Chris: Chris, coming to you live, it's TDN5. Last time, Noah won, the second time Oatmeal won, the first time, Lily won! Who will join this league of a trail mix, this time on TOTAL DRAMA NEIGHBORHOOD 5!


Duke, The Loyal Strategist, TrentFan

Cody, The Geek, TrentFan

David, The Fun Lover, XrosHearts

Geoff, The Party Dude, Henzzy

Sally, the Athletic and Smart Girl, Henzzy

The Doctor, The Mysterious Traveler, Scienceboy0

Josh, Total Drama's Ozzy Lusth, NZ

Leo, The Rich Kid, Bakura13

Cassidy, The Tomboy with a Heart, TaygenTeagan

Mr. Coconut, The Coconut, Zannabanna


Nathan, The Strategic One, XrosHearts

Noah, The High IQ, NZ

Beth, The Wannabe, Eros123

Lindsay, The Dumb Princess, Eros123

Pat, The Mysterious One, Roy49

Eva, The Female Pain-Giver, Youre

Wysal, The Guy from Urkraine, Youre

Ezekiel, The Homeschool(Eh), Roy49

Izzy. the Psycho Hose Beast, Zannabanna


Cody, The Geek, TrentFan 4th

Duke, The Loyal Strategist, TrentFan WINNER

Josh, Total Drama's Ozzy Lusth, NZ 5th

Leo, The Rich Kid, Bakura13 8th

Mr. Coconut, the Coconut, Zannabanna Runner- Up

Nathan, The Strategic One, XrosHearts 9th

Ezekiel, The Homeschool, Roy49 6th/7th

Izzy, the Psycho Hose Beast, Zannabanna 3rd

The Doctor, The Mysterious Traveler, Scienceboy0 7th/6th

Hosts(and the two Interns)

Chris, The Sadistic Host, TrentFan

Bev, The Dude with a Girl's Name, NZ

Martin, The Kind Host, Roy49

Elimination Table

Mr.Coconut IND WIN IND IND IN IN IN LOW IN Runner Up 2nd
Cassidy IND WIN OUT 14th
Pat** IN IN IN OUT 16/17
David IN IN WIN OUT 17/16
Lindsay WIN WIN OUT 18th
Sally LOW OUT 19th
Geoff OUT 20th
    • = this person was swapped from their original team.

LightGreen=The team won(or gave up for a prize to send someone home, Eva)

Green=This Person won it for the team/themselves

Crimson=This person was eliminated

Orange=This person was almost eliminated

Purple=Despite not winning this person had immunity.

Yellow=This person was safe thanks to a team swap but didn't win(Pat).

Pink=Excused from the Challenge(not the vote)

Day 1

Chris: Welcome to TOTAL DRAMA NEIGHBORHOOD 5, first villain and hero to say I will get a reward!

Leo: Hello there. It's a pleasure to beat you! (See what I did thar? XD)

Josh: I

Bev: Hello Guys.

(NZ Man123: Just so you know Josh's new look vs old

(Bakura13: Leo's gender is purposely left ambigous. Just pointing it out)

Chris: Since Beth said I, somewhere else, I will now explain the reward.....a TEAM SWAP! Josh, you're now on the heroes, Beth you're on the villains with Lindsay. Now you may all continue.

Leo: Okay weird. So where will we be staying?

Beth: hi i hope we can all be friends

lindsay: but we are already freinds * teary eyed* aren't we

Beth: Lindsay i told you already we are friends im talking to the others

Leo:I'll be you friends. On one condition! Wanna make an alliance?

Chris: Leo, we'll be staying in this neighborhood! I have the keys which also shows you which number your house is in. Enjoy!

Leo: Oh good. I thought we were gonna live in a crappy old cabin or something.

Cody: Back for another season, I guess I skipped like one.....but I'm back!

Duke: Hello everyone.

Leo: Oh god the heroes have arrived....

beth: horay. me and lindsay are going to go to the final ten in leos alliance!

(Then whatever else xD)

Josh: I am back.

Noah: As am I

Duke: *to Josh* Hey weren't you fifth in the fourth?

Leo: Beth and Lin soon we will be the greatest TD Trio in the world! We'll be even better than when you two were with Heather!

Josh: *to Duke* What's your point? *flicks out knife*

Duke: I was a fan.....

Leo:*Watches while eating popcorn*

Josh: *puts away knife* Sorry man I am kinda tense after the losers elimianted me.

Duke: It's alright, I guess I would be angry too, if after all my hard work the losers would eliminate me by heart, not brain. I'm Duke.....don't ask about the blue hair.

Leo:They made up? WTF?

Josh: I stil have the knife Leo. Don't anger me.

Cody: Hey guys, hold on! Don't fight! It's just the first day!

lindsay: OMG you have a knife i have high heels *pulls out wickedly sharp high heels at josh*


Duke: So, Josh, are you still angry with everyone from last season?

Leo:*Watches and eats popcorn* FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Beth: now now lets not fight

Linsay; LOOK OUT BETH! * THROWS HIGH HEELS and hits josh* oops i thought you were a spider

(Eros, stop erasing other's lines, or you will be removed, now everyone please redo your lines)

Josh:Yeah I an kinda angry but I deal with it. And Leo I have killed a lion, a wolf, a doberman and numerous other animals with this knife.

Leo: You wouldn't hurt a possible woman with that, would you?

Duke: *to Josh* Well, I bet you'll do better. It'll be an honor competing with you.

Josh: Thanks

Duke: No problem!


(im not meaning to erase any lines the editing is a bit confusing for me)

Josh: *looks at jey* There is no number on my key. There are 18 of us and 17 houses.

sally: hello

geoff: Hi

Josh: My, my, Sally you've changed alot.

sally: yeah i have i guess. You look different too!

Josh: Thanks.

The Doctor: *walks in* Oh, hello! Is this Total Drama Neighborhood?

Chris: Yes it is, why? "The Doctor"?

Doctor: I just wanted to know if I was in the right place. Which season are we in now?

Pat: *Mysteriously appears in front of Ezekiel* ...That is quite bizarre...

Ezekiel: Yeah, I know, ri-*Turns his head and sees Pat is gone* (CONF) That's one freaky dude, eh.

Doctor: Season 5. Am I right?

Ezekiel: Yeah, eh.

Chris: Correct *whispers* freak. Anyways, someone handed your audition in at the last minute, so you're with the heroes.

Martin: Well, look at all of these wonderful faces! This is going to be a really fun season.

Chris: I thought I fired you.....whatever.

Doctor: Well, I do consider myself a hero.

Cody: Well, welcome to the team!

Leo:*Falls asleep from boredom*

Doctor: Thanks Cody! And thanks for the pants!

Cody: ....What?

Doctror: Oh! Sorry, that hasn't happened yet! Just forget about it!

Cody: Okay then.....

Duke: Well, come on heroes! We can do this! (CONF) But if not, I've seen from last season that Geoff isn't too active, he'll probably go.

Doctor: So....What do we do now?

Chris: We have our challenge of course in five-ten minutes!


Chris: You may.....but you also may not.

Leo: Oh I will *Evil grin*

Doctor: Well, I hope it's fun! I'm not really in this for the money. I don't really have much use for the stuff.

Leo: I'm here so I can use the money and cheese to get over the loss of my parents.

Chris: No the prize is just cheese.....the money was a lie, just like the cake.

Leo: The cheese is all that matters!

Doctor: I'm in it for the fun.

Leo: And i'm for*Repeats what he or she said earlier*

Challenge 1 - Mountains of Cheesy Goodness

Chris: Climb this mountain ironically near the neighborhood, first one to reach it to the top wins it for their team. It will take seven, alternating, lines to finish, GO!

Leo: *Starts climbing while laughing manaically*

Duke: *starts climbing* Come on guys!

Cody: *starts climbing* Coming!

Leo:*Climbs* I shall not lose! My cheese is at stake!

Duke: *climbs* So you really want the cheese?

Cody: *continues to climb*

Ezekiel: *Starts climbing*

Pat: *Starts climbing*

Duke: *continues climbing*

Cody: *Continues climbing*

Doctor: *starts climbing* Yeah!

Leo:*To Duke* Well, it's the full reason...*Climbs*

Duke: *continues climbing* Oh.

Cody: *continues climbing*

Leo:*Continues climbing*

Duke: *Continues climbing*

Cody: *Continues climbing*

Doctor: *climbs higher*


Doctor: *climbs even higher*

Leo:*Continues climbing*

Duke: *Climbs faster*

Cody: *Climbs*

Leo:*Reaches the top* Ugh...

Doctor: *climbs higher*

Duke and Cody: *reach the top*

Duke: Darn we lost!

Ezekiel: *Continues to climb* What did we win?

Pat: *Stares at Ezekiel* ...Maybe...

Chris: Congrats Leo, thanks to you the villains win, heroes see you at elimination!

Elimination Ceremony - Heroes

Chris: Vote in the confessional, I will erase the votes when majority votes. We now give out Chris Heads as symbols of immunity!

Martin: Wow, you guys did really great in that challenge. You are deserved to win... but the other hosts don't think so... so, unfortunately you will have to eliminated one of your buddies... sorry.

Chris: Since Leo won the challenge, if this takes too long, Leo will also vote someone off.

Chris: Chris Head time! Okay, the first Chris Head is for Duke! The next one is for The Doctor! Cody gets the next one, followed by Josh! David, too. Pat, gets the next one! Sally, Geoff, both of you didn't help and placed high last season, making you the last Chris Head goes to........................Sally! Geoff, you're gone, dude! Care for any last words?

Day 2

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Neighborhood 5, we all met the new and old competitors join together. Possible friendships were formed. A rivalry was too. Then we had our first challenge, where Leo exceled at and won it for his/her team.....yeah, we don't know Leo's gender. The Heroes had to vote someone out, and the person chosen was Geoff for both getting a high place last season and not helping. With 15 left who will win.......TOTAL DRAMA NEIGHBORHOOD 5!

Heroes Chat

The Doctor: (CONF) Well, I made it past the first episode. Farther than expected, but great!

Cody: Well, we're down on member to the villains, hopefully we win next time.

Doctor: Because Geoff and Sally didn't do anything.

Duke: Well, Geoff has been voted out, so maybe we'll have better luck? I hope.

Doctor: Well, we still have Sally.

Pat: Yeah... she is a worthy contestant...

Cody: I guess so.

Duke: Let's just try and win.

Doctor: Yeah! *puts hand in* Heroes!

Cody: Well, I guess *puts hand in* Heroes!

Duke: Alright then, *puts hand in* Heroes!

Pat: *puts hand in* ...heroes...

All Heros: *cheer and throw thier hands up*

Cody: Well, come on guys let's do better next time!

Josh: We shall. (I was at school duing the challenge)

Villains Chat

Ezekiel: Sweet! We won our first challenge, eh... aha. (CONF) I know I'm really glad to be in this competition, again... but I am kind of scared that being on this team. I mean this is a team full of bad people, eh... if we lose a challenge, I might be a potential target. I need to ally myself with people to make it further in the game, eh... but with who? (NON-CONF) *Sees Leo* (CONF) I guess I can work with him. *Smiles* (NON-CONF) *Whispers to Leo* Hey, Leo, can we talk?

Eva: Good we won our first challange.

Leo:*To Ezekiel* Yeah, whatcha need?(CONF) If my team is inactive again today I'll ask Chris if I switch.

Ezekiel: *To Leo* Can I be a part of your alliance? I think you need an extra vote to get the people out.

Noah: (CONF) I was absent during the last challenge. That won't enhance my reputation. (sorry I was at school)

Leo:*To Ezekiel* I suppose.

Beth: sorry guys i lost lindsay and had to go find her so im really sorry aboy that

Lindsay: yea i got locked in the bathroom and couldnt get out it was sooooo confusing (actually i was at school soz)

Leo: That's okay L & B. We got a new member. Zeke.

( thanx i just need to know when these challenges happen from eros)

Beth: thanks hi zeke this is going to be so fun

lindsay:yea sooo fun

Leo: Yep.

Noah: OK then. This can't hurt me at all with blindsiding him last season and all. *eyeroll*

Leo: Hmmmm................When will that message arrive?

Lindsay: is the cheese low fat cause if it aint i might have to quit

Leo:*Receves a letter from an owl* What the? *Looks at it* This isn't the letter I was expecting...*Opens it up and reads* GAH!!!*Drops the letter and bolts*

Challenge 2- For the Team!

Chris: Okay....well, originally the challenge was making go-karts.....but then I decided not to. Josh and Leo will represent their teams and make a speech of why they should win. Duke and Beth will support these two. One statement at a time. BEGIN!

Josh: I should win because Good beats Evil in every movie.

Duke: *to Josh* Tell me if you need any assistance if you're nearly beat, I may have some stuff.

Josh: Thanks man.

Leo:Just because we may be labeled as evil does not mean that we want to take the world or anything crazy! We came here because we each have special and unique reasons for getting whatever the prize*Tears fill eyes*

Josh: I have one word for you that describes my reasson for being here. Redemption.

Beth: yes but im nice and nice always win

Chris: Beth, just help by telling them, don't actually say why.

Beth: sorry im nice

Chris: Okay.....whatever, Leo please object to Josh unless you admit forefit.

Leo: Ok then........I have a much better reason for being here today. A month ago a criminal gang robbed and killed my parents. I lost my home and I was captured and lost my left eye. I intend to use whatever the prize is so I can but the criminal gang and get rid of them for good!

