Total Drama Meltdown
Total Drama Meltdown
Production Info
Creator User:Chase555
Contest Info
Theme Hawaiian-Themed
Teams 3
Contestants Competing TBA

Total Drama Meltdown is an open camp that takes place on Meltdown Mountain, located off the coast of Hawaii. This season will feature 3 teams and 18 contestants total. Chris brings back some pervious contestants as well as some new ones to compete in this brand new season.


All rules are exactly the same as every other camp. All challenges are different with a different twist and turn.

During elimination, contestants must vote someone off and someone to be exiled to The Lost Woods.

Winners stay at the luxurious Hawaiian Hotel. Losers stay in cabins.

Participants (CLOSED)

Sign up your character, their stereotype, and who's portraying them. You can sign up as two characters if wanted.

  1. Rhett - The Paranoid Dude - BlazeHead 51
  2. Cassidy/Kassidy - The Polite Sweetheart/The Devil's Child - DerpyandDawn
  3. Ash - The YouTuber - Ashgraham2
  4. Donny - The Pushover Who Fades into the Background - TF
  5. Ryan - The Gamer - Conker511
  6. Mia - The Chamula Girl - 631649
  7. Stoffle - The Man With A "Fat Beer Belly" - Dakota
  8. Denver - The Root of All Evil - Usitgz
  9. Manuel - The Geek - Miguelcamino
  10. Hope - The Hyperactive ORG Player -TDY
  11. Princess - The Beautiest From All - Loenev
  12. Gus - The Rat Exterminater - Dakota
  13. Baby Rosalina - The Cute Overload - DerpyandDawn
  14. Jimmy - The Nerdy Loser - Surferdude1219
  15. Bob - The girl named Bob - Usitgz
  16. Peck - The Determined, Short One - TF
  17. Brent - The Quiet, Calculating Guy - Surferdude1219
  18. Yumiko - The Kawaii Exchange Student - XxSolarEclipsexX

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 M 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Advances
9th Rhett Supreme Superstars WIN SAFE WIN RISK IN SAFE SAFE OUT PASS
10th Mia Fantastic Fighters SAFE IN SAFE WIN SAFE RISK OUT PASS
12-11th Donny Supreme Superstars WIN SAFE WIN SAFE IN OUT FAIL
12-11th Gus Fantastic Fighters EXILE IN SAFE WIN SAFE OUT FAIL
13th Ash Fantastic Fighters RISK IN EXILE WIN OUT FAIL
15-14th Hope Supreme Superstars WIN SAFE WIN OUT FAIL
15-14th Princess Thrilling Thunderbolts IN WIN IN OUT FAIL
16th Manuel Fatntastic Fighters SAFE IN OUT FAIL
17th Stoffle Supreme Superstars WIN OUT FAIL
18th Bob Fantastic Fighters OUT FAIL


Color Meaning
WIN The contestant(s) won the challenge
RISK The contestant was in the bottom two of elimination, but was later safe
OUT The contestant was eliminated from the competition
SAFE The contestant was safe from elimination
WINNER The contestant was the winner of the competition
RUNNER UP The contestant placed 2nd in the competition
TETRITARY The contestant placed 3rd in the competition
EXILE The contestant was exiled to the "Lost Woods"
SAFE The contestant was given free immunity
IN The contestant's team placed 2nd in the challenge
LOW The contestant received some votes after the merge, but was not in the bottom two
FAIL The contestant will not compete in the next camp
PASS The contestant will (if allowed) compete in the next camp
Color Meaning
Thrilling Thunderbolts The contestant was a member of the Thrilling Thunderbolts
Fantastic Fighters The contestant was a member of the Fantastic Fighters
Supreme Superstars The contestant was a member of the Supreme Superstars

Note: Teams have yet to be decided


Chris: *shown at Meltdown Mountain's docks* Yo! Wattup entire viewing world and welcome to Total Drama Meltdown! We've got 18 new campers to join in this grueling and dangerous season. *sees the contestants arrive* And here they are now! Welcome everyone to Meltdown Mountain!

Yumiko: *looks around, giggling* Oh my gosh! This is so awesome! :D

Mia: Wow is Cool

Jimmy: My first camp!

Yumiko: Fun! *cheering*

Jimmy: Whoo hoo! *high-fives* (CONF) Yukimo seems nice... But I wonder if he's a threat. (END CONF)

Mia: Oh Exelent

Rhett: i wonder if i was followed....(looks over his shoulder multiple times)

Mia: Rhett is Cool

Jimmy: Umm... What?

Mia: Thanks Jimmy

Brent: Hi. *goes to corner and begins to think*

Mia: Hello Brent

Baby Rosalina: *Eats Cookie and Smiles*

Cassidy: It's so nice to meet you all I can't wait to get to know everyone (Kassidy) YES it will be easier to cut there throats if I gain there trust

Brent: *grunts at Mia* (CONF) My plan is to fly under the radar until the end of the game... And then SNAP! Demolish my prey. *grins creepily* But really, I'm a nice guy! Except for when I'm not! *camera zooms in on Brent's face, Brent's eye twitches*

Jimmy: Hey Cassidy! You seem like a nice -- did you just threaten to slit my throat? (CONF) Dual personality, much?

Cassidy: Um..........I don't reckon? (Kassidy) I will make burn in hell (Cassidy) you must have heard something else *Smiles*


Chris: Okay freaks, it's challenge time! Below, you have all randomly been selected on 3 different teams.

Supreme Superstars Thrilling Thunderbolts Fantastic Fighters
Rhett C(K)assidy Ash
Donny Ryan Mia
Stoffle Denver Manuel
Hope Princess Gus
Baby Rosalina Jimmy Bob
Peck Brent Yumiko

Chris: Congrats! Now for the challenge! You must first travel all the way up the Volcanic Mountain (10 lines). Once you have completed that, you must bring back a photograph of a volcano erupting. The first person back, will win invincibility for their entire team! 2nd Place will simply get nothing. And the last team, will face elimination...on day 1. Now, on your marks...get set, GO!

Cassidy: *Runs* (1)

Baby Rosalina: *Runs* (1)

Mia: *Runs* (1)

Cassidy: *Runs* (2)

Baby R: *Runs* (2)

Mia: *Runs* (2)

Donny: I'm surprised I was remembered. *runs* (1)

Peck: *runs* (1)

Cassidy: *Runs* (3)

Baby R: *Runs* (3)

Mia: *Runs* (3)

Cassidy: *Runs* (4)

Donny: *runs* (2)

Peck: *runs* (2)

Cassidy: *Runs* (5)

Donny: *runs* (3)

Peck: *runs* (3)

Cassidy: *Runs* (6)

Mia: *Runs* (4)

Cassidy: *Runs* (7)

Donny: *runs* (4)

Peck: *runs* (4)

Cassidy: *Runs* (8)

Baby Rosalina: *Runs* (4)

Donny: *runs* (5)

Peck: *runs* (5)

Cassidy: *Runs* (9)

BR: *Runs* (5)

Donny: *runs* (6)

Peck: *runs* (6)

Cassidy: *Runs* (10) Done!

Baby Rosalina; *Runs* (6)

Donny: *runs* (7)

Peck: *runs* (7)

Mia: *Runs* (5)

Donny: *runs* (8)

Peck: *runs* (8)

Stoffle: *runs* (1)

Gus: *runs* (1)

Donny: *runs* (9)

Peck: *runs* (9)

Jimmy: *runs* (1)

Jimmy: *runs* (2)

Jimmy: Wait, we won! Nice job Cassidy and your little friend.

Chris: Not quite. I said to bring back a photo of a volcano erupting once you have made it all the way to the top. So, it's still anyone's game!

Donny: *runs* (10)

Peck: *runs* (10)

Jimmy: Shoot. *runs* (3)

Donny: *brings back photo of volcano*

Peck: *brings back photo of volcano*

Jimmy: (runs4)

Jimmy: runs (5)

Jimmy: ok, second place. As long as we don't go to elimination!

Stoffle: *runs* (2)

Gus: *runs* (2)

Yumiko: *runs* (1) Volcanoes are scary! :( I think it's upset!

