22 contestants signed up for a show, a show like no other. Here 22 teens will be put in a competitive enviornment on the quest for ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Relationships will be formed, loyalties will be tested, and hopes.....will be shattered. This is TOTAL................DRAMA........................ISLAND

Killer Bass:Disbanded


Eva-teamnoah123 OUT 1st



Courtney-Heather rocks Out 3rd




Screaming Gophers:Disbanded





Heather-Heather rocks


Owen-TheEVilOctorock OUT 2nd

Justin- Wes Holden

New begginings(week 4 swap

Team Amazon


Duncan-Youre2490 5th out



Leshawna-Youre2490 4th out

Team Super incredible amazing



Heather-Heather rocks


Tyler-Sunslicer2 6th out inn week 6

Team Remember we exist



Justin-Wes Holden

Elimination Table(ill do the writing, but if anyone wants to change the color id reallyappreciate it)

Zeke Duncan WIN Duncan SAFE WIN WIN WIN Sadie WIN Justin DJ
DJ Eva WIN Courtney NV NV Harold SAFE Sadie WIN Justin OUT
Justin WIN Owen WIN WIN SAFE WIN Gwen Heather WIN OUT
Sadie Eva WIN Courtney WIN SAFE WIN Gwen OUT
Leshawna WIN Justin WIN OUT
Courtney NV WIN OUT

Pre- challenge chat

Chris;welcome back, our first contestant, noah is here

Noah: You got my memo about my life threatening allergies?

Chris:Someone probably did, but like we care

Duncan: *arives* Make way for the winner.

Chris:(smirks)we will when they get here..... everyone, meet duncan

Cody:Gwen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs*

Chris:And theres cody!!

LeShawna: LeShawna's in the house.

Chris:Leshawna, hows it feel to be on the show

LeShawna:Good I guess.
DJ: Chris! Nice to see you man. *fist bumps Chris*

Owen: HI Everyone Its awesome to be here

Chris:Dj, owen, glad you made it

Trent: This place looks like a piece of crap! I just came here for the fun. Guess I wasn't right...

Chris:our 12th competitor trent s here

Sadie:hi everyone, glad to be here

Eva:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh(grabs sadie and throws her in the water)AAAAAAAHHHHH

Chris:*shuts phone*the producers have just informe me that everyone else died from giant random flying pokemon


Katie:Good weather, isnt it*giant charizard burns ship and mauls them all*

Trent: (CONF) Okay, I am officially scared if this show now.

Chris:so the teams are now even(could you guys be quiet for like 5 minutes, i have to make an elimination table)

Challenge 1:Welcome to Wawanakwa

Chris:There are 4 cabins at camp Wawanakwa, The two old crappy cabins that are falling apart, and 2 new, luxurious cabins that , you may acctually sleep in. Youre first challenge is to trash the old cabins, bass trash the cabiin on the left, and gophers take the one on the right, winners get invincibility, and the new cabins, and...................GO!!!!!!!!

DJ: *Sees a little bunny inside the trashed crappy cabin* I cant hurt this fella!

Heather:*trashing the right cabin*

Eva:*throws bnny out the window and screams*, win, win

Sadie(CONF):cringing:she scares me

Justin: *uses body as a reflector of sunlight and sets the cabin on fire* No object is a match for my body

Ezekiel: *jumps on moose and has it run into the old cabin*

Noah: *smashes old cabin with sledgehammer*

Sadie:*breaks a lamp*oh my god im a horrible person*crys*

justin: *Shows Noah face in all the mirrors and they all break*

Heather:*smashes a lamp at wall*

Noah: *glares at justin*

Ezekiel: *get thrown off the moose and into wall*

Heather:*throws Justin at the bunks*

Justin: *The forest animals catch him and chase after heather*

Eva:AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH*uses sadie as a bat and slams her against everything

Chris:looks like the bass are in the lead now, can they keep it up

Justin: *throws a wild party inside the Gopher cabin and they destroy everything*

Chris:Gophers win

Trent: Sorry I couldn't help out. I was asleep :(

Killer Bass vote


Sadie:eva scares me*votes eva*

Ezekiel: Duncan, eh.

Duncan: Eva 100%

DJ: Sorry Eva but I have to vote you. You hurt that poor helpless bunny.

Chris:Evas out*throws eva on boat of losers


Week 2:If you stay now its essentially suicide

Chris:HELLLLLOOOOO Campers, todays challenge is one of my personal favorites, here we have our 1000 foot clifff, the challenge is to jump of, which geyts you half a point, but to get the other half*chuckles*you have to climb back up, first to five wins.................and..............GO

Trent: Not really what I had in mind, but okay *jump off cliff but gets swim trunks stuck on a stick* AW (beep)

Justin: *jumps off and lands in water*

Sadie:*jumps and lands 5 feet away from water on a pile of rocks*OW@@@!#@!@@$$@#$%#@$#@%#@$#&@#

DJ: I..I can't do it. I've always been afraid of heights ever since I was a little kid.

Trent: *manages to jump into water but accidently becomes naked* aw &*@#!

Trent: Everybody do not look and if you're on my team and you look and we lose I'm %#@!^&* voting you off! *climbs back up 2 feet but falls back down* AW $@!# (Conf) Today is not my day. I keep swearing.

