27 teenagers are about to experience an adventure of a lifetime as the compete on an island for $1,000,000.

Chapter 1: Not So Happy Campers Part 1

A young man, probably in his 30s, is seen standing on a dock.

“Welcome to Total Drama Island, the newest and hottest reality show on television!” He yells.

“I’m your host, Chris McLean. Here’s the deal. Every 3 days, the contestants will compete in a challenge that will decide the winners. The winners win immunity while the losers will be up for elimination. The person with the most votes will be sent packing to our luxurious estate on another island, quite close to ours. But before any of that happens, we have a great twist awaiting the 27 campers. Let’s meet them, shall we?”

A large boat containing the contestants is seen arriving to the island. The camera pans to Sky and Sugar.

“Sky, The Athlete. She’s coming to the game ready to bring impact.”

“Isn’t this exciting?” She asks Sugar.

“And Sugar, The Pageant Queen. She’s won 15 pageants somehow…”

“Yeah! I’M JUST BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT!” She yells before squeezing Sky.

The camera pans to Scott, Dawn, and Max.

“Scott, The Farmboy. I’m not sure what he’ll use to win...maybe his strength?”

“I’m sure I have this game in the bag.” He says.

“Oh yes. Your aura tells that you are very confident.” Says Dawn.

“And that’s Dawn, The Aura Whisperer…”

“Oh please. My genius mind will help me win the money.” Says Max.

“And Max, The Evil Genius.”

“Yeah, if you don’t get stepped on.” Says Scott.

“That was not very nice.” Says Dawn.

“It’s fine. He’ll see what he’s done soon enough.” Says Max.

The camera pans down to another deck, where Lightning and Cameron are seen.

“Lightning, The Jock.”

“Hey, scrawny. Stay outta my way in the game, or you’ll get a full blast of Lightning!”

“Uh...okay.” Says Cameron, obviously terrified.

“And Cameron, The Bubble Boy.”

The camera pans over to Beardo, Mike, and B.”

“Beardo, The Human Soundbox.”

Beardo makes an explosion sound.

“Mike, The MPD Guy.”

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” He yells.

“And B, The Silent Genius.”

B waves.

The camera pans back up to Leonard, Staci, and Samey.

“Leonard, The Wizard.”

“Hello ladies! Would you like some lizard eyes for good luck?”

“Staci, The Compulsive Liar.”

“Sure! My great great great great great grandfather created the idea of good luck.”

“Samey, The Nice Cheerleader Twin.”

“Uh, no thank you.” Samey says while backing up.

Sam, Brick, and Scarlett are seen at the back of the boat.

“Sam, The Gamer.”

“Do you think we’ll be able to use handhelds?” Sam asks.

“Brick, The Cadet.”

“I’m not sure.” Brick says.

“Scarlett, The Genius.”

“According to my calculations, the island is atleast 10 square miles.” She says.

“And what does that have to do with the show?” Asks Brick.

“Oh, uh, nothing. It’s just incase um...someone gets lost.” Replies Scarlett.

“Oh, good idea.” Replies Sam.

The camera pans to the top deck, where Zoey, Rodney, and Dave are seen.

“Zoey, The Indie Chick.”

“I’m so excited for this!” She yells.

“Rodney, The Country Boy.”

“You smell nice…” Says Rodney.

Zoey backs up.

“Thanks...hehehe…” She says before running away.

“Dave, The Normal Guy.”

“Uh...I’m gonna go.” Dave says before running behind Zoey.

The camera pans to Ella, Dakota, and Anne Maria.

“Ella, The Fairytale Princess.”

“Laaaa! Laaa! I’m so excited to play in a wondrous and beautiful game!” Ella sings.

“Dakota, The Fame Monger.”

“Uh, yeah. Me too. I’m ready to be the star of the show!” Yells Dakota.

“Anne Maria, The Jersey Shore Reject.”

“Yo, so am I.” Says Anne.

The camera pans to Topher and Shawn.

“Topher, The Wannabe Host.”

“I am going to help Chris host the show!” Yells Topher.

“Uh, be careful. Chris could actually be a zombie in disguise. YOU could be a zombie in disguise! AHHHHHH!” Yells Shawn, running around.

