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Total Drama Melee.


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Chris has selected some very memorable past contestants to compete in this season. It takes place at an abandoned college university and the contestants must go through various challenges to win one million dollars. There are four teams, The Algebra Annihilators, The Brave Brainiacs, The Powerful Pencils, and The Textbook Titans. The winners get to stay in the luxurious Exclusive Dormitory, while the losers stay in raggedy run-down dorms. During elimination, the contestants that are pronounces 'safe' get diplomas. Once the contestant is eliminated, they are expelled from the university.

Interactions (You may edit)


Victoria and Kassidy

Dike and His Team

Jonas and Everyone

Kelly and Ryan

Luna & Lizzie

Nemo & Lizzie


Lynn & Amber

Amber & Lily

Amber & Luna

Mariah & Ryan

Luna & Her Alliance


Lily & Luna

Lara & Dike

Ryan and Mariah (One Sided, Ryan's side)

Lizzie & Chandler


Luna & Lily

Amber & Daniel

Ryan & C(K)assidy (Not Mutual) (Half-Sided Attraction On C(K)assidy's Side)


Luna, Nemo, Josh, Chandler and Lily.

"Holes", Cassidy, Peck, Mickey?, Amber?




Episode 1

Chris: Welcome entering viewing world to Total Drama Melee! I have chosen some previous star players from different seasons to compete in this insane and catastrophic season! This season takes place at this abandoned college. The contestants will fight for 1 BILLION DOLLARS!!!


All the contestants arrive off the bus to the college

Chris: Welcome campers to Total Drama University!

Lily: *arrives* Haiii !! i'm so excited for this season ! 

Lara: *arrives* ah...another camp

Kelly: *arrives* Let's get this over with then... :/

Ryan: *playing a game he made* Thanks to kickstarter, I managed to make a game... even if I didn't win... :)

Kelly: And how many of us care? One, two, three- oh wait, just you! So be quiet, we don't want to know!

Luna: *arrives and sees Lily* OMG, i never saw you in a year and now we cant go to a season without each other! *runs to Lily and hugs her*

Amber: Yay this is awesome!

Lily: OMG Luna !!! *Hugs her* i can't stay without you anymore !!! 

Luna: No me tooo!

Amber: Hey Lily

Linda: *arrives* This place need a bit more fashion!

Mariah: *walks in playing video games*

Nemo: *arrives* Um, why is this a college?

Victoria: *arrives* Wierd, I am not suppose to be here...

Chris: Well, I hope you're all enjoying yourselves! Because your teams have been selected!

Textbook Titans Brave Brainiacs Powerful Pencils Algebra Annihilators
Lily Dike C(K)assidy Holes
Luna Amber Kendall Linda
Nemo Daniel Lara Jonas
Chandler Victoria Kelly Mickey
Lizzie Veronica Ryan Peck
Josh Molly Mariah Lynn

Chris: So, I suggest you get comfy with your team because the challenge will start tonight! You be prepared!

Lara: Linda ?!!! Hey Linda !!!

Lily: Amber !! *Hugs Amber* ! how are you ?

Linda: Lara, *insanely loud* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE girl you looks fabolous how are you?

Amber: *hugs Lily* I'm totally fine and you?

Luna: YAY! LILY! We are again in the same team yeah! *hugs Amber and Lily both*

Dike: Hey Lara!

Nemo: I didn't get chosen last, like in dodgeball.

Victoria: sigh. *facepalms*

Cassidy: This is going to be wonderful no? (CONF) I finally got rid of Kassidy with lots and lots of therapy so I hope I can be very good this season (Ydissak)meht fo lla yortsed lliw I(END CONF)

Amber: *looks to Nemo* Me too! They didnt choose me in dodgeball cause i didnt knew what a dodgeball was. Do you know that by the way?

Lynn: Oh my gosh it's thé Amber of Big Family. Oh my gosh its thé Linda of Total Drama After Whatever and O M G! LUNA! I SAW YOU ON TV. Okay, Lynn keep calm eww. The three girls i always wanted to met. We have to be besties forever. (CONF) Only Amber will be my bestie and why? 1.. She is the best. 2.. She is nice, pretty, friendly and dumb and 3.. she is easy to manipulate. MWHAHAHAHAHA (END CONF)

Veronica: Oh my gosh maybe you can shout your mouth barbie.

Chandler: Hey everybody! (CONF) So this is what college is like...

Mickey: How's it goin' everyone? (CONF) I hope college is what everyone says it's like

Amber: Hi there! *smiles and looks to Lynn* Oh yay! Hi there!

Cassidy: Hmm (CONF) The competition seems wonderful so far being in a college is also great! I wonder what challenges are to come!

Ryan: (CONF) It's come to my attention that Kassidy showed up more then Cassidy last season... I got some investigating to do... (END CONF)

Nemo: I learned a new language. Omen si eman ym, olleh!

Victoria: Egaugnal eht wonk t'nod I. *covers mouth*

Luna: I learned a language too. You two are suckers so leave me NOW.

Nemo: No we are not! It's gibberish! Don't you know it.

Victoria: Em desruc omen! Em pleh!


Chris: Welcome everyone to your very first challenge! This challenge is pretty big so be prepared! All around the school, there are small black boxes with numbers on them. You must each search in different places, you don't have to go the same area as your team (I honestly wouldn't recommend it). You will search at the Stairway, Pool, Café, Showers, and Hallways (2 lines each). Once you get there, you must select a number (ANY NUMBER THAT IS SHOWN) and bring it back to me (2 lines). Example:

Chandler: *runs to pool*

Nemo: *Runs to pool*

Chandler: *runs to pool* (2)

Nemo: *Runs to pool* (2)

Chandler: *picks number 4*

Nemo: *picks number 3* 

Chandler: *runs back*

Nemo: *runs back*

Chandler: *runs back (2) Done!

Chris: Once you bring me back the number, I will check to see what's in it. Below are the respective items:

Object Points
Mrcoconut 50+
50px 500+
50px 100+
50px 0 (free immunity)
50px -100
50px -300

Chris: The team with the most points wins the challenge! You got until June 16th(EST midnight) to finish this! Ready and GO!

"Holes": *runs to Pool* (1)

Lizzie: *runs to Cafe* (1)

Cassidy: *runs to stairway* (1)

Dike: *Runs to showers* (1)

"Holes": *runs to Pool* (2)

Lizzie: *runs to Cafe* (2)

Cassidy: *runs to stairway* (2)

Dike: *runs to showers* (2)

"Holes": *Picks 69* It's a strategy!

Lizzie: *Picks 1*  Because I'm Number 1!

Cassidy: *Picks 8* Mario Kart Crazy 8!

Dike: *Picks 7* Mario Kart Lucky 7!

"Holes": *runs back* (1)

Lizzie: *runs back* (1)

Dike: *runs back* (1)

Cassidy: *runs back* (1)

Lizzie: *runs back* (2) FIRST!

"Holes": *runs back* (2) Challenge accompilshed!

Dike: *runs back* (2) LARA HURRY I WANT YOU TO BE SAFE!

Cassidy: *runs back* (2) Ok this is wonderful good luck to all!

Chandler: *runs to pool*

Mickey: *runs to hallways*


Chandler: *runs to pool*

Mickey: *runs to hallways*

Chris: Cassidy, Dike, and Holes. Go back! 69, 8, and 7 are not any available numbers...

Chandler: *picks number 3*

Mickey: *picks number 2*

Kendall: *runs to cafe* (1)

Peck: *runs to hallways* (1)

Chandler: *runs back*

Mickey: *runs back*

Kendall: *runs to cafe* (2)

Peck: *runs to hallways* (2)

Chandler: *runs back* Done and done

Mickey: *runs back* Finished

"Holes": What are you talking about, Chris? You said pick any number at the beginning of the challenge!

Luna: *runs to pool*

Amber: *runs to pool*

"Holes": >-> I'm not going back out there, I have better things to do. (CONF) Time to start operation: Death Lock!

Luna: *runs to pool*

Amber: *runs to pool*

Veronica: *runs to cafe*

Lynn: *runs to stairway*

Luna: *picks 4*

Amber: *picks 2*

Veronica: *runs to cafe*

Lynn: *runs to stairway*

Luna: *runs back*

Amber: *runs back*

Veronica: I pick 2.

Lynn: And i pick well eh.. 3.

Luna: *runs back and is finished* Done!

Amber: *runs back and is finished* Yay

Veronica: *runs back*

Lynn: *runs back*

Ryan: *checks Showers* 

Jonas: *checks Cafe*

Veronica: *runs back and arrives*

Lynn: *runs back and arrives*

Ryan: *checks Showers* 

Jonas: *checks Cafe* 

Kelly: I'm not wasting my time, free immunity? Pfft, I'm worth TEN of them!

Kendall: *picks 3* I guess this works...

Peck: *picks 1* Number one is a sweet combo with the halls...err, I think!

Ryan: *picks number 3* 

Jonas: *picks number 5* 

Lara: *Runs to cafe*

Lily: *runs to the Pool*

Nemo: *runs to cafe* (1)

Victoria: *runs to cafe* (1)

Lara: *runs to cafe*

Lily; *Runs to the pool*

Luna: Come one Nemo and Lily!

Lara: *Picks number 50*

Lily: *Picks number 13*

Luna: That's my girllll! (CONF) Nemo must be faster running or he is going home today (END CONF)

Lily: *Runs Back*

Lara: *Runs Back* 

Linda: *Runs to shower*

Mariah *runs to the pool*

Lily: *RUns Back and arrives*

Lara: *Runs back and arrives*

Nemo: *runs supersonically to cafe* (2)

Victoria: *runs to cafe* (2)

Ryan: *Runs Back*

Jonas: *Runs Back* 

Nemo: *picks number 2*

Victoria: *picks number 1*

Linda: *runs to shower*

Mariah *runs to the pool*

Ryan: *Runs Back* YAY!

Jonas: *Runs Back*  DOne :3

Nemo: *runs back supersonically* (1)

Victoria: *runs back* (1)

Kendall: *runs back* (1)

Peck: *runs back* (1)

Nemo: *runs back supersonically* (2) *pants* Whew, that was enough, for now.

Victoria: *runs back* (2)

Linda: *picks number 23*

Mariah *picks number 12*

Cassidy: *runs to stairway* (1)

Dike: *runs to showers* (1)

Mariah: *runs back*

Linda *runs back*

Cassidy: *runs to stairway* (2)

Dike: *runs `to showers* (2)

Peck: *runs back* (2) All done and dusted! Piece of cake...

Kendall: *runs back* (2) Phew...

Chris: And times up! Now, here are the answers!

Chris Before, I declare the winner, I want to state a few...issues...each team had. Holes, Lily, Mariah, Linda, Lara, Cassidy, and Dike did NOT do the challenge correctly. While, Kelly, and Molly didn't even DO the challenge. The team with least amount of points goes to elimination...

Textbooks Pencils Annihilators Brainicas
350 -250 1000 -550

Chris: The Algebra Annihilators win the first challenge of the season! Brainiacs, you're up for expulsion.

Elimination 1: Brave Brainiacs

Chris: Well Brainiacs, who's going home today? Molly and Daniel didn't do the challenge, Dike didn't do the challenge correctly and finish in time, and Amber and Victoria chose the disgusting Sloppy Joes. Veronica, you're the only one who choose a positive item. Well, here and we'll see who goes home.

Victoria: *walks up to Dike* If it wasn't for you, we couldn't have risked elimination

Amber: This is soo horrible! I hate to vote for someone. *votes*

Daniel: *votes* K, I'm so sorry I didn't ... :(

Amber: *looks surprised to Daniel* Wait.. Daniel.. DANIEL! *hugs him*

Daniel: *smiles nervously* Hey Amber..... Argh, I'm soooo eliminated :(

Amber: Don't worry Daniel.

Dike: I'm eliminating someone soon

Veronica: Voted for the biggest loser of this season! YOAH!

Victoria: *hugs Veronica* You shall be blessed!

Chris: Tick tock, Dike! You're the only one who hasn't voted...

Victoria: So maybe... He's out? *facepalms*

Dike: Shut up! I should have voted for you! But i didn't ATLEAST i participated MOLLY DIDN'T SO SHUT UP!!!!

Amber: I cant hold it anymore! *hugs Daniel*

Chris: Diplomas go to...Amber, Veronica, and Victoria. Molly, Dike, and Daniel are on the chopping block.

The last two diplomas go to...

Dike and Daniel! Molly you're out. You are expelled from Total Drama University! Later!

Episode 2

Luxarious Dorm: Algebra Annihilators

"Holes": (CONF) Operation Death Lock was success! Now onto my next plan!

Mickey: (CONF) I was one of the few people who did the challenge correctly! Yay for me!

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Nemo: Wait, was Molly... *pauses*

Victoria: Yeah, Shocking, right?

Dike: See Victoria? You are no christian i didn't do anything to you! YOU ARE SO MEAN!

Luna: Too bad for you. You have to be mean to stay in a competition. Real life, is it hard for you? I dont care.

Chandler: That was some elimination ceremony you guys had

Victoria: You have to be good to stay in the Competition. Like most people I know.

Luna: "good". With only good you arent come far in this game, girl.


