Reddude has started an all new epic camp. Nine users come to spend eight days at Camp Intensity, while roleplaying, writing, and creating art. Only one user can win the five million dollars and the title of "Most Intense Competitor". Who shall win? Find out soon!


Day One

Reddy: Welcome to Camp Intensity, everybody! :D

TDAROCKS: Oh this looks interesting..-

Sun: Redsy! *huggles Reddy's ankle*

Cod: Whoohoo! Yeah for intesity!

Plat: *speaks*

BB: *also speaks*

LF: Hey y'all. I thought I'd actually say something instead of just *speaks* :D

Crag:Zhe cake is a lie :(

Plat: It's a reference, isn't it?

Crag:Zhe Plat is a lie

TDAROCKS: Hey everybody! ^^

BB: Zhe Crag is a lie.


LF: Ewwww. Nasty.

Cod: SO when's the first challenge?

BB: When someone decides to tell us about it.

Challenge One

Reddy: Your first challenge is..... a writing challenge! You must write an alternate ending to any episode of Total Drama. I will be judging. The first place trio will not have to vote tonight, but the losing trios will vote someone out from the two trios combinmed. This is due next monday. You have a week, go!

Aimers' Story

Bb's Story

Cod's Story

Hawaiian Punch

Cody was about to lose the one million dollars in a quick second. He was faced with the tiebreaker for the Final 2 of the season! Chris led them to a floating platform in the waters of Hawaii and had them change into "traditional" Hawaiian clothing.

"I question how 'traditional' it is for a male warrior to wear a coconut bra," Alejandro snapped.

"Forget that! Someone get me off of this thing!" screamed Heather as she struggled, tied up against one of the platform's poles.

Everyone laughed while Owen stated, "It's funny when she's tied up and can't hurt me."

"I just WON the semi-finals. Where is the respect?" said Heather.

Chris, in his usual sadistic ways said, "We'll be sure to look for that later. The first dude to free Heather wins the last spot in the final two and a shot at the million!"

"Uh, if no one happens to free her, does that make Cody and I the final two?" interupted Alejandro while smirking.

"Hey!" shouted Heather.

"Won't work, already checked," replied Chris. "Chef, if you would do the honors?"

Chef raised a bow and shot two arrows, both flaming at the tip on to both ends of the platform.

"Oh no." Thought Cody, "I'm done for..."

"Oh yeah," added Chris, "And stay out of the water.!" Chef shot two more arrows into the water, both with steaks at the end of the tip. As soon as the arrows hit the water, sharks shot outof the water and ate the steak.

Cody heard Duncan comment on something, but couldn't make out the words out of his fear. Cody and Alejandro started fighting, hitting each other with the poles with pillows at the end of it. The Peanut Galley cheered on, as Alejandro said,

"Prepare to be defeated my tiny friend," as he pushed harder with the pole.

"Agh! I'm too young to die! Or fry!" Cody added, staring at the blazing fire behind him. Cody heard the crowd yelling but couldn't make anything out by the tension in him.

"Where's my encouragement? Hello, Team Heather?" stated Heather, as LeShawna gave her the finger.

Cody thought of an idea from a voice he thought he heard from the crowd earlier.

"The kiwis! Go for the kiwis!" The faint voice said.

Chef shot another arrow that landed on top of Heather's pole, burning the tip.

"Ahh!" yelled Heather, as she try to blow it out.

"Give up! You know you can't win!" gloated Alejandro.

"Someone better win fast! I'm about to burst into flames!" Heather's eyes narrowed. "Oh no! Sierra's just rolled into quicksand!"

"What? Sierra? Someone better help her!" Cody said as he turned to check on his recently befriended fan. "No! Cody!" screamed Sierra.

Cody felt a flash as he got hit by Alejandro's pole while his pole fell in the water. "No!" yelled Cody, as he watched his pole get eaten by a shark.

"Consider yourself disarmed, and displatformed!" said Alejandro as he swung his pole.

Alternate Ending

Suddenly, everything was in slow motion for Cody. The time spent getting this far in Total Drama World Tour flashed before his eyes. He thought of his friends, and Gwen. He then slapped himself awake, mentally and dodged Alejandro's pole and kicked him, right in the kiwis.

"Aieee!!!" screamed Alejandro as he dropped his pole, grabbing his groin.

"Take this Al!" Cody grabbed Alejandro's pole and slammed him off the platform. He heard applause from most of the Peanut Gallery while Courtney screamed,

"No!" along with Heather. Cody jumped off the platform and strutted with his head up high and taking any high-fives offered. He made it to the final two.

Heather glared at Cody as he bragged, "You're going down Heather!"

"Prepare to have your minds blown out by the most lethal challenge in Total Drama history! Heather vs. Cody vs. the Volcano!"

Cody gulped as he saw the volcano emit a burp of somekind.

"Back in the day," Chris continued, "Human sacrifices were made to satisfy the volcano god. Sadly, the producers won't let me use real people as sacrifices. So, Heather and Cody must make dummy sacrifices out of Hawaii's natural resources: pineapples and driftwood. You each get to pick two helpers to help you create your dummy."

"Ooh! Pick me Cody! PICK ME!!!" screamed Sierra.

"Uhh, aren't you a little hurt to do help?" said Cody, freaked out by Sierra's obssesion.

"Well, I am a 7th generation dummy maker." stated Sierra.

"Well..." Cody took a deep breathe. "Fine. But I don't want you to get even more hurt."

"Yes!" shouted Sierra as she rolled her wheelchair over to Cody.

"Gwen," said Cody, trying to act cool, "Would you be my special helper?" Cody looked at Gwen with puppy dog eyes.

Gwen sighed. "Fine. I won't let, her, win." as she grinned at Heather.

Heather rolled her eyes and began choosing. "So, who wants to help me?"

"I dare you to pick ME." said LeShawna.

"Well, even though I remain a member of Team Cody, you were nice to me, sometimes. Consider my mad skills all yours." said Harold standing up.

"I won't let you lose to this pathetic Cody!" blurted Alejandro. "I will help, but I still don't forgive you!"

"Ok, Chris I got my team." as Heather looked over to see Harold picking his nose and Alejandro glaring at her.

"Oakey-dokey! Now to make things a little more rhymey.." said Chris.

As the bell rung, Cody's stomach dropped. He remembered the singing..

(Versus plays with Cody replacing Alejandro and Gwen replacing Courtney. Harold's rap is changed to: "Now it's goofy vs. wicked, Cody's cool but Heather's sicked, all this agro for the chedda, she'll put Cody here through the shredda. Heather finishes first)

Cody confidence disappeared as soon as he heard Heather say she finished. He was so close and now, had he lost it all?

"Heather wins the first challenge! Alright then, Heather, since you won the challenge, you get a 20-second head start. And to help you up the volcano, you get...nothing." said Chris as the prizes of the Aftermath challenge were shown.

"Wait! Alejandro's my helper, don't I get his prize?" said Heather.

"Oh, yeah, sure." said Chris sadistically as he looked at Cody.

Cody felt his heart drop when he saw Heather put her dummy in Alejandro's wheelbarrow.

