A year after TDAS, Chris McLean takes a new cast of 16 teenagers to compete in a new season of Total Drama. They will have to face insane, lethal challenges at a rundown deserted resort. The camper who out plays and out lasts the rest will walk away with.... 100,000 dollars.

Sign-Ups (Closed)

  1. Wang - The Down-to-Earth Prodigy - GX
  2. Gabe - The Music-Loving Cashier - GX
  3. Logan - The Dark Knight - Samey
  4. Amy - The Jungle Beast Girl - Samey
  5. Justine - The Fashionista - Xaypay
  6. Patrick - The Sports Jock - Xaypay
  7. Genevieve - The Peppy Intellect - D&D
  8. Jordan - The King Bee - D&D
  9. Shannon - The Out Of Controle Teen - Impa
  10. Devin - The Strick Dad - Impa
  11. Zoey - The Mean Best Friend - Amber
  12. Chloe - The Sweet Bst Friend - Amber
  13. Jamie - The Ordinary Girl - TDY
  14. Sam - The Oridnary Guy - TDY
  15. Jack - The Intern - Vollancer
  16. Mallory - The Cat Lover - Vollancer

Episode 1

Gabe: Is this the place? Hm. Not sure. *takes out MP3 and starts listening music* I'll find out soon enough anyway, so who cares if I listen to just a bit of music?

Chris: Welcome Gabriel to Paradise Cove. I hope your stay is... mildly unpleasant.

Gabe: *sigh* I'm sure it will be. Until then, let me just listen to my music, alright? It'll help me keep my sanity by remembering the lyrics and rhythm of the song at hand. It'll keep me calm and cool, as always. Hope you enjoy me humming some songs, 'cause that'll happen frequently.

Genevieve: *walks off of the bus rolling her luggage and scans her surroundings* Wow! It looks really nice around here! *shakes Chris' hands* Hello! I am Genevieve, I am so glad you casted me! Anyways where should I put my luggage? *gasp* Is there a new spa hotel?

Jordan: *walks off the bus* Hello uhm, fellow campers. I assume this is where we will partake in the competition? Doesn't look that impressive... Nonetheless.

Amy: Hola a todos soy Amy 

Shannon: *walks off the bus* BOW DOWN B**CHES! YA'LL ARE  GONNA LOOSE!

Devin: *Walks off the bus* Watch your language or I will make sure they kick you off the show!

Shannon: *screams*  SHUT UP DAD! 

Jamie: Hi.

Sam: Hey there.

Jack: I hope there isn't a fee for staying here. I'm not paid enough for that!

Mallory: Is there any place with air conditioning for my cats? Their fur frizzes if they stay in this heat.

Chris: And all of our contestants have arrived. Right now, your first challenge is getting prepped so just get to know each other. Unpack, unwind and most of all... Unjoy yourself.

Boy's Cabin

Devin: Boys behave while I'm around, no girls allowed here. I don't want to walk in to a poorly directed adult film here! No long parties, no alcohol and I don't want to see you make out with eachother, if you happen to be that go outside or out of my view! Also every friday we pray! 

Jack: *nervously writes down on a notepad* How long on Fridays and what time? 

Devin: For a hour and we start at 6 am, and Sunday we also pray for two hours and we start at 10 am

Jack: Got it. And what is the proper attire?

Patrick: *walks into cabin and drops bags* Oh yeah! Sup everyone! *does a quick man handshake with every other boy* Oh right! (CONF: I think me and the other boys are going to get along, unless they screw me over. But right now, i'm going to pump this group up! *fist pumps* (CONF ENDS)

Wang: *yawns* Why worry about that all now? It's not like any of us are going to do anything wrong, right? ...Well, not completely sure, but let's just go with the flow and see where it takes us. We'll worry about it later. Anyway, I'm gonna take a nap. The ride here was exhausting...

Patrick: Okay? But we will all be exercising before the first challenge. *moves arm to other side of shoulder* (CONF: Wang is an outsider, he's just waiting to be able to party with all of us. While we get settled in he will be asleep and I don't want that, if he sleeps the only time he'll be here is in one episode. I gonna help that guy out, he seems promising. (CONF ENDS) *shakes Wang* Dude, stay awake with us.