Sadie:*gets up*in pain.......ow*starts climbing

Justin: *Starts climbing back to the top* Chris your ruining my figure

DJ:(CONF) So I was standin' there thinkin', what would Mama do?

Trent: *get back up and climbs 20 feet in 100 minutes* This is freakin hard.

Justin: Keppes climbing and gets help from the forest creatuers* I love being beautiflul Trent: No offense, but shut up Justin. *Climbs 580 feet up in 9 hours* @#$# this is taking hours.

Sadie:*300 feet up the cliff*

Sadie:(CONF)so i was standing there saying"what would momma do"but my mom is a violent crack addict so.............

Trent: (CONF) Is it me, or does Sadie have a crack addict mom?

Trent: *Climbs 399 feet more after reaching 600* So close, just one foot ahead...

Justin: *makes ot to the top and then kicks Trent and watches him fall to the bottom* Ha Ha

Trent: !@$% you Justin. Not only you just kicked me, but you looked at my naked body. You are getting me vote if we lose.

DJ: *Starts climbing fast*

Justin: Fine *has one of the forest animals bring trent to the top* Are you happy now

DJ: *MAKES IT TO TOP* So Sadie, hows it goin?

Sadie:*gets to top*im good dj, how are you

Trent: Thanks Justin. I'll reconsider voting for you. Anybody have any extra pairs of shorts?

Noah: *jumps*

Ezekiel: *jumps*

Trent: Found some shorts. And some chocolate...this isn't chocolate.

Noah: *climbing but having a hard time*

Ezekiel: *having an even harder time*

Trent: Hey Noah, want some chocolate?

Noah: I'd rather not.

Ezekiel: This is wiggity whack!

Trent: Then what do I do with Chris' crap? I know *puts crap on Justin's hair*

Justin: that is dicusting *forset animals clean justin's hair and start beating up trent*

Trent: If you get these $#!@*&^ animals off me I won't vote you off.

Justin: fine *calls off the anilmals*

Trent: Good talk.

Chris:2.5 on 2.5, halfway point

Sadie:Go bass

Trent: Come on Noah. You can do it

DJ: (Hope this isn't cheating) Hey whatsup Duncan *accidentally pushes off cliff* SORRY!!!

Trent: Noah if you hurry up faster...I'll give you a book!

Trent: Uh Chris, it's been 1 day. A lot of people are up here. Just announce the winner.

Chris:Bass win(i count duncan)

Gopher vote:

Justin: Owen hasn't done much of anything *Votes Owen*

LeShawna: I vote Justin.

Trent: I would like to vote Justin, but I promised I wouldn't vote for him, so yeah. I vote Owen. He hasn't done anything.

Chhris:Owens out*throws him into lake*who will win next time on TOTAL...................DRAMA.........................ISLAND

WEEK 3:Strangers With Candy

  • whole cast in a plane*today we are taking a little trip to tokyo japan, the birthplace of video games, gameshows, and lindsay lohan, todays challenge is to get a random japenese scitizen to actually get in the plane and ride home with us, first team to do so wins invincibility and a japanese style feast(no godplaying)

Trent: Hello japanise person (speaks an offensive Japanise sentence and gets slapped in the face for it) aw crap. What did I say? Oh, I said %#@$$!@%#^&*!.

Justin: *takes shirt off* Who want to go back with me to the U.S

Trent: Justin, you are way too cocky about that. Isn't always gonna work.

Japaenese girls: *run onto the plane*

Justin: you were saying

Trent: Well, at least it will help us win challenges. I think I see to Japanise people right there. *talking to japanise people in japanise* Want to go to the US, it'll be *gets interrupted by a kiss* (CONF) Good luck to the Bass.

Justin: *looks for more japanes women to charm onto the plane*

Trent: *finds large japanise woman* Justin, you can have this one.

Justin:Okay but you must promise to take me to the fianl 2 *lures the women on the plane but get bear hugged and kissed* This is dicusting (CONF) Hopefully now i can make kit to the final two since i was almost voted out last time

DJ: Hello Ms. Would you like to go to the U.S.A? *japanese woman slaps him*

Trent: Ha

DJ's Bunny: *hops into D.J's arms*

Justin: DJ enjoy being beaten up

Trent: Aw, how cute (CONF) *goes hyper* #!$@#!%@$!^@$!%@&!$@&!$@&%!(^$%#$%#^%#W%!@#$%^&*

Chris:uhhhhhhhhhhh...................gophers would be winning, but those are vietnemese tourist girls, not japanese

Justin: *kepps walking around tokyo while luring JAPANESE girl back to the plane* Itys so gret to be beautyful* and this time I made sure the they weren't viatnamese*

Trent: Is Lucy Lui Japanese? If she is, she's right here!

Chris:Gophers Win,and a twist, new teams after this elimination

Trent: YES!

Bass Vote

Chris:I am interested to see how this will go

Sadie:I vote courtney

DJ: Sorry, but I vote Courtney too

Ezekiel: I can't vote for you courtney, i vote for duncan cuz he is still a bully, eh.

Chris:votes up, courtneys out

Week 4:New teams

Chris:(at the top of the page you will find your new teams)

Trent: My team will dominate!

justin: there are only 3 people on my team ........ I guess I will just have tpo live with it

Heather:My team better be good!

