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Nalyd and Bob - Nalyd Renrut

Final 2

Jacob- Turnertang Winner!

Martha- sunshineandravioli Runner-Up!


Cindy- TDI19 out Day 1

Josh - tdifan1234 out Day 2

"The Hobo"-Zakkoroen out Day 3

Philip- Codaa5 out Day 4

Dustin out Day 5

Mara out Day 5

Lequisha - Redflare left Day 6

Veronica- Turnertang out Day 7

Billy - GordonNo.4 out Day 8

Lucas - Ricky490 out Day 9

Sarah-Zakkoroen left Day 10

Elian-TDI19 out Day 10

"The Rat" - Uzitgz  out  Day 11

Sam - GordonNo.4 out Day 12

Dyl - tdifan1234  out Day 12

Belle- sunshineandravioli out Day 13

"Dome" - Uzitgz  out Day 14

"Ugly"- Ricky490 out Day 15

Julio- Zakkoroen out Day 16

Jaz- Codaa5 out Day 16


Julio and Martha

Dome and Ugly

Sam and "The Rat"

Belle and Dyl

Day 1

Nalyd: Welcome to Total Drama Paradise! We will start soon. So talk here!

Sam: Hi!

Billy: Wuzzup?

"The Hobo": I hope I can win this time, 'cause I still desperately need the money!

Nalyd: It is time for the first challenge: fire-making! Make a three foot fire that can brun through this wire. GO!

Dyl: *rubs two sticks together*

"The Hobo":*also rubs two sticks together*

Nalyd: Looks like its Dyl and 'The Hobo' representing their teams!

Cindy: "rubs sticks fast and it sparks*

Elian: *rubs huge wood logs together*

Dyl: *rubs sticks and a few sparks come out*

"THe Hobo":*Fire lights and starts burning through wire*

Cindy: OK, I brought my tribe here to help with the fire. *All start rubbing sticks, and flames shoot out*

The Hobo:*Fire goes out* Oh, COME ON!*Fire reignites* YES!!

Dyl: * fire lights and burns through wire*

Josh: Yes!!!!

The Hobo:Dangit!

Elian: yay!!!

Cindy: awww, head back to the tribe guys. bye!

Josh: *highfives Dyl* Good job, man!!!

Nalyd: Fighting Ducks win! I'll see the Thrashign Rabbits tonight at tribal council

Thrashing Rabbits Vote

Nalyd: Vote when you're ready.

The Hobo:I vote Cindy. She distracted me.

Julio:I also vote Cindy.

Sam: Cindy, Defintly Cindy

Nalyd: I will tally the votes. Cindy, Cindy. The first person eliminated is Cindy. bring me your torch, the tribe has spoken.

Cindy: What!! At least I was here. Unlike Julio and Sam. I am coming tribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 2

Nalyd: All of you, head back to camp.

Sam: We have to win this!

Nalyd: TOday's challenge is a relay race. Each team will pick three people to run.

Sam: Jacob, The Hobo and Me

Billy: Dyl, Elian and Josh

Nalyd: GO!

Sam: *Passes Josh* See ya!

Hobo:*Is at the finish line* What took you guys so long?

Julio:Go Hobo!

Nalyd: *jaw drops* Okay then, Thrashign Rabbits win!

Fighting Ducks Vote

Elian: Lucas, not a big help, now or for the future

Lucas: Josh, he lost it for us

Ugly: Josh!

Nalyd: (Sorry Nobody else is voting) Lucas, Josh. The second person eliminated is Josh. All of you head back to camp.

Day 3

Dome: Hey guys

The Rat: Dude whats up with your face?

Lucas: You mean other than what was already wrong with his face

The Rat: Hey thats not much from that youtube kid.

Ugly: What's today's challenge, Nalyd?

Dome: Hi Ugly!

Ugly: I never saw a guy so cute

(Lucas laughs)

(Ugly stomps Lucas on the foot)

Lucas: OW!

Dome: Thats so hot (Punches Lucas the face.)

The Rat: (Laughs at Lucas) Classic!

Ugly: Now where were we (Makes out with Dome)

Nalyd: Today's challenge is climbing a volcano. First person to the top wins for their team. GO!

Billy: *runs really fast past Dyl* Bye Bye!

Hobo:*Touches finger across the finish line* Huff.... Huffff.... YESSS!!!!!!

Ugly: (Gets infront of the Hobo and makes the Hobo run away as Ugly crosses the finish line) I WIN!

Julio: No you didn't. Hobo had already won by putting his finger across the finish line. Thrashing Rabbits win, Nalyd.

Ugly: No, the Hobo touched the finish line and never crossing it (By the way whose the hobo)

Julio: Look at it again.

Ugly: Our team won, right Dome

Hobo:that's for Nalyd to decide

Ugly: Well, tell me, Nalyd who wins, by the way, where is Nalyd?


Julio:Nalyd had better say the Rabbits win!

Dyl: Technically, the ducks would've won because the "hobo" never really crossed the finish line...

Nalyd: (i've been in conneticut all day) Hobo, you need to actually do the challenges. I am truly bothered by in every challenge you've been *crosses finish line* as soon as I post the challenge. Because of that, Ducks win.

Thrashing Rabbits vote



Sam: Hobo, You have got to shave!

Lequisha: Hobo, you ruined it for us.

The Rat: Julio, I dislike him

Nalyd: We have 2 votes for julio and 2 for 'the hobo'. Teh thrid person eliminated is 'The Hobo.'

Day 4

Lucas: Yello, everybody

Ugly: What's today's challenge?

Dome: Hi Ugly

The Rat: I can't wait ot cheat... I mean play fairly to win!

Nalyd: Today's challengeis a circus. You must all assign yourselves roles. Bob will determine the winning circus. Go!

Sam: The Rat, You may be useful in this, Julio, Try your Girly Singing


Julio:*In a hoarse voice* did I do... good?

Lequisha: Can I do my talent of singing?

Sam: Julio, Lie down, Lequisha, take Julio's place

Julio:N-no... I c-can do this.... *LLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE--* (loses voice) (crowd cheers and throws valuables at him)

Lequisha: Here I go. (Song can be found at )

Nalyd: What song is it Lequisha?

Lequisha: Paper planes by M.I.A. *Nails every key* I hope I did good!

The Rat:Time for some magic, you will see Lucas' pants disapear (Pants Lucas) Ta-Da

Annoncer:Ladies and Gentlemen The amazing bald Kid!

Dome:(The crowd applause then he takes off hat burning a hole in the ceiling from the reflection of the sun on his head) Oops!

Bob: *goes blind*

(Lucas puts his pants up and pushes the hat down over the Rat's eyes and kicks his butt)

Bob: *whispers to Nalyd*

Nalyd: Rabbits win!

The Rat: You're going down youtube kid! (Get into fistfight)

Dome: Ugly, The Rat isn't on our team.

Fighting Ducks vote

Dome: Dyl, cause he is to lucky!

Ugly: Phillip, he's useless

Lucas: Phillip, I don't like him

Elian: Phillip, crazy, mean, and has not been here at all

Billy: Phillip,he is nutzo!

Nalyd: 1 vote for Dyl 4 for Philip. Bye Philip.

Jacob: HI Everyone

Day 5

Nalyd: Before the challenge, The Rat, Dome, and Dyl will each pick 5 people for new tribes. (Just pick your 5 people when you get on.)

The Rat: Veronica, Jaz, Lucas, and Sam

Dome: Ugly, Billy, Julio, and Lequisha

Nalyd: I meant each captain picks five people, excluding themselves, so that there are 6 per team. And name your team.

(Tdifan1234: What should I do because Elian is the only 1 with a user)

(Nalyd Renrut: Pick her. It isn't your fault Dyl didn't pick anybody.

Dome: and Dustin.

The Rat: Jacob.

Nalyd: Okay then. You will search through the jungle for immunity idols. (first six people can call them.) FIrst team out wins. GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Sam: Rat, Look, I Found One!

Ugly: I found two, Dome!

Veronica: I have finally arrived and I found an immunity idol!

Julio:I found one!

Nalyd: One more.....

Belle: *suddenly appears* What'd I miss???

Martha: Me too...

Nalyd: We're racing.

Belle: Oh. *runs off*

Martha: Hey, wait for me! *follows*

The Rat: Cool Sam, want to form an alliance? (Finds immunity doll)

Dome: Cool Ugly (Start Mking out)

Belle: *trips on tree root* *drops glasses* OMG I CAN'T SEE!!!!!!!!! *walks in circles blindly*

Veronica: (Finds Belle's glasses.)