Josh: I was abandoned by my parents when I was 3 months old in the middle of the woods. I make Jungle Boy look like an amataur, I had to feed myself for 15 years before I found this show and signed up for it. I need the money so I can get a house and live a NORMAL life.

Leo: I see that we both have our own heatbreaking reasons. I'm sure that thr reast of us and the people back home watching might to. I wish everyone luck. In the end it's for Chris to decide.

Chris: I've seen enough, I'll judge by your reasons.......

Beth: please chris ( teary eyed)

Chris: Villains win.....but Leo, I'm going to have you swap to the heroes in exchange for.....take your pick from anyone but Josh or Duke.

Leo: Um.......I'll swap with Pat.

Beth: but we need to be together for the alliance

Chris: Pat, you're a villain, Leo you're a hero.....not literally, so we have our last team swap of one player.

Leo: Beth it's ok. You still have Lindsay and the Zeke. You just don't have a leader.

Chris: Well, Duke, Josh, and Leo have individual immunity the rest are fair game, see you at elimination! Including you Leo!

Lindsay: ill be the leader

Leo: At least I technically won...

Elimination Ceremony 2 - Heroes

Chris: You know the drill vote, in the confessional!

Chris: Okay, six chris heads, five of you. The first one is for Leo! The next two are for Duke and Josh! Then it's for David. Doctor, Sally you each recieved at least a vote, and only one can be safe and it's................The Doctor! Sally, you've been eliminated. *snatches keys* Only six heroes

Day 3

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Neighborhood 5, two contestants from each team had to debate about why their team should win and at the end Leo won, but then Leo had to choose one of the heroes to swap with which was Pat. In the end, it came down to the Doctor and Sally, but Sally was eliminated. 6 heroes, 8 villains, who will win on TOTAL. DRAMA. NEIGHBORHOOD. 5.

Heroes Chat

Josh: I can't believe I lost the challenge. Sorry guys.

Leo:*Sits down, examing the letter he/she received the previous episode with tears in his eyes*

Cody: Something wrong Leo?

Duke: *to Josh* It's alright, at least you didn't go home, because you had individual immunity.

Leo:*To Cody* Oh...It's nothing....*Walks away*

Josh: *to Duke* Thanks. *goes into deep thought*

Cody: *to Leo* Alright....then. We're down two to the villains! Aw man, that kind of stinks.

Duke: *to Josh* No problem.

Leo:*To Cody* Yeah, maybe, but you have the most active guy on the villians now. The only people they got are Lindsay and Beth

Josh: *still thinking*

Cody: *to Leo* Yeah, but they also got Ezekiel.....hopefully we can strike a win!

Leo: We will win today, promise!

Cody: Alright, well, hopefully villains don't pull out a miracle.

Leo: I don't believe in miracles. It's on just getting the job done! *Sees another letter on the ground adressesed to him/her and runs away screaming*

Josh: *still thinking*

Duke: (CONF) Well, the villains are in the lead with all members still there, but not for long for the heroes will win a challenge.

Leo:*Hiding in a corner*

Josh: *gets up and goes* *when gone* *starts sobbing quietly*

Leo:*Nervously picks up letter on the ground and reads it, breathes uncontrollably*

Cody: This has been an interesting.....time.

Josh: *keeps spbbing*

Leo:*Continues reading letter in his corner*

Josh: *pulls out knife*

Duke: *walks by looking for Josh and sees Josh* Wait.....what are you doing with that knife?

Josh: *turns knife over and readis engraving*

Duke: Are you okay, Josh? You don't seem as you usually are.

Josh: *Thinking aloud.* My last conection to them.

Duke: What? Josh snap out of it!

Leo:*Breathes so uncontrollably that he faints*

Josh: Get over it Leo. *to Duke* This is my last conection to them.

Duke: To who?

Josh: My family. If I even have one.

Duke: Oh.....are they alive?

Josh: I don't know. The engravment says "To my son"

Duke: Well....maybe one day you'll see them.

Josh: Who knows. This knife has been with me for longer then I remember. *slaps Leo* Wake up!

Duke:'ll at least find a family of friends soon.

Leo:*Wakes up* Ugh....WTF happened?

Duke: You fainted after reading a letter.


Josh: *throws knife and kills pigeon* Are you two hungry?

Duke: Sure, just make sure it isn't sick.....(CONF) Hey, Chris hasn't given us lunch for a long time(2 days). I'll eat an uninfected Pidgeon at least......maybe.

Josh: *guts and skins and cooks pigeon* I have done this all my life.

Duke: Really? Well, it doesn't look as bad as eating bugs. I'll take what is available.

Josh: *scales tree and rests at top*

Leo:*sleeps in the corner*

Josh: *throws Duke a rope.*

Duke: Oh, thanks *climbs the rope and goes on top*

Josh: Want the pigeon wings? They are the best part.

Leo:*Wakes up* Tired of sleeping.*Sees another letter* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

Duke: *to Josh* Sure.

Cody: *looks at Leo* scared of letters?

Leo:No....It's what's written in the letters....

Josh: *throws knife and cuts letter in half*


Cody: What is it, a chain letter?


Josh: *throws coconut at Leo*

Leo: I shall call you Mama Coconut!*Hugs Mama Coconut*

Josh: *throws knife at mama coconut*

Leo: *Drinks her remains* HOW MANY F*****G KNIVES DO YOU BLOODY HAVE!!!???

Cody: Okay.......then.

Leo:*Sits in his corner again*

Josh: Only one I am jsut fast.

Duke: Josh, are you used to resting on trees?


Josh: Yeah. Watch this. *runs down grabs Leo and rbrings s/he to the top of the tree*

Leo: ................okay......(CONF) After all the R*** I suffered while being held captive, it was scary being dragged up a tree*

Duke: Welcome to the tree. *to Josh* Impressive. I'm used to trees, because I used to have one in my backyard, until I moved....but yeah.

Leo: So, what do you usually do up here?

Josh: Not much. Just whatever I feel like. For example. *carves :) into tree*

Duke: You could also look at the sky, it's not too sunny. *looks at the clouds*

Leo: Cool!

Josh: Or. *jumps off of tree and no one can see him*

Duke: What is he up to?

Josh: *jumos up behind them and scares them*

Duke: *looks behind him, a little scared and then sees Josh* Oh. Nice one.

Josh: *chuckles*

Duke: Well, what do you guys think? The villains have won twice, but I'm confident we can win, you?

Josh: Well if it is an edurance challenge or physical challenge I am good.

Duke: Good, well, hopefully we can win. With Leo on our team and all, who did the challenges mostly for the villains.

Josh: Yep.

Duke: Yeah, even though we have a number disadvantage we have more people who do challenges, which is good.

Leo: Yeah I mean look at how long our chat is compared to theirs

Villains Chat

Noah: Well this is good.

Pat: *Stares at Noah* ...I knew this would happen... I'm no hero...

Ezekiel: Gosh, what's going to happen to our little alliance, eh... since that Leo jerk betrayed us?

Pat: *Appears infront of Pat* I think I can help you... all... I will be the new leader of your alliance...

Ezekiel: OK, I guess. Do you girls mind, eh?

Noah: *thinking* Technicly Leo had no choice to switch.

Pat: *Stares at Noah* We humans always have choice... even, in situations, where it is quite lacking... *Stares at Ezekiel* remember that.

Ezekiel: I guess, eh. (CONF) That dude is weird.

Challenge 3 - Embarassing Moments for the Win!

Chris: I will ask you embarassing questions, like Revenge of the Island, for you to answer, it's just like the first part of the challenge, because it IS! You have five minutes to answer. Now....let's begin. Who faints, cries, or goes hysterical when they see ANY letter? (for Leo)

Leo: Me...........*Sees a letter* AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!*Runs way screaming*

Chris: I'll count that, one point for heroes. Now for the villains.....who has once given a fake diamond away only for it to be sold, thinking it was worth a real diamond like the other sucker *snickers* (for Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: Anne Maria

Chris: Oh right you were in feral form.....I'll ask something else. Who kept their beanie even though it's been dropped in the sewer so many times? (for Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: Oh... it's me, eh. (CONF) Oh, I get it.

Martin: Well, Ezekiel got a point for the Villains... now, it's my turn to pick an embarassing moment. OK... sorry to however this... but who was the person that wet his pants twice during a camping hike? (For Cody)

Cody: *sweats a little*......Fine it was me!

Chris: Another point for the heroes, now who has opened up their feelings to a hippie before after claiming they were so mysterious, also crying in the process? (to Pat)

Pat: ...It was me... *Gets in Chris's face* ...but you know nothing about what had happened under those circumstances. *Eyes turn red*

Chris: Whatever.....who has been exiled in England and possibly Europe soon for the FINAL question? (to the Doctor)

Doctor: Me. But, that won't happen for another...Umm....25,000 years. Just about.

Chris: Heroes win the advantage in part 2.....YOU HAVE TO PUSH MARTIN OFF A CLIFF! Yeah, I just want to punish him, so Heroes have a two minute head start, GO! Takes three lines to get to him and two to push him off.

Doctor: Come on team! *runs toward Martin*

Duke: I'm coming! *runs behind the Doctor*

Cody: Same! *follows the Doctor and Duke*

Doctor: Now, lets push him! *whispers* I'm so sorry about this Martin *starts pushing* (Is is 2 and 3 line for the entire team?)

Duke: *running* Wait, hold on!

Cody: *running* Almost there! (No, but you could just switch it around since you're already there, three to push for you xD)

Chris: Villains may run now!

Doctor: *keeps pushing* Almost there!

Duke: *arrives and helps the Doctor* Come on guys!

Cody: *arrives and pants* Give me a sec...


Martin: Wait a minute. *Dresses Bev as Martin and Martin starts running away from the neighborhood* Have fun, Bev.

Duke: *pushes Martin off* Yes we did it!

Chris: Good job, Duke and the Doctor. The heroes win. But today there's a twist, THE HEROES VOTE OFF THE VILLAINS!

Duke: *to team* Let's vote off someone good, so we can win more challenges, agreed?


Ezekiel: Ah, fudge, we lost.

Pat: Yes... that sucks...

Elimination Ceremony 3 - Villains

Chris: Heroes vote for the villains in the confessional! First to four or three votes is out!

Chris: Ceremony time! The first Chris head is for Ezekiel, somehow. The next one is for Wysal! Then one for Pat and Eva! Then Beth! Now, one for Nathan! Lindsay....Noah, both of you are in the bottom two tonight. But there's only one Chris Head left, and it's for.....................Noah! Lindsay, you've been voted off *snatches keys*

Heroes Chat

Duke: *relaxes by that same tree* Lindsay was a yeah.

Josh: *in tree as well* Yep, Oh well. *shrugs* THis is a nice tree.

Leo:There are quite a few threats on the villians team. We'll have to keep our guard up if we wish to succeed in the future.

Duke: Exactly. But this is a nice tree, I loved hanging around my tree before I moved, probably the place I was at most.

Leo:This is the first time I've seen a tree in almost 4 years!

Duke: Wait, what? But there are a lot of trees in the world, how did you not see a tree in almost 4 years?

Leo: I was held captive by a criminal gang, remember? Haven't been outside

Duke: Oh.......wait what? So you were held captive for almost 4 years?

Leo: Pretty much. It sucked! .

Duke: I bet it did.

Josh: I have only ever been in trees.

Duke: That's cool. Well, what do you guys think of us finally winning a challenge?

Leo: Well, I've actually won all challenges, but it felt nice winning this time too!

Josh: Long overdue,.

Duke: It felt nice seeing a villain go instead of a hero.


Duke: Sorry about your former ally, Leo.


Duke: Oh, okay....well, she was a threat. Luckily she went before she became too big of a threat.

Josh: OK then ^sharoens knife*

Leo: Beth might try to get revenge on us for voting off Lindsay, especially me, since I betrayed them.

Duke: Yeah, but it'll be alright. So, who do you guys think will win next: heroes or villains?

Leo: Us, definitly. We're the main guys in the competition!

Duke: Most likely. Thank goodness I wasn't asked an embarrasing question. Josh: Same.

Leo:And I'm lucky I haven't seen a letter today. *Sees a letter and rips it to shreds* YOU CAN'T HURT ANYONE ANYMORE!!!

Duke: Okay, well let's hope to another day's win!

Leo: *Holds out hand* For the Heroes!

Duke: Sure *holds out hand* Heroes!


Duke: Exactly.

Josh: GO HEROES........and Leo too.

Duke: Same, I at least want to make the would be great!

Leo: I was nver really a villian to begin with

Duke: My guess was that Chris was running out of villains, but whatever.

Leo: Or it was probably because of my ironic stereotype.

Josh: Right cause that is why you were a villain.

Duke: That's a good reason, but we will never know....


Josh: *making a spear*

Duke: That was a quick elimination.

Leo: Apparantly I'm a girl O_O

Josh: *jumps into pond with spear*

Leo: What are you doing Josh?

Duke: Yeah, what are you doing?

Leo: Are you hunting?

Duke: Maybe he's trying to scare us.

Leo: Nah, I think he's hunting.

Josh: *throws spear and catches three fish* Yes,

Leo: Impressive!*Claps*

Duke: Living in the wilderness has proved to be effective.

Josh: Actually quite a small catch compared to my usual.

Duke: Well it's still great nonetheless.

Leo:I'm even more impressed!

Josh: See those squirels? *points at them* Bet ya 1 fish I can hit one.

Leo: I'll get in on that.