“Shawn, The Zombie Killer?”

The camera pans back to the beginning of the boat, where Jo, Amy, and Jasmine are.

“Jo, The Jock-ette.”

“Listen up, prissies! I’m winning this show! No one is stopping me!”

“Hey, who told you to talk to me?” Asks Amy.

“Amy, The Mean Cheerleader Twin.”

“I talk to whoever you want.” Replies Jo.

“Well you don’t talk to ME.” Says Amy.

“Ladies, we’re not even on the island yet. Stop fighting.” Says Jasmine.

“Jasmine, The Australian Outback Girl.”

The boat stops at the dock and everyone gets off.

“Everyone, welcome to...Total. Drama. ISLAND!” Yells Chris.

Everyone cheers.

“Now, before we do anything, there are 27 of you. We really didn’t want the teams to be uneven but we couldn’t cancel on you guys. So we’re doing the first vote off of the season right now.”

Everyone gasps.

“I understand this is hard to do, but vote off who you think is the weakest.” Sky, you’re first.

Everyone votes.

“I will read the votes.” Says Chris.











“So far B, Sam, Cameron, Scott, Scarlett, Dave, Staci, Ella, Samey, and Dawn all have 1 vote. It’s tied.”

















“The vote is 7-5, and the other votes don’t matter. The final 2 votes decide if its a tie or if B is going home.” Says Chris.

B looks worriedly at Cameron.

“The next two votes are for…”

Everyone stares in suspense.

“B. I’m sorry B, but your time here has ended.” Says Chris.

B gets up and walks to the boat of losers.

“Now that we have 26, it’s time for teams.”

“Wait. You made us vote someone out so that there wasn’t 1 extra person on a team? That’s horrible!” Says Zoey.

“I agree.” Says Mike.

Zoey smiles at Mike.

“I don’t care. You had to vote him off sometime if you wanted to win.” Says Chris.

Zoey sits back down.

“On the Killer Bass is Anne Maria, Mike, Zoey, Lightning, Dawn, Cameron, Sam, Brick, Scott, Jo, Staci, Dakota, and Rodney.”

The team lines up.

“I ain’t no fish.” Says Anne Maria.

“You are in this game.” Replies Chris.

“The Screaming Gophers are Ella, Beardo, Sky, Max, Scarlett, Dave, Shawn, Sugar, Leonard, Jasmine, Amy, Samey, and Topher.”

“I like being a gopher. It’s kind of cute.” Says Samey.

Amy pushes her sister.

“Well I don’t.” She says. “Change the name!”

“No can do, Amy.” Says Chris. “Now, get to your cabins and get changed. It will be time for our challenge soon.”

Jo and Brick talk while walking to the Bass cabin.

“So, you think we’ll do something safe for the first challenge?” Asks Brick.

“Please. It’s reality television. They aren’t gonna have us do a swimming contest. It’s gotta be dangerous and extreme. It’s the first episode anyways. I’d like to see what I’m getting myself into.” Says Jo. “But nothing is too overpowering for me.”

“Oh, well then I’ll be ready too!” Says Brick.

[Jo’s Confessional]

“Brick is a good kid. I think I’ll keep him around for a while until I’m given the chance to get rid of him.”

Mike and Zoey are seen talking.

“Thanks for supporting me over there.” Says Zoey.

“Uh, no problem.” Says Mike, blushing.

Suddenly, Mike breathes heavily, and he starts dancing around.

“Uh, Mike?” Says Zoey.

“No Mike here! I’m Svetlana! Woohoo!” Svetlana yells.

Mike suddenly breathes heavily and returns to himself.

[Zoey’s Confessional]

“I really like Mike. His acts are funny, though I’m not sure what part of comedy that is...I guess character acting? I’d love to get to know him more.”

“[Mike’s Confessional]

“I think Zoey and I have a great connection. It’s MPD. It’s going to ruin everything with her.”

Amy and Samey are seen walking with each other to the Gophers cabin.

“When we get to the challenge, you will be my safety mat. If I’m about to get hurt, you better save me.” Says Amy.