"Cody, during the Aftermath, Harold won you a baby carridge. So, you get that. While Heather gets a wheelbarrow, heheh. Dude, your screwed." laughed Chris.

The Peanut Gallery all exchanged angry looks at Chris.

"Just doing my job. Heather, you can go,!"

Heather ran up the volcano hill, with her wheelbarrow.

20 seconds later, Cody started. He threw his dummy in the carridge and started to push. The dummy's weight then crushed the carridge. "Aww man." pouted Cody. He picked up the dummy and started to run, as fast as he can, with the dummy's weight crushing his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Heather had stopped dead in her tracks as she came to the next part of the challenge.

A pool of lava was in fron of her with stones making a path through the pool.

"Yoohoo! Over here!" she heard from a voice she had heard too much from. Heather looked up and saw Chris. Heather heard another voice from behind her.

"What?!" shouted Cody.

"The dork caught up with me?" thought Heather. "Just perfect," she groaned.

"Check out the looks on their faces! Haha!" Chris said to Chef as he high fived him. "The only way to the top of the volcano is past this river of lava," said Chris as he pointed to the lava pool. "That wheelbarrow probably won't be much help here." continued Chris as Heather kicked her wheelbarrow.

"Oww!" screamed Heather. "This is stupid!"

"All you have to do is hop across these stepping stones, easy peasey, hot and cheesy." said Chris as the lava jumped into the air and back. "But, we've rigged a few booby traps to, that's right..."

"Make things more intresting.." said Heather and Cody as they glared at Chris.

"Chef, a booby demo if you please?"

Chef took a knife and chopped one of the ropes secured on a log.

Cody cringed while Heather gasped when a log fell from the rope and cracked on a stepping stone and fell into the lava.

"Yeah, you really don't want ot get hit by those," said Chris as if he were telling a joke. "Your helpers can either keep them secure or send them falling. It's your call. Aaaand, go!" said Chris as he waved his arm to tell them to go.

Heather grabbed her heavy doll and struggled to jump across the stepping stone. "Yes! I can taste the million!" said Heather as she stuck her tongue out at Cody.

Cody sighed as he jumped on the first stepping stone and almost fell into the lava.

Heather was gaining speed on her jumping and said "Chop the ropes! Now!" she yelled as Alejandro, with smirk on his face, chopped a rope that let go of a boulder right behind Heather.

"Wait! Which ones are my teams?!" asked Heather.

"Chef?" Chris said as Chef shrugged. "Nice one man!" Chris laughed.

"Stop them!" yelled Cody.

Gwen and Sierra were trying to block Alejandro and Harold from cutting the booby traps.

Heather was closing in on the last stepping stone.

"Cut the rope!" yelled Cody as Gwen grabbed Harold's knife.

"Are you sure Cody?" asked Gwen.

"Just do it!" replied Cody

Gwen cut the rope and a cage fell on Cody.

Heather laughed, "Haha! See you in second place, loser!"

"No! No!" screamed Cody as he tried to break open the bars.

Heather ran up the volcano and was out of sight.

Cody sat down and sighed. "I'm done for," he said.

"Cody, what are you? A quitter?" said Sierra. "That is not how I want my 'best friend' to be! Now get up and get out of the CAGE!" she yelled.

"Cody, come on. Do it for me," said Gwen as she smiled at Cody. "And don't let Heather win!"

Cody, now inspired from Sierra and Gwen's peptalks, attacked the bars until the cage fell over. He was free!

"Thanks guys!" yelled Cody, looking back while he ran, faster than ever with his doll.

At the top of the volcano, the Peanut Gallery was sweating nonstop from the heat of the volcano, while Chris and Chef were being cooled by gigantic fans and were resting on huge icecubes.

"So," said Chris, "Know of any season 3 wrap parties?" he asked to Chef.

Chef walked away.

"And here they come!" yelled Chris.

Heather ran up the volcano, holding her doll with an evil smirk on her face.

"Looking for this?" said Chris as he held up the million dollar case.

Heather, with her doll, walked up to Chris when she heard someone yell,

"No!" yelled Cody as he arrived at the volcano top. "I am not giving up!"

Heather walked up to him. "Wow Cody. You made it pretty far. Too bad you'll lose to me! Haha!" she said, gloating. Heather then walked up to Alejandro. "You are the biggest jerkface EVER. You make me sick. Flirting with girls and cheating? What a loser." she slapped Alejandro.

"Aiee!" said Alejandro as he rubbed his cheek where she slapped him. "Heather, from the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were different. You are my kind of girl."

"Yeah right! You just want me to share the million with you." said Heather, blushing.

"Then why are you blushing?" replied Alejandro.

"Are you cracked? We're right next to the hottest thing in the planet" Heather said.

"Yeah." said Chris, resting on a giant ice cube while drinking a cold drink.

"Admit it. You're in love with me." said Alejandro.

"What?! I don't love you I lov-" yelled Heather

The Peanut Gallery gasped as Noah shrugged, already knowing about the attraction.

"Er- Hate! I meant I hate you!" said Heather as Alejandro had a big grin on his face, excited with the statement.

"I know what you meant. And I must confess," said Alejandro, holding Heather's chin. "At first, yes my intentions were purely stratigical."

"Can the confessing wait? We're kinda on a schedule here bro." interrupted Chris pointing at his watch.

"That is no longer the case," said Alejandro as he grabbed Heather. "Because you! You've stolen my heart!"

"Oh, that is so beautiful! said Owen, wiping a tear from his eye.

"Even if it is Heather!" said Sadie.

"Our connection goes deeper than any game. Together, we could take over the world!" said Alejandro his eyes widening with his grin.

"Wow. I suppose I might actually feel, a little something." said Heather in a seductive voice.

"Me amore!" said Alejandro as he pushed his lips into Heather.

Heather looked shocked but then sunk into the kiss and closed her eyes.

"Eww." said the Peanut Gallery as Alejandro's tongue bulged Heather's cheek.

Meanwhile, Cody had recovered his strength and picked up the doll. "I have one shot at this," he thought. He silently walked over to the volcano and threw the doll inside the volcano.

Heather heard the Peanut Gallery cheering and clapping and kneed Alejandro in the kiwis.

"Aagh!" yelled Alejandro as he fell on an ice cube.

"So long sucker!" said Heather as she slapped the ice cube and watched it slide down the volcano. With Alejandro on it.

The Peanut Gallery cheered.

"Nice," said Duncan. "It's about time someone took La-cuckooracha down!"

"Yeah, boys are OK," said Heather, walking over to the volcano with her dummy, "But a million dollars is WAY better!"

Heather threw her dummy in the volcano. "Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" cheered Heather.

"Haha! Take that Al!" said Cody, also cheering.

"Um, Heather, Cody already threw his dummy in the volcano, so yeah. You didn't win." said Chris, smirking.

Heather dropped onto her knees. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!" she screamed loudly, so that even Alejandro heard it.

Cody had won. He couldn't believe it.

"And that's a cool million for Cody, winner of Total Drama World Tour!" said Chris excitedly.

The Peanut Gallery was wild with applause, even Heather clapped.

