Chris: Being the awesome, rich host, I am I bought three huge motels, instead of the classic Neighborhood setting. That's right, another season of Neighborhood, renamed! And I'm sure you know Duke and Noah have a job to do sometime later, which they will complete. Newbies and some returnees. Special thanks to NZ Man123 for the name!!

Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

1. Leo - Bakura13

2. The Doctor - Scienceboy0

3. Harold - Scienceboy0

4. David - XrosHearts

5. Luke - XrosHearts

6. Steve - NZ Man123

7. Dante - NZ Man123

8. Flare - TrentFan

9. Mike - TrentFan

10, Xiaoyu - Eros123

11. Alex - Eros123

12. Laura - TotalDramaFan90

13 - Devon - TotalDramaFan90

14 - Raven - Zannabanna

15 - Jake - Zannabanna

Killer Tacos

Alex - Eros123

Dante - NZ Man123

Devon - TotalDramaFan90

(DEBUTER) Sally - Henzzy

Luke - XrosHearts

Screaming Liars

David - XrosHearts (REPLACER) Cyrus - TaygenTeagan

Jake - Zannabanna<strike> (REPLACER) Zoey - TDBackAroundtheWorld</strike>

Harold - Scienceboy0

The Doctor - Scienceboy0

Laura - TotalDramaFan90

Xiaoyu - Eros123

Team Chef is Really Really Really Generous

Flare - TrentFan

Leo - Bakura13

Mike - TrentFan

Raven - Zannabanna

Steve - NZ Man123

Ninja Turtles

Mike - TrentFan

Laura - Stars&Straps20

Cyrus - TaygenTeagan

Zoey - TDBackAroundtheWorld

Sally - Henzzy

Shredded Cheese

Flare - TrentFan

Steve - NZ Man123

The Doctor - Scienceboy0

Aaron - TaygenTeagan

Leo - Bakura13

Raven - Zannabanna

Harold - Scienceboy0


Electra - BlaineleyRox

Jun - Bakura13

Angelina - TDFCH

OJ - TrentFan

Lili - Bakura13

Elimination Table







Screaming Liars


Team Chef



Killer Tacos


Team Chef/Liars



Killer Tacos


Team Chef



Killer Tacos


Team Chef



Killer Tacos


Team Chef



Screaming Liars





Shredded Cheese


Ninja Turtles



Shredded Cheese


Ninja Turtles



Shredded Cheese





Shredded Cheese


Ninja Turtles


The Doctor

Shredded Cheese


Ninja Turtles



Shredded Cheese


Ninja Turtles



Ninja Turtles


Mike and Zoey


Laura Ninja Turtles


Aaron and Zoey



Shredded Cheese 9th Flare and Zoey YES


Debuting Debuts 8th Flare YES


Ninja Turtles 7th OJ, Lili, Angelina YES


Debuting Debuts 6th OJ, Lili, Angelina YES


Shredded Cheese 5.5th OJ, Lili, Angelina YES

Ninja Turtles

5th Mike YES


Debuting Debuts 4th OJ YES


Debuting Debuts 3rd Mike YES


Ninja Turtles 2nd Lili YES


Debuting Debuts 1st Herself YES

Red is the merging color, the actual NT color is blue. Shredded Cheese's is black.

WOC is Winner of Challenge


Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Motel! We'll be making teams shortly. Anyways, welcome these guys!

Steve: Hello gov.

Mike: Hey guys! Glad to be here!

Chris: Welcome Mike and Steve, glad to inform you, you will share the same Motel Room.

Steve: Pleasure to meet you Chris. This Boxing prodigy ain't gonna be losing this round gov.

Dante: Hello guys I am Dante Lucas Adams but you may call me Dante. Pleasure to make your aquantince.

Mike: *to Steve* Nice to meet ya, Steve! Since we have to be roomies, lets try to be nice to each other, agreed?

Steve: Sure thing gov. If ya want maybye we could do a bit of sparring now an again.

Mike: (CONF) Yeah, I can't box, I think Manitoba can, but no way do I want to bring out my personality disorder, Revenge of the Island, was good enough. (Non-CONF) Sure.....

Steve: (CONF) Mike looks like apowerul dude. might be a threat.

Chris: Anyone else? Only Mike, Steve, and Dante, so far.....sad.

Mike: *shrugs* I don't know, we were just on the first bus, I thought more people were there.

Flare: *gets off* What are these *coughs* cheap buses? A fire just started there!

Chris: Whatever....I just buy them, I don't inspect them.

Dante: It is a pleasure to meet you Flare.

Flare: Honor to meet you too, guy I just met.

Steve: Hello gov my name is Steve. You keep out of my way I'll keep out of yours.

Flare: Alright, Steve, nice to meet you, I guess?

Mike: Name's Mike, nice to meet you.

Flare: Well, pleasant hello's, I guess, hello Mike.

Dante: I forgot to formally introduce myself. I am Dante Lucas Adams. Although fi you read my paper on the higgs boson particles you must know me already.

Flare: Okay, then, that's.....interesting.

Steve: I've got no idea what ya said there gov.

Flare: Yeah, sorry.

Steve: So Mike ready for some sparring?

Laura: Hey all!

Devon: Hey everyone!

Flare: Hey.

Mike: Hello!

Chris: Only two left to arrive, great. Anyways, let's start the roomie process. Devon will be with David. Harold will be with Luke. The Doctor will be with Leo, yeah you heard me, you will both be clashing against each other. Dante with Xiaoyu. Flare and Laura, will also be roomies. Alex, Jake, and Raven will share a room.

Flare: Okay then, I guess.

Steve: So anyone up for some sparring?

Chris: Hold it Spars-A-Lot, we have to settle teams. The first team will consist of: Harold, Dante, Devon, Luke, and Alex. The second team will consist of: Xiaoyu, Doctor, Leo, David, and Jake. The final team will consist of: Mike, Laura, Steve, Flare, and Raven. Now pay attention to your team name. Team 1 are the Killer Tacos, Team 2 are the Screaming Liars, and Team 3 are the Team Chef is Really Really Really Generous. Team Colors are(in order): Yellow, DarkGreen, and Purple.

Steve: Really gov? Really?

Mike: It's cool, I guess?

Dante: *shrugs*

Steve: It is not cool Mike.

Mike: Yeah.....

Flare: Team Chef is Really Really Really Generous? Really? I guess we're stuck with that name.

Challenge 1 - Ahoy! Race for the Treasure!

Chris: So I decided to have a challenge early, so when I got on vacation, we'll have had at least some eliminations. Now, I have hidden a treasure on the playground outside, it takes 2 lines to get there, 4 to find it, and 2 to bring it back, first to bring it back wins, second votes a member from their team onto another team, last loses a member, GO!

Mike: *starts running*

Flare: *starts running*

Steve: *runnign*

Dante: *running*

Mike: *arrives*

Flare: *arrives* Come on guys, we need to win this one time!

Steve: *arrives and starts digging*

Dante: *arrives and collapses*

Mike: *starts digging*

Flare: *starts digging*

Steve: *digging*

Dante: *still fainted*

Flare: That poor guy. *continues digging*

Mike: *continues digging*

Steve: *digs*

Dante: *still unconcius*

Mike: *continues digging*

Flare: *continues digging*

  • A net falls on Dante and captures him*

Chris: Did I mention to watch out for traps? Well, now I'll tell you to watch out. It takes two lines to get out.

Dante: *Still unconcious*

Steve: *digging*

Mike: *finds treasure* Come on guys, I got it!

Flare: Great!

Steve: *starts running back* THROW IT HERE!

Dante: *still unconcious*

Mike: *throws treasure to Steve and runs* Hurry!

Flare: *runs*

Steve: *gives it to Chris*

Dante: *wakes up and gets out of trap*

Laura: *Runs,*

Steve: We already won Laura!

Chris: Thanks for effort Laura and Dante. Team Chef is Really Really Generous wins! Here's a twist, THEY GET TO VOTE OFF THE LIAR WHO GOES HOME TODAY! Didn't see that coming right? Killer Tacos are second, so they're neutral.

Screaming Liars Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Team Chef, please vote who you want home from the liars out. Remember I delete votes when majority have voted for one person.

Chris: Chocolate Bars are the symbol of life here in TDM. Anyways, let's get on with the ceremony. Chocolate bars for....David *passes*, Leo *passes*, and The Doctor *passes*. Jake, Xiaoyu, one of you has spent your last night on the hotel and have each received at least a vote(NZ told me who he would vote) and the last chocolate bar is for..........Jake *passes* Sorry Xiaoyu, but you're out! Any last words? Any words at all? No? Well, bye *pushes Xiaoyu into the Taxi of Shame*

Killer Tacos Motel

Chris: I changed it so each team had their own motel. Yeah. Thank me.

Dante: If we have a brain fight we will be superior.

Harold: *gets to his room* This is pretty nice.

Chris: Yeah, I managed to buy nice ones, because, they were actually cheaper, so enjoy!

Harold: For once, I'm happy Chris picked something cheap.

Dante: Sorry guys I am not a pysical fighter.

Screaming Liars Motel

Chris: I changed it so each team had their own motel. Yeah. Thank me.

(Bakura13: Sorry I havent edited on this camp yet, I'm on vacation. I'll return on Sunday so until then I wont really be editing. Thanks!)

Doctor: It's great to be back!

David: I'm safe!

Team Chef Motel

Chris: I changed it so each team had their own motel. Yeah. Thank me.

Mike: Well that's cool, I guess. So, we did good in the last challenge, right guys?

Flare: Yeah, the only other competition was Dante.....who fainted.

Steve: So anyone up for a little sparring gov?

Mike: Nah, I'm good.

Flare: Same.

Steve: Ok then gov/

Flare: Okay then, hopefully we turn out to be the best team.....with the worst name.

Steve: It is possible.

Laura: Hey guys. Sorry I really didn't do the challenge. (I was at the store)

Flare: It's alright. (Also I may be inactive starting tomorrow-the day after, because I'll be at another state.)

Mike: Well, guys, let's hope for another win! Or neutral's good.

Challenge 2 - Winners May Have Come and Gone

Chris: Welcome contestants! Today's challenge is a bit different. First you tell me the winner of each Neighborhood season then run, if you take too long, you may be captured.

Mike: TDN's Winner was Lilly, TDN2's was Oatmeal, TDN4's was Noah, TDN5's was Duke *starts running*

Flare: TDN's Winner was Lily, TDN2's Winner was Oatmeal, TDN4's winner was Noah, and I didn't watch TDN5.....I'll copy Mike and say Duke? *starts running*

Steve: Lilly Oatmeal Noah and Duke. *runs*

Dante: Noah> Lilly, Oatmeal. Dule *runs*

Doctor: TDN's winner was Lilly, TDN2's winner was Oatmeal, TDN3 never finished, TDN4's winner was Noah, TDN5's winner was Duke. *starts running*

Harold: TDN's winner was Lilly, TDN2's winner was Oatmeal, TDN3 never finished, TDN4's winner was Noah, TDN5's winner was Duke. *starts running*

Capturer: *catches Dante* Wrong answer!

Mike: *runs faster* (CONF) I'm hoping not to get captured.

Duke: *runs faster*

Doctor: *runs more* Where are we running?

Harold: *runs* Yeah, Gosh.

Mike: Chris, never said! *runs*

Flare: We should find somewhere though *runs*

Alex: Lily Oatmeal Noah Duke

Alex:*uses kung fu to kivk mike*

Capturer: *catches Alex* You run! You aren't fighting!

Doctor: *runs more* HEY CHRIS! WHEN DO WE STOP!?!

Harold: *runs* Yeah!

Mike: *running* I think we just keep running, we're too far!

Flare: *runs*

Capturer: *throws Alex into a bouncy house along with Dante*

Capturer2: *captures Leo*

Steve: *runnign*

Mike: *runs*

Flare: *runs* (Eros, you're captured, you don't escape)

Capturer2: *captures Jake*

Capturer: *Captures Laura* Come on, let's hurry!

Capturer2: *captures Raven*

Mike: *runs faster* Come on guys!

Flare: *runs*

Chris: You made the checkpoint! You're safe for now, let's wait for more to arrive.

Steve: *running*

Capturer2: *captures Devon*

Chris: So far: Mike, Flare, and Steve have made the checkpoint, Harold and Doctor are close.

Capturer2: *captures Luke*

Chris: So far: Mike, Flare, Steve, Harold, Doctor, and David remain!

Capturer: *captures Harold*

Harold: *gets the caturer offf him* What's with you? *passes checkpoint*

Doctor: *passes checkpoint*

Capturer: Darn I lost him! Well, *captures David*

Chris: So only you 5? Really? Well, nice job on making it this far.

Doctor: Uh. Thanks? I think?

Steve: That reminds me of that Josh fellow.

Chris: Well, you all made it to the next challenge!

Harold: Awesome!

Chris: The next challenge is to....answer these questions correctly, if you're correct you make it to the final challenge.

Doctor: What are they? I can answer anything!

Chris: Harold, who came in sixth in Total Drama Neighborhood?

Harold: Harriet.

Chris: Wrong! *capturers take Harold away*Gavin got sixth! Anyways, this question is for Steve, ready?

Steve: Ready gov.

Chris: Who snuck out into the non-competing limo to not compete in the next season?

Steve: Tyler. I think...

Chris: Okay then, you're correct! Flare who won season 5?

Flare: I didn't watch it, so I'll just guess Josh?

Capturer: I can't see in this mask *captures Flare*

Chris: Mike, who was the lead singer for the song challenge in Season 5?

Mike: Cassidy.

Chris: Correct and Doctor! What place did Josh get in Season 4?

Doctor: 5th.

Chris: Congrats Doctor, Steve, and Mike for being the last people left. Anyways the next and final round is....anyone care to guess?

Steve: A bit of boxing gov.

Doctor: Why are you so obsessed with that?

Steve: I am obbsesed with finding the people who created me. Boxing is just something I'm good at gov.

Chris: Whatever, you have to avoid me shooting paintballs, first one out is out. The other two will come with me.

Mike: *hides behind a tree*

Steve: *runs into motel and locks the door*

Doctor: *hides behind boulder*

Steve: *completeley locks his motel room*

Capturer: *drinking hot cocoa and looks at Steve* Sorry *captures Steve*

Chris: Didn't tell him that the Capturers were having a hot cocoa break, so Mike and Doctor win!

Doctor: What now?

Chris: Oh I just realized Mike and Steve were on the same team, so both teams win! Killer Tacos go to elimination! Mike and Doctor tie for the win, for their team! Capturers, meet back at McLean's Office, later.

Killer Tacos Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Vote in the confessionals! First to 3(majority) is out!

Chris: Chocolate bars for......Alex! *passes* Harold! *passes* and Luke! *passes* Devon, Dante, one of you will be going home today and that person is.......................not Dante *passes* Sorry Devon, but you have been eliminated, any last words? If not you may board the taxi of shame.

Killer Tacos Motel

Dante: Thanks guys.


Harold: So, luke, how's it going?

Dante: (CONF) I feel alone here. No ally. No friend. No psyical ability. No lightsabre. Man. I gotta get to work.

Alex:(CONF) *with screwdriver* sooooooo how do you open this thing again *takes out hammer and smashes camera and takes tape* YAY now I have tape just in case of a cospiracy and because I'm Dantes angry wall of meat it's my job to stop them

Dante: (CONF) Now I have Alex. My angry wall of meat. Wait. This is a different camera.

(Alex barges in)

Alex: YAY *takes camera*

Screaming Liars Motel


Doctor: So, Leo. I guess we'er sharing a room.

Leo:*Glares at Doctor*

Doctor: What? Oh....Look, I'm sorry about last season.

Leo: Turns away from Doctor and walks away*

Team Chef Motel

Steve: Phew. Why the f*** were they in my motel room gov?

Flare: I don't know.

Chris: *comes out of Steve's Motel Room sipping hot cocoa* Oh, hey Team Chef.

Steve: Really gov? Really?

Mike: I guess they must like your room?

Steve: It is no different from any other room except it has two beds instead of one.

Chris: Oh we turned your beds into hot cocoa machines, that's can sleep on the ground.

Steve: What about the one that folds out of the wall?

Chris: We placed the Popcorn Machine can sleep on a couch.

Steve: Well the couch is a fold out bed.

Chris: Yeah, the couch in between the rooms, right? You'll be sleeping there, now. Also we added an HD TV, so yeah. On the bright side to losing those beds, your team gets access to HD TV, Popcorn, and Hot Cocoa.

Steve: Ya know what gov? I'm sleeping on my blow up mattress.

Chris: Your loss *grabs popcorn and leaves*

Steve: *pulls out cellphone* Hey man can ya drop me a bed gov? Thanks. *a bounch of men carry a bed into Steves room*

Chris: *walks back in for a refill* Wait, who told you, you could bring your cellphone? *confiscates* *refills cup and leaves*

Steve: Hey gov. No one said I couldn't bring one so I just assunmed I could.

Mike: *walks in Steve's room* You forgot your boxing gloves- hey....a hot cocoa machine?

Steve: Long story.

Mike: Did it involve Chris?

Steve: Yes.

Mike: Oh......well, could I grab some hot cocoa?

Steve: Sure.

Mike: *grabs a cup and pushes a button that pours some hot cocoa and drinks it* Mmm, why don't you try it?

Steve: I have

Mike: Oh, *drinks more hot cocoa* Luckily only we have the hot cocoa machine, huh?

Steve: Yeah I guess.

Mike: Yeah, it's nice.

Steve: We also got HD tv and popcorn machine.

Mike: That's awesome! Hey, want be to bring some to the other teams or should we keep it a secret?


Steve: No way gov this is our stuff. *gets popcorn and sits down to watch boxing*

Challenge 3 - The Mini Hunger Games!

Chris: Welcome competitors! Today, is a double elimination for one team, however a debuter will be joining that team, so yeah. Anyone care to guess the-

Flare: No.

Chris: Okay then, Team Chef won't have one person compete because they have 5 compared to the other 4 and chosen randomly earlier, during my vacation, the person is Mike. Mike, you should be grateful.

Mike: All right.....then.

Leo: Flare? I din/t even know you were here.

Flare: Oh hey Leo. But yeah, I actually didn't want to be here, but yeah I'm here.

Leo: Remember when were kidnapped, and we did that stuff?

Dante: (CONF) I'm dead.

Flare: Yeah, haven't seen you since, until now.

Steve: Challenge first talk later.

Chris: Actually, talk first, since you may never see the other again >:D

Mike: What?


Dante: *walks away*


Dante: Be careful I have soft bone structure. And my marrow bone level is below that of an average human.

Leo: Then it will be more fun! Dont worry about protection.*Two hours later* So how was it?

Dante: *is on the ground unconcious*

Steve: I think Mike should compete instead.

Leo:Your next!*Two hours later* That was even better than with Dante!

Steve: *shrugs* Had better gov.

Leo:Fine we do it again but with Flare in between!

Steve: I draw the line at a devils three way.

Leo: Fine. How about we smoke a little and then see how it goes?

Chris: Hold on a second *stabs Dante in the chest with a knife and throws him in a capsule* and Tacos are at a disadvantage.

Leo: I love tacos! Especially on a corn tilla LIKE A BOSS!!!

Mike: Wait, what just happened?

Chris: Dante is dead. From what you know.

Leo: Fine wit me. Steve and Josh and Flare are much more fun and wild!

Chris: Okay then, well the challenge begins now *teams seperate and make bases* Bye! *grabs Mike and jumps into a capsule* FIRST TEAM TO LOSE ALL ITS MEMBERS LOSE, AND THE OTHER TEAMS WIN!

Leo: Wait whats the challenge

Chris: *through transmission* Oh right, it's the HUNGER GAMES! May the odds be ever in your favor, also recommend allies. It's Team versus Team versus Team, you kill your own team, you're killed with them.

Leo: Steve youra violent person, I'm a violent person. You wanna be allies?

Steve: *punches Leo in the gut* Opposite teams sorry. *runs*

Flare: So we just punch to the death? *sarcastically* Sounds very fun.


Steve: *punches Leo in the face* Die gov.

Leo: Love ya!*Dies*

Flare: *starts looking for weapons* Hmm, I should get some for the team.

Chris: *pushes a button which has Leo fall into a capsule*

Leo:*as a spirit* Flare take shotguns!

Flare: Sure- wait what? *grabs two shotguns and starts looking for Steve*

Leo: Kill him next! I've never had ghost sex before!

Alex: *bodyslams Docter*

Leo: KILL HIM!!!!!!!

Alex: *picks up slinky and strangles doctor with it*


Chris: *pushes button to have Doctor fall in capsule*

Flare: *finds Steve and hands him a shotgun* Come on, Alex is the biggest threat *spots Alex and shoots*

Leo: I knew a spy named Alex once, he worked for MI6.

Flare: *headshots Alex killing him*

Chris: *Pushes button having Alex fall into a capsule*

Leo: Im surprised you havent started killing my inactive team yet.

Flare: I'm still deciding whether the Liars or Tacos should be dead.


Flare: All right then *finds Luke and starts shooting him*


Steve: *kills Luke*

Flare: *finds Jake and starts shooting*


Steve: *kills Jake*


Chris: Time for my fun! *pushes button which sends two meteors flying into Raven and Steve* Team Chef is too in the lead. Also *pushes button that has Luke and Jake fall into a capsule* And guessing they died *pushes button which has Steve and Raven fall into a capsule* Only Flare, Laura, Harold, and David remain!

Flare: And there went two of my allies. *looks at Harold and shoots*

(No cursing please Eros)

Steve: G away

Dante: Hello wall of meat

Alex: technically im your angry wall of vapour

Flare: *kills Harold*

Chris: and Tacos lose! Congrats to Flare, Laura, and David for staying alive! *hands a gold medal to each of them and pushes a button sending EVERYONE back into camp* So who liked the virtual world?

Alex: Scientifically speaking im dantes angry wall of meat and puppet

Dante: Shut up angry wall of meat

Alex: OKAY

Chris: And guess what Tacos? Alex, for being the only Taco to kill someone you stay on the team, the other three of you MAY BE ELIMINATED! One of you will be going on to the Liars! The other two are eliminated!

Alex: OMG i actually won immunity this is awesome but also the sign of the apocylypse!

Chris: For actually killing somebody. Anyways on to the ceremony!

Screaming Liars Ceremony

Chris: Good news you vote someone on your team to the Liars!


Chris: Good news, Leo, you are actually moved to Team Chef! Liars, you now have Laura!


Killer Tacos Ceremony

Chris: In this Ceremony, a randomly selected bunch will vote for who is safe and voted to the Liars! The bunch are: Mike, Leo, Alex, Laura, and if a tie: my magic hat of randomizing!

Chris: That means there's no way for Dante to be safe so Dante is out, but who else will be out?

Leo: I stay tuned to find out on TOTAL DRAMA MOTEL!!!