“Um, I don’t know if I can do that all of the time A-”

“Shut up. You can do it. If you can’t get any votes to be voted off for being weak, then you can definitely save me.” Interrupts Amy.

“Oh. Okay.” Says Samey.

[Samey’s Confessional]

“Amy is a great sister. I’m glad she’s here to boss me around and tell me what to do so I don’t wander aimlessly for help.”

Leonard, Sugar, and Shawn are walking together.

“You always gotta be careful. Zombies are everywhere.” Says Shawn.

“Oh, no. The zombies were wiped out years ago by The Warlocks of Wizard City.” Says Leonard.


“Have you ever seen a real zombie?” Asks Leonard.

“No…but they are hiding.” Says Shawn.

[Leonard’s Confessional]

“Shawn is such an idiot. As if dead people would know to dress up like people. Who comes up with these fairytale stories?”

“Y’all are so cool! I never fought zombies or made spells. BUT I WON PAGEANTS and that beats everything you did!” Says Sugar.

Leonard and Shawn look at each other.

The teams arrive at the cabins.

Anne Maria is spraying her hairspray in the cabin.

“Hey Snooki, think you could do that somewhere else? I don’t feel like suffocating right now.” Says Jo.

“Oh, you think that’s funny? Atleast I have fashion.” Says Anne Maria, continuing to spray her hair.

“I don’t need fashion. All I need is muscle.” Says Jo.

“Trust me. A pair of gray sweatpants don’t make you look tough.” Replies Anne Maria.

Brick is working out, along with Lightning.

“So, you do any sports at home?” Asks Lightning.

“No...I don’t. I’m a soldier in training. I’m tough, hard, and strong.” Says Brick.

Cameron is seen reading a book.

Rodney and Scott are talking behind the cabin.

“No one’s gonna know. Trust me.” Says Rodney.

“Don’t talk to me. I don’t even like any of my cousins anyways.” Says Scott.

“I’m right here...and I’m your only cousin!” Says Rodney.

“Yeah…” Says Scott, walking away.

Scarlett is seen from the other cabin, watching them.

“Those two are cousins. We need to tell the other team that they are trying to hide their advantage.” She says.

“Isn’t it a bit too early to sabotage the other team?” Asks Sky.

“Nope. Not one bit.” Says Scarlett.

Zoey is seen talking to Mike outside.

“Hey.” Says Scarlett.

“Shouldn’t you be talking with your team?” Asks Mike.

“I just thought I’d let you know that Rodney and Scott are cousins. They were trying to hide it from you.” Says Scarlett.

“Oh my gosh. Should we tell the team, Mike?” Asks Zoey.

“No. I have a better idea.” Says Mike.

“What? No. You have to tell your team. I trust you guys and we could be a great final 3. But if you keep it a secret and they find out that you hid it from them, you’re screwed.” Scarlett says before walking away.

Over the loudspeaker, Chris is heard.

“Everyone meet at the mess hall.”

The teams go to the mess hall and sit down.

“This is where you’ll be eating, but because we fed you on the boat, you won’t be eating here today. Your challenge jump off the cliff.

Everyone gasps.

“Come on...I mean how bad could it be?” Asks Dave.

The contestants are seen on the cliff.

“Fuck no.” Says Dakota.


Chapter 2: Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

“Previously on Total Drama Island, there were insane twists, conflicts, and couples lurking around every corner. B was the first person voted off and the teams were introduced to their first challenge. Who will be the winner? And who will be sent packing to join B? Find out now on Total. Drama! ISLAND!”

“There is no way I’m jumping off of this cliff! I’m calling daddy to get me out of here.” Says Dakota.

“No need, Dakota. You can be a chicken, but that means you get a chicken hat. The team with the most jumpers wins extra supplies to help with part 2 of this challenge.” Says Chris.

“Ugh, there’s a part 2?” Asks Staci. “Even my great great great great great uncle Frederick didn’t like parts.”

“That doesn’t even make any sense.” Replies Chris. “Bass, you’re up.”

“I’m not jumping.” Says Dakota.

“You’re risking it for your team.” Replies Chris.

“I don’t care. I don’t want to get my hair wet either.” She says.