"I still should have won instead of that nerd..." said Heather sourily

Cody opened the million dollar case and saw the cash. "Wow. I never thought I would see this!" said Cody as he picked up the case and hugged it.

The Peanut Gallery applauded even louder.

"I told you Cody was gonna win it," said Owen, "I said, he was the only non-evil person left!"

All of a sudden, two old native Hawaiians walked up to Chris and Cody.

"You didn't throw any pineapples in the volcano, did you?" said the fatter one.

"There are signs, everywhere!" said the thinner one as he pointed to where the Peanut Gallery was standing.

The Peanut Gallery moved and seemed to be hiding a bunch of signs with a pineapple with a circle with a line over it.

"Oh yeah," said Chris. "It really ruined the shot so we put the human wall there."

Owen scratched his back giggling madly while another Hawaiian looked at him. Owen stopped, looked at the man, then the sign.

The man kicked Blaineley's wheeler to find another No Pineapples sign. "Don't you know what happens when pineapples meet lava?" he asked.

Suddenly, the whole ground shook. The volcano was starting to erupt!

"Uh, oh." said Chris.

Cody, feeling the tremor, suddenly looked behind him to find Ezekiel, looking sullen, green and hairless.

Zeke leaped onto Cody and grabbed the case. Cody didn't let go and held on, fighting with Ezekiel for the million dollars.

The Peanut Gallery watched in awe while Owen kept scratching his back with the signs.

Cody kept fighting with Zeke for the million until he let go.

"Oh crap!" yelled Cody as he watched Zeke grab hold of the case before he and the case fell into the lava.

"Whoa. Didn't see that one coming." said Chris looking inside to the volcano, smirking. "Hehe, anywho. Ruuuunnnn!" screamed Chris as he, Cody and the Peanut Gallery ran off the erupting volcano.

Meanwhile, Alejandro had landed at the end of the volcano with the melted ice cube. He relaxed and then saw a flaming rock land right next to him. Then another. And then another. He then heard screaming. "What is going on?" he thought. He then saw Cody and Chris running past him. Then he felt tons of shoes pounding on him from the rest of the Peanut Gallery. He felt both of his arms break and his legs bruised. "Wait for me!" he yelled, trying to get their attention as Blaineley's stretcher rolled over his head. Then he got burned by the lava flowing down the volcano's hill.

Chris watching flaming rocks fall on the beach said, "See you next season, I guess," keeping his smile, he saw Alejandro run past him with his arms in a crooked way. "Maybe with a whole new cast cause let's face it, these guys are probably gonna melt" Chris then climbed on his boat with Chef drvivng it. "Until next time, I'm Chris McClean, and this has been, Total Drama-" Chris was then interrupted by Zeke, flying out from the volcano and crashing into his boat.

The boat sank while the Peanut Gallery and Cody laughed. He didn't need to have the million dollars. He had fun. And he met his dream girl.

Then they screamed and swam as fast as they could as more flaming rocks shot out from the volcano and were headed for them.

The End

Or is it?

Total Drama Reloaded, coming 2011.

(Hope this wasn't too long. Also, I don't expect this to be perfect as it is my first kindof FF- Cod)

Crag's Story

Chris looked at the two campers, “This marshmallow will go to who is safe, and whoever does not receive it must immediately go to the dock of shame where they will be picked up by the boat of losers.”

Courtney shot poison from her eyes and displayed her cut-throat attitude with a gesture of her hand.

“The last marshmallow goes to,” Chris paused, “Harold.”

Courtney raised her eyebrows, “What? I demand a recount!”

“That's bunk dude,” Duncan complained, “I know for a fact we didn't vote for Courtney.” While DJ and Geoff nodded in agreement.

Chris with a bored expression splashed onto his face, “Fine, we'll have a revote, but only this time!”

The six remaining Killer Bass left to go to the confessional.

Duncan is seen writing down Harold, “Goodbye dweeb.”

“Sorry Harold..” DJ said.

Geoff wrote down Harold while not saying a thing.

“Alright then, the result is different,” Chris announced, “the first person safe is Courtney!”

Courtney wore a smug look, “Obviously.”

“Also safe are, DJ, Geoff and Bridgette!” Chris said.

Harold sighed and Duncan narrowed his eyes at the red-haired nerd.

“The next one, and final person, safe tonight is............ Duncan.”

“Well, I can't say I'm surprised, goodbye dork.” Duncan announced.

Harold returned to his cabin, “Gosh, this could have went better.” He collected his items and returned to the dock and left silently.


Courtney controlled the Killer Bass the next challenge and they won with the Screaming Gophers voting out Owen.

Courtney competed in the eating challenge but, unbeknownst to her, the pizza contained garlic, which she is grossly allergic to and was forced to withdraw from the competition.

When she returned for the finale she rooted for Duncan and was angry when he failed to win, getting beaten by Heather. This led her to dump him.

Fanny's Story

(Original of Awwwwwww, Drumheller)

Cody and Sierra are then seen walking around and trying to find a digging spot. With Sierra being mad, Cody tries to figure out what's wrong with her, but is interrupted by a flying boulder landing right near them, which Cody saves Sierra from. Cody finds the picture Sierra had and wonders how it happened. Sierra is about to tear it up again, but Cody points out that since the picture is only of him and Heather, that it can't be real since the only time Sierra leaves Cody alone is when he has to go to the bathroom and the picture is in economy class. Cody and Sierra realize what Alejandro tried to do, and while digging out of anger Sierra finds a barrel. Cody lets Sierra take it for immunity, and both decide that if one of them sees Heather, they will explain what happened, and convince her to vote for Alejandro with them. When Sierra gets back to the plan, she goes inside to get Cody's surprise ready instead of staying at the barbecue with Chris. Heather, frustrated with all the digging, hurls her pick-axe and hits a barrel. Before she can dig it out, though, a boulder traps her in the dirt she had been digging. Alejandro, finding a barrel of his own, hears Heather's cry for help, and goes to check on her. Chris cues them to sing a song, where Alejandro first plans to leave Heather in the hole so she will lose and surely be eliminated. Heather points out that her losing due to being stuck in a hole is a hollow victory and that he should at least beat her fair and square, which makes him reconsider. He frees her and holds her for a moment, making her promise to never vote for him again, to which she agrees since there are few votes left. Alejandro explains in the confessional that he just changed his mind about leaving Heather, and didn't help her because he likes her. They bring in the two barrels, and tie for second. Heather is seen in the confessional when Sierra comes in and tells her about Alejandro's scheme. Chris has a marshmallow ceremony in honor of the first season. Sierra gets the first marshmallow and Heather gets the second, as both did not receive any votes. Chris then reads the votes revealing two are for Alejandro and one is for Cody. Before Chris reads the last vote, Sierra interrupts and asks to go get something before anyone is eliminated. Sierra reveals Cody's surprise to be a cake with firework-like sparklers as candles. The others realize that Sierra is standing right in the middle of the spilled oil, and that the sparks are starting to fall right into it. They scream at her to watch out, but she doesn't know what they mean. All of the animals and Ezekiel are seen running from the Total Drama Jumbo Jet moments before it explodes. Sierra is then seen covered in soot, charred, and saddened that her cake is ruined. Alejandro asks if she is okay, to which she angrily asks him if she looks okay as what's left of her hair disintegrates. Chris, now furious about the plane being gone, declares Sierra eliminated, even though she had immunity. Heather is shown high-fiving Alejandro for making it to the final three with Cody, but Heather rushes to do something important. Heather is seen attempting to burn the votes in the fire, but Alejandro, hiding behind one of the fallen tiki statues, immediately approaches the fire after Heather leaves and manages to pull them out before they burn completely. He finds three votes against him, meaning that if Sierra hadn't blown up the plane, he would have gone home. More importantly: Heather voted him off even though they were in an alliance. The reason Heather voted for Alejandro is she didn't believe she could beat him in the final three. Alejandro then swears vengeance for betraying him. An extremely sad Chris signs off the show and is almost about to cry.


