Duke: Well, we're back. Last time, Avery, Cliff, and Brucetta made the finals, with Lydia and Vashyron so close. Anyways, time for a new season. I'm your host, Duke, with my co-host, KOS-MOS, and together we'll host this new season. So yeah.

Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

  1. Avery - The Cyborg from the Future - TrentFan (Vet)/Walker - The Dog-Turned Human - TrentFan (New)
  2. Wally - The Fail Magician - TrentFan (New) Flynn - The Knight - TrentFan (New)
  3. Reiji - The Serious Agent - TrentFan (New) Matt - The Handy Guy - TrentFan
  4. Cliff - The lonely boy - DRL (Vet)
  5. Bakura - The former, suckier name of his portrayer - DRL (New) Devilotte- Evil princess -DRL(new)
  6. Xiaomu - The Werefox Agent - DRL (New) Peak - The B**** - DRL
  7. Ifraid - The wikia user - IfraidGryphLW160BSF (New)
  8. Brucetta: The Batwoman Cosplayer- Phyneo (Vet)
  9. Axel - The Lethal Flame- Phyneo (New)
  10. Mali- The Sweetheart- Phyneo (New)
  11. Dante- The Kid With Problems (New)- NanoPower512
  12. Mari - The Lover (New) -NanoPower512
  13. Tyson - The Space Ninja (New) -NanoPower512 
  14. Crash - The Dare Devil - Conker511 (New)
  15. Bella - The Nerd - Conker511 (New)
  16. Trey - The Movie Maker - Conker511 (New)
  17. Lily - The Sweet Girl - LxJ ( Vet ) 
  18. Rin - The Little Vocaloid girl - LxJ ( Vet )
  19. Nathan - The Blonde wise father - LxJ ( Vet )
  20. Miami - The Goth Girl - SoaringSpirits (New)
  21. Inca - The Nature Girl - SoaringSpirits (Vet)
  22. (Debuter) Jamie - The Beat-You-Down Blonde - No-Pressure (Vet)
  23. (Debuter) Kid Cat - The Kid.......Cat - No-Pressure (New)











Newbies Auditions (Just put yours in for fun if you want to. You don't need to, to join.)

Ifraid: Hello My name is Ifraid I am active and work well with nice people and just for a few things to go over with.

1. Do NOT call me I'm Afraid guy or you are automaticly an enemy

I hope I do very well :D

Location: Camp Wearenotafraidtodiewootwoot

Crash: YO! I'm Crash And I'm Ready To Crash And Burn! I Watched This Show And thoght it was COOL! Except the Deaths But Wearenotafraidtodiewootwoot YAY YAY! :D I Hope To Make Friends Like Magic Mans And Lonly People to hang out with ! :D

Dante: I am active, have a few "conditions" but it makes me interesting, right? Oh Hey, Mister Tiller, I didn't see you there...... Oh I am doing a audition...... hahahahah..... *Clearly talking to nobody*

Name: S

Stereotype: The Secret Agent

User: Disco Party Game Store Owner! 23:05, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

Entry: S: *camera turns on* *whispering* This is Agent 3729264 A.K.A., S. I'm in the middle of a mission right now. *peeks over a crate and shoots tranquilizer darts at a guy with a mask on* *gets camera and runs to a car and hides next to it* I want to join TDNR so I can show everyone the skills of a secret agent. *peeks around the edge* *shoots darts at another guy* *runs over to a computer* Once I activate this computer and EMP is sent out. Goodbye, S, OUT! *camera is shut off*

Name: The Drama

Stereotype: You Already Know

User: How about no? ¬_¬

Submition: The Drama: LET ME BACK INTO THE GAME BEFORE I MESS YOU UP- URGGGGGGGGGGGGH! *punches camera, and it breaks*

Entry: Kid Cat

Stereotype: The Kid... who is a Cat.

User: How about no? ¬_¬

Entry: Kid Cat: Hello! I'm Kid Cat, and I want to be in Total Drama Neighborhood because I am sure I can win! Or something. Win or lose same thing. Actually it's pretty different. Hmm. Never though about that. Anyhow, let me into the game and this game won't exist because I will have already won. Or something. *tape ends*

Elimination Table:


Ifraid: wow this place looks different than on tv.

KOS-MOS: *system starts up* New season is beginning. Awaiting contestants and host.

Duke: Oh, you're finally awake?

KOS-MOS: ......Did an intern not tell you to start up my system when the season starts? in between seasons, I am put back under cryogenic sleep.

Xiaomu: All I did was touch the big red button in the corner over there O_o

Reiji: What have I told you about pushing big red buttons?

Xiaomu: Sorry Reiji, does this mean im getting spanked? D:

Reiji: Yes. *spanks Xiaomu*

Xiaomu: OWIE! >.<

Wally: *appears in a puff of smoke, coughing* is I, the great magician, Wally!

KOS-MOS: *scans Wally* Knowledge suggests your data is stored somewhere in my memory.........probably just an error in my memory banks..........NYAAAAAA.......

Bakura: *appears* Oh, hi there.

Wally: Hello there! Pick a card, any card! *holds out a deck of cards*

Bakura: Hmmm, okay. *picks a card

Ifraid: Umm ill pass.

Wally: *to Bakura* Okay, put the card back in.

Bakura: *puts card back in*

Wally: Was it..........the Joker?

Bakura: Yes O_O

Wally: Wait, I was right? I mean, OF COURSE I WAS! I AM THE GREAT MAGICIAN!

Bakura: YAYZ! 

Wally: I'd let you try again but I don't want to push my luck.

Crash: AHHHH! *Crashes His Kart Into Wally* AHHHH! Wait How Did You Get Into The Seats?

Rin: I'M BACKK !!!!!!!!! YAYYAYAYAYAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dante: *Staring at nothing* Hello Mrs. Jilly, how was your day..... Oh, it was good... no I'm good, I DO THOUGH have skitzophrenia,dyslexia, erotomania and oneirophrenia

Ifraid: uhh who are you talking to?

Dante: Mrs. Jilly, she's right next to you *points to an empty spot next to ifraid*

Xiaomu:......HI MRS. JILLY! :D

Ifraid: (CONF) He has a halusination condition I can feel it.

Dante: Oh.... OH YEAH! You can't see her! :D.... sorry I have skitzophrenia!

Crash: (to Webly) Uh... Do You Think were gonna die like sparro O.o


Duke: Alright the teams are:

The Pecking Pecks: Avery, Wally, Cliff, Bakura, Ifraid, Crash, Mali

The Crushing Crushes: Reiji, Xiaomu, Axel, Brucetta, Dante, Inca, Nathan

The Kicking Kicks: Lily, Rin, Mari, Tyson, Bella, Trey, Miami

Duke: So have fun everyone.

Pecks Chat

Mali: Um...Hi everyone :3

Bakura: HAI! :D

Cliff: *sleeping*

Wally: HELLO! Look forward to have you all see my tricks.

Avery: *in a temporary coma, looking at the future*

Cliff: *wakes up*

Avery: *recovers from coma* ............

Cliff:..............W-what......did you.....s-see.....?

Avery: The first trial...............Kobe must not fail in rescuing the others who have been kidnapped.........including KOS-MOS and Duke.


Avery: However, believe it or not, he does a great job at fighting, everyone is just mind-controlled against him to kill him afterwards and gang up on him.........

Cliff:.......I-I..........I see............

Avery: So we have to assist him when the time comes.*Hugs Avery*

Avery: You like hugs, don't you?

Cliff:............W-with.....certain people......y-yeah..............

Avery: I see.

Cliff:*still hugging Avery*

Avery: *thinking about battle strategy*

Cliff:......*still hugging Avery*.......S-so......whats up.....?

Avery: Thinking about formation for the support.


Avery: Yeah.

Cliff: *falls asleep on Avery while hugging him*

Bakura: Hi.

Avery: *sees Bakura* >.>

Bakura: What? O.0

Avery: Nothing of importance.

Bakura: Okay. BYE! *walks away*

Cliff: *whimpering in sleep*

Avery: I'd scan his dreams but that might be peeking.

Crash: What Would Be Peeking? *walks up to avery* hi im crash im new

Bakura: *randomly appears again* Well, he whimpers a lot, so should go and see why....n stuff, yah. *dissapears*

Mali: (CONF) I hope my teammates are friendly...

Crushes Chat

Xiaomu: *running around in circles, shooting things*

Axel: Well hello....teammates...

Reiji: If she's annoying you, I'll give her a spanking.

Xiaomu: O_O um, Its okay, I'll stop! *nervous laughter*

Reiji: That's good. You have earned one more fried tofu for realizing the mistakes of your actions.

Xiaomu: YAYZ

Brucetta: *sniffs the air* That scent...the smell of evil! AMY MUST BE HERE!!! *hides in a corner*

Nathan: Hey guys, what's up ? 

Dante: Hello People,I am Dante and I Can't wait to be your acquaintance... but if you don't like me it's understandable....  I have creepy conditions that cause my lack of Friends

Brucetta: *still hiding in the corner*

Dante: o_O I didn't watch last season why is Bruce a girl... anyway hi brucetta can we be friends

Brucetta: I was changed into this female form of the hosts. Anyway...Batwoman dosen't have friends...unless you want to be my sidekick!

Dante: well I am a Boy with 4 KNOWN conditions with no yeah

Brucetta: *thinks* HMMMM...your conditions could bring fear into the hearts of criminals...Your hired!

Dante: I can detect GIANT ELECTRO MAGNETIC ENERGY and I can hack Anything, even nasa if cared about their secrets

Brucetta: Except NASA works for me...and I already know all of its secrets... still its an interesting power... I need time to think! *goes to the restroom to think*

Dante: Cool, Batwoman is on the show... Did she think I'd hack NASA... Space Ships are Boring, I hack

My own computer and make Mods

Kicks Chat

Hosts and Others Chat

Duke: KOS-MOS have you contacted the 5 yet?

KOS-MOS: I have. At first none of them wanted to come, but after some convincing.......still none of them wanted to come......So I captured them-NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Duke: ..................*facepalms* Just get Kobe, Ike, Cheesy, Amy, and Jessica out of that bag.

KOS-MOS: *opens bag, its full of Cheez-Its* Oh, that bag was for an intern.........My memory banks forgot where I put them.....oh yes. Chest unlocking. *chest is briefly exposed as her body opens up, releasing the 5*


Kobe: *knocked out*

Duke: Why haven't I fired you, I don't know...........anyways, welcome guys!

KOS-MOS: Because I am property of Xenosaga and you currently have no position to shut me down-NYAA


Jessica: head

Duke: But I can fire you- we'll discuss this later. Anyways sorry about KOS-MOS...........she's KOS-MOS. Anything to help with your future headaches or current headaches needed?

Ike: Well for starters, yes. But, what do we do with him? *points at Kobe*

Duke: We'll think of something.....Anyways, the reason I need you all here-

Ike: We're waiting.

Duke: Well, I received word the killer who got Lydia is still out there somewhere, so I was wondering if you could go scare him off?

Jessica: You forced us to come confront a killer? No thanks!


Duke: I knew I should have brought canceled characters too. Anyways, you're free to go I gues-

Killer: *pounding on door*

Kobe: *wakes up* What.........?

Duke: And there goes our exit*

Jessica: *hides in the bathroom*

KOS-MOS: I should have said he was coming, My scanners pinned his location months ago....initiating battle mode! *chainsaws sprout from arms*

Killer: *breaks in and pours water on KOS-MOS*

Kobe: What's going on..........?

KOS-MOS: Systems failing...........god f***ing dammit......NYAAAAAAAAAAAAA *shut down*


Ike: HOLD IT! I fight for my friends- *stabbed by a poisonous lance, falls*

Killer: *grabs Ike too* MOAR!

Amy: ..............Idiot.....*grabs rapier and stabs Killer*

Killer: ...........*barely takes damage and just grabs Amy even though she isn't hurt* TROLOLOLOL! KOBE, JESSICA, CHEESY, DUKE. YOU'RE LEFT! *Disappears with KOS-MOS, Amy, and Ike*

Cheesy: YAY!

Kobe: .............Oh. Okay then............Why don't we just sneak out now?

Killer: *immediately comes back* NO! *Grabs Cheesy, ignoring Kobe* JESSICA, DUKE, GET OVER HERE! *Grabs Duke and starts walking toward the bathroom*

Kobe: ...........*throws book at Killer*

Killer: *feels nothing and keeps going*

Jessica: *locks the stall*

Killer: *uses chainsaw to cut through the door* MUAHAHAHAHA!

Kobe: *taps on Killer's shoulder*

Killer: ...............*approaches Jessica*

Kobe: >.> *throws Art Book at Killer*

Killer: *breathes down Jessica's neck*

Jessica: *calmly walks past Killer and locks herself in another stall*

Killer: *uses chainsaw to break through that stall and grabs Jessica* I WIN! *Disappears with Cheesy, Duke, and Jessica*

Kobe: ..............

Tumbleweed: *rolls by*

Episode 1 - Stand Strong Pushover!

Kobe: *tracking down the killer* .........

???: Aha! Gotcha! *shoots*

Kobe: *dodges* Who's there......?

???: Nope, that isn't it. I really should be charging extra......

Kobe: Hello?

???: I'm Vashyron, apparently my solo job was last season was the same exact killer from last season. I could have raked in a lot of money but oh well, Zephyr and Leanne shouldn't care too much.

Kobe: Oh.........

???: Anyways, the killer's base should be around here. He's mind-controlling people he's captured. You could have some fun with that if you caught anyone with big bunker busters- oh sorry, but I'm right, right?

Kobe: I don't know.....

Vashyron: Anyways, I think-

Killer: OHAI!

Vashyron: ****.

-Meanwhile at camp-

Wally: *reading note* Dear contestants, the challenge is now, suddenly, to come save everyone who's been captured from the killer from last season. KOS-MOS, Amy, Ike, Cheesy, Jessica, and I might be mind controlled by the time you get us, but defeating us and the killer will set us free! Team up with any allies you can find. ~ Duke.

Avery: Alright, let's head out everyone.

Pecks & Vashyron/Kobe vs. Mind-Controlled 6 and Killer

Vashyron: Here take this gun and fight. *hands Kobe a gun*

Kobe: B-but-

Vashyron: No time for stutters, either our lives end or theirs.

Kobe: ..........

*everyone arrives*

Vashyron: Seems we're not alone. Everyone- first of all, you guys mind controlled? No? Okay. Just help us fight this thing.

(Battle system:

You must defeat the MC 6 and the Killer. EVERYONE has 2 HP except the Killer who has 5 and Vashyron/Kobe who have 3 each.

Vashyron and Kobe can't die or it's game over.

Killer must be last. Vashyron/Kobe must be the ones to end the Killer. First team to finish wins.)

Cliff:*hurls Goetia at MC Jessica*

Bakura: *pokes MC Jessica*

Avery: *uppercuts MC Amy*

Wally: *summons Leonbunny to go nibble MC Amy's fingers*

*MC Amy and MC Jessica fall to the ground defeated*

MC Ike: *stabs Cliff*

MC Duke: *shoots bow and arrow at Wally*

Kobe: *shoots MC Cheesy*

Cliff: *hurls Goetia magic at MC Ike*

Bakura: *Pokes MC Ike*

*MC Ike falls to the ground defeated*

MC Duke: *grabs sword and stabs Cliff and then kicks him to the ground*

*Cliff falls to the ground, defeated*

Vashyron: *double kicks MC KOS-MOS*

MC KOS-MOS: *chops off Mali's arm*

Bakura: *Pokes MC KOS-MOS*

Avery: *uses saber-like weapon to stab MC Cheesy*

*MC Cheesy and MC KOS-MOS fall to the ground defeated*

MC Duke: *stabs Mali*

Killer: *uses chainsaw on Avery*

Kobe: *slaps MC Duke*

*Mali falls to the ground defeated*

Bakura: *pokes MC Duke*

*MC Duke falls to the ground, defeated*

Killer: *chops off Bakura's pointing finger*

Vashyron: *shoots Killer*

Crushes & Vashyron/Kobe vs. Mind-Controlled 6 and Killer

Vashyron: Here take this gun and fight. *hands Kobe a gun*

Kobe: B-but-

Vashyron: No time for stutters, either our lives end or theirs.

Kobe: ..........

*everyone arrives*

Vashyron: Seems we're not alone. Everyone- first of all, you guys mind controlled? No? Okay. Just help us fight this thing.

(Battle system:

Read Peck's battle system.)

Kobe: *slaps MC KOS-MOS*

Xiaomu: *shoots MC KOS-MOS*

MC Amy: *Stabs Kobe with rapier*

Reiji: *spanks MC Amy*

MC Ike: *stabs Xiaomu*

'MC Cheesy: *throws a bucket at Reiji*

Vashyron: *kicks MC Amy*'

*MC Amy and MC KOS-MOS fall to the ground defeated*

Xiaomu: *shoots MC Cheesy*

Reiji: *spanks Xiaomu for no damage just for no reason and then spanks MC Cheesy*

*MC Cheesy falls to the ground defeated*

MC Duke: *shoots arrow at Brucetta*

MC Ike: *stabs Dante*

Kobe: *slaps MC Duke*

Xiaomu: *shoots MC Duke*

Reiji: *spanks MC Jessica*

*MC Duke falls to the ground defeated*

MC Ike: *Aethers Brucetta*

Kobe: *reluctantly shoots MC Jessica*

*Brucetta and MC Jessica fall to the ground defeated*

Xiaomu: *shoots MC Ike*

Reiji: *finally uses his gun to shoot MC Ike*

*MC Ike falls to the ground*

Vashyron: *shoots Killer*

Killer: *uses chainsaw to cut deep wounds into Dante*

*Dante falls to the ground defeated*

Xiaomu: *shoots Killer*

Reiji: *spanks Killer*

Killer: *uses chainsaw to hurt Kobe*

Xiaomu: *shoots Killer*

Kobe: *headshots Killer*

Killer: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.............I SHOULD HAVE NEVER IGNORED THE long world, I hope you'll find a better ruler. *dies*

Kobe: ............

Vashyron: Not bad, Kobe. Anyways, that's taken care of. Now I gotta head back and collect my money and you better believe I'm charging extra, see ya.

Duke: *still recovering* Thanks for the help Kobe. Crushes win immunity.....who do you pick to have immunity with you? And can someone get us a medic?

Xiaomu: I think the Kicks, dont you think so, Reiji?

Reiji: Yes. For a good decision you get one extra piece of fried tofu.

Kobe: I'll go get the medic.......

*Kobe comes back with medics after 2 minutes and they heal the MC 6*

Duke: Alright, to elimination!

Kicks & Vashyron/Kobe vs. Mind-Controlled 6 and Killer

Vashyron: Here take this gun and fight. *hands Kobe a gun*

Kobe: B-but-

Vashyron: No time for stutters, either our lives end or theirs.

Kobe: ..........

*everyone arrives*

Vashyron: Seems we're not alone. Everyone- first of all, you guys mind controlled? No? Okay. Just help us fight this thing.

(Battle system:

Read Peck's battle system.)

Vashyron: *throws grenade at MC Cheesy*

Elimination Ceremony 1 - The Pecks

Duke: Sorry guys. Anyways, the system: Vote in the confessional, 30 minute time limit, when majority have voted for one person its over, votes are taken off every vote. Go.

Duke: Okay, bottles of water for: Avery, Bakura, Ifraid, Mali, and Wally! Cliff, Crash, the two C's of the team, one of you will be going home. Cliff, you failed in the challenge too easily, Crash, you annoy people. The last bottle of water goes to...................Cliff! Crash, you're the first one to bite the dust. Sorry.

KOS-MOS: *system starts up* Repairs complete. Now initiating elimination mode *Throws Crash into a plane and gets on it with him. a few miles overseas KOS-MOS shoots Crash, making him fall off* Elimination complete.

The Crushes Chat

Reiji: *gives Xiaomu her 6 pieces of fried tofu*

Xiaomu: YAY! *eats*

Reiji: *Silently stands there*

Dante: Woah, can I have some!

Xiaomu: *eats it all* NO >.>

Dante: *Sad* oh..... Ok sorry for bugging you

Dante:*even sadder* Bye, ........

The Kicks Chat

Trey: ... Hello team?

Tyson: Yeah, Yeah, We are here

Trey: ... ¬.¬ The Other Rooms Are Better :(

The Pecks Chat

Cliff: *sleeping, whimpering*

Avery: *scanning area*

Bakura: *meditating*.........I sense that Im going to get punch-*punched by a gigantic red robotic fist, blasted into the air Team Rocket Style*

Devilotte: WOOT! I finally killed that man who took the last spot! HOST, I DEMAND YOU PUT ME IN THIS CAMP, OR I WILL GIVE YOU FROM BLODIA! 



Duke: If we give you immunity will you just go-


KOS-MOS:.........My outer body appears to be cold......Permission to blast Wally, Duke?

Duke: *facepalming to the extreme* Sure. Why not?

Devilotte: *has Blodia punch Wally in the face, giving him the same fate as Bakura* THERE YOU ARE! HOST! PUT ME IN THE CAMP!

KOS-MOS: I have been beaten to the punch. Mission failed-NYAAA

Duke: I'm losing all hope in everything. You know what? If you can find someone to join with you, whats-your-face, you're in.


Flynn: *closed eyes, randomly appears through a portal* Yuri, Estelle, ready your stabs at me. I'm wearing armor so- *opens eyes* don't hold back with training...........

Devilotte: Oh, its my knight in shining armor from that one time <3. I FOUND HIM! PUT HIM IN THE CAMP! >.>

Duke: Okay, Devilotte, "Knight in Shining Armor" you guys will be on this team in replacement for Bakura and Wally. First we need your name, Sir Knight.

Flynn: I am Flynn Scifos, captain of the Imperial Knights.

Duke: Okay. Have fun.

Devilotte: WOOT! Now I dont have to talk in bold! (XD) So Flynn, you will assist me in conquering this chat, and then this camp completley, do you understand? :D

Flynn: *Sighs* Understood, princess.


Flynn: I've been told I'm not the best cook..........

Devilotte: Very well, lets introduce ourselves to the rest of the team. *goes to everyone else* PEASANTS! I AM YOUR NEW PRINCESS. BORN FROM THE FLAMES OF HE-*sees Cliff* OMG, its that adorable boy that set the record for most times as a runner up! Him beeing my groom will really up my stat-oh yeah..........FLYNN, SEDUCE HIM AND EXPLAIN TO ME EVERY DETAIL- you know what? Thats too creepy, even for me..........I SHALL HELP HIM OF HIS MANY LIFE ISSUES!

Flynn: ...........I wish I joined Yuri in the guilds.

Devilotte: You are relieved for the next half hour. Im going to use that cyborg's dream seeing powers to find out why Cliffy whimpers all the time.

Avery: Access denied. *teleports away, accidentally landing in Vesperia* Oh for the love of-

Estelle: *stabs Avery*

Yuri: That's not Flynn, Estelle.

Estelle: Oh.

Yuri: Yep.

Devilotte: *has Blodia punch Avery back to the rest of the team* Pleaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee? I'll give you pudding! I stole a bunch of it from some girl at the Paris Combat Revue!

Avery: No. My scannings are for more important situations.

Devilotte: Oh sure, you almost saw his dreams last chat. And besides, you two are friends, right? Wouldnt you want to help him? OR ARE YOU JUST NOT A TRUE FRIEND AND ARE A COMPLETE A**HOLE!?>.>

Avery: But I didn't, for that's what friends do. He might be whimpering because of something he doesn't want anyone to see and if I saw it would ruin everything for him. And you're the one to talk about the A-Hole thing, lugging Flynn around like a servant.

Devilotte: .................*rips off Avery's scanner, and somehow clones it* AHA! *Puts Avery's scanner back on him and puts the cloned one on her* NOW WE WILL WATCH THIS TOGETHER! >.> *scans Cliff's dream*


Cliff: *as a 4 year old* *Beaing dragged away* B-but......I-I dont in an.......asylum.......


Cliff's Mom: No, idiot. We're locking him in an aslym for talking funny >.>

Cliff: *crying*.......I.......I-I cant help it......

Cliff's parents: OH WELL *trollface*

Cliff: *taken to an asylum in an empty room. where he is being beaten up by Sparro and Avery*


Avery: ....................What the?

Devilotte: Hmmmmm, I shall now devise a plan to help him of this.......nightmare? phobia? something..............AND THEN I WILL RULE THE WORLD SOMEHOW! YAYZ

Flynn: Have fun with that?

Devilotte: I'll try. *wakes up Cliff* Hello there.




Devilotte: Damn it!

Flynn: Need any assistance, princess or are you capable of handling this on your own?

Devilotte: HELP! NOW! 

Flynn: *walks up to Cliff* Hello? Are you feeling alright? How can I help?

Cliff:......*still crying*.........W-who.......a-are you...........

Flynn: Flynn Scifo, captain of the Imperial Knights.

Cliff: ..........U-um..........I-Im just.......going through a lot......l-like always.........

Flynn: Oh, I see. Well if it makes you feel any better, there's always a bright side.

Cliff:.....L-like what.......?

Flynn: Tell me something you felt bad about?

Cliff: *pretty much tells Flynn his whole life story.....which is kinda s***y n junk.......Im too lazy to write it XD*

Flynn: I meant one detail not a whole textbook. O_O

Cliff:......U-uh oh........sorry...........*teary eyed*

Flynn: But it's fine. At least you met friends along the way? Just look at the positives. Anyways, I have to go back to the princess..........see you around. *leaves*

Cliff: *continues crying*

Devilotte: Flynn you failed >.> (XD)

Flynn: Hmm, that's odd. Well, any other ideas?