Nalyd: First person out wins for their team. (No more idols)

Martha: *strolls calmly through forest* This isn't so bad...

Belle: *walks into tree*

Ugly: I found two (Makes out with Dome)

Belle: *walks into another tree* Someone... help... me...

Veronica: Belle, I have your glasses and you can have them back IF you join in an alliance with me AND and convince one other person to join too.

Nalyd: Is ANYBODY going to win?????????????

Sam" *runs in with all of the immuity idols* I WON!

Belle: ...alright, fine. It's not like I have a choice at this point...

Martha: *totally lost*

The Rat: Veronica can I join? (Takes 5 immunity dolls from Sam and gives one to Ugly, Dome, Julio, and Veronica)

(Conf.) The Rat: Somedays you have to be a good samaritan.

Martha: *still lost in forest* SOMEONE??? ANYONE??? HEEELLLLPPP!!!!!!!!!

Dome: (Sees Martha) We'll help! (Dome and Uglyfind Martha and take her back)

Martha: Thanks. I owe you guys.

Beth: *finally gets her glasses back*

Veronica: Yes, you can join, Rat. By the way, I already have an immunity idol, so now I have two.

Nalyd: THE RAT'S TEAM WINS! (Stop deleting my words, seriously)

The Rat: (Steals Sam's last immunity doll and replaces it with a fake one) hehehe.

Dome's Team vote

Julio:I vote Dustin. He was useless!

Ugly: Dustin (He's the only one that doesn't have a user on this team)

Dome: Dustin!

Nalyd: DUstin is out.

Dyl's Team vote

Dyl: Mara

Belle: I vote Sarah.

Martha: I vote Belle... it's her fault I got lost in the forest!

Elian: Sorry I was not here. Anyway, I vote Mara, b/c she will slow us down in challenges.

Nalyd: Mara's out, Dome's team is undecided.

Day 6

Nalyd: COngratulations on making it this far, guys!

Dyl: *smiles*

Lequisha: I have a feeling that I'm going to loose soon, I don;t want that to happen. Nalyd! Take me out! I resign from total drama paradise! *Runs to boat of losers* Please hurry! (I acually want Lequisha to be taken out of the competition) I don't want to be betrayed by friends.

Belle: HI DYL!!! *attempts to wave flirtatiously and fails miserably*

Martha: What's with Lequisha?

Veronica: That was a bit wierd... What's up with her? By the way, when's the next challenge?

Dyl(CONF): *facepalm* Why me, Belle? Why me?

Belle(CONF): I think Dyl really likes me. And he's so cute! *drools*

(Conf.) The Rat: This is Too Easy.

Nalyd: Since Lequisha left and yesterday was double elimination.... NAH! We will still have a tribal!

Veronica: I'm so excited for the next challenge.

Nalyd: Welcome to the pent-a-thalon! First part is three legged race! two people from each tribe pair up and GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica: Who wants to be partners with me, the lovely Veronica?

Belle: Dyl, let's partner up!!!!!!! *eyes sparkle*

Lucas: I'll join Veronica

Ugly: Dome, want to join an allaiance?

Veronica: Fine, Lucas, you can be with me.

Veronica: When are we going to start

Nalyd: GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belle: *starts running, dragging Dyl behind her*

Dome: Sure ugly. (Start Making out then start the three legged race)

Veronica: (Starts running and drags Lucas behind her.) Hurry up, Lucas!

Belle: *almost trips* C'mon Dyl! Help meee!

Veronica: (throws Lucas over finish line) We Win!!!

Lucas: Love Hurts!

The Rat: Woohoo, WE WON, AGAIN!

Dome: (Ugly and Dome pass the finish line) We did it (Start making out)

Nalyd: OKay, the rat's team has one point. Part two is being buried alive. all teams pick a person.

Julio:I...... volunteer.

Nalyd: Excellent!

Bob: *buries Julio*

Martha: ...I guess I'll do it...

Julio:(CONF.) That was the most brutal thing I have ever had to do in my life.

Julio:(muffled) This is the most brutal thing I have ever had to do in my life!
Bob: *buries Martha*

Martha: *muffled* I... can't... breathe...!

Nalyd: Didn't you give them air holes?

Bob: *shrugs*

Nalyd: Nice!

Martha: (conf.) I seriously thought I was going to die...

Julio:(Muffled) I AM GOING TO DIE!

Lucas: Can I voluteer for my team and also have and when I get buried can I also have an air tube?
Julio:(muffled, to Lucas) don't count on it.

Martha: *passes out from lack of air*

Julio:(muffled) Did I win?
Bob: *buries Lucas*

Nalyd: Now the rest of you have to catch a snipe.

(Everyone looks for snipe, but there is no such thing!)

Nalyd: Okay, now you'll jump from a plane. (One from each team)

The Rat: *Buries Bob* How do you like dem apples.

Dome: I'll Jump.
Julio:No Dome. I shall sacrifice myself for the cause. GERONIMOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *jumps from plane*

Belle: Considering Martha's still buried and it seems like no one else is here on our team, I volunteer to jump!

Nalyd: Julio, you are still buried....

Julio:*From ground, shouting* I dug myself out!

The Rat: Woohooo! (lands on Julio Crushing him) Ow.

Belle: THIS IS FOR DYL!!!!! *jumps, crashes through roof of hut*

Julio:I am not taking any of your crap, Rat! *Rat holds up fist* Shutting up.

Ugly: I'll jump you want, but if I don't survive (makes out with Dome)

Belle: *staggers out of hut* H-how'd I do?

Julio:You look like crap, Belle.

Ugly: (hits Julio in the head) Not nice, Julio

Ugly: (conf.) That little girly boy is so mean, calling people crap, he better watch his mouth or I'll show him...

Belle: Yeah, that was mean, Julio! *smacks him across the face*

Julio:Wha-at? It's a popular saying based upon the weariness and quoteunquote "crapiness" of your appearance after falling 5,000 feet into a hut. I was not trying to be insulting. *Snorts geekily*

Belle: *smacks him across the face again*

Julio:Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I wasn't trying to insult you, but obviously, I have. *walks away*

Belle: Grr. By the way, what happened to Martha?

Martha: *still buried, and passed out*

Julio:Oh crud!!! *Digs Martha up and resesutates her*

Dome: I cant do it man I can't jump!

The Rat: My team rules!

Martha: Oh, umm... thanks...

Martha: (confessional) That was... random... I appreciate not being left for dead, buried alive on a beach, but still...

Lucas: (muffed) Anyone, there I need HELP!

Ugly: Dome, Can I got for you?

Belle: ...Do you think we should help Lucas?

Ugly: We should, we don't want any member of the show (exception of the Rat) to die...for now!

Belle: Mmm, true. *starts digging him up*
Lucas: (gasping for air) Thank you, guys, by the way, what happened all I heard was people hitting Julio?

Belle: I jumped from a plane and crashed through the roof of a hut, then he insulted me, so I had to slap him a couple of times.

Lucas: So, who wins the challenge, Nalyd tell us already? (I shall I say, Dylan)

Martha: Yeah, where is Nayld? The last time I saw him was when I was BURIED ALIVE WITH NO AIR HOLES AND LEFT TO DIE. Grrr.

(Conf.) The Rat: It was fun to bury Bob.

Dome: (Jumps from plane and lands) What did you say Ugly?

The Rat: Martha is right last time I saw him was on the plane.

Ugly: AAAAAAAAAAHHHH....nothing! (Makes out with Dome)


The Rat: Dam (Do they consiter the full word a swear?) it Nalyd who won!!!!!!!!!????????

Nalyd: I'm just enjoying all the fighting. THis has gotten very confusing, so either no vote today, or everyone votes today. Vote about that below!

Vote either all or none


Martha: No vote, please... we've have three people leave in the past two days...

Ugly: No votes, someone all ready left do we want two people to leave and spend less time torturing us with challenges

Lucas: Agreeing with Ugly

Dyl: Yeah, we shouldn't vote.

Nalyd: *mumbles angrily*

The Rat: Whew! (Wipes forehead)

Day 7

Belle: When's our next challenge?

Dome: Yeah Nalydmeister whats are challenge?

The Rat: (Fighting with Lucas and Julio) Well I don't like either of you! (Goes into cussing fit)

Martha: *stares at The Rat* Umm... is this normal?