Chris: Welcome! As of right now, I'm here to inform you that every challenge, will be based off School Subjects! Great, right? Today's subject...Zoology! This is a tag-challenge so everyone is going to have to work together. Okay, so I just released a bunch of frog out of their cages recently. You're job is to work as a team and pick up each frog (12 lines). The team to pick up the frogs first wins! Last team to finish, heads to elimination. Here's an example:

Chandler: *grabs frog* (1)

Lily: *grabs frog* (2)

Nemo: *grabs frog* (3)

Amber: *grabs frog* (1)

Chris: Ready and Go!

Ryan: WOOO! *picks up arachnid* (1)

Jonas: Wow... this so soooooooooooooo fun... *picks up arachnid* (1)

Chandler: *grabs frog* (1)

Mickey: *grabs frog* (2)

Cassidy: *grabs frog* (2)

Dike: *grabs frog* (1)

Daniel: *picks up a frog* I DON'T WANNA GO YET! D:

Kelly: Um... ew... I'm not touching a frog, I might get warts >-> Besides, my teams so good we won't even lose!

Ryan: *picks up frog* (3)

Jonas: *picks up frog* (3)

Chandler: *grabs frog*

Mickey: *grabs frog*

Ryan: *picks up frog* (4)

Jonas: *picks up frog* (5)

Lily: *Grabs frog*

Lara: *Grabs frog*

Ryan: *picks up frog* (6)

Jonas: *picks up frog* (6)

Lily: *Grabs forg* (4)

Lara: *Grabs forg* (7)

Ryan: *picks up frog* (8)

Jonas: *picks up frog* (7)

Lily: *Grabs frog* (5)

Lara: *Grabs forg* (9)

Ryan: *picks up frog* (10)

Jonas: *picks up frog* (8)

Lily: *Grabs frog* (6)

Lara: *Grabs frog* (11)

Ryan: WINNERS! *high fives Lara* *picks up frog* (12)

Jonas: *picks up frog* (9)

Lara: YESS ! *Hugs Ryan*

Lily: *Grabs frog* (7)

Chandler: *grabs frog*

Mickey: *grabs frog*

Lily: *Grabs forg* (9)

Jonas: *picks up frog* (11)

Lily: *Grabs frog* (10)

Jonas: done... thanks alot team, only Mickey helped me... -_-*picks up frog* (12)

Lily: *Grabs forg* (11) where is my team ?!!!

Ryan: You can let go of me now, Lara... :I 

Lily: *Grabs frog* (12) DONE !! YAY ! i've done it alone but no problem congrats Lily ^-^

Lara: oh yeah sorry Ryan ! *Blushes*

Chris: You guys are done already!? Well...Pencils win! Brainiacs, it's elimination time...again...

Dike; Gah! Elimination again? Wish me luck Lara >.>

Kelly: Hah, told us we wouldn't lose, we won first place! Hah! *sticks her tounge out at Dike*

Daniel: G-gee, we lost again? :(

Elimination: Brave Brainiacs

Chris: I'm going to tell you guys a all suck. Vote here and let's see who goes home.

Amber: OMG! NO! Sorry guys, i wanted to do the challenge. Ahwww!

Dike: Victoria sucks so much the Ocean lost 25 pounds :/

Veronica: Burn in the hell gurl

Daniel: *votes* Gee, I-I'm voting for S-someone who I-i think will definitely go-o home :/

Chris: Okay, so everyone voted for Victoria...well she's out. And your guys better be prepared and not slack off! See ya!

Episode 3

Luxurious Dormitory: Power Pencils

Kelly: *getting a tan* I'm like so tired from all that work I did yesterday, I'm glad we get this lovely desperate dormitory :)

Ryan: ...The only thing you did was... say you didn't want to do it...

Kelly: Aaaaaaaand.... who the hell are you again?

Ryan: The guy who won the challenge for us with Lara >.>

Kelly: ................ So basically..... you're a walking and breathing wart spreader? AHHH! *jumps up onto couch* Don't touch me, wartbreath!

Ryan: Thanks for that insult, it was quite pathetic, but maybe it represents you, as your quite pathetic *goes to Ps4 and plays a video game*

Kelly: Excellent comeback, who came up with it? A toddler? If you don't WANT to talk to me, then DON'T respond :/

Ryan: *takes advice and doesn't repond* (CONF) Whatever, I can't feed the trolls, especially the deformed ones...

Cassidy: Good job everyone we alll deserve around of aplause due to are wonderful performance

Kelly: Yes... MY wonderful performance :)

Ryan: No, me and Lara saved us from this elimination, I may have no credit for the frist challenge but I'm taking this one... -_-

Cassidy: you are absolutely right! You were so magnific! *smiles*

Kendall: ...


Ryan: She could of been talking t- whatever... *shoots so many people on CoD to show his anger*

Kelly: What are you playing? A video game version of your family reunion? :)

Ryan: *ignores Kelly* ... 

Kelly: *pokes Ryan* I wonder if he's dead, that'd be so fun :D

Ryan: *ignores Kelly and wins the game* Yes!! :D *swtches to Captain Toad*

Kelly: That game isn't even out yet, you stealer! *turns the Ps4 off* :D

Ryan: *playing 3ds* Whooo! Go Blue Toad! :D

Kelly: *hits the 3DS with a baseball bat, breaking it* .__.

Ryan: *looking out the window* The clouds are beautiful aren't they Kassidy?

Cassidy: K-Kassidy *sweats* w-who is that?

Kelly: *covers up Windows with wood* >->

Ryan: *playing with Yo-yo* :3 (CONF) I am good at ignoring people, I just forget about them...! :3

Kelly: *cuts string off with scissors* .__.

Ryan: *goes to sleep*

Cassidy: Well i guess i might as well sleep to........maybe later

Kendall: *reads book*

Mariah: *playing Mario kart 8* go TOATEDE!!!

Regular Dorms: Everybody Else

Veronica: We should do our best next time. Understood, 'brains'.

Lynn: Don't be a silly, girl.

Veronica: Do you wanna get a blue eye, barbie stupid doll?

Amber: Okay Veronica! We will do our best next challenge. *smiles*

Veronica: Whatever i'm in the loser team with only losers. Huray me.

Peck: Well, there's always next time, whoever's on my team.

Luna: I'm bored here.

Jonas: *throws rocks at trees* :I

Nemo: That's it, Power!

Dike: *sighs* (CONF) I miss lara i wonder what she is doing in winners class..............

Linda: omg, someone look at my new design for a all meclusive suite! *shows some sketches*

Chandler: So how's it going guys?

Mickey: (CONF) Well now this place is a bit dull


Chris: Wow, you guys are lame. Challenge time! Today's challenge is Music! Everyone must find the most corniest and most educational song they can find! Go!

Luna: Now we have to shine, guys! So, any idea's?

Linda: the awesome  usher learning us theABC's

Amber: This maybe: Click here

Mariah: What aboutthe pi song

Chandler: The Wheels on the Bus

Mickey: Colors Song

Kelly: Yes!  A challenge where I don't have to even lift a pinky, and gladly, I found a song almost as corny as Ryan!

Daniel: H-here's a song, it's not that good but it's all I could find! D:

Ryan: This is really cheesy ;)


Kendall: ... Teaches about friendly love, I guess...

Peck: Uh.... maybe?

Cassidy: Great no? [1]

Dike: Lara is Pretty [2]


Luna: This will win.

"Holes": This taught me everything I needed to know .

Lizzie: You really only need to count to uno ...

Chris: Times up! Remember this is with all honesty, Mickey at the corniest one. So the Algebra Annihilators win again! And the Brave Brainiacs didn't have a song that was corny enough. Elimination 3rd time in a row guys...

Elimination: Brave Brainiacs

Chris: Well, Dike you're the only one who brought a corny song to the table! Congrats! Daniel's didn't seem to come up, Amber dub-step is far from educational, and Veronica didn't bring anything! you losers know what to do...

Dike: Darn again?

Chris: Wow! This was shocking! Diplomas go to Amber, Daniel, and Veronica. Dike, everyone seemed to vote for you, so your out! I got a question though, he was the only one who did the challenge correct? Why eliminated him? Oh, well see ya' Dike!

Dike: I know why i was eliminated and it's just pitiful.......oh well i'll see' ya back if there's a rejoin same with all of you because all of you will be eliminated by the time of the rejoin byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye.

Episode 4

Luxurious Dormitory: Algebra Annihilators

Mickey: So how's everybody liking the Luxurious Dormitory?

Peck: It's pretty sweet.

Mickey: True that my friend.

"Holes": (CONF) Yeah, I know, I can't believe my team won the challenge, again. And suprisingly, I did all the work, again. What would this team do without me? They'd probably have to rename this team to the "Brave Braniacs." *snickers*

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Daniel: (CONF) I feel REEAALLY bad about voting for Dike, but he w-was the b-b-biggest threat.... :(

Amber: (CONF) I voted Dike cause Daniel is my boyfriend and Veronica deserves a better place then 22nd. I didnt knew Dike, and we had no alliance or whatever so .. sorry Dike if you watching this (END CONF)

Nemo: (CONF) OMG, I am glad he's gone! :D Dike is a huge threat. :D (END CONF) We can do this! Right team? *high fives team* :D

Ryan: *looks at Nemo* (CONF) No one likes Nemo, I wonder how he is still in this, well I would be wondering, but his team pratically dragged him here... :I

Daniel: (CONF) My team is so done for, we voted out our biggest helper just cause he was a threat and now there is only 3 of us left! D:

Nemo: (CONF) My Team likes me, nobody else does. My team likes me because a team's a team. That's what matters. :I (END CONF)

Daniel: So... How is everyone? :)

Kassidy: F*** You Nemo (Cassidy) I'm bored but i'm sure we can have fun!

Ryan: I agree with Kassidy, I hate you with a burning passion as hot as the sun... no offense...

Kelly: COOL! We're playing the hating game! It's my favourite! Nemo, I hate you! >:)

Nemo: Come on, team! We have to win this!

Kassidy: I hope your team looses you f***ing lost clownfish

Chandler: (CONF) If we lose I could be up for elimination :O

Nemo: See? My team agrees with me. They don't want to lose!

Chandler: Only for the sake of losing a team member. (CONF) To be honest if we lose I really don't think anybody has to be worried about leaving except for Finding Nemo. For the simple fact that he is not the most liked contestant.

Nemo: I am worried about leaving! Besides, there are people who are more dislked. :/

Lizzie: NEMO! You better not have jinxed us! If we lose, you're so going home!

Chandler: Better him than one of us to be honest.

Kelly: I'm gonna be as honest as possible here.... No one likes you, Nemo, not even your own team. The only reason you're still in is because your team hasn't lost yet, and the reason why they don't wanna lose a member, is because them they'd be at a one person disadvantage. Unless your team doesn't lose, you'll probably be voted out UNANIMOUSLY, excluding your dumb vote of course, now stop hogging up the conversations so I can be the centre of attention >->

Chandler: Beautifully said Kelly.

Kelly: Thank you :)

Chandler: My pleasure :)

Kendall: *reads book away from everyone*

Nemo: Great job, team! Not facing elimination! :)


Chris: Welcome everyone! Today's School Subject is...Geography! Each team must name countries! The countries cannot be named more than once! The team that names the most countries wins!

Amber: Netherlands

Luna: Italy

Chandler: Spain

Mickey: Australia

Nemo: South Korea

Amber: America

Luna: United Kingdom

Lily: Syria

Lara: North Korea

Nemo: France

Lily: Brazil

Lara: Portugal 

Ryan: China

Jonas: Japan

Linda: Spain

Mariah: Mushroom kingdom Indonesia

Lily: Russia

Lara: Egypt

Ryan: Sweden

Jonas: Germany


Lily: Chile

Lara: Costa Rica

Daniel: Canada... duh half of us live her :/

Ryan: Hawaii

Jonas: India

Daniel: Dominica :/

Ryan: Pahkastan

Jonas: Veitnam

Daniel: El Salvador

Ryan: Iran

Jonas: Turkey

Lara: Tunisia

Lily: Taiwan

Daniel: Bahamas :/

Lily: Morocco

Lara: Nigeria

Ryan: Thailand

Jonas: South Africa

Daniel: Cuba :D

Lily: Libya

Lara: Uruguay

Daniel: Haiti:)

Lily: Kazakhstan

Lara: Chad

Daniel: Honduras :)

Lily: Malaysia

Lara: Indonesia

Linda: Azerbaijan

Mariah: Hyrule! Austria

Lily: Rwanda

Lara: Kenya

Chandler: Greenland

Mickey: Bolivia

Mariah: Kirby land Belarus

Linda: georgia!

Lily: Lebanon

Lara: Israel

Daniel: Panama :)

Lily: Zambia

Lara: Angola

Daniel: Colombia :)

Lily: Ecuador

Lara: Georgia

Josh: New Zealand.

Daniel: Guyana :)

Chandler: Afghanistan

Mickey: Czech Republic

Daniel: Peru, I can't believe it hasn't been picked yet :)

Chris: Times up! The Powerful Pencils win! Textbook Titans come in second and for the first time ever, The Brainiacs aren't going to eliminated! Annihilators, you're up for elimination.

Elimination: Algebra Annihilators

Chris: Welcome to your very first eliminated Annihilators. It's time to vote someone off!

Lynn: I'm so sorry for didnt help you guys today. I will change that, so please .. dont vote me. *votes*

Chris: Diplomas go to Holes, Linda, Mickey, Jonas, and Peck! Sorry, Lynn. You're out!