Duke: I think he can, as he's done this a lot of times before.

Leo: Thanks for making me doubt I'll keep my fish, Duke.

Josh: *throws spear and hits a squirel* Got it. 1 fish for me 2 for DUke and none for Leo.

Leo: F*** you...

Duke: To be fair he is a natural wilderness expert, Leo.

Leo: I know....

Josh: *gives Leo cooked squirle*

Leo:YAYZ!!!!*Hugs Jush and eats squirell*

Duke: To be fair, viewers, we haven't eaten in a while.

Leo: This is the first time I've eaten something since before I was kidnapped....*Sniffs*

Duke: Really? did you stay alive?

Leo: I don't know......Well, I did exercise a lot....

Josh: I am soooooooooooooo glad Chris didn't ask me a secret.

Leo: yeah

Duke: Well, Leo, I'm not exactly positive that you'r statement of not eating is correct, but I'll accept it for now.

Leo: Well, I did steal some of the scraps that the gang already ate......But not much...

Josh: I just want to do this. *jumos off of tree out of sight*

Leo: Cool......

Duke: Hey.....he never gave me my fish.

Josh: *throws 2 fish at Dukes head*

Leo: *Giggles*

Duke: *catches the two fish* What's with the giggling?

Leo:Sorry.....I'm remembering a joke.

Duke: Okay *gives one fish to Leo* Probably need it more than me.

Leo: Oh...thanks....*Takes a bite of her fish*

Josh: *throws spear at pond again*

Leo:*Eats fish*



Duke: Nice job *bites fish* (CONF) Merge is my main goal. As long as I pass that, I'm fine.

Leo:(CONF) No one ever uses this thing........

Josh: (CONF) I beleive if you are going to vent your feelings about someone do it in person.

Duke: Well, for the next challenge I hope we win.....or else the heroes will be behind. Like before. Hopefully we can even it.

Leo:I think we will.

Duke: Most likely. Well, good luck guys.

Leo:Thanks, you too.

Villains Chat

Noah: I was this close to being eliminated. (sorry for school)

Ezekiel: We are sucking, right now, eh.

Elimination Ceremony 4 - Heroes

Chris: Cassidy will be debuting in your team and has individual immunity! Now vote in the confessional!

Chris: Time for the Chris Heads, once we're finished, you can go back to your chat. The first Chris Head is for Duke! The next one is for Leo! Josh gets the next one, followed by Cody and Cassidy! The Doctor and David, one of you is going home and it's.......................David! David, sorry, but you're gone! *snatches keys*


Cody: Later, David. Sorry.

Duke: See ya, David.

Doctor: Bye david. (Sorry, but I won't be able to participate until sunday, I have company over)

Elimination Ceremony 4 - Villains

Chris: Izzy will be debuting in your team and has individual immunity! Now vote for one of you guys to be eliminated!

Chris: This is sad.......really sad, only three people have voted, so I'll give a little more time. Unless you guys want me to end voting.

Izzy: You can end voting...

Chris: All right then. The first Chris Head is for the guy who finally did something, Nathan! The next one is for Izzy! Eva gets the next one! Ezekiel, eh! Noah, gets a Chris Head too. and so does Beth. Wysal......Pat, one of you is leaving the show today and it's.............Pat! Pat, you're out! *snatches keys*

Pat: ...I am not impressed... but I'm leaving... (CONF) ...My time on this show is not over... you may not expect it, all... but I will return... *Stares at the camera as his eyes turn red, again*

Chris: Well it wasn't me who voted you off, you could blame your team. But whatever, dude you're out, sorry.

Nathan: (CONF) Nearly doged a bullet there.

Challenge 5 - Loyalty.....

Chris: Your challenge is to stay loyal to your team, no matter what I offer, if you give up on something you lose for your team. Now, Ezekiel, would you let your team lose if I offer you a team swap with Cassidy?

Ezekiel: I will not be tricked by your tricky tricks, eh. I will not do such a switch.

Chris: Alright then......Nathan, would you let your team lose if I offer you a feast?

Chris: Well, we'll get back to him on that. Wysal, would you let your team lose if I offer you a Hot Tub in your Neighborhood House?

Wysal: No hot tub to fancy.

Chris: Eva, would you let your team lose if you too choose who gets voted off? Yeah, I'm getting higher on the prices for teams losing....

Eva: Yes!!!!

Chris: Alright, Villains lose, and Wysal and Ezekiel have seperate immunity for dodging those questions. Originally, Cody was next with candy, Leo was next with immunity, and Duke would get his very own tree moved to his house-


Chris: Yeah, sorry Codester. Well, Eva you know what to do!

Elimination Ceremony 5 - Villains(Eva's Vote)

Chris: Eva vote for either Noah, Izzy, Nathan, or Beth.

Chris: While I was hoping this challenge would last a lot longer, that sucked.....well, Noah, it's time to say tallyhoo, hip hip cheerio! You've been eliminated *passes a Chris Head to everyone but Noah*

Eva: (CONF) >:)

Noah: Do **** yourself Eva. (jk Oh well)

Heroes Chat

Duke: *on the tree* That was a lucky win.

Cody: I guess so, but I lost out on candy.....although, I wouldn't betray the team for I guess either ways I wouldn't have candy.

Leo:*Meditates on tree*

Duke: Hmm.....*thinks*(CONF) Well, another reason I like trees is because, well I had a twin and we used to hang out on trees.....he ran away the day after his birthday, because he said he needed to go "grow up".....

Leo:(CONF) I'm upset I that I didn't do the challenge...I'll try harder next time!

Duke: *stops thinking and looks at the sky* The sky is a bit cloudy.....

Leo:*Nods head in agreement*

Duke: *Hops off the tree* Hold on a second.....I need to go check something: *walks away, thinking*

Leo:*Doesn't even notice that Duke left*

Duke: *thinking* I know he couldn't have gone far, his birthday was two months ago.....but, still *takes a note out of his pocket and re-reads it* Okay.....I think that's good *walks back to the tree and relaxes*

Villains Chat

Ezekiel: (CONF) I cannot believe Eva betrayed the team, eh. That was so unloyal of her.... aw, well. I guess it was for the best... I guess.

Nathan: *Whispers to Zeke, Izzy, and Beth* I don't know about you but I think Eva should go home since she showed us we can't trust her.

Ezekiel: *Whispers to Nathan* I agree, eh.

Izzy: *whispers to Nathan* I guess *pulls a coconut out of her pocket* It's Mr. Coconut! *goes to Chris* Can he debut?

Chris: Mr.Coconut......good times, I'll let him debut if he proves his worth. Mr.Coconut, come with me.

Eva: He should be eaten!!!!!!!

Chris: He was a fan favourite, so I'll see what I can do.....*smiles evily*

Mr. Coconut: *is lightly kicked my Izzy and roles over to Chris*

Izzy: *to Chris* So is that a yes? *to Eva* Shame on you *slaps her in the head*

Chris: Mr.Coconut, you have five minutes to answer this..........who placed 6th in Season 2 of Total Drama Neighborhood?

Mr. Coconut: *roles around in a C O D Y formation*

Chris: He knew that? Well, who was Runner-Up Season 2 of TDN? Who has debuted in everytime they competed, Who won Total Drama Neighborhood 2, and what place was Trent last season? You have ten minutes >:)

Mr. Coconut: *rolls in T Y L E R formation for first question* *rolls in I Z Z Y formation for second question* *rolls in O A T M E A L formation* *rolls in 1 5 th / 1 4 t h formation*

Chris: O_O, one smart coconut.....I guess he could what team should I place this coconut in...

Mr. Coconut: *rolls in V I L L A I N S formation*

Izzy: Yay, on my team. :D

Chris: Hold on, I have a final decision to this! Don't rush the host with the most.....actually I have an idea. It will be for the challenge, until then, Mr. Coconut will go with me.

Izzy: Okay *gives him Mr. Coconut* So can we start this challenge. Hopefully it will be plain and simple and my team will win so he can be on my team by today. :D

Chris: Since most of you are here, I'll start this challenge, but be warned, the LOSERS get the Coconut, the winner get immunity.

Challenge 6 - The Totally Fantastic Mystery Game

Chris: Hold on....well, here we are at THE TOTALLY FANTASTIC MYSTERY GAME, anyone care to guess?


Chris: No Izzy, if I wanted to drink milk I would've eaten Mr. Coconut, today we're making a song! First team to finish their song wins or something....

Heroes Song

Cody: Wait, guys, what do we sing?

Cassidy: What kind of song? Hopefully, not about Mr. Coconut...

Duke: Any song, I believe.

Cassidy: Give me a second, I, I need to get my story straight

Cody: Alright, I suppose?

Cassidy: I can't think of any friends are scheming a plan higher than the Empire State

Duke: Hold on, what are we singing?

Cassidy: Wanna win or not?!?

Duke: Fine. So high, I have a fear of heights?

Cassidy: And I know this is ridiculous, I know you're trying to forget, but between the challenges in eliminations, we're trying hard to do our best

Duke: But trying isn't all, doing is the test? (CONF) This song is confusing....

Cody: The test to be the best is the ultimate test.....

Cassidy: (Parody Of We Are Young) So if by the time, the other team wins, and we feel oh so bad, we will stay strong

Villains Song

Izzy: *starts the song* There comes a time.......When I hear a certain call......from a Coconut not so far away....

Nathan: ohhhhhh

Eva & Wysal: One that would make a perfect snack

Izzy: There's a choice we're making in........ohhhhhh......we're saving his small life......So let's join together and let him be on our team.....

Eva & Wysal: To Eat

Izzy: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no.......................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Eva: Yes

Wysal: Ohhhhhhhhhhh

Eva: Yes

Izzy: He could have it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Rolling on our teammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I had him insideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of my pocket, and then Chris took him awayy.

Eva & Wysal: When he joins our team he will be lunch.

Izzy: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Rolling on our teammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We had him in our graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp, and then he was taken from mee.


  • song over*

After-Challenge Chat

Chris: The villains win for finishing first and having the best last line in a song ever!'re going to a vote, tonight, but Mr. Coconut will be joining your team.

Izzy: Don't worry Mr. Coconut. I'll wait for you when it comes to the merge. At lease he has immunity today :D

Leo:*In the middle of the woods, breathing heavily*

Cody: *brings Mr. Coconut and gives it to Izzy* Here you go. Now, time to look in my backpack *checks backpack and looks in a hidden compartment* Candy!

Duke: *on tree, reading note* What could have made him leave....

Leo*Sees a silouette approaching her,takes a step back*

Duke: Wait.......I remember hearing something in his birthday party *reads note* I've been told I'm immature.....I need to mature, Duke, you've been a good brother, take care of mom and dad.....*tries to remember when he heard in the birthday party*

Cody: *eats a Twix Bar* Mmm.....candy.

Leo:*Approaches man coming towards her* Your evil acts END NOW!!!!!*Runs towards him*

Duke: *remembers walking past a girl, who Flare had a crush on* She said......Flare was really immature and he needs to grow up......Flare was near her......he must have heard......but why did he leave just because of that?

Cody: *eats a taffy* Candy is the best!

Leo:*Is punched in the face by the slhouette and falls to the ground sobbing*

Duke: *Thinking* Dad also said that to him......I guess he must have left because of that.....*looks at the sky*

Leo:*Looks up at the silhouette* I won't let you destroy my life again!*Gets up and kicks the silhouette in the jaw*

Duke: *looks down* But why not tell me first, why just a letter- or well a note?

Leo:*Silhouette slices her cheek a littler with a knife, making her fall to the ground, sobbing agin* No...*Is punched repeatedly*

Duke: Whatever.....*relaxes in the tree looking at the sky*

Leo:*Falls unconscious, but wakes up later, with no one in sight* Why didn't he.......*Walks back to the tree that she usually visits*

Wysal: *walks in the forest and sees leo*

(Leo isn't in the forest anymore, she's with Duke in the tree)

Duke: *to self* It pains me to say.........I may never see my brother again.

Leo:*Notices that she had been cut multiple times*

Duke: *sighs and looks at Leo* Have you been cutting yourself, it isn't healthy......*mumbles* nor is running away.

Leo: No........I don't remember much......I think he thought he killed me....

Duke: Someone tried to kill you? *to self* Makes me worry for a fiery brother..... *to Leo* Why?

Leo: I remember his face.....He was the one that dealed the final blow to my parents.......

Duke: A murderer who killed your parents tried to kill you and you didn't shout for help?

Leo: It's kind of hard to shout while a guy repeatedly punches you in the face. It comes out all muffled.

Wysal: *appears out of nowhere* Oh... two love birds

Leo:*Rolls her eyes*

Duke: No....Josh also hangs here, but I haven't seen him lately.

Leo: He might be out hunting again.

Wysla: So you two wern't kissing?

Duke: No, we weren't, we're just friends.

Leo: Our interactions are none of your buisness. Now take your leave!

Wysal: I can be where ever I would like to be girlthat looks like a guy

Duke: (CONF) Like Wysal's acting now, is how Flare used to act like....makes me worried about what happened to him.

Leo:IDK what your talking about! *Gets in fighting stance* Prepare yourself!

Duke: *looks at Leo and Wysal* Don't.....

Leo:*Glares at Wysal*

Wysal: Puny girl doesn't scare boxing champian who feels no pain like Wysal.

Leo:*Jumps and kicks him in the face*

Duke: Don't start battling on a tree....

Wysal: *doesn't feel it* That tickled

Leo:Grrrrrrrrr..........*Punches him repeatedly* I know a guy who can beat you...