Devilotte:.............hmmmmm............your relieved for the next 20 seconds.

Flynn: Okay?

Devilotte: *to herself* Hmmmm, now how else could I try to free Clifffrom his many, many problems....hmmmmmm

Flynn: *wandering around, trying to recognize the places* Hmm......

Cliff: *falls asleep, whimpering*

Avery: (CONF) It's dustier now than it is in the future in here..........probably because people only use this for voting people off.

Devilotte: Ohhhh, he's asleep again! *uses sensor to see Cliff's dream*.......Is it normal for one to literally repeat the same dream in an endless cycle? O_o

Avery: *snatches back clone scanner* Yes, it is. And don't even try to make another one or I swear I'll cut off your arms so you have an excuse to actually have one. These are only for emergancies and securing the perimeter not being a creep and peeking at dreams.

Devilotte: I dont think it is....especially if its a nightmare O_o -oh and uh........YOU DARE CHALLENGE PRINCESS DEVILOTTE? BORN FROM THE- my throat is sore.........I'll finish this speech later....

Avery: Seen from what you are so far, I doubt you're a princess. Your land must be pretty pathetic if you have to steal technology. Also, it doesn't matter if it's a nightmare, it's still peeking.

Devilotte: Dont be a hypocrite, you wanted to last episode -.-

Avery: But I didn't, unlike you who actually did.

Devilotte: You know, why am I trying to help him? If the media found out, they'll think I went soft! THIS ISNT EVIL! I know, I should just kidnap and torture him instead! Thanks you Avery for the idea. When I take over the world, I'll go easy on you and just give you a punch from Blodia. 

Avery: ...............I wish I could classify you as a zombie and kill you right now.

Devilotte: Okay, I just gotta plan this all out. Hopefully I'll have him by next episode, toodles! *walks away, scheming*

Avery: *to self* Luckily if she harms any citizen, I have the right to kill her. Oh, the possibilities.......shouldn't get ahead of myself though.

Cliff: *wakes up*............s-stupid lady......t-talks too much.........

Avery: Princess Pain? And I don't mean actual pain.

Cliff:......Y-yeah......the.....f-freaky one.......

Avery: Yeah, I don't like her either. Just a head's up, she's planning on kidnapping and torturing you, so be prepared.

Cliff: *teary eyed*

Avery: Don't worry, I'll kill her if she tries anything. Maybe accidentally go back in time by teleporting and cease her existance. I'll let you pick her punishment.

Cliff: *Hugs Avery*......O-okay......

Hosts & the 6 Chat

Kobe: Are you guys okay now?

Duke: The medics did a good job. Thanks for the rescue Kobe.

KOS-MOS: My creators managed to repair me, and I was given some updates as well-Nya.......Voice malfunction is still present.

Ike: Only my pride is wounded.

Duke: *Hands tickets* As an apology, KOS-MOS and I got you all tickets back to your houses, the flight leaves in 30 minutes, so GO, GO!

Jessica: *heads to the plane*

Kobe: *grabs things and heads to plane*

Ike: No. I don't need this ticket. I'll do this for my training. *aethers all the way back to his "place"*

Cheesy: *heads to plane*

Amy: *Stabs a random cameraman with her rapier*

Security: *tackles Amy*

Amy: *falls off a cliff somehow*

Episode 2 - Trigger Happy!

???: This place looks familiar........but different since last time.

???2: Maybe because they've redone the place while it's been canceled?

???: Maybe.

???3: Alright, let's keep going...........


(Hosts only)

Duke: *sees it's really cloudy* Hmm...........

KOS-MOS: *has blue eyes instead of red* Duke....Is something wrong? 

Duke: Something feels wrong.......

KOS-MOS: Like what? My sensors arent detecting anythi-*red eyed again* I am sensing a few uninvited guests nearby. Awaiting instructions.

Duke: *sees a thief, an archer, a swordsman, a fighter, and a light mage* Oh. Stand aside, I got this.

KOS-MOS: Understood. Entering standby. *in a T-Shape*

Duke: *walks up to them* Leonardo?

Leonardo: Yeah?

Duke: What are you doing here?

Leonardo: We have targets for Princess Devilotte, Flynn Scifo, Reiji, Xiaomu, Trey, and Tyson for supposedly allying with Begnion.

Duke: How would they do that if they've been here a week?

Sothe: We were given evidence of at least Devilotte, Reiji, and Trey's inclusions by a crying man.

Leonardo: That guy didn't seem trustworth-

Edward: I think Sothe's got this, Leo.

Leonardo: ............Fine.

Nolan: We have to kill them.

Leonardo: ..............

Micaiah: I'm sorry but we have to take matters into our hands.

Duke: I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

Sothe: Step aside! *runs with the Dawn Brigade to teams*

Duke: Okay. *walks calmy into the host's office* KOS-MOS, prepare lockdown.

Pecks vs. The Dawn Brigade

(Battle System:

Devilotte and Flynn must not be defeated.

2 HP for everyone

'Leonardo can't be defeated, he will switch over on turn 5, spare him.')


Flynn: What?

Sothe: Prepare yourselves!

Devilotte: Oh, goodie! A worthy foe to try and take me to justice! Well, do your worst! *fires missles from under her dress at Sothe*

Flynn: Don't worry princess, I have your back! *uses light sword to stab Micaiah*

Micaiah: *uses light magic against Devilotte*

Sothe: *stabs Flynn*

Devilotte: *Hadoukens Micaiah*

Flynn: I must find a weak point......*slashes Sothe*

Avery: *uppercuts Nolan*

Sothe & Micaiah: *fall defeated, Romeo & Juliet style*

Leonardo: *shoots arrow at Cliff*

Edward: *stabs Avery*

Cliff: *uses dark magic on edward*

Devilotte: *has Blodia blast Nolan away*

Edward: *throws Cliff up into the air and sort of aethers him but not really, defeating him*

Leonardo: *shoots arrow at Ifraid*

Flynn: *kicks Edward*

Edward: *falls to the ground defeated*

Leonardo: I'm totally outclassed........alright, Sothe, I'm knocking common sense into this. We quit.


Devilotte: ho ho ho! Not even a challenge! 

Flynn: It was an honor, Dawn Brigade was it?

Leonardo: Yes, it was.


Edward: Trigger?


Leonardo: Idiots, that was Lamento, the guy who killed a little kid and lost an eye from "Trigger" for it.


Nolan: You should probably talk in better grammar, lad.

???: SHUT UP!

Devilotte: Ladies, you are all very pretty. Can I go home and eat my flan now?


Flynn: It isn't wise to put threats against royalty.


Duke: *arrives with KOS-MOS* What did we miss?

Lamento: THIS! *Slams the ground, causing it to break in half, seperating Leonardo, KOS-MOS, and the Pecks from Duke, the defeated Cliff, and the rest of the Dawn Brigade* COME ON FIGHT ME IF YOU DARE, ALL YOUR HEADS WILL BE ON DISPLAY!

(2 HP for everyone again, except anyone defeated last time who will 0be with the DB and Duke

Lamento will actually have 10 HP.

KOS-MOS and Leonardo will support.

You must lose but take Lamento out to 5 HP.

Lamento one-hit KO's.)

Devilotte: Hmmm, this man will be much more worthy of a challenge then those other men weve faced! Flynn! Blodia! ATTACK! *has Blodia punch Lamento in the face*

KOS-MOS: initiating full destruction mode. *hands turn into laser cannons, fires Lamento with cannon*

Leonardo: *shoots arrow at Lamento* Bullseye!

Flynn: I must fulfill my duties as an Imperial Knight: *stabs Lamento*

Lamento: *grabs Devilotte by the neck and chokes her until she passes out*

KOS-MOS: Odds of winning are decreasing. Emergency mode activated. *Throws her head at Lamento, it explodes*

Lamento: *double slaps Avery*

Flynn: Only a few of us left now........we must not sucumb to stress and keep fighting!

KOS-MOS: I cannot use stress as a function. *tries to fire with her laser cannon arms* Ammunition capsules empty. 

Lamento: *grabs everyone but Flynn, KOS-MOS, and Leonardo, and grabs a dagger to slice around their necks, then throws them onto the ground*

Flynn: Oh my........

Lamento: *uses Leonardo's own bow and arrows against him, shooting him in the gut, and then pours tea on KOS-MOS* JUST ONE LEFT!

???: *arrives* Not so fast.

Lamento: *finishes kicking Flynn in the face, making him fall to the ground* WHO ARE YOU?

???: The name's............Trigger. *pulls out two guns* Nice seeing you again Lamento.


???: Wouldn't be too sure about that. Time for a final showdown?

Lamento: Alright, fine! *grabs dagger and charges at Trigger, scraping his knees*

Trigger: ..............Hmm, I'm feeling a little trigger happy. *shoots pistols, all over the place, repeatedly hitting Lamento* If you're gonna bring it, bring it!

Lamento: *gets shot in the..........yeah..........and falls to the ground defeated*

Trigger: *points gun at Lamento's head* Perfect chance, but I'll say no. Be lucky I didn't at least take out your other eye.

Lamento: *whimpers like Cliff*

Trigger: *to the Pecks* Don't worry, he'll be treated like the villain he is where he's going. *quickly fixes KOS-MOS and forces Lamento to fix the ground, reuniting with the Dawn Brigade and Cliff* I'd best be going now. Glad everything's back to normal. *leaves in a blink of the eye*

Edward: Leonardo, are you alright?

Leonardo: We're fine.............we can manage.

Nolan: Guess you were right after all, lad.

Sothe: Sorry we doubted you.

Micaiah: Yeah.

Duke: *arrives a little later, on phone* Don't worry, I called the medics. Anyways, I guess this was a challenge, so you guys win! Who else will be immune with you?

Devilotte: I demand that the Kicks be immune! Anyone who opposes shall be punched by Blodia!

Cliff: *scared*.......U-um.......o-okay.........>.<......

Avery: I'd object just because I hate you but I actually agree.

Duke: Alright, we'll post your chats in a bit, you can leave now! Also thanks for the help Dawn Brigade!

Micaiah: Any time. *Leaves with the Dawn Brigade as the Pecks leave*

Duke: Well, KOS-MOS, I'll see you later?

KOS-MOS: Affirmative.

Duke: *alone, checks pocket and gets out a newspaper heading reading "Boy assumed to be local boys' Duke and Flare's younger brother killed by Lamento at the age of 5. Trigger blames this heavily on himself and retires. Lamento taken to jail."* ..............*drops tear and takes out the same exact guns Trigger had* ..........The past is gone. *puts Trigger's guns away as well as the newspaper heading and walks towards the Host's Office, silently*

Crushes vs. The Dawn Brigade

(Battle System:

Same as Pecks but Reiji and Xiaomu can't be defeated)


Reiji: What are you even talking about?

Sothe: Prepare yourselves!

Xiaomu: It might be because you keep spanking me -.- *shoots Sothe*

Reiji: Then why is he punishing you? *shoots Sothe*

Sothe: *falls defeated*

Nolan: *swings axe at Xiaomu*

Leonardo: *shoots arrow at Reiji recluntantly*

Xiaomu: Maybe its because I work with you? IDK. *shoots Nolan*

Reiji: Just keep shooting or I'll be forced to spank you. *shoots Nolan*

Nolan: *falls, defeated*

Leonardo: *sweep kicks Nathan*

Micaiah: *uses light magic against Nathan, defeating him*

Xiaomu: If you keep threatening people, you'll never find a lady in your life >.> *shoots Micaiah*

Reiji: Since when were you this..........."serious"? Finally acting like an adult after all these years. I'm so proud. *sheds tear and then shoots Micaiah*

Micaiah: *falls, defeated*

Edward: *stabs Inca*

Leonardo: *shoots arrow at Inca, defeating her*

Xiaomu: *shoots Edward*

Reiji: *punches Edward*

Edward: *falls, defeated*

Leonardo: We're totally outclassed...........Sothe, I'm knocking some sense into this. We surrender.


Xiaomu: I think this victory earned me at least 1 million pieces of fried tofu!

Reiji: And an imaginary hug, because it would ruin my reputation to hug you. But, too much fried tofu is bad so we'll cut it down to 10.


Micaiah: Huh?


Edward: The Teen Vigilante? He's been retired for five years.


Leonardo: Idiots. That's Lamento, the guy who killed the kid and lost an eye for it.

Xiaomu: Okay, I can see you are all fighting. Reiji, lets go so I can eat your tofu.

Reiji: Okay-


Duke: *arrives with KOS-MOS* What did we miss?

Lamento: THIS! *Slams ground, seperating Duke, the DB, and the defeated Nathan and Inca, from everyone else* YOU WILL ALL DIE!

(Lamento has 10 HP.

Leonardo and KOS-MOS will support.

2 HP for everyone.

You must lose but get Lamento down to 5 HP.

Lamento one-hit KO's.)

Xiaomu: Craaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyyy! *shoots Lamento*

KOS-MOS: Removing safely locks from all weapons-NYAAA *hands turn into chansaws, slices Lamento*

Reiji: Hmph. *shoots Lamento*

Lamento: *grabs Reiji and stabs him in the neck, then tosses him to the ground*

Xiaomu: Oh no! Reiji! *Shoots Lamento*

Kicks vs. The Dawn Brigade

(Battle System:

Same as Kicks but Trey and Tyson can't be defeated.)


Leonardo: .................

Sothe: Prepare yourselves!

​Tyson: No!! This isn't a fair fight.... I out Number all of you and that's not counting the pathetic camera kid, Goodbye


Elimination Ceremony 2 - The Crushes

Duke: Vote in the confessional, thirty minute time limit. And, that's about it. Simple, right? Now if you'll excuse me. *leaves really quick*

Duke: *comes out and reads votes* In a landslide, the one leaving is............INCA! Sorry.

Pecks Chat

Devilotte: (CONF) The preparations are complete! I will capture Cliff personally and totrture him at least until I am satisfied. I'd take Flynn along, but Id feel more secure if I did this myself.

Cliff: *sleeping*

Devilotte: *goes besides him and whacks him in the back of the head*

Cliff: *wakes up, teary eyed* ........O-ow............n-no......g-go away......*grabs a tome*

Devilotte: Cliff, thats a Chef Cheesy cookbook. I burned all your tomes in the fire place. *points at fire place*

Cliff:......a-awwwww...........>.<..........*flings cheese at devilotte with his cookbook*

Devilotte: Ugh, cheese! I hate cheese!

Cliff: *crying* HE USED TO HATE CHEESE! *drops cookbook*

Devilotte: *Hits Cliff with a frying pan, making him fall, but not knocking him out* stupid peasant! *Ties Cliff up, then shoves an apple in his mouth so he wont scream* There. *drags Cliff away to an unkown location* perfect! Now to lure Avery into the trap! *Writes a ransom note to Avery and puts it by his room, then dissapears*

Avery: *reads note* ...............*facepalms*

Flynn: *walks in* Hey Avery, what's the matter?

Avery: Devilotte kidnapped Cliff.

Flynn: Isn't that technically evil?

Avery: It IS evil.

Flynn: ...............I'd be lying if I said I didn't see this coming.

Devilotte: *talking in unknown location through a very loud megaphone* Wasnt it obvious? Anyways, If you want your uh.......friend....? dont really understand your guys's seems sorta Hot and Cold-ANYWAYS......If you want him back, go to the area on the map in the letter with a million dollars...or he dies. BYE!

Avery: Mhm. Alright, fine.

Flynn: Well, I'm afraid I have no choice but to assist you against her, whenever you decide to punish her. Good is prioritized over princess in my book.

Avery: Well, let's get going, I have an idea..........

Devilotte: *waiting inside unknown location*

Cliff: *Tied up, all bruised and bloody* 

Devilotte: *Checks watch*

Avery: *shows up* Before I hand the money over, there's something I should let you know, Princess Brat.

Devilotte: *immediatley has thousands of snipers circle around Avery, and a few more thousand snipers circle Cliff* Make it quick!

Avery: I was expecting that...........well then-

Flynn: Allow me! *wearing heavy armor, grabs Devilotte in a tight position*

Avery: *blasts away all the snipers with a beam* Pathetic. *walks up to Devilotte and stabs her in the gut with saber-like weapon*

Flynn: You forgot the snipers around Cliff.

Avery: If they shoot, I cut off Princess Brat's head. *slices Devilotte's arms and hands* Forgot about that other good guy did you?

Devilotte: *Instantly regrows her arms* My father was a starfish! anyways, FLYNN! YOU TRAITOR! BLODIA! PUNCH HIM, I DONT CARE IF I GO DOWN WITH HIM! *Blodia punches both Flynn and Devilotte, she lands on her feet on the other side of the room* SNIPERS! KILL THE BOY!

Snipers: *shoots Cliff repeatedly*

Cliff: *on the ground, barely conscious, crying*

Avery: ..............Alright, I warned you. *grabs Devilotte's crown and smashes it, breaking it, then repeatedly stabs Devilotte with saber-like object* I don't care how crazy you are! Worse than a zombie. *rips off one of Devilotte's eyes*

Flynn: *barely gets up and stabs 5 out of 10 snipers, killing them, then falls on knee, weakly*

Avery: *throws Devilotte into a swamp and blasts it with a cannon and shoots a beam at the other snipers, killing them*

Devilotte: Oh well, I got the data I needed anyway. Congagulations, Avery. You are the first to have bested me. I'll need some time for my wounds to heal. Snipers, release the boy, they may go.  I'll be back for more later! *giggles*

Cliff: *runs to Avery and hugs him, crying*

Flynn: Glad I got some of the credit- but whatever. My work here is done. I will be on the look out for Devilotte, may we team up again sometime Avery. I'd offer to shake your hand but I don't want to disturb Cliff's hugging. *leaves*

Avery: It's alright. She's lucky I didn't rip off her heart when I had the chance.+

Cliff: *still crying*.........G-girls are.........s-scary.................

Avery: Hold on, scanning Princess Devilotte. *scanning* Died of cockiness against zombies. Among the first infected. Scanning complete. *turns off scanner* Anyways, you'll be alright. We should take you to a hospital though.

Cliff: *still hugging Avery*............N-no......I-I'll be fine.........I'm getting....u-used to it......

Kicks Chat

Tyson: What The Hell, Happened, And How come we didn't lose, we didn't even fight back,AND WHAT DID I DO THAT MADE THAT IDIOT THINK I WAS EVIL!

Trey: IDK, But I Have Some Movie Footage o kicks battle COOL HUH! :D

Hosts Chat

Duke: *walks in and goes into room* ...........*puts away guns and looks one last time at the newspaper heading and nods, shoving the guns away*

KOS-MOS: *Blue eyed* ....................

Duke: *notices KOS-MOS* So you saw?

KOS-MOS:Not exactly.......I have been programmed and have all information about everyone related to Total Drama Neighborhood in my data................Do you need anything?

Duke: Well, however it got programmed, Flare must have told, he's the ONLY one who ever knew........that or I have some crazy stalker...........anyways, no. I'm fine. You can take a break for the next 10 minutes?

KOS-MOS: ....alright......*systems shuts off, on a  timer to start up again in 10 minutes*

Duke: *leaves back for elimination, adjusting fedora*

Flare: *runs in and locks the door shut* CRAZY BAT CO-HOST- *Sees KOS-MOS* Oh, a new one? Finally. Anyways, bad news.

KOS-MOS: Initiating listening mode.

Flare: There's a beautiful witch lady and I'm serious about the witch part. She's planning to love potion Duke after hearing she's a co-host of this show so he'll buy expensive stuff for her and use the funding for her mostly instead of the show.

KOS-MOS: Okay. Awaiting instructions.

Flare: Sounds like you don't care- surprised I do though. Anyways, the main point is all funding will be directed to her, then she'll dump him, he'll be sad, quit, and you'll be left with no one to take his place and give you instructions. Now if you have any actual personality or whatever the right word is, tell me if you automatically know the instructions? If not, you're a dumb robot thing.

KOS-MOS: I do not express emotion, I am a robot. 


Duke: *comes in only hearing the "you're stupid part"* She wouldn't be angered by that even if she had emotions.

Flare: ...............>.>

KOS-MOS: Duke, your brother says that a witch intends to cures you with a love potion so you put us bakrupt by pucrhasing things for her. Awaiting course of action-Nya.

Duke: Probably making stuff up, feel free to escort him out. I'm going to take off this fedora now- who even bought me this thing? *walks into room*

KOS-MOS: Understood. *Grabs Flare by the throat and chucks him out a window*


???: *knocks on the door*

KOS-MOS: Would you like me to see who it is, Duke?

Duke: Sure. If it's Flare, feel free to "escort" him again though.

KOS-MOS: Understood *opens door*

???: I have your pizza here-

Duke: We didn't order pizza.

???: Well, it's on the house. *hair blows through the wind*

Duke: .........Okay then? Thanks?

???: >.>............why not have some soda?

Duke: Not a fan of soda. Sorry.

???: You sure? It has the ingredient of love inside. :)

Duke: How- what- um........I'm sure. Thanks again.

???: ..............*force kisses Duke*

Duke: *pulls away* What are you doing?

???: Did it work?

Duke: Did what work?

???: >.>

Duke: *creeped out* Um, okay, you can go now.


Duke: I don't want the no thanks? Someone else can get the soda?


Flare: *through window, signaling to KOS-MOS that the witch lady is ???*

KOS-MOS: .........*blue eyed*.....U-um.......*red eyed* I request your permission that I escort this lady out.

Duke: Uh, sur-

???: *kisses Duke before he can finish the sentence*

Duke: *pulls away* >.>

KOS-MOS: *Drags ??? by the neck and throws her out the window*

Duke: Thanks. She gave me the creeps.....*shivers* Do you think that could have been the-

Flare: *walks in* I TOLD YOU! YOU RUED THE DAY BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T CLOSE THE DOOR WHEN SHE CAME! Oh by the way there's love spice on the pizza.

Duke: ..................*grabs pizza box, grabs Trigger guns for one second, shoots the pizza repeatedly, ruining it, then puts the guns away and throws away the pizza, then pulls gun out one more time and shoots it* Oka-

Flare: Trigge- oh whoops, she's here.

Duke: KOS-MOS already knows.

Flare: Oh, then. *runs away*

Duke: I have a headache, I'm going to go wonder why I still haven't resigned in my room. Bye KOS-MOS, thanks for the help. Also tell Flare, he has my thanks too.

KOS-MOS: Understood.

Duke: *grabs resignation form and heads to room, thinking*

Episode 3 - Dr. Love

Duke: Okay challenge time. But before that, I just wanted to let you guys know, I MIGHT be resigning. If that's the case, the producers can't find anyone else to take over, so it would just be KOS-MOS. So please respect her if I do leave. Anyways, the challenge- this was chosen to torture me of memories of an hour ago but, it's a love challenge. We already have the pairs planned out so no freedom because the producers hate that for everyone- including the hosts. It'll start in a bit.

Duke: So chosen by the producers the pairs are, and note that not everyone will be participating:

Flynn & Devilotte - Pecks

Cliff & Mali - Pecks

Reiji & Xiaomu - Crushes

Dante & Brucetta - Crushes

Rin & Trey - Kicks

Lily & Tyson - Kicks

Duke: And to demonstrate me and the Pizza Girl will- wait. What? I'm sorry but no, I'm not demonstrating with that witch thing.


Duke: If I work for you. *writes name on resignation form* I quit. *Leaves* Bye guys. KOS-MOS good luck on your job as host-


KOS-MOS: *Blue eyed*.......


Other Better Producer: She's a female android-

Producer: I DON'T GIVE A ****!

OBP: You don't have to do it KOS-MOS, he's just an ***.

Producer: **** YOU! >.>

OBP: Come on, show us how better a host you are than Duke, big guy.



OJ: *Rested in a capsule, being contained to get rid of his evil side*

-Back to everyone-

Producer: Eh. Go. You all ********************** suck. You too KOS-MOS and my fellow producer.

Other Better Producer: Okay, I quit too. >.> *quits*

Producer: WELL **** YOU TOO! Anyways, y'all have 30 minutes you pieces of ****. KOS-MOS massage my back as you call me a better host than Duke.

KOS-MOS:........Understood. *does that*


KOS-MOS: I am incabable of....nasty behavior........Because I am a robot....


KOS-MOS: *blue eyed*....uhm, no.


KOS-MOS: *sighs* *red-eyed* Understood.


KOS-MOS: Understood.....*follows Producer*

Producer: *walks into the broom closet* TIME TO BE A REAL MAN NOW, THE REALEST I CAN BE! HURRY UP KOS-MOS!

KOS-MOS: *in broom closet*

Producer: *turns off lights in the broom closet*

Vashyron: *watching the whole KOS-MOS fail to stand up to Producer thing* Man, that guy is even more disturbing than that *** kid Zephyr and Leanne told me about. O_O


Producer: *plays slow music* LET'S HURRY UP AND GO KOS-MOS!

KOS-MOS: I already told, you I am incabaable of such activities.....I dont even have an opening.

Producer: WE'LL FIND A WAY *Holds a bucket of water* DON'T WANT TO BE DROWNED IN WATER, DO YA?

Vashyron: *outside, talking with Duke* And then..............this is too disturbing, I need to go throw up.