Episode 5

Luxurious Dormitory: Powerful Pencils

Kendal: Great, I guess...

Lara: Yes we won ! i love luxuirious dormitory

Ryan: *playing a video game* The luxurious dormitory should have our name on... :D

Mariah: *making cup cakes* hey does anyone wants a mario mushroom cup cakes!!

Ryan: Mario? *thinks in head* Are you a girl gamer? 

Mariah: yeah I am *put's the cupcakes in the oven* I have two things I love, games and cupcakes.

Ryan: Really? Wanna play while the cupcakes cook? *puts on Mario Kart 8* (CONF) Girl gamers zijn de mooiste dingen ooit! Ik hoop dat Mariah aardig is... :D

Lara: and i love two things The victory and the silence.

Mariah: YEah but I have to check after 20 minutes! *go and play Mario Kart 8 with Ryan*

Ryan: I will be Toad *selects Toad*

Mariah: I will be Toadette *selects Toadette*

Kelly: *sitting down, bored out of her mind* .....OH MY GAAAAAWWWHD, CAN WE DOOO SOMETHIING?

Ryan: *clicks start* 3... 2... 1... GO! *gets blue shelled* Already Mariah?

Kelly: *looks at Ryan and sighs* (CONF) What the heck is wrong with that dork? 

Ryan: *going as Toad fast* Come on... I keep getting Bannanas... >.>

Kelly: *throws a pillow at Ryan* Quiet....

Ryan: *passes Mariah* YES! :D

Mariah: UHUH NO WAY *throws a red shell and hit Ryan* Ha *smells something* what is that smell?

Ryan: It might be burning? *pauses* :o

Mariah: OH NO MY CUPCAKES *runs to the oven and get them out, they are burned* Nooo *throws them away and comes back to Ryan* oh well let's continue press start!

Kelly: *pretending to be Mariah* My name's Mariah, my knowledge of video games makes up for my lack of personality! Myeh myeh myeh!

Ryan: Ignore her *presses continue* :D

Kelly: *very high pitched voice* Ignore her, Mariah. She'll never know what it's like to look like a ugly troll going through puberty like you, or have a fuzzy mustache on the upper lip which would make Ezekiel look like the fairest princess of them all!

Ryan: *gets passed by Mariah and then shoot Blue Shell*

Mariah: I love these new items *uses the super horn and crosses the finishline* yay!!!

Ryan: O well... I'll *gets hit by 16 items at the same time by Walauigi and gets last place* O.O

Kelly: *kicks Ryan* Jesus, it's like he doesn't even notice, which is, like, totally concerning cause if you don't notice me, you have no real social life :/

Mariah: Hey be nice to him!!

Ryan: *looks at Mariah and blushes* uh... I GTG BRB LOL! Uh... I mean bye, don't follow me... *runs to CONF* (CONF) Oh mijn spel! Oh mijn spel! I think I might like-like Mariah, I hope she likes me back, Ik zal van de sterren van Asmaron hopen!  ,That's a God Of Gurta-Donia refrence...

Mariah: Okay, than I will make new cup cakes *start making new cupcakes*

Kelly: Eugh! Mariah, he's dumb, he's cute but a total loser and he has the exact IQ of my shoe :/

Ryan: *comes back* :)

Mariah: he seems nice to be, hi Ryan.

Ryan: Heh, I really hope we win the next challenge, because I will be unable to play anything without this dormitory

Cassidy: I'm bored 

Kendall: I need more peace and quiet... *goes to the corner of the room and reads his book*

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

"Holes":  (CONF) Not voting at the last elimination was all a part of my strategy. *points to head* Cause if I vote wrong, ummm... bad things will happen and stuff. *Leans back and smiles*

Lizzie: Why am I not in the luxurious dorms? This is all your fault! *slaps Nemo*

Linda: *making his "jacket" * look at this!!

Jonas: Wow, I lost? That's sooooooooooo amazing... (CONF) Heh, no one expects the sarcastic loner to be the next winner of TD do they? None of them do, so that's why I have been secretly pulling the strings, I caused Lynn's elimination, I decided to stop helping my team during the challenge so I could take her out >:)

Luna: I'm boreeeed.

Nemo: We will Win, someday, team.

Luna: Yeah, i hope so?

Nemo: I don't know who will become eliminated. (CONF) Not me, though.

Luna: (CONF) To make sure, my girlfriend Lily, Nemo and Josh are in a alliance. Lizzie and Chandler are the two that stands as first on my list of people that is going to be eliminated. And then we'll see, who's going home. Ofcourse, we will win every challenge but i'm a smart girl. I have to think always. (END CONF)

Daniel: Gee, I-i hope I'm not eliminated this episode :/


Chris: Sorry for the delay everyone, it's challenge time! Today's subject is Cryptology! I want each of you to post a picture of the creepiest cryptic creature in the world and post a small scary fact about them! Example:

Chris: Now, go find a scary cryptic creature and post it below in the next 24 hours! Other than the Loch Ness Monster...

Chris: Times up! Wow, we got a very low amount of submissions. But, Chandler hands down had the best! Textbooks win! Annihilators second, Pencils third, and submissions at all. See you at elimination, again...

Elimination: Brave Brainiacs

Chris: Well, you guys are officially the worst team. But, I have some great news! Last season's winner, Brent will join your team! Since you guys will be down to 2 members, I'm giving you a freebie. Daniel, Amber, of you is going home today.

Amber: Wait, is Brent now on this team? I mean, he is up for elimination too?

Chris: Nope! You got to either vote for Daniel or Veronica. After this elimination, Brent will join the team!

Amber: Ahw okay! Well, to be honest ofcourse i'm not voting for my boyfriend. Sorry Veronica.

Chris: Diplomas go to Amber.............................and............Daniel! Sorry Veronica, your time has ended. Amber and Daniel, say hello to last season's winner, Brent!

Episode 6

Luxurious Dormitory: Textbook Titans

Luna: This .. this is life. And Lizzie, Lizzie has to go if we have a elimination ceremony.

Chandler: Agreed, we finally won our first challenge! And why is that Luna?

Luna: Let's see, that's not of your business so maybe you can shut your mouth and walk away. Bye. (CONF) He is a school kid, he have to work for this team or i will kick him out next elimination. *Laughs evilly* (END CONF)

Chandler: Um okay Luna if that's what you want.L

Lizzie: Finally, I'm at the luxury dorm! Thank you so much, Chandler! *pecks him on the cheek* *turns to Luna* Now, what did you say about me, b****? If anyone's going home, it's going to be you, everyone here hates you, and only play along with you to give you a false sense of security, while in reality, all they want to do is strangle you senseless. Now, get off your high chair and realize that I'm the best person, ever!

Luna: *punches Lizzie in the face* I have my girlfriend, and my two friends Nemo and Josh. What are you gonna do about it b****?

Nemo: See, I told you we will win, team! And by the way, I heard Brent came into the competition.

Chandler: Ummm I guess I'll just go away :/ *walks away* (CONF) I don't really understand where all this conflict is coming from...

Luna: Me too, Nemo. I have a good friendship with Amber and she has a relationship. If i want, he's is going home next episode. But now, Lizzie has to go. Chandler can stay for now.

Nemo: *walks up to Lizzie* BEGONE LIZZY!

Luna: *smiles* (CONF) I love my boy, i mean he is like me in a younger way. All my love is going to my sweetness Lily. And well, what shall i do? Josh or Chandler? Chandler is much stronger then Josh. But i can trust Josh. Hmm, Luna you have to think now. (END CONF)

Lizzie: What am I gonna do about it?  Well, I'm going to kick your a** to the curb and leave you there with your kind; the rats and other vermin. Then I'm going to eliminate you, and laugh with everyone else at how delusional you truly are! Everyone knows I'm the best! Except for Nemo, maybe. *winks at Nemo* Now, take this, b****! *pulls on Luna's hair*

Chandler: Umm Lizzie I don't think you're making this better for yourself. It's just gonna make her hate you more. Perhaps you should just leave Luna alone.

Luna: Ahw Chandler, what nice. I'm sorry about that stupid thing. It's hard to make friends. Sorry. Well, Lizzie eliminating me? Girl, i have everyone on this team. *pushes Lizzie to the stairs* So, you have two options. Or you gonna shut your mouth and i'm doing my best next challenge. Or if you gonna talk to me, i will lose for us and you are going home. Understood?

Lizzie: Good idea, babe! *blows a kiss at Chandler* But, this b**** has it coming to her! *rips some of Luna's hair out* Haha, funny options. Because you doing your best is losing for us, cause that's all you're good at! *laughs at Luna*

Luna: Cause i learned it of you, honey. *slaps her in the face and grabs the hair of Lizzie* EWWW! I TOUTCHED SOMETHING NASTY! *pushes Lizzie away and runs to the toilet*

Lizzie: *to Chandler* What she'd do? Touch herself on accident? *laughs to herself* 

Chandler: Umm Lizzie in all honesty you better hope Luna didn't hear that (CONF) She keeps arguing with Luna, which only makes it worse for herself!

Nemo: (CONF) Since Luna is now my friend, Lizzie is leaving the show soon. :3 (END CONF)

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Amber: Welcome to the Brave Braniacs, Brent! *smiles*

Ryan: Oh wow, it's Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent, are you still a hypocrite? Or do I need to get a list of why no one liks you... >:I

Brent: Hi amber and... Ryan! Are you still... Awesome?

Memo: *walks in and sees Brent* Hey, Brent! *pats Brent on the back* (CONF) I like to treat winners fairly. :3 (END CONF)

Daniel: ....Who's Brent? (CONF) Um... I didn't watch last season :/

Amber: Honey, that is last season's winner. He was kind of sweet, in my opinion.

Cassidy: Great To Have You In The Game Brent :)

Mickey: Welcme to the game Brent. The name's Mickey!

"Holes": (CONF) A new player in the game... that means one more person to eliminate. Maybe I should make an alliance with him...?

Brent: thanks for the great welcome!

Amber: Your welcome. *smiles*

Mickey: Anytime dude! I still can't believe your team is down to 3 players...

Amber: It's soo hard! But i love my teammates *smiles*

Cassidy: Your Truly Welcome Brent I Can't wait to (Kassidy) Kill You (Cassidy) Compete with you!


Chris: Welcome guys! I can see Cassidy has yet to call for an Exorcism... and welcome Brent to the competition! We'll be starting the challenge early today! Today's subject is...Gym! You will all be competing in a gym obstacle course! First person to reach the finish line for their team, wins! First, you must run to the hurdles (2 lines), then dodge the land mines (3 lines), cross the deadly snake pit (4 lines), and run to the finish line (2 lines)! Ready and go!

Chandler: *runs to hurdles*

Mickey: *runs to hurdles*

Brent: *rubs to hurdles* (1)

Chandler: *runs to hurdles* (2)

Mickey: *runs to hurdles* (2)

Brent: *runs to hurdles* (2)

Chandler: *dodges land mines*

Mickey: *dodges land mines*

Brent: *dodges land mines* (1)

Chandler: *dodges land mines*

Mickey: *dodges land mines*

Brent: *dodges land mines* (2)

Chandler: *dodges land mines* (3)

Mickey: *dodges land mines* (3)

"Holes": *runs to the hurdles* (1)

Lizzie: *runs to the hurdles* (1)

Brent: *dodges land miness* (3(

Chandler: *crosses snake pit*

Mickey: *crosses snake pit*

Brent: *crosses snake pit (1)

Cassidy: *runs to hurdles* (1)

Chandler: *crosses snake pit*

Mickey: *crosses snake pit*

"Holes": *runs to the hurdles* (2)

Lizzie: *runs to the hurdles* (2)

Brent: *crosses snake pit* (2)

Cassidy: *runs to hurdles* (2)

Chandler: *crosses snake pit*

Mickey: *crosses snake pit*

Kendall: *runs to hurdles* (1)

Peck: *runs to hurdles* (1)

Cassidy: *dodges land mines*

Chandler: *crosses snake pit* (4)

Mickey: *crosses snake pit* (4)

Brent: *crosses snake pit* (3)

Cassidy: *dodges land mines*

"Holes": *dodges the land mines* (1)

Lizzie: *dodges the land mines* (1)

Chandler: *runs to finish*

Mickey: *runs to finish*

"Holes": *dodges the land mines* (2)

Lizzie: *dodges the land mines* (2)

Brent: *crosses snake pit* (4)

Chandler: *runs to finish* (2) Finished!

Mickey: *runs to finish* (2) Done

"Holes": *dodges the land mines* (3)

Lizzie: *dodges the land mines* (3)

Brent: *rubs to finish* (1)

Lizzie: *crosses the snake pit* (1)

"Holes": *crosses the snake pit* (1)

Brent: *runs to finish* (2) Yes!

Chris: Thanks to Brent, the Brainiacs win their very first challenge!

Lizzie: But what about Chandler? >.>

Chris: Whoops, never mind. Textbooks win!

Chandler: Thank you Lizzie

Lizzie: No problem, babe. *winks at him*

Brent: At least were not going o elimination!

Chris: And it's the Pencils first elimination ceremony!

Elimination: Powerful Pencils

Chris: Welcome to your first elimination ceremony Pencils! Vote here!

Cassidy: I do not know who to vote i guess i will vote for the least active member......

Kendall: I haven't talked to anyone so it's obvious I'm going...