Dr. Octogonapus: DR OCTOGONAPUS BLAARGH!!!!*Fires lazor at Wysal*

Wysal: This is a good massage

Leo: Damn you vile woman!

Duke: *watching from tree*

Leo: Just forget it! *Runs away*

Wysal: What's her problem

Duke: You might have upset her?

Wysal: How Wysal wasjust being Wysal?

Leo:*Sits in her usual corner,sobbing*

Duke: Insulted her strength, sexist, and rude. *Sarcastically* I don't know why she left....*regularly* But you should improve your social interactions.

Wysal: I impress most girls in Ukrian.

Leo:*Mutters to herself* How? Guys an ***

Duke: You could apologize.....people do stuff differently in other countries.

Wysal: I apilogize Miss Leo

Leo:*Kicks him in the kiwis and runs away*

Wysal: *feels nothing*

Leo: I will not be humilaited in this way! *Cries*

Duke: That's a bit harsh, Wysal.

Wysal: I can't feel pain I't not my falt

Leo: You are an A**hole!

Duke: I mean what you did before that, she has had a rough life. Anyways *pulls out the same note and reads it*

Leo: *B****-Slaps Wysal*

Duke: *Reading note* .....

Josh: *climbs up tree* Hey guys. Anyone want a fish? *sees Wysal and Leo* Why the **** is Wysal in the tree? If I don't get and explanation about Leo crying and Wysal up here one of them is getting hurt by the thing I catch my fish with! *flicks out knife splattered with fish blood*

Leo: Wysal's being a little S***!

Duke: Wysal came near here, was a little rude, got Leo angry, insulted her strength, and now Leo's.....out for revenge, I think? Well, welcome back Josh.

Josh: Thanks. *adopts fighting stance* Wysal. You can go now.

Duke: *reading note* Well, we also lost Cassidy from our team and had Mr.Coconut join our team.

Josh: That makes no sense. *gives Duke and Leo 4 fish each*

Duke: Ask Chris, he's the one who put him on our team. *gets the fish* Thanks.

Josh: Yeah. But he is Chris.

Duke: Yeah....

Josh: *shrugs* So is Leo ok?

Nathan: Uhhhh ...........................................................

Josh: Why are you in the tree Nathan?

Duke: *to Josh* Leo is okay, just a bit angry at Wysal.....actually a lot angry.

Josh: *flicks up knife* I can fix that.

Leo: I'll get over it.........Maybe...............I might file a restraining order.

Duke: Wysal's just being......himself? Uh.....yeah.....

Leo:*Eats 1 of her fish*

Josh: Ukrain Boxer vs Me. Who wins?

Leo: Josh, Definitly.

Duke: Considering you can probably use the enviroment to your advantage, you.

Leo: Just a warning, Josh, I should tell you that not even Dr. Octogonapus could hurt him.

Josh: Yeah but I can beat Docter Octagonapus in an arm wrestle.

Leo: Then you should have no problem.

Josh: *punches Wysal in face breaking his nose*

Elimination Ceremony 6 - Heroes

Chris: Elimination of you will be going home, vote in the confessional, NO ONE IS IMMUNE! Except the coconut. Okay, time for the Chris Heads. The first one is for Mr. Coconut! The next one is for Duke! Cody gets the next one, followed by Josh! Doctor, Cassidy, and Leo you each had one vote at least. One had one vote, one had two votes, one had three votes. The one with one vote is The Doctor! Leo, Cassidy only one Chris Head left, any last words just in case you go?

Leo: The only thing I can say is, Thank you for this opportunity. I will miss you all if I leave.

Cassidy: Even thought I don't know sot of you people, I will think it's fair that I should go, and I'll miss you all deeply. I'm very honored to be with you guys!

Chris: *looks at them, elimination music plays* One last Chris Head............and it's for...................Leo! Sorry Cassidy, I know you didn't do much, but *snatches keys* you've been voted off the Neighborhood...

Leo: I'm glad you guys made the right choice...*Grins*

Cassidy: Well, my work here is done, ADIOS!

Cody: Sorry, Cassidy, but your song was way too confusing!

Duke: Bye Cassidy!


Duke: Why are you happy, you were almost eliminated?

Leo: I'm just happy that I was spared elimination, that's all.

Duke: Okay's to hoping there's no more song challenges.

Cody: Hoping.....

Leo: I'm sorry that I was inactive during the last 2 challenges. I'll promise not to let you down again! I hope...

Cody: It's alright, just try to be in the next challenge.

Duke: Yeah.

Leo: You got it! *Thumbs up* Well, I gotta go right now....Someone is.......Expecting me.....*Walks away*

Duke: Okay then *reads note*

Chris: Yeah....go to After-Challenge Chat now.

Challenge 7 - Racing Relays, Batman!

Chris: Welcome final's time for the next challenge! Confess something to get to the next part!

Leo: I have 2 children.

Ezekiel: I have a perm under this hat, eh.

Mr. Coconut: *rolls in I ' M A C O C O N U T formation*

Izzy: Ummmm.....I'm crazy

Nathan: I'm in love!

Cody: I stole candy from Chef's secret candy stash.......I'm a monster *cries*

Josh: Well.......I have no home. There. I said it.

Ezekiel: I see... so what is next, Chris?

Martin: What are you up to, Chris?

Bev: I hope this challenge ends well....For us.

Duke: I didn't join Total Drama for the money or to meet my favourites. I joined it so I can win a final bet with my brother........before he ran away.

Chris: Yeah, you're a monster Cody.....anyways everyone who confessed will participate in the next challenge.


Josh: *shrugs*

Nathan: Which is...

Cody: To part two, we go!

Duke: Well, more heroes seem to participate than villains.

Leo: We'll win for sure.

Cody: Yeah, come on heroes!

Leo:*Cheers like a crazy person and trips* Ssssssssss........Ugh....

Duke: Are you okay?

Cody: Maybe too much cheering....

Leo:*Gets up* I'm fine.

Ezekiel: Sweet, eh. (CONF) I hope I can win this for my team, eh.

Leo:(CONF) *Just sitting in the CONF, then realizes that the camera's on) WTF?*Breaks camera*

Cody: Just try not to cheer over-control.

Duke: I hope the challenge starts soon.


Chris: Alright,alright, I just needed for Bev to get my Coffee....yeah. Anyways, this challenge is a relay race. For the heroes: Josh, Cody, Mr. Coconut, Duke, and Leo in that order. For the Villains: Nathan, Izzy, and Ezekiel. It takes 3 lines to get to the next person for heroes, five for villains, Ezekiel only needs 3, too. GO!

Leo:*Cheering for Josh*

Josh: *sprinting*

Nathan: *Sprints*

Josh: *jumoing over river*

Nathan: *keeps running*

Josh: *finsihs* GO DUKE!

Cody: I'm next, not Duke! *runs*

Nathan: *runs*

Cody: *sprints*

Josh: *cheering*

Cody: *finishes* Go Mr. Coconut!

Mr. Coconut *starts rolling down the track*

Josh: *throws Mr coconut*

Nathan: *Runs*

Mr. Coconut: *keeps rolling*

beth: i miss lindsay

Mr. Coconut: *rolls and finishes*

Duke: *starts running*

Beth:* picks up mister coconut and draws blond* your the new lindsay

Izzy: *picks up Mr. Coconut and tears all the blonde off* Nah, he's good as Mr. Coconut

Beth: noooooooooooooooo * picks up batoon and hits Izzy*

Duke: *sprints*

Nathan: *finishes*

Beth * picks up female coconut and draws blonde* hi lindsay how was haiwie

Izzy: *starts running*

Duke: *finishes* Come on Leo, it's up to you!

Leo:*Starts sprinting*

Chris: Since villains are behind, I'm switching it, villains only need three lines, heroes need five lines(Leo) to finish! >:)

Leo:*Continues to sprint*

Josh: *cheering*

Izzy: *sprints*

Leo:*Sprinting still*

Izzy: *runs and finishes*

Leo:*Sprinting* Hmph....Pathetic!

Ezekiel: *Starts running* We can win this, eh. (CONF) I am kind of mad that we are in tough competition AGAINST A COCONUT... eh.

Duke: Come on Leo, you can do it!

Leo:*Finishes* BWAHAHAHAH!!!

Chris: Heroes win! elimination!

Elimination Ceremony 7 - Villains

Chris: For running and finishing: Izzy and Nathan are immune, vote in the confessional!

Chris: The first Chris Head of the night is for Izzy! The next one is for Nathan! Beth! and Ezekiel! Wysal........Eva you both had at least on vote at sometime today, Wysal, you made a girl cry, dude. Eva, you betrayed your team in Loyalty......but there's only one marshmellow left and it's for.....................Wysal! Sorry Eva, you're out! *snatches keys*


Chris: Wait the heroes are here- what the? Well, whatever, we're down to the final eleven or twelve or something! Who will win? Who will lose? Who will make the merge? Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA NEIGHBORHOOD 5!

Leo:*Glares at Wysal*

Heroes Chat

Cody: Hopefully the merge comes soon.

Duke: Yeah....*relaxes on the tree*

Josh: Hi.

Cody: Hey.

Duke: Nice job on the relay, today. I'm still surprised how Mr. Coconut managed to finish before Nathan....

Josh: Same. Although I managed.

Duke: Yeah, good thing we managed to win or we would've had to send someone else home.

Josh: Us 6 vs those 5.

Duke: Yeah, hopefully a hero will win this camp.

Josh: Meh.

Duke: So how do you feel of Noah being eliminated by Eva?

Josh: Eva isn't here much longer.

Duke: Yeah, I know, she was eliminated last time. Poor Noah, while he was a threat that kind of sucked.

Josh: He gave me some cheese. You guys are probably tired of fish and squirel. *hands out cheese*

Duke: Thanks. *eats his cheese* I feel like the merge is coming soon.


Josh: If she starts levitating that would rock,

Duke: I guess so. Well, hopefully we all make it to the merge, right?

Leo:*Nods and starts levitating* AAAAAAAAHHH WTF IS HAPPENING!?

Duke: You're levitating.....wait what?

Leo: I can't stop! Am I gonna die!?

Duke: Maybe if you stop meditating, you'll stop levitating?

Leo:*Stops meditating and falls flat on her face* Ouchiez.

Duke: Probably not the best idea....but hey you stopped levitating.


Josh: *laughs*

Leo: I'm sorta shocked that Wysal didn't get the boot.

Duke: Well.....Eva did betray her team.

Leo: But Wysal is a son of a-*Two cussingly long hours later*

Josh: Well I did kinda break his nose.

Duke: Uh....okay then.

Leo: I respect you for that.

Duke: Yeah, he had to see that coming.

Leo: I still want revenge though *Grabs a random pipe*

Duke: A little too far?

Leo: Yes, that's what makes revenge sweeter!

Duke: Okay then.....well good luck?

Leo: Thank you. *Heads to the villians chat, 2 minutes pass* That's IT!!!!! WHY WONT HE FEEL PAIN!!!???

Duke: I don't know, I don't even know if he feels the broken nose pain......

Leo:Grrrrrr......I will kill him someday!

Duke: I think he'd feel pain if he was voted off....

Josh: Calm down.

Duke: I don't think there's any chance at calming her down at this point.....

Josh: *cracks knuckles* I can try.

Duke: Wait, what? I think she's had enough today, maybe if she gets back to meditating she'll calm down?

Josh: I was gonna giv ehr a glass of lemonade but whatever.

Duke: Oh.....sure go ahead. I thought you were going to knock her out for a second.

Leo:*Gets back to meditating*

Josh: You want a glass of lemonade Leo?

Duke: (CONF) I'm starting to wonder if anyone uses this.....whatever, I can feel the merge is near, I can tell people are nervous about being outranked by Mr. Coconut.

Josh: We need to vote off the coconut.

Leo: Sure thanks* Happily takes glass of lemonade* So the coconut goes next?

Duke: We should get him out soon at some point.........

Leo:Yes, yes we should...

Josh: Yeah

Leo: *Drinks her lemonade*

Josh: *carves tree with the letters LDJ*

Villains Chat

Ezekiel: (CONF) I'm glad that Eva was eliminated... a lot of grief was removed from my body, eh. Still now, I should be focused on willing the next challenge. We are losing team members, really quickly and I am very worried for my sake.

Nathan: *To Zeke* We need to start an alliance.

Ezekiel: I was thinking the same thing, eh. I think we should include Beth and Izzy into the alliance.

Nathan: I was about to say the same thing.

Ezekiel: If we manage to lose another challenge, I say we eliminated Wysal.

Chris: Good luck in the challenge today campers, you'll need it.

Ezekiel: (CONF) *Gulps* I have a bad feeling about this.

Marvin: Looks like I was lucky, yesterday... no major injuries... I might be on a No-Harm Streak... I hope I didn't just jinx it.

Chris: Did you get my Pizza Hut? Oh by the way, today is a double elimination from both teams, but we'll still have a challenge!

Marvin: Oh, here. *Hands Chris over a pizza* I hope you like it... it got kind of cold overnight.

Chris: I told you to heat it- You know what, nevermind. Just get the place ready for the next challenge.

Nathan: So is the challenge for a reward?

Chris: No, it's for individual immunity....not everyone will have.

Ezekiel: Is it going to start, soon, eh?

Chris: Originally we were going to wait, but you're here, so it will start soon....

Challenge 8 - For Liberty and Immunity for All

Chris: Alright the challenge is simple.....anyone care to guess?