“Me neither! I ain’t jumping.” Says Anne Maria.

“Go ahead and quit ladies.” Says Chris.

Anne Maria and Dakota take a chicken hat and go down to the boat.

“On three?” Asks Zoey to Mike.

“On three.” Says Mike.

“1.” They say.

“2.” They bend their knees.

“3!” They jump off of the cliff and land in the water below.

“We’re safe!” Mike yells.

Dawn looks down.

“I really don’t want to do this…” She says. I’ll have to meditate my way down.”

She sits down and crosses her legs. She closes her eyes and creates circles with her fingers.

“Oh, please!” Yells Jo. She runs off the side of the cliff and flips into the water.

She climbs out and gets on the boat, where she sees Dawn.

“What did you...where did you…”

“Meditation.” Replies Dawn.

“Could you teach me that?!” Yells Sam. He looks back and jumps.

“Scott, Rodney, Staci, Brick, and Cameron need to jump.”

Cameron looks down.

“I am not jumping.” He says. He is suddenly pushed by Scott into the water. Scott lands next to him.

“Hey! You could have killed me!” Yells Cameron.

“Eh, oh well. You got down here, didn’t you?” Replies Scott.

“Well, yeah.” Says Cameron. “But again, YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME!”

“Oh get over it.” Says Scott, swimming away.

[Cameron’s Confessional]

“Scott is extremely rude. He needs to be watched.”

“Rodney, Staci,’s time to jump or chicken out.” Says Chris.

Brick looks down and gulps.

“Anyone wanna jump with me?” He asks.


Brick and Staci grab each others’ hands and jump.

[Brick’s Confessional]

“Staci really needs to stop lying.”

“Yay! We survived!” Yells Staci.

“Yeah...hehe…” Says Brick. The water around them becomes yellow.

“Uh...what is that?” Asks Staci.

“Scott peed in the water! Ew!” Yells Brick, lying. They swim away.

“I did not!” Yells Scott.

“Why was there pee in the water then?” Asks Brick.

“Notice it appeared AFTER you jumped, genius.” Replies Scott.

“Rodney, you need to make a decision.” Says Chris.

“ can’t! All these ladies are watching. I can’t let them see me screaming.” He admits.

“Only 10 people jumped. Its time for the Gophers.” Says Chris.

“Jumping off of a huge cliff to my possible death? Easy...hehehehe!” Says Dave.

“Uh, Dave. Are you okay?” Asks Sky.

“Yeah! I’m fine! Hahaha! Let’s jump!” He says.

Sky jumps off and lands in the water.

Dave backs out and grabs a chicken hat.

Ella whistles and birds fly to her. They pick her up and fly her gently to the water.

“What?! That’s not allowed!” Yells Chris.

“Youuuu never said thaaaaaaaat!” Sings Ella.

Beardo runs and jumps off the cliff into the water.

“10 more to jump. Sugar, Max, Scarlett, Leonard, Shawn, Jasmine, Samey, Amy, and Topher need to jump.”

“Samey, jump before me so I can see which place is the best to land.” Says Amy.

“Uh, sure sis.” Says Samey.

Jasmine glares at Amy.

[Jasmine’s Confessional]

“Amy is extremely rude to her sister. I think she needs a good smack in the head.”

Samey jumps and lands in a safe spot.

“Okay Amy! You can come down!” Says Samey. “Just let me mo-”

Amy lands on Samey and they both go underwater.

[Amy’s Confessional]

“Samey didn’t move out of the way! She is such a failure!”

Jasmine jumps aswell.

“I’m coming down!” Yells Shawn. He jumps into the water.

“The remaining 5 people that need to jump are Topher, Leonard, Scarlett, Max, and Sugar. Will they jump?” Asks Chris to the viewers.

“Yes! Yeehaw!” Yells Sugar. She runs and jumps off the cliff, screaming.

“And then there were 4. 3 of you need to jump.” Says Chris.

“Well it won’t be me. It took me an hour to get my hair perfect.” Says Topher.

“You teenagers and your hair.” Says Chris.

Topher walks away with a chicken hat.

