With ratings of the once popular reality television show "Total Drama" hitting rock bottom, Chris in an attempt to save his career sends a group of 14 teens to one of the most exciting place on earth, Japan to bring "Total Drama" back to what it was before.


  1. No Double editing
  2. No Editing the elimination table
  3. No changing votes
  4. No using other characters

Contestants (Closed)


  1. Eddie - OrangeBirdMaster2
  2. Zachary - Stars&Straps20
  3. Kenny, XrosHearts
  4. Suzuki-PeaceLoveGir
  5. Norman-Scienceboy0
  6. Juan-juantheawsome
  7. Dante - OrangeBirdMaster2


  1. Ashley, XrosHearts
  2. Nicki - Liamliamliam
  3. Inca - Liamliamliam
  4. Sakura-PeaceLoveGir
  5. Leila - Stars&Straps20
  6. Leo-Bakura13
  7. Poison-Bakura13

Elimination Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Ashley WIN Safe Inca Norman Suzuki Leo Juan
Eddie WIN Zachary Inca Safe Safe Leo WIN
Kenny Poison WIN WIN Nicki Suzuki Leo Juan
Sakura Poison WIN WIN Nicki Leo Leo Juan
Leila WIN Safe Safe Safe Suzuki Safe Safe
Dante Safe WIN WIN Nicki Safe Leo WIN
Juan WIN Safe Inca Norman Suzuki Leo Out
Leo Safe WIN WIN Nicki Safe Out
Suzuki Leo WIN WIN Nicki Leo
Norman WIN Zachary Safe Out
Nicki Safe WIN WIN Out
Inca WIN Zachary Leila
Zachary WIN Out
Poison Out
WIN This character won the challen that week
Safe This character went to elimination but did not recieve a vote
Safe This character recieved votes but was not eliminated
Out This Character was eliminated that week
??? This Character was on The Screaming Sushis Team
??? This character was on The Killer Ninjas Team
??? This character made it to the merge

Rocky Fuji


Chris: Welcome to Japan where Total Drama Japan will take place!

Ashley: I thought we were going to Fiji.

Chris: NO! Fuji as in Mount Fuji!

Zachary: Wow I'm actually in Japan! I've always wanted to be here.

Chris: Sure.

Kenny: Why are we here not saying Japan isn't awesome?

Eddie: Hi everyone. If I win I am staying here and buying videogames

Norman: Ah, Japan! The place with a great history, and a great future! Oh course, it will be feuled by my inventions.

Zachary: *To Norman* Cool you make inventions?

Ashley: I've always liked smart men! *looks at Norman*

Kenny: Okay

Challenge: Rocky Climb

Chris: Let's start now first 2 to top win! (5 lines)


Kenny: *Climbs*


Leila: *Climbs*

Zachary: *Climbs*


Kenny: *Climbs*

Ashley: *climbs*


Zachary: *Climbs*

Leila: *Climbs*


Zachary: *Climbs* How high is this mountain?

Leila: *Climbs*

Kenny: *Climbs*

Leila: *Cilmbs*

Zachary: *Climbs*

Kenny: *Climbs*

Ashley: *Climbs*

Zachary: *Finishes* Finally...

Leila: *Finishes*

Chris: Leo and Zachary Win! So they now pick their teams! Ladies first.

Leo: Well, thats a first, most people think im a guy. I pick Poison.

Ashley: Poisioning your team already?

Poison: Its just a name, jeezus..........

Ashley: I know that I just wanted to say that.

Zachary: I choose Norman.

leo: Suzuki.

Zachary: Hmm... Ashley.

Leo: Dante.

Zachary. Leila.

Leo: Nicki.

Zachary: Eddie.

Leo: Sakura.

Zachary: Inca.

Leo: Kenny.

Zachary: Jaun.

Chris: Leo's team are The Screaming Sushis and Zachary's team are The Killer Ninjas. I'll let you all chat for a bit before our real challenge!


Zachary: Our real challenge? We still have another challenge? Dang.

Kenny: That sucks!

Ashley: Great.

Chris: Our Challenge will begin soon.

Leila: Wait will I have time to re - paint my nails? My nails all got ruined from the rock climbing challenge.

Chris: I said soon not now!

Challenge: Rock Ball Fight

Chris: So the challenge is to hit each other with rocks the team with most hits after 30 minutes wins! (grab 1 line, throw 1 line, hit 1 line)

Ashley: *grabs a rock*

Kenny: *Grabs a rock*

Leila: Well I finished painting my nails! *Grabs a rock*

Zachary: *Grabs a rock*

Norman: *picks up a rock* Much like dodgeball only....with rocks. Not very creative if you ask me.