Leo: We get to kill Wysal?

Chris: No.....anyone else?

Ezekiel: Another song challenge?

Leo: Can we kill Wysal anyway?

Chris: No and no, Josh care to guess?

Leo: Damn it!

Chris: Watch your language, please.

Leo: Sorry...Let me rephrase that. Oh fudge me to durn!

Ezekiel: We have to recite the Canadian National Anthem, eh.

Josh: Eat a fish

Chris: You all sucked. There are three different immunity challenges. The first one Duke and Cody sit out because it will be a guess quiz about THE HOST WITH THE MOST (Me)!

Ezekiel: Oh, sweet, eh.

Leo:Hooray.....Can we just start now?

Chris: Question One, what is my(TrentFan's) favorite color?

Leo: Green?

Ezekiel: Blue, eh?

Chris: One point for Leo, next question....What Game Series am I most into: Legend of Zelda, Mario Party, or Rayman?

Leo: Mario Party.

Ezekiel: Legend of Zelda?

Josh: That leaves me with Raymen

Chris: Leo wins another point, one more and she wins. Now which game do I not have: Wii Party, Pokemon Black, or Mario Kart 7?

Ezekiel: Wii Party

Josh: You lost Pokemon Black

Leo: Mario Kart 7.

Chris: Well, since technically PB is no longer with me, Josh wins a point. Next question: Which of these is my favorite food(compared to the others): Broccoli, Chicken Legs, or Beef?

Leo: Beef.

Ezekiel: Chicken legs

Josh: Brocoli

Leo:So, who gets the point?

Chris: Josh does, I hate the other two and don't mind Broccoli. Last question: My favorite type of sandwich is....?

Leo: PB&J?

Ezekiel: BLT?

Josh: a Type of Cheese Sandwich

Chris: Please be specific next time, Josh. Josh wins immunity! The next challenge will be in 20 minutes!

Ezekiel: (CONF) That was an awful first round... I hope I do better in the next one.

Leo: Ugh.....So close.

Chris: Round two! Run around the Neighborhood(5 lines), first two to finish get immunity. Josh can compete to give immunity to someone, GO!

Leo:*Starts sprinting*

Duke: *starts running*

Cody: *starts running*


Duke: *runs*

Cody: *runs*


Duke: *runs*

Cody: *runs*

Leo:*Still running*

Duke: *continues running*

Cody: *continues running*

Leo:*Finishes* YES!

Ezekiel: *Starts running* Dangit, I hate a late start, eh.

Duke: *finishes*

Cody: *finishes*

Leo:Good job you two!

Cody: Tha-*falls to the ground*

Duke: Yeah, thanks, good luck for the next challenge.

Chris: Alright the next and final challenge is an essay about TDN4, don't go overboard. >:D

Leo: But I wasn't even in TDN4!

Chris: Fine then..........your challenge is to..................


Izzy: Yes? *holds Mr. Coconut*


Chris: To do something embarassing ON LIVE TV! The more embarassing the better chance you have of winning immunity! Muahahaha.

Ezekiel: OK, eh. *Drops his pants and other stuff down*

Leo: God I really hate to do this.......*Makes out with Wysal*

Izzy: Ewwww, *starts gagging* Sorry about this *throws up all over the camera's then kisses Ezekiel*

Mr. Coconut: *squirts milk out of his mouth and it lands all over Chris's face*

Chris: *Trying not to slice Mr. Coconut's head open* Okay, Izzy, Leo, and Ezekiel make it to round 2 of this challenge, so keep on doing embarassing stuff and ruin your reputation on TV for immunty >:D

Leo:Ugh........*Gives Wysal a lapdance*

Izzy: Ewwwwwwwww *throws up on herself then throws up again and then chockes on her own throw-up*

Leo:*To Wysal* THIS CHANGES NOTHING!!!! Wait, I won immunity of part 2 of the challenge! SON OF A B****!!!!

Chris: Too late, you're still competing Leo! Yeah, I'm that cruel. Leo and Izzy go to round 3! YEAH, YOU HEARD ME!

Leo: You just love watching megive people lapdances don't you?

Chris: No I don't, I just want some more competition for people ruining their reputation just to win immunity for a game they might not even win.

Leo: At this rate I might as well give you a lapdance! I should!

Chris: Just keep going, I don't care what you do, I mean look at Izzy she barfed on herself and choked on her own vomit, adding that to the classics book!

Izzy: That's just.....EWWWWWW *throws up on everyone in the room*

Leo: YOU JUST CROSSED IT!!! PREPARE TO EMOTIONALLY SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!!!*I'm not even gonna say what Leo does*

(What did Leo do? Lol)

Izzy: *looks at the camera while her clothes are drippign with throw-up with chunks of tomato and lettuce in it* I had salad *looks around discovering everyone covered in her salad*

(Let's just say it was......Intimate....)

Josh: *throws money at Leo*

Leo:*Gives Josh a "Your next" signal JK*

(Oh, my. Chris end the challenge. QUICK)

Josh: It is fake money.

Leo: You just B***** your chance of the ride of your life, boy!

Josh: *shrugs*

Ezekiel: This challenge just went dirty.

Leo: Ok I think I've humiliated myself enough, can we end the challenge now please?

Chris: LEO! LEO! YOU HAVE LOST YOUR IMMUNITY, EARNED YOURSELF CHORES FOR THE REST OF THE TIME YOU'RE HERE, AND...........GAH! Izzy, Duke, and Josh have won immunity, the rest of you vote!

Josh: *shrigs*

Leo: Sorry about how I acted, you know I was only doing it to win, right?

Josh: I don't mind.

Leo:That's good to hear.

(Can you make an elimination section?)

(Edit Conflicts, everywhere O_O)

Chris: Since Leo lost her immunity the next challenge is simple....tie her up to a tree and leave her there for immunity! (Duke, Josh, and Izzy excused)

Leo: Oh o-WTF!? *Sprints for her life*

Mr. Coconut: *trips Leo*

Izzy: *Pushes her against a tree and ties her up* Sorry, know can we eliminate someone?

Leo:*Breaks free* Prepare yourself! I'm a master of Bajiquan!

Izzy: *kicks Leo in the neck and sings away on a random vine that appears out of no where*

Leo:*Holding Mr.Coconut* End the challenge or Mr.Potato Head gets it!

Josh: *ties Leo in an unbreakable knot and K.O her*

Izzy: *snatches Mr. Coconut from Leo*

Chris: Alright the Coconut had immunity because it originally tied Leo up. *ties her up to a boulder*

Elimination Ceremony 8 - Heroes

Chris: Okay, the majority have cast their votes, let's begin! The first Chris Head is for Josh! The next one is for Duke! Mr. Coconut gets the next one, followed by Cody. Leo, of you is going home. Oh and by the way the last Chris Head will be a toxic one, to my enjoyment, and it goes to Leo *throws it to her face* Sorry, Doctor, you're going home. *snatches keys*

Elimination Ceremony 8 - Villains

Chris: Just like the other elimination ceremony, the last Chris Head is "Toxic" and by that I mean it was painted green to freak out Leo, but it failed. First Chris Head is for Izzy, followed by Ezekiel and Beth! Nathan......Wysal, one of you is going home and it's................Wysal! Nathan, you're safe!

Heroes Chat

Cody: (CONF) I'm avoiding Leo.....for a long while.

Josh: *in tree*

Leo:*Meditating in tree*


Leo:I won't.

Josh: What was up with you in the chllenge?

Duke: ....*looks at the sky*

Leo: Was just trying to win. Meditating makes me more sane. If you thought I was crazy yesterday you've only seen the beginning.

Josh: Man it is hot *takes off shirt*

Leo: Yes it is. But I'm not taking off my clothes again.

Josh: *chuckles*

Duke: *takes out note and reads it* Okay then.

Leo:*Grins while meditating*(CONF) Yesterday was kinda hectic.....But it was*Laughs*

Josh: *runs and dives into ocean*

Leo:*Stops her meditating and examines the letters she's been getting*

Josh: *comes up with 15 fish*

Leo: That was fast. Nice job!

Josh: Thanks. What's with the letters?

Leo: That's what I've been trying to find out. I can't understand them. The handwriting is horrible, but it seems familiar.

Josh: OK

Leo:*Stares at one of them very carefully, then gasps* These letters are coming from.......My dad!

Josh: OK then I need to cook the fish.

Leo: Ok...

Duke: *continues to read the note*

Leo:(CONF) Does this neighborhood have wine? Preferably red wine.

Josh: Look what I stole from Chris. *holds up wine bottle*

Leo:THANKYOU!!!!!*Slams it down*

Chris: No *takes it away* I catch you having this, you're eliminated :D

Duke: By the way Leo, how did it feel having the toxic Chris Head thrown to you? *reads note*

Leo: What?

Duke: Remember Chris threw it in the Elimination Ceremony?

Leo: ................I don't recall...............

Duke: Chris must have been lying about the toxic then.....well, that's good.

Leo: K........

Duke: Anyways, back to reading over the past *reads note, again*

Leo: Wait a minute, what's your bro's name?

Duke: My brother's name is Flare......wait were you reading my note from him?

Leo: No........I think I know him....

Duke: What, how?

Josh: *sigh*

Leo: I met him *Sniff* During my abduction....

Duke: Wait, what?

Leo: He was with them, and....

Duke: Hold on, he left to mature not to abduct some gir- wait, hold on, give me a minute.

Leo: Well no, he was abducted before I was. He taught me Bajiquan and we escaped together.

Josh: *gives out fish*

Leo: I am serious! He was there! After we escaped we parted ways.

Duke: Does he wear a lot of red or orange?

Leo: Now that you mention it I think he did wear Red/orange.

Duke: Wait, he is abducted and he still took his red/orange clothes with hi- yeah, that's Flare.

Josh: This is awkward.

Leo: Unfortunatley, I never herd of him again after I parted ways with him.

Duke: Hmm, alright thanks for the information. Anyways Josh, why were you sighing?

Josh: *faints and falls into water*

Leo: Oh my god! What do we do?

Duke: Um, help him up?

Leo: *Pulls Josh out of the water*

Duke: Uh, *looks for a towel*

Leo: *Panicking*

Josh: *coughing up water*

Duke: *passes Josh a towel*

Leo:*Kicks Josh in the gut* WAKE UP!!!!! Oh your already awake.....

Josh: *not breathing*

Leo: *Does CPR*

Josh: *curls up in ball*

Leo:*Continues CPR*

Josh: *stands up shakily*

Leo:*Hugs Josh* YAYZ! Your alive!

Duke: There's a towel to the right of you.

Leo:......yeah.....Probably a bad time to say I used that as an *** rag.

Josh: *coughs* I think I caught a flounder.

Leo:*Shoves hand down Josh's throat and gets flounder out* Yay I'm haelpful!

Josh: For once.

Leo: When am I not helpful? I just saved your llife!

Josh: Angry much?

Leo: Well I did!

Duke: Nice job, Leo.

Leo: Thank you Duke.

Josh: *to Leo* You're cute when you;re angry


Josh: Yeah. *chuckles*

Leo: *Bushes* Thank you.....

Josh: You're welcome.

Leo: Well this has been a fun hasn't it guys?

Josh: Besides almost dying yes.

Leo: I had fun saving your life too! Now who wants some Wi- oh yeah.

Josh: *chuckles*

Leo: Something the matter?

Duke: It's been a fun and interesting ride, it was nice meeting you guys, if I go today.

Leo: Where's Cody?

Josh: I will do everything in my power to keep you two around. You are not going tonight!

Leo: WE ARE GONNA WIN!!! Well, one of us are.

Josh: Maybye me.

Leo: Yeah we'll find out eventually.

Duke: Hopefully....anyways Cody's just eating candy, again.

Leo: Cody stop eating candy. Your gonna get fat!

Cody: Actually I eat a lot of candy but I always stay at the same weight.....

Josh: Eating candy won't get you a hot girl like Leo. (CONF) Did I jsut say that?

Cody: I already have a stalker and a girl, didn't you see season 1? Well, want candy?

Josh: No thanks.

Cody: Okay, then.....*eats a taffy*

Duke: *sits on a branch* Well, who do you guys think will go today?

Josh: I have no idea.

Duke: Hopefully it's not one of us.

Josh: Same.

Duke: I wonder how the Coconut's still in........

Josh: Same...

Duke: Yeah.....

Marvin: ...That last challenge was... disturbly awful. I hope they don't have another challenge like this... I don't think I have the stomach for it.

Leo: I might want another challenge like that....

Josh: *shrugs*

Duke: I don't.....

Josh: I doubt Chris would preform two simialr challenges over the course of one season

Duke: Yeah, but then again he is Chris, no one knows what he'll do.

Bev: I hope not.

Duke: I wonder why Leo would do that......if she could have just done something not so embarassing and just let Izzy win?

Josh: I have no idea.

Duke: Well, Leo has a unique way of revenge, I guess?

Josh: *shrugs*

Duke: Yeah, well....hopefully the next challenge is safer.

Josh: Same.

Duke: So why did you faint while trying to catch fish or something?

Josh: Long story.

Duke: Care to tell?

Josh: Ever since I was voted off of TDN4 I have been suffering from flashbacks and normally they are related to how my parents left me. They are usualy triggered by deep down memories. I try to keep as many emotions as possible burried but in a game like this it is almost impossible. I always go back to the time my parents left me. I just saw where my old house was. I have no idea if anyone is there anymore.