Chris: I'll just skip Laura, so Luke is also out! Harold, you're now on the Liars! And Taco get Sally! Only a few remain, who will win on TOTAL DRAMA MOTEL!

Leo: Hope you like inactivity, no sex and credit card debt.

Dante: Well felow aquantinces I shall see you at the Isle Des Losers later. Thanks

Chris: AKA The Closet of Losers *pushes Dante into a closet*

Team Chef Ceremony

Chris: This team and the Liars will trade a teammate to the other team, so vote!

Chris: Chocolate Bars for: Flare! Mike! and Steve! *passes* Raven, Laura, one of you have been moved to the Liars as a warning and it's not.........Raven *passes* Laura, you're now on the Liars! Chefs, you now have Leo!

Steve: Welcome Leo. *whispers to Chris* I'l trade my bed for a hot tub.

Leo: Hey there.*Licks her lips* I know I'm gonna have a lot more fun here!

Chris: *whispers back* Deal, but the staff may be in there sometimes, okay?

Flare: Welcome to the team, Leo.

Mike: Welcome! We have hot chocolate, popcorn, and Television!


Mike: Alright.....then.

Leo: Yeah I'm a w***e.....

Steve: All of the fancy stuff Chris put in my hotel room is. Hot Coco, Popcorn, HD TV and Hotub.

Leo:.................I think Im in love wit you........


Leo: Are you sure your not an agent working for MI6?

Leo:.......O.o Forget I asked.........

Leo: Wut?

Steve: Wanna go to the motel Leo?

Leo:*Sweating* Yes.....yes I would like that.......a lot.....

Chris: *Brings Josh here* Yup, I just love ruining Leo's life.

Josh: Hey Leo.

Leo:Hi Josh! *Makes out wit Josh*

Chris: And Leo also said she loves Steve.

Josh: She said no such thing. I know Leo. She is in this to win the game at any cost.

Leo: Yeah! How dare you make such accusations Chris. I should sleep wit you for that!

Chris: Okay then, bye Josh *pushes Josh out of the motel*

Leo: See you when I get back my Igglybuff!

Chris: Alright then, this team will be.......interesting.

Leo: You know it babe! You got a son or anything?

Steve: I got no son or children. Let;s take this to the motel.

Killer Tacos Motel

Chris: Only Sally and Alex, wow.

Alex: hi i like magic and power and fighting i shall be yoour angry wall of meat and cast spells

Screaming Liars Motel

Chris: Well, you guys now have most of your team back.

Team Chef Motel

Chris: UM.....yeah.

Steve: *1 hour later* Thanks Leo. *walks out of his room in shorts*

Mike: *playing Uno with Flare* Uno!

Flare: ....I hate this game.

Steve: *grinning* Wow you sick at Uno Flare.

Flare: And?

Steve: Nothing

Flare: Yeah, it's just a card game.

Steve: Well you're a father. According to Leo,

Flare: Yeah, I was kidnapped, tought me that I shouldn't run away from home or that happens.....not much of a lesson. *shrugs* Let's just say the life wasn't fun. I barely got food and stuff.

Steve: *shrugs* Been there done that.

Flare: Yeah......those kids are dead. Or at least, that's what I think.

Steve: *hears someting* GET DOWN!!!

Flare: *ducks*

Mike: *ducks*

Steve: *duncks*

???: *bullet fires and flies over their heads*

Steve: I hate my mum.

Capturer: *paralyzes Steve's Mom and kicks her out of the motel* .....Meh.

Steve: Thanks gov.

Capturer: No prob.....could you pass me some hot chocolate?

Steve: *gives Hot Coco.*

Capturer: All right, thanks. Bye *walks away*

Mike: Nice guy.

Steve: I want him out of my hotel room.

Flare: Who?

Steve: The Capturers.

Challenge 4 - Impostors!

Chris: Welcome contestants, today will be an interesting challenge, one of your team members is actually a robot, after you find out who it is, you have to search for the member. Not even the person will know if they're a robot. Guess incorrectly and you're out of the challenge. Alex and Sally since you're a team of two, only have one guess. You can find out by throwing punches, maybe, or not. Who cares? Anyone care to guess before they start finding evidence or stuff to find the robot?

Steve: *punches Flare in the face*

Chris: So is that your guess?

Steve: No. I just always wanted an excuse to punch Flare in the face.\

Alex: hmm sally mabye i could try channeling my aura and then *punches sally in the face*

Chris: So you think Sally, Alex?

Flare: Really? You just wanted to punch me- well, whatever, we need to figure out who the robot is.

Alex: no but i just wanted to be sure and i think the robot is me cause i stubbed my toe this morning but now it doesnt hurt

Chris: Stubbing your to- you know what, you just confuse me. Alex, pick, it's either you or Sally.

Alex: i pick sally (cause she is inactive XD)

Chris: Well bad news, you're the robot, so you're out of the challenge! Now Sally, you have to find the real Alex! Meanwhile Robo-Alex will dismalfunction *throws water at Robo-Alex* (No godplaying or controling other's characters.)

(what sally is inactive i cant win )

(Maybe Henzzy will log on, besides the Liars are also inactive.)

(far off somewhere) Alex: help me im stuck in a tuba

Steve: OH god how the heck are we supposed to find out?

Leo: I think Its Mike.

Mike: I don't think we should make accusations, until we're sure. Anyways, how do we find out?

Chris: *shrugs*


Mike: How do you know that I'm the robot, it could be you or Flare or Steve or Raven too! We'll never find out! *turns into Chester* Darn kids! Back in my day we didn't have human wannabes! *accidentally rips off shirt with stick, turning into Vito* 'Ey!


(You aren't supposed to know where Alex is)

Steve: *sighs* Wow I see why Josh sighs alot.

Leo: Raccoons are yummy!

Mike(Vito): So what we doing 'ere?

Flare: Looking for who's robot.

Leo:*Sees Vito* Huminah huminah huminah.....

Steve: *slaps Leo*

Flare: Hmm, so how do we know who the robot is?

Leo: Whoever doesnt love me is a robot! ROBOTS HAVE NO SOULS!!!!!!!!!!!

Flare: Alright then.....any other ways?

Leo: Everyone must show me there souls! Whoever doesnt I'll assume is the robo!

Flare: Um, no thanks.


Chris: Sorry Leo, that is incorrect, so you're out of the challenge! *locks Leo in Team Chef's Prison*

Flare: We have a prison?

Chris: It's what happens when you're out.

Flare: So we know I'm not a robot, anyone else care to take a guess?

Mike(Vito): *turns back into Mike* What? What happened?

Leo:*Inprison staring at camera* We all knew this would happen eventually.

Steve: *sighs* I don't know gov.

Flare: Steve, try taking a guess, maybe you'll be right?

Steve: Is it me?

Chris: *locks Steve up* Nope!

Flare: Is it Mike?

Chris: *locks Flare up* No!

Mike: *puts shirt back on* Is it Leo?

Chris: Correct, Mike! You may now search for the real Leo *throws water at robo-Leo*

Mike: Okay, but what about the rest of my team?

Chris: Besides Raven, they aren't competing! Good luck Mike.

Mike: Aw man! *starts looking for Leo* Leo! Are you near?

Sally: *looking for Alex* where is he? *looking*

(One line per post please)

Mike: *looks for Leo* Aw man, I wish Raven would help me look.

Sally: *looking and movie fast* where are you?

Mike: *looks for Leo*

Sally: *looking for Alex* hmmm....

Steve: Mike I hear breathing in one of the Killer Tacos Motel!

Sally: *looks more* where are you? *looks*

Mike: *rushes into the Killer Tacos Motel and sees Leo in the ceiling* Don't worry I can do this!

Sally: *looking* Alex?

Leo: I thought I was in prison O_O

Mike: That was a robot.....*turns into Svetlana and gets Leo* Svetlana is amazing, yes?


Mike: *turns back into Mike* Ow! What?

Chris: Team Chef wins! Mike for finding your lost member first, you pick who is safe!

Mike: Sorry guys but I pick for the Liars to be safe. The Liars would take too long to vote.

Chris: That means the team of two become a team of one!

Sally: oh no.

Killer Tacos Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Wow, after this it will be a team of ONE. Anyways, Team Chef will vote as the tiebreaker, the person with the most votes is gone. Good luck, Tacos!

Chris: Just to warn you, you each received ONE vote at least. And the final marshmellow for the Killer Tacos EVER is for............Sally! Bye Alex, you're gone!

Leo: Tell the MI6 I said hi!

Sally: bye Alex

Mike: Sorry Alex, you had a good run.


Alex: All of you are w***ers (lol JK oh well)

Leo:*Gets axe and decapitates Alex* Like I need you to tell me that.

Sally: um.......ok?

Flare: Rest in Peace, Alex.

Leo: Doing the spy was not so fun anyway.

Sally: Bye :(

Alex: I'm a ghost i shall haunt leo forever yay


Sally: um......ok?

Leo: *Faints*

Steve: Bye. *walks away*

Sally: this is awkward.

Alex:i am a ghost oooooooooooohhhh follows leo

Sally: (CONF) this show has changed! ALOT!

Mike: (CONF) Okay's interesting, so far, I guess?

Sally: (CONF) i need to try hard because im now on my own! i'm like Stephanie from survivor: Palau

Steve: *walks up and punches a brick wall*

Killer Taco Motel

Sally: well its just me now. (CONF) i must try hard, becasue when i lose, im out, so i need to keep trying and Never Say Die!

Mike: *walks in* Hey Sally, need any help, since you are a team of one and all.

Sally: no im fine, thatnks for comming to see me thogh. I'm a bit scared though.

Mike: Why?

Sally: becasue im on my own, no team no anything, no friends out here, *starts crying* its hard for me.

Mike: Hey, I'm your friend, if we win and Chris allows us to pick someone to be safe, we'll choose you.....those Liars don't do much anyways.

Sally: thank you so much! if i win i'll pick you. thank you

Mike: No problem, hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a Team Victory.

sally: yeah, i hope not.

Mike: Glad to be of help, later *walks back to Chef Motel*

Sally: bye. (CONF) mike is so nice, i'm glad i have a friend out here, in season 1 it was Josh and Geoff and now i have Mike as a friend! it makes me feel better.

Mike: *walks in* Hey, sorry I'm back, I was just in a really uncomfortable conversation about my diso- I mean act. (CONF) Yeah, I still haven't told anyone about my disorder.....even though it could lead to my defeat.

Sally: hi, it's nice to have some compony, how are you?

Mike: I'm fine, a bit nervous someone may fin- I mean, just nervous for the challenge *laughs nervously* Hold on I need to calm down *turns into Chester* Darn kids! *turns back into Mike* Yeah.....calming down.

Sally: ok, I hope our teams win the challenge! Does your team get suspicious that you keep coming to see me?

Mike: Well, Leo thought of something.....strange, but no, I just came here right now, so I could get out of the conversation. Which is nothing bad or anything.....yeah. (CONF) *Tries calming down* My disorder makes my life harder than other people's.....*sighs*

Sally: ok,

Mike: Yeah, so how are you?

Sally: im good. Still nervouse becasue if i lose just once its all over for me.

Mike: I see, I'm just nervous because, um, the challenge. I just need to calm down. Sorry.

Sally: ok, well i hope the challenge is soon,

Mike: Yeah, hopefully. *calms down* I feel a little better.

Sally: you shouldn;t be nervous, your team still has all of it members.

Mike: Well, it's not really that, but if I tell you the real reason, you'll think I'm a freak.

Sally: i won't i promiss, friends don't think of friends as freaks!

Mike: Alright then......I have a Multiple Personality Disorder and I was nervous because I felt like Leo was close to finding out.

Sally: oh. i won't tell anyone. She won't find out, its not very noticable

Leo: Well, and to think I though you were roleplaying.

Mike: Wait what? You're here *breathes heavily and turns into Chester* DARN WHIPPERSNAPPERS!

Leo: I was going to tell the others, but the fact that you keeps screts reaally turns me on! Just this once!*Winks*

Mike: *starts breathing heavily and turning into other personalities* 'Ey! *turns into Svetlana* HaHa! *turns into Chester* DARN KIDS, GET OFF MY LAWN! (CONF) When I'm really stressed out, that happens.

Leo:......Well I'm gonna go in the corner and cry about something else now. See ya sexy!*Winks and huddles in a corner*

Mike: *turns into Manitoba* 'Ello, mate! *turns into Chester* MY LAWN, IT'S ALL MINE! *Coughs and turns into Svetlana, who wall jumps* HaHa! *turns into Mike and falls* Oh man! No, my worst nightmare came to life!

Sally: (CONF) so Leo likes mike! a new total drama couple maybe?

Mike: Help me! *turns into Vito* 'Ey, hot stuff! *turns into Mike* I need to calm do- *falls to the ground, knocked out*

Leo: O_O I am having the weirdest b**er right now...

Sally: um... this is getting awkward! *leaves*

Leo: Wow I scared her out of her own motel.

Mike: *knocked out in his mind* ....Ugh.

Leo:*Helps Mike up* If your trying to turn me on your doing pretty D*** well!

Sally: *walks back in* Leo, i think your freaking everyone out!

Leo: Your the only one here. And Mike is knocked out.

Sally: my piont is proven then.

Mike: *wakes up, stressed* Everyone's going to think I'm a freak! I need to calm down.....*breathes heavily*

Sally: mike, no one thinks your a freak!

Leo: Its ok to be a nlittle different that brings out the best in everyone!

Mike: A freak! *stuck in his mind, and falls down knocked out*

Leo: ..........he got me there.....So who wants chowder?

Sally: (CONF) this is getting dramaitc!

Leo:(CONF)*With Sally* Yeah thats kinda the goal. I mean just look at the title!

Sally: (CONF) yeah but, like this is a bit bigger!

Mike: *calms down, still a bit stressed* ....Freak......Disorder......Me.

Cyrus: *Walks In And Tilts Head* Who's a freak? What disorder?

Sally: um.... my team has a freak losing disorder!


Cyrus: *Shakes Nervously Since She Has A Disorder Too* Not to be a stalker, but who?

Sally: me :( i have a losing disorder sorry (CONF) i need to help a friend

Mike: Um, no she doesn't have a disorder, her team does, it has the Victory Disorder, yeah! Sorry for freaking out, my person- I mean acts, make it hard for me *holds head*

Sally: yeah

Mike: *Calm* Yeah, hopefully it will change.

Leo:*Whacks Mike with a bat* I'LL GET THEM OUT OF YOU!!!

Sally: *whispers to Leo* Leo shhhhhhh

Leo: ok

Cyrus: I....have...a disorder....

Leo: And that makes 3 people with disorders.

Sally: Leo!!!!!!!!!

Cyrus: Wait, 3? Who's the other one?

Sally: no one, Leo was joking! wern't you Leo! *evil eyes her*

Leo:*Takes a step back and nods*

Mike: Yeah, no one else has a disorder here *laughs nervously btu then stops* Welcome to the game.

Cyrus: *Crosses Arms* Be seirous, guys. I won't tell a soul.


Sally: er......

Leo: I sleep with everyone I meet.

Sally: and i can't win anything ever! im a loser

Leo: Thats more of a curse.

Sally: well the doctor didn't say that! (CONF) lying is getting hard!

Leo:*With Sally*(CONF) I wasnt lying....

Mike: *nervously, laughing* No disorder here, yeah *stops laughing* Trying to keep calm.

Leo: But I do.

Sally: like we didn't know that!

Leo: Watch it!

Sally: or what?

Leo:*Shoots Sally in the knee* That...

Mike: *to Cyrus* So what's up, newcomer?

Cyrus: Tell me. I know you have a secret, and I know I sound weird.

Leo:*Reloads gun*

Mike: No secret at all.

Sally: guns away please!

Leo:*Walks out of room with gun*

Cyrus; You sure?

Mike: Um......yeah..........

Cyrus: I was hoping secret for a secret, but..*Shrugs* Your choice not to be honest with me.

Mike: Fine, but please don't tell anyone.

Leo:*Comes back in the room with gun and a "Or else" look*

Cyrus: I swear I won't tell a soul.

Mike: Fine, I have a Multiple Personality Disorder.

Cyrus: Seriously? I have it, too!

Leo: *Puts gun down*

Mike: Please, no joking about it.

Cyrus: *Grabs Mike's Hand And Walks Away From Leo And Sally* Here, let me show you. *Stares At Mike, Turns Into Erica, The Brains* There are about 7 million and 10 people on earth.

Leo: Actually I think its 7 billion.

Mike: *to Cyrus* Wow, you do have a disorder. You weren't lying.

Leo: Even though the poulation thing was way off.

Cyrus: *Faces Back To Mike, Turns Into Herself And Blushes* Yeah, but I only have 3 personalities.

Mike: I have four....some that I like less than others. But that's cool, I think.

Cyrus: I think yours would be better than mine; they're all boys but one girl. But for one thing, we have to keep our mouths shut of our disorders.

Mike: I will, don't worry. Friends?

Cyrus: Totally. *Smiles*

Mike: Good luck in the competition.

Cyrus: You too. *Runs Back To Liars Motel*

Screaming Liars Motel

Chris: David has left the game for not speaking once, and we have Cyrus here to replace him.

Cyrus: Hm, it seems like I'm the only girl here. Or the only person here...Chris, can I move to another team, or I'm here alone?

Chris: There's a team swap soon >:)

Cyrus: Can I visit other team motels? Sorry with these questions.

Chris: *Watching Mike freak out* Sure.

Cyrus: Okay. *Goes To Killer Tacos Motel*

Team Chef Motel

Leo:*Still fainted*

Mike: I'm going to go to the Taco Motel, so I could see if I could help *leaves*


Steve: *slaps Leo*

Leo: I was kinda hoping for you to do the Snow White thing but I guess that works too....Whatevs...........My cheek hurts.....

Mike: *walks back in* Hey guys.

Leo: Hi.*Puts ice pack on her cheek*

Mike: What happened while I was gone?

Leo: IDK. Steve slapped me on the cheek. and Sally.........Sexual activity?

Mike: No, I was just comforting her about her being on the Victory Team. Hopefully it's not a full Team Victory team

Leo:Where is your pride?

Mike: What?


Mike: Um, what?

Leo: I dont know. *Puts ice pack on her cheek again* So whats up with......that?

Mike: I stand up by what I said earlier: what?

Leo: Remember when you did that thing where you saved me and you were like a woman? Please say that you do, because for some reason it turned me on.

Mike: *eyes widen* Wait, wha- I mean it's an act. Yah! and stuff, *laughs nervously*

Leo: That turns me on even more.

Mike: Okay then.....I don't want to talk about my act so I'm going to the Taco Motel......bye *runs to the Killer Taco Motel*

Leo:..........That was the best sex I ever had.......(CONF) I think I'm gonna do that new kid. Cyrus I think.

Flare: How was that even- he ran away- nevermind.

Leo: No. That was definatly sex. I could tell by the way his eyes widened.

Flare: He was probably just nervous about something.

Leo: I know true love and sex when I see it. You should know too. We had two kids. And then they were eaten by the capturers........*Cries*

Flare: Yeah.....but still, that wasn't- nevermind. I'm going to get a headache.

Leo: And I had to watch........there was blood, and barbeacue,gravy, and then they actually OFFERED ME ON THERE LEGS!!! TWO SECONDS AFTER 2 HOURS OF LABOR!!! NO IM NOT GONNA EAT MY OWN KID!!!!! *Cries*(CONF) I hate cannabilism

Flare: Yeah, those poor kids, they had much potential......I think I closed my eyes when that happened out of horror.

Leo: They offered me......thier legs.......WTF?

Steve: *slaps Leo again* Snap out of it gov,


Steve: *sighs* OK this is just wierd.

Leo: IT IS YOU WHO IS WEIRD!!!!!*Grabs axe* Girls just love the smell of axe......Im not in the moods for puns.....

Steve: *throws axe out of the window* OK. I am getting tired of this. *walks outside*


Flare: I'm going with Steve *walks outside*

Leo: You do that.......

Steve: (outside) *punches a birck wall and his fist goes through it* Son of a b****. *throws random park bench at a lake*

???: *takes ain*

Steve: *is shot in the arm* Son if a b****. *runs inside*


Steve: Leo. Shut up.

Leo:*Bandages Steve's shot wound*

Steve: Leo.The bullet is still in there.

Leo:Shut up I'm working her!*Tears out bullet then begins stitching wound*

Steve: Ow. What the f***?

Leo: It hurts when it gets removed. Just be lucky I'm not sticking it down your throat you B***h!*Continues stitching*

Steve: *shoves Leo away* I'll do it myself.

Leo:*Lands face first on the ground and nods*

Steve: Why were you trying to stitch it in the shape of a horse? *finishes clearing and fixing wound*

Leo: I was not! At least I'm not a complete w***e that sleeps with every man he meets!

Steve: One. Yes you are. Two, I'm going to get some popcorn.

Leo: *Shoots Steve in the neck and giggles*

Steve: Why are you shooting a cardboard cut out Steve?

Leo: GRRRRR*Shoots the real Steve in the neck*

Steve: *dodges*

Challenge 5 - The Team Swaps!

Chris: Congrats, today is a team swap!

Sally: OH MY GOSH!!! YAY!

Chris: Team 1 is: Cyrus, Sally, Mike, The Doctor, and Laura. Team 2: Harold, Raven, Jake, Leo, Steve, and Flare!

Steve: OK.

Sally: *walks over to her new team* hello guys!

Mike: Hey!

Chris: The challenge is.............done! Team 1 has less, so Team 2 eliminates someone! First to 3 is out!

Sally: im safe!!!!!! YES!!!!! :D Will we make team names?

Chris: The team names are the Ninja Turtles(Team 1) and Shredded Cheese(Team 2).

Shredded Cheese Vote

Chris: Chocolate Bars for: Flare, Leo, Jake, and Steve! *passes* Raven, Harold, one of you is going home today and it's......................*both look nervously*........not Raven! *passes* Sorry Harold, you have been eliminated!

Ninja Turtles Motel

Mike: Hey guys, nice being on a team with you guys!

Sally: it's good to be on your team too! (CONf) a team with more than 2 people!!!! Finally!!!!

Laura: Cant Believe I'm still here! :D

Sally: i hope this team is more sucsessful than the tacos!

Cyrus: I'm just glad I'm not alone and with active players.

Mike: Yeah! You all seem nice, I think we can pull through!

Shredded Cheese Motel

(Talk after you vote)

Steve: Where's all my stuff?


Steve: *sighs* Well I'm ok with the team I guess

Challenge 6 - Trust, you Must

Chris: Welcome campers! Today you have to learn to trust your new teammates, so we designed some trust challenges, you must complete, but first a song, that everyone here currently must sing, like Total Drama World Tour, we have Jack Sack or Black Jack or Jack Black or Justin Bieber or something here, to help by doing instrumentation! Now sing!

Steve: (to the tune of come fly with us) Our Host Just sucks!

Flare: I'd rather have Goldielocks!

Steve: He's just trying to annoy us.