Sadie:team remember we exist is gonna DOMINATE

Chris:Youre challenge today is going to be to crreate a parody of a randomly chosen tv shows, we will give you whatever props are neccesary, best one wins, now go

Heather:Are you going to tell us what to parody?

Chris:YES, team amazon gets spongebob,, team super amazing gets scooby doo, and team remember we exist getsm pokemon

Team Amazon:spongebob

DJ: I guess I could be spongebob. *does perfect spongebob laugh*

Chris:although thats impressive, youre still FAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR behind

Team super amazing:scooby doo

Heather:Who's gonna be Scooby,Velma,Fred,and Shaggy.Because I call Daphne

Trent: I'll be scooby. Instead of a r, I'm going to use a c. "Crappy Crolidays"


Trent: Crello, Crime Crobby Croo. Cry crish cu ca crappy cray! Cralso, @!#$

Heather:Umm not now..

Trent: Can't I practice?


Trent: You ready now? Cause we can just do it ourselves.


Trent: Chris, we are ready. 'll be playing the part of Scooby, Heather will be Daphne.

Trent/Scooby: Craphne, cwe cwave cwa cystery. Comeone cried co cob ca cank!

Heather/Daphne:Let's go!*runs toward a fake bank*

Trent/Scooby: Crey Crook, crit's cra cronster! Crit's Crostface crom cream! Canyone cwnats co cuy cream crom cour cocal cest cy co co cow!

Team remember we exist:pokemon

Justin: I can do a great team rocket impersonation

Sadie:I can be a dunsparce, the best pokemon ever

Justin: Cool but instead of Team rocket staeling pokemon can we have that team rocket takes a pokemon and makes it beautiful like me.

Sadie:okay, but............Gwen is sleeping so lets just prop her up and she can be Jessy

Justin Okay. So lets start *dresses up Gwen like Jesse.

Team Rocket: Hey Dunsparce

Sadie:dunspace dunsparce

Team rocket: We are usually knopwn for stealing pokemon like you but how about we make you look beautiful as our member jesse *points to jesse who is played by Justin*

Sadie:dunsparce....................*runs to jesse*

Jesse: Well lets see *takes Dunsparce to the spa, gets her a haircut and as macure and pedicaure* Now dunsparce you look amazing

Male Dunsparce: *Surrond the now beautiful female dunsparce* Dunsparce Dunsparce


Jesse: now thats team rocket *Then there is a random explosion that sends team rocket flying into the sky*

Team Rocket; Even whenn we do go this still happens. Oh well i guess we are blasting off again

Challenge update

Chris:The amazons are last, ive already decided that, but WHO WILL GET THE REWARD

Justin: Give it to my team becuase we were the first to finish our parody

Trent: Is this a reward challenge?

Chris:no, winners get a reward and winner cabins(challenge 1), and 2nd is safe but no reward

Chris"I have decided, team remember we exist finished there skit, so they are first, with the super amazings second, and this weeks losers are team amazon, team we exist, your reward is a first class barbeque on the beach

Justin: Woo Hoo we get burgers and great casbins to sleep in and a win Sweet

Trent: 2nd is not bad.

Team Amazon vote






Chris:Will someone hurry up and vote already

Trent: I don't know. If they don't vote, can I choose who's going home?

Chris:Leshawna and Duncan are both eliminated becuse youre2490 was on during the vote the whole time and did nothing, if he doesnt say anything in 5 minutes they are both eliminated

Chris:leshawnas out

Week 5:Race to the case

Chris:Hello contestants, this weeks challenge is simple, somewhere around camp wawanakwa i have hidden 2 cases, one which gives you the win and one which gives you second, this week the reward is 1 day living in the shows production set, which is REEEEAAALLLY nice, and........................go

Justin: *runs into the forest and statrs to look for a case*

Trent: *runs into forest but trips) crap

Sadie:*runs out for case*

Justin *contiuneus the search*m I bet one of thew cases are in the trees

Chris:Just go to the freckin mess hall, first place case is there(no godplaying)

Justin: Cool *continues to search the trees*

Trent: I see a case *grabs case and runs* (Was that godplaying? If it was, I'll remove it.)

Trent: (2 hours later) *runs into mess hall* Ugh. That was far. Here's the ^%@!*&% case

Chris:trent wins for team super amazing, and*throws case to justin*team remember is second, another elimination for team amazon

Trent: YES!

Team Amazon Vote


Noah-i vote for Duncan



Chris:and with 1 vote against him, Duncan is out

Week 6:YOUR CHOICE/Wawanakwa Super sexy japanese fun game show party time

Chris:This week is a little complicated, so let me explain, i have 10 safety marshmallows, they are on a first come first serve basis, get a marshmallow and your safe, you just have to take it, you may also give someone else a marshmallow, but not two in one post, and you cannot post twice in a row.Last one without a marshmallow is eliminated in part 1, part two will be explained after the last marshmallow is recieved

Justin: *takes a marshmellow*

Trent: *takes 2nd marshmallow* I'm so making merge

Sadie:*takes a marshmallow and throws it to dj*safety above all else is in #s

Justin *takes another marshmellow and gives it to Sadie*

Trent: *grabs another marshmallow and gives it to Heather* (CONF) She might be a witch, but she sorta need it right now. Not active

Justin: *takes another marshmellow and gives it to Zeke*

Trent: *gives another marshmallow and gives it to Noah*

Sadie:*gives one to Harold*i dont know why

Chris:so far justin, trent, sadie, DJ, Hetaher, Zeke, Noah, andd Harold are safe, 2 left for cody tyler and gwen

Justin: *takes a marshmellow and gives it to Gwen* Must keep the ladies happy

Trent: *gives marshmallow to Cody* Sorry Tyler

Chris:tyler is out and team super amazing finally loses someone, next challenge involves one person volunteering from each team

Trent: I'll volunteer for Team Super Amazing.