Jimmy: what the heck (runs 6)

Yumiko: *runs* (2) It's growling and upset! D: Does it want some cake? :3

Chris: The Supreme Superstars win! Sorry, Thunderbolts. You were REALLY close. Fantastic Fighters, see ya' at elimination!

Yumiko: D'aww, how upsetting! :(

Cassidy: Don't worry maybe next time *Smiles* (Kassidy) I am death (Cassidy) I'm sure you will make it to the next episode

Jimmy: Great job, guys! I almost missed the challenge because it was so out of the blue!

Brent: Congrats. (CONF) That was close. I have to figure out who I want to eliminate first. Three of us were inactive in the challenge... Maybe get rid of them first?

Elimination 1: Fantastic Fighters

Chris: Fighters, it's time to vote who will be eliminated and who will be exiled. Ready and go!

Yumiko: (CONF) *votes Bob for elimination* You don't seem very fun! :( Sorry, oniichan!

Mia: (CONF) *votes Bob for elimination* Sure Hehehehehe

Bob: (CONF) *votes Ash for elimination* Ash getting elimanted in a volcano challenge kind of fits, doesn't it?

Ryan: (CONF) *votes Bob* Okay, done that... *checks to-do list* Done, done and not d- *looks left and right before ticking it* all done, so... *gets out 3ds and starts gaming*

Gus: *votes Bob from elimanation* Good Bye & *votes himself for Exile* I deserve it

Chris: Well it's unanimous that Bob is the first camper eliminated from the island. Later Bob! And Gus is the one getting exiled, since he was the only one who voted to be exiled...Well...see ya' next time!

Jimmy: sorry Bob! (CONF) One less competitor!

Mia: Bye Bob

Episode 2: Did You Click That?

Hawaiian Hotel: Supreme Superstars

Rhett: this place is awesome!, just look at the size of these beds! (jumps onto a king size bed)

Hope: This is awesome (Sorry I missed the challenge :()

Cabins: Thrilling Thunderbolts & Fantastic Fighters

Jimmy: This stinks.

Brent: Yup. (CONF) Targets? Cassidy... Her dual personality scares me, but she helped in the challenge. I'll keep her around, at least until the merge

Mia: (CONF)Ash is a Bacca Man But Ryan anh Princess No Ahhh Ok

Yumiko: *runs around in the cabin, cheering and giggling, whacks her hand on the wall and gets a splinter, and begins crying!* Ahhh! :( It hurts! :'(

Brent: *picks Yukimo up* (CONF) This girl is too hyper to be a threat

Yumiko: *cries louder* Oniichan, help me get the meany splinter out! >:(

Brent: *takes out huge pair of tweezers* This is only going to hurt a bit (CONF) Good thing she signed the waivers

Mia: Hey Brent

Ryan: *playing some roleplaying game* Huh? Yukimo! You need the power of a medic!!! *goes up to her and starts... pretending to heal her when he is plainly not* (CONF) I will play anything that even relates to games, even educational games! This addiction, well at least that is what my parents call it, led to me joining this competition, I regret it though... (END CONF)

Yumiko: Oh my gosh! It feel so so much better! :D *squeezes Ryan in her arms, with a tight hug* Thank you oniichan! :D

Ryan: *Hugs her back* Well, It was nice to help you, but now I have to level up in my quest to kill the dragon of Grainsforgin! *runs up to Princess and starts hitting her with a sword over and over again*

Denver: I hope you all perish in a never-ending fire.

Jimmy: (CONF) OH my gosh are we a weird bunch.

Yumiko: That's not vewy fwendly! :(

Brent: ... (CONF) I think Yukimo is going first. Way. Too. Happy!

Yumiko: (CONF) I think my team is awesome, but they're not all so happy! :(

Denver: Who said I had to be friendly? I can do whatever I want! *picks up a cockroach and crushes it in her fist while laughing at Yumiko*

JImmy: Whoa.

Brent: (CONF) This guy is creeping me out. I think he has to get on my list.

Yumiko: *crying* Cockroaches are yucky, but that's mean! D:

Jimmy: (CONF) I would rather be programming a computer game right now (END CONF) Guys please stop fighting, you're giving me a major headache.

Yumiko: *wipes tears* Sorry.

Jimmy: It's OK. (CONF) Finally *Someone bangs on the confessional door* I'M TRYING TO UNLEASH MY INNER FEELINGS HERE!!! Some people these days.

Denver: You should feel fortunate that I crushed this cocroach instead of you, your kind are even more deplorable than these "yucky" bugs. *flicks the remains of the cockroach into Yumiko's hair* And don't say you're sorry, it only makes you look weaker.

Brent: (CONF) That statement made me have so much respect for Denver. Should I... I'm gonna (END CONF) *walks up to Brent, holding a note that says "ALLIANCE." Passes it to Denver*

Ryan: *looks at Denver after beating up Princess* Hey! Don't do that to thy lady, Yumiko! *starts whacking Denver with his sword repeatedly* >:I

Jimmy: *rubbing his temples in anger*

Ryan: Jimmy, will you please join'eth my party to slay evil Denver! *beating up Denver with his sword*

Denver: I feel as if someone is trying to injure me, but failing miserably. *turns around to face Ryan* Oh look, a gnat. *takes Ryan's sword and breaks it in half over her knee* Try pestering me again, and I'll break your joystick, instead. *drops the broken sword halfs, then walks over to Brent* *reads note, smirks, then tears it to pieces* Well, well, well, it seems like the quiet one wants to ally with the likes of me. I don't do alliances, but I am more than willing to make a deal with you, but you're going to have to earn it.

Jimmy: (CONF) I think Ryan means he wants to make an alliance with me. (END CONF) Sure.

Brent: *stammers* W-what would that be? (CONF) Is he really doing this?

Ryan: You litte punk! I will avenge thy lady and kick you right out of the game! And you now owe me £5.60 for that sword! Ad Brent, never go down the path of evil, or you will go astray *walks away to Yumiko and Jimmy and conforts Yumiko*

Jimmy: *whispering so only Ryan and Yukimo can hear* We need to get this guy. He's an absolute pest. I don't care if we have to go through Brent first.

Denver: A contract or a deal of sorts. I'll give you the full details later, but I guarentee that you'll definitely not want to miss out on it. In order to fulfill this deal's requirements, you're going to have to complete a set of five simple trials to prove your worthiness of the contract. You've already completed the first trial of speaking to me, and if you wish to demonstrate that you're worth my time, I'll give the details on the second trial when I feel that you're ready. I implore you to ignore the illogical rants of the gnat, for it knows not of what it speaks.

Brent: Ready when you are. (CONF) I don't think Denver's gonna last long, unless I get dirt on some of the other contestants on my team. Yukimo, Jimmy, and Ryan make up half the team. If just those three vote Denver, the odds are against him. However I think Denver could be useful down the line. I have to keep him around.

Ryan: *wispering so only Jimmy and Yukimo can hear* Yes, And if we DO need to take out Brent to get rid of him, so be it... *the words in bold is heard by Brent*

Denver: Excellent, it's rejuvinating to bear witness to an eager new acolyte. Although, for now, we must conserve our energy for the challenges ahead and rest, for even *shudders* God needed rest on the seventh day. *lays down and appears to close her eyes* (CONF) What a quaint space to reveal secrets. I can't help but wonder why I would reveal secrets, when they're so important and will shoot right over the heads of the mindless herd that watches this show? *laughs*

Princess: I'm sooo bored.

Yumiko: *playing with her toes*

Princess: Now i will help you in the challenge guys! Go Tunderbolts. *smiles*

Ryan: Oh, sorry for beating you earlier Princess, I needed to level up... *wispers to Princess* Help me, Jimmy and Yumiko get rid of Denver pls! D:

Princess: It's not a problem at all. *wispers to Ryan* Ehh .. question. Who is Denver?

Ryan: *points to Denver, the guy with the huge monolodge*

Yumiko: Denver-chan, don't be such a meanie! :(

Brent: *hears Ryan, face turns red* (CONF) I need Denver now if they are out to get me.

Jimmy: (CONF) I have a feeling that Denver will go first, followed by either Yukimo or Brent. Unless, Brent tries something crazy to save Denver, then Denver might be going places

Cassidy: Well I can't wait till the challenge!