Cassidy: Don't worry everyone has a fair chance of going :) i'm sure that no one will target you

Kelly: I voted, but for some reason I feel that people are voting for me.... >->

Mariah: Voted someone now hihi

Chris: It's unanimous! Diplomas go to Kelly, Cassidy, Mariah, Ryan, and Kendall! Lara, you're out!

Episode 7

Luxurious Dormitory: Textbook Titans

Ryan: Wait, Chris, I voted for Kendall, how is that unanimous? >:I (Sorry TF, you were the least active)

Chris: Beauuuuusee, Kelly, Cassidy, Mariah, and Kendall all voted for Lara. You were the only one who didn't for her. And even if Lara voted, it would still be unanimous against her. Now, get out the Luxurious Dorms, you lost!

Luna: Indeed you lost, loser. Bye. So, again in this luxe room. Thanks Chandler, you are amazing.

Chandler: Aww thanks so are you.

Lizzie: It's good to know that someone besides me is doing amazing in challenges. *winks and blows a kiss at Chandler* Unlike some people. *glares at Luna*

Chandler: *giggles* Umm thanks and I'll keep at it so we have a full team.

Luna: Don't worry Lizzie, enjoy your last days here. You will eliminated next elimination we have, so dont win the challenge for the team, but do it for yourself. I dont wanna hurt myself in challenges, cause i'm too perfect for you. *smiles to Lizzie*

Nemo: (CONF) So we are the only team that has never been in a elimination ceremony. This is great! I can feel the tension burning!

Regular Dormitory: Everyone Else

Brent: Hi everyone!!!

Ryan: *walks into this room* Chris, unanimous means everyone did it, so it wasn't unanimous (CONF) :3 *holds up Brain Teasers* heh-heh, I thank games for my intelligence... *keeps playing*

Amber: *kisses her finger* You are getting old, girl. *talks to her finger*

Brent: Hi Ambers fingeR!!!! (CONF) She talks to her finger? So weird... Just be nice, Brent. You promised you would.

Amber: *Amber's finger* Dont talk to me, i know everything about you.. you are a ev- *Ambers finger* OMG! TANISHA! DONT BE RUDE TO HIM! GO TO YOU ROOM! *walks angry away*

Mickey: So what's up everybody?

Brent: Amber's finger just tried to accuse me of being something that begins with "e". I wonder what it was...

Kelly: It was probably expendable, you are both singlehandedly and silently murdering my eyes >->

Mickey: Murdering your eyes?

Cassidy: Hi Everyone! It was so sad we had to vote someone off, but i'm sure it'll make our team stronger!

Mickey: (CONF) That girl has the right attitude

Kelly: .... *sigh* Gee, no one here is worth talking to... *looks over at Ryan*

Cassidy: I'm sure you'll find someone to talk to kelly :)

Peck: No idea what's going on, but erm...yeah, I'll just stand in the background or something.

Kendal: Why are you all so...nevermind...*walks away, with book in hand*

Brent: *Walks up to Peck* Hi, Peck! I remember you! You were cool, determined, and short. I mean, short... From winning the million! You almost made it!

Ryan: ...thanks for the compliment, Kelly >.> *looks over to Mariah* :)

Peck: Hey Brent! Err, thanks for trying to save the short thing- I can tell what you tried to do. Just don't look down on me and we'll be good to go, alright?

Brent: Wow um... You took that well, I like it! Honestly, if I had my way, I wanted you to win it all.

Peck: Heh, thanks. You're a pretty decent guy. I look forward to the competition. Good luck and such.


Chris: Wattup! Today's challenge is a simple rating challenge! Back in Meltdown, we did the funniest picture, we'll do it again! Because, I need a laugh right now. Find the funniest picture you can. Funniest wins, least funniest...elimination. Go!

Chris: Kelly, yours had me dying! The Powerful Pencils win! Annihilators are second, and Textbooks third.

Elimination: Brave Brainiacs

Chris: Okay, do we even need an elimination ceremony...or do we already know who's going home?

Amber: Brent! Cause Daniel is my boyfriend.

Brent: Amber, cause... I don't know I think it's fairly obvious I'm leaving after TWO EPISODES.

Chris: You shoulda won the challenge, ain't my fault.

Daniel: K, so it's my deciding vote.... I'll vote Brent cause I have a very biased opinion, I know her, don't know you and you didn't do the challenge, sorry :/

Chris: And with that, Brent is eliminated in two episodes. Awesome! So, Daniel and Amber, you two will be placed on different teams now! Amber you will be on the Annihilator's team and Daniel will be on the Pencil's team! So, congrats get to go the Luxurious Dorm!

Episode 8

Luxurious Dormitory: Powerful Pencils

Kelly: Aaah, isn't this wonderful,  I won us the challenge and I got us this luxurious room, no need to thank, I'm too modest for that >:)

Cassidy: Correct Master Kelly you did magnifical

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Nemo: We still won. -_-

"Holes": (CONF) A new member on the team means a new alliance member, perfect! (OUT OF CONF) *aside w/ Amber* You seem like a good teammate, would you nlike to be in alliance with me?

Nemo: Lizzie, should come out. I mean become eliminated.

Lizzie: *giggles* Wow, Nemo, you're so funny!

Chandler: Well Nemo nobody deserves to be eliminated (CONF) But this is a competition...

Nemo: Lizzie deserves to! (CONF) After all, we are a alliance!

Lizzie: You're right, like always, Chandler!  Well... maybe someone deserves to be eliminated... *glances over at Luna* *giggles at Nemo* You're so cute!

Nemo: *punches Lizzie* Luna is my friend! Lizzie, you are seriously going to be eliminated!

Lizzie: *starts crying* But.... I just want to be your friend, Nemo... *stops crying* or maybe something more... *winks, then starts crying, again*

Nemo: I am not your friend. NOW SHUT UP!

Lizzie: *pouts, gives Nemo "the puppy dog eyes"* I know we're not friends right, but, please, Nemo, just give me a chance!


Chris: Welcome! Today's challenge is English! Well...more like, the Alphabet. It's basically the Geography challenge, but instead, you must say words that go along in the alphabet. Example:

Lizzie: Apple

Holes: Amp

Cassidy: Article

Nemo: Bottom

Chris: Ya' see? It's so simple. The team that goes all the way to 'Z' wins! While, the other teams face elimination. That's right! We're having a DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Begin!

Chandler: Aardvark

Mickey: Alaska

"Holes": Bear

Lizzie: B**** 

Chandler: Cookie

Mickey: Cake

Lizzie: Demon

"Holes": Decorating

Chandler: elephant

Mickey: exercise

Lizzie: Flounder

"Holes": Frequently

Chandler: ghost

Mickey: grass

Lizzie: Host

"Holes": Hole

Chandler: Igloo

Mickey: Icicle

Lizzie: Juice

"Holes": Jabberwocky

Chandler: Kangaroo

Mickey: Kickball

Lizzie: Lackey

"Holes": Loser

Chandler: Military

Mickey: Mouse

Lizzie: Noise

"Holes": Nose

Chandler: Octopus

Mickey: Ostrich

Lizzie: Poison

"Holes": Peck

Chandler: Queen

Mickey: Quiet

Lizzie: Ruler

"Holes": Rude

Cassidy: Available

Lizzie: Seize

"Holes": Silence

Chandler: Train

Mickey: Travel

Lizzie: Unbreakable

"Holes": Unlimited

Chandler: Violence

Mickey: Violet

Peck: Warlock

Kendall: Arctic

Lizzie: Winning!

Peck: Xylophone

Kendall: Bananas

Lizzie: Xenophobia!

Chandler: Yo-Yo

Lizzie: Zealous!

Chandler: Yes you did it Lizzie!! We won!!!

Lizzie: Yay! But I couldn't have done it without you! *hugs Chandler*

"Holes": Yellow! Wait... we lost? Dang it!

Peck: So close...

Mickey: We put up a great fight.

"Holes": Indeed, my fellow warriors! (CONF) Mission is a failure.

Peck: Yeah, we'll win next time!

"Holes": Yes, your victory are belong to us!

Chris: Titans win again!

Elimination: Powerful Pencils & Algebra Annihilators

Chris: It seems Amber and Daniel just love being at the elimination ceremony. Tisk tisk tisk. Oh well! This is how voting will go, you can only vote off someone on your own team! Vote here!

Amber: Oh my gosh, i'm so sorry for this. But that pencil people did the challenge so fast, o my gosh! Guys, i hope you arent voting me off for this. And if you vote for me, it's not a problem at all. *smiles*

Chris: Relax Amber, it's been a decided vote and you're safe. Linda is out actually! Now, we got to wait for the Pencils...

Amber: Yay! *hugs her new team* I promise, i will help you every challenge in the future!

Chris: Oh lord, we got a tie in votes between Kendall and Ryan. As a tie break, I want each of you to explain why you should stay. Best description stays in the game, go!

Kendall: Just what I was expecting...very well. Why should I stay in the game? Well, I'm a new person in this game and haven't had a chance to show off much, due to no one really trying to talk to me. However, unlike Ryan, that makes me unpredictable. The viewers already know Ryan through and through, but I've only been here for a few episodes. I have done challenges- maybe not too many, but I still try to help out my team, even if they exclude me...for example, I was the only teammate who did the last challenge. I've already proven I'm becoming more active, while Ryan cannot say the same. Out of the previous 3 challenges, I have done all of them, albeit not much in one of the challenges and am becoming more active. Ryan? He hasn't done any of the last 3 challenges and is becoming more inactive. If you keep Ryan, he'll only just drag the team down, by being the weak link once again and utterly predictable. I still have potential due to my limited conversations, I'd like to think, and have been doing my part and will continue to do so. I may not be the strongest competitor, I'm not going to lie...I'm far from it, but I still do what I can for the team during challenges. Therefore, I should be the one who remains in the game, to continue helping my team, cause potential drama and new interactions, and just not be the one to drag our team down.

Cassidy: It is very sad that one of them hs to go! But Kendall does have some points...........

Ryan: Why should I stay in the game? Well, I have started a social game and have tried to make friends with as many people as possible and even have a cr- never mind that but I also won our team a challenge, and I have still done more challenges than Kendall, the challenges are also becoming more out of my time line and I am never informed when the challenge is up or when the elimination is up so I forget to check it until some one edits on recent activities, If you keep Kendall, he will make the competition boring, not talk to any one except for 2 or 3 lines, Kendall doesn't have potential as the only lines he has spoke are just plain and boring like 'Cool' and '*read book*'. Also Kendall is completely predictable, he does the challenge, votes and plans like the rest of us so his excuse doesn't even hold up. He is also just saying the same things over and over again it his speech just to make is sound more intelligent and benificial to him. If Kendall stays in this game he'll be a mindless slave that follows everyones orders, everyones votes and barley even talk, just so he can make it far when in the long run it will just get out fellow competitors who actually deserve it, ruining many chances for respect for this season all together. I will ,however, admit I have been inactive but I've got more character and quote-unquote 'potential' then Kendall, who just points out ALL my flaws over and over again and exagerate all his ones to make them sound 'okay'.

Kendall: Seems you're smarter than I thought. Well, I wish you luck out of a newfound respect...may the best speech-maker win.

Ryan: Yeah, your really good too, we should hang out some time, may the best speech-maker win

Kelly: Your newfound respect may be a sign of insanity, Kendall, please get it checked out. Also, just being honest, but I voted for you cause you're the only sane one on my team, therefore you are stealing my spotlight, and I don't like that sort of thing. Now, please continue to make out with Ryan >->

Chris: Well...Ryan had the best. Kendall you're out!

Episode 9

Luxurious Dormitory: Textbook Titans

Nemo: Winners again! (CONF) It looks like we have a hot streak!

Luna: I love it! Team hugggg! And no, Lizzie. You not, your faggot. *hugs her team except Lizzie*

Lily: OMG ! (CONF) i've been incative i know but i'm going to be more active

Lizzie: *stares blankly at Luna* (CONF) *facepalms* Who the h*** is "my f*****?" (OUT OF CONF) *blows a kiss at Chandler* Thanks for helping soooo much in the challenge, yesterday! 

Nemo: *slaps Lizzie, then pulls Lizzie's hair and tears some* You are bad! You are a villain! That's what you get for derising my asewonadent! That is from CoffeeTalk. Do you love CoffeeTalk, Luna? *kisses Luna*

Luna: *pushes Nemo away* Wow .. what was that, Nemo. You know i have a relationship with Lily. Why did you do that?

Lizzie: *rearranges her hair to cover the torn part* *holds back tears* Nemo, darling, you do know that Luna is a lesbian and is dating Lily, right? *starts crying* I'm sorry for ever doing anything wrong to you, Nemo. I'm sorry  for slapping you, calling you names, and... and being disrespectful. I was PMSing really hard and not myself.... can you forgive me? All I want to do is be your friend... *tries to dry the tears from her eyes*

Nemo: No, I won't forgive you. *punches Lizzie in the nose*

Lizzie: *stops crying* Fine. Have it your way. *pantses Nemo, kicks him in the balls, picks him up and throws him down the stairs* AND NEVER PUNCH A WOMAN IN THE FACE AGAIN, OR YOUR DUMBA** WILL BE IN EVEN MORE F***ING PAIN, S***HEAD!

Nemo: *pulls pants up* Fine! Just don't blame me when you're eliminated.