Nalyd: Everyone get on a moose and race. First people across win for their team (one losing team). GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rat: Wait, Goo?

Dome: (Starts the race) Woohoo!

Veronica: (falls of horse) ouch!!!

Julio:*Crosses finish line, then moose bucks him off*

Belle: I'M SCARED OF MOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!
Martha: *attempts to get on moose, moose bucks her off*

Ugly: (Gets on moose without a problem and catches up to Dome) Howdy, partner, what's it's doing on the wild side of the O'Kay Corall, I'm good at cowboy talk

Veronica: (Gets on the moose and passes Ugly and Dome.) Good luck catching up!

Sam: (crosses Finish line) Piece of Cake!

Belle: *gets chased by moose* HELP!!!!!

Dome: Well I have have a Cowboy hat (Jumps on her moose)

The Rat: Hey Nalyd here's some goo (Throws goo at Nalyd and starts walking twords the finish line) hehehe.

Jacob: (chases moose across field) HI ho moosey. Gideup!!!

Belle: *gets trampled by moose*
Belle: (conf.) This is why I'm afraid of moose.

Ugly: (Ugly's moose runs over Belle) Sorry, it was the moose, it just doesn't like you!

Belle: ...why me...

Martha: *finally gets on moose and starts riding* This isn't so bad... *gets bucked off* Why does something bad always happen when I say that???

The Rat: (Takes Martha's Moose) Yee-haw (Passes Dome and Ugly) Che, Lovebirds.

Dome: (Puts his hat on Ugly's head) Now your my Cowgirl . (Realising everyone can see his bald head ) AHHHHHHHHHHHH, I'm Unmasked!

Belle: *gets up, gets trampled by another moose* Ow...

Ugly: Hurry Dome, we got to catch-up to that little musk-rat before he wins

(Lucas pasts the two)

Lucas: (puts his fingers in his ears starts waving them and takes out is tongue and spits at the both)

Ugly: That little geek!

The Rat: (Throws a coconut at Lucas knocking him off his moose) Hahaha!

Dome: (Runs over Lucas) Ow that has to hurt.

Martha: *finally gets back on Lucas' moose*

Veronica:(Whacks Dome with a stick and crosses finish line) I'm finished!!

Martha: *gets bucked across the finish line by her moose* Does that count?

Belle: *attempts to get up, gets trampled by Martha's moose* WHY ME???

Jaz: *Arrives out of nowhere on a moose and tramples Belle* Sorry!

Belle: WHYYYYY?????

Jaz: *Right before she goes riding off she grabs Belle and throws her onto the moose* Lets go!

Nalyd: The Rat's team loses because the Rat through goo at me, and Jaz killed Belle. (JK!)

Julio:(CONF.) Oh yeah. I PLAY this game, baby! Final two, here I come.

The Rat: (Puts Sam's fake idol onto Belle's bed) Hehehe!

The Rat's team vote

Lucas: The Rat, his meaness has caused our team's lost

Jaz:The Rat, if he hadn't thrown goo we could've won!

Veronica: The Rat, him and his stupidness made us lose!

Jacob: I vote for The Rat

Jaz: Isn't The Rat eliminated it's 4/6 and even if 3 other people vote it would end up in a tie, so is The Rat eliminated.

Julio:(CONF., singsong) The Rat is going down, The Rat is going down!

Nalyd: I never said that! Guys, the votes are already in! Veronica is eliminated, who edited my text?

The Rat: I'll take those! (Takes Veronica's immunity dolls and pushes her into the boat of losers)

Day 8

Still Awake:

"The Rat's" Team

"The Rat" - Uzitgz

Jaz - Codaa5

Sam - GordonNo.4

Dyl's team

Martha- sunshineandravioli

Dome: Good Morning guys, (feels head) wait where is my hat, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Nalyd: Today we will have an awake-a-thon. Last two peopel standign win for their tribes. GO!

Julio:(CONF.) Like this is hard. I almost never sleep anyway.

Belle: At least there's no moose in this challenge. *a moose appears out of nowhere and tramples her*

Jaz: One moment! *Puts on a football helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves* No coconut hitting for me!

Belle: (conf.) So, if Veronica's gone, does that mean I'm not in an alliance anymore? Or does it mean I'm in an alliance headed by... *dun dun DUUUN* THE RAT???

Sarah:*falls asleep*

Julio:(sarcastic) Oh, I am so afraid I might fall asleep.
Jaz: (conf.) if only I was in a alliance.

Billy: *Falls Asleep*

Sam: I Got It! *brings in one of those ballerina lullaby thingies* Take This! *song starts playing*

Julio:Oh, please. My parents tried that. Noting fazes me. Although... nobody ever tried making a hot girl kiss me. Funny, since that's my only weakness. Oh, crap! I said that out loud didn't I?

Ugly: Hey, Dome, want to form an alliance and...(gives Dome his hat) Here's your hat found it in the Rat's cabin

Martha: *gathers girls* Who wants to take down Julio?

Julio:(Shouting) I can hear you! *Hides*

Nalyd: (30 hours) Everyone is still awake except bob the leprechaun.

Bob: *dreams of kicking Nalyd in the shin*

Julio:*Comes out of hiding* Are the girls gone?

Martha: *pounces from behind Julio and ties him up*

Julio:A girl who I consider hot must make out with me, and I now will myself to think that you are not hot!
Jaz: *Continously hits her head in a tree*

Martha: *gathers girls* One of us has to take him down. He has to break sometime.

Julio:(Shouting) No I don't!

Belle: Shut up, Julio! *throws a branch at him*

Julio:*Sneakiy starts hopping away*

Martha: You know we can totally see you, right?

Julio: So, which of you lovely ladies is gonna take one for the team and make out with me?
Jaz: *Takes a long stick and trys to cut down the tree, but instead it flys back and hits her* Owww

Martha: ... *huddles girls* Who's gonna do it?

Julio:(Conf.) Please be Martha, please be Martha, please be Martha....
(CONF) Nalyd: I really didn't know Julio was a player!

Martha: (conf.) Please not me, please not me, please not me...

Julio:Well, Martha, the others haven't said anything. If you want me to lose, you'll have to make out with me yourself! *Laughs*

Belle: Yeah, uh, Martha... I've gotta be... somewhere... far away from here... *runs off*
Martha: Grr.

Lucas: (falls asleep)

Ugly: (Gets a lamp-post and throws in on Julio head) You asleep, yet!

Julio:Yeah, my parents tried that, too.

Martha: *whispers to Ugly* Help me!

Julio:Uh, the girl must be HOT!

Sam: I have no idea why I am doing this, but here it goes *kisses Julio*

Julio:*Eye twitches, then falls asleep*
Nalyd and Bob: *throw up*

Nalyd: That was so wrong.

Martha: (conf.) That was sick and wrong, but... better her than me.

Julio:(Wakes up) Huh? Wha?

Martha: GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!!! *kicks Julio in the face

Julio:Parents tried that, too. Sam's not around. What to do, what to do. Looks like you'll have to make out with me yourself. Not that you have a choice. You owe me for saving your life, remember?

Martha: I can't believe you're using THAT against me!!!

Julio:Oh, believe it, sista. Believe it.

Julio:(CONF.) "playa?" Yes, I guess that could describe me.

Martha: ...I dislike you immensely for this. *makes out with Julio then pukes in the bushes*

Martha: (conf.) ...I think I'm scarred for life...

Julio:*Falls fast asleep*

Martha: *continues puking in the bushes*

Belle: *falls asleep next to Dyl*

Julio:*Wakes up again* Thanks for the kisses!!!!!

Julio:(CONF.) Good thing they don't know that the girl must make out with me thrice before I fully fall asleep!

Martha: *pukes on Julio* Oops.

Julio:'Tis okay, fair maiden of mine dreams.

Martha: (conf.) Me and JULIO??? Okay, I know I joined this show because I wanted a relationship, but I'm not THAT desperate!!! ...Yet.

Julio:(CONF.) She wants me.

Sam: (Breaks in Conf. While Julio is still using it) I agree

Julio;(Startled) You.... agree with me?

Sam: She Keeps a Picture of you under her pillow


Dyl: ...

Belle: *snuggles up to Dyl in her sleep*

Martha: Okay, Julio. What am I gonna have to do to get you to stop bugging me?