Mike: Well, it can't be long, it's just a song?

Steve: If only this challege was never on.

Sally: and if Chris was just gone!

Chris: Haha, yeah, in the merge you three will live in the sucky back up motel *points to Flare, Steve, and Sally* Now we have the trust challenge! Yeah! The Doctor and Jake won't be competing in this one. Now I'll instruct on how to, once both contestants post in their section, if you pass the secret time limit(don't worry it's reasonable) on waiting to respond, you both are out of the challenge! The team with most succeeders win! And if there's a tie....I'll figure something out.

Jack Black: HI! I'M JACK BLACK AND I'M HERE TO HOST THE CHALLENGE! WOOO!! *he takes out his guitar and starts playing*

Chris: Yeah, you're not hosting, INSTEAD, you will be like an intern, for today.

Leo and Steve's Trust Busters

Steve: So whats up? Let's get this party started.

Leo: Ok!

Chris: You know how the challenge is to gain trust? Well, yours is to LOSE trust, do stuff to make the other lose trust in you.

Steve: *shoves Leo into a wall*

Leo: *Punches Steve repeatdly*

Steve: You punch like a girl.

Leo: No S**t Sherlock.....

Chris: *sets a cage on fire and puts Leo in* Steve! You have two choices! Save Leo and lose the challenge or vice versa.

Steve: *throws Chris into a brick wall* Hey gov I got numerous counts to sue your a** and a mum who can kill you in one phone call. You either let Leo and of the cage AND give us the win or lose everything.

Chris: Yeah, that won't have to pick.

Steve: *gets out phone* Hey mum how fast can you get here and kill a man? 2 minutes. Sweet I got about 5.

Chris: Oh you had a phone? Well, I said you'd be eliminated, so you either call if off and decide, or leave the Motel today.

Steve: OK Nevermind mum. Wait, I have to keep Leo in the cage to win right?

Chris: Yes, which will burn her, causing her injuries, in.....two minutes.

Steve: *puts out cage with fire extinguisher* She is still in the cage so technicly I win.

Chris: Yeah, it was supposed to be burning, so.....I'll give you 1/2 a point or just burn her now.

Steve: Was there a rule in the challenge stating I could not put out the fire?

Chris: You know I can eliminate you in a second right?

Steve: On what grounds? Would you like a repeat of TDA with Courtney?

Chris: Yeah, I got Courtney's Lawyers, now you know, and they're pretty good, too.

Steve: I got Courtney. She's even better gov.

Chris: I have her father, even better than Courtney.

Steve: I have my mum. Who can kill you in a second. Or a slow painful death.

Leo: F***this!*Gets out of cage herself*

Chris: ENOUGH! You don't win a point!

Steve: *throws Chris into a birck wall*

Chris: You've been eliminated.....bye.

Steve: *pulls out gun* OK don't do anything rash here.

Chris: Yeah, I'll eliminate Leo too.


Steve: Does the awesomest most handsome host ever not know that us two do bring some of the highest ratings in this show?

Leo: wanna know what will bosst ratings?*Does Chris*

Chris: Glad I put Josh in the costume >:), anyways, you two OUT! *Pushes Leo and Steve out*

Leo: But Im the only active female on this show!

Chris: I thought Cyrus was also a female, sorry but blame Steve!

Leo: Um, hows this show gonna get ratings without the female Glenn Quagmire?

Chris: One: I don't like Family Guy and two: we could do just fine, blame Steve!\

Leo: FEAR THE WRATH OF DEVIL LEO!!!!*Turn into Devil Leo and shoots lasers at Chris*

Chris: Again, that's Josh. You know what, Leo you can stay....if you do me a favor.

Devil Leo:What?

Chris: Set Steve on fire.

Leo: Well godbye hot stuff! *Breathes fire and turns THE REAL STEVE to ashes*

Chris: Thank you, finally someone is burned! Now Steve can rejoin the game, after he goes to the infirmary and there!

Leo:And I get to stay too right?......Right?

Chris: Yeah, you stay.

Leo: YAYZ!!!!!!!!! Wanna make out?

Chris: *Pushes Josh in a Chris Costume to Leo* Knock yourself out *leaves*

Leo: Ewwww Josh! *Runs away*

Cyrus and Mike's Nightmare Trust

Mike: I'm to wait.

Cyrus: Sorry!

Chris: Mike and Cyrus, *quietly* the two disorders.

Mike: Yeah.....wait, why is this called Nightmare Trust?

Chris: *pushes Mike into a Nightmare Box* Cyrus has to save Mike from this Box that shows your Nightmare, but if Cyrus goes inside, either Cyrus' most embarassing secret OR worst nightmare will be shown. Your pick.

Mike: *inside, where everyone finds out about his disorder* What? No! Help! *covers face*


Chris: What do you mean?

Cyrus: I want both the secret and nightmare to show up. I will fight it.

Chris: Is it the same as Mike's? Or is it even juicier?

Cyrus: I don't know, you tell me.

Chris: Well, go ahead and save the freak-

Mike: *freaking out* No!

Chris: and we'll see.

Cyrus: *Slowly Gets Into Box*

Mike: *covering eyes*

Cyrus: *Gets Inside and Finds Mike*

Mike: *hears footsteps* Someone here?

Chris: *shows a girl getting shot for the embarassing moment* Oh and I'll also tell everyone the embarassing secret >:)

Cyrus: *Bites Lip*

Chris: Her most embarassing moment was....*Laughs* when Cyrus was six years old, she got stuck in the washing machine just to get a towel! *Laughs Hard*

Cyrus: *Blushes And Gets Mike Out Of Box*

Mike: *gets out* I didn't find it that embarassing. Doesn't really want to make me laugh. But I was being tortured at the time, but still. (CONF) It's not as embarassing as being dumped because of your disorder or taking ballet thanks to Svetlana.

Cyrus: *Rolls Eyes* That's how old people are like Chris.

Mike: Yeah old people, not like that's one of my personalities, *turns into Chester* Darn kids! And your fancy contraptions! *uses cane to break nightmare box, turns back into Mike* Now what was I saying?

Cyrus: *Shrugs* Something about kids and you destroyed the box.

Mike: Yeah.....that was of my personalities.

Cyrus: *Giggles* He is so annoying, but hilarious!

Mike: Try having him in your mind.....and try having him control you. Yeah, his old man humor gets old.

Cyrus: Yeah, but I have a smaller one than you. My personalities happen not often like you.

Mike: I try to keep them in control but they just won't listen....

Cyrus: I don't really worry about my disorder.

Mike: Yeah, but mine really cause trouble for me.....Svetlana helps me occasionally.

Cyrus: You actually named your personalities?

Mike: No they named themselves.

Cyrus: Weird, but... *Shrugs*

Mike: Yeah.

Chris: Me, being the awesome host, am going to tell you, that his personality, Vito, made it so that Zoey's famIly made Zoey break up with Mike >:)

Mike: (CONF) So it was Vito...sounds likely. I thought it was Chester though.


Mike: Yeah, they make my life harder than it's supposed to be....*sigh* Wait, you never said you would tell something embarassing.

Chris: Yeah, but I'm Chris.

Cyrus: Chris, the teen torturer.

Chris: Says the girl who was stuck in a washing machine.

Mike: Again, not really that funny.

Cyrus: *Sarcastic Voice* That was the best threat ever, Chris.

Chris: Whatever, you win a point and since there's no way Shredded Cheese can catch up due to Steve and Leo messing up their challenge, NINJA TURTLES WIN!

Mike: Awesome!

Cyrus: Yay! *Hugs Mike*

Mike: (CONF) We got lucky Steve and Leo failed the challenge, or else we may have not have won and someone may have gone home from our team. (Non-CONF) You did a good job, Cyrus.

Cyrus: *Lets Go* Thanks, you did a good job by not freaking out too much.

Mike: Yeah, I tried to be in calm, as I remembered it was a Nightmare Box, still scary but yeah....

Cyrus: At least you destoryed it...with a cane.

Mike: Yeah.....Chester came in handy.


Sally and Laura's Mountain & Escape Trust

Sally: ok, Hi Laura, I'm Sally.

Laura: Hey Sally. Im Laura. :)

Sally: Chris, can we have our challenge please :)

Chris: Yes, you may, Sally come with me *Sally comes with him and Chris pushes her off the mountain, having her hang off into the cliff and steps out of the way* That cliff is about to fall, you have to either save Sally by going near the cliff and risking your life, or stay safe and walk away. Your choice.

Sally: *screams* thanks Chris!

Chris: It's for ratings! So either Sally falls or Laura saves her but she's injured, what will her choice be?

Sally: I trust you Laura!

Laura: Hnm, *Climbs The Cliff* This is so dangerous! D:

Chris: Well it was tested by Jack Black, and he came out okay, just injured. Which one of you two will be >:)

Sally: Please be careful!

Laura: *Accidentally hits head on cliff* Ow! *Continues to climb*

Chris: *drinking lemonade* Dramatic, isn't it? She's actually going to save Sally or will she chicken out and save herself at the end?

Laura: *Is almost there* So.. High....

Chris: *drinks lemonade watching*

Laura: *Reaches where Sally is* I'm here Sally! Grab my hand! *Sticks her hand out to Sally* Sally is saved and runs out of the way but Laura is stuck on the cliff and falls

Chris: You got to love this drama, Laura and Sally win one point for the Ninja Turtles! and Laura wins a trip to the infirmary!

Laura: Ow, >.> Really?

Chris: What? You don't want to go to the infirmary- okay then, you'll just have to deal with it >:)

(You're eliminated, you can't post Eros)

Raven and Flare's Activities Trust

Flare: I'm here, like I always am.

Chris: Too late Flare the other team already won, thanks for trying though.

Flare: Ugh...

Elimination Ceremony

Chris: I bet you're all wondering why you're here after I said it's a reward challenge.

Jake: Leo

Raven: Leo, sorry

Chris: Wait, I need to finish.....anyways I lied about the reward, that's the first merged challenge, instead it's a reward & elimination, kinda. That's why the Ninja Turtles are here. Anyways, the top two people voted for will then compete in a tiebreaker settled by the Ninja Turtles. Leo, with two votes, you are one of the top two, who else will join Leo?

Flare: (CONF) I vote Raven for not helping.

Steve: (CONF) Raven.

Chris: And Raven is also up for the tiebreaker. Raven versus Leo, but who will stay? This is where the Ninja Turtles come for one of them to stay. Think strategically though. *cages Leo and Raven*

Chris: Raven, you're safe....Leo, I'm sorry but you've been eliminated, *shoves her in the closet of Losers* Have fun. However, Raven, you need to compete more, or you'll be replaced, like David, actually.....*takes Leo out of the closet of Losers* If Raven doesn't compete in this next challenge, Leo will stay and Raven will go. Got it? Until then, Leo will remain in this cage.

Ninja Turtles Motel

Mike: Good job guys for conquering the trust challenges.

Cyrus: I heard one of the trust challenges were really bizarre.

Mike: Which one?

Cyrus: I think Leo and Steve's.

Mike: Really? How? Did something happen?

Cyrus: Yeah.. *Scratches Head*

Mike: Hmm, weird. Thanks for conquering your fear, in order to get me out of the Nightmare Box.

Cyrus: *Has Evil Smile On* You're welcome.

Mike: Yeah, that was nice of you- wait.....what's up with the evil smile.

Cyrus: That wasn't my fear...

Mike: So you tricked Chris into putting up a fake fear? Cool.

Cyrus: Chris is really gullible now....perhaps because he is too old now.

Mike: Hmm.....maybe. Well, when do you think the merge will be guys?

Sally: when 8 are left i think,

Cyrus: The merge is really tough, though.

Mike: Well, I think we can handle the merge. Let's just keep winning until then. We're a great team.

Cyrus: The other team aren't really active that much, though.

Mike: Yeah, exactly. We're an active team, so I think we can win.

Cyrus: I guess I agree with you, too.

Mike: Yeah, I just hope this challenge isn't as crazy as the last one.

Cyrus: As crazy as Chris tortures us?

Mike: Yeah....I hope. I don't want to go back to any nightmare things.

Cyrus: Do not tell Leo this, but Steve had to save her in a burning cage for their trust challenge. STeve should've left her in there to burn and die...

Mike: Don't worry I won't tell Leo. But I don't think Chris would let anyone die, right? Right?

Cyrus: Maybe, maybe not. If somebody sued him, Chris has lawyers.

Mike: Oh, yeah.....I'm hoping for Chris not letting anyone die.

Cyrus: Not hope, force.

Mike: Well, if it's the only way to keep him from killing someone for ratings.

Cyrus: We'll just hire Leo to do it, or Steve.

Mike: Um, Leo's ways are, um.....I think Steve should, if we have to.

Cyrus: Leo, please. I should tape them "doing it"...and it better not be with Josh in a Chris costume.

Mike: Okay then.....but I think that would be too harsh to Chris.....maybe.

Cyrus: It's enough revenge for making someone die for ratings.

Mike: Okay then.

Chris: *puts a fedora on Mike* >:)

Mike: Wai- *turns into Manitoba Smith* Hello mate!

Cyrus: Can you be Vito for a second? *Rips Off Mike's Shirt*

Mike(Vito): 'Ey! Where's Anne Maria? And why am I wearing this dorky thing *takes off fedora*

Cyrus: Um, *Lies* I'm her sister.

Mike(Vito): Then where is she?

Cyrus: She's busy getting her hair done...again.

Mike(Vito): Tell me when she's done. *grabs mirror and looks at self*

Cyrus: Okay...

Mike(Vito): Heheh *puts on fedora jokingly, and turns into Manitoba Smith* Hello mate, *grabs cricket* crikey? *grabs shirt and puts on*

Cyrus: I guess you're ready if Chris makes someone die for ratings.

Mike(Manitoba): Death? Is there some adventure, mate?

Cyrus: Kind of...

Mike(Manitoba): Well count me in, you can count on, Australian Explorer, Manitoba Smith to beat any Roo, Adventure, or anything.

Cyrus: Sure, I'll call you when I go on an adventure with Dora and Boots.

Mike(Manitoba): Don't dare classify me as an explorer like that mate.

Cyrus: Okay, Dora. Take a chill pill, Dora.

Mike(Manitoba): Why I ought- *takes off fedora, ready to brawl but turns into Mike* Huh? What?

Cyrus: Long story, Mike.

Mike: Why am I in a fighting pose?

Cyrus; You were about to hit me.

Mike: Wait, what?

Cyrus: One of your personalities tried to hit me.

Mike: *turns into Manitoba* Was not, I was lookin' for a brawl! *turns back into Mike* Oh. Explains why it was a long story*

Cyrus: Yeaup. You're right.

Shredded Cheese Motel

Flare: So Leo is trapped in a cage while we're relaxing in a Motel......sounds good.

Raven: I'm sorry but I gotta quit.

Jake: So do I sorry

Chris: Alright, you'll be missed.....maybe. Bye! *releases Leo and pushes Raven and Jake in the closet of losers* Wait, we now need a replacement for Jake....we'll get back to you Shredded Cheese.

Flare: Well.....I hope we get the replacement soon.

Steve: Me too gov. I screwed up big time.

Leo: Yeah.

Steve: You weren't supposed to agree with me gov!


Steve: Thanks you gov.

Leo:YAYZ!!!!!!!!!! You know just a shot in the dark, you wanna do something sometime?

Steve: Wow you're specific today gov.

Leo: I am? Suspicious......

Steve: Sarcasm gov.

Leo: Based on my previous history with men on this show, you should know what Im talking about.

Steve: I know gov. I know.

Leo: good.

Steve: *grimaces*

Leo: What the F*** is grimacing?

Steve: *muttering to himself* Wow she's under educated...


Steve: Cool story bro.

Leo: So seriously what is a grimace?

Steve: *walks away*


Steve: A facilal expression of disapproval, or pain

Leo: awwwwwww now I hope I die of rectal trauma!

Steve: *walks away*

Leo: *Tackles Steve*

Tekken Annoncer: Round 1......FIGHT!

Steve: *uppercuts Leo and runs away*

Tekken Announcer: Round 2.....FIGHT!

Leo: SPINNING BIRD KICK!!!!!!!*Spinning bird kicks Steve* Heheheh YA TAI!!!

Flare: .....*reads newspaper* The newspaper is more sane.

Leo: They still make newspapers. I just watch TMZ.

Flare: Cool story, tell it again.

Leo: ...........Thats it Im gonna rape you now.*Rapes Flare*

Chris: Yeah, Leo, to stop you from your.....interactions with other people, I have Josh put on a dummy from the person you're about to *pushes Flare out of the way and puts Josh in a My Little Pony costume* Oh wait.....nah it's good *leaves

Leo: *Kills Josh wit a spear and continues to rape Flare*

Flare: Help m-

Chris: *pushes Steve in a My Little Pony Costume*....What it's funny. *pushes Flare out and Mr. Coco in*

Leo:*Sees Coco* Crap its my ex-husband!

Flare: ....*grabs Steve and runs away*

Leo:*F***s both Flare and Steve*

Capturer: Really, this is my turn to calm Leo down? *puts an electro-net on Leo and disappears*

Leo:.............god why does this turn me on?

Flare: *reading a newspaper* I don't know, you should be the one who knows *leaves*

Leo:.......................................I feel a breeze..........why am I naked? O_O

Josh: Leo. You crossed a line. I watched the seasson. Dante is my best friend. I'm breaking up with you. Bye. *jumps away*

Challenge 7 - Stupid Cupid

Chris: Hey campers, I bet your wondering why I'm carrying arrows and why the title is Stupid Cupid, well, most of the team will be lovestruck! Jake is back after a lawsuit against him, one person from each team won't be lovestruck so they can navigate their lovestruck team to the end of the race, which I will take you to after, anyone cares for an example? *shoots Steve with a love arrow* Oh and The Doctor is excused for being on vacation.(Not yet, NZ), These arrows will automatically make you fall in love with someone in the team, cool, huh?

Steve: *disorientated an sounding drunk* I love ya guys. *falls over and hits his head on a rock*

Chris: ....No, don't be drunk *slaps Steve and hits him with another love arrow* Now you should be lovestruck, or I need to get the more powerful and sharper love arrow >:)

Steve: Wow Flare. I never noticed how handsome you are.

Flare: I don't find this to be right.

Mike: Me neither.

Chris: Now let's start shooting *shoots Laura* I'll do one at a time, maybe. >:)

Flare: .....Yeah, I wonder if I would rather get shot by a real arrow or a love arrow.

Chris: *shoots Leo* Mike, you're next. >:)

Mike: Wait, what? Help me....

Chris: *shoots Sally* Saving you for last *shoots Jake* Oh, Flare and Cyrus are the navigators, by the- not that the others are listening.

Steve: *walks towards Leo*

Leo: hah.....*Kisses Steve*

Steve: *backs away*

Leo: Sally.....I think Im in love wit you.....

Steve: *puts arm around Leo* Are you okay about the Josh thing?

Leo: Yeah.....wait what Josh thing?

Steve: In the Shredded Cheese Motel.

Leo: He meant nothing to me......

Steve: Of course not. No one means anything to you. Untill you learn abit about others stay out of the realtionship life.

Leo: No just Josh. Your kinda cool.

Chris: *shoots Mike*

Mike: *Arrow rips shirt* Huh? Ow! *turns into Vito* 'Ey *looks at Cyrus* Man that is one hot chick, and she's obviously interested in the Vito!

Chris: As much as I would like it for Mike's act to humiliate himself, I won't. Anyways, this challenge is a race to the finish. Flare and Cyrus, you are the only ones not in lovestruck. Well, you must lead your team(at least one member) through a toxic swamp(2 lines), a monster truck rally(3 lines) *Capturers wave*, and a jump(3 lines) which only Mike and Steve can jump, and grab your team flag, so you win. Alright? You may begin. The lovestruck people must follow their orders.

Cyrus: Alright, guys try to follow me.

Flare: Come on guys, or else we lose, and you're responsible *starts walking*

Mike(Vito): 'Ey, chick, you can count on Vito to be the best! *follows*

Leo:*Follows Flare*

Flare: *continues walking and sees the outside of the rally* Follow!


Steve: *follows*

Cyrus: *Walks Carefully Through Swamp*

Mike(Vito): *follows*

Cyrus: *Sees Rally And Starts Walking Through It*

Mike(Vito): *sees rally and stops a monster truck, then walks* Heheh.....

Flare: *continues walking*

Cyrus: *Dodges Truck That Tried To Hit Her*

Steve: *follows*

Mike(Vito): *follows* 'Ey I'm walkin' here!

Cyrus: *Manages To Get Out Of Rally* Phew! That scared me!

Mike(Vito): *gets out* 'Ey chick, where we going? Make Out Point?

Cyrus: *Sees Last Place* Vito, can you jump and get our flag?

Mike(Vito): What do you think I am? I don't sell out easy.

Cyrus: Fine, what do you want?

Mike(Vito): A make out session with the Vito!

Cyrus:....Come on, can you please jump? You actually jump faster than Steve!

Mike(Vito): Nah, *looks at mirror*

Cyrus: Fine! *Kisses Vito*

Mike(Vito): Bada bing baby! *puts on clothes and turns into Mike* Wait, what? How did I get here?

Cyrus: Can you jump off?

Mike: Sure, let me start running for the cliff....that's a big jump *starts running* I can do this, I can- *turns into Svetlana* HaHa! Jumping is easy for Svetlana!

Flare: *arrives* Steve, Leo hurry!


Flare: Alright, come on Steve!

Leo:*Arrives* Ugh.....*Faints*

Steve: *runs*

Flare: Steve hurry and get to the cliff jump!

Leo: Hurry!

Mike(Svetlana): *running for the cliff*

Leo:*Concerned for Steve*

Mike(Svetlana): *running for the cliff* Svetlana is almost there!

Leo: Oh god........*Throws up*

Mike(Svetlana): *jumps over and turns into Mike* Huh? Oh *grabs flag* We won!


Cyrus: Yes!


Chris: Ninja Turtles win! Jake for not competing someone will replace him. The replacer has individual immunity but can't vote. Leo, Steve, and Flare one of you will leave today.

Elimination Ceremony 7 - Shredded Cheese

Chris: Vote!

Flare: This will be hard.

Leo:*Crying* I cant vote either of you. You both mean so much to me!

Flare: Yeah, you guys are good teammates.

Leo: Yeah, we are. geez this is gonna be on awful elimination......

Chris: Sorry Steve, you've been eliminated, bye Steve.


Chris: You sur- you know the love arrow should have worn off right?

Leo: Its not from the arrow Chris. I cant believe IM actually saying this but, I'm in love wit Steve!

Chris: I see, so you'll leave just for Steve? For million dollars?

Leo:.......Oh yeah..........Money isnt worth it! If I leave I'll be able to get meh life back on track!

Chris: You sure, there's no rejoining if you do quit, besides you'll be in the closet of losers.

Sally: *watching tribal council eating popcorn* whoa!!!!!