Lizzie: Do you honestly think Luna will keep you around over me after you SEXUALLY HARASSED her!?!?!?! You're even a bigger d***head, then I thought!

Chandler: Come on guys don't fight

Lily: Oh my god !! HOW DARE YOU NEMO !!!!!

Nemo: I'm staying in the alliance, right?

Chandler: (CONF) That's all Nemo cares about

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Mariah: another episode another chance.

Amber: I'm feeling bad for my team!

Peck: We'll do better next time, I'm sure of it! (CONF) Well, ya know, I did get a vote last time...huh, a new inspiration to work harder and get my team to win! I really don't want to go home so early. Gotta start playing a bigger role...

"Holes": (CONF) It's all going according to my master strategy!

Cassidy: Good Job Ryan

Ryan: (CONF) I had to really work on that speech to keep me in... I need to help more to stay in... but man, why did Kendall have to be the one I was tied with? :( 


Sorry everyone, there has been a delay! :( The challenge will start tomorrow 6-30-14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Today's subject is Geology! You must run to the science lab (4 line), pick up a boulder (1 line), and run back to me (4 lines)! The team who gets at least 3 people back wins! And the very first person to get back, gets an Immunity Idol (regardless if they win or loose)! Go!

Peck: Sweet! Easy as cake...or pie. However that saying goes. *runs to science lab* (1)

Chandler: *runs to science lab*

Mickey: *runs to science lab*

Nemo: *runs to the science lab* (1)

Chandler: *runs to science lab*

Mickey: *runs to science lab*

Nemo: *runs to the science lab* (2)

Peck: *runs to science lab* (2)

Nemo: *runs to the science lab* (3)

Peck: *runs to science lab* (3)

Nemo: *runs to the science lab* (4) Yes! Here! Now where is the boulder!

Peck: *runs to the science lab* Crud, that Nemo kid is fast! (4)

Chandler: *runs to science lab*

Mickey: *runs to science lab*

Peck: *picks up boulder* Heavy...but it won't

Chandler: *runs to science lab* (4)

Mickey: *runs to science lab* (4)

Peck: *runs back to Chris* (1)

Kelly: *runs* OMG GIVE IT TO ME! >:O

Peck: *runs back to Chris* (2)

Kelly: *runs* PECK! PLEASE LET ME WIN! >->

Peck: *running* Aren't ya a little behind? I'm just trying to win for my team. A potential idol is just a bonus, really. I don't go easy on anyone, that's just lame, but, uh...good luck? (3)

Kelly: *runs* COME ON, I SAID PLEASE……… oh well, I'm too sexy to vote out anyway :D

Peck: No can do, it's against my motto, but uh, that's good? I mean, I think...*finishes running and is back with Chris* Yeesh...that was exhausting. All done and dusted, though. (4)

Kelly: *runs* >->

Lizzie: *runs to the science lab*  (1) 

"Holes": *runs to the science lab*  (1) (CONF) So... Peck has an idol... interesting.... 

Nemo: *picks up boulder* (1) Yeah! I'm super strong! *lifts boulder up and down* Yeah! Can you feel the movement?

Lizzie: *runs to the science lab*  (2) 

"Holes": *runs to the science lab*  (2)

Kelly: *picks up boulder and throws it in Peck' s direction, but misses* My immunity idol is with a very undeserving player, give it to me! >:(

Lizzie: *runs to the science lab*  (3) 

"Holes": *runs to the science lab*  (3)

Mariah: *runs to the lab* (1)

Lizzie: *reaches the science lab*  (4)  

"Holes": *reaches the science lab*  (4) Now... where can I find a boulder around here?

Mariah: *runs to the lab* (2)

Nemo: *runs to Chris* (1)

Mariah: *runs to the lab* (3)

Ryan: *runs to lab* AHHH! 

Jonas: *runs to lab*

Kellly: *runs to Chris* 

Ryan: *runs to lab* AHHH! (2)

Jonas: *runs to lab* (2)

Kellly: *runs to Chris* 

Ryan: *runs to lab* See, I am a good part of the team! :D (3)

Jonas: *runs to lab* (3)

Kellly: *runs to Chris* Shut up, Ryan >->

Ryan: *runs to lab* Come on Kelly, be a good sport! :D (4)

Jonas: *runs to lab* (4)

Mariah: *runs to the lab* hey Ryan.

Ryan: *grabs a boulder* Hi, Mariah... are you glad I survived the elimination? (1)

Jonas: *grabs a boulder* (1)

Mariah: *grabs a boulder* ofcourse I am we are friends, uhm where are you going we need to pick up a geodude! and run back.

Ryan: *runs to Chris* (1)

Jonas: *runs to Chris* (1)

Kellly: *runs to Chris* Well, I'm second so yay! :)

Ryan: *runs to Chris* (2)

Jonas: *runs to Chris* (2)

Mariah: *runs to chris* (1) what is wrong?

Ryan: *runs to Chris* (3) It's just I know you voted m- nothing... ;(

Jonas: *runs to Chris* (3)

Mariah: Oh okay *smiles to Ryan and runs to Chris* (2)

Ryan: *runs to Chris* (4) I win... *sighs* :I

Jonas: *runs to Chris* (4)

Mariah: *runs to Chris* (3) yay well done Ryan!!!

Ryan: Thanks... :)

Mariah *runs ot Chris and gives him the boulder and gives Ryan a hug* My hero! (CONF) I feel so bad for voting that guy he is nice I only did it because someone threated me that he or she would delete my pokemon X file and that can't happend I spended 999,99 minutes on it! (END CONF)

Ryan: *blushes and hugs back* Thanks, we win, want to play Mario Kart? Or make cupcakes, I can't really cook but I can help :)

Mariah: let's play Mario Kart!!! *goes to the game room*

Ryan: Okay! :D *follows her*

Chris: Powerful Pencils win!

Elimination: Textbook Titans

Chris: Welcome Titans to your very first elimination ceremony. And before we start, here's a message I received to post:

Lizzie: Nemo, you are the worst person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. You are even worse then Luna, who had admittedly has a few redeeming qualities, very few. While, you, Nemo have absolutely none! All you care about is your precious "alliance" and not any person in it or outside of it. I tried to be your friend, but all you did was punch me and pull out my hair because your alliance is against me. So, you know what? You are a poor excuse of a human who abuses women and sexually harasses them, too! You are a s*** stain on society, and I'll be glad to see you go! I will definitely not miss you, at all. You need to learn your place and have some respect for others so go learn somewhere far away from me! Farewell.

Chris: Well, now that that's out of the way...Vote here!

Ryan: Can I vote in this elimination, because Nemo does deserve his karma... >.>

Luna: Lizzie, you are totally right girl. *smiles* And Neno, i hope you got your stuff. You will going home tonight.

Chandler: (CONF) Sorry dude but the way you treat women is despicable. I would never treat a girl like that.

Mariah: That was not nice but I guess a mean person doesn't deserve an nice threatment.

Cassidy: C'mon guys while what Lizzie said is true I think we are being to hard on him.....(Kassidy) AHAHAHA Please that little guppy is going to HELL when he dies and trust me I know :) have fun in your car accident Nemo AHAHAHAHAHA

Chris: Cassidy...I can see you voted for Nemo...

Nemo: Pack your bags Lizzie, your going home tonight. (CONF) How can they vote me off? I am I alliance member!

Chandler: (CONF) We'll see about that.

Cassidy: Wh-Why i would never break the rules (CONF) In honor of my father i cannot do anything terrible nor mean it is my stupidness that caused his death i can never ever break the rules.....(END CONF)

Chris: Diplomas go to Josh, Lily, Luna, and Chandler. The last diploma goes to... LIZZIE! Nemo, you're out!

Nemo: Grrr! *stabs Lizzie's hand*

Episode 10

Luxurious Dormitory: Powerful Pencils

Kelly: *walks over to Ryan and Mariah* Guys! Did you hear? They totally voted that creep off, even his alliance! All I heard was Frizzie or something go "Blah blah blah you haress women blah blah blah your gonna lose!" And Luny was all like "Pack yo bags, Nemo, cause yo goin' home!" And then Nemo was like "Frizzie, get YOUR bags cause me and my alliance are votin you out!" And then boom, the loser was FINALLY eliminated, just in time, he could've harresed me! So, what have you two losers been up to? :)

Ryan: Um... *looks at Kelly* We are playing- NO! *gets BlueShelled and 2nd place* Why:P, Oh anyway, we're playing Mario Kart.

Kelly: *frowns* ……… uh, yeah.. good for you.. (CONF) My plan for today was that I was gonna be 100% nice to people on my team so people would like me... But I don't get it, I thought I was being NICE that time! I didn't insult his dumb haircut, his totally unappealing clothes and his dumb face- DAMMIT... it doesn't count if I didn't say it to his face, right?

Cassidy: I Am So Glad that our Team Won The Challenge good job to You All for Managing to win! (Kassidy) Eh Whatever (CONF) My Team is Obviously the power House team and That's Odd i mean look at us We Have The "Mike" and The "Zoey" on our Team and A Pushover and The Only One Who Is Actually Good is Kelly Hmmmmm.......(END CONF)

Ryan: So, you wanna play Kelly? :3

Cassidy: Oh Yes By The Way Happy Fourth of July! It Is So Americano! (CONF) Learning to Learn the American ways were terrible It makes my a bit awkward at times when i speak........... (END CONF) Also where has Daniel been? I haven't seen him her at all

Ryan: *pauses game* A Daniel is on our team? :I

Cassidy: He Switched i wonder if something happ- *Freezes and Nervously chuckles* L-let's not worry about that you go back to playing your Um "Machine" and swoon over Gamer girl *Nervously Chuckles* i bet Daniel is fine......(ONF) Kassidy is a Known Serial Killer What if She Killed him AHHHHH- (END CONF)

Ryan: Hmm... Ok :D *plays*

Mariah: Hey Ryan can I play allong?

Cassidy: Can i Play the Mystic machine?

Ryan: You can play you two :D

Mariah: Thank you Ryan *go play*

Cassidy: *plays* Um what isn this Nario Part?

Ryan: It is Mario Kart, it's a racing game! :D *selects Toad*

Mariah: *selects Peach* Now I'm your queen! hihi.

Cassidy: I SHALL BE.........................THE BLUE PRINCESS *Picks Rosalina*

Ryan: 3...2....1.... GO! *takes the lead*

Daniel: *sleeping* ………

Kelly: *glares at Ryan, Cassidy and Mariah* (CONF) He asked me to play... and then ignored me to play with them?! WHAT A... *remembers her plan*...... good person I hope he DOESN'T fall off a cliff >:(

Cassidy: *Tries to move* moveeeeeeeeeeeeee! *rosalina doesn't move*  :(

Ryan: *looks at Cassidy* Oh no, you press this button *clicks the up button on her wii remote, which causes a glitch and Rosalina apears at the finish line* Huh?

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Chandler: Well Nemo's gone thank god. (CONF) Can't believe that guy was mean to my Lizzie *stops* did I say "my Lizzie" cause that's not what I meant to say *blushes* 

Luna: *walks to Lizzie* Well, i think we can start again but now .. as friends?

Chandler: Great we are a united team!

Lizzie: Uhhh.... yeah, that sounds... nice? *awkwardly hugs Luna* (CONF) It's funny what a common enemy can do...


The challenge will start tomorrow (7/4/14) at 5:00 p.m. EST. Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Chris: Today's subject is Grammar! You must complete in a relay race with each of your teammates. Once you get to the last person, they must state a grammatically correct sentence that contains EVERY SINGLE letter of the alphabet. It can be any sentence, other than "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". Here is the order:

Textbook Titans: Josh > Chandler > Lizzie > Lily > Luna
Powerful Pencils: Daniel > Cassidy > Ryan > Kelly > Mariah
Algebra Annihilators: Amber > Jonas > Holes > Peck > Mickey

Chris: Example:

Amber: *runs to Jonas*

Jonas: *runs to Holes*

Holes: *runs to Peck*

Peck: *runs to Mariah*

Mariah: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog! :)

Chris: The team to come in last, faces elimination. Go!

Daniel: *runs to Cassidy* L-let's go guys! :D

Cassidy: Thanks Daniel *Passes to Ryan*

Ryan: Ok, Kassidy! :D *Passes to Kelly*

Kelly: *snatches it off Ryan and gives it to Mariah* >->

Mariah: Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs!

Kelly: Boom, we win, haha, in yo face! :D

Ryan: Yes! :D (CONF) Kendall was wrong, I am an active member of my team, in fact, the entire team is united ad we won! YES! :D 

Amber: *runs to Jonas* Sorry!

Luna: Damn, come on Josh!

Mariah: I'm gonna make chancey cupcakes if anyone wants to help come *goes to the kitchen*

Jonas: *passes to Holes* Go holes...

Ryan: *follows her* Ok! :D

Amber: *cheerleading* Go Holden, his name is Holden! Give me a H! Give me a O! Give me a ... i dont know how i need to spell that. Go Holden! Yay!

Lily: C'MON Josh !!!

"Holes": *runs to Peck*


Amber: Go Peck, Peck ! yayy!

Chandler: Damn Josh let's go!

Peck: *runs to Mickey* So close to victory, I can taste it! Well, not in a literal way, but, yeah.

Amber: Yeahh go Mickey!