Cody rolled his barrel of oil, walking with Sierra.

“But if I take your barrel, then you don’t have immunity and that could end up in a tiebreaker!” Sierra said.

“One of us should have immunity, and you deserve it. I’ll find another barrel.” Cody says.

“No, I won’t allow it. You keep your barrel. It’s more worth you in the finals than me.” Sierra said and runs off.

“What the heck is her problem?” Cody wonders.


Meanwhile, Alejandro is digging and finds a barrel of oil.

“Yes! Digging with my bare hands cannot stop me from winning, Chris.” Alejandro said.

“Heeelp!” a voice in the distance calls.

Alejandro recognizes the voice instantly.

“Heather?” he asks.

Alejandro turns around to find Heather wedged underneath a rock.

Alejandro stifles a giggle.

“Don’t just stand there! Get me out of here!” Heather demands to Alejandro.

Alejandro looks down to his barrel.

“Don’t even think about leaving me here, Alejandro!” Heather yells at him.

Cody pulls up, with his barrel to find Heather and Alejandro.

“Ask Cody.” Alejandro says and runs to the plane, rolling his barrel.

“Ugh! I swear, if I win, you are so gone!” Heather says.

“Hey, do you need help?” Cody asked.

“Well gee, I wonder nerdling.” Heather says.

Cody gets down on the ground with his pail and shovel and starts digging under the rock.

“It’s working!” Cody exclaims.

“Try the pick ax!” Heather says.

A bell dings.

“Guess what?” Chris exclaims, popping out of nowhere.

“Ugh!” Heather and Cody both complain.

Cody: Wedged in a hole


Wedged in a hole

Heather: Ooh, hoo

Cody: Wedged in a hole


Wedged in a hole

Well this game has made me think

About my choice in strategy

Maybe saving you will save me

What do you say, vote together?

Heather: Get me out, I’ll think about it.

Give me a barrel, you’re sure of it

Cody and Heather: Beat Alejandro to the test

Make sure that we’re the best

At that point in the song, Cody had wedged Heather out of the hole with the pickax and Heather was singing on top of the boulder.

Cody: All Alejandro does is lie and cheat like you used to

Heather: And I don’t now?

Cody: Swooning girls and steal and kiss; Justin’s what’s Total Drama used to

Heather: Justin…

Cody: If was can pal

And then beat Al

And vote him out tonight

We can be unbeatable

Sierra, Heather, Cody, max trio

When we beat Al

Heather: Oooh, Al

Cody and Heather: When we beat Al

Heather: -Ejando, Al, Alejandro

Alejandro, Al, Alejandro

Cody: When we beat,

Heather: Alejandro, Al, Alejandro

Alejandro, Al, Alejandro

Cody: All Alejandro does is lie and cheat like you used to

Heather: And I don’t now?

Cody: Swooning girls and steal and kiss; Justin’s what’s Total Drama used to

Heather: Justin…

Cody: If was can pal

And then beat Al

And vote him out tonight

We can be unbeatable

Sierra, Heather, Cody, max trio

When we beat Al

Heather: Oooh, Al

Cody and Heather: When we beat Al

Heather: -Ejando, Al, Alejandro

Alejandro, Al, Alejandro

Cody: When we beat,

Heather: Alejandro!

Heather was now in Cody’s arms at the end of the song.

“Can you put me down now?” Heather asked.

“You have to vote Al or Sierra tonight.” Cody said.

“Agreed.” Heather said.

“Here’s the barrel.” Cody said.

“Thank you, sucker.” Heather said and ran off towards the plane with the barrel.


Cody and Sierra met up.

“I didn’t get a barrel, you should’ve kept it.” Cody said.

“What happened to yours?” Sierra asked.

“Heather ran off with it.” Cody said, dryly.

“Ugh! That evil manipulative jerk face!” Sierra said, now angry.

“It’s okay. She’s voting out Alejandro tonight.” Cody said.

“What if Alejandro wins?” Sierra asked.

“Then we vote Heather.” Cody said.

“Eeee! I love you when you’re strategistical!” Sierra said, laughing.


Heather ran up to the plane.

“Yes! I beat Alejandro here!” Heather said.

“Actually, you didn’t.” Chris said, slamming down the grill’s head to reveal Alejandro and Chef eating hot dogs.

“What!” Heather yelled.

Cody and Sierra walked in.

“Alejandro won!” Cody said, throwing his hands down in disappointment.

“It’s okay.” Sierra said, trying to comfort Cody.


Chris sat at a Marshmallow Ceremony with the final four.

“Tonight, we’re going old school with marshmallows. I have three marshmallows for the people who get to be in the final three. Alejandro won immunity so he gets the first marshmallow.” Chris said, tossing Alejandro a marshmallow.

“Thank you Chris.” Alejandro said, tossing the marshmallow behind his head, not eating it.

Alejandro: I don’t trust him after barf filled peanut bags.

“Sierra. The only person without votes.” Chris said, tossing her a marshmallow.

“EEE! I used to eat these at home when I watched the show, but this is the real deal and it tastes a million gazillion times better!” Sierra said, going all rabid over the marshmallow.

“Heather, Cody. You both received votes and I will have the honor of reading them aloud.” Chris said.

Cody and Heather looked angrily at each other.

“Cody, Heather, Heather and-” Chris said, but was interrupted by Sierra.

“Wait, we’ve all been through a lot so I need to do one thing. BRB!” Sierra said, running off into the plane.

“What the heck?” Heather yelled.

Sierra came rushing out with a birthday cake and explosive candles.

“Happy birthday Cody!” Sierra said.

Cody rushed up to her.

“Aw, Sierra!” Cody said.

Sierra went to sit down.

“THE FLINT!” Alejandro yelled.

“What?” Cody asked but it was too late and everything exploded.

The picture went fuzzy but the last thing heard was “Cody! YOU’RE OUT OF THE GAME!” by Chris.


The picture opened up to Chris sobbing at the marshmallow ceremony.

“My beautiful plane. Well, this was not my best day ever. Join us next time. There will be a next time, I'm just not sure what kind of show it will be, or where.” Chris said and the show ended.

LF's Story

(LF: I'm changing the ending to Haute Camp-ture. Nothing in the episode will be changed except for the elimination, and then I'll go on to show how that affected the rest of the competition.)