Ugly: Maybe... (Throws Julio off a cliff) You're an annoying little freak!
Nalyd: (CONF) Dang, that little pink wearing kid sure does get a lot of action.

Julio:*Climbs back up* Parents tried that too.

Julio:(CONF.) They'll never realize that Martha only needs to make out with me once more, and I will be out!
Julio:*Hypnotizes Ugly and puts her to sleep*

Ugly: I can't be hypnotized...(falls asleep) snores...julio, you little...snores...B#$%h...snores...I'll get you...snores!

Dome: Dang, you Julio and your hipnotic powers! (Hypnotizes Julio to make out with Martha) Finally!

(Conf.) The Rat: Finally he's asleep!

The Rat: Hey Sam, want to form an alliance?

Sam: Sure ,Wanna Vote out Lucas?

Martha: Must... *hits self with stick* Stay... *hits self with stick* Awake... *hits self with stick*

Belle: *wakes up cuddled up to Dyl* Aww, hey Dyl. *grins geekily*

The Rat: Yeah, Sam.

The Dome: all this hypnotics is making me sleepy.... (Falls asleep).

The Rat: Dome's team has no more members!

Dome: (Wakes up) Wait what happened? (Throws coconut at Jacob, Lucas, Elian and Dyl causing them to fall asleep)

The Rat: I wonder where Bob is? (Flashback to him being buried two days ago) Oh yeah!

Sam: *throws a coconut at Dome* Take that, FREAK!

(Zakkoroen:Does Dome's team have to vote, since they lost?)

Belle: Umm, Rat? I was wondering, since Veronica's gone, does that mean I'm not in the alliance anymore?

The Rat: Yeah with me and Sam.

Dome's team vote

Nalyd: Sorry guys, but it is time to vote.

(Conf.) Dome: Julio, he crushed my team spirit

Julio:I play one of my immunity idols. I vote Billy.

Dome: screw my thoughts , Billy!

Nalyd: After this time, no idols until AFTER votes were cast.

Julio:Is my idol real?

The Rat: Remember Day 5 where I gave it to you!

Billy: Ugly, You're Hideous

Julio:Since I used one of my immunity idols, is Billy or Ugly eliminated?

Dome: Please be Billy, Please!

Billy: Changed My Mind, Dome

Julio:I guess Billy is eliminated...

Nalyd: Bye bye, Billy.

Day 9

(Conf.) The Rat: hehehe, I love this game.

(Conf.) Dome: So far this competition is going well and maybe I'll win and get a wig.

The Rat: Want this immunity doll Sam?

Sam: Sure, and have something to give to you, *kisses the Rat*

Lucas: Lucky, man and (kicks The Rat in the balls) That's for being such a lucky little son of a b***h!

"Dome": Hey Lucas, just because you're jealous doesn't mean you have to go around kicking people in the nuts!

(Conf.)The Rat: Lucas is going down!

Nalyd: CHallenge soon....

Sam: *beats the crap out of Lucas* Hiiiiiiiiii Ya! *punch and kicks him until he is out cold* Oh Yeah!

Lucas: (comes back to normal) Ah yeah, (shaves all the hear of The Rat and Sam) BALD FREAKS!

Sam: *Gets her hair growing spray,Sprays herself and the Rat, Throws Lucas at Elian* Hee Hee

Julio:So, Sam, Martha keeps a picture of me under her pillow? Can I se it?

Sam: I didn't snatch it, But I saw it.

Nalyd: Due to an obscene amount of violence, there will be a special vote, no idols allowed. You can only vote for two people, The Rat or Lucas, because of their violent behavior.

Special vote

Nalyd: For this vote for who should STAY.

Julio:I can't believe I'm saying this, but.... The Rat.

Sarah:I guess the Rat...

Belle: I may not like him, but I'm loyal to my alliance. I think the Rat should stay.

Martha: I think Lucas should stay, the Rat disturbs me.

Sam: The Rat Should Stay, I Love him

Jacob: I think Lucas should stay

Nalyd: It is time for.... Lucas to leave.

Lucas: OK, but first (shaves all of The Rat's and Sam's hair off and set all of the hair spray on fire and then kicked The Rat in the balls)

Day 10

Sarah:I.. can't take it anymore! TAKE ME OUT TAKE ME OUT!

Julio:(CONF.) That was... disturbing.

Sarah:(Gets on Boat of Losers)

Jacob: Just like Lequisha...

Martha: This again?

Belle: *searches for Dyl*

Nalyd: You are now the surviving Dragons!

Martha: Wait, already? *counts the remaining contestants*

Nalyd: Yup. 11 left!

Martha: Wow. I definately made it farther this time.

Belle: *still looking for Dyl* YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER!!!!

Sam: *Throws Dyl at Belle* And Leave Me to make out with the Rat in peace, *continues making out with the Rat*

Belle: YAY!!!! *hugs Dyl*

Dyl:*pukes on Belle*

Belle: *completely ignores*

Jacob: What's the next challenge?

Nalyd: Search for an immunity rock in the hay pile (ts brown). It will give you immunity tonight. Watch out for porcupines. GO!

Jacob: (dives in a pile)

(Conf.) The Rat: Woohoo final 11, and I got a girl freind!

Dome: I thing I found a can of hairspray?  Why me!

Jacob: I'll take it! (Takes the hairspray and sprays his hair.) I am stylin'!

Martha: *gets a porcupine stuck on her face and screams in pain*

The Rat: What was that for? (Shoughs porcupine in Jacob's face)

Dome: Woohoo!(Makes out with Ugly)

Jacob: OWWW! What was that for?!? (Shoves the porcupine at The Rat's face and falls back into the pile and finds the immunitiy rock.) I found it!

Belle: *stuck in the pile* NOOO!!!!

Martha: *attempting to get the porcupine off her face*

The Rat: What was that for?!?!? (Shoves Jacob deep into the pile and takes his immunity rock) Here you go Sam (Gives rock to Sam).

Jacob: I don't think so! (Sprays Sam in the face with Hairspray, takes the rock and punches the rat in the gut.)

Martha: *rips porcupine off face and screams in pain*

Belle: *gets out of pile and falls flat on face*

Dyl:* pukes on Belle again*

The Rat: Curse you Jacob!

(Conf.) The Rat: He's going down

Dome: look Ugly an immunity rock! (Beats up Jacob and takes immunity rock and takes it to Nalyd) Here you go sir!

Jacob: (Tackles Dome and takes the rock and hands it to Nalyd.) Here you go. (Forces the rock into his hand.) There now it's in his hand.

Martha: *picking porcupine needles off face* Ow. Ow. Ow. OW!!!!!!!

Dome: I HATE YOU JACOB! (Gets into fist fight)

The Rat: Here you go. (Gives Nalyd immunity rock)

Jaz: *Sticks head in pile of hay, Digs hands down deep and finds a porcupine with a immunity rock in it.* OWWW! *Throws the porcupine in the air and catches the rock, then walks over to Nalyd and puts it in his hand.*

Dome: (Wins fist fight) I think I see a immunity rock here you go Ugly (Ugly gives immunity doll to Nalyd) Yeah, only one more  immunity rock!

Dyl:*finds immunity rock & gives it to Nalyd*

Jacob: Didn't he say there was only one immunity rock? If there is then is must be the brown one I gave to him that The Rat stole from me, gave to Sam, that I stole from her, that Dome took from me and then I took it back and finally gave it to Nalyd.

Nalyd: I did, Jacob. Sadly people continue to make this camp an incredibly violent place. No immunity. And stop the violence!


Nalyd Renrut: Nobody won, but you can play immunity idols. People can't change votes after an idol is played.

Julio:*Sigh* Elian.

Sam: Elian, *sticks out tongue*

Jacob: Elian.

Jaz: Elian

Ugly: Elian

Belle: Elian, you scare me.

Martha: Elian, sorry, but you're too strong a player.

Elian: I quit, so vote someone else off. (I am really busy now, i will be back for season 2- TDI19 that's it......

Jacob: Do we vote someone else off instead or is that it and Elian is out?

Julio:Let's just start dayb 11.

Martha: I just want to get these porcupine quills off my face. *pulls one out* Ow.

Belle: *searching for Dyl... again*

nalyd: Bye Elian!

Day 11

Julio:(To Martha) Word on the street is you have a picture of me under your pillow. Confirm or deny?

Martha: *blank shocked stare* WHO TOLD YOU??? WHO TOLD YOU????????