Justin: I'll volenteert for rember we exist

Chris:and anyone can go for team amazon(we all know that noone from team amazon is really coming), this is the challenge, its a japanese gameshow, individually ii will ask you to do a mini challenge, first to entertain me with thier reponse wins a point, first to 3 wins

first challenge

Chris:THIS IS CRAZY JAMACIAN MAN CHRIS, first challenge is to point to kenny(just make something up, its not supposed to make sense

Justin: What okay, To have enternal beauty you must dress up like a monkey and do an irish Jig

Trent: Charlie the naked man the naked man the naked man Charlie the naked man who's fleece as white as snow.

CHris:uhhhhhhhhhhhh...............trents was kind of stupid so 4/10, 5 for the exists because monkeys are funny, and what exiting things will team amazon do*long silence*

Trent: Well, mine was better then Team Amazon's. I got a better on, just in case you want to hear it. Yo mama so fat that she stuck a battery up her butt and said I got the power (My friend Daniel cam up with that one, just delete it it's to offensive)

Chris(its not):okay, i dont think team amazon is coming, so im deducting one point, that puts the standings at one exists, 0 super amazings, and negative 1 amazons, next challnege is to kill.................JUSTIN BEIBER with a picture of sadie and a can of pepsi GO

DJ: Onece my cheese went to my house and kicked my dog in the face while my mama sung about dead liver in her uncle's stomach, guared by attack kitttens who maul you eyes.

Trent: My pleasure, hey Justin *shows him picture of Sadie and pepsi* oh crap, they're coming to get me. Hey guys, guess what? IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER! Seriously, you'd risk your life to save him? (This was in the name of comedy,

Chris:the amazons get 1 point for effort, with the exists getting 1 for the acctual round, so 0-1-1

Trent: Doesn't my team get a point? I redid the joke for goodness sake

Chris:what i MEANT to say was that the super amazings got a point sorry, next challenge is to find the next genius idea for a disney movie

Justin: In y disney movie a rat wants to marry a princess and to do this he goes and sells his sole to the rat king so that he can become human. But in the end he and the princess fall inm tlove but the contract expirese and the ra loses his sole and the princess goes on an and adventure to get his sole back from the rat king.

DJ: In a Disney movie, a young girl living in the streets wants to become a princess with the help of her talking animal friends while the evil king wants to kill her because of her magic powers to stop evil. She runs away and goes on an adventure to break her magic curse

Trent:  A book feels so sad and alone that no one's reading it, and finds another book and runs away with it. Then, the family misses the book, so they go on a wonderful adventure going through lands of magic trying to find it. Also features 1 song every scene! It might be a crappy idea, but what the hey, it works.

Chris:trents idea portrays what i like to call the retardisism disney factor, super amazings lead 2-1-1, beacause dj is competing for his team now, next part and possibly final point, tom cruise and miley cyrus?

DJ: What?

Trent: What he said

Justin: Well Miley cyrus and Tom Cruise hated each other so they booked a fighing area and staterted to fight. First mily bit tom and punched him a few times but then tom pinched miley and she thought it hurt so bad that ashe had a heart attack and died and then because of this they gave Tom the death peanly so now they are both dead. THE END
DJ: Sadie, what do you think we should do?

Sadie:dj, you just have to say whatever crap comes to mind

Chris:INSPIRED JUSTIN, the score is now2-2-1 with a tie between team exists and team super amazing, hey lets go bomb the russians because sweden sucks(say whatever comes to mind)

Justin: *gpoes and get a couple thosand Nukes and drops them all over ressia and because lour hosat hates Sweden to I drop a few hundred their too

Trent: We all know Miley Cyrus is becoming more s**ual. She started dating Tom Cruise, who kissed her and all that stuff. She then kissed Katy Perry, which angered him. They got into a fight, but then, Lady Gaga arose as a monster and killed Miley Cryus for sucky music. She then made Tom Cruise a back up dancer, and they dance to Just Dance everyday now. The end (I know I'm late, just ran into an edit conflict twice)

Chris:its too close to call, trents did what was wrong, but he deffinetley WOULD have wom that round, so you both tie for first and team amazon loses

Trent: I know I'm good! Well, a tie isn't bad. But still first place!

Justin: Yes first place *High fives everyone else that got first* WE RULE

Trent: Final 9. Getting closer to the merge!


Trent: 3 way high five!

Justin: Yeah *high fives Trent and Sadie*

Trent: (CONF) Okay, I like Justin better then when we were the Gophers. As a friend, of course.