Mickey: A quick movement of the enemy will jeopardize six gunboats! 

Chris: Great! Powerful Pencils win again! Algebra Annihilators place second again! And Titans have elimination...again...

Elimination: Textbook Titans

Chris: Well, it's your second elimination in a row. Well, now that that's out of the way...You all know what to do...

Chandler: This wasn't a hard vote at all...

Luna: Indeed, Chandler. Indeed.

Chris: Diplomas go to Luna, Chandler, Lizzie, and Lily! Josh, you are outta here! And now for a little "announcement". We are at the merge! Yes, I know it's early. But hey, why not, right?

Episode 11

Luxurious Dormitory: Powerful Pencils

Kelly: (CONF) EEEW! Now that it's merge, I'll no longer people able to ride on my team's success, and that's unfair! If I do stuff myself, I'll look like a try hard loser like.... COURTNEY! >->

Ryan: *playing games* WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MERGE! AGAIN! :D

Cassidy: Correct We Made The Merge Again! Truly Amazing *Plays Mario Kart* :) *Presses Nothing* I'm Winning!

Mariah: *making cookie* I'm making cookies this time, triforce cookies! (CONF) The merge wooo!!! Things will change but I hope the friendship in out team stay! (END CONF)

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Peck: (CONF) The merge again. This time I won't screw up- well, at least not like last time! (Non-CONF) Hey guys, congrats on merging.

Luna: Nice, merge!

Lily: YAY ^-^ *Kisses Luna* love you 

"Holes": (CONF) The Merge... It's the perfect time to enact my next strategy! (OUT OF CONF) Congrats to you as well, Peck.

Luna: *kisses Lily* I love you too!

Lizzie: We made the merge, babe! *hugs Chandler*

Jonas: ...*looks at everyone* (CONF) Losers....

Chandler: Yes congrats on making it this far babe *hugs Lizzie*


Challage starts tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. EST :)

Chris: Welcome to the merge everyone! Today's subject World Studies! I'm going to ask 10 questions and you must answer them all correctly. Person(s) with the most points in the end, wins! Get ready!

Question #1: What two countries have the exact same flag?

Chandler: Liechtenstein and Haiti

Chris: Ohhh, sorry Chandler that's incorrect! Liechtenstein and Haiti did have the same flag, but this is 2014...and that was a while back. Anyone else?

"Holes": Indonesia and Monaco.

Chris: Correct! Holes has 1 point!

Question #2: What country (or island) currently has a population of 56 people?

Chandler: Not a clue...

"Holes": the Pitcairn Islands.

Chris: Holes has 2 points!

Question #3: (Super easy) What is the largest country?

Chandler: Russia!

Chris: There ya' go Chandler! 1 point Chandler!

Question #4: How many oceans to we have?

Chandler: Four?

Chris: Great! Chandler and Holes are now tied with two points each!

Question #5: Which "country" has the longest coastline?

Chandler: Australia!

"Holes": Canada.

Cassidy: I can confirm it's Canada!

"Holes": I don't need confirmation, I'm always right.

Chris: Chandler is correct, it's Australia. Remember, it's a continent and country. 3 points Chandler!

Question #6: What is the biggest continent?

Cassidy: Asia! Chris-San

Chris: Correct! 1 point Cassidy!

Question #7: How many countries are there total (excluding Taiwan)?

Cassidy: 196 Correct?

Chandler: 195

Chris: Correct Chandler! 4 points Chandler!

Question #8: What country does Total Drama take place in?

Cassidy: Toronto Ontario!

Chris: Wrong! Country Cassidy!

Cassidy: Canada

Chris: Too late. You answered incorrectly, now you just got to wait for someone else to say "Canada"! 

Chandler: Like this? Canada

Cassidy: Well That's Still Wrong Total Drama took place in different countries besides canada remember TDWT?

Chris: Correct! 5 points to Chandler! And either way Cassidy, you're still incorrect...

Question 9: (super easy) How many continents are there?

Cassidy: 7 

Kelly: What the doormat said >->

Ryan: Well, some people say 6 with the North and South amercan combined, but 7 really...\

"Holes": What's the point of competing anymore? Chandler already won!

Amber: Ehh .. oh my gosh! It's 13!

Luna: Amber, i think Chandler won.

Chris: Correct Cassidy! 2 points Cassidy! But, since Chandler has 5 points and there is no possible way for anyone else to catch up...Chandler wins!

Elimination: Everyone Except Chandler

Chris: Okay everyone, you must now vote anyone off except Chandler. Vote here!

Amber: Voted!

Luna: Nice job, Chandler. Voted.

Lizzie: Congrats, hot stuff. *blows a kiss at Chandler*

"Holes": Voted.

Chandler: Thanks for all the support babe *winks at Lizzie* I voted by the way

Mickey: I voted too!

Jonas: Voted

Ryan: Voted aswell! :D

Chris: Wow! The votes are coming in fast! Cassidy, Kelly, Peck, and Daniel. We're waiting on you guys.

Cassidy: I have voted!

Peck: Voted.

Chris: The votes are in! Diplomas go to Chandler, Amber, Cassidy, Daniel, Holes, Kelly, Lizzie, Luna, Mariah, Mickey, and Ryan!

The next one goes to...


The final diploma goes to...

Peck! Jonas, your out! And since we're at the merge, we're doing something "new". The contestants who received a vote get exiled to the new "Detention Room"! So, Chandler, you get to go the Luxurious Dormitory and Lily and Peck are going to detention!

Episode 12

Luxurious Dormitory: Chandler

Chandler: *sigh* It's so lonely being here by myself

Detention: Peck & Lily

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Luna: So, Chandler, Amber, Lizzie. We are still in a alliance, right? Or am i wrong?

Ryan: *playing DS* ...

Luna: *looks to Ryan* (CONF) A boy .. who plays with a DS. At a TV show. What a loser. So he will be the perfect loser to do everything for me. Or wait .. eww.. Luna, no. Dont be friends with losers. Dont. (END CONF)

Ryan: *looks at her* Can...I help you?

Mariah: YESSS!!! *walks in the room* my triforce cake is done!! come eat it! *takes a piece*

Luna: Well ehh, ofcourse you can help me. Get out of this room, and dont say anything to me. Never. And hello Mariah, we didnt met each other. I'm Luna!

Amber: *looks confused to Luna* (CONF) She's so mean and then friendly. Well, i'm happy i'm friends with Luna. Actually, i think. (END CONF)

Ryan: Wow... *gets up and takes a peice* Nice cake, Mariah! :D

Cassidy: Mmmmm! *Eats Cake* It's Wonderful! Do you Have Any Expierience With Other Foods?

Mariah: Nice to meet you Luna I'm Mariah! Cassidy no I just love baking cakes and playing video games. (CONF) If I win the million dollar I will open my own Game and Bake Store!, you can bye video games and also cupcakes! Doesn't that sound like a solid idea!! (END CONF)

Ryan: *eats his peice* Your a good cook! :D

Mariah: Thanks Ryan, uhm do you want to play pokemon?

Ryan: YES! >:D *goes on his 3ds's multiplayer*

Luna: *looks to them* (CONF) Pokémon ... okay. (END CONF)

"Holes": (CONF) An alliance has been formed? Looks like I'm behind... I'll need to start one of my own soon...

Lizzie: Yeah,Luna,  I'm still with you, girl.

Mickey: (CONF) I feel like I'm alone here. I haven't exactly made any friends yet :/

Luna: Perfect, Lizzie! (CONF) To be honest, i hated her so much. But now i kinda like her. It happened in the past. I became enemies with Azuna and now we are best friends. I have her phone number. Whats app, you know.. (END CONF)

Amber: *looks to Mickey and is feeling bad for him* Hi there! I'm Amber! *smiles*

"Holes": *watches Amber and Mickey* Hmmm.... (CONF) These two look like perfect alliance followers, maybe I'll be able to convert them to my side...

Mickey: *to Amber* Hi Amber I'm Mickey *smiles*

Amber: Nice to meet you. Do you know my boyfriend Daniel?

Mickey: I don't believe we've met.

Amber: Ahw okay, well i think you need a friend in this competition. I need one. And you seems nice. *smiles*

Mickey: Aww thanks you too *smiles*

Cassidy: Oh might i join? You guys seem very nice! My name is Cassidy!

Mickey: It's very nice to meet you Cassidy! I'm Mickey and this is Amber.

Cassidy: Hello mickey, Hello Amber It's very nice to meet you all!

Mickey: Likewise Cassidy!

"Holes": *wraps his arms around Cassidy and Amber's shoulders* Hello ladies, nice to see you Micky, again. My name is Chester, but most people call me "Holes." And I have an... interesting proposition for you guys.

Luna: Dude, arm of her shoulder. *looks to Amber* And i dont think so, about your interesting propostition.

"Holes": Alright, alright. *raises his arms up*...Whoever you are... anyways... do you *points to Cassidy*, or you *points to Mickey* want to hear the proposition, still?

Mickey: Sure I'm all ears Holes.

Cassidy: Yes?

"Holes": Awesome! Then follow me. *leads them off somewhere* How about the three of us team up, and plot our votes together? The three of us would be unstoppable. Because allances of three always work out in the end. (CONF) *leans back* There's no way they'll say no...

Ryan: *playing with Mariah* HAHA! I am in the lead! :)

Cassidy: Sure! But we Need Not To Target Mariah and Ryan they are my friends :)

"Holes": Excellent! Your friends shall be safe. (CONF) For now... (OUT OF CONF) What about you, Mickey?


Challenge starts today at 6:30 EST :)

Chris: Today's subject is Art! I want each of you to design a logo for this season, since I'm fairly board the one we have now. You got until tomorrow at 7:00 EST, Go!

Chris: Times up! And the winners are Chandler, Mariah, and Mickey. I couldn't decide.

Elimination: Everyone Except Chandler, Mariah, and Mickey

Chris: You all know what to do. Vote off anyone except Chandler, Mariah, and Mickey.

Chris: Diplomas go to Chandler, Mariah, Mickey, Cassidy, Ryan, Amber, Daniel, Holes, Kelly, Lily, Lizzie, and finally Luna! Peck is finally out after receiving thousands of votes per elimination. Luna, you're heading to detention.

"Holes": What about Peck's immunity idol?

Chris: Oh! You're right! I almost forgot. Peck did get an Immunity that means...Luna is out! Thanks for reminding me Holes!

Luna: *slaps "Holes"* I will dance when you die, soon. *leaves*

"Holes": *rubs slap wound* No problem. *smirks* (CONF) All according to plan. Luna thought she could control who was in my alliance? Well, that's what happens when you mess with the chess master, Chester. 

Episode 13

Luxurious Dormitory: Chandler, Mariah, Mickey

Detention: Peck

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Lily: OMG NO !!! LUNA ?!!!

"Holes": (CONF) With Luna out of the way, her alliance will crumble, and the smart ones will allign with me. *leans back*  I'm sure plenty of people will be flocking to me, shortly.

Lizzie: (CONF) *crying* OMG, Luna is gone, I'm going to miss her so much... *stops crying, starts laughing* Who am I kidding? I'm glad that b**** is gone! It was terribly demanding pretending to be her friend. She punched me in the face! And that isn't easily forgivable, b****. I'm just upset that I wasn't the one who took her down. "Bowls" or whatever the name of the person that eliminated her is going to be gone, soon, anyways, no one really likes him or takes him seriously.

Amber: Is Luna eliminated? Wow, this is my first season i'm going farder in the game then Luna! Yay me! But i'm feeling sorry for you Lily.


Challenge will start at 5:00 p.m. EST :)

Chris: Today's subject is Track & Field! Super easy challenge. You must race to the finish line (5 lines) That's it! The first 5 contestants to pass the finish line, win! Ready and go!

"Holes": *runs to the finish line* (1)

Lizzie: *runs to the finish line* (1)

Chandler: *runs to finish line*

Mickey: *runs to finish line*

"Holes": *runs to the finish line* (2)

Lizzie: *runs to the finish line* (2)

Chandler: *runs to finish line*

Mickey: *runs to finish line*

"Holes": *runs to the finish line* (3)

Lizzie: *runs to the finish line* (3)

Chandler: *runs to finish line*

Mickey: *runs to finish line*

"Holes": *runs to the finish line* (4)

Lizzie: *runs to the finish line* (4)

Chandler: *runs to finish line*

Mickey: *runs to finish line*

"Holes": *crosses the finish line* (5) Mission Success!

Lizzie: *crosses the finish line* (5) Yay! Let's go, Chandler! *blows a kiss at him*

Chandler: *crosses finish line* We did it babe! *hugs Lizzie*

Mickey: *crosses finish line* Done and done!

Amber: *runs to the finish line* Am i too late?

Mariah: *runs to the finish line* 

Amber: *runs to the finish line*

Mariah: *runs to the finish line* (2)

Amber: *runs to the finish line* (CONF) I hope, i can win this. It will be the first time i will win this season. (END CONF)

Mariah: *runs to the finish line* (CONF) I wish I could ran as fast as a ninjask can fly than I was done but now (END CONF) 

Amber: *runs to the finish line* Almost! Yay!

Mariah: *runs to the finish line* I need to use quick attack! 