Duke: *facepalms at how pathetic the Producer is*

KOS-MOS: *slicing the producer up with her chainsaw arms*


Duke: *waiting outside to shoot Producer*

KOS-MOS: Chest unlocking. *breasts are breifly exposes as she fires a beam through it at Producer*

Producer: *blasts out the door, barely survives, looks at the sky* KOS-MOS, YOU TRAITOR, YOU'RE EVEN WORSE THAN DUKE!

Duke: *sneak attacks Producer and shoots him repeatedly in the.........yeah.......with his trigger guns* Settled the score.

Producer: *dies from too much pain*

Duke: Later I found out he was Lamento's partner in crime. *sighs* My past just won't leave me.

KOS-MOS: *blue eyed*..........

Better Producer Guy: THANK YOU FOR FINALLY KILLING HIM! He blackmailed me to not tell anyone about his past. HOW DOES HE EVEN HAVE MY NUDE BABY CLOTHES? *Cries*

Duke: *patting BPG's shoulder* It's alright. Anyways, I'll head out now. KOS-MOS, since I'm pretty sure this Producer won't torment you or join as host, good luck.

Vashyron: Shame. You were actually a good host. I'm lucky I wasn't in this season then if that Producer permanently took your place- *thinks about Producer and throws up again* So disturbing........even for me.

KOS-MOS: Understood.

Duke: *leaves*

BPG: Wait, I wanted to re-hire him. Aw.

KOS-MOS: Does this mean I am to follow your orders?

BPG: No.

Ghost: *echoing* Duke. Duke?

BPG: *Screams loudly because he's scared* AGH!

OJ: *Awakens and gets out of capsule stealthily*

KOS-MOS: Person identified as OJ, basically the Jin Kazama of the Total Drama Neighborhood Series.

Ghost: *echoing* Duke.......

OJ: *Eyes turn red as he slashes at BPG, fatally wounding him, throws Vashyron over to the wall, and throws water at KOS-MOS*

KOS-MOS: Systems failing.......*shuts down*

Duke: *comes back* I heard my nam- *sees Vashyron rubbing his head, BPG unconscious, and KOS-MOS shut down* ................*sees OJ* Easy there, OJ, I don't want to hurt yo-

OJ: *Dashes for Duke*

Duke: *steps to the side, leaving OJ to run into KOS-MOS*

OJ: AGH! *Stabs Duke*

Duke: *steps back, a little weaker and grabs Trigger guns down* I'm warning you, step back or.........


Duke: *memories flash back after "Failed to save"* ..............

Ghost: Duke, Duke.

Duke: Huh- who's there?

Ghost: It's me. Your brother. The one who died.

Duke: .....................

Ghost: It's not your fault. It will never be your fault. Just don't quit this job because of me. I have matured in my ghost years of death. And I'm always watching you- not Flare because he sucks- but I'm watching you.

Duke: Just how I thought I would to you................fine. I have to time this perfectly..........

Flare: *sighs* Fine. I'm here to help. Lil' Ghost Bro called me over and I actually like him unlike you-

Duke: He said-

Ghost: He's.........special. :)


Ghost: Yeah...............

Duke: Alright, NOW!

Flare: *gets KOS-MOS out of the way and fixes her* MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, DUMB ROBOT!

Duke: *holds up both guns and walks up slowly to OJ*


Ghost: That isn'-


KOS-MOS: Understood. *flees*

Duke: *repeatedly shoots OJ everywhere, quickly, not running out of ammo......yes even the.........yeah......*

OJ: AGH, OW! AGH! *Falls to the ground*

Duke: Sorry. It's the only way I can get you back in the capsule for treatment. *manages to shoot OJ up into the air where landing shots at OJ every time as he shoots* 

OJ: *Falls, unconscious*

Duke: Sorry OJ............I know there's a good guy down there, fighting for control............anyways, little brother, Flare, thanks for the help.

Ghost: No problem. I'LL ALWAYS BE WATCHING! *Leaves*

Flare: Meh. *leaves*

Duke: Everyone okay?

Vashyron: I'm fine. Nice work with a gun.

BPG: I'm...............okay................*coughs* Duke...............could you rejoin as host? Please.......................

Duke: ...........................Alright, fine.

BPG: Yay.............Vashyron...............permission granted to shoot the Pizza Girl..........*coughs*

Vashyron: I was gonna do that with or without permission anyways. *leaves to go shoot the pizza girl*

Flynn & Devilotte Chat

Devilotte: You know, just while we're here. If you return to my side, I'll make you a high noble, YOULL BE RICH, FAMOUS, AND HAVE COOKIES! LOTS AND LOTS OF COOKIES!

Flynn: While that is tempting, Imperial Knights have training against temptations. I can only return if you promise not to do anything evil again.

Devilotte: Ok.

Flynn: Anyways, we have to act as a couple for 30 minutes. Any ideas on what we should do?

Devilotte: WE SHALL HAVE MANY CHIL- make out? 

Flynn: .........Um...........anything else?


Flynn: I guess, we could hold hands, go skipping, and freeze in place like those couples in those cheesy movies?

Devilotte: Alright. *Holds Flynn's hand*

Flynn: *holding Devilotte's hand* Can we skip the skipping and just jump?

Devilotte: Fine. *Jumps in the air High School Musical style*

Flynn: *jumps and freezes*

Cliff & Mali Chat


Mali: Hi



Kid in a Ghost Costume: *horrible Sparro voice* I'm Sparro. Yeah. *proceeds to stab Cliff repeatedly in the.........yeah............*

Cliff: *crying* WHY ARE YOU HERE!? >.<

KiaGC: BECAUSE WHY NOT? *Grabs a chainsaw and hits Cliff's.......yeah...........with it*

Sparro's actual ghost: *watching, leaves*

Mali: *watches* Are you okay?

Reiji & Xiaomu Chat

Xiaomu: Reiji, can you massage my shoulders? *winks*

Reiji: Fine. *massages Xiaomu's shoulders*

Xiaomu: WOOT!

Reiji: Hmm.............

Xiaomu: Something wrong?

Reiji: Thinking of other ways we can do romantic things for the challenge.

Xiaomu: Oh, okay!

Reiji: Do you think spanking you counts?

Xiaomu: Um, maybe......But I dont really like that.....

Reiji: Fine, any ideas?

Xiaomu: PILLOW FIGHT! *whacks Reiji with a pillow*

Reiji: ..........You're getting a spanking after this challenge.

Xiaomu: Awwwwwwwww

Reiji: Okay, I think this was pretty lovey dovey, don't you thin- yeah, who am I kidding, we sucked. >.>

Dante & Brucetta Chat

Brucetta: *eats a hotdog*

Dante: .... well..... this awkward..... isn't Brucetta a boy turned into a girl.... well, Can I be your sidekick?

Trey & Rin Chat

Tyson & Lily Chat

Tyson: You almost KILL us, then you force me to be LOVEY dovey to Lily, Doesn't she have like "4" Boyfriends


Vashyron: While Duke is packing back into his office room, he told me to take charge for the next five minutes. Anyways, anyone got any bunker buster magazines- no? Fine. Anyways, the winners (graded by Phy) with the exact same score are Flynn & Devilotte and Reiji & Xiaomu with 7 points each...........yeah. What were you expecting a parade? No. Kicks, you guys suck so to elimination with you! Duke should be back by then or KOS-MOS should take over- I don't care. *backflips and disappears*

Elimination Ceremony 3 - Kicks

KOS-MOS: Initiating voting sequence. You may all vote in the CONF, Duke will announce who is eliminated when hes done unpacking.

Vashyron: Ends in 40 minutes.

Duke: In a close vote, Miami has been eliminated! Trey, you're BARELY safe.

Da Pecks Chat

Flynn: There. You see, Devilotte, didn't that work- barely but work?

Devilotte: Indeed it did. Now, would you like to assist me in........Escorting he whipped with love? *smiles*

Flynn: ................I only know one person who enjoys physical pain and if I said their name the fourth wall would be broken. So no.

Devilotte: Oh, did I say whipped....I candy canes......... :D

Flynn: I'm not an idiot, Devilotte.

Devilotte: Okay.......I'll pay you 100 billion dollars if you bring him to me!

Flynn: No.

Mali: *smiles and waves*

Devilotte: Fine, I'll go get him myself.....mister lazy >.> *goes into Cliff's room*

Cliff: *looking through his racy picturebook of Sparro*

Devilotte: Hi Cli-really? the book? again? >.> 

Cliff: .....n-not you.......again.......

Devilotte: Oh, dont worrry. Im not gonna kidnap you, Im just gonna torture you right here and now! *Has Blodia poke Cliff repeatedly*

Cliff: *nearly crushed, crying*

Avery: *scanning perimeter*

Da Crushes Chat

Reiji: Good job Xiaomu. For that, you have no spanking after all.

Xiaomu: WOOT!

Dante: .......... Why was there a love challange

Hosts & Occasional Cameo Chat

Duke: *quickly unpacking* When did I get all this stuff?

Walter: *Walks in like a boss* No No NO! Duke you are unpacking all wrong! *Pushes Duke out of the way* This is how you unpack! *unpacks for Duke*

Duke: ...........Thanks?

Walter: *starts coughing* Now you want a pizza? *shows Duke a pizza*

Duke: can have it. Anyways, I have to head back to the elimination ceremony to end it while KOS-MOS is doing her daily patrol and Vashyron's back on his job. Bye. *leaves*

Walter: *whispers* He didn' the pizza....I offered! *in a rage, he throws the pizza on a roof*

Episode 4 - An Alternate Future Past

(Hosts only)

Duke: *examining portal* This is odd-

Flare: RUE-

Duke: You've gotten attached to that word very quickly. Anyways *Looking up* this looks like the only thing that appeared in Avery's files.......

KOS-MOS: I see. Awaiting instructions.

Flare: RUE-

Duke: KOS-MOS, please escort Flare out, while I look into this.

KOS-MOS: Understood. *slits Flare's throat and chucks him out*

???: *Comes out of portal with another ???* Seems like we went to the wrong portal there, miss.

KOS-MOS: Strangers identified as us........Wait what?

???: Allow me to introduce myself, the name's Duke. I'm a bounty hunter back over in my world who answers to money. Miss KOS-MOS hired me to kill someone and bring their head back to her. She wanted to tag along though.

A KOS-MOS: I dont want to stay here a minute longer, I should have just done this myself....

A. Duke: Look, don't get your hair in a twist. I always get a job done.

A KOS-MOS: Hmph.

KOS-MOS: These versions of ourseleves seem very different than us, Duke.

Duke: Yeah.

A. Duke: Yeah, it didn't take a prodigy to tell we look the same but are way different. Anyways, Miss KOS-MOS, you claimed you wanted to kill something? How's these guys sound? Only two extra bucks?

A KOS-MOS: Well, I suppose anyone who knows our plans should not live. Kill them.

KOS-MOS: It was your choice to answer our question.

A KOS-MOS: Does that matter? If your worth killing, we'll kill you.

Duke: ..................

A. Duke: Pay's after the battle, sound good? Anyways, I think these guys will make good collections as mounts on your wall, so let's get started, shall we?


Avery: *finishes scanning perimeter* ...............I feel like my future but not really my future versions of everyone is coming.

*Numerous alternates fall and begin to walk toward everyone*


Duke & KOS-MOS vs. A. Duke & A. KOS-MOS

(Battle System:

4 HP for everyone.

You can revive people at half-health if they fall in battle.

A. Duke is a bounty hunter who only answers to the cling of money.

A. KOS-MOS is a female android with emotions who only wishes to cause harm and have dead heads as a reward.)

Duke: You sure there isn't any other way?

A. Duke: I'm certain. Time for a final showdown.

A KOS-MOS: Do not worry, you will both be dead before you feel a moment of pain!

KOS-MOS: Scanning confirms that this version of myself is 4.75 more powerful than myself....*blue eyed* Just like her.....*red eyed* Initiating final showdown! *arms turn into chainsaws and slices A Duke*

Duke: *grabs bucket of water and throws it at A. KOS-MOS*

A. Duke: Doing this the hard way then? *uses water guns against KOS-MOS*

A KOS MOS: Hmph! Isnt  your KOS-MOS waterproofed? *slices Duke*

KOS-MOS: *moves slowly* ..............*Slices A KOS-MOS*

Duke: Hmm............*grabs a bazooka and shoots A. KOSMOS*

A. Duke: Come on then, step it up! *shoots Duke repeatedly and quickly*

KOS-MOS: Chest unlocking. *Breasts is briefly exposed as she fires a beam at A KOS-MOS, defeating her*

A KOS-MOS: UGH! I will not let this power go to waste!

KOS-MOS: Understood. *absorbs A KOS-MOS's life source, improving*

A. Duke: Alright, time to get serious! *shoots Duke repeatedly, knocking him back into a wall*

KOS-MOS: *Fires several beams at A Duke*

A. Duke: *shoots Duke up into the air, which ends up hitting his eye and then dropping him into a giant lab container with a mysterious liquid*

Duke: *falls in, unconscious, and drowning*

KOS-MOS: *blue eyed* Duke...hang on! *shoots the container with a laser cannon, freeing him*

Duke: *wakes up, with one eye crimson now with the other still blue* Ugh..........*gets up*

A. Duke: Looks like we both shared the same fate when it came to the red eye then, huh?

Duke: What?

A. Duke: The red eye. We both fell into a mysterious liquid in the container. When we get angry it gives us great power, but it's hard to control. Maybe you'll have as much luck as I did.

Duke: *looks back at the liquid container* Wait-

A. Duke: That's right, it works similarly to OJ's nanochip except we have more control and only one eye is crimson. Anyways, I don't know why I'm telling you this, because by the time you notice your powers, you'll be dead.

A KOS-MOS: *shoots many beams at A Duke*

A. Duke: *shoots water guns at KOS-MOS* Join me Duke and we shall make the most money in the land, forget about KOS-MOS, forget about the show, forget about Flare!

Duke: .........*pulls out gun and shoots A. Duke, knocking him into the mysterious liquid, drowning and defeating him*

KOS-MOS: Hostile enemies confirmed as defeated. Returning to standby.

Duke: Alright, you earned a rest KOS-MOS. I'll go check on everyone else. *leaves*

KOS-MOS: I am not capable of sleep....Will charging suffice? *plugs herself into a wall plug and temporarily shuts down*

Duke: *walks back* Rest meant break but alright? *leaves again*

Avery & Mali vs. A. Avery & A. Mali

(4 HP for everyone.

A. Avery is the exact same as Avery except he landed in that past.

A. Mali loves autos and technology and hates everything else.)

A. Avery: Another soul-less copy......

Avery: Another soul-less copy......

Mali: Hi! I like everything

A. Mali: TECHNOLOGY FTW MAN. >.> *Punches Mali*

Avery: *uppercuts A. Mali*

Mali: *karate chops A. Avery*

A. Mali: *rages and kicks Mali in the face*

A. Avery: *uses saber-like object to stab Avery*

Avery: *uses cannon arm to shoot A. Mali*

Flynn & Devilotte vs. A. Flynn & A. Devilotte

(4 HP for everyone.

You can revive your teammate if they fall in battle and half-health.

A. Flynn and A. Yuri's roles were switched up so Flynn is the captain of the Brave Vesperia Guild who disapproves of the Imperial Knights.

A. Devilotte is nice and caring and wishes to serve A. Flynn due to saving her in a time of need.)

A. Flynn: I fight for Brave Vesperia.

Flynn: And I fight for the Imperial Knights.


A Devilotte: That seems mean, can we make a charity instead?

Devilotte: YOU ARE DEAD TO ME! *Hadokens A Devilotte*

Flynn: If only I could find a weak spot.......*stabs A. Devilotte*

A. Flynn: For Brave Vesperia! *throws katana at Flynn*

Devilotte: I dont even know how to fight!

Devilotte: ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME!? >.> *Punches A Devilotte*

Flynn: ..........*pokes A. Devilotte*

A. Flynn: *throws katana at Devilotte*

Devilotte: *has Blodia punch A Flynn*

Flynn: I must fulfill my duties as captain of the Imperial Knights! *stabs A. Flynn*

A. Flynn: *stabs Devilotte*

Devilotte: I'll show you what it means to be bad! *Hadokens A Flynn*

A. Flynn: *grabs Devilotte by the neck and throws her onto the ground*

Flynn: You leave me no choice, no matter how bad, royalty is royalty! Now we end this, Light Dragon Destruction! *points sword at A. Flynn summoning three dragons which hurt and defeat A. Flynn*

Devilotte: Good job Flynn! BTW, I temporarily freed Cliff from my grasp just for the challenge, I trust that you can bring him back to me for a......playdate? Please?

Flynn: ..............Seriously? Devilotte I'm not an idiot.

Devilotte: Oh come on! I was thinking of offering him a job as a knight, after all, he was a war cleric and has been in a few wars. SO ITS LEGIT! :D

Flynn: .............You still don't have my trust, princess.

Devilotte: Okay, lets make a deal. You can simply escort The boy to me, and I will do a favor of your long as it dosent involve releasing Cliff or being nice.

Flynn: No thanks.

Devilotte: Ugh, your no fun. Once again I'll have to do everything myself >.>

Cliff & Ifraid vs. A. Cliff & A. Ifraid

(4 HP for everyone.

You can revive your teammate if they fall in battle at half-health.

A. Cliff is a cool guy who likes girls.

A. Ifraid goes on a different wiki.)

Cliff:.......Ewwwwww.......g-girls...............*Hurls dark magic at A. Ifraid*

A. Ifraid: GIGGITY GIGGITY! *Stabs Cliff's........yeah..........*

Cliff:.......Ouchies..........*Headbutts A Ifraid*

'A. Ifraid: GIGGITY GOO! *Slaps Cliff's............yeah...........repeatedly*'

A Cliff: Why did you slap it? ew. *shoots Ifraid*

A. Ifraid: GIGGITY! *Slaps Cliff's............yeah................again*

Cliff:....T-that hurts......but at the same time......fee- Ok Cliff dont be a pervert.............*punches A Ifraid*

A. Ifraid: GIGGITY! *Grabs chainsaw and cuts off Cliff's.........yeah............defeating Cliff*

Ifraid: NOOO that's it I WANT REVENGE *kicks A. Ifraid defeating him*

Reiji & Xiaomu vs. A. Reiji & A. Xiaomu

(4 HP for everyone.

If one person falls, the other can revive them at half health with one line.

A. Reiji is kind of like the Xiaomu of this time.

A. Xiaomu is serious and likes to spank and whip Reiji.)

A. Reiji: You're scary. >.<

Reiji: You shame me.

Xiaomu: Im proud of this Xiaomu. But I must kill you now! SOWWY! *shoots A Xiaomu*

Reiji: Xiaomu, you must not pass up this chance of learning how to be serious- but if you spank or whip me, I'll take away your tofu. *shoots A. Xiaomu*

A. Reiji: *carefree shoots Xiaomu* :D

Xiaomu: *Shoots A Xiaomu*

A Xiaomu: Reiji, stay focused! OR YOUR GETTING A ROUGH SPANKING! >.>

A. Reiji: Haven't you been doing that a little too much lately.....? *shoots Xiaomu*

Reiji: ...........I have to stand up for my alternate self? Pathetic. *spanks A. Xiaomu, defeating her*

Xiaomu: WOOT! *shoots A Reiji*

A. Reiji: DIE, DIE, DIE, YAY! *Shoots Reiji*

Xiaomu: Reiji, you should be more like the other Reiji, then youd be more fun to be around! *shoots A Reiji*

Reiji: That just isn't me, Xiaomu. We all have our personalities.

A. Reiji: *kicks Xiaomu in the face* YAY!

Xiaomu: *shoots A. Reiji* You dont fight quite as good as my Reiji...

Reiji: You need a spanking too, me. >.> *spanks A. Reiji, defeating him* There. All done.

Xiaomu: YAY! Hey, does this mean that I can spank you for kinda leading this assault? :D

Reiji: No. I should spank you just for saying that but I'm in a good mood so I won't.

Xiaomu: AWWWWWWW......But I wanna see what it feels like....

Reiji: Being spanked?

Xiaomu: No, doing the spanking. You spank me like.....almost every day.

Reiji: Then no.

Xiaomu: Aw come on! Just 1 spank, please! In exchange I wont get tofu? :D

Reiji: Fine, five spanks only. Now hurry.

A. Reiji: *secretly plays love songs for fun, defying his death* :D

Xiaomu: YAYZ! *Pantses Reiji then spanks him really hard 5 times* That was fun! :D

Reiji: I hope you're happy now, so you can stop bugging me about spanking.

Brucetta & Dante vs. A. Brucetta & A. Dante

(4 HP for everyone.

If your teammate falls in battle, you may revive them at half-health.

A. Brucetta is a Supergirl Cosplayer.

A. Dante is a perfectly normal teen who specializes in axes.)

Brucetta: *attacks A. Brucetta* Thats the wrong Hero!!!

A. Brucetta: *attacks Brucetta* Thats the wrong Hero!!!

​Dante:*Stabs A. Dante with a sword* Am I really this perfetic?

Axel & Nathan vs. A. Axel & Nathan

(4 HP for everyone.

You may revive your teammate if they fall in battle at half-health.

Axel is a Greaser.

Nathan killed his kids and wife a while ago.)

Axel: *attacks A. Axel*

A. Axel: *throws throwing knives at Axel*

A. Nathan: *throws A. Axel at Axel*

Trey & Tyson vs. A. Trey & A. Tyson

(4 HP for everyone.

You may revive your teammate if they fall in battle at half-health.

A. Trey hates movies.

A. Tyson likes movies.)

Tyson:*Gets out his Space Plasma Sword* Kill It! I CAN'T LIKE MOVIES!

Rin & Mari vs. A. Rin & A. Mari

(4 HP for everybuddy- everybody.

You may revive your teammate if they fall in battle at half-health.

A. Rin is a nice girl who doesn't interfere with love lifes.

A. Mari is wearing a different outfit.)


*Everyone who participated eventually ends up overpowering their alternates*

Duke: *shows up, holding eye, now in pain* Alright, so combined the Kicks lose and are up for elimination, good luck guys- ow...............

Elimination Ceremony 4 - The Kicks

KOS-MOS: I have been ordered to run the ceremony today. Please vote in the CONF, as usual.

KOS-MOS: Voting complete. Rin is eliminated. *Blasts beam at Rin*

Hosts and Other Peeps Chat

Duke: *holds eye* Stupid Alternate Duke. I hope what he said isn't true.

Walter: *reading a newspaper* Rough day Duke?

The Pecks Chat

Cliff: *In Devilotte's room crying*

Devilotte: Calm down! I havent even harmed you yet. Oh, and thanks for just coming in here, you saved me a lot of time.

Cliff: ............I-I was pleasured........t-then assaulted.....

Devilotte: Why do you always almost get killed every 2 hours? -.-

Cliff:.....M-my life.......s-sucks......

Devilotte: Damn right it does! Now, I just need to wait for Avery to show up and then I kill you right in front of him......unless he agrees to join me in Flynn's place, then you can live and join him!

Avery: *in temporary coma, looking at the future*

Devilotte: *checks watch* Where the hell is that tallywacker? Meh, I'll just tortue you until he shows up. *shoots Cliff twice on each leg*

Cliff: *on the ground, crying*

Avery: *awakens from coma*

Flynn: You alright Avery? I noticed you were in a coma so-

Avery: I'm fine, it's just one of the abilities I have.

Flynn: Alright. Anyways Devilotte and Cliff-

Avery: God dang it. >.> *walks into the room they're in quickly* Why are you so insistent on torturing Cliff? >.>

Devilotte: Well, its so fun to torture him for one, adorable, iffeminate boys are always the most amusing. And because I know you wouldnt talk to me if I hadnt lured you win by torturing him. ANYWAYS, I am impressed by your unique abilites, Cliff's too. And was wondering if you would both be interested in joining me as an imperial knight. You guys will become powerful beyond your wildest dreams! If you refuse I kill Cliff in front of you. *Seuddenly makes both Avery and Flynn's weapons dissapear*


Avery: Flynn isn't with me, Princess Brat. Anyways, I counter with a fact. If Cliff is killed, then so is Sparro's spirit which was implanted in him after death. Doesn't seem important, right? Wrong. Cliff being killed would cause a revolution with no holder of the Hero Sword or anyone alive close to him since I'll probably leave since I'm only here to watch over him so he won't commit suicide. And I would be the last of any connection with Sparro. Still not a big deal, right? Wrong. Corrupted bodies and zombies have the same purpose, Devilotte, the future I come from had zombies and the future if Cliff died or got a pump for his "problem", after I examined the outlook, I found out an interesting fact that happened in both futures that would happen that I never told anyone, not even Cliff. Care to know what it is?

Devilotte: *sighs* what?

Avery: You're among the first corrupted bodies or zombies. So in other words, you're one of the first dead. So you kill him, you kill yourself in five years, and I saw the video of you escaping, you tried everything but failed...........actually kind of funny- but back on topic. Kill the boy. You die in five years.

Devilotte: Ohhhhhh..........well, Ive always wanted to be a zombie, itd be better to join the winning side, so yeah. *Has Blodia smash Cliff* Yup.

Cliff: *Just barely alive*

Avery: Wait, you didn't let me finish Devilotte. You're among the weakest zombies and corrupted bodies due to not being able to blodia anything any more, your main source of attacks. And if that isn't enough, you want to know why I was alright annoyed with you the first time I saw you? You were among the zombies who tried to infect me while I was gathering weapons my first time and was the first zombie recorded to have been killed by my resistance. So, blodia whatever Cliff one more time and you just secured your death as a human, as a zombie, as a corrupted body, as anything.