Chris: Welcome teams! Today's challenge is a scavenger hunt around the World Wide Web! I will give out some clues and you must link them all back to me. If you get them all wrong, then your team is out. First person with all correct videos, wins immunity for their team. Remember, this is a difficult and thrilling challenge, so be prepared. And you must find the FULL video as well. Now, time for the clues:

  1. "Sharkiesha Noooo!"
  2. "But first, let me take a selfie!"
  3. ...Shovel Girl strikes...
  4. "The cold never bothered me anyway!"

Ready and go!

Brent: Sorry guys, I'm just not a fan of the shovel/sharkeisha vid. I found it but felt wrong about it

Chris: Ohhh! Sorry, Brent. You only got 2/4, so you're out the challenge. Hopefully your team will get the next ones.

Mia: is Fantastic


Am I right?

Chris: Oh...That was a lot easier than I thought...Thrilling Thunderbolts win! Well I guess the next member of the opposing teams can just copy and paste then come in second...

Jimmy: YAY!!! (CONF) And they owe it all to me


Chris: Great save, Yumiko! Fighters come in second, Superstars are heading to elimination.

Jimmy: Hotel, here we come.

Elimination: Supreme Superstars

Chris: Well, I want to do you guys win the first challenge and loose the next? Anyway, vote someone to be eliminated and someone to be exiled.

Baby Rosalina: (CONF) I vote Stoffle he doesn't talk or help! *Smiles really cute*

Hope: (CONF) Stoffle! (Guys, I am SO SORRY! I never make in time for challenges they are not when I am able to do it :()

Chris: Okay, this is taking forever people! Let's just end this! Stoffle, you're out. And no one's getting exiled. See you all tomorrow!

Episode 3: Copy That


Jimmy: We did it! Yay! (CONF) You're welcome

Ryan: Guys, I have switched from LARP'ing to LOL'ing *Plays league of Lengends* Ew... WTF am I supposed to do, do stupid quests that repeat the same lines over and over again!? WTF!? Screw this, I'll go play portal! >.>

Princess: Yay go Ryan! Hihi.

Rhett: i love playing games that mess with you're just for the heck of it (starts playing The Stanley Parable)

Mia: Hello Rhett Hi Jimmy Hi Ryan Hello Princess

Denver: Brent, report!

Ryan: *playing Portal 2: The Online Game* I got a special edition that is an Massive Multiplayer Online version, it is or the no life losers! :D

Brent: *pulls Denver to a quieter spot* What?

Hope: *plays Total Drama Meltdown: Online* So fun!

Rhett: ugh!, this game is f***ing with my head! (grumbles)


Chris: Okay, campers. Today's challenge is fairly simple and easy. All you got to do is find the funniest image you can think of and post it here. Funniest will win immunity for their team, least funniest will be sent to elimination. Ready and go!


Jimmy: (number 4)

Brent: (number 6)

Denver: Nothing makes me laugh like the sight of dead kittens. *chuckles*

Ryan: This makes me laugh, so MUCH XD Funniest Picture :D

Gus: Why don't you take a laugh look at this. Crazy Moment

Chris: Okay, so I have my choice. Honestly, I laughed at all of them. So it's very hard to choose a winner. But, I have chosen the Supreme Superstars thanks to Rhett's incredibly wrong, yet so hilarious photo. Sorry, but the Fantastic Fighters are going to elimination, since only one person participated in the challenge.

Jimmy: we've won one challenge and stayed away from elimination for every single one. Let's keep it up!

Brent: (CONF) This game is plagued by inactives. It's a pest. People need to try. I'm busy too but please.

Rhett: (CONF) to be honest i did feel guilty for putting that pic up, but man, is it funny!, and i mean that in a nice way of course.......i won't be watched for this will i?

Elimination: Fantastic Fighters

Chris: Well Fighters, who's going home tonight? Gus, since you're the only one who participated in this challenge, I'm giving you free immunity tonight! As for the rest of you...good luck. Time to vote someone off for eliminated and someone to be exiled.

Mia: Yes

Gus: Ugh...... Another loss. Ash should be exiled. And Manuel, You will be going home since you never said a word this season at all, never did challenges, and your dragging our team down. (CONF) I'm trying to get inactives out of here.

Chris: I'll go ahead and cut this elimination short because, Ash and Manuel never speak, Mia clearly doesn't understand English, and Yumiko I don't know. So, Manuel, you're out and Ash you're exiled.

Gus: If thats true.... I'll be the only one left on this team, so I might as well swap teams.

Yumiko: :(

Episode 4: Let's Take a Quiz


Jimmy: We still haven't gone to elimination... Let's keep it up

Denver: *leads Brent to a private area* Come now, Brent, we must continue the trials. Since you missed out on yesterday, it looks like we'll have to do two days worth of tasks. Before we continue, I am required to ask if you're still willing to continue.

Brent: *takes a deep breath* Sure. (CONF) The way this guy talks makes me uneasy

Denver: Excellent! Okay, your first task of the day is to state your full name. Easy, right?

Brent: Yeah... (CONF) Almost too easy... (END CONF) it's Brent.


Cassidy: *Sits*

Jimmy: Hey Cassidy! Y-you aren't going to threaten me again?

Denver: No last name? No middle name? That's quite curious. *smirks* Okay, for your third task, things are going to start picking up, you have to injure someone, preferably the gnat or the innocent, but it's really up to you, as long as it isn't yourself. Got it?

Brent: It's Brent Edward Tangles. And sure. I'll try. Give me time. (CONF) This will be the hardest task yet. And most sadistic

Donny: *standing in the background*

Peck: Wow, I got this far! There will soon be nothing for me to fear...

Brent: Hey Yukimo. Here. Now. (CONF) This shouldn't be too bad...

Denver: *Drags a sleeping Yumiko over towards Brent* If you stick with me, I'll always be there to help you out, Mr. Tangles. (CONF) I have confidence that my new recruitee will be able to live up to my expectations, and if he doesn't, then he'll be in a most troublesome situation. *smiles wickedly*

Brent *takes a deep breath and throws Yukimo into the wall* there you go

Denver: *laughs* Excellent! You are far surpassing my expectations. Keep this up, and I might cut out a task or two... if I had the power to do so. Well, that wraps it up for the day, time for some well deserved rest. *lays down, while using Yukimo as a pillow*

Brent: *watches Denver in horror* (CONF) This guy is insane! I'm wondering if I can trust him... What did he mean by "if I had the power to do do"? I've gone to far to back out now...

Princess: I'm so exicted for today!

Mia: Yes

Challenge 4

Chris: Welcome everyone to the 4th challenge! Today's challenge will be a good 'ol fashion quiz based on past camps, current camps, and characters. This may be difficult, but it'll keep all of you on your toes. The first person from a team to answer correctly, gets a point. Answer in correctly, and you loose a point. Here's the score board:

Score Board
60px 60px 60px
2 2 2

Chris: The questions will be asked at a fast pace, so be ready and be prepared. There are 10 questions total.

Denver: Let's just start, already.

Jimmy and Brent: we can't help, Surferdude1219 (talk) 00:14, May 21, 2014 (UTC) has a ton of homework. We will try!!!

Question #1: Who placed 15th in Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 4?

Jimmy: can we look up the answers???

Chris: Yes, that's the point...

Jimmy: Bridgette, played by Loenev.

Chris: Correct! Point Thunderbolts!

QUESTION #2: In Battle of the Villains: Total Despair, who were the first two contestants eliminated and what series are they from?

Donny: Celestia Ludenburg from Dangan Ronpa, and Poison Ivy from DC...I think I'm right- in the case of anyone seeing me.

Ryan: O nuuuuuuuuu! D: I need to help my team next question!

Mia: Oops Im Sorry

Jimmy: Is he right? Is he wrong??? The suspense is killing me!!!

Rhett: the suspense a serial killer?

Jimmy: I guess I never thought of it that way... O.o

Chris: Point Superstars!

'QUESTION #3: Which character has an obsession with Nemo?

Jimmy: ...Is it Poppy?

Chris: Point Thunderbolts!

QUESTION #4: Who was the first contestant exiled in Big Family 11?

Peck: Exiled? Simon, of course! I do a bit of reality show studying!

Jimmy: (CONF) Wow is this going to be close. Of course the Fighters didn't show.