Devin: You all still need to ask promition to me!!

Wang: Woah, woah. Hey, you guys are just fine on your own. I already got a lot weighing on my mind anyway. I just need a nap, alright? Now, if you'll excuse me...*falls asleep*

Female's Cabin

Zoey: *walks in* Seems interesting... I guess.

Chloe: Hey girls!

Shannon: Shut up and bow down!

Mallory: *opens up cages of cats* Be free, my friends!

Justine: *walks in* Hey everyone. *looks up at Mallory* Hey, that's a cute little cat! Wish I had a little cat, I got a dog during my run at Sashakotic Camp. (CONF) If you don't know at home what Sashakotic Camp is well it was a series that aired last year in 2015. Me and that Patrick guy were in it. He's a cold "cool cat" only to be a groupie for some hussy in TDSC. (CONF ENDS)

Mess' Hall

Chef: *Cooking and mumbling to himself* After years of cooking for these ingrates, you would think my pay would increase. But no the budget won't cover my expense. Why that little... *continues rambling on*

Patrick: *interrupts Chef's mumbling* Your pay hasn't increase because your food is terrible! I can't stand it. *picks up a tray of Chef's food and points at it* Yeah, this won't get you money but give people heartattacks. Am I right everyone. *everyone laughs*

Chef: (CONF) When did Chris install a laugh track? No one else is here or am I starting to here things?


Challenge I:

Chris: Alright Contestants. Time for your first challenge. Hidden on this island are two Chris Mclean Idols. There are 16 locations where the idol can be located. All you have to do is choose a spot. After all the contestants choose a location (or if a majority compete and enough time has passed), I will reveal the idol's locations. The two lucky winners will become the first member of their respective teams and get to chose their teammates. And with that, let's begin.

  1. The Mess Hall - Patrick
  2. The Beach - Amy
  3. The Dock - Sandra
  4. The Boy's Cabin - Shannon
  5. The Girl's Cabin - Mallory
  6. The Southern Woods - Zoey
  7. The Northern Woods - Jamie
  8. The Cave - Genevieve
  9. The Lake - Jack
  10. The Restrooms - Sam
  11. Chris's Living Quarters- Chloe
  12. The Confessional - Devin
  13. The Well - Jordan
  14. The Suspicious Rock - Gabe
  15. The Craft Tent - Wang
  16. The River - Logan

Zee Idol's locations

Chris: And that's a wrap. The 1st idol is located in the Restrooms and the 2nd idol is located in the Girl's Cabin. So the winners and first members of their teams are Sam and Mallory. So now, Sam will pick his first teammate then it will be Mallory's turn. From there, it will repeat until all the campers are on a team. So take it away Sam.

Sam: I take Shannon.

Mallory: Hmm, I choose Justine.

Sam: I choose Chloe.

Mallory: I choose Amy.

Sam: I choose Jamie.

Chris: Well...were almost there. Keep at it children.

Mallory: I choose Logan.

Sam: I choose Wang.

Mallory: I choose Gabe.

Sam: I choose Genevive.

Mallory: I choose Jordan.

Amy: Yo elijo a Chloe.

Chris: Amy... you are already on a team, Chloe has been already picked, and you're not picking.

Zoey: *rolls her eyes* (CONF) How is it even possible? Chloe's already picked and I'm not. Hello, I'm the pretty bestfriend? I should be picked as first? (END CONF)

Sam: I pick Zoey.

Mallory: I pick Patrick.

Sam: I pick Jack.

Chris: Which leaves Mallory with Devin. So Team 1 is Sam, Shannon, Chloe, Jamie, Wang, Genevive, Zoey and Jack. Team 2 is Mallory, Justine, Amy, Logan, Gabe, Jordan, Patrick, and Devin. What are the team names you ask? Well... I'm sure we will find out soon enough. Until then, get to know who your friends and who your enemies are within your teams.

Sam: Hi guys!

Jamie: Wazzup?