Leo: *Takes popcorn* I'll be alright. Steve deserves the money more than I do!

Sally: enjoy the popcorn quitter! (lolz)

Leo:*Stabs Sally in the knee* F**k you!

Sally: *wearing knee pads* HA! *runs way*

Leo:*Shoots Sally in the neck* Ok Im leaving now.

Sally: oh s**t

Leo:*Turns into Devil Leo* bye!*Winks at Steve and flies away into the night*

Chris: Steve, you're in, Sally go to the infirmary.

Sally: *walks to the infirmary *scream* I HATE LEO!

Ninja Turtles Motel

Chris: Congrats, there's a debuter, you get Zoey, blah, blah, blah, peanut butter....sometimes I explain a lot. Also The Doctor is joining Shredded Cheese.

Sally: Hi Zoey!

Zoey: Hi! What is your name I haven't met anyone yet. Could you help me out?

Mike: *reading a book on how to control your personalities* There's Sally, Laura, Cyrus, and me, Mike.

Zoey: Hey guys! Nice to meet you all!

Mike: *reading book* Nice to meet you too, I think, sorry, I can't talk face to face, but I'm reading this book for my....act.

Zoey: Are you sure it is an "act"

Mike: Of course it is, yeah, sorry let me properly introduce myself instead of my acting book. *puts book in backpack* the name's Mike- wait, Zoey?

Zoey: Hey Mike! *smiles*

Mike: Wait, when did you get here? Were you the debuter Chris was talking about?

Zoey: Yes, I was.

Mike: Cool, sorry for Vito messing everything up back before, like everyday....

Zoey: It's ok, you told me the truth and that was the right thing to do. Everything is good now.

Mike: No, I mean that time you invited me to eat with your family and Vito, um, caused you to break up with me.

Zoey: Well yeah, other than that [Confessional] I was trying NOT to bring that up [No Conf] Well I just needed you to tone Vito down. Not to ruin you, but to just take a break, ya' know?

Mike: That's why I'm reading this book *grabs book from backpack* But, yeah. I never knew it was so hard to keep a shirt on.

Zoey: Why don't you wear a sweater? Therefore wearing two layers of clothing.

Mike: Why didn't I think of to see if I packed a sweater. *looks in backpack*

Zoey: Uh... you can borrow mine... if you want.

Mike: No thanks, I found it. *puts on blue sweater* ....I guess I can try wearing a sweater the rest of the game. (CONF) But then there's Svetlana and Manitoba and Chester, luckily I rarely change to Manitoba.

Zoey: Oh... Ok. [Conf] I like Mike, like, A LOT, it is just i can't trust him anymore, after that one dinner... [No Conf]

Mike: Just to warn you Zoey, I think the merge is near. Just prepare yourself for when Chris announces that. You should do fine.

Zoey: And you, don't let Svetlanna pull a ham-string!

Mike: Yeah....*laughs nervously* I can't control Svetlana. (CONF) Confessional, yeah, I'm still nervous, thinking that Zoey hates me after what I heard Vito did that thing in the dinner....I wonder what that thing was.

Zoey: [Conf] I don't exactly hate Mike. I just need to stay away from dating for a while. Also that Steve character looks suspicious. [No Conf]

Sally: hey guy, just an idea but when we merge, i think the people on this team should stick together in an allience, so that the winner is from our tribe. What do you guys think? (CONF) i hope they like my allience idea.

Zoey: That is a good idea. That way so when find out someone did a certain something, we can vote them off! Good idea Sally.

Zoey: [Conf] One thing I am worried about is dying! I saw someone get decapitated in a recent episode. I just hope that doesn't happen to me... or Mike... Or really just any of my friends [No Conf]

Mike: Sure, I like the idea Sally. (CONF) Hopefully I can make the merge, then I'll try to help my teammates go as far as they can. But the problem is, if we lose. Who will we vote out?

Zoey: [Conf] I wonder what will happen in the next challenge [No Conf]

Chris: Zoey, Mike, Sally, Laura, and Cyrus, how do you feel about your winning streak, which may break very soon.

Zoey: Well, most winning streaks dont end very well.

Mike: Well the streak was nice while it lasted, once we'll lose it will be hard to vote....but I'm hoping we don't lose. *Throws book away* I've already tried most of those methods.

Zoey: Well it obviously didn't work. *Angry glare at Mike*

Mike: What? What did I do? I'm staying away from fedoras, wearing a sweater, and trying to stay calm.

Zoey: Just try to stay away from people with long nails and sharp objects, such as a coat hanger. It was hard enough to explain to my parents what your "disorder" was.

Mike: (CONF) Yeah, she hates me, my disorder messes up things like that, I already lost a girlfriend and a best friend with this you think I need to try harder? I'm already trying my best. (Non-CONF) Look, I'm trying my best, you're just making me feel worse, I really am trying to keep my disorder under control.

Zoey: Well, sorry about making you feel mad I am pretty mad at you though. [Conf] The chances of dating again... um five in ten. [No Conf]

Mike: Look, if you want me to leave I'll leave. I'm sorry about what Vito did, though.

Zoey: I am not saying you should leave I am just saying you should be more careful about what you do.

Mike: I know, I'm trying to be careful, but I can't stop them, I already did once briefly, and they came back, I'm starting to lose confidence in the fact I'll ever get rid of them.

Zoey: I was t- I mean don't lose confidence it'll all work out in the end you'll see.

Mike: (CONF) I'm getting the vibe, Zoey doesn't even have confidence in me, like my mom when she met Vito....(Non-CONF) Alright, I'll try....but I can't guarantee it'll work out.

Zoey: [Conf] But is a nice guy and all but sometimes, I just lose faith in him. *sigh* [No Conf] Well the best you can do is try.

Mike: Well I'll be going by checkpoints, I'll try going a challenge without Svetlana, Vito, Chester, or Manitoba Smith. Please don't try to trigger any of them. (CONF) I hope this works, I don't want Zoey to keep giving me the evil eye, or myself to lose confidence.

Zoey: [Conf] *sigh* I really like Mike he WAS like the best friend I have ever had. Well... more like the only friend really. But things are probably not going to work out... as they are. If I REALLY hated him I would have made him feel terrible by now. [No Conf]

Mike: Could you please promise you won't trigger any of the personalities? If you do, you may get me a step back on controling them.

Zoey: And how would one do that?

Mike: Just don't mention any olympic things.

Zoey: [Conf] Just a toll to pay for the dinner [No Conf] And first up on the run five-time olympian gold russian medalist it's...

Mike: *trying not to summon Svetlana* .....Really? *turns into Svetlana* Svetlana is here to- hey this isn't where Svetlana gets the golden medal.

Zoey: No, this is your practice routine!

Mike(Svetlana): Oh, I'm sorry little red girl, *wall jumps to the other wall in the motel*

Zoey: [Conf] It looks like his disorder stepped it up a bit to where he can remember what happened [No Conf] Listen... Mike, after the break up i went to find a doctor to help you. He said that was very rare but here, *hands Mike some medicine for his disorder* and sorry about changing your personallity. I got a bit over-the-top mad there.

Mike(Svetlana): Who is this Mike? I don't know any Mike, little red-haired girl.

Zoey: [Conf] I was hoping by saying "Mike" he would be back to normal, but I learned this really cool technique on how to get Mike back. [No conf] One, two three, and *snaps fingers* we're back!

Cyrus: ........ (CONF) Better safe than sorry when between ex-couples.

Mike(Svetlana): *turns back into Mike and falls* Ow! *gets up* Why'd you turn me into Svetlana, Zoey? I told you I'm trying to control my personalities, and why I was I doing wall jumps?

Zoey: It was for the dinner, that was the least I could do. Also here, I went to go find a doctor who new about your disorder I found one and here *gives disorder medicine to Mike* take some every week or so and your disorder shouldn't fully go away but jsut about 3/4. I mean to give this to you but I forgot.

Mike: Well in order: I couldn't control Vito, for whatever he did, thanks, and just don't do it again, especially in the challenge.

Zoey: Well about that last part, what if I or someone else does it to win?

Mike: I'm trying to see for a checkpoint in this challenge, maybe in another challenge

Shredded Cheese Motel

Flare: How did we get to two? O_o

Chris: Hey you guys got Jake's replacer, we're also giving you........The Doctor! The replacer is Aaron.

Aaron: Hi, guys!

Challenge 8 - Slippery Mountain

Chris: Hello contestants, and welcome to the final nine! It was a surprise seeing Zoey and Aaron join wasn't it? Well, they'll hopefully be of some use. Well this is a slipper mountain of course, correct? And it's icy, so it would've have been smart to bring a sweater, but like I ever warn you about challenges. First, you'll ice skate to the snowy part of the mountain(3 alternate lines), then you'll have to make a big jump, only like one person from each team could do to open a bridge, *looks at Mike and Aaron* again. Then you race through the snow to the finish line(same as the mountain), got it? Begin.

Flare: *puts on ice skates and skates* Whoa! I don't like this.

Mike: *puts on ice skates and skates*

Laura: *Puts on ice skates and starts to skate*

Flare: *skates*

Mike: *skates*

Cyrus: *puts On Skates and Begins To Skate*

Aaaron: *Puts On Ice Skates And Skates*

Laura: *Skates*

Flare: *arrives at the jump*

Mike: *arrives at the jump*

Aaron: *Skates Quickly*

Cyrus: *Skates*

Zoey: *skates quickly* [Conf] My dad taught me how to skate EXTREMELY well [No Conf]

Aaron: *Arrives At Jump*

Mike: Okay, time for the jump.....

Laura: *Skates*

Zoey: Almost too the jump...

Zoey: *keeps on skating*

Laura: *Skates*

Aaron: *lands On Feet*

Mike: *About to jump* Where's my team?

Laura: *Arrives at the jump* Thank goodness......

Aaron: *Runs To Finish Line*

Sally" *puts on skates and starts to skate*

Aaron: *Runs Quickly* Almost there!

Zoey: *skates and arrives* Here!

Mike: Okay.....*jumps and barely makes it, landing on his back* Ow! *unrolls bridge*

Sally" *skating*

Mike: Come on guys! *runs*

Zoey: *skates fast*

Mike: *runs*

Zoey: *slips and hurts arm* ouch!

Zoey: *gets back up and skates a bit slower*

Mike: Zoey are you okay? *right near finish line*

Zoey: Yeah, it hurts, but I'll think I'll manage.

Aaron: *Unrolls Bridge, Runs*

Mike: Alright, well come on, we're near the finish *finishes*

Zoey: *finishes*

Chris: Congrats to the Ninja Turtles for winning! Surprised not to see a Svetlana act, but whatever. And Shredded Cheese get to lose another member.

Aaron: Dang it.

Elimination Ceremony 8 - Shredded Cheese

Chris: ......Do I have to say anything? Also since the Doctor isn't voting, first to two is out.

Chris: Chocolate Bars for: Flare *passes* and Aaron *passes*. Steve, you didn't do anything, and The Doctor doesn't really do anything but the last chocolate bar is for.........Steve! *passes* Sorry Doctor, you have been eliminated.

Ninja Turtles Motel

Mike: Awesome we won!

Zoey: Good job Mike! You really helped out our team the most. And everyone else pitched in.

Mike: Thanks! Hopefully we can all keep this up until the merge. (CONF) And I made that jump without Svetlana, phew, I was nervous I would fall and fail the team.

Sally: Sorry i was not very helpful today.

Zoey: It's ok, at least we all tried and succseeded!

Mike: Yeah, I bet you tried your best. Good thing we finished, quickly.

Zoey: Also guys, when the merge comes go for Steve and the Cyrus, if that is okay with you guys.

Sally: i'm good with that, but what about Laura?

Cyrus: I heard that, Zoey. I'm really active.

Sally: ok, why dont we just worry about it when it happens, but first we try become the final 5!

Zoey: Right, and sorry about that Cyrus, I forgot names and who is on what team. You can be mad at me I'll accept that, I just made a mistake, that is all.

Mike: Well, let's just try to get the other team out in the merge first, okay?

Sally: Yep, so are we five strong in the allience?

Zoey: Yeah, and lets not betray each other.

Mike: Yeah, I'm in, let's try not to betray, alright everyone?

Sally: yep! FINAL FIVE!

Zoey: [Conf] If no-one betrays each other I wonder what will happen at the final five [No Conf]

Mike: (CONF) Glad I passed my checkpoint goal, you see, I can handle my personalities, sometimes. (Non-CONF) Alright, good luck guys.

Zoey: Good luck! [Conf] The thing I am worried about is Steve, with his "gov" I have a feeling he is up to something... [No Conf]

Sally: (CONF)we all know that when five are left we will need to betray each other but for now, its best to let it go

Mike: (CONF) I hope Zoey won't be too mad like last time, I am trying after all. (Non-CONF) Let's hope we win next time.

Cyrus: That might be easy...(CONF) Well, not with that Aaron girl.

Mike: Well, let's just look out for anything that could lead to a loss.

Zoey: If we do lose we, should each vote for oursleves so we can fairly decide who goes home.

Cyrus: I'm voting for Laura, or me, then. Not really active players aren't helpful for challenges.

Mike: I see, well let's just hope for the best, agreed?

Cyrus: Agreed. *Smiles*

Mike: Alright, let's try to win.

Shredded Cheese Motel

(After vote)

Steve: Wow. This is brutal. *sighs* Man. Only us three.

Aaron: I know. And I'm the only girl in this team.

Steve: *throws chair at a wall*

Aaron: Whoa! Calm down. The reason we're the losing team is because we aren't active.

Steve: I know. I know.

(NZ: I have used almost all of my internet so I will be less active)

Aaron: *Groans* We MUST win for one challenge!

Steve: Yeah I know. We gotta.

Aaron: Ugh, we need more ACTIVE players. It's three against five.

Steve: Calm down gov.

Aaron: Gov?


Aaron: Why do you say gov?

Steve: What are you talking about gov?

Aaron: (CONF) If we have another elimiantion ceremony, I'm voting him off. (NON-CONF) Why do you call everybody 'gov' all the time?

Steve: Well my upbringing has a frequent usage of gov. Why you asking gov?

Aaron: I'm just asking.

Steve: (CONF) I am screwed

Challenge 9 - Finders Creepers

Chris: Hello final 8, this is the last non-merged episode! Today we're remaking a challenge Mike and Zoey may remember-

Mike: Huh? What do you mean?

Chris: We're remaking a Revenge of the Island Challenge!

Zoey: Yes I remember, thank you for that horrible memory!

Chris: It's Finders Creepers! Remember, the spider? Well now there's a snake. A mutant snake!

Flare: I don't like where this is going.

Mike: Me neither.

Steve: *shrugs*

Zoey: I don't think anyone likes where this is going.

Chris: Correct, anyways the challenge is the same as last time, in the same order. You get a penalty for each lost member, now go! 3 Lines to each location. 2 lines to get the souvenir.

Steve: *starts going*

Mike: *runs*

Flare: *runs*

Zoey: *runs*

Mike: *runs*

Flare: *runs*

(TBATW, please don't skip ahead)

Aaron: *runs*

Cyrus: *runs*

Mike: *arrives* Now for the souvenir.

Flare: *arrives*

Zoey: *runs* Only a song could make this worse.

Chris: The song is soon >:)

Mike: *goes in tree*

Flare: *goes in tree* Come on guys!

Snake: *behind Steve and wraps around Steve, disappearing*

Zoey: *arrives at tree*

Mike: *is shot back with the key* Ow!

Flare: *grabs key* Yes!

Zoey: *grabs key and runs* Yes!

Mike: *gets up and runs*

Flare: *runs*

Zoey: *runs*

Mike: *runs*

Flare: *runs*

Snake: *appears and wraps Sally, disappearing*

Zoey: *runs*

Mike: *arrives* Okay, where is it?

Flare: *arrives*

Zoey: *arrives and grabs key and runs*

Aaron: *Runs*

Zoey: *runs* Only a song could make this worse.

Mike: *grabs flashlight*

Flare: *grabs flashlight*

Snake: *Appears behind Cyrus and wraps her, disappearing*

Aaron: Ooh, that's not good. *Arrives*

Zoey: I man I forgot the flashlight! *runs back and gets flashlight then runs again*

Mike: *runs*

Flare: *runs*

Snake: *near Laura*

Zoey: *gets hook* Alright I got the hook!

Mike: *runs*

Flare: *runs*

Snake: *captures Laura*

Zoey: *trips* Ouch!

Snanke: *captures Flare*

Mike: *arrives* Whoa, where's everyone?

Zoey: Up there! *points at a web with everyone in it*

Aaron: *Gets Key and Runs*

Mike: What the? But it's a snake.

???: It isn't either, really.

Zoey: Yeah that is weird, but anyways, c'mon help me get our friends down. *climbs up wall*

???: Wait Zoey that's not safe, I built it so the machine would have an alarm system!

Zoey: Wha? Who said that?

Cameron: Me, Cameron! Chris forced me to build a snake for this challenge.

Mike: So that's not a real snake, good....

Aaron: *Runs*

Cameron: It's stronger than an actual snake.

Aaron: *Runs*

Zoey: Thanks for the warning Cam, do you think you could defuse it?

Mike: Yeah, thanks, is there anything you could do?

Cam: Chris wouldn't allow me to.

Aaron: *Arrives*

Zoey: Darnit... But I know someone who can with ease... And first up on the runway is the tenth time russian gold medalist it is.....

Aaron: *Runs and Finds Flashlight*

Mike: *turns into Svetlana* Svetlana of course! *jumps on snake multiple times, confusing it*

Cam: ....Impressive.

Aaron: *runs with flashlight and key*

Zoey: Now to get our friends down! *gets team ates down*

Snake: *explodes*

Mike(Svetlana: *turns back into Mike* What?

Aaron: *Runs Holding Key and Flashlight*

Cam: Whoa, Mike, Svetlana was amazing!

Mike: Svetlana?

Aaron: *Runs*

Zoey: C'mon Mike lets get down so we can win!


Aaron: *Arrives* Whoa! *Sees Everybody In Web and Cameron In Snake* Cool! Dude in snake! But a song?

Zoey: They're way a-head so we got to go! We got to use something we can throw!

Mike: I don't like songs, but we got to use this hook.

Aaron: Oh why did we get in this mess?

Mike: *grabs hook and starts ziplining*

Aaron: *Gets Hook And Follows Mike*

Zoey: *Gets out Hook and zips down line*

Mike: *finishes and gets out* Come on!

Aaron: *Follows Mike and Runs Faster*

Zoey: *finises* I made it!

Chris: Good job you three. One team has two members, but lost one more person and the other team has one member and lost one less person, it's hard to pick who wins. So I chose randomly( so, Ninja Turtles win.......bleh.

Elimination Ceremony 9 - Shredded Cheese

Chris: Yeah, blah. Vote. (I was already told TT's and NZ's vote)

Chris: Chocolate bars for Flare *passes* and..........................*Steve and Aaron look nervously* for........Aaron *passes* Sorry, Steve, you were.....a good do- wait wrong cue card.

Flare: Sorry man, I voted randomly, because I didn't know what to do.

Ninja Turtle Motel

Mike: I think we did good last challenge.

Zoey: Good job Mike for getting us to tie.

Mike: What? How did I get us to tie?

Zoey: Oh, uh, it was nothing.

Mike: No, what do you mean I got you to a tie? Is it good or bad?

Sally: sorry i wasnt there, but you guys did well! :D

Zoey: It's okay Sally, but we still won the challenge and we're going all the way to the final five!

Cyrus: We just need to get Flare and Aaron out of here.

Mike: Yeah, let's just hope they don't win immunity.

Sally: yeah! I hope we merge soon, theres only 7 left.

Mike: I think it's coming soon. But, yeah.

Cyrus: You're right, Sally.

Mike: It's great that we haven't lost a member yet, hopefully we won't lose one today.

Cyrus: *Shrugs* Maybe.

Mike: Well the most we can do is try to win, I guess.

Cyrus: Yeah, we have more teammates.

Mike: Yeah.

Cyrus: They might get crushed in the merge..

Mike: Well, the outcome could change, but so far that seems very likely.

Cyrus: If we lose, I don't know who to vote! I love you all too much!

Mike: Yeah, you're all great teammates.

Cyrus: Active teammates. Which makes it better!

Mike: Yeah, everyone helped in challenges a lot.

Cyrus: And that's why we have a winning team and streak.

Mike: Yeah, hopefully one of us can win.

Sally: i think one of us can

Cyrus: Maybe. Maybe not. I wish everybody good luck, though.

Mike: Yeah, good luck guys!

Sally: well i belive that we will be the final five, so good luck everyone it

Zoey: Final five it is!

Shredded Cheese Motel

Flare: and we're down to two. Why are the Ninja Turtles so lucky?

Aaron: Because they have more people.

Flare: We had more earlier, and then they got a winning streak.

Aaron: Winning streaks don't end so well.

Flare: Hopefully the streak ends in the merge.

Aaron: Yeah, I agree.

Flare: Exactly, or else we'll be crushed in the merge.

Aaron: Let's just hope for the best.

Flare: Yeah.

Challenge 10 - Allies, Volcanoes, and Death

Chris: Welcome final 7! From now on you go on your own! That's right we're merging today!

sally: YAY!

Mike: That's cool I guess, good luck guys!

Zoey: We made it guys!

Sally: good luck everyone!

Mike: Awesome!

Chris: Yeah whatever, anyways, today our challenge is in a volcano!

sally: er.......thats nice?

Chris: Where you may die!

Zoey: Awesome! (sarcasticly)

Sally: we are so lucky!

Chris: Where you must betray others to win! By betray I mean push them into lava.

sally: no thank you!

Cyrus: (CONF) I'm gonna push off Chris!

Sally: (CONF) this show is cruel!

Zoey; [Conf] No way would I push Mike- I mean friends yeah friends, *tries to get tape out* I want the tape give me the tape [No Conf]

Chris: The challenge is to push others off into the lava, there's a circle inside the volcano, where you'll keep on pushing off until three remain, then you'll receive further instructions. I'd recommend you try to get to the three remaining people thing. It takes 2 lines to push someone off, but if they respond and stop the pushing, it won't work, got it? *drops them off* Go!

Mike: Aw man, this stinks.

Sally: ok, im ready!

Flare: *pushes Sally* Come on, fall!

Sally: *fights back* NO!

Flare: Darn it, *pushes Laura* Fall!

Zoey: *pushes Flare*

Flare: *fights back* No! *pushes Laura off*

Sally: *pushes Flare off*

Flare: *fights back* No...

Mike: I can't push anybody....

Sally: *pushes Flare* come on!

Flare: *fights back*

Mike: *pushes Cyrus* Sorry....

Zoey: *pushes Cyrus off* Goodbye, traitor!

Sally: *pushes Flare* sorry.

Flare: *fights back* No!

Zoey: *pushes Aaron*

Sally: *pushes Laura* sorry,

Mike: *pushes Aaron off* Sorry.

