain what happens next.

Zach: To be Fair, Koops, You joined us recently and avoived a ton of eliminations good luck in season 2 V,v Oh And errr uhhh Errr ugh Usitgz your the only one between us all with a low :o Even though it wasn't your fault;/

KKJ: My choices would have to be Fanny and Usitgz, in my opinion, you two have been slipping. Nothing personal though. :)

Usitgz: Why can't it be a single elimination... D: um... Fanny and Koops? (Sorry, but Koops is a debuter, and Fanny isn't doing to well...) Nothing personal :)

Chimmy: Koops and Fanny.

Webly: Koops, Fanny please give me a reason to stay. If you guys don't post both reasons by 5:00 I'll pick with less consideration.

Fanny: Well, I've been here since the beginning of the camp, but I do admit I did ten times better in the very beginning. Around the fifth challenge I began to suck, but I think I should stay mainly because I've posted an entry every week and that's about it. *crosses fingers*

KKJ: I've just debuted, so I wasn't able to show my full potential yet. I believe if you keep me in, I'll do better than before. If you eliminate me now, you won't see what I can do. So I hope you think long and hard on who you're sending home, even if I only debuted two weeks ago.

Webly: I've took this into major consideration. Fanny, I've always enjoyed your songs but you have had a few bad weeks. You had a good week this week but you just made one minor mistake. KKJ, you debuted a while ago and have done pretty well for a debuter but you say you have a ton of potential but if you do have a lot why are you here?

After taking this into thought, the person leaving us is KKJ. Koops, you've played a good game and I really hope you compete next season and this time so we can really see your potential. Fanny, you dodged a bullet you have to redeem yourself or you'll get hit fast.

Challenge 11

This challenge this week is a character from Total Drama Havoc. I think I proised Koops I would do that and the random character is...CELIA from Total Drama Wilderness. Okay guys, I'm excited to see your entries. Please turn in an entry by Friday.

Chat 11

Zach:(Conf) I made it this far, so I'm going to the final 2 all. Keep your eyes peeled ;)

Webly: Zach, you never get in trouble if you warn about what's in the video, XD. Just KKJ didn't even warn because there are younger people such as one of our younger contestants like Kevvy, watching.

Zach: Ohh... O well xD

Zach: Ok I see you guys on.. Yet Im all alone on whirled, micey... and Chatango ;s

Fanny: I've made a decision. I hate to do this, but I'm going to quit. You see, I'm leaving today for vacation, and I think the others all deserve a spot in the final three. But one of them will leave for the final two, so I wish you all good luck! This was a lot of fun!

Webly: Okay...JTLYK you were a GREAT player and I really hope you return for next season. Thanks for playing :) (Reviews will be up later today or tomorrow)

Zach: Wow.... Good luck to usi and chimmy ;)

Webly: Since Fanny quit, there is no elimination! So, nothing to be worried about.

Zach: Oh... * Coughs Post the Judiging and challenge Coughs*

Entries (Eleven)

Zach: I can easily imagine Celia singing this to her baby daughter, To me atleast the only reason she signed up on the show is to make her daughters life the best that it can be.

Zach: This song is for...Jon Errr Don't watch the video if you are under 13 please- I dont wanna get in trouble. The song is for Jon, as I am postitive one girl will figure him out eventually ;)

Chimmy: Found something for Celia! I imagine the first part being sung to her daughter, the middle sung to Reeve, and the rest to both ^^

Chimmy: Here's something for Zoey :P

Usitgz: *shudders* for Celia [1]

Usitgz: For Natt :D


Webly: I decided not to judge only because you guys rocked and no one is going to be eliminated since Fannster quit. So, the next challenge will be posted in a few, enjoy yourselves!!! XD

Usitgz: Yay final three! But I'm against two people with around four immunities each...