Duke: So, you've been having flashbacks about your parents......I see.

Josh: Yeah.

Duke: Well, hopefully you find them soon or have closure....

Josh: I hope so....

Duke: Once you have closure, more than likely everything will be better.

Josh: welll for now I have Leo.

Duke: Yeah, I guess.

Josh: Well I better be ready for the challenge.

Villains Chat

Ezekiel: (CONF) That last challenge was... *Raises eyebrow* interesting... I hope we never get another challenge like that, eh.

Nathan: We need to form an alliance the merge may come at any moment and we are outnumbered if we join together we may have a chance.

Izzy: Agree. I'll join as long as Mr. Coconut can join when the merge comes..

Nathan: Sure the more the better!

Challenge 9 - Friends in Low Places? What?

Chris: Welcome campers- and Leo. After the last challenge I decided to delay the merge a bit(not really) you can thank Leo. Anyways, you have to vote to give immunity to one person, first person with three votes wins. You can't vote yourself- the first person with the three votes wins seperate immunity and an advantage for part two.

Izzy: Mr. Coconut

(So is it the merge after this challenge?)

(Yes, also Mr. Coconut needs to vote for someone)

Mr. Coconut: *rolls in random C O D Y formation*

Nathan: Izzy!

Cody: Mr. Coconut.

Duke: Mr. Coconut.

Izzy: Looks like Mr. Coconut wins immunity :D

Chris: Correct, now part two is.....first pick two people from each team, excluding the coconut, to compete.

Izzy: *randomly picks names* Beth, Duke, Ezekiel, and Nathan

Chris: Not yo- fine.....Cody and Josh vs Nathan and Izzy? Sound good >.>

Izzy: What? Fine

Chris: Okay, this part is easy, name the elimination order of this season so far, two at a time, alternating lines.

Izzy: Geoff, Sally

Josh: Lindsay David

Izzy: Pat, Noah

Chris: No, start from the beginning like this: Geoff, Sally, Lindsay, etc. don't go after the next post, START FROM THE BEGINNING!

Izzy: Geoff, Sally, Lindsay, David, Pat, Noah, Cassidy, Eva, The Doctor, and Wysal

Josh: Geoff Sally

Chris: Do it as Josh does, Izzy! You can begin from resume from Geoff, Sally since that's what you did last time.

Josh: LindsY David

Izzy: Pat and Noah

Josh: Pat NOah

Izzy: Cassidy and Eva

Josh: Cassidy Eva

Izzy: The Doctor and Wysal

Josh: The docter and Wysal

Chris: You know what this challenge sucked, Izzy did it incorrectly. Fine then, instead both teams will vote someone off, but only one will go home in a tiebreaker!

Heroes Vote

Chris: Chris Heads for Mr. Coconut, Cody, Duke, and Josh. Leo you have been voted to participate in this lovely tiebreaker, where one will lose and go home, have fun! :D

Josh: Leo I voted for Cody.

Cody: I'm sorry Leo, there wasn't any other choice.

Duke: I think you're more likely to win than the villains' loser, come on Leo, win!

Leo: Wait, who's in the tie?

Duke: Beth, it'll be a piece of cake. No offense to her.

Villains Vote

Chris Heads for Izzy, Nathan, and Ezekiel! Beth will go to the tiebreaker!


Chris: Vote for who you want to LOSE! Leo or Beth?

Izzy: *holding Mr. Coconut* this is hard.....*picks random* Beth? I'm so sorry

Duke: Beth, sorry but Leo is my friend.

Cody: Beth.

Nathan: Beth!

Chris: And Beth is eliminated *throws the last Chris Head to Leo* And the merge is next, tune in on Total Drama Neighborhood 5!

Merged Chat

Izzy: I'm so glad we all made it to the merge :D

Cody: Yeah! High Five! *high fives Izzy*

Izzy: *high fives Cody* Yay

Leo: Ugh......*6Teen music plays*

Duke: Nice job in the tiebreaker, you had more of a chance than me and Josh.

Leo: I did? Oh yes of course I did!

Duke: Well, glad to know we're still in the merge. My main goal is complete.

Leo: Mine too!

Duke: Glad to be in the merge with you guys.

Cody: *to Izzy* Wait, how did you get Mr. Coconut?

Leo: I'd like to know that as well.

Izzy: I picked him up

Leo: Oh.....Im stupid....

Cody: But didn't Owen have him or didn't Chris slice his head open?

Leo: Anyone can just repaint the face on him.

Nathan: How is Mr. Coconut still in the game? *EPIC FACEPALM*

Leo: Wait, your still here? O_O

Duke: Yeah, in the villains ceremony, Wysal was voted off, before Beth.

Leo: Oh......Akward......

Nathan: Want to form an alliance?

Leo: Um, I'm gonna let the others answers before I do.

Nathan: You barely escaped elimination.

Leo: I have friends who will back me up!

Duke: Yeah.

Leo: Yeah he said it! TAKE THAT B***H!!!

Nathan: Suit yourself (CONF) F****** B****


Duke: Wait, what?


Duke: I know but I'm no fighter.

Leo: Fine......He'll be my new Wysal! Only without the lapdances.

Josh: Does that mean I break his nose?

Leo: Yes.

Josh: *punches Nathan in the facce*

Leo: YAY!!!!!!! *Kicks Nathan in the face* SUCK IT B***H!!!

Josh: A bit to far.

Leo: Sorry, I LOVE REVENGE!!!!!!!

Duke: Okay then.....I'll just stay over here.

Leo:Ok Lindsay. (CONF) I like it here.

Josh: (CONF) I hate it here in the confessional

Leo: (CONF) *Baning her head on camera due to a wine withdrawal*

Josh: I am finally at the merge.

Leo: Yes, yes we are.

Duke: Wait, I'm not Lindsay.....but it's good to be in the merge.

Leo: Oh hi Duke!

Duke: Hi?

Leo: Hi!

Duke: What?

Leo: Hi!

Duke: You already said hi, three times.....

Leo: Hi XD

Duke: Is something wrong?

Leo: Hihihihihihihihihihi!

Josh: I am gonna go fishing

Leo: Ok. * Sees Duke* Oh hi Duke!

Duke: Are you trying to annoy me? *to Josh* Okay.

Leo: No. I'm gonna go watch Josh fish. Its entertaining!

Duke: Okay, then. Good luck at fishing, Josh.

Leo:*Meditating and watching Josh fish*

Josh: *in swimsuit consisting of lime green shorts* *catching fish with spear*

Leo: :D Yay fish!

Josh: *comes up* Got 15 fish.

Duke: Nice job, Josh.

Josh: Thanks man.

Duke: It was an impressive catch.

Josh: Yeah it was. *puts arm around Leo* Are you ok?

Leo: Yes, why do you ask?

Josh: You seem more.....distant.

Leo: No, I'm fine.

Josh: OK *runs and dives into water*

Leo: *Writing in journal* I had no idea I had a journal until now.

Duke: *relaxes in tree* Good luck, Josh.

Leo: I hate my journal.

Josh: *comes up with another 10 fish*

Leo: Cool!

Duke: Impressive.


Josh: Thanks. Both of you, *divides fish*

Leo:*Licks lips*

Josh: I thought you would be sick of fish by now.

Leo: Fish is my 2nd face food in the world in the world! My first is Mac'n Cheese!

Duke: I see....well, nice catch Josh....

Leo: Yeah!

Duke: You did grow up in the wilderness after all, it shouldn't be a sweat catching fish!

Leo: And squirells!

Josh: *shrugs* It is like a 6th sense

Duke: Well that's nifty.

Leo: It's awesome because most people only have 5! :D

Josh: Yeah.

Leo: Hi Duke!

Duke: Not falling for it.

Leo: awwwww.........

Duke: I fell for it a lot of times back home when I was younger.....yeah.

Leo: Oh.......Hi-*Closes mouth*

Duke: Anyways, good luck at the challenge we have next, guys.

Josh: Thanks.

Duke: Hopefully none of us are eliminated.

Josh: Yeah. (CONF) If I am voted out at final 5 I will be p***** off.

The Doctor: Hello everyone! I'm back!

Challenge 10 - The Prince and The Doctor

Chris: Welcome mergers to your first challenge, The Doctor, Wysal, and......Pat, if he arrives are here to cameo as guests. The challenge is a bicycle race, takes seven lines to finish, watch out for any traps! It will start when The Doctor is back(posts here).

The Doctor: GO!

Izzy: *gets on bike and starts riding*

Mr. Coconut: *gets in basket of bike as it rolls down the hill* (One line per post, let other users have a chance, Doctor you know what to do)

Cody: *gets on bike and rides*

Duke: *gets on bike and rides*

Doctor: *puts a hole in Izzy's basket, and Mr. Coconut falls out*

Cody: *riding* Thanks Doctor!

Duke: *rides*

Chris: Looks like Izzy has a choice: Save the Coconut or keep her lead.

Doctor: *locks up cody's bike* I'm not taking sides.

Cody: Darn it! Well, there goes me.

Duke: *Continues riding*

Izzy: I'm keeping my lead and safeing myself :D

Chris: Looks like The Coconut and Cody are stuck!

Duke: *rides faster*

The Doctor: *locks up Duke's bike* I think that's enough for now.

Duke: Unlike Cody, I won't give up, wait what did you lock this with?

Leo:*Stars riding*

Duke: *tries to unlock the lock*

Chris: Anyone else care to participate? It's kind of sad.....

Mr. Coconut: *rolls down the hill to the finish line*

(Zanna: He already made it 6 lines. And Izzy already finished first. Why did you delete all the edits and made the rules after Izzy and Mr. Coconut both won. *sighs* Besides I'm the only won who tried the hardest)

(You just kept on editing after yourself, you didn't give anyone a chance.....but since you are the only one who did more than two lines who was not locked up or something, Izzy wins)

Chris: This is sad......Izzy wins for not being locked up, also THE DOCTOR IS RETURNING! Yeah, he sabotaged you for a purpose.....anyways only Izzy is immune!

Elimination Ceremony - Mergers

Chris: The Doctor may not vote this 4 votes for majority, VOTE IN THE CONFESSIONAL!

Chris: Chris Heads for: Izzy, The Doctor, and Duke! The next one is for Cody! Then Josh! Ezekiel, Leo, and Nathan, you each had your reasons to be voted, despite only one person really getting votes. The next Chris Head is for Ezekiel! Leo......Nathan, you two were the most likely candidates to be voted for and one of you is going home and it's........................Nathan! Leo you're still safe! Sorry Nathan.

Merged Chat 2

Leo: Good thing I was'nt eliminated! And that Nathan's gone too!

Duke: The Doctor also returned, sabotaging me....well, at least it wasn't someone bad.

Leo: It would be bad if someone like Wysal came back.

Duke: Well, he did cameo......he didn't say much though.

Leo: He did?

Duke: Well, he just stood there.....

Leo: Oh, ok then.(CONF) Now that I've gotten past the merge, I've made a new goal. I want to get in the top 4 or better!

Izzy: *whispers to Duke and Leo* How about we form an alliance.

Leo:*To Duke* What do you think?

Izzy: Can I join, with Mr. Coco of course. :D

Duke: *to Leo* I don't know.....

Leo: You two are villians........Why should we trust you?

Izzy: I'm not a villain. I was randomly put on that team. Please?

Leo: Can we invite Josh?

Izzy: I don't care as long as me, you, Coconut, Duke, and Josh are the only ones in the alliance. :D

Josh: I am cool with that. (sorry last week of school I have to stufy hard)

Leo: Good! okay we're an alliance!(CONF) 5 people, that's over half the remaining peeps. We're unstpable! It'll be kinda akward when the rest are gone though....

Duke: Okay then.

Leo:So, first target?

- Izzy: *whispers to Leo* I say the order that we eliminate the rest of the mergers is Ezekiel, The Doctor, then Cody. It will kinda get awkward after that But I guess after they are gone we can betray Coconut. He told me his goal was final 5, so he'll make it there. After that it'll be really awkward.

Leo:*Nods in agreement to everything that she's saying* Good. We got a game plan!

Josh: OK. I have unnaturaly high hearing you know?

Leo: Don't worry, it's not loike you came up in the conversation.

Josh: I am aware of that.

Leo: k. So what are your guy's plans after the competition?

Josh: Find my family.

Duke: Find my brother....similar to Josh's.

Leo: Imma gonna go take over the corporation that killed my parents.

Josh: OK.

Leo: Yeah. So how are you doing Josh?

Josh: I'm fine Leo.

Leo: Coolio.

Josh: Are you ok?

Leo: No.

Josh: *puts arm arund Leo* Whats wrong?

Leo: Feel lightheaded. *Falls on her knees*

Josh: *carries Leo to tree and lies her down*

Leo:*Falls asleep*

Josh: Good girl, Sleep well.

Leo:*Whimpering in her sleep* No mom I'm a girl.......How many times do I have to say it? I'M NOT A BOY!!!!!

Josh: You're ok Leo.

Leo:*Soundly asleep*

Josh: *smiles*

Leo:*Grinning in her sleep*

Josh: (CONF) Leo is so cute when she's asleep.

Leo:*rolls over*

Josh: *grinning*

Duke: She finally fell asleep? She's been active for days.

Leo:*Dreaming of her being kidnapped just after her parents death*

Josh: *shakes Leo* Wake up!

Leo: DONT KILL DADDY!!!!! Oh hi Josh!

Josh: Hi, You know that onyl works on Duke?

Leo: What?