Chris: Point Superstars!

Question #5: Who played Keisha in Undiscovered Galaxies?

Yumiko: XxSolarEclipsexX?

Jimmy: I was gonna say that! (pouts)

Chris: Finally a point for the Fighters!

QUESTION #6: Who were in the final five of TDASvs.UD3?

Yumiko: Noah, Sugar, Jason, Talia and Cindy. :3

Jimmy: (CONF) Yukimo coming in clutch

Chris: Great job! Finally the Fighters are doing something! Two more questions!

QUESTION #6: Who currently has the "Featured Quote?

Yumiko: Reddy. It's a pwetty kitty flame flower quote he said about Zanna!

FINAL QUESTION: In TDASvs.UD5, how many votes did Ella receive to get eliminated?

Yumiko: Ella was eliminated with 3 votes against her in that episode. :) Yeee!

Chris: Finally! The fighters win! Since there's a tie in votes, we'll be having our first and only double elimination from the Superstars and Thunderbolts!

Yumiko: Yay!!! *cheers, clapping her hands*

Gus: Finally! And srry I couldn't make it.

Elimination: Supreme Superstars and Thrilling Thunderbolts

Chris: Welcome teams to the first and hopefully only double elimination. Vote for someone on YOUR OWN TEAMS. Good luck!

Jimmy: (CONF) I vote... Princess. She's posted like twice this whole game.

Brent (CONF) Princess

Cassidy: (CONF) Princess

Baby Rosalina: (CONF) I wote Rhett because he woesn't talk! *Cries*

Princess: (CONF) I hate you guys.

Ryan: (CONF) I vote Princess! :3

Rhett: (CONF) i heard Baby Rosalina crying in the confessional, i hope it wasn't about me, anyway i vote for Hope.

Chris: Sorry Princess, but it's unanimous! You're the first eliminated from your team. Bye! Superstars, we're still waiting on you...

Hope: (CONF) Rhett!

Donny: (CONF) Hope, I guess.

Peck: (CONF) Hope, of course! She seems like a threat, so best play it safe, right?

Jimmy: Everyone's voted!

Chris: Yes Jimmy! I can see that...Hope, you're out!

Episode 5: World Wide Wiki Web


Jimmy: Everyone showed up at that elimination! That makes me happy!

Brent: (CONF) Thirteen contestants. One of them could be on my side. There are three others on my team of five. That means that if they banded against me, I'd be a goner. I need a REAL alliance, not this creepy thing Denver has in mind. Although I should keep Denver around for now...

Mia: (CONF) Ok is Awesome

Yumiko: *claps hands* This is fun!!!! :D

Jimmy: OK. Thirteen left. Merge is coming. Gotta get there.

Denver: *aside, with Brent* Excellent job, Brent. Seeing that worthless Princess being eliminated was almost as satisfying as seeing you throw the innocent into a wall.

Brent: What's the next task? (CONF) I'm starting to feel like a worthless puppet. And Yukimo looks like I never even hurt her! I just have to survive for the next... twelve episodes. This will be the longest two weeks EVER!

Denver: The next task is on hold, for now. We have to wait for things to... develop. *smirks*

Brent: ... (CONF) Develop? Well everything has worked out with him so far... I guess I'll just have to trust him.

Jimmy: Hey Yukimo, saw Brent throw you into a wall... Are you ok?

Yumiko: >:( I don't wanna remember that!! He was just upset! We all do sometimes, wight? *smiles*

Jimmy: That's really nice of you. (CONF) I like the fact that she wants to forget, but I don't think she should forgive.


Donny: *comes out of the background* ...Alright?

Peck: Man, I'm pumped! We're pretty far into the competition- well, not really, but still pretty cool!

Jimmy: Mia what is the matter with you?

Donny: *disappears and pops up next to Jimmy one minute later* I'm not sure she'll respond in a correctly grammared sentence...maybe she doesn't speak English well?

Jimmy: Where in the name of... I guess you're right

Ryan: *on game with Online Chat* Si Maledizione super-fratelli Smash 4! Mi fa impazzire ma non e 'venuto fuori ancora! Oops, Hi everyone...

Jimmy: Could you repeat that?

Ryan: Well, I am italian so I was speaking itaien :3

Jimmy: cool!

Mia: Wow

Jimmy: that's the most coherent thing you have said all season and it was just one word.

Rhett: you never know, he could be getting watched by hidden security cameras...(shifts eyes at cameras rapidly)

Jimmy: Um... OK


Chris: Welcome everybody! Today's challenge is fairly easy. Go on Total Drama Wiki and find the best image you can find. Go!


Chris: One picture only Rhett...



Rhett: are you thick in the head or something Chris?, that ONE picture is my picture.

Chris: I didn't need a slideshow for the one and only picture. And remember, on TOTAL DRAMA WIKI!

Denver: If only this was real....

Rhett:'s your stupid picture..

Mia: Cool

Chris: Okay, it's been long enough everybody and the winners are the Thrilling Thundebolts. Even though I'm going to kill Denver for his pic, I'd say it was the best. Superstars you came in second. Fighters, you guys loose...again.

Brent: (CONF) And that's why we need Denver's sick mind.

Elimination: Furious Fighters

Chris: Okay, you guys suck. Vote someone off.


Chris: You have no idea what any of us are saying, do you?

Yumiko: I vote Ash! Sowwy. :(

Chris: I'll go ahead and take that chance. Ash, you're out. How did this guy even make it this far with saying a word?

Episode 6


Cassidy: Hello Everyone

Baby Rosalina: I wike twain

Mia: Cassidy Why

(Brent and Jimmy may be inactive starting on the 28th and going to the 4th. Final exams. Please do not eliminate becuse of this. Surferdude1219 (talk) 22:48, May 25, 2014 (UTC))

Denver: Hello Kassidy, long time no see. *smiles mischeviously*

Jimmy: (CONF) Of course Denver only talks to the more evil of the two personalities, Kassidy, rather than the sweet one.

Brent: Denver...

Ryan: (CONF) I had a dream last night that if Jimmy had to chose between me and Brent he'd pick Brent... there was something about a guy named Surferdude1219 'playing them' but I don't really get that...but I also don't get this Conker511 dude that always changes my personality :3

Cassidy: *Bows at Denver* Hello Fellow Participant *Smiles and Brushes her hair*

Jimmy: Top twelve, people! The competition is heating up! (CONF) I can't wait for the merge!

Mia: is Awesome

Yumiko: Hiii everyone! :)

Jimmy: (CONF) I had a dream that Ryan had a dream about me and Ryan and this Surfer guy wants me to talk about how the square root of -4 is 2i. Imaginary numbers are just theoretical!!!

Mia: OMG

Jimmy: Mia if I were to say the zombie apocalypse is starting would you understand me?


Jimmy: I'll take that as a yes

Rhett: you never know dude, there might be someone who has a weird disease which turns people into zombies!

Jimmy: I'm not saying it couldn't happen--actually, yes I am. It's scientifically impossible. Did the Black Plague turn people into a bunch of raving madmen? No. As awesome as it would be, it's never gonna happen. It's like square roots of negative numbers. Imaginary.

Mia: What?

Ryan: Actually, there is a form possible, but its not like it is going to happen in the near future, its just the zombies can die from everything we can, and if the zombie eats more than just a little bite/wound we could die, but all the zombie would be is one of us with a rabbies-like deasease that makes them hungry for human flesh, and it would be contagious through bite. However, this version is less likely to- Arg, my head hurts... why am I so smart all of a sudden? Its like I don't even know what to do with myself...


Chris: Welcome everyone! Today's challenge is the dreaded line challenge! Race to the top of the volcano (20 lines)...that's it. Now, Go!

Mia: Yes

Peck: Yeesh, that's a bunch of lines. It won't stop me, though! *runs* (1)

Donny: A...alright. *runs* (1)

Jimmy: *runs* (1)

Ryan: AHHHHHH! *runs*

Jimmy: *runs* (2)

Brent: *runs* (1)

Yumiko: *runs* (1)

Ryan: AHHHHHH! *runs* (2)

Jimmy: runs (3)


Ryan: *runs* (3)

Jimmy: *runs* (4)

Ryan: *running* Wouldn't it be easier/quicker to do 20 lines per team? (4)

Chris: Nope! No one said anything about this being easy. Now move it!