Martha: (conf.) So what if I have a picture of Julio. It doesn't mean I like him! Maybe it's someone else's and I'm just holding out to it! Who says it's even real??? *rocks back and forth in the fetal position*

Julio:(CONF.) ........She wants me.

Julio:So you DO have a picture of me!

(CONF) Nalyd: Julio and MARTHA????? Dang! That scrawny guy's a playa! (LOL, Nalyd wishes he was a camper)

Julio:(CONF.) Since last season, I've grown more tough and independent. I even abandoned the Girly Boy society for a more... casual look (The clothes of Will from Total drama Adventure- Z). All this, and my innate charm.... Martha has no chance of resisting me!

Martha: I never said that! I asked who told you! I NEVER SAID I HAVE A PICTURE OF YOU!!!! *hyperventilates and passes out*

Julio:Uh.... it was Sam?

Martha: *passed out*

Julio:(Sees picture) are those....... hearts all over the picture?

Martha: (conf.) I don't like Julio! I don't! *long, long pause* OKAY, SO I KIND OF DO!!!! But can you blame me? I've had more failed relationships than I have shirts! I'm a desperate, desperate woman!!!

Belle: *searching for Dyl*

Julio:(To Martha) You shouldn't hide your feelings. It hides who you are. C'maon, I like you, I now have PROOF that you like me, so...

Martha: ... *sighs* Fine. I'll admit it, I kind of like you. Now do you want to go out with me or what?

Julio:(Layghs) What do think I've been TRYING to do? YES!

Audience: *goes awe and cheers*

Julio:Wait, there's an audience?

Martha: ...How long have they been there?

Julio:.........anyway, when is cahllenge time?

Belle: *still looking for Dyl* Yeah, we know the challenge is going to be brutal and insane, so we might as well get it overwith.

Julio:Let's find Nalyd.

Julio:So. Let's talk alliances. Me and Martha, of course- anyone else wanna join?

Martha: Well, Belle's stuck in The Rat's alliance, so she's out. If we got Dyl in an alliance with us, though, she'd probably switch. And I've been hearing Dome and Ugly talking about joining an alliance together, so maybe we can get them to join an alliance with us. If we could do that, we'd have the majority of the votes.

Julio:(CONF.) I have good taste in wqomen.

Julio:So. Let's vote off the Rat. Agreed? MArtha, you assemble the possible members. Let's move people!

Martha: Actually, I think that might be a bad idea. The Rat has an immunity idol. Jacob's a strong player and he doesn't have an idol, so if he doesn't win immunity in today's challenge, we should try to vote him off. If he does win immunity, though, we should vote off The Rat and hope he doesn't see it coming.

Julio:...Or convince him his idol's fake! HEY NALYD! CAN YOU TELL  THE RAT THAT HIS IDOL'S FAKE? THANKS!

Nalyd: This will be the last ngihts that idols are available. Everybody get in pairs for a canoe race!

Julio:YOU AN' ME, Martha! Also *Gives Martha immunity idol*

Martha: For me? Aw, thanks! *hugs Julio*

Belle: *pounces on Dyl* MINE!!!

Julio:LET'S GO! *Begins paddling canoe at warp-speed*

Nalyd: GO! First canoe wins!

Julio:(CONF.) I gave Martha my idol, knowing that she would give it back if I ws in danger...

Julio:*ApproACHES finish line*

Martha: *falls out of canoe* HELP!!!!

Julio:*Extends paddle and drags Martha on the water across the finish line WE WIN!

Julio:Guess it's time to vote... (Whispering, to Martha) for the Rat..

Martha: *whispering to Julio* Got it. Let's spread the word that we're eliminating Jacob, then the Rat won't see it coming. *goes to gather potential alliance-mates*




Nalyd Renrut: No more idols after tonight...

Julio:The Rat. He won't know what hit 'im.

Martha: So long, Rat.

Belle: *whispering* Don't tell anyone, but... I joined Martha's alliance, and I'm voting for The Rat. Finally, I'll be free from his alliance!

Ugly: Bye, Bye, Rat!

Jaz: The Rat!

Jaz: Hey Martha, Can I join your alliance?

ugly: can I join as well, I'll try to convince Dome to join.

Martha: Definately. The more votes, the better.

Jaz: Sweet!

Ugly: We need one more vote and the Rat is down, I'll try it convince Dome to join our alliance and vote off the Rat

Jacob: I'll vote for him.

Martha: Thanks guys, try to spread the rumor that his idol is fake so he won't use it.

Ugly: I'll try...HEY, THE "RAT" THE IDOL WE GAVE YOU IS A GREAT BIG F***ING FAKE, SO YOU CAN'T USE IT! Sorry, about the cursing, though.

Nalyd: The Rat is out, and no more idols!

Day 12

Jacob: Finally, the Rat is out!!!!!!

Belle: I'm free as a bird!!! *skips merrily*

Ugly: OK...awkard but still the Rat is gone and it's time for a new fronteir of TDP, starting with today's challenge. What is it today, Nalyd?

Dyl: If we all hate the rat so much, why didn't we vote him out when we first had the chance?

Ugly: Oh don't know, he just had an advantage until now!

Martha: Yeah, I g-- OMG DYL TALKED.

Belle: *attacks Dyl with hug*

Ugly: (to Dyl) I would run out of this island if I were you.

Dyl:*pukes on Belle*

Jacob: I can't believe that it took so long for the Rat to get out. By the way, what's todays challenge, Nalyd?

Ugly: (conf.) Dyl is a good guy, Dyl is a poor man trying to survive each day from that geek, belle is going down!

Jacob: (CONF) The Rat is finally out!!!!!!!

Ugly: You seem to be happy The Rat is gone, but didn't you used to be friends

Jacob: Yeah, but then he became really, REALLY mean.

Dome: (Snickers) ha ha ha tis I the rat in disguise I have a dome costume (Removes costume), so you just voted out dome, sorry?

Belle: *passes out*

Jacob: Nalyd, can he do that? He can't right?!? We voted for the Rat, not Dome, we should bring Dome back, please Nalyd!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!

The Rat: Too late, he walked the dock of shame!

Jacob: But The Rat walked the Dock of Shame not Dome, so Dome has to come back. PLEASE, NALYD!!!

Ugly: (Removes The Rat from the island and brings Dome back from the island)OK, Now everything's back to normal!

Martha: *breathes sigh of relief*

Dome: (Walks out of the forest) wait what happened)  Woah its been two days since I was last here. Last thing I remeber was being knocked uncosiunsous by the Rat and him saying Robots...Dock of shame... more robots of himself?

The Rat: Hehehe fools you have brought me back you voted me out but I had a robot me pose as dome who revelided himself while I disguised myself as Bob the Lep and drove robot dome to the loser place. then I posed as dome as myself, and destoyed the robot and no one walked the dock so HA!

Martha: Wait.... WHAT???

(Conf.) The Rat: I have alot of spare time and I'm an evil mastermin!

Dome: (Falls over from confusion)

The Rat: Okay, to put it in simpliar words Bob the leprachan has been buried for about... 6 days starting during the pentatholon. So I never walked the dock. and posed as Bob since that day, and has had a robot pose as me since then.

Police: *arrest The Rat and bring Dome and Bob in*

Nalyd: OOO! Told!

Jacob: I don't get it....

ugly: one thing I hate is a sore loser (talking about the Rat) good-thing he's gone 4ever!

Nalyd: TOday there will be a sudden death elimination and two people will go home! Today we are going to have an eating contest. Starting with mud pies. GO!

Sam: (sobs) I can't eat this, Rat I misssssssssssss you-hoo, (sobs more)

Jacob: (eats up the mud pies) Yummy!!!

Jaz: *takes the mud pie and gulps. Then slowly swallows it*

Martha: *eats it slowly*

Belle: *forcing herself to eat it*

Jacob: Hey Martha can I join your alliance?

Martha: Sure. *forces down more mud pie* Bleh. By the way, has anyone seen Julio?

Dome: (Puts Mud pie on his head) I got a head of hair!

Nalyd: DOME! EAT IT!!!

Dome: Fine... I need the wig (Eats pie)

Jacob: Thanks Martha.(eats more mud pies)

Ugly: (Eats half of his pie and finds a half a worm in it) EH! (Faints)

Belle: *takes another bite of mud pie, pukes, then passes out*

Ugly: (wakes up and tries to eat 2 more pies and succeeds)

Nalyd: Dyl and Sam didn't eat the pies so they have been eliminated.