Devilotte: OMG fine. GOSH! 


Avery: Now, let the boy go.

Devilotte: I just did >.>

Cliff: *Hugs Avery*.....w-why....didnt you you.....t-tell me snything.....?

Avery: To not put any pressure on you. Anyways, go outside and meet Flynn so he can take you to a medic, I'll be right behind you.

Cliff:..........A-alright..........*Goes outside*

Avery: *looks at Devilotte* How boring......*teleports outside*

Cliff: *waiting outside*


A. Ifraid: *defying death, slapping Cliff's........yeah.........* TROLOLOLOL!

Cliff: ......*blushes for a moment then immediatley shoves A.Ifraid into Blodia, which smashes IA Ifraid*

A. Ifraid's............Brother: *slapping Cliff's.............yeah.............* GIGGITY GIGGITY!

Cliff:...........O_O...............*Breaks the brother's neck*

A. Ifraid's.............Sister: *slapping Cliff's............yeah.............. while singing "Never Gonna Give You Up"*

Cliff: ......>.>..........*Punches sister repeatedly then suffocates her until she dies*

A. Ifraid's..............Other Brother: *slaps Cliff's...........yeah..........* GIGGITY TROLOLO!

Cliff: *punches Older Borother* YOU PEOPLE ARE PERVERTS! *Runs away crying*

A. Ifraid's Cousin Wearing a Cheaply Made Sparro Mask: *catches Cliff and slaps his............yeah* GIGGITEH!

Cliff:..........*blushes*............*realization*.....A-awwwwww............*Runs to Avery* AVERY! SOME WEIRD FAMILY IS TRYING TO HAVE THEIR WAY WITH ME! >.<

Avery: Just stand up for yourself then. One day I might be gone and who will you call for help then? Just say no to them.

A. Ifraid's Cousin Wearing a Cheaply Made Sparro Mask* *catches Cliff, carries him into a broom closet, and slaps his.........yeah.................repeatedly* GIGGITY!

Cliff: *tries to get out, the door is locked*........*sighs*

AUCWaCNSM: *Pantses Cliff and slaps his..........yeah..........harder* GIGGITAH!

Cliff:..........*pushing on the door*

AUCWaCNSM: *Continues slapping Cliff's...........yeah........but faster*

Cliff:....*continues to push door, stops*........Oh forget it........

AUCWaCNSM: *Slapping Cliff's.........yeah........turns on slow music and slaps faster*

Cliff: *pretending it's Sparro*

(45 minutes later)

Cliff: *finally out* (CONF).......T-that.....was......weird..........I think......y-yeah......

Ifraid: Maybe I can handle this *puts A Ifraid in a box of cant come out which is an inch*

The Crushes Chat

Episode 5 - Crimson Nights; The Battle of Wills


Duke: *holding eye in severe pain* I hate Alternate Me............

KOS-MOS: I probably would too if I could express emotion.

Duke: Yeah. *Eye begins to turn into a darker crimson as Duke falls onto the ground one one knee* I feel like my eye is transferring pain..........probably just nervous or something............*trying to not fall despite the immense pain*

KOS-MOS: *blue eyed* Is something wrong? Do you need medical attention?

Duke: Not sure.................yep, not nervous. *falls to the ground, unconsciously*

KOS-MOS: Duke? oh no, thats not good. I should get the other android person. Or cyborg. yeah. *Flies to Avery*

Avery: *scanning perimeter*

Cliff: *Beside Avery*.......L-look.......*Points at KOS-MOS*

KOS-MOS: *red-eyed*Avery, your assistance is needed with Duke. He is unconscious.

Avery: You require a scan of Duke to see how he's doing?

KOS-MOS: Affirmative.

Cliff:..........C-can I............come.....?

Avery: Sure, just don't get in the way, let's go.

KOS-MOS: *flies back to Duke*

Cliff........*walks over to Duke*

Avery: *teleports to Duke* Beginning scanning, don't distract me. *scans Duke* ...........


Avery: The Crimson Eye is fighting Duke for control, we have to help! Crimson Duke would make a strong and quick villain with no weak points. I don't think anyone in this timeline would want a permanent Evil OJ. If he loses, we lost Duke and he will eventually slowly die, the Crimson not knowing. If Duke wins, he will gain the power of the Crimson and be able to use it and stop it with no problem, unlike OJ. We can't afford to let Duke die, he's a key character in the future, without him, who knows what will happen............KOS-MOS, if you could call everyone to help?

KOS-MOS: Understood. *sounds an alarm in everyone's rooms*

Cliff: T-this is.....s-scary.......*teary eyed*

Avery: No time for tears, I'm afraid. Time to go help.

Pecks Challenge (Assisting Duke)

Duke: *in mind, walking through an empty room* Where is this place?

???: We're in your mind. I AM CRIMSON! THE SUPERIOR EYE!

Duke: What?


Duke: ...............Hold on, why?


Duke: ..............


Duke: *remembers A. Duke's words* Fine. If it has to be like that, so be it.

*Scene changes to a volcano*


Avery: *shows up with KOS-MOS and his team* Not so fast! Duke, we have your back!

(Battle System:

15 HP for ???

8 HP for Duke

You can heal Duke and assist ONLY ONCE in attacks, but as many times as you want in healing.

The opposite for KOS-MOS. (Can only heal once, but attack every other time.)

Duke must land the final blow.)

Cliff: *Uses dark magic at ???*

Avery: *uppercuts ???*

Duke: *shoots ???*

???: BEHOLD THE POWER OF CRIMSON! *Quickly shoots everyone who attacked this turn, including Duke, and shoves Avery and Cliff into a wall and then shoots a bazooka at Duke, which only hits his arm for one damage*

Cliff: *cries*

KOS-MOS: *shoots ??? with laser cannon*

Duke: *shoots ??? repeatedly up into the air, then takes out a bazooka and shoots ??? with it* Top that, if you can.

???: *rages* THAT'S IT, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE IT! *Takes out musket and stabs Duke in the gut with him and immediately shoots Duke's chin 5 times for 1 HP*

Devilotte: *Feeds Duke some treats, healing him*

KOS-MOS: *Kicks ???*

Duke: *whacks ??? with the back of a rifle, then shoots him quickly, aiming everywhere, almost accidentally causing friendly fire*

???: DIE! *Punches Duke in the face* YOU HAVEN'T EXPERIENCED MY TRUE POWER YET!

Cliff: *Heals Duke with staff*

Devilotte: *Has Blodia punch ???*

Flynn: Light Dragon.........Destruction! *unleashes 3 dragons from sword which hit ??? for 1 damage*

Duke: *shoots ??? repeatedly in the........yeah.......*

???: AGH! OKAY SURRENDER NOW OR TASTE THE TRUE POWER OF THE CRIMSON! *Uses pistol to whack Duke on the head*

KOS-MOS: *Fires beam from her chest, which hits ???*

Duke: *sweep kicks ???*

???: *Eyes get darker as the bullets he shoots go across lightning-fast, hitting Duke's face repeatedly, then with superspeed, shoots Duke in the back of his head and kicks him onto the ground with super strength*

Cliff: *heals Duke with staff*

KOS-MOS: *Kicks ??? in the head*

Avery: *heals Duke with a capsule pill he got from Dr. Mario*

Duke: *shoots ??? with a shotgun and pistol at the same time, repeatedly*

???: *fires 10 bazooka shots at Duke with super speed, then stabs him with a knife and runs out before the bazookas hit, which then hit Duke*

KOS-MOS: *shoots ??? with machine gun arms*

???: *shoots Duke into a wall with 100 rocket launchers and throws a knife at Duke's chest, reducing Duke's HP to one*

Duke: *really hurt* Ugh...........

???: Pathetic. What a loser. Can't take 100 rocket launchers to the face.

Duke: *tries standing up but can't*

Avery: Come on Duke, don't give in! Use the remainder of your willpower and kill that idiot!

Flynn: You'd make a good Imperial Knight, just push on through! Don't let any obstacles get in the way of your path! Get up and kill him!

KOS-MOS: *blue eyed* Duke....take my power. *realeases the power she obtained last episode and has Duke absorbs it, temporarily shuts down*

Duke: *suddenly gets up* ...........Thanks guys. Crimson, sorry it had to be this way. *one eye turns crimson, allowing him to also use the power of crimson as well as KOS-MOS' power* Any last words?

???: ..............AW WHAT? NO FAIR!

Duke: ..............*Super-speed dashes at ??? and stabs him quickly with swords, then grabs two guns and shoots ??? faster than the speed of light 1000 times, repeatedly, proceeded by a sweep kick, and darkness follows, bringing upon darkness, and multiple slashes and shots are heard, and as the light comes on, ??? is on the floor, dead and bleeding with knives and swords and bullets on him while he's on fire* Just wouldn't reason.......

Avery: The battle's over. Stupid Crimson thing. Anyways, teleporting us all outside Duke's mind now. *teleports everyone, including Duke out of Duke's mind, awakening Duke*

Cliff:...........I-is it......O-over......?

Flynn: Seems like it.

Devilotte: Hmmm, Duke I think your girl might be broken.

Duke: Oh right. No time for celebration until KOS-MOS is repaired. Hold on a moment........*repairs KOS-MOS*

KOS-MOS: *Turns on* All systems green. returning to standby.

Duke: Alright, well thanks for the rescue guys. Anyways, Avery, could you free the other teams? I can still see them in my head.

Avery: On it. *frees the other teams*

Duke: For participation, Crushes get second. Kicks go to elimination.

Crushes Challenge (Assisting Duke)

Duke: *in mind, walking through an empty room* Where is this place?

???: We're in your mind. I AM CRIMSON! THE SUPERIOR EYE!

Duke: What?


Duke: ...............Hold on, why?


Duke: ..............


Duke: *remembers A. Duke's words* Fine. If it has to be like that, so be it.

*Scene changes to a volcano*


Reiji: *arrives* Not if we have anything to say about it.

(Battle System:

15 HP for ???

8 HP for Duke

You can heal Duke and assist ONLY ONCE in attacks, but as many times as you want in healing.

The opposite for KOS-MOS. (Can only heal once, but attack every other time.)

Duke must land the final blow.)

Xiaomu: *shoots ???*

Reiji: *spanks ???*

Duke: *shoots ???*

???: BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE CRIMSON! *Uses rocket launcher to shove Reiji & Xiaomu into a wall and then shoots Duke repeatedly*

KOS-MOS: Slices ??? with chainsaw arms*

Duke: *sweep kicks ??? then shoots them in the neck*

???: *rages* GRAGH! *Stabs Duke with a knife, then shoots him in the chin repeatedly*

Xiaomu: *Spanks Duke, somehow healing him*

Duke: *cycle kicks ???*

???: *throws Duke up into the air and shoots him in the gut repeatedly until Duke lands on the ground*

KOS-MOS: *shoots ??? with laser cannon arms*

Kicks Challenge (Assisting Duke)

Duke: *in mind, walking through an empty room* Where is this place?

???: We're in your mind. I AM CRIMSON! THE SUPERIOR EYE!

Duke: What?


Duke: ...............Hold on, why?


Duke: ..............


Duke: *remembers A. Duke's words* Fine. If it has to be like that, so be it.

*Scene changes to a volcano*


*Everyone arrives ready to fight*

(Battle System:

15 HP for ???

8 HP for Duke

You can heal Duke and assist ONLY ONCE in attacks, but as many times as you want in healing.

The opposite for KOS-MOS. (Can only heal once, but attack every other time.)

Duke must land the final blow.)

Elimination Ceremony 5- The Kicks

Duke: Looks like you guys are up for elimination again. You know the rules. Time limit will be longer than usual since you guys never vote within the time limit. Good luck!

Duke: And with only 2 votes against her, Lily is out. Sorry.

Pecks * Chat

Cliff: *laying on the ground, under a blanket, sobbing*

Avery: *scanning perimeter* Still safe. Cliff's crying, but now's an okay time to cry, I suppose.

Devilotte: Hello Avery, Hello Cliff. Just a reminder, dont look over by where Cliff's room is because I might have accidentally told Blodia to smash i-*sees that Cliff's room has already been destroyed* ...........BAI! *Runs away*

Flynn: At least she isn't torturing Cliff any more.

Avery: Yep. I guess this gives Cliff a reason to cry now.

Cliff: *Sees his room destroyed*......w-woah.......w-what happened......? *continues to cry*

Avery: Yeah, didn't need to see the future to see that was coming.

Cliff: *pretty much faints due to all his stress in previous episodes, whimpers*

Devilotte: *tip toes over to Cliff and steals his wallet, runs away, giggling*

Avery: *facepalms*

Cliff: *wakes up*......a-awwwwww.......U-um.......I-ill just in the broom closet.......u-um........yeah........*Runs into the broom closet*

A. Ifraid's Other Brother in a Cheaply-Made Sparro Mask: *slaps Cliff's..........yeah.........immediately as he comes in*

Cliff: *blushes and pretends its Sparro*

A. IOBiaCMSM: *slaps Cliff's........yeah...........faster; horrible Sparro voice* Having fun?

Cliff: *somehow convinced that it actually is Sparro*.........y-yes.....

A. IOBiaCMSM: *Horrible Sparro Voice, stops slapping* That's good. You know what else is good?


A. IOBiaCMSM: *Horrible Sparro Voice* This.

Kid in a Ghost Costume: *randomly appears, grabs a chainsaw, and cuts Cliff'*

A. IOBiaCMSM: Wasn't that fun, Cliff? :D

Cliff:* grows back*.......y-yeah..........m-my father......was a starfish.........



A. IOBiaCMSM: I ************** HATE YOU, YOU PIECE OF ****, YOU BELONG IN THE GARBAGE, I HATE YOU CLIFFORD, Y U DO DIS, I HATE YOU YOU MOTHER***************************.........*throws TV with the show "Clifford the Big Red Dog" out the window and then pantsed Cliff* :D

Cliff: *blushes*.....y-yayz...........

A. IOBiaCMSM: Anyways, this Kid and I are going to continously beat you up for fun. You ready? :D

Cliff: .......Y-yeah...........

A. IOBiaCMSM: *Beats up Cliff to the point of breaking a few bones, with the kid* ISN'T THIS FUN, CLIFF, OL' BUDDY? :D


A. IOBiaCMSM: *Continues beating up Cliff with a huge grin* :D

Cliff: *enjoying it*............*Giggles*

A. IOBiaCMSM: *Beats up Cliff even more* :D

Cliff: *Blushes*........T-this is.......f-fun.....

Crushes * Chat

Xiaomu: *eating tofu she stole frim Reiji* YUMMERZ!

Reiji: *notices Xiaomu* ..............Time for a rough spanking. *spanks Xiaomu as hard as he can straight for 2 days*

Xiaomu: Ouchies! >.<

Reiji: .........I'm not even finished.

Xiaomu: Then finish >.>

Reiji: No.

Xiaomu: Aw >.<

Reiji: *spanks Xiaomu as hard as he can again straight for a week*


Reiji: You have been lacking in discipline lately, so I decided to add up everytime you should have been spanked. Now pack that tofu, we're going camping away from here so you can get more discipline.

Xiaomu: Ok, fine. *packs tofu*

Reiji: *walks to the campsite*

Xiaomu: *following* Ugh, Im getting to old for all this walking! Reiji, can you carry me?

Reiji: Fine. Just don't distract me. *carries Xiaomu*

Xiaomu: YAYZ!

Reiji: *walking, carrying Xiaomu* ...........

Xiaomo: Is something wrong, Reiji?

Reiji: No. We're here. *puts Xiaomu down and sees the campsite* ............It's too cramped for my taste.

Xiaomu: OH WELL. *plays in the mud*

Reiji: ..............One more tofu if we can head back? I'll carry- I just don't like the people here, they creep me out.

Person: :D I LOVE YOU ALL!

Xiaomu: AND I LOVE YOU, RANDOM CITIZEN! Yeah sure, *jumps into Reiji's arms*


Xiaomu: You cant kill a Shinra agent! D:

Person: *grabs knives and throws ten at the back of Reiji's head, KOing him, then continously stabs Xiaomu's face* WATCH ME >:D

Xiaomu: *Kills Person somehow* :D

Person's Brother: *slaps Xiaomu repeatedly, then throws knives at her, everywhere, never missing* I'M RELATED TO HAWKEYE :D

Xiaomu: awwwww poop >.>

Person's Brother: *slaps Xiaomu, then stabs her in the eye with a knife*

Xiaomu: Dont be mean! I havent even done anything to you yet!

Person's Brother: Oh well. *trollface* *stabs Xiaomu in the other eye and then stabs Reiji's chin*


Person's Brother: *stabs Xiaomu's chin* TROLOLOLOL!

Reiji: *wakes up and sees him stab Xiaomu's chin* ...........*grabs PB, throws him onto the ground, shoots him, and then stabs him with his own knife*

Xiaomu: REIJI TO THE RESCUE! *Runs back to the team as fast as possible*

Reiji: *leaves, following Xiaomu*

Xiaomu: well that was fun! :D

Reiji: Did you learn anything?

Xiaomu: I learned to hate all strangers fromnow on! EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET US! D:

Reiji: Exactly. I'm so proud of you. *sheds manly tear*

Xiaomu: OMG are you crying? HAPPY DAYS! *Hugs Reiji*

Reiji: Killing that man brought us closer together and taught you discipline. I think we did pretty good.

Xiaomu: YAYZ!

Reiji: Now go eat your tofu or whatever.

Xiaomu: Thanks Reiji! *eats tofu*

Dante: Hi Guys! What are you doing?

Xiaomu: Nothing much.

The Kicks * Chat

Hosts * Chat

KOS-MOS: *recharging*

Duke: *walks in to check on KOS-MOS, then puts some random papers away*

Episode 6 - Futuristic Experience


Duke: *outside* Hmm.....

KOS-MOS: *Blue eyed* Is something wrong, Duke?

Duke: Yes, we received a death threat yesterday from some guy calling himself the Master of Time, so I'm waiting for him to show up.

KOS-MOS: Why must something attempt to put us in danger every time? *sighs*

Duke: I don't honestly know............*hears a loud noise* What was that? *sees portal gathering all the contestants in* Woah, what?

KOS-MOS: *Red eyed* Distortion in area confirmed. Something is coming!

Time Master: YOU WILL ALL DIE! *Grabs A. Ifraid's Other Brother too because why not and the portal begins to close*

Duke: I'm going after them. *pulls out gun and willingly let's himself get sucked into the portal* I'll be back, make sure nothing happens! *goes through and the portal closes immediately after*

KOS-MOS: Standby. *shuts down temporarily*


You must see four parts of your future. It takes 3 lines to watch it, be disturbed, or whatever. First two team to have 4 finish win.)

Duke vs. Time Master

Duke: *walking, sees pictures of how he ends up and what's he known for* ..............

Time Master: The man who wins the final showdown.

Duke: What does that even mean?

Time Master: YOU WON'T HAVE TIME TO SEE AFTER I'M DONE WITH YOU! *Everyone who didn't finish the challenge arrive first and are chokd by the Time Master*

Duke: Woah..........alright, fine. Have it your way. *Pulls out guns*

Time Master: YOU WILL DIE! *Everyone who did the challenge show up and watch*

Duke: I don't think so. *shoots Time Master repeatedly*


Duke: ............*uses crimson eye to shoot Time Master and stab him with super speed*

Time Master: GAH- *Is shot in the eye, now blinded, is stabbed once more, and dies*

Duke: *stops and a portal opens up* Alright, let's go. *goes through portal, with everyone following*

Devilotte's Future

-Devilotte walks into a scene, saying what she was known for: failing to rule the world epicly. She sees her bad attempts as she walks through-

Devilotte: Aw what? How can I fail? This blows >.>

-Scene shows Devilotte being foiled and beat up by the Imperial Knights, save Flynn, after her second attempt fatally injures Yuri, Flynn, and Estelle*

Devilotte: Oh, well thats good, I injured people at least ^-^

-Final scene of what she was known for: being r**** by rogue Imperial Knights, angered by the injury which killed Estelle and weakened Yuri so he would die from spit balls-


-Devilotte sees herself settling down in a homeless shelter in Vesperia after wasting all her money on failed evil attempts-

Devilotte: oh come on >.<

-Devilotte sees herself trying to propose to Flynn because he's the only one who doesn't r*** her or steal the only money she's earned every time they see her, but Flynn says no so she cries on the streets homelessly because Flynn could have given her shelter, her main priority-


-Devilotte sees herself never finding a house-

Devilotte: F*** IT I DONT WANNA SEE ANYMORE!!! *tries to escape but cant*

-Devilotte sees herself falling in love with Flynn after he regains his sanity, because he's the only one who tolerates her-

Devilotte: WOOT!

-Devilotte sees herself killing Flynn's wife so he'll pay attention to her-

Devilotte: Looks like things are perking up!

-Devilotte finally marries Flynn and forces him to have s** with her weekly-

Devilotte: ONLY WEEKLY!? >.>

-Devilotte sees Flynn's sacrifice for her 3 years later and truly feels sad-

Devilotte: D:

-Devilotte goes through deep depression and ponders suicide-


-Devilotte begins to commit suicide but dies from starvation because her choice took a year, just sitting on stairs thinking-

Devilotte: The future me is a moron.

Then go after the guy sooner, geez. Tough crowd. >.> -Devilotte is sent to Duke where she cannot chat yet-

Cliff's Future

-Cliff walks into a scene, saying what he was known for: having the most pain tolerance for a 19 year old. He sees the pain he will suffer in the next couple of years as he walks through-

Cliff:............*walks through*..............

-Cliff sees himself being laughed at and hit in the head by hammers by Devilotte-

Cliff: *teary eyed*...........

-Cliff sees himself having to spank himself in denial pretending it's Sparro after the broom closet is locked for a night-

Cliff:.............I-I.....need.....a-a new......h-hobby..........

-Cliff sees A. Ifraid's Other Brother landing on him, crushing his head and fracturing his jaw in 2 seconds-

A. Ifraid's Other Brother in a Sparro Mask: *lands on Cliff, crushing his head, and fracturing his jaw* Oh hi. *slaps Cliff's.........yeah...........*

Cliff: *Blushes at this scene*.......y-yayz.....Sparro is still....a-alive.......

-Cliff now sees himself settling down into the broom closet where's he's slapped in the yeah daily, every minute-


-Cliff sees Tyson coming over every day to help them with slapping activities-

Cliff:.....I-I......uh.......I-I dont know....who that is.........

-Cliff in the future doesn't know either, he's having too much fun being slapped in the yeah-

Cliff:...............y-yay........I think........

-Cliff sees himself marrying Tyson after A. Ifraid's Other Brother is killed by KOS-MOS who then leaves-

Cliff:........S-so.......Sparro and I.....d-dont get together..........?

-Cliff in the future doesn't care because he forces Tyson to talk in a Sparro accent anyways-

Cliff: *purrs in joy*

-Cliff sees himself having *** with Tyson-

Cliff:........ :D ...........

-Cliff begins to feel pain in his yeah-


-Cliff's d*** falls off and Cliff dies to the pain, hugging Tyson-

Cliff:...............I-I......need to meet........this guy.........

-Cliff and Tyson share the same grave-

Cliff: *blushes*

-Cliff is teleported to Duke where he cannot chat yet-

Flynn's Future

-Flynn walks into a scene, saying what he was known for: Being a great captain of the Imperial Knights. He will see the amount of sacrifices he will have to make as captain as he walks through-

Flynn: *walking through* ..........

-Flynn witnesses Yuri's death as he's bein pelted by spit balls

Flynn: Wh-what?

Flynn sees himself seeing Estelle die after somehow getting intoxicated by milk and having an overdose.

Flynn: So all my friends die in like five years?

Flynn sees himself going insane and running on the streets, shouting at people to love him because all of his friends are dead.

Flynn: ............I still have some friends you kno- on second though I won't tell you who.

Flynn sees himself being bullied by the remaining living friends due to his insanity.

Flynn: Aw.

Flynn sees himself drowning in a puddle, barely surviving

Flynn: >.>

Flynn sees himself marrying a girl that looks like a female Yuri, he has gotten over his insanity.

Flynn: *sighs waiting for the next horrible thing to happen*

Flynn sees himself rejecting Devilotte, who is now homeless.

Flynn: I see.

Flynn sees himselfgoing to save his wife, who has been kidnapped by Devilotte

Flynn: >.>

Flynn fails saving his wife, and Devilotte kills her while he watches.

Flynn: Why world, why?

Flynn sees himself eventually marrying Devilotte because he has no other options at this point.

Flynn: .................

Flynn sees himself fighting a monster that attacked Devilotte.

Flynn: Okay.

The monster has overpowered him, so he tells Devilotte to escape.

Flynn: I see.

Devilotte escapes, but the monster devours Flynn alive

Flynn: Oh well.

A beam teleports Flynn to Duke, where he cannot post yet.

Avery's Future

-Avery walks into a scene, saying what he was known for: Saving the world various times via time travel. He sees all the battles in store for him as he tries to prevail and save the earth while he walks through-

Avery: *walking through* Hmm.......

-Avery sees himself saving Cliff from Devilotte in her castle. Avery is wearing overalls and hat with an A on it. Cliff is wearing a pink dress and a crown, and Devilotte is dressed up as a turtle.

Avery: >.>

Avery sees himself battling more zombies, Devilotte is among them, also a zombie. Cliff was once again kidnapped.

Avery: ................