Ryan: *runs* Your a douche... *gets out PsP while running* (5)

Jimmy: Fudge! *runs* (5)


Jimmy: *runs* (6)

Brent: *runs* (3)

Mia: Awesome *runs* (2)

Jimmy: *runs* (7)

Brent: *runs* (4)

Rhett: (runs) (1)

Jimmy: Isn't like, everyone here from the Thunderbolts? *runs* (8)

Rhett: (runs) (2)

Jimmy: *runs* (9)

Chris: Hehe! I love seeing you guys in pain! But, I'll tell you what's really up. I wanted to see which team would the most determined to do this and thanks to Jimmy, the Thunderbolts win. I was hoping for two teams to win, but YET AGAIN...we gotta do another double-team elimination.

Elimination: Supreme Superstars and Furious Fighters

Chris: Okay guys, listen up. This elimination is going to be play a little bit differently. Since the Thunderbolts are on top of the game, I'm letting THEM vote off two competitors each. It doesn't matter which team their on, just vote! So Thunderbolts, cast your votes!

Ryan: Hmm... *role-playing again...* The best strategical move would be to take out Brent, *whispers to Jimmy and Yumiko* we made a deal if we had to go through him first to take Denver down we would, *out-loud to Chris* so I vote Brent and... Peck I guess...

Jimmy: *whispering* Brent's on our team we can't vote him. It has to be on the two losing teams. Merge is coming. Let's wait.

Brent: I should probably be getting rid of people who would be threats during the merge. That's why I'm voting for Donny and Gus. Buh bye.

Jimmy: I can't stand the two word sentences anymore... Good bye Mia. And my other vote goes to... Gus I guess.

Mia: I need To Get San Juan Chamula Chiapas Bye ; (

Denver: All of the people on the other teams are pretty horrendous, but I believe that Donny and Yumiko are the worst. One's a pushover and the other is an innocent.

Mia: Good Bye *crying*

Jimmy: Is Mia quitting? I can't tell

Denver: I cannot even understand that incoherent mess.

Jimmy: For once I have to agree with you Denver. I need to get a Chamula to English dictionary.

Brent: *pulls Denver to the side* We might be here a while so... Next task?

Ryan: She's not uitting, she just doesn't wanna go, but I guess I chaneg Brent with Gus

Jimmy: It looks like Gus might be a lost cause.

Mia: Ok Bye Guys

Jimmy: Mia you got one vote...

Mia: OMG

Jimmy: who are you voting for?

Mia: Me

Ryan: Mia can't vote, she's on a losing team..

Jimmy: Sorry meant Cassidy.

Denver: *to Brent* *ponders for a second* Alright, I guess now is a good time. Your next task is to tell me who you feel you like the most in this competition, excluding yourself or me.

Brent(CONF) Tough one... The inno-- I mean Yukimo provides some comedic relief. Ryan is kinda cool, but I always look forward to Denver's creepy tasks so... When in doubt just choose the person you're talking to. (END CONF) It's you.

Mia: Im Sorry

Cassidy: I pick Yumiko and Uh...Gus

Chris: Okay, it's official...Gus is out. But there's a tie between Donny and Yumiko, so Thunderbolts, pick between those two.

Cassidy: Hmm tough one...

Mia: Ok

Jimmy: Sorry Donny but I think Yukimo deserves to stay in this thing.

Brent: I second jimmy.

Denver: *to Brent* *facepalms, then rubs her temples* I expected better... I said, "excluding me"... *to Chris* I guess the innocent has done more, but that's all the more reason to eliminate her. so... I vote for her to go.

Brent: Sorry, misheard you. Thought you said including. Then I guess it's Ryan.

Cassidy: I vote Yumiko

Jimmy: If Yukimo goes... Her team will have one person left.

Mia: What?

Ryan: I guess I vote Donny

Jimmy: So... Is Donny going home?

Chris: Finally! Yes, Donny is going home and it's finally the merge!

Episode 7


Mia: OMG

Jimmy: We did it!

Mia: Hello Guys

Ryan: *larping* Hey, Jimmy! Want to play with me! You can be a level 3 orc! :D

Jimmy: Ummm... Sure? (CONF) Might as well make a friend.

Brent: *aside, with Denver* Last task? Today?

Ryan: Well, because I haven't been that talkative, I've decided for me and you to do a battle, I will hand you a deck of ORC cards to fight, whenever in trouble just use the cards, and these weapons and armour first one to knock the other out wins, okay?

Jimmy: Got it.

Ryan: *gets out Elven-Sword and whacks Jimmy with it* ARG! >:D

Jimmy: BLAGGGHHH! *flails around with sword*

Mia: Yes

Ryan: Oof! *gets hit multiple times in the chest, face and arm* Well, I need some time to heal... D: *gets out Elven Bow and starts shooting at Jimmy from afar*

Jimmy: Oh, no you don't! *charges at him dodging arrows, one strikes him in the hand, roars*

Denver: *To Brent* Hmmm.... there's a high likelihood, but it depends on how the challenge plays out.

Brent: ...OK?

Ryan: AHHH! *gets tackled* AHH! I dropped my sword! D:

Jimmy: * runs towards the sword, but trips on the way* ARGGGHHHH!!! (CONF) Who knew I was such a good Orc!

Ryan: *sees Jimmy land on the sword which goes up in the air due to him landing on it, and then the sword lands on Ryan knocking him out* ...oof... u win... (CONF) That was really fun to play with Jimmy! :D

Jimmy: Victory is mine! *throws Orc cards into the air in celebration* (CONF) That was suprisingly fun!

Mia: Wow Cool

Jimmy: *aside with Ryan* So, got any plans now that it's the merge?

Mia: is Awesome

Jimmy: I can't believe we made the top ten!

Rhett: i'm glad i made the final ten!, i promise i'll be more active!, no longer shall i be a floater!

Jimmy: Good.

Mia: Fantastic

Ryan: My plans are, win challenges, avoid elimination and make friends with everyone, that's my plan, and thanks for playing.


Chris: Welcome to the merge everyone! You're all getting closer and closer to the million! For today's challenge, I want you all to each explain to me why you think you should win. There will only be one winner. Best description, wins invincibility. Now, Go!

Mia: Yes

Ryan: Well, I think I should win because I am one of the active members, and I, unlike others, have a bit o a social game, I also have never done anything but video games before, which makes even the little things I have done a little special. I hope I win immunity but if I don't then I hope Jimmy does! :D

Rhett: well i don't know if i deserve to win or not, mainly because i've been acting like a floater these past couple of days, so i don't really know anything that can help prove why i should win, i'd like to say that i get along with most people here and i'm planning on being nice for the rest of my duration here, which is probably not going to last much longer since i'm an easy target, but anyway i hope people think i'm a nice guy and can keep me in until the final!.......uhh...this isn't being recorded is it? (glares at the cameras watching him) i...tend to get nervous when i'm being watched.

Jimmy: Well, I've played the game right. I don't think anyone here hates me--excluding Denver, who only likes Brent. Every challenge that my team has own except for one of them was thanks to me. I am probably the most active member of this group and I deserve the top nine.

Brent: Uh... Guess I have to talk now... I am active, I help my team, I'm about to make a deal with Denver and I need to stay in this thing for one more challenge. I have a back up plan for when Denver gets eliminated. I have calculated every move I've made so far and have figured out where my loyalties fall. Thanks and I hope You make the right decision and save me today.

Ryan: So... Jimmy wanna play again?

Denver: There are plenty of reasons why I should win. I'm not a boring do-gooder who cares about having a "social game" or whatever they call their pansy princess tea parties. I don't follow the rules to a tee. I don't have any sympathy. I laugh at dead kittens, I kick the weak when they're down, and there's nothing that's going to stop me, now. I'll lie, cheat, steal, and kill for a good laugh and some cash. I bring out the worst in others, put them in situations they'll regret, all for my own benefit. I deserve to win this challenge and competition because almost all of the others lack the courage to embrace the darkness within themselves. And, let's face it, most of these people are pretty terrible at everything.