Day 13

Ugly: Whoa, the Final 7, I'm so winning this

Ugly: (conf.) I can't believe an ugly girl like me is so close to winning this, well, I know believe, and I'm also believing, I'm going to win!

Belle: DDDDDYYYYYYLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs uncontrollably*

Martha: *stares and backs away slowly*

Ugly: Here, you might needs this to stay together (gives Belle a Dyl doll)

Belle: *huggles it and rocks back and forth in the fetal position*

Jacob: (conf.) I can't believe I'm this close to winning

Nalyd: COngrats on final 7 guys and girls! Before today's challenge, we have a... BUFFET!!!!! Dig in!

Martha: OMG REAL FOOD!!!!!! *eats*

Belle: *still rocking back and forth in the fetal position, hugging the Dyl doll*

Julio:*Devours 3/4ths of buffet* Can't...... aet....... anymorwe.....

Jacob: (stuffs his face with food) I'd never thought I'd eat good food again.

Ugly: It's so good...the pie tastes like chicken, the chicken tastes like pie

Martha: Actually, the soup tastes like pie, too. Oh well, FOOD!!!!!! *eats more*

Belle: *still just rocking back and forth in the fetal position, hugging the Dyl doll*

Julio:(To Martha) Lrt's vote off Belle. She's useless now that Dyl's gone.

Martha: Sounds good to me, I can't bear to keep watching her like this. *stuffs face with turkey* ...this... tastes like pie... again... oh well. *stuffs face with more turkey*

Jacob: So we're voting off Belle?

Martha: Yes *stuffs face* but keep it quiet. If she figures it out, either it'd crush her, or she could form her own alliance and vote someone else off. As long as we keep our eliminations secret, our targets will never see it coming. *stuffs face*

Jacob: Okay.

Ugly: So, Belle's going down, she's creeping us out (puts food in mouth)
Ugly: (conf.) I'm starting to regret giving Belle that doll

Nalyd: Today you have to burn totem poles shaped like the voted off people's heads. First totem pole that is only ashes wins invincibility. GO!

Belle: *rocks back and forth, hugging the Dyl doll*

Martha: *rubs two sticks together*

Ugly: (Gets a lighter and burns the totem up to Josh's head) Burn faster!

Martha: *halfway through Cindy's head* FASTER!!!!

Dome: (Starts from top and is at the Rat's head) Thats forknocking me unconsius! (Pulls out knife and stabs The Rat's head.)

Ugly: (Catchs up to Billy's head) YES! BURN BABY BURN!

Dome: Woohoo (Fire reaches Veronica)

Martha: *her fire goes out* WHAT THE HECK???

Belle: *rocks back and forth, hugging the Dyl doll*

Ugly: (Up to Sarah) I need more firewood, that doll will do...(snatches Belle's Dyl doll and throws it in the fire and burns to The Rat) So Close!

Belle: NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes into spasms*

Jacob: (Up to The Rat) Burn baby burn!!!!!!!!

Ugly: (Finished burning Sam) I won the contest! my totem of losers is burned!

Jacob: ( Finished burning totem pole) Darn so close!

Vote! (Or else...)

Naldy Renrut: Ugly is invincibile.

Dome: Belle, she's insane!

Jacob: Belle, she starting to scare me.

Martha: Belle, I can't bear to watch her like this any longer.

Belle: *rocks back and forth in the fetal position*

Ugly: Belle, she's a freak (isn't Belle out)

Nalyd: Yup. Buh-bye Bell!

Day 14

Nalyd: Greetings final 6!

Jacob: (conf.) I can't believe I'm in the final 6!!!!

Martha: (conf.) Wow. I'm in the final six, I have a strong alliance, AND I have a boyfriend. Life is good.

Ugly: (conf.) The final 6! I've never gotten this close EVER! And only 5 people away from winning!

Julio:Nalyd, do I have rollover immunity from eating 3/4ths of the buffet yesterday?

Julio:(To Martha) Here's the plan. We vote out Dome or Ugly tonight, and then vote off the other tomarrow when they're weak and useless like Belle was. Then, we take out Jacob, and finally, Jaz. Tell Jacob and Jaz about the voting-off-Domae-and-Ugly thing ONLY.

Martha: (to Julio) Got it. I say we vote out Ugly, 'cause she'll try to kill us if we vote off Dome. In the meantime, tell them to vote off someone else, so they don't suspect anything. (sneaks off to talk to Jacob and Jaz)

Ugly: Dome, Julio and Martha are going to eliminate me or you, do something?

Dome:Let's get Jacob or Jaz to vote out Julio to make Martha useless in tomorrow's challenge so we'll kill two birds with one stone!

Martha: *listening in from a hiding place and gasps*

Martha: (conf.) Okay, it'd be one thing if they were voting me off, but not Julio!!! I... I LOVE HIM!!!!! I've got to organize the alliance, and fast.

Julio:I probably still have rollover immunity.

Martha: *taps Jacob on shoulder* Psst, today we're voting off either Dome or Ugly. They're going to come to you and ask you to vote Julio off, tell them you will then vote one of them off. *finds Jaz, taps her on shoulder and tells her the same thing*

Martha: (conf.) I did what I could. Hopefully they'll vote with us, and Julio and I will be safe.

Nalyd: No, there was no immunity in the buffet....

Julio:(CONF.) Me and Martha will have to win the challenge so we will be completely safe.

Jacob: (conf.) I am really confused am I voting Ugly or Dome or Julio or Martha? Right now I think I'll vote with Martha because I'm in her alliance.

Ugly: Jaz, will you join our alliance to vote off Julio?

Ugly: (conf.) I either win this challenge or get Jaz's trust!

Nalyd: TOday's challenge is facing fears. Everyone reveal their fears.

Jacob: My fear is eating a banana

Dome: Being in a room full of wigs that you can't buy!

Martha: I'm scared of Darth Vader. What, that guy is CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugly: My fear is knowing in the future that I'm uglier than now and that I gained pounds!

Jaz: Sure Ugly! My fear is bears.

JulioZ:I'm scared of the Ratz rock band.

Julio:(To Jaz) Jaz, vote off Ugly with me, Martha, and Jacob, and we'll take you to the final four.

Julio:*Is forced to listen to Ratz music. Conquers fear.*

Julio:(CONF.)That... was... horrid....

Jaz: No! *Breaks free and runs into Ugly* I'll join your alliance!

Julio:I conquered my fear. I'm invincable, right?

Jaz: *Gets chased by a bear*

Darth Vader:*Appears behind Martha and taps her on the shoulder*

Jaz: *Is cornered by Bear, kicks it in the face until it's unconcious* RUN!!!!

Martha: *turns around and looks really creeped out* Um... hi...

Martha: (conf.) If Jaz joins Ugly's alliance, the votes will be split down the middle. All of us have to win invincibility... even if it does mean I have to spend the day with *shudder* Darth Vader... so we can take their alliance down.

Ugly: (Looks into a mirror and sees she's uglier and fattier than before) OK, conquer my fear, Hello, I'm Ugly! Nice to meet you! I guess I'm uglier and fatter in the future anyway! I conquered my fear!

Martha: *gets followed around by Darth Vader* Don't panic... don't panic... must concur fear... by... not... panicking...

Darth Vader:(In high squeeky voice) I am your father!

Julio:(To Ugly) Ugly, listen. I want tto vote you off for your own good. I overheard Nalyd, and the show is getting mail threatiningyou if you don't leave the competition. I'll give yo a thousand dollars if I win, any of us here will, if that convinces you. All I'm saying is that Nalyd said he wouldn't waste money protecting you. What's the use of a million dollars if it's all spent on medical bills, or worse?

Jaz: *Walks over bear slowly, see's Julio talking to Ugly, hides behind a tree*

Julio:*Shouting* I saw you, Jaz!

Julio:(CONF.) i'm not lying. You should have heard some of those letters. *Shudders*

Martha: *stares at Darth Vader* Dad???

Jaz: *Runs into a tree*

Darth Vader:(Still in squeaky voice) Aren't you... scared?

Martha: ....... *bursts out laughing*

Martha: (conf.) *still laughing* Okay, I will never be able to look at Darth Vader the same way again... *laughs more*

Julio:(CONF.) If Jacob does his fear and Dome doesn't, and Ugly doesn't believe the truth of what I said, we'll have to take out Dome...