Eddie: *grabs rock*

Dante: *grabs rock*

Norman: *takes out gun* Modified potato launcher! *puts rock in and fires it at Kenny*

Kenny: *gets hit* Ouch

Chris: The Killer Ninjas have a point!

Zachary: *Throws rock at Dante*

Chris: The Ninjas win 2-0!

Screaming Sushis Vote 1

Chris: It is time to vote!

Kenny: (CONF) Poison.

Sakura: (CONF) Poison.

Suzuki: (CONF) Leo..Random vote

Chris: Here I'll give a sushi roll to everyone who is safe, *throws sushi to everyone but Poison* sorry your out!

Big Quiz Small Tokyo


Zachary: *Reads a book* Not much to do here.

Ashley: *To Kenny* You finally got rid of the poison.

Suzuki: Hmmm...

Leila: *Putting on lipstick*

Challenge: Nintendo Land

Chris: We are here in tokyo and to celebrate we are in a new theme park called Nintendo Land! And in the center is where we'll stay for a few days anyways to get there you must pass through 3 gates, each locked until you awnser a Nintendo-themed Question, first to get to the center wins! (2 lines to get to next gate or goal after solving questions)

Norman: *runs* This place is amazing!

Kenny: *runs* Is that a recreation of the temple of time?

Norman: I'm more astounded by that stadium with a Metroid spaceship!

Leila: *Runs*

Zachary: *Runs*

Kenny: *runs* Wow! A pokemon stadium!

Ashley: *runs*

Zachary: *Runs* Cool!

Leila: *runs*

Suzuki: *Runs*

Sakura: *Runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Suzuki: *Runs*

Sakura: *Runs*

Gate 1

Gate: Zachary, Leila, Kenny, what does DS stand for? Awnser and you 3 will pass.

Zachary: Ha. Child's play. DS means Dual Screen and Developers System.

Gate: *opens for all 3*

Gate: Suzuki, Sakura, Ashley! What was Mario originally called?

Suzuki: My guess is Mr Video..

Sakura: My guess is ...Mr video like my Brothers guess...

Ashley: Jumpman!!!

Gate: *opens for all 3*

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Sakura: *Runs*

Suzuki: *Runs*

Kenny: *Runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Sakura: *Runs*

Suzuki: *Runs*

Gate 2

Gate: Kenny, Ashley, Suzuki, Sakura! Nintendo said they would try to direct the Wii U more to what target audience?

Suzuki: Well probally Teenagers or Kids and Aldults right?

Kenny: Hardcore Gamers!!!

Gate: *opens up for all 4*

Kenny: *runs*

Sakura; *runs*

Suzuki: *runs*

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Sakura; *runs*

Suzuki: *runs*

Gate 3

Gate: Kenny, Suzuki, Sakura! Name the system where you can play Kid Icarus!

Suzuki: Well gameboy or Wii..

Sakura: Well Maybe Nintendo Entertainment System ? ( idk about Nintendo but im guessing)

Gate: Sakura right! *opens for all 3*

Kenny: *runs*

Sakura: *Runs*

Kenny: *runs and arrives* Yes!

Chris: Team Screaming Sushi Wins!

Killer Ninja Vote 1

Chris: Time to vote in confessionals!

Norman: (CONF) Zachary. I have barely seen you at all.

Inca: (CONF) Zac, he is not useful. Just strategy thats all.

Eddie (CONF) (i am sorry i havent been active on this camp) Zac.

Chris: *Tosses Sushi at everyone but Zac* You time has come.

Brawl At The Park


Norman: Nintendoland is amazing!

Kenny: It is! I love Peach's Castle and the Chamber of The Sages!

Leila: I love Peach's castle too! I wish I could stay here forever.

Kenny: I'm heading to the Temple of Time I want the Master Sword!

Challenge: Super Smash

Chris: You all will be fighting one on one trying to hit your opponent the most times as possible the ones with the most hits move on and we keep going until only players from one team remain. (15 minutes)

Ferris Wheel: Leo Vs. Eddie

Eddie: *hits leo

Leo:*Hits eddie*

Lost Forest Labrynth: Kenny Vs. Inca

Kenny: Sorry Inca truly I am *Kicks Inca's feet*

Peach's Castle: Dante Vs. Ashley

Dante: *hits Ashley* Sorry I hit a girl

Ashley: *Kicks Dante's legs knocking him to the ground* And I like to play rough.