Peck: Well, I think I should win for many reasons actually. For one, I currently have less blood on my hands than a couple of people here and that isn't bad as it was just the pre merge and that clears a a target off my back for a bit. Also, When I competed in challenges I think I did great and contributed to my team's stuff. Plus this win will all go to some form of charity. I'm not in this for the money! That just drives people to corruption...I'm in it to prove my worth and not let any one look down on me! It will be a feat that gains respect for small guys like me. But, y'know, we'll see how the cards fall into play, although I'm not holding back and won't go down without a fight or two! I'm sure I can win this!


Chris:'re suppose to explain why you should win. Not make random noises. Anyway, I have chosen the best one. And with all honesty, Peck had the best! So Peck win's the first solo challenge!


Chris: Since we're at the merge, we're doing a NEW VOTING SYSTEM! Vote here! And remember, Peck has invincibility, so you can't vote him off.

Ryan: *sits down* I hope I stay! D:

Mia: OMG

Jimmy: The suspense is killing me!

Mia: is Awesome

Yumiko: I really hope I stay! :3

Chris: Let's see...

1 vote for Jimmy....1 vote for Cassidy...

Oh! We got a tie in votes! Baby Rosalina and Mia both received 2 votes each. Let's make this tie breaker quick. I want each of you to explain why you should stay in the game. You got until 2:00 p.m. If not, then you're both out. Go!

Ryan: Who would vote for Jimmy? :I

Jimmy: I don't know... I have to find out.

Brent: (CONF) Mia needs to learn how to speak English now or she is done. But baby rosalina didn't do the challenge at all... I bet they both go home.

Mia: Im Sorry

Baby Rosalina: I deserve to stay in the game because I played hard in the first couple challenges just not this one I'm sorry but I promise I will work harder and prove that I deserve to stay please please please give me a second chance and I promise that I will participate! And lead my team to victory!

Ryan: Can I speak for Mia as she can't speak english... Baby Rosalina hasn't done a challenge since the FIRST one, and Mia has done a couple, while Baby Rosalina only votes, and Mia communicates and deserves this more.

Baby Rosalina: Um she just said English while that's true I can still help my team I am really active and I can participate


Jimmy: It's up to chris

Mia: What?

Chris: Well, B.R. actually gave a reason to stay. Mia, usted está fuera del juego, adiós! See you guys later!

Episode 8


Jimmy: Finally! No more two word sentences like "is awesome!"

Rhett: (CONF) jeez, i'm getting seriously lucky here, i need to contribute more otherwise i might just end up being out next!

Jimmy: (CONF) I wonder who voted for me. Gotta get rid of them...

Denver: Kassidy you seem different then the last time we met. Hmmm.... It seems you're giving off a distrubingly positive aura. It's most displeasing.

Cassidy: Hmm I do not understand? I already have a positive aura *smiles* well at least I try to :) (Kassidy) Please Denver I Created The Word Displeaseing

Ryan: *walking around* Hmm, I wonder what the challenge will be..


Chris: Welcome everybody! I got a great challenge for you today! Today's challenge is music! I'm assigning each of you a real/canon Total Drama contestant and you must find the most perfect theme song for them. There will only be one winner! Now look at this chart:

Completing Contestant
Baby Rosalina Zoey
Brent Izzy
Cassidy Gwen
Denver DJ
Jimmy Geoff
Peck Anne Maria
Rhett Leshawna
Ryan Duncan
Yumiko Trent

Chris: A little hint. It doesn't matter what genre, it jut has to match that contestant's personality and traits! Good luck, freaks!

Baby Rosalina: Duh Clarity by Zedd it shows her relationship with Mike and how they mal problems affected there relationship

Cassidy: Gwen No? I say wake me up in side by evanescence (Kassidy) that song is lame! I like hard metal >.>

Ryan: Meh, I do because it represents his badboy-ness and his strengh and rebelious nature... yeah...

Denver: Hmmm..... I don't know who this DJ character is, but if he's anything like me, which I don't expect, this should represent him well.

Jimmy: Geoff loves to party, so I thought this would be perfect:

Yumiko: D'aww, I think this suits Trent a lot! :)

Peck: Dang, this is tough. This is the best I could find for Anne Maria... She thinks she's beautiful or something, so yeah...this could work, I'd like to think.

Chris: Okay, I went over all your submissions. And I must say, all those songs sucked! But with all honestly, LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem perfectly fit Geoff's personality. So, Jimmy wins today's challenge. And for the rest of you, get ready to vote.


Chris: Well Jimmy, I must say this. YOU GOT SAVED! You were fairly close to being eliminated last time, but congrats for winning the challenge. Now, time to vote! Vote here, plz

Brent: Guys I know I missed this challenge. Please give me one more shot. I think I've made every other challenge. Some people who missed this one have only made it to like two!!! (CONF) Did I just say that much???

Chris: Well our 'Voting Quota' has been filled already. 1 vote for Ryan and yet again a tie in votes between Brent and Rhett. Okay, your tie breaker is pretty much the same challenge today. Just tell give me the perfect theme for different contestants. You both got until 2:00 p.m. or you're both out. Good luck!

Brent = Beth

Rhett = Lightning

Brent: This was tough. I thought about Beth's farmer personality and how she was suddenly thrust into the reality tv business. I thought this song fit her obvious lack of social skills:

Chris: Well, I don't think that represents Beth...but since you actually posted, you're safe! Rhett's out!

Episode 9


Brent: (CONF) That was close. I had to do so much... *shidders* talking.

Jimmy: There's eight left. That means next episode... THERE WILL BE SEVEN!!


Chris: Welcome guys! Today's challenge is a simple/easy line challenge. Race to the island's shore (10 lines). That's it...and good luck. This time, there will be 2 winners, go!

Peck: Easy as cake! *runs* (1)

Jimmy: *runs* (1)

Brent: *runs* (1)

Peck: *runs* (2)

Jimmy: *runs* (2)

Brent: *runs* (2)

Peck: *runs* (3)

Brent: *rins* (3)

Jimmy: *runs* (3)

Peck: *runs* (4)

Brent: *runs* (4)

Jimmy: *runs* (4)

Peck: *runs* (5)

Cassidy: *runs* (1)

Baby R; *runs* (1)

Peck: *runs* (6)

Brent: *runs* (5)

Jimmy: *runs* (5)

Peck: *runs* (7)

Brent: *runs* (6)

Jimmy: *runs* (6)

Ryan: WHY WAS I NO IMFORMED! *runs* (1)

Brent: *runs* (7) (CONF) Tied with Peck. Nice.

Jimmy: No one was. *runs* (7)

Ryan: Sad face... :[ *runs* (1)

Brent: *runs* (8)

Jimmy: *runs* (8)

Denver: I have much more precious ways to spend my energy then by running *casually walks* (1)

Brent: *runs* (9)

Jimmy: *runs* (9) That is so Denver.

Denver: *casually walks* (2)

Brent: *runs* (10)

Jimmy: *runs* (10) Yes!

Chris: Jimmy and Brent win!


Chris: Okay guys, we got yet another twist! For now on, there will be no more voting! Instead, if you come in last or don't do the challenge at all...YOU'RE OUT! Because of this, Yumiko's time on Meltdown Island, has ended. Since she was the only one who didn't do the challenge at all! See ya' later!

Episode 10


Jimmy: Wow. That was shocking. I was starting to like Yukimo. She was a worthy opponent.

Brent: (CONF) Good thing they didn't do that last time or I'd be a goner.

Denver: Interesting twist. At least the least worthy of existing was sent home.

Brent: Denver, task?

Cassidy: I feel bad for yumiko she would of been a great fr- (Kassidy) Victim Ugh F***! She would have been the easiest to murder! oh well i will have to find another weak person...........

Jimmy: O_o *steps away*

Ryan: *looks at Kassidy* Wait... *wispurs to self* Isn't that me... *gulps*

Cassidy: Did i scare you? I Am Dearly Sorry People Run Away from me.....and i never know why......

Ryan: There is a weird thing called... Mutiple Personalitys... I think you might have one, called Kasidey with a K... or you just tricking b*lls....

Cassidy: Multiple Personalities? Hmmm i may have that

Baby Rosalina: We need a reset button! like i saw on this show once!

Cassidy: That's Offensive

Denver: Yes, we should use the reset button to get rid of that annoying "Cassidy" alternate personality.