Justin: (CONF) I need to keep winning challenges because last time I went to elimanation I was alomst voted off. Luckily he person who wanted me off the most has since been Elimanted, LeShawna hopefully I will not have to go back to elimanation again any time soon.

Amazon vote

DJ- Harold. Sorry man


Harold-wait I vote DJ so its a tie besides someones already left we dont need another one

Chris:NOAHS OUT FOR NOT VOTING, THATS UNPATRIOTIC*throws noah in baot of losers

Noah: darn


Chris:Good morning remaining campers, and welcome to your last day competing as teams, the challenge is the DO YOU KNOW IT CHALLENGE, i will ask you a question and the first one to answer will get a chance to knock a member of another team out of the challenge and possibly the game, only 2 members of each team are playing

Amazons:dj and harold

Exists:Sadie and Justin

Super amazings:trent and heather

Chris:your first question is who was eliminated first from this competition

Chris:first question, who was

Trent: Eva

Chris:correct, eliminate one contestent from this challenge

Trent: Justin

Chris:5 left in this challenge, next question, who was the first to jump off of the cliff in the 2nd challenge

Trent: Me

Chris:correct, eliminate someone else from the challenge

Trent: Sadie

Chris:team exists will be facing elimination for the last time before the merge, and the super amazings win for most questions correct

Trent: I made it to the merge? WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Team Remember we exist vote

Chris:this will be interesting

Sadie-i vote gwen

Justin- Gwen


Chris:and with 2/3 votes, gwen is out

Trent: Congrats to Justin, Sadie, Zeke, Cody, Heather, DJ, and Harold to making it to the merge. You guys deserve it. (Not saying the others don't)

Ezekiel: Oh yeah, so awesome, eh

Harold: Sweet

Week 8: Controversial controversy

Chris:good morning campers, todays challenge is to do the most controversial thing possible, without going over the line, most apropriate controversial thing wins

Sadie:*starts breathing heavily*controversy, you said

Trent: Did we merge teams? Well, here we go:


CHris:uh.....pretty controversial i guess, 6/10, and only the first 5 entries get judged, and yes we merged

Trent: Sweet.

Justin: What tyler did to Sadie on Total Drama Invasion

Trent: What did she do?

Justin: Look on the Bored during the kissing challegne. Tyler got sent home over the incident. Plus Tyler did it to Sadie not the other way around.

Justin(i was sadie, so that was REALLY bad)7/10, that was REALLY bad

Trent: I got a better thing: Lady Gaga's meat dress.

Chris:trent you already went

Trent: Never said I couldn't have a re-entry

Justin: I know and that was the most conreversial thing that I could think of ( WES:since I was also on Total drama invasion so I remebered the incident but i was Duncan and since have been voted off) bUt now i have the lead.
DJ: Well check Total drama invasion and the challenge 4..I think with Harold and Duncan. It got Harold(Me) Voted off

Chris:(lets get back to the challenge, this isnt total drama invasion chat)DJ has 5, Trent has 6/10, and Justin 7/10

Noah: *watching a tv set* Wow controversery didnt see that coming.

Ezekiel: If i must, i'll show you controversy *kisses heather*

Noah: *at tv set* wow didn't see that coming.

Chris:*shocked*teen out of ten, ezekiel wins this challenge

(Wes: WAIT isn't Tyler already OUT and where is cody in the voting)

(my bad, all tyler votes are now a cody vote, but it doesnt matter

Elimination(bold means safe)


Ezekiel- I vote sadie, sorry

Sadie-i have to vote tyler, he didnt do much when i was on the bass(CODY)

Harold-I vote Sadie

Trent-I vote off Sadie

Justin- Heather you tried to ruin my beauty in the first challenge


DJ- Sorry girl but I have to vote Sadie, even if she is my friend

Chris:and in a 4-1-1 vote*throws sadie into a volcano*we will all miss her

Final 7 paintball smashout

Chris:who doesnt love the painfull sting of a paintball in the morning, your next challenge, is to find the most creative way to cover your opponents in paintballs, and.......................GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ: *makes a paintball grenade*

Trent: *makes a paintball nuclear bomb, steal's chris' plane, and drops it* Did I hurt someone?

Ezekiel: *laying unconcious on ground covered in paint* can someone help me?

Justin: *sets up booby traps around camp in which if somebody trips a thousand paintballs fall and splater all over them* *Then after setting up all the traps helps Zeke up*

Ezekiel: *pushes justin into paintball mine which covers him in paint* HA!

Justin: That what I get for helping you; really not cool *forest animals come and clean justin up and then sets more booby traps*

Trent: *grabs a shotgun, fills it with paint, then shoots DJ and Justin and Zeke with it* Victory is mine!

Booby Trap #56: *activates and drenches Trent in paint*

Justin: Score at least I got some else besides myself

Trent: You suck. No offence *shoots Justin with paintball gun*

Justin: none taken *goes and sets up some more traps and replaces all the water in camp with paintballs*

Ezekiel: *on twalkie talkie* Send it now!

