Episode 1

Chris Mclean: Yo, welcome to total drama island. Were gonna take 22 random teenagers and put them here on camp wawanakwa. Heres the deal, every few days each team will have to compete in a challenge, the losers have to vote someone off of their team to send back home. This will continue until one camper remains they will receive one hundred thousand dollars! Here they come. Ezekiel how's it goin' bro? Ezekiel: What this is five stars eh? Heather: Chris you better hope my parents aren't watching right now! Harold: My skillset is most favorable to these conditions. Chris: Okay everyone, meet me at the campfire. Alright here at the campfire is where eliminations will be held. This is where you will find out if you stay in the game or not. Now I must split you up into teams. So if I call out your name please come stand over here. Leshawna, DJ, Duncan, Beth, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Ezekiel, Geoff, Lindsey, Heather. You are the Screaming Gophers! The rest of you, Sadie, Katie, Owen, Gwen, Trent, Courtney, Harold, Justin, Eva, Bridgette, and Tyler. You all are the Killer Bass. Now that you all have been given your teams, lets head back over to the cafeteria. Chef Hatchet: Listen up! I make three times a day and you will eat it three times a day! Grab your tray, get your food, and sits your butts down now! Geoff: Yo, my man can we order a pizza? *chef throws a knife near Geoff's head* Whoa its cool G! Brown slop is cool he he right guys?

Chris: Alright everyone, meet me at the edge of the cliff for your first ever challenge! Beth: What do you think they will make us do? DJ: It's our first challenge how hard can it be?

Episode 1 Part II

DJ: oh ****! Chris: Alright campers, your task is to jump of this one hundred foot high cliff into the lake! Killer Bass your up first! Bridgette: Ill go! *jumps* Tyler: Nice *jumps* Sadie and Katie: Yipeee *jumps* Courtney and Owen: Nope! Eva: *jumps* Harold and Justin: *jump* Gwen and Trent: *jump* Chris: okay that makes nine! Screaming Gophers if you can beat that you guys get an advantage in the second part of the challenge!

Everyone: *jumps*

Chris: Your next challenge is to build a hot tub since they won the Screaming Gophers get a cart to pull their crates on!

Duncan: Nice! (CONF) I know for a fact that with this advantage the stanky old bass should give up! (END CONF) Harold: Not fair! Trent:*pushing a crate* you know this would be a lot easier if we had a cart! Everyone *looks at owen and Courtney* Courtney: So? It still would've been a tie! Gwen: Yeah but they wouldn't be a mile ahead!

Cody: Were here! Okay! *tries to stand up a piece of wood but gets hit by Ezekiel on accident* Ezekiel: Sorry, Eh! Cody: It's cool. *whispers* hey wanna be in an alliance? Ezekiel: Yes, Eh! (CONF) Mother always said to be nice! (END CONF) Justin: Alright were here! Gwen: Yeah but their halfway done! Everyone on Killer Bass: *looks at screaming gophers* Trent: We still have to try! Chris: Okay time for me to grade you hot tubes! *examines Screaming GOphers* I give the Screaming Gophers a 8! *examines Killer Bass* The killer Bass get a 9 and win! Heather: Wow maybe you guys should try a little harder huh? (CONF) I am the only one on this team that knows anything about reality shows uhg! (END CONF) Courtney: Yeah we did it! Chris: Screaming Gophers meet me at elimination tonight!

Chris: Welcome to your first elimination ceremony! You have all cast your votes if you get a marshmallow you are safe, if you don't you are eliminated from total drama island for good! Marshmallows go to Leshawna, Ezekiel, Izzy, Cody, Duncan, Noah, DJ, Geoff, Lindsey! Beth and Heather you two are left! The final marshmallow goes to........... Heather! Sorry Beth.

Heather: You are all lucky you hear me!?!?! Beth: Bye guys:(. *Gets on boat of losers and leaves*

Chris The rest of you are safe, for tonight!

Episode 2

Chris: Morning campers!