Avery sees himself returning to the future, now that the world has been saved and Cliff finally safe from harm, succeding in Sparro's final wishes.

Avery: ...........

Avery has become world famous, and lives in a mansion, but is bored of it because he does not really enjoy the high life.

Avery: Hmph.

Avery sees himself going back to the past out of boredom, but immediatley goes back to the future after he teleports to Cliff and Tyson slapping eachother in a broom closet.

Avery: O_O

Avery sees himself abandoning his mansion and lives in the woods for the thrill of adventure.

Avery: Okay then.

Avery sees himself marrying a girl.....while Cliff streaks at the altar.....

Avery: *covers eyes, blinded*

Avery is a lot less bored now that he is married, but soon realizes that his wife is Devilotte's twin sister.

Avery: Aw.

Avery sees himself slowly getting creeped out by his wife, even though she is a lot nicer than Devilotte.

Avery: Can we hurry this up?

Ok, geez. Avery  commits suicide after he goes insane by his wife.

Avery: .............

A beam teleports Avery to Duke, where he cannot post yet.

Mali's Future

-Mali walks into a scene, saying what she was known for: Being sweet. She sees all the rude things people did to her but how sweetly she reacts as she walks through-

Ifraid's Future

-Ifraid walks into a scene, saying what he was known for: Being a wikia user. He sees everything he goes through as a wikia user as he walks through-

Reiji's Future

-Reiji walks into a scene, saying what he was known for: Being one of the best Shinra Agents there have been. He sees every mission and spank he is with Xiaomu/has to punish Xiaomu with as he walks through-

-Reiji sees his future self making out with Xiaomu's future self in his office at Shinra HQ.\

Reiji: Wait.........

Reiji sees Xiaomu giving birth to 21 kids.....all at the samee time....hes the father (XD)

Reiji: *crying on the inside*

Reiji sees himself taking care off all the kids, while Xiaomu is continuing all her duties at Shinra because she is so much better

Reiji: >.>

Reiji sees himself retired with Xiaomu, the kids are all in their 40's but are physically like 2, so he has to take care of them still.

Reiji: *Crying on the outside*

Reiji sees himself breast feeding each ofhis children because Xiaomu is never in the house.

Reiji: I'm going to spank Xiaomu after this. >.>

Reiji is seen spanking each of his kids because one of them spilled salt on the floor and he couldnt figure out who because they were re-enacting Spartacus.

Reiji: God dang it. >.>

Reiji sees Xiaomu and Reiji's wedding day....................while Saya is streaking across the altar

Reiji: *cringes*

Reiji sees himself cheating on Xiaomu with Saya, who drugs him

Reiji: *throws up*

Reiji sees himself marrying Saya......while Xiaomu streaks across the altar for revenge.

Reiji: *attempts to kill himself*

Reiji and Saya are living happily until they get a fight over what pizza toppings to order.

Reiji: I hate everything, I'm committing suicide after this.

Saya begins to strangle Reiji after he calls her a fat pile of s***


Saya cuts off Reiji's head, but the brain is still active so hes technically not dead.

Reiji: *cries*

Beam teleports Reiji to Duke, where he cannot post yet.

Xiaomu's Future

-Xiaomu walks into a scene, saying what she was known for: Being the funniest werefox there ever was. She sees the times she gets spanked and how much fun she has with Reiji as she walks through-

Xiaomu: YAY REIJI!

-Xiaomu sees herself being spanked by Reiji in a montage-

Xiaomu: Aw poop.

-Xiaomu sees herself now spanking herself because she's come to enjoy it

Xiaomu: ....So Im unhealthy and messed up like Cliff?

-Xiaomu sees herself never leaving Reiji's side because she needs him to keep her in order-

Xiaomu: WOOT!

-Xiaomu sees herself settling down with Reiji in the middle of a plain field so she can run around freely-

Xiaomu: Seeing the future is fun!

-Xiaomu sees herself fighting over Reiji with Saya while running around in the field, scratching each other-

Xiaomu: B*** THATS MY MAN! >.>

-Xiaomu sees herself, having s** with Reiji MULTIPLE times-


-Xiaomu sees that it starts five minutes after the challenge is over if she behaves now that Reiji's seen the future too-

Xiaomu: OMG YAYZ.

-Xiaomu sees herself giving birth to multiple kids who she dumps on Reiji and makes Reiji do everything, making Reiji love her a lot less-

Xiaomu: YAYZ!

-Xiaomu goes through deep depression and heavy drinking after Reiji leaves her for being the most inconsiderate wife ever-

Xiaomu: I regret nothing.

-Xiaomu ends up having to make love to a portrait of Reiji, regretting everything she did-

Xiaomu:  >.<

-Xiaomu gets tired of making love to a portrait of Reiji, realizes she wants to be with him again, and commits suicide on his grave, sharing his grave without his consent because he's dead-

Xiaomu: aw.

Then don't be so heartless, sista' -Xiaomu is teleported to Duke where she cannot chat yet-

Dante's Future

-Dante walks into a scene, saying what he was known for: Being mentally sick. He sees all the torment and pity he goes through and the frustration as he walks through-

Dante: :( this isn't a good future

-Scene shows his father whipping him for his weirdness-

Future Dante: *crying* Dad! PLEASE STOP!


-Scene shows Dante being beat up by his dad and the school bully-

​ Dante:*crying* Do I at least get a GirlFriend! 

-Dante moves onto how he settled in after TDN-

-Dante sees himself on dating websites as an adult as an obese man-

​Dante: but I'm so skinny, I will work out every day from here on, wait if I'm fat I can die from obesity or diabetes and a heart attack , YES!

-Dante sees himself drowning himself in alcohol for the first year after TDN causing many trips to the hospital but lots of survivals-

Dante: well at least I ain't as skinny as I am now or I would almost KILL myself but still, really, REALLY FATE!

-Dante sees himself crying, begging people to make out with him on the streets because he became homeless after trading his house for alcohol-

Dante: Still a better love story than Twighlight! And at least , I don't live with people, I mean sometimes I am creeper out by Avery and the. Rest so I wonder where they go

-Dante moves on to love life and only ever gets to make love to an old woman when they're both drunk-

Dante: At least, I AINT a virgin :D

-Dante sees himself trying to make love to a burger-

​Dante: My life sucks :D

-Dante sees himself trying to make love to a portrait of a burger, his true love-

Dante: I always New I'd masturbate once in a while but to a picture of a burger, AWESOME! A girl would annoy me like debilitated does or maybe Mari 

-Dante sees himself catch on fire trying to make love to the same portrait-

Dante: Imma Gonna die

-Dante sees himself burn VERY slowly to death-

Dante: At least I'm dead

-Dante doesn't die for 13 years, handling immense pain for that long-

*Beam teleports Dante to Duke, where he can't post yet*

Axel's Future

-Axel walks into a scene saying what he was known for: Being chill. He sees all the failed surfing attempts and championships he attended as he walks through-

Brucetta's Future

-Brucetta walks into a scene saying what she was known for: her love of Batwoman. She sees all the failed cases and weird Alfred junk as she walks through-

Nathan's Future

-Nathan walks into a scene, showing what he was known for: Being a wise father. There he sees how he raises his child and all the acts of defiance the child brings as he walks through-

Tyson's Future

-Tyson walks into a scene, showing what he was known for: being the wackiest space ninja ever. There he sees all the injuries he goes through and all the weird stuff he must do as he walks through-

Tyson: at least I ain't gay, and there's no trey and TDN is over ^.^

-Tyson sees himself having to make out with Trey to get the Katana of Bravery-

Tyson: That's one challenge I will never do life, He is so annoying and, Fact, Rejij is annoying, Flynn is Annoying, Avery..... is kinda cool, Cliff is annoying They suck and I ain't gay!

-Tyson sees himself, making out with Cliff and slapping Cliff's........yeah..........because he ends up being poor to be spiritual and needs money for soda-

Tyson: D: No no no no no no no no no I AIN'T GAY AND ,hopefully, CLIFF ISN'T EITHER AND I WILL NEVER *Shivers* DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO CLIFF

-Scene shows himself get naked while slapping Cliff's yeah-

Tyson: On the bright  side..... there is no bright side..... and why is CLIFF having a GOOD TIME *Throws up*

-Tyson settles down as a homeless man in space who can only teleport to the broom closet to "party" with Cliff for money-

Tyson: At least it's for Money and not pleasure :(

-Tyson eventually loves it and comes for free and pleasure-

Tyson: Please say I die of heart attack and never see CLIFF again nor marry him

-Tyson sees himself marrying Cliff-

Tyson: No No No No No No, It won't happen! Please devorce !

-Tyson never divorces Cliff because he enjoys slapping Cliff's yeah too much despite still being slightly weirded out by Cliff-

Tyson: all I have seen IS **X PLEASE make it stop

-Tyson then sees himself actually having s** with Cliff-


-Tyson sees himself having too much fun, but now in pain from the fun-

​Tyson: I DIE FROM SEX! Kinda expected it but still WTF

-Tyson's d*** ends up falling off, killing him from pain-

Tyson: No more CLIFF, FINNALY.....please

-Tyson dies, hugging Cliff who died at the same time and then share a grave-

Tyson: >:( at least There is no more sex

*Beam teleports Tyson to Duke where he can't chat yet*

Mari's Future

-Mari walks into a scene, showing what she was known for: being a lover, not a fighter. There she sees all the times she's assaulted for not fighting back and how people reject her open-mindedness as she walks through-

Mari: Nooo

-Scene shows Mari being beat up by the snooty girls in high school-

Mari: I will kill you Girls

-Scene shows Mari being assaulted by the school bully......who's a snooty girl-

Mari: *crying* Why ME?

-Scene shows Mari having to join Mystery Inc. for protection-

Mari: Don't troll me life

-Mari ends up living in the Mystery Inc. Van-

Mari: >:(

-Mari lives off of Scooby Snacks-

Mari: WTF

-Mari ends up saying "Jinkeys" and "Zoinks" after every sentence-

Mari: Oh No!

-Mari ends up falling in love with Scooby-Doo-

Mari: Scooby is the oNE WITH THE YELLOW HAIR, right?

-It's the dog and Mari ends up having s** with Scooby-

Mari: Wait, what!?

-Mari has a LOT more s** with Scooby-

Mari: Noooooo wait isn't that illegal

No. -Scooby ends up dying of old age, one day before their planned wedding-

Mari: is it legal to Marry a dog anyway (XD)

Yes. -Mari drinks gallons of alcohol, sad about Scooby's death-

Mari: I am?

YES. >.> -Mari dies of an overdose-


NO YOU, B**** >.> *Mari is teleported to Duke where she cannot post yet*

Bella's Future

-Bella walks into a scene, showing what she was known for: being the biggest nerd ever. There she sees how many bullies make fun of her and steal her lunch money as she walks through-


Trey's Future

-Trey walks into a scene, showing what he was known for: making zany films. There he sees all the legal trouble his first film gets into and the negative reception as he walks through-


-One year after the events, no one from the challenge can post yet-

Vashyron: Wow, I wonder what happened to them. Duke still needed to pay me for killing the pizza girl.

Flare: *does the happy dance*

KOS-MOS: *blue eyed* Im starting to get worried about Duke...and the others. If they dont come back, we never end the hiatus.

Flare: OH WELL! Why would you care anyways? You'd probably go to another show or something. SO JUST ENJOY THAT THEY'RE ALL GONE! *Happy dance*

KOS-MOS: *Blasts Flare away with her lason cannon arms*

Vashyron: Finally, he's gone. Anyways, I'll be leaving soon to go find Zephyr and Leanne, but you can have........this *picks up random plush tiger* to keep you company or whatever.

KOS-MOS: Um, ok. Thanks.

Vashyron: If they come out today, tell Duke he still owes me 20 bucks. See ya. *backflips and disappears*

KOS-MOS: *Sad*

Portal: *opens up sending only Flynn and Dante out*

Flynn: *lands on ground* That felt like a year.

KOS-MOS: *red eyed* It has been a year.

Flynn: Oh, sorry for the wait- *notices only Dante is there with him* where are the others?

Portal: *opens up, sending Reiji and Tyson out*

Reiji: *scared of the future*

KOS-MOS: Scanners show that all of you are scarred, what happened?   

Dante:Ow, that hurt.... hey  KOS-MOS YOU LOOK DIFFERENT LIKE A YEAR OLD, you look good!

KOS-MOS: I cannot age because I am a robot....

Portal: *sends Avery and Cliff out*

Avery: *lands on ground* Eh.

Cliff: *still blushing about the future*

Portal: *sends Xiaomu and Devilotte out*

Xiaomu: YAYZ!

Devilotte: Ugh, that was awful.

Portal: *sends out Mari and then the inactives*  

Tyson:WTF just Happened why is this show so weird

KOS-MOS: *blue eyed* Wheres Duke?

Dante: D: he's not here

Flynn: No idea.


-One day later-

Portal: *opens up, sending Duke and Time Master down*

Time Master: *barely alive* I WON'T........DIE! *Turns into a giant and squashes everyone but Duke*

Duke: Sheesh. To think you're the guy who made me late. I don't want to kill anyone.


Duke: You die?


Duke: *throws sword at Time Master's heart, then shoots him repeatedly, shrinking Time Master, and killing him, freeing everyone* Okay then. Everyone alright? How late am I?

KOS-MOS: *red eyed* One year and 24 hours.

Dante: XD

Duke: Wait- a year?

Flynn: We were all gone a year, you were just gone an additional day.

Duke: Oh. Sorry to keep you waiting, KOS-MOS, but we can get on with the show.

Dante: was that a CHALLANGE

KOS-MOS: Understood. ending hiatus.

Duke: I guess so, Dante. Well, we'll start elimination now. For least amount of help during escape from Time Master, the Kicks go to elimination? Sure.

Elimination Ceremony 6 - The Kicks

Duke: Just you 4 left. Vote in the confessional. Good luck guys.

Duke: Okay tied votes between Tyson and Bella, here's the tiebreaker, which was chosen by our friendly neighborhood Vashyron, a question:

What was the name of the giraffe destroyed by Lionel?

A. Gonzo

B. Eugene

C. Gizmo

D. Gizma

E. Gonza

F. Eugena

Duke: You get two guesses.

Tyson: Gonzo, duh

Duke: Incorrect, one last guess Tyson.

Tyson: F*** Gizmo

Duke: Nice guess. Tyson's safe. Bella, I'm sorry, but you're eliminated.

Los Pecks Chat

Cliff:........*Looks at broom closet*.......U-um.....Avery......I'll be in the broom closet.....with Sparro......I-if you need me.......*Runs into the broom closet*

Avery: Sparro- what?

Flynn: I don't know.

Cliff: *In broom closet*..........A-are here......?

A. IOB (Because I'm too lazy to type the whole thing): Yes. *slaps Cliff's yeah*

Cliff: *purrs*

A. IOB: Want to be beat up now? :D


A. IOB: *Beats Cliff up, accidentally breaking one of his front teeth*

Cliff: *doesent care, enjoys it*

A. IOB: *Continues to beat Cliff up*

Cliff: .....Y-yayz.........

A. IOB: *Whacks Cliff's face with a sledgehammer*

Cliff:*purrs*.....T-this*blushes again*

A. IOB: *Whacks Cliff's yeah with a sledgehammer*

Cliff: *Screams out of joy*

Ifraid: hey guys sorry for not doing stuff but I fell in poison ivy and thorns so I had to go to the hospital (the real life reason is because I went to a beach house and I couldn't use the Internet there)

A. IOB: *Grabs a car and runs over Cliff's yeah*

Cliff: *somehow still enjoying this........*

A. IOB: *Grabs a tank and runs off Cliff's yeah and then shoots his yeah*

Cliff:......... :D ..........................

A. IOB: *has a monster truck PARK on Cliff's yeah*

Cliff: *still somehow has the pain tolerance to still enjoy this.......creepy guy......*

A. IOB: *Keeps running the engine, causing it to continue to move, but still stay on Cliff's yeah*

Flynn: *training*

Cliff: *still enjoying it*

Devilotte: Hi Flynn! whats up?

A. IOB: *Uses rocket launcher to hit Cliff's yeah*

Flynn: Hello, Princess Devilotte. I'm just training.

Cliff: *still.....enjoying it.....*

Devilotte: So um, did you happen to see your future?

A. IOB: *Throws 1000 bowling balls at Cliff's yeah*

Flynn: A lot of disturbing things.......which can count as interesting. Why?

Devilotte: Interesting.....but still cool? right? :D


Flynn: I guess, why? *to Devilotte*

A. IOB: *Throws DaRealLeon at Cliff's yeah*



Flynn: I know..........*to Devilotte* But what, are you expecting me to propose now?

A. IOB: *Throws 10 Shakespeare books at Cliff's yeah*

Devilotte: *to Flynn* Well, its gonna happen one way or another, so theres no need to wait.

Cliff: *You know by now >.>*

A. IOB: *Doesn't hurt Cliff*

Flynn: Fine. *proposes to Devilotte* Will you make me the most weirdest out man in the world? Besides Avery who commits suicide later because of his twist.

Devilotte: Sure. YAYZ!

Cliff: A-awwwwwww........

Flynn: *sighs*

-One week later, the wedding-

A. IOB: *Sitting on a chair, watching, while stabbing Cliff everywhere*

Cliff: *blushes*


Flynn: *just silent*

Devilotte: GIVE ME THE RING! >.>

Flynn: *gives Devilotte the ring*

Devilotte: WOOT!

A. IOB: *Slapping Cliff's yeah*

Avery: *in the crowd, disturbed by Cliff and A. IOB*

Priest: *to Flynn and Devilotte* You may now kiss the groom, because he's probably frozen for what just happened.

Cliff: *still blushing*

Devilotte: Dont mind if I do! *makes out with Flynn*

Flynn: *cries on the inside*

A. IOB: *Beats Cliff up*

Cliff:........S-Sparro....w-when are you gonna propose.......>.>......? (XD)

Flynn: *still crying on the inside*

A. IOB: WHEN- *Mask falls off* PIZZA CAN FLY!

Cliff: *gasps*......U-um.......your not Sparro.......*teary eyed*

A. IOB: OH WELL! *Beats up Cliff again anyway*

Cliff: YAYZ!

A. IOB: *Cuts off Cliff's yeah* YAY!

Cliff: *it grows back*

A. IOB: You shame me. >.> *doesn't beat up Cliff*

Cliff: *cries*

Ifraid: *kicks Cliff into a volcano*

Los Crushes Chat

Xiaomu: Hi Reiji!

Reiji: *scared in a corner* You ruin my life.........stay back.

Xiaomu: Reiji, dont be mad. I only learned about it too.

Reiji: *scared* No, you ruin it. Stay back.

Xiaomu: Reiji, come on. Dont be like that. *hugs Reiji*

Reiji: *scared* So many kids, only me, why?

Xiaomu: I promise that I'll do my best to help out, okay?

Reiji: Fine.........I trust you.

Xiaomu: YAYZ! *Kisses Reiji*

Dante: what happened while I was gone? :O

Reiji: *to Xiaomu* You will help. >.>

Xiaomu: I promise!

Reiji: Okay, fine.

Dante: :D are you two a couple!

Xiaomu: Oh, can we be a couple Reiji, please?

Reiji: Fine. You're still helping. >.>

Dante: I'm so happy for you two 

Xiaomu: *kisses Reiji again* This is fun!

Reiji: You're helping. >.>

Xiaomu: I know, sheesh! We still have quite few years until then.

Reiji: I checked the timelin- *realizes he could wait longer* yeah, you're right.

Xiaomu: YAYZ! *Kisses Reiji again*

Reiji: *finally relaxed*

Xiaomu: *Makes out with Reiji*

Dante: :O so your future was good

Reiji: Until she left me to do everything with the kids. >.> *continues to make out with Xiaomu*

Xiaomu: But that wont happen! :D

Reiji: I trust you to do the right thing. Which would be helping me with the kids- okay fine, I'll shut up. >.>


Reiji: Hmm.

Xiaomu: Whats wrong, Reiji?

Reiji: Just wondering why you want 21 kids.

Dante: Me Too!?

Los Kicks Chat

Tyson: What The f*** did I see, did my life just troll me and ignore everything I told myself NOT to do!

Hosts & Stuff Chat

Duke: *walking to his room, sees everything dusty* One year can make a difference..........

KOS-MOS: I can initiate cleaning, if you order me to do so.

Duke: It's fine, my own fault for jumping in the portal, I guess.

Episode 7 - Mixed-Galaxies


Duke: *doing rounds* Nothing unusual for once.

KOS-MOS: affirmative, my sensors are not detecting anything.

*Portal opens up sucking Duke, KOS-MOS and everyone else in*

Duke: *now inside* Did we jinx it? *sees animals* We did.

KOS-MOS: This is very unfortunate.

???1: *Rubbing head* Wuh?

???2: Aw what- where's everyone else?

???1: *Shrugs*

???2: Darn.

Mind-Controlled Animals: *begin marching*

???1: *scared* U-um........

???2: Come on, get up. We'll fight this through.

Duke: We should probably help, mainly because I think those animals look similar to the reported animal attacks last season.

The Pecks vs. Mind-Controlled Animals (Ally: Walker)

Walker: *gets seperated* H-huh? Now I'm hungry, scared, and alone........wuh..........guess it's now or never.

(Battle System:

Defeat the 5 MC Animals: Agent S, Big Top, Chrissy, Cesar, Rocket.

2 HP for everyone.

Walker must not die.

Walker must land the final hit.)

Cliff: *hurls dark magic at Agent S*

Devilotte: *hadokens Agent S*

Agent S: *Dies*

Chrissy: *slaps Devilotte*

Rocket: *punches Flynn*

Walker: *whacks Rocket with an axe*

Avery: *shoots cannon arm at Chrissy*

Cliff: *hurls dark magic at Chrissy*

Devilotte: *has Blodia punch Rocket*

Flynn: *stabs Cesar*

Chrissy: *dies*

Rocket: *dies*

Big Top: *slaps Devilotte with his trunk, defeating her*

Cesar: *punches Avery*

Walker: *whacks Big Top with his axe*

Cliff: *punches Big Top*

Big Top: *dies*

Cesar: *punches Flynn, defeating him*

Walker: ........Is it almost over, wuh? Wait, AH! *Trips and somehow sets Cesar on fire*

Cesar: NOOOOOOOOOO *Burns to death*

The Crushes vs. Mind-Controlled Animals (Ally: Kid Cat)


(Battle System: Same as Pecks but Kid Cat must not die and must land the final hit.)

Kid Cat: *licking an Ice Cream cone* What? I got to fight. Can I finish my ice cream cone first?

Reiji: No.

Kid Cat: Why?

Reiji: Because you will die, helmet or not. And if you don't, I'd have to have Xiaomu give you the brutality bonus.

Kid Cat: Oh. Yeah, good point. *throws ice cream cone away* So now what?

Xiaomu: we fight, silly billy!

Kid Cat: *shoots Agents S with an acid water gun*

Reiji: *shoots Agent S*

Agent S: *Dies*

Kid Cat: *shoots Big Top with an acid water gun*

Xiaomu: *shoots Bug Top*

Big Top: *dies*

Reiji: *spanks Rocket*

Kid Cat: *shoots Rocket with AWG*

Rocket: *dies*

Cesar: *punches Xiaomu*

Chrissy: *tackles Reiji*

Reiji: *shoots Chrissy*

Kid Cat: *Shoots Chrissy with AWG*

Rocket: *dies*

Cesar: *punches Kid Cat*

Reiji: *shoots Cesar*

Kid Cat: *shoots Cesar with AWG*

Cesar: *dies* NOOOOOOO!

The Kicks vs. Mind-Controlled Animals (Ally: Marshal)

Marshal: Wait, where did Walker go? Walker? *sees animals* I'll just crush them like the roses of an ex or something.

(Battle System: Same as Pecks but Marshal must not die and must land the final hit.)


Duke: *finishes off the Kicks' MC Animals* Okay, we're safe?

Avery: Yeah.

Flynn: I'm good.

Reiji: Hmph.

Duke: Well, then, I guess the Kicks lose for not doing anything. Anyways, Avery you can make portals, right?

Avery: Right.

Duke: Can you make one for us and one for Walker, Marshal, and Kid Cat?

Avery: Sure. *opens portal*

*Everyone but Avery, Nathan, Kid Cat, and Walker head to their portals*

Avery: Thanks for the help. Anyways, bye. The portals are closing in, so let's go before they suck us in.

Walker: Wuh?

Avery: As the portals close, they suck us in, and might suck us into the wrong ones.

Walker: Oh. Okay. Thanks for having my back! Bye! *accidentally goes into the wrong portal*

Avery: Walker, wait!

*Animal Portal sucks in Avery and Nathan (LxJ quit on chat a while ago) and TDN Portal sucks Kid Cat in*


Walker: WEEEEEEEEEE- *While falling turns into a human*


Avery: *turning into a dog because he's in AC* >.>


Duke: *Everyone has landed* Everyone okay?

Kid Cat: *still the same* Yea. (Going to head to bed)

Walker: *Looks at hands* I have thumbs now, wuh!

Duke: Oh okay, I see what happened........I think Avery & Nathan got mixed up with Walker & Kid Cat, but for some reason Walker became a human but Kid Cat didn't.

Walker: Oh I walked into the portal by myself if it means anything.

Duke: Explains it I guess. For now, you'll take Avery & Nathan's places if it's fine with you? *Both nod* Alright, I'll find a way to contact Avery. Anyways Kicks, you're up for elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 7 - The Kicks

Duke: Just three left. Good luck. You know what to do, right? Vote in the confessional. Majority votes against someone means elimination.

