Elimination Table
Contestant Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Nick 1st IN IN IN IN IN IN IN Winner
Wes 6th IN IN IN OUT
Mech 7th IN IN OUT
Noah 8th IN OUT
Bryan 9th OUT

Hello again. Season 3 of TDK is here, and it's an all stars!

8 contestants have been chosen from past seasons to compete.

In the end, one will win TDK All stars.

This season, there will be no teams, and the eliminated contestant is chosen by the winner after I put 2 people up.

Who will win, and who will lose? Find out right now!

8. Nick- Aimers


Seth: First challenge is tomorrow. So talk to each other

Mech: *talks to someone*

Jax: Post it at 7:00 PST, please XD *talks to Mech*

Seth: Jax, thats 11:00 over here, and I'm either at school (if it's AM) or in bed (if it's PM)

Jeff: can we do a challenge already

Mech: Post it at 7:00 EST >:)

JJ: I have returned!!!! Yet again! (BTW I was accidently cheating on season 1 was looking at total drama wiki for a resource, but i wont anymore :T)

Wes: wow i feel like the newcomer in a season full of vetrans

Challenge One

Seth: Who said this?

You really are a two faced, backstabbing lying little @#$!$!$@%!@%^#^@&^@*^%@%!$@^!$@&&!$@^!$@&!$@&!$@%^!$@^!$@&



Mech: one since the characters are off and I'm pretty sure no one said "lying little at sign number etc."

Seth: Gavin wins. Gavin, please choose out of Bryan and Nick to be eliminated.

Gavin:I vote out bryan

Jeff: I kneww the answer, but i has school >.>

Seth: Bryan's out. Jeff, it's okay. There is always challenge 2.

Challenge 2

Seth: Does bluebloplee mean explosive diarrhea in allredish?


JJ: It means death O-o

Noah:the answer is no

Seth: Jeff wins! Jeff, choose between Noah and Bryan to be eliminated (I'm going to pick randomly, so if you're picked and you did the challenge but got some wrong, I'm just picking randomly).

Jeff: i vote off Noah....

Noah:NOOOOOOOOOOOOO........................*disintergrates into ashes*

Seth: Noah is out. Challenge 3 will be up later.

Wes: Cool Theses challenges are going up way faster than season 2

Challenge 3

Seth: Who's sworn (like @#%!) in the series?

Jeff:DJ, he said sh**

Wes: Heather

Mech: DJ and Heather

Gavin:dj, heather, izzy, lindsay, owen, gordon(aftermath guy), al, and leshawna have all cursed at least once

JJ: DJ, Heather, and I bet Lindsay had a little bit of that word XD

Jeff: Can we have the results already..>.>

Seth: Gavin wins. Gavin please choose from Mech and Jeff to be eliminated.

Jeff: but Bryan didnt even submita anything

Seth: I pick randomly, no offense. That's just the way I go, I'm random.

Gavin:cant we have different choices, i like these guys

Jeff: thanks! *high fives*

Seth: Why don't we have a tiebreaker? Person who submits last goes home. 9999+9999-9999x9999%9999=? First person who answers it correctly is safe and last person to do it is eliminated. Remember, only Mech and Jeff can compete.

JJ: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 :)

Jeff: -9,997 ...does the percent sign equal divison

Seth: Yeah

JJ: Looks like Mech's gonnna get eliminated :\

Seth: Don't forget to sign up for Survivor Uruguay.

Jeff: I think i won ....

Seth: Not yet Jeff

Jeff: Oh it is 9,999

Seth: NOW you've won. Sorry Mech, but you have been eliminated. Congrats to the final 6.

Challenge 4

Seth: I have no idea what questions to ask you. I have one now.

Is it 5:08 in Battle Creek, MI as of 5:09?

Jeff: No

Wes: Yes

Seth: Jeff wins (DO NOT COMPLAIN THAT YOU DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO DO IT), choose between Nick and Wes (sorry Wes) to be eliminated.