Noah: Please tell me the challenge isn't now.

Chris: IT is so please make your lap around the lake!

Harold: *running* how much longer?

Duncan: *running* I don't know!

Heather: *walking* There is no way I am ruining my heels by running!

Leshawna: *running and dragging heather* You are if it's gonna save us from going to elimination tonight!

Trent: *stops at finish line* Are whole team is here we win!

Chris: Actually Trent that wasn't the challenge.

Everyone: What?

Chris: I will talk about that later but first who's hungry? *unveils buffet*

Owen: (CONF) Okay after a whole day of Chef's slop im starving! (END CONF)

  • everyone eats WAY to much food*

Noah: Oww I think my Brain hates me!

Chris: Alright everyone your challenge is to stay awake as long as you can!

Heather: (CONF) OK first of Leshawna is gona get it! Second I happen to be a master at staying awake *falls asleep (END CONF)

Chris: *36 hours later* There are only two people left, Leshawna for the Screaming Gophers, and Sadie for the Killer Bass.

Sadie: Im up, Im up and im out. *falls asleep*

Chris: The screaming Gophers Win!!! Killer Bass meet me at the campfire tonight.

Gwen: (CONF) I know for a fact im not going home me, trent Sadie and Katie all have an alliance im good! (END CONF)

Chris: KIller Bass welcome to your first ever elimination you have all made your decision If you get a marshmallow your safe the marshmallows go to Sadie, Katie, Gwen, Trent, Eva, Harold, Cortney, Owen, Justin. Bridgette and Tyler there is only one marshmallow left it goes toooo.................. Tyler! Sorry Bridgette dock of shame for you!

Bridgette: But why me I haven't done anything wrong.

Harold: Yeah you have done nothing to help the team!

Bridgette: *leaves*

Chris: The rest of you are safe!

Episode 3

Chris: Welcome Total Drama Island! LAst episode we saw the campers endure harsh running stuffing themselves with meats then having to stay awake! In the end, Leshawna won it for the Screaming Gophers and the Bass sent home Bridgette. Who will be eliminated this time find out right here on total.... drama... island!

Chris: Welcome campers today's challenge is a simple game of dodgeball. First team to win two times out of three gets invincibility losing teams sends ANOTHER person home.

Duncan: Ok, me, DJ, Leshawna, Ezekiel, and Izzy will take round one cool?

Trent: So, I say me, Gwen, Harold, Courtney, and Sadie for the first round.

Chris: Ready, Set Go!

Trent: * hits izzy*

Gwen: * blocks the shot from Duncan and hits him*

Ezekiel: Take this, EH! * hits Harold*

Leshawna: Yeah Gurl! *hits Trent*

Gwen: *hits Leshawna and Ezekiel*

Dj: * hits Sadie and gwen* Yeah alright!

Chris: The Screaming Gophers win round one! Now, round two!

Trent: *throws at leshawna gets blocked and hit*

Gwen: * hits them all* Yes!

Heather: Wow guys you truly are pathetic, maybe you should start trying a little bit harder, hmn?

Ezekiel: * gets hit by them all*

Gwen: Uh, guys now we have nothing to hit them with or anything to block their shots!

Duncan: Alright! *throws but is caught by Harold* Wha.. What!?!?

Harold: *hits Leshawna and DJ*

Izzy: Ooh fun! * hits all the Killer Bass* We won!

Duncan: Oh YEAH!

Harold: Nuts!

Chris: Killer Bass ill see you guys at the campfire tonight. For the second time in a row! Man maybe you guys should start winning.

Welcome Killer Bass to your Elimination Ceremony, you have all cast your votes and made your decision if I give you a marshmallow you are safe if not you board the dock of shame to catch the boat of lesers and you cant come back, ever! The marshmallows go to, Katie, Courtney, Gwen, Trent, Owen, Justin, Harold, Eva. Sadie and Tyler this is the final marshmallow of the evening, and it goes to....... Tyler!

Buh Bye Sadie!

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