Jimmy: (CONF) Denver is so backwards it isn't even funny.

Peck: (CONF) These people are starting to freak me out...nothing I can't handle though.


Chris: Welcome everyone! As you can see, the all the Fantastic Fighters are gone! Hehe! That's what they get! Anyway, since it's end and there is not more voting, we're doing another Image challenge! Since the Thunderbolts only lost one person, we're going green! I want each of you to find the best picture of any flower.

Chris: It's been long enough people! For today, there will be no elimination. Denver for being the only to post anything you win the challenge and tomorrow you get a VERY special treat that you're going to love!

Episode 11


Jimmy: Uh oh. Denver has an advantage

Denver: A treat? Sounds delicious! *licks her lips in anticipation* (CONF) Whatever the treat is, it should be able to help me free Kassidy and finish Brent's final task. I can't wait until the contract is fufilled. *smirks wickedly*

Cassidy: I hope you like your prize *smiles* (Kassidy) BWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAAHAHAHAHA If it's delicious i wonder if it's a dead body *drools* human meat is the best but i can't eat it alot every victim i have i bring to my father >.>

Brent: Task???

Denver: You'll find out, after I get my treat. *smiles evilly*

Brent: I've been waiting for four episodes!

Denver: You can attribute that to your dissapointing performence in the last task and the new elimination method. If the treat is what I think it is, then it will be a perfect alternative to the regular fifth task.


Chris: Welcome everybody! Today's challenge is for everyone to really use their brains. You must play this game. The first person to get to level 3 and post it, wins! And Denver, after the winner is declared, you'll get your prize!

Peck: Level 3...piece of cake...and added pie with it.

File:Screenshot 2014-06-06 at 6.28.37 PM.png

Chris: Peck win! Again...


Chris: Denver it's time for your prize, YOU get eliminated someone today except Peck! Now, who's it going to be?

Denver: Just as I expected... Hehehe. What a delicious treat! Brent, the time for your final task. I give my ability to eliminate someone to Brent. And Brent, for your final task, you have to eliminate *whispers it into Brent's ear* *smiles evilly*

Brent: (CONF) This is it. The last task. Top six. But... He deserves this more than Baby Rosalina does... Do I really need this deal? Do I really need to give myself up to Denver? This is so hard... (END CONF) I vote for...

Chris: Spit it out junior! We're on a deadline here! Hurry it up!

Rya: Oh no... ;(

Brent: The deal is off! See ya baby Rosalina!

Chris: Finally! See ya B.R!

Episode 12


Ryan: (CONF) I thought Denver and Brent hated me, I don't know why I stayed though, I guess Brent is.. cool, then...

Denver: *glares at Brent* You've made a terrible mistake, once you've started a contract, you're bound to finish it, now you're stuck in the purgatory of failure, with no way out. I hope you're happy with your decision, you've made many powerful enemies, on both sides. What happens now is out of my control, but I'm sure you'll deserve every thing that happens to you. *smirks*

Kassidy: Please he isn't gonna last another day

Brent: *puts head down, back in quiet land* (CONF) What else was I supposed to do? Ryan deserves this. You would not believe how guilty I feel about this. I'm ticked at myself for even getting involved. Should've participated in that challenge. This never would've happened.

Jimmy: (CONF) Wow. Tough luck, Brent. My bet is Denver throws the challenge. Evil kassidy will side with Denver while Ryan takes Brent's side. In the end, I think Denver will rally peck and I to follow him and Brent will go home.


Chris: Welcome everyone! Before we start, I want to say congratulations to Peck for being the last member standing of his team! And I can't believe the Thrilling Thunderbolts only lost one player. And I can see that it's currently Everyone vs. Brent! Haha! Great for ratings bro! Anyway, we're doing a Total Drama World Tour-like challenge based on Niagara Brawls. 3 teams with two members each and you both have to work together!

Cassidy & Ryan Denver & Brent Peck & Jimmy

Chris: Cassidy, Brent, and Peck must do a quick line challenge to Meltdown Island's shore (5 lines). Then, Denver, Ryan, and Jimmy must answer 5 trivial questions. If you get one question wrong, then you have to start over back to the line challenge. Ready, GO!

Kassidy: UGH! i have to be in a team with Ryan i hope i can snap his neck after this >.> *runs* (1)

Brent: (CONF) Chris obviously put me with Denver on purpose. *runs* (1)

Cassidy: Oh i love running :) *runs* (2)

Ryan: Run faster Cassidy! :D

Brent: *runs* (2)

Denver: Come on, Brent, I don't want to wait on your miserable life more than I have to.


Brent: Shut up, Denver! *runs* (3)

Denver: *laughs* That's all you have to say? I can't believe I ever believed in someon as worthless as you!

Jimmy: Where are you, Peck?

Chris: It's been three days, people! What is so hard about 5 lines? I'll decide who goes home at elimination. But, since Brent and Cassidy made it the furthest, they win today's challenge.


Chris: Okay, since we are not doing any more votes for the rest of the competition (and since it takes you guys 3 days to do 5 lines...) I'll decide who goes home today. Well I can't necessarily blame the question-contestants since the runners were WAY TOO SLOW!!! At least everyone else talked or at least did SOMETHING. Because of this, Peck you are out of the competition. Since you were the only one who didn't participate or even talk. Remember, I said whoever didn't participate for now on will be eliminated? Yeah, that's what ya' get!

Episode 13


Jimmy: Only Thunderbolts left.


Chris: Welcome final five...or should I say Thunderbolts. You guys have annihilated the competition and are getting closer and closer to the million! Anyway, since we're at the end, today's challenge is simple. I want each of you to explain what you would do if you win the million. Best description wins, worst (or doesn't compete at all) is eliminated. You got until 8:00 p.m. Now, GO!

Denver: If I won the million dollars, the first thing I would do is buy the gnat a new sword, just so I can break it over his face.  The next I would do, is buy enough equipment to exorcise the disgusting "Cassidy" spirit from Kassidy. After that, I'd probably throw a party a nd only invite my other competitors. Although, *snickers* this would be no ordinary party. The main attraction of course would be the bonfire, but it would be a rather unique bonfire. It would start with me flaunting all of the money I have left to everyone present, then covering it in gasoline, and then finally lighting it ablaze and see the others watch their precious prize they lost out on burn in their faces. *laughs* It'd be worth the monetary loss, just to see the pain and anger that would cause. *smirks in thought of the prospect*

Cassidy: First i would try to get therapy to destroy Kassidy once and for all, i would also help poor and underpiveleged children by buying them houses and i would also help other animals and buy charitys and i would also love to help my hometown get there water source it has been destroyed i would also give money to my other competitors for dealing with kassidy's rude behavior and invite them to dinner i would also donate money to total drama so they can have supplies for more competitors that are to come and i would also love to become a contestant on american idol and invest in a music career :)

Kassidy: *Yawns* My Other Personality is so boring AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA i'll tell u truth i would buy my own house aka mini hell and i would trap all the useless souls in there but of course i would eat them first! My father; satan would get half of the bodies and i will rule the world AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA i would also imprisone my father pretty sooncause i don't need reinforcement i would also turn everyone emo everyone has the most disgusting of looks with there ties, just ew! i would also destroy Cassidy the naive idiot but i would also spare denver and we would rule together while everyone rots in hell MWAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAAHAHHAAHAH i would also plan to release all the demons and destroy every last bit of GOOD! AHHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAH

Jimmy: Well first, I would donate about 100,000 dollars to cancer research. Then I would use about 500,000 to buy a really nice beach house where I would study the intricacies of beach life. Finally, I would use the remainder to run for president (campaigning and advertising) with noones help. Then I would solve all the world's problems so I would be remembered as a kind genius!

Brent: Well first I would buy some high class defense stuff to defend my new mansion against raids and vandalism by Denver and her evil sidekick Kassidy. I would also use some of the money to find a scientific way to shrink down all the evil people in the world, out them in a truck, and throw it off a cliff because I hate evil!!!