Noah: *drives up in a tank and shoots big shells full of paintballs all over the island*

Ezekiel: *hides in trench*

Justin: Wait didn't Noah get elimanted

Noah: *drives off island and back home*

Trent: BRING IT IN! *drops paint bomb and covers the island in paint* boom boom

Justin: *gets covered in paint but then cleaned off by forest animals* I LOVE you guys

Chris:Do you guys wanna know who won the challenge.........................................all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone who competed and is still in the game is safe, so the vote is between cody, heather, and harold

Vote:(put your name beside who you want out)



Harold- Ezekiel/Trent

Chris:and with 2 votes , harold is out an dth elast remaining exists member is justin(i dont wanna change the table so much so im gonna do it a differnent way which involves less changing)

Harold:Oh well Seventh Place Is'nt bad.

Week 10 final 6:double elimination

Chris:HELLO CONTESTANTS, todays challenge is a double elimnation challenge, you will be riding roller coasters at this theme park, while children shoot you with bb guns, last off of the ride is eliminated, get on
DJ: Oh no. I've always been scared of rollercoasters. *gets on*

Ezekiel: I've never been on one of these,eh. *gets in shaking*

Trent: I love roller coasters *gets in* it's okay Zeke.*roller coaster goes up* It goes up and up and up *roller coaster falls* And it gently goes down...NOT AT ALL

Justin: *gets on and the roller coaster and starts going* Kids shoot him with BB guns and hit me in my beautiful face* I will GET those kids

Trent: What is up? I haven't seen Chris in days

Chris:dude ive been standing here the whole time*roller coaster starts moving with zeke, justin, and trent in it*and the challenge just started


JUstin: i've had it with this roller castoer I'm geting off *gets off*

Trent: Me too

Chris:ya..............nice effort, zeke wins AGAIN

Ezekiel: *dizy* *barfs* *falls over*

Trent: You said last one off is out.

Vote 10

Zeke- Bye bye justin

Trent- I vote off Justin. Sorry

Justin Heather doesn't particpate * votes heather*


DJ: I vote off Heather.

Cody:I vote off Justin.

Chris:and with 3-2 votes, *throws justin and heather into lake*

our final 4, trent zeke dj and cody, things are getting good, what will happen nex itme on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND

Noah: *at home watching tv* YES THE ANTI_ME IS GONE!!!!!

Week 11:this is where it gets good

Chris:this weeks challenge is easy, and we needed a special guest to do it, introducing DJs mom

Momma:*to DJ*boy, you make it to the final four, im so proud of you *hug him*

chris:this weeks challenge is to piss djs momma off as much as possible to earn a spot in the top 3

Ezekiel: Hey momma your son is a sissy and he's fatter and uglier than you!

Momma:*grabs zeke and throws him off cliff*5/10,*grumbles*piss me off will ya

Ezekiel: ouch.

Cody:He has going to do potty every day and has getting sick and is gaining 100 pounds!
DJ: Don't you talk to my momma that way! *throws Cody off cliff*


DJ: (CONF) I love Momma but I need to get to the final 3 to make her proud....

Cody:My birthday card from 1 year ago in April 1st!

Momma:cody gets a 2/10 because ididnt really understand the birthday card thing

DJ: Momma, you need to stop treatin' me like a child. I wanna grow up but to do that, you need to stop being so protective of me!

Cody:that is when after the challenge,I know I lost,Well either if anybody else do it.

Trent: *slaps DJ*

Momma:*eye twitching*NOONE...............TOUCHES...............MEH BABY *Throws trent headfirst off of thousand foot cliff*trent wins for pissing me off so badly that i just peed myself, trent wins

Vote 11


Trent-I vote DJ to make DJ's mom more p*ssed!

Zeke- this is such a tough vote but i vote for....... DJ


CHris:and with 2 votes DJ is out


Trent: Final 3!

Chris:Yes, but did anyone mention that the race to the money starts NOW

Week 12:race to pokemon island

Chris:*takes final 3 over to the dock*you will all be in a race, to where you may ask, if your a nerd for this camp then you know that at the beggining of the show afew people got killed by giant pokemon, you are racing to the island, first one there guarentees there spot in the finnale(NOOOO GODPLAYING)

Ezekiel: DO we get motorboats?

Chris:better*brings in a small plane, a motor boat, and a tricycle*its first come first serve

Ezekiel: *Hops in motorboat*

Trent: *grabs the small plane* So glad I have my license! *starts flying*

Ezekiel: You wont beat me, Eh!

Cody:speed-inator! *uses it op tricycle*

Ezekiel: THIS GAME"S MINE EH! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody:Aloha losers! *rides on tricycle fast using Speed-Inator*

Chris:does that even exist................whatever, its his super fastenater

Cody:It only lasts for when we finish! *rides on tricycle* 750 mph!

Ezekiel: *turns boat into full overdrive* WHOAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody:It is now 700 miles *uses his tricycle to a fast tricycle* 682 miles per hour.

Momma:*takes plane from trent and thros him in back seat*MOMMA TIME

Momma:(CONF):noone votes off my little poopy-doo and gets away with it, they are all going down, ill kill them all

Ezekiel: *passes cody* HA!

Cody:I will win*rides 087 more miles per hour and 18*

Ezekiel: *neck and neck*

Cody:*passes Zeke* Ha! *rides almost full speed* 509 more miles!

  • trent and momma:Back at start*

Momma*to trent*trent honey how do you start this thing so i can kill your friends

Cody:I think she is gonna kill me even though I did not vote! *rides some more*

Trent: *pushes mama out* Sorry, but It's time to go. See you later. *flies 20,000 feet* YOU CAN GET EZEKIEL!