Duke: Okay water bottles for Mari and...........................Tyson! Sorry Trey, but you're out. If it makes you feel any better, you did pretty decently for your first time? Good luck with your films or whatever you do.


Duke: After the Kicks' elimination, we will have a team swap so this will be your final chat with your team. Also Kid Cat, you will go to Crushes for now, Walker will go with Pecks. Have fun.

Final Pecks Chat

Ifraid: well this is the end I guess.

Cliff: *crying over Avery's absence*

Walker: *Chasing himself* Wuh? Where's my tail? D: *Watch rings* Huh?

Avery: *through watch* So you're now a human? Just great.

Walker: *through watch* Yeah. You're a dog? Isn't being a dog awesome, wuh?

Avery: *through watch* I'm used to being a human. Anyways we need to find a way back to our universes. Marshal and I will be looking for a way. Until then, just watch out for any mind-controlled animals. They might go after you. Good luc- *disconnection*

Walker: Aw.

Final Crushes Chat

Dante: D: oh no.... we're splitting up

Kid Cat: ...Weird.

Not-Final Host & Others Chat

Team Swap

Duke: So before we start, KOS-MOS managed to get Jamie to debut somehow, thanks KOS-MOS. Welcome Jamie. Anyways as you know, we're having a team swap. Well here are the teams:

The Flying Falcons: Walker, Flynn, Devilotte, Ifraid, Mali

The Shining Spotlights: Reiji, Xiaomu, Cliff, Tyson, Jamie

The Dining Ducks: Kid Cat, Dante, Brucetta, Axel, Mari

Duke: So have fun in your new teams guys.

Falcons Chat

Devilotte: I officially own all of you. Any complaints, no? Awesome.

Flynn: I objec- *remembers the fact he must now support Devilotte and cries on the inside* Nevermind.

Walker: *taking a nap on the ground*

Ifraid: I'm sorry but you can't "own" a contestant are you trying to be another golfball?

Devilotte: nope, I just bought all of you, so yeah :D

Ifraid: Slavery is illegal in here so nope. (CONF) I hope he's eliminated in a second.

Devilotte: Im a girl, and villains break all the rules, so yep!

Ifraid: *gets phone I have* want me to call the you-know-what?

Devilotte: silly billy, I always escape, no has ever managed to capture Princess Devilotte De Deathsatan IX!

Ifraid: I wasn't talking about the cops I was talking about a host of an object show.

Devilotte: oh well.

Ifraid: well time to create a HPRC *cranks the HPHPRCC*

Spotlights Chat

Cliff: *still crying over recent events*

Jamie: Oh. You're back. *sarcastically* Great.


Jamie: What? >.>


Jamie: Meh. Whatever. *startes reading a book*

A. IOB: It's okay Cliff. :D *drags Cliff to the broom closet and pantsed Cliff* GET READY! :D

Jamie: What?

Cliff:.......... :D...................

A. IOB: YA- *Gets shot by a cannonball and dies*

Cliff:.................. *cries*

Jamie: Again?! What's with the random cannon balls?

Cliff: *still crying*

Jamie: *shoves a book into Cliff's arms* Read it. *walks away*

Tyson: ??? Who died over here?

Cliff: ..................s-someone.......*notices Tyson*.......O_O..........

Ducks Chat

Kid Cat: >.>

Brucetta: *sharpens a batarang*

Kid Cat: Cool! Can I try?

Episode 8 - Pick a Gun and Shoot the Trigger


Duke: *filing..........more.......death threats* KOS-MOS, please be on the look-out for if anyone tries to kill the contestants?

KOS-MOS: understood.

???: *Walking through the shadows*

Duke: Nevermind, I got this. I'll be back really quick.

???: *walks towards the contestants and pulls out a bazooka*

Duke: Hold it!

???: *shoots before turning to see Duke*

Duke: ..........Alright then.......*Takes Bazooka to the face and is sent flying back into the office window, breaking into the window, now bleeding massively*

???: That'll do......*snickers and disappears*

KOS-MOS:*blue eyed* Duke! Who's gonna sign my paycheck?


Duke: *dies because KOS-MOS and OPG suck and no one took him to a hospital*

OPG: Well, nothing bad can come from this, right?

KOS-MOS: Im not sure, when can we get another one?

OPG: We can't.........****

Avery: *through watch* You...........idiots....................don't know what you've just done.........greed's taken over this world through robots and producers alike, it's a shame this is how the past was. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do to revive your money-scorer, but I can tell you one useful tip on life, want to know what it is?

OPG: What?

Avery: *through watch* Take everyone underground immediately. That's an order. Avery out. *watch communications are purposely disconnceted*

OPG: Oh well. *trollface*

-One month later-

*all past TDN Contestants that haven't died or Avery are hiding underground due to ???'s victory and Avery not there to change the past, chat in the meanwhile, cameos from any character in the past who hasn't died can be included*

Section 1

Cliff: *crying due to recent events, afraid*

Walker: This reminds me of something similar to my world, wuh.

Flynn: Hmm, looks like I won't be getting to Vesperia any time soon.

Devilotte: ugh, I'm bored.

Vashyron: Kiddies, grab your stuff, we're going to go kill stuff.

Devilotte: woot!


Xiaomu: okay! Come on Reiji!

Reiji: Alright.

Flynn: If it's the only way........

Walker: Wuh?


Section 2

Flare: Duke's such a show-off. >.>

Cody: How exactly?

Flare: He just is. >.>

Henry: It isn't good fortune to talk about the dead in a bad way, y'know. Nya ha ha!

Flare: >.>

Leo: aw, I liked Duke, he was nice. Oh well.

Kobe: Never really knew the guy too well.........but he was alright.


Vashyron: It wouldn't be too wise to go out into a battlefield, right now. Even I know that, Ike.

Zephyr: it's kinda boring just hiding in shelter rather than fighting, I'm bored out of my mind.

Leanne: yeah, but we can't do anything about it.

Ike: I say we lead an assault and bring everyone, but around night when no one's expecting it, THEN WE KILL THOSE EVIL GUYS AND SAY WE FOUGHT FOR OUR FRIENDS, WHO'S WITH ME?

Tyler: ...........Actually, that's pretty cool, bro.

Kobe: I like the idea.......

Vashyron: I'm in. But this will be the last free thing I do for a while. I haven't been able to buy anything- not that there are any stores- but still.

Henry: YAY, BLOOD!

Flare: Fine.

Cody: Okay!

Leo: alright!

Leanne: fine.

Zephyr: YAY KILING THI- sounds good......


Ike: *loudly when they're all out* LET US MARCH TO KILL THOSE IDIOTS!

Cody: You're gonna get us caught.

Tyler: YEAH, BRO! *Trips over security wire, security units come with something that looks similar to Duke*

Vashyron: Tyler, you b******. Are you sure we couldn't have someone else fill his spot, Ike?

Ike: Yes.

Henry: Hey, that looks like Duke! HI DUKE! Nya ha ha!

???: ..............

Cliff: .......s-something's........wrong.............

Security Guard: The evil ones revived Duke and are using him against you for KOS-MOS and Other Producer Guy's stupidity of letting him die. You didn't hear- have you been living underground? >.>

Vashyron: We have the right to not answer that right?

SG: Anyways he has no emotions any more so don't expect any mercy. So any last words?

Duke: ........................ too much.........


Vashyron: Great. We're all going to die. Tyler, you're my hero, man, I need your autograph before we die. *Tyler signs* Great. *shoots autograph repeatedly*

Leanne: isn't that a little much, Vash?

Cliff:.........*teary eyed*...........

Leanne: same thing, to the security guard.

SG: Okay. *execution-style shoots Zephyr & Ike in the head with an advanced gun which went through both of their brains, at least critically KOing them* That's just an example. Any volunteers? No? Then-

OJ: *Appears to knock SG's gun out of his hands, turns to everyone else* Go. I'll take the hit.

Leanne: aw, Zephyr. *sighs* oh well. *runs*

Leo: *follows*

Vashyron: Alright, *puts on shades* Wait, I can't see with these, it's night. *throws them at SG, then runs*


Duke: ................*summons a giant fireball from his hands and aims it, hitting Tyler, killing him*

Cody: TYLER NO! *Runs*

Duke: ............*pulls out gun and immediately head shots Flare*

Kobe: I think I'll go now.........*runs*

Walker: *follows the runners*

Flynn: *follows the runners*

Reiji: *follows the runners*

Devilotte: *follows*

Xiaomu: *follows*

Henry: BYE OJ! NYA HA HA! *Disappears*

-The Rest of the Contestants escape-

Forest Chat - Cameos

Vashyron: ................We should have gone back and tried to help Zephyr and Ike, now that I think about it.

Leanne: uh, yeah.

Vashyron: Okay so who's left from us?

Henry: We got me, you, Leanne, Kobe, Leo, Cody, and the current contestants, nya ha ha!

Forest Chat - Contestants

Cliff: *crying because the sg was mean to him*

Walker: *taking a nap on the ground*

Cliff: *falls asleep, whimpers*

Xiaomu: what now, Reiji?

Reiji: Walker has a connection with Avery. Maybe he can call Avery for a solution? The only problem is we have to wake him.

Xiaomu: then let's wake him up.

Reiji: Alright.

Xiaomu: *shoots Walker in the head* wake up, sleepyhead!

Reiji: ..............*spanks Xiaomu for shooting Walker in the head*

Walker: *lives because he's amazing* Huh? Wuh?

Xiaomu: owie! Anyways, can you talk to Avery with that thingy, please?

Ifraid: *is still cranking HPHPRCC* I wonder what's next.

Walker: Uh sure. *turns on watch*

Kid Cat: Hi, Walker. :D

Walker: Hi! *turns on watch*

Avery: *through watch* Oh finally, someone decides to try and do a reasonable thing and call me for help. Anyways, you will have to get Duke's emotion and spirit back. Right now with his new elemental abilities implanted on him, he's powerful than anyone on the show has EVER been before. Everyone. You might need a few decoys who might die, but this plan is guaranteed to work as long as none of you screw it up. Anyways, good luck. *ends communications*

Xiaomu: okay!

Walker: Wuh- I mean yay. Yeah.

Reiji: Xiaomu, go contact Leanne, Vashyron, and the rest and tell them we have another ambush to do.

Xiaomu: *does that*

Ifraid: well I finished doing the HPHPRCC so we need a cloning device now.

Kid Cat: An ambush?

Tyson: I don't like the decoys, but.... It's a good plan, should we separate into groups?

Kid Cat: Uh... sure, why not? I'll be with Walker (CONF) I want to side with Walker because I need an ally, plus, I've known him before this happened. Psst, want me to let you in on a little secret? I'm going to win this season.

Cliff:......u-um.....Can I go with.......T-Tyson........?

Kid Cat: Can I go with Walker?


Henry: Okay so where do we go?

Vashyron: No idea. *walks up into two paths* Okay let's all pick a path to go to, or in other words split up.

Cody: Sounds cool. Alright, where to go...........

(Pick left or right within 10 minutes. If you don't within the time, your place will be automatically chosen.)

Cliff: *goes left*

Xiaomu:*goes right*

Devilotte:*goes left*

Kid Cat: LET'S GO LEFT, WALKER. *runs to the left side and instantly trips* Ow...

Jamie: Moron. *walks right*

Leo: *goes left*

Leanne: *goes right*

Vashyron: *goes left*

Henry: *goes left*

Kobe: *goes right*

Cody: *goes right*

Reiji: *goes left*

Flynn: *goes right*

Walker: OKAY KID CAT! *Follows on the left*

-Brucetta, Tyson, Mari, and Ifraid go right, Mali, Dante, and Axel go left-



Cody: AGH! *Gets shot and dies*

SG: *Shoot Xiaomu, Jamie, Leanne, Brucetta, Tyson, Mari, Ifraid, and Flynn repeatedly with machine guns, killing them* WHERE'S THE OTHER ONE?

Kobe: *hiding under table*

SG: *Burns the table, burning Kobe to death* WE GOT THEM! WAIT, THAT WOODEN PAINTBRUSH HE HAS IS FLAMMABL- *The right path explodes*

Left Path Chat (Cliff, Devilotte, Kid Cat, Leo, Vashyron, Henry, Reiji, Walker, Mali, Dante, and Axel)

Vashyron: *hears an explosion from the right side and screams* .............They're dead.

Kid Cat: See Walker? Everything is A-OKAY.

Cliff: *teary eyed*

Leo: Damn it!

Walker: Aw, they died.......

Reiji: There goes Xiaomu.

Kid Cat: Now what?

Devilotte: IDK

Reiji: We could gather the death counts?

Kid Cat: Bleh... you can do that. I'll just be over here... away.

Walker: I know, I know! We could come up with a plan or something, wuh?

Kid Cat: Let's just walk away. And run before we get torn to shreds by a machine gun and explosions.

Mali: I'm scared...

Axel: Eh...its not too bad...less competiton

Kid Cat: *looks around* This doesn't seem right, they come to shoot us through an ambush, and aren't ambushing us now?

Henry: The attention's probably in the right path, right now for all the deliciously bloody deaths. Nya ha ha!

Kid Cat: I want to go explore the right path, just to see what to look out for next time- when did I get so strategic?

Dante: Dammit, I BELIVE Tyson and Mari just died, so..... sorry cliff


Dante: Wait, the future can't be changed like THAT, We need to change it, this was already going to happen, so he will be.... brought back to life? Anyway, don't cry, let's call your friend Avery, he'll help

Intern: Alright, can you guys hurry up and eliminate Cliff? I'm tired of listening to crying.

Kid Cat: *peeks to look at the right path*

Dante: Sshhh, his future husband was brutally murdered :(

Leo: um, I'm gonna go call your Avery friend.....somehow....*steals Walkers watch and calls Avery*

Dante: Avery,  8 contestants or so survived but the rest Are dead,  THIS ISN'T A GOOD WAY TO GET TO THE FINALS!  :(

Leo: and Duke is still evil n shiz!

Dante: *nods his head* Do you know what we can do? Cliff is crying, Kid Cats sneaking off, Me and Leo are contacting you and everyone else are talking or.... standing still?

Kid Cat: *walks back* Back.

Dante: We need Battle Tactics or something, maybe teams, if that's the case though, I will be going with Cliff because he's Dealing with Future relationship problems

Reiji: *snooping in the right path, gathering death totals*


Walker's Watch: *locked*

Dante: I need to try some D:

Kid Cat: That HAS to be bad for you. You got to work out your upper-body strength. *starts doing jumping-jacks*

Walker: It is bad for people, but it's still nice to have ONCE in your lifetime, wuh.

Dante: Ok, *Starts Jumping Jack's, eating healthy soup and lifting weights at the same time* GUYS THIS IS EASY, COME ON TRY IT *has one of the pancakes* yum

Kid Cat: Can you make me one? I have to try. After all...

Walker: *hands one to Kid Cat* Here you go, wuh.

Kid Cat: *takes a bite* Pretty good.... *devours the entire thing* PRETTY AWESOME! But I can't get hooked. Sorry.

Cliff: *still crying*

Dante: Its ok, CLIFF.... he might have survived, they might have went down the pathway

Vashyron: Everyone, come over here! Reiji and I found something Bunker Busters..........but something important.

Right Path Chat

Vashyron: They're all deeply wounded but still alive. Sadly they're too hurt to recover, but you can have final moments with each of them.

Reiji: The first-aid kit over here was destroyed by the explosion. So there's no hope.

Jamie: *reading a book* This sucks. Oh- this book I mean. It's so bad. I mean why would Julie- OOOOOOOOOOH. Nevermind, it's good.

Cliff: *beside Tyson*

Xiaomu: Oh well :D

Kid Cat: *walks by Jamie*

Jamie: *punches Kid Cat in his head* Back off, I'm reading.

Kid Cat: *falls down*

Reiji: *by Xiaomu* I'd spank you.......but yeah.

Tyson: Hi cliff

Kid Cat: *holding his nose* Ow... you made my nose bleed.

Jamie: Good. Go away.

Xiaomu: no Reiji, you must Spank me, it is my dying wish!


Kid Cat: *walks over to Walker, holding his nose* Do you have any tissues? 

Walker: No, I only got my emergancy snack bag on me.

Tyson: How are you doing

Cliff: bad.......cuz your gonna die.......

Reiji: *to Xiaomu* Why?

Kid Cat: Oh. Do you have any almonds in the snack bag?

Tyson: Doesn't Matter, how Are YOU,not me


Xiaomu: *to Reiji* FOR OLD TIMES SAKE

Tyson: What would make you happy?

Cliff:.......I-if you lived...........*teary eyed*

Tyson: Anything Else... don't cry 

Reiji: *to Xiaomu* Fine. *spanks Xiaomu as hard as he can, repeatedly*

Walker: *to KC* Lemme check. *Checks* No. Aw.........

Xiamou: YAYZ

Cliff:*trying not to cry*

Reiji: There. You happy now, Xiaomu?

Kid Cat: No almonds? *squeaky voice* What? Do you have any Oar-E-OOOOOHS? I like them

.  Tyson*kisses CLIFF on the cheek, unadjusted* 

Vashyron: *about Leanne and Zephyr* And there goes my squad.

Kid Cat: Their dead?

Vashyron: Remember when Zephyr & Ike were shot execution-style. And now, Leanne is about to die from wounds. So yeah, they're pretty much dead.

Kid Cat: Why don't you just put everyone out of their missery?

Flynn: *stares at the ceiling as blood exits through mouth*

Vashyron: I'm having everyone say good-bye to the ones to are dead and if they ask it of me, I'll grab some random katana and kill them to put them out of their misery.

*suddenly all the wounded die*

Dante:oh god

Kid Cat: Oh- BLEEEEH *throws up*

Leo: aw

Cliff: *breaks down*

Dante: Its ok, you still have Devilotte, Kid Cat, Leo, Vashyron, Henry, Reiji, Walker, Mali, Me, and Axel


Dante: I'm just trying to be nice, don't be mad :(

Cliff: *breaks down again*

Dante: Do you need space, because I can comply?

Cliff: *nods*

Dante: BYE *walks over to Kid Cat*

Kid Cat: Hey.

Dante: I can't BELIVE their dead, it's saddening, knowing we survived at their expense :(

Axel: *takes a nap*

Cutscene (Only hosts' characters)

SG: *Come in* THERE THEY ARE! *Chases them into a dead end* Turn around and put your hands up. YOU'RE DEAD NOW!


SG: YOU'RE RIGHT ABOUT THAT, *About to shoot, a sword comes up into the air*

???: GREAT AETHER! *Great Aethers SG, dropping him down into the ground*

Zephyr: and....uh....grenades..... Ya.......*throws a grenade at SG*

Vashyron: Zephyr,'re late.

Ike: We know. Faking deaths takes time when they stuff you inside the same coffin and bury you. We had to get out. Sadly Tyler & Flare actually died. Anyways, let's go before Duke gets here.

Vashyron: By the way Zephyr, I'll say this as casually as possible. Leanne died.

Zephyr:*breaks down*


Duke: *arrives* ...........

Ike: >.>

Leo: Hi Duke!

Duke: ..............

Leo: silent treatment, I see how it is.

Duke: *uses the power of sound to make Leo's ears bleed and be temporarily deaf* ..............

Leo: :D

Duke: ...........*uses power of sound to make everyone else's ears bleed and be temporarily deaf*

Zephyr: *emotionally unstable*

Duke: *uses wind to shove them back into the wall*

Zephyr: ow....

vs. Duke

(5 HP for you all but Duke.

30 HP for Duke.

Your HP doesn't matter since Duke 1 hit KO's you.

Zephyr, Ike, Vashyron, and Leo may support. Henry has disappeared.

Get him knocked down to 15 HP, then you must lose.)

Cliff: *falcon kicks Duke*

Devilotte: *hadokens Duke*

Kid Cat: *shoots Duke with AWG*

Duke: *uses fire to burn Cliff into ashes, killing him*

Kid Cat: *shoots Duke with AWG*

Devilotte: *shoots missiles at Duke from under her dress*

Kid Cat: *shoots Duke with AWG*

Reiji: *shoots Duke*

Walker: *slaps Duke*

Duke: *uses the power of earth to trap Reiji under pillars, trees, and parts of the ground, suffocating him and killing him*

Devilotte: *has Blodia punch Duke*

Kid Cat: *shoots Duke with AWG*

Walker: *slaps Duke*

Duke: *gets out gun and repeatedly shoots Axel, ending up with ten headshots, which kills Axel*

Kid Cat: *shoots Duke with AWG*

Duke: *turns it into night and uses katana to take Kid Cat's heart out, killing him*

Devilotte:*pokes Duke*

Walker: *slaps Duke*

Duke: *uses sound and makes it so fast and loud it ends up making Dante's ears fall off and making his rib cage tumble into his heart which then explodes*

Devilotte: * bites Duke on the head*

Duke: *eyes turn black* ...........*slits off Devilotte's head, then cuts it open, uses katana to grab brain, later uses same katana to get Devilotte's heart and shoves the heart and brain inside Devilotte's head and kicks her to a trash can*

Vashyron: Oh god.........

Duke: *cuts off Zephyr's limbs and uses Zephyr's lag to beat up Zephyr, until Zephyr's skull is fractured, then uses katana to stab right through Zephyr** Hmph. *kicks Leo into a wall, sending her flying, as a giant wall of bricks collapse on her, just as a Duke summons fire onto her body, killing her* Vashyron.

Vashyron: Duke.

Duke: ............*head shots Vashyron, immediately killing him then grabs Ike by the throat, stabs Ike's throat with 11 daggers, leaves them in, then cuts off Ike's arms and lets him bleed to death*hour

KOS-MOS: *forcibly shut down hours earlier by Duke*

Henry: *re-appears* Hey I got some bagel- *sees everyone but Walker and Mali dead* Oh, hi there.

Duke: ..............

Henry: Wait a sec. *walks by and talks to Walker and Mali* What happened?

Avery: *through watch* Everyone's dead but you three.

Henry: Aw.

Duke: *immediately kills Walker and Mali by choking them to death*

Henry: ...................Aw what? SO MUCH BLOOD, BUT I CAN'T ENJOY IT RIGHT NOW. WHY??????

Duke: ................

Henry: *Notices a time machine* Nya ha ha..........*makes a run for it*

Duke: *shoots lightning at him but it's quickly reflected due to Henry's reflection skills*

Henry: *makes it in* YAY! *Travels back in time before where Duke died right when Duke was outside and looks around* I did it, yay! Nya ha ha!

KOS-MOS: anomaly detected. Person appears to be from another point in time.

Henry: *notices KOS-MOS* Okay, I still have time! *runs outside, kills the guy who was going to kill Duke and disappears leaving a note*

KOS-MOS:*hands Duke the note*

Duke: *reads note* I saved your life. There was killer. Nya ha ha, Henry? Nah, it couldn't be. Anyways, could you call in the contestants KOS-MOS?

KOS-MOS:*calls in the contestants*

Duke: *to the contestants* Okay so the producers wanted a twist so, today we will have a double elimination from everyone. No one is immune. Sorry.

Elimination Ceremony - Everyone

Duke: 30 minute time limit. Vote TWO people out in the confessional. Thanks.

Duke: Wow that's a lot of votes..........anyways the people with no notes are: Devilotte, Xiaomu, Kid Cat, Jamie, Brucetta, Axel, Flynn, Walker, Tyson, and Reiji. *hands them water bottles* Which leaves: Cliff, Mali, Ifraid, Mari, and Dante. The next bottles, with only one vote and two votes respectively go to Mali & Ifraid. Cliff, Mari, Dante, only one more of you three will be safe. *the three stare nervously at the water bottle* and with three votes it goes to.............*tense music*...................Cliff! Mari, Dante, I'm sorry but you're out.

Ifraid: actully i wanna quit taking Dante's place.

Duke: Alright then. Ifraid's out and Dante's back in. Mari.........just keep walking. Sorry. Also since we lost the list of teams, I guess we're merging the chats until we make the new teams.

Everyone Chat

Dante: Do you guys hate me? :( I didn't do anything wrong.... Why do you hate me?

Tyson: So it's me, the last kick left, the team that lost EVERY challenge, given immunity out of pity, and I wasn't even as nice as the others, despite my voting them out... I have disgraced my team and should have helped more than I did, I'll see what Cliffs doing *walks over to Cliff* hi

Cliff: .....h-hi.........

Tyson: Well, Who do you want on your team?

Cliff: ........Y-you......thats about it................

Tyson: Yeah, But I don't think a team of two will escape elimination, But Thanks, um..What would you like to do?


Tyson: Um... Well, uh... Maybe go for a walk, I mean it's not like we aren't aloud


Tyson: *takes cliff to a beautiful CLIFF, the irony* this looks nice


Tyson: You don't talk much, anyway, Tell me about yourself, like your childhood, your parents, high school?

Cliff: ....u-um.....I was sent to an asylum at birth..........I never really.....met my parents...........I was bullied in school......and had no friends....................I escaped the asylum.......about 2 years ago......

Tyson: Poor you.... My parents recorded but neither wanted custody so I was put up for adoption, 15 years later I became a space ninja and saved my mom's life... sadly, my abusive father died, so I lost my honour and joined this show to get it back 

Cliff: ......a-awwwwww............*hugs Tyson*

Tyson: Yours was worse *hugs cliff*


Tyson: Anything wrong?