Ryan: Well, I will use the money to manifactur my own gaming console, so I can get people to make games about anything I want, even me and Jimmy! I will use the rest o my money to support other indie game developers, I know you may say my dream is pathetic, but it has been my life dream to be a gamer/ game creator! I will acomplish my dream and mayeb help out my friends! I will use my money for the name of gaming! :D

Kassidy: Brent! You Idiot We would only raid the earth if we got the million so if you got the million we couldn't do that! KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Chris: Cassidy/Kassidy honestly had the best! So she wins!


Chris: For winning the challenge, Cassidy you get to decide who leaves.

Brent: Oh no...

Cassidy: Denver, she is the most evil an- *punches self* AGH! (Kassidy) IDIOT! like i would ever let you pick AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHA Jimmy can die! He needs to go Cancer Research? President? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sienara  jimmy!

Chris: That was pretty shocking, this whole time I was thinking Brent. Well, bye Jimmy!

Jimmy: Good game. I'm ticked. Cassidy's double personality...

Cassidy: Wh-What did i do wrong?

Episode 14


Brent: Wow.

Ryan: *in a corner* :o oh no... I am the only nice contestant left... :( 

Cassidy: I'm nice too (Kassidy) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOUR DEAD MEAT B****

Brent: (CONF) He doesn't think I mince after I saved his rear end?

Denver: Brent, my dear fool, you should have just stuck with me, the gnat is still as useless and annoying as ever. Besides, being evil is so much fun! *laughs evilly while stepping on an anthill repeatedly* Kassidy: Brent is going to leave soon anyway >:)

Brent: *gives them a dirty look and walks away* (CONF) So much tension. Denver and CAssidy against me and Ryan against everyone.


Chris: Welcome final four! I can see you all hate each other! Great! Today's challenge will decide our final three. It's yet another line challenge! This time, the person to complete it LAST is eliminated. This challenge is from the Total Drama World Tour episode "Hawaiian Punch". Race to volcano (5 lines), build a dummy of your choice (5 lines) and throw it in the volcano (2 lines). You got until 6:00 p.m. Go!

Brent: *runs to volcano* (1)

Cassidy: *runs* (1)

Brent: *runs* (2)

Ryan: *runs* (1)

Brent: *runs* (3)

Ryan: *runs* (2)

Brent: *runs* (4)

Ryan: *runs* (3)

Brent: *runs* (5)

Ryan: *runs* (4)

Brent: *builds dummy of other contestants* (1)

Ryan: *runs* Sorry, Brent, but I belive in karma so I need you to... not do anything :( (5)

Brent: Um... What? *builds (2)

Ryan: Karma, where you do something bad and something bad happends to you... it also works as you do something good and good happens... *builds a dummy of Kassidy * (1)

Brent: Ok, *builds* (3)

Ryan: *builds * (2)

Brent: *builds* (4)

Ryan: *builds * (3)

Brent: *finishes buildig* (5)

Ryan: *builds * (4)

Brent: *throws* (1)

Ryan: *finishes* Okay (5)

Brent: *throws* (2) I DID IT!!!

Ryan: *throws* Come on!  (1)

Cassidy: *runs* (2)

Denver: *runs* Looks like I still have a chance to beat the gnat. (1)

Kassidy: Let's beat Ryan! *runs* (3)

Denver: *runs* Yes, let's! *smiles evilly* (2)

Kassidy: *runs* (4)

Denver: *runs* (3)

Kassidy: *Runs* (5)

Denver: *runs* (4)

Kassidy: *Builds Dummy Of Ryan* (1)

Denver: *runs* (5)

Kassidy: *builds dummy* (2)

Denver: *Builds Dummy Of Brent* (1)

Kassidy: *builds dummy* (3)

Denver: *builds dummy* (2)

Kassidy: *builds dummy* (4)

Denver: *builds dummy* (3)

Kassidy: *finishes dummy* (5)

Denver: *builds dummy* (4)

Kassidy: *trows it in* (1)

Denver: *finishes dummy* (5)

Kassidy: *Trows it in* (2) YES!

Denver: *knocks over Ryan* Farewell, gnat. *Picks up dummy and is about to throw it in* (1)


Denver: *throws it in* (2) *chuckles evilly* Excellent!

Kassidy: YES! Bye Ryan

Ryan: Whatever... can I do one thing before I go... *pushes Denver into the volcano and thorws it in* Bye you little pr*ck!

Denver: *hanging on to a ledge in the volcano, while yelling up to Ryan* Thanks for proving just how un-heroic you truly are and justifying your status as nothing more than a mere annoying gnat! *bursts into laughter at Ryan's stupidity*

Chris: We have our final three!

Episode 15


Brent: (CONF) I'm surrounded by evil!

Cassidy: *listens to Brent's Conessional*.......................................................Brent WTF who the f*** are you? (CONF) Sorry I know that was really mean but it all makes sense......sorry (END CONF) WHO THE F*** ARE YOU?! YOUR JUDGEING ME AND DENVER FOR BEING EVIL WHEN YOUR NOT EVEN NICE YOU ACT LIKE YOUR THE NICEST PERSON ON THE SHOW WHEN YOUR NOT STOP JUDGEING US WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU SO SHUT UP I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU TELLING US THAT WE ARE EVIL I HAVE A CONDITION THAT MAKES ME THIS WAY *cries* STOP BEING SO INSENSITIVE!

Denver: *comforts Cassidy* There, there, we all know that Brent is nothing more then a waste of time, breathe, energy, life, and pretty much everything else he does. But don't worry, his judgemental attitude will be the undoing of him, soon enough. *smiles evilly*

Brent: I'm sorry! *curls up into a ball*

Kassidy: I don't accept your apology >:(

Brent: *runs away*

Kassidy: I"M GONNA SLIT YOUR THROAT MOTHERF***ER *Grabs Denver so they can beat him up*

Brent: *hides under a rock*


Chris: Welcome final three! You're all one step closer to the million! Today's challenge is very similar to previous challenge. You must select a theme song that perfectly fits your fellow competitors. Brent you must choose a theme for Cassidy, Cassidy you must choose a theme for Denver, and Denver must choose a theme for Brent. Go!

Kassidy: *jumps on him Courtney style* AHAHAHAHAAHAHH- (Cassidy) WAH! *gets off of him* I'm sorry did Kassidy come out again?

Brent: Yes! I almost died.

Cassidy: Oh then sorry for- (Kassidy) PARTY ROCKIN! I would never apologize to a loser lol I'm gonna kill you >:D

Brent: it describes her frustrating dual personality.

Denver: *sighs* Because Brent has next to no personality, I chose a song that deals more with his situation in this game. And by the way, Brent, karma's coming your way .

Cassidy: I'm going to loose but maybe because she is idek

Chris: Well, it's now time to decide who our finalist will be. Honestly, NONE of them matched their personalities. Brent your choice was didn't specifically point out Caddiy's "Complication", Denver that song was a little to hardcore for a softy like Brent, and Cassiy...yours didn't make any since. Which is why Brent and Denver are our finalist.

Episode 16 (FINALE)


Chis: Welcome finalist to the finale! The challenge is what I like to call, "Play for prize". You must race to the top of the volcano (5 lines). Once you get to the top, you must select between 5 different cases. 1 of them is the million dollars, the rest are faults that you don't want to get. Seems simple, right? Now, let's end this! Go!

Brent: *races* (1)

Denver: ........ *bursts into laughter* You can't be serious? The winner is going to be determined by guessing a number between 1-5? Is this some kind of cheap Deal or No Deal knockoff, now? *chuckles evilly* A winner should not be determined by dumb luck. The more skilled competitor should win the competition. And I know I'm far more skilled then Brent when it comes to pretty much everything, and I want to prove it, not by some stupid guessing game. I thought you were a proffesional, Chris? Maybe you should go back to your mother's house, again?!?!? *smirks*

Brent: *races* (2) I'm still winning...

Brent: This is taking forever!

Brent: *races* (3)

Chris: It's been three days! Time is up and forget the challenge! Brent, since you have actually tried and participated...I'm automatically crowing YOU the winter if TOTAL DRAMA MELTDOWN! Congratulations, Brent!

Denver: *rolls her eyes* You could've at least responded to my question... But, none the matter, it was fun making life h*** for everyone. Well, I've got better places to be then the joke that was once a competition, anyways. See you in h***, soon enough *smirks, then walks off into the woods*

Brent: Yes!

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