Flare: *starts pushing Sally* Fall!

Zoey: *pushes Aaron off* Sorry dude, it hurts me more than it hurts you! [Conf] Well apparently he died... so yeah. [No Conf]

Sally: *pushes Flare and Laura* sorry, but i wanna win! *pushes*

Flare: *pushes Laura off, but then trips and falls off*

Chris: Zoey, Mike, and Sally, you made it to the next part. Well, today, I decided to kind of remake a challenge. Confess the most juiciest thing you can, if you're in first, you win a prize!

Zoey: [Conf] *Quickly* I secretly still like Mike! [No Conf]

Mike: (CONF), still kind of like Zoey, but I just want her forgiveness, for what Vito did, that's one of the reasons I want to conquer my personalities.

Sally: (CONF) i've cheated on all my boyfriends, even my current one! sorry

Chris: Alright, I'll REVEAL them in order, yeah that's right. In 3rd is Sally's: She cheated on all her boyfriends, even her current ones. In a tie for first is Zoey and Mike. They both revealed they had still had a crush on each other and that it's one of the reasons Mike wants to conquer his personalities!

Mike: You didn't say anything about revealing them!

Chris: Do I ever? Anyways, Sally has individual immunity, while Zoey and Mike get to pick who goes home! Yeah! Cool, right?

Zoey: [Conf] *crying* *wipes tears away* C'mon Chris! NOT COOL! [No Conf]

Mergers Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Zoey and Mike, *chuckles* it's time for you to pick who's eliminated, it can't be Sally though.

Zoey: Mike and I agreed on eliminating Cyrus due to being a traitor.

Mike: Yeah, I guess.

Chris: Alright, bye Cyrus, you've been eliminated.

Sally: bye Cyrus.

Chris: *picks up everyone in the lava jelly* It was really jelly! Now, bye Cyrus *places Cyrus in the closet of losers*

The Red Mergers Motel

Mike: (CONF) That confession....yeah, wasn't expecting that.

Sally: *to her allience* guys, we need to dicided who should go next. Flare or Aaron?

Mike: Aaron?

Sally: ok, so is everyone ok with voting him out next?

Zoey: Agreed, Aaron!

Sally: ok cool. So its us to the final four!

Zoey: Right, and what about Laura do you say she goes too? She hasn't even been helping the alliance out.

Mike: I guess so. (CONF) I hope nothing's awkward between me and Zoey, that would stink.

Sally: yep, she will be fourth, (CONF) we need to make sure Laura stays with us and doesnt go over to Aaron and Flare.

Mike: So, sorry for my confession Zoey, I hope we can still be kind of friends?

Zoey: Yeah, we can still be friends. [Conf] Wow, Mike still likes me? I'm so happy! [No Conf]

Mike: Cool, hopefully nothing turns out awkward. (CONF) Glad to know Zoey doesn't hate me. But still, she still likes me? I thought she didn't.

Sally: (CONF) hopfully Zoey, mike and myself can take over this game!

Zoey: [Conf] I hope things won't be awkward between Mike and I [No Conf]

Sally: (CONF) i think that im playing my best game out of my 3 seasons. Season 4 sort of just followed Josh and Noah, Season 5 i played a shocking game, and now, i think im doing well

Mike: (CONF) Well, I wonder who'll be eliminated today, I hope it's not Zoey......Sally or I, that would stink.

Flare: Glad to see that a Ninja Turtle was FINALLY sent home.

Sally: (CONF) so our allience is down to four people. We need to keep those four people strong, because it only takes one person to go over to Flare and Aaron and its 3 VS 3.

Mike: Hey, Zoey, I got a question for you.

Aaron: I feel so sorry for Cyrus. I knew she was sorry about betraying.

Zoey: Yeah Mike?

Mike: When you joined the Ninja Turtles, after I threw away the book, why were you acting like my disorder was my fault and that I can't control it?

Flare: *to Aaron* Well, look at it this way, a ninja turtle FINALLY went home.

Zoey: I didn't think things through, I just did and not thought. It was mostly because anger took things over in me.

Aaron: *To Flare* At least I have a heart! I know, finally, but I do feel sorry.

Flare: Well, whatever, I'm just angry at the winning streak of the Turtles. I lost two good friends.

Mike: *to Zoey* Oh, well, I guess I can only blame myself and my personalities for making you angry...

Zoey: It's alright Mike, I forgive you.

Aaron: *To Flare* I want to CRUSH everybody. Well, except for you, Flare. You have the guts to talk to me.

Flare: Well, you're my team member, so you're all right, I just want to have at least one more turtle lose before they gang up on me and vote me out.

Mike: *to Zoey* Thanks, but I'm still really sorry for what Vito did. Even though I don't know what he did.

Aaron: *To Flare* I'd vote Zoey, Sally or Laura.

Sally: *listening to Aaron*

Challenge 11 - Lost in Thoughts

Chris: Today, we're doing something different, we are explaining our thoughts on the other remaining campers, sounds cool right?

Zoey: Not really...

Sally: this game is NOT cool.

Zoey: EVERYTHING about this game is not cool.

Chris: Well, whatever, I'll get the challenge is up in a second.


Chris: What are your thoughts on Sally?

Mike: She's a nice person and she's doing great, and while that could possibly make her a threat, she's still doing awesome at this game, she's probably going to make it far.

Chris: What do you think of Aaron?

Mike: Well, she's kind of mean and a threat, but she did help her team a lot, but she debuted late, so I don't think it required too much effort, but at least she's here.

Chris: What do you think about Original Shredded Cheese member Flare?

Mike: He's a cool guy, I guess. He bares a resemblence to season 5 winner Duke, too. I also think it took guts if they were on the Shredded Cheese to be here, because let's face it.....that team was worse than the Killer Tacos, but yeah, he's a good guy.

Chris: What do you think about Zoey?

Mike: Zoey's a really nice person, she deserves to be here, even though she debuted late. She's super sweet and she helps in challenges, she's a great teammate. She's also my friend. But yeah, you can probably already tell I was going to say good things about her from my last confession.

Chris: What do you think about Laura?

Mike: She's nice and friendly, but out of all my team, I've interacted with her the least. She helped our team the least, but she still helped nonetheless. I don't find her a threat so I think she can make it a bit further.

Chris: And we're done, thanks for your opinions of the contestants!


Chris: What are your thoughts on Sally?

Flare: While she proved to be a leader instead of a follower like in season 4, I still think she could do better and do more in challenges, but I understand getting used to other time zones are confusing. She's a worthy opponent, but that also makes her a threat.

Chris: What do you think about Aaron?

Flare: She's a good person and possibly a friend of mine. She'd make a good ally too, but she's also a HUGE threat. She does good in challenges and she's a nice person, or at least she kind of was to me. She's got guts and yeah, that's about it. Besides, she's a remaining Shredded Cheese, and SC are awesome.

Chris: Okay, please wait. What do you think of Zoey?

Flare: She's a big threat, but if you take away Mike or vice versa, they're most likely powerless, which is a big flaw. She's nice though, but yeah, she's okay, I guess, not the best, but not the worst.

Chris: What are your thoughts on Laura?

Flare: She's nice and all, but we haven't interacted much since we were put on different teams, for a moment I didn't even know she was here, until Finders Creepers. She's nice, not too active, and friendly, but yeah, not the biggest threat, so she may make it further.

Chris: Thoughts on Mike?

Flare: Mike's a cool guy, we're friends, probably the only ninja turtle I'm okay with, but still his acts are really weird. That could lead to his elimination, but he's still a good person.


Chris: What are your thoughts on Sally?

Zoey: She's nice and a good planner. There is no real cons about her now that I think of it.

Chris: What are your thoughts on Aaron?

Zoey: She may be mean, but she is a good competitor.

Chris: What do you think about Flare?

Zoey: Well he posts a big threat, but I can't really say anything bad about him.

Chris: Alright, please wait. What do you think of Laura?

Zoey: Laura's the biggest brat I have ever seen, she deserves to die in a hole, she wants this for the money so she can make more friends than the one she already pays to be hers. She probably killed Leo now that I think about so she can be the most popular and rich. She is the Obama of this game, terrible and stupid!

Chris: Okay then......What do you think about Multi-Mike?

Zoey: His personalities are his demise. He is really nice and all but he can be really stupid some times! And most of the time he cares more about Vito and gelling his hair to the max than other problems such as his life.


Chris: Wait here, please. Okay thanks, what's your opinion of Aaron?

Sally: I've done nothing bad to her, and she talks to me like i've been mean! I'm not rude, i'll speek my mind. Now to her... I think she is rude, and that she should be careful of what she says because its comming back to bight her! She needs to be nicer and respect people or she will lose more freinds!

Chris: What are your thoughts on Flare?

Sally: out of everyone i've had the least to do with you. But i have respect for you becasue you are a strong competitor and in the volcano challenge, you didn't go down with out a fight. I think your a great player and i wish you good luck in this game.

Chris: What are your thoughts about Zoey?

Sally: i can not say a bad word on Zoey. She is a wonderful person! I would trust her with my life. I think she is playing a great game and could win. I think the jury will like her becasue shes a nice person. SHes a threat but i wont vote her out becasue friends are better then money!

Chris: What about Laura?

Sally: Laura. Well you've been quite, this could be good or bad. It depends on what we do. Your in my alliance so i trust you, but i think you should be more open. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, because i think you are a great player.

Chris: Your thoughts on Mike?

Sally: um....... Your fantatic. Great player. You and Zoey are my best friends in this game, your smart, strong and playing a fantastic game, and you deserve to win! Your absoultly the kindest guys i have ever met. When i was alown on the tacos team you helped me. You are great person and i wish you the best in life.


Chris: What are your thoughts on Sally?

Laura: Let's see..... Great friend, she's nice. And a worthy competitor. She did make it far in Neighborhood 4 which scares me though. But other than that, she's great!

Chris: What is your opinion of Aaron?

Laura: Not much interaction with her. She seems great. Just not my type of friend. Yeah. :/

Chris: What do you think of Flare?

Laura: Flare, Flare, Flare, Flare, love his name! It's so unique! To me, he is a threat also. So I need to watch for him and others.

Chris: What do you think about Zoey?

Laura: Zoey's a very great person. I like how she cared for Mike and helped out with his multiple personality disorder. I feel bad about not helping out in the alliance though. :(

Chris: Alright, one more to go, now let me just finish this coffee *sips coffee* Good stuff. Okay, now what do you think about Mike?

Laura: Mike? He's cool. In my highschool, he would be popular. And he's actually smarter then most guys I know where i'm from. Hmm, that is all.


Chris: What are your thoughts on Sally?

Aaron: A pretty big threat, and possibly blind because she wants to vote people out, and they're right next to her. That's rude. And I'm not sorry for whatever I say here.

Chris: Okay, now please wait here. What do you think of Flare?

Aaron: My actual friend and has the guts to talk to me. He has a super cool name and I may have a tiny crush on him...

Chris: What do you think about Zoey?

Aaron: Biggest.Threat.Ever. Not much interaction with her except that she will vote me off. The bad things about her is that she kind of acts like a brat, but manages to stay nice. And she is a threat. Good things is that Mike and her should be together, her hair is awesome, good skills, anddddddddd oh! One more BAD thing; She might need to control her temper.

Chris: Thoughts on Laura?

Aaron: No interaction with her whatsoever, due to her not active, and I might vote her out. Her name is actually cute, but seriously. She might be a threat, or perhaps anybody would vote her out.

Chris: And the final one: What do you think of Mike?

Aaron: I think he's nice, cute, smart, but I don't really like him. I already know Mike's disorder, and Cyrus never told me, but she likes Mike. Sorry, Cyrus if you're seeing this! Anyways, he has super cool hair, and I don't know what the f*** is wrong with his teeth. I mean, seriously! Take care of your teeth, dude!

After Challenge

Chris: *shows everyone's thoughts on video* Yeah, I'm so evil.

Sally: well im greatful today!

Mike: (CONF) Zoey's thoughts, really taught me about what Zoey REALLY thinks about me, thanks, you're a good friend too...

Zoey: Who won Chris?

Sally: *to mike* please, Zoey didnt mean what she said, please belive me, i would never lie to you!

Mike: I'm not voting her, but I'm not sure, if that can assure me.

Sally: (CONF) i can't wait to vote out Aaron!

Aaron: (CONF) Everybody will vote for me, but first, *SHows Tape Of everybody's Thoughts* I switched the tape with Leo stabbing Sally.

Zoey: Mike, I like you, nothing will change that.

Sally: (CONF) i really hope Zoey and Mike stay together

Mike: Yeah, your thoughts on me, sure proved that. Thanks.

Flare: Well that was interesting.

Sally: yeah

Aaron: *Quietly* And Cyrus likes you too, Mike.


Zoey: Mike I am telling the truth!

Mike: Sure you are.....*walks away*

Zoey: *catches up with Mike and kisses him on the mouth*

Aaron: *Takes Picture*

Sally: *smashes camera*

Aaron: *Takes A Hundred Photos Of the Two Kissing*

Mike: *steps back* First you talk bad about me and then you kiss me? That isn't like you Zoey....

Sally: mike, please. give her a chance!

Zoey: Name one good reason OTHER than the dinner why I would talk bad about you.

Mike: Well you said I cared more about Vito than my other problems, you also said I act stupid.

Aaron: *Quietly*Ooh, burn!

Sally: *rolls eys at aaron*

Zoey: Do you think I would go through all this trouble for nothing?

Sally: guys please, just be freinds please!

Mike: I don't know but it still isn't an excuse....*sighs and sits down*

Chris: Wow, so much drama! Anyways the winners are Aaron and Zoey! You can also pick one person each to be safe too!

Aaron: I want Mike, Flare and Laura to be safe.

Chris: ONE person.

Aaron: *Sighs* Ugh. Flare. *Quietly* because I like him more than a friend.

Chris: and you Zoey?

Zoey: If this doesn't convince you I don't know what will... I pick Mike...

Mike: (CONF) I don't know what to believe anymore.

Chris: And Mike is safe! Laura, Sally, one of you is going home!

Sally or Laura Elimination Ceremony

Chris: The Opposites Couple and The Obvious Lovebird Couple *chuckles* are safe, Laura or Sally is going home.

sally: can i vote?

Aaron: Sorry, Laura. Not very active. And who is the Opposites Couple?

Sally: Laura, sorry its my only option.

Mike: (CONF) Sorry Laura.

Flare: (CONF) Laura.

Chris: *to Aaron* I don't know, you tell me, you're the one who likes him after all *chuckles*

Aaron: Yes, and nobody knwos 'him.' *Locks Self in Confessional* (CONF) He might reveal it.

Chris: And the Opposites Couple, is Aaron and someone who won't be mentioned if Aaron gives me five bucks.

Aaron: *Throws Three Bucks And A Quarter At Chris*

Chris: I said five bucks! Fine, I'll reveal it >:), also Laura is sent home today.

Aaron: (CONF) Come on, Chris! That was all I had!

Chris: ......Well, if she had a wallet, I would have confiscated it, so either way I don't think she wins.

Mike: So, we're down to the final five? Okay then...

Zoey: [Conf] Yes the final five! two villains two heroes, one nuetral. I wonder who is going to win [No Conf]

Chris: Well, whatever, I won't reveal it, but I'm keeping your money Aaron. Will Zoey win Mike's trust back? Will Aaron win again? And who will outrank the other in the Aaron vs Sally conflict? FIND OUT ON TOTAL DRAMA MOTEL!

Red Mergers Motel

Mike: (CONF) The final five, seems good, I think? Still kind of sad about what Zoey said about me.

Zoey: [Conf] So... Mike is really mad at me now, I was hoping the explenation would solve things... [No Conf]

Mike: The final five seems good, everyone deserves to be here....

Zoey: Not everyone...

Mike: What do you mean?

Zoey: As in Aaron.

Sally: Agreed.

Mike: Oh, okay....she still did work hard.....

Aaron: Wow, that's really hurtful there. Ouch.

Flare: Whatever, don't mind them, they're justin their alliance, and stuff.

Sally: Well it's true...

Zoey: Ditto...

Aaron: *To Zoey* At least I don't try to vote someone out, and that person is standing right next to me.

Mike: Hey Zoey, why did you say those things about me? I thought we were friends?

Zoey: We are, I did that so neither of us went home, but it turns out Laura did...

Mike: Still, if you're telling the truth, it still hurts, what you said about me.

Zoey: Mike, that is the opposite of what I think about you.

Mike: I don't know what to believe.

Sally: guys please...

Mike: I'm sorry, Zoey's comments just kind of hurt.

Sally: yes, but she has apologiesed. (CONF) Mike and Zoey, they need to stay together. For the alliance and so we can take out Aaron!

Mike: I know she did....but it still hurts....(CONF) The real reason it emotionally hurts me a lot is because my old best friend also said harsh things to me when I couldn't control my personalities. *sighs* and now Zoey said harsh things too.

Sally: (CONF) this is hard :/

Aaron:(CONF) *Takes Tape Out Of Camera* Not only I am a good competitor, I am a prodigy.

Sally: (CONF) i need to find a way to get Zoey and Mike back together! but how?....

Flare: Interesting? I think.

Aaron: Just stay silent. *Eats Popcorn*

Flare: Whatever.....*finds a chair and sits down*

Sally: *to Flare* do you think they will become friends again?

Flare: *shrugs* How should I know? But it's possible.

Sally: (CONF) there are two reasons for what i am about to do. 1. I need to direct the drama away from Zoey and Mike. 2. I want to make Aaron jealous (NONCONF) hey flare! *kisses Flare*

Flare: What the? Are you crazy? I don't even know you that well.

Sally: *to Flare* sorry but i had to do it.

Flare: Seriously? Whatever *walks away*

Sally: (CONF) i hope Chris says something soon!

Aaron: Somebody got rejected!

Sally: you dont know why i did that!

Aaron: To make me jealous because you hate me, and to take the drama away from Zoey and Mike?

Sally: 0_0???

Flare: *outside* Sally's one strange person.....whatever.

Aaron: Should I leave you alone and you will think why I said that, or keep on confusing you?

Sally: (CONF) Aaron? how did she no?

Aaron: (CONF) I think I'll just leave her. (NON-CONF) *Walks Outside* Hola cola!

Flare: What?

Aaron: I just said hi.

Flare: Oh, well hi. The Ninja Turtles have lost two so far, so if we can get one more to lose, we can be even and take them out.

Aaron: How about Sally? She is a fucking crazy bitch.

Flare: Yeah she's crazy, but we'll see....

Aaron: But you two kissing made more drama than Mike and Zoey's fight.

Flare: For two minutes. I don't even know her that well.

Aaron: How would you react if I kissed you?

Flare: I don't know but at least I know you better than Sally.

Aaron: Speaking of which, it seems like we're the only ones talking. Weird...

Flare: Yeah, the motel is silent.

Aaron: That's just creepy...

Flare: Yeah, that almost never happens.

Aaron: Let's play Truth or Dare! Just for the fun of it!

Flare: Um, sure?

Aaron: Okay, truth or dare?

Flare: Um, I don't know.....truth?

Aaron: are so weak. Would you rather eat a burrito full of earwax, or lick a popsicle made of drool?

Flare: I'm not weak, I'm just using truth now. Um....I'll eat the burrito, I was forced to eat something similar before. Don't ask.

Aaron: You serious? I'd lick a popsicle made of drool, but I respect your opinion.

Flare: You want to go again, I'll do a dare so you won't call me weak, because I am not.

Aaron: Nope!

Flare: Fine then, truth or dare?

Aaron: Dare!

Flare: I dare you to.......insult Chris. I'm giving you an easy one.

Aaron: Noooooo! Harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something harder!!!

Flare: Confess something personal or something in front of everyone.

Aaron: Well, if I tell you, you'd be freaked out more than Sally kissed you...

Flare: So you're backing out? And you called me weak. *smirks*

Aaron: Well, you actually are...,but I can't. It's very awkward.

Flare: How awkward can it be? It's not like you killed my parents or something.

Aaron: *Crosses Arms* Liking you isn't awkward?

Flare: It would depend what way.

Aaron: More than a friend?

Flare: That would be a bit awkward I guess, but I doubt that's your confession.

Aaron: *Bites Lip And Slowly Nods*

Flare: You're nodding that that's not your confession or that it is your confession?

Aaron: Unfortuantely, yes, it is. But it's only a tiny crush.

Flare: I see, well don't worry, I doubt things will be awkward, if it's only tiny. See? Was it that hard?

Aaron: *Sighs in Relief* Good. You're lucky I didn't kiss you out of nowhere.

Flare: What- Well, don't worry I won't try and avoid you or stuff like that.

Aaron: *Chuckles* And I won't violate your everything at every possible opportunity.

Flare: Good to know.

Mike: *to Zoey* Look Zoey, I'm sorry if I sounded like I hated you but what you said about me in the challenge was similar to a friend of mine....

Aaron: *Looks At Mike* I guess another person is alive.

Zoey: *To Mike* Well that friend didn't have any taste in friends thats all.

Mike: It's my Multiple Personality Disorder that made him....yeah. I know you must have had some intentions, despite being harsh.

Zoey: I did, you can trust me on that one.

Mike: But what was that intention?

Zoey: Trying to be your friend.

Mike: I mean about last challenge.

Zoey: I put that incorrectly, what I meant is: Trying to be better friends.

Mike: By insulting me? That doesn't sound right.

Zoey: I was trying to keep us in the game by getting immunity and voting Aaron off.

Mike: Oh, but what did you mean about trying to be better friends?

Sally: (CONF) so things are getting a bit better with Zoey and mike! PHEW!

Zoey: I tried to keep you in by winning immunity.

Mike: Oh. Well, I'm stll sorry for acting like I hated you.

Sally: (CONF) i think they are fianly getting on

Zoey: It's ok I can understand how you did.

Mike: Thanks.

Sally: *to alliance* we need to make sure Aaron doesnt win today!

Mike: Okay.

Sally: i think we can do it.

Zoey: Of course we can!

Sally: i dont wanna sound mean but she has lasted longer than she should have!

Mike: *to Zoey* Sorry for the constant questions, but I have another question.

Zoey: Ok, go ahead.

Mike: Well, what do you really think of me?

Zoey: I think your a nice person and your disorder is what makes you unique.

Aaron: *Hears Sally And Sighs* (CONF) *Crying* I guess I should quit or something.

Flare: You see why I want one of them to go home?

Aaron: Well, I do have my shotgun..

Zoey: *Hears Aaron* WHAT?!

Aaron: *Giggles* I'd use it only for Chris.

Zoey: Oh well then good point... [Conf] Seriously a shotgun? [No Conf]

Flare: Okay then. I don't mind if you use it on Chris though.

Aaron: Well, I have a stolen shotgun.

Flare: That's cool, I guess.

Aaron: *Shrugs* When you're in the streets, you gotta have something.

Zoey: Congrats?

Mike: Hey Zoey, I'm sorry about the constant questions, but I have one more.