Temple of Time: Suzuki Vs. Norman

Suzuki: *Kicks Norman where the sun those not shine*

Bowser Castle Coaster: Nicki Vs. Juan

Main Plaza: Sakura Vs. Leila

Sakura: *Gives Leila a Japnesse sunburn*


Chris: Stop! Since Sakura, Suzuki, and Kenny hit there opponents more times team Screaming Sushi wins.

Killer Ninjas Vote 2

Chris: Sadly your here again.

Juan: (CONF)Inca

Inca: (CONF) Lelia (sorry i havent been active)

Eddie: (conf) Inca, sorry

Ashley: (CONF) Inca

Chris: Sorry Inca you time is up!

Pick A Winner

Challenge: Winning Vote

Chris: So for Today's challenge you guys must vote for someone on your team to win. Simple but you can't pick a vote.

Screaming Sushi Winner Vote

Dante: Kenny!

Kenny: Dante

Nicki: Suzuki

Suzuki: Kenny :3

Sakura: Suzuki.

Leo: Kenny.

Chris: Kenny wins for the Screaming Sushis

Killer Ninja Winner Vote

Eddie: Ashley!

Ashley: Eddie.

Leila: Ashley.

Juan:well everyone is sayin Ashley so Ashley

Chris: Ashley wins for the Killer Ninjas

Screaming Sushi Vote 2

Chris: Kenny is safe! Vote!

Suzuki: (CONF) Nicki has done the least overall so I vote for her.

Sakura: (CONF) Leo or Nicki..Nicki..

Kenny: (CONF)? Nicki

Dante: (conf) Nicki

Chris: Niki gone.

Killer Ninja Vote 3

Chris: Ashley is safe! Vote!


Ashley: Norman

Chris: Norman is history!

Ninja Fail-ning


Chris: Congratz on making it to the merge!

Leila: Already? Sweet!

Kenny: Well there are only 9 of us left in this.

Ashley: You didn't think you could always depend on you team did you?

Suzuki: That was fast...

Sakura: Too fast..

Juan: what that is fast

Kenny: On shows like these the lowest number of people still in during the merge is 7.

Ashley: Don't complain.

Challenge: Ninja Training

Chris: Today you will train as ninjas by going through a hard obstacle course you must jump from pillar to pillar 20 ft above ground (3 lines), throw a ninja star at 3 targets (3 lines), and go through the maze of death (3 lines). First to do so is safe from elimination and garantee a spot in the final 8. Go!

Kenny: *starts jumping*

Ashley: *starts jumping*

Suzuki: *sterts jumping*

Sakura: *starts jumping*

Kenny: *keeps jumping*

Ashley *keeps jumping*

Suzuki: *jumps*

Sakura: *jumps*

Kenny: *jumps*

Suzuki: *jumps*

Sakura: *jumps*

Ashley *jumps*

Kenny: *throws 1st ninja Star*

Leila: *Jumps*

Eddie: *jumps* [1]

Dante: *jumps* [1]

Leila: *jumps*


Kenny: *throws 2nd ninja star*

Leila: *Jumps*

Kenny: *throws 3rd ninja star*

Ashley: *jumps*

Chris: Kenny is in the lead!

Leila: *Throws 1st ninja star*

Kenny: *starts running through maze*

Leila: *Throws 2nd ninja star*

Kenny: *runs*

Dante: *jumps* [2]

Eddie: *jumps* [2]

Chris: Who will win?

Kenny: *runs*

Chris: Kenny wins! Finally it took you guys a long time.

Merge Vote 1

Chris: Kenny is safe the rest are up for elimination.

Kenny: I vote Suzuki.

Leila: Suzuki. Yeah sorry.... That my nails totally got messed up today!


Sakura: I vote for Leo she barely does anything..

Suzuki: Leo.

Ashley: Suzuki.

Chris: Sorry Suziki but its not my decision.

Super Mega Anime Fun Time


Dante: So how are you all doing today.

Eddie: I'm doing good.

Leila: I'm fine.

Kenny: Final 8!

Ashley: So?

Leila: I'm a little bored.

Juan:yaay final 6

Challenge: Anime Fight

Chris: Today you all will be in an Anime Fight! Make it look real last one standing wins.

Juan;runs away from every one

Leila: Wait how do you do an anime fight? D:

Kenny: Do what they do in anime. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *shoots Juan with a giant laser from hands*

Dante: *shoots Juan with a laser*

Eddie: *shoots Leila with a laser*

Juan: *ducks down and shoots Kenny and knocks him down

Chris: Leila and Kenny have been defeated.