Cliff: ....n-no......I-I'm fine.........

Tyson: Um... you don't SOUND fine, anything wrong?

Cliff: I-I'm fine......really......*blushes*

Tyson: *smiles* that's not what your blush says :)

Cliff: *smiles*

Tyson: So, Can you tell me about this sparro guy you had a crush on, or why you were in a closet? :)

Cliff: .......u-um......Sparro.....had amnesia...........and we became friends.........then he died......and......I live in the closet.....and there was this guy...........that uh.....d-did there....he also died.........y-yeah........................

Tyson: Um... Sorry about asking ...hmm *kisses cliff on his cheek to see his reaction*

Cliff: *sorta shocked, blushes*

Devilotte: * in an outhouse* (conf) Blodia accidentally punched my castle into oblivion -.-

Dante: *whistles Cups by Anne Kenedrik* Hi devilotte

Devilotte: huh? What us it?

Cliff: *kisses Tyson back, nervously*

Tyson: :) you actually kissed back, instead of being shy *kisses Cliff*

Dante: How's your marriage?

Devilotte: good.

Cliff:........*hugs Tyson, actually happy for once*

Tyson: Good to see Your happy *kisses cliff on his cheek again during the hug*

Dante: Any future plans with him?

Devilotte: of course! We will have numerous children and conquer the world!

Xiaomu: I like that boulder, that is a very nice boulder!

Dante: Cool, how will you conquer it?

Devilote: I DON'T KNOW! :D


Cliff: *falls asleep, and doesn't whimper in his sleep for once*

Tyson: *smiles and falls asleep too*

Reiji: Xiaomu, we have a case. Let's go. *leaves*

Xiaomu: ok, BYE EVERYONE! *follows Reiji, dragging the boulder with her*

Duke: For once, I knew beforehand Reiji & Xiaomu would leave because I received a call before they did. So we managed to get replacements.

KOS-MOS: Duke, I managed to escort one of the replacements here, the other will be her shortly. My sensors indicate that this replacement is of distant relation to an existing contestant.

Peak: yeah, we'll get into that later, I'm gonna go up this cliff and see where it takes me *walks away*

Matt: *arrives and trips* Ow........hey.

Duke: *notices Matt* And here's the other replacement..........he reminds me of someone.....hmm......anyways, enjoy yourselves here guys.

Peak: *makes it to the top, and sees Cliff and Tyson sleeping* hmph. *kicks Cliff in the stomach* wake up, idiot!

Cliff:......o-ow..............what was that.....f-for.....?

Peak: That's for being a loser, brother!


Peak: You heard me, I was born about a year after you were sent to your stupid asylum! Now I here to make your life miserable again!

Cliff: .......w-why.....? *teary eyed*

Peak: CUZ WHY NOT? *punches Cliff so hard he almost falls off the cliff* hah! *walks away, laughing*

Cliff: *on the ground, in pain, sobbing*

Matt: *using hammer to build something*

Flynn: Hmm, interesting, are you some sort of blacksmith?

Matt: Oh, no. I'm a builder and inventor, which is the closest you could associate me. I'm the handy guy in my circle of friends so I build stuff needed. *finishes a Clockwork Self* See?

Clockwork Matt: Hello. Hello. Hello.

Matt: Yikes, seems like it has something stuck on it's voice gears.

Devilotte: A builder? Interesting..........BUILD ME A NEW CASTLE!

Matt: Uh, first I'd need the supplies needed and I don't have any but the tools I have.

Devilotte: HERE! *gives Matt the supplies needed*

Matt: Alright I'll be done in a bit. *starts building Devilotte's castle*

Devilotte: YAYZ!

Matt: *finishes* Alright, done, the only problem is, is there's a hole in the Master Bedroom because of lack of wood, so you might want to cover it with pillows or something. Other than that it's all good.

Devilotte: Perfect!

Dante: Cool, IT LOOKS AWESOMELY AWESOME, congrats!

Tyson: CLIFF, it's ok...You'll be alright

Cliff: *hugs Tyson, still crying*

Tyson: ... *hugs him back, hoping NO one else will attack them >.>*

Cliff: ......*stops crying, but is still sad*

Tyson : Its Ok..

Cliff:......*kisses Tyson, nervously*.......I-I......I know...........

Tyson:... well, you have a brother now, :) .......... :( 

Cliff:..............h-he's mean......

Tyson: Well... U-uh.... Great now I'm stuttering :) but um.... maybe he won't be so bad

Cliff:......m-maybe..........*blushes at Tyson for no apparent reason*

Tyson: Cute :3 , was it surprising to see Your future?

Cliff:.........y-yes...........:3...........w-what about.....y-you.....?

Tyson: Yes, I thought I was straight... but it turns out *kisses Cliff* I'm not

Cliff: *purrs*

Tyson: *sexual smile*

Cliff:.....y-you're..........really cheesy.........

Tyson: *purposely gave a cheesy smile to help his argument* And you have a speech problem *kisses Cliff*

Cliff:.......I-I know.........*blushes*

Tyson: Yeah, but it sounds and makes you look cute

Cliff: *purrs again*.............I-I see................

Tyson: *smiles* Well, well, well, *kisses Cliff* what do we have here? :)


Tyson: *Smile preparing for a cheesy flirt* You've been arrested for being too cute :D


Tyson: Wow, your right, I am REALLY cheesy... and bad at flirting XD

Cliff: *giggles*

Tyson: :3 So..... Tell me, what did sparrows look like 

Cliff: ........brown hair.......muscular.........y-yeah............

Tyson: Have you ever kissed someone BUT me?

Cliff:.......m-me and Sparro.......on accident...........

Tyson: Was it good? Was it better than kissing me, it is your opinion?

Cliff:.........h-he yeah.......y-you are better.........



The Minimal Miles: Matt, Walker, Peak, Mali

The Tiny Toons: Flynn, Devilotte, Tyson, Kid Cat

The Rivid Radicals: Cliff, Dante, Jamie, Axel, Brucetta

Duke: As a result, the Rivid Radicals will go to elimination. Sorry.

Elimination Ceremony - Radicals

Duke: Well, you guys are up for elimination. Have fun.

Duke: Water Bottles for: Brucetta and Axel! The next one goes to Cliff! And the final water bottle goes to............Dante! *gives them all water bottles* Jamie, you're out, sorry. Also Kid Cat has quit because the portal sucked him back in. So yeah. Sorry guys.

Miles Chat


Mali: *takes a nap*

Matt: *trips and bumps into Walker* Ow.

Walker: Oh hi.

Matt: Hey, sorry about that.

Walker: Want any Cheez-Its?

Matt: No thanks, I should get back to working on my clockwork self. I can make one for you if I can fix my own?

Walker: Sure!

Matt: Alright, I'll add it to my checklist.

Matt & Walker: *leave to work on it*

Tyson Clones: *surround Peak and become indestructible and r*** him*

Peak: .....Ew......*fighting his way through them, but has minimal success*

Tyson Clones: *go faster*

Peak: *unconscious*

The Only Tyson Clone not R*****: List of people left: Duke, Matt, Walker, Mali, Axel, Brucetta. They can wait. LET US CONTINUE R***** THIS BOY! *Joins in on r***** Peak*

Toons Chat

Tyson: I was on cliffs team for a mere one challenge, it was hardly a challenge so that's not team swap

Devilotte:......who are you talking to?

Tyson: I'm saying it so duke can hear and remember we were on different teams for a... NO TEAMS CHALLANGE!

Devilotte: oh.

Tyson: And our team unfairly lost a member, causing us in last with three members, so if we lose your gonna vote me out

Devilotte:hmmmmm.....that's possible.....

Tyson: WAIT... WHY AM I ALWAYS ON TEAM UNDERDOG, and voting out your husband is evil and untrustworthy >.>

Devilotte: eh, I'll think about that your cell ringing?

Tyson: He dropped the Call so I Th- *get teleported to Xiamu and Rejij having.... you know what and escapes*

Eww... don't want to see that again, hey a window what's insi- HOLY F*** Cliff is a cheater!

Devilotte: huh? What is it?

Tyson Clone 3: *naked, pantses Tyson, takes off Tyson's shirt, takes off Tyson's underwear, and has fast *** with Tyson*

Devilotte: ......good god........


Devilotte: *has Blodia smash the clone*

Tyson Clones: *surround Tyson and Devilotte and become indestructible and begin to r*** both of them fast*

Devilotte: EEEEK!!!!

Tyson: *Teleports Devilotte to Safety*

Tyson Clone that was R***** Devilotte: *gets teleported with her*

​Tyson: Flynn HELP!

Flynn: *FAR away in Vespera, drinking tea with the Imperial Knights* I feel like someone called my name.........oh well. *Continues drinking tea*

Tyson Clone: *teleport Flynn and then Devilotte back here and begin to r*** both of them*

​Tyson: I would call in my army but.... THEY WERE RAPED BY THE CLONES

Rads Chat

Dante: PHEW! We may be a member down but we are still the best team ever!

Cliff: .......

Dante: Do you miss Tyson?

Cliff: *nods*

Dante: It's not that far untill merge.... I think

Cliff: ........*breaks down*........that's.....t-too long........

Dante: .... you can see him in challanges, can't you?

Cliff:.......m-maybe......but even then........w-we would be.....e-enemies......

Dante: Not if we made sure, Tyson team gets immunity too! :D


Dante: Don't worry, it's fool proof... I think... but we need the both of us for it to work!

Cliff:.....o-okay......*hugs Dante*.......

Dante: I hope it's a Battle... I miss most of them... So get ready for a challenge because we're in it to win it *picks Cliff up and puts him on his feet* 

Cliff: ..........o-okayz.................*hugs Dante again for no apparent reason*........

Dante: You like hugs I geuss


Dante: I guess that's a yes, so... What's your favourite weapon?

Cliff: *doesent hear him, calling Tyson on his cell phone*

Tyson: *other side of phone* Hello, .... Hi cliff


Tyson: Are you ok, I mean after ... has your bro been good? And why do I know your BLUSHING?

Cliff: I'm.....o-okay.......I haven't him............

Tyson: *other side* good... So... what do you want the next challenge to be?

Dante: I'll call someone too *Dials In Binary Code for Death*

Cliff:.......IDK.....*nervous*........C-can you something......?

Tyson: Sure, what is it?

Cliff: u-um......when you......s-saw your seemed like....y-you hated me.......h-how did you.......change your tune.........?

Tyson: I Accepted it..  and it turns out... *blushes , weird, that's cliff's job* I Like You... Alot

Cliff: *purrs*

Tyson: I'd kiss you if... you know... were in the same place

Dante: God, I called the Grim Reaper, AHH!

Cliff:.....*stares at Dante*.......I-I would..........t-too.....*teary eyed*

Tyson: What's that in the Backround

Dante: RUN! AH! *Runs From Grim Reaper*

Cliff:.............I-I have no.......idea........

Dante: Aah! *Screams as it picks up Axel and Brucetta*


Dante: OH GOD *it picks up Cliff*

Cliff: *drops his phone, crying*

Dante: I'LL SAVE YOU CLIFF *Chucks Cliffs phone at the Grim Reaper, does nothing but makes it stuff Axel into its mouth*


Dante: D: No affect.... HAHA *Chucks Cliffs Brother at The Grim Reaper, Making him stuffed inside its mouth*

Peak: um, how did I get here? *escapes and goes back to his team*

Dante: D: AHAH *Chucks Money at It, pushing cliff into its mouth*



Cliff: *crying*

Dante: THAT'S IT, I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU! GRIM REAPER! *Knocks The Grim Reaper and Pulls Cliff out*


Dante: I think That's the End of th- * He, Cliff, Axel and Brucetta are Teleported to the most shocking sight ever... DUKE Having a shower! DISQUSTING!*

Cliff:.....u-um..............*takes a picture, then runs away*

Dante: *Throws Up On Axel*

Duke: *wearing a towel already because he noticed them* Okay............*grabs a gun* Dante, you have some explaining to do. Let me get dressed and you're following me. 

Dante: Just because It Happened on accident, how was I supposed to know?

Duke: Surveilance Cameras show you were the one who called the Binary Death Number so *now dressed in a flash with no one seeing anything any more* come wiht me.

​Dante: Fine... but it was still by accident

Duke: Anyways, the producers have decided you're too much trouble so you're being put into therapy by yourself with the therapist. No outside contact. *takes stuff away* Consider that a punishment, I guess? Anyways I have to go get Cliff, since the cameras show he took a picture, plus the producers also want him to have therapy. Bye. *walks to Cliff* Cliff, you're coming with me. Sorry.

Cliff: *teary eyed*.....n-no...please....I-I'll do anything........*breaks down*

Duke: *confiscates everything, whispering* It's fine, everything will be blocked so no one can come attack or kill you.


Duke: Sorry.

Dante Punishment Chat

Dante: Boo.... Hey... I'm not being asked questions.... right?

Therapist: So how's Mrs. Jilly?

Dante: The only people who know her are: My mom, Xiamu and Ifraid

Therapist: *writing it down* Have any of your illnesses interfered with you during this show?

​Dante: Who are you.... and No... but Seriously only My mom, Xiamu and Ifraid know about Mrs Jilly so how do you

Therapist: *cold glare* I'm the one asking the questions.

Dante: Fine...but how....Never mind... next question

Therapist: Have you ever accidentally almost killed someone besides this time?

​Dante: When My Dad Asked For Sleeping pills and I accidentally gave him Acid... and when my Girlfriend asked me to drive her home and I crashed into her house and when I burnt down the house trying to blow out my birthday cake...

Therapist: *walks away to talk to Producers and then back* I'm very sorry Dante but you're not safe for this show............even though we've had a lot of other dangerous people. You are being evacuated to a mental hospital. However, you have time to plead your case to stay.

Dante: You can't kick me out... DUKE SIGNED A CONTACT THAT STATES I'M NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE UNTILL I'M VOTED OUT, and so did every country in the world and city and state and everwhere 

Therapist: Duke wasn't the one to sign. The producers did. And it states in small print that you are allowed to be kicked out and then exiled on a small island if you are a big hazard to the show and you are a big hazard.

​Dante: Not to be mean, but if you kick me out... I'll sue the show for all the damages they've done AND it didn't say in the contract anything about KILLERS and ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES and Avery being sucked into a world full of animals 

Therapist: The print also shows that we are not responsible for any unplanned things happening or harm, and every bad thing that has happened hasn't been planned. *Ambulence shows up*

​Dante: If You kick me out... I'll tell on you

Therapist: Dante, the producers and now the GOVERNMENT have agreed on kicking you out and exiling you. Any last words?

​Dante: Fine, I'll say by- ITS BACK *GIANT grim reaper eats the Ambulance and The Government and Dukes Shirt for some reason!* RUN! 

Therapist: *automatically kills the GIANT grim reaper who spits out the Ambulance and Government and Duke's shirt* Nice try.

​Dante: I'm ready... BUT 1. It wasn't me 2. DUKES SHIRT STINKS 

Therapist: Duke isn't here. He's far away. Besides *godplays making it not stink* it doesn't stink. Now get in the ambulence.

​Dante: Killjoy, anyway, BYE duke and producers I've never MEt before

Ambulence: *takes Dante to a Mental Hospital*


Therapist: *There*

Doctor Wenhut: *about to operate on Dante using safety scissors and tape rolls*

​Dante: This isn't an insane asylum... this is a place for FAKE injuries

Dr. Wenhut: *makes a fake mustache out of tape and uses scissors to cut Dante's head open...........while he's awake*

​Dante: You don't have a degree in medical school, do you?

Dr. Wenhut: NOPE :D *Puts tape in the shape of an "X" on Dante's brain, which causes Dante to have a major headache* It will hurt for a weak but after that your brain gets used to it. :D *Gives Dante a coupon for Super Weenie Hut. Jr.'s*

​Dante: You just caused me Brain Damage and I think you messed with my vision, now I need glasses, your the opposite of a doctor!

Dr. Wenhut: *trollface*

Nurse Hutwen: To be honest..........he isn't a real doctor, he just thinks he's went to the wrong room, Dr. Yon was waiting for you. Anyways someone else came in. Thanks for coming in.

​Dante: *finds Mr Yon* Thanks for telling me where your room was -.-

Dr. Yon: *closing up* Hello there. We're closing.

Dante: This is sueable but he keeps trying to Godplay so no, Hey do you know where Duke Lives?

Dr. Yon: No. Who's Duke? But.........need an Aspirin?

Dante: I need.... Someone to fire MR. IMMA RUIN YOUR VISION AND *Calls Duke* THIS ISN'T EVEN FUNNY DUKE

Duke: *on phone* What?

​Dante: Could YOUR producers drop me off somewhere safer like... A MINEFIELD!

Duke: *on phone* I'm sorry? I don't know what you're talking about, could you please explain?

​Dante: I know this is the wrong duke but.... *Calls The Only Kos-MOS"  Are you a robot working for a guy n a med Duke and TDNR if not..... Screw you

Duke: *on phone still* Dante calm down. Please explain.

​Dante: -.- I was dropped off somewhere where the doctor CAUSES brain damage and Vision loss and .... Who's duke?

Duke: *on phone still* Not important. Put me on the phone with the Doctor who has caused you brain damage, vision loss, and potential memory loss.

Dante: Problem is.... i forgot

Tyson Clone 2: *naked, pantses Dante, takes off Dante's shirt, takes off Dante's underwear and begins to have fast *** with him*

​Dante: AAAH I'M BEING RAPED !! *he Screams in the phone* 

Duke: *on phone* Wh- *communication error*

Phone: *explodes*

Tyson Clones: *surround Dante, now indestructible and continue r***** him*

Dante: You may be Cheap *GOES SUPER SAIYAN* But I'm cheaper

Tyson Clones: *immune to Dante's power, now super fast with r***** Dante*


Tyson Clones: *surround KOS-MOS and Dante and somehow r*** both of them because Dante just had to involve KOS-MOS in this*

​Dante: How can they rape a robot?

Cliff Punishment Chat

Therapist: *locking the doors so nothing can come through* Okay, let's begin. How has life been?

Cliff:*crying in the corner because this is similar to his asylum days*........u-um.......g-good...........?

Therapist: ...............I brought pizza if it makes you feel better?

Cliff: *too scared*.....u-um....n-no thank you.........

Therapist: *holds a picture of Tyson eating pizza* Come on, eat the pizza if you love Tyson. :)

Cliff: *eats the pizza in a flash*

Therapist: You see, that wasn't that bad.

Cliff: *scared again*

Therapist: *holds up nude picture of Tyson* ..............Be brave for Tyson.

Cliff: .........*drools*..........

Therapist: If you behave, I'll give you a giant poster with Tyson nude on it saying "I want you". So please behave. :)

Cliff:*bows down to the therapist* I WILL DO ANYTHING YOU SAY

Therapist: In the meanwhile. *has a clone of Naked Tyson pants Cliff and slap Cliff's yeah* Whlie this is disturbing for my eyes, it will make you feel at ease I predict?

Cliff:......o-okay......I am eased......y-yayz........

Tyson Clone: *takes off Cliff's shirt and underwear*

Therapist: *covering eyes* First question, what do you believe has made you so upset recently?

Cliff: U-um.............I keep near death situations..........and 2 people.....I-I liked.......d-died.........

Tyson Clone: Preparing. *begins to have *** with Cliff, now acting like the real Tyson*

Therapist: *wearing ear plugs and covering eyes* Well: How has Sparro's death affected you, Avery's disappearance affected you, how did A. Ifraid's Brother's death affect you,  and how do you plan on coping with all of this? If Tyson dies are there any other ways to cope with this for you?

Cliff: ........u-um..........I feel guilty.......B-because I killed Sparro.........Avery was my only......s-support at the time..........I don't like Ifraid's brother.....he tricked me........................i-if Tyson died........*teary eyed*

Tyson Clone: *goes "faster"* ENJOY YOURSELF.

Therapist: Ah, I see. Okay a more lighthearted question, now that I'm not asking those questions are you feeling better?

Cliff:*enjoying himself* .....a-a......a little..........

Tyson Clone: *faster*

Therapist: I see. *writing this down, still covering eyes*

Cliff: *...........really enjoying himself*..............u-um.....anything else............?

Tyson Clone: *lightning fast now*

Therapist: From 1-10 how would you rate my therapy?

Cliff: *you get the picture*.......u-um...........7.....I think.....I-is this a trick question........?

Therapist: If I give you the poster now can I get one more point?

Cliff: .......s-sure.........

Therapist: *hands Cliff the poster* Alright, you will still be here until the challenge begins and this will be your room until the merge. Enjoy. *leaves*

Tyson Clone: *Faster than sound*

Cliff: YAYZ! *putsthe poster above his bed*

Tyson Clone: *MUCH faster than sound*

Cliff:(conf)............*** is fun.....w-wait......does this mean.....I'm cheating on the real Tyson......?

Tyson Clone: *So fast it's unexplainable*

Cliff: ...........n-no.......STAHP!!!!! *pushes the clone off hi and then shoots it repeatedly until it dies*...................I need to tell him...........H-hiding it would be worse...........dammit.....I-I don't have my phone.........*cries*

Tyson Clone 4: *continues off where TC1 did*

Cliff: *kills the clone*...........*trying to escape*

Tyson Clones: *block the exit*

Tyson Clone 5: *Continues off where TC4 did*

Cliff: *pretty much faints due to stress*

Therapist: *reveals himself to be Lionel* They were meant to kill, not r***. Oh well, seems like most have been gathered this way. Good enough for now............*disappears*

Episode 10 - Make Yourself Handy

Tyson Clones: *hear Lionel coming* Coming master. *take all of the r*** victims clothes and leaves*

*10 minues later*

Duke: Okay so who's ready for a challeng- *notices that everyone but him, Walker, Matt, Axel, Mali, and Brucetta are naked* ...............................What? *covers eyes*

Dante: R-Rapists

Duke: What do you mean?

Cliff:.........................c-clones.....of Tyson....r-r**ed us.....

Duke: Why did they miss Matt, Walker, Axel, Mali, Brucetta, and me then?

Matt: Walker and I were in the forest away from everyone working on Clockworks.

Walker: Yeah, wuh. Don't know about you and the other three.

Tyson: LUCKY!

Duke: Hmm, that's odd. Anyways, anyone involved with the r*** is excused to put on the emergency white T-shirts and jeans we have in the Mess Hall.




Duke: Okay sorry we didn't have any spare underwears or bras for you guys but let's get this thing started?

Peak: What started?

Duke: The challenge given to me by the producers.

Dante: Oh... Who?

Dr. Wenhut: *watching from the shadows*



Duke: Okay the challenge given to us is whoever blows up the most balloons win- wait what? *starts getting really windy*

Lionel: *with Tyson Clones* I'm back.............*evil smile* *portal sucks each team into different places*

Miles Chat - Matt's Hometown

Matt: What's going on, why are we at my hometown?- *Lionel blasts him away, leaving him on one knee* Ow.........

(First Part Battle System:

Protect Matt.

2 HP for everyone but Lionel.

2 Tyson Clones & Lionel (Lionel has 3 HP).

Matt can't attack.

If Matt dies, it's Game Over.)

Peak: ugh, weakling. *uses goetia tome on Lionel*

Lionel: *stabs Peak in the chest*

Tyson Clone 1: *r***s Mali*

Walker: *whacks Lionel with Snack Stash*

Peak: *uses magic on Lionel*

Tyson Clone 1: *r***s Mali, defeating her*

Lionel: *falls down, coughing* Ugh.

Tyson Clone 2: *stabs Walker*

Walker: *whacks Tyson Clone 1 with Snack Stash*

Peak: *blasts TC1 with dark magic*

Tyson Clone 1: *dies*

Tyson Clone 2: *stabs Walker, defeating him*

Peak: ugh. *blasts TC2 with dark magic*

Tyson Clone 2: *stalemate with Peak*

Peak: *breaks TC2's neck*

Tyson Clone 2: *dies*

Duke: *through watch* Looks like that's done.

Lola: *checking mirror* Oh.........hi Matt.

Bob: Hey Matt! Pure luck we saw you again today.

Sydney: Matt! Yay!

Bob: Yeah, you guys aren't looking so hot. Need us to take ya to a hospital?

Lionel: *stands back up* FOOLS! *Blasts the three away* NOT EVEN FRIENDS OF THIS ONE WILL BE UNDERESTIMATED!

Sydney: Ow..........why?

Lola: *mirror breaks* He broke my mirror...............he broke my mirror. *cries*

Bob: We'll get you a new one. Now what's this idiot blabbering about now?


Matt: That's crazy. Now you're just making stuff up.

Lionel: Then, why can you actually hold this? *places Hero's Sword in Matt's hands and Matt wields it perfectly into a similar manner of Sparro's* YOU ARE THE NEXT GUARDIAN AND MUST BE TERMINATED!

Matt: Alright then, explain how this is possible? I had loving parents.

Lionel: ADOPTIVE parents. When you were 3 and Sparro was 5, you were kidnapped by the enemy prince when Sparro or Bill if you might say, failed to save you. This is why he joined to be a knight, not to follow in his rogue father's footsteps, but to avenge you. You are thought dead in Woodwyn. Your kidnapper eventually grew fond of you and raised you for a year and a half until they were assassinated by the King. You were sent to an orphanage but were kicked out after they didn't look through your papers and thought you were of bad blood. You were sent to an orphanage and blocked out all the painful memories before this. In reality, this isn't your hometown Matt. You do not belong here.

Matt: ...................