Zoey: Yeah?

Mike: I'm alright with if you say no, but would you maybe, want to go......out again? I promise to try harder to keep my personalities in control.

Zoey: Sure I would but after TDM so we can have an undisturbed relationship.

Mike: Alright, sure!

Challenge 12 - Meet the Duke of Dares!

Chris: Welcome contestants! Remember the capturers from before?

Flare: How could I not?

Chris: They're actually season 4 winner.......Noah! and season 5 winner.........Duke!

Flare: He looks like my brother, but whatever, let's get this over with.

Aaron: Who the f*** are them?

Zoey: Oh brother...

Chris: Flare, Duke IS your brother, that's why I contacted him especially-

Duke: What?

Chris: And they are the winners of TDN4 and TDN5.

Aaron: Duke and Flare are twins? Because they kinda look alike..

Mike: A lot a like.

Chris: They are, Flare ran away to mature, but during his travels, he was kidnapped along with Leo and yeah.

Duke: Well hi brother >.>

Aaron: Anakin and Luke Skywalker...

Zoey: Wow...

Flare: >.>

Chris: Besides that we have more cameos! Introduce yourselves!

Zoey: More?

Jun:I am Jun. I live for peace and purity.

Sally: Uh... hi?

Pac-Man: *waves*

Jun: So what about Leo dying huh? Tis a tragedy......*hides the faintest of smiles*

Chris: This challenge is about dares! We dare you to do a dare, and if you don't you lose the challenge and have to choose a punishment from Jun, Duke, Noah, or Pac-Man, okay? Aaron, you're up.

Aaron: Huh?

Chris: It's a challenge about dares. Anyways, Aaron you up for a dare?

Aaron: Yeaup. Since I'm stronger than Flare.

Chris: I'm glad you're talking about Flare because your dare is about him, I dare you to.........make out with Flare! I love this job sometimes.

Aaron: Are you serious, Chris? That easy? *Kisses Flare*

Chris: Good job, now Zoey, it's time for your dare.

Zoey: Bring it!

Chris: Hmm, a dare for you, why don't you go ahead and push Mike off this cliff where he'll most likely be injured?

Mike: Wait, what?

Jun: Ugh, violence

Zoey: Hmmm...... I got it! Performing the triple high dive off a cliff into unseeable water, three time Russian gold-medalist its...

Chris: Yeah, while you bring out Svetlana, that won't count, you have to push him off yourself.

Mike: *turns into Svetlana* Svetlana! I do this easily, yes?

Zoey: *pushes Svetlana off cliff* LAND SAFELY!

Mike(Svetlana): *lands on feet safely* HaHa! *turns back into Mike* How am I down here?

Chris: Whatever, time for Flare, I dare YOU to make out with Aaron this time. >:)

Flare: This show sucks >.> *makes out with Aaron*


Chris: Sally, I dare you to........throw a temper tantrum.


Jun: Ugh,tantrums, the last time I got in a tantrum I almost killed some slut near the Motel...................Nice weather we're having.

Chris: Yeah, I understand that feeling, much in common. Anyways, Mike I dare you to turn into Manitoba Smith.

Mike: Fine *puts on fedora* 'Ello mates!

Chris: Now Aaron, back to you.

Aaron: What now?

Chris: Originally, as Leo's dying wish, we would have you have some time in a closet with Flare-

Flare: I don't like this challenge.

Chris: but it wasn't for our tv ratings, we're only allowed to go up to PG-13, so instead, um, Eat this Shoe Sandwich.

Flare: This challenge >.>

Chris: While that, Zoey your challenge is to make out with Manitoba Mike until your next dare.

Zoey: Fine. *makes out with Manitoba*

Chris: Oh and to make things more dramatic *pushes the fedora off Mike*

Mike: *turns back into Mike* (CONF) What was happening? I have a feeling it was a dare.

Chris: Have fun Mike! Anyways, Flare your dare is a roach sandwich.

Flare: Easy *eats it* Had it before, too.

Chris: Sally, I dare you to ruin your friendship with Zoey!

Electra: Hii guys I'm Electra! I'm watching today, but tommorow I'm competing!

Sally: Uh..... Sorry no can-do.

Electra: Go Sally go!

Aaron: *Finishes Shoe Sandwich* Ugh, I feel sick...

Chris: Good job Aaron, and Sally choose your punishment from Duke, Noah, Pac-Man, or Jun, some may take longer to reply than others though.

Sally: I pick Noah.

Chris: Well Noah's nowhere to be seen right now so, we'll get back to you on that, Mike you're up. You remember Cyrus, well we "invited" her back. And she's part of your dare >:), care to introduce yourself Cyrus?

Cyrus: Hurry up, Chris. You said you'd pay me fifty bucks for this.

Chris: Way to ruin the moment >.>, anyways care to remember the final 5? Yeah, you better be up for this dare, I don't really think it will be hard for you.

Cyrus: What now, b****?

Chris: Since when did you- whatever, anyways Mike I dare you to let Cyrus trigger and annoy all of your "acts". Got it?

Mike: Fine.

Noah: Tsk tsk tsk. I expected better from you Sally.

Sally: Really? Because I don't think you did.

Noah: Yeah. I know you to well, You must vote for your closest friend here at the next vote.

Sally: But that means Zoey! I don't know if I could do that...

Chris: Yeah, that won't work, you HAVE to do the punishment. >:)

Sally: Fine...

Chris: Cyrus care to trigger Mike's "acts" now?

Cyrus: *Puts On Fedora On Mike*

Mike: *turns into Manitoba Smith* Why if it isn't you again, mate? DON'T DARE CALL ME DORA AGAIN, MY REPUTATION IS WAY HIGHER, mate.

Cyrus: Nice to meet you too, Dora. *Takes Off Fedora and Rips Off Mike's Shirt*

Mike(Manitoba): *turns into Vito* 'Ey!

Cyrus: Now, Svetlana...*Scratches Head*

Mike(Vito): What's going on? A party?

Cyrus: *Sighs In Relief* I'm glad you don't rememeber me...

Mike(Vito); Oh, hey it's that chick from before!

Cyrus: .....How do I trigger Svetlana?......

Mike(Vito): What's up?

Cyrus: Peforming in the annual Russian Olympics, jumping off a 50-foot cliff.......

Mike(Vito): *turns into Svetlana* It's Svetlana of course!

Cyrus: Hmm...*Pokes Svetlana Hard Repeatedly*

Mike(Svetlana): That hurts Svetlana, could you stop, yes?

Cyrus: Hmm... *Continues Poking Hard*

Mike(Svetlana): *turns into Chester* DARN KIDS, THESE DAYS!

Cyrus: Any more personalities?

Chris: Mike, himself, I guess >:)

Mike(Chester): *turns back into Mike*

Cyrus: Yes! Now give me fifty bucks, or else..

Chris: First do something to Mike >:)

Zoey: [Conf] *shrugs* [No Conf]

Cyrus: And what is that?

Chris: Just annoy Mike or something so we can get this over with.

Cyrus: *Sees Chris' Wallet* Okay... *Steals Chris' Wallet And Runs Off*

Chris: No! That had my Wal-Mart gift card! Whatever, good enough >.>, now it's time for Aaron's turn. I dare you to drink this glue.

Aaron: Okay. *Squirts Chris With Glue Then Drinks Glue* Better than that shoe sandwich.

Chris: Since you squirted my with glue, this won't count and you also have to drink EXPIRED MILK. Have fun.

Aaron: Easy, easy, easy. *Drinks Expired Milk* Still, it's better than that shoe sandwich.

Chris: Zoey, I dare you to say only nice things about Aaron.

Zoey: Aaron is... um, nice? And she has a great fashion sense? [Conf] *throws up* [No Conf]

Chris: Flare, I dare you to........anyone got anything?

Aaron: If you try any of the closet...I swear...

Zoey: I got one! Vote for Aaron!

Aaron: *Death Glares Zoey* Have a phyiscal fight with any girl here.

Chris: Whatever, anyways Flare I dare you to say good things about me.

Flare: You're a better host than Chef ever would be?

Chris: Good enough, Mike I dare you to press this button so I can trap Cyrus so I can get my giftcard back.

Aaron: Cyrus escaped...

Chris: Yeah, she won't get very far, there's an electric fence near, and she's supposed to be in Closet of Losers, so let me think of something. I, um, dare you to run into the electric fence.

Mike: Alright *runs into electric fence and is shocked* Ow! *falls to the ground*

Chris: Aaron, I dare you to tell everyone out loud, what you told Flare when you played truth or dare and you know what I mean >:)

Aaron: I told Flare he was weak since he chose Truth!

Flare: >.>

Chris: Whatever, I'll take it. Zoey, I dare you, to be rude to Sally and Mike until NEXT CHALLENGE! Too bad they won't know it was a dare >:) Mike's out cold, and Sally's back in the motel for losing.

Zoey: I can do that.

Chris: Flare, since I like repeating myself with YOUR dares, I dare you to make out with Aaron again.

Flare: >.> *makes out with Aaron*

Mike: *wakes up* What?

Chris: Mike I dare you to talk about your MP-

Mike: No can do, sorry.

Chris: Well then who do you choose?

Mike: Pac-Man, he doesn't seem harmless.

Pac-Man: *grabs arcade game and pushes Mike in, in place of Pac-Man*

Chris: *is handed five bucks* Hmm, okay, I dare Aaron to go in a closet with Flare-

Flare: Wait what? >.>

Aaron: Way to start the s****y c****y drama.

Chris: *pushes them in* This also counts as your dare Flare!

Aaron: *In Closet* We should survive by just talking..>.>

Flare: *in closet* >.>

Aaron: I know, we're squished in here. I should've brought my shotgun...>.>

Flare: How come I had to make out with you for TWO DARES? >.>

Aaron: Chris, the teen torturer.

Chris: Okay, your time is up! *opens closet door* Now Zoey, I dare you to.... to eat this salty, sandy sandwich, like a pig.

Zoey: *rolls eyes and eats sandwhich like a pig and finishes* Is that all you got?

Chris: Aaron, I dare you to make fun of yourself.

Aaron: I'm super fat, I must've sat on Flare in the closet. I have no brains that I don't even know how I got here. And I'm probably a crazy psycho, more than Leo, and I also have my own stolen shotgun. That enough?

Chris: Flare......I dare you to say sorry to your brother for running away *handed a cue card by Duke*

Flare: I'm sorry?

Chris: Zoey I dare you to make fun of yourself and Sally.

Zoey: My hair looks like I lost a scissor fight as Princess Leia, Sally needs friend to get far due to not being trusted. There.

Chris: Aaron, I dare you to run into an electric fence and give me your shotgun.

Aaron: *Shrugs* I have nine thousand of those shotguns left, anyways. *Throws Shotgun At Chris And Runs To Eletrick Fence

Chris: Flare, I dare you to drink this....pineapple smoothie.

Flare: But I'm allergic to- whatever. >.> *drinks pineapple smoothie and start sneezing violently*

Chris: and Zoey, why don't you tell us about Commando Zoey? >:)

Zoey: Is this my dare?

Chris: Yes.

Zoey: I guess you could say it was my mini Multiple Personality Disorder after my medallion I received from Mike broke.

Chris: Okay. Well, HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR SOMEONE TO LOSE? >.> Well, Aaron I dare you to jump into this shark tank and not get out until your NEXT DARE!

Aaron: *Gasps* Is that Allen and Lizzy? Oh my gosh! *Cannonballs In Shark Tank And Sharks Hug Her*

Other Shark: *shrugs*

Chris: Whatever, Zoey I dare you to reveal Mike's "acts" >:) Flare I dare you to eat this fruit salad containing PINEAPPLE.

Flare: *eats it, and sneezes violently again* I *sneezes* hate you!

Chris: Actually I changed my mind, Zoey I dare you to beat up Cameron.

Cameron: *Helping clean the motel for no reason* What? O_O

Zoey: Sorry! *beats up Cameron*

Cameron: Ow.........*falls to the ground almost dead*

Shark 1: *Biting Aaron*

Chris: Okay, Aaron, you may step out, your next dare is to go into the Electric Eel tank >:D

Aaron: Yeah, that's why I abandoned you! *Cannonballs In Electric Eel Tank*

Electric Eels: *Shock Aaron, continuously*

Chris: Flare, I dare you to *is handed a cue card by Duke* if you win give half the money to Duke.

Flare: Whatever, sure.

Chris: Zoey, I dare you to pick a punishment even though you're still in, but don't pick Noah.

Zoey: I pick Duke.

Duke: Alright, I'll give you your punishment. You can back out, but it will cause you to choose another punishment and lose. Let's see I filled a bunch of punishments into this hat, let me pick one out.

Zoey: *raises eyebrow*

Duke: Okay, pick out a number, the punishment is in my other hat. 1-7.

Zoey: Six.

Duke: Alright six, let's see. Vote yourself in the next elimination ceremony. Remember, you can back out if you want to.

Zoey: But then I'll go home!

Duke: No, there's still a chance, you'll stay, besides you CAN back out.

Zoey: I'll take the dare!

Duke: Alright, good luck.

Chris: Well, SOMEONE LOSE ALREADY! I dare someone to give me all your money if you win >.> No? Fine, I dare Aaron to seriously injure herself, I dare Flare to go to be buried alive, I dare Zoey to pick another of Duke's punishments, there >.>

Zoey: I pick number three of Duke's Dare's.

Aaron: *Gives Thirty Bucks To Chris* Do you have my shotgun, Chris?

Chris: *grabs thirty bucks* Sure *hands over*

Duke: You have to drink barf from this LARGE barf bag without barfing.

Flare: *is buried alive*

Aaron: *Shoots Slef in Chest, Faints*

Chris: Okay then, will Zoey do her dare?

Zoey: *Drinks from barf-bag without throwing up* Blech... I have had worse.

Chris: Okay, Aaron I dare you to tell most of Cyrus's embarassing secret >:), Flare I dare you to make fun of the Shredded Cheese, and Zoey I dare you to ruin your friendship with Sally, for now anyways, you can fix it later.

Aaron: *Jumps Back Up* I'm fine! Um....Cyrus has a super,super huge crush on Mike, and she totally hates Zoey for voting her out.

Zoey: Okay I'll ruin my friendship.

Flare: The Shredded Cheese SUCK for losing that many times. WE NEVER BEAT THE NINJA TURTLES! But yeah.

Chris: I randomly chose the winners and it's Flare and Zoey! Sorry Aaron, but you don't get a punishment, anyways Pac-Man take MIke out of the Pac-Man Game. Also we have two new debuters joining the game, first there's Electra! And there's also Jun! That's right, we're now the final 7!

Aaron: Whoop dee fucking doo.

Zoey: Ya' know, for once I agree with you Aaron.

Jun: Oh dont't worry! I'm nice. I live for peace!

Zoey: Your not going to get far around here. [Conf] Ugh, this is ridiculous [No Conf]

Jun: I hate to be rude, but can I maybe.....join your alliance?

Mike: I just got trampled by ghosts, while collecting cookies? What?

Chris: Cool story, Mike.

Elimination Ceremony - Red Mergers

Chris: We will vote but first, Flare and Zoey care to try Duke's Chance Game? You pick a number 1-5 and you may get a punishment, nothing, or a prize of an immunity idol, your vote counting as two votes, and stuff!

Jun: This will be exciting! I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to play this game.

Duke: I'm sure you will, hopefully. So care to try? You could even get an immunity idol.

Jun: If I play I will give you this Tempurpedic bed! It's the most highly recommended bed in America!

Duke: Alright, I suppose you can play, you may pick a number.

Zoey: Sure why not?

Sally: No thank you Chris.

Chris: Alright, Zoey, also pick a number.

Jun: Meh lucky number is 2, so I pick 2!

Zoey: Three. Bring it!

Duke: *to Jun* You gain the power to have two votes in the elimination! *to Zoey* Sorry, but you lose immunity, don't worry though, for winning your punishment to vote yourself is taken out.

Flare: I'll try too, give me five?

Duke: It's nothing, sorry. Alright Chris, they can now vote.

Chris: Alright, have fun voting >:)

Jun:Thanks lucky number! I vote...............Flare. WAIT NO AARON!

Flare: Thanks for voting me as a first impression. I vote Zoey.

Mike: Sorry Aaron, but it's time for you to go.

Jun: Flare it was an accident!

Flare: It's all right, I suppose.

Jun: YAYZ! ..................sorry.....

Zoey: I vote for myself.

Sally: I vote for Aaron!

Chris: Well, marshmellows for Flare, Mike, Jun, Sally, and Electra! Zoey, Aaron, one of you is going home and it's.................Aaron, Zoey you're safe!

Motel Chat

Mike: Pac-Man's punishment was so......strange.

Jun: I dont remember a punishment.

Mike: When I lost the dare......anyways I managed to save enough cookies for everyone, care for one?

Jun: That's so nice, sure.

Mike: *passes Jun a chocolate chip cookie* The cookie flavor changed everytime, I went through a level it was confusing.

Jun:*Takes a bite of her cookie* Wow, this is delicious!

Mike: I didn't make them......I saved them running away from ghosts. *passes one to everyone*

Flare: It's decent. *takes bite*

Jun:*Dancing* When I'm happy I dance!

Mike: That's nice, I guess? *eats a cookie*

Flare: Yeah?

Electra: Jun can I talk to you?

Zoey: *to Mike* What do you think the next dare will be?

Jun:*To Electra* Sure, what's up?

Mike: *to Zoey* The next dare? There are more dare games?

Zoey: I mean challenge. Sorry, I am still thinking about the dares. [Conf] I just realized, was I using Mike in the previous challenge to win? [No Conf]

Mike: Oh, the challenge. I don't know what it'll be, maybe a bike race or something?

Zoey: Probably something that involes: death, humiliation, and turning people on each other.

Mike: Yeah, probably.

Zoey: I'm about to go ask Chris if there is anything to eat. I haven't had a bite to eat in ages, literally.

Mike: Alright, good luck.

Zoey: *walks out of motel to go find Chris*

Chris: Huh? *Notices Zoey* Oh, what do you want? I'm trying to relax before the challenge.

Zoey: Do you have anything to eat, I haven't had anything in ages. Literally! Yesterday was my birthday!

Chris: Shouldn't have Mike gotten some cookies from the Pac-Man game? And you didn't tell us it was your birthday, so yeah, here *hands over one chip*

Zoey: Thanks, I'll take anything I can get. *eats chip and goes back to motel*

Mike: Any luck?

Zoey: A single salt and vinegar chip.

Sally: Great?

Zoey: I guess.

Mike: Well at least you got something.

Zoey: That's true.

Jun: *Mediatting*

Mike: Last challenge was.....interesting.

Flare: *to Jun* Meditating, really?

Jun: What? I'm bored.

Zoey: Want to play truth or dare?

Flare: *to Jun* I see.

Jun: I'll play.

Flare: Good luck with that.

Zoey: Anyone else?

Mike: *shrugs* I guess I could for a bit?

Sally: I'll join too.

Mike: So who's first?

Zoey: Random?


Zoey: All right... I random... Mike.

Mike: Um, okay, so you ask me something or I ask someone something?

Zoey: You ask someone something.

Mike: Uh.....Sally, truth or dare?

Sally: Dare.

Mike: I dare you, dance?

Sally: *dances* Ok, um... Jun, truth or dare?

Jun:I'll go with.........Truth...........

Flare: (CONF) I'm the last Shredded did this happen? >.>

Electra: *Whispers to Jun* Newbie alliance?

Mike: So Sally, what's the question for Jun?

Sally: So Jun, who do you dislike the most here?

Jun: I'm gonna say Electra. I dont know why she just seems like a threat to me.

Zoey: Ok... well it is your go.

Electra: Why..? I.. only.. just.. got.. here... *Sobs* *Runs away to room*

Flare: Another victim of the so-called alliance. A future victim, possibly.

Electra: *Crying*

Flare: (CONF) I have a feeling, or well I KNOW I'm probably the next victim of the Ninja Turtles, so I'm going to need immunity.

Zoey: Wow she is... really sensitive.

Flare: *walks to Electra* Need anything? (CONF) I'm going to need an alliance, even if we will be down a member.

Electra: *Looks up at Flare* Uh.. sure.

Flare: *whispers* Look, I have a feeling the Ninja Turtles will vote us off the first chance they get, so want to form an alliance?

Electra: S-Sure.. I-I could do with some *sniff* friends...

Flare: Alright, and don't worry, I won't betray you. So who do you want out first?

Electra: *Sniff* J-Jun?

Flare: Alright, so how's this order: Jun, then Zoey, then whatever?

Zoey: Agh, I am getting hungry again... ugh...

Challenge 13 - Super Duper Mega Fun Quiz Time

Chris: It's time for the next challenge! We're taking a quiz, but with a twist! We'll give you ten minutes to answer, about trivia in the past seasons and current seasons. Everyone has 2 lives, guess incorrectly you lose a life, guess correctly, you may defend yourself or attack someone or heal someone(once). If you attack you take away a life, if you defend, it won't allow you to have a life taken away, let's start with Electra. In every season HE competed in, he always made the final 5. Who is this person? (TDN, TDN2)

Zoey, Jun, Flare, EleccAtra, Mike, Sally

Electra: Oatmeal.

Chris: Correct, he made the final 5 in TDN and TDN2, care to attack or defend?

Electra: Attack.

Chris: Who do you attack?

Electra: Jun...

Chris: Jun is down to 1 life. Flare, who was voted out first in TDN4?

Flare: Carrie.

Chris: Correct, attack or defend?

Flare: Attack Jun.

Chris: And Jun's out! Sally, who placed 8th in TDN5? Time's up! But you lose a life! Mike, can you answer this question?

Mike: Leo, I think.

Chris: Correct, attack or defend?

Mike: I'll attack Flare sorry.

Chris: Zoey, Mike, and Electra still have full health, Flare and Sally have one life. Zoey, what was the name of the merged team in TDN4?

Zoey: Purple Banditos.

Chris: Correct, will you attack, defend, or heal?

Zoey: I will defend.

Chris: Alright, you can't be hurt for one turn(rotationwise), Electra, what place did Cyrus, Steve, and Harold get this season?

Electra: 9th, 10th and 15th respectively.

Chris: Do you choose to attack, defend, or heal?

Electra: Attack Sally...

Chris: and Sally's out! Flare, who was Runner-Up in TDN4?

Flare: Samuel.

Chris: What will you do?

Flare: I will defend.

Chris: Alright, Mike, who was killed before the Mini Hunger Games started?

Mike: Dante?

Chris: Correct! What will you do.

Mike: I'm sorry but I'll attack Electra.

Chris: Zoey, true or false, was Shawn, Oatmeal's brother?

Zoey: Uh... true?

Chris: Attack, defend, or heal?

Zoey: I attack Electra.

Electra: Aw.....

Chris: And only Mike, Flare, and Zoey remain. Flare, name the one group in the trust challenge who didn't compete.

Flare: Me and Raven.