Martha: *falls to ground laughing*

Darth Vader:(CONF.) I don't know what I do wrong, but I never get any fear outta people! Ferget it, I'm outta here.

Nalyd: Okay, no invincibility for Dome or Jacob.

Vote (Please..)

Jaz: Dome...

Martha: Dome.

Julio:*Sigh* Dome (Sorry Ugly)

Jacob: Dome


Nalyd: Well, Dome is off.

Day 15

Nalyd: Go final five!

Ugly: WHY DID YOU ELIMINATE DOME, WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST YOU AND HIM? Plz, what's wrong (Other than what I look)

Jaz: Uhh.... *Runs off crying*

Julio:Well, to be fair, Jacob was in our alliance, so we couldn't vote HIM off. I've heard more hate mail, Ugly. It's getting worse. They want you off the island TODAY.

Julio:(CONF.) True story.

Jacob: (conf.) I am so happy to be in the final 5!!! I'd never thought I'd make it this far!!! but I think Ugly going next everyone wants her off.

Martha: (conf.) I have nothing against Ugly. If you look past her... appearance... she's actually a nice person. The problem is, most people out there waching her don't really look past the... appearance... and want her off. I'm scared to think what people would do to her if she lasts much longer. I want her off for her own good. Besides, at this point, she would be with Dome if we voted her off, wouldn't that make her happy?

Jaz: (conf.) *Is biting nails* What if they vote me off next? I don't wanna leave! There's nothing to do at boring old home anyways!

Julio:(To Jaz) Vote off Ugly with us. She needs to be off for her own good.

Jaz: *Gulp* okay...

Julio:(CONF.) I just hope Ugly will listen to reason.

Martha: *goes up to Ugly* Ugly, let's talk. Woman to woman.

Ugly: What do you want, Martha?

Ugly: (conf.) Even though, I'm like the person everyone wants off the island, I'm not going to quit or lose, no matter what! I came to win and that's what I'm going to do!

Julio:Ugly, we don't want you off because we're mean. It's for your own personal safety.  The letters have gotten worse. Your LIFE could be in danger. What good is a million bucks to a dead woman? Besides, you'd be with Dome again. AND if any of the rest of us here win, we'll share some of the cash with you! Please, Ugly. Listen to reason.

Martha: As much as I sense your reluctance to believe him, Ugly, he's telling the truth. Look, I have nothing against you, in fact, I feel you're one of my closest friends on the island. Okay?

Julio:Precisely. We'll split some of the dough with you- does that convince you?

Jacob: Please Ugly.

Julio:(CONF.) She's come MUUUUUCH farther than she originally did. Isn't that good enough for her?

Ugly: OK, I will decide my fate, during this challenge (whatever it is?) If I win, I go on to an extra day, if I lose, I automatically call a quits! So bring the challenge on!

Martha: Speaking of which, Nalyd, what's today's challenge?

Nalyd: Today's challenge is a maze through a cave. First one out wins. GO!

Martha: I won't get lost this time! *gets lost* man...

Jaz: *Is doing pretty good* Im confident i'll win!

Jaz: *Gets lost, but gets back on track* Phew!

Jaz: *Finishes* Yay!

Martha: *gets kidnapped by bats* HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaz: *Hear's Screaming* AHHH! *Runs into a tree again*

Jacob: (Finishes) That took long enough...


Nalyd: Jacob is invincible.

Jacob: I vote out Ugly for her own good.

Ugly: Jaz! But I know I'm going to be eliminated anyway

Martha: Sorry, Ugly.


Jaz: Ugly...

Julio:Is Ugly eliminated, then?

Julio:(CONF.) I'm so close to winning!

Martha: (conf.) I never expected to go so far. Heck, I thought I would've gotten eliminated back on day 5 when I arrived. And here I am, in the soon-to-be final four, with an extremely powerful alliance and a boyfriend! I do feel bad about Ugly, but I know it's best if she leaves, and I'm more than willing to split the prize with her if, by some miracle, I win.

Jacob: (conf.) I can't believe I'm in the soon to be final 4!!!!!!!!

Julio:(To Martha and Jacob, in Confessional) So. Jaz is next to go. Agreed. Oh, and don't worry. I've sound-proofed the confessional.

Nalyd: Ugly's out.

Ugly: Well, see ya, guys, you were the best! See ya at the finale!

Martha: Bye Ugly, you were a tough competitor!

Day 16


Martha: I never thought I'd make it this far...!

Julio:(To Martha and Jacob) Jaz is next to go. Got it?

Julio:What's the next challenge?

Martha: Yeah, bring it, Nayld!

Nalyd: A race to tribal council. The teams are Jaz and Julio and Matha and Jacob. GO! Also, there is a secret I'll reveal after the race.

Julio:*Pulls Jaz, approaches finish line*

Julio:*"accidentally" lets Jaz go, crosses finish line*

Martha: *trips over finish line with Jacob, gasping for breath* Did we win?

Julio:(CONF.) Jaz MUST go down!

Jaz: *Drags self past finishline* Phew.

Julio:Nalyd, what's the surprise?

Jacob: Wait, what happened, did we win? I bet we won. Martha said so.

Julio:Actually, I won.

Jaz: Julio, not to be the bearer of bad news. But actually, WE won.

Martha: It's up for Nayld to decide. And tell us the surprise. NAYLD! WHO WON?

Jacob: No I think WE won because Julio crossed the finish line, than the me and Martha, then Jaz! So my entire team crossed the finish line before your entire team. So I think we won. Tell us please, Nalyd! Also, what's the surprise?

(Codaa5: I think it's quite unfair that you hit the finishline in one line, I may have but that accidental DROPPING ^.^ was what lead me to it)

(Sunshine: I know, but by the time I got to the page Julio was *almost at finish line* and by the time my post got up he had crossed. ^^;)

Martha: Come on Nalyd, tell us which team won.

Nalyd: Cheaters! You can't just cross the finish line so quickly, so we will have a redo. I will handcuff the pairs together *does so* and the losing pair will both be eliminated (thats the surprise) *flies everyoen to other side of island* GO!

Martha: (conf.) There goes the alliance, my relationship, and possibly my million bucks...

Jaz: *Starts running, grabbing Julio along*

Martha: *starts running with Jacob*

Jaz: Hurry up! *Is near half-point mark*

Jaz: *Is tired, dragging Julio past half-point mark* you need to help me!

Jacob: (Three quarters of the way there) Hurry up Martha!

Jacob: (Crosses finish line with Martha.) WE WON!!

Nalyd: Jaz and Julio are out! I'll give y'all a little while to say good-bye.

Martha: *goes up to Julio with tears in her eyes* Julio?

Jacob: Bye guys.

Jacob: (CONF) FINAL 2! No way! I was happy to be in the top 11 let alone the top 2!

Julio:I'll root for you till the end, Martha. Good luck.

Martha: *smiles at Julio and cries a little*

Julio:(CONF.) This is it. No holding back. The final two are here... I'm not in it but who cares? Jacob's my friend. He'd split the cash with me if he wins. Same with Martha.

Jaz: Martha, I'll be rooting for you to win! Even though you probably hate me.

Martha: You kidding? I don't hate you! *waves goodbye*

Jaz: *wave's back*

Jacob: (CONF) I really didn't want them to be eliminated, even though neither one of them wants me to win...

Day 17

Nalyd: Greetings finalists!

Martha: (conf.) This is all so surreal. I mean, I'm in the final two! I never expected it! At this point, I don't even really care if I lose.

Jacob: (conf.) This is so awesome final 2!!!! I don't care if I lose because I didn't I expect it to make it this far. Anyway if I win I am going to give some to Martha and Julio because they been very nice to me and let me into their alliance.

Julio:(From wherever the losers go) I'm rooting for you, Martha! Go! Go! Go!

Jacob: (conf.) I don't think anyone wants me to win.

Nalyd: *brings losers to challenge field, where Martha and Jacob are waiting* Okay, all of you sit on the side of the person you're supporting. Now Martha and Jacob will race 30 miles all around the island, carrying a torch. You must find a key that (may or may not) open a chest, containing 1,000,000 dollars!!!!!!!! GO!

Martha: We're doing WHAT??? *is handed torch, she starts running*

Julio:Go, Martha!

"The Hobo":Yeah, we're rooting for ya!

Sarah:Go, Jacob, go!

Martha: Thanks g-- wait, "The Hobo"? Why are you rooting for me?

Ugly: Martha, you can win this just don't get distracted...