Duke: Wait, what? I told her that doesn't work on of currently.

Josh: The thing where you say hi untill I throw you off a cliff.

Leo:Oh ok......*Remembering a moment of when she was held captive*

Josh: *shrugs*

Leo:(CONF) I miss my family.....And children....

Josh: (CONF) I still can't believe Leo's a mom.

Leo:(CONF) My children are dead too.....

Duke: So, um, yeah, I have nothing.

Leo: oh.....ok.....

Duke: Anyone care to change the topic?

Leo: I like Mac'n Cheese! Do you like Mac'n Cheese?

Josh: Yes. Yes I do.

Duke: It's okay.....


Josh: Ok.

Leo: *Falls asleep again*

Josh: (CONF) No matter what I do I think I'm falling in love with Leo.

Leo:*Overhears Josh in her sleep and grins*

Duke: *checks backpack*

Leo:*Wakes up* Whatcha got there Duke?

Duke: You'll see.....if I find it *checks backpack*

Leo:*Watches Duke*

Duke: *looking through backpack*

Leo: .........

Josh: OK.

Leo: Soooooooo...........................................Did you find it Duke?

Josh: I don't think he did.

Leo: Awwwwwww..........................

Josh: Yeah.

Duke: Found it! I packed three cookies which my grandma made......which strangely never spoils. *passes one to Leo and Josh*

Josh: Finally. (CONF) Without these two where would I be.

Duke: Try them.

Josh: Are you sure? You only have three, and I can always catch animals to eat.

Duke: It's alright, you guys are my friends, try it.

Josh: *takes a bite* This is delicious!!!!!!

Duke: Exactly, it's something my grandma makes when we visit her *takes a bite*

Josh: *runs jumps into lake*

Duke: What are you up to?

Josh: Hmmmmmmm, What do I usualy do when I jump into the lake?

Duke: I know but you just ate, haven't you heard about the saying about don't do excercise when you just ate?

Josh: have you heard the saying the fish bite when they know not to?

Doctor: (CONF) It's great to be back! I guess I just got lucky. But, I get lucky a lot. it saved to world a more than a few times. Well, I don't want to give much away just yet. (NON-CONF) Hello everyone!

Leo:*Eats cookie* Hi Doctor!

Josh: Hello Docter.

Doctor: *takes cookie* these are good! So, how's the competition been?

Duke: It's been fine, Nathan, Wysal, and Beth have been voted off.

Doctor: *chews cookie* Yeah, I liked beth. she was a nice girl. This is a really good cookie! What's the secret?

Duke: It's a secret, I'm not supposed to tell.

Doctor: Oh..Secrets! I love secrets. well, I like to reveal them. Kind of hypocritical, because I keep my real name secret from everyone.

Leo: Can we have a hint?

Duke: *to Doctor* That's nice to know.

Josh: Would anyone like a fish? Also Docter if you had seen our previous conversation you would know that that was Dukes last cookie that his grandmother gave him and it was unnecisary for you to take it.

Leo:*Glares at Doctor*

Josh: *glares at Docter* Well does anyone know if this team of mergers shall be named?

Doctor: I am so sorry Duke! Is there anything I can do to make up for it?

Josh: Would you like a fish docter?


Josh: Of course.

Leo:What? It keeps me from being how I was that one that one place........where I did that thing.....

Josh: I am aware of that Leo.

Leo: Good.

Josh: *throws fish at Dukes head* Catch!


Josh: *thinking*


Duke: *Catches fish* Thanks. Got it! *to Doctor* It's alright.


Josh: Ok.

Leo: Yeah.

Josh: (CONF) How am I supposed to get Leo? She has gone through way to much to fall for a dude who got voted out in 5th place and can catch fish.

Leo: Hi Josh!

Josh: Hello Eleonora

Leo: Who? Oh yeah.

Josh: So do you think a challenge will be soon?

Leo: I hope. It's getting kinda boring around here.

Josh: A bit.


Doctor: Maybe this will pep things up. *pulls a huge weird orb out of his pocket*\

Leo: WTF is that?

Doctor: Antigravity orb! *squishes it, and a mist comes out. Suddenly, everyone starts to float* Pretty cool huh?


Challenge 11 - Nice Price Baby

Chris: The challenge title, may suck but we needed something! Anyways, this challenge will see your dedication to this contest and friends. The first one, is slingshoting to the other side of this big crack on the ground, if you fall in or don't make it before the time runs out(secret) you're out! You need a friend to slingshot. If you make it, you're in next round. The time limit starts when someone posts.

Leo: Josh! You seem like a trustworthy guy! Can you slingshoot me?

Duke: Wait, there's only two slingshots, so only two can go in a will that go into your time limit?

Chris: I don't know, makes the ratings better if people battle for it.

Doctor: I can slingshot anyone if they want!

Duke: Could you slingshot me?

Doctor: Sure! *stands by slingshot*

Duke: Okay *gets in the slingshot*

Doctor: *launches Duke* I hope this makes up for the cookies!

Duke: No worries, it does! *lands on the other side* Thanks!

Chris: And Duke makes it first!

Doctor: Now, can someone launch me?

Cody: I can! *stands by slingshot*

Doctor: *gets in slingshot* Thanks!

Cody: *slings Doctor* There you go!

Doctor: *lands* Thanks!

Chris: Anyone else but Leo, Duke, Doctor, and Cody going to talk? If four move to the next round! They have five minutes!

Doctor: Okay! I'm ready!

Chris: Alright, only two will win immunity......who cares to guess the challenge? Note: there will be partners!

Doctor: Something about trust?

Chris: Nah......but the teams are: Cody and Leo versus Duke and The Doctor! The team that wins, wins a BIG prize in Elimination.

Doctor: So, what do we do?

Chris: Let's take a vote: One will be just like Loyalty..., the other will be Capture the Flag, like TD:RoTI.

Doctor: Loyalty

Chris: Well that makes more sense with the name. First will be to the Doctor, I will give you a pizza if you give up?

Doctor: Of coarse not!

Chris: Cody would you give in for you and Leo for candy?

Cody: YES!

Chris: *hands Cody candy* Doctor and Duke win! And guess what.....they get to choose who to eliminate!

Doctor: I choose...Leo.

Chris: Well, this WASN'T suppose to be a double elimination and have you both decide on who goes, but I guess I'll just take your answer, Leo you have been eliminated.

Duke: Wait, what?

Chris: *gives a Chris Head to everyone but Leo* Bye Leo *snatches keys*

Doctor: (CONF) I thought if I take out the strongest players, I can win this thing!

Chris: Thanks to the Doctor, for FINALLY eliminating Leo. Any last words, Leo?

Leo:*Smacks Doctor and Chris across the face and leaves crying LIKE A BOSS!!!* ******************************************

Chris: Ow! Well, Leo is gone and we're to the Final 7! A pity those other losers couldn't make it this far, but this group is good enough! Who will win Total Drama Neighborhood 5?

Josh: *falls to knees and faints*

Mergers Chat

Duke: *on tree*

Josh: *muttering to himself* Leo. Gone. Not. Here. What? Docter. Betray. Kill. Destroy.....*flicks out knife* DIE DOCTER!!!!

Duke: Calm down Josh.

Josh: *lunges at Docter*

Duke: Josh! Calm down!

Josh: I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Duke: Josh, please calm down. He was only trying to be strategic.....I think.

Josh: *screams in rage and breaks free from Duke*

Duke: I think I lost was nice knowing you Doctor.

Josh: *to Chris* Well the most excellent show host ever who played no part at all in eliminating me know how high the ratings would go if I stabbed the Docter. Correct?

Chris: Ratings and flattery love it, you may proceed.

Josh: *slices Docters arm and breaks Docter hand* That is just the start.

Duke: Well.....I tried to stop him.

Josh: *slices Docter leg and breaks his nose* I was in love with her!

Duke: She may be watching in the "Loser Place", Josh.

Josh: I know. I regreted never saying it to her face. I want her to hear it.

Duke: I see.

Josh: *Punches Docter in face* I am done now. Someone take him to the infirmary.

Chris: *puts Doctor on a bed with wheels and pushes his bed into a tree* Meh.....good enough. *gets the evil look from someone* Fine *pushes him to the infirmary*

Bev: Thanks you Chris.

Josh: *sigh*

Duke: It's alright Josh, you could try to win for Leo?

Josh: That is exactly what I am going to do.

Duke: Alright, that's good.

Josh: Anyone whon stands in my way will feel my wrath! They will suffer!!!!!!!!!

Doctor: *in bed* It's starting. *hands start to glow orange* Not again. *whole face glows orange and he screams*

Cody: What the?

Josh: *snaps out of it* What's going on Duke?

Duke: You went beserk and just beat up Doctor.

???: A man walks up to the group. He has brown hair, green eyes, and the same clothes as The Doctor.* Hello there!

Cody: Wait, what?

???: It's me. The Doctor. Don't worry, this happens often. I may look different, but I'm the same man. Well, different personality too, but yeah, I'm the same man.

Cody: And this makes sense, how?

Doctor: All timelords do it! Oh! You don't know I'm an alien yet, do you?

Cody: You're an alien- *puts hand on head* I need a minute, hold on.

Doctor: I guess this isn't the time to tell you my OTHER big secret, then.

Cody: Another secret? ......Wow.

Doctor: Do you REALLY want to know?

Cody: Sure, I think.....maybe not......I don't know.

Doctor; I'm going to tell you now.

Cody: Okay....

Doctor: I'm a time traveler.

Josh: Well Mr. Time Traveler why didn't you stop me from beating the s*** out of you?

Challenge 12 - Winners or Losers?

Chris: Congrats you have each outranked: Geoff, Sally, Lindsay, David, Pat, Noah, Cassidy, Eva, Wysal, Beth, Nathan & Leo, how does it feel?

Josh: It feels exactly the same as last time except better....

Cody: It feels cool.

Duke: Yeah, I agree with Cody.

Chris: Well, okay then. Today we have an obstacle course, first you must run through these tires(2 lines), then you answer a question I throw at you, followed by a rope climbing and jump onto the rock climbing wall and climb there (5 lines), climb the rock climbing wall(3 lines), answer another question, and run to the finish(after you answer), first three to finish win! Well, the first three receive a prize or immunity, they'll pick.

Josh: *running throught tires*

Cody: *runs through tires*

Duke: *runs through tires*

Josh: *makes it through tires*

Duke: *finishes tires*

Cody: *finishes tires*

Chris: Josh, who participated in Total Drama Neighborhood 3? Cody, who has the most screentime from TDN 1-2 Combined? And Duke, what was the first relationship couple in all of TDN History.

Josh: Cody.

Chris: I mean ALL of them.

Cody: Tyler has the most screentime combined

Chris: Good you may go.

Cody: *starts rope climbing*

Duke: Harriet and Shawn were the first couple.

Chris: Josh told me the answer but it was too long so I'm cutting it, you can go! Duke can also!

Cody: *continues climbing*

Duke: *starts climbing*

Josh: *starts climbing*

Cody: *climbs faster* I'm going to have ropeburn after this.

Duke: *continues climbing*

Josh: *keeps climbing*

Cody: *continues climbing*

Duke: *continues climbing*

Josh: *is still climbing*

Cody: *climbs*

Duke: *climbs*

Josh: *Climbing LIKE A BOSS*

Cody: *finishes and jumps on to the rock climbing wall and starts climbing*

Duke: *climbs faster*

Josh: *finishes and starts rock wall climbing*

Cody: *continues climbing*

Duke: *finishes and starts rock wall climbing*

Josh: *still climbing*

Duke: *continues climbing*

Cody: *finishes climbing*

Chris: Cody, you're first? Shocker. Answer this question: in TDN1 and TDN2, what did the runner-up usually do?

Cody: They quit! *goes to the finish*

Josh: *finshes*

Duke: *finishes climbing*

Chris: Josh, Duke, good job. Josh, who placed 3rd/4th in TDN1, Duke, who placed fifth in TDN4?

Duke: Josh. *finishes*

Josh: Oatmeal and Tyler.

Chris: Cody, Duke, and Josh win! Now decide if you want immunity or a prize!

Josh: I pick immunity.

Chris: So you three have immunity. The prize was a chance to have someone to eliminate, but okay. The losing mergers will get to vote someone off today, welcome Nathan and......Leo.

Josh: Leo?

Chris: Only for this vote, then she's gone!

Leo:JOSH!!!!!*Hugs Josh*

Duke: Hey Leo and Nathan.

Leo: Hi Duke.

Josh: *has arm around Leo* Hi Nathan


Josh: *grinning*


Chris: Okay, now Leo, Nathan, VOTE!

Leo: Man I really want to vote off Doctor but.....*Smacks Doctor in the face* Im voting Zeke. *Goes back to Josh*

Chris: Sorry Leo but once you vote you leave, so bye! It was "nice" seeing you again, Leo.

Leo:*Crying* No-wait! Josh I-*Is dragged away but breaks free and runs into the woods never to be seen again*

Chris: I guess she isn't coming for next season, now Nathan VOTE.

Leo:*Returns out of nowhere* JUST ELIMINATE ZEKE SO WE CAN END THIS!!!

Chris: Well, Zeke and The Doctor were voted so let's have a tie- *phone rings and answers it* What? Low on budget cuts? Okay. *hangs up* We're low on budget so Zeke and The Doctor are out!

Leo: Oh geez I'm leaving soon. Better make this quick*Kises Josh*

Josh: I love you Leo.

Leo: Me too.