Chris: Correct, what do you do?

Flare: I'll attack Zoey.

Chris: Mike, who was the chef in TDN?

Mike: Ezekiel?

Chris: Correct, what do you do?

Mike: I'll defend.

Chris: Zoey, who said this quote in a TDN Camp. "I'm here, like I always am"?

Zoey: Uh... Dante?

Chris: Wrong, you lose a life! It's down to Mike and Flare! No more defending, just healing and attacking! Flare, who said that line?

Flare: Me in my trust challenge.

Chris: Correct, what will you do?

Flare: I'll attack Mike.

Chris: Mike, name the people who played Duke's chance game.

Mike: Uh.....Sally, Flare, and Jun?

Chris: Incorrect! So Flare wins the reward AND since no one ever wants just a reward challenge this is a reward for elimination! Flare put up two people for elimination!

Flare: Zoey and...........Jun.

Chris: But don't worry, you may NOT go home >:)

Elimination Ceremony - The Red Mergers

Chris: Vote either Zoey or Jun!

Chris: Alright, Jun and Zoey, you have BOTH received votes but the person safe is.......Zoey! Sorry Jun, but yeah.

Jun:*screams and falls to the ground, dead. With black slime covering her body.*

Zoey: *screams*

Sally: What in the?

Jun:*Opens eyes and smiles, and then is completeley dissolved by the slime*

Flare: .....Freak.....

Zoey: *hides behind Mike* What is going on?!

Mike: I got no clue.

Chris: Nor do I.

Jun: *Transforms into her cruel side and runs away*

Sally: *in shock*

Zoey: *passes out*

Flare: I repeat, she's a freak >.>

Sally: I am going to go out on a limb and say she killed Leo. And is Zoey ok? She passed out.

Flare: (CONF) I wanted ZOEY to go home, and I thought she stood a chance against Jun, but I was wrong, so JUN went home instead of ZOEY and now Mike, ZOEY, and Sally are going to outnumber me and Electra.

Sally: [Conf] Okay that was weird, but I don't trust Flare! There is a reason she picked Zoey and Jun... and I want to know why! [No Conf]

Red Mergers Motel

Sally: (CONF) FINAL FIVE!!!!

Flare: (CONF) I have a feeling majority are gunning for me, so I need immunity. Zoey HAS to go soon.

Sally: (CONF) mike, zoey and myself should be able to do this! but Flare is good in challenges, he will be hard to beat!

Mike: *sitting down* Final 5, it's great.

Sally: *sits next to mike* yeah! and we have a great allance!

Mike: Yeah, but the problem is if one of us is eliminated, then next time we would need a tie at best.

Sally: true, but only one of them can have immunity at a time, unless Chistina has some stupid twist.

Mike: Yeah, but- Christina?

Sally: christna is Chris.

Mike: Oh, okay. So if our alliance makes it, what do you think will happen?

Sally: i think you and Zoey will become the final two.

Mike: I see. Well, that's cool, I guess, but I think you can also make the final two.

Sally: well, i dont mind, but i hope that us three are the final three.

Challenge 14 - The Four and the Five

Chris: Before we begin I'll choose randomly for one person to sit out of this's Flare! Okay so you will punch the other off their podium, you are standing on now. The match ups are: Mike vs Electra and Zoey vs Sally, the winners will compete in another challenge with Flare! Alright, now start! Zoey vs Sally's up first, if they don't respond in 6 minutes you may throw another blow, it's 4 lines to punch someone off.

Sally: sorry Zoey, *pushes her*

Sally: *pushes harder* sorry...

Sally: *pushing* come on...

Sally: *pushes Zoey off* sorry...

Chris: Well, guess what? This wasn't the REAL challenge! Heheheheh....

Sally: *evil eyes chris* *sarcastic* why thank you! *kicks Chris*

Chris: Well, we got four new people here: OJ, Charlie, Lilli, and Angelina! Say hi! Don't worry not all of them are joining the game.

Charlie: *glares*

Sally: hi guys... (CONF) great ! more people!

Lilli: Hi!

OJ: Hey?

Sally: Chris, who is joining?

Angelina: Hey guys!

Chris: One is joining and one is leaving, each side will decide, I'll give you instructions for stuff. Charlie, you're up, explain your personality and why you should join.

Charlie: Well guys. I've had a pretty s**t life. If you saw my home you would see. I had to give up going to colleage cause my Dad got drunk and used my 10 years of saving to pay off his IRS debt. My mum died when I was 3 years old. I am smart though and one must gain a tunned sense of hearing to live in my neighborhood.IN the end pur Mayor had to keep renting the neighborhodd to Chris in order to get money, You should see the mess we have to clean after each seasson.

Chris: Sally, state your personality and why you should stay.

Sally: well, my personality, i think is goodish. I'm friendly and i treat everyone fairly. Im enjoying playing the game and i have lots of friends out here and i really want to make more frineds. I think i should stay because i think i am playing a good game and i deserve to be here. I also deserve to be here becasue I have made drama and the title of the show is TOTAL DRAMA! Thank you.

Chris: Next up is OJ!

OJ: Ladies, gentlemen, Chris.....well my personality is, um, normal? I try for a little strategy but yeah. I'm smart, I suppose if that counts, but um, I'm normal, I think. My pet peeve is when people call me OJ Simpson or something. I think I should join because I want to find out if I'm REALLY normal, and I know it isn't a good reason, but I want to see if there's something in me that's original.

Chris: Okay then, Zoey, same as Sally.

Zoey: Well my personality can... differ. And to be totally honest Chris, I don't think I deserve to stay. I've only made enemies not friends here. And since I have no friends at all. Making enemies is worse! Someone other than me deserves to win. I can see why people want me voted off...

Chris: Angelina, same as OJ and Charlie.

Angelina: Well, when I was young my parents split up but neither of them took custody of me. I was an orphan for my whole life but they kicked me out when I was 18. I have 5 jobs and trying to make it day by day. In the game, I am very nice and want to make so many friends. I want to win really bad so I could have a house and not worry if I will be able to get dinner tonight. So, if you give me a chance in this game, I will be forever grateful for letting you help me get my life back on track.

Chris: Alright, Flare?

Flare: I'm a person who's doing my best. I may be a bit crude and gunning for someone, but it's so I can stay in, I think I should stay because I'm doing my best, I'm involved in drama. Besides I'm the last Shredded Cheese and don't want to come in before 4th. I'm playing a better game than most people here, being on the losing team and making it this far with Zoey, Sally, and Mike on my tail. If I have to go though, I'm rooting for Electra.

Chris: Nice, Lilli? Fine I'll just explain for her and Mike to get it over with. Lilli is a rich, spoiled, yet nice girl, who joined the show to prove she can be more than daddy's little angel, while Mike is a multi-freak, who's nice, smart, strange, but yeah. So I already got the votes for who leaves, and it's confirmed, now who will join? VOTE!

Zoey: I pick Angelina! She seems like a very nice person!

Flare: I pick OJ, I guess.

Mike: I pick Lilli.

Sally: I pick Charlie, he deserves to compete

Chris: BTW, TWO PEOPLE WILL JOIN and two will leave, and the people safe from the old ones are......Mike, Sally, and.........Flare. Zoey, Electra, bye bye *pushes them into the closet of losers*

Sally: Bye Zoey!!!!

Chris: Well let's have a re-vote but with only the remaining competitors, you can't vote the same person you voted last time.

Mike: I pick OJ.

Flare: Angelina.

Sally: um......i vote for Lilli

Chris: And Charlie isn't rejoining! That leaves OJ, Angelina, and Lilli! One more won't join! How does it feel?

Angelina: I am excited!

OJ: Yeah, it's cool, if I actually join.

Lili: All of us have somthing to give on this show! Its still anyones game!

OJ: Yeah, I think, sorry Charlie.

Chris: Well, um, only Mike, Flare, and Sally remain from the before-competitors.

Flare: You know what? NO! I'M NOT STAYING! This show is worse than being kidnapped with LEO! I am leaving the game, they could take my spot, I'm out! *walks into the Closet of Losers*

Chris: That means Lilli, OJ, and Angelina are joining!

OJ: That's cool!

Lili: Yay! but really Flare? Leo is HOT AND AWESOME!

Angelina: Yes! I'm in! Good job OJ and Lili!

(Someone whispers into Lili's ear)Lili: WHAAAAT!? LEO's A GIRL!? I DREAM OF BANGING LEO ALL THE TIME!!!!

Sally: mike

Red Mergers Motel

OJ: Being here is cool!

Angelina: This is so awesome!

Lili: IKR? I just know we're all just going to have such a great time here!

OJ: Yeah, poor Charlie didn't join though.

Lili: Yeah. Tis a shame....

Mike: Hey welcome to the game. (CONF) Zoey was eliminated, that sucks, but at least I still have Sally here, so I'm not all friendless.

Lili: I do hope that the two originals shall provide some sort of entertainment.

Mike: What?

Lili: as in a good time. Thats what we call it in Monaco.

Mike: Oh, don't worry.

OJ: Thanks for the welcome.

Lili:*Whispers to OJ* Would you care to be in a friendly alliance with me? I have no doubt that we'll be in final 2!

OJ: *Whispers back* Sure, I guess.

Lili: YAYZ!!!!*Hugs OJ* Soon we'll be the best duo in the world!

OJ: Yeah, but if we don't make the final 2 I at least want to make it past an episode.

Lili: Im sure you will, your one of the better ones here.

OJ: Thanks, you seem like a good competitor too.

Lili: Thanks, you are such a true gentlemen!(CONF) Not too many of them left....

OJ: Thanks.

Lili: You are welcome.

OJ: So, what do you think the next challenge will be?

Angelina: Hey Mike!

Lili: I hope Chris will let us off withan easy task sincewere new to the scene

Challenge 15 - The Real You

Chris: We will be asking questions about the real you, you have to lie in two of them.

Lili: Great! I shall win using my talent and charm!

Angelina: I think I could win!

Chris: Alright, first question, which is better Pumpkin Pie, Blueberry Pie, or Apple Pie?

Mike: Blueberry Pie.

OJ: Pumpkin Pie.

Lili: Blueberry pie.

Angelina: Apple Pie.

Sally: Apple pie

Chris: Besides yourself who's your favorite contestant still here?

Lili: OJ

Sally: mike

Angelina: Mike

OJ: Lili.

Mike: Sally.

Chris: What was your favorite season?


Mike: TDN5.

Angelina: TDN5

Sally: TDN5


Chris: Did you support StevexLeo, JoshxLeo, or CoconutxLeo?

OJ: Steve x Leo.

Mike: Coconut x Leo.

Angelina: StevexLeo

Sally: Coconut x Leo.

Lili: God I love Leo so much, but I like JoshxLeo. They were so cute together.

Chris: Alright everyone state where you think OJ lied in the questions.

Sally: 3 & 4

Lili:1 &3.

Angelian: 3 & 4

Mike: 3 & 4

OJ: The answers are 1 & 4.

Chris: You each(not OJ) receive a point, where do you think Lili lied.

Sally: thats a hard one...... 3 & 4

Angelina: 1 & 4

Mike: 3 & 4.

OJ: 1 & 4?

Lili: I lied in 1 & 4.

Chris: OJ and Angelina get two points, Mike and Sally get one. Now, where do you think Sally lied?

Lili: 1 & 3.

Angelina: 2 & 3

Mike: 1 & 3.

OJ: 3 & 4?

Sally: i lied on 3 & 4

Chris: Alright, where do you think Angelina lied? Also, OJ got two points, and everyone else one point.

OJ: 2 & 3

Mike: 1 & 4

Lili:1 &4.

Sally: 1 & 2

Angelina: I lied on 1 & 4

Chris: Mike and Lilli get two points, Sally one, OJ zero. Now where do you think Mike lied?

Lili:3 & 4.

Sally: 1 & 4?????

Angelina: 1 & 4

OJ: 1 & 3.

Mike: The answer was 1 & 3.

Chris: We will now announce scores. In last place: Sally, in 4th: Angelina, in 3rd: Lili, in 2nd: Mike, and in 1st: OJ! OJ pick one other person to be safe.

OJ: I choose Lili to also be safe.

Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Vote either Mike, Sally, or Angelina.

Chris: Only one of you got no votes and it's Mike! *passes cake* Today we're using cake as marshmellows, so *throws one to OJ and Lili*, okay, Sally, Angelina you each received at least two votes. Any last words before one of you goes?

Sally: yes, good luck Mike!

Angelina: I want to say sorry to Sally. I voted for you to protect myself. If I go home I deserve it,

Chris: *throws the final cake to Angelina* Sorry Sally, you've been eliminated.

Sally: bye guys! Good luck to you all, especaly Mike! Im proud of myself and i cant wait to find out who wins! bye guys! :D

Lili: About time.........

Chris: If this was an elimination ceremony! OJ for winning you get a prize of this Chris Coin! *passes* It's a secret prize! Sally's still in though.

OJ: That's great!

Aqua Mergers Motel

Chris: New color!

Lili: Colors are nice. do you like colors? In like colors. COLORS!!!! COOOOOOOOOLOOOOOOORRERRRRRSDSSS!

OJ: That's cool.

Lili: I like how you like everything.(CONF) Not too many of em left....

OJ: Well I like the color aqua, that's why.

Lili: mine is pink, aqua is my 3rd fave.

OJ: That's a cool order.

Lili: My 2nd fave is leo......

OJ: Um, Leo's a girl.

Lili: Yeah, I know........

OJ: Okay, just making sure, so who do you think will be eliminated next?

Lili: I hope its Mike, he seems like a meanie, all wanting to get rid of Flare and everythin. Who do you think?

Angelina: Hey guys!

OJ: Hey, Angelina. Anyways, I don't know, Mike seems nice, you're a good person, and Angelina's good so far.

Angelina: Hey OJ! Can I talk to you in private for a sec?

OJ: Sure, *walks to Angelina* What's up?

Lili:(CONF) So far I really like it here. I have no complaints about anything or anyone. I just Leo was still alive and competing. She's as hot as F***

Angelina: *talks in private* Ok. O.J. I like you and I want you to make it to the finals with me and Lili. But the only way we could do that is if we vote out Mike. So can you promise me you will either vote out Mike or Lili at the eviction.

Lili:(CONF) I wonder what Angie and OJ are talking about. Oooooh if she wants to get it on with him I'm gonna be so pissed!

OJ: Um, well Lili and me are already in an alliance, but, um, I could ask her to include you?

Lili:*Looking around* Where is everybody?*sees something, then screams and runs away*

Angelina: That would be great O.J!

Challenge 16 - Master Cake Baker

Chris: Today as a challenge you will be baking cake. Me, Duke, and Season 2 Runner-Up Tyler will be grading it out of 10 each which could lead up to 30 points, but beware each of us hates one kind of cake. We have all ingredients needed here, now go! 3 lines to make, 2 lines to heat in the oven

OJ: *Grabs ingredients for a chocolate cake*

Mike: *grabs ingredients for a strawberry cake*

Angelina: *grabs ingredients for pumpkin cake* (Yummy :p)

Lili: *Grabbing ingredients for a rasberry cake*

OJ: *Starts making*

Mike: *starts making*

Angelina: *starts making*

Lili:*Starts making*

OJ: *Continues making*

Mike: *Continues making*

Angelina: *continues making*

Lili:*Continues making her cake*

OJ: *Finishes making*

Mike: *finishes making*

Lili:*Finishes* Yummy!

Angelina: *finishes*

OJ: *Starts heating in the oven*

Mike: *starts heating in the oven*

Lili:*Starts heating in the oven*

Angelina: *heats in the oven*

Lili:*Cake is finished baking* A masterpiece!

OJ: *Cake is finished*

Mike: *cake is finished*

Angelina: *takes cake out of the oven and adds icing that looks like Tyler's, Chris's , and Duke's faces* I'm sure they will love this!

Chris: Let's start with Lili's cake! *takes a bite* Hmm....7/10.

Duke: *Takes a bite* 8/10.

Tyler: *Takes a bite* Umm, I don't like this flavor but 2/10.

Chris: Lili has a 17/30. Now for OJ's *takes a bite* 8/10....too much like dark chocolate.

Duke: *takes a bite* Not a fan of chocolate cakes, so I'm going to have to give this a 2/10, sorry.

Tyler: *takes a bite* Awesome! 8/10!

Chris: OJ gets 18/30.

Lili: Good job OJ!

Angelina: Yeah OJ! Good job! You too, Lili!

Chris: Suck-ups, I like it, it's Angelina's cake! *takes a bite* I don't like Pumpkin Cake but it looks great! 9/10!

Duke: I don't like suck-ups but *Takes a bite* 3/10.

Tyler: Looks awesome! *takes a bite* 6/10 in taste though.

Chris: It's an 18/30 too!

Lili: I should have made strawberry shortcake.

Chris: Now for Mike's cake! *takes a bite* Strawberry's a favorite of mine, 8/10!

Duke: *takes a bite* It's good, 7/10.

Tyler: Ugh, strawberry *takes a bite* Not as bad as I thought but still bad, 3/10.

Chris: So Mike gets an 18/30 too, so the tiebreaker is which I would eat the best(in real life) which is.................................Mike's. Sorry Angelina and OJ. Now everyone but Mike choose a number 1-3, each has a twist or one with no twist, okay?

Lili: 2.

Angelina: 1

OJ: 2.

Chris: The twist is that Mike gets to put two up for elimination! Choose Mike!

Mike: Um.......

Chris: Actually just give one person immunity.

Mike: I pick Angelina, I guess. I would give it to Sally but she didn't make a cake, sorry.

Angelina: Yay! Thanks, Mike! *gives him a hug* I really appreciate it.


Aqua Mergers Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Vote for Sally, Lili, or OJ.

Chris: Cakes for Mike *passes*, Angelina *passes*, and the only person up for voting with no votes OJ! *Passes* Lili and Sally you each received at least one vote but the person safe is.........Lili *passes* Sorry Sally, you have been eliminated.

Lili: Glad to hear that the rest made the right choice! Farewell Sally!*Walks away*

Aqua Mergers

Chris: 3 late joiners, 1 original.....*laughs*

Lili: Final 4! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY(CONF) Not too many of us left.....

OJ: The final 4 is good, even though we joined REALLY late, to the point we haven't done much, but it's still cool.

Lili: Oh yeah. Well it doesnt matter because WE ARE DA BEST!!!!

OJ: Yeah, I guess. For the time we've been here I think we've been doing good.

Lili: Yes, very good. Very, very good. (CONF) Not too many good things left..........

OJ: Yeah, we've been doing good for the time on the show we have had.

Lili: Best 3 episodes evar!*looks at something* What is that?

OJ: Yeah, I suppose, it's been fun here. and, um, what is what?

Jun:*Taclkes Lili*


OJ: What? Um.....uh......what?

Lili:*Trying to get Jun off of her* Eww shes naked! there's SLIME EVERYWHERE!!!!

Leo:*Appears and kicks Jun off of Lili*

Jun:*Punches Leo*

Leo:*Punches Jun so hard that they both fall into the Earth's core*

OJ: Um....what just happened?

Lili: :O

OJ: Okay then.


Chris: By the way, I hope you like that each of your rivals from back home will be coming for this challenge. >:)


Chris: Stop singing this isn't World Tour.


Chris: Don't make me get the tape.


Chris: *Grabs the tape*

Lili: What I was done! Please dont tell Daddy!*Cries*

Chris: Okay then, be quiet then, I could hear you from my luxury resort across the bloc- I mean my motel.

OJ: Well your singing wasn't that annoying in my opinion, I think.

Lili: *Hugs OJ* Like I said before, you are true gentleman!(CONF) Not too many of them left....

OJ: I'm still confused about what happened earlier though.

Lili: What happened is that I found out that my true love is still alive!

OJ: I'm still confused, I'm just never going to speak of it again.

Lili: Agreed.

OJ: Yeah, so what do you think about being in the final four?

Lili: I feel like a f*****g goddess.

OJ: Okay, I'd just say it feels nice to be here, making it past three episodes.

Lili: Hopefully we're the final 2!

OJ: Yeah, it would be nice to be in the final 2.

Lili: Yeah.

Chris: Here come the rivals! First for Lili there's Asuka!

Lili: aww s***

Chris: Next we have Ashley for Angelina!

Angelina: Holy f***! That b**** is here! Oh. Excuse my language.

Chris: And for OJ we have, um, Yomby, *laughs* stupid name. (XD)

OJ: ....No comment.

Yomby: Hey OJ!

OJ: Please don't talk to me.

Chris: and "Manitoba's" rival, another Australian Explorer, Limberg! *puts fedora on Mike*

Lili: Wow OJ, I never would have guessed you had a rivalry with anyone.

OJ: *To Yomby* Traitor.

Yomby: *To OJ* It was the only way!

Chris: First, interact with your rivals >:)

Lili and Asuka:*Stabbing eachother*



Ashley: Hey Angelina, see you are as b****y as ever.

Angelina: Shut up you ugly slut! *pounds Ashley in the head with a baseball bat*

Lili:SPINNING BIRD KICK!!!!*Spin bird kicks Asuka in the head*

Asuka:*Falls to the ground*

OJ: Wait, just because she ruined your lunch? Wouldn't Lili have apologized?


(A dozen baby penguins show up with machine guns and shoot Asuka to death)

OJ: What the? Penguins?

Lili: I have the ability to talk to baby penguins!

OJ: Okay, that's cool I guess.

Lili: Yay *Hugs OJ* Your soft......

Asuka:B*****Punches and KO's Lili, then turns to Oj* You single?

OJ: What?

Yomby: *to OJ* It wasn't my fault.

OJ: I don't want to talk about this right now, Yomby.

Asuka: So seriously, you wanna go ot?

OJ: I don't even know you.

Asuka: Thats the adventure.

OJ: *Leaves Motel*

Mike: *turns into Manitoba* Hello mates!

Limberg: Why if it isn't Manitoba Smith.

Lili:*Wakes up* Nice going A-Hole! You scared off OJ!

Asuka: Hmph!

Chris: These rivalrys are mostly freaky....good for ratings.

Lili and Asuka:*Slapping eachother*

Chris: And you'll have to work together in one of the mini-challenges >:)


OJ: *Walks back inside* There is no way I'm working with that traitor.

Lili: Me and OJ should work together cuase were so awesome and stuff!

Chris: No sorry Lili and OJ but you have to work with your rival.

Lili: F*** you.

OJ: Well I lost this challenge.

Lili:*Crying* But thank skank is mean!

Chris: Whatever, do I look like I care? *insert trollface here*


Angelina: *drags Ashley over tied up and duck taped on the mouth. Angelina has a whip in her hand* She has to listen to me now! *smacks the whip in Ashley's face* Take that, you fat b****!

Asuka:*Ties up Lili and drags her into a closet*

OJ: .....Okay then.

Lili:*Busts out of closet* HOW DARE YOU HAVE ME GET RAPED BY WYSAL!*Tackles Asuka*

OJ: *Walks away from the motel again*

Asuka:*Gets acid and dums it all over Lili's face* Take this B****!