Trent: (CONF) Listen, I made it this far not to go out because Mama is mad at me. I'm winning this! (NON-CONF) This is my time to fly *flies a little further*

Cody:Meet m halfway!!!! *sings Black Eyed Peas while passing Trent* 566 more miles!

Cody:Level 3 *rides faster* 543 more miles!

Trent: *hijacks Cody's tricycle* GIVE ME IT! Alright, if you let me ride it, we can be the final 2, deal

Cody:Deal!!!! *builds a G6 airlplane* Like A G6! 550 more miles!

Chris:your all 6 miles away from the shore, its neck and neck

Cody:Uhh,...... Like A G6 *rides 1 mile* 5 more! You will not beat the CodMister! *rides 1 mile*

Trent: Zeke, you're going down! 4 MILES! WE'RE GONNA MAKE IT!

Cosy:*holds hands with Trent* 3 more! UH..................I am making it to the top 2 (Trent,do you want to join my alliance?)

Trent: Can you let go of my hand?

Cody:Yes! *lets go of his hand and ride 1 mile* Yahhhh!

Ezekiel: *throws caution to the wind and gets neck and neck with them* I WONT LOSE!!!!

Cody:*uses shield protect* Yes!!!! *finishes safely*

Trent: Is that Ezekiel, or did we make final 2?

Ezekiel: THIS IS IT!!!!!!! *crashes violently into the finish line*

Trent: Cody, watch out

Cody:I will *gets off of the G6 and sees what it looks like* Yes!

Ezkiel: *crawls out of wrckage* Yes i did it!

Cody:Wow!!! *calls Mom*

Cody's Mom:Hello,Cody!\Cody:I made it in the top 3!

Trent:Uh Chris, who won?

Cody:If I win,I will get a 4G Iphone! And a new TV!

Trent: Chris...Chris... who won the challenge?

Chris:(sorry it took so lon to judge, but it as like 11:00pm)since cody and trent passed at the same time, as an individual neither of them passed meaning zeke is in the top 2, and cody and trent will be battlin in a tiebreaker to see who joins him

JustinTie breaker:traditional hawwain fire dance.......................kindof Chris:we are all on beutiful pokemon island, with all of your past competitors, zeke just won a spot in the top two, but who will join him, to decide we need to have a tiebreaker, both trent and cody are on a platform together, and they will be tryin to get the other off, but be careful because*random charzards pop up from corner*these giant charzards are really pissed and willing to set you into a violent blazing fire, so stay on the platform and...........................GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent: Okay *slaps Cody* Hows that?

Justin: Charzard eat both of them they voted me off

Chris:oh, almost forgot to mention*giant pile of random crap pops up infront of peanut gallery*all eliminated contestants can help whoever they think should win the tiebreaker from the sidelines

Justin I guess cody becuase Trent is a backstabbing weasel

Chrsi:okay rthen here*givs him broken car motor*throw this at whoever you dont like so they might fall

Justin okay then *cuckes motor at Trent head and nails it*

Trent: IT WAS ONLY FOR THAT CHALLENGE! *slaps Cody over and over again*

DJ: For momma!! *throws broken car at Trent*

Momma:good job baby*throws the plane at trent*

Trent: Okay, listen, I need to win this. I joined this show because, well, my family is having some money problems. Long story short, we got evicted and we're living on the streets. I have a license, cause some guy named Trent and looked like me gave it to me. (This is Trent's story, not mine).

Momma:I live in a bus, we all got problems son

Trent: But you live IN a thing. I live in a alley way.

Momma:your dads an accountant, hes right over there

Trents dad:im an accountant

Justin: Trent not the second challenge but the thrid You agreed to take me to the final 2 if i got that large japenese women on the plane whicjh I did so since you voted me off you can have her back *throws large japnese women at trent*

Trent: That's not my dad. Well, he's my real one, but I have a step dad who actually loves me. That thing over there @#%!*&% left us and we were broke. Then, my mom married someone less, a nice person, and then, that thing over there stole from us, got away with it, then we were evicted, and we've been living on the streets for 10 years.

Sadie:*raises her hand*why are you telling us this when youu could be beating cody

Trent: Justin, sorry for voting you out. And also, *starts beating up Cody*

Justin: Thanks Trent *picks up sadie and throws her at Cody* Trent: *Hits Cody with Sadie* wow that hurt

EzekieL: Mom if your watching, I'M IN THE FINAL 2 YES!!!

  • cody flys off of platform and gets carried away by one of the charzards*

Chris:oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......................ruthless, and trent secures his spot in the top 2 with ezekiel

Ezekiel: Its my time to shine! Trent: Thank you Pokemon (CONF) I'm ready to win this. This is the final 2 and it'll be good,.

Ezekiel: Lets get it started!

Week 13:Finale

Chris:for your final challenge, you can pick any two eliminated contestants too help you, the challenge will be to be the first to ring the chime on the top of that mountain*shows 5 foot hill*uh no that mountain*shows 2000 foot mountain*first too ring that chime wins total drama island

Ezekiel: For my first helper i choose.... Noah and eva.

Noah: Oh boy.

DJ: Someone could pick me! Or not. Whatever they want..