Amber: *crosses the finish line* I made it! *jumps*

Mariah: *falls while crossing the finish line* (CONF) I ran faster than I ever did, personal victory! (END CONF) 

Cassidy: Mariah i am afraid your to late *Picks Her Up Off The Ground*

Ryan: *runs* Oh no! D: *runs so fast he makes it to Mariah and picks her up, accidentaly knocking Cassidy over 

Cassidy: Oh Ryan I th- (Kassidy) *Smirks* OW! OW GUYS HE PUSHED ME OW! HE HIt ME!

Mariah: OUCH! 

Kassidy: HELP! Your Boyfriend Hit ME!

Chris: Times up! And Amber, Chandler, Holes, Lizzie, and Mickey win!

Ryan: Sorry, Cassidy, i'll help you in the elimination to say sorry

Mariah: My boyfriend? he's not my boyfriend, (CONF) Why would she think he's my boyfriend (END CONF)

Ryan: *looks at Mariah and sighs* Yeah... we're not together

Kassidy: Oh............So I Guess *Puts Hands On Ryan's Shoulders and Devilishly Smiles* you Wouldn't Mind If I Asked Him Out? >:) (CONF) All Part Of The Plan! Ryan + Mariah + Me = Trouble and Will End In One Of Them Being Gone! And the other on my footsteps(END CONF) (Cassidy): Oof! What Is Going On?

Ryan: Um... Are you sure Kassidy? D:

Kelly: I'm sorry Cassidy, but it appears you've been trying to get into Ryan's pants, which personally I wouldn't do cause they're probably infested with mosquitoes, and other parasites! :/

Cassidy: *Blushes from Embarassment* W-What?! I would nev- (Kassidy) I bet there just fine *Devilishly Smiles* But sincre Mariah doesn't want him it's ok *Smirks* >:)

Ryan: *gulps* No I do- *looks into Kassidy's eyes and quakes's in fear* Okay! D:

Kelly: ..... *pulls Ryan aside and looks at Kassidy* I'm sorry but Ryan expresses little to no interest in you, and would rather not get involved in whatever evil scheme you're involved in, now please go crawl back into the shallow pit you came from. (CONF) That loser owes me for that >->

Amber: *looks to them*

Cassidy: Um excuse me? W-what did i do?

Ryan: You just asked me out... D:

Cassidy: Ohhh......(CONF) Dating?! Ryan may be a very good friend but why Would Kassidy want to date Ryan?

Elimination Except Amber, Chandler, Holes, Lizzie, & Mickey

Chris: Time to vote! Vote off anyone except Amber, Chandler, Holes, Lizzie, and Mickey! T


Chris: The votes are in and the diplomas go to Chandler, Mickey, Mariah, Holes, Amber, Mickey, Lily, Daniel, Kelly, Cassidy, and finally Peck! Ryan is out, Peck and Cassidy are going to detention.

Cassidy: Ahw Bye I Shall Miss You Alot! You Are a Great Friend *Hugs Him and Tears Up*

Ryan: Ok... *walks off onto the bus* Bye everyone, screw you Kassidy, good luck Cassidy and I hope you win Mariah!

Cassidy: *sigh*

Chndler: You forgot my babe Lizzie! 

Ryan: Shut up, Chandler! You, Lizzie and the rest of your alliance voted for me, I'm not stupid.... *bus drives off with Ryan*

Chris: Babe, huh? Lizzie her you go. *tosses Lizzie diploma*

Episode 14

Luxurious Dormitory: Chandler, Mickey, Amber, Holes, Lizzie

Lizzie: It's good to be back where I belong! And it's even better with you here. *winks at Chandler*

"Holes": (CONF) Final 11! And it looks like it's going to be smooth sailing from here on out, nothing stopping my mastermind strategic gameplay. Everything's going according to plan.

Chandler: I couldn't agree more Lizzie *holds her hand* 

Mickey: (CONF) I can't believe I made it this far! 

Kassidy: *Bursts In Crying* Help! *Bleeds* P-P-Peck St-Stabbed me!

"Holes": Here, this'll help! *grabs a towel and puts pressure on the stab wound* What happened? (CONF) An alliance member that was stabbed by another alliance member! My plans are ruined!

Chandler: Woah what's happening?! 

Kassidy: Peck Walked Up To My and Slit my Arm! *Cries I don't know what i did wrong! *cries*

"Holes": That's.. ummm... strange? (CONF) I know Peck, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't walk up to people and randomly stab them, but hey, you never know... 

Kassidy: I have proof to!

"Holes": Okay. (CONF) This seems kind of fishy to me... eh... maybe I'm just overthinking it or something?

Kassidy: I made sure to get proof *showa them photoshoped picture of her getting stabbed* i made sure to go to the camera room first to get the picture! The bad thing is that i accidently erased all the footage sorry *cries*

"Holes": Oh... yeah, looks like he stabbed you. (CONF) Yeah... she's totally lying.

Kassidy: *Wraps Foze Around Wound* I can tell you think i'm lying how about we go to the scene of the crime shall we?

Amber: *looks to her nails* This is sooo awesome!

"Holes": Alright, fair enough. Let's go. (CONF) I'll humor her, she is an alliance member, after all. Hopefully if she is actually telling the truth, Peck isn't there ready to stab me to death. Cause, that would be tragic, losing someone as awesome as me.

Kassidy: Wait, I have to go to the bathroom first

Kassidy: K Let's go!

Detention: Cassidy & Peck

Cassidy: Huhhhh (Kassidy) *Giggles* >:) *grabs Knife and slits her arm* *smiles* (whispers) Oh Peck........This Will Get You In Trouble  *laughs*

Peck: *was not paying attention* Huh? I thought I heard something. Weird...*continues staring at the ceiling, with hands in his pocket, then looks at the ground* Detention. Yep. De-tention...not much fun, I can have. *sighs* Why do I keep getting votes? Like, did I do something wrong? Was that one sandwich I ate of the head of some alliance and now they're all gunning for me? Was the sandwich really that good to the point this would happen? Am I really questioning myself with questions, I don't know the answer to? ...I'll go back to staring at the ceiling. *stares at the ceiling again*

Kassidy: *Comes From Behind and Wacks him and Drops a Knife by him* almost forgot *puts pill bottle by him* >:)

"Holes": *follows Kassidy to here* So... what exactly are you showing me?

Kassidy: The Crime Scene! There Is Peck! He Must Be Knocked Out.........Or Fainted After Cuttin Me *Feels Him* He still has a pulse!

Chandler: So what's going on here?

Mickey: What is this?

"Holes": Hmmmm.... *inspects Peck's body* He looks pretty messed up. Hmmm.... *sees the pill bottle, picks it up and reads it* giakolasomikalole pills? Interesting....

Kassidy: Aren't those supposed to be in the Medication Drawer in the Kitchen (Yes The Are)

"Holes":So... maybe Peck raided the kitchen and stole these pills, got really high, stabbed you, then passed out? Maybe we should get him some medical attention.... (CONF) If that is the case, I wonder why Peck would something like that. It doesn't seem like him, at all. 

Kassidy: If that is the case, I wonder why Peck would something like that. It doesn't seem like him, at all. I think someone gave it to him! And maybe it filled his mind with thoughts to kill me! But who would do that? ..............Maybe the culprit is in the kitchen?

"Holes": Maybe... Let's go check it out.

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Mariah: *making cupcakes*

Lily: uh, wow you are great ! i love cupcakes <33

Kassidy: Ah Hah! One Of You Did It!

"Holes": Maybe we shouldn't jump to conclusions, like that... we could just ask them if they did it. (CONF) I'm starting to think that all of my allies are crazy. Peck possibly stabbed Kassidy, and Kassidy is kind of scary...

Kassidy: Um like they would listen i say we! (Cassidy) WOAH *falls down* what is this *looks and see's all the pills* Hmm it seems as if one was gone!

"Holes": *helps Cassidy up* Weird, who could've taken one? Hmm... that is a valid point. They'd probably just deny it. So... who do you think did it out of these two?

Kelly: *looks at Cassidy* Um.... Detective Dim and Low-Class-idy, what are you two doing in the regular dorms? In case you haven't noticed, we have to stay in our dorms.. or detentions... :/

Cassidy: I am sorry for intruding on your property.......I guess maybe......................Mariah did it? After all She did vote me last time

"Holes": *to Kelly* I'm pretty sure you just made that rule up, so I'm just going to ignore you... that is, unless you want to join our alliance? (CONF) I'm a master of charisma. I have such a way with words, that I'm pretty sure I could convince anyone to join my alliance. *leans back* (OUT OF CONF) *to Cassidy* Hmm... that does make sense.

Cassidy: Oh what do we do?

"Holes": Hmm... if she's trying to murder you through Peck, she's probably unsafe to be around, so the best solution would probably be removing her from the game... (CONF) Target Locked... 

Cassidy: *sigh*'t want too..........(CONF) My Boyfriend- Friend Said Good Luck To Mariah So Should I keep her safe for my um......friend? (END CONF) Well if we have to...........

"Holes": *puts his hand on her back* I know she's your friend, but sometimes you have to make tough choices to protect yourself and your friends. And it looks like you're going to have to make one soon, unfortunetly... (CONF) Weapons Charging.....

Cassidy: I-I Guess So......................................

"Holes": And, hey, if you've actually bonded and you're true friends, eliminating her, shouldn't cause a chasm in your friendship. Plus, it's not your fault or even her fault that she's trying to kill you, you need to save her from herself. If she is eliminated, she should be able to get proffesional help, and maybe improve her life and your friendship. (CONF) Ready to Fire....

Cassidy: Ok I agree We Must Do This!

"Holes": (CONF) Pew... Pew... Pew... BOOOM! *chuckles* The plan is back on track, and better then ever.


Challenge is 7/15/14 at 5:00 p.m. :)

Chris: Today's subject is Criminal and Justice Studies! Each contestant must select any other contestant and explain why they should be eliminated. Here's an example:

Cassidy: I think (insert contestant's name here) should be eliminated because they (explaination why he/she should be eliminated).

Chris: The best explanation not only wins, but the contestant they chose to explain...WILL BE ELIMINATED! So choose wisely and begin!

Amber: To be honest, i would to vote for Peck. He doesnt deserves a spot in the top 10. He doesnt do anything in challenges, was supossed to be voted out but had an immunity idol and he is three times in the bottom two. He isnt social at all, and i think he has to go. I'm not a bad person at all, i'm only fair. I dont know if Peck will be mad and is voting on me, but i think that would be ridiculous. All by all, i dont wanna be a bad person. I'm only fair. I said that again.. oh my gosh.

Lizzie: I'm going to have to pick my former teammate, Lily. She hasn't participated in a challenge since the 4th challenge, and really hasnt done much in the competition, besides be Luna's girlfriend. I'm pretty sure that that's the only reason she's still here, anyways. I don't have any personal grudge agains her, unlike her b**** of a girlfriend, but that's basically because she doesn't do anything. So, yeah, that's why I think she should go.

"Holes": I believe Mariah should go. Why, you may ask? Well, I have reason to believe that she is not safe to be around the current competitors. I have evidence that leads to her drugging another competitor, so that that competitor would stab another competitor. To me, that seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen, and maybe even a potential cancellation of the show, if this behavior continues. I suggest a strategic and immediate evacuation for Mariah, so she can see a therapist or someone else who can help her with her problems.

Mariah: I hate to do this cause I think everyone should stay, but I have to choose than I say Kelly. She has been nothing but mean to people and mean people aren't nice, I'm not very good at this cause I do not belief she should go home, everyone has a good side and I rather look at that than the bad side of people. So I have no idea why should should go other than that she is mean sometimes.

Chandler: Lily's gotta go. She doesn't do anything and she only talks once in a blue moon. We have all worked hard to get to where we are in the competition and she's just been coasting along. I believe its time for the coasting to end. I don't even remember the last time that girl did a challenge. I'm sorry, but Lily just doesn't deserve to be here. 

Mickey: I guess I'll vote for Peck. It's a mystery how he's still here. I can't believe he even managed to get an idol since he's gone most of the time. So yeah he needs to go. I'm also pretty sure he stabbed Cassidy and I definitely wouldn't want a psycho living among us and I'm sure none of you don't as well. 

Kelly: Mariah, that was a s*** move on your part, if you do me, I do you! Mariah has done absolutely nothing besides playing video games with Ryan, and now that he's gone, she's barely even here! Where some people like me atleast provide something to the show, she sits in her fantasy world where people are being nice all the time! And, guess what? She has little to no reasons to be here in the first place! She survived this entire time by following useless activities that nobody else cares about! Mariah, you mess with the bull, you get the horns, but if you mess with Kelly, those horns will look like heaven! >:(

Chris: Well, it's been long enough and I have decided something. TWO people will be going home! Because we're going to need less room for the finale. Might as well get rid out 2 people now! Anyway, the two contestants with the best explainations were...



Kelly and Amber! So, Peck and Mariah are out! And since Lily was the only one nominated, she is headed to detention.

Episode 15

Luxurious Dormitory: Amber and Kelly

Amber: Hi there! *smiles to Kelly*

Detention: Lily

Regular Dorms: Everyone Else

Lizzie: (CONF) Final 9! But, really, who didn't expect me to make it here? 

"Holes": (CONF) With Mariah gone, I feel a lot safer here. Even though I lost an ally in Peck, my strategy is still on track. Massive success! 

Cassidy: Congrats to everyone You All Deserved to Make It Here Today!