Lili:*Screaming and crying at the same time*

Chris: *Laughing*

Lili:*Crying* You son of a B****!*Runs away crying*

Asuka:*Maniacally laughs*

Challenge 16 - Rivalry

Chris: Today we will do mini-challenges with everyone's rival, okay?

Lili:*Crying in the corner*

Asuka: Get over it!

Chris: Your first mini-challenge, is to trust your rival with a BIG secret. I mean BIG. The last one with their rival not telling their secret wins.

Lili: *Whispers to Asuka* I'm......................a.................bisexual.....

Asuka: Wait, what?

Angelina: *whispers into Ashley's ear " I cut myself" * Good thing your mouth is taped shut.

Chris: *untapes Ashley's mouth*

Mike: Um *whispers to Limberg* Manitoba isn't me, I have a multiple personality disorder.

Ashley: Angelina......

Angelina: Please, no!

Asuka: *Laughing*


Ashley: cuts---

Angelina: *punches Ashley*

OJ: *Whispers to Yomby* I'm actually somehow, related to Duke and Flare, we're half brothers.

Asuka: You guys! Lili's


Limberg: Why, that makes for a perfect revenge. "Manitoba" is-

Mike: NO!

Ashley: Angelina cuts...

Angelina: NO!!

Yomby: OJ-OJ-

OJ: Don't think about it traitor.

Asuka: Lili's bi.

Lili: S***

Chris: *laughs* And Lili's out of the challenge!

Lili:*Crys* First the acid now this?

Angelina: Keep quiet and I will give you 1/8 of the winnings if I win.

Yomby: OJ-

OJ: *Slaps Yomby* No.

Lili: Asuka, why do you hate me? I accidently drop your lunch and you pour acid on my face!

Yomby: *slaps OJ*

OJ: *Slaps Yomby*

Lili: Try not to fight, please!

Yomby: Too late *Slaps OJ*

OJ: *Slaps Yomby again*

Lili:*leaps and kicks Yomby in the head*

Ashley: Hey Limberg! Spill Mike's secret and I will give you $500!.......possibly.

Limberg: I was going to anyways. Mike has a MP Disorder.

Mike: Aw man.

Chris: It's down to OJ and Angelina!

Yomby: This is between me and OJ-OJ! *Slaps OJ*

OJ: *Slaps Yomby*

Ashley: I have to spill it. Angelina---

Angelina: *tackles Ashley

Yomby: *slaps OJ*

OJ: *Slaps Yomby*

Lili: Why must people fight.........?

Angelina: *punches Ashley again*

Yomby: You know what? I'll just-

OJ: No *slaps Yomby*

Angelina: Say it Yomby! *punches Ashley again and holds down OJ*

OJ: Seriously?

Yomby: OJ-OJ-OJ-OJ, Sorry I get stuck most of the time on his name.

OJ: Someone help?

Angelina: *keeps holding down OJ and punches Ashley again* SAY IT YOMBY!

Lili:NO!!!*Pushes Angie off OJ*

OJ: Thanks!

Yomby: OJ-OJ-OJ-

OJ: *Slaps Yomby*

Yomby: *slaps OJ*

Lili: STOP IT!!!!!*Whacks Yomby with a frying pan*

Yomby: Ow! OJ-OJ-OJ-

OJ: Okay, seriously Yomby?

Yomby: Yeah, seriously, OJ-OJ-OJ-

OJ: >.>

Angelina: SAY IT ALREADY!!

Lili:*Attacks both Yomby and Angie*

OJ: Ashley, come on you can tell it now!

Lili: TELL IT NOW!!!!

Ashley: What? Where am I? Who are you guys?


Chris: Well she has to know the secret, so let Angelina go and tell it to her.

Lili:*Shoves Angelina into Ashley* SAY IT!!!!

Angelina: *whispers to Ashley* I cut myself but-


Lili: Oh finally!

Chris: And OJ wins this one! Thanks Ashley, Yomby, Asuka, and Limberg, in fact I kind of want you guys to stay.

Lili: Oh god no.....

Elimination Ceremony

Chris: It's time to vote!

Chris: Alright, cakes for: OJ *Passes* and Mike *passes* Lili, Angelina, you have both received some votes and the person going home is..........Angelina! *passes Lili cake* Sorry Angelina, you have been eliminated.


Angelina: Bye guys! I guess its back to the streets for me.

Lili: You were a worthy opponent. I'd love to face you in the ring one day.

Angelina: Sure.

Lili: Good. Now leave peasant!

Chris: *pushes Angelina into the COL* And only 3 remain, who will win TDM?

Ashley: Wait! I didn't forget everything! I just wanted to avoid bodily harm! *shoots Angelina in the back of the head* HAHA!

Aqua Mergers Motel

Lili: Congrats for winning Oj! I bet you would have won even without my help!

OJ: Thanks, I actually owe my winning to you and the fact Yomby takes a while saying OJ.

Lili: *Blushes*

OJ: But why does Yomby take a while saying OJ?

Lili: Maybe he stutters a lot.

OJ: That's probably the case.

Lili: Why does face burn? Oh yeah. Stupid Asuka. All I did was drop her lunch on accident.

OJ: Yeah, I don't know why that's a proper reason but, okay then.

Lili: Shes weird. I guess she has anger probs or somethin.

OJ: I guess so. So, isn't it awesome being in the final 3?

Lili: It totally is! I have no doubt we'll be in the final 2!*Hugs OJ*

OJ: Yeah, but if Mike does win, we're in trouble.

Lili: Oh.....I forgot about that.....

OJ: Don't worry though. Hopefully one of us wins.

Lili: I know! We should team up and make sure that Mike loses! What do you say?

OJ: Sure I guess, nice thinking.

Lili:Thanks! I love my brain!

OJ: Yeah, that was a good idea, you can go ahead I'll make sure Mike doesn't go far.

Lili:*Blushes* k.

OJ: Alright, so there will be a bigger chance on of us wins, well mostly you, but yeah.

Mike: (CONF) I'm the last did that happen?

Lili:(CONF) OJ is so nice, and sweet, and charming, and nice, and awesome, and charming, and nice, and sexy as f***, and nice,

OJ: So we have a plan? Good, hopefully it succeeds.

Lili: I'm having no doubts! And if we do get in the finals, the winner must share the winnings! K?

OJ: Alright deal.

Lili: Yay! *Kisses OJ, then gasps*

OJ: Wait, what?

Lili:I'm so sorry, forgive me. Plz.

OJ: Um, sure, I guess.


OJ: Just a question, but what was that for?

Lili: see If I'm straight or not? Yeah, thats why*Nervous*

OJ: *Looks questionably at Lili* Okay then.

Lili: You dont believe me at all LIKE A BOSS do you?

OJ: No I don't, sorry.

Lili: I like you. Where do we go from here?

OJ: Wait, what? (CONF) Again.


OJ: I have no idea.

Lili:This is kinda akward.....

OJ: Well, I praise you for being honest, I guess, but I still have no idea, of where this conversation should go.

Lili: We some things...........

OJ: Um, no thanks.

Lili: Awwwwwwww(LIKE A BOSS)

Yomby: *walks in* Hey OJ-OJ-

OJ: I'm out of here *leaves*

Chris: Yeah I kept Yomby and Asuka here for one more Motel Chat.....hurray for me and stuff.

Asuka: THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU RUIN SOMEONES LUNCH B****!*Shoots Lili in both knees, sets Lili on fire*


Yomby: *high fives Asuka*

Asuka:*Punches, Yomby* Dont touch me creep!*A bit of slime rubs off on Yomby's face*

Yomby: Hey-hey-hey-hey-Forget it. >.>, hey-hey-hey-hey, why did you put slime on my face?

Asuka:What?.........Oh S***

Lili: Wait a minute..........*Screams*

Asuka:*Slime surrounds her and she turns into something similiar to Jun*

Yomby: And-and-and-and, you thought I was a creep *leaves the motel*

Leo: Damn it not again! *Punches Asuka so hard that the ground crumbles and Leo,Asuka,and Chris are sent falling to the Earth's core*

Chris: That was Josh in a Chris Costume again :D


OJ: *Walks back into the motel, covering his ears* I don't want to hear it Yomby.

Yomby: But OJ-OJ-OJ-

OJ: I'm being serious.

Lili:LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!*Gets horse whip and whacks Yomby repeatedly with it*

Yomby: Could you stop? I'm trying-trying to apologize.

OJ: That's a first.

Lili: YOUR A MEANIE!!!!!

Yomby: What-what-what did I do?

OJ: Well one you betrayed me and two you haven't apologized for it.

Yomby: .....I'm sor-

OJ: No, Yomby, I'm just going to go to my Motel Room, now *goes to mtoel room*

Lili:*Slaps Yomby* If I see you again I'm gonna cut off you d*** and feed it to Leo!

Yomby: But-but-but-but- you know what? If no one can stand me stuttering to say sorry-sorry-sorry, I'll just leave, that's what I've-I've-I've been trying to do, but OJ won't-won't listen, so bye *leaves*


Chris: Um, OJ and Mike are in their motel rooms.

Lili: DANCE PARTY IN OJ'S MOTEL ROOM!*Runs to OJ's room, but hits her head on the door* Why isnt this thing opening?

OJ: *Opens door* Did someone knock?

Lili: Um, I did?

OJ: Oh, you can come in, if you want.

Lili: YAY!!!!!!! (CONF) At my house in Monaco, we have doors that open for you.

OJ: So what's up?

Lili: Well, I almost got killed again today. And I kicked Yomby's a**

OJ: That's cool, I think, the Yomby part not the killed part.

Lili: Oh thank god. PS withut his knowing I cut off his thing and fed it to Leo.

OJ: Okay then.

Lili: It was funny!......................So whats up?

OJ: Um, nothing, really, so why did you come here?

Lili: Cause no ones outside. And I'm lonely.

OJ: Oh, okay.

Lili: Where's Mike, anyway?

OJ: I don't know I think he went out for a walk.\

Lili:Oh. Okay then.

OJ: Yeah, so we're the only ones in the motel, except when Chris walks in randomly.

Lili: So, nice place you got here!

OJ: Thanks, I try to keep it organized.

Lili: Organized people are nice(CONF) Not too many of them left....

OJ: Yeah, I guess.

Lili: Its quiet since theres only us and Mike left.

OJ: Yeah, because it's the final 3!


OJ: So yeah, less people means less noice, I suppose.

Lili: Yeah, your right about that.

OJ: Yeah, plus since we debuted REALLY late, we had a good chance of winning.

Lili: ONE OF US WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope......

OJ: Yeah, I hope so too, we both deserve to, I think.

Lili:Yeah. Definatly!(CONF) MIKE DESERVES TO DIE!!!!!

OJ: Yeah, but Mike does too, he was in it since the beginning. But yeah, good luck in the challenge, too.


OJ: What?

Lili: I forgot.

OJ: Well, I think it was a good reason.


OJ: So, are we done with the yay's or do we have more?

Lili:Uh, I'm done.

OJ: Okay, so, um, what now?

Lili: I dont know.

OJ: Okay then.

Lili:*In head* Ask to have sex, ask to have sex, ASK TO HAVE SEX BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGHHH

OJ: Well, I'm just going to go outside for a walk. See ya later *leaves the motel*


OJ: *Outside, walking* Well, there is nothing to do >.>

Lili:*Sitting in OJ's motel akwardly*

OJ: *Sees Mike* Hey Mike, good luck in the challenge tomorrow.

Mike: Thanks.

Lili:*opens one of OJ's closets and finds a feret* AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!*Closes closet*

OJ: *Walks back to motel room*

Lili: *Naked*

OJ: *Doesn't look at Lili and quickly grabs notebook and walks outside*


OJ: *Walking outside, drawing on notebook* Well, I need to do something until the challenge starts.

Lili:.............this is a gonna be a lot harder than I thought! I should Mike for help!

OJ: *Drawing on notebook*

Lili:*Tackles Mike* Hi Mike, I need some help. How do get a guy to have intercourse with you?

Mike: What the? I'm just going to leave. *disappears*


OJ: *Drawing*

Lili:*In head* I should sleep with him right here right now.

OJ: *Leaves to Chris' office*

Chris: What?

OJ: When's the challenge?

Chris: I don't know.

OJ: >.>

Lili: I'm should probably put my clothes back on....

Tumbleweed: *rolls along*

Lili:*Runs into OJ's motel to get her clothes, only find them eaten by the feret*

Ferret: *trollface*

Lili:O_O *Walks out of motel*

OJ: So no challenge yet?

Chris: Soon, maybe.

Lili: ..........Its cold.......

OJ: Okay then.

Chris: Okay.

Lili:*Covers herself in a towel*

OJ: Um, so now what?

Chris: I don't know.

Lili: START THE F****** CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tumbleweed: *rolls along AGAIN*

Lili: WTF is with the tumbleweed?

OJ: *Walks back to the motel, reading a book*

Lili:*In the CONF for warmth*

OJ: *Walks into motel room and reads his book* What? It's the only thing I can do.

Lili:*Destroys camera in CONF* I dont want you watching me while I'm pissing!

OJ: *Reading* So, that's how you make tomato soup.

Lili:*Busts in the motel* I LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE TOMATO SOUP!!! How do you make it?

OJ: *Deep in the book* Um, here *passes her the book and draws on his notebook*

Lili:*Finds a playboy magazine in the book* O_O

OJ: What? Is the recipe bad? *looks in the book* What's that doing in there? O_O

Lili:*looks through the playboy magazine* :3

OJ: Okay then.

Lili:Why am I IN ALL THE PAGES!? This book looks home-made

OJ: You know what? I'm just confused right now. I have no idea.

Lili: Maybe one of the interns has a crush on me.

OJ: Okay then, hold on I have a headache.

Lili:Alright. I'm gonna go.*leaves the motel*

OJ: *Holding head* Ow.

Lili:*Goes into her own motel, and finds a stripper outfit*O_O

Yomby: *walks back in* Hey OJ-OJ-OJ-

OJ: Didn't you leave already, traitor? >.>

Lili:*Puts on stripper outfit* I gotta wear something.

Yomby: Look, I want to apologize.

OJ: Seriously? Don't you think you're a little late.

Yomby: I'm sorry though.

Lili:*Walks in* THATS IT!!!!*Cuts off Yomby's thing and feesds it to Leo*


Yomby: That-that was Josh in a costume, again.

OJ: Wait, don't do anything, I want to hear the apology.

Leo:*Throws up Josh's thing*


OJ: Well, there's a handheld game system gone to waste, hence "thing".

Yomby: I'm sorry, I was just blackmailed to.

OJ: Alright, I'll forgive you for now.


(Curtain closes)

OJ: Wait what? This isn't a movie.

Lili: I'm just as confused as you are.

OJ: Okay then.

Yomby: So, um, OJ-OJ-

OJ: Yes, it's okay.

Yomby: Great, thanks!

Lili: Wow, that was a lot of bulls*** for nothing!

OJ: Well, that was a close call.

Lili: Yeah, I suppose.

OJ: (CONF) Well, I was almost eliminated, so yeah, I might be eliminated soon.

Lili:*In one of the motels* You know Leo this red couch would go great for one of your red wine passouts

Leo:*Faints on the red couch*

Lili: Okay then

OJ: *Drawing in notebook, bored* >.>

Lili: Watcha drawin?

OJ: I'm drawing, well I don't know actually.


OJ: Um, okay?

Lili: I bet the challenge is going to be hard, since the first was so easy. n stuff

Challenge 17 - Hello World!

Chris: Welcome final 3 :)

Lili: I am ready to dance with beauty, and win with grace!

OJ: What?

Lili: Just my rich-girl totally awesome side speaking.

OJ: Okay....


Mike: And, um, why does the challenge not seem to be like a possible challenge we'll have?

Lili: I'm not gonna like this challenge, am I?

Chris: First, we have cameos! Flare, Zoey, Angelina-Bot, and um, Leo?

Leo:*Goes to Oj* So, you the new kid?

OJ: Um, yeah?

(Leo rapes OJ)


OJ: Josh in an OJ costume, is always quite useful. *disappears*

Zoey: I can't believe I am here... this is ridiculous...

Mike: (CONF) Being in the final 3 is cool, can't believe I made it this far, but yeah.

Lili: I'm so excited!

Zoey: You only got here by debuting so late...

Lili: You debut much earlier!


Chris: I don't know, he disappeared.


Angelina-bot: BEEP BOOP BOP.


OJ: *Re-appears* Back, I also bought this forcefield from someone.


OJ: So yeah. I'm ready for the challenge.

Lili: Me too! lets get this started!

Leo: *looking at Lili's Playboy magazine* O_O

Chris: We also have Cody, Aaron, and someone else I don't remember the name of.

Leo: Cody? Its been so long! Ypour the only kid I didnt rape in TDN5!

Cody: Um.....*disappears*

Aaron: Hello yello.

Lili: *Practices her fighting stance*

Mike: Um, interesting cameos?



Leo: Have we met?

Lili:*Kicks Aaron* GET YOUR OFF MY MUFFIN!

OJ: Well, okay then >.>

Lili: Dont worry. Your hot too.

OJ: Wait, wh- and my headache's back.

Lili: Need an ice pack?

OJ: No I'm fine, it's just minor.


OJ: And, um, no offense Chris, but why did you bring back more cameos from the closet of losers, even after Cyrus escaped for a short period of time?

Chris: Because I did.

leo: I was never in the clost of losers.

Chris: Do you want me to send you to jail for, um, yeah?

Leo: What'd I do?

Chris: Yeah, nevermind. Anyways, the challenge is- *is called* Hold on. What do you mean this challenge is unsafe?

Lili: What challenge isnt unsafe on this show?

Chris: Fine! We have a new challenge!

Lili: What is it?

Chris: Race through this track to get to the pie(3 lines), then eat the pie slowly (2 lines), and then you win, the cameos are here to cheer you on! Go!

OJ: *Starts running*

Mike: *starts running*

Lili:*Starts running*

Cody: Good luck guys!

OJ: *Runs*

Mike: *runs*


OJ: *Arrives to the pie*

Mike: *arrives to the pie*

Lili:*arrives to the pie*

OJ: *Grabs the pie*

Mike: *grabs the pie*

Cody: Come on guys!

Lili:*Grabs pie*

Cody: You can do it guys!

Lili:*eats pie*

Chris: And Lili wins so OJ or Mike will go home.

Lili:YAY!!!! Sorry Oj.

OJ: It's alright Lili.

Final 3 Elimination Ceremony

Chris: Who will go home: OJ or Mike?

Lili:(CONF) My decision is final! Mike is leaving TONIGHT!

Mike: (CONF) OJ, sorry.

Chris: Doesn't this elimination feel tense?

Lili: I have no doubt that this elimination will send the right person home.

Mike: *looks down nervously*

OJ: *A bit nervous*

Lili:*Braiding her hair*

OJ: (CONF) I think it may be me who goes home today....

Lili:(CONF) I know that I'm not leaving. And that OJ will be alongside me at th finale, still in the running or not!

Chris: So, who do you all think will go home today?

Lili: I cant believe your even asking! Mike for sure!

OJ: I think I may go home.

Mike: I'm thinking I may go home too.

Lili:Oj? What? Why do you think that? Snap out of it!

OJ: Well, let's face it, Mike was an original, so yeah, it's probably meaning that I'm the one going home so a debuter will go against an original for better ratings.

Lili: But it matters on who we vote! Unless you voted youself, thats impossible!

OJ: While that is true, isn't there usually a final 3 twist?

Lili: No! they wouldnt do that!

OJ: Well, he is Chris, besides that happened in TDN2.

Lili: How should I know that? The users didnt create me yet!

OJ: Oh, but wouldn't you have watched it?

Lili: I didnt exist yet becuase my user wasnt on wikia at the time!


OJ: Oh, well okay then, but I'm still wondering if I will go home.


OJ: Wait, should I use my prize coin from earlier?


OJ: But it could not be bad luck.

Lili: Just do it so that me and my user can get some sleep.

OJ: I choose to use the coin.

Chris: Alright, well the outcome will result in something bad in you and the other 2 contestants!


Chris: NO IMMUNITY! >:), ONE AUTO-VOTE FOR EVERYONE! BUT the final 2 get a good breakfast and stuff.

Lili: Um, ok. Is the breakfast good?

Chris: IF this was an elimination, Lili for winning you get a prize :), the actual challenge will be in like an hour, because eating pie would NEVER be the challenge, so um, go back to the Motel Chat over yonder and the challenge will be THE FINALE!

Challenge 18 - The Finals of the Motel

Chris: Lili has an automatic pass to the final two so it's Mike vs OJ for the other spot!

Lili:COME ON OJ!!!!!!!!!

Chris: It's a lightsaber battle the volcano with jelly! Good luck! GO!

Mike: *hits OJ with lightsaber*

OJ: *About to fall over but regains balance*

Mike: Sorry *whacks lightsaber on OJ's head*

OJ: *Gets dizzy and drops lightsaber into the jelly* Aw man....

Mike: *continues trying to hit the lightsaber on OJ*

OJ: *Barely dodging* I'm still dizzy....


OJ: *Too dizzy* Ugh....*about to fall* Woah!

Mike: Sorrry, but it's just jelly *whacks OJ off*

OJ: *falls into the jelly, which is actually lava* AHHHH!

Chris: Wait, what? O_O, um, Rest in Peace, OJ.

Mike: Wait, so I killed somebody? No!

Chris: Um, sorry.....


Mike: But you said it was jelly!

Chris: Um, I think I used the wrong volcano.....

Mike: Aw man! I'm quitting, I'm not going to try and win one million dollars by killing somebody!

Chris: Um, that mean Lili wins......yay?


Chris: Um, join us next time for the next season *on phone* What do you mean I can get sued?

After the Ending

OJ: *When everyone leaves, back on the platform, twitching* Death, death.....

Yomby: Hey OJ-

OJ: *Pushes Yomby off into the volcano* Revenge. Lili. Mike. Chris. *puts on a mask* They will die. Harold too.


Chris: *Hands Lili a million dollars*


Chris: No problem.

Lili:*Thinking about OJ*

Harold: Congrats for winning. But, gosh. OJ.

Flare: Well, he's dead.....may he rest in peace?

Lili:*Holding back tears*

Leo:*Comforts Lili*Cheer up.

OJ: *Hidden* *Throws a knife at Harold's head*

Harold: GOSH!?! *dies*



OJ: *Throws a knife at Chris*

Chris: *dismalfunctions, turning out to be a robot*

OJ: *In mask, dashes in, and cuts off Cyrus and Cassidy's heads, then hops back and stabs Katelyn*

Flare: ....Instead of running away, I'll walk away from this weirdness *walks away*

The rest survive, and Chris is found out to be in the studio of the next season, Total Drama: Back to the Neighborhood. However, only a few come back for next season, while OJ isn't seen ever again.


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