Alternate Ending

Trent was playing his guitar, when all of a sudden, Chris popped up with a cloud of sparkly dust around him.

"Hello losers! Today, the power in the game is gonna be handed back to you guys," Chris announced.

Lindsay looked down at her hands. "But there isn't anything in my hands! Oh no! I lost the power!" Lindsay squealed, and began frantically looking around.

Courtney rolled her eyes, while most of the other contestants either laughed or shook their heads.

"Today, you will all be choosing which contestant will be joining you next here at the Playa des Losers!" Chris yold everyone.

The departed campers all had a smile on there faces, knowing that they now got to choose who was going to be in the Final 4.

"First up, Katie and Sadie! Since you both are such good friends, you get one vote and get to decide together," Chris said to Katie and Sadie.

"I really miss LeShawna, but Heather shouldn't be there anymore!" Sadie said, looking over to Katie.

"I totally agree. Heather was so mean, she doesn't deserve to be there," Katie said, agreeing with Sadie.

"Heather. If I didn't find out that Harold was the one who got me voted out, I would've expected it to be her," Courtney confessed.

"Heather needs to be here so I can rip her apart! SHE SABOTAGED ME SO THAT I WAS VOTED OUT!" Eva shouted, getting angrier by the minute.

"I think LaQuisha, Gretta, Derek, and Omar are all so cool! Hannah was really mean to me! Like really mean! She needs to be here," Lindsay commented, looking oblivious about how she got the names wrong.

"That's 5 votes Heather!" Chris announced.

"Heather definitely. LeShawna and Gwen stood up for me when Heather was being a jerk!" Bridgette said, who then began to make out with Geoff.

"Heather. She's been mean to my lady this whole game. LeShawna would just beat her in the end anyway, but Heather needs to be here so she doesn't make it to the end," Harold voted.

"7 votes for Heather," Chris announced once again.

"Heather. Everyone else left is really cool," Trent added.

"Definitely Heather. Duncan got me bunny back, LeShawna and Gwen seem cool, and Owen can burp the Abc's," Dj said.

"And with 9 votes against her, Heather is out!" Chris let the voted out campers know.

Back at Camp Wawanakwa, Chef dragged Heather down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of losers, which took her to the Playa Des Losers. The already voted out campers cheered once they saw her, happy that she was finally out of the game. Heather swore she would call her lawyers, and that this was not the last time we would see her.


With Heather out of the competition, LeShawna and Gwen finally had the cabin to themselves and were happy she was gone.

In Camp Castaways, LeShawna revealed that she had nothing to hide to the remaining contestants when they were stuck in the tree house. Later, Mr. Coconut was eliminated again, and LeShawna rolled her eyes when Owen started crying.

In Are we there Yeti? LeShawna and Gwen were teamed up, and easily beat Owen and Duncan to the end, because LeShawna and Gwen never aruged once. Duncan was voted out, and LeShawna waved good bye to him.

In I triple Dog Dare You, Gwen and LeShawna teamed up against Owen, and split there bottles so that they both had a lot. Even though they did this, LeShawna was still faced with a hard dare: To say how Heather was the best person in the world. LeShawna was not able to do the dare, which resulted in her elmination. Owen and Gwen hugged her good bye, and when LeShawna was leaving, she told Gwen to win the finale.

The Finale stayed the same, with Owen winning the 100,000 dollars. LeShawna still cheered for Gwen, and in TDDDDDDD!, LeShawna advanced to TDA.

The End

Plat's Story

Alternate Ending to: Mutiny on the Soundstage

The stage was set. The people were cheering. It was the final showdown between Duncan and Beth…

Duncan and Beth were tied up to a pole in the middle of a pirate ship.

"Great, now we're stuck here!" yells Duncan.

"If you untie me, the both of us could get set free!" yells Beth.

"I don't think so, nerdy girl," says Duncan.

So, Duncan and Beth were tied up there until they died. The End.

Sunny's Story

(This takes place in I Triple Dog Dare You)

"No! I will not!" screamed Heather as Chef approached her with the buzzer.

For the past hour, her, Owen, and Gwen had been competing in dares made by the eliminated campers, each one worse than the worse. It seemed like every dare Heather got involved Owen in one way or another. She even had to lick jam out of his belly button!

"I refuse to!" screamed Heather, and she kicked the buzzer. "I will keep my hair!"

She had gone through a whole season of this torture, and now she was here with her arch rival, Gwen, who she was not about to let her win. She stared wide-eyed as the buzzer approached her head.

"Agh!" she screamed as the past challenges flashed through her mind. Armpit licking. Fart smelling. All gross and disgusting, but still she had made it through.

Gwen watched with joy as panic spread across Heather's horrid face. Closer. Closer. Closer. The buzzer was so close, and she couldn't do a thing about it.

Owen, too, was overjoyed. Heather was mean to everyone, especially him. He held his Pop Passes close as Chris was grinning. It was time. She got what was coming to her for calling him fat the whole time he was on the island.

Memories, once again, flashed through Heather's mind. She had survived jellyfish, alligators, and Leshawna, who she despised. She had made it to the final three, and this is how it was going to end. She was going to lose her hair, and the game. The buzzer reached her head, and soon, most of her hair was shaved off in her desperate attempts to rip it off.

"Ugh!" she screamed as she looked in the mirror. "No!"

Chris slyly grinned. "Oh yes."

Heather started fuming, and stomped up to Chris. "I did the challenge! I am safe!"

Chris nodded. "Indeed you are."

It was Gwen this time to complain. "What?! But she denied it!"

Chris grinned once again. "But she went through with it. Time for the next dare!"

And once again, Heather was stuck doing another gruesome dare, and soon, had done around fifty. Owen and Gwen were finally depleted of their Pop Passes, and were forced to do the challenges.

"Gwen, you're up!" Chris exclaimed.

Gwen reached for the wheel and spun it. It landed on Izzy.

"No!" shouted Gwen as she realized what was coming.

"You're dare," Chris began, "is to... stick your finger in fire... and giggle."

Gwen looked at the pit of fire, conveniently wheeled in. She nervously stuck her finger in, and immediately screamed. "Ow!"

Chris snapped his fingers and Chef walked over and picked Gwen up.

"No! Heather can't win! No!" This screaming continued until Gwen had gotten to Playas Des Losers, where she was reunited with Trent.

Three days later, Owen and Heather competed for the grand prize, one-hundred thousand dollars. Heather smirked at Owen's anxiousness, but then saw her supporters. None. In the end, Heather won due to Owen's inactiveness, and became the winner of Total Drama Island.

Rocks' Story


The story takes place after the Awake-A-Thon challenge in The Big Sleep. The two teams are gathered in the main dining hall with many still showing the effects.


{| class="wikitable"! Team! Score|-| Killer Bass

| 4 |- | Screaming Gophers | 4 |}


  • The story begins with the final round of dodgeball between the fierce duel of Owen and Harold. Owen is our rather, tough, fun-loving, animal as Harold is a intelligent, weird, lovable nerd that is certainly special and unknown.

Written in 3rd person.