“Leonard, Scarlett, and Max are the final 3 that have not jumped yet.” Says Chris.

“I’ll do it for the team.” Says Scarlett. She runs and dives into the water below.

“My magic will make me land in the perfect position!” Shrieks Leonard. He jumps.

“Max, you must jump in order for your team to win.” Says Chris.

“But...I’m scared.” He says.

“Come on, Max! You can do it!” Yells Sky.

He puts his finger on his chin and looks down.


“Come on already!” Yells Chris.

Max looks down once more.

“I...can’t.” He says.

“Are you sure?” Asks Chris.

“Yes. I’m sure that I can’t QUIT ON MY TEAM!” Yells Max. He runs and jumps off the cliff and lands in the water.

“The Screaming Gophers get an advantage!” Yells Chris.

“This is all your fault, beauties! Why don’t you go eat lipstick or whatever and leave the true teammates alone.” Yells Jo.

“Hey! That big guy didn’t even jump with us!” Yells Dakota.

“But he’s strong and can get us far in challenges.” Argues Jo.

[Dakota’s Confessional]

“Jo is such a psychopath!”

“Yo! Get yo sexist attitude and SHOVE IT UP YO BIG FAT-”

“OKAY ladies! Let’s go cool off and get the crates.” Says Mike. He separates the girls.

Sky picks up a large crate and puts it on her new carrying supplies. She easily walks it to the camp, along with the rest of her team.

Dawn picks flowers and puts them in her hair. She then grabs a crate and drops it.

“These are heavy!” She says.

“Get workin’ freaky girl.” Says Lightning.

Dawn pushes the crate against the sand.

“Hand me the tape!” Yells Sugar. She wraps it around the wood to keep the water in.

The Bass arrive.

“They’re already almost done!” Yells Jo.

“Let’s stay calm about this. There is no need to get mad, Jo.” Says Dawn.

“All you Bass have been psychotic since we’ve gotten here!” Yells Jo.

“Hey! When my great great great great great great uncle Milo created the first team, he wanted them to work as a team! We need to stay together and get this done! Who’s with me!” Staci yells.

“Yeah!” Her team yells.

Soon, the challenge is over. Chris walks over and looks at the hot tubs, and they are both surprisingly good. He suddenly seens water leaking from one of the hot tubs.

“And the winners are…”

“The Screaming Gophers!” He yells.

“Come on!” Whines Lightning.

At the mess hall, the Bass decide on who would be the best to go.

“Anne Maria or Dakota should go.” Jo says.

“I disagree. I think the person who called us all psychos should go home.” Replies Dakota.

“What about Rodney? He is the guy we all trusted to be the one who was strong and brave.” Says Scott.

“What?! Why would you blame me?! I did just as much as Anne Maria and Dakota.” Says Rodney.

“We can’t debate much longer. We have to decide.” Says Zoey.

“There is no deciding. Everyone’s personalities and opinions are different. We can’t agree on who goes.” Says Dawn.

“Fine. Everyone vote who you wanna vote.” Says Jo.

“Welcome to the bonfire ceremony. Tonight, we will be handing out marshmallows. If you don’t get one, your time here is over. Understood?” Says Chris. Everyone nods.

“Good. Let’s vote.”

[Jo’s Confessional]

Jo is holding a picture of Anne Maria.

“I’m sick of your attitude. It’s time to leave.”

“The votes are in. The people with no votes and that are safe are…









And Sam.” Says Chris.

Jo, Rodney, Anne Maria, and Dakota all look worried.

“Safe with 1 vote is…


Jo catches her marshmallow and runs up.

“Dakota. You are safe with 2 votes.”

Dakota gets her marshmallow.

“Anne of you is going home tonight. It will NOT be…

Anne Maria.”

She gets her marshmallow.

“But this doesn’t make any sense! You need me!” Yells Rodney.

“I guess your time is up.” Says Scott.

“You traitor! We are family! You will pay for this!” Yells Rodney. He then stomps away.

“And with that, 2 are down, 25 to go. How will the Bass recover from their loss, and will Sky become the new leader of The Screaming Gophers? Find out next time on...Total! Drama! Island!”

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