Trent: I pick DJ and Justin.

DJ: Thanks Trent. Sorry about before. Lets win this!!

Justin: If we win do we get some of the money

Chris:even better...........................a 100 dollar gift card to Walmart

(Cod: Also, is there gonna be season two?)

Trent: *starts going up mountain* COME ON you guys

Justin: fine* goes up mountain*

Ezekiel: *climbs up to trent*

Noah: *CLimbs below zeke*

DJ: *running with Trent*

Ezekiel: Noah get me some water!

Noah: *gives him water*

Ezekiel: *splashes it on his face*


(we will wait tell tommorow so its fair)

(yeah got to build up the suspense right?)

Trent: *runs higher and slaps Ezekiel*

Ezekiel: Your going down! *pushes trent down*

Eva:*hits trent*AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Trent: Get the forest animals~!

Ezekiel: *gets to the 200 foot mark* I need to pick up the pace

Eva:dont worry homeschool, youve got this in the bag, that GIFTCARD WILL BE MINE

Eva:(CONF):i dont goive a **** who wins, BUT IF I DONT GET MY ******* GIFTCARD, IM GONNA ****ING KILL SOMEONE

Ezekiel: Testy..... Noah distract her

Noah: Hey Eva!

Trent: *reaches 250 mark*

Ezekiel: * climbs up instead of running*

Justin : *Bashes noah in the head with a rock anmd watches him plummit into the water below* Eva you can do wahtever you want now and Zeke is not going to get you that gift card so attck him and show him what Eva can do

Eva:*eye twitching and camera focusing on her face more with each word she says* GIFTCARD AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*attacks justin and throws him of cliff with noah*

Noah: *attacks justin*

Ezekiel: *uses hoodie as a rope and gets to 500 mark*

Justin: *pushes noah head under water and waits until he gets knocked out due to lack of air and then handcuffs him to a shark and it swims away with noah* LOSER

Chris:Okay, so far it looks like Zeke has a sizable lead on Trent

Justin: okay *starts reclimbing the cliff*

Trent: *runs really fast and catches up to Zeke* I have a history of running fast

Ezekiel: This just got more fun. *runs just as fast as trent*

Eva:*runs about 100 yards behind them*I WANT MY GIFTCARD

Ezekiel: *runs faster to get away form eva*

Trent: *slaps Ezekiel and runs 20 feet*

Justin: Now I'm tired of climbing FOREST ANIMALS

Forest animals: *bring justin to the top then start attacking Eva and Zeke

Trent: Can you have them bring me to the top so I can ring the chime?

Ezekiel: *fends of the animals*

Eva:*throws animals off of Zeke*WIN

Trent: *pushes Eva, punches Ezekiel, and starts running 300 feet

Ezekiel: *grabs baloon and floats next to trent*

Trent: *finds a pin and pops baloon*

Ezekiel: I'd say im already halfway there.

Justin Fine *forest animals bring Trent to the top and start attacking Eva and Zeke again*

Ezekiel: NO I WILL NOT LOSE!!!!! *grabs on to trent*

Trent: *slaps Ezekiel off and rings chime*

Ezekiel: NO!!!!!!!!! *pulls trents pants down*

Trent: *slaps Ezekiel again and pulls pants up*

Ezekiel: i was so close.

Trent: good job though

Ezekiel: thanks, eh. Congrats.
Justin: Trent you ow me big time

Noah: *pushes justin off mountain*

Ezekiel: *pushes trent off mountain*

Noah and zeke: *high five*

Trent: Hey! Justin, we'll split the million.

Chris:CONGRATUALTIONS TRENT, our million dollar winner*hands trent money*

Eva:*stands behind trent like zeke did in TDWT finale*wheres my damn giftcard

Trent: Justin, here 500,000 dollars. And Eva, here's 100 dollars. We still have enough for furniture. But I won! YES!

Justin: Thanks but I really don't need it I'm already a multi millionare model

Ezekiel: *pushes trent into water*

Trent: Okay then *takes money from Justin*. HEY ZEKE, DON'T BE UPSET!

DJ:(Sorry I couldnt be here)

Ezekiel: sorry trent, can i at least have 20 dollars?

Eva:*starts breathing heavily*but this doesnt have a walmart logo on it, its not going to give me modest prices , YOU TRAITOR*tackles trent to the ground and knocks the money out of his hands, the money then rides of the side of the mountain into the ocean, where it is then eaten by a dolphin*

DJ: But wait, what happened to Cody?

Trent: B*TCH! I'M HOMELESS AGAIN! *tackles Eva and starts fighting with her*

Ezekiel; she destroyed the money! LETS GET HER!!

Trent: My hopes and dreams are now gone. I'll never get an offer like this again. I'll be homeless for the rest of my life!

Justin: Animals attack *They attack everyone and gives them Rabies execpt for me*

Chris:well, umm.............didnt count on this, but i guess since the money is gone that theres no choice but to force some of you into a second season

Noah: oh joy.

Justin: What animals attack Chris and kill him *animals kill chris*

Trent: Can I be in season 2

Justin: Trent who are you talking to CHRIS IS DEAD

Chris:*get up*no its just ketchup......just ketchup, and anyone who wants can be in season 2, but im mixing in some new people*laughs evilly*Total Drama Action 2

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