Peak: Sparro? That weirdo my bro had a crush on? Ugh, if this wasn't for the prize money I'd never be helping you!

Lola: *hurt by the mirror's glass, but only crying because the mirror broke and she likes mirrors*

Sydney: I'll go take Lola to the hospital. Bob, make sure Matt's safe. And random Kung-Fu stance. *Kung-Fu Stance* Okay, I'll head back now. *takes Lola to the hospital*

Lionel: Yes. Brother of Sparro. Now you shall die in combat. FAREWELL *About to stab Matt and Peak but is stopped by someone*

Avery: *portal closes* Figured away back. *puts away saber-like weapon into his arm* Stand down now. If you kill Matt, you don't know what will happen to this world. It turns out it was Matt not Cliff who had the connection of bonds with Sparro, so I spent all that time saving Cliff for nothing..............oh well.


Bob: I'm ready to go kill you right now.......

Matt: *looks at Hero's Sword*

Sparro: *jumps out of the sword as a spirit* Huh- Matt?


(Battle System:

Bob, Avery, and Sparro are allies.

Peak has been healed and his HP is now 4.

Matt has 5 HP.

Bob, Avery, and Sparro have 4.

Lionel has 20 HP.

One of Matt's moves will cause 9 damage but can only be used once and will stun an ally.

Defeat Lionel to win. Avery or Sparro must live and so must Matt.

Matt must end this.)

Peak: ugh......time to end this, I guess. *blasts Lionel with dark magic*

Matt: *uses hero's sword to stab Lionel*

Bob: *punches Lionel in the face*

Avery: *uses cannon arm to shoot Lionel*

Sparro: *sweep kicks Lionel*

Peak: *blasts Lionel with dark magic*

Matt: *special move* Uh- *trips* Ow.

Clockwork Matt: *runs and then repeatedly punches Lionel in the face with spiked fists before exploding*

Matt: Well, that works.

Bob: *smacks Lionel*

Avery: *hits Lionel with saber-like object*

Peak: *blasts Lionel with dark magic*

Lionel: *blasts Peak*

Matt: *uses rubber mallet to whack Lionel's face*

Sparro: *uppercuts Lionel then bring him down with a kick*

Peak: *blasts Lionel once more with dark magic*

Matt: *uses wrench to hit Lionel at the back of his head*

Bob: *spin kicks Lionel*

Avery: *uppercuts Lionel*

Lionel: *punches Sparro*

Peak: Ugh, are we almost done? *gets oh his dark knight horse and has it run over Lionel*

Bob: Impatient, huh? *punches Lionel in the face, giving him a black eye*

Sparro: *uses an ordinary katana to stab Lionel*

Lionel: *falls* AGH. NO. THIS WASN'T PLANNED!

Matt: *grabs Hero's Sword* Yeah, sorry about that. Anyways. Let's make this quick, I don't like the sign of a lot of blood. *kills Lionel brutally in an original, detailed kill*

Bob: Well that's done. Anyways, Matt, I got to head back. Sydney & Lola need me to bring Lola a new mirror. Good luck! *leaves*

*Suddenly a portal sucks Avery back*

Avery: ..............>.>

Sparro: Well it's time for me to go back into resting. Carry the hero's sword, brother. *goes back into the sword*

*Matt and Peak carry the bodies back to the Neighborhood in a one-day journey*


Toons Chat - Vesperia

Flynn: Vesperia?

Lionel: *blasts Flynn away, leaving him on one knee*

Flynn: Ugh...........

(First Part Battle System look at Miles Chat but replace Matt with Flynn)

Tyson: Haha *Gets his samurai sword and STABS LIONEL REPEATEDLY*

Devilotte: *pokes Lionel*

Lionel: *stabs Devilotte*

Tyson Clone 1: *r***s Tyson*

Tyson: *Cuts of his....Yeah...*

Devilotte: *pokes Lionel*

Tyson Clone 1: OW MY YEAH *Cuts off Tyson's yeah.....defeating him*

Lionel: *falls to the ground coughing*

Devilotte: *pokes TC1*

*Ally shows up because Kid Cat's quitting left this team handicapped*


Devilotte: *shoots a sonic boom from her hands at TC1*

Ken: I'm proud. SHORYUKEN! *Shoryukens TC2*

TC1: *dead*

TC2: *Pokes Ken*

Devilotte: *hadokens TC2*

TC2: *Dies*



Yuri: Not so fast.

Estelle: Flynn, we're here to help.

Flynn: Nice to be teaming up with you two again. Very well. I guess we'll fight?

Yuri: Seems like it. Be careful not to trip Estelle.

(Battle System: Same as the others but replace the main with Flynn and Yuri or Estelle must be the one ally to live.)

Devilotte: PRINCESS POWER! *pokes Lionel*

Flynn: *stabs Lionel*

Ken: *uppercuts Lionel*

Yuri: *stabs Lionel*

Estelle: *twists Lionel's arm*

Lionel: *blasts Yuri*

Devilotte: ugh, my finger is sore....BLODIA! ATTACK! *has Blodia smash Lionel*

Flynn: LIGHT DRAGON DESTRUCTION! *Special move, has three dragon spirits hit Lionel*

Estelle: *smacks Lionel on the head like Leanne would do to Zephyr*

Lionel: *grabs Devilotte by the throat and blasts her into a wall*

Devilotte: *Has Blodia smash Lionel*

Lionel: DIE! *About to kill everyone*

Duke: *headshots Lionel* Here are train tickets. *hands them out* Go to elimination, you lost. The train leaves in 5 minutes, one of the newly paid interns found your clothes so they'll be there alongside the other losing team's. Don't take what isn't yours. Anyways, I'll see you there. *disappears in the blink of an eye*

Radicals Chat - Super Weenie Hut Jr. Hospital

Lionel: *blasts Dante away, leaving him on one knee*

(First Battle System look at Miles Chat but replace Matt with Dante)


Cliff: ......*uses Aversa's Night on Lionel*

Axel: *punches Lionel*

Brucetta: *throws batarang at Lionel*

Lionel: *coughs and falls*

Tyson Clone 1: *r***s Brucetta*

Tyson Clone 2: *stabs Cliff*

Brucetta: Not nice! *punches Tyson Clone 1*

Axel: *kicks Tyson Clone 1 in the kiwis*

Tyson Clone 1: *dies*

Tyson Clone 2: *r***s Brucetta, defeating her*

Axel: *punches Tyson clone 2*

Cliff: *blasts TC2 with dark magic*

Tyson Clone 2: *dies*


Lionel: AGH.

Mrs. Jilly: *pops out of Dante's head*

Dante's Mom: *comes in with an axe* ONLY I GET TO PUNISH MY SON!

Random Dude: 'Sup?


Mrs. Jilly: *smiling*

Dante's Mom: You're going to die. *throws away axe and picks up bazooka and puts on shades*

Random Dude: 'Sup?

(Battle System:

Axel and Cliff have been healed to 4 HP.

Dante has 5 HP.

Mrs. Jilly, Dante's Mom, and Random Dude have 4 HP.

Dante has a special move which will do 9 damage, but can only be used once and will accidentally stun an ally.

Lionel has 20 HP.

You must defeat Lionel to win. Dante and Random Dude or Mrs. Jilly can't die.

Dante must land the final blow.)

Cliff: *blasts Lionel with dark magic*

Lionel: *stabs Cliff*

Cliff:.....o-owie......*blasts Lionel with dark magic*

Lionel: THAT'S IT, DIE *About to kill them all with one blast* GRA- *Shot in the head by Duke*

Duke: It seems that he cloned back to the Neighborhood, we have a train arranged to pick you up in ten minutes, head to elimination you lost. *hands train tickets and disappears in the blink of an eye*

Duke Chat - Time Limbo

Duke: *the last to get teleported away* Where am I? *hears a voice* Hello?

???: Hello Docto- wait what?

Duke: The Doctor, the man who travels through time in the TARDIS right?

???: YES. How did you know?

Duke: He competed once or twice in the Total Drama Neighborhood series-

???: Oh, now I see who you are..............I am the King of Time allied with Lionel.

Duke: What? Why?

???: Yes, my boy. I am doing this to get your lives over with. Now that you've seen your lives, might as well just die.

Duke: ..............That's not at all close to the best logic.

???: Whatever, mortal. Just for being here I should end you right now. *grabs sai* Come on, then.

Duke: I prefer to be a pacifist unless violence is absolutely necessary.......

???: Whatever. Fine, how about we start with something more easy for a wimp like you? An insult match. Best man wins.

Duke: I also don't like-

???: Shut up. I'll begin. Okay, so for one, you require a piece of **** robot to do everything for you, you lazy piece of ****. Your brother seems bipolar and your contestants are worse. Seriously? A schiznophrenia and g** b****?

Duke: Leave everyone out of this, this is between you and me. And if you haven't seen, I've done an equal amount of work to KOS-MOS in the show by saving the contestants numerous times. My brother does seem like that, that's no lie, but at least he has the brains to have common sense.

???: Why so nice to them? The ONLY reason KOS-MOS works for you is for a pay check. The contestants could care less about their revolving hosts and personally think of you as a back-up to KOS-MOS and your brother has so many deep, gruesome thoughts about your death potential. Optimistic, you are, but no one values you, no matter how many times you have saved their lives. Heck, even your parents favored Flare. Just face it, you'll never be good enough for anybody.

Duke: If any person has less recognition, it'd be you. No one but Lionel, you, and I, know about your existance. At least I have a heart, while you just kill people out of no laughs when funny moments in their life are avoided.

???: SHUT UP!

Duke: I take it you're running out of insults?

???: THAT'S IT. *Grabs all the contestants and KOS-MOS and Flare's hourglasses* You may have won, so I'll let you live. However, I can't say the same about your friends- luckily I can't find Matt's, Peak's, Walker's, or Mali's.

Duke: *pulls out gun* Put the hourglasses down.

???: You kill me, the hourglasses will come out flying from my hands, and you would only be able to save about 2. So how about as torture, I show you their deaths? Your lousy teams of Toons and Radicals will be terminated by Lionel, KOS-MOS will be crushed to pieces which go flying into the nearby ocean by Waluigi, and Flare will end up taking off more than he can in a fight. And without their unappreciated host to save them or more sand in their hourglass for more energy, they're all about to die. It's all over Duke. YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL THEY DIE AMONGST THEIR FRIENDS!

Duke: I'm sorry?

???: As time king, I'm immortal. And thus, I've watched my wife, my father, my mother, my friends, and my little sister and brother die before my eyes when I became one in 1897 at the age of 18. I can even remember their deaths by the back of my hand. My wife died out of starvation during the Great Depression, my father died from tubercolosis, my mother died from being murdered by my drunk uncle, my drunk uncle was executed, my little sister died from old age, and my little brother died serving the country in World War I. YOU SEE WHAT I'VE GONE THROUGH?

Duke: So controlling time has its burdens, but why kill people from it?


Duke: Is there anyway to have you die but have a Time King or Master active in the world?


Duke: *looking at hourglasses of every contestant, seeing them near their death* What is it?

???: I GIVE MY TIME POWERS TO YOU! *Puts papers in a suitcase and hands it to Duke* Sorry, crazy ritual we have. You must sign your name on this contract and inherit the powers, then you become the new time king.

Duke: .................If it means saving them again. >.> *signs paper* Here you go.

???: Now you are Time King and I am mortal. Kill me.

Duke: ...................

???: Go on. Kill me.

Duke: Fine. Farewell, Time King. *headshots ??? and then magically appears in Waluigi Land*

KOS-MOS Chat - Waluigi Land (Mario Party 3)

KOS-MOS: Location unconfirmed.....This presents a problem.

Mario: YAHOO!

Waluigi: OH NO!

KOS-MOS:.................What the f***?

Waluigi: *grows giant and steps on Mario, Yoshi, and Peach killing them and looks for Luigi but finds KOS-MOS* DIE, OH YEH!

KOS-MOS: *unlocks her chest and unleashes a beam at Waluigi*

Waluigi: *takes no damage* OH YEH!

KOS-MOS: *damages Waluigi* (XD)

Waluigi: *barely took damage* TROLOLOL, OH YE-

Duke: *falls from the sky and ends up falling on Waluigi's open eye*

Waluigi: OW, OH NOOOOOOOOOOO *Runs away in pain, with Duke sliding off*

Duke: *lands on feet* Okay then, guess he wasn't lying.........

KOS-MOS: *blue eyed* Duke? What happened? Are you alright?

Duke: I'm fine, I'm fine. That reminds me. *Hands KOS-MOS her pay check* Here you go. Anyways, if you'll excuse me I have some contestants to go save. *starts out walking and suddenly disappears in the blink of an eye*

KOS-MOS: wait, I get payed?

Other Producer Guy: Yeah, we paid you with oil but ran out of oil so go buy your own oil with it or whatever it is, only Duke kept track of the thing we paid you with. OH WELL.

Wario: *comes in* OH YEH!

KOS-MOS: *epic facepalm*

Duke: *comes back* Wario, you want the gold coin, don't you? *Throws coin at the forest* Go get it!

Wario: *acts like a dog and chases after it*

Duke: Good boy! Yeah- that's the last of the Wa Brothers right?

OPG: *Shrugs*

Elimination Ceremony 11 - Toons & Rads

Duke: Seems like you got a bit unlucky, but at least you left with your life? Anyways, this is a double elimination. First off the Toons will vote, then the Rads. 30 minute time limit for each. Good luck.

Devilotte: Why on Earth have I not destroyed you all yet? BLODIA, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! *Blodia smashes her out of annoyance, killing her*

Flynn: *throws marriage ring away* Phew.

Duke: Okay then? *checks her hourglass privately* Wow, she would have died fast anyways..........anyways Rads, you're now up I guess?

Cliff: *teary eyed about possibly going home* ............u-um......D-Dante.......if it weren't for him.....I-I wouldn't be in therapy.........a-and he didn't.....p-participate......

Axel: *rolls eyes* (CONF) Cliff's a crybaby...which makes him a liability...So I vote Him!

Brucetta: (CONF) We need real men on this Batwoman votes for Cliff.



Peak: You heard me! if your gonna be eliminated, it's because I'm gonna beat you in a fight! *grabs tome*


Peak: *blasts Cliff with dark magic, knocking him to the ground*

Cliff: *somehow not crying this time* DIE B***! *uses his shadowgift attack, which nearly breaks Peak's neck* HOW'S THAT FOR CRYBABY YOU A**HOLES!?

Peak: what the? *too weakened to stand up, a dark Pegasus swoops down and takes him*


Duke: And there you have it? Two eliminations, one by injury-kind of and one by death. Well, looks like you guys stay another day.

Miles Chat

Peak: hmm, my baby bro is up for eliminatin? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I better go an watch from afar.......not like I'm worried about him or anything!

Walker: Okay! *takes a nap on the ground, totally believing Peak*

Matt: .........................Okay then? *working on hot tub for the team* Have fun with that?

Walker: *wakes up already knowing Peak is gone* BYE PEAK, I HOPE YOUR DISREGARD FOR CLIFF'S WELL-BEING IS FINE.

Matt: Wait, what?

Toons Chat

Tyson: I'm Bored *Gets Teleported to The Space Palace Dojo IN SPACE!* Oh S***


Tyson: What The He'll is wrong with this show 0.o

​Dojo Master: NOTHING! B****! *Throw' s a bunch of innocent people at him, including Cliffs mom and Tysons Dad!*

Cliff's mom: um, Rude! Where Am I?

​Tyson: At a space Dojo and- Dad aren't you De-

​Tyson' s Dad: I ESCAPE DEATH!

Cliff's mom: ugh, who are you people? You guys are almost as annoying as my good for nothing son in kept in an asylum 19 years ago!

​Tyson' s Dad: Who the he'll is that B****?



​Tyson: WAIT.... NO!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

​Tyson Dad: Yeah..... WE HAVE TO KILL HIM! 

Dojo Master: I'm still here..... Hi

Cliff's mom: oh yeah? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't have him locked away.

​Tyson: I'm pretty sure this show is worse than the asylum AND he is your son be a responsible parent

Cliff's mom: he sucks, no >.<

Therapist: *randomly there* Tyson you're coming to therapy.

​Tyson: For Doing Wha-

​Tyson' s Dad: Finally

Cliff's mom: WOOT

Rads Chat

Cliff: YAYZ, IM OUT OF THERAPY......FOR NOW! *moves all of his belongings back into the broom closet, including the naked poster of Tyson*.......y-YAYZ.......I-I should give Tyson a call....a-and apologize.......*calls Tyson on his cell phone* ..........p-pick up....p-please.......

Waluigi: REVENGE, YEH! *kicks Cliff's cell phone out of his hand and then steps on it repeatedly*

Cliff: *kills waluigi*......I-I has sparez......*calls Tyson again*

Bruectta: You just kill a man O.O Thats against "the code"

Wario: *ressurrects Waluigi and runs away*

Waluigi: OH YEH! *Destroys all of Cliff's spares*

Cliff: *gets more spares and calls Tyson*

Brucetta: *takes out Bat-Phone* Here...this is indestuctable. Only to be used for emergencies...such as calling Alfred to make cookies.

Cliff:.........t-thanks.......*calls Tyson on the Bat-Phone*

Waluigi: *steals Bat-Phone and makes it disappear*

Cliff:.......*teary eyed, tackles Waluigi and claws his face* GIVE IT BACK* *begins to strangle Waluigi*

Waluigi: NO. *Turns into a giant and steps on Cliff*

Cliff: *while crying, jumps into the air and pulls down Waluigi's fly*................. *takes a picture and runs*

Waluigi: *chases Cliff, catches him, and stealls all his stuff he has no matter where it is, including his clothes, underwear, pants, spare phones, the poster, cameras, and stuff, then throws him into Brucetta and leaves*

Cliff:............*chasing Waluigi still because he's that desperate*................

Waluigi: *already long gone, never to be seen again because why not?*

Cliff: *trips and falls flat on his face, sobbing*

New Therapist on the Block: *grabs Cliff by the arm and takes him to therapy*

​Dante: ....What Happened.... 1 Vote.... By...... Who.... I CAN'T REMEMBER! Wait... Cool... BATWOMAN! A RANDOM GUY NAMED AXEL, A guy who voted against me.... I think :(..... COOL, BATWOMAN

Therapist: Dante, you're coming with me.

Dante: Already?

Therapy w/ Cliff and only Cliff & the Therapist

Therapist: We have not a lot of spare clothes left...............we have a bra, and some boxers? That's about it. *hands them to him* Go change.

Cliff:.......................*puts on the boxers*

Therapist: Those boxers may be TOO big because it was Owen's and has some unwashed brown stains we didn't want to wash because it smelled too much so..................yeah. *puts on gas mask*

Cliff: *scared*.......a-am I gonna get.....attacked.........l-last time you lied...........

Therapist: i just barely joined in place of Lionel. Anyways my treatments are a lot more...............endurance-type. You ready?

Cliff:.........I-I........I guess...............

Therapist: Let's start off easily. Your popularity with fans has dropped down to the 4th least favorite character of the 2nd-gen TDN contestants which is out of every season but TDN1 and TDN2. You only beat Devilotte, Flare, and Bakura.

Cliff:...............*cant stand the smell of the boxers, so he throws them in the garbage*

Therapist: Here's one of your hate mails: "Dear Cliff, you motherf****** c***, why do you have to cry like a b****, it's not as funny or cute as you think, you piece of s***. - Love your asylum best bribed friend who you paid a muffin so I'd like you"

Cliff:...........*teary eyed*

Therapist: Here's another of your hate mails, from the producers organizing Neighborhood All-Stars. "YOU F******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* B****, YOU AREN'T AN ALL-STAR OR A FAVORITE, SO STOP BEING A SCREENHOG LIKE JOSH AND F**************************************************************************************************************** LEAVE THE SHOW"

Cliff: *crying softly*

Therapist: Don't worry, Duke is trying his best to get the hatred of you sorted out. This began to happen when you and Tyson happened because people wanted you to be forever alone, mentally scarred, for development. Also you need to stop crying.................seriously.

Cliff:..............y-you'd......prolly be crying......t-too...............*breaks down*

Therapist: I wouldn't I came from a harsh family. In fact, I have an idea. *calls in Ugly Bear*

Ugly Bear: *r***s Cliff*

Cliff:..........*mixed emotions*

Old Woman: *joins in*

Therapist: Have fun. I'll be back in half an hour. *leaves, locking the door, and any possible exits as well as taking all weapons with him*

Cliff: EWWWWWWWW *punches old woman repeatedly*

Old Woman: *immune to damage, continues to join in*

Ugly Bear: *r***s Cliff faster*

-30 minutes later-


Cliff: *sobbing, outraged*

Therapist: Okay, so now for the ugly bed. *makes ugly bear and old woman r*** Cliff again for half an hour* YES, FINALLY MORE REPLACEMENTS THAT I DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR!

Cliff: *smacks therapist across the face*

Therapist: Okay, the real reason for the bed one is complete. You have stood up for yourself. I'm proud.


Therapist: Therapy over, you may keep the bra. We also retrieved Owen's other boxers which smell worse. *puts them in a bag using a hand scratcher, wraps a bow around it, and hands it to Cliff* Have a nice day.

Cliff:........c-can least call.......T-Tyson......p-please......?

Therapist: If we had a phone. But sadly all phones, including contestant phones have been put away into hiding after Waluigi stole some poor, pathetic lad's cell phone. Anyways bye.

Cliff: *falls asleep, upset, whimpers*

Duke: *hands Therapist a Basketball Jersey* Turns out we had one good shirt left. I think Cliff can use it when he wakes up. Anyways, I have to get going. Time doesn't monitor itself. *disappears*


Cliff: *wakes up,drowsy* ...........h-huh........? *puts it on*

Therapist: And here. *gives Cliff pants with many mold stains and really small underwear* Producers say you'll be out if you don't wear at least one of these.

Cliff: *puts on the underwear, barely fitting him*

Therapist: The pants too. >.> said....I-I just have to wear.....o-one.......*teary eyed*.........

Therapist: The producers changed their mind.

Cliff: *pouts and puts the pants on*...............

Therapist: Also, the producers decided you suck, so they want you to put a paper bag on your head and you have to keep it on or you're eliminated.

Cliff:................*breaks down*........

Therapist: They also decided that instead of crying you have to breakdance or you're eliminated.

Cliff: You know what, no. You said you're trying to resolve the hatred, but if anything you've made it twelve times worse! *punches therapist*

Producers: *come to take Cliff away*

Therapist: No, it's fine. This is slow progress Cliff. Here are some real clothes as a reward for not stuttering or crying. *hands Cliff a shirt with a chinese symbol of peace on it*

Cliff:.....w-wait.....what........*puts on shirt*

Therapist: You're slowly recovering. EXTREMELY SLOWLY but still. The breakdancing thing is true though, I didn't make that one up but you can take off the paper bag?


Therapist: Slow, slow, slow progress.................

Cliff: ...................................*barely manages a smile*.....s-so.....n-now what............?

Therapist: We go take a plane ride to West for some In N' Out or Jack in the Box because there's only a Burger King around here. So get on the plane.

Cliff:......*nervous, slightly scared of planes*......o-okay.....*slowly gets on the plane*

Plane: *arrives on In N Out accidentally crushing it*

Therapist: How about some Jack in the Box instead- yeah?

Plane: *arrives on Jack in the Box's parking lot*

Therapist: Alright, let's go.

Cliff: *follows, wondering what Tyson is doing*

Hosts Chat ft. Random Guy

Wario: *comes in* TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL! *Grabs water and threatens to pour it on KOS-MOS*


Duke: *back in time limbo* ................How did I get here again?


Wario: *just owns KOS-MOS in a duel and destroys her without the use of water and make sure she stays down by pouring water on her* WARIO GONNA WIN!

Duke: *gets back* Huh? Oh. *headshots Wario, killing him*

KOS-MOS:*blue eyed, broken beyond repair*

Duke: Now where's KOS-MOS.........hmm...........*looks around and sees KOS-MOS, blue eyed, broken beyond repair and runs over to her* KOS-MOS are you alrig- well obviously that answer is no..........

KOS-MOS:...........activating random self destruct mode. *explodes*

Duke: Wow a lot of people have died in front of me. Well KOS-MOS exploded but whatever.


Duke: Huh?


Leo: Hi Duke! Thanks a lot for bailing me a year later.........anyways my cousin followed me here.

Bridgit: Hi Duke!

Duke: Oh, hi Leo. Hi Leo's cousin.

Bridgit: I'm Bridgit :D

Leo:um, yeah. he's a big fan, so sorry if he gets in your way.

Duke: It's fine. Hi Bridgit, nice to meet you. *shakes Bridget's hand then goes to do paperwork*

Bridgit: *follows him*

Leo: *drags Bridgit away* He's working right now, save the thousand dozen autographs for later.

Bridgit: b-but........Autographs D:

Duke: *working on paperwork*

Bridgit: So what are we supposed to do?

Leo: ..........let's make cookies!

Bridgit: yay!


Leo: Wait what?

Random Guy: *turns Leo & Bridgit into pieces in a monopoly game* WELCOME TO MONOPOLY!

Leo: oh f***

Random Guy: UNTIL YOU WIN, YOU WILL BE WELCOME TO MONOPOLY *Never lets them win*


Leo and Bridgit: *win*


Leo: *back into a human by godplaying* trololololllolololol

Random Guy: *Throws Leo back into the fire and closes the fireplace and ceiling so Leo can't escape and if she does she dies trolololol*

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