Jeff: well, sinse i am evil, I pick Wes to go home >:)

Wes: come on Nick doesn't ansewr to any of the challenges. Can you reconsider Jeff

Wes: how avout another Tie breakeer like in the last cahallenge

Jeff: the reason there was a tiebreaker was that Gavin didtn want us to be eliminted so he didnt choose, and that is a good thing nick doesnt do challenges....more wins for me!

Wes: How about if you don't eliomante me I'll take you to the final 2

Seth: Wes, I'm really sorry, but Jeff made his choice. You're out. I wish you weren't, but that's how it goes. Jeff: I dont take deals...Byee

Challenge 5

Seth: Who is awesome (Not a TD question but I have no frickin idea what to ask you)

S_TH (hint: e)

Jeff:Seth is AWESOME!!!

Gavin:seth, his family, and anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting him is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seth: Gavin, if you make challenge 2 on your tdi camp, I'll have you win.

Jeff: Wow that is lame >.>

Gavin:YOURE LAME*youre2490 starts crying*and so are you jeff

Seth: Well, you BOTH WIN! Haha, twist. You two decide who's going. Everyone (except Jeff and Gavin) is up.

Jeff: I want JJ to go,, what about you?

Gavin:i agree

Seth: JJ is out. No more challenges till tomorrow. See you then, congrats on final 4. (nvm that post)

Challenge 6

Seth: Do I have an otter that is a dog named Otter?

Jeff: Yes you do not have a cross species otter dog

Seth: What I meant is it's a dog named Otter. Jeff wins. Jeff, choose someone to take 4th place.

Gavin:i know...........i know.....*packs bags*

Seth: You're quiting?

Jeff: No I eliminate Gavin

Challenge 6

Seth: Answer all the questions from the past challenges. Winner chooses someone to go to the final 2 with him. GO!


Question 1:


Question 2:


Question 3:

Izzy, Linday, Gordon, Alejandro, Leshawna, DJ, Heather, Owen

Question 3.5:


Question 4:


Question 5:


Seth: Survival of the fastest. Choose somebody to go to the final 2 with you Jeff.

Jeff: I want to take nick with me to the final 2. (just make an easy challenge i obviously won)

Seth: Jax is out. I'm having a poll to decide the winner. Results will be ready by 6:00 tomorrow.

Seth: Nick won :0! Congratulations. See you next season!

Jeff: that is so ga*, he didnt speak once>.>

Wes: Well maybe instead of elimnating your competion you should of elimanated the people who didn't speak so this wouldn't of happened. Thats why you lost. No one relly respected your game play and would of rather voted for soembody who didn't paricpateinstead of voting for the person who elimanted everybody who was actually playing the game. That's the reason I voted for you should paly to have fun instead of playing to win.

Jeff: Shut, up! you are a freaking new n00b user, it is a camp! you play to win, and dont cry cause you didnt win, that is g*y, you vote for who played the best game, and frankly, Nick played NO game >.>

Wes: Good thing I'm am not crying it looks likre you are. Plus To me no game is WAY better than playing a game where you just elimante people just so that they aren't in your way to the title and impede others from playing and having fun by voting them out and then you bring the users who did nothing to the finals with you so you can just win. Wher's the fun in that. I'll admit I didn'ty like it when you voted me off but that was because I wanted to keep playing and having fun, not to win. So I had no respect for your game whatsoever. Ever see survivor seasons 19 and 20. Russel had the best game by far but since no one respected it becuses he played to win and didn't car about anyone's feelings he lost.

Jeff: Russell had a terrible game! >.> And I played a good game, a camp is too win and have fun..I had fun,but i didnt win, I had fun by eliminating noobs like you, and teamnoah, so eh! I win, you lose!

Gavin/noah:screw you, i KEPT you, i could have easily eliminated you

Wes: But in the end you still lost and remember the old saying that 2nd place is the first loser and In season 2 in my orginal season I had plety of oppertunties to elimante the better players but I didn't do to the fact that i did not want to win that way. I wanted to win by satying that I was actually the best not saying that I elimanted the best players early so I can easily beat the weak ones later. Thats no fun and you dont make any freinds that way.

Xavior:True.. (I know I'm not on this season)

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