The campers still nausiated from Harold's snoring, all remarked him as the reason they couldn't sleep. Ever marvelously, Chris pops up into the mess hall to announce another dramatic challenge. In attempt to explain it, Chris moves the cast from the mess hall to the dodgeball court. Overcome with rage, Owen starts taking dodgeballs out of his teammates' hands and knocks out every single Bass player on his own, earning his team their second win. Afterward, he admits he doesn't know what got into him. Heather points out to the Bass that the score is now two-zero, and if they lose the next game, they would lose the entire challenge and end up in yet another Campfire Ceremony. Courtney was determined to not let this happen. Without Eva, Courtney looked to Duncan to aid the team with his fierce, merciless nature. The Bass team is mostly too afraid to awaken him, but through a joint effort, they all wake him up and inform him of the situation they were in. Duncan asks Courtney why he should help them, and Courtney threatens that he would undeniably be eliminated next if their team lost the challenge. Not wanting to take any chances, Duncan concedes and participates, but only on the condition that Duncan implements his "Crush the New Guy" strategy, which basically meant that everyone on the team throws their ball at the same person, making it almost impossible for that person to escape. It takes all of the Screaming Gophers by surprise when Owen, the strongest dodgeball player on the team is taken down by the strategy. With Owen eliminated, the rest of Gophers are taken down one by one. The Killer Bass have earned their first win. Noah, who had refused to participate at all in this challenge, criticizes his team and hypocritically urges them to put more effort into their game, which angers several of his teammates. Heather becomes angry, not willing to let the Killer Bass strike back successfully next time. She then notices that Lindsay is still missing, so she goes off to find her. Lindsay is found cuddling with Tyler under the boat deck. Furious at Lindsay for breaking alliance rules, Heather throws a canoe on Tyler then drags Lindsay back to the court. When Heather returns, she asks the others how they are faring in Round four, but quickly sees that her team is getting slaughtered again with Duncan's strategy. The Killer Bass win again, tying up the scores. The next round would decide the winner of the challenge overall and which team sends someone. The Screaming Gophers and The Killer Bass reviewed the rules once again as four rounds out of five have passed by.

Alternate Ending

The score boards read closely as each team had two points that tied each other of winning the day's task. Their team members all were exhausted and yet un-thrilled to find out who will turn out victorious on the battlefield. Owen and Harold, the last two competitors of each team. Knowing they had this win for certain, the Gophers are already cheering in victory. Owen, with all his might, hurls four dodgeballs at Harold, but Harold shows a certain strength that no one had seen before: his expert reflexes, as he successfully dodges every single ball Owen threw at him.

"Time to unleash my wicked skills!" Harold mockingly.

"It's impossible!" Owen claims.

"Game on!" Owen hurls two more balls at Harold.

Harold easily dodges Owen's attempted attack but falls flat on his face after tripping over his own ball. The ball rolls off from Harold's impact and lands on Owen's side of the court. Owen quickly reacts and forcefully grabs the dodgeball and throws it tremendously targeting toward Harold. Harold barely misses it almost eliminating him from the challenge and letting the Bass lose once again.

"Are you kidding me, there's still no winner?" Chris shockingly.

"Weak effort.." Noah sarcastically.

"Oh do you think you can do better, shrimp legs." LeShawna remarks

"No comment..."

"Come on, dweeb. Don't screw up for us." Duncan eagerly worries


"All right, so it wasn't the most dramatic challenge ever..."


Challenge Chat One

Reddy: Bring it, peoplez! >:O

LF: Fun?!?! XD I love writing.

Cod: Done with minez, hopez it isn't too longz <:O

Sun: Ravioli Ravioli Great Barrier Reef, Meatball Meatball, Spaghetti Underneath! <|:o-|-< Magic is real!

Judging One

Reddy: Okay, I’ll judge this right now. Let’s start with Trio Fail. Crag, I felt your story was okay, but Chris seemed a little out-of-character- you get a 6. Fanny, yours was exceptionally great, only something seemed a little… wrong with it, I don’t know what. Any-who, you get a 9. TDA ROCKS, your story was also good, but I wish you would’ve shown more of the alternate ending. You get a 5. That gives you 20 points. Time for Trio Peru. Aimers and Bb both had no story, so they receive 0s. Plat, you’re story was unrealistic, to say the least, but since you submitted something, you get a 4. You have 4 points. Finally, Trio Reddy is Epic. Cod, I loved your alternate ending, and you did a really good job. For that, you get an 8 as I was confused at some parts… LF, your story was also good, but predictable, so you get a 7. Last but not least, Sunslice, your story was great and Izzy’s dare was very in-character. You get an 8. That gives you guys 23 points. Trio Reddy is Epic wins! Trio Peru and Trio Fail will go to the elimination!

Voting One

Reddy: Trio Fail and trio Peru members, please vote of any member of the six of you. Good luck.

Fanny: Sorry BB, but you're busy with college and TDA6.

(BB: Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, hey... I thought this challenge was due Monday. I'm working on my entry like RIGHT NOW.)

Rocks: I would have to vote for Fanny, sorry dude. :/

BB: I'd like to point out that I didn't know Reddy would be judging, like, just then because today is still Sunday... otherwise my entry would have been up by now. I vote for Fanny.

Aimers: Guys I had no idea I was in this camp...but now that I am I promise i will be active...I vote Fanny for being a threat I guess....

Reddude: BB gets immunity because I goofed up. That's solved.

Plat: *votes Fanny*

Reddy: Sorry Fanny, but, you're out.

Day Two

Reddude: Day Two!


Aimers: This week I will be active!!

Sun: Aimies, do you remember Total Drama School?

Aimers: Ummmm whats dat?

Fanny: I guess I'm sorry for being a threat?

Challenge Two

Reddy: Your second challenge is to recolor Trent! Change his style! Make him Hippie, Retro, Punk/Goth, anything besides the boring white! :D The best pic wins for their trio (or duo). This challenge is due next Tuesday! Go! Link to blank.

Challenge Entries

Challenge Chat Two

Reddy: Bring it!

Plat: Try to beat mah entry :P

Sun: *dressed up as Hannah Montana* I already did! *sings horribly*

Aimers: I made mine...It might not show up for a while though....

Cod: Go team Reddy Is Epic! Especially since the name is true because Reddy is epic. *trying to suck up to Reddy*

BB: Yeah, that's totally gonna work. :P Go Trio Peru! ^_^

LF: Go Trio Reddy Is Epic!!!!

Cod: Are we gonna get scores or what?

Judging Two

Reddy: Let’s get on with it. Okay, Duo Fail. Crag, yours was very simple. Not the best. I suggest the line tool to prevent squiggly lines. You get a… 6. Rocks, yours was as well simple, but it has a flair I just can’t describe. You get an 8. Okay, so factored out to account for Duo Fail’s missing member, they get a 21! Great job, you guys! Next is Trio Peru! Aimers, I like your idea, but the only part of the pic that looked like it had hardwork done on it was the heart, and for that you get a 6. BB, yours was GREAT! 9. Next, Plat…. Not the best, probably my least fave of the trio. You get a 6, so sorry. Okay, now Trio Reddy Is Epic! Cod, I liked yours. Neatly done. 8! LF, I like your color scheme, but I wish you would have changed around his clothes to look more clowny. You gat a 7. Sunny, it’s all on you man. Your entry scarred me. Literally. Okay, Sunny, you get a… 6. This means Trio Peru, Trio Reddy Is Epic, and Duo Fail go to elimination!

Voting Two

Reddy: Vote, Everyone

LF: *Votes Crg* Sorry, but this is how it has to be.

Plat: *votes for Crag* Yea, I like acting :P

Sun: *votes Crag* I wish I could vote Reddy, but I can't.

Cod: *votes Crag* :(

Rocks: *votes Crag* Sorry dude.

Day Three

Reddy: And then there were seven...

Cod: Creative....

Aimers: I was gonna vote, but looks like I cam too late....Well good luck final 7!

Reddy: Just to inform everyone, the challenge will be at this IRC, this Friday at 8PM EST. If you can't make it, we'll get subs.

LF: I just realized I'm the only girl in this camp :P

BB: Ooooooh.

Reddy: Incase you're wondering howmany total points you've all gotten:

  • Rocks – 13
  • Aimers – 6
  • Bb – 9
  • Plat – 10
  • Cod – 16
  • LF- 14
  • Sunny – 14

Reddy: Ooooh

BB: Something's telling me that that's going to play a role in the game somewhere. I'm totally sucking, at the moment because of the first challenge. :(

LF: I'm sure these will play a part in like voting or something.

Sun: *rolls eyes* It's obvious. In the final two, these points will decide the winner.

Cod: Wait, I'm winning?

Aimers: -__- yea for last place....Well i'm not a threat but whatevers :)

Reddy: Those play no role in the challenge... XD

Day Four

Reddy: Final 6... Aimers: DDDDDDDDDDDD: Rocks was eliminated....

LF: Woot! Final 6! Poor Rocks though.


Cod: Bonjour! Something, something, wine, something, something French.

BB: *backs away from Sunny and Cod*

Cod: *backs to BB*

Reddy: Okay! All new teams! :D LF and Aimers, you will make up Duo Plant-lovers! Sunny and Plat, you will be Duo Fail II! And finally, BB and Cod will be Duo Blue! Enjoy!

BB: *continues backing away from Cod* :|

Sun: *backs into Reddy, and shoves a bag over his head* CHANGE MEH TEAM NAME NOW!!!!

LF: *High fives Aimers* We're gonna win!

Cod: *holds up high five to BB slowly*

BB: *sighs and finally high-fives Cod* :3

Reddy: Wait! Aimers and Plat switch teams! :D

Challenge Four

Reddy: Okay, duos. You must collab, which means work toghether, with your tewammate in order to create... a TDWT song parody! Huzzah! It should be easy. ^^ You can parody any of the TDWT songs. The song I dub the worst's duo will both be eliminated! *snickers* So, this is due... Wednesday! >:D Go, go, go!

Duo Blue's Entry

(Theme is to Why Did We Build Gwen's Face?)

Cod: They're way ahead, so we've got to go. *points to Duo Fail II*

BB: We've got to parody something that dings, something we can si-ing!

Cod: I just want the loot, unless we get the boot.

Cod and BB: Oh why can't we find a so-o-ong!

Sunny and Aimers: Our song is perfect! And so fine! *wearing sparkly jumpsuits*

Sunny: Just typing in the final line!

Cod and BB: Oh-Oh-O-OH!

Aimers: We really did this fast!

Sunny and Aimers: Soon we'll suck up to Red's @$$, because they don't have a so-ong!

Cod and BB: We don't have a so-ong!

Plat and LF: *come out in sparkly jumpsuits* We're gonna go sing along! *walk away*

Cod and BB: Because we don't have a so-ong!

Cod: Aie-ie-yeah-hee-yeah-e-eah!

Cod and BB: We don't have a so-ong!!

LF: *slides on knees* Yeah-Yeah-Yeah-Eah-Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Cod: *rolls eyes* Wait, did we just sing?

BB: ...

Duo Fail II's Entry

(Parody of Strip Them Down)

Crag: I don’t wanna be here, when Sunny thinks! The whole town could blow two blinks!

MrD: Hey Sunny, do me a favor, and don’t use your mind!

Crag: Cut it out of his head?

MrD: Craggy, we gotta be kind!

Plat: No way, I can’t kill him! The other admins will freak!

HR: And we could all get banned from here!

Sun: Not to mention I’d go beep!

Kate: I made a vow that Sunny, could only die from me!

Sun: So what? I kill myself? Hello, tried that already!

Plat: If we’re gonna save ourselves,

HR: There’s only one thing to doo-oo!

Kate: Make Sunslicer kill himself

Plat, HR, and Kate: And Sunny, dude, it’s true!

Sun: I hear ticking! Wait!

MrD: If we’re gonna save ourselves,

Crag: There’s only one thing to dooo-ooo!

MrD: Make Sunslicer kill himself

MrD and Crag: Sorry, Sun, it’s true!

Sun: A frying pan look! I think it’s pretty heavy!

Kate: Good idea! Quick, someone grab that thing! We need to stop Sunny!

Sun: Yeah I’m gonna think real soon,

HR: Unless Kate does things fast!

Plat: Whack him with the frying pan!

Sun: Wait what are you talking about?

Plat: Whacking him soo-oo-oo-ooo-ooo-oon!

Kate: *knocks out Sunny with the frying pan*

Duo Plant-lovers' Entry

* This is a parody of' I'm Gonna Make It performed during the Total Drama World Tour episode Planes, Trains, Hot Air Mobiles. '

  • This song is a parody of Leshawnafan and Platypus09's experience during the show and our theme song of Total Drama Intensity and to our willingness to compete.

This show started doing fine

The contestant number equaled nine

Reddy to work to draw and write

While voting out enemies with spite

Fanny gone now, suddenly!

Then Crag follows now, in drawing

Don't try to be so pale

When all the boots are Team Fail

I'm gonna make it

And fight to the crack of dawn with intensity...

The end is nearing

And the duos write with minds of brilliance.

I'd never thought I'd get to this

Let's face it, there have been hard judges

But now we're in the final six

Unless this song is not up to standards

I'm gonna make it

To stand at last with that final trophy

The rise of the pale sun

But the most rejuvinating experience has only begun

It's the frontier

Why must you face me now

I'll rebuttle that claim with a war growl

I'm gonna make it

To fly to places beyond this game

We can not forsee

But to be conquered certainly is a shame

Challenge Chat Four

Reddy:.... Geez, antisocialz much? XD

LF: I think all the parodies are good.


Reddy: The Duos! The drama! The elimination! Duo Blue, I liked yours. It was funny, and seemed… professional, actually. XD Good job, but will you make the cut? Next is Duo Fail II! This, while a tad immature, made me LOL! Seriously great, and I paired you guys up because you argued. XD Duo Plant-lovers, you guys also did well! :D I feel something was off with it, but, eh… Okay, so with that, I announce the Duo leaving the competition…. Will be announced right after this commercial break!


Announcer: Read Total Drama 101 by Bbhinton15, Overcome by Platypus09 and Leshawnafan, Total Drama Back To The Island by Cod, Total Wiki Island by Sunny, and Total Drama Trainers by Reddy! Also, follow Aimers’ edit camp home to this wiki!

--End Commercial—

Reddy: Duo Plant-lovers, I’m sorry to announce you are out. :( You had a good run, don’t worry! Don’t give up on the Intense fight, dude!

Day Five

Reddude: Final Four... or FIVE! Please, welcome back, Fanny!

Reddy: Btw, merge. You are now once again all Quintet Reddy Is Epic

Fanny: Prepare to go down everybody. >:D

Sun: *rolls eyes*

BB: *gives Fanny the Hand*

Cod: OMG, how did I survive this far?!

Aimers: XD Reddy, I thought you putting me with sunny would make us lose xD final five people! :)

Challenge Five

Reddy: In honor of the final five, take any of the TDcontestants to ever be in the final five (Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Beth, Courtney, Harold, Alejandro, Cody, Sierra) and make them dressed as... me! In honor, of the merge team's name. You have until next Tuesday! Go!

Challenge Entries

Challenge Chat Five

Reddy: Bring it!

BB: Hmm... I think I'm gonna use Gwen. I'll get to work on it. -w-

Cod: *is shaking nervously* I hope I did good... I tried really hard on this pic...

Judging Five

Reddy: It’s that time again! Let me start with Sunny. Sunny, I like yours, as it has a casual feel to it; not too low-def, but not too hi-def; just right. It’s got that camping feel, so you have a shot. Cod, I like what you did with Alejandro, but I really wish you would have made an attempt to draw your own crown- sorry. Aimers…. I’m sorry, but I think I look like a walking Christmas ornament with the green. XD Fanny, yours, while good, seems a little plain to me. Plus, what’s up with the white space on the pants? O.o Bb, finally, yours was hi-def, certainly. I like the touch of orange hair, a lot. Okay, so…. Two people will win, because I can’t decide… those two are Bb and Sunny! Congrats! Now, all five of you will vote Fanny, Cod, or Aimers off. Good luck you three.

Voting Five

Reddy: Vote! >:D

Sun: Cod... He's too much of a threat.

BB: I.... *sigh*.... vote for Aimers, out of fairness. I believe Cod and Fanny's entries were a bit better than his.

Fanny: It looks like I have the final say pretty much since Aimers would vote for Cod or vice versa. Hmm. I looked through every single challenge and decided that I have to vote for Aimers just because I think Cod's done better throughout the game so far. Plus, I played him in the IRC one so I feel like I should keep him in. Sorries.

Cod: I have to vote Aimers, sorry :(

Day Six

Reddy: The Final 4! >:D

Sun: I love y'all! *huggles everyone*

BB: *squeals for making it so far*

Cod: Guys, I am honored to have made it this far. To Reddy and Total Drama Intensity! *raises up goblet... of fire*

Aimers: xD I knew putting Green in would either help me or eliminate me! Well good luck final Four! Especially Bb and Cod >.>

Cod: Thanks Aimers. I didn't want to vote you out but thats' what the majority was :(

BB: Thanks, Aimers!! :) I'm sorry for voting you. :/

Cod: Reddy, what's the next challenge gonna be?

BB: I think it's trivia again. -w-

Cod: Fun... (i can edit on my cellphone :DD)

Reddy: Just to inform everyone, the challenge will be at this IRC, this Friday at 8PM EST. If you can't make it, we'll get subs.

Reddy: Actually, let's just vote.

Voting Six

Reddy: Vote! No one is safe!

Sun: I vote Fanny, I guess.

Fanny: I vote Cod.

Cod: I vote Fanny. And it's not for a personal reason, it's just he shouldn't be here. He returned for almost no reason. Plus, there is the fact that if there is a writing challenge, he is the biggest threat.

BB: *nearly stamps Sunny* I... *goes over and stamps Fanny* for Fanny. I can't take this big of a threat in a writing or a trivia challenge or who knows whatever's next. Fanny, it's nothing personal. It never is. :-/

Fanny: I should've saw this coming. KK Bye! Go Sun!

Reddy: And with that, we have our final three! *throws Fanny into Lake Intensity*Join us next time for the semifinals!

Cod: *throws up* Woo! That was intense! *winks at Reddy* You know what I'm saying? Eh? Eh? ... Sorry...

Day Seven

Reddy: Semi-finals! Woot!

BB: *sighs*

Sun: BB, if you really feel bad, you can always quit... (xD)

Cod: BB, what's wrong? Is it because you double-crossed your alliance member?

Day Eight - Finale!

Reddy: It's down to Sunny and BB! :o Losers can speak, as well! ;)

Cod: Congrats to both of you, btu I have to support Sunny, to win.

Reddy: Don't go! D= (What about TDV? :(.)

Cod: It's only for a few days. I just need time to recover from meh loss :P

Sun: I believe that I deserve to win because pre-merge, my team had won every challenge that could be won, and I felt like I helped a lot. Post merge, I, again, won the only challenges that could be won. I'm friends with all of you here, and I'm sad to see you all lost, but not everyone can make it to the final 2, and I'm just really proud to be here right now.

Rocks: I support Sunny! :D

LF: I support Sunny as well! Go Trio Reddy Is Epic!!!!

Reddy: Well, yeah, cast your votes for a winner... o.o'

Sun: Thank you everyone!

Crag:I feel sorry for Bb, so I'll vote for him

Aimers: Who do I vote for?! O.o

Reddy: BB or Sunny, you silly goose! ^^ xD

BB: Apparently, I'm the jerk behind all of this. -_-'

Plat: I'll vote for whoever ummm...leaves a love letter on my talk page first... *votes Sunny*

Fanny: Sunny. At least, you never have really betrayed me.

Reddy: Looks like Sunny's won...

Sun: Yay! Good game everyone! Especially you, BB! *holds out hand to shake hands*

Cod: *punches Sun in the face* You did a great job, man. :D

BB: *hesitates... then shakes Sunny's hand* Yeah, good game.

Elimination Chart

User 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sun WIN Crag WIN WIN Cod Fanny WIN WIN
Bb Fanny* NV WIN WIN Aimers Fanny SAFE OUT
Cod WIN Crag WIN WIN Aimers Fanny OUT Sun
Fanny Bb* Returns Aimers Cod Sun
Aimers Fanny NV WIN WIN NV NV
Plat Fanny Crag WIN OUT Sun
Rocks Fanny Crag OUT Sun
Crag NV NV Bb
  • Gold represents Trio Fail.
  • Sienna represents Trio Peru - Not displayed, consisted of Aimers, Bb, and Plat.
  • Red represents Trio Reddy Is Epic - Not displayed, consisted of Cod, LF, and Sun.
  • Blue represents Duo Blue - Not displayed, consisted of BB and Cod.
  • Purple represents Duo Fail II - Not displayed, consisted of Aimers and Sun.
  • Darkgreen represents Duo Plant-lovers.
  • Orange represents Quintet Reddy Is Epic.
  • * represents Bb being granted immunity at elimination because Reddy goofed up on the due dates.

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