Sakura: *Shoots Leo with a laser*

Ashley: *Shoots Juan*

Chris: Leo and Juan have been hit.

Merge Vote 2

Chris: Really? Eddie, Dante, Sakura, and Ashley are the only ones safe. Vote!

Kenny: (CONF) Leo.

Ashley: (CONF) Leo.

Sakura: (CONF) Leo.


Eddie: Leo

Dante: Leo

Chris: Majority votes out Leo. FINALLY!!

Manga Telling


Challenge: Magna's Inside Story

Chris: Gather around for I have a story to tell of a group of teens who were forced to be in a real life manga to win immunity for tonight's elimination. All they had to do was collect one dragon scale from the seven dragons one at the 7 corners of the land. You must walk to pick one of the lands and walk to each dragon (5 lines) and convince the dragons to give you a scale. You may also attempt to steal one from the others. Pcik a path from here and then head to the dragons. (You may Double edit after 10 minutes.)

Kenny: *Starts walking down Lava Land Path*

Ashley: *walks Down Moonlight Caverns Path*

Juan;walks down canyon

Sakura: *Walks too Ocean islands*

Ashley: *arrives and heads down the Sunlight fields path*

Lava Land

Kenny: *walks* Its hot here.

Kenny: *walks*

Kenny: *walks*

Kenny: *walks*

Kenny: *walks*\

Kenny gets dragon scale

Moonlight Caverns

Ashley: *walks*

Ashley: *walks*

Ashley: *walks*

Ashley: *walks*

Ashley: *Walks* I'm here!

Tsukuyomi: I am Tsukuyomi the Moon Dragon. *Gives Ashley a scale*

Sunlight Fields

Dante: Its bright out here *walks* [1]

Dante: *walks* [2]

Ashley: *walks*

Dante: *walks* [3]

Dante: *walks* [4]

Dante: *walks* [5] I am here

Dante gets dragon scale

Winter Mountains

Eddie: It is flippin cold out here *walks* [1]

Eddie: *walks* [2]

Eddie: *walks* [3]

Eddie: *walks* [4]

Eddie: *walks* [5] I am here! :)

Eddie gets dragon scale

Ocean Islands

Sakura: *Walks* It's so pretty here now I need too find it!

Sakura: *Walks* (Five minutes pasted)

Sakura: *walks*

Sakura: *walks*

Sakura: *Arrives* I am here!

Suijin: I am the Dragon of Water *gives sakura a scale*

Giant Forest

Sakura: *Walks*

Sakura: *walks* (Fives minutes passed)

Sakura: *walks* (More then five minutes passed*


Sakura: *Arrives* (Five minutes pasted)

Rocky Canyon

Juan:*walks and sing lalalalal oh well lalalla it dosent mater

Eddie: *walks* [1]

Eddie: *walks* [2]

Eddie: *walks* [3]

Eddie: *walks* [4]

Eddie: *walks* [5]

Merge Vote 3

Chris: Shameful, for being the only ones to actually get some of it done Sakura, Kenny, Ashley, Dante, and Eddie are safe. Vote!

Sakura: (CONF) Juan.

Ashley: (CONF) Juan

Kenny: (CONF) Juan

Chris: Well Juan is gone.

Kareoke Stars


Challenge: Parody Singers

Chris: I'm bored so let's find the best video of people singing other words to kareoke songs.

Sakura: here is a good parody

Chris: Sakura Wins!

Merge Vote 4

Chris: Vote!

Kenny: Leila

Ashley: Leila

Sakura: Leila

Chris: Leila out!

Sayonara Japan

Challenge: A Quiz Down Memory Lane

Chris: This will be a quiz for the stuff that happened here. First to 3 pionts wins immunity. Question #1 Who were the 2 team captains?

Dante: Leo and Zachary

Eddie: Yeah!

Chris: Point Dante! #2 Who was the first to awnser the 3rd question in the nintendo land's race challenge. Sakura: The screaming sushis or if you ment person then Kenny,

Dante: Suzuki actually

Kenny: Actually its Sakura.

Chris: Point Kenny! #3 Who were the 2 eliminated during the double elimination.

Dante: Norman and Nicki

Chris: Point Dante! #4 What was the name on the challenge where you picked the winner?

Dante: Pick a Winner

Chris: I said Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sakura: I think the Challenge was the Winning vote.

Chris: Point Sakura! #5 Who were the winners of that challenge?

Sakura: Ashley and Kenny.

Chris: Who one the original fighting challenge?

Sakura: Uhh.. Suzuki Kenny and Me Sakura I don't understand.