Chris: Today's subject is Cooking! I want each of you to post a video of anyone giving a cooking/baking tutorial on anything. The tutorial/food that looks the best, wins! You got 24 hours to complete this. If you don't do the challenge within 24 hours, you're automatically eliminated, ready and go!

Cassidy: Here: hope you like!

Chandler: Here you go [3]

Mickey: Done [4]

"Holes": Mine is extracheesy

Lizzie: Yeah, whatever.

Amber: This! I think ...

Chris: And times up! I couldn't decide, so Amber and Cassidy win!


Chris: Okay, so we got 3 contestants who didn't compete. Lily, Daniel, and Kelly. And as much as it pains me to do this, I did say who ever didn't compete would automatically be eliminated. So, I have no other choice but get rid of all three of you in this TRIPLE ELIMINATION! Sorry guys, my mind has been made up, you are all disqualified. But, it's not all the bad, the season is almost over and we're down to the final 6!

Episode 16

Luxurious Dormitory: Cassidy and Amber

Amber: Hi there! *smiles*

Cassidy: H- (Kassidy() Oh Hey........ How Are You

Regular Dorms: Holes, Lizzie, Chandler, Mickey


Challenge will begin at 5:00 p.m. EST :)

Chris: Welcome final 6! Okay, we're going to start the challenge a lil' bit early and remember, you got one day to do the challenge, if not, YOU RE OUT! Today's subject (not really a subject; more of an event) is Talent! I want each of you to post a video of the most talented thing you could ever imagine! Best video wins! Worst, is eliminated! Go!

Cassidy: practice makes perfect!

Chandler: World's best bartender. This takes a lot of skill. [5]

Mickey: This guy can juggle balls and a chainsaw while unicycling! [6]

"Holes": Strategy counts as a talent, too. (Even though this person doesn't have any.... :P)

Lizzie: I guess people really appreciate juggling .

Amber: Nothing special, this is my talent. [7]

Chris: Times up! The winner of this challenge is Chandler! Congrats you get a spot in the final 5! The other spots go to Mickey, Cassidy, and Lizzie! Holes and Amber, you two had some debatable talents...The person eliminated is...




...Holes! Amber, you got lucky! But not that lucky because you're going to detention!

Episode 17

Luxurious Dormitory: Chandler

Detention: Amber

Regular Dorms: Mickey, Lizzie, and Cassidy


Challenge is today at 6:00 p.m. EST! :)

Chris: Welcome final five! Today's subject is Literature. But, I want each of you post the most terrifying story you can think of. It can be fake, creepypasta, real, etc. Just post something that is scary. Least scariest, will be eliminated! Go!

Cassidy: It's Sad Really

Chandler: This is pretty scary [8]

Mickey: This is a good one [9]

Lizzie: Here's what happened to me in my youth... *shudders*

Amber: Well, i hope this will bring me to the final 4! *looks to everyone* (Youtube isnt working, look for: Scary story of a girl, the 3rd one.)

Chris: I came up with my decision! The winners are Lizzie, Cassidy, and Chandler, so go have fun in the Luxurious Dormitory! The person eliminated is Mickey. Sorry, the story is sort of "been there, heard that, not that original". I was going to eliminate Amber, but the video was really interesting and it was unqiue (not that scary) but unique.

Episode 18

Luxurious Dormitory: Lizzie, Cassidy, and Chandler

Lizzie: Back where I belong! Isn't this great, Chandler babe? We're in the final 4!

Chandler: The best part is that we're here together! 

Kassidy: Yeah Great.....

Detention: Amber

Amber: (CONF) Im feeling bad. I was very bad in the previous two Challenges. (END CONF)


Challenge starts at 6:00 p.m. EST :)

Chris: Okay, we can go ahead and get this started! As you can tell, today will be a double eliminated to determine our finalist. I want each of you to explain why you think you deserve a spot in the finale. The two worst descriptions, are eliminated! Let's start!

Amber: Well, Lets start! In the begin of this show everyone saw me as the shadow of Luna. Nobody saw who i was. I thought people would dislike me about that. I was placed on the team that lost all of the first challenges. I was on every elimination ceremony, All of my teammembers are out now. That made me a strong person. When Luna was eliminated i felt free. Time to make new friends. And i did. A place in the final four is amazing. In the final will be perfect. People thinks im the dumb blonde. But i know that im much smarter then they thought. *smiles*

Chandler: Where should I begin?  I've competed in every challenge and have led my team to victory three times pre merge. I have also won the most challenges in the merge. Three of them being back to back to back. I'm the only person left in the competition who has never received a vote against them at elimination and I think that means something. Everyone here likes me and there's no reason why they shouldn't. To be quite honest, I was worried about being eliminated the times I didn't win immunity during the merge because I thought people would realize that I'm a threat in the competition by always competing in challenges. I have worked extremely hard to make the merge let alone to be in the final four. Some people that made the merge, didn't even deserve to be in the merge. There's some people who have never done a challenge. Once again, I deserve to be a finalist for all my hard work competing in challenges and if I get eliminated today then it was pretty much all for nothing. Whatever happens I had a great time here and have no regrets. Thank you. 

Cassidy: Well....Um...i..uh..Well......Um i......i Deserve..*Closes Eyes* i deserve......I deserve.....I I DESERVE THIS MILLION! THAT'S RIGHT I CAN YELL! I DESERVE THIS MILLION! I HAVE DONE SO MUCH IN THIS GAME! I WON CHALLENGES I HAD INTERACTIONS I GOT A DAMN BOYFRIEND! I EVEN ORCHESTRATED ELIMINATIONS! MARIAH'S PECK'S AND RYAN'S THAT'S RIGHT I HAVE A DARK SIDE! AND HER NAME IS KASSIDY! *Coughs* uk uk Ok No More Yelling Anyway! I Have Dual Personalities! That's Right I'm Not Perfect! I Am Not Normal Bland or Stupid! I Am Cassidy! and i Am Kassidy! And i Am Proud Of that! I Have Won Challenges and i Have Made it This far In Last Season! And I Was Robbed! BY A HEATHER WANNABE AND a- *coughs* Oh right no Yelling Ok And a Bland Jerk! And This Season I Definately Deserve The Finale! If I Win I Can Get Rid Of Kassidy! i Need This Million Dollors more Then Anyone Else! You Could Feel Bad for The Lindsay Rip-Off, And Think The Bland Guy Deserves It But Let Me Tell You I Worked my A** Of This season and It's Only Fair That I Make The Finale! I Don't plan To Get 3rd Agin I Plan To Win, I May Be Saying Mean Things but All Of Them are True!

Kassidy: Lol Cassidy is Such A Loser Kassidy: *Yawns* My Other Personality is so boring AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA i'll tell you truth i would buy my own hell! and i would trap all the useless souls in there but of course i would eat them first! My father; satan would get half of the bodies and i will rule the world AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA i would also imprisone my father pretty sooncause i don't need reinforcement i would also turn everyone emo everyone has the most disgusting of looks with there ties, just ew! i would also destroy Cassidy the stupid girl and I would kill everyone to rot in hell forever! MWAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAAHAHHAAHAH i would also plan to release all the demons and destroy every last bit of GOOD! AHHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAH I would also marry Slender man I mean such a Hottie! And we would have a baby! Call Slender-dy! I made the final 3 last season! And made it this season! I am the ultimate allstar! No matter you like it or not i caused drama and everything else! Now excuse my while i sleep i don't wanna hear the next idiots excuse

Lizzie: Unsurprisingly, I have faced a lot of opposition to make it to this point of the game. They were probably all just jealous of me, I mean, who wouldn't be? I've got the looks, the brains, and an amazing personality. What's not to like? Anyways, back to my struggles. Ever since the beginning of my team, I was on the outside. Everyone else on my team was in an alliance, and I was the only one excluded. I was slapped, punched, and had my hair pulled out by my teammates, but that never changed my demeanor. I knew I was better then Luna and her alliance of incompetents, and I proved it by turning them all against each other and causing a wonderful implosion. *laughs* First, thanks to my amazing physical prowess and Chandler, I kept my team safe from elimination until the perfect opportunity presented itself. And that idiot Nemo was the perfect opportunity. I manipulated him into abusing me and sexually harassing Luna, and no one liked him anymore after that and he was sent packing the same day. Next, I took advantage of Josh's laziness and got the rest of my team to realize that he was useless in challenges and needed to be eliminated. After that, I had to face the worst time in my whole life, which was pretending to be that b**** Luna's friend. *fake gags* I had to do that for FOUR OR FIVE DAYS!! That alone should put me in the finale. While I was always plotting on how to back-stab that b****, some random dude named "Foals" or something stupid like that got her eliminated. Stupid, am I right? If I had one regret from this whole competition it would be letting that limey idiot eliminate Luna, instead of me! After that, I pretty much dominated the rest of the challenges and eliminated whoever got in my way, like that joke of a strategist, "Goals" or whatever. I switched his video for that challenge with a much stupider one and got him eliminated. *laughs* That's what you get for stealing my kill, you b******! So, in conclusion I was beaten up and bullied, but grew stronger because of it, I caused almost every single elimination I was present at, dominated the majority of the challenges, played an excellent social game, and stand no opposition from these other semi-finalists. Sorry, Chandler-kins, but it's true. *blows a kiss to him* When I make it to the finale, nothing will stop me from winning this show and I mean nothing. Because this queen is getting her crown and a million dollars!

Chris: Wow! You guys really want this money! Well, the worst description is...


...The contestant that places fourth is...


...Amber. Sorry Amber, you played well, but your time is up! Anyway, the one that wins the challenge is without a doubt...Lizzie! Congrats, you get a spot in the finale. And the person who will be joining Lizzie in the finale is...



Episode 19

...Cassidy! or Kassidy! I'm not sure, which is which. Sorry, Chandler. At least you placed third. Cassidy and Lizzie, since you two are the finalist, I want both of you to decide which challenge we should do:

'A. A Vote involving all the past contestants to decide the winner.'B. A Scavenger Hunt "Luck" challenge'C. A Line challenge'D. A Picure challenge

Chris: Okay ladies, which challenge should we do for the finale?

Cassidy: Definatly A Vote!

Chris: Okay, it's been long enough, so we're doing a vote! Alright ladies, I'll go contact the losers while, you too chat for a bit!

Lizzie: Ummm... *to Cassidy* Hi... How are you? (CONF) I'm so going to lose! The only one that's going to vote for me is my Chandler *sighs*

Cassidy: Hi :) (CONF) UGH! What Was I Thinking! Everyone Who Hated Kassidy Is Not Gonna Forgive Her!


Chris: Alright past users (you may talk if you want), it's time for YOU to decide who should win Total Drama Melee! Please vote here! You are voting to ELIMINATE someone. If you want Cassidy to win, vote off Lizzie. If you want Lizzie to win, vote off Cassidy! Let the voting begin!

Lizzie: Welcome back, Chandler! I missed you so much when you were gone! *hugs him*

"Holes": My vote was easy... (CONF) My alliances don't end, once a memeber always a member... ALWAYS. Plus the other person apparently cheated me out, so it's pretty lopsided as to who I voted off *cough* Lizzie *cough*. *leans back and smiles* 

Luna: Bye, Lizzie *smiles*

Cassidy: Ryan! Mariah! Daniel! Amber! Kelly! My Old Team! Hi! (CONF) I am the last Pencil left! Who knew?

Brent: O Cassidy, O Cassidy,

How awesome you are Cassidy.

You are the last original left

I beat you last time

Cause I was the best

You ranted at me

When I said you were evil

O Cassidy, o Cassidy,

I hope you win this Cassidy... *bows*

Chris: It's been decided! The offical winner of Total Drama Melee is...





CASSIDY!!!! Congradulations! You win Total Drama Melee! And the first thing you should do with the money is call for an exorcism! Thank you all for playing and participating! See you guys later!

Brent: Congrats, Cassidy!!!

Cassidy: Oh My Gosh! Yes! vI Have Fin- (Kassidy) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Grabs Money* I Will Be Taking This *Rips Open Case revealing Money and a Diamond* Finally What I Have Been Waiting For! *Kassidy Starts Glowing and A Blonde Girl Comes Out Of Her* Oh Helllo Cassidy

Cassidy: *Gasps* What H-Happened 

Kassidy: Something That Does Not Include You....*Kassidy Starts Turning Hellish Red* Now That I Am Not apart Of You! I Can Do My Own Things

Cassidy: N-no! Th-The Good G-Guy Always Wins!

Kassidy: *Stabs Knife Into Cassidy's Leg* Not In Your Fairytale Sweetie *Dike Jumps On Kassidy*

Dike: Not On My Watch!- *Dike Turned To Stone*

Kassidy: Oh My Bad...*Shatters Dike* Bye Everyone I'll Seeya In 7 Days........ *Kassidy Dissapears*

Cassidy: N-No! *Cassidy Sits There Bleeding and Crying*

Lizzie: *rolls her eyes, then yawns* I would've done way cooler things with the money... Well, even if I didn't get the money, at least I got something in this competition. *kisses Chandler* So.. how about a date next weekend, where we can forget this silly show, babe?

"Holes": *comforts Cassidy and puts pressure on the stab wound* Don't worry, it'll be okay. I mean, what's the worst a hellspwan can do? 

Cassidy: Well- *A Giant Explosion Comes Through The Center of the Earth and Fire is Everywhere* Um That?

Brent: Oh my god.

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