Josh: I will see you at the finale.

Leo: Yes, yes you will. I gotta go.*Runs into the woods*

Josh: I thought the ISle Des Losers was the other way....

Leo:*Shouting from the woods* Its cozier in here!

Chris: *Pushes a button which traps Leo in a cage* Sorry but you're going to the loser place.

Leo:*Crying* Josh, you must win it for the both of us!

(Sorry I wasn't at the challenge, but it must have been 10:30 at night where I am when the challenge started.Science is Cool! Just like Bowties. 15:50, June 28, 2012 (UTC))

Mergers Chat

Josh: I am going to win.

Duke: I'm actually positive you'll most likely be the winner.

Josh: You have a good chance though.

Bev: Maybe

Duke: I don't know I'm just not so confident about it. But if you win you deserve it.

Josh: Right back at you buddy.

Duke: Yeah.

Chris: Well, we're at the final five! A Coconut, A Crazy Girl, Some Abandoned "Tarzan", That Sane Guy, and The Candy-Loving Geek......interesting.

Josh: I said jungle boy not Tarzan. Plus I was here last time. I see no reasson for you to be surprised. Cody has been here before. The Coconut was not a threat therefore had no target on it's back and Izzy was just not priority.

Chris: I know you and Cody have been here before, but I mean that you guys are the mix that are left, Josh.

Josh: I still see no reasson for it to be interesting.

Chris: Whatever.....anyways, welcome to the next challenge!

Challenge 12 - Truth or Dare Without Truth

Chris: Let's see how many dares you can go through without quitting this challenge! So let's go!


Chris: I dare you to say harsh things about Leo AND MEAN THEM. Yeah, that's right.

Josh: Leo is to violent.

Chris: I dare you to automatically vote yourself in the elimination ceremony.

Josh: Would that not be illogical in the case of which I won immunity?

Chris: If you win immunity, then you don't vote.

Josh: Deal.

Chris: I dare you to cry on national television.

Josh: *takes out knife and reads engraving and starts crying*

Chris: You want harder? I dare you to break up with Leo.

Josh: Leo. you always said to go for immunity. I am breaking up with you.

Chris: I dare you to make fun of: Geoff, Sally, and Noah.

Josh: Sally sucks at sprt Geoff needs to calm the f*** down and Noah is not that smart.

Chris: I dare you to dance like an idiot.

Josh: *dances like an idiot*

Chris: I dare you to wet your pants.

Josh: Ha ha ha. *grabs cup of water and throws it at his pants*

Chris: I dare you to cut your hair like Justin Bieber!

Josh: *cuts hair like JB* Done.

Chris: I dare you to wear this diaper for the rest of the time you compete on the show.

Josh: *goes into changing room puts on diaper and then puts on rest of his clotes over top making it invisible and unable to be seen at all*


Chris: I dare you to go through the rest of the competition without candy.

Cody: Fine! *gives Chris all his candy and drops a tear*

Chris: I dare you to make out with this Sierra Picture.

Cody: I hate you.....*makes out with Sierra's picture* Bleh....

Chris: I dare you to.....say good things about Sierra.

Cody: Sierra is a kind, nice stalker?

Chris: I dare you to stay in this smelly locker.

Cody: *goes in smelly locker*

Chris: I dare you to say something bad about The Doctor.

Cody: He's kind of a weirdo.

Chris: I dare you to kick this kitten.

Cody: Sorry kitten *kicks it and a mother cat chases him* AAAHHHH!


Chris: I dare you this piece of bread we found in the kitchen that's been there for two years.

Duke: *eats the bread* Easy.....ugh.

Chris: I dare you to NOT go to the infirmary.

Duke: Fine....

Chris: I dare you to swim in this tank of sharks for ten minutes.

Duke: *starts swimming, then swims away from the sharks* AGH! DONE!

Chris: I dare you to say why Josh shouldn't win

Duke: Josh made the final five before and goes crazy without Leo.

Chris: I dare you Cody's candy he gave me. *Cody screaming NOOOOO is heard*

Duke: *shrugs and eats Cody's candy*

Chris: I dare you to automatically vote Josh next elimination ceremony.

Duke: What if he's immune?

Chris: This doesn't count.

Duke: Fine.

Chris: I dare you to say something bad about Leo.

Duke: Leo is way too agressive and can only calm down when meditating.

Chris: I dare you to say why Izzy shouldn't win.

Duke: She's crazy and she already had a chance last season.

Chris: I dare you to sing "Baby" by Justin Bieber.

Duke: *sings Baby* I hate you.

Chris: I dare you to Dance like an idiot.

Duke: *dances like an idiot*

Chris: I dare you to say something about me.

Duke: You suck, but have a good choice in challenges.

Chris: Good enough. I dare you to eat this really hot chili pepper.

Duke: Fine *eats it* WATER, WATER!


Chris: I dare you to automatically vote Mr. Coconut.

Izzy: *shrugs* Fine

Chris: I dare this moldy pizza.

Izzy: *eats it*

Chris: I dare you to state your feelings about another competitor remaining that's not Mr. Coconut.

Mr. Coconut

Chris: I dare you to slice off your grass hair.

Mr. Coconut: *goes over to knife and lets his grass hair fall on the blade of a knife*

Chris: I dare you to.....swim in this pool of electric eels.

Elimination Ceremony 12 - Mergers

Chris: Well, let's begin with the placings: In last place, with 1 dare done is Mr. Coconut, in 4th Place, with two dares done it's Izzy. In third place, with six dares done it's Cody! In second place, with ten dares is Josh! The winner is Duke with 12 dares, so Duke's immune! Duke and Josh automatically vote Josh and Izzy automatically votes Mr. Coconut. Only Cody and the Coconut vote.

Duke: WATER! WATER! *Looks for water*

Josh: Water won't help you wil need milk and yougurt/


Josh: Please. *takes pepper and eats it* Not hot at all.


Josh: Either or.

Chris: Chris Heads for: Duke, Cody, and Izzy! Josh, Mr. Coconut, one of you is going home and it's..........Josh! Sorry Josh, 5th twice in a row any last words?

Josh: Yes. First of all. Leo. I am not actually breaking up with you. Second. I so far hate this game for this reasson. Three. When this is over keep my number.

Duke: Well, bye Josh, you were a good friend. You deserved to place higher.

Josh: I know.

Duke: Bye Josh.

Cody: See ya, Josh!

Josh: Good luck wiht that food issue.

Duke: About tha- *falls to the ground*

Chris: *grabs hose and pours water down Duke's mouth*

Josh: *punches Chris* What the f*** are you doing?

Chris: "Helping" Duke, why?

Josh: cause you are not helping.

Chris: Whatever *snatches keys* bye. Now only four remain! But who will win on TOTAL DRAMA NEIGHBORHOOD 5!

Mergers - Final Four Chat

Cody: It's great being here!

Challenge 13 - Final Four-Worthy

Chris: Welcome final four! This is the last challenge before the finale! This challenge will be a race around the Neighborhood(4 lines) twice! You need alternating lines from someone else! The Mergers will be here to support you and may talk just so you can run more. This will be a double elimination, possibly.

Duke: *runs fast*

Cody: *runs*

Josh: GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duke: *sprints*

Cody: *follows behind*

Josh: Well I thibnk I should be here.

Chris: Whatever, 5th.

Duke: *runs faster*

Cody: *trails behind*'

Josh: I just id one lap around the neighborhood.

Duke: *finishes 1st lap and sprints* I'm not giving up!

Cody: *finishes 1st lap and follows*

Josh: *running backwards faster than Duke*

Duke: *runs* Thanks for the support, Josh.

Cody: *trailing behind* So tired....

Josh: *finshes second lap* IS that all you got!

Duke: *runs faster*

Cody: *running, tired* I think it's all I got...

Josh: *throws Cody*

Cody: Whoa! *passes Duke*

Duke: *passes Cody and runs* Well, it's the effort that counts.

Josh: BOOM!!!!!

Duke: *finishes*

Cody: *finishes*

Final Four Elimination Ceremony

(The Mergers may watch)

Chris: Duke is immune! Congrats, but the prize is to pick who to eliminate! The loser gets to choose another loser to go too, and we're the final two!

Duke: I choose to eliminate, this is because you're a threat, not because I hate you, but I choose Cody.

Cody: Oh.....I guess I'm gone.

Chris: *snatches keys* But you get to pick who goes home with you!

Cody: I choose......Izzy. Sorry Izzy, but I think the Coconut kind of deserves it more.

Chris: Cody, Izzy, bye bye! *snatches Izzy's keys* WE'RE DOWN TO THE FINAL TWO! Duke vs Mr. Coconut, but who will win? Find out on Total Drama Neighborhood 5!

Josh: What the f***?

Duke: *whispers to Josh* This is a strategy, Izzy was more liked that Mr. Coconut, so I was hoping Cody would take Izzy away.

Josh: I am aware.

Aftermath - Who You Gonna Root For?

Chris: Hello competitors, I decided to have you sing a song REALLY similar to Who You Gonna Root For? The two finalists are Duke and Mr. Coconut.

Josh: Who ya gonna vote for? Who's it gonna be? Is Duke? Or will you pick the partner of Izzy?

Cody: There's Mr. Coconut, he's played a lean game! But he's been playing hard! Too bad no one likes losing to a coconut, he'd have to pay a bodyguard!

Josh: Who ya gonna vote for? Who's it gonna be? Is Duke? Or will you pick the partner of Izzy?

Cody: *whispers to Josh* You can do the rap? I'll do Courtney's part?

Josh: Ricky Tickey Te Gonna hear it from me. The only one winning this is D-U-Key. Sippin' lemonade in the shade. Kicking it winners style. Gonna take home the chedder we're gonna be all smiles. Rodey!

Cody: Mr. Coconut doesn't deserve to be here!

Leo: COCO's GONNA DIE!!!!! I should be on Glee! I SHOULD BE ON GLEE!!!! *Smacks Doctor*

Josh: Shawty!

Chris: Alright enough, so what do you think of the finalists?

Leo: I hate them all! Except Duke.

Josh: I could have sworn we just sung about that.

Cody: We did, I think Chris just wanted us to stop singing. Anyways, I think Duke should win.

Leo: OH RLLY!?

Josh: Yes.

Leo: k thats cool wit me. Hi Josh!

Chris: Anyone else care to share their opinions of the finalists?

Leo: Coco sucks.

Josh: *sigh*

Eva: The coconut should be eaten

Leo: But that would be cannibalism!

Josh: Leo. It's a coconut.

Leo: WHAT!?

Cassidy: Leo, shut up and be quiet. And Mr. Coconut is awesome...

Leo: HE IS NOT!!!!


Josh: *flicks up knife* Both of you. Stop it.

Cassidy: Since when was I scared of a knife?

Josh: You shouldn;t be you should be afraid of me.

Cassidy: *Flicks Up Bigger Knife* If you say so..

Mr. Coconut: *rolls over to the group with a knife that is stuck to his grass hair*

Cassidy: What the?

Leo: Coco why are you here?

Josh: *shrugs*

Leo: So Josh, whats up?

Cassidy: He's here because he feels like it.

Leo: k

Josh: Not much. *jumps into tree*

Leo: k.

Finale - Will You Pick a Duke or a Nut?

Chris: Finale time! Vote for Duke or Coconut! First to four IS THE WINNER! Mergers only!

Cody: (CONF) I'm sorry but I vote for Duke to win, he's a great guy.

Josh: (CONF) Duke

Izzy: (CONF: Mr. Coconut)

(NZ Man: Yes)

Leo:(CONF) Duke......LIKE A BOSS!!!

(TrentFan: Look, Zanna, I know what you're going to say, The Creator shouldn't Win Their Own Camp because they probably cheat or something, which I don't think I did, I usually quit, but this time I want to see the outcome. Besides NZ told me not to quit XD)

(Zanna: It's okay :D)

(TrentFan: Okay, may the best man(or coconut) win XD)

Josh: Cmon.

Chris: Come on people, vote! 3 votes for Duke, 1 for Mr. Coconut.

Josh: Is it really that hard to vote?

Doctor: My vote could change everything here. So...I choose...................................Duke! Seriously, what would a coconut do with the money? Or cheese? What is the prize anyway?

Josh: Exactly.

Chris: And with that our winner is: ......................Duke! Congrats Duke! You just won Total Drama Neighborhood 5! Congrats to Mr. Coconut for coming in Runner-Up, as well.

Duke: Awesome, I won! Well, thanks guys but I would like to share the money or the chees- what is it?

Chris: The world may never know.

Duke: Okay then, with my friends Josh and Leo.

Josh: It looks like money unless cheese is green.

Doctor: Wait, YOU don't even know what the prize is?

Cody: Oh, Doctor, here are these pants you wanted *hands Doctor pants* (remember the beginning? XD)

Duke: Well, it was fun competing, and I won, so yeah, win win situtation for myself.

Chris: Congrats Duke, *passes Final Chris Head of the game* You did something: Geoff, Sally, Lindsay, David, Pat, Noah, Cassidy, Eva, Wysal, Beth, Nathan, Leo, Ezekiel, The Doctor, Josh, Cody, Izzy, and Mr. Coconut couldn't do. You won, Total Drama Neighborhood 5!

Josh: I could have done it. I just got some bad luck.

Chris: Whatever 5th. Anyways: Noah and Duke since you are the only winners here, I'd like to inform you that while you WON'T compete next season, you have a special job. Also, congrats to Duke winning, again, and stuff.

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