Justine: Yes! It's a pleasure to be on your team. *smiles and hugs her team*

Patrick: Hmmm? (CONF) Justine seems to be sweet and smells like she put on hours of makeup and perfume just to look banging, and she sure looks banging. *looks off into imaginary world* I'm going to turn off this camera just a second. *turns it off but you can start to hear flapping* (CONF ENDS)

Post-Challenge Chat

Chris: You may chat with your fellow competitors here until the end of the challenge.

Episode 2

Boy's Cabin

Sam: Hi...

Logan: Hola Sam

Jack: Hey guys, I'm sure we will all get along.

Patrick: *yawns himself awake* Good morning guys.*everyone looks at him shrieking their teeth as they see his eyes are badly burned.* What? (CONF STARTS)

Gabe: *listens to music, ignoring everyone*

Sam: (CONF) What the heck is wrong with Patrick?

Jack: Well, uh... Do you guys want to get to know each other?

Girl's Cabin

Zoey: *walks to Shannon, Jamie and Genevieve* Hey girls, it looks like we're on the same team, right? What are your thoughts about a girls alliance? *looks at Chloe* Chloe!!

Chloe: *walks to the girls* Heyy!

Zoey: Are you all in for a girls alliance? *smiles*

Jamie: Oh yeah!

Zoey: Great! Also besides this game we should do our hair and nails as well. Chloe, get the case. *looks at Chloe*

Chloe: *walks with her beautycase* Here!

Zoey: Sweet.

Amy: *rolleyes* (CONF) *laugh* Estoy tan loca pero soy muy inteligente (END CONF)

Mallory: *combs cats' fur* I hope we can all be friends!

Justine: *walks back in with bowl of cereal in her hands* You girls seem starved you cats want some breakfast too? *smiles at Mallory's cats* I hope you don't mind I just love cats! *looks at the other girls*If you all want some cereal, there's some in the mess hall, hope you don't mind I made it since Chef said he needs some time off, but he made sure the boys had the gruel. *laughs* At least we don't have to have some of chef's food right. *looks back at cats and Mallory* Let's go talk over in the mess hall, I made a shelter area for the cats were they can stay while challenges, it's designed like a spa for all of them. *smiles*

Jamie: I am hungry. But Chef's food is like puke so I will pass.

Amy: Eso es Asqueroso

Zoey: Uhm, Amy. Talk English or don't talk at all please. It really annoys me.

Mallory: Oh yeah! Thank you Justine. I'm sure some of the cats already went there.

Amy: Me encanta 

Mess Hall

Jordan: *picks at his food* This is unethical! I should be treated like a king! *whines* I need two lackey's to do whatever I say >:(.

Patrick: *looks at Jordan* Looks like the "prince of scrawny brats" got some of chef's gruel. *laughs* You didn't treat chef so kind did yah? *laughs and then walks up to chef* I may please, have the chicken and the mashed potato's please old jaborni. *chef grabs the plate and opens a bottle of mutant rats and drops them on Patrick's plate* What the f*ck is this? *throws plate back and it lands on Jordan* Oh my gosh dude! *laughs* Looks like the early bird gets the rat! *laughs*

Challenge 2

Chris: I think its time for you guys to decide your team names. Work together as a team to figure out a name. I will decide which team name I like more and the losing team will be sending someone packing. So begin. And just so you know, Team 1 will be Sam's team and Team 2 will be Mallory's team. Begin.

Chef: *coughs*

Team 1

Jack: So any ideas for our team name?

Zoey: We have to make a exotic name. Something original and something unique. What about Shola?

Team 2

Mallory: Maybe our team name could be about cats!

Amy: Me encanta (CONF) Yo me gusta ser percusionista reggae me gusta tocar el Djembe

Logan: (CONF) Amy es muy dulce. Pero tamien le gustan los colores

Contestant History


Contestant Team Merged Status Placing
The Jungle Beast Girl
The Sweet Best Friend
The Strict Dad
The Music-Loving Cashier
The Peppy Intellect
The Intern
The Ordinary Girl
The King Bee
The Fashionista
The Dark Knight
The Cat Lover
The Sports Jock
The Ordinary Guy
The Out of Control Teen
The Down-to-Earth Prodigy
The Mean Best Friend

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