Challenge 12

Webly: Congrats final 3! You guys have ALL truly rocked in this competition! I TRULY can say it's anyone's game from here on out. This week is again two-parted and I decided to challenge you with a theme song from Total Drama The New Challenge AND judge one song choice other than yours that was in this season. I would expect you to judge with good detail and not copy mine. This will prepare 2 of you for part of the final 2 challenge! I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK NOW! XD

Chat 12

Usitgz: Man, we talk a lot! :D

Entries (Twelve)

Webly: Mrodd told me to post his entry for Kenny (he said judging comes later):

Usitgz: Here's my judging:

  • Fanny (From week 1)- This was a great pick for Jon Pierre. It would be the best of the week but it's already the theme song for him. I'll give you credit for noticing that but be a little more careful next time. (XD jk)
  • Fanny (From week 1)- I think that this what a very good choice, and reflects Jon Pierre perfectly. I kind of have a problem with it being the same one as the already stated theme on the characte's page. It was still a great entry though, even though it lacked uh... creativity? Overall though it probably outmatched entry by a lot, so I shouldn't say to many bad things about it. Yeah, I thought that it was pretty good. 8D

Fanny: Um, thanks? XD. If only I didn't quit. I quit because I was supposed to be on vacay, and the challenge was due in a week. :( XD.

Usitgz: XD You're welcome. Here's a song for Tyson :D. Finally! XD

Mrodd: Webly... Told me to post xD Judging:

  • Chimmy (Steven)- You didn't dig deep. I know Webly loved it. I hated it. It seems like you didnt even try, and just goodles his stereo type. You could have talked about how he is livign a lie, or how is almost won. But you chose to stick with AVERAGE. You entry. Is Average. Not great. But not Quite deservign of a fail.

Mrodd; For Caleb, because it does end here. Even though he lost.


I have to say this week/months XD, was really good. Chimmy quit and she told me via Chatango. So, Usitgz and Mrodd you are now the final two but just because I don't want to start it over I have to eliminate someone so I will now judge your last entries.

I will first judge the judging that you guys did.

  • Usitgz- I liked how you judged. And, how you put the first judging of mine up there and that was my first week judging. The hard part of was I was a little off I think I should've been a little more demanding. I think you were demanding and how I would've done it going back I would've liked you to have put a line that you are not allowed to copy a theme song already picked but it was still pretty good.
  • Mrodd- I think you pretty much nailed it here. I guess I wasn't really seeing it right at first. But, you really took the extra step using how he placed in your judging and including close to stereotype really made me smile. I think you could've tried to fix your grammar but otherwise than the grammar it's good.

I won't judge part two why because over the course of the game Mrodd and Usitgz have been brilliant players and I don't want to criticize them in the last challenge. Without further or do, I will now announce the winner of Total Drama Pick Zhe Theme Song!

Mrodd!!!! Mrodd you have played a GREAT game and amazed me how good you can pick songs! I'm very proud to have such a great winner of this series and to see you progress through the game. You really deserve this.

As for Usitgz, don't be sad you were also really good in this season surprising me with some really good song choices. I think you are a good song picker and I hope you come back for the next season of Total Drama Pick Zhe Theme Song! (which is starting next week)

As for me, I'm gonna host next season and I'm looking for a host with me as there will be teams and some slight changes. Mrodd and Usitgz you guys are both candidates I hope you will consider.\

Mrodd: Of course ;) And the grammar was because I was ina rush.... Because some one kept asking me xD

Elimination Table

Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Zach Immunity In Immunity In Immunity In In In In In In WINNER
Usitgz In In In In In In In Immunity LOW In In Runner-Up
Chimmy In In In In In In Immunity In Immunity In In QUIT
Fanny In Immunity In In In In In In In LOW QUIT
KKJ Debuts in "Challenge 8" In In OUT
Christian In In In In In LOW In In OUT
Codaa In QUIT Returns in "Challenge 6" Immunity In OUT
Tdifan In In In Immunity In In OUT
Reddude In In In LOW In In QUIT
Kenzen In In In In OUT
Jessica LOW In In OUT
Kevvy In LOW OUT
Sonictksb OUT

     and a placing: This person has Immunity

     and a placing: This person was Low

     and a placing: This person didn't turn a theme song for a character in and was safe.

     and a placing: This person was Low and didn't turn in a theme song.

     and a OUT: This person is Out or Quit

     and OUT: This person didn't turn a theme song for a character in and got eliminated.

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