Jaz: Go Martha!

Lequisha: C'mon girl! You can win this. Tear them to shreads! Win this!

"The Hobo":I just don't like Jacob because he's athletic!

Julio:*Blinks at Hobo*

(Zakkoroen:We should put it on the talk page who's rooting for who)

Jacob: (Is at the 5 mile mark.) I still don't think anyone wants me to win except Sarah..

Veronica: Go Jacob! Run!!

Jacob: Well, that makes two.

Jacob: ( Is at the 15 mile mark) Half way there!!!!

Julio:*Makes a slingshot the flings Jacob back to the starting line*

Julio:(CONF.) All's fair in love and war-- and in this case, it's both.

"The Hobo":*Builds a spring that catapaults Martha 100 feet from the finish line, right in front of two keys*

Veronica: (Throws Jacob over the finish line and tosses him the key.)

Jacob: (CONF) I won... Veronica is really strong.

Phillip: Oh NO YOUR NOT! *Catches the key with his mouth and eats it*

Jacob: (Punches Phillip in the gut and he burps up the key and grabs it.) Got it!

Julio:*Grabs key and drops it into a bottemless pit, then seals pit so that no one can ever get in it.*

Martha: *grabs the key, but drops the torch on her foot, setting it on fire* HOLY--!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica: (Rips up the top of the pit and dives in, climbs out and gives the key to Jacob.) Here.

Jacob: (CONF) Veronica is really strong.

Jacob: (Takes the key and opens the chest.) I can't look.

Veronica: I can! (Looks.) It has the money in it!

Jacob: (Takes some of the money and gives it to Martha, Veronica, Sarah and Julio.)

Martha: Huh? Wha? But, you won! Why are you giving me this?

Jacob: You were one of my best friends here and you were one of the reasons I made it this far.

Julio:Don't question it. I'm surprised Elian wasn't involved in any of this. Anyway, I guess season two of TDP is over!

"The Hobo":Can I have some money?

Jacob: I don't think so...

Martha: ...well... I guess you were supporting me... *gives the Hobo a hundred bucks*

Jacob: (CONF) I did say I'd give some money to Martha because she is one of the main reasons I have the money, Veronica and Sarah were probably the only people rooting for me and Veronica was a HUGE reason as to why I won. I didn't really want to give money to Julio after he tried to make me lose, but I said I would.

Julio:No hard feelings, bro, right? We're still pals?

Jacob: Of course!

"The Hobo":*Leaves to buy bungalow*

Jacob: Bye, Hobo.

Martha: Julio, Jacob, let's not forget our deal to Ugly...

Jacob: Right, it just slipped my mind I guess. (Gives money to Ugly.) And here's a wig for Dome. (Hands her a wig.)

Julio:(CONF.) me and Martha are SO coming back!

Martha: So, Julio... do you want to, um, stay together even though the show's over?

Julio:TOTALLY! *Makes out with Martha*

Jacob: Bye the way, Nalyd, is there going to be another season of TDP? I hope so.

Jacob: (CONF) With all the great friends I've made here I really hope I get to see them again in another season!

Martha: *makes out with Julio*

Martha: (conf.) YYYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares if I lost the finals? I've got JULIO!!!!!!

Jaz: *Sits on a bench nearby watching the drama*

Julio:(CONF.) I hope me and Martha and I come back for season 3!

"The Hobo":*Somehow becomes fabulously wealthy*

Martha: ...that's just... wow...

Jacob: That was strange.

Jacob: (CONF) I can't believe The Hobo is rich now!?!

Sarah:*Makes out with Dyl*

Belle: *randomly comes into existance, grabs Dyl, and shoves Sarah away* MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs Dyl*

Sarah:*Catfights with Belle*

"The Hobo":I'm buying half of the show!

Jacob: (CONF) This is such a strange day.

Belle: *bites Sarah*

Martha: ...all this because I gave you a hundred bucks...

Dyl: O.O

Nalyd: Okay, Jacob wins. THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!!!!!

Phillip: Cya! *Headbutts the camera till it breaks*

Julio:I hope that Martha and I can return!

(Codaa5: I feel like adding a reunion to this!!!!)

(Sunshine: A reunion would be AWESOME!!!!!!!! NALYD!!!!!! I demand a reunion!!! XD)

(Codaa5: *Stares at sunshine* I demand my opening!!! still working on the Summer one... trying to use some big words :P)


Nalyd: Welcome back!

Jacob: Hey I'm so happy to be back.

Sam: *Is making out with 'The Rat' in the Hot tub*

Veronica: Hey, Jacob. Thanks for the money, I bought a car.

Hobo:I bought the show!

Julio:*Makes out with Martha*

Lequisha: I'm so glad to be back! *Sees Martha and Veronica* Girls! *Pushes Julio away from martha, grabs her and runs to Veronica and Sam*

Veronica: Hey Lequisha!

Julio:Hey! *Grabs Martha back and makes out with her*

Lequisha: Veronica! *Hugs* I have an idea. *Whispers* Lets grab Nalyd and force him to make out with Ugly. Or mabye grab Dyl and rub it in Belle's face.

Veronica: Okay.

Sam: *Still Making out with 'The Rat'*

Belle: *stalks Dyl*

Martha: *makes out with Julio*

Lequisha: Heh, heh Veronica follow my lead. OH MY GOD ITS DARTH VADER I NEED SOMEONE WHO"S NOT AFRAID OF HIM TO HELP ME *cough* martha. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy: *Pushes Lequisha out of the way* *Beats the Crud out of Dustin* *Starts making out with Lequisha*

Jacob: It looks like everyone is having a good time!

Lequisha: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Slaps Billy* *Runs and hide behind Veronica and Martha* Help!

Veronica: (Punches Billy and throws him in the lake.) HI-YAH!

Lequisha: *Hugs Veronica* Thanks Veron! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica: Anytime!

Lequisha: HEy Veronica look its the Hobo's private plane with all his money in it, lets take it and get out of here,

Veronica: Fin by me. Lets go!

Hobo:*Takes off, leaving everyone stranded*

Lequisha: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Throws nearest thing (which happens to be Veronica) at plane shooting it down crashing and burning all of the hobo's money* Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Veronica, GET OFF MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! *Dives at burnt money*

Veronica: (Screams and starts using Lequisha to put out the fire.) You THREW me at the plane?!?!

Lequisha: *Sits on Veronica* Don't mess with the big girl! *gets up and hugs Veronica* Don't we make great T.V. buddie. *Grabs Veronica and gets on plane and they fly away with whats left of the money* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica: I thought the plane crashed... But oh well! YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Jacob: Bye Veronica. Thanks for the help.

Veronica:No problem. (plane leaves island)

Hobo:I have an announcement! THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL! Nalyd will fill you in. C'mon, Nalyd!

Jacob: Awesome!!!

Dyl: *smiles*

Nalyd: Sequel???????? o.O TDW is the sequel! You will NEVER see the TDP characters again!!!!!!!

Hobo:Now, Nalyd, remember our discussion... the one where I threatened to fire you if you don't let 10 TDP contestants return?

Nalyd: Er... no...

Hobo: FLASHBACK TIME!!!!!! *Hits Nalyd in the head and makes him have a flashback*

Hobo:(Flashback) Make a new camp with returning TDP contstents or you are FIRED!

Nalyd: But then you'll never find out who wins the new seasons!

Hobo:Look, who owns the show, me or you? That's right, ME.

Nalyd: *calls producers* Yeah, he thinks he owns the show! Heh here... Wait what?????? *hangs up* Fine! I'll go host Survivor then!

Hobo:They told you that I DO own the show, didn't they?

Jaz: *Slaps forehead* Show-off.

Hobo:Jaz? What are YOU doing in the executive building?

Nalyd: Hi Jaz.

Jaz: I walked in... *Points at open door*

Hobo:DARN THING! I thought they fixed it... By the way, they don't want you hosting Survivor, Nalyd.

Nalyd: Then I'll jump! *runs toward window and hangs leg out*

Hobo: Auto-cage, capture Nalyd. *Nalyd is trapped in a cage made of plasma*

Nalyd: *runs into plasma and dies* (G2G)

Hobo:(Real) Hey! That never happened!

  • In the present*

Bob:(Still buried) Nalyd? Julio? Dyl? Anyone? Help! HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martha: Do you get the feeling we forgot something?

(Everyone Looks at eachother) Everyone:NAH!!!!!!!!!

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