Chris: The Fight challenge as a team in Nintendo Land?

Sakura: The sceaming sushis?

Chris: Sakura Wins!

Merge Vote 5

Chris: Vote!

Kenny: Dante

Ashley: Dante

Sakura: Dante

Chris: Dante is out!


Chris: Here chat before I setup the next challenge.

Challenge: Race up Tokyo Tower

Chris: The challenge now is to race up Tokyo Tower (10 lines) first 3 to do so move on to the final challenge for 1,000,000 dollars.

Eddie: *sprints* [1]

Sakura: *Runs*

Eddie: *sprints* [2]

Sakura: *Runs*

Eddie: *sprints* [3]

Sakura: *Runs*

Eddie: *yelling down the stairs* DOING GOOD SAKURA! *sprints* [4]

Sakur: *Yelling* You too! *Runs*

Eddie: *yelling once again* Thanks! *runs* [5]

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Eddie: *runs* [6]

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *Runs*

Sakura: *Runs*

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Sakura: *Runs*

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Sakura: *Runs*

Eddie: *runs* [7]

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Eddie: *runs* [8]

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Eddie: *runs* [9]

Kenny: *Runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Eddie: *runs and gets to the top*[10] YES!

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Chris: Eddie is in the final 3!

Kenny: *runs*

Ashley: *runs*

Eddie: I would like to tell my fellow contestants how much of an honor it is to be in the final 3!

Kenny: *runs* I'm in!

Ashley: *runs* Yes!

Chris: Eddie, Kenny, and Ashley are the final 3.


Chris: Chat among yourselves before the final challenge.

Eddie: How are you guys doing. It's almost Christmas. Chris, can we go to a theme park a for Christmas present. *gets a pitiful face*

Chris: Fine we're doing the final challenge at Nintendo Land after christmas.

Challenge: A Final Run

Chris: For this you must climb over Mount Fuji (5 lines), Awnser a nintendo related question, kill a dummy (3 lines), run through a parkour obstacle (3 lines), get a dragon scale (2 lines), and run back here (3 lines). First to do so wins! (You may double edit if the other doesn't edit for 5 minutes.

Eddie: *runs up mount fuji* [1]

Kenny: *climbs*

Ashley: *climbs*

Eddie: *climbs* [2]

Kenny: *climbs*

Ashley: *climbs*

Eddie: *climbs* [3]

Kenny: *climbs*

Ashley: *climbs*

Eddie: *climbs* [4]

Kenny: *climbs*

Ashley: *climbs*

Eddie: *gets to the top* Yes!

Chris: Eddie, Nintendo created which game which lead to free world roaming games?

Kenny: *climbs*

Ashley: *climbs*

Chris: Kenny, What did Nintendo invent which lead to creation of the Ipod Touch?

Eddie:  New Super Mario Bros

Kenny: Nintendo DS!

Chris: Kenny right, Eddie Wrong. Ashley, What was Princess Peach Originaly called?

Ashley: Princess Mango?

Eddie: Pokemon

Chris: Both wrong.

Kenny: *Attacks dummy*

Eddie: Zelda

Chris: Correct Eddie.

Ashley: Princess Pear?

Chris: Wrong Ashley.

Eddie: *hits dummy*

Ashley: Princess Apple?

Chris: Wrong.

Eddie: *hits dummy*

Ashley: I wish I had a Toadstool.

Chris: Correct!

Kenny: *Hits dummy*

Ashley: Wow.

Eddie: *destroys dummy*

Kenny: *kills dummy*

Ahsley: *hits Dummy*

Eddie: *runs through obstacle course*

Kenny: *starts obstacle*

Ashley: *Hits dummy*

Eddie: *runs through obstacle course*

Kenny: *continues obstacle*

Ashley: *kills dummy*

Eddie: *gets past obstacle course*

Kenny: *finishes obstacle*

Ashley: *starts obstacle*

Eddie: *walks to dragon scale*

Kenny: *runs to Dragon scale*

Ashley: *Continues in obstacle*

Eddie: *gets dragon scale*

Kenny: *gets dragon scale*

Ashley: *Finishes obstacle*

Eddie: *runs back*

Kenny: *runs back*

Ashley: *runs to scale*

Eddie: *runs back*

Kenny: *runs back*

Ashley: Its over for me. *grabs scale*

Eddie: *gets back* YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenny: *runs back* Congratz Eddie. *pats Eddie on shoulder*

Chris: What an amazing season! Join us next time when I take 14 teens to an abandened amusment park.

